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PC Race Supplement: Selamon-elal (Elves of the Deep)
Selamon-elal are a sub-race of coral elves and can be principally found in the coral elven kingdom of Tholamon-naquentil, located a few leagues offshore the coast of Wylund. In deep elvish, the name "Selamon-elal" means "elves of the Deep". Selamon and deep elves are used interchangeably.

Personal Characteristics

Selamon are reclusive and prize their privacy. They prefer simple lives where honest effort is returned with consistent and fair reward. Selamon are generally neither ambitious, nor forward looking, and prefer to let the future take care of itself in it's own time. Their days are spent working at the same inherited lifestyle as their parents and their evenings are occupied with leisurely games, the pursuit of pleasure, and idle conversation. Selamon are content to let their rulers make most decisions for them and live easy lives filled with the plentiful bounty of the rich seas.

Deep elves are idealists and socialists. They prefer to assume and hope for the best of all situations and they share their work and wealth with other members of their caste class. Like other elves, selamon possess a very long view of things and the passage of time, as such, is not very important to them or to their daily lives. Rather, the gradual and sure achievement of long term goals is more their pace of activity. Selamon have no problem focusing on a particular short-term goal for several years or even decades. However, a selamon who feels that they have not found their place in society may work very hard and without tire to find their niche.

Physical Description

Individual selamon have long green-blond or blue-brown to blue-black hair which is usually worn short. Longer hair styles are a general indication of wealth and rank in society. Their eyes are slightly larger than their land-bound cousins, are almond shaped, and often tinted brilliant and attractive rainbow hued colors. Like other humanoid dwellers of the oceans, selamon have increased webbing between their fingers and toes. Their noses are broader, more sloped, and their ears are larger and more pointed than other elven races. Selamon, unlike other coral elves, tend to adorn themselves with jewelry and tattoos. Because they must constantly swim through the water, selamon are powerfully built. Even the feminine half of the race are typically substantially stronger than a fit, male-human laborer.

Selamon are densely built and have a heavy bone structure and musculature. As such, they are the heartiest and heaviest of the coral elven sub-races. Their height tends to fall between 4 to 5 feet tall. Roll 1d12+48 for the height in inches of male or female selamon. For weight, roll 5d12+150 for starting average weight of an adult selamon

Among coral elves, selamon are even longer lived then their cousins. Selamon are considered adults when they have gained mastery in their first profession. Most become masters of several professions over their lifetime, as their culture and community requires. This first mastery is typically acquired by the age of 200 years old. Deep elves may live to be over one thousand years old. Sometime after they reach a venerable age, they depart from their community to seek the deepest parts of the sea. What happens after this is not known or is simply not spoken of by the deep elves to outsiders. When rolling for starting age of a selamon player character, roll 4d12+60. When rolling max age roll 4d100+650. Selamon are considered middle aged at 350 years, old aged at 475 years, and venerable at 600 years of age.

Relations with Other Races

Selamon are enemies of sahuagin and kuo-toa, but are close friends with the undersea races of the locathah, mer, and triton. Most non-seafarers are unaware of the existence of the selamon. Relations with most other elven races (save for ilythi'iri) remain cordial.

Alignment and Social Order

As a society, selamon are lawful, but individuals are typically neutral, willingly obeying the laws set by the higher classes. most display no inner desire to live a life as a benefactor, troublemaker, or extremist. They prefer to take the middle-road and live a life balanced by moderation and slowly made decisions.

Deep elves dwell in large cities built to form concentric circles. Each progressively interior circle of a deep elven city contains a successively higher class of inhabitants, the inner most realms of the city being the gardens and estates of the ruling and leisure class of the selamon. These cities are deep under water, on the ocean floor, lit by sorcerous lights of rainbow hues and guarded by trained aquatic predators and warriors. Their homes are built from scavenged parts from ocean surface vessels, magically grown from coral, carved from great blocks of underwater stone, or built from the colossal shells of long dead giant sea creatures.

Language and Naming Conventions

Unlike many races, selamon have developed two languages which every selamon knows. First is a musical, spoken tongue whose interpretation is heavily altered with facial expressions and subtle body language. The second language is a complete and comprehensive sign-language by which selamon can communicate privately with their hands. Since sounds travels easily underwater, most private conversations are held by standing close to one another and using this hand-language. Non-natives can never hope to master either tongue and at best will only ever understand about 80% of either of these complex languages (without magical assistance).

Deep elves are given a name suitable to their class. Generally speaking, the longer the name, the higher class they are a member of. As ruling and leisure class names can be quite long, members of those classes may abbreviate their names for use among their class. Most surface dwellers find selamon names difficult to pronounce and so many selamon take a second name from surface culture for the duration of their journeys through those lands. All deep elven families also have a particular hand motion which is special to their home. This is how relatives know each other, even if separated by several generations and great distances.

Selamon as PCs

Selamon adventurers are typically the rare few of their kind who are genuinely curious about life above the ocean's surface. They depart from their aquatic lands to seek wealth and magical devices, to become knowledgeable of surface cultures, or to live as outsiders from their race. Most selamon find living above water to be uncomfortable and a temporary situation because of strangeness of breathing air without water and the itchiness of dry skin caused by prolonged time out of water. Adventurer deep elves are assumed to have overcome these discomforts and problems, having adapted themselves to live either above or below water with equal ease. As companions, selamon often take a supporting role in the party. They make fine warriors, druids, bards, and sorcerers.

Selamon may come from any of the social classes of their society, but most frequently originate from the laborer, artisan, or warrior class. Deep elven adventurers often prefer to remain near to coastal regions or watery areas, but can be pursued away from these places with the promise of wealth and magic. Adventurer strongholds are usually built underwater in a lake or off the coast.

Game Information

The information below replaces those given for coral elves in the Elves file.

  • +2 Strength, +2 Constitution, -2 Intelligence, -2 Wisdom: Selamon are strong and sturdily built. This reflects the hardiness required to survive under the crushing pressure of the oceans and the strength necessary to swim everywhere one goes. Unfortunately, they are not a race which embraces the advancement of learning or the exploration of the universe, nor do they often perform beyond what is expected of them. Creativity and intuition are not encouraged in their young and a leisurely lifestyle makes them somewhat educationally apathetic.

  • Medium-size: As Medium-sized creatures, deep elves have no special bonuses or penalties due to their size.

  • Selamon base land speed is 30 feet.

  • Darkvision: Since selamon dwell in the dark at the bottom of the ocean their physiology has adapted and granted them darkvision 60 ft.

  • +3 racial bonus to resist poisons. Selamon, like much other sea-life, have a naturally strong resistance to toxins.

  • Thick Skin: Selamon have a naturally thick skin to help keep them warm in the cold depths of the ocean. This thicker skin also grants them a natural armor class of 12 and reduces all bludgeoning damage done to them by 1 point per die. This includes falls from great heights, but not crushing damage, such as being constricted by a snake or crushed between to closing walls.

  • Water Breathing: All selamon possess an advanced respiratory system and can breath underwater as easily as they can breath the air above water. A selamon cannot drown in water, but may drown in other non-oxidized liquids and may suffocate from smoke or other conditions which prohibit the taking in of air.

  • +5 racial bonus to Swim: All deep elves are excellent swimmers and may opt to "take 10" even under stressful conditions. A deep elf does not need to make a swimming check unless they are in stormy waters. Selamon swim at a base speed of 20 feet. Swimming is a class skill for all deep elves, regardless of their actual class. Selamon may swim for a length of time equal to that which a human may walk, 8 hours, without a skill check. After this time they may continue swimming by following the rules regarding a forced march.

  • Favored Class: Fighter. A multiclassed deep elven fighter does not count any fighter levels when determining whether he or she suffers an XP penalty.

  • Allowed Classes: Bard, Cleric, Druid, Fighter, Paladin, Psionicist, Ranger, Rogue, Sorcerer, Wizard.
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