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(3891) ticattack: ((Sorry, was AFK))

(3891) ticattack: ((Sorry, was AFK))
(3900) TaliesinNYC: today's session and future sessions will contain interludes
(3900) TaliesinNYC: an interlude should not be treated as IC knowledge
(3900) TaliesinNYC: think of it as the plot taking place elsewhere, offstage
(3900) TaliesinNYC: just to let you know that things are always ongoing regardless of whether or not you're there
(3900) TaliesinNYC: this will also become commonplace in the Fri game
(3890) Zane: are you just trying to make sure that we are utterly confused? ;)
(3900) TaliesinNYC: well aren't you always?
(3900) TaliesinNYC: :
(3898) Donovan: I think that's the main goal
(3900) TaliesinNYC: :)
(3890) Zane: lol
(3891) ticattack: Where's Maximus and his Smite Evil when you need him...?
(3900) TaliesinNYC: so anyway I just got home, give me 10 min or thereabouts
(3900) TaliesinNYC: dunno if Daelan will be here tonight
(3890) Zane: k - I'm going to run for one final smoke then. BRB
(3898) Donovan: Just out of curiosity, I think. Was that the infamous demon with an annihilating sphere I've heard such horror stories about?
(3891) ticattack: ... Who?
(3898) Donovan: ((Personally, I think it's funny that the "necromancer" wanted the bright fog and the paladin wanted the dark hole, regardless.))
(3898) Donovan: Last session
(3891) ticattack: Ah, yeah. I had to bugger off, didn't I?
(3898) Donovan: Yeah
(3891) ticattack: The log's not up.
** (3900) TaliesinNYC whistles **
(3900) TaliesinNYC: oh yes, that devil face?
(3900) TaliesinNYC: if you're really curious, try sticking your hand inside. :)
(3898) Donovan: I already put a dagger in
(3900) TaliesinNYC: that doesn't count
(3898) Donovan: and I kinda need my hands
(3900) TaliesinNYC: :)
(3891) ticattack: Oh, yes. That is a good idea. I'll do that. Or, I would, but I have an Int higher than 4.
(3900) TaliesinNYC: lol
(3898) Donovan: Could ask Miragon to do it =D
(3890) Zane: Back
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(3900) DM: (interlude)
(3900) Rhian Aes Sedai: You'll never get away with this, you know.
(3900) The Tempest: Oh, I think I will and I shall. Your friends are not coming back. They have been sentenced to certain doom.
(3900) The Tempest: No one has ever returned from the manse of the d'Ambervilles. Your friends are gone for all time. And your plans, whatever they are, are for naught. No one...no one, will stop my Master's revenge against this Kingdom. Not you and not Shai'tan.
(3890) Zane: (( Fomr the ether of nowhere - Thom growls slightly as the tempest speaks... :) ))
(3900) The Tempest: I have recovered the Sword, for example. And I intend to use it.
** (3900) The Tempest smiles a cruel, evil smile....delighting in Rhian's shock and dismay. **
(3900) The Tempest: And this time, there will be no Magister to save your little king....
** (3900) Rhian Aes Sedai holds her hand up to her mouth, moaning "no" soundlessly. **
(3900) The Tempest: It was a clever plan, really, sending your friends to Castle Amber in the hopes that they might be able to meet my demands and somehow escape and betray me. However, you are NOT yet an accomplished Aes Sedail, little witch, and you do not have the skills necessary to manipulate one such as I. (smirk)
(3900) The Tempest: Now that this city has no longer a single cleric of any deity but my dark master, in but one month's time, the gate which should have been destroyed oh so very long ago will be reactivated, and this city -- will become my dark Master's holy city -- and each soul in this place will be sacrificed to Gorgauth.
(3900) The Tempest: When that happens, that will draw that wretched paladin and his pet wizard here, and they shall be slain. And then, my revenge shall be complete. For it was they who destroyed my plans! MY PLANS! From long ago. From 30 years ago. And it shall be their kingdom who shall pay the price for having thwarted my Master.
(3900) Rhian Aes Sedai: I....I can't believe it. I won't believe it! You'll never get away with this!
** (3900) Rhian Aes Sedai pales, blanching, with an utter look of desparation on her face. **
(3900) The Tempest: Perhaps, I shall call servants of the Dark One here, and gift them you for this "Shai'tan" to use you as a plaything.
** (3900) The Tempest glances at Borjad who remains on the throne room floor, cowering. "Rise, you insignificant worm, and throw her in chains! " **
(3900) Rhian Aes Sedai: There are those who will oppose you. For all your vaunted power, you still do not rule this city! The thieves, for one.
(3900) The Tempest: A minor irritation.
** (3900) The Tempest flicks her fingers at Rhian contemptuously. **
(3900) Rhian Aes Sedai: And the heir is not in your grasp either! And never shall be!
(3903) Melodious Methane (enter): 22:28
(3900) The Tempest: No matter. No one could have survived the purges.
(3900) Rhian Aes Sedai: Bulghvus did. (resists Borjad as he seizes her from her chair)
(3903) Melodious Methane (exit): 22:28
(3900) The Tempest: That snivelling coward? If he is "the heir" you speak of, then my grasp on the throne of this city is secure. What are you waiting for, worm? (to Borjad) Throw her in chains and leave us!
(3900) Borjad: Yes, your magnificence. (through his teeth and yanks Rhian by her hair) "Come, witch."
** (3900) The Tempest turns to a cloaked figure standing in the dim shadows behind her throne. "What do you think? Was that witch telling the merest shade of truth?" **
(3900) DM: The figure who had been in the chamber prior to the beginning of the Tempest's audience with Rhian steps forth, cloaked in a nondescript black hooded cloak and robes, its voluminous sleeves hiding his arms, as it speaks in a gurgling voice, "I could not sense much openness very well, Majesty. A spell of warding, I think."
(3900) The Tempest: She has been gentled, or so I thought.
(3900) DM: The figure gurgles again, "But the spell is not of the Power, Majesty. Someone acts against you. Someone who came here with her, unseen." (pauses)
(3900) DM: It gurgles, "A d'Amberville."
(3900) The Tempest: Impossible! There are none in existence!
(3900) DM: The figure slowly nods, as if in agreement. "Nevertheless, Majesty, there is an unmistakeable presence of a d'Amberville. Here. Seek him out, and you shall have your answers."
(3900) DM: (end interlude)
(3890) Zane: (( *strokes his chin* Very interesting... ))
(3900) DM: (ok, anyone need a recap?)
(3891) ticattack: ... The plot thickens...
(3891) ticattack: ((I missed the last bit, so yeah, thanks))
(3890) Helisandra: (( room with lots of painted orbs. ))
(3900) DM: This area is similar to the corridor marked #3 in the map above except that the floor is made of inlaid tiles and the walls and ceiling are painted with figures of animals, strange signs and astrological glyphs, and humans and human-like creatures holding various colored spheres. There is a mist-filled archway at the far end of the corridor.
TaliesinNYC: from North to South on the west wall are the following:
TaliesinNYC: gold held high above the head
TaliesinNYC: orange held at waist height
TaliesinNYC: purple at the feet
TaliesinNYC: bronze held at waist height
TaliesinNYC: gray at shoulder
TaliesinNYC: bright blue at the feet
TaliesinNYC: white held high above the head
TaliesinNYC: turquoise at the shoulder
TaliesinNYC: scarlet held waist high
TaliesinNYC: pale green at the feet

TaliesinNYC: from north to south on the east (opposite wall) are the following:
TaliesinNYC: pale blue at shoulder
TaliesinNYC: silver at feet
TaliesinNYC: green held high above the head
TaliesinNYC: yellow at shoulder
TaliesinNYC: pink held high above the head
TaliesinNYC: black at feet
TaliesinNYC: pale violet at shoulder
TaliesinNYC: red held waist high
TaliesinNYC: buff (beige) at feet
TaliesinNYC: indigo held high above the head
DM: T'a is here.
** T'a K'shet looks up. "Hello" **
Tian Keth: "Figured out whats up with this hall yet?"
Ian Cromwell: " Well lets hope Garret is smart enough to follow."
Ian Cromwell: " Or in this case stupid enough."
T'a K'shet: "No, T'a has not. She would think that these colours mean something, but as for what..." she shrugs.
Helisandra: "Hello T'a. Looks like we all met up after all."
T'a K'shet: "Where are the rest of all? T'a thought all should not be splitting up" She gives Ian a glance.
** Tian Keth takes a coin and tosses it across one of the spheres to see what happens **
Ian Cromwell: " Talk to Tian he is the one who is going off on his own and leaving the rest behind."
Helisandra: "Well, shortly after you entered, Tian showed up in the hallway. So, we thought you might do the same. Eventually, we figured out that wasn't the case and so we came in after you."
T'a K'shet: "T'a explored the room with the gargoyle. There were once gems in its hands"
Tian Keth: "Ian if you dont shut up unless you have something usefull to say I will shut you up. I dont want to listen to your opinions unless they can actualy help us."
Helisandra: "What have you figured out T'a, if anything."
T'a K'shet: "T'a is very sure these colours mean something. There were once gems in the gargoyle's hands. The stones in the archway glowed. T'a thinks this wizard has concocted a riddle, a puzzle"
Ian Cromwell: " They may follow you blindly Tian,but I for one doubt if you know what is going on any more than the rest of us,so I will voice my opinions whether you like them or not."
T'a K'shet: "She would assume that the colours mean something. Perhaps by placing a certain colour gem in the gargoyle's hands, all will trigger something"
Tian Keth: Maybe we should take the Gems at foot level and place them in the feet of the statues, same for the other statues"
** T'a K'shet rolls her eyes. "Perhaps if all listened instead of bickering, all would learn more of what is going on" **
** T'a K'shet shakes her head. "Only four arms. More than four colours" **
Ian Cromwell: " Well actually 3,one is busted off."
** T'a K'shet turns and looks to the misty archway. "Unless there are more statues down there?" **
Calehan: "There were three colors on the archway too."
Helisandra: "Yes, and what order was it that finally removed the mist?"
T'a K'shet: "Yellow, blue orange"
** Helisandra looks around. "Well, those colors are here again. It could be a place to start." **
** Tian Keth walks into the hall way to the first yellow orb **
DM: ((there's only one yellow orb. none of the colors are repeated))
Tian Keth: (( ok to the yellow orb then ))
** Calehan looks for the orb that matches the blue on the archway and heads over to look at what it's doing. **
DM: ((the orbs are painted on the wall and not real orbs))
** Helisandra heads to the orange orb. **
Calehan: ((yeah, but who's holding it and where? I think shoulder height.))
Ian Cromwell: " Perhaps Helisandra should check each of the three painted colors,there may be something behind each of them."
T'a K'shet: ((Orange is at waist))
** Helisandra looks over the area of the orange orb, trying to see if there are any discernable traps and also figure out how to select it (i.e. does it depress at all) **
T'a K'shet: ((Bright blue is feet, pale blue is shoulder. Yellow is shoulder)
Calehan: "The bright blue seems closest in hue."
** T'a K'shet scans the entire corridor, scanning for any magick other than the stuff that seeps from the walls **
Tian Keth: "Heli take a closer look at the black and red orbs on the east wall please"

(3900) DM: (so Garret is still at the entrance and not with you)
(3900) DM: (remember that Ian and Tian are not here with you)
(3905) Josh (enter): 22:44
(3905) Josh (exit): 22:44
** (3890) Zane smirks a little after looking over the orange orb and heads on to study some other ones (red, black, yellow, then darker blue). **
(3890) Helisandra: "Give me a moment, and I'll look over these orbs."
(3898) Calehan: "So how long do you think it'll take Garret to decide to follow us? Longer or shorter than it takes us to figure out this puzzle?"
(3890) Zane: "Knowing Garret, longer."
(3898) Calehan: "Well, he'd hurry up if he knew it were all right."
** (3891) ticattack studies the orbs, checking for any signs of magicka. **
(3890) Zane: "But he doesn't. He's probably waiting to see if anyone else crawls out of the walls."
(3898) Donovan: "This seems the best time I can think of to try this new spell then. It's been used in creating this place so I'm hoping it'll be safe to use within it. I just can't be sure without testing."
(3888) Garret: ((Hoi hoi! Sorry. I was afk tfor some emergency plumbing.))
(3888) Garret: ((Don't worry, the cat is safe!))
** (3891) T'a K'shet looks at Calehan. "Using untested magicka in a dangerous place is never safe" **
(3890) Helisandra: "Better to test now than later if we really need it"
** (3898) Donovan walks a little way from everyone else and closes his eyes as he continues, "Seems the most meaningful and safest time to test it. This place will get more dangerous I'm sure." **
** (3891) ticattack breathes in deeply and mutters under breath "If it destroys us now, there will be no later" **
whispering to ticattack, two of them seem to be illusionary.
(3898) Calehan: "No, you'll stay here. I'll test it myself. If it goes well I'll be back in a minute or so, with Garret."
(3891) T'a K'shet: "Wait"
** (3891) ticattack looks closely at two of the orbs on the wall. "These... They are illusions" **
(3891) T'a K'shet: "The red and the black"
** (3898) Calehan points back towards the room they arrived in, "I don't know if I can reach the trees outside from where we are now, but I'm going to use a spell like the magicka that brought us in here." **
(3890) Helisandra: "Yeah, thanks T'a. Just figured that out myself." *smiles*
(3890) Zane: "I say go for it Calehan. We'll keep checking these things out, but we'll wait before going anywhere."
** (3898) Calehan goes silent a moment to visualize the copse of three trees he studied outside before. After a time to clear his thoughts and doubts he incants an arcane phrase and... **
** (3890) Helisandra moves on to the yellow and bright blue orbs, checking them over as well. **
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+2] -> [14,2] = (16)
** (3891) ticattack watches Calehan's actions, ready to leap out of the way in case they backfire. **
** (3888) Garret glases up from the wall to Calehan (in hall) "Welcome back." **
(3898) Calehan: "It's safe, enough, and yes, there's another puzzle. No sense waiting bored around here now."
(3888) Garret: :sighs and straightens up: "Too bad. I was starting to get excited about a fight with .. whatever that is."
** (3888) Garret heads for the entrance. "It's almost anticlimatic." **
** (3891) T'a K'shet shakes her head, then turns her attention back to the illusory orbs. She taps the red one with her finger, checking for any reaction. **
(3898) Calehan: "It's probably another trap. Well, possibly. At least I also know I can get out still too, if we need to. Something to do with the statue in the next room is probably supposed to lead back."
** (3898) Calehan waits for Garret to go first then follows through the shimmering light as before. **
(3890) Helisandra: "T'a - the red one has a passagway behind it, as does the black one. Why not check for any other one that are magical?"
** (3891) T'a K'shet looks up at Heli, then scans the rest of the room for any other signs of magick. **
(3891) T'a K'shet: "T'a does not think there are any more, but she will check again"
** (3891) T'a K'shet shakes her head. "No. Nothing" **
(3890) Helisandra: "Ok, thanks."
** (3890) Zane finishes looking over the yellow and blue orbs and returns to stand where T'a is. "Well, we have a few options for when those two return." **
** (3888) Garret looks around the little room curiously, focusing in on the gargoyle as he asks Cale: "Where are the others?" **
** (3898) Donovan yells from the room he arrives in, "It must grow on you, because that was fun! Oh yeah, it worked," he finishes as he walks back into the hall leading showing Garret the way. **
(3898) Calehan: "It's through here, though that statue does draw attention."
** (3890) Helisandra looks up as the other two enter the hallway or orbs. **
** (3888) Garret wipes at the dust on the statue and walls, wondering if anything is obscured beneath **
(3890) Zane: "Good to see you two could join us. Here's what I know - There is a narrow crawlspace behind the illusionary painting of the red orb. It's about 5' by 5' and at least 30' deep, I couldn't see more than that. There appeared to be a doorway behind the yellow orb, as if the painting was done over the doorway. And the area of the black orb is also an illusion, with a passageway behind it like the red one, but the passageway is a steep decline." she informs evryone once they are all together again.
(3890) Helisandra: (( oops, not the yellow one, the orange one... ))
(3888) Garret: :Still dusting in the gargoyle room a bit: "Well, this place seems to favor the color red. We may as well start there."
** (3891) ticattack shrugs. "This sounds good to T'a" **
(3890) Helisandra: "Alright, let's go then." Helisandra seraches the inner part of the pathway as she peaks her head through the illusionary painting of the red orb, checking for any traps awaiting them.
(3890) Helisandra: (( btw - the red orb painting is covering the doorway on the map leading to room #13, not on the opposite side of the wall. ))
(3898) Calehan: "Into the red then, if it's safe."
(3891) T'a K'shet: "T'a doubts much is safe, but it seems a good idea"
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+28] -> [7,28] = (35)
** (3890) Helisandra slowly walks through the painting of the red orb and into the passageway beyond it. **
** (3891) T'a K'shet follows stepping carefully **
** (3890) Helisandra continues down the pathway slowly, looking over the walls and floor carefully. **
** (3898) Donovan lets Garret precede him into the passageway, "Don't want you to get left behind." **
(3900) DM: As you turn the passageway, you come to a blank wall.
** (3890) Helisandra frowns a little but searches the blank wall for any clue as to why the hallway exists. **
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+28] -> [18,28] = (46)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+28] -> [5,28] = (33)
** (3898) Donovan spies the conspicuously placed wall as he bumps into everyone else stopped at the curious end of the passage. **
(3890) Helisandra: "Found it. Hidden door."
** (3890) Zane reaches to the wall and seems to grab part of it. **
** (3898) Calehan removes his hand from a knife, "Oh is that all?" **
** (3890) Helisandra opens the hidden door to reveal what lies beyond it. **
(3900) DM: As soon as the door is opened, the front 5' section of the crawlspace tilts downward and threatens to drop Heli into the room below.
(3900) DM: The chamber beyond (room 13) is roughly 30' square and seems to have a floor 10' below the level of the door.
(3900) DM: Fortunately, she manages to scoot back in time.
(3900) DM: Inside the chamber beyond, are three chests which sit inside the room. (see map above)
(3890) Helisandra: "Damn, I needs to get better at finding those things." she says as she hops back from the trap.
(3898) Donovan: "It seems to also be something of a ramp. I wonder why the floor is so low though."
(3890) Zane: "Well, let me make sure there aren't more surprises for us inside. Or, at least try to make sure."
(3891) ticattack: "Perhaps it is meant to be used with magicks. Many spells could overcome this"
** (3890) Helisandra gets down to place one hand on the ground for extra footing as she makes her way, slowly walking down the decline, stopping as she gets to the entryway into the next room, which she checks over carefully. **
(3911) Lightfaith (enter): 23:45
(3898) Donovan: "It doesn't take magicka to overcome a ten foot drop."
(3891) T'a K'shet: "What about getting back up?"
(3898) Donovan: "Rope? Or just a helping hand."
(3888) Garret: "It's only ten feet."
(3888) Garret: :shrugs: "So far..."
** (3891) T'a K'shet shrugs. "Yes. T'a doubts much is what it appears to be" **
(3911) Lightfaith (exit): 23:49
(3898) Calehan: "A decent jump with a bit of upper body strength. It's really not much of a hazard."
(3890) Helisandra: "Wait there guys, let me check this out first."
** (3890) Zane steps into the room carefully, readying herself to leap backwards onto the slope if necessary. **
(3912) Xavier (enter): 23:51
(3912) Xavier (exit): 23:52
(3898) Calehan: "Maybe the ceiling comes down, and he needed the room?"
** (3890) Helisandra enters the room and walks all around it, ignoring the chests for now. **
** (3888) Garret watis up above, watching and waiting, in case he needs to pull people up quick **
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+28'
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+28] -> [3,28] = (31)
(3914) MGCJerry (enter): 00:05
(3914) MGCJerry (exit): 00:06
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+28] -> [9,28] = (37),[1d20+28] -> [4,28] = (32).[1d20+28] -> [7,28] = (35)
** (3890) Zane appears again at the base of the slope and looks at the others. "The room apears clear of traps, and there are three chests down here that also apear clean, but something doesn't sit right with me about it all." **
(3888) Garret: "Need some company down there?"
(3898) Donovan: "I don't like it either. Let's see what we've found though."
(3890) Helisandra: "If T'a wants to come down and lok around, it could help."
** (3891) ticattack thinks for a moment, then heads to the crawlspace. "Show T'a" She heads down there and waits for Heli **
(3890) Helisandra: (( *look ))
** (3888) Garret lets T'a pass and holds his post at the top of the slope **
** (3890) Helisandra shows T'a the three chests and points out the 5' circular stone plug in the ceiling. 'That is what makes me nervous the most." **
** (3891) ticattack looks up at the plug, scanning it for anything. "Yes. T'a does not think it is for a good means" **
(3900) DM: Three chests in the room: one of gold, one of silver and one of wood.
(3890) Helisandra: "Now, when I found that chest in the entry hallway, opening it would have forced most people to fall into the trap. I wonder if these are actual treasures, or just more traps for the greedy."
** (3898) Calehan comments to Garret, "It's nice not to be asked all the tough questions all the time, isn't it?" **
(3888) Garret: "I don't mind being asked. It's just when they expect an answer that there's a problem."
(3891) T'a K'shet: "T'a would think that if the wrong chest is opened, the plug in the ceiling would collapse, releasing... something"
(3890) Helisandra: "Could be. I just don't know if anything we find here would be worth taking the risk."
(3891) T'a K'shet: "If the right chest is opened, perhaps it provides progress. This place seems to reward risks" she shrugs.
** (3890) Zane moves back over to the plug and looks very carefully, trying to detect any ways that it might be connected to one or more of the chests. **
** (3891) T'a K'shet scans the entire room for any magickal links. **
(3898) Calehan: "If you want my opnion; doesn't matter what's in a gold chest, the whole thing is valuable. So there's not much point in opening it, right?"
** (3891) T'a K'shet laughs. "T'a would think this would have similiar, if not worse results" **
(3890) Helisandra: "Agreed, and the gold one would be the target of the most greedy, so I agree that we should avoid it. but that leaves the silver and the wooden ones."
(3888) Garret: "What's the plug made of?
(3900) DM: (stone)
(3890) Helisandra: "It's stone."
(3891) T'a K'shet: "There is no magicka in here"
(3888) Garret: "Are there any writings in the room or on the chests?"
(3890) Helisandra: "Maybe gold and silver are both stones, so they tie to the stone plug?" she asks, unsure herself.
(3891) T'a K'shet: "This is possible... Also, greed would lead one to the gold and silver..."
** (3891) T'a K'shet thinks for a moment, then turns to Heli "Go back out. T'a will be out shortly" **
** (3890) Zane raises an eyebrow "You sure?" **
** (3891) T'a K'shet shrugs. "All will get nowhere if all remain here talking" **
(3900) DM: (no writing on the chests)
** (3891) T'a K'shet crouches down beside the wooden chest, checking if it has a lock. **
(3888) Garret: "I'd go with the wood. It's the only one that's different. Though I wonder if the mud sorcerers coveted a particular metal."
(3900) DM: (each of the chests has a lock.)
(3898) Calehan: "Oh yeah, the writing. I just remembered that scroll."
** (3890) Helisandra nods and returns to the doorway, and starts crawling up the sloped floor easily, but stops most of the way up and turns around so she can see what T'a is up to. **
(3890) Zane: (( like laying on her stomach, looking down into the room. ))
** (3888) Garret glances to Cale **
(3898) Calehan: "Through the arch or back to the tormentor to get to the second great hall seems to have been accurate. So this place is through the red which said. Um."
** (3891) T'a K'shet looks up. "Yes... "If shades of red stand for blood the wise, you will not need sacrifice aught but a loop of magical metal" **
(3891) ticattack: "A loop of magical metal... Do all have one of these?"
(3898) Calehan: "Yeah, good memory there."
(3888) Garret: "I was thinking like a magicked ring of some sort. How does that related to metallic chests?"
** (3891) T'a K'shet examines the lock. "Perhaps one functions as a key?" **
(3898) Calehan: "Well the alternative is blood, apparently."
(3890) Helisandra: "Well, there is a pull ring on the plug, maybe a ring would fit inside it?"
(3888) Garret: "What's teh ring made of?"
** (3891) T'a K'shet looks up, trying to tell. ((How far from the ground is the plug?)) **
(3900) DM: (stone pull ring on the plug)
(3900) DM: (30')
(3890) Helisandra: "Want me to get a closer look?"
** (3891) ticattack frowns. "T'a... may have a spell that would hold the plug in place while all open the chests..." **
(3890) Zane: "We can try it. Hold on, let me get a look at the pull ring first." She starts crawling forward again, but crawls sideways along the wall instead of the sloped floor. Then, once she enters the room, she climbs up to the ceiling and across the ceiling to the pull ring, where she can see it closer.
** (3891) T'a K'shet stands tensed, ready in case of any problems. **
(3900) DM: (k)
(3900) DM: (it's like a drain plug in a sink. pull the plug to open it and see what's on the other side)
(3890) Helisandra: (( yeah - got that, but what is the pull ring made of? ))
(3888) Garret: (Hehe...)
(3920) No Name (enter): 00:38
(3900) DM: (stone)
(3900) DM: (jade if you want to be specific)
(3890) Helisandra: "It's not gold or silver." she calls out as she backs away from the plug and goes back down the wall to stand in the lower room.
(3888) Garret: ((which chest is on the left?))
(3900) DM: ((gold (left), silver (right), wood (middle))
** (3891) ticattack frowns. "T'a would like all to leave. She wishes to try something" **
(3890) Zane: "Let's just try the wood chest, unless someone knows what we are supposed to do with a loop of magical metal.
(3898) Donovan: "Unfortunately, I'm sure it'll make sense once it isn't helpful. Go ahead."
(3890) Zane: "Do you need a hand with the locks?"
(3891) ticattack: "No. T'a will be fine"
(3890) Helisandra: "Very well, make it quick, there are other passageways we can try as well." she heads back to the doorway and heads up the sloped floor once again; and like last time, turns around to ba able to peer into the room and watch T'a.
(3900) DM: (ok, what now?)
(3890) Helisandra: (( T'a has a plan apparently... ))
** (3891) T'a K'shet waits until the everyone is out of the way, then closes her eyes and rubbing her hands together and chanting. ((Casting Fists of Stone)). **
** (3891) T'a K'shet finishes, then focuses on the wooden chest, lining up her aim. She lashes out with her fists, which burst into flame (Arcane Strike) (([2d8+7] -> [4,7,7] = (18) damage, [1d6] -> [3] = (3) Fire damage)) **
(3891) T'a K'shet: ((That was taking a full-round action to line up the shot, for an automatic melee hit))
(3900) DM: As the chest shatters, there is a sudden implosion and a gigantic, 25' tall skeleton appears where once there was a wooden chest. It wields two razor sharp scimitars and attacks. (init)
(3891) ticattack: [1d20+6] -> [9,6] = (15)
(3898) Calehan: Initiative: [1d20+4] -> [9,4] = (13)
(3890) Helisandra: Initiative: [1d20+8] -> [12,8] = (20)
(3900) DM: (pokes Garret)
(3888) Garret: [1d20+7] -> [18,7] = (25)
(3888) Garret: (sorry, watching a dripping pipe in the other toom))
(3900) DM: (the skeleton, 26)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+20] -> [16,20] = (36).[1d20+20] -> [1,20] = (21)
(3900) DM: It slices at Heli (AC 36) and misses completely on its second attempt.
(3890) Zane: (( hit ))
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [2d6+5] -> [6,6,5] = (17)
(3900) DM: (17 damage)
(3900) DM: (G, 25)
(3888) Garret: (delay)
(3900) DM: (H, 20)
(3890) Helisandra: "I didn't even open the chest!" she cries out as she backs up the rest of the way up the sloped floor. "Giant Skeleton." is all she manages to say to Garret and Calehan as she draws her rapier out and prepares to enter the fight. (done, and defensive stance in case it can reach me up here.)
(3900) DM: (T, 15)
(3898) Donovan: "Brainless one apparently. Perfect, maybe I can get it to do something for us."
** (3891) T'a K'shet hisses a battle cry as she leaps at the skeleton. She swings at its head, her fists bursting into flame, then follows it up with a kick to the torso, her foot also blazing as it flies through the air (([1d20+23] -> [8,23] = (31), [1d20+18] -> [20,18] = (38), Damage [2d8+7] -> [1,7,7] = (15)+[1d6] -> [5] = (5), [2d8+7] -> [5,5,7] = (17)+[1d6] -> [2] = (2))) **
(3891) T'a K'shet: ((Sorry, I'm sluggish today for some reason))
** (3898) Donovan winces at the sounds of the battle, "If there's any of it left. Oh well it can still prove a useful distraction." **
(3888) Garret: (taking my turn)
(3888) Garret: (next)
(3891) ticattack: ((Did they miss, or? A 31 and a 38))
(3898) Donovan: ((The 38 is a threat, see.))
(3898) Donovan: ((If you have a burst weapon. Or just plain flames?))
(3890) Helisandra: (( uh, giant skeleton - is it succeptable to crits? ))
(3891) T'a K'shet: ((Oh, sorry. Unobservant. [1d20+18] -> [2,18] = (20), Extra damage [1d6] -> [6] = (6) [1d10] -> [10] = (10)
(3891) ticattack: ((Good point... Maybe for flame weapons it is? Maybe Stan's dropped out again?))
(3900) DM: (sec)
(3900) DM: (both hits, attacking with what again?)
(3891) T'a K'shet: ((Unarmed Strike))
(3900) DM: (I see. total damage?)
(3900) DM: (undead not susc. to crits, you know that, lol)
(3891) T'a K'shet: ((39, minus the crits))
(3891) T'a K'shet: ((7 is fire damage))
(3890) Helisandra: (( that's what I thought. But you never know, it might be a weak undead... ))
(3900) DM: It seems to stagger slightly backwards by the ferocity of your attacks. (13, C)
** (3888) Garret gives Heli a passing nod before sliding down the slope to join the fight. Taking in the scene quickly, he rushes in drawing both blades in cuts for the undead giant's knees. (first roll of each only) **
(3888) Garret: +3 Icy Burst Katana 2-weapon Attack Roll: [1d20+25] -> [7,25] = (32) ===> Damage: [1d10+4+1d6+3+6] -> [7,4,2,3,6] = (22)
(3888) Garret: +3 Icy Burst Katana 2-weapon Attack Roll: [1d20+20] -> [2,20] = (22) ===> Damage: [1d10+4+1d6+3+6] -> [10,4,2,3,6] = (25)
(3888) Garret: +3 Icy Burst Katana 2-weapon Attack Roll: [1d20+15] -> [3,15] = (18) ===> Damage: [1d10+4+1d6+3+6] -> [9,4,6,3,6] = (28)
(3888) Garret: +3 Icy Burst Katana 2-weapon Attack Roll: [1d20+10] -> [17,10] = (27) ===> Damage: [1d10+4+1d6+3+6] -> [8,4,6,3,6] = (27)
(3888) Garret: +2 Frost Wakizashii, 2-weapon Attack Roll: [1d20+24] -> [5,24] = (29) ===> Damage: [1d6+2+1d6+6] -> [4,2,6,6] = (18)
(3888) Garret: +2 Frost Wakizashii, 2-weapon Attack Roll: [1d20+19] -> [10,19] = (29) ===> Damage: [1d6+2+1d6+6] -> [4,2,6,6] = (18)
(3888) Garret: +2 Frost Wakizashii, 2-weapon Attack Roll: [1d20+14] -> [6,14] = (20) ===> Damage: [1d6+2+1d6+6] -> [5,2,2,6] = (15)
(3888) Garret: +2 Frost Wakizashii, 2-weapon Attack Roll: [1d20+9] -> [4,9] = (13) ===> Damage: [1d6+2+1d6+6] -> [6,2,4,6] = (18)
(3888) Garret: (cutting in after T'a. attack ac's 32, 39)
(3888) Garret: (er.. 32 and 29)
(3900) DM: (both hits)
(3888) Garret: (38 damage. 7 points of which ice dmg)
(3900) DM: Your blows don't seem to do much more than cause bone chips to splinter off.
(3888) Garret: (no... 40 damg, 7 ice, rather)
(3900) DM: (correct)
(3900) DM: (any other attacks?)
** (3888) Garret spits on it as a free action **
(3888) Garret: (ok, done)
(3900) DM: (anyone else?)
(3898) Calehan: (Well, me?)
(3900) DM: (go ahead then)
** (3898) Calehan gets a clear view of the skeleton and quickly pulls out what could pass as aged chewtoys from a pouch on his belt and holds them out as he commands the skeleton to "Stop. And you too if this works." (Command Undead) **
(3900) DM: There seems to be no discernible effect.
(3900) DM: (the skel, 26)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+20] -> [10,20] = (30).[1d20+20] -> [4,20] = (24)
(3898) Donovan: "I'm afraid it may be under some more powerful direction."
(3900) DM: This time, it attempts to decapitate Garret but succeeds in only gashing his sword arm (AC 30 and miss on second try).
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [2d6+5] -> [6,5,5] = (16)
(3900) DM: (16 damage)
(3888) Garret: "Argh... Boney Bastard!"
(3900) DM: (25, G)
(3888) Garret: (delayed last round, I go after T'a)
(3900) DM: (20, H)
(3890) Helisandra: 'Guess it didn't work Calehan." Heli says as she clicks her heels together (Haste). She then slides down the sloped path much like Garret did a mere moment before and upon reaching the bottom room, takes a couple quick slashes at it.
(3890) Helisandra: Rapier Attack: [1d20+24] -> [4,24] = (28) ==> DAMAGE [1d6+7] -> [5,7] = (12)
(3890) Helisandra: Rapier Attack: [1d20+24] -> [14,24] = (38) ==> DAMAGE [1d6+7] -> [2,7] = (9)
(3900) DM: (both hits.)
(3890) Helisandra: [12+9] -> 21 total
(3900) DM: As Garret's attack before, not much occurs except for a couple of bony shards that fly off the creature.
(3890) Zane: "I hate these things..." she mutters.
(3900) DM: (T, 15)
(3888) Garret: (can we technically sunder those huge ass leg bones?)
** (3891) T'a K'shet hisses a battle cry, and launches herself at the skeleton once more. She thumps into its legs with one fist, then the other, both crackling with electricity as she swings. (([1d20+23] -> [17,23] = (40), [1d20+18] -> [4,18] = (22). Damage: [2d8+7] -> [6,5,7] = (18)+[1d6] -> [4] = (4), [Bad dice format] - [d28+7]+[1d6] -> [2] = (2))) **
(3891) T'a K'shet: ((That should have been [2d8+7] -> [5,6,7] = (18). I mistyped))
(3900) DM: (lol)
(3900) DM: (need total damage. 22 misses)
(3891) T'a K'shet: ((18 + 4 electricity))
(3900) DM: It ceases moving.
(3900) DM: ...and drops the scimitars.
(3890) Helisandra: (( crap... ))
** (3891) T'a K'shet stares at the motionless skeleton, then leaps back as the scimitars fall near her. **
(3888) Garret: (awww... and I was just about to unleash my full attack;))
(3890) Zane: (( well - still doesn't move after dropping the swords? ))
** (3890) Helisandra clicks her heals together again as the scimitars drop to the ground and the skeleton ceases movement. **
(3898) Calehan: ((the phrasing you're looking for is, the it ceases moving and the scimitars fall from its grip))
(3888) Garret: :remains on guard: "Is it... finished>"
(3898) Calehan: "That's what I wanted it to do before."
** (3891) T'a K'shet studies it, moving slowly towards one of the blades, then risking a glance down at it, to see if there is anything special about it. "T'a thinks so..." **
** (3890) Zane moves around the big statue. "Well, that was an unexpected ending." **
** (3888) Garret resheathes his blades and looks about the room. So... shall we try the gold chest now?" **
** (3891) T'a K'shet can't help but smile. "Perhaps..." **
** (3890) Zane looks over at the chests that remain. "If anything, I'd say the silver one. I'm still not sure about that gold one." **
(3891) T'a K'shet: "Perhaps all should prepare themselves for battle this time?
(3888) Garret: :simplistically to Heli: "As the saying goes, 'Go for the Gold'."
(3898) Calehan: "It is on the left, that's a hint at some point. Also it is metal, though not a ring or magical apparently."
(3890) Helisandra: "Well, T'a, you want to try to break it open, or should I open it the old fashioned way?"
** (3898) Donovan abashedly draws his knives, "Ah, that would be me." **
(3891) ticattack: "T'a breaking it might be quicker"
(3898) Donovan: "I'm sure it'd be worth more whole, assuming it can be moved at all."
(3900) DM: ((nope))
(3898) Calehan: "Maybe that's the reason for the incline?"
** (3890) Helisandra looks around at everyone quickly. "Ok, have at it then." she says as she takes a few steps towards the corner far from the gold chest. **
** (3891) ticattack glares at Calehan. "Wealth is hardly the issue. Besides, if all can slay this creature, all will likely recieve a great deal of gold, yes?" **
(3898) Donovan: "I'm just trying to make this place make sense."
** (3891) T'a K'shet focusses on the gold chest, then lashes out, her fists once more wreathed in flames. ((2d8+4], [Bad dice format] - [][1d6)) **
(3890) Zane: "Keep trying" she says with a smile.
(3898) Calehan: "And it seems terribly strange to hide anything in something which at least appears so valuable."
(3891) ticattack: (([2d8+4] -> [1,3,4] = (8))
(3891) T'a K'shet: ((Frig... +7, that should be. So, it's 11 + [1d6] -> [1] = (1)))
(3900) DM: You can hear something shatter within the chest as the top of the lid is dented.
** (3891) T'a K'shet stops, then glances at the others, smiling weakly. "Perhaps... Perhaps Helisandra should do this one..." **
** (3898) Calehan sighs, "That did sound fragile." **
(3888) Garret: "I didn't say hit it. Breaking it might set off tra-" :hears shattering: "-ps."
(3890) Helisandra: "This one is definately different." She heads over to the chest and puts her ear to it to see if there are any other sounds.
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+20] -> [1,20] = (21)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+28] -> [2,28] = (30)
** (3890) Helisandra looks it over one more time before taking a breath and pulling out some tools to open the lock. **
(3888) Garret: "Careful, there may have been something harmful in whatever broke"
(3898) Calehan: "That'd be something, break the trap maybe?"
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+21] -> [4,21] = (25)
(3891) T'a K'shet: "Or a potion. A vial of some vapour, perhaps?"
** (3890) Helisandra stops in the middle of working on the chest and looks at the lock. "Well, I'll be." **
(3891) T'a K'shet: "What is it?"
(3890) Helisandra: "My pick just broke off. And I hardly ever use these things."
(3891) ticattack: "Perhaps it is protected against such things?"
(3898) Calehan: "Maybe it's just not our day."
(3888) Garret: "Must be a tough. You do have more picks.. right?"
(3927) Addai (enter): 01:38
(3927) Addai (exit): 01:38
(3927) Addai (enter): 01:38
(3927) Addai (exit): 01:38
(3927) Addai (enter): 01:38
(3890) Helisandra: "Only one more. I only brought one set. Like I said, I hardly ever use them."
(3891) ticattack: "When all next rest, T'a will prepare a spell to try and fix this"
(3890) Helisandra: "Besides, the rest of this one is lodged in there, there is no wayI can get this lock now."
(3927) Addai (exit): 01:40
(3888) Garret: "I suppose we'll have to break it then."
(3898) Calehan: "Alright, might I have a try? Gold has a low melting temperature."
** (3890) Zane stands up and backs away from the chest. "Next?" **
** (3891) T'a K'shet shrugs. "If you wish, though T'a would you would want to save your spells" **
(3891) T'a K'shet: "Besides, if Helisandra's pick is melted, T'a cannot fix it"
** (3898) Calehan kneels down next to the chest and lines up his adamantine dagger to slice at the lock. "I was only kidding." **
(3890) Helisandra: "We would have to find a way to get it out to fix it anyway."
** (3898) Donovan saws at the lock a bit. **
(3898) Calehan: Piercing/Slashing: +4 Dagger [1d4+4] -> [4,4] = (8)
(3900) DM: The lid pops open and a fireball explodes in the chamber. (Reflex)
(3890) Helisandra: Reflex vs Traps: [1d20+23] -> [7,23] = (30)
(3898) Calehan: Reflex: [1d20+21] -> [14,21] = (35)
(3888) Garret: Reflex save: [1d20+12] -> [4,12] = (16)
** (3898) Calehan leaps out of the way yelling, "Kidding! It was only a joke!" **
(3891) ticattack: ([1d20+19] -> [9,19] = (28)))
(3890) Zane: "Oh sure, let's try the gold chest, why not? Feel better now that it was opened Garret?"
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [10d6] -> [2,4,2,2,5,1,2,6,1,2] = (27)
** (3891) T'a K'shet makes a rolling leap away from the explosion, hissing as she lands. She recovers and stands up. "T'a is beginning to dislike this place" **
(3900) DM: (13 damage to everyone except for Garret. Zero if you have evasion and I didn't whisper you.)
** (3890) Helisandra leaps away from the blast, landing on the wall high enough to avoid the blast. "T'a, it will only get worse, I am sure." **
** (3888) Garret whirls back fromt he flames, patting out smoldering parts of his coat as he gives Heli a dissatisfied shrug: "Happy is a relative term. Right now I'm realatively burned.) **
(3900) DM: The silver chest is a pool of molten silver, and the twisted remains of a ring amongst it.
** (3891) T'a K'shet nods at the ring. "There is the loop of magickal metal" **
** (3890) Helisandra climbs back down from the wall. She makes her way over to the pool and looks at it. "Appears so. The middle one held the safe path." **
** (3898) Calehan jokes as he stands up once again, "And by the process of elimination I believe we can presume the silver chest is also a trap," **
** (3891) T'a K'shet chuckles. "T'a thinks this would be a safe presumption" **
(3890) Zane: "If it was a trap for that plug, wouldn't the trap have gone off when the chest melted?"
(3890) Helisandra: "Anyway, nothing else here for us, let's go."
(3898) Calehan: "Well, want to see if the ring is salvageable? Doesn't look too good."
(3891) T'a K'shet: "No, it does not. Although, it is still a loop, albeit a warped one..."
** (3890) Helisandra glances back at the ring. "Sure, pull it out if you want, just don't know what we would want it for." **
(3888) Garret: "May as well take it.. just in case."
** (3888) Garret heads back up the slope **
** (3890) Helisandra walks back up the slope and through the passageway back to the room of orbs. **
(3898) Donovan: "Hmm, how best to retrieve it? I suppose the simplest."
** (3890) Helisandra heads over to the black orb area of the fresco and pokes her head inside, like she did for the red one, and looks around the passageway for any signs of traps. **
** (3891) ticattack leans down and picks it up with the tips of her claws, tossing it around until it cools enough to hold. **
(3900) DM: (have to map)
(3898) Donovan: "I suppose that works too, but isn't that hot?"
(3891) T'a K'shet: (afk a minute)
(3890) Helisandra: *sacfirfe = sacrifice... don't ask me how I misspelled that badly...
(3890) Helisandra: (( whoops.. supposed to be whispered. ))
** (3888) Garret waits in the hall for Heli's findings **
(3900) DM: (ok, updated)
(3900) DM: The passage behind the reddish orb consists of a crawlspace about 5' high and 5.5' wide, at a 10 degree decline. It proceeds for several feet below the chamber of orbs, into the depths of the earth.
(3900) DM: (I mean the black orb)
(3890) Helisandra: (( you mean behind the black orb? ))
(3890) Zane: (( lol ))
** (3890) Helisandra peaks her head back out to make sure everyone got back up from the other room. **
(3890) Zane: "Garret, wait for the others - I am going to start checking the passageway out."
** (3891) T'a K'shet emerges from the room and waits for the others. **
(3891) ticattack: "T'a will come too. Moving alone is unwise"
** (3898) Calehan climbs back out of the lowered room, seeing as T'a has the ring in hand. **
** (3890) Zane steps into the pathway behind the black orb and starts slowly making her way down, checking the area as she goes for traps. **
(3888) Garret: "Agreed. no point in splitting up."
** (3891) T'a K'shet moves after Heli, remaining a step or two behind. **
(3890) Helisandra: "Very well, I just knew that this would take me a while, so I wanted to get some done before I had to hold everyone up."
** (3888) Garret follows aloing **
** (3898) Donovan ducks down and follows after Garret, this time with his daggers ready. **
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+28] -> [15,28] = (43)
(3900) DM: The passage eventually opens out into a rather extraordinary and outlandish chapel. (room 14 above)
(3900) DM: A mosaic of reddish tiles proceeds from the entranceway to the altar.
(3900) DM: (wait for description)
** (3890) Helisandra walks slowly for a long time (see map) before finally coming to a point where it opens up into some kind of chapel. She pauses to look over the entryway before pointing to the floor of the chapel. "More red tiles." she states, and then she enters the room, staying on the red tiles. **
(3935) Norfirion (enter): 02:26
(3900) DM: There are scenes of normal life painted on the walls, but the people have rotting flesh, skeletal hands, worms eating them and crawling out of their eye sockets. Yet here are also depicted various symbols of deities of good alignment, specifically Solnor and Odion. There is a mosaic path of reddish tiles leading up to an opalescent blue altar, and wooden pews with hinged seats on either side of the path. A wooden railing divides the room in half, and south of it is the altar, a tiered dais with a wooden throne, 2 large brass candelabra and in each corner, a large white pottery urn stoppered with a brass and wood plug. A skeleton garbed in ebony chain mail points toward an open archway to the west, filled with luminous orange vapors.
** (3890) Helisandra makes her way up the path, staring in amazement at the paintings and the mixture or ideals protrayed. **
** (3898) Calehan ooc=Ecumenical, if they have that word. If I even spelled it right. **
** (3891) ticattack looks open-mouthed at the room. "This place truly is evil" **
** (3888) Garret follows up the path after Heli, eyeing the pictorial of undead daily activitiues, remarking arcastically, "So.. there is life after death." **
** (3890) Zane looks at the path, and sees it doesn't end at a door, so she steps off it and moves over to the skeleton corpse, watching it to make sure it doesn't rise and attack. **
(3900) DM: Nothing seems to happen...yet. :)
** (3890) Helisandra moves on to the doorway the skeleton points at and looks it over, searching for anyway to turn off the mist. **
(3891) T'a K'shet: ((That smiley face chills me to the bone...))
(3890) Zane: (( oh - that's about the fifth time I've gotten it from him - just tonight. ))
** (3898) Donovan enters the room and looks around as well. **
(3920) No Name (exit): 02:34
(3888) Garret: "Maybe it's his ring." :remarking of the corpse, while inspecting the throne idly
(3891) T'a K'shet: "T'a would doubt it. She would think it more likely it was placed their by whoever designed this place"
(3898) Calehan: "What cheery decorations. So the skeleton points over to that archway. Looks familiar. So where's the traps I wonder."
(3888) Garret: "Should we put him in the seat?" :points to the throne.:
(3890) Helisandra: "Strange, this doorway is unlike the other ne. No glowing stones, and it's orange mist instead of just plain mist."
(3891) ticattack: "Be very careful" she motions to the skeleton "He did not die of his own accord..."
** (3890) Zane heads back to the skeleton. "Not of his own accord? So, was he trying to get to that door, or did whoever attacked him go that way, or something else even?" **
(3891) T'a K'shet: "He triggered a trap, he was attacked, he sat on the throne and was cursed... T'a does not know. But we stand in a room with a dead man. Let all assume his killer, whatever it is, is still here and active"
** (3888) Garret looks over the white urn, giving it a shake to determine if it's contents are liquid of solid **
(3890) Helisandra: "Well, the only other thing I see here is that doorway. Hmm, orange mist. Maybe the doorway behind the orange stone would give us some way around that mist."
(3891) T'a K'shet: "It is possible. After the previous puzzles, even probable"
(3890) Zane: "I don't see any other way out of here, so let's go try that one then. We can come back later."
(3942) Rayman (enter): 02:45
** (3898) Donovan raises his blades to do a little spellcasting, explaining as he does so, "Really should check for potential magical dangers before you go shaking urns." **
(3898) Calehan: ((Detect Magic))
(3891) T'a K'shet: "T'a can see any magicks. You need not waste your spells"
(3943) Evil Joe (enter): 02:46
(3942) Rayman (exit): 02:46
(3890) Zane: "Yet, it hasn't hurt to have two pairs of eyes checking"
** (3891) ticattack shrugs. "True" she throws a glance around the room. **
(3900) DM: (stopping in 10 min)
(3890) Zane: "Let's go guys." she says as she heads back up the path to head back to the room of orbs.
** (3888) Garret pulls a dagger, to pry at the stopper in jar, curious of its contents **
(3891) T'a K'shet: ((H'kay))
(3890) Zane: "Guys and lady, of course." she says to T'a.
** (3891) T'a K'shet follows Heli, throwing a last glance at the skeleton, and smiling faintly at Heli's self-correction. **
** (3888) Garret looks into the pot then about the twisted chapel, before turning to his comrades: "Coins..... do you think this urn could be for gold 'sacrificed' to the church?" **
(3898) Calehan: "Altar is probably desecrated, or maybe consecrated I suppose. Unless it's a trap of course. Probably another portal in the archway, but definitely something else as well. Nothing else leaps to my attention though."
(3890) Zane: "Either way Garret, leave it for now, besi..." she stops midsentence.
(3891) T'a K'shet: "What is wrong?"
(3888) Garret: :arches a brow to Heli's halt:
(3890) Helisandra: "I just noticed something..." She moves quickly to the side wall of the chapel, almost directly across from the orange mist doorway.
** (3898) Donovan starts walking back towards where they came in after making his guesses, but waits curiously at Heli's sudden silence, **
** (3891) T'a K'shet hurries over to stand at Heli's side. "What is it?" **
** (3888) Garret watches Heli work **
(3890) Helisandra: "There is a slot here, it appears to be just about right for a ring to fit in. You still have the ring from the other room?"
** (3891) T'a K'shet holds the ring up, then tries to insert it into the slot. **
** (3890) Helisandra looks around to see what happens as T'a slides the ring in. **
(3900) DM: it fits.
(3900) DM: There is a grinding noise as a section of the wall slides down, irrevocably destroying the ring and revealing a passage beyond.
** (3891) T'a K'shet tenses up. Her recent experience has taught her to be ready for anything (Readying an action for a response) **
(3900) DM: (and on this note, we'll stop)
(3890) Helisandra: "Good call on taking the ring." she says as the wall moves, revealing a secret door.
** (3891) T'a K'shet smiles, revealing her teeth. **
(3891) T'a K'shet: ((Hokey))
(3900) DM: (btw congratz -- that's the loop of magical metal part)

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