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(714) DM: Darkness.
(714) DM: There are echoes in the darkness.
(714) DM: A battle against a fire giant.
(714) DM: A desparate fight against an aquatic vampire.
(714) DM: You can glimpse Calehan hurling a killing spell against an air elemental.
(714) DM: And then, you recall entering a room, a circular chamber wherein, there is nothing but a glittering jewel floating in the center of the room. It is a diamond easily the size of a human head, its facets glinting in the light of your glowstones as it slowly rotates in the middle of the chamber.
(714) DM: Very infrequently, a wall of light bathes the room, extending from the slowly rotating jewel, and illuminates one segment of the chamber in its harshness.
(714) DM: And that is the last thing you recall, when the darkness returns.
(714) DM: It feels as if you're floating, floating in this darkness. A darkness that extends without boundaries, fathomless, infinite, like a womb.
(714) DM: Your consciousness separates from your sense of self, as if you have left your body and your identity. You float, formless, bodiless, minds in this darkness.
(714) Voice: Curious, they're alive, without consciousness.
(714) DM: You can hear someone speaking. He -- it has to be a he -- seems very far away, distant, but near.
(714) Voice: Yes, I sense powerful magic surrounding them. The nature of this spell is something I have not seen in all my lifetime.
(714) DM: Another voice, but sharper, with an accent you've never heard before. As if not human.
(714) DM: Again, distant, but near at the same time.
(714) DM: Very very very very slowly, the darkness separates itself into forms distinct from each other, and you gain some semblance of feeling.
(714) DM: You're lying, each of you, in a bed, in what seems like a sick room. An infirmary. A cat-like humanoid in light gray robes with a sky blue trim stands over you, observing you with an almost clinical detachment.
(714) DM: A tall, imposing man with aquiline features marking his impassive visage stands next to him, also observing you. A shock of blond hair streaked with gray tops his head, his cold gray eyes noting each of you. He seems out of place in your surroundings, garbed as he is in a suit of armor crafted from black glass.
(714) DM: A golden epaulet adorns his left arm, as if indicative of his rank. A sword, the hilt of which is crafted from the same material as his armor, is at his side, although it is sheathed.
(714) Xarius Jiub: Good, they're awake.
** (708) Garret blinks his eyes open slowly, taking in their "hosts" curiously.As he pushes up he remains silent, looking about their surroundings. **
(714) DM: None of you have your belongings on you. Also, there are two others here, beside you. A feline humanoid (OOC: T'a K'shet) much like the cat-man standing near you, and another human (OOC: Ian).
** Calehan looks around the room to get his bearings before moving or sitting up and considers the distribution of weight around him to try to determine what he has on as well, then finally slowly sits up to get a better view. **
** Helisandra opens her hazel eyes slowly, and glances around trying to get a feeling on this place, trying to remember. She looks over the two standing above her and her friends, and looks to see if her friends are alright as well. She remains laying for a while, trying to get her berrings. **
** (710) Ian Cromwell looks down at Helisandra," Good I see you have returned." **
** Helisandra studies the man warrily momentarily before simply nodding to the stranger and slowly sitting up. **
(710) Ian Cromwell: " Rest easy,I am Ian Cromwell,Paladin and servant to Solnor,you are in no danger here."
(714) Jobasha, of the Chalice: You should rest. Jobasha believes that you have sustained grievous injuries.
(714) Jobasha, of the Chalice: Mrr.
** T'a K'shet opens her eyes, but stays still. She glances around, and sees others laying nearby. **
** (708) Garret takes a moment checking on his comrades' conditions and his own. Finally he speaks, "What happened to us?" **
** Helisandra folds her hands together, noticing finally that none of her possessions are on her. She looks up at the two 'men' standing above them with suspicion, but says nothing. **
(710) Ian Cromwell: " Lets just say you were on a journey that did not require your bodies for now."
** Calehan considers his condition a moment before stating, "I don't *feel* grievously injured. Nothing hurts. **
** (708) Garret only raises a brown to the paladins ominous comment **
(708) Garret: (brow rather)
(710) Ian Cromwell: " It is not your bodies that are injured."
** T'a K'shet sits up slowly, looking at her surroundings and the others. At the man's words, she frowns. **
(714) Xarius Jiub: You appeared without warning while in the midst of Court. You were unconscious, though surrounded by powerful magic. You were injured. His Imperial Majesty ordered that you be taken care of immediately, for He believes that you have been sent for by the gods.
** Calehan tries to think of where he's been, "An astral journey? Or something else..." **
** (714) Xarius Jiub seems perfectly calm as he says this, although you think that perhaps he might be exhibiting a bit of impatience. **
(708) Garret: "Where are we now?"
(714) Jobasha, of the Chalice: In an infirmary.
(708) Garret: :peers back with a bit of annoyance: "And where is this infirmary located?"
(714) DM: (your last memory was entering the Focus in the Vale of Yvvivor, fyi.)
** Helisandra studies all that is happening around her, trying to piece together all the pieces of her memories and what they are being told, although little seems to connect. She glances at Jobasha at his comment, but then looks away to the rest of the room. **
** (714) Jobasha, of the Chalice glances at the warrior next to her, worry creasing his brow. **
(714) DM: It is a rather well-appointed sickroom. Plush beds lined with feather mattresses and cotton sheets, tables and stands with crystalline vases and jugs of cool water line the room.
(714) DM: All the more remarkable is that you are the only occupants of the room, apart from the two strangers. A door stands closed, on the far side of the room. It's made of gold.
(714) Xarius Jiub: You are in Kha-Shugal, in the province of Khumash-Gor, in the Empire of Mel'Cendia.
** T'a K'shet stays sitting, trying to remember how she got here. **
** (708) Garret just lets his eyes close a moment to draw a sobering breath, taking a moment to think. Thought number one: "Where are our belongings?" **
** Calehan takes in the surroundings understanding that they have wealthy hosts, or at least that they care quite a bit about health. **
** Helisandra slowly tries to stand up from the bed, testing out if she is really as well off as she feels. **
(714) Xarius Jiub: My name is Xarius, and I am the Captain of the Guard for the Matron of the City. This is Jobasha, a cleric of Almalexia. He has been caring for you these past few days.
(714) Xarius Jiub: Your belongings have been put away for safekeeping. (coolly)
** T'a K'shet nods in thanks to the Khajiit. "T'a's thanks to you" **
(714) Jobasha, of the Chalice: Mrrr, Jobasha sees that you are Khajiit. So far from your homeland, yes?
** Helisandra slips slightly, grabbing onto the edge of the bed before getting to the floor. She lets out a slight sound, and raises herself back to sitting on the bed. **
(708) Garret: :offers them a humble bow: "thank you for your aid then."
** T'a K'shet smiles faintly. "Apparently" **
(708) Garret: :galnces to Heli on her dubious attempt:
(714) Xarius Jiub: I will leave you in Jobasha's care. My duty here is done.
** Helisandra takes a few deep breathes and looks up to see Garret's glance. She just shakes her head slightly to him. **
** Calehan slides himself to the side of his bed and offers his hand and says, "Thank you for your care," adding, "And His Majesty's concern," nodding to Xarius. **
** (710) Ian Cromwell closes his eyes,holds out his hands in front of him,concentrating,his hands glow a pale blue," Solnor grant me the ability to see what lies in the hearts of those before me." ( detect evil) **
(714) Xarius Jiub: (to Jobasha): His Imperial Majesty wishes to see them tomorrow morning. See to it that they receive whatever care they must have.
** (710) Ian Cromwell opens his eyes and lowers his hands,looking over the ones that are still in the beds. **
** Helisandra turns to Ian at his words and just looks straight at him. **
** (714) Xarius Jiub glances at Ian's hands for a moment, pauses, then seems to think of refraining from commenting. "Friends." (nods at you before leaving) **
(714) Jobasha, of the Chalice: As His Imperial Majesty commands. (sardonically) Jobasha will do what he can, but even the Emperor must wait for what can only be done naturally.
** (710) Ian Cromwell slightly nods his head towards the one who is leaving **
(708) Garret: :nods to the departing Xarius, before turning to their caretaker: "How long have we been?"
** T'a K'shet nods to the man, then rises from the bed. "T'a does not feel injured. How was she harmed?" **
** (714) Jobasha, of the Chalice turns to you a jug of water and proceeds to measure out several chalices for you. **
** Helisandra tries to stretch out a little, while remaining seated on the bed. She stretches out her neck and crosses her slender arms before her, stretching them and her back. **
(714) Jobasha, of the Chalice: Some of you are injured, some of you are not. Jobasha has been able to heal some of you, and others have attended to your friends needs. However, Jobasha feels that you must rest for now.
** (714) Jobasha, of the Chalice takes a vial of golden liquid from his pocket, uncorks it and pours a bit into each goblet, coloring the water a tawny gold. The odor of honeysuckle wafts over. **
** T'a K'shet nods and sits back down. "Very well" She looks at the others, confused by the khajiit's use of the word 'friends'. **
(714) Jobasha, of the Chalice: You have been in a coma for over half a week.
(714) DM: (OOC: recall that a week on Andurin depends on the calendar used. in Mel'Cendia, the usual calendar is the Praxthian calendar, a solar-based calendar. A week is ten days.)
** Helisandra releases her stretches and lays back, resting on her side on the bed. **
** Calehan says as he reaches for a chalice, "What we need are answers, and some exercise. And I need some time to think." Pauses before continuing, "But I understand that you don't have answers, so I'll think as I rest. Exercise can wait if we've only just awoken." **
** (708) Garret lies back trying to remember how they came to be here. **
(714) Jobasha, of the Chalice: Jobasha has lived here in the City of Swords for many many years. Jobasha has picked up a way of speaking that was not possible once upon a time. (picks up a tray and walks over to you) Here. Drink this. It will soothe your pain and make you sleep well.
(714) Jobasha, of the Chalice: Jobasha can answer some of your questions if you wish.
** Helisandra takes a chalice as Jobasha walks around, but does not drink it quite yet, as she sniffs it first and seems to study it a bit. **
** T'a K'shet takes the liquid, sniffs at it, then drinks it. **
** T'a K'shet notices the human's reluctance. "If you were to be harmed, would they not have done so while you were unconscious?" **
** (714) Jobasha, of the Chalice gives each of you a goblet and then sits by Helisandra's bed. **
** Helisandra merely shrugs at the kajiit. **
Calehan: "Not everything would be to harm." ::Drinks anyway::
** (708) Garret waves off the chalice with a polite, "No thank you. I can sleep with pain. I'm curious though... you say it was throught we were godsent. Is there any reason for that?" **
(714) Jobasha, of the Chalice: You are here, in the Palace of Truth, as a guest of both Matron Lhassae Akar, the Matron of the City, as well as that of the Emperor.
** Helisandra remains hesitant, but after seeing Calehan drink his, she glances at the chalice again and starts to drink it, taking in the inviting aroma of the drink. **
(714) Jobasha, of the Chalice: The Emperor believes in astrology and the words of oracles, and such. And your coming fulfills an ancient prophecy. Or so the rumors say. (shrugs)
(708) Garret: :sardonically adds: "Isn't there always a prophecy?"
** Helisandra giggles a little at Garret's comment, almost spitting up a little of the drink. **
(708) Garret: "So.. " :sighs as he stares at the ceiling: "What is this prophecy about?"
(714) Jobasha, of the Chalice: Well, let's see...
** Calehan laughs, "I'd love to read that phrophecy." **
** T'a K'shet lays down, but listens intently. **
(714) Jobasha, of the Chalice: In this year, the year of portents, six shall come in a time of chaos, a time of strife during a meeting of wands and swords, amid a meeting of magic and destiny.
(714) Jobasha, of the Chalice: One of rogues, two of justice, three of secrets, four of knaves, five of wolves and six of wisdom, these are the signs of that which saves from the doom that was laid in Naranduil from ages past.
(714) Jobasha, of the Chalice: One of void, two of swords, three of dust: here is that which in riddles and sorcery shall unearth an ancient lich and reveal a key of madness.
(714) Jobasha, of the Chalice: Four of earth, five of water and six of death: here is that which in the depths of the earth amid the sands of time shall those who lie sleeping slowly awaken.
(714) Jobasha, of the Chalice: To arms, to arms! Waken, O Lions of Tomorrow!
** (714) Jobasha, of the Chalice shrugs. "Jobasha does not believe in prophecies, and does not believe in Fate." **
(719) Dj Gilcrease (enter): 22:59
(714) DM: (bring DJ up to speed pls)
Tian Keth: (( sorry I am late, Jarhead is not a very good movie by the way ))
** (708) Garret blinks curiously as he sits up on his elbows to listen to the theatrical retelling. On the healer's completion, he turns to his comrades inquiring, " Am I supposed to be Justice or Wisdom, you think?" **
** T'a K'shet lies with her eyes closed, breathing evenly. At Jobasha's statement on fate, she speaks. "Perhaps Jobasha should. Prophecies have come to pass, and they shall continue to do so. Attention to the ancient words can avoid disaster" **
** (714) Jobasha, of the Chalice snorts. "Jobasha thinks that Fate is just something a fool says when he wants to avoid being beaten." **
(708) Garret: :nods to Jobasha: "I agree completely."
(714) Jobasha, of the Chalice: However, what His Imperial Majesty wants, He shall have, though Jobasha must move mountains, heaven and earth to achieve it. (sighs heavily)
** T'a K'shet shrugs. "Jobasha is entitled to his own opinion. And what is it that His Imperial Majesty wants?" **
** Helisandra reaches down to the Khajiit sitting by her bed and pats his shoulder a couple times, smiling and understanding smile at him. **
Calehan: "Knaves, rogues, secrets, wolves, but justice and wisdom? Sounds more like a deck of portents than a group of heroes doesn't it."
Helisandra: (( *an ))
(714) Jobasha, of the Chalice: That n'wah (catches himself)...
** Tian Keth groans "What about wolves?" **
(714) Jobasha, of the Chalice: He would like to speak with you on a matter of import. (shrugs) It is not given for Jobasha to know of such things.
** Tian Keth sits up and grunts **
(714) Jobasha, of the Chalice: Jobasha thinks that He wants you to do a service for Him. (snorts)
Tian Keth: "Whats important to His Imperial Majesty may not be important to us. Are there any forests near here, since I do not seem to know where here is at the moment"
(714) Jobasha, of the Chalice: Forests? More like mountains and plains. No, no forests near Kha-Shugal.
** Calehan is, for anyone that recognizes it, currently meditating on his magic; taking mental stock now that the physical is complete. **
** Tian Keth 's eyes glass over slightly **
(708) Garret: :noting his friend's agitation: "Relax Tian. We may spend the day here. But hopefully we'll be gone by tomorrow."
** Helisandra frowns slightly at the mention of no forests, but does not react nearly as bad as Tian. **
(714) Jobasha, of the Chalice: You must rest. The potion will not work unless you give it a chance to. (rises)
(714) Jobasha, of the Chalice: Should you wish anything, simply call my name, mrrow, and I shall come. The spell that overlays this room has proven to be useful from time to time.
T'a K'shet: "Ta's thanks to you"
** Tian Keth relaxes slightly **
Tian Keth: "The wolves are very distant from this place. Though you know I do not like the cities I will attempt to remain civil durring our stay here"
(708) Garret: :To Tian: "That is all I ask." :lies back to rest:
** Helisandra remains resting on her side, wondering just what the potion is supposed to do. **
** Tian Keth checks himself over making sure nothing is broken or missing on himself and in his posestions **
** (710) Ian Cromwell remains standing,watching the others take in what is being told to them. **
(710) Ian Cromwell has sent you a tree node...
** Calehan remains apparently meditating until he hears the door close. **
** T'a K'shet remains still on the bed. It is near-impossible to tell if she is asleep or not. **
(714) DM: (none of you have your possessions with you)
(708) Garret: :while lying in bed, speaks to the two strangers(Iand and Tak): "So... what are you two in for?"
** (714) Jobasha, of the Chalice leaves the room, tail twitching slightly. **
(710) Ian Cromwell: " In for?"
** Tian Keth lays back trying to remain relaxed **
(708) Garret: "Welll.... you weren't with us before... so... I was wondering why you're in the infirmary. since you are the only other patients. Though, if you don't wnat to talk about it, I don't mind."
** Calehan opens his eyes and lays back staring at the ceiling, but catches himself before talking out loud as the paladin is still here. He did not meditate long. **
(710) Ian Cromwell: " I am not ill,I am here to make sure you are well."
(708) Garret: "Ah.... then I'd be better with my swords. Could you go get them?" :asks knowing the answer's probably no:
(710) Ian Cromwell: " You may have you belongings after you have rested and met with the lord."
(710) Ian Cromwell: (*your)
(708) Garret: "Of course..." :rests into his pillow: "Anything to eat than?"
(710) Ian Cromwell: " Once you have rested,I am sure the Lord will provide a meal as he speaks with you."
** Helisandra rolls to her other side and lays there, figuring there is nothing to do but rest. **
(708) Garret: "Right.... " :unimpressed witht eh room service: "what are you here to do again."
** T'a K'shet nods, and tries to sleep. **
(710) Ian Cromwell: " And to answer your comment,I am the one of Justice,as for the wolf well I can see which one that is,as for the rest I guess that is up to you to decide."
(708) Garret: "Oh.. you're prophecised too...?" :raises his head: "Don't suppose we can trade you for a handmaiden whose willing to fetch food?"
** Tian Keth laughs **
Tian Keth: "If you want food Garret, just call for Jobasha likes so" **Raises his voice** "JOBASHA!"
(714) DM: As if on cue, a golden tabby enters the room and jumps up on Tian's bed, mewling softly.
(710) Ian Cromwell: " I am guessing that you are not the one of wisdom."
** (714) Jobasha, of the Chalice enters the room after a moment. "Yes?" **
** Tian Keth growls at the cat for a second, then focuses on Jobasha **
** Helisandra rolls back over at Tian's calling out and laughs a little when the tabby responds. **
Tian Keth: "We would like food"
(722) Zrall (enter): 23:29
** (714) Jobasha, of the Chalice nods. "Perhaps some stew and bread?" **
** Tian Keth eyes the cat to see how much meat there is, then grins and begins petting the Tabby **
(714) DM: The tabby scampers up and snuggles next to Tian.
(708) Garret: :ignores Ian and turns to Jobasha as if he were a waiter: "That wiull be fine, and the best wine you can muster, please. Thank you."
(723) Zrall (enter): 23:30
** (714) Jobasha, of the Chalice smiles at that, noting, "Basht has taken a liking to you. It is well." **
** Helisandra looks at Garret at his comment, realizing that she is actually hungry, for the first time in a very long time. **
Tian Keth: "Meat, if you have it"
T'a K'shet: "T'a is not hungry"
(714) Jobasha, of the Chalice: No wine for you, muthsera. Your meals shall come in a few moments. (bows and leaves)
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(722) Zrall (exit): 23:31
(708) Garret: "No wine? For a place with golden doors the service is rather stingy."
Tian Keth: "So Basht is you name, I dont normaly name my food, but to each his own"
T'a K'shet: "T'a does not think the cat is for eating"
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(723) Zrall (exit): 23:33
** (710) Ian Cromwell glances over at Garret," For one in your postion,I would keep a civil tongue if I were you." **
(708) Garret: :to Tian: "Yes... you're going to be fed here." :pauses a moment before adding: "You can take it with you to eat on the road later."
(714) DM: You notice the tabby has a few scars that criss-cross its body, but it seems to be relatively healthy otherwise.
Tian Keth: "Ya, a healthy meal ready to eat that can keep the mice out of our other food untill it is his? her? turn to be dinner"
** Helisandra raises an eyebrow to Ian, but then forgets about it and instead awaits the arrival of the food. **
(708) Garret: :looks to Ian: "I am being civil. Though I admit, the situation lieaves me disquieted. Forgive me for that." :his tone is exceptionally calm:
** Tian Keth picks up the cat by the tail lifting it to determin it's sex **
Helisandra: gw all=(No possession desc...) Helisandra is a fairly average looking human female. Currently, her jet black hair is cut on the short side, falling to right at shoulder length, and wisps of it regularly fall over her face, drawing attention to it. Her smooth skin is tanned from many years of traveling under the sun. Her deep almond brown eyes seem to hide an intelligence that she may not even realize is there. She stands only 5 8 tall, and weighs a mere 165 pounds, but she doesnt look frail at all. She doesnt really stand out in any one aspect, making it necessary for people who have only met her to do a double take to make sure she really is there.
(714) DM: (pls describe yourselves)
Tian Keth: "Her turn to be dinner"
Helisandra: (( whoops... I had been doing so well tonight... ))
(710) Ian Cromwell: " You are forgiven."
** (714) Basht meows loudly, hissing. **
Tian Keth: Tian is a man of average height of about five foot ten. His long light brown hair appears to have leaves and twigs in it that have been there for years, as if he has never fully washed it. As you look into his eye you are rather disturbe by how his eyes seem to glow slightly in the light and are a bright golden color appearing much like those of a wolf.
Tian Keth: "Sorry Basht, cant tell the sex of a cat without examining them you know"
(708) Garret: A statuesque figure stands at six feet tall. Dark brown hair spikes from his head and cool blue eyes stare you down. Sleek, sharp features compose an acceptably handsome face, marred by a rough scar from his left cheek
** Tian Keth tries to calm the cat **
T'a K'shet: The khajiit before you stands around five-and-a-half feet tall. She is garbed in a simple outfit, a white cotton robe with short sleeves and a pale red trim. Her feet, just visible under the robes, are bare, and her claws click the ground slightly as she walks. Her fur is short, glossy and black, with a slight reddish-orange tinge, impeccably cared for. Her face is expressionless. Her movements are fluid, as though every muscle in her body is fine tuned to work perfectly.
** (714) Basht squirms out of Tian's grasp, and leaps off the bed with her tail held up high, then scampers off to Helisandra's bed, leaping up and curling in a corner. **
(708) Garret: cutting the corner of his mouth to end at his chin, and smaller nick parting his right eyebrow
** Helisandra reashes out to the cat, petting it gently and trying not to disturb it too much. **
(710) Ian Cromwell: Ians Description: You see standing before you a large Human,he stands 6' 6'' tall and even though he has a large frame 235lbs,he moves with speed and grace. He is dressed in Half plate armor,the symbol of Solnor blazed on his breast plate. ( two clasped hands). As he nears you there is no doubt about the power that radiates from him,you know without being told he is a Paladin. His long blonde hair is tied back in a pony tail. His ice blue eyes stare at each of you,almost as if he were judging you,it makes most feel uncomfortable when he stares at them. Though when he smiles it seems as if everything is fine and his boyish good looks makes most think of him as a young boy. You see that he has a simple looking longsword strapped on his right hip,and a heavy flail hangs from his left hip ( imagine the flail the witch king used in LoTR). He has a spiked shield strapped in his right arm. You glance at his full length cloak as it flows around his body,you can just make out the straps of a pack on his back.
Calehan: Black hair, kept short. A bit short for a human, only maybe 5'7''. Thin. Pale. Black eyes. Cheerful. Currently a bit fuzzy for being asleep for so many days, but the stubble is sparse and wouldn't be a good beard of really any kind, ever. Draft version, sorry guys.
** Tian Keth stands and begins pacing slightly **
(714) Basht: Mrrrow. (goes to sleep)
(710) Ian Cromwell: " You would do well to rest wolf person."
T'a K'shet: "Rest, and tomorrow will come faster"
** (708) Garret lies back,trying to rest up for the "meeting" **
** Helisandra leaves the cat be and tries to relax, nsure how to sleep after sleeping for five days. **
** Calehan sighs, still staring at the ceiling, "You're here to ensure our safety as we rest as well then? Not going anywhere, are you." **
Tian Keth: "Resting wasts time, It is hard enough to get any rest within a city I planed on entering, letalone one I have no recolection of entering"
(710) Ian Cromwell: " If I may be so bold,might I know the names of those I shall be fighting next to."
Tian Keth: "What makes you assume you will be fighting next to any of us?"
T'a K'shet: "Then stay awake. T'a does not care, as long as you do not disturb her"
(710) Ian Cromwell: " No I have been bid to ensure your safety and I shall not deter from my oath."
(714) DM: After a few moments, Jobasha re-enters the room, this time, with a tall, black-skinned elven woman following him. She has eyes the color of pools of twilight, and ash gray hair. You have never seen an elf like this before. She motions with one hand, and trays bearing bowls of food come floating into the room, each settling in front of you. She says nothing all the while, a look of rapt concentration on her face.
** Tian Keth studies the elf with open curiosity **
** Helisandra sits up quickly at the arrival of the food, paying little attention to the elf. **
** (708) Garret sits up to eat, bowing to their servers, "Thank you." **
(714) Jobasha, of the Chalice: This is Euriale, an apprentice magus. She would speak but that would not be advisable now, until the spell is released. Enjoy your dinner.
(708) Garret: :as he prepares to eat, he looks to Ian, "You may call me Garret."
** Helisandra nods in thanks to the elven woman as the food is sat before her. **
** T'a K'shet opens her eyes and spies the elf. She looks at her for a moment, nods in thanks, and takes the bowl. **
** Tian Keth looks though the food for any form of pure meat, willing to settle for Stew and bread if there is none **
** (714) Euriale d'Elinhir bows, and takes a seat by Tian, smiling slightly. **
Calehan: "I knew you wouldn't; that wasn't a question, really. Oh well."
** Calehan turns to the side to find the food he smells and sits up again to eat. **
(714) DM: Dinner is a large bowl of beef stew, supplemented with chunks of carrot, turnip, potato and onion, along with loaves of bread and a slice of cheese. More of that honeysuckle/apple potion, along with a carafe of water. Jobasha leaves the room.
** Helisandra starts to eat some of them food. She starts with a bite of bread before trying the stew. **
Tian Keth: "Hello Euriale, So why would it be unadvisable for you to speak with us untill what ever spell wears off, for that matter what spell. But I am guessing you would not know that beeing only an Aprentice"
(714) Euriale d'Elinhir: You have questions, outlanders.
(714) Euriale d'Elinhir: Because, muthsera, if I spoke, your dinner would be on the floor. (coolly)
T'a K'shet: "I am T'a K'shet. You may call T'a what you will. Many find her name awkward"
(714) Euriale d'Elinhir: I am Euriale, of House d'Elinhir. I am pleased to meet you. (smiles)
** (708) Garret sits eating hungrily **
** Helisandra continues to eat as the others talk. **
(714) Euriale d'Elinhir: Your coming was unusual, and a propituous one. The Emperor believes that you were godsent, you know.
Tian Keth: "So I hav never seen an Elf like you, seen green elves, dont like them much, seen star elves, the one I met like to make his food tast funny, seen other elves that I cannot name, but none like you. I like the coloring"
(714) Euriale d'Elinhir: Your arrival in effect, caused an argument amongst the Council to cease. It was quite a sight to behold.
** Calehan speaks between bites of food, "That would be the chaos and strife then." **
Tian Keth: "Ceasing arguments is a good thing"
** (714) Euriale d'Elinhir bows. "I thank you, outlander. And your name is?" **
Tian Keth: "So what were the pompus nobles arguing about that we stoped, what color to laqure thier wagons, what dish to server at the next ball, or what server to handle poorly for the next month?"
(710) Ian Cromwell: " If ceasing arguments is a good thing,then why are you being so argumentative?"
** (714) Euriale d'Elinhir raises an eyebrow at that comment. "No, it was an argument about the need to go to war, I believe. Politics." **
Tian Keth: "Mine, it's Tian Keth, Friend of the Wolf"
** T'a K'shet regards the elf for a long moment. She ignores the conversation, and interrupts with "Are there many of your people here?" **
(714) Euriale d'Elinhir: No, outlander. Not as far as I know.
(708) Garret: :stops midbite as he glances to the elf on the mention of war: "Our sceasing of the arguement, did it settle them to an agreement on the subject?"
** T'a K'shet nods slowly, still studying the elf. She turns back to her food. **
(714) Euriale d'Elinhir: Who can say? (holds up her hands) Some advocate preparing for hostilities with Kern, others say that we should focus on the orckin of the Fhaard, still others say that Thendras is the real concern.
** Helisandra continues to eat the stew, chasing it with sips of the water. After a few moments she looks up to the converstion, still munching on some of the bread. **
** Tian Keth shakes his head "War, Only one reason to join a war and that is to protect the people under your rule" **
(714) Euriale d'Elinhir: These are troubled times for the Empire, muthsera, and were I not an apprentice, I would be far, far from here. The Emperor has only recently ascended to His throne, and needs all the help he can muster. Most of the Matrons would rather see him dead, but they are sworn to serve him to the end of their days.
(714) Euriale d'Elinhir: I have been assigned to help you and to act as your guide. Your equipment shall be returned to you as soon as you are all healthy and able to leave.
(714) Euriale d'Elinhir: Jobasha thinks that could happen in a day or so.
Tian Keth: "I am both now, though Jobasha and bucket bow over there said the Imperial Majisty wanted to talk to us before we left." **sighs** "I will be staying as long as my friends stay anyways"
Tian Keth: (( *boy ))
(709) Donovan has sent you a tree node...
** Calehan finishes the meal and changes the direction of the conversation. **
Calehan: "First for those new, I'm Calehan, I'm sure it'll be a pleasure to have met all of you."
Calehan: "Secondly, we're well now, but still need some real sleep, I believe."
** Tian Keth eats while chatting with Euriale about nothing imparticular **
T'a K'shet: "T'a thinks this is a good idea. She is curious as to the Emperor's words tomorrow"
** Helisandra muches on the piece of sheese some, using the honeysuckle/apple drink to wash it down. **
Helisandra: (( *cheese ))
** Calehan taps his head, "Finally, a small concern. I was refreshing myself, and it seemed a bit emptier than usual. More spacious like there's more not there than usual. I don't think I've been so mentally exhausted. I didn't think I even had the potential to be. I'm curious what this portends as well." **
Tian Keth: (( AFK Smoke break ))
Calehan: "It's probably just a natural result of whatever injury or circumstance brought us here."
** Helisandra chuckles slightly but remains silent otherwise, although she glances at Callehan with a smile on her face. **
** Calehan says the last part almost too quietly to hear, "For example, if we were brought back from death such might be the case, in what instances it's been studiable." **
Calehan: "But of course, what do I know of what's natural in a divinely aided arrival?"
(708) Garret: "Was it divine?"
** (714) Euriale d'Elinhir shrugs slightly. "When you arrived, those wizards that were present saw that you were encased in magicka so powerful that it literally shook the Palace." **
Calehan: "Maybe so."
(714) Euriale d'Elinhir: It is because of this, and the circumstances of your arrival that the Emperor believes you were sent with purpose, and that purpose is to save the Empire from impending ruin.
(708) Garret: "Lets just hope his beliefs don't cause anyone else ruin."
** Tian Keth grunts and stuffs the last peice of his bread into his mouth **
Calehan: "We'll find out when we hear from His Imperial Majesty on the morrow. For now, I will sleep after all."
(708) Garret: (ready to FF?)
(714) DM: (k)
T'a K'shet: (FF we go))
** Helisandra rolls back over at the end of the convesation, just about everything gone from her tray of food, and tries to fall asleep. **
(714) DM: Morning comes, and you're greeted by the aroma of a breakfast dishes set on a silver filgreed tray on stands next to each of your beds. Euriale is here, sitting patiently by Tian's side, as you waken.
(714) DM: One wall of your room seems to have been removed, or perhaps hidden by magic. It's as if the entire wall is crafted out of glass. It is indeed a glorious day, and you can see that -- well those of you near the glass wall -- the Palace sits atop a plateau that overlooks the city below. It's not a city in the traditional sense. This is a city unlike others you have been in.
Tian Keth: "Hello Euriale, It has been a long time, well never actualy, that I have woken up with a beautiful woman on my bead"
** Helisandra awakens after sleeping and stretches out. **
Tian Keth: (( *bed ))
** T'a K'shet opens her eyes and sits up, recollecting the previous day's happenings. She looks around at the others, then spies the window. She looks at the city below in fascination. **
** Helisandra sits up and notices the 'wall'. She slowly tries to get to her feet again, carefully testing her weight. **
(714) DM: Imagine three plateaus, each connected by overarching bridges of natural stone, and buildings carved in the sides of the plateaus. Below can be seen a savannah, and in the distance, a shining river.
** (708) Garret awakens and tries to stand, testing his body after thelong bedrest **
** Tian Keth sits up and looks out the wall **
** Calehan upon waking looks around and smiles, "For all of lacking wine, the service is prompt." Upon spying Tian he adds, "And friendly." **
** Helisandra sighs slightly as she is able to stand. She takes a couple of test steps towards the picturesque view. **
Tian Keth: "Nice view for a city"
** Helisandra puts a hand up before her as she approaches where the wall should be, based on the floor, testing to see if it is gone, or just missing. **
Helisandra: (( *missing from view. ))
** Tian Keth streches and breaths deeply enjoying the smell of Euriale and breakfast **
(714) DM: It's solid.
** Calehan rolls landing in a quick handstand before righting himself and picking up a platter of food for himself as a way of testing his recovery. **
** (714) Euriale d'Elinhir follows your (Helisandra's) gaze. "The wall is there, but I thought that perhaps you might enjoy a view after having been here for so long." **
** (708) Garret does a bit of stretching, squats and push ups to get his limbs working again **
(714) Euriale d'Elinhir: Please, eat, and be refreshed. His Imperial Majesty will be here any minute.
** Helisandra stands at the wall for a moment. She turns back to Euriale and smiles at the elven woman in thanks. **
** Helisandra returns to her breakfast and eats some of it, but remains standing, enjoying the feel of being on her feet agian. **
** T'a K'shet takes the food, and begins to eat, awaiting the arrival of the Emperor **
(714) DM: ((tonight's session might be longer than usual, we'll see))
** (710) Ian Cromwell quietly and calmly waits by the door. **
Calehan: "So soon? Best eat quickly then."
** Tian Keth eats trying to keep himself relaxed for dealing with the Emperor **
** Calehan walks around the room as he eats to stretch. **
(708) Garret: :pushing up: "Hopefully this won't last too long."
** Helisandra lightly grabs Calehan's shoulder as he passes by for a moment. **
(714) DM: A broad-shouldered man in a white tabard and leather breeches, with a gray cape enters the room. He has a regal, almost noble bearing.
(725) Brandon (enter): 00:40
** (710) Ian Cromwell bows as the man enters **
(725) Brandon (exit): 00:40
** (708) Garret glances to the new entrant, though does not cease his exercixses yet. **
** Tian Keth rolls his eyes as sees the man **
** T'a K'shet looks up at from her breakfast to the man. She nods in welcome. **
(714) DM: Xarius follows him respectfully, at a distance. A hooded figure in a gray and white cloak and robes, apparently a woman from appearances, walks by Xarius' side.
(714) Euriale d'Elinhir: Majesty. (rises and bows)
** Calehan takes a seat on the side of his bed as they arrive. **
** Helisandra turns to view the newest arrivals as Calehan returns to his bed. **
** (714) Avrael Septim waves her off. "Please sit, Euriale. I don't particularly like ceremony." **
** Tian Keth continues eating **
** (714) Euriale d'Elinhir smiles faintly as she sits. **
** Helisandra sits as well, glad that she doesn't have to test out her agility too much just yet. **
(714) Avrael Septim: Greetings, outlanders, and welcome to the Kha-Shugal. You are well, yes?
(708) Garret: :Hearing the magic "M" word, Garret pushes up to a stance. Shirtless and sweaty, not exactly the best condition to meet roylaty in, but....:
(708) Garret: "Well enough. THank you for your hospitaltity."
T'a K'shet: "T'a is fine. Her thanks for this care"
** Calehan smiles naturally, "Never been better." **
(710) Ian Cromwell: " Your Majesty."
Helisandra: (( Big storm just moved in. I might have to pop out, but hopefully not. ))
** (714) Avrael Septim nods. "Almalexia demands that a guest in need should not go unwelcomed. It was an honor to have you here." **
** (714) Xarius Jiub enters the room and stands silently against the wall, watching you, yet saying nothing. The hooded figure stops also, listening. **
** Tian Keth leans over to Euriale and asks "Whos the one in the hood?" **
(714) Avrael Septim: Permit me to introduce Matron Lhassae Akar, Matron of Kha-Shugal. Your coming here is a gift from the gods, and I hope that once you are well, you will be amenable to doing a service for my people.
Calehan: "Then both you and Almalexia have my thanks for the care, as well. I understand we were in poor condition when we arrived. ... er, how do you prefer to be called?"
** (714) Matron Lhassae Akar removes her cowl, revealing a tall, slender star elf, with silver hair and almond-shaped honey gold eyes. **
T'a K'shet: "T'a greets you"
** (708) Garret bows to the Emperor and the Matron, "It is a pleasure to meet you both." **
(714) Matron Lhassae Akar: You may call me "Matron". It is traditional to call the Emperor, "Majesty".
** Helisandra bows her head in respect momentarily to the two figureheads. **
(708) Garret: :straight to business "Well, then, Matron, Majesty,I wonder, what is this service you would ask of us?"
(714) Avrael Septim: If you would please enter in service to my people, I will see to it that you are all handsomely rewarded. An ancient evil threatens our land, and we are beset by strife on our borders.
(714) Avrael Septim: Euriale knows more and will give you details should you accept.
T'a K'shet: "T'a would seek more information before she accepts. She would be honoured to assist, but will not throw her life away on an unknown mission.
(710) Ian Cromwell: " The Temple of Solnor bids me to go so I shall your Majesty,as for my reward,give it unto the poor and the Temple."
** (714) Euriale d'Elinhir looks at the Emperor, questioning him with a glance. **
(708) Garret: :raising a brow skertically: "We are only a small band of aventurers. I believe you put too much faith into the coincidence of our appearance."
Calehan: "Do you believe it to be the lich, spoken of in the prophecy, Majesty?"
(714) Avrael Septim: A not unreasonable request. It shows you are wise. Proceed, Euriale.
(714) Avrael Septim: What? You know of the prophecy of which I speak?
** Helisandra turns her head to reconsider T'a when Avrael referes to her as wise. **
(714) Euriale d'Elinhir: It is dangerous, and you may die in the process.
(714) Euriale d'Elinhir: It will involve investigating the tomb of a lich, and defeating him.
Calehan: "Well, I've come across a few prophecies in my studies, and so when it was mentioned I asked about it. That's all."
** (714) Avrael Septim nods slowly. **
** Tian Keth turns and looks at Euriale and listens **
(710) Ian Cromwell: " Death comes to all,it just depends on how and when."
** T'a K'shet shrugs. "T'a may die walking down the street. She does not mind a risk, as long has she has a chance at success" **
** Helisandra slowly turns to take in Ian after studying T'a. She spends only a moment and then returns to Euriale, listening to her tale. **
Calehan: "There's certainly a few how's to be avoided as well. I apologize for the interruption though, go on."
(714) Euriale d'Elinhir: There is an ancient necromancer who was also a diabolist. His name is Acererak, and he was a fearsome wizard who, in ages past, bound an abyssal lord beneath the city of Mel Nethra, so that those who ruled the Empire might gain power and use it as they wished. Needless to say, power gained by an infernal, even when used for good, causes the user to become mad. And so, it has been our misfortune these many years since, to have had rulers who have squandered the destiny of the Empire in service to their insane desires.
(714) Euriale d'Elinhir: The Empire is on a slow decline, and His Imperial Majesty wishes to reverse that decline. We have consulted sages and augurs as to how to stop this process. There are many solutions, one of which involves defeating the architect of our misfortune.
(714) Euriale d'Elinhir: (pauses)
Tian Keth: "So Acererak is the Lich?"
Calehan: "Sounds... you don't really need to know."
(714) Euriale d'Elinhir: Yes, that is his name.
(714) Euriale d'Elinhir: That is not all, of course.
(710) Ian Cromwell: " Evil to vanquish,undead to smite,what more does a Paladin of Solnor need."
(708) Garret: "Have their been prior attempts to slay this lich?"
Calehan: "We're going to find and confront the now Lich Acererak and obtain some way of removing the abyssal lord."
** Helisandra shivers slightly at the news of the main goal of the quest. **
(714) Euriale d'Elinhir: There is evidence that Acererak foresaw a time when he would return in a manner that befit his status as a wizard of considerable might. We believe that the binding of the abyssal lord beneath the seat of the Empire was one such keystone in this ambitious plan. We would like to put a stop to this plan, should it be true, and have sought high and low for adventurers who might be powerful enough to defeat him.
(714) Euriale d'Elinhir: Oh yes. (to Garret)
(714) Matron Lhassae Akar: All previous attempts to slay the lich have met with failure.
(714) Matron Lhassae Akar: His tomb is legendary for being riddled with traps for the unwary and the foolish.
T'a K'shet: "Are there details of these attempts? It would be useful to no what not to do"
T'a K'shet: ((useful to *know what not to do))
** Tian Keth looks to Heli **
** Helisandra frowns at the comments made, unsure if this is really something they can handle. **
(708) Garret: :to ta: "Probably not. I assume none of those adventurers were ever seen again."
Calehan: "I would imagine that those who failed rarely came back to say what caused their downfall."
(714) Matron Lhassae Akar: Yes, there are details. Euriale will provide you with them if you accept.
** Helisandra looks to Tian and shrugs, unsure of how much she can do. **
(714) Matron Lhassae Akar: Correct. (grimly)
T'a K'shet: "T'a must ask, though, if the rulers of the Empire were sent mad, how is she to know this is not a quest born of insanity"
(714) Avrael Septim: Because I have not yet set foot in Mel Nethra, and so therefore, have not become tainted with the power of the abyssal lord.
(708) Garret: "That would explain why they'd send a small band rather than a small army."
** Calehan glances around at those whom he knows, "You probably know my stance on this already. I'll let you discuss this." **
(714) Avrael Septim: I have been shuttling back and forth between a few provinces, and so my power has not fully taken hold. I can not do this for much longer, for the longer I delay, the more likely it is that there will be those who seek to remove me from the throne.
Calehan: "Simply, they know of the corrupting effects of wielding the power granted by the imprisoned fiend and have therefore stayed away from it."
(714) Avrael Septim: Such would be disastrous for Mel'Cendia. As you may have heard, there are many troubles which threaten our land. Orcs, zealots, slavers.
(708) Garret: :to Avrael: "Yes, I understand your troubles. They are overwhelming. However, we are not subjects of this Empire and stand faced against a life-threatening demand."
(708) Garret: "For fear of sounding selfish... what's in it for us?"
T'a K'shet: "T'a will attempt this. If it has been prophecised, there is nothing she could do to stop it"
(714) Avrael Septim: No, you are not. Though you are clearly of Wylundi stock, and therefore, descended from your forefathers who were former subjects.
(714) Avrael Septim: You have but to name your price.
Calehan: "I do have one other question, how long ago did this Acererak become a lich?"
(714) Euriale d'Elinhir: Over one thousand years ago.
** (708) Garret is unphased by the "blank check" offer. closing his eyes he takes a beasth to think **
(708) Garret: "First thing's first. I would like my swords back, please."
** Helisandra nods in agreement with Garret. **
(714) Matron Lhassae Akar: Done.
(714) DM: (well?)
Tian Keth: "I have no issue with dealing with the Lich if the rest on my companions are willing"
Calehan: "I have no issue with dealing with the lich even if they aren't willing."
** Helisandra looks around at the others of her companions, judging their interest. After Tian's comment she turns to Garret and pauses, but gives him a single affirmative nod. **
(710) Ian Cromwell: " Your Majesty,since I do not seek treasure,nor does gold buy my blade,I wish to have half of what ever you deem right to be placed in the poor box and the rest given to the Temple of Solnor."
T'a K'shet: "T'a would like her things back, yes. She does not know what else she desires. Would it be possible to request after she has done this deed?"
(714) Avrael Septim: A son of Solnor. Very well, your request is granted, Knight.
(714) Avrael Septim: Yes, it would be possible. (to T'a)
(710) Ian Cromwell: " I thank you my Lord."
T'a K'shet: "T'a thanks you"
(714) Avrael Septim: Then whatever you find in the tomb is yours to keep and free from taxation.
Tian Keth: "Avrael I know wolves avoid cities, but they do not normaly avoid plains such as these, do you know why the wolves are so distant from here?"
** (708) Garret looks among the others as they answer, settling on Helisandra, the closest to his own rationality. Noting the nod, he gives a weary sigh and nods in return. To the Emperor he admits, "I do not feel that this quest is expressly our responsibility. Nor do I believe in prophetic right." He pauses a moment, eyes cool and calm, "However, if my comrades are so willing, and people's lives are truly in danger from these troubles, I consent to do what I can." **
(708) Garret: (longwinded, huh?)
(714) Matron Lhassae Akar: There have been sightings of an azure drake in the area. Perhaps that is a reason why. I do not know.
Tian Keth: "Maybe we will deal with this drake as well if we happen on him or his lair"
** (708) Garret gives the wolfbrother a stern glare for his suggestion. "Don't push it." **
** Helisandra rolls her eyes at the mention of yet another drake. **
Tian Keth: "I said if we happen on him"
T'a K'shet: "T'a thinks that the lich must take precedence over a drake"
(708) Garret: "So... when would we leave, your Majesty?"
** Tian Keth nods and stands up and goes over to the clear wall wishing he was outside the city **
(714) Avrael Septim: When you are able to.
(708) Garret: (what is our condition now?)
** Helisandra gets to her feet, showing she is ready to go. **
(714) Avrael Septim: Euriale. Matron. See to it that they receive what aid they desire. I look forward to your success. May Odion watch over you and your swords.
T'a K'shet: "T'a feels she could leave now. She will wait until all are, of course"
** (714) Avrael Septim bows slightly, turns and leaves the room. **
** (710) Ian Cromwell bows as the Majesty leaves the room **
Calehan: "I could use about a quarter of an hour to be sure I refresh myself properly, actually."
Calehan: "If everyone would like to, we should get our things and learn where we'll be going though."
** Helisandra nods to Calehan, first in understanding of his request, and then a few more times in agreement with obtaining their items. **
Tian Keth: "Yes I would like to see maps of the area so I know what type of terain we will be traveling though"
** T'a K'shet nods. "Yes. Maps and such would be useful. Euriale, could you give T'a the details of previous attempts?" **
(714) Matron Lhassae Akar: When you have returned from the lich's tomb, seek me out here in the Palace for your reward. (bows deeply) On behalf of His Imperial Majesty and my city, I thank you.
** (708) Garret sits to finish his breakfast "True, we should gain as much information as possible." **
Calehan: "Let's go, we can talk as we walk I hope. Once we have our belongings I can do my thing while you plan the trip."
** Helisandra takes a few steps toward the door, anxious to get her belongings. **
** (714) Matron Lhassae Akar leaves the room. **
** (708) Garret nods in agrrement, scarfing down his food and grabbing a roll on the run as they leave to get their things. **
(714) Euriale d'Elinhir: Your belongings are where they have always been...in plain sight. (smiles faintly)
** (714) Euriale d'Elinhir gesticulates, and your items fade into view, stacked neatly on the floor beside your bed. **
** Helisandra cocks an eyebrow at Euriale **
** Helisandra quickly goes to her pile and digs through her things until she finds a simple signet ring, which she holds tight in her hands for a moment before sliding it onto her hand. **
** (708) Garret glances to the elf, shaking his head with some weak aggreavation, before he goes to gear, picking up his daisho set, making sure they have not been disturbed **
(714) DM: (your items have changed since your last memory, folks)
** Calehan goes to his pile of things and starts dressing properly. **
Helisandra: (( some yes - but that ring of mine hadn't... ;) ))
Calehan: (The more things change the more they stay the same.)
(714) DM: (so your items should be new to you, fyi)
** Calehan starts by digging through the small pile of daggers for his most important possessions. **
** Helisandra finally opens her eyes again and looks through her pile, suddenly seeing the other items, the vast majority of which she does not recogonize. **
** Tian Keth starts looking over his gear regognizing some, others he does not **
** (714) Basht wakes up, and mewls softly, then peeks over Helisandra's bed, watching with interest. **
** T'a K'shet gets out of bed and looks at her pile. She takes a headband, which she puts on, nestled between her ears, an amulet, which she slips over her neck, and a length of rope, which she fastens around her waist. She lifts a pair of fingerless leather gloves, a pair of bracers, and looks at Euriale. "What are these?" **
** Helisandra looks up at her companions, to see what they found. **
** (708) Garret draws the blue handled blades looking them over thoughtfuly, and feeling something all together new from them. Apparently speaking to them, he offers, "you've changed." **
(714) Euriale d'Elinhir: Your belongings. (appears puzzled)
** Calehan unsheathes what he recognized as a spell storing dagger as soon as he gripped it, but finds it's not the one he expected. **
** Tian Keth starts putting the equipment on examining each for a moment **
** Tian Keth puts on the cloack that was in his belongings and begins to shimer and his position seems to sift about to those viewing him **
** Calehan inspecting the blade says, "Adamantine?" **
** Helisandra digs through the rest of her pile, making note of everything. She finds a couple more rings and her rapier that seem familiar, plus many new items. With a quick calculation, she realizes that all of it can in fact fit on her and she begins to dress, accepting 'her' items. **
** T'a K'shet shakes her head. "These are not mine", she says. Tentatively, she puts the gloves on, then moves her fingers around. Suddenly, without warning, she leaps into a backflip, landing perfectly on her feet. "Most interesting..." she says, more to herself than anyone else. **
Calehan: "Hmm, I wonder what else is in here."
Tian Keth: "Most of my stuff is the same, but some are not what I last remember. None of it seems harmfull though I do not know what this rock is for" **Holds out a Pale Blue stone**
(714) Euriale d'Elinhir: Nothing has been taken, friends.
(726) lurker (enter): 01:53
** (710) Ian Cromwell watches with interest," And they are the chosen ones?" **
Calehan: "There may be something to their theory."
(714) Euriale d'Elinhir: An ioun stone. Speak the command word which is engraved on the stone, then set it in place around your head. It will grant you abilities or powers or provide you with sustenance.
** Tian Keth looks at the stone floating around his head **
** (708) Garret sits on his bed, staring at his swords, pondersously. **
(714) Euriale d'Elinhir: Once you are dressed, come with me and I shall give you what knowledge I have gleaned.
Tian Keth: "Strange do you know what this" **points to the belt and cloak** "are, I have never seen them before"
** Helisandra finally gets her items on, and spins around once, allowing her new silky cloak to spin with her and feeling the fabric against her arms. **
(714) Euriale d'Elinhir: If you wish it, muthsera, I can have those items identified for you.
(727) lurker (enter): 01:56
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(727) lurker (enter): 01:56
Tian Keth: "It would be nice to know what I am wearing, that sounds strange" **shrugs**
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(726) lurker (exit): 01:56
** Helisandra realizes that Basht has finally awoken and she offers a part of her breakfast to the cat, in case it is hungry. **
** Calehan puts on the rest of his familiar new gear, finally latching his belt into place once his gloves, cloak, and shoes are on. **
** (714) Basht nibbles some and scoots off from the bed, meowling piteously. **
(729) lurker (enter): 01:58
(729) lurker (exit): 01:58
(729) lurker (enter): 01:58
(708) Garret: :After a while, Garret just nods to his swords and resheathes themm before standing to don his new armor
** (714) Euriale d'Elinhir reaches down and pets the tabby. "She likes you. An omen of good luck." **
** Helisandra shakes her head at the cat but smiles again as she studies her new and her improved gear. **
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Calehan: "So also bracers, Mage Armor of some kind I think. This necklace is probably defensive in nature, but this ring looks interesting. I suppose the best way is to try them on."
** Tian Keth takes his swords and swings it around in a florish "Even the items I regognize seem to have changes, what happened when we entered that Focus?" **
Calehan: "Not what I expected, I admit."
** Helisandra shrugs to Tian, but is obviously plased with her improved items and the new cloak and boots. **
Helisandra: (( *pleased ))
** T'a K'shet nods at Calehan's suggestion, and puts the bracers on. She flexes her fingers, and retracts her claws, then pushes them out again. "Quite interesting..." **
** (708) Garret takes his time strapping on the armror, "Perhaps a god from the gods." :he jests mildly **
** Tian Keth reshieths his sword "I am ready" **
** T'a K'shet nods once. "As is T'a" **
** Helisandra adjusts the large belt that was with her gear, and comes across her belt pouch, which she opens and pulls out a small smoky onxy stone from. **
** Calehan now holds up the other new dagger, "It's not silver, but I wonder if it still does this." and looks around for any roll no one took while holding the dagger ready to throw. **
** (708) Garret finishes with his armor and slides into his over coat. "Alright then, into the breach once more?" **
(714) Euriale d'Elinhir: Come with me.
Calehan: "If no one minds, it's a bit of a long shot but I'd like to try."
** Helisandra looks to Calehan, not understanding. **
(708) Garret has sent you a tree node...
** Tian Keth follows **
** T'a K'shet stands back from the man with the knife, watching him curiously. **
** (714) Euriale d'Elinhir points to the doors, and says, "Exeus". On command, the doors open, revealing a palatial marble hall that leads into the depths of the palace. **
(730) lurker (enter): 02:04
** Calehan sighs, picks up a roll from his own plate and tosses it away from everyone onto the floor, then throws the dagger he's holding after it. **
(714) TaliesinNYC: Booting '(729) lurker' from room...
(729) lurker (exit): 02:05
Calehan: [1d20+15] -> [17,15] = (32)
(714) DM: The decor is grander than anywhere else you've been before. Jade, lapis lazuli, silver, adamantine, gold, bronze, all of these precious materials are used in such a way as to impress but not gaudy
** Helisandra spins gracefully and goes to head out of the room, following the others. **
** Calehan holds out his hand a moment and the dagger, buried in the roll returns dutifully. "Yeah, it is." **
** (710) Ian Cromwell leaves the room,walking by himself **
(714) DM: Courtiers lounge in the corridor, observing you from a distance and whisper amongst themselves.
** Calehan then walks out of the room as well, following the others. **
** T'a K'shet looks around the hall, impressed, but not overawed. Her claws click rapdily on the floor as she walks. **
** (710) Ian Cromwell smiles at the courtiers as he walks **
** (708) Garret strolls into the hall beyond observing the onlookers cooly **
** Helisandra walks with Calehan as they traverse the hallway. **
** (714) Euriale d'Elinhir notes Tian's discomfort, and comments soothingly, "Most have never seen you before. We do not usually have visitors from the south here." **
** Tian Keth walks along liquidly appearing to flow, though obviously discomforted by the city he tries to keep relaxed **
Tian Keth: "I dont mind the stairs, it's the city I dislike"
** (714) Euriale d'Elinhir leads you to a central hub marked by a floating marble ring approximately 20' in diameter. She takes a ruby out of her pocket and locks it into place in a steel socket. A beam of light fills the marble ring and changes to a crimson color. "Step into the beam of light which will transport you to my study." **
** T'a K'shet studies the light for a moment, then steps cautiously into it. **
** Tian Keth walks into the light **
** (710) Ian Cromwell steps into the light **
(714) DM: They disappear.
** (708) Garret takes one more look around before stepping in. **
(714) DM: He disappears.
** Helisandra turns her head slightly from the bright beam at first, but then does agree to step into it when it's her turn, with her eyes covered with a gloved hand. **
** Calehan walks into the light as well, waving to the courtiers as he vanishes. **
(714) DM: You appear in a cluttered wizard's study. Euriale appears behind you and heads over to a scroll-covered desk.
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(730) lurker (exit): 02:14
** Tian Keth looks around quickly assesing any posible threats then relaxes **
(714) Euriale d'Elinhir: The tomb is three days journey from the city, in the foothills near the border between Mel'Cendia and the dwarven kingdom of Khabad-dun.
** T'a K'shet looks around at the scrolls, and picks a few up, seeing if they are in anyway familiar. **
** Tian Keth moves over to look for any maps on the desk **
** Calehan finds a seat somewhere and zones out of the conversation to check on his own mental universe for a bit. **
Sorry dont know what /rummages is!
** (714) Euriale d'Elinhir rummages through a few scrolls and exclaims "here! here it is!" **
** Helisandra seems intent on looking over her new cloak, and trying to understand the darker metal that her armor seems to be made of. **
** (714) Euriale d'Elinhir gives her find to Tian. "Those maps are a few years old, but should direct youto the location of the tomb without too much trouble." **
** Helisandra moves over to Tian and looks around him to study the maps a little as well. **
** Tian Keth looks over the maps noting the terrain and location of the tomb. Planing a route that will be relativly easy **
(714) DM: (mostly foothill/low hilly terrain)
** Helisandra studies the map as well, working with Tian to try and find a decent route. **
Tian Keth: "Any information on the location of the Drake, I do not wish to run into it unexpectedly"
** Helisandra pulls a pair of goggles out of a pocket and puts them on, studies the map, and then takes them off and puts them away again. **
(731) lurker (enter): 02:22
** (708) Garret looks about the scattered objects in the study. **
** (710) Ian Cromwell stands and waits for the others. **
(714) Euriale d'Elinhir: Technically it's territory is north and east of the river Avras. It's lair seems to be near the border.
(714) DM: Flasks of potions, spellbooks, scrolls, jars of spell components, a miniature orrery, and a birdcage are some items.
** Helisandra looks at just shakes her head slightly. **
Tian Keth: "So we should not happen on it's lair by accident if we follow this route" **traces a route to the tomb**
(714) DM: (brb)
Helisandra: (( minus the *looks at ))
** Helisandra nods to Tian and she quickly studies the areas on the map around the route he chose, in order to aid her scouting. **
(714) Euriale d'Elinhir: A note about Acererak.
(714) Euriale d'Elinhir: In life, he delighted in riddles and puzzles. His tomb is littered with these. He loves to show his genius and taunts all who enter his tomb with cryptic messages that offer a solution to some challenges and a foretelling of what is to come.
** (714) Euriale d'Elinhir hands a scroll to Calehan. "This might prove useful" **
(732) lurker (enter): 02:30
** Calehan reaches out and takes the scroll then opens his eyes. "Guess I can't pretend I'm still meditating." **
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(731) lurker (exit): 02:30

Go back to the tormentor or through the arch
and the second great hall you'll discover.
Shun green if you can, but night's good color
is for those of great valor.
IF shades of red stand for blood the wise
will not need sacrifice aught but a loop of
magical metal -- you're well along your march.

Two pits along the way will be found to lead
to a fortuitous fall, so check the wall.
These keys and those are most important of all,
and beware of trembling hands and what will maul.
If you find the false you find the true
and into the columned hall you'll come
and there the throne that's key and keyed.

The iron men of visage grim do more than
meets the viewers eye.
You've left and left and found my tomb
and now your soul will die.

(714) Euriale d'Elinhir: That's just one example of his mania. You'll find others, I'm sure.
** Tian Keth reads it quickly makking little sense of it **
** Helisandra walks over to stand beside Garret after finishing with the maps. **
Calehan: "It probably makes more sense in context."
T'a K'shet: "There is often great wisdom in madness. Of course, finding it is another matter"
Calehan: "Insight moreso than wisdom. Still some of these make some sense."
** (708) Garret examines the birdcage( assuming it has occupants) listening to the riddle, but not speaking up. **
** (710) Ian Cromwell walks over to Garret,begins to study the small man closely. **
Tian Keth: "Yes I think we should be cautious of statues in his tomb, they may not be what they seem"
T'a K'shet: "'The iron men of visage grim do more than meets the viewer's eye'. That could easily refer to a construct guardian, a golem..."
Calehan: "And it's probably best to avoid looking into the eyes of any such statues as well."
** (708) Garret whispers to Heli a bit, before peering a side to the paladin inspecting him, "Do you need something?" **
** (710) Ian Cromwell walks away from him after several minutes of studying Garret,shaking his head no. **
(714) DM: A few robins flutter within the birdcage.
** (710) Ian Cromwell walks over to Calehan and begins to study him **
** T'a K'shet nods at Calehan's statment. "Yes. The second part seems to be referring to a secret passage or compartment on the wall of a pit..." **
Calehan: "Much talk of keys, some may not appear as keys however."
** (710) Ian Cromwell turns his gaze upon Helisandra after studying Calehan. **
** Helisandra glances back at Ian from where she is watching the birds with Garret. **
** Helisandra just stares at the man, as if waiting for a question of some kind. **
** (710) Ian Cromwell points his finger at Helisandra," You are the rogue the prophecy spoke of." **
** Helisandra simply nods affirmative. **
** Helisandra giggles a little and pokes Garret's side with her elbow. **
(710) Ian Cromwell: " That makes him (nodding to Garret) either the mage or the swordsman."
** T'a K'shet turns to the paladin. "If you attempt to put magicks on T'a, she will be most displeased. You do not wish to have T'a angry at you" **
(708) Garret: :resting his hand on the hilts of his swords: "Well.. I'm no mage."
(710) Ian Cromwell: " I am not putting magic on anyone,I am merely trying to figure out who is who in this prophecy,that is all T'a."
** Tian Keth looks at T`a "What are you talking about?" **
** T'a K'shet looks at the paladin. "T'a's apologies. She thought he was using magicks to discern information on you all" **
** Helisandra raises a hand up to stiffle a yawn. **
(710) Ian Cromwell: " No it is called observation T'a."
Calehan: "Oh, so you're justice then. Tian is wolves. Helisandra would be rogues. So you're wondering who's knaves, secrets, and wisdom?
(710) Ian Cromwell: " Wisdom is T'a."
T'a K'shet: "T'a would imagine she is secrets or wisdom"
(710) Ian Cromwell: " Secrets would be Calehan."
** Helisandra chuckles as she leaves the birdcage and Garret. **
** Calehan chuckles, "Maybe, but I'm not telling." **
** Tian Keth laughs **
** T'a K'shet smiles faintly. **
Calehan: "Of course, that makes Garret the knave. Surprised you didn't catch that earlier."
(710) Ian Cromwell: " He had no sword."
(708) Garret: "Too bad... I really wanted to be Wisdom for a change."
Calehan: "Knavity is an attitude as well though."
(710) Ian Cromwell: " The only way you will be wise Garret is if you live to a ripe old age,and then that is not a promise."
T'a K'shet: "True wisdom is often possessed by those who feel they lack it"
Tian Keth: "I think Ian would be wise to keep his insults to himself"
** Helisandra walks around the room, checking it out and watching the events unfold. She approaches T'a from the side and stops near the Kajiit, having seemed to settle on a place to stand for now. **
(710) Ian Cromwell: " As would you Wolf person."
** Tian Keth 's back stiffens **
Calehan: "Now now, is there any reason for us to be fighting yet? I don't see any liches."
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(732) lurker (exit): 02:54
(714) Euriale d'Elinhir: I cannot offer you any assistance while you are within the tomb. The place has a field that blocks divination of an arcane nature.
(708) Garret: :glances back to the paladin in bored tone: "I'm wise enough not to judge people I've just met."
** T'a K'shet throws a glance at the woman beside her. "Actually, to be fair, the Wolf did not give an insult. It was more of a vage threat" **
T'a K'shet: ((*vague))
Tian Keth: "There was nothing vague about it"
(733) lurker (enter): 02:55
(714) DM: (stopping in 5 minutes)
Calehan: "I don't know, I think you could qualify for secrets if you tried."
** Helisandra looks to T'a and then glances at the men and then rolls her eyes, as if to say, "Men." **
** Tian Keth looks around the room to see if the Tabby happened to follow them **
Helisandra: (( so we're not going later than usual... darn. ))
T'a K'shet: ((Rats))
(714) DM: (no b/c I'm fading)
(710) Ian Cromwell: " You may not trust me,nor do I trust you now,but we are all in this together,I am honorbound and oathsworn to be here,and since most of you are beneath my station it matters not to me what you think of me."
(714) DM: (nope)
(714) DM: (and on that note, we'll stop)

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