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Ian Cromwell: From what I was led to understand,those who went into the focus thingy and are now 2 seperate people,each does not know about the other.
Zane: actually, the regular characters know of the alternates, and remember what the alternates did. The alternates (ones we play tonight) have no idea whatsoever.
TaliesinNYC: yes
TaliesinNYC: Zane has it correct
TaliesinNYC: there's an additional wrinkle but won't be revealed until after a certain point in the regular Sat game
TaliesinNYC: which is why the PCs in this game began as amnesiacs
DM: (who needs a recap?)
T'a K'shet: ((We're following the red brick road))
Helisandra: (( we are in the nose, and I am picking at a locked chest. Everyone else is just waiting I believe. ))
Calehan: ((Also, we're trying not to sneeze.))
Ian Cromwell: (( Tian is looking at a mural of wolf people,and I am looking at it too))
DM: (here's the description of the room from last time again)
DM: This is a passage, about 20' wide and at least 60' deep. Bright, brilliant colors are to be seen everywhere, the stones and pigments undimmed by the passage of decades. The floor of the corridor is a colorful mosaic of stone, with a distinct winding path of red tiles about 2' wide that snakes down the length of the corridor. No stonework can be seeon on the walls or the ceiling above -- 20' above -- for some sort of cement or plaster has been smoothed over the surfaces. The scenes painted show fields with cattle grazing, a copse with several wolves in the background, slaves -- human, orc, elven and a strange human-animal mixture -- going about various tasks. Some of these frescoes show rooms of some building: a library, a wizard's workroom, and others. There are chairs, windows, boxes, bales, doors, chests, birds, bats, spiders and all manner of things shown on the walls.
DM: Helisandra: "Well, this is different to say the least."
TaliesinNYC: ** Tian Keth walks down the winding read path keeping an eye out for stone that might shift under his weight, but also eyeing the sceen with the wolves **
TaliesinNYC: ** (78) Garret gives up playing with the wall and goes to join the others in the nose. **
TaliesinNYC: ** Helisandra remains just outside the passageway, looking at the pathway marked before them. **
TaliesinNYC: T'a K'shet: "Agreed..." (Knowledge (Arcana, History, Religion) to identify the human/animal mixtures: [1d20+25] -> [9,25] = (34) -> [9,25] -> (9, 25) = (34), [1d20+20] -> [1,20] = (21) -> [20,20] -> (20, 20) = (40), [1d20+15] -> [13,15] = (28) -> [4,15] -> (4, 15) = (19))
TaliesinNYC: ** Helisandra watches Tian as he walks down the path. "Let's wait here for now." she mentions to the others. **
TaliesinNYC: Helisandra: "How you doing Tian?" she asks down the hallway.
TaliesinNYC: ** Tian Keth nods back "Fine thus far" **
TaliesinNYC: ** (75) Ian Cromwell looks over at Calehan," Do you think it is safe to enter?" **
TaliesinNYC: ** T'a K'shet points at the animal-men on the mosaics. "T'a knows of these" **
TaliesinNYC: Helisandra: "Ok, be sure to call back if you find the end." she returns to Tian. She then looks to the others. "I am going to enter and see what else is up there. If you enter - be sure to stay on the red tiles."
TaliesinNYC: ** Helisandra enters the passageway, being sure to step only on the winding red tiles. **
TaliesinNYC: T'a K'shet: "They are the gods, according to the Jezulein". She studies the images closely. "Yes, this is what they are"
TaliesinNYC: ** Calehan shrugs, "You think I know if it's safe?" **
TaliesinNYC: ** (75) Ian Cromwell looks into the passageway," Is it safe to enter?" **
TaliesinNYC: (78) Garret: :to Ian: "I suppose we'll find out." :climbs into the passage, being sure to stay to the red tiles"
TaliesinNYC: ** Helisandra has stopped about 30' into the hallway. **
TaliesinNYC: ** Helisandra has stopped about 30' into the hallway, and is kneeling on the red tile path, her hands also on the floor as she studies something.. **
TaliesinNYC: (75) Ian Cromwell: "Well I suppose we should enter as well Calehan, no sense in getting separated"
TaliesinNYC: ** T'a K'shet stands up from her study, apparently disappointed that noone else found this as interesting as she did. She glances around, and follows the others, easily staying on the red tiles. **
TaliesinNYC: ** Helisandra looks off to her right at the wall, then back to the floor and then back to the wall. She calls up to Tian. "Tian - find anything?" **
TaliesinNYC: ** (78) Garret stops behind Heli, waiting for her findings **
TaliesinNYC: ** Calehan bows with a grin, "I bow before your wisdom." and holds out one arm indicating the entrance. **
TaliesinNYC: (77) Nova (exit): 02:45
TaliesinNYC: Tian Keth: "Nothing so far, other then colorfull walls"
TaliesinNYC: Helisandra: "Well, I did." she says, with obvious glee.
TaliesinNYC: ** (75) Ian Cromwell climbs into the passageway,looking for the others then calls out," Is it safe?" **
TaliesinNYC: ** Helisandra reaches out to the wall to her right, almost as if pawing at part of the painting. **
TaliesinNYC: Helisandra: "Not sure yet, but I think a way in." she responds.
TaliesinNYC: T'a K'shet: "What did Helisandra find?"
TaliesinNYC: ** T'a K'shet looks with curiousity at Heli's actions. **
TaliesinNYC: (75) Ian Cromwell: " Is there a path we are to follow?"
TaliesinNYC: ** Tian Keth keeps along the red path looking for more sceens with wolves in them **
TaliesinNYC: ** (78) Garret views the mosaics with some interest as Heli searches **
TaliesinNYC: (76) TaliesinNYC: on the wall, right in front of the trapdoor (the right wall as you enter the passage), there is a pair of jackal-headed human figures painted on the wall. They appear to be holding a REAL bronze chest
TaliesinNYC: (76) DM: (you follow the path, but 30' past the entrance is Heli on her hands and knees examining something on the wall)
TaliesinNYC: (76) DM: Heli is examining the chest.
TaliesinNYC: ** Helisandra runs her hands along the mural where she reached. Finding about what she was looking for, she turns slightly in order to better reach the mural and she pulls some tolls out of a pocket and stack sticking them into the mural. **
TaliesinNYC: Calehan: "Just stay on the red tiled path, so far it's been safe."
TaliesinNYC: ** T'a K'shet studies both the figures and the chest, checking for any magicks. **
TaliesinNYC: 75) Ian Cromwell: " Another trap?"
Helisandra: (( *tools out and starts sticking ))
** Calehan is quite able to leave potential traps to the experts. **
** Ian Cromwell studies the mural that T'a K'shet just studied," So what you are saying is that our Tian here is a god,or a decendant of one?" **
** Helisandra glances at the floor of the path then back at the mural before reaching out and flipping a catch on the chest. **
Calehan: "That's a new perspective. I wonder how the proclaimed mud sorcerers would feel about that idea."
Ian Cromwell: " Though If I were Tian I would be alittle worried,I mean the first one they mentioned is the one of the wolf and what is the first thing we see painted on the walls here,wolf people,think maybe they are trying to tell us something?"
DM: The bottom of the chest drops open.
DM: Nothing appears to fall out...
Ian Cromwell: " Which means the next mural we see,should depict someone dealing out justice and then so on and so on,until each of us are represented."
Calehan: "Maybe."
** Tian Keth finishes studying the wall. "The animal headed things are of the Jezulein pantheon" **
T'a K'shet: "Step carefully here. The walls ooze magick. Necromancy and Abjuration, T'a thinks"
Ian Cromwell: " And that means what Tian,that they are friends or family of yours?"
** Tian Keth ignores Ian "So whats with the chest Heli?" **
** Helisandra looks up at Tian. "Well, it doesn't seem to be quite what I thought..." **
** Ian Cromwell looks down at Helisandra," Well are you ready to continue onward?" **
Tian Keth: "Maybe it was a lock that released something further up?"
Garret: "Maybe there's a false bottom, or back.. or whatever..."
Ian Cromwell: " Perhaps it is nothing more than a ruse to keep us here."
** Garret speaks idly as he looks over the mural and examines the hall **
T'a K'shet: "Perhaps it warned something of all's arrival. Perhaps it released a spring that will shower all in gold. There is no point discussing what may or may not be with nothing to go by"
** Tian Keth heads further down the hall to study the mural more **
DM: The hallway proceeds further into the hillside. More murals of inhuman figures that both fascinate and repulse you.
** Helisandra turns to the path and tries pushing on part of it. **
Ian Cromwell: " I would like it if whatever is here was warned that we are here,that way it makes my presense know before hand,and they shall know what they face."
Helisandra: "Then go on ahead and warn them all you want."
** T'a K'shet looks at Ian. "It also means the loss of the element of suprise. It gives your foe time to prepare. It sis foolishness of the highest order" **
Garret: :Heading up the hall, calls back to Ian: "Though, giving advanced warning where you infiltrate anothers guarters, tends to be counter productive."
Calehan: "That hardly seems fair when we don't know what they are yet. Maybe we should hold off on announcing ourselves a little bit?"
Ian Cromwell: " We are facing a lich and undead,how much preparing could be done?"
T'a K'shet: "Preparing of traps, of magicks, of choice of weaponry"
Calehan: "We are facing the devious mind of a man long undead. Not just a lich."
** Helisandra turns back to the chest and tries to see if it will twist around so the open part is up instead of down. **
T'a K'shet: "Blocking off the safest routes of passage, giving them the choice of battlefield. Should T'a continue?"
Ian Cromwell: " Choice of battleground,hello we are going underground,they have that already."
Ian Cromwell: " As for safe passageways,I do not think there are any,so lets hurry up,find this lich and his undead minions and slay them once and for all."
** Helisandra doesn't get the chest to budge, so she puts all her items away and secures them. She then hops over to the wall, grabbing onto it with the palms of her hands and toes with ease. (Spider Climb) She then turns herself upside down and goes down, in order to more easily see what is inside the chest. **
T'a K'shet: "If the fight is on a bridge over a chasm, flight can be used. If it is in a corridor, those of us who rely on fighting with much room are disadvantaged, not to mention T'a's spells that cause injury in large areas"
** Helisandra reaches into the chest after a moment of looking. **
Ian Cromwell: " Once we get into the cavern or dungeon or whatever it is,flight is not an option,we are in it for the long haul,meaning if its undead or evil we kill it."
** Calehan manages to catch his breath after watching Helisandra jump from the presumed safety of the red tiled floorspace and landing on the wall. "Did you know that was safe?" **
T'a K'shet: "T'a was referring to flight as a combat tactic. Foes who fight in close range are trumped by this"
** Calehan makes flapping motions with his arms commenting despairingly, "Not running away, flight." **
Ian Cromwell: " Do you honestly think I will flee in the face of evil?"
DM: As soon as Heli reaches into the chest and pulls a lever, a section of floor -- the aforementioned trap door -- swings open, revealing a pit lined with gleaming wet spikes
Calehan: "And more likely, we should expect flight to be used against us if the choice of the field of battle is actually a bridge."
DM: (so basically you have a 10x10x30' deep pit in front of the chest)
Ian Cromwell: " Undead do not flee,they are mindless,they fight no matter what."
** Helisandra looks at the now revealed trap. "Darn, I was hoping it was another way in. Oh well." **
** Calehan grumbles, "Sounds familliar." **
** Ian Cromwell looks down into the pit **
Helisandra: "Ok, let's make this safe again..."
** Garret turns to the sight of the spiked pit, shrugging. "The fate of the greedy, I suppose." **
Calehan: "Do you think they're poisoned as well?"
Ian Cromwell: " Of course they are poisoned."
** Helisandra reaches back into the chest, playing around a little. **
Tian Keth: "Not all undead are mindless Ian"
DM: She resets the lever and the trap door closes.
** Helisandra closes and relatches the chest as well. **
T'a K'shet: "Leave it uncovered. If we should fall inside, none who come after us will suffer that fate"
Helisandra: "Can everyone make it past it? Tian crossed it already, so I can put it back to safe to cross."
Ian Cromwell: " I do not believe that there will be any others coming after us T'a K'shet,I think we are the last hope here."
** Ian Cromwell walks over the pit stopping on the other side. **
Helisandra: "If you are that worried T'a. Cross now, and I can reopen it afterwards. I just wanted to make it easy for everyone to cross."
** T'a K'shet glances at Ian, but crosses the pit wordlessly. **
** Calehan follows the red brick road further down the passageway, glancing to the sides to watch the murals as he passes. **
DM: Further down the corridor (literally next to the formerly revealed trapdoor is a fresco of a torture chamber. A painting of an iron door which evidently confines some sort of horrid creature (its taloned and scaled hands grasp bars in the window) is depicted
** Helisandra lets everyone pass and then re-releases the trap door and walks along the wall to pass the open trap before hopping back over to the path. **
DM: And as expected, the murals grow more and more complex and repulsive. At the end of the corridor can be seen a gigantic mosaic of a green devil face, its mouth gaping in a yawning black oval
Garret: :pointing at the image of the cage beast, ponders aloud:"Do you suppose that would represent justivce?
Tian Keth: "Someone spent alot of time decorating this place, and I doubt it is all for the sake of art."
DM: The red mosaic path leads into a mist-covered archway
** Tian Keth sniffs near the mist to see if it is safe to breath **
Calehan: "As horrific as they are, maybe they're clues to what's been built deeper inside."
** Helisandra walks with the rest of the party, only half-noticing the murals as she keeps an eye out for any other pasageways or trapdoors. **
T'a K'shet: "It is possible. Though if so, I doubt they will be in cages"
** Garret watches the mural, trying decipher and story or reacon to the images **
Helisandra: "Got something else guys." she says, as she stops before the green devil, looking into its mouth.
Calehan: "Wouldn't it be more ironic if they were in cages, but we released them anyway?"
** T'a K'shet smiles faintly. "Probably safer for the denizens of this place as well" **
Ian Cromwell: " Well if we released them,then we shall put them back in cages."
Helisandra: "This mouth is actually a hole, although for some reason I cannot see into it at all."
Ian Cromwell: " Or slay them."
** T'a K'shet steps foward, examining the hole for any sort of magick. (I've got a persistant detect magick going) **
Calehan: "Magic? We've certainly got lights"
Helisandra: "Seems clean to me. What do you see T'a?"
T'a K'shet: "Evocation. T'a cannot sense exactly where it is coming from, but it is very powerful. T'a would recommend great caution"
Calehan: "Very powerful evocations do tend to hurt."
Helisandra: "Well, we got this - or that mist. Which way? After all - the most obvious paths earlier were the two eyes, which were both wrong. But then again, I thought that trapdoor would be a pathway, and it wasn't."
Ian Cromwell: " Perhaps there is a trigger in one of the tiles leading into the doorway,and it shoots out a fire ball or some such thing."
Tian Keth: "The stones of this arch light up when you stand close to it
** T'a K'shet looks to stones Tian is speaking of, scanning them for magick. **
Tian Keth: "I vote for the mist, I dont much fancy jumping into a hole you cannot see down"
** Helisandra nods to Ian and moves a step closer to Tian, searching the area around that portal for any signs of traps. **
Helisandra: "And can you see through the mist?"
** Tian Keth holds his breath and steps into the mist to judge how far he can see **
Calehan: "Let us know what you see, but going in through the nose is bad enough; I don't want to have to walk into a demon's mouth as well. Especially not right into an unkown evocation."
Ian Cromwell: " I do not think that hole is big enough for all of us to enter Calehan."
T'a K'shet: "The arch is filled with Alteration. T'a could attempt to destroy the wall, create another opening"
T'a K'shet: "It is just, she may trigger whatever magick resides in it"
DM: Tian disappears from sight.
Calehan: "You already said the walls have abjurations, probably warded. No guarantee how well spells would work on them. We already know something blocks scrying."
Helisandra: "Evocation or Alteration huh? Not the best choices."
Helisandra: "Uh, Tian? You still in there?"
** T'a K'shet looks to where Tian was. "I believe all may have discovered one effect" **
Ian Cromwell: " So alteration that means it can change you right?"
Garret: "Maybe it turned him to mist."
Calehan: "Yes. And Evocations deal with energies. Heat, electricity, light and that kind of thing."
T'a K'shet: "Look. These stones" she points the capstones and flagstones on the archway, which are glowing yellow, orange and blue.
Ian Cromwell: " I think evocation is better."
Helisandra: "Evocations I thik I could avoid. At least, I have in the past. But I want to know what happened to Tian."
** Helisandra looks to T'a **
Helisandra: "Ok, any idea what the glowing colors mean?"
Ian Cromwell: " He got changed,thats what alterations do right."
T'a K'shet: "T'a would think perhaps there is a result when one touches a stone. But which one?"
T'a K'shet: "She would think two have an unpleasant effect and the other takes one further in"
** Calehan wonders, "Maybe they're signs? I can't imagine what each means." **
T'a K'shet: "There is only one way to find out. Stand back"
Ian Cromwell: " See this is what happens when one goes off on their own."
** Helisandra stands back, bracing herself and hoping T'a choses wisely." **
** T'a K'shet waits until the others are several feet away, then lays her hand on the blue stone. **
** Ian Cromwell stands off to the side watching T'a K'shet **
** Calehan looks around for anything else in the colors yellow orange or blue. **
DM: Nothing seems to occur.
** T'a K'shet looks somewhat disappointed. She glances back at the others, then moves her hand to the yellow. **
DM: Nothing seems to occur.
Helisandra: "Let's just hope there isn't supposed to be an order to them."
Ian Cromwell: " Well you touched 2 and are still alive,something tells me the last one is the bad one."
** T'a K'shet frowns at Heli's words. She slowly moves her hand to the orange. **
DM: Nothing seems to occur.
Tian Keth: Will save: [1d20+14] -> [18,14] = (32)
** Helisandra relaxes after waiting in suspense, waiting for nothing. "There's got to be something to this." **
T'a K'shet: "T'a thinks you may be correct about the order. It would make sense"
Ian Cromwell: " Well I for one am not willing to be altered in any way,so I say we enter the black hole."
Helisandra: "Try orange, yellow, blue."
Helisandra: "And just leave Tian where he is?"
** T'a K'shet touches the stones in the order Heli suggested. **
Ian Cromwell: " Well he did wander off by himself,so he deserves what happens."
** Garret turns Ian a hard glare **
** T'a K'shet glares at Ian. "Many people do not deserve what they get. Many more do not get what they deserve" **
Helisandra: "Well, I won't leave him as easily as you would."
Ian Cromwell: " What? So one of you is supposed to kill us all?"
Ian Cromwell: " If we are to survive in here,we need to work as a unit,not as individuals."
DM: Nothing seems to occur.
Helisandra: "No, we stick together and help each other out. Exactly, a unit. So when something happens, we try to help each other - not leave them on their own."
Ian Cromwell: " So either we all blindly enter the area Tian did,or we try another route."
Calehan: "We're blind either way, may as well not split up?"
Tian Keth: Will save: [1d20+14] -> [4,14] = (18)
Helisandra: "I'm all for trying that other route, once we see if we can free Tian."
** T'a K'shet emits a sound like a cross between a groan, a growl and a hiss. She tries blue, orange, yellow. If that fails, orange blue, yellow. If that fails, (etc... Basically, going through each pattern) **
Helisandra: "huh?" Heli spins around and looks at the wall. "Tian?"
Helisandra: "Did anyone else hear that?"
** T'a K'shet looks up at Heli. "T'a heard nothing" **
DM: Eventually, the mists clear and reveal an empty room through the archway. The red mosaic tile path continues past the archway, into a field of shimmering white light.
Ian Cromwell: " Hear what?"
Garret: :to t'a as the mist clears: "So... are we clear to enter?"
Helisandra: "I could have swore I head Tian behind that wall." She points to the wall opposite the archway.
** T'a K'shet looks up at the fading mist. "T'a is not sure. The light is magickal, obviously, but even if she could determine what kind of magick, she still would not know if it was harmful or not" **
Ian Cromwell: " Something tells me,there is no helpful magick here."
** Garret sighs. "One way to find out..." **
** T'a K'shet walks into the newly-revealed room, still carefully following the red-tile path. "This is a statement T'a would agree with" (To Ian) **
Helisandra: "Tian!" she calls down the now illuminated hallway.
DM: T'a disappears from sight.
** Ian Cromwell looks at Helisandra," And you were worried I would be the one telling the enemy we are here." **
Helisandra: "Tian is already ahead of us, I hope."
** Ian Cromwell watches T'a disappear. **
DM: He does seem to be coming nearer, but still behind you.
DM: After a few seconds, the wall opposite the archway pivots, dumping a panicky Tian out into the corridor, all covered with grime and soot
** Helisandra goes to the other side of the pathway, to the wall where she heard Tian but has to jump out of the way as Tian comes spilling out. **
Helisandra: "Tian! you ok?"
** Tian Keth hops up and starts heading out of the tunnle flailing his arms and breathing very rapidly **
** Ian Cromwell looks down at Tian all covered in grime and soot." Well perhaps now you will be willing to bathe." **
** Ian Cromwell watches Tian run down the tunnel **
Ian Cromwell: " Well guess its the black hole."
Ian Cromwell: " Helisandra,perhaps you should go after Tian and try and calm him down before he runs back to town."
Ian Cromwell: " I will wait here for the others."
Helisandra: "Ok, I'll return in a moment." She then takes off down the hall after Tian.
DM: (3a is where the chest was, 7 is where Tian teleported to, 6 is where the mosaic face is)
** Helisandra runs hard after Tian, hoping to get to him before he gets to the trap, but knowing that he does run very fast. **
DM: (I need him to be more specific...on the path or off the path?)
Tian Keth: Int check: [1d20+1] -> [17,1] = (18)
Tian Keth: Reflex save: [1d20+19] -> [2,19] = (21)
DM: As Tian runs down the corridor to the entrance, not bothering to watch where he's going, he eventually triggers a pit trap...
DM: ...and falls in...
Tian Keth: Reflex save: [1d20+19] -> [6,19] = (25)
DM: ...but manages to catch an edge before impaling himself inside its spike lined interior
** Helisandra eventually reaches where Tian has fallen, and managed to catch himself. "Hold on Tian." **
** Helisandra tries to grab onto the back of his shirt to help haul him up. **
** Ian Cromwell looks over at Calehan," Hope she catches him before he reaches the open pit." **
DM: (map is updated to show the locations of two revealed pits so far)
** Tian Keth will attempt to climb out of the pit and continue on his way out of the tunnle **
Tian Keth: Climb Skill Check: [1d20+7] -> [8,7] = (15)
** Ian Cromwell moves over to the area where Tian came out of the wall,waiting for T'a and Garret to appear. **
DM: The wolfbrother pays you no heed and instead lumbers out of the passage in a panicked state of mind.
** Helisandra sighs and hops over to the wall to bypass the trap and then continues to run after Tian. **
Calehan: "Looks like he's not stopping. Maybe some compulsion?"
** Tian Keth shakes his head and takes a deep breath and slows to a stop **
Ian Cromwell: " Perhaps something scared him,after all he is strong in body,but not so much in the mind and soul area."
** Tian Keth gowls "I found something I like less then pompus fools" **
** Helisandra finally catches up to Tian and she slows down, stopping short of him. "What is that?" **
Tian Keth: "Tiny rooms"
Calehan: "If so, are we going to see T'a come running soon too?"
Ian Cromwell: " Who knows,it may affect T'a differently."
** Tian Keth continues to gather his senses then starts to head back down the hall with Helisandra **
Helisandra: "I understand. But you did survive. And in one piece, more or less." She smiles at Tian.
** Helisandra walks with Tian, making sure he has enough room to breathe comfortably. **
Tian Keth: "Thank you Heli"
Helisandra: "Just stay on the path this time, would you?"
Tian Keth: "Yes, when I finaly got out of the hole I just wanted outside I did not take time to think about the path out."
Tian Keth: "I hope noone else followed me into the mist and got stuck in that room."
Helisandra: "That's fine. T'a went after you, so hopefully she will find their way out soon as well."
** Ian Cromwell continues to watch the wall where Tian came out **
Helisandra: "Actually, she went after we got rid of the mist. Don't know if that will change anything or not though."
Tian Keth: "So I guess it is down the hole you cannot see down. I dont know how much I will like that"
Helisandra: "I'm sure you won't. Maybe someone else should go first this time."
** Tian Keth stops at the small tunnles he came out of in a panic "T'a return yet?" **
Ian Cromwell: " Not yet."
Ian Cromwell: " So what was it? A spider,mouse or a rat that scared you?"
** Helisandra looks around. "Should it have taken this long? We kept pressing those stones, so I have no idea how long it was even..." **
** Garret stands in the archway staring off dumbly the whole time, pretending he vanished with T'a. **
Helisandra: "Tian, how did you escape that room?"
** Calehan takes out a plain dagger hefting it in one hand as he speaks, "I don't like the idea of stepping into a very powerful evocation aura, but let's not use a live test subject this time." Finally, he lobs it into the dark hole and listens. **
DM: ((yes))
Tian Keth: "If Ta is in the room I appeared in I hope she can figure out how to open the trap door to get out. I had to push all the levers up"
Ian Cromwell: " Perhaps T'a touching those flashing stones sent her somewhere else."
DM: You don't seem to hear anything.
DM: (that was to Cale after he lobbed the dagger inside)
Garret: "Hmm..."
Calehan: "Well, that's not promising."
Helisandra: "I would guess that the stones were for the mist, and that the light there sends everyone to the same place.
Ian Cromwell: " You were afraid of a room Tian? Anything else in there with you?"
** Garret heads back down the hall, stopping at the point of the second pit, whick Tian fell in, and examines what is on the wall at that spot **
Tian Keth: "Nothing else was in there except the levers. Let the issue drop Ian"
** Helisandra moves over to where Tian exitted from and puts her ear to the wall, trying to listen for any sound. **
** Ian Cromwell turns his head to hide his smile," Sure Tian." **
Helisandra: "Nothing. So, who gets to go show T'a the way out of the room?"
** Tian Keth pokes his head back down the hole he crawled out of and hollers back down it "T`a are you down there?" **
Ian Cromwell: " Perhaps she is not in the same place Helisandra."
** Garret passes the spot and continues down the hall to the image of the caged fiend, inspecting it thoughtfully. Curious if the cage can open as the chest did. **
Helisandra: (( oh - did the wall not reclose? I kinda assumed it did... ))
Calehan: "We either need to track Tian's path back, or we can all try the portal and should end up there."
Ian Cromwell: " Should,could,would,uh uh I am not going."
Helisandra: "Oh, and how are you going to get to the evil then?"
** Tian Keth takes a deep breath and enters the archway again to see if it takes him to where T`a went **
Ian Cromwell: " Well if entering the shimmering light area sends us to the place Tian was at,there is no evil there,so that leaves the black hole."
Calehan: "I feel it's relevant to remind you that my dagger has apparently not landed yet."
DM: ((on the path or off the path, Tian?))
** Helisandra shakes her head slightly as Tian enters the archway. **
Tian Keth: (( on ))
DM: ((Tian disappears from sight))
Helisandra: "Let's give Tian a moment to show T'a the way back up here. If he doesn't - then it did indeed send them somewhere else."
Ian Cromwell: " Oh that is refreshing to hear."
Ian Cromwell: " Just in case they come running out like before,perhaps you should close the pits Helisandra."
DM: ((time passes))
Tian Keth: Wilderness Lore Skill Check: [1d20+24] -> [9,24] = (33)
Helisandra: "Ok, I'll be right back." she goes off and closes the pit closest to the entrance and tries to find a way to close the other one.
Ian Cromwell: " Well do we enter the light like they did and hope we all appear together or do we keep waiting?"
DM: ((you find you can't reset the other pit entrance like you could the first one))
Calehan: "How about we go find Tian's scary little hole first, and confirm that they aren't there?"
** Helisandra gives up on the one remaining trap that's open and returns to Ian, Calehan and Garret. **
Helisandra: "They aren't back yet? Tian would have gotten back up here by now."
Ian Cromwell: " I am sure they would have returned by now if there were in the hole of Tians."
Helisandra: "Alright, let's go then." she says as she follows the path through the archway, following the path of T'a and Tian.
Garret: "Hey Heli, do you think you can spot if there's another lever controlled pit like that one?"
Helisandra: "Didn't see any earlier." she calls back.
Ian Cromwell: " See this is what happens when there is no disipline in a unit."
Ian Cromwell: " Garret,Calehan lets go shall we."
Garret: "Ian, quiet a moment. Heli... the poem spoke of two pits and said to check the walls for the keys. Perhaps there are two such levers which open the way."
DM: ((Heli disappears))
** Calehan follows Helisandra into the teleporting light, "I suppose so." **
Garret: "Heli?" :looks up and sighs:
Garret: :calls to Ian and Calehand, just before he departs, "There is a door here."
** Ian Cromwell turns and follows Calehan and Helisandra into the light **
** Garret groans as they all disappear. "I hope they have room in there." **
** Garret rests against the wall, waiting to see if his comrades will be returnnig anytime soon **
DM: ((everyone is in the same place EXCEPT for T'a))
Helisandra: (( and Garret, who did not follow... ))
DM: ((congratulations, you all did in 3 hours what the other group did in double that number))
DM: ((simply amazing))
Helisandra: (( what? all died? ))
Calehan: ((So Helisandra, Tian, Ian are in one place, T'a in another, and Garret waiting for us?))
Garret: ((It took the others twice as long to get split up and lost!)
** Donovan smacks his forehead ((And Calehan)) **
DM: ((I ran this module before with another group that I advertised on the boards. I think DJ might remember. UMCorian, Starmage21, Lando the Archmagi and a couple other Open RPG board regulars were players in that game. needless to say, it was a disaster))
** Ian Cromwell walks over and picks up the arm of the gargoyle and puts it back where it belonged. **
DM: ((they took 6 hours to do 4 rooms. I kid you not))
Helisandra: (( that's the sectret to this place - seperate and lose everyone. Eventually, they will all die on their own. :P ))
DM: ((I should tell you that the only rogue in that party died))
DM: ((hahah))
Helisandra: (( lol. sounds about right. ))
DM: ((and there were no clerics. 0.o))
DM: ((all are in the same room except for T'a))
DM: ((sec))
DM: ((ok for the benefit of everyone in the group:
DM: room 11 is: you appear in a room, about 10x20' with the statue of a four armed gargoyle, except that one of the arms appears to have been broken off and lies a few feet away from you. The room is covered in dust.
DM: Tracks are visible on the floor, which lead out of the room, out the corridor.
** Tian Keth greets Heli and Ian when they appear **
DM: Tian is here waiting for you...
Helisandra: "Good to see you Tian. Looks like a different place."
Tian Keth: "Should we wait for Garret or start following T`a? I would prefer to wait for Garret."
Tian Keth: "Yes this is not where I appeared"
DM: Ian appears a few seconds later, followed by Garret and Calehan
Helisandra: "Well, I kinda figured he would be right with us."
Garret: (Actually, I'm still out in the hall))
** Tian Keth shrugs well I guess we should find T`a, just put an arrow in the dust with your name writen below it and Garret will find us if he decides to follow" **
Helisandra: "Maybe he wants to wait for T'a to show up, but who knows where we will end up now?"
** Tian Keth starts following the tracks after scratching a quick arrow with his name below it in the dust **
Ian Cromwell: " See this is what happens when everyone just goes and does what they want,we still have no T'a and no Garret."
Helisandra: "But we still have you. How fortunate." Heli kneels to make a note in the dust in case Garret does follow. "Ok, let's go."
Tian Keth: "We know where Garret is Ian, and I can find T`a. So just shut up and follow me. if you want you can go your own way as far as I am concerned"
Ian Cromwell: " What and miss watching you run away scared once more,not likely Tian."
Tian Keth: Wilderness Lore Skill Check: [1d20+24] -> [9,24] = (33)
Helisandra: "That's enough boys. Let's just find T'a, ok?"
DM: ((ok so I stand corrected))
Ian Cromwell: " Are you sure its T'a's tracks we are following?"
** Tian Keth ignores Ian and continues following the tracks **
Helisandra: "If Tian is following them, then yes."
** Helisandra follows Tian, trying to stay between him and Ian. **
** Ian Cromwell follows along **
** Calehan follows Tian asking, "Might there be some other Khaajit in here?" **
Ian Cromwell: " That would not be possible Calehan,you are talking to the great Tian,he can follow all our tracks."
DM: This area is similar to the corridor marked #3 in the map above except that the floor is made of inlaid tiles and the walls and ceiling are painted with figures of animals, strange signs and astrological glyphs, and humans and human-like creatures holding various colored spheres.  There is a mist-filled archway at the far end of the corridor.
TaliesinNYC: from North to South on the west wall are the following:
TaliesinNYC: gold held high above the head
TaliesinNYC: orange held at waist height
TaliesinNYC: purple at the feet
TaliesinNYC: bronze held at waist height
TaliesinNYC: gray at shoulder
TaliesinNYC: bright blue at the feet
TaliesinNYC: white held high above the head
TaliesinNYC: turquoise at the shoulder
TaliesinNYC: scarlet held waist high
TaliesinNYC: pale green at the feet

: from north to south on the east (opposite wall) are the following:
TaliesinNYC: pale blue at shoulder
TaliesinNYC: silver at feet
TaliesinNYC: green held high above the head
TaliesinNYC: yellow at shoulder
TaliesinNYC: pink held high above the head
TaliesinNYC: black at feet
TaliesinNYC: pale violet at shoulder
TaliesinNYC: red held waist high
TaliesinNYC: buff (beige) at feet
TaliesinNYC: indigo held high above the head
DM: T'a is here.
** T'a K'shet looks up. "Hello" **
Tian Keth: "Figured out whats up with this hall yet?"
Ian Cromwell: " Well lets hope Garret is smart enough to follow."
Ian Cromwell: " Or in this case stupid enough."
T'a K'shet: "No, T'a has not. She would think that these colours mean something, but as for what..." she shrugs.
Helisandra: "Hello T'a. Looks like we all met up after all."
T'a K'shet: "Where are the rest of all? T'a thought all should not be splitting up" She gives Ian a glance.
** Tian Keth takes a coin and tosses it across one of the spheres to see what happens **
Ian Cromwell: " Talk to Tian he is the one who is going off on his own and leaving the rest behind."
Helisandra: "Well, shortly after you entered, Tian showed up in the hallway. So, we thought you might do the same. Eventually, we figured out that wasn't the case and so we came in after you."
T'a K'shet: "T'a explored the room with the gargoyle. There were once gems in its hands"
Tian Keth: "Ian if you dont shut up unless you have something usefull to say I will shut you up. I dont want to listen to your opinions unless they can actualy help us."
Helisandra: "What have you figured out T'a, if anything."
T'a K'shet: "T'a is very sure these colours mean something. There were once gems in the gargoyle's hands. The stones in the archway glowed. T'a thinks this wizard has concocted a riddle, a puzzle"
Ian Cromwell: " They may follow you blindly Tian,but I for one doubt if you know what is going on any more than the rest of us,so I will voice my opinions whether you like them or not."
T'a K'shet: "She would assume that the colours mean something. Perhaps by placing a certain colour gem in the gargoyle's hands, all will trigger something"
Tian Keth: Maybe we should take the Gems at foot level and place them in the feet of the statues, same for the other statues"
** T'a K'shet rolls her eyes. "Perhaps if all listened instead of bickering, all would learn more of what is going on" **
** T'a K'shet shakes her head. "Only four arms. More than four colours" **
Ian Cromwell: " Well actually 3,one is busted off."
** T'a K'shet turns and looks to the misty archway. "Unless there are more statues down there?" **
Calehan: "There were three colors on the archway too."
Helisandra: "Yes, and what order was it that finally removed the mist?"
T'a K'shet: "Yellow, blue orange"
DM: ((stopping in 10 minutes))
DM: ((next session will be next Saturday, this campaign and not the Damrosil one. because we started late))
** Helisandra looks around. "Well, those colors are here again. It could be a place to start." **
Calehan: ((Quite, in fact))
Helisandra: (( k ))
** Tian Keth walks into the hall way to the first yellow orb **
DM: ((tonight and also because I need to do some research for Zane's and Ghost Morti's little adventures. :) ))
Helisandra: (( lol ))
T'a K'shet: ((Wow. A double-excuse!))
Garret: ((A haunting I do go! WooHoo!))
DM: ((there's only one yellow orb. none of the colors are repeated))
Tian Keth: (( ok to the yellow orb then ))
** Calehan looks for the orb that matches the blue on the archway and heads over to look at what it's doing. **
DM: ((the orbs are painted on the wall and not real orbs))
** Helisandra heads to the orange orb. **
Calehan: ((yeah, but who's holding it and where? I think shoulder height.))
Ian Cromwell: " Perhaps Helisandra should check each of the three painted colors,there may be something behind each of them."
T'a K'shet: ((Orange is at waist))
** Helisandra looks over the area of the orange orb, trying to see if there are any discernable traps and also figure out how to select it (i.e. does it depress at all) **
T'a K'shet: ((Bright blue is feet, pale blue is shoulder. Yellow is shoulder)
Calehan: "The bright blue seems closest in hue."
** T'a K'shet scans the entire corridor, scanning for any magick other than the stuff that seeps from the walls **
Tian Keth: "Heli take a closer look at the black and red orbs on the east wall please"
TaliesinNYC: ((and on this note, we'll stop and resume next week))



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