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(3024) Zane: Hey

(3024) Zane: Hey
(3027) TaliesinNYC: you can start RPing while I get set up
(3022) Rowan: Evening
(3027) TaliesinNYC: JC has trouble accessing the site forums again
(3024) Zane: 'Uh, where are we again?
(3027) TaliesinNYC: on the way to Arabel
(3027) TaliesinNYC: it being the day after last session
(3027) TaliesinNYC: it's currently 2 hours past dawn
(3027) TaliesinNYC: you've just left Stonewatch
** (3022) Rowan is riding ahead, scouting **
(3027) TaliesinNYC: also John dropped out due to PC issues so this is all we have tonight I believe
** (3024) Helisandra rides along, absently staring forward as they travel, her mind apparently already miles away. **
** (3024) Cassima rides along, absently staring forward as they travel, her mind apparently already miles away. **
** (3026) Sushil rides on the back of his horse, reading a leatherbound old book, while Smasher dumbly holds the reins and the horse following the herd. **
** (3023) Kiwren yawns and rubs her eyes "So whats our plan when we get to Arabel? Since we found the locket several days the oposite direction." **
(3024) Cassima: (( wow - this group sure loves to RP, huh? :-P ))
(3024) Cassima: "Huh? Oh, first will be just gathering information I'd imagine. Although the locket was that way, she was seen leaving Eveningstar towards Arabel - so it makes the most sense to travel that same way."
(3026) Sushil: :speaks to Kiwren, though his eyes stay on his book: "Well, we first must report our findings to the family. Then we will see if there has been any new information, such as a ransom request or if they have known enemies in the direction the suspects seem to have run off in, that sort of thing."
(3022) Rowan: "Aye, we must talk to the family first."
(3024) Cassima: (( who has the locket? ))
(3026) Sushil: "Of course, it is true we may be wasting our time all together, but it does us little good to search wildly on our own without meeting the family of nobles we could earn favor with by offering our express aid, success or not."
** (3023) Kiwren nods "So who is talking to the family? I know little of the nobles here, but based on Lady Ruths reaction to my last negotiation I dont think I should be the one talking to them. Seems I have a bit more to learn about polotics other then the theory." **
(3027) DM: (I thought you did)
(3024) Cassima: (( couldn't remember - so I wanted to double check. ))
(3026) Sushil: :to Kiwren: "Don't be hard on yourself, lass. You did a splendid job. Unorthodox, and it may not work with more civilized folk, but for the situation it was just what we needed. As for the moment... Cassima, you came from Arabel, yes?"
(3022) Rowan: ((I had it originally, but believe Cassima had it since she's the diplomat))
(3024) Cassima: "I could do it. Although I haven't dealt with anyone in that family before - if nothing else my name should be able to grant us an audience. If we just go say we are there because of their daughter - that could be easily taken the wrong way."
(3024) Cassima: "Yes. And I never expected to be returning so soon. It should be an interesting return."
(3026) Sushil: :to Cassima: "I'm not to worried about getting an audience, as we have Lady Winter's name to drop. It is our respectability and the name of Lady Ruth I am concerned for, and your familiarity with this place and polite demeanor may be best suited for this situation."
(3024) Cassima: "I will do my best."
(3023) Kiwren: "Ok, so I guess I will just sit back and listen when we get there. Keep my eyes and ears open for evidence of other plots as well."
whispering to Rowan, I know you're doing the scouting thing. About 5 more minutes of talk (real time) and then you can tell them you've seen something.
(3026) Sushil: :nods: "And of course the rest of us will be on our most proper behavior as well, yes?"
(3022) Rowan: "Of course, I served in the military, I am certainly respectable."
whispering to Rowan, assume it's been roughly 30 minutes since you left the keep. the "something" appears to be a body in the road.
(3024) Cassima: "That would be great Kiwren. I would expect there to be more plots occuring, so anything you can pick up on them can help us."
(3026) Sushil: "Yes, Kiwren. This should be a fascinating lesson in diplomacy for you. Pay special attention to the tones and meanderings of voice patterns and careful use of words in proper ettiquette."
(3024) Cassima: "Speaking of behavior.." Cassima pauses, unsure about how to continue.
(3027) DM: Rain begins to fall.
(3022) Rowan: "We should probably get a room at an inn or something, freshen up before visiting the family and look presentable."
(3026) Sushil: :to Rowan: "True, and you did travel with Cassima before joining us. Perhaps you should intrduce yourself as her aid."
(3027) DM: It's quite light...for now.
** (3022) Rowan pulls her hood up over her head **
(3022) Rowan: "I could at that."
** (3024) Cassima looks to Sushil. "About Smasher there." **
(3026) Sushil: "If you know an inn near here, it would be lovely."
(3022) Rowan: "Looks like there is a body in the road."
** (3022) Rowan stops her horse **
** (3022) Rowan signals to stop **
** (3024) Cassima turns at Rowan's comemnt, trying to find the man. **
** (3022) Rowan dismounts and gets her spear **
** (3024) Cassima pulls up behind Rowan, dismounting as well. **
(3024) Cassima: "Any signs of trouble on the sides?"
** (3026) Sushil reachs back to grab the reins around Smasher and stop the horse, a few paces after the others, and looks around the large figure to see what Rowan's found. **
** (3022) Rowan turns her spear to tap the body with the non pointed end **
(3022) Rowan: ((think my mini disappeared on the map))
(3027) DM: (that's because I have fog up)
(3022) Rowan: ((I see, thnanks))
** (3024) Cassima moves up behind Rowan, and if the body does not respond immediately to Rowan, she checks it to see how it is doing. **
(3027) DM: It seems to be a hobgoblin. It's quite dead and has been for some time.
** (3023) Kiwren remains on her horse **
** (3022) Rowan resets her spear properly **
** (3022) Rowan looks around for tracks **
(3024) Cassima: "It's dead, not too recent either."
(3027) DM: Suddenly a hail of arrows whistles through the trees on both sides of the road.
(3027) DM: (init)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+1] => [17,1] = (18)
(3022) Rowan: init [1d20+4] => [7,4] = (11)
(3024) Cassima: Initiative: [1d20+3] => [14,3] = (17)
(3026) Sushil: init: [1d20+2] => [16,2] = (18)
(3026) Sushil: Initiative: Smasher: [1d20+6] => [16,6] = (22)
(3023) Kiwren: INIT: [1d20+1] => [15,1] = (16)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+1] => [11,1] = (12),[1d20+1] => [16,1] = (17),[1d20+1] => [11,1] = (12)
(3027) DM: (an arrow at Rowan (AC 12), an arrow at Cassima (AC 17) and an arrow at Rowan (AC 9))
(3022) Rowan: ((both miss her))
(3027) DM: As that occurs, shouts and cries on both sides of the road in the trees....
(3024) Cassima: (( flat footed - hit ))
(3027) DM: They're very familiar
** (3022) Rowan looks to see who hit **
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d6+1] => [6,1] = (7)
(3022) Rowan: ((shot rather))
(3027) DM: Several hobgoblins run through the trees...
(3027) DM: (the shaded part are trees)
(3027) DM: (22, Smash)
(3022) Rowan: ((squares 5 or 10 feet?))
(3026) Sushil: "Smasher... kill those hobgoblins." :he points out the former allies of the skeleton, who hops down from the horse, taking up his trademark spiked club and rushing toward the closest in site, 2(double move action, done):
(3027) DM: (they're in studded leather armor. #4, 6 and 8 have a bows, 2 and 3 wield short swords and/or knives)
(3027) DM: (5')
(3026) Sushil: (wonder if they will recognize the club. ^_^)
(3022) Rowan: ((thanks))
(3027) DM: (4, 6 and 8 have other weapons presumably, they wield missile weapons though)
(3027) DM: (heh)
(3028) Dark_Flame (enter): 19:47
(3027) DM: They appear to be hobgoblins from the Lostafinga tribe.
(3028) Dark_Flame (exit): 19:47
(3027) DM: (18, the hobs)
(3027) DM: (I didn't get this in before but because 2 and 3 ran up near Cas, Cas gets an AOO in both of them if you want; 2 will attack Smash, 3 will attack Cas, 4 will shoot at Rowan, 6 will try to shoot at Smasher, 8 will shoot at Rowan)
(3027) DM: (Cas first)
(3024) Cassima: (( ok - take AoO on the nearest one - #2 ))
(3024) Cassima: Full Moon Attack: [1d20+4] => [18,4] = (22) ==> DAMAGE [1d8+2] => [3,2] = (5)
(3027) DM: (hit)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+1] => [20,1] = (21),[1d20+1] => [20,1] = (21),[1d20+1] => [12,1] = (13),[1d20+1] => [14,1] = (15),[1d20+1] => [5,1] = (6)
(3024) Cassima: (( only get one AoO per round so the other gets a free pass. ))
(3027) DM: (Smash -- auto hit and AC 15; Cas -- auto hit and crit check; Rowan -- AC 13 and AC 6)
(3027) DM: (k)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+1] => [18,1] = (19)
(3024) Cassima: (( what's the crit check AC? ))
(3026) Sushil: (15 just hits)
(3022) Rowan: ((they both miss AC 16))
(3027) DM: (they rolled natural 20s)
(3027) DM: (and it rolled a modified 19 on the threat check)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d6] => [4] = (4)
(3024) Cassima: (( then I guess hit... ))
(3029) Meriko (enter): 19:53
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d6] => [2] = (2)
(3027) DM: (18, Rowan)
(3022) Rowan: ((I'm at 11))
(3030) Meriko (enter): 19:55
(3027) DM: (then Sush)
** (3026) Sushil raises his crossbow and fires on hob4 **
(3026) Sushil: Crossbow, light Attack Roll: [1d20+3] => [12,3] = (15) ===> Damage: [1d8+0] => [5,0] = (5)
(3027) DM: (you'll possibly hit Smash and Cas, you realize that)
(3031) Meriko (enter): 19:56
(3026) Sushil: (he's not in melee, 4 that is)
(3023) Dj Gilcrease: Booting '(3029) Meriko' from server...
(3029) Meriko (exit): 19:56
(3023) Dj Gilcrease: Booting '(3030) Meriko' from server...
(3030) Meriko (exit): 19:56
(3027) DM: (yes and 4 is on the other side of you)
(3031) Meriko: ( sorry about the extras )
(3026) Sushil: (plus I'm up on horse back, shooting over them)
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(3027) DM: (k)
(3027) DM: (hit)
(3027) DM: (17, Cas)
(3026) Sushil: :calls as the bolt sinks in: "Smasher, this is your chance to prove your loyalty to me!" (intimidate check?)
(3027) DM: (go for it)
(3026) Sushil: Intimidate Skill Check: [1d20+0] => [14,0] = (14)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+1] => [13,1] = (14)
(3027) DM: The hobgoblins quail at the sight of Smasher unleashed, but then one of them whistles loudly, and two more join the fray from behind the group.
** (3024) Cassima holds her shield out defensively as she quickly calls upon the power in her to heal some of the wounds she has taken. (Defensive casting: Con check [1d20+8+4] => [12,8,4] = (24) vs DC 16) **
** (3024) Cassima has a glow aappear on her hand and releases the moonlight into herself. (Cure light wounds [1d8+2+2] => [7,2,2] = (11) hp healed) **
(3027) DM: (k)
(3027) DM: (16, Kiw)
** (3023) Kiwren looks for the Hob Goblin that whistled, then looks at Rowan **
(3023) Kiwren: "Ðjáâórçákæ A Zéüãsïvfmêã-Èùðäÿänàðá Zèuäóúnmiòà Uáálkzëä'hmfáaæfã Eèúäwmpæ àëëwnb-Iónâppf'Zêórêbæä Eèúäwmpæ Fâakwià òhjúa Zéypëakzeà-cgðaæêâ Ðùêqcóigc Zèuäóúnmgeà'Ðïàqcògoa'Zðóúnkyqææ"
(3027) DM: Two of the hobs are bleeding profusely.
(3027) DM: (11, Row)
** (3022) Rowan moves 20' and stabs #8 with her spear [1d20+4+2] => [15,4,2] = (21) **
(3027) DM: (hit)
(3026) Sushil: :smasher's aoo on 1:
(3026) Sushil: Spiked Club: [1d20+6] => [15,6] = (21) , [1d10+9] => [2,9] = (11)
(3022) Rowan: [1d8+1d6+2] => [7,3,2] = (12) dmg
(3027) DM: (k)
(3027) DM: It dies.
(3027) DM: (Smash, your turn)
(3027) DM: (its AOO that is, then it goes again on 22 next round)
(3027) DM: (one hit)
(3027) DM: (never mind)
(3026) Sushil: :smasher then wheels back on his first target, clubbing at #2:
(3027) DM: (it dies)
(3026) Sushil: Spiked Club: [1d20+6] => [6,6] = (12) , [1d10+9] => [6,9] = (15)
(3027) DM: (miss)
(3027) DM: (18, the hobs)
(3027) DM: (7 will attack Smash, 2 will continue to attack Smash, 3 will try to cut Cas, 4 will shoot at Cas, 6 will charge at Rowan)
(3022) Rowan: ((set my spear))
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+1] => [5,1] = (6),[1d20+1] => [8,1] = (9),[1d20+1] => [5,1] = (6),[1d20+1] => [3,1] = (4),[1d20+1] => [3,1] = (4)
(3027) DM: (and all miss. 6 in charging at Rowan, blades extended, attempts to sideslice her but misses.)
(3027) DM: (Row -- AOO against it)
(3031) Meriko (exit): 20:07
** (3022) Rowan stabs #6 [1d20+4+2] => [12,4,2] = (18) **
(3022) Rowan: [1d8+2] => [4,2] = (6) dmg
(3027) DM: (18, Sush)
(3026) Sushil: (any uninjured hobs or least injured??)
(3024) Cassima: (( 7 is uninjured I believe, as is #3 ))
** (3026) Sushil withdraws a vial of viscous crimson content from his cloak, with a whisper of heavy hanging syllables and correllating gestures a dark bluish gray mist forms about the vial. As he thrust it out the mist fires off as a writhing ray at hob7 . Chill blood: [1d4+1] => [1,1] = (2) (dc 15 ref for 1/2, failure is stunned for 1 rnd) **
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20-1] => [12,-1] = (11),[1d20-1] => [16,-1] = (15)
(3027) DM: (it fails)
(3027) DM: (is stunned)
(3027) DM: (17, Cas)
** (3024) Cassima smiles as the warth of her spells heals her up. Not wanting to waste any time, she swings out with her mace at the hobgoblin she hit earlier (#2) **
(3024) Cassima: Full Moon Attack: [1d20+4] => [18,4] = (22) ==> DAMAGE [1d8+2] => [2,2] = (4)
(3024) Cassima: (( *warmth of her spell... ))
(3027) DM: (it dies.)
(3027) DM: (16, Kiw)
** (3023) Kiwren focuses her gaze on the one the whistled earlier ((Target is #3)) **
(3023) Kiwren: "Èùðäÿänàðá'Zèuäóúnmiòà Hãûòëeeøìa Ühmfáaæfåã'Eèúìäwmpæ ìàëëwønb Iónppfå`Zåûórbæä Eèúìäwmpæ Fìakwià'Üðaæryùæ Zanóÿb Hãtûøáájä àøìha Eèúìäwmpæ'Alägq"
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20] => [6] = (6)
(3027) DM: The hob collapses.
(3027) DM: (11, Ro)
** (3022) Rowan stabs her spear into #6 [1d20+4+2] => [14,4,2] = (20) for [1d8+2] => [1,2] = (3) dmg **
(3027) DM: It's teetering on death but still manages to hold on to dear life. (22, Smash)
(3026) Sushil: :smasher moves right along to the next in line, swing viciously at hob3
(3026) Sushil: Spiked Club: [1d20+6] => [8,6] = (14) , [1d10+9] => [7,9] = (16)
(3027) DM: (miss)
(3027) DM: (18, the hobs) -- they flee
(3027) DM: (the ones that can, anyway)
(3024) Cassima: (( poor Smasher - not doing that good a job driving fear into his old comrades... ))
(3027) DM: (AOO if you wish)
(3024) Cassima: (( on #3 ))
(3024) Cassima: Full Moon Attack: [1d20+4] => [11,4] = (15) ==> DAMAGE [1d8+2] => [1,2] = (3)
(3026) Sushil: "Aaahh.. don't run! You can stay and join your friend Smasher! I'm a decent Lord, I swear!"
** (3022) Rowan stabs her spear into #6 [1d20+4+2] => [14,4,2] = (20) for [1d8+2] => [1,2] = (3) dmg **
(3027) DM: (6 wasn't fleeing due to Kiwren)
(3027) DM: (but it's all good, lol)
(3022) Rowan: ((oh, thought that was #3))
(3027) DM: (any others? )
(3027) DM: (ah, never mind)
(3027) DM: (3 stays put)
(3027) DM: (so only 4 runs away.)
(3027) DM: (so 7 is unconscious, 3 is fatigued and bleeding and 4 runs away)
(3022) Rowan: "Want me to track 4?"
(3026) Sushil: (stunned, he can still move, just not take a standard action, I believe)
(3026) Sushil: (actually, I might be thinking of something else)
(3024) Cassima: (( "A stunned creature drops everything held, can’t take actions, takes a -2 penalty to AC, and loses his Dexterity bonus to AC (if any)" ))
(3026) Sushil: (right, nvm)
(3026) Sushil: (I was thinking dazed ;p)
(3024) Cassima: (( so - are we finishing them off or not? ))
** (3026) Sushil reloads his crossbow, as he leads the horse a bit closer to the stunned hob, and orders Smasher, "Hold attack." Just before crushing the hob's skull in. **
(3026) Sushil: :then, waiting a moment for the hob to come back to reality, asks, "You aren't very intelligent, are you?"
** (3022) Rowan cleans her spear and remounts her horse **
(3024) Cassima: "Let it go for now Rowan."
** (3027) Jubjub glares at you. **
(3026) Sushil: (smasher holding ready attack, if the hob does anything stupid..er)
(3026) Sushil: "So... do we owe this attack to any particular plot, or is this just your daily fund raiser?"
** (3024) Cassima keeps her mace out, but doesn't strike it down yet either. **
(3027) Jubjub: "Huh?"
** (3022) Rowan keeps watch **
** (3027) Jubjub just looks at Sushil dumbly. **
** (3023) Kiwren keeps her horse several yards away while they interigate the one they captured **
(3026) Sushil: :sighs: "Are you attacking us for a reason, or are you just robbing anyone who comes by?"
(3027) Jubjub: "Da blak hand humie sed so."
(3027) Jubjub: "Da cheef an da blak hand humie sed so."
(3026) Sushil: "I see.. and you know who that black hand humie is?"
(3027) Jubjub: "Him humie. Me nub kno."
(3026) Sushil: "Figures.. and how did you know we would be coming by here?"
(3027) Jubjub: "Huh?"
(3026) Sushil: :speaks slower: "How did you know we would come down this road?"
(3027) Jubjub: "Us do dis ebry day."
(3027) Jubjub: "Dat Monkeydoo. Him 'fraidydoo, so him bate."
(3026) Sushil: :smacks his head: "Ah.. the black hand humie told you to do this routinely? When did he start having you do this?"
** (3027) Jubjub points to the body. **
(3027) Jubjub: "Lotz days."
(3024) Cassima: "Not anymore he isn't." Cassima leaves Jubjub with Sushil and Smasher while she moves to the body of Monkeydoo and removes it from the road, dragging it as best she can into the trees.
(3026) Sushil: "And di you happen to come across a young human woman and an entourage of purple dragons, a while back?"
(3027) Jubjub: "Da humie in da keep?"
(3026) Sushil: "Which keep?"
(3027) Jubjub: "Me in da keep. Yub sed us leeb. Shar-kee sed us leeb. We leeb."
(3026) Sushil: "Oh... you were there too? Sorry. You all kind of look the same to me."
(3027) DM: (that was the session where Sushil was first introduced if you remember from back in the day)
(3026) Sushil: "So, you recall me then? Do you recall I work for the black hand humie?"
(3024) Cassima: (( I remember - of course Cassima doesn't... ))
(3027) Jubjub: "Jubjub kno. Jubjub see yub. Yub da mojoka."
(3026) Sushil: :glares harshly at the hob: "And you thought attacking me was a good idea?"
(3027) Jubjub: "Shar-kee sed us kill humies. We kill humies."
** (3027) Jubjub shrugs. **
(3026) Sushil: "Wonderfully planned. Why am I not killing you for stupidity again?"
** (3027) Jubjub grins painfully at all of you. "Yub bedder hab more humies. We hobgoblins kum to da keep and kill yub." **
(3026) Sushil: :sighs: "You are coming to the keep soon then?"
(3027) Jubjub: "Da blak hand humie knos."
(3027) Jubjub: "Da blak hand humie knos and sez. Us go."
(3027) Jubjub: "Da blak hand humie scary. Me 'fraidydoo."
(3027) Jubjub: "Him big mojoka."
** (3027) Jubjub shudders. **
(3026) Sushil: "Yes, but I'm going to be away from the keep at the time, so I am curious exactly when it will happen. I had planned on preparing a delivery there. So, when is the attack planned for?"
** (3027) Jubjub looks at you dumbly. **
(3026) Sushil: "I don't have time for dumb stares. Either you know or you don't. Figure it out."
(3027) Jubjub: "Me nub kno. Da blak hand humie sed sumtin. Need big sord humie. Me dunno."
(3026) Sushil: :groans: "Does one of the fools who ran off know?"
(3027) Jubjub: "Huh?"
(3027) DM: (only one hobgoblin got away)
(3026) Sushil: (yeah, didn't mean to pluralize that)
(3027) DM: (I don't want to let this get carried away. Just keep in mind time's passing and it's raining.)
(3026) Sushil: ""THe one who ran away... does he know?"
(3027) Jubjub: "Kno what? Da attack? Mebbe."
(3026) Sushil: "Fine.. " :looks to the others: "Is there an inn near here?"
(3027) Jubjub: "Da blak mojoka sed sumtin bout da big sord humie. Dunno when." (shrugs)
** (3024) Cassima comes back from dragging the dead bodeis of the hobgoblins off the road, her hair clinging to her neck and body as it is getting drenched with the continuing rain. **
** (3022) Rowan shakes off the rain on her cloak and hood and holds her spear readied **
** (3022) Rowan looks around **
(3024) Cassima: "The nearest inn is back in town."
(3026) Sushil: "Alright.. where are we making camp then?"
(3024) Cassima: "Camp? The rain is not that bad yet - and I'd rather not remain here after that one hobgoblin got away."
(3022) Rowan: "Best stay alert for his friends."
(3026) Sushil: "Hmmm... alright.." :looks Jubjub: "I want you to deliver a message for me then."
(3026) Sushil: "You remember, Grinkle, yes?"
(3027) Jubjub: "Him backstabber."
** (3027) Jubjub glares at you. **
** (3024) Cassima moves over to Rowan. "Rowan, do you remember The Emerald Tankard? The wayrest that we used on our way to Eveingstar? Do you think we might make it there tonight still?" **
(3026) Sushil: "Him my servant in the keep, servant of black hand."
whispering to Rowan, doable
(3022) Rowan: "Probably only if we were to hurry, else we'll be camping on or off the road."
whispering to Rowan, The Emerald Tankard is known for its food and its innkeep, who is also a priestess of Chauntea in his spare time.
** (3024) Cassima nods, turning back to Sushil. **
(3026) Sushil: "You will deliver him a message for me. Find out the date of your attack, so that he knows to reschedule the delivery. You should be able to find him outside the keep on chores at times. Do not be caught!"
whispering to Rowan, er, her spare time.
(3026) Sushil: "Know that my orders are the orders of the Black Hand, and do not fail. Am I clear?"
(3027) Jubjub: "Yub."
** (3027) Jubjub says this sullenly. **
(3026) Sushil: "Now go before I change my mind."
** (3027) Jubjub struggles to his feet and turns tail. He wobbles, then falls face forward. After a second, he gets up and continues at a lame trot. **
(3027) DM: He can't seem to get away fast enough.
(3024) Cassima: "Care to exaplin what this black hand is and what is going on?" she asks Sushil, once the hobgoblin is gone.
** (3023) Kiwren moves her horse up after Jubjub leaves **
** (3026) Sushil keeps a hard glare on the hob's back, until he's well away. Then, letting the mask of menace fall, he turns to the others to offer, "It's complicated. Lets just see how it turns out. If we're lucky, Ruth will have forewarning of an attack on the keep." **
** (3022) Rowan looks at Sushil **
(3023) Kiwren: (( AFK for a smoke ))
(3022) Rowan: "The Black Hand could be a reference to the Zhents."
(3024) Cassima: "Well, we have a full day's travel if you want to make the next wayrest. How about you start making it less complicated during the trip?"
** (3024) Cassima returns to her horse and mounts up, ready to get moving. **
** (3026) Sushil looks up from under his leather hood, "I did tell you we had a zhent problem. They had possession of the keep, via that hob's tribe, before Ruth took over. Seems they plan to try it again." **
(3024) Cassima: (( Sushil worries that one of us might work with Zhents, but now he is the one claiming to do so... :-P ))
(3026) Sushil: (yeah, he's kind of ignoring that bit at the moment.)
(3022) Rowan: "Well acting like your an agent for them doesn't make me any happier. I hate the Zhentarim, they killed my family."
(3022) Rowan: "I will slay any of them I encounter."
(3024) Cassima: "Ok, but how does that make you part of the black hand?" she asks, concentrating on Sushil.
(3026) Sushil: :to minion: "Smasher, get back on the horse." :and waits as the minion compies:
** (3022) Rowan prepares to impale Sushil **
(3022) Rowan: "So speak necromancer, who's side are you really on?"
(3026) Sushil: :shakes his head: "No, no.. it's just a misunderstanding. When I went to the keep to aid in the hob removal, they mistook me for a zhent overlord."
(3024) Cassima: "Just a moment." she says to Rowan. "Now, I find it hard to believe that Lady Ruth and Lady Winter would be so oblivious to a Zhent spy. And you did fight off the tribe, but somethings here are simply not adding up."
(3022) Rowan: "Something stinks."
(3026) Sushil: "Of course, they mistook me for one, because I claimed to be such. It seemed a clever way to get inside. When I arrived though, I found Ruth and her comrades had already come up through the basement of the keep and had wrestled control of the place. I later confessed my lie to Ruth, but let the hobs continue thinking I was a zhent, should it prove useful later." :smirks: "And apparently it has."
(3024) Cassima: "Useful, and dangerous as well."
(3022) Rowan: "Indeed."
(3026) Sushil: "Most of my ploys are."
(3024) Cassima: "I'll keep that in mind with any future plans you suggest then."
(3026) Sushil: "I'm sorry if I upset you, ladies. But I could only hope you would play along as I went."
(3022) Rowan: "Careful they don't get you killed, you could lose friends/allies."
(3022) Rowan: "You upset me very much, nearly got yourself killed."
** (3022) Rowan rides off **
(3022) Rowan: ((scouting ahead))
(3024) Cassima: "Rowan's right - it would have been best if we had know before hand. However," Cassima sighs, relazing a little, "I believe I can see reasons why you would not tell such a tale to everyone you meet."
(3026) Sushil: 'I'm terribly sorry then. If I claim to be anything more than Sushil, novice mage of Stonewatch in the future, just ignore it and play along."
(3024) Cassima: "Depending on how many enemies you are trying to fool - we shall see." she replies with a slight smile. "For now, let's not let Rowan get too far ahead of us."
(3027) DM: (going to step in for a moment -- the rest of the day passes uneventfully, although the drizzle continues unabated for a few hours, so by the time you get to the Tankard, you're dying for a good meal and a hot bath. feel free to RP but at some point I'm going to FF. in about 10 minutes real time.)
(3026) Sushil: :once Smasher is on the horse, he steers the horse forward: "Unless I'm drunk and claiming to be a bird. In which case get me off the roof before I jump and please put my clothes back on."
(3024) Cassima: "Hmm, sounds like a job for Kiwren there."
** (3022) Rowan gets a room with a hot bath and a hot meal and beer **
(3026) Sushil: :nods to Cassima and offers to Kiwren: "I appreciate the effort."
(3026) Sushil: (seems a good place to ff)
** (3023) Kiwren looks up a little startled **
** (3024) Cassima chuckles and moves off ahead, to try to check on Rowan. ((now it is - just making sure Rowan has calmed a little, and chat with her to help calm her more if needed.) **
(3023) Kiwren: "Whats a good job for me?"
(3024) Cassima: (( going to grab a quick smoke ))
** (3026) Sushil spends the rest of the ride, explaining, with some tactful omissions, the tale which brought him to stonewatch, to pacify the others. Once at the inn, he heads straight to the bar for a warm ale. **
(3026) Sushil: :smasher follows along, taking a seat by his master, silently:
(3022) Rowan: ((isn't so calm))
(3027) Elvira: "Well met. You're in luck, we have just four rooms left all for the taking. Dinner in two turns of the glass."
** (3022) Rowan pays for a room **
(3026) Sushil: :grins to Elvira: "Heh.. seems my day for lucky timing."
(3026) Sushil: "I'll take a room to dry off in, but first an ale, please."
(3027) Elvira: "Coming right up." (hands Sushil a drink menu)
(3027) Elvira: "For later."
(3026) Sushil: :looks the menu over for Sembian wine:
(3027) Elvira: "Entertainment for tonight is Raphiel the Manyfingered. Hopefully he won't bring the house down like he almost did the last time." (winks)
** (3023) Kiwren takes a seat and orders some food **
(3026) Sushil: :raises a brow to the odd remark, replying politely, "One can only hope."
** (3022) Rowan cleans up and comes down for dinner **
(3024) Cassima: (( how many beds in each room? ))
(3023) Kiwren: "Manyfingered?" ** looks at her hands ** "Odd choice of surname unless he is actualy missing many fingers" ** speaking to noone inparticular **
(3026) Sushil: :to Kiwren: "Likely a stringed instrument player, noted for his quick finger work."
(3026) Sushil: "or... a giant finger monster strong enough to topple buildings. I suppose we shall see."
(3023) Kiwren: "Then wouldnt Quickfingers be a better choice?"
(3027) DM: ((3 twins, 1 single))
** (3022) Rowan orders a Pear liqueur **
(3026) Sushil: "Maybe Quickfingers was taken." :to Elvira: "Forget the ale, I'll have a Sembian wine, please."
(3027) DM: She comes over to Rowan and hands you a silver-filgreed glass with green trim and a tall flask filled with a slightly amber-colored liquid.
** (3024) Cassima pays for another room, figuring the three females can split two of the rooms. She then goes up and cleans up a little bit, and dries off, as well. **
(3027) Elvira: "This has the kick of a bull. A little goes a long way."
** (3022) Rowan smiles and pours a glass **
(3023) Kiwren: "I'll have Cormyrean red," ** tilts her head to the side ** "Zêcfcfáæiöä'Zêbjoäá"
(3027) Elvira: "Make yourselves at home. I hope you're hungry. Cook has a great spread coming up."
(3022) Rowan: "Good, need a good drink."
** (3024) Cassima returns soon after, feeling much better, her hair pulled back and put up for now to keep the dampness off her neck. **
(3027) DM: The common room is packed. Most of the tables are filled. Off to one side is a group of dwarves, adventurers by the looks of them, all engaed in a game of dice.
(3024) Cassima: "May I join you with the drink Rowan, there seems to be enough there to split."
(3027) DM: Other travellers, merchants and the occasional farmer are seated here and there.
(3022) Rowan: "Sure."
** (3022) Rowan sips the golden liquid **
(3023) Kiwren: "Oh dice!, I wonder if they will let me join a game."
** (3024) Cassima gets another glass from Elvira and pours herself a drink of the amber liquid. She takes a small sip of it, letting it warm her without overwhelming her, hopefully. **
(3026) Sushil: :glances to Kiwren: "Stowed away in a cave for 9 years, but gambling you learn, eh?"
(3023) Kiwren: "No, thats why I want to play."
(3026) Sushil: :grins: "Well.. it should be a learning experience for you. Enjoy."
** (3024) Cassima speaks softly with Rowan. "I understand your aggrevation, at least a little. We'll have to keep our eyes open, but I believe that we have still made a good choice." **
(3027) The dwarves: "By my beard!"
(3027) The dwarves: "BY MY BEARD!"
** (3022) Rowan whispers, "Cassima, I don't think I trust Sushil anymore." **
(3027) Durin: "By my beard!"
(3027) Durin: "I've lost again!" (grunts)
(3024) Cassima: "And Lady Ruth, and lady Winter?"
(3027) DM: (that first by my beard was supposed to be Durin)
(3024) Cassima: (( still whispering over the drink. ))
** (3023) Kiwren gets up and heads over to tables with the dwarves "Could I join?" **
** (3027) Durin looks at Kiwren and sizes you up and down. **
(3022) Rowan: "I'll see."
(3027) Durin: "Sure you can. As long as you're fine with the price of losing."
(3024) Cassima: "That is all we can do right now. Watch and see - wherever our eyes need to watch."
(3023) Kiwren: "Whats the price?" ** looks a little confused **
(3027) Durin: "Loser gets to buy us a round of drinks."
** (3023) Kiwren shrugs "Oh, ok." **
(3022) Rowan: "My whole village was attacked by the Zhentarim and they killed my parents, who were former adventurers. I don' t like his idea of deception no matter what it gains us."
** (3027) Durin says "Make way!" **
(3027) The dwarves: "MAKE WAY!"
(3024) Cassima: "If things are as bad as we fear they could be, then we will have to remain close and vigilent. And if they are not, then we should be able to find proof of such with our vigilence as well."
(3026) Sushil: :to Elvira: "Is this place always so busy?"
** (3023) Kiwren sits down "So what are the rules of this game?" **
** (3027) Durin offers Kiwren his chair and he pulls up another. **
(3022) Rowan: "Well food and drink will help after a long ride in the rain and slaying hobgoblins."
** (3022) Rowan sips the liqueur **
(3027) Durin: "Seven dice, see? Bet on a number and toss. The closer you are to that number without going over, you win."
(3024) Cassima: "And if his story is correct - that it was done in order to save lives of those trying to free Lady Ruth's keep - does that not make it worth it?" She holds up a hand slightly to Rowan before the woan can respond and sighs. "I don't expect an answer, as I don't have one either."
** (3023) Kiwren looks at the dice ((Typical 6 sided?)) **
(3027) DM: (yes)
** (3022) Rowan shakes her head and chugs the rest of the liquer like a shot **
** (3024) Cassima continues to just sip her drink at irregular intervals. **
(3027) Elvira: "We're one of the few wayrests on the road between Eveningstar and Arabel, aye."
** (3022) Rowan pours another shot **
(3026) Sushil: "Ah, just didn't know if travel was being hampered with all the attacks. Even my friends and I were assaulted by a hobgoblin troupe on the way. I even heard a noble's bride went missing on the trail not long back."
(3024) Cassima: "Just remember that I will always have your back Rowan, I simply ask for time for us to be able to sort everything out, ok?"
(3023) Kiwren: "Ok, so my guess is twenty one." ** hands the dice to Durin ** "That work?"
** (3026) Sushil raises his wine goblet, breathing in the fragrance with some naostalgia. **
(3022) Rowan: "Sure, til swords part."
(3024) Cassima: "Til swords part." Cass replies, taking another drink from her glass.
** (3027) Durin nods. "Now make a bet. The rest of us will lay our wagers and then toss. Whomever rolls closest without going over wins the pot." **
** (3024) Cassima turns in her seat to watch Kiwren play dice. **
(3027) Durin: "The lowest bet is one silver, the highest is one gold."
(3027) Elvira: "I have heard of some incidents along the road. Travellers aren't safe these days." (sighs)
** (3023) Kiwren places five silver on the table **
(3026) Sushil: "Did she come through here.. the bride that is?" :asks in friendly conversation, as he sips his wine:
(3027) Elvira: "It's best to keep one hand on your purse and another on your blade."
(3027) Elvira: "You've heard of her ladyship's kidnapping then?"
(3027) Elvira: "Aye, so she did. A fine lass Danaeril is. I hope that she's returned to her husband-to-be. He's beside himself with grief, so I've heard."
(3027) DM: The rest of the dwarves bet.
(3027) Durin: "As a newcomer to our table, you have the honor of going first if you like."
(3026) Sushil: :shakes his head woefully: "Such a shame. We can only hope for the best."
** (3027) Durin offers the dice to you. **
(3023) Kiwren: "Ok" ** takes the dice and gives them a vigorous shake ** (([7d6] => [1,1,4,2,5,6,1] = (20)))
** (3022) Rowan watches as she sips her second glass full **
(3026) Sushil: "By the way, ma'am do you know if any of your guests tonight are come from Arabel, as we are headed in that direction, I would like to ask about goings on further up the road."
(3024) Cassima: (( great roll! ))
** (3027) Durin sighs and rolls. **
(3027) Durin: [7d6] => [2,5,6,5,6,6,1] = (31)
(3027) Durin: "By the stones!"
(3027) The dwarves: "BY THE STONES!"
(3024) Cassima: (( I'm so glad Stash isn't rolling for fireball damage tonight... ))
** (3027) Durin buries his head in his hands. **
(3026) Sushil: (sushil will do a bit of info gathering about the bride's path, if any travellers heard the last stop she was known to make. don't need to rp it all, of course.)
(3023) Kiwren: "I win?"
(3027) Durin: "Aye, lass. You win."
** (3023) Kiwren claps "This is fun!" **
(3027) DM: (after the other dwarves roll of course)
(3027) DM: (np)
(3027) DM: (I'll whisper it to you in a few)
(3026) Sushil: (take your time)
(3023) Kiwren: "So which way are you headed?" ** me keeps playing and talking **
(3027) Durin: "To Dhedluk and points south."
(3027) Durin: "And yourself?"
(3023) Kiwren: "To Arabel, if you are passing though Eavningstar watchout on the road there, we were attacked by Hobgoblins."
(3027) Durin: "Hobgoblins? Did you kill any?"
** (3027) Durin plays as he talks **
(3023) Kiwren: "Not myself, though my firends did. I helped my providing magical support for them."
(3023) Kiwren: (( *by ))
(3027) DM: A halfling, garbed in multicolored patchwork over not-very-well made leather armor, enters the inn. Several bells and fingerdrums attached to his clothing jingle as he walks.
(3027) Elvira: "Sweetkin! You're here! Rest up, you've got a full house tonight!"
** (3027) Elvira ushers the halfling in and takes his gear, fussing over him like a grandmother. **
(3027) Raphiel the Manyfingered: "Indeed. Well, I hope you've got dinner soon because I could eat a horse."
(3027) Elvira: "Your room is ready."
(3027) Raphiel the Manyfingered: "You're the best, love." (flashes a wide grin) "I've got a bag of tricks I can't wait to show off."
(3027) Elvira: "Just don't burn anything, all right?"
(3027) Raphiel the Manyfingered: "No illusions of dragons, I promise." (looks over) "Or dwarven maids." (giggles)
** (3026) Sushil moves about the room, discussing with a few different travellers. Though he does look up to see what the oddly dressed halfling is preparing for. **
(3027) Raphiel the Manyfingered: "I'll be down in a few. It's going to rain all night tonight."
(3023) Kiwren: "So whats in Dhedluk?"
(3027) Durin: "An offer of employment. We've been hired as caravan guards, now all we need to do is show up there."
(3027) DM: (trying to move this along as we have an hour left before stopping for the night.)
(3023) Kiwren: "Ahh, so if those Hobgoblins are stupid enough to attack again when you pass though you should give them another butt kicking."
(3024) Cassima: (( go ahead - I'm guess that you want to show tonight's performance for a reason... ))
(3027) DM: ((I can FF through it. it was just a bit of color I threw in))
(3022) Rowan: ((afk))
(3026) Sushil: (no, please entertain ^_^)
(3027) DM: ((Lando isn't used to our style of gaming and I'm cognizant re our convo after the last session of things dragging.))
(3024) Cassima: (( ahh. Well, Cassima was just watching over Kiwren to make sure she would be ok - which she seems to be. And watching Sushil a little here and there, but other than that she just plans on enjoying the show, resting up, and moving on in the morning. ))
(3024) Cassima: (( I think Rowan is fine with just drinking the night away right now. :-P ))
** (3027) Raphiel the Manyfingered heads up to his room, castanets and fingerbells clapping as he goes along. **
(3023) Kiwren: (( I am just RPing for RP sake with the dwarves so feel free to FF though any of it ))
(3026) Sushil: (yeah, you can ff to the show of course)
(3027) DM: A few moments after the halfling heads upstairs, a whippet-thin man in a dark brown tunic and knee-high breeches excuses himself from the bar and heads upstairs.
(3022) Rowan: ((just watching, had to take more pain meds, fallinf alsleep))
(3026) Sushil: (brb)
(3027) DM: ((if you need to go Ross, you can leave and we'll continue without you))
(3027) DM: ((I tried to get some combat in early tonight just in case this would happen.))
(3024) Cassima: (( Rowan drinks too much and we put her to bed early. :-P ))
(3022) Rowan: ((think the drugs are kicking in and I'll see ya nezt time... hopefully my pins will be out on the 5th... ))
** (3022) Rowan eats and turns in **
(3024) Cassima: (( no prob, glad you were able to as much as you could. ))
(3022) Rowan: ((til swords part my friends))
(3026) Sushil: (cya lando)
** (3024) Cassima makes sure that Rowan gets upstairs safely, then returns to the commons room. **
(3022) Rowan: ((oh, one final thing... will be late nezt week..got a DC meeting for staff to go to))
(3022) Rowan: Til swords part
(3022) Rowan (exit): 22:11
(3027) DM: Minutes later, Raphiel makes his way down. His outfit is cleaner and drier, but hasn't changed. Still garish and quite loud.
** (3024) Cassima orders the fish for dinner, getting something to eat for during the entertainment. **
** (3026) Sushil orders the roast boar and field greens and mushrooms, along with a refill of his wine, as he heads back to join Cassima at her table to ask of Kiwren, "How is her first shot of gambling going?" **
** (3023) Kiwren pauses her chatting with the Dwarves and orders her meal "I will have Roast boar basted in garlic butter and Arabellan ruby wine" **
(3027) DM: You place your orders and are served. The halfling makes his way to the rear of the common room and harrumphs, as Elvira calls for a brief respite from the noise.
(3027) Raphiel the Manyfingered: "Well met, one and all and welcome to tonight's entertainment. I, Raphiel the Manyfingered, am your host and tonight, I shall show you delights undreamed."
(3024) Cassima: "She did great on the first round - I haven't caught the results of the other hands. But the dwarves are treating her well - so it is all going good enough."
(3027) Raphiel the Manyfingered: "Tonight, you shall bear witness to many wonders, before your eyes! And all for the price of dinner and wine. So relax, eat, drink and make merry. Our show will begin in a few minutes."
(3026) Sushil: :watches the show, and keeps his voice down, as he asks Cassima: "And what of Rowan? Has she calmed yet?"
(3024) Cassima: "Not fully. Your little story shook her up - a lot."
** (3027) Raphiel the Manyfingered wiggles his fingers as a sphere of white light pops into view in the center of the room. The light is pleasing to gaze at and doesn't hurt your eyes, but at the same time, blocks all vision penetrating it. Raphiel enters the sphere without warning. **
(3026) Sushil: :frowns a bit, nodding warily: "I understand. All I can do is try to reassure yo of my intentions as we go by deed, I'm afraid. And I cannot promise my deeds will always be acceptable to you."
(3024) Cassima: "I understand, and I'm pleased that you note that your acts will be watched and noted. I know that we came to you at your call for aid, but today's events did raise a few questions."
** (3027) Raphiel the Manyfingered exits the sphere, this time dressed in a light blue robe with a white sash around his waist. He walks up to Kiwren, oblivious to the dwarves' glares and unease and passes his hands in and around her ears and with a flourish, releases a white dove from behind her head. **
** (3023) Kiwren watches the show absently, being more interested in the dice game **
(3024) Cassima: "As would your close companion's presence in Arabel."
(3027) DM: The dove flies to the rafters where it nests there.
** (3027) Raphiel the Manyfingered bows. "For my next trick, who among you is a worthy warrior of renown?" **
(3027) DM: (I wish Rowan was here, lol)
(3024) Cassima: (( lol ))
** (3023) Kiwren flicks absently at the brids as they fly away, then turns around "You know birds can carry many sicknesses?" **
(3024) Cassima: (( or the sellsword we had for a few weeks... ))
(3026) Sushil: :passes a slight grin, hard to say if it is for the conversation or the show, but offers to Cassima: "My logic, odd as it may be, brings me to take certain risks when I feel the potential good outweighs the risk. It lead me to assume the identy of a zhent to infiltrate the keep back then, and it brought me to use that falsehood to try to prevent a disasterous assault today. In the future, I will try to be more cautious, for your sakes."
(3027) Raphiel the Manyfingered: "No one?" (looks with dismay)
(3027) Durin: "I'm a warrior, mage. By my axe!"
(3027) The dwarves: "BY HIS AXE!"
(3027) Durin: "What's it to you?"
(3027) Raphiel the Manyfingered: "Ah, a worthy axe! Step right up here and tell me what it is you see!" (points to the door leading to the kitchen)
** (3023) Kiwren watches Durin **
(3024) Cassima: "And for your own sake, as well. But for now, let us enjoy the pleasure of the show, shall we?"
(3027) Durin: "What do I see? Noth --- Run!!! Run for your lives!!!"
** (3026) Sushil nods, to Cassima, as he watches the dwarf freak out. **
(3027) DM: All eyes turn to the kitchen whereupon a crimson-scaled dragon bursts through the doorway and flies aloft the dining room, and begins to open her mouth in anticipation.
(3024) Cassima: "So much for no dragons." she mutters.
** (3023) Kiwren laughs **
(3027) DM: The commons room erupts in pandemonium as Raphiel flicks his wrist and the image vanishes. In its place is a gigantic pastry sculpture of a dragon on its haunches.
(3027) Raphiel the Manyfingered: "A gift from the chef, with the aid of my magic." (bows)
** (3024) Cassima starts applauding the trick a little. **
(3027) DM: Eventually people settle down.
** (3026) Sushil laughs gleefully at all the chaos and panic, clapping in appreciation as the halfling takes his bow. **
** (3027) Raphiel the Manyfingered turns to Durin. "Do you want to do the honors?" **
** (3027) Durin glances at Raphiel as if regarding a snake. "What do ye have in mind this time, numblenuts?" **
(3026) Sushil: "Wonder if the cake'll explode."
** (3027) Raphiel the Manyfingered lets the insult pass him by. "Just take your best slice at the dragon. That is, if you're brave enough...." **
** (3026) Sushil draws up his hood, in precaution **
(3027) Durin: "If I'm brave enough?!?! By the stars!"
(3027) The dwarves: "BY THE STARS!"
(3027) Durin: "I'll show ye if I'm brave. And when I'm through, wait till ye see me do the same to ye!"
(3026) Sushil: "Like bating a fish..."
(3024) Cassima: "If that difficult." Cass mutters, taking a bite of her own fish.
** (3027) Durin walks over to the dragon and lops off its head. Out flies a stream of ravens, each of which clutches a mincemeat pie. The ravens deposit a pie atop the various tables in the room and vanish with a puff of smoke. **
** (3027) Raphiel the Manyfingered bows. "Enjoy the pie my friends. I shall return in a few moments." **
(3027) Durin: "Well, I'll be. Are ye eatin' that?" (to Kiwren)
** (3023) Kiwren pushes her pie toward Durin **
(3023) Kiwren: "Nope, the roast boar was plenty for me."
(3027) Durin: "I'm not eatin' no magic pie."
(3026) Sushil: "Heh.. Fun show and free pie. You have to hand it to him." :looks at the pie: "Wonder if the pie will explode."
(3027) Durin: "It'll probably explode."
(3024) Cassima: "What is it with you and explosions?"
(3024) Cassima: (( asking Sushil. ))
** (3027) Durin pokes at it with his axe. **
(3026) Sushil: :shrugs: "I like explosions.. I think it's just a male thing."
(3027) DM: The pie just sits there.
** (3024) Cassima uses her knife to cut into the pie, planning on cutting a slice out. **
(3023) Kiwren: "I doubt it will explode, would be bad for buisness if he burned his audiance."
(3027) DM: The leather-garbed thin man makes his way downstairs, tosses a coin in the till and leaves.
** (3027) Raphiel the Manyfingered makes his way to the bar and orders a drink. **
(3027) Elvira: "I thought I told you no dragons, love."
** (3026) Sushil gives the leather-garbed man a passing glance, wondering who'd be leaving at this hour." **
(3027) Raphiel the Manyfingered: "No. But I couldn't resist." (giggles)
(3024) Cassima: "Was that the chef?" Cass asks Elvira, indicating the man elaving.
(3024) Cassima: (( *leaving ))
(3027) Elvira: "Well, at least you didn't toss any fireballs. I don't think I could stomach another month of nightmares."
(3027) Elvira: "Eh? I don't know. I've never seen him before."
(3024) Cassima: "Oh, I wondered why he was leaving if he was."
** (3027) Elvira shrugs. "Your guess is as good as mine." **
(3027) Elvira: "I think he said he was from Waymoot. Far from there, he is."
(3024) Cassima: "Hmm, must be part of the act I guess." Cassima shrugs and takes a bite of the pie.
(3026) Sushil: "Has he taken a room for the night?"
** (3027) Raphiel the Manyfingered takes a long pull of his drink and turns to regard the room. "One of my best nights yet." **
(3027) Elvira: "Come to think of it, he did pay."
(3027) Elvira: "Why do you ask?"
(3026) Sushil: :shrugs: "Just curious, since he was coming downstairs, but walked out this late. Perhaps checking on something outside though."
(3027) Elvira: "I can't imagine what that would be. There's naught save the garden, the shrine and the stables."
(3026) Sushil: "Checking on his mount, mayhaps. Unless he's a religious man."
** (3024) Cassima looks to Raphiel. "Is he religious?" **
(3027) DM: (going to stop here unless you have something else to do)
(3026) Sushil: (I don't mind stopping here. We can always pick it up later.))
(3027) DM: (next session, we'll resume the morning of the next day as you continue to Arabel)
(3026) Sushil: (okey)
(3024) Cassima: (( ahh - no answer to the question until next week then? ))
(3027) DM: (IF you want to do something during the week, we can do it in e-mail chat. I'm open to that.)
(3027) DM: you're asking Raphiel is who religious?
(3027) DM: the man?
(3024) Cassima: (( yep ))
(3027) DM: the halfling dodges the question
(3024) Cassima: (( ok - end it on that. :-) ))
(3026) Sushil: Matrix-style
(3027) Raphiel the Manyfingered: "In a manner of speaking."
(3027) DM: (feel free to continue via e-mail though)
(3024) Zane: ok - but Cass is only going to press it if someone else is also interested (i.e. Sushil)
(3023) Dj Gilcrease: see yall next week
(3024) Zane: k
(3023) Dj Gilcrease: Oh, how much did I win/lose?
(3026) Sushil: if cassima is interested Sushil will play along, playing humble to reearn som trust
(3027) DM: 200 gp
(3027) DM: no just kidding
(3027) DM: 25 gp
(3027) DM: and Durin buys everyone drinks
(3024) Zane: ok - I might do some more in email. I'll send something in a day or two.
(3027) DM: do me a favor and roll 10 d20s
(3026) Sushil: gotcha
(3027) DM: you can send the rolls to me via e-mail
(3024) Zane: all of us, or just DJ?
(3023) Dj Gilcrease: [192+25] => 217
(3026) Sushil: who? dj?
(3027) DM: if someone needs to roll sense motive or something else, we'll use those rolls
(3027) DM: you guys
(3027) DM: since we're continuing this by e-mail
(3024) Zane: ahh, I see.
(3026) Sushil: :shrug, okay:
(3027) DM: gonna go, I trust y'all
(3026) Sushil: [1d20] => [20] = (20)
(3026) Sushil: [1d20] => [8] = (8)
(3026) Sushil: [1d20] => [16] = (16)
(3026) Sushil: [1d20] => [19] = (19)
(3024) Zane: [10d20] => [16,3,14,3,3,4,12,11,11,7] = (84)
(3026) Sushil: [1d20] => [20] = (20)
(3026) Sushil: [1d20] => [19] = (19)
(3026) Sushil: [1d20] => [19] = (19)
(3026) Sushil: [1d20] => [18] = (18)
(3026) Sushil: [1d20] => [7] = (7)
(3026) Sushil: [1d20] => [4] = (4)

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