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Bazaar of the Bizaare
The Eye of Dreams

The Eye of Dreams was created at the height of the First Empire, sometime in the middle of the Third Age. It is said to have been made by the artificer Tholius, considered by many wizards as to have been the most powerful mage in human history -- and one of the most arrogant.

It was used to see at great distances, and to see events of the past and future, and some say its ability to let its user communicate directly with the infinite wisdom of Oneiros eventually drove them mad and often into isolation. It exchanged hands many times amongst the priests of the Dream-King until the early Fourth Age, when Zosh, the legendary oracle and seer finally gained it. Zosh was a follower of Potmos, but eschewed the hierarchy of the temple libraries, seeking solitude to contemplate history and written accounts of events even before the Eye was made his.

He was also called Zosh the One-eyed.

Zosh lived on what is now called the Isle of Shadows, in what is now eastern Morrowind. All sorts of people would seek him out for council because not only was he wise, and had experienced much in his long life before becoming an oracle, but because in using the Eye of Dreams, he was particularly good at seeing the future. However, even when they managed to find him he rarely agreed to advise people, telling them that he had seen a future where they would not believe what he had to say.

However, a priest of the Sixth House (some say Fircisu Manx of Dagoth-Ur) came to him for advice and Zosh told him that one wielding the Eye would kill him. Fircisu interpreted this as meaning that Zosh planned to kill him, so he killed Zosh and took the Eye and hid it so that no one could use it.

If it was the priest that killed Zosh, then he gave into temptation and took it from hiding and began to use it, because it is known that Fircisu the Mighty did own the Eye during the purges that followed the death of Emperor Severus. Now, with foreknowledge of many events Fircisu quickly rose in power in the cannibalistic hierarchy of the Sixth House.

Three years later, Fircisu and some of his loyal followers disappeared into the caves beneath Red Mountain, and were never heard from again

The Eye of Dreams does not reappear in history until the year 3002, when a beggar gave it to the adventuring band known as the Company of Four in the city of Davian, near the Sea of Blasted Glass. This group of adventurers was finally able to return the Eye to its rightful owners, the Dream Palace of Oneiros in Thaevoros, the City of the Emperors.

It is now in the possession of High Dreamspeaker Naast of Oneiros. However, it is unknown if he has begun to use the Eye (though it is rumored he does), as he has not appeared in public since winter of 3025.


The name of this mysterious weapon can be translated from dwarven to mean "Steadfast Daughter of the Gods". Crafted from the finest shining steel, and the incredibly rare ironwood of Stonehold in central Arator, the actual origins of this halberd are unknown, though it is obviously of dwarven make as it hold the runic names of the dwarven gods. The name of Krauchaar is on the blade, while Rivkanal is on handle. The name of Lehrothronar is on the butt end, and the name of Natan-Ahb is on the piercing blade. Hodanar’s name is carved into where the metal head joins with the wooden haft.

Beáth-agh is a halberd +2, fiendbane. On a successful hit against fiends of any kind it does an additional +2d6 points of damage (this is never multiplied with a critical hit). In addition, when used as a piercing weapon, the head thrusts out of its own accord on a successful critical hit, doing an additional +1d6 points of damage.

Blood of Mog

These primitive stoppered clay flasks are about four inches wide and six inches tall. Some of them bear the carving of single eye in the center of the lower round portion.

These vile potions are created by orcish warlocks and medicine men and are said to fill the drinker with strength and courage as were the great orcish warriors of old who received their commands from the orc god Mog directly. The potions themselves are very potent smelling and tasting.

Upon drinking the entire contents of this vial you must make a Fortitude save (DC 15) or become sick for 1d4 rounds, effectively being nauseated for that time.

Those of orcish blood are immune to this effect.

Regardless of the success or failure of this save, drinkers gain a +1 morale bonus to attack rolls and saves versus fear effects, and 1d8+6 temporary hit points. This effect lasts 10 minutes.

Ring of Excellence

This ring is set with a large smooth sapphire and seven small diamonds (six above, one below). The band is made of white gold.

The style of ring (which automatically shrinks or stretches to fit the fingers of tiny to large creatures) is in the style of House Idris in central Morrowind.

The ring has a limited sentience communicating with the wearer what spells it can store and how many (and which kinds are left). It allows the wearer to cast the stored spells as a standard action with no arcane failure chance, and no chance of it being disrupted (as activating any magical item). Once cast from the ring the spells remain gone until re-cast into the ring. The spells can be replaced by any caster wearing the ring using an arcane source, but regardless of the caster level the spells are limited in level to what they were set at upon the creation of the ring.

Boom-Stick of Wondrous Might

Cost: A boom-stick of wondrous might is a rare item, and gnomes rarely sell them to non-gnomes (and few non-gnomes want them). Their cost ranges from 850 to 1500 gp.

Ammunition: Balls for the boom-stick of wondrous might can be purchased at the same price as sling bullets (1 cp/5). However, each use of the weapon requires a shot of smokepowder.

Range Increment: 10 feet

Damage: 1d10+ (The damage die on a boom-stick is 'exploding', meaning anytime a 10 is rolled for damage the die is re-rolled and added the previous result, and so on). Strength modifiers do not apply to this damage.

Reloading: Reloading a boom-stick of wondrous might is a full-round action that draws attacks of opportunity.

Firing: Firing a boom-stick is a standard action.

Special: Firing or loading a boom-stick within someone's threatened area draws attacks of opportunity. If used by some who is not proficient, fumbles are automatic on a natural roll of 1 or 2, and they suffer results as shown on the following table:

Boom-stick Fumble Results
Percentile Results
01 - 08 No Effect
09 - 15 Blast of Smoke. Fort Save vs. DC 10 or be stunned for one round while coughing.
16 - 20 Bright Flash. Reflex Save vs. DC 15 of be dazzled for one round.
21 – 25 Lose Grip on Weapon. Make Dexterity check (DC 15) or drop weapon.
26 – 30 Lose Grip on Weapon. Make Dexterity check (DC 20) or drop weapon.
31 - 50 Misfire. Boom-stick misfires. Take 1d10 (exploding die) damage and weapon useless until cleaned and repaired.
51 – 65 Misfire. Boom-stick explodes. Take 2d10 (exploding die) damage and weapon destroyed. Stunned for 1d4 rounds.
66 - 75 Jammed. Weapon useless until cleaned and repaired.
76 – 80 Ricochet. Reflex save (DC 18) or hit self, half damage.
81 – 85 Ricochet. Reflex save (DC 15) or hit self, normal damage.
86 - 90 Ricochet.Reflex save (DC 15) or hit friend, half damage.
91 - 95 Bad Aim. Reflex save (DC 20) or hit friend, normal damage.
96 - 97 Ricochet. Reflex save (DC 15) or hit friend, normal damage, automatic knockdown.
98 Bad Aim. Reflex save (DC 15) or hit friend, critical hit.
99 Ricochet. Reflex save (DC 15) or hit self, critical hit.
00 Explosion. Boom-stick explodes. All within five feet take 2d10 (exploding die) damage and weapon destroyed. Stunned for 1d4 rounds. Reflex save vs. DC 15 or catch fire.
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