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The City of Tolmara -- Map Key 3
Key to the City of Tolmara
For use with the main city map.

Major Landmarks and Temples

1. The Diamond Citadel
2. Castle Falconedge (royal seat of Wylund)
3. The Plaza of Firestorm Falls
4. The Gate of Swords (road to Weston)
5. Wynd Gate (road to Wyndhold)
6. South Gate (road to Tolrellin)
7. The Silver Refectory (temple to Bralvanyr)
8. The Hall of Mysteries (temple to Hurishta)
9. The Dreaming (shrine to Oneiros)
10. The Shrine of the Oracle
11. Fate's Keeping (temple to Illaenth)
12. The House of the Merchant (temple to Llyndeiras)
13. The Sword of the Ages (temple to Tammara)
14. The Hall of Eternal and Universal Love (temple to Almaril)
15. The Hall of the Grand Divider (temple to Tharnak)
16. The Street of the Gods
25. The Street of the Bards
27. The Plaza of Dark Delights
29. The Street of the Sorceror

Streets and Ways

17. Silk Street
18. Coin Street
19. Silver Street
20. Innkeeper's Way
21. Barter Street
22. Cheap Street
23. The Promenade
24. Gate Road
26. Trader's Way
28. Beggar's Quarter
30. Arcanus Quarter
31. Promenade Quarter
32. Wyndgate Quarter
33. Noble Street
34. Villa Quarter
35. Rogue's Quarter
36. Festival Street
37. The Street of the Tinkers
38. The Street of Apprentices
39. Citadel Street
40. Kings Road

Promenade Quarter

41. Manse of the Lord Mayor
42. Manse of the Herald
43. Fellowship Guild (innkeepers and hostels)
44. House of Healing (guildhall of physics and apothecaries)
45. Tchazzar's Fine Jewels (shop and guildhall of jewelers)
46. Pewterers and Caster's Guildhall
47. House of the Fine Carvers (guildhall of carvers, sculptors and stoneshapers)
48. The House of Vinters and Spirits (guildhall of winemakers, vinters and distillers)
49. The Charting House (guildhall of mapmakers and chartists)
50. Costumer's Hall (guildhall of tailors, mercers and clothiers)
51. The Crystalline Cavern (guildhall of glassblowers, glaziers and speculum-crafters)
52. The Chamber of Light (guildhall of lamplighters and chandlers)
53. The House of Song (guildhall of musicians, instrument-crafters and choristers)
54. Manse of Elamurix Celendil
55. Four Winds' Shipping (guildhall of shippers, freightmen, salters, packers and joiners)
56. The Troll's Guffaw (theater and playhall)
57. Embassy of the Grand Duke (embassy of Kern)
58. Hall of the Emperor (embassy of Melcendia)
59. Embassy of the Silver Kingdom (embassy of Toralin)
60. Embassy of the Gilded Leaves (embassy of Feandoril)
61. The Chamber of the Mountain Kings (embassy of Khabad-dun)
62. The Shadow Square (embassy of the White Tower)

Villa Quarter

63. Embassy of the Vigilant Protectors (embassy of The League of Thent)
64. Embassy of the Lawgiver (embassy of Zayal)
65. Embassy of Alalminor (embassy of the Council of Alalminor)
66. Mariner's Eye (embassy of the Seaholds of Vesicant and Scrape)
67. Manse of Asianna Corsair
68. Manse of Malakuth Tabuirr
69. Rhaunaguth family villa (noble family)
70. Rendor family villa (noble family)
71. Thimblewine family villa (noble family)
72. Tespar family villa (noble family)
73. Arlenstar family villa (noble family)
74. Eironaesil family villa (noble family)

Wyndgate Quarter

75. Belabrant family villa (noble family)
76. Wifesilver family villa (noble family)
77. Moonglade family villa (noble family)
78. Cassalaunt family villa (noble family)
79. Ravenswood family villa (noble family)
80. Glimmershoal family villa (noble family)
81. Piirados family villa (noble family)
82. Huntinghorn family villa (noble family)
83. Tessalar's magekeep
84. Cragsvale family villa (noble family)
85. Esperin family villa (noble family)
86. Hawkvine family villa (noble family)
87. The Clifftower (inn)
88. Perigord's Splendid Shoes and Boots (shop)
89. Helmgauntlet family villa (noble family)
90. Manse of Lalvan Naingall

Arcanus Quarter

91. The Magekeep of Order (guildhall of wizards, mages, sorcerors and protectors)
92. The House of Transformation (guildhall of alchemists and herbalists)
93. The Tower of Knowledge (library and guildhall of librarians, scribes, scriveners and clerks)
94. Nelvin's General Counter (general store and shop)
95. Dezlen Dorningstar's townhouse
96. The Enchanted Shield (inn, tavern and festhall)
97. Selchas' Fine Imports (shop, menagerie and residence)
98. Xalvadrien's Wondrous Silks (shop)
99. Fessig's tower
100. The House of the Ebon Flame (shop: food, clothing and weaponry of Sunless Lands)
101. The Quiet Mind (residence and workhouse of Melvaunt Manyhands (sage: ancient empires))
102. Lundance's tower
103. Stonepost Hall (noble family villa)
104. Churlswidden's Chess Museum (shop, museum and residence)
105. Dragonhelm Hall (inn and tavern catering to adventurers)
106. Collegium Loyal (school of servantfolk and butlers)
107. Galbranium's Goblet and Cutlery (restaurant and eating fraternity)
108. The Singing Stormdrake (tavern)
109. The Palace of Passion (festhall dedicated to Almaril)
110. The Glow Worm (shop: lanterns, candles, lamps and glowglobes)
111. Flandor's Tours and Souvenirs (shop: curios, junk, toys and assorted imports; residence)
112. The Black Tankard (tavern)
113. The Unicorn's Horn (inn)
114. The Platinum Horseshoe (guildhouse of stablemasters and farriers)
115. The Blue Temple (gaming house and hostel)
116. Hieronar's (inn)
117. The House of the Wandering Cart (guildhall of carters, coachmen, wagoneers, sleighmasters and sledgeporters)

Rogue's Quarter

118. The Chamber of Stealth and Silence
122. Metalmaster's Haven (guildhall of smiths and metalworkers)
123. Crafthold Hall (fellowship guildhouse for all craftsmen not accorded a guildhall in this or other keys)
124. Builder's Hold (guildhall of stonemasons, potters, tilecrafters and stonecutters)
125. Woodcrafters' Rest (guildhall of coopers and carpenters)
126. The Swill and Spill (inn and tavern of dubious repute)
127. The Lucky Jingle (tavern and gaming hall)
128. The Coral Lagoon (tavern and inn)
129. The Watchful Defender (school of martial skills, training center; shop: weaponry and armor;
blacksmith and armorsmith; guildhall for fighters and mercenaries-for-hire)
130. Orsarnor Trading Coster (offices, warehouse, stables)
133. The Smiling Siren (nightclub and tavern)
134. The Elfstone (tavern and inn of EXTREMELY high quality)
135. Halambarathon Trading Coster (offices and warehouse)
136. Asflag's villa

Beggar's Quarter

119. The Jade Jug (tavern and hostel of low to moderate quality)
120. Silverstation Trading Coster (offices, warehouse and merchant's rest (inn for coster members only))
121. The Crawling Spider (tavern of low quality)
131. The House of Cleanliness (guildhall of launderers, washerwomen and soapmakers)
132. Dannoth's tower
137. Brassfeather's Folly (inn)
138. The Riven Shield (armor bought, sold and repaired)
139. Crangor's Hides and Skins (shop: hides, furs and leathergoods; tannery; guildhall of butchers, leatherworkers and tanners)
140. Phalaveen Trading Coster (offices, warehouse and merchant's rest)
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