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The City of Tolmara -- Map Key 2
The City of Tolmara

Map Key 2 (to be used with Detail Map 2)

Streets, Ways and Gates

1. Porter Street
2. Commoner's Way
3. The Street of the Warrior
4. Canal Street
58. Heart Gate
59. Ward Gate
60. Gate of Guards
61. Plains Gate
62. Wall Street
63. Court of the Masques
64. Blacktrees Ride
65. Halbardier Road
95. The Plaza of Orbs Aflame

North Commons

66. Mortwaine's Supple Leather Shoppe (leatherworker)
67. Lucky Coins (tavern and gaming hall)
68. The Stumblestep (inn of low quality)
69. Armor and Vengeance (armorer and weaponscrafter)
70. Farspice Trading Coster (offices and warehouse)
71. Farspice Trading Coster (merchant's rest)
72. Cliffords' Bard and Swill (nightclub and tavern of dubious quality)
73. Xornuil's Chainworks (blacksmithy)
74. The Arena (tavern and warrior's pit)
75. Hall of the Red Ravens (venturers' manse, owned by The Company of the Red Ravens)
87. The Friendly Familiar (pet shop)
88. Sabradal's residence
89. Beryl Star Trading Coster (offices and merchant's rest)
90. Beryl Star Trading Coster (warehouse)
91. The Flagon and the Wagon (tavern)
92. The Trollkin Gauntlet (tavern and inn of low repute)
93. The Tower of Wintry Fires (magekeep)
94. The Hall of Honest Toil (venturers' manse, owned by The Company of Honest Toil)

Heart Quarter

76. The Nightshade's Caress (elixirs, ointments and fungal specialties from The Sunless Lands)
77. Crossed Blades (tavern and warrior's pit)
78. Wheel and Sextant (cartographer and mapmaker)
79. House of the Slumbering Muse (festhall)
80. Thalavan's residence
81. House of the Merciful Hand (orphanage)
82. Coinfather's Wisdom (inn and tavern)
83. Pieronian's residence
84. Mhaug's residence (herbalist and chirgueon)
85. The Striking Staff (fighter's training hall)
86. The Magister's Grog (tavern)
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