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The City of Tolmara -- Map Key 1
The City of Tolmara

Map Key 1 (to be used with Detail Map 1)

Streets, Ways and Gates

1. Porter Street
2. Commoner's Way
3. The Street of the Warrior
4. Canal Street
5. Lantern Street
6. The Street of Philosophers
7. Copper Street
8. Mendicant's Lane
9a. The Gate of Swords
9b. Ash Gate
9c. Morn Gate
10. The Street of the Humble
11. The Street of Beggars
27. Carter Street

Plague Quarter

12. Cracked Pots (potter's and ceramic shop)
13. Twin Edges (knives and daggers of all kinds)
14. Nine Narwhals (tavern)
15. The Jeweled Jawbox (tavern and hostel of low quality)
16. The Overflowing Urn (oils, pitch, tar and resin shop)
17. Tabuir's Tannery (tannery, hides and skins)
18. The Stirge's Roost (hostel and tavern of rock-bottom quality)
21. Darum Rumblecleft's residence

Alms Quarter

19. Pulgh's residence
20. The Fellowship (temple of Ssith'tarn)
22. The Ragged Palace (residence of the King of Beggars)
23. Burnt/gutted/razed section of the Alms Quarter.
24. Haffa's Flatbacks (porters and wheelers)
25. Jengao's Wyrmwizz (distillery and wine shop)
26. Shatterblade's Wonders and Masques (playmaster and theatre)
28. Misker's Pike (tavern and gaming hall of dubious repute)
29. Hisvarn's residence
30. Drethek's residence
31. The Sea Chest (hostel)
32. Dark Harvests (spell components and watchbeasts shop)
33. Cleaveham's Hall (butcher, meats, bones and meat products)

South Commons

34. Fleerisha's House of Pleasure (festhall)
35. Bloodyknuckles (carpentry shop)
36. Mindoshen's residence
37. Lantern Hall (guild of lamplighters, candlemakers and torchsellers)
38. Nestrae's Boneyard (shop specializing in bones of all sorts)
39. The Dog of the Sea (inn and tavern of disrepute)
40. The Amber Forge (blacksmith and fighters' training hall)
41. Halls of the Iron Ring (guildhall)
42. The Quickest Cures (herbalist, physic and leeches)
43. Fleet Of Foot (couriers and runners)
44. Shamayla's Fortunes Revealed (divinations and private residence)
45. The Toasted Troll (inn and tavern)
46. Khalad's residence.
47. Olijagg's Rag and Bottle Shop (curio and junk shop)
48. Bestrem's Green Beard Shaving Parlor (barber shop)
49. Talone's Tattoo Parlor (shop)
50. Elvira's Smoked Eels and More (exotic food and wine shop)
51. Safety In Numbers (bodyguard, mercenaries for hire and escorts; fighters' training hall)
52. Tanthariel's residence.
53. Maraeil's residence.
54. Swordpoint and Shields (weapons and armor shop; blacksmith)
55. Savrael's magekeep.
56. Master Etcheen's Chess and Gammon Shop (games hall and tea house)
57. Weston's Weave (tailor and weaver shop)
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