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The Noldrian Calendar
Each region of Telluria uses a different system to denote the passing of time. The southern region of the continent is unique in that it uses a lunar calendar to keep track of worldly events, unlike the predominant Praxthian calendar which is a solar calendar, so named for a legendary philosopher-emperor who united various warring realms in northwestern Telluria into the Empire of Melcendia. This lunar calendar is called the Noldrian calendar in honor of the god Noldras, an Aspect of Oneiros. Noldras, or Potmos, as he is sometimes called by his followers, is the god of prophecy, destiny, and history. He is usually depicted as a robed, hooded slender figure of possibly human or demihuman appearance, and is always carrying a gigantic leatherbound tome that’s manacled to his right wrist. It is said that Destiny visits each and every living thing three times during the course of its existence - once at the moment of its conception, once when it enters middle-age, and last, when it begins the slow descent to death.

Year 0 in the Noldrian calendar is equivalent to roughly 3,030 years ago, at the time of the Devastation in the Thaecian Empire, on the western continent of Naranduil. The Noldrian calendar consists of twelve months, each having four weeks of nine days each. Throughout the year, there are ten days which do not fall on any given month that are set aside for use as feast days and days of observances. Each consecutive two month period in the year, not counting the feast days, is called an age. Each age represents an entire lunar cycle of the sapphire moon, Elantyreth (“the tears of Elantir"). Like the Praxthian calendar, the years are given cryptic names for events that will happen elsewhere in the world.

There are two other moons, Beviir and Tintagel. These two moons do not play any part in the Noldrian calendar, although all three moons conjoin with each other fairly frequently and are sometimes associated with mystical occurrences.
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