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(1662) TaliesinNYC: I found it on the web

(1662) TaliesinNYC: I found it on the web
(1662) TaliesinNYC: anyway, let's go
(1662) TaliesinNYC: (1353) Lady Winter: "Who is the Bolg Mor?"
(1662) TaliesinNYC: ** (1354) Cassima glances back to Jasper, "But none can be certain? So she may have lost it before reaching Eveningstar, indicating that she came from the north of here and indeed continued on to Arabel. Or, she may have lost it afterwards and have been headed north from here, whether or not of her own free will." **
(1662) TaliesinNYC: (1355) Sushil: :sighs: "He is a Firbolg, who my associates hope to make a peasceful agreement of aid with, by way of Lady Ruth."
(1662) TaliesinNYC: ** (1353) Jasper simply shrugs. **
(1662) TaliesinNYC: (1356) Kiwren: "A Firbolg from the north west. Rumors say he waylays travelers and kills them if they cannot pay to pass though his lands. Though I doubt that killing part is true."
(1662) TaliesinNYC: ** (1355) Sushil chuckles a bit at Kiwrens excessive honesty, though turns discretely back to her with a warning glare. **
(1662) TaliesinNYC: (1353) Lady Winter: "Giants are a serious matter, particularly giants with a reputation for being murderers. I have not heard of this particular giant however, so I shall wait and see what happens. We will be vigilant in the meantime."
(1662) TaliesinNYC: (1356) Kiwren: "Um shushil, I just swore an oath not to work against the crown, laying to a represenative of the crown would seem to be working against the crown, No?"
(1662) TaliesinNYC: (1353) Lady Winter: "You say you made a peaceful agreement with this giant, so I trust your judgment was in good faith."
(1662) TaliesinNYC: (1355) Sushil: "I thank you for your understanding in the matter." :tries to ignore Kiwren: "I would ask also that you put out word to patrols around the area, so the Bolg Mor is not caught in confrontation or misunderstanding before his arrival at Stonewatch."
(1662) TaliesinNYC: (1353) Lady Winter: "Firbolg are usually not thought of as dangerous. Verbeeg are, on the other hand." (smiles slightly) "I thank you for the suggestion. Now, if you have any more questions?"
(1662) TaliesinNYC: ** (1356) Kiwren shrugs and turns to scanning the room muttering to herself **
(1662) TaliesinNYC: (1355) Sushil: "None at the moment. I'll try not to let you down in this matter of the missing girl, after a brief stop off in Stonewatch to report to Ruth, of course. By the way, do you have a name and description of the girl?"
(1662) TaliesinNYC: ** (1353) Lady Winter passes a description to you. **
(1662) TaliesinNYC: (1353) DM: (I haven't really thought about a physical description but I promise I'll have it set in stone by next session.)
(1662) TaliesinNYC: (1355) Sushil: (not a problem. doubt we'll meet her before then.)
(1662) TaliesinNYC: (1354) Cassima: /ooc smoke break
(1662) TaliesinNYC: (1354) Cassima: (( smoke break ))
(1662) TaliesinNYC: (1355) Sushil: "I thank you, my Lady, and I will get the other new members here soon to swear in and have the charter amended."
(1662) TaliesinNYC: (1353) Lady Winter: "Demerias of House Cormaeril."
(1662) TaliesinNYC: (1353) Lady Winter: "House Cormaeril has extensive influence throughout the kingdom due to its landholdings and connections with the royal family."
(1662) TaliesinNYC: ** (1353) Lady Winter nods. **
(1662) TaliesinNYC: (1355) Sushil: "I take it leads have been investigated for anyone who would profit from disturbing this marriage?"
(1662) TaliesinNYC: (1353) Lady Winter: "This matter is a bit outside my jurisdiction as Lord Greenmantle resides in Arabel. You will have to inquire there. However I have heard that any investigation has proved fruitless."
(1662) TaliesinNYC: (1355) Sushil: "I see."
(1662) TaliesinNYC: (1355) Sushil: "Well, if there is no further business, we will take our leave." :looks for any objections:
(1662) TaliesinNYC: ** (1354) Cassima shakes her head slightly, indicating she has none. **
(1662) TaliesinNYC: (1355) Sushil: :bows: "Fare thee well, Lady." :then turns to leave.:
(1662) TaliesinNYC: ** (1356) Kiwren remains seated a moments, then looks up with a start as Sushil is getting ready to leave "Oh sorry is it time to go?" **
(1662) TaliesinNYC: (1355) Sushil: :stops, glancing back to Kiwren: "Yes.. we have an appointment to keep with Ait, remember?"
(1662) TaliesinNYC: ** (1354) Cassima follows Sushil. **
(1662) TaliesinNYC: (1354) Cassima: "And Dertol as well."
(1662) TaliesinNYC: (1356) Kiwren: "Oh yes. But we arnt headint to Stonewatç until morning. But I guess it would be rude to overstay in Lady Winters house." ** turns to Lady Winter ** "Pleasure meting you."
(1662) TaliesinNYC: ** (1356) Kiwren follows Sushil out, but stops just outside Lady Winters house and finds a comfortable place to sit and watch the flying cats. **
(1662) TaliesinNYC: (1353) DM: (so you're going to Stonewatch then?)
(1662) TaliesinNYC: (1354) Cassima: (( staying the night at the Inn, where we got a room - then Stonewatch in the morning. ))
(1662) TaliesinNYC: (1355) Sushil: (yup. can we make it there by tonight in a ride? forget exact distance)
(1662) TaliesinNYC: (1354) Cassima: (( I didn't think we would make it. If so - great. ))
(1662) TaliesinNYC: (1379) Sephris (enter): 21:58
(1662) TaliesinNYC: ** (1355) Sushil meets back up with Smasher, standing guard outside the manse. Heading over to meet Kiwren, watching the cats, he takes a moment, before speaking, "I know you are unfamiliar with social subtleties, but in the future, you shoud try to be careful what you say in particular company." **
(1662) TaliesinNYC: (1353) DM: (two days by horse. there lands are directly across the river over the bridge to the SE but the keep itself is a ways away)
(1662) TaliesinNYC: (1353) DM: (also I think for Ait, I'm going to want the full group)
(1662) TaliesinNYC: (1355) Sushil: (heh, gonna have to stay the night at the inn then, I guess)
(1662) TaliesinNYC: (1353) DM: (there will be downtime involved though, before he gets to Stonewatch.)
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(1662) DM: (since Ker is no longer with the group, Rowan will be our main fighter chick once more literally)
(1660) Sushil: (hmm.. since we have the full group, should we do the Oath tonight, since we're spending the night in Eveningstar?)
(1662) DM: (up to you)
(1655) Rowan: (( I'm game ))
(1660) Sushil: (does save time, might as well have the group gather back at Winter's that night)
(1659) Zane: (( so - we are spending the night in the inn, heading to Stonewatch tomorrow, and then heading out after the missing girl ))
(1659) Zane: (( oh, I'm good to do the oath. ))
(1662) DM: (k)
(1660) Sushil: (Heading to Arabel, unless we get a lead on the girl first, but yeah that seems the basic plan)
(1662) DM: (so you're going back to Lady Winter then?)
(1659) Cassima: (( appears so. ))
(1660) Sushil: (yup)
(1662) Lady Winter: "Back so soon?"
** (1660) Sushil grins to the Lady, waving a passive hand, "Well, I was able to wrangle the candidates tonight, so, I figured the sooner the better, no?" **
(1662) Lady Winter: "I see."
(1662) Lady Winter: "And what of the name of your company? Will it be the same or a different one?"
** (1655) Rowan bows **
** (1659) Cassima curties to Lady Winter as they enter. **
** (1671) Kiwren gazes around the room mouthing strange words **
(1660) Sushil: :shakes his head: "No, no... I don't believe Greenwood quite fits this new crew."
(1662) Lady Winter: "The name is important as that is what identifies you."
** (1662) Lady Winter waits patiently as the group confers. **
(1660) Sushil: :rubs his chin: "I wa thinking along the lines of Stonewarders, given our affiliation." :looks back to the group: "Any aomplaints?"
** (1659) Cassima thinks for a second and nods to Sushil **
(1660) Sushil: (complaints even)
(1662) Lady Winter: "Have you come to an agreement?"
** (1655) Rowan nods **
** (1671) Kiwren continues gazing randomly around the room, pausing for a second to shake her head at Sushil's question **
(1662) Lady Winter: "It seems as if one of your Company disagrees."
(1660) Sushil: :raises a brow to Kiwren's odd gesture, noting aside: "It seems to pass for the majority."
(1660) Sushil: :to Kiwren: "If you have an opinion to voice, you may speak it openly."
(1659) Cassima: (( I think she was saying no to any complaints, where the rest of us were nodding in agreement with the name. :-P ))
(1660) Sushil: (or, was shaking her head a "no" to whether or not she was complaining?)
(1660) Sushil: (in which case, ignore the following dialogue. ;p)
** (1671) Kiwren stops her gazing and looks at Sushil, "You asked for complaints, so I shook my head. The name is fitting since we will be working for the Lady Ruth, who is master of Stonewatç." **
(1660) Sushil: "Right then. Unanimous decision." :to Winter: "I believe we are prepared now, Lady."
(1662) Lady Winter: "Very well then. Repeat after me: 'We, the members of the Stonewarders, duly chartered and recognized by the grace of King Azoun IV, the First of Tyr and Defender of the Faith, do so pledge our loyalty to the sovereign ruler of Cormyr. By this pledge, we vow to obey Cormyr's laws when within the Kingdom's borders, to neither plot nor aid an action against the Kingdom's well-being, to come to her aid when summoned against a threat to the Kingdom, and to faithfully renew our charter within the prescribed time allowed. This we pledge in the name of each of the gods that we follow."
(1655) Rowan: "Very well then. Repeat after me: 'We, the members of the Stonewarders, duly chartered and recognized by the grace of King Azoun IV, the First of Tyr and Defender of the Faith, do so pledge our loyalty to the sovereign ruler of Cormyr. By this pledge, we vow to obey Cormyr's laws when within the Kingdom's borders, to neither plot nor aid an action against the Kingdom's well-being, to come to her aid when summoned against a threat to the Kingdom, and to faithfully renew our charter within the prescribed time allowed. This we pledge in the name of each of the gods that we follow."

** (1659) Cassima starts the first syllable in order to get the group started, then repeats the oath in unison with the others. **
** (1660) Sushil takes his stable stance, and recites back, 'We, the members of the Stonewarders, duly chartered and recognized by the grace of King Azoun IV, the First of Tyr and Defender of the Faith, do so pledge our loyalty to the sovereign ruler of Cormyr. By this pledge, we vow to obey Cormyr's laws when within the Kingdom's borders, to neither plot nor aid an action against the Kingdom's well-being, to come to her aid when summoned against a threat to the Kingdom, and to faithfully renew our charter within the prescribed time allowed. This we pledge in the name of each of the gods that we follow." **
(1655) Rowan: (( opps copied to much ))
(1671) Kiwren: 'We, the members of the Stonewarders, duly chartered and recognized by the grace of King Azoun IV, the First of Tyr and Defender of the Faith, do so pledge our loyalty to the sovereign ruler of Cormyr. By this pledge, we vow to obey Cormyr's laws when within the Kingdom's borders, to neither plot nor aid an action against the Kingdom's well-being, to come to her aid when summoned against a threat to the Kingdom, and to faithfully renew our charter within the prescribed time allowed. This we pledge in the name of each of the gods that we follow."
(1662) Lady Winter: "By this act, I add my seal to this scroll in the name of His Majesty on this thirtieth day of Eleasias in the year one thousand three hundred forty-eight Dalereckoning. Your charter shall be considered amended forthwith."
** (1660) Sushil bows politely, "Tank you, your Grace." **
(1660) Sushil: (thank even*)
** (1662) Lady Winter frowns slightly at the honorific, and waves it off. "'Lady' or 'Lady Winter' will do." **
(1660) Sushil: (good thing I didn't have to take that under a zone of truth. ;p)
(1660) Sushil: 'Lady, then."
(1662) Lady Winter: "Do you have aught else to ask?"
** (1659) Cassima smiles at Rowan's question, casting a glance at Sushil. **
** (1671) Kiwren turns and heads for the door "I shall go get some çodladh, since I have to tolerate those damed Øâgøäósîã for another two days." **
(1660) Sushil: "None that come to mind for me, unless some pressing matter has arisen since this afternoon we should be made aware of."
** (1662) Lady Winter raises her brow at Kiwren. **
(1662) Lady Winter: "I shall see you anon then. Good night."
** (1659) Cassima whispers aside to Rowan, "I believe that is Sushil's decision, not something Lady Winter concerns herself with. But I would think so." **
(1660) Sushil: :glances after Kiwren's retreating, wondering if she's talking about her comrades:
(1660) Sushil: "Good night." :Sushil'
** (1660) Sushil turns to head out. **
(1659) Cassima: "Good night Lady Winter, may Seulen's light fall well on Eveningstar."
** (1659) Cassima heads out as well. **
(1659) Cassima: (( *Selune's... wow, can't even spell my goddess' name right. ))
(1685) No Name (enter): 19:55
(1660) Sushil: ((FF through the inn and travel to Stonewatch, Arabel is the stop after that)
** (1659) Cassima looks to Sushil as the party returns to the Inn. "So, since we are officially members of the adventuring party - I take it that means we passed your test." **
(1662) DM: ((k))
(1660) Sushil: (FF? or people wanna RP any of that?)
(1659) Cassima: (( I want to have Sushil say that we passed. :-P ))
(1662) DM: ((entirely up to you but let me know first what))
(1655) Rowan: (( depends if we're hunting more rumors or anything..else I'm fine FF ))
(1685) No Name (exit): 19:58
(1660) Sushil: :grins to Cassima: "Oh no. This only applies to your allowance to adventure legally within the span of Cormyr, with permission of the crown." :Gives a light chuckle: "I'm a bit more demanding than the realm."
(1660) Sushil: (you'll have to wait until he meets Ruth to find out ; p)
(1659) Cassima: "I see. Very well then, let's get some rest and finish the little quest for Dertol."
(1660) Sushil: "Gladly. I could use the break."
(1659) Cassima: (( ok - good to FF to Stonewatch at least then. ))
(1659) Cassima: (( Ditto Lando's idea ))
(1662) DM: Morning comes after spending a restful night at Myanmere's, which you haven't had for some time.
(1662) DM: The aroma of buckwheat hotcakes with clabbered cream and preserved fruit greets you as you make your way down to the common room. Dertol is here, picking at his food morosely. He doesn't look up.
** (1671) Kiwren takes a seat at Dertol's table and orders a plate of hotcakes **
** (1660) Sushil brings his spellbook downstairs with him, memorizing his spells, while enjoying breakfast. He ignores the somber Dertol. **
(1671) Kiwren: "You look dirstracted."
** (1659) Cassima collects some hotcakes and a drink, and sits down near Dertol. "Wel met again Dertol. I did not expect you to see still in town." **
** (1655) Rowan listens as she eats **
(1662) Dertol: "I thought we had an agreement."
(1659) Cassima: "We do." she replies, confused.
(1662) Dertol: "So where is the cauldron?"
(1659) Cassima: "We have it." ((At least, I'm hoping we still do.))
(1671) Kiwren: "We still have three days on the agreenment, if my count is correct."
(1662) Dertol: "Fie on your three days! You have the cauldron and you refuse to hand it over to us!"
(1671) Kiwren: "Refuse?"
** (1662) Dertol stabs at a piece of fruit as he glares daggers at you. **
(1659) Cassima: "What is the matter Dertol? Earlier you agreed to meet us at Stonewatch tomorrow for the cauldron. What happened?"
** (1660) Sushil casually enjoys his breakfast, his back to the group and their problem. **
(1659) Cassima: (( wait - rephrase that. ))
(1662) Dertol: "The Ri is coming here, and he wants to know why we are not to receive our due."
(1659) Cassima: "What is the matter Dertol? Yesterday you agreed to meet us at Stonewatch later today for the cauldron. What happened?"
(1659) Cassima: "You will."
** (1671) Kiwren looks at Cassima "He is a grummpy old bhfearas who does not wish to wait for what he wants and care little if getting it now may hurt others." **
** (1662) Dertol grips his fork so tightly you think it could break a moment, but then he relaxes. "And what if the Bolg Mor does not come?" **
(1671) Kiwren: "Then that is a statment by him that he no longer wishes to agree to work, and the Cauldron is ours."
(1671) Kiwren: "Thus you get the cauldron, and he goes about whatever buisness he goes about."
(1660) Sushil: (who's coughing into their mic?)
(1659) Cassima: "I have told you that you will recieve your cauldron when we meet at Stonewatch. Have I given you any reason to not trust our word?"
(1660) Sushil: (um.. ok... just seemed weird)
(1662) Dertol: "You have given me reason enough by not keeping to the letter of the original agreement. That when you returned to this village with the cauldron, we would exchange."
(1662) Dertol: "There was no mention of an agreement with a filthy noisome giant!"
(1662) DM: Heads turn at Dertol's outburst.
** (1662) Dertol doesn't seem to be aware of the commotion he's caused. **
(1655) Rowan: "We got it without violence, you're now making a scene."
** (1660) Sushil lets out a bodily sigh to Dertol's rise. **
(1659) Cassima: "You simply asked that we obtain the cauldron for you. You didn't say there any methods that could not be used either."
** (1671) Kiwren shrugs "Guess you should have gone and retived it yourself then. Likly with bloodshed, thus bringing the curse down apon your people and making posetion of the cauldron a burden rather then a blessing." **
** (1662) Dertol settles down, grumbling. "This had all better be worth the wait. I have to explain to the Ri why an agreement cannot be honored." **
(1655) Rowan: "You're the one breasking the agreement."
(1655) Rowan: "Think your Ri will like knowing that?"
(1659) Cassima: "It will be honored. If you do not believe that, then feel free to leave. The cauldron will be at Stonewatch awaiting to be turned over." With that, Cassima rises and moves to another table to eat in peace.
** (1655) Rowan gets up and moves to a table with Cassima **
** (1662) Dertol seems a bit uncomfortable. "You do not know what it is like, being so close to the object held by us for so long and yet so far. And all because of the word given to a firbolg, by rights an enemy of our people." **
** (1671) Kiwren remains at Detrol's table and begins eating "Why dont you invite the Ri to stone watç as well so he can be present at the handing over of the cauldron?" **
(1662) Dertol: "It will take him time to get here. He is not accustomed to this land, which is different from the misty isles we call home."
(1662) Dertol: "He will be here in a few days, by which time I hope things shall be settled." (glares at Cassima then averts his eyes and eats some more)
** (1659) Cassima has her back to Dertol and doesn't notice. **
(1671) Kiwren: "Well then you can use that as an explination of why it is not being handed over right away. We wished to hand it directly to the proper owner to ensure it is where it belongs."
(1662) Dertol: "The proper owner!" (throws his utensils down) "I should've known than to trust th' word of an outlander!"
** (1671) Kiwren laughs "Boy you are dense when you are grumppy." **
** (1662) Dertol tosses a gold coin on the table as payment for the meal and stomps out the door. **
(1659) Cassima: (( so - Dertol got upset about Kiwren suggesting that they could hand the cauldron over to the Ri? ))
(1655) Rowan: (( evidently, remind me not to work for this druid again ))
** (1671) Kiwren places a coin on the table as payment and follow Dertol "Do you always stuff your ears with cotten when you are grummpy?" **
(1660) Sushil: :as Dertol leaves, Sushil points out in a lazy tone: "When unsure they will get what they want, some people will take desperate measures."
(1659) Cassima: "Then we should leave as soon as possible and get this finished."
** (1662) Dertol heads to the stable and waits for his horse. "I will go to your keep of stone because I have no choice. But 'the proper owner' is our people, and I am acting in the name of the Ri of my people. By rights, *I* am the proper owner of the cauldron. Not that you would know or care." **
(1660) Sushil: :nods: "And hope the fool does not take action to take the cauldron or impede the giant, to ensure its retrieval." :glances to Cassima: "Just a reminder, you are still being judged by how you handle these affairs."
** (1659) Cassima notes the slamming of the coins down and loks back to see Kiwren leave. "Then I suggest we leave at once for Stonewatch." **
(1655) Rowan: "Seems we should not put our trust in Kiwren then since this is her doing."
** (1671) Kiwren shakes her head "Dertol you need to stop and listen to the words I labhair and their context, and not insert your own preconcived ideas about what you think I am going to tell you." **
(1662) DM: A few people in the tavern seem to be listening in, by their appearances farmers and merchants. It's definitely spicier than normal for a sleepy village in the middle of Cormyr.
** (1655) Rowan pays and heads to Stonewatch **
(1660) Sushil: "Yes, and may I suggest you insist on escorting Dertol, to keep him from veering off to set other plans, if he has not already?"
** (1655) Rowan nods and heads to stable with her gear **
** (1662) Dertol gets up on his mount. "Tell me why I should trust the words of a hillman like you." **
(1655) Rowan: "Dertol wait."
** (1660) Sushil finishes up his meal and gathers his things to leave. **
** (1659) Cassima heads out after Rowan, figuring Sushil will follow as well. **
(1655) Rowan: "Let me escort you to Stonewatch since we're going there as well."
** (1671) Kiwren turns to Rown "I have it handled, please leave, I will be riding with him to stonewatç as we need to clerify things." **
(1655) Rowan: "We'll all go together."
(1662) Dertol: "An escort?" (sighs) "Very well then. If you must."
** (1655) Rowan smiles and readies her horse **
** (1659) Cassima also mounts up and prepares to travel as well. **
** (1671) Kiwren turns back to Dertol "I have given you no reason to trust me. You are a druid are you not, who who is dedicated to protecting nature and it's balances?" **
** (1659) Cassima lets Rowan head out in front, and then she rides a few paces behind Dertol and Kiwren. **
** (1660) Sushil bids his farewells to the folks at Mynameres and heads out to get mounted up with Smasher, to head home to Stonewatch. **
** (1671) Kiwren hangs her head for a second at Rowans blatent show of mistrust **
** (1655) Rowan lays her spear in its saddle sheath and rides out in front scouting **
(1662) Dertol: "Ays, but it is also given to me to be the keeper of lore and agreements by my role in our people."
** (1660) Sushil rides along to the rear, humming a tune along the way. **
** (1671) Kiwren goes about reading her hoarse "I was taught by my master that any word I labhair, in any language has the potential to do great harm or great good. So when you labhair labhair the truth as you know it and make every effort to never break your word, even if keeping it brings harm to a few. Just learn from that mistake and be more careful of how you form your words of agreement in the future" **
(1662) Dertol: "Something that hillmen and outlanders here do not understand. The path of druid is intertwined with others in my land. Different from here."
** (1659) Cassima chats with Sushil at the rear of the group. "Do you get many around here from as far away as Dertol?" **
(1671) Kiwren: "As it should be intertwined, iif you have to connection with the inhabitents of your lands, you have no true onnection with the land itself."
(1671) Kiwren: (( *have no connection ))
** (1662) Dertol says nothing though the reaction on his face is another matter. **
** (1671) Kiwren smiles "My master was a druid, among other things. Though that is not what she was teaçing me, I picked some of it up." **
** (1662) Dertol seems slightly mollified. **
(1662) Dertol: "I suppose I should be more trusting, but it is difficult in a place as strange as this."
** (1671) Kiwren mounts her horse and manages to remain seated on the first try "Yes it is, I lived in a cave for nine years with little to no outside contact, then my maste goes and drops me in a city where they use strange words inplace of common ones, and expects me to 'Learn to expand my potential'" **
(1662) Dertol: "Here, people live in one place and do not move as the seasons do. They live in homes of stone and eat food grown from the earth. It is not the life I can imagine living."
(1660) Sushil: "Well, now, it's nice to see you two have found so much in common. Almost makes me feel ashamed I can't sympathize."
** (1655) Rowan remarks, "My mother was a druid and my father a ranger, I'm a scout know well I do of the wilds." **
(1662) Dertol: "I would'na expect you to."
(1671) Kiwren: "What I miss most about my masters dweling is the ever çanging view as it traveled above the Silver Marçes. Here I see things from a vastly differing perspective, whiç is teaçing me muç, but I still miss being able to sit at the edge of the cave and seec the whole land."
(1662) DM: Eventually you reach Stonewatch which is much the same as you left it. Ruth is out in the courtyard practicing swordfighting with one of her armsmen.
(1655) Rowan: (( brb, bio ))
(1662) DM: She neatly sidesteps a flanking maneuver and slips in an opening, touching the point of her blade to her partner's thigh.
** (1660) Sushil claps lightly to the impressive retort. **
** (1662) Ruth stands up and calls a halt, then turns around and looks up. "Oh! I didn't see you come in." **
(1662) Ruth: "And you've brought a visitor."
(1671) Kiwren: "Probably because you were too bussy watçing the swords so you didnt get stabbed."
(1660) Sushil: "Yes, Dertol, meet Lady Ruth Numsroth of Stonewatch."
** (1655) Rowan dismounts and offers to help the old druid down **
** (1659) Cassima comes to a stop and dismounts from her horse. **
** (1671) Kiwren half slides half falls off her horse and jumps around a little to get some fealing to return to her back side **
** (1660) Sushil and Smasher dismount, moving to meet Ruth. "Dertol is here on a matter of mediation, which reminds me, has a firbolg, named Ait, come around?" **
(1671) Kiwren: "I have something I need to explain to you once we get the animals taken care of, and you have a moment."
(1662) Ruth: "A pleasure to meet you."
(1662) Dertol: "Well met." (gruffly)
(1662) Ruth: "Have you had a pleasant ride from Eveningstar?"
(1662) Dertol: "About as well as I had expected to be." (looks around with mild distaste and back to Ruth, though his expression becomes more neutral by then)
(1662) Dertol: "A pleasure to be here." (making clear it isn't)
** (1660) Sushil instructs Smasher to retrieve the cauldron from the mount it is tied to, to be carried to a safer spot. **
(1662) Ruth: "You're welcome here. Grinkle will show you to your quarters."
** (1662) Dertol nods curtly as Ruth goes to confer with Sushil. **
** (1671) Kiwren takes a seat next to her horse holding the rains with one hand "Dertol You realy should learn to mask your dislike for females, or people may start beliving you prefer male company." ** said in a light and joking manner as she looks up and smiles at the grumppy druid **
(1662) Ruth: "Pleasant fellow isn't he?" (to Sushil, quietly)
(1662) Dertol: "This is the last place I want to be." (mutters)
** (1655) Rowan sees to her mount and waits with Cassima **
(1660) Sushil: :grins, replying with a touch of sarcasm under his breath: "Oh, I've been enjoying his company for days now, and i don't think I'll ever get sick of him."
(1662) Ruth: "It's for a good cause I'll bet."
(1662) Ruth: "So, what news?" (as you stable your mounts)
** (1659) Cassima looks to Rowan, "Well, it has been an interesting first adventure to say the least." **
(1671) Kiwren: "Maybe, but we all must go someplace we do not wish to be many times over in our lives." ** lays down and peers at her horse with her head on the ground and he arm held high so as to not stratch the rains **
(1660) Sushil: "Perhaps. Long story short, this is part of the completion to their test, along with this task. By the way, how do you feel about deals with firbolgs?"
(1655) Rowan: "Well if things don't work out, I want you to know it was a pleasure working with you Cassima."
** (1655) Rowan smiles at her, listening to Kiwren's story **
** (1662) Grinkle comes out and bows slightly to Dertol, extending his hand. The druid recoils a bit and jumps back as if he's been bitten by a snake. Grinkle doesn't notice, mumbling, "Dis way pleez." **
(1662) Dertol: "A hobgoblin?"
** (1671) Kiwren stands "Wonderful cook too." **
(1660) Sushil: :to Dertol: "Don't worry. He may be gruff, but he is a loyal and able servant to the keep."
** (1662) Grinkle looks up and sticks his chest out proudly. "Yub. Me hobgoblin. Me Grinkle." (grins) **
** (1671) Kiwren looks around for someone to take her horse from her **
** (1655) Rowan smiles at Dertol, "He's a good cook I'll agree. I was a bit surprised myself." **
(1662) Dertol: "The Oakfather save me."
(1662) Grinkle: "Kum wid me." (beckons)
(1655) Rowan: ((brb, RL interruption))
(1662) Dertol: "It seems I have no choice." (glances around, clearly not at ease, and follows him inside the keep)
** (1671) Kiwren drops the rains seeing noone to take the horse and starts to follow Grinkle. "Preconcived notions Dertol, can do far more harm then good." **
(1660) Sushil: :shakes his head to Dertol's discomfort, and turns back to Ruth: "Anyway, about the firbolg, we'll need to alert the men to keep an eye out for him. He's on his way to discuss terms to turn over a cauldron to Dertol, which is already in our possession."
(1662) Ruth: "I can't say I've ever met one, but I've heard they're gentle unless provoked. Compared to hill giants and verbeegs, that is."
(1662) Ruth: "Why? What have you gotten me into this time?"
** (1659) Cassima speaks up once Dertol heaps into the keep. "I believe that Dertol will be more at ease the sooner he can leave with his clan's cauldron." **
(1660) Sushil: "Don't look at me, I let them handle every aspect of this matter. It was their test, if you recall. How this plays out in the end is your choice though."
(1662) Ruth: "I think you'd best start at the beginning."
(1660) Sushil: "Right then.."
** (1662) Ruth looks at Rowan and Cassima. **
(1659) Cassima: "Very well." she takes a breath and begins to tell the tale.
(1662) Ruth: "A giant is coming here? Does Lady Winter know about this?"
(1660) Sushil: "She has been informed."
** (1655) Rowan stays and tells what she knows. **
(1662) Ruth: "Well, that's a relief."
** (1660) Sushil lets the candidates explain their situation, while he takes the cauldron to his library, putting it under Julla and Smasher's guard. **
** (1671) Kiwren continues with Dertol lightly teasing (provoking) one moment, then mullifying the next **
(1662) Dertol: "This cannae get any stranger than it already has."
(1662) Dertol: "I'm in a keep of stone, with the cauldron, an' a giant is coming to talk about it, an' there's a hobgoblin cook leading me to my room..."
(1659) Cassima: "As you know Lady Ruth, we were sent to aid Dertol in the recovery of a cauldron. So, after we met with him and arranged a deal to return the cauldron to him within a weeks time, we set out to locate the Bolg Mor, the firbolg that had posession of the cauldron. We met with him and Kiwren was able to entertain him with a tale. After which, Kiwren and I were both talking with him and he agreed to turn over the cauldron, with the promise that we would see about getting him work here at Stonewatch, where Grinkle could keep him fed in place of the cauldron. So, after this arrangement, we returned to Eveingstar, and Dertol agreed to exchange the cauldron here, since part of the agreement with Ait, that's the name of the firblog by the way, was that we would attempt to find a place for him working with you. Since that had not been completed yet, we could not turn over the cauldron until we had done so. And now, we are all here, with Ait likely on his way sometime soon, as he is likely to be getting hungry if nothing else."
(1662) Dertol: "...an' you're here. An' I cannae understand you half th' time."
(1671) Kiwren: "And you have a crazy young girl anoying you to top it all off."
** (1659) Cassima looks to Rowan, to see if there is anything that she wants to add. **
(1662) Ruth: "I see...."
(1671) Kiwren: "Would you like to hear about the Bolg Mor? At least my perception of him?"
(1662) Ruth: "Yes, please."
(1659) Cassima: (( isn't Kiwren with Dertol, inside the keep? ))
(1662) Ruth: "I mean, a giant?!?! Couldn't you have settled for a hobgoblin?"
** (1660) Sushil returns, after stowing the cauldron. "we already have a hobgoblin." **
(1662) DM: (Kiwren is talking to Dertol)
(1662) DM: (strike Ruth's yes please)
(1655) Rowan: (( she should be tslking to Ruth ))
(1662) DM: (Ruth's I mean a giant was directed to Cassima)
(1671) Kiwren: (( I said I had something to explain to her, and I am just escorting Dertol to his room ))
(1659) Cassima: "And after a few hobgoblins and Sushil's companion, we did not think that a giant would be all that much of a stretch. And, it seems like you could use more help around here. After all, who would try to go after a keep that has a giant as a guardian?"
(1662) DM: (note to the lurkers -- we have a Teamspeak server set up so part of the game is conducted via speech)
** (1660) Sushil gives a slight chuckle to the idea. **
(1696) Sephris (enter): 21:14
(1660) Sushil: (Think they're waiting on Ait's arrival to complete the deal, before heading off to Arabel, unless Ruth agrees to handle the matter herself.)
(1659) Cassima: (( actually, Cassima just need's Ruth to say yay, nay, or we will see - and then she is fine with turning over the cauldron and going from there. ))
(1662) DM: (Ait won't be here for a while)
** (1671) Kiwren whispers to Dertol without giving him a chance to answer if he wanted to hear about the Bolg Mor "I'll show you back out of the keep so you can rest in the woods instead of trapped within stone walls if you wish." **
** (1662) Ruth holds a hand up to her head. **
(1662) Ruth: "Wait...you made a deal with a giant to come here?"
(1662) Ruth: "And to work for me in exchange for food?"
(1659) Cassima: (( figured that might be the case. Don't really want to wait for Ait to show before handing over the cauldron, as that might take too long. ))
(1662) Ruth: "
(1660) Sushil: "Something along those lines. though you may be able to convince him of another plan."
(1662) Ruth: "Have you thought that people around here may not be welcoming of a giant?!?!"
(1659) Cassima: "Uh," Cassima glances around for Kiwren, but notes that the woman has conveniently disappeared to keep herself from explaining her idea, "yes, it appears so."
(1660) Sushil: "Or, we could let Dertol take his cauldron now, kill the giant and claim glory for ridding a murderous brigand from the land. I won't argue either way."
(1662) Ruth: "I'm having enough of a time dealing with the villagers here with hobgoblins as part of the staff of the keep. And now a giant?!?"
(1697) Saisix (enter): 21:19
(1659) Cassima: "Mainly, it was Kiwren that wanted to speak with you instead of turning over the cauldron in Eveningstar, although I also agreed with her logic. However, she seems to have disappeared."
(1660) Sushil: :shrugs, barely restraining amused laughter: "It's the solution they came up with."
(1662) Ruth: "I don't think this is going to work, quite frankly."
(1659) Cassima: "Yes, it was not the original plan of ours either, but some adjustments had to be made once we confronted him."
(1660) Sushil: "Alternatively, you could ship food out to him, having him act as a remote patrol for his area, expected to respond if we need the aid."
(1669) strokes (exit): 21:21
(1662) Ruth: "Grinkle is harmless enough. After all, he's more interested with cooking than killing. And from all appearances and actions, that is the case. But people talk, and they whisper, and eventually rumors start."
(1662) Ruth: "People aren't aware -- at least I don't think they are -- about your minions." (to Sushil)
(1660) Sushil: :grins:
(1662) Voice: "I have my reputation to consider. A giant is a little too much."
(1662) Ruth: "I have my reputation to consider. A giant is a little too much."
(1662) Ruth: "Since you've made the agreement, there's little I can do to stop it. Let the giant come here. Let him talk. But I don't think this will work."
(1659) Cassima: "That is all that we ask. After which, we will deal with Ait however we must."
(1662) Ruth: "As for the cauldron, turn it over to Dertol."
** (1660) Sushil agrees partly, "True enough, it may be hard for some to accept a giant among them. But, that is mostly the opinion of unerlings, afraid of such things. Alternatively, imagine the prestige which comes along with having a mighty giant under your call. Superiors will be impressed, should he show himself helpful and powerful." **
(1697) Saisix (exit): 21:25
(1660) Sushil: "Worse comes to worse, we put him down.. for his own good."
(1662) Ruth: "I can imagine, Sushil. But there are also practicalities to consider. As lord of Stonewatch, I am responsible for the welfare of people on my land and partially for Eveningstar. Hobgoblins are not looked on kindly and neither are giants."
(1659) Cassima: "Of course Lady Ruth. And if you will give us leave, we will go take care of returning the cauldron to Dertol right away."
** (1662) Ruth shakes her head. "If you're going to work for me, perhaps you'd best consider my role in the larger scheme of things." **
(1660) Sushil: "For what it is worth, he does seem to be a thoughtful individual, thrown of piled heads aside. If you explain the situation, and point out his own chances for personal wealth and respect should he play along, he may be influenced to partake in publicity stunts to improve his image to others, and your image along with his. Though I am sure of nothing in the matter."
(1662) Ruth: "I'll deal with it somehow."
** (1662) Ruth shakes her head again. " A giant...what next? Zhentish betrayers?" **
(1660) Sushil: :nods: "Alright then. but I would suggest that carry out the talks out here in the yard, an accompaniment of ready archers on the parapet and you ready to dodge back into the hall should he be displeased. If you do not mind, I will lHave Julla follow you as an extra guard.
(1655) Rowan: "Speaking of Zhentarim, we found several corpses of agents who went to see him. I found this ring outside his lair."
** (1655) Rowan gives the silver ring to Lady Ruth **
(1662) Ruth: "A show of force might not be best. Vigilance, yes, perhaps."
(1662) Ruth: "That is troubling. Though from what you say, it might be he knows not a whit of what the Zhents stand for."
(1660) Sushil: "Oh, of course not a show of force, just on guard, watching outover the wall... but ready to turn and take aim if the order is given."
(1655) Rowan: "I will stand ready as well m'lady."
** (1655) Rowan holds her spear **
(1659) Cassima: "We mentioned the Zhents to him, and he did seem to have no idea what we meant. To him, it seems humanoids are humanoids."
(1660) Sushil: "I'll have to agree. It does not seem he has any zhent relations."
(1660) Sushil: "Though, his former mistress may have, which reminds me, I need to have a cart run out to Bolg Mor's lair to pick something up."
(1662) Ruth: "You'll probably want to look into this eventually."
(1655) Rowan: "Should he be in agreement, he could be an ally against their intrusion."
** (1671) Kiwren comes rushing back "I appologize for that, but I wanted to ensure Dertol would be comfortable. So I am sure they have attempted to explain my actions already?" **
(1662) Ruth: "I imagine you've heard of the missing bride of Lord Greenmantle?"
(1660) Sushil: :nods: "Yes, point out that we have suspicions the mage who held him as a slave may have been a zhent and it should get his attentions."
(1655) Rowan: "I fond her locket."
** (1655) Rowan shows it **
** (1660) Sushil nods, "Not only have we heard about it, Lady Winter has asked us to aid in the matter, due to Rowan's find." **
(1659) Cassima: "Yes Kiwren, although I still don't know just how you came up with that idea."
(1660) Sushil: "We will be setting out for Arabel at once, unless you require us further?"
** (1671) Kiwren goes and takes a seat next to her horse, which wandered a few feet after she dropped the rains and waits to be addressed **
(1662) Ruth: "Very good. At least you've not all been making pacts with giants and thieves."
(1662) Ruth: "No, that seems like a good idea. But be careful please. The Greenmantle family is a rather well-known and well-connected noble family in Cormyr."
(1662) Ruth: "They are not individuals you would want to be enemies of."
** (1671) Kiwren mumbles "only secont to the royal family" **
(1660) Sushil: "I will take pains not to embarass you in their prescence."
(1671) Kiwren: (( second ))
(1649) Duvik (exit): 21:40
(1662) Ruth: "Now, if you'll excuse me, Grinkle said that lunch would be ready in an hour."
(1660) Sushil: :raises a brow: "Oh, welll.. I think we have time for lunch, before we leave. The horses need the rest after all."
(1671) Kiwren: "Are you leighy to hear the explination now, or after lunç?"
** (1655) Rowan goes to lunch **
(1660) Sushil: (Wanna FF through lunch and on our way to Arabel?)
(1671) Kiwren: (( no because Kiwren wont be leaving until she is satisfided the situation will be handled well ))
(1660) Sushil: (Understand if not, as it is a chance for some to RP with their new lord)
(1660) Sushil: (that's cool)
** (1659) Cassima waits with Kiwren, hoping that her explination can make sense to Lady Ruth. **
(1659) Cassima: (( smoke ))
(1662) Ruth: "Kiwren, I'd like to hear your side of the story."
** (1660) Sushil goes to set plans for a couple servants to head to Bolg Mor's with a cart, to pick up the books and lab equipment he has set aside, citing that if they leave right away they will have the task completed before the giant would return, if he returns. **
** (1671) Kiwren stands and again looks around for someone to deal with her horse "Very well, let me see if I can guess how they explained it. I Agreed to allow Ait, the firbolg, to be employed here in exçange for him giving us the cauldron' That about the short of it?" **
** (1655) Rowan listens to Kiwren's tale before heading to lunch **
(1662) Ruth: "About right."
(1699) William (enter): 21:51
(1699) William (exit): 21:51
(1655) Rowan: (( brb, dog ))
(1671) Kiwren: "Well thats not quite what I agreed you to." ** drops the rains again, and motions for Lady Ruth to lead the way to lunch ** "I agreed that he would be employeed by you, not where. He seemed to have a rather decent place to live and out of peoples way where he was. And from what I understand Nobles are always seeking to expand their land holdings. So his land now becomes yours, whiç he already belives is true. In exçange for the cauldron and his lands, you pay him a small, but reasonable, salery and with enough food to live on."
(1662) DM: "Except that it isn't."
(1662) Ruth: "Except that it isn't."
(1671) Kiwren: "Does it belong to anyone specific?"
(1662) Ruth: "My lands extend from the Starwater River to the west, to the King's Forest to the south, to Grandfather Tree to the east and the High Road to the North. His cave lies to the northwest of Eveningstar. There's no way I can lay claim to that land short of a royal decree."
(1662) DM: (see the outline I made on the map. that's Ruth's landholding)
(1671) Kiwren: "Do it anyways, and publicly, it may help gather evidence on a traitor to the kingdom"
(1662) DM: (the small X is where Ait's cave is)
(1662) Ruth: "I shall not."
(1671) Kiwren: "You will of course need to inform Lady Winter of your true intentions, so she can inform the King." ** looks at Ruth ** "You dont wish to help aimsigh traitors?"
(1662) Ruth: "Traitors?" (confused)
(1671) Kiwren: "Lady Winter mentioned that there is a traitor who is ploting to over throw the King as unfit to rule. The traitor does not yet have enough support to do so, and the king does not yet have evidence to deal with the traitor."
(1662) Ruth: "What?"
(1662) Ruth: "How does my employing Ait (even if it did work) ferret out a traitor?"
** (1671) Kiwren takes a deep breath ^t^"So you publicly laying claim to land whiç you would need a royal decree to obtain would show that you too belive the king unfit for rule. That coupled with your eployement of a Hobgoblin and Giant should be enough to gat the traitors attention and he may try to bring you into his plots, whiç would allow you to collect the evidence required to deal with him properly." **
(1662) Ruth: "...."
(1662) Ruth: "There may be a method to your madness but it is too much out of the ordinary for me."
** (1660) Sushil eventually strolls back over, oblivious to the plotting, "Lunh ready yet?" **
(1662) Ruth: "It probably is. I think we need a good meal to clear our heads."
(1660) Sushil: "Quite agreed." :peers at Ruth: "You seem rathr stressed, Lady. We must get you some proper nourishment."
(1659) Cassima: "There are akso risks then for Lady Ruth that some group that truely supports the King might believe that they would do him a favor by razing this keep and her employees. That would not be good, obviously."
(1660) Sushil: :raises a brow to Cassima's comment: "What this about razing the keep?"
(1671) Kiwren: "That is why you have agent like us to do all the actual details. And yes lunç sounds wonderful, and I think this idea needs more then lunç to be thought over properly, Like say while we are in Able dealing with missing Brides." ** smiles and turns to examining the walls as she walks **
(1659) Cassima: "Kiwren's plotting again."
(1671) Kiwren: (( *Arabel ))
(1660) Sushil: "Ah... nevermind then." :turns off to head to the dining hall:
(1671) Kiwren: (( AFK for a smoke ))
** (1659) Cassima follows the others to lunch. **
(1660) Sushil: (rp through lunch, or ff?)
(1662) DM: (FF)
(1662) Ruth: "This matter requires a great deal of thought. It's not as cut and dried as you'd make it sound."
(1662) Dertol: "And what of the cauldron?"
(1662) Ruth: "What about it?"
(1662) Dertol: "As speaker for the Ri of my people, I ask for its return."
(1659) Cassima: "You will be able to leave with it as soon as you wish. We just thought you might like some food before you jounrey off."
(1662) Ruth: "Do you hear that? What you do with the cauldron is your business. My immediate concern is what to do with a giant."
** (1662) Dertol nods, satisfied. **
** (1659) Cassima smiles, glad that one problem finally seems taken care of." **
(1662) Ruth: "I won't keep you. Besides, you've got things to take care of. As for your employment with me, I'll have to think it through. Expect a decision when you return from Arabel."
(1662) Ruth: "I think the matter with the giant should be settled by then."
(1662) DM: (bio break)
(1655) Rowan: (( am bACK ))
(1660) Sushil: :reiterates: "When you negotiate with Ait, you might point out that likely the magess who enslaved him, as well as several of the folks who came poking about his home to recover her belongings, were Zhents. It may sway his favor."
** (1655) Rowan enjoys lunch and prepares to go to Arabel **
(1671) Kiwren: "When you mentioned Zhents to him in his cave, he seemed rather confused and seemed to have the additute that humans are humans. So I dont know how mentioning them, at least not without a detailed explination on how they differ from any other group of humans, would help sway him one way or the other."
(1660) Sushil: "Simple, point out the one he hated was a zhent and that we are fighting zhents. It's a small but potent selling point, should he be the vengeful type, which he seems to be."
(1671) Kiwren: "And please do try not to harm Ait, if you cannot reaç some agreement, whiç you may wish to labhair with Lady winter about my idea before Ait arives, then he may be willing to wait onmy return as I am the one who origionaly made the agreement with him."
** (1671) Kiwren nods to Sushil **
(1660) Sushil: "I'm not sure Ait will be pleased having the decision of his payment postponed, after his cauldron has already been given away."
(1671) Kiwren: "Probably not, whiç is why I wished to wait until he arived, but a missing bride of a high noble sadly takes presidence."
(1660) Sushil: "A show of force may keep him from outward violence while here. Though given his brigand ways, he is likely to seek payment by harrassing folks on Ruth's land."
(1659) Cassima: "Of course, if he does believe his cave is on her land, he could just as easily return to his home."
(1671) Kiwren: "Then I will make restitution for him with my pay while employed with Lady Ruth."
(1660) Sushil: :shakes his head: "Ruth's land is nowhere near his cave, that is another noble's business."
(1662) DM: (there's no way we can do Arabel tonight, so since it'll be soon time for Lando to go, we should stop at 11 to get Unorthodox a chance to speak since he's interested in the game)
(1671) Kiwren: (( sounds good to me ))
(1659) Cassima: (( k ))
(1655) Rowan: "We've not been hired yet, so far we're working for free."
(1655) Rowan: "Taking the test."
(1660) Sushil: :to Rowan: "Well, you are still recieving a share from Dertol's promised payment."
(1655) Rowan: "Since he's taking thr cauldron did he leave it?"
(1660) Sushil: (I thought he was still here)
(1659) Cassima: (( yeah - he'd still be across the table... ))
(1655) Rowan: (( ok ))
(1662) Ruth: "Oh, you're hired all right. I just haven't decided in what manner I want you to work for me."
(1662) Ruth: "Especially after the business with the giant."
(1660) Sushil: :suggests mildly: "The latrines do need a good scrubbing."
(1662) Ruth: "Who is the spokesperson for your group?"
** (1659) Cassima looks to Sushil, no humour in her eyes. **
(1659) Cassima: "sushil has been, at least for Lady Winter."
(1659) Cassima: "But if you are not including him, either myself or Kiwren I'd imagine. We hadn't really worked anything out in stone yet."
(1660) Sushil: :shakes his head: "I'm more your representative than your spokesperson. I would have to say the priestess is the most fairminded and easiest to identify with others. Though Kiwren has an honest charm, if not a big mouth."
(1662) Ruth: "I'm including him. It seems to me you should come to terms with whomever should speak for you all."
(1671) Dj Gilcrease: "I will be since I was in the last job when dealing with Ait. Though in the future I would consult with those with more knowledge of the are, but the situation there prevented such."
(1671) Kiwren: "I will be since I was in the last job when dealing with Ait. Though in the future I would consult with those with more eolas of the are, but the situation there prevented suç."
(1655) Rowan: "I've just protected and guided the party for the most part, most of my suggestions were ignored."
(1662) Ruth: "Then my agreement shall be made with that person who will speak for you. If it's Kiwren, so be it."
(1659) Cassima: "That's fine with me."
(1662) Ruth: "Your suggestions are important. So if you want to work for me, heed them."
(1662) DM: (She means if the group wants to be employed by Ruth, they should listen to Rowan.)
(1662) DM: (:))
(1660) Sushil: :raises a brow: "If I'm to be put into the mix, I would vote against Kiwren. No offense meant, but you are a bit inexperienced and naive."
(1659) Cassima: (( not sure - when did we ignore Rowan's suggestion? ))
(1662) Ruth: "I shall let you work that out amongst yourselves. I will have a better idea of my decision when you return from Arabel."
(1659) Cassima: "It does sound like something that we will need to discuss."
(1660) Sushil: (did suggest FF a few times, but I respect the want to see the matter with Ait through to some manner of agreement.)
(1659) Cassima: (( ok, so we need to discuss spokeperson and we need to work on the pace a little, to summarize TS talk ))
(1660) Sushil: (gotcha)
(1662) DM: (ok, well then we can stop here. PLEASE come to a resolution during the week as to who leads the party irrespective of the situation. next session will begin the morning after. you will have left Stonewatch and are on your way to Arabel.)
(1655) Rowan: ((ok))
(1655) Rowan: ((no problem))
(1660) Sushil: (I can have smasher punch someone randly every session 0.o)
(1660) Sushil: randomly even*
(1655) Rowan: (( can't hear DJ ))
(1660) Sushil: (no problem, it's a major gray area of when to decide between RP and FF. Deep RP is fun, but it can also just drag on at times. So, it's a matter of deciding what to focus on and when)
(1659) Zane: (( of course - the other thing that would help move it along is if we can keep DJ from wandering off from the group. :-) ))
(1659) Zane: (( then we would have gotten through the talk with Ruth a little quicker. ))
(1655) Rowan: (( agreed. didn't mean to sound like I was complainging ))
(1660) Sushil: shackle and gag all of DJ's players and every game would move smoother. ;p0
(1662) DM: (no, those are valid concerns and you should bring them up. you ARE part of the group after all)
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(1659) Zane: (( No problem Lando. The rest of us are used to the Andurin style of gaming, which is a bit slower pase, so we would have not really thought anything about it. I know I didn't. ))
(1671) Dj Gilcrease: (( The was saposed to be a quick less then 1 minute wander, but Stan was talking to you so didnt have a chance to reply to my quick question I asked Dertol =P ))
(1662) TaliesinNYC: I mean, what works for an Andurin game doesn't necessarily work here
(1660) Sushil: it's cool, Lando, I more or less agree
(1659) Zane: Yeah, we're all good still
(1703) No Name (enter): 22:55
(1655) Rowan: (( ok, cya next week then... my pain meds need refredhing before I sleep ))
(1659) Zane: k - take care.
(1660) Sushil: good luck with that
(1662) TaliesinNYC: okay, so Dertol gets the cauldron, you go to Arabel. during the time you're gone, Ait will probably make his way to Stonewatch, Ruth has her little talk with him and we'll continue from there
(1671) Dj Gilcrease: k, rest well and heal fast
(1703) No Name: Disconnecting from server...
(1703) No Name (exit): 22:56
(1655) Rowan: (( thanks, 4-6 wks to heal ))
(1662) TaliesinNYC: Unorthodox, you can talk now
(1660) Sushil: yeah, sounds about right
(1659) Zane: and we get paid by Dertol, right?
(1662) TaliesinNYC: yes
(1696) Unorthodox: ^^
(1662) TaliesinNYC: 1,000 gp
(1659) Zane: good. :-)
(1659) Zane: 1100
(1662) TaliesinNYC: ok
(1660) Sushil: 1200
(1659) Zane: Cass talked him up a little...
(1662) TaliesinNYC: no
(1662) TaliesinNYC: lol
(1660) Sushil: :shrug: can't hurt to try
(1659) Zane: Yeah, I don't think we will try renegotiating now Lun...
(1655) Rowan: (( lol ))
(1655) Rowan: so 1000 gp?
(1662) TaliesinNYC: its 1100 gp
(1662) TaliesinNYC: divided 4 ways
(1704) GM (enter): 22:57
(1662) TaliesinNYC: (since Ker isn't here)
(1704) GM: name alex
(1655) Rowan: cool
(1655) Rowan: need o appraise the topaz
(1662) TaliesinNYC: as for XP, I will hand that out at the end of the next scenario
(1662) TaliesinNYC: the missing bride one
(1655) Rowan: did Ruth keep the ring?
(1662) TaliesinNYC: you can roll appraise on the topaz if you'd like
(1662) TaliesinNYC: Ruth gave the ring back
(1662) TaliesinNYC: the Zhent ring
** (1655) Rowan nods **
(1655) Rowan: Appraise [1d20+1] => [4,1] = (5)
(1655) Rowan: yuck
(1655) Rowan: pay to have it appraised
(1659) Zane: so, I guess that means Rowan wants the topaz, everyone else gets to split the mnsy?
(1659) Zane: *money
(1655) Rowan: I asked for it prvious gamre
(1655) Rowan: since I foundiy
(1696) Unorthodox: Mkay...I didn't want to interupt that little bit with the gp and game workings. I do have one big question though...game-wise.
(1660) Sushil: ok, slap fight for the ring. first to go unconcious loses
(1659) Zane: Smasher doesn't get to be a participant.
(1660) Sushil: aaawww
(1662) TaliesinNYC: you should decide amongst yourselves but it would seem to me that Rowan gets a share of the gp and the topaz.
(1660) Sushil: okay, Sushil will participate himself. *casts shocking grasp* ready
(1671) Dj Gilcrease: Shoot Unorthodox
(1662) TaliesinNYC: how you divvy up loot is really your call
(1704) alex: did you make that map yourself?
(1662) TaliesinNYC: no alex
(1659) Zane: anyway, we can do that on the list later.
(1662) TaliesinNYC: that's from the internet
** (1655) Rowan points to the loot list she made **
(1704) alex: ah k
(1696) Unorthodox: How do you view player knowledge versus character knowledge?
(1662) TaliesinNYC: me?
(1662) TaliesinNYC: or the players?
(1696) Unorthodox: Yes, well...in this campaign.
(1659) Zane: VERY different things.
(1662) TaliesinNYC: if you would know it OOC but your character doesn't, it's best that you self-edit
(1671) Dj Gilcrease: You should try to keep them seperated, or have realy high Knowledge ranks if you arnt sure you will be able to do that all the time
(1662) TaliesinNYC: I'm not here to hold your hand
(1655) Rowan: this is a non canon game so FR knowledge isn't so much a matter
(1662) TaliesinNYC: besides, the game year is 1348 DR, well before the current game year in published material
(1696) Unorthodox: Okay. I was just asking to make sure. I have been in games where it was suggested to use everything *I* know...and others where it's up to the character to know, period.
(1662) TaliesinNYC: no
(1662) TaliesinNYC: in this game, certain things are known
(1662) TaliesinNYC: there's a calendar on the OpenRPG forum thread
(1660) Sushil: depends, if it's basic d&D knowledge, it would be a pain if a player had to roll a knowledge check everytime they weren't sure if their character knew some basic knowledge. On the other hand, if it is something you only know OOC, like you know someone else in the group stole something ooc, but your character doesn't know that, you shouldn't just metagame in that your character responds to that OOC knowledge... something like that
(1662) TaliesinNYC: I can reproduce that in an e-mail if you like. those things are IC knowledge
(1662) TaliesinNYC: put it this way, a 2nd level character should have a realistic view of what he or she knows
(1662) TaliesinNYC: put yourself in your PC's shoe and look at it from his or her perspective
(1696) Unorthodox: Right. I know the difference, and can keep to it perfectly well, I was just asking. >.>
(1662) TaliesinNYC: not yours
(1662) TaliesinNYC: k
(1662) TaliesinNYC: there is an immediate need for the Friday game though
(1662) TaliesinNYC: so for the people who took a look at John's "bob", is it okay for me to give him a green light?
(1662) TaliesinNYC: he's going to need help with PC creation
(1655) Rowan: (( will talk on the mailing list/email... night folks ))
(1662) TaliesinNYC: night Lando
(1659) Zane: yeah - his interview was really good.
(1655) Rowan: Til swords part!
(1655) Rowan (exit): 23:07
(1696) Unorthodox: The second question...is what are the classes and races of this games players, and do you recommend party role-filling? Like there's no cleric or such, do you ask specific classes from people?
(1671) Dj Gilcrease: Yes on John
(1662) TaliesinNYC: your PC is your PC
(1662) TaliesinNYC: I just mention what the roster is and let you choose accordingly
(1662) TaliesinNYC: I don't force players
(1662) TaliesinNYC: but by the same token, I don't believe in saving their butts
(1660) Sushil: we pretty much have all bases covered, save heavy infantry.
(1659) Zane: FR gmae - all humans. Favored Soul (clericish), Truenamer (wizardish), Scout (ranger/rogueish), and wizard.
(1671) Dj Gilcrease: Human Truenamer, Human Necromancer, Human cleric, Human Scout I think
(1662) TaliesinNYC: and even then that's Smasher's job
(1662) TaliesinNYC: lol
(1660) Sushil: though I have aminion who can fill that roll
(1659) Zane: not that Smasher has hit anything other than a desk so far...
(1662) TaliesinNYC: as long as he doesn't get hit by a lightning bolt he's fine
(1660) Sushil: Everytime I roll an attack for him though, it seem to be on the short end. He may be cursed
(1659) Zane: literally.
(1671) Dj Gilcrease: As for role-filling, I always recomend against it unless the role is already something the player knows they will enjoy long term
(1704) alex: are you guys going to play or are you already done?
(1671) Dj Gilcrease: We just finished
(1659) Zane: just finished
(1704) alex: ah k
(1704) alex: damn
(1696) Unorthodox: Okay. I am typically fond of playing rogues of many sorts and flavors. Rogues are always fun for me, as I am interested very much in the thievery and sneaking, though not all characters are thieves.
(1704) alex: Disconnecting from server...
(1704) alex (exit): 23:11
(1660) Sushil: I only recommend rolefilling in a personality sense. For instance if their are two PC's who don't get along, making a pc who would get along with both of them is a nice idea. class/race, I wouldn't force anyone to play something they wouldn't enjoy
(1705) Storyteller (enter): 23:12
(1705) Storyteller: Disconnecting from server...
(1705) Storyteller (exit): 23:12
(1660) Sushil: :shrug: okay, then, aim for a rogue.
(1696) Unorthodox: My last question, that I can think of at the moment, was in reference to the Complete Scoundrel book. It is not listed in the list of books, but I thought I would ask before even looking for something to build into from there.
(1706) alex (enter): 23:12
(1671) Dj Gilcrease: Lunauc/Sushil would prob know more about that book, I have only really analized the prestige classes from it
(1662) TaliesinNYC: sec
(1660) Sushil: great book. love the skill tricks.
(1660) Sushil: the prestige classes are a bit rediculous though
(1671) Dj Gilcrease: Ya that was my oppinion which is why I didnt finish analizing the rest of it
(1660) Sushil: ah
(1696) Unorthodox: ^^ I bought the book and fell in love with the skill tricks.
(1696) Unorthodox: Those and the tactical feats.
(1660) Sushil: hell yeah, you can go all prince of persia with that shit
(1671) Dj Gilcrease: I only found one half way decent pretige class, the Montebank from the book. And even it sits a little wrong with me for some reason
(1660) Sushil: really, that was one of the more twisted classes in my opinion.
(1706) alex: is your whole campaign on that map???
(1671) Dj Gilcrease: Though now that I think about it, it would have been the perfect class for my Fri character =P
(1671) Dj Gilcrease: Yes Alex
(1660) Sushil: though not as weird as the master of masks 0.o
(1706) alex: k, im asking cause im supposed to be making a campaign... and i havent even played one yet
(1696) Unorthodox: heh, that one was ... err ... different ... to be nice.
(1671) Dj Gilcrease: Ya the Masks one is what made me decide to stop reading the book. So unfeasible as a usefull class I couldnt belive it was printed
(1662) TaliesinNYC: we could probably extend it to the whole Realms but for now I'm more inclined to limit things to Cormyr
(1660) Sushil: I think you should try playing before designing a campaign, alex. who you designing it for?
(1696) Unorthodox: I heard someone mention TS earlier as well. Do you all actively chat over TS while plaiying?
(1662) TaliesinNYC: we're using TS because Lando got into an accident last week so I decided to make things easier for him rather than typing it all out
(1671) Dj Gilcrease: No, we are using TS for first time due to one players injured hand
(1662) TaliesinNYC: normally we don't
(1706) alex: designing it for my group
(1696) Unorthodox: Ah! I'm sorry to hear about that.
(1660) Sushil: has your group ever played before?
(1706) alex: i cant exactly play, thats the problem... im the person who knows most about the rules
(1706) alex: not really
(1706) alex: we've tried some half-assed attempts at an adventure or two
(1662) TaliesinNYC: so I hope everyone is clear now where Stonewatch is. :)
(1696) Unorthodox: Hmm, I should probably introduce myself to you all...
(1659) Zane: Yeah, I had that figured out. Although I had Ait's place on the wrong side of the river in my mind.
(1660) Sushil: oh, newbies. Well, the DMG has practically a walk through of the whole thing. Rather than designing a world, you might want to go with one of the published settings for ease, or just think on a small scale for your first games. You can always expand the world later. Learn first, worry about details later.
(1696) Unorthodox: I'm David. I'm 24 years old, have been working full-time currently at my workplace for 8 years, and absolutely love DnD.
(1660) Sushil: Hi Dave.
** (1671) Dj Gilcrease greets in AA fashion "Hi Dave!" **
(1706) alex: yeah im gonna start by fleshing out a few islands
(1706) alex: already have a story
(1696) Unorthodox: Hehe.
(1706) alex: mostly...
(1671) Dj Gilcrease: Alex you should read the two links I sent you. They are very very helpful for designing a campaign
(1696) Unorthodox: Hmm. Is there anything you would like to know more about? I haven't been in an interview in a LONG time.
(1706) alex: oh i didnt notice that
(1706) alex: thx
(1660) Sushil: good. then you can start with vague backgrounds and ideas about the surrounding world, no need to worry about that stuff yet. Take your time, you might hit some tough spots, but good luck.
(1660) Sushil: Oh, this is an interview?
(1671) Dj Gilcrease: What drew you to this game specificly?
(1696) Unorthodox: I haveno idea.
(1696) Unorthodox: err..not to...that question.
(1696) Unorthodox: I was drawn to the game back in high school. A few of my friends used to crowd around the table at lunch and roll dice. I wanted to know what was going on so I borrowed the PHB on day and started reading.
(1671) Dj Gilcrease: Dont worry I am quite used to replies comeing to previous questions after I ask mine, nature of the system
(1660) Sushil: o.0 I think he meant this specific game
(1671) Dj Gilcrease: Didnt mean D&D ment this campaign, but thats usefull info as well
(1696) Unorthodox: OOooohhhhhh
** (1696) Unorthodox coughs and turns bright red. **
(1662) TaliesinNYC: he sent me a PM asking about the Fri game originally because I was recruiting for it on the OpenRPG forums
(1660) Sushil: ah, well what game is he interviewing for now?
(1662) TaliesinNYC: he wants in on the Sun game
(1660) Sushil: ok
(1671) Dj Gilcrease: (( AFK for smoke ))
(1696) Unorthodox: Honestly this was one of the first games I stumbled onto. I haven't played in a year or so and I stumbled in here last week. It wasn't until I recognized TaliesinNYC from a thread I responded to about the Sunday game that I put it all together. And to be completely honest, I absolute love the idea of your Bob submission.
(1696) Unorthodox: That just put the nail in the coffin for me. I am the one who usually ends up dying or not getting to hit anything in other games because I put points all over the board to fill out my characters background. I don't much like hack n slash. Instead I enjoy *being* the character, and losing myself in the experience.
(1660) Sushil: Really? I can't stand Bob. But it is amusing at times to read them. I'm allmost curious what kind of Bobs the current players would come up with, but... do you have any idea of the current story in this campaing yet?"
(1696) Unorthodox: I can't really tell what's going on, but I did pick up someone inviting a Giant to the city? And the quest over to Arabel.
(1662) TaliesinNYC: he doesn't like the idea because he's had to read so many of them. =P
(1660) Sushil: ...and most are repetitious ad nauseam...
(1662) TaliesinNYC: well that's not the fault of the idea but of the people who dream them up
(1660) Sushil: Ah, might wanna ead through the logs, or sit through a prolonged summary.
(1662) TaliesinNYC: Aire Bob was one of the better ones I thought
(1662) TaliesinNYC: he doesn' t know about the campaign
(1696) Unorthodox: Absolutely. I was busy reading through some of the logs for Sunday's game, with Git and company.
(1662) TaliesinNYC: Git is for the Fri game actually
(1659) Zane: That would be the Fri game...
(1660) Sushil: I still can't get twisted scat gay rape pirate Bob out of my head. ={
(1696) Unorthodox: err....that's...what I meant.
(1662) TaliesinNYC: lol
(1696) Unorthodox: I keep thinking today is Friday.
(1662) TaliesinNYC: that's what happens when you ask a player to make an evil PC I suppose
(1660) Sushil: wish it were. I wouldn't have work tomorrow
** (1696) Unorthodox just blinks. **
(1659) Zane: Well, I hate to run out in the middle of talking to a potential player, but I have a large stack of exams to grade still.
(1660) Sushil: night zane
(1696) Unorthodox: Good night Zane! Hopefully I will see you again.
(1659) Zane: yeah. g'night
(1659) Zane: Outta here.
(1659) Zane (exit): 23:34
(1660) Sushil: are the faerun logs up to date btw?
(1662) TaliesinNYC: so anyway, Unorthodox, the PCs are working for a minor noble. they were hired by a druid to recover a magical cauldron on one condition, that the cauldron couldn't be taken by force or bloodshed. they made a deal with the owner of the cauldron to give it up in exchange for coming to Stonewatch and working out a deal with their employer.
(1671) Dj Gilcrease: I think I am gona crash as well. I havnt slept since 2pm yesterday
(1660) Sushil: the giant would be that owner
(1660) Sushil: rest easy dj
(1696) Unorthodox: Ahhhhh, that puts some of the pieces together. The Lady Ruth is the noble I take it.
(1671) Dj Gilcrease: Disconnecting from server...
(1671) Dj Gilcrease (exit): 23:36
(1696) Unorthodox: Night DJ!
(1696) Unorthodox: ERr...bah
(1660) Sushil: I'll just be heryup
(1662) TaliesinNYC: they discovered a golden locket inside a spider's lair. the locket is a gift that's connected to a kidnapped bride of a noble.
(1660) Sushil: er... yup
(1662) TaliesinNYC: the Faerun logs aren't up to date
(1662) TaliesinNYC: they're missing 3 or 4 sessions
(1662) TaliesinNYC: but he can read them if he wants to
(1660) Sushil: eh no matter, he's getting a summary now
(1696) Unorthodox: I would like to...although I don't have a link to them. I just have the wiki for Andurin.
(1662) TaliesinNYC: here
(1696) Unorthodox: Ah, thank you.

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