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Server Administrator-> This channel is now moderated
Guard 1: "Hey, Jeff, was that three story building outside our fortress yesterday?"
(76) DM: (continuing from the boards)
T'a K'shet: ((H'kay))
** Helisandra remains standing against the walls as the interpersonal display finally settles down. **
(85) Donovan (enter): 22:21
(76) DM: (last session of the alt campaign, the PCs woke up in an infirmary, in a city in Mel'Cendia. one of the eastern provinces, near Khabad-dun. their last memory was entering the Focus, in the vale of Yvvivor)
(85) Donovan: ((Yo ho))
Helisandra: (( and a bottle of rum ))
(76) DM: (they were informed by a cleric named Jobasha, and a warrior named Xarius that they were being cared for by the command of the Emperor of Mel'Cendia who was visiting that city; the PCs appeared out of nowhere disrupting a session of court)
(76) DM: ((they were given the opportunity to enter the service of the Emperor, on a mission that involved destroying a lich who had nefarious plans against the Empire))
(76) DM: ((they are clearly more powerful, though how they managed to become this way is unknown. they are also somewhat amnesiac.))
(76) DM: **Tian wirls around on Ian**

"You above me? What makes you thin you are above anything? Did your god grand you dominon over others, or did you just decide to claim that on your own? I will give you ten seconds to apologize to me. If you wish to remain alive and in the service of your god I recomend you do so. "



(76) DM: (Daelan) My god did not grant me anything,it is just a matter of truth thats all. I do not look down upon those that are beneath me,those are the ones that I protect. As for appologizing I believe you owe me one as well,though I do not wish to fight you,since it seems we are both needed and the loss of one or both of us would make the whole journey for the other pointless to say the least.
(76) DM: (Tian) "Nine"

"And what is it I owe you an appology for? Saying you would be wise to not insult people you just met and expect to travel with? Breaking you delusions of being above anyone else? You are only above those who put you there, you cannot put your self above anyone."


**Tian Draws his sword**

(76) DM: "Now where did I put that tome on the ancient dead?" mutters Euriale, as she searches her cluttered desk. "It has to be here somewhere. I was just reading from it this mor...." She breaks off abruptly, looking up in alarm as the confrontation unfolds.
(76) DM: (T'a) T'a steps foward and claps her hands together loudly to get the pair's attention. "You will both stop this now, or T'a will make you stop it. You" she looks at the paladin "are no higher than any, save for in your own mind. If you often make such remarks, T'a is surprised you are still alive. And you" she turns her gaze to the wolf-like man "are overreacting. If you challenge every fool who thinks himself better than you to combat, T'a is surprised you are alive as well"

"Now, T'a will give you both to the count of three to put away your weapons and your petty squabbles. Then, if you have not, she will not be held responsible for her actions" She glares at the two, her hands held slightly foward, ready to act if they so much as move.

(76) DM: **Tian shrugs and puts his weapon away**

"He still owes me an appology and will some day give it to me or wish he had. As for my over reacting," **Tian shrugs again** "Ian would have lived if he could back up his insults."

**Tian breaths deeply**

"Consider this your one and only warning Ian and Ta, since you do not know me, I do not suffer insults from anyone. While traveling if you do anything that puts myself or my companions in danger unnecisarily I will have no problem leaving you behind. We have traveled together for a few years and know how to work together well. When I give an ourder outside of the city I expect it to be followed, especial if it is to avoid danger. I am not a dictator though and I will listen to your ideas provided there is time before an action must be taken. I understand I am not the most intelagent nor the wisest, but I do know how to survive."

**Tian turns to Euriale**

"Sorry for the disruption, I hope it does not happen again, but the sooner I am out of the city the better for my nerves. Please continue with your information of the Lich and his Tomb"

(76) DM: Daelan stands with his arms folded over his chest,looking at Tian and T'a. " I had no intentions of fighting,I did not draw a weapon,so if he would have attacked it would have been against him,not I."
** Tian Keth waits to see if Euriale has any more information to impart after the disruption **
(76) Euriale d'Elinhir: I...yes.
(76) Euriale d'Elinhir: Well...let me see, where is that book? Oh, here it is!
** T'a K'shet eyes the two men with an expression of mile distaste. She mutters something about 'fools with too much agression', then turns to Euriale. "Yes, please continue". **
** (78) Garret , who seemed particularly disconcerned with the possible fight rouses from watching the birds to listen to Euriale's explanation **
(86) ticattack (enter): 22:28
** (76) Euriale d'Elinhir unearths a huge, onyx drakescale leatherbound tome, opens it to a page, and begins reading from it. **
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(73) ticattack (exit): 22:28
** Calehan turns from studying the scroll's riddle, pointedly ignoring the interruption, to listen. **
** Helisandra leans against the wall, closing her eyes momentarily as she listens. **
(76) Euriale d'Elinhir: Acererak was once a wizard who belonged to a cult of wizard-priests several centuries ago. This cult was called the cult of Jezule, and those who belonged to this group called themselves the Jezulein.
** (78) Garret saunters over slowly, to glance the book she reads from as he listens **
** T'a K'shet stands still, listening intently, trying to commit every word to memory. **
(76) Euriale d'Elinhir: The cult was a remnant of an ancient tradition that was born in the aftermath of the Invoked Devastation. While established institutions of religion fell into chaos, many scholarly students of sorcery turned to the esoteric writings of Jezule the Nebbarite, a long dead geomancer of dreadful reputation.
(76) Euriale d'Elinhir: His lunatic scrawlings had been repressed for years by churches, most of which were rapidly losing their influence in the aftermath of the Devastation. In this environment, the Followers of Jezule (Kaia Jezulein in their own language) flourished, converting many to a bizarre mixture of wizardly mysticism and earth and water elementalism.
(76) Euriale d'Elinhir: It was this latter feature of their beliefs that earned them the disparaging appellation of "mud sorcerers". In typical Jezulein style, they heartily adapted this berating jab.
(76) Euriale d'Elinhir: Little is now known of the mud sorcerers, as information about their cult was guarded with fanatical secrecy. It is known that they delighted in riddles and conundrums, disdaining those who couldn't equal their mental prowess. Their practices involved the worship of evil elemental forces and the performances of varioujs anti-social acts in secret ceremonies.
(76) Euriale d'Elinhir: The Jezulein cult flowered in the early days of the Empire, and many new adherents were won as the mud sorcerers grew in wealth and power.
(76) Euriale d'Elinhir: However, the Jezulein were not ones to rest on their laurels. Through the use of forbidden oracles, the mud sorcerers probed the future, and what they saw did not please them. Their diviniations revealed that the political chaos which caused them to flower would not continue forever, and when a new Emperor ascended, efforts to eradicate the cult would begin in earnest.
(76) Euriale d'Elinhir: Exactly when this persecution would begin was unclear, but the ruling council of the cult, the Iron Circle, sat in dark chambers debating methods by which they might thwart this fate.
(76) Euriale d'Elinhir: After a heated argument, an insidious, audacious plan was agreed upon. Huge labyrinthine crypts would be constructed beneath the earth, where the most powerful of the mud sorcerers would hide in temporal stasis. Meanwhile, in the land above, trusted minions would carry on Jezulein traditions in secret, waiting for the day when their masters would awaken from their long sleep, and return to the glory and power of the degenerate past.
(76) Euriale d'Elinhir: One of the members of the Iron Circle was Acererak.
(76) Euriale d'Elinhir: Eight years after most of the members of the Iron Circle committed themselves to their earthbound slumber, a new Emperor ascended, as prophesiesed, and re-established the rule of law within the Empire. The Jezulein did not anticipate the ferocity with which their cult would be stalked, and those minons who had been trusted with the secrets of the hidden crypts were laboriously hunted down and put to the sword.
(75) Ian Cromwell: " So there is a possibility that we could end up facing more than one Lich down there?"
(76) Euriale d'Elinhir: To those in the land above, a new dawn was breaking. But below, in the earth, the Jezulein masters slept in dark ignorance.
Calehan: "These members would be alive, but only if awoken."
(76) Euriale d'Elinhir: Yes....but I'm getting to it.
T'a K'shet: "If only one awoke, he may slay the others, to secure his dominance. If they slept, this would be a simple task"
Calehan: "If only one awoke, he wouldn't be able to establish a new order alone."
(76) Euriale d'Elinhir: Hundreds of years passed, and the cult seemed destined to be nothing more than a distasteful footnote in some obscure sage's tome. Then, the first tomb was located. Adventurers of great renown began uncovering the crypts of Szecolar, Mishtot, Baakar Mot, Jillal and several other mud sorcerers. Many such adventurers did not survive these intrepid expeditions, but those who did emerged with enourmous wealth and tales of unspeakable horror.
Calehan: "They're also likely each in their own vast labyrinth, and only would awake after time or a condition is met. So either they run out of time to sleep and they'd all wake up soon, or someone goes and awakens them."
(76) Euriale d'Elinhir: Over time, the locations of over 30 Jezulein tombs have been discovered and explored, but the sites of more than 20 Iron Circle tombs have yet to be found. One of the more recent tombs is that of Acererak's.
(76) Euriale d'Elinhir: We have not met with much success in investigating his tomb, as most of those who have gone to his tomb have never returned. Those who have have returned insane.
** (76) Euriale d'Elinhir looks up from the book and observes you. "It is our belief that Acererak lies waiting in his tomb for whatever his fate might be. We pray that you succeed and put an end to his existence. If you fail, and he does awaken, then our Empire is doomed." **
(78) Garret: "COuld they speak anything of what awaits us within?
** (75) Ian Cromwell glances around at the others in the room," Well for some insanity would be an improvement." **
(76) Euriale d'Elinhir: Out of all of the mud sorcerers, Acererak alone had more of an interest in necromancy and conjuration, especially summoning and binding creatures from the celestial plane of Sul.
(76) Euriale d'Elinhir: He had a fiendish taste for traps and magicka for the unwary. I would suspect everything and trust nothing.
Tian Keth: "Thats easy enough to do"
** Helisandra has a slight frown come across her face, but otherwise - no reaction can be seen in her from the news. **
Calehan: "That does come naturally to some, yes."
T'a K'shet: "He binds beings of good for evil purposes? This is a sign of the mad. The mad are dangerous foes. One cannot predict the actions of a madman"
Calehan: "Not all the denizens of Sul are benevolent. They are as myriad as the facets of the divine."
(76) DM: ((should have said "the plane of Sul". Euriale means "celestial" as "not mortal".))
T'a K'shet: ((That makes more sense))
(75) Ian Cromwell: " The actions of a madman are eaily enough figured out,whatever dispicable,deplorable act one can think of he would do it."
Tian Keth: "Before we leave you said you could identify some of these items I do not recognize?"
** T'a K'shet shrugs. "True. Still, one who binds such creatures to his bidding is teetering on the edge, if he has not fallen already" **
(76) Euriale d'Elinhir: Ays, I might be able to.
Tian Keth: "Not all mad men are evil Ian"
** T'a K'shet looks at Ian. "T'a does not agree with this. All sane beings are bound by their sanity. When one loses that binding, the sane mind can only begin to comprehend their motives" **
Calehan: "But that works for the ones that are. Of course, they'll find ones you'll never think of as well."
** Tian Keth takes off the belt, vest and attempts to grab the stone floating around his head with little success **
Tian Keth: "How do you get this thing to come back down once it is up there?"
Calehan: "Watch where it circles and put your hand in the way maybe? I think it tends to avoid obstructions. Hmm."
Tian Keth: "Euriale said a word when she put it up, but I dont remember it"
(78) Garret: :offers not so helpfully: "Try hitting your self in the head. Maybe it'll shake free."
** Helisandra quickly steps up near Euriale and talks quietly with her before removing her cloak and handing it to the female. **
Tian Keth: "ha ha funny Garret" **is clearly not ammused**
(78) Garret: :shrugs:
** T'a K'shet steps foward and tries to snatch it out of the air. ((Reflex save? Touch attack?)) **
** Tian Keth gives up on catching the stone and holds out the belt and vest "I would like to know what these do" **
(75) Ian Cromwell: " Are we done here,if so I would like to visit the temple of Odion before we leave."
(76) Euriale d'Elinhir: (looks up and smiles at Tian)
Tian Keth: "Noone is stoping you Ian"
(76) Euriale d'Elinhir: Just think what you want it to do, in this case to stop circling your head and it will happen.
Calehan: "I believe he's still on duty, perhaps?"
** Tian Keth concentrates in a similar fasion to when he is comunicating with the wolves and attempts to bring the stone down to his hand **
(75) Ian Cromwell: " As long as I am awake I am on guard Calehan."
(76) Euriale d'Elinhir: If you want to use the stone, set it above your head and command it to fly by thinking it, and it will happen.
(76) DM: The stone drops to his hand.
** Calehan says to Ian, "You're not beholden to us to stay around us any longer than you wish to. If you want to visit the temple, you're free to. Unless you want us to see something?" **
Tian Keth: "I would like to know what the stone does before I let it fly around my head much longer."
(75) Ian Cromwell: " It may do some of you good to attend a service in a temple."
** Tian Keth grunts **
Calehan: "Maybe sometime."
** (70) Zane takes her cloak from Euriale and smiles at the female before redonning the dark cloak. **
Helisandra: (( or, Helisandra does that... ))
** T'a K'shet smiles faintly. "T'a respectfully declines this offer. She finds temples uncomfortable" **
(78) Garret: "FIne." :looks to Ian: "I'll follow you to the Temple while the others finsih their preparations, good enough?"
** Calehan turns back to Euriale to ask about something, holding up his left hand as he removes the ring from it. Appearing made of bronze and in the shape of a snake coiled around to be swallowing its tail, "The design of this looks familiar, but I don't know what it's supposed to do. I'd be much obliged to know." **
whispering to Dj Gilcrease, it raises Wis, correct?
whispering to Dj Gilcrease, can't remember
(75) Ian Cromwell: " As you wish Garret."
(76) DM: ((she'll identify all objects but won't RP it))
Tian Keth: "My god is nature, it serves and protects me when I am in need. It provides adversity and chalange so that I may grow, and it Gives life to all things, and takes it back when it has no more use for you. So I am sorry but I will not be joining you at the Temple"
** (75) Ian Cromwell turns and leaves the room,heading to the temple of Odion. **
** (78) Garret gives the paladin a nod, "Good, we can stop for supplies on the way, and meet at he city gates to leave in a while, yes? **
** Helisandra nods to Garret to show she understands. **
(78) Garret: :gestures to Ian: "Lead the way."
(75) Ian Cromwell: " I trust you have a horse or a wagon for traveling Garret."
(75) Ian Cromwell: " As for supplies I am all set for the journey."
** Tian Keth takes the items back and puts them back on "Well they seem usefull enough" **
(76) DM: ((by the way, the events that are being RPed out now occurred between last session and tonight's. this will become clear once I FF))
(78) Garret: "We were magically plopped into your Emperor's court on our rumps. No, your people will supply us mounts I hope."
(76) Euriale d'Elinhir: Of course. They are being provided to you even as we speak.
** (75) Ian Cromwell smiles at Garret." These are not my people." **
T'a K'shet: "T'a will need no mount. She moves faster than the fastest horse"
(78) Garret: :snarks back: "And with that attitude they never will be."
(75) Ian Cromwell: " I am merely going to the temple to aquire a traveling temple for myself and to donate what money I have to the poor."
** Helisandra saunters around the study a little, not really feeling as though she needs anything, and more than ready to get on the road. **
Calehan: "I do have some questions about the region where the tomb is. Where's the nearest town to it? Will supplies be available; a place to rest?"
(75) Ian Cromwell: " I am not a man of politics I am a man of religion,there is a difference Garret."
Tian Keth: "We can sleep in the wilderness"
(78) Garret: :sighs: "And obviously not a man of humor either. Lighten up." :it sounds strange coming from a quiet stoic man like him:
(78) Garret: "So... are we going, or not?"
(75) Ian Cromwell: " Follow me."
Calehan: "We can, assuming whatever dangers in the crypt stay in the crypt. Otherwise, the more fortifications the better if we need a retreat."
** (78) Garret gives a brief nod as he follows the paladin out of the chamber **
T'a K'shet: "There is a difference between politics and faith. There is similarities between politics and religion" (To Eurinae) "All will require food and rations. Where can T'a buy these?"
Tian Keth: "I will meet you outside the city"
T'a K'shet: ((Just a heads up, there's a thunderstorm about. I may have to log off for a while))
(78) Garret: :gives the wolfman a parting wave of confirmation:
** Tian Keth stays in Euriale's room untill after the others have left **
** Helisandra makes her way to near Tian and asks him in a very soft voice, "May I wait with you? I'm ready to get outside as well." **
** Tian Keth nods to Heli "Yes I just wish to ask Euriale something" **
** Tian Keth looks back to Euriale after the others are gone "Can you provide me any more information on the Onyx Drake. I do not like the fact that it may be killing the wolves, though my friends may not like it I hope to lead us into its region after we are done exploring" **
** Helisandra nods to Tian and moves to outside the room. **
** Calehan leaves after finding whatever information she knows about whatever community is more local to the crypt. **
** T'a K'shet moves from the room, nods to Helisandra, then wanders about, seeking a way to a marketplace or something where food suitable for a trek could be bought. **
** (75) Ian Cromwell enters the temple of Odion,stops just inside the door and clasps his hands together,lowering his head in prayer,looks up to see if there is an elder around. **
** Helisandra leans against the wall outside the entrance to the study. As she waits, she pulls a smooth black onyx stone out of her belt pouch and flips it between her fingers for a bit. **
** (78) Garret enters the temple after Ian, looking about and offering a polite bow of respect **
** Tian Keth leaves Euriale's room after he gets any information she can provide then nods to Heli "Shall we leave the confines of this city, I feel as if the walls are trying to swallow me" **
Helisandra: "Yes, let's go." She quickly falls in behind the big man, following him to outside the city.
T'a K'shet: ((Okay, storm. I've gotta go. I'll be back on in half an hour or so, won't last long))
** Tian Keth sets up a few hundred yards outside the city and begins to practice with his sword and new equipment testing to see if it impeeds his motions at all **
T'a K'shet: Disconnecting from server...
(86) T'a K'shet (exit): 23:29
** Helisandra simply lies on grass near where Tian practices, fiddling with her stone more. **
(76) DM: (going to FF soon)
** (75) Ian Cromwell whispers to Garret," Clasp your hands together thusly." showing how," A mans hands that are bound to each other can not commit a sin Garret." **
** Tian Keth satisfied he can still fight sits down next to Heli "So whats that stone? Is it like the one I found myself with?" **
Helisandra: "Tian, I'm sure that we are doing the right thing here. I just wish I knew how we got here, who sent us, and why." She sighs afterwards, knowing that those questions will bother her for a while still most likely.
(78) Garret: :quirks a brow, replying dryly: "I assure you, I can commit sin with parts other than my hands."
(75) Ian Cromwell: " That would not be advisable Garret."
(78) Garret: "I did not say I plan to. Just that I could."
(75) Ian Cromwell: " One must be pure in mind,body and soul Garret."
Helisandra: "This thing? No, it is much to small to be like yours, this is a mere pebble in comparison. I do not know what it is, it was with my belongings though. I just like the coloration, with the jet black background and swirling grays. And, it makes me feel better, a little."
(78) Garret: "Wrong." :looks about the room as he offers sagely: "On may choose to be pure. It is not a requirement unless you are trying to achieve higher placement."
Tian Keth: "How we got here is irrelivent, who sent us may be relevent but not critical information, though I suspect some God or another. As for why I would hazard a guess it has to do with the prophacy. Similar to those memories that were not our own before we entered that focus."
(75) Ian Cromwell: " Being a servant of Solnor,one always seeks a higher placement Garret."
Helisandra: "Yes, prophesies yet again, and again - no answers to the questions we have already. Such seems to be the way of life nowadays."
(78) Garret: "I am not a servant of Solnor. and I seek nothing from him." :turns a serious eye to the paladin: "Though I do respect your diligence in the pursuit."
Tian Keth: "I would like to know what happened in the time between entering the Focus and us appearing here, if there was any time. But we are alive and that is more important then knowing. 'Do what you think is right as long as you live and you will have lead a good life' Thats a quote I remember my father using offen before I left to be with the wolves"
(75) Ian Cromwell: " May I ask whom you do serve Garret?"
(90) DM Azrael (enter): 23:38
(78) Garret: :turns away, answering blankly: "No one anymore."
(75) Ian Cromwell: " So perhaps it is enlightenment you seek Garret,perhaps that is why I am to accompany you and the others on this journey."
** Helisandra stops playing with her stone long enough to glance at one of the rings she always wears. "That sounds like a good philosophy." **
(90) DM Azrael (exit): 23:40
(78) Garret: :giving a slightly bemused chortle,Garret half consents: "Everyone needs a little enlightenment, just promise you won't push it on people."
(75) Ian Cromwell: " I do not press my beliefs on others,I merely show by example."
(78) Garret: "That is good to here. I'll hold you to that word if you get too preachy."
(75) Ian Cromwell: " And to guide those that are willing to accept."
Helisandra: "Tian, how much do you remember of your parents?"
(78) Garret: :nods: "Alright then. Welcome aboard. We
(78) Garret: 'll be counting on your steel and your word." :holds out his hand in offering:
** Calehan slowly makes his way out of the city to where they meet, stopping along the way to study some places as if he'd never seen their like before. As he walks he talks to himself occasionally, as though rehearsing a conversation. By the time he arrives outside the city gate he seems to be buzzing with something he wants to say, but holds any explanation until everyone arrives. **
** (75) Ian Cromwell firmly shakes Garrets hand **
(78) Garret: :pauses the shake a moment to add: "Just... try not to argue with Tian. If it's no harm, just let him think what he says or does is right. That's what I do."
Tian Keth: "Bits, they were overprotective and I started leaving the city when I was eight so I could be out in nature. I was beeing called by the wolves. I think about them sometimes wishing I could have spent longer with them, But that cannot be. I try not to dwell in the past, or think too far into the future, there here and now is enough most of the time."
(75) Ian Cromwell: " Even if he is wrong,how is he to learn if his errs are not pointed out to him?"
(78) Garret: "Like I said.. if it's no harm, best to let it go." :turns away asking: "How long are we stayng here? I want to pick up some rations before we procure our mounts."
** Helisandra nods in understanding as Tian tells his brief tale. "I envy you Tian, for you knew your calling at a young age. I am still seeking, and I find myself often dwelling on the past." **
(75) Ian Cromwell: " You may leave when you wish to Garret,there are a few things I need to do first."
(78) Garret: :shrugs: "I'll stay for a while. kill some time."
(78) Garret: (FF here?)
** (75) Ian Cromwell reaches into his pouch and pulls out a small bag,it jingles softly as I place it in the poor box. **
Tian Keth: "If you dewll in the past too long you will never hear your calling untill it to is in the past where it does you no good."
(75) Ian Cromwell: " That is an odd expression Garret,we never seem to have enough time as it is."
Helisandra: "I know, others have said similar things. I try, but the past always seems to show up here and there, whether I look for it or not. But I will keep your words in mind as well, thank you."
(78) Garret: "Then you must be moving to fast."
(75) Ian Cromwell: " Othen enough the best and the most innocent are taken way before their time."
** Tian Keth nods and lets his focus shift attempting to contact the olves that were so far away **
(76) DM: (FFing)
(78) Garret: "So I am aware."
** Helisandra sits quietly and stares off into the sky, her thoughts swirling around a number of different things. **
Tian Keth: (( ok ))
Helisandra: (( cool, I was just chatting to kill time. :P ))
(78) Garret: ((just going to pick up some holy water and rations before we leave town))
Calehan: ((Going to let Tian forage for food while we travel, and introduce everyone to the idea of teleportation magic.))
** (75) Ian Cromwell places his small box in his pack turns and leaves the temple,whistling softly,tben sharply clapping his hands together,calls forth for his mount Justice. **
** Tian Keth keeps head scouting and foraging on the move while they are on thier way to the temple **
Tian Keth: Wilderness Lore Skill Check: [1d20+24] -> [7,24] = (31)
(76) DM: (ok)
(76) DM: You have arrived at the site of the lich's last haunt. Before you is a low, flat-topped hill, about 200 yards wide, and 300 yards long. Only ugly weeds, thorns and briars grow upon the steep sides and bald top of the 60' high mound.
(76) DM: There are black rocks upon the top of the hill, and from afar, it looks as if the hill has the shape of a human skull, with piles of rock appearing as eye holes, a nose hole and the jagged teeth of a grinning death's head.
(75) Ian Cromwell has sent you a tree node...
** (75) Ian Cromwell brings Justice to a stop at the base of the mound. **
(76) DM: The north side of the hill has a crumbling cliff face of sand and gravel about 20' high in the middle of the whole.
Tian Keth: "Interesting landscaping"
Calehan: "Clearly some work was put in to make this place look foreboding."
** Helisandra comes to a stop as well and then slowly comes alongside to be in the front in order to see the sights. **
(78) Garret: "Yes... hardly inconspicuous though."
** (75) Ian Cromwell lowers his head,clasps his hands together and begins to speak softly," Let the wisdom of Solnor show me what lies in the hearts of those who stand before me." (detect evil) **
Helisandra: "Well, this is different..." she mutters as she surveys the scene.
(78) Garret: "So.. do we enter the mouth? Or shall we squeeze in through a hopefully unclogged ear?"
Helisandra: "No idea, this will be the first time I've entered a skull."
Tian Keth: "I say we enter though the right eye"
Helisandra: "Any reason why?"
(75) Ian Cromwell: " The first thing we should do is check out the area,before we enter the skull,that is if we can do so."
Calehan: "Let's just climb up and see where the openings are."
(75) Ian Cromwell: " Remember,traps and magika,trust nothing is what was said Calehan."
Helisandra: "Very well, closer to the skull it is. But as Ian just reminded us, let's take it carefully, shall we?"
Tian Keth: "I dont want to be eaten, and entering though the mouth would represent that, so the eyes if posible seem like a good entrance, I just picked the right because I am right handed"
Calehan: "That sounds like sane thinking. Bad for this place."
** (75) Ian Cromwell steps down off his horse Justice," Go back to where you came,return when I call." **
** Tian Keth heads up the hill and looks around it for any entrances that may be hidden **
Helisandra: "Well, let's find out what we can see as we get up there." she comments as she dismounts as well.
** (78) Garret steers his horse toward the hillside, examining the rock skull for openings, runes or other unnatural features **
(75) Ian Cromwell: ( the horse shimmers briefly then disappears)
** Helisandra slowly walks up straight to the skull, leading her horse, scanning the area for anything that might give her an idea. She does not get up against it yet, merely tries to get a better view. **
** Calehan hangs near the back as the party ascends the mound, stepping confidently where others have proven it safe; looking ahead for any sign of the tomb's entrance. **
** (75) Ian Cromwell slowly walks up the hill after Helisandra,keeping an eye on her horse. **
(74) Dj Gilcrease has sent you a tree node...
** Helisandra pauses as she passes a small group of three trees. She glances around and ties her horse to the sturdiest one. "Hopefully I'll be back for you before too long." she says to the horse before studying the skull more. **
Helisandra: "From here, I can see three different entrances - possibly. The eyes, and possibly the nose." she states to those with her.
** (75) Ian Cromwell unties Helisandra's horse,allowing it to move about freely. **
** Tian Keth goes up to the right eye and looks in **
** Helisandra doesn't notice Ian's actions - since he is behind her and she is studying the entrances. She moves a little closer to try and get a better view. **
** (75) Ian Cromwell watches Tian and Helisandra. **
** Helisandra glances up at Tian and sighs. **
** Calehan stops at the group of trees and walks around and through them, studying the landscape in all directions, as well as the trees in detail. **
** Tian Keth enters the right eye slowly keeping an eye out for traps **
** Helisandra approaches the skull more, trying to peer into the nose, and keep an eye on Tian. **
** (75) Ian Cromwell begins to walk towards the skull,slowly drawing his long sword as he walks. **
Calehan: "This looks like a notable spot. I wonder at the nature of the wards against scrying around the crypt though. I guess I'll have to test it if it comes down to it."
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+9] -> [15,9] = (24)
(75) Ian Cromwell: " If I were a Lich,this is the type of entrance I would have to my tomb."
Helisandra: "Tian - how's it look up there?" she asks, trying not to raise her voice to much so she doesn't startle the man.
Tian Keth: "Clear enough though the ceiling is full of roots
Helisandra: "Yeah, the nose looks about the same, as best as I can see from here."
** (78) Garret climbs down from his horse, letting it aside to grze witht he others, while he heads up the mound to examine the black rocks atop **
** Helisandra continues to approach the skull, stopping before she actually reaches it, not yet willing to bring herself to touch the thing. **
** Calehan also gets down from his horse as he looks around, letting it loose to graze. **
** Tian Keth exits the right eye and goes to look into the left **
(75) Ian Cromwell: " Helisandra,perhaps you should check out the mouth,I believe if we are to enter it will be that way."
** Helisandra nods her head without looking back. **
Helisandra: "Well, if you want to enter through the mouth, I hope you have a magical shovel to make an entrance with." she says back over her shoulder to Ian.
(107) Bane (enter): 00:33
(107) Bane (exit): 00:34
(75) Ian Cromwell: " Perhaps there is a secret way to open it up,or perhaps we have to all enter and the mouth closes and then it opens up inside I do not know."
Helisandra: "However, I see something else. Tian, wait there. I can see some doors through the left eye."
** Helisandra takes a deep breath and then starts to make her way up the hillside to what would be the left eye socket. **
Tian Keth: "Yes there are doors thierty feet in the left eye, and sixty feet in the right eye"
Helisandra: "Ah, I could not see the one in the right eye from down there. The nose also has a passage, although it is a tighter fit than the eyes."
Tian Keth: "Well like I said, lets enter the right eye"
Helisandra: "Very well, I see no reason why not."
Tian Keth: "Perhaps you should check it for traps and structural integrity"
(78) Garret: (brb)
** Helisandra heads over to the right eye socket and peers in. She pulls out a strange set of glasses and looks over the entrance way before moving into the tunnel slightly. ((Search for traps)) **
** Tian Keth stays close to Heli, but out of her way keeping his own eyes out for anything that might harm them **
** Helisandra continues to make her way down the tunnel, checking it out as she slowly moves along for any signs of hidden traps or instability. **
** (75) Ian Cromwell resheathes his sword,while waiting for Helisandra and Tian to say it is alright to enter. **
** Calehan draws his pair of daggers as he follows up to the eye, moving in slowly behind Tian and Heli. **
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+28] -> [1,28] = (29)
** (78) Garret waits outside, watching for any approaching threats as they work ont he door **
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+28] -> [5,28] = (33)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+28] -> [12,28] = (40)
** Helisandra stops in her tracks. **
(76) DM: CLICK
Helisandra: "No one move."
(76) DM: (that was an audible click btw)
** (75) Ian Cromwell looks down at Garret," Seems you and I are the more intellengent,I do not think it was wise of Calehan to enter behind the others." **
(109) old school boy (enter): 00:50
** Tian Keth stops in his tracks **
** Calehan stops also. **
(78) Garret: :glances to Ian before looking inside and calling to Heli: "What happened?"
** Helisandra looks to her left, studying the wall and looking down at the floor. **
(109) old school boy (exit): 00:51
(110) ticattack (enter): 00:51
(76) DM: Moments later, a section of the wall behind Calehan begins to move VERY SLOWLY across the passage, although it has not sealed you inside yet.
Helisandra: "Let's get out! Backwards - move."
** Calehan turns around runs back along the length of the passage, "Sure thing!." **
** (78) Garret hurries to try and catch the door and hold it open, if only for a moment **
** Helisandra starts running for the door as well, knowing Tian will easily outstride her. **
(78) Garret: Str check: [1d20+6] -> [15,6] = (21)
(76) DM: The wall -- of which its a 5' thick section slowly, inexorably slides forward. It's at the 10' mark now, halfway across.
** Tian Keth heads out behind the others making sure they get out first **
(76) DM: Just as Tian clears the passage, the wall slides shut behind him with a loud bang that echoes down the corridor and outside.
** (75) Ian Cromwell turns at the sound of Helisandra's shout,then seeing Garret run towards the eye,continues to watch not sure of what he can do if anything at the moment. **
** Helisandra stops and catches her breath outside the chamber. "Apparently, that was not the best way." **
(78) Garret: :calls to Ian, while trying to hold the passage open: "A little help here, please?"
(78) Garret: "So.. wanna try the other eye now?"
Tian Keth: "May have been one of the less deadly traps we will run into"
Calehan: "I think that one was not the right choice."
Helisandra: "I saw something off in there, but I'm not sure what triggered the wall closing."
** (75) Ian Cromwell walks up to the eye,holding his hand out to those who wish to take it,to be helped down. **
Tian Keth: "Well into the left eye"
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+28] -> [19,28] = (47)
(75) Ian Cromwell: " Perhaps you were not as dilegent as you needed to be Helisandra."
(75) Ian Cromwell: " I am sure you will do better next time."
Helisandra: "Yeah, let's try that other one. I thought I was being careful, but traps are really not my background. Let's try again, shall we?" She smiles as she asks, although it is plainly obviously that she is a little frazzled still.
T'a K'shet: "T'a can detect magicks, if need be. Otherwise, she can destroy the wall with her magicks"
** Helisandra makes her way over to the left eye socket and repeats her process. She looks over the entranceway and once she deems it safe, starts slowly moving in, checking as she goes. **
** Tian Keth nods and enters the left eye staying close to Heli again trying to spot anything that seems off to him **
Helisandra: "Tian, hold back this time. This passageway is not as stable."
** (78) Garret waits at the entrance, ready to hold a door open if need be **
** T'a K'shet holds her right hand over her right eye. "Allow my eyes to see the unnatural. Allow this gift to last" (Persistant Detect Magick) **
** Tian Keth holts back a little but not much, keeping an eye on the roof to make sure it does not fall on them **
whispering to ticattack, quite normal
** Calehan slowly walks over to the left eye and peers in yo watches Heli's progress from outside this time. **
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+28] -> [9,28] = (37)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+28] -> [9,28] = (37)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+28] -> [8,28] = (36)
** Helisandra keeps moving along the passageway, heading for the door, but slowly as she checks things. **
** Helisandra finally reaches the end of the 30' passageway, broken out in a slight sweat. She looks back to Tian and gives him a nod. "The passage looked clean, now for the door." She then turns back to study the door. **
** Tian Keth gives Heli a reasuring nod then turns back and motions the others to enters slowly and to follow the same path **
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+28] -> [5,28] = (33)
** Calehan does his best to follow Tian's path closely, looking back to see if the others follow. **
** T'a K'shet enters, treading lightly. **
(75) Ian Cromwell: " Perhaps it would be best if we waited until she has the door open."
** Helisandra looks up at the ceiling around the door carefully, spending some time on it. **
(75) Ian Cromwell: " She may cause another trap to be triggered,and the tunnel to cave in on whomever is inside."
** Tian Keth returns his eyes to the ceiling once the others start entering slowly **
Calehan: "Bursting with confidence."
** Helisandra stops studying the ceiling and goes back to the door, trying to crack it open just slightly. **
(75) Ian Cromwell: " No,just stating facts Calehan."
** T'a K'shet looks around, then moves beside Helisandra. "Does Helisandra require assistance?" **
Helisandra: (( waiting to see if the door opens or not before responding... ))
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [5d10] -> [9,9,1,8,9] = (36)
(75) Ian Cromwell: " I do not see you nor Garret rushing into the tunnel,so it seems I am not the only one who is lacking in confidence at the moment Calehan."
** Helisandra smiles at T'a as the door cracks open. "I think I got it. Let me check though." **
Tian Keth: (( Calehan is down there with us ))
(76) DM: Suddenly you hear a loud crack, and the roof caves in on everyone inside.
** Helisandra moves to peer in through the inch or so crack in the doorway to whatever is beyond it. **
(76) DM: (36 damage to all within the passageway, no save)
** T'a K'shet hisses loudly, then cries out in pain as the cavern collapses upon her. **
** Helisandra tries to huddle herself against the falling roof, but to little avail. **
(78) Garret: "Shite!"
** (75) Ian Cromwell moves forward and begins to dig out the tunnel. **
** Calehan groans in pain and aggravation as the ceiling collapses. **
** (78) Garret rushes into the passage to clear rocks away from his comrades and make sure they are alight. "Answer if you're alive dammit!" **
** T'a K'shet focuses for a moment, willing herself to remain calm. She tries wiggling about, to see if she can move at all. **
Helisandra: "Yeah.. But those rocks hurt." she calls back to Garret.
** Tian Keth howls in pain as the rocks fall, then starts trying to throw the rocks back out of the tunnle **
T'a K'shet: ((Calling)) "T'a is alive"
** (75) Ian Cromwell helps Garret clear the tunnel. **
(75) Ian Cromwell: " Seems you and I are the wise ones Garret."
Calehan: "I'm alive, not sure how bad it is in here." *Calls as loud as he can* "Is anyone else nearby? I'm taking a shortcut out of here."
(78) Garret: :digging them out, replies to Heli: "THat's because they're big and hard."
(78) Garret: ":to cale: "What shortcut?"
Helisandra: "Just like someone I know." she replies, but then has to turn as she coughs from the dust that got into her throat.
Calehan: "It's only very slightly risky, as shortcuts tend to be, and very fast as shortcuts go.
** T'a K'shet stays perfectly still, awaiting rescue. **
** (75) Ian Cromwell continues to pull out rocks from the tunnel. **
(76) DM: ((you can probably get people out after spending some time digging))
** (78) Garret casts the rogue a curious glance as he keps digging **
Tian Keth: she cant weigh all that much
Tian Keth: (( oops ))
** Helisandra merely shrugs at Garret. "At least this time, it wasn't me." she states, changing the topic. **
(75) Ian Cromwell: ( ok who is buried and who is not? am I the only one who did not enter the tunnel?)
(78) Garret: (just you and me Ian)
Calehan: (I am not very good at digging, manually, but I can get out of the tunnel)
** Helisandra can tell that Ian and Garret are getting cloaser and closer so she waits, but she keeps an eye on the roof to make sure no more is going to fall anytime soon. **
(78) Garret: "You must be very proud" :returns sarcastically to Heli.:
** Tian Keth starts trying to get out from under the rocks **
** (75) Ian Cromwell stops digging when he sees the foot of someone buried. **
** Calehan tries to shift around in the rubble, seeing how freely he can move. **
** (75) Ian Cromwell grabs Calehans foot to let him know he is close to be freed. **
(78) Garret: ((Is it still attached?))
Calehan: "Well in that case, I guess I can stick around a little longer."
Tian Keth: Str check: [1d20+7] -> [5,7] = (12)
Helisandra: "I never said this was my style of getting around. You know that." she returns with a mischevious smile. "Anyway, we are left with a couple options now."
** (75) Ian Cromwell slowly begins to dig out Calehan **
(78) Garret: "You have options while buried unto a ton of rock?"
(75) Ian Cromwell: " Quit moving,you may end up causing more damage than already has been done."
Calehan: "I always have one option as long as I can speak, actually."
Helisandra: "Well, not so much right now, but as in where to go once you two finish helping us out of this little jam."
** Tian Keth begins grunting and focuses himself to try and lift the rocks off of himself **
(78) Garret: "Okay.. I'm listening." :keeps digging:
** (75) Ian Cromwell pulls the last rock off of Calehan,leaving him an opening to crawl outside. **
Calehan: "I have another option that could deal with a lot of rock at once, but I'm not sure the remaining roof would stay up if I started doing that. Course I'd need my arms free for that."
** T'a K'shet listens the the banter. She speaks in a flat, monotone voice. "Yes. All now know to avoid falling rocks. This is most helpful to T'a" **
(75) Ian Cromwell: " Who was in front of you Calehan?"
** Calehan explains as he squeezes out of the crevice. **
Calehan: "Should be Tian, or T'a. There was some width to the passage."
T'a K'shet: "T'a is near Helisandra, she thinks"
** (75) Ian Cromwell examines Calehan for wounds and such," Some bumps and bruises,a few scratches here and there,you will live." **
(78) Garret: "Well, just keep talking, we'll find you eventually"
** (75) Ian Cromwell moves past Calehan and continues to dig **
Helisandra: "Just follow the rubble, you are guaranteed to find us."
T'a K'shet: "Yes. Calehan, you speak of transmuting, yes? Turning the walls to mud or such?"
Calehan: "Turning them to nothing really."
(75) Ian Cromwell: " Perhaps that would not be a good plan just yet Calehan."
** (75) Ian Cromwell continuing to dig forward. **
Calehan: "If this is a natural collapse though, more would probably fill in."
(78) Garret: "Lets not risk that."
** (75) Ian Cromwell glances at Garret," The voice of reason speaks." **
** Calehan puts away his daggers to help move rocks, weak though he is. **
Helisandra: "I do believe it is Callehan. There were no traps on that door, even as I glanced afterwards on the otherside. The architect of this tunnel just did a shoddy job."
(78) Garret: (FF through digging?)
Helisandra: (( fine with me. ))
T'a K'shet: ((Sounds good))
(76) DM: Some time later, you've managed to extract yourself from the tunnel.
** (75) Ian Cromwell seeing Calehan's wounds bleeding,reaches out,placing his left hand on Calehan's arm,his hand glows a pale blue for a brief instant. ( Lay on Hands) 36 healing. **
** Helisandra speaks to Garret in a very soft and almost scared voice once she is dug out and he helps her to her feet. "Oh my hero - thank you so much for recuing me, how can I ever repay you?" She smirks as she finishes and walks by him, but does squeeze his arm gently in genuine thanks as she passes. **
** T'a K'shet pushes the last of the rocks from herself, then rises. She closes her eyes for a moment, and her body crackles with a surge of reddish energy. (Arcane Rejuvination (5): Sac a spell to heal its level in damage) **
** Tian Keth finishes heaving the rocks off and checks on Heli "I tried to throw you out of the way, but I barly had time to reach out before the rocks hit me" **
** (78) Garret passes the thief girl asardonic grin and nod before following her out. "So... everyone going to live?" **
** Calehan steps back from the paladin to look down at his already healed wounds. "Wow, thank you." **
** T'a K'shet glances around. "T'a will continue living, yes. Provided this does not happen again" **
(75) Ian Cromwell: " Thank Solnor,not me,I am merely a vessel."
Tian Keth: "I'll live" **Looks to where the doors should be to see if they can get past now that the roof has fallen**
"Thank you for trying Tian. So, we can try the nose passageway - however, I believe it is also as shoddy as this one was. This one lead to a false door, so it is definately a dead end. That leave the other eye socket. If you manage to open it, it might be the best option - as it appears to be in the best shape. physically.
** (75) Ian Cromwell walks over and checks out the others,inspecting their wounds. **
(78) Garret:
"DOn't suppose you have a crowbar?"
** Helisandra has a number of small gashes and tons of bruises from the rocks and such, but appears to be walking just fine.. **
Tian Keth:
"I left mine in my other pants, sorry Garret"
"No, I don't have one either. Callehan, you have any idea on the door wall?"
"Mind if I see about opening the eye then?"
** Tian Keth shakes dirt and rock dust from his hair **
Tian Keth:
"Please do"
** (75) Ian Cromwell walks over to T'a,places his left hand upon her arm,his hand glows a pale blue for a brief instant then fades ( Lay on Hands 28 hp restored) **
** Helisandra steps back and swings her arm toward the right eye socket, allowing room for Calehan to pass. "Have fun." **
** T'a K'shet holds still for the paladin's touch. "T'a's thanks to you" **
"Just stand back, in case something falls, or something."
(75) Ian Cromwell:
" Thank Solnor."
(76) DM:
((the right eye socket was the sealed off one...))
** (75) Ian Cromwell walks over to Helisandra,placing his left hand upon her arm,speaks softly," May the aid of Solnor heal thy wounds ( [4d8] -> [6,8,3,3] = (20)+16) **
(( yes, Calehan was going to see if he could open the twall that sealed it off. ))
** Calehan walks out of the tunnel and takes aim at the wall blocking the tunnel in the right eye and incants a spell; a green stabs into the tunnel to hit the wall. (disintegrate, up to one 10-ft cube of that wall) **
** Helisandra remains still while Ian works. "Thank you, and thanks to Solnor." she adds, taking a cue from his response to everyone else. "I just hope we don't need too much more of that before we even enter the tomb." **
** T'a K'shet stands well back, ready to spring out if the cave begins to collapse. **
** (75) Ian Cromwell looks over at Tian," Shall I tend to your wounds as well?" **
(76) DM:
A section of the wall vanishes, and reveals the blocked off corridor, as before.
(78) Garret:
:moves beside Cale: "So... how are you opening it? A pell of some sort?"
** Tian Keth shrugs away from Ian
"You can touch me once you appologize or I am about to die, untill them keep your hands to yourself" **
(78) Garret:
"Oh.... nice."
(75) Ian Cromwell:
" As you wish."
** (75) Ian Cromwell turns and watches the tunnel Calehan entered. **
"Handy sometimes."
Tian Keth:
"Wow what was that Calehan?"
"Something new I found one morning, I suppose."
** T'a K'shet smiles faintly. "Very handy, T'a would think" **
(75) Ian Cromwell:
" I am going to need to rest if I am to restore what healing I can give."
** T'a K'shet walks towards the opening, glancing around for any movement or magickal emanations. **
Tian Keth:
"Interesting, just dont point that in my direction, I have no desire to vanish like that." **enters the passage and stops at the point the door started to close last time to give Heli a chance to start looking again if she wishes to**
** Calehan considers darkly a moment, "I wonder if that's the ultimate end of decay, actually. Hard to see where my practice ends and my gift begins." **
** Helisandra takes a breath and enters the first passageway again, moving up 28' into the passageway before stopping. **
"Well no point in worrying, anything dangerous has to be used carefully whatever its source."
** (78) Garret follows Heli into the passage, though gives her some space to work **
Tian Keth:
"I can look for the traps if you do wish Heli. though I suspect you are more skilled in that area then I"
(75) Ian Cromwell:
" I shall wait out here,until I am told it is safe to enter."
"Feel free to lookTian, it is not a skill that have have had to use very much in our travels, so I am still working on it as well.
"Here is the stone I noticed last time, but I doubt it had anything to do with the wall that closed on us. Doesn't make sense from what I know of traps."
"I suppose I'll take the word of caution this time."
"Hmm... could be that..." Helisandra reaches forward to a stone just in front of her and pokes it, trying to make it wiggle a little.
** T'a K'shet tenses, ready to spring into action should something happen. **
** Helisandra chuckles a little and steps on past the stone she was studying muttering "Shoddy architecture..." and proceeds down the hallway, searching the cooridor as she goes. **
(113) ticattack (enter): 02:09
(76) TaliesinNYC:
Booting '(110) ticattack' from room...
(110) ticattack (exit): 02:10
** (78) Garret quietly follows along, keeping alert for dangers **
Tian Keth:
"I can see not smell anything other then the earth here, but that only means there is nothing moving nearby that I can smell, other then us and the ground"
Tian Keth:
(( not = nor ))
** Helisandra finally has moved all the way down this passageway as well, reaching another doorway. **
** T'a K'shet stays with the others, near the front, constantly scanning for anything odd. **
(78) Garret:
"Well.. when you have heavy arse rocks to crush intruders, who needs a guard dog?"
T'a K'shet:
"Both would serve even better"
(78) Garret:
"Not if your dog got crushed by the rocks"
"There's ways to avoid that."
T'a K'shet:
"If your dog was beyond the rocks. If your dog was undead, needing no care, not even needing to move in order to keep an eternal vigil..."
** Helisandra spends a couple moments looking over the doors here as the others converse. She then puts her ear to the door to see if she hears anything on the other side. **
T'a K'shet:
"There is little point is arguing over what is or is not beyond here if we do not get beyond here, true? Let us focus on what we must overcome now"
"If your dog was a ghost, or could travel ethereally it wouldn't matter."
(75) Ian Cromwell:
" There is little point in speaking of undead animals or what may or may not be waiting for us,I think we need to worry about what we face now."
(78) Garret:
"You people think much too deeply about careless ramblings."
** T'a K'shet nods. "This also is true. Many options exist" At Ian's words, she nods again. "Yes. Let us contine" **
T'a K'shet:
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+20] -> [8,20] = (28)
"Yet you ramble carelessly."
(78) Garret:
"From time to time..."
T'a K'shet:
"Careless ramblings often produce ideas unthought of in planning"
** Helisandra reaches down to the door and after glancing to check that the roof looks solid here, she tries to crack it open an inch. **
** T'a K'shet tenses again, and looks to the ceiling" **
(76) DM:
It seems quite sturdy.
(75) Ian Cromwell:
" Planning? I do not believe one thought has been used in planning anything,we are just going in and killing what evil there is,not much of a plan."
** Tian Keth calmly waits for the door to open **
** T'a K'shet gives Ian a sidelong glance. "Exactly. So all must rely on careless ramblings" **
"Well, I'll be." Helisandra mutters as she leaves the door cracked open and moves back to the outside, with a look of annoyance promenant on her face.
T'a K'shet:
"What is wrong?"
"Stupid false passages" she calls back
(75) Ian Cromwell:
" Time to enter the mouth."
(78) Garret:
"Are you sure it's trully false and not just made to seem so?"
(75) Ian Cromwell:
" And would those be the ramblings of a mad man T'a?"
"Well, when there is a wall behind the door, that tells me false passageway."
Tian Keth:
"I guess its the nose then"
** Tian Keth goes to look down the nose passage **
"Well, I wouldn't have picked that choice."
"Like I said earlier - there are no passageways in the mouth." she states as she moves past Ian toward the nasal cavity.
(76) DM:
This is clearly an unusual tunnel.
(78) Garret:
"Could be an illusion, or a faux wall
** T'a K'shet follows Heli, stepping lightly. She grimaces as she enters the tunnel. **
"Try it if you want Garret."
(78) Garret:
:shrug: "COuldn't hurt:
** Helisandra searches over the entrances of the nose before entering it, following the same process as she attempted with the other two passages. **
** (78) Garret moves to the dead end wall. He spends some time experimenting with the surafce, pushing, hitting, searching for a seam. **
** Calehan spends time loitering while others work either watching the probings or getting a different angle view at the three trees. **
(76) DM:
This is a passage, about 20' wide and at least 60' deep. Bright, brilliant colors are to be seen everywhere, the stones and pigments undimmed by the passage of decades. The floor of the corridor is a colorful mosaic of stone, with a distinct winding path of red tiles about 2' wide that snakes down the length of the corridor. No stonework can be seeon on the walls or the ceiling above -- 20' above -- for some sort of cement or plaster has been smoothed over the surfaces. The scenes painted show fields with cattle grazing, a copse with several wolves in the background, slaves -- human, orc, elven and a strange human-animal mixture -- going about various tasks. Some of these frescoes show rooms of some building: a library, a wizard's workroom, and others. There are chairs, windows, boxes, bales, doors, chests, birds, bats, spiders and all manner of things shown on the walls.
"Well, this is different to say the least."
** Tian Keth walks down the winding read path keeping an eye out for stone that might shift under his weight, but also eyeing the sceen with the wolves **
** Helisandra remains just outside the passageway, looking at the pathway marked before them. **
** (78) Garret gives up playing with the wall and goes to join the others in the nose. **
T'a K'shet:
"Agreed..." (Knowledge (Arcana, History, Religion) to identify the human/animal mixtures: [1d20+25] -> [9,25] = (34), [1d20+20] -> [20,20] = (40), [1d20+15] -> [4,15] = (19))
** Helisandra watches Tian as he walks down the path. "Let's wait here for now." she mentions to the others. **
"How you doing Tian?" she asks down the hallway.
** Tian Keth nods back "Fine thus far" **
** (75) Ian Cromwell looks over at Calehan," Do you think it is safe to enter?" **
"Ok, be sure to call back if you find the end." she returns to Tian. She then looks to the others. "I am going to enter and see what else is up there. If you enter - be sure to stay on the red tiles."
** Helisandra enters the passageway, being sure to step only on the winding red tiles. **
** T'a K'shet points at the animal-men on the mosaics. "T'a knows of these" **
T'a K'shet:
"They are the gods, according to the Jezulein". She studies the images closely. "Yes, this is what they are"
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+28] -> [11,28] = (39)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+28] -> [3,28] = (31)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+28] -> [3,28] = (31)
** Calehan shrugs, "You think I know if it's safe?" **
** (75) Ian Cromwell looks into the passageway," Is it safe to enter?" **
(78) Garret:
:to Ian: "I suppose we'll find out." :climbs into the passage, being sure to stay to the red tiles"
** Helisandra has stopped about 30' into the hallway. **
** T'a K'shet stands up from her study, apparently disappointed that noone else found this as interesting as she did. She glances around, and follows the others, easily staying on the red tiles. **
** Helisandra has stopped about 30' into the hallway, and is kneeling on the red tile path, her hands also on the floor as she studies something.. **
(75) Ian Cromwell:
" Well I suppose we should enter as well Calehan,no sense in getting separated."
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+28] -> [2,28] = (30)
** (78) Garret stops behind Heli, waiting for her findings **
** Helisandra looks off to her right at the wall, then back to the floor and then back to the wall. She calls up to Tian. "Tian - find anything?" **
** Calehan bows with a grin, "I bow before your wisdom." and holds out one arm indicating the entrance. **
(77) Nova (exit): 02:45
Tian Keth:
"Nothing so far, other then colorfull walls"
"Well, I did." she says, with obvious glee.
** (75) Ian Cromwell climbs into the passageway,looking for the others then calls out," Is it safe?" **
T'a K'shet:
"What did Helisandra find?"
** Helisandra reaches out to the wall to her right, almost as if pawing at part of the painting. **
"Not sure yet, but I think a way in." she responds.
** Tian Keth keeps along the red path looking for more sceens with wolves in them **
(75) Ian Cromwell:
" Is there a path we are to follow?"
** T'a K'shet looks with curiousity at Heli's actions. **
** (78) Garret views the mosaics with some interest as Heli searches **
(76) DM:
(you follow the path, but 30' past the entrance is Heli on her hands and knees examining something on the wall)
(76) TaliesinNYC:
on the wall, right in front of the trapdoor (the right wall as you enter the passage), there is a pair of jackal-headed human figures painted on the wall. They appear to be holding a REAL bronze chest
(76) DM:
Heli is examining the chest.
"Just stay on the red tiled path, so far it's been safe."
** Helisandra runs her hands along the mural where she reached. Finding about what she was looking for, she turns slightly in order to better reach the mural and she pulls some tolls out of a pocket and stack sticking them into the mural. **
** T'a K'shet studies both the figures and the chest, checking for any magicks. **
(76) DM:
(stopping here)
(75) Ian Cromwell:
" Another trap?"

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