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(1135) TaliesinNYC: brb

(1135) TaliesinNYC: brb
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(1135) TaliesinNYC: you can talk now
(1139) Erra: Awesome
(1139) Erra: My idea for the character is this:
(1139) Erra: A priest of Oghma or Sharess, who's basically a conman/disguise artist. Doesn't act like a priest, is more of an actor/performer. Taking knowledge skills/charisma skills to be able to change roles.
(1135) TaliesinNYC: probably Oghma
(1139) Erra: Yea, that was my thought
(1135) TaliesinNYC: Sharess doesn't come into her own until after the ToT
(1139) Erra: I'm not up on the history, just browsed through the Faiths book to get some ideas
(1139) Erra: Sound workable to you?
(1139) Erra: Was going to go with the Charm/Trickery domains. He's not going to act like a priest at all.
(1139) Erra: My only flaw is my severe lack of skill points, :/
(1135) TaliesinNYC: k
(1139) Erra: Should I do rolling or point buy?
(1135) TaliesinNYC: is this a character you'd be happy with on a long term basis?
(1139) Erra: Absolutely
(1139) Erra: That's why I put some thought into it. It's a character with a personality to explore.
(1135) TaliesinNYC: I see
(1135) TaliesinNYC: since you mentioned lack of skill points
(1135) TaliesinNYC: the game has been running for some time now
(1139) Erra: If you don't think it's appropriate, let me know, I figured it'd work with a story-driven game very well
(1135) TaliesinNYC: you're probably going to want to lurk for a session to get a feel for things and meet the players at some point
(1135) TaliesinNYC: oh no
(1135) TaliesinNYC: it's not that
(1135) TaliesinNYC: I just want to be clear if you're happy with the concept
(1139) Erra: Oh yes. :)
(1135) TaliesinNYC: I don't have a problem with it
(1140) Zane (enter): 18:07
(1139) Erra: And I don't mind lurking at all, definitely helps to get an idea of what the game is like/how I can interact.
(1135) TaliesinNYC: we're probably going to be a little selective with people coming in
(1135) TaliesinNYC: Zane can and should talk to you
(1135) TaliesinNYC: I'm peeling a couple of beets
(1140) Zane: Do I have to? :-P
(1135) TaliesinNYC: then going to pickle them
(1139) Erra: I can understand that, don't want to have a rotating cast of characters.
(1135) TaliesinNYC: yes you have to
(1135) TaliesinNYC: =P
(1139) Erra: :)
(1135) TaliesinNYC: he wants to play a cleric of Oghma
(1140) Zane: Wel, in that case - how it's going?
(1139) Erra: Pretty good, how's it goin with you?
(1140) Zane: Hmm, I considered Oghma with Cassima briefly.
(1140) Zane: Good.
(1139) Erra: He's going to play more like a bard/rogue than a priest a lot.
(1140) Zane: Cool, that sould be an interesting addition.
(1139) Erra: Definitely more of a roleplay character, than combat oriented.
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(1139) Erra: What type of character are you playing?
(1140) Zane: That's good. Cassima is a Favored Soul of Selune.
(1139) Erra: Interesting
(1140) Zane: Yeah, a clericish class, but able to do her own thing.
(1139) Erra: So what's the party/game like?
(1139) Erra: Yep, I'm not a big fan of the hyper-traditional super religious paladin/cleric type
(1140) Zane: Well - right now most of the party is finishing an "interview" process to work for Lady Ruth.
(1139) Erra: Hah, a job interview ;)
(1140) Zane: So, we are still figuring out the party dynamics, but for the most part the group is more interested in talking and role playing than just laying the smack down. Of course, the prime exception to that is our mercenary character, Ker.
(1140) Zane: Yeah, made for an interesting start to get the group together - much better than "You all meet in atavern."
(1139) Erra: You gotta have someone that'll get the group to be physical -some- of the time
(1140) Zane: Even though that was how the original group met way back when... :-)
(1139) Erra: Hah
(1139) Erra: It's the easiest way to start though!
(1140) Zane: Oh yeah, and most of the group has combat abilities of some kind (physical or magical) - so we can deal out the pain when needed.
(1140) Zane: Aye, but it's always fun to do something different.
(1140) Zane: Have you looked at the logs at all?
(1139) Erra: Yep. Roleplay wise, my character isn't going to act like a priest :)
(1139) Erra: Not at all, where do I go for them? I saw the one that's on the RPGhost board, but that's it
(1140) Zane: http://www.andurin.com/module.php?modname=Forgotten%20Realms%20Logs
(1140) Zane: You should be able to see them there. All of those are actually the first group of PCs. The new group has only met a few sessions since then - the one on the boards gives a decent idea of how the current party interacts.
(1139) Erra: Yea, I liked the interactions there. Definitely think it'll be fun, if you fellas are interested in having me :)
(1139) Erra: Gonna at least lurk t'nite, and see how it goes.
(1140) Zane: Sounds like a good plan. From the basic concept you've mentioned - I think the char would be a nice fit. The dynamics of your char with Kiwren would be interesting as well. Oghma is knowledge - is that the main focus of your prienst?
(1139) Erra: He wants to find knowledge by actually experience things, and peoples reactions to different people, not as a priest, but as a normal person. Plus he's a little immature as far as a priest is concerned, whimsical even.
(1140) Zane: Yeah - he and Kiwren would do well toghether, similar interests.
(1139) Erra: He's very much an embodiment of the clever/curious aspects of Oghma ;)
(1140) Zane: Cool. So, do you have any other quiestiosn that Stash wasn't able to answer earlier?
(1140) Zane: Wow, I need to get my fingers working... too many typos and the game hasn't even started.
(1139) Erra: Not really, I'm just trying to get a feel for everything. Haven't really made the character up yet (Still need to roll and such) But I definitely think the idea will fit well with the group.
(1139) Erra: What type of character is Kiwren?
(1140) Zane: That's fine. It's best to have a char idea first anyway.
(1140) Zane: Kiwren is a Truenamer.
(1140) Zane: She is strange, compared to most humans. She is out in the world to experience it and learn more about the True Names of things and learn about items in that manner.
(1140) Zane: Have you heard of True Naming?
(1139) Erra: Yep :)
(1139) Erra: Definitely an interesting party
(1140) Zane: Ok, just making sure.
(1140) Zane: Yeah, it sure is - especially with Sushil in the mix.
(1135) TaliesinNYC: we have a trial period of about 3 sessions
(1139) Erra: Oh?
(1135) TaliesinNYC: which means you get to evaluate us and vice versa
(1139) Erra: How's that work?
(1139) Erra: Sounds like a good policy to me. :)
(1135) TaliesinNYC: Lando had the same period and he's part of the official group now
(1135) TaliesinNYC: as to your earlier question, point buy with a pool of 32 points or 4d6 drop lowest
(1135) TaliesinNYC: and add 5 points distributed any way you prefer
(1139) Erra: I'll try rolling :)
(1139) Erra: either method?
(1135) TaliesinNYC: no, the distribution method is only for rolling
(1139) Erra: Oh I'll roll
(1140) Zane: do you need a node for dice rolling?
(1135) TaliesinNYC: it helps to alleviate the possibility of getting a 3
(1139) Erra: I'm still fairly new to openrpg ;)
(1135) TaliesinNYC: I think the usual is 4d6 take highest but let Zane walk you through that
(1140) Zane: Right click that, and send to chat.
(1139) Erra: Stat Roll:
[4d6.takeHighest(3)] => [6,4,4] = (14)
[4d6.takeHighest(3)] => [6,5,4] = (15)
[4d6.takeHighest(3)] => [6,6,4] = (16)
[4d6.takeHighest(3)] => [6,6,3] = (15)
[4d6.takeHighest(3)] => [6,4,3] = (13)
[4d6.takeHighest(3)] => [5,4,4] = (13)

(1140) Zane: Sweet!
(1139) Erra: Woo
(1139) Erra: Perfect for this character
(1140) Zane: Great rolls.
(1139) Erra: So I can add 1 stat point to any stats I want?
(1139) Erra: or is it point buy points?
(1140) Zane: Yep - 5 total points
(1140) Zane: 5 stat increases, not buy system.
(1139) Erra: Awesome
(1139) Erra: 13 str, 14 dex, 14 con, 16 int, 16 wis, 18 cha :)
(1135) TaliesinNYC: k
(1140) Zane: sounds good
(1135) TaliesinNYC: starting gold is 750 gp
(1135) TaliesinNYC: not 900 per the book
(1139) Erra: He'll be human
(1135) TaliesinNYC: k
(1139) Erra: needs every skill point he can get ;p
(1140) Zane: Hey - the party will be 50/50 now males/females. :-)
(1135) TaliesinNYC: the party is currently involved in recovering a magical cauldron for a druid of Silvanus, and they're on their way back to Eveningstar having visited the lair of a firbolg giant
(1139) Erra: Is that on this map?
(1135) TaliesinNYC: I imagine they'll meet your PC after having wrapped the current adventure up
(1135) TaliesinNYC: Eveningstar is on the map
(1135) TaliesinNYC: the lair is not
(1140) Zane: Eveningstar is - nothing else is.
(1140) Zane: I believe the lair would be about where the 'G' in Gorge is on the map - just north of Eveningstar. That about right?
(1139) Erra: Excellent
(1139) Erra: I found it
(1139) Erra: The city at least ;)
(1135) TaliesinNYC: it's actually a village
(1140) Zane: So - any ideas yet on where your cleric is from? Not necessary to have now, but some people know enough FR to already have an idea.
(1139) Erra: Not sure yet, I definitely need to do some research to come up with a good background for him
(1139) Erra: Since I'm not real deep in my FR knowledge :)
(1140) Zane: k. I mainly asked because Cassima is from Arabel, that capital of Cormyr. Rowan is from east of Arabel )the two of them travelled to Eveningstar together). Let's see - Kiwren is from parts unknown, Ker is from the north I believe, and I can't remember about Sushil.
(1140) Zane: No prob. I'm not all that deep either, but I'm building it up. Do you know about the Zhents?
(1139) Erra: Not at all :(
(1135) TaliesinNYC: they're one of the main villainous secret societies of the Realms
(1140) Zane: Ok - basics are that they are an evil group of humans. I believe that they serve Bane.
(1140) Zane: That's about all I know, and we go from there. :-)
(1135) TaliesinNYC: they're like La Cosa Nostra on steroids, except they're 50% inept and 50% have potential
(1135) TaliesinNYC: which makes them twice as dangerous
(1139) Erra: So those are our primary enemies right now? ;)
** (1135) TaliesinNYC whistles **
(1142) SpiderJerusalem (enter): 18:47
(1140) Zane: Possibly. Signs of them have shown up here and there, but that's all that is known for sure.
(1139) Erra: Sounds like an adventure!
(1140) Zane: That's the idea. :-)
(1139) Erra: Must use gold...on clothing ;p
(1140) Zane: That's always nice to have - especially with how many females would be around. :-)
(1142) SpiderJerusalem: Cripple Fight!
(1142) SpiderJerusalem (exit): 18:50
(1139) Erra: Hah
(1139) Erra: Well when you're a master of disguise ;)
(1143) Zach (enter): 18:53
(1144) Dj Gilcrease (enter): 18:53
(1140) Zane: Hey guys.
(1144) Dj Gilcrease: ello
(1135) TaliesinNYC: this is Michael who might be playing a cleric of Oghma
(1135) TaliesinNYC: waiting for our 4th or 5th
(1140) Zane: well - gonna go grab a smoke before we start.
(1139) Erra: It'll be interesting to sit in and watch :)
(1145) GM (enter): 18:59
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(1135) DM: ok
(1135) DM: let's go
(1135) DM: (913) Ait: "Well, give me the journal and you can have the books. But the cauldron...." (looks forlornly at the cooking pot)
(1135) DM: ** (911) Sushil moves toward the giant, unfolding the clothe, to reveal a collection of small ivory carvings in the shapes of animals. "They are quite valuable and lovely in my opinion." **
(1135) DM: (913) Ait: "Well they're different."
(1135) DM: (913) Ait: "But not the same as an instant meal."
(1135) DM: (911) Sushil: "No.. quite true at that."
(1135) DM: (913) Ait: "You mentioned something about a human woman that rules this land?"
(1135) DM: (911) Sushil: "I did?"
(1135) DM: (914) Kiwren: "How about free food, not sure how muç you ith though I am sure it is more then I eat, for life. That way you dont have to hunt, though you will have to cook it yourself" ** scratches her chin ** "Unless? No I doubt you would do that."
(1135) DM: (913) Ait: "I could do that."
(1135) DM: (913) Ait: "Tell me more."
(1135) DM: (914) Kiwren: "Yes Lady Ruth rules this land, at least I think we are still on her property. Anyway She is in need of several good employee, and has one great Hobgoblin cook. So I was thinking she could employ you, but you already said you wouldnt work for a human."
(1135) DM: (913) Ait: "Perhaps an agreement of some sort..."
(1135) DM: (914) Kiwren: "With employment comes free food and actual money and the freedom of terminating your employment whenever you wish, without resorting to killing your 'Master'
(1135) DM: ** (914) Kiwren 's voise is full of scorn when she says Master **
(1135) DM: (913) Ait: "You know about that?" (seems ashamed)
(1135) DM: (913) Ait: "All right, done."
(1135) DM: (914) Kiwren: "Yes and it is a bold and brave thing you did. All those who enslave others deserve the same fate."
(1135) DM: ** (911) Sushil stands aside, listening with great interest. **
(1135) DM: (from last time)
(1135) DM: (I'll assume we'll be starting about a day or so after you leave Ait's lair)
** (1145) Rowan retrieves her horse and helps load up with Sushil's haul **
(1143) Ker: (Did Sushil get to take the books?)
(1135) DM: (it's about late afternoon and you're on your way back to the village with the cauldron in tow)
(1135) DM: (some of them)
(1135) DM: (naturally Sushil isn't here yet...)
** (1145) Rowan scouts ahead **
(1144) Kiwren: "So Ait, what do you enjoy doing when not being forced to defend yourself agains hostile fools?"
** (1140) Cassima rides along, not seeming to pay much attention to her surroundings as she let's Rowan take care of those duties. **
(1140) Cassima: (( Ait came with us? ))
(1135) DM: (Ait isn't with you)
(1144) Kiwren: (( I though he was coming back to meet his potential employer ))
(1140) Cassima: "Well, that actually worked out better than I thought it would."
(1145) Rowan: "Indeed."
(1143) Ker: "Wasn't bad at all."
(1143) Ker: "Seems kind of silly that our client couldn't come down here and talk to Ait himself though, but at least this way we get paid!"
(1135) DM: (I said in one of the e-mails that he's coming, but not right away)
(1140) Cassima: "Well, if he did - then we would have not have been needed."
(1145) Rowan: "Well the druids will pay us and get their cauldron back then."
(1144) Kiwren: (( ahh missed that one ))
(1145) Rowan: "Looks like we'll earn the Lady's respect too hopefully."
(1143) Ker: "As long as she didn't have something more permanent in mind for the Bolg Mor."
(1146) Lunauc (enter): 19:07
** (1144) Kiwren rides along quietly, clearly uncomfortable on the horse **
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (1146) Lunauc...
(1140) Cassima: "I guess we'll find out when we get back to her. I just hope that she's ok with the idea of him coming to her place."
(1140) Cassima: "What do you think Sushil, will Lady Winter be ok with the deal?"
(1145) Rowan: "I would hope she'd prefer a peaceful resolution. He could be a powerful ally for her to the north."
(1140) Cassima: Ait is not with us, he is coming along later.
(1140) Cassima: (( whoops, sorry. ))
** (1146) Sushil rolls his eyes, thinking something over a moment. "Well... I'm sure she is the type to prefer peace to conflict, and it may be true that having a giant to brandish a spear at her enemies may be quite beneficially intimidating. THough..." **
** (1140) Cassima looks over to Sushil, "Though what?" **
(1146) Sushil: "Ait is also a rather infamous brigand, with violent appetite, if I may point out the pile of heads in his thrown room. Not to mention the high costs of feeding him, especially whe you include travel and transport."
(1144) Kiwren: "Seems to me he only killed the fools who tried to kill him."
(1146) Sushil: "All in all, fantastic as a giant on the payroll seems, it is also a political blackmark for a risin Lady, such as Ruth. Her peers may see it as a vile act."
(1147) SpiderJerusalem (enter): 19:14
whispering to SpiderJerusalem, yes, I saw you but was afk
(1145) Rowan: "So now you'll kill him?"
(1140) Cassima: "Maybe, but he is rather intelligent. And he turned out to be rather diplomatic about it."
(1143) Ker: :pragmatically: "Well, he doesn't own the cauldron anymore, so she can always just have him killed if he shows up at the castle."
(1143) Ker: :pragmatically: "Well, he doesn't own the cauldron anymore, so she can always just have him killed if he shows up at the castle."
whispering to SpiderJerusalem, one open slot which you should read about here
(1140) Cassima: "It was strange though that my warnings about more and more adventurers didn't get through to him. Apparently none of them caused him any concern yet."
(1143) Ker: :pragmatically: "Well, he doesn't own the cauldron anymore, so she can always just have him killed if he shows up at the castle."
(1140) Cassima: (( got it the first time Zach. :-P ))
(1146) Sushil: :shakes his head: "No, I don't believe the Lady would commit to such an act. Like yourselves, she would be against such deception and violence, I assume."
whispering to Zach, so nice you said it three times!
** (1145) Rowan rides ahead scouting **
(1140) Cassima: "You assume? Don't you know her that well? I thought you had been working for her for a while now."
(1146) Sushil: "Likely she will go along with your actions, in spite of what troubles it may bring for her." :points out with a keen peer:
whispering to Rowan, there's a few caves up ahead, that seem like it might be perfect should you decide to stop and rest for the night. you estimate you're about a day out of Eveningstar.
(1144) Kiwren: "Sushil the Firbolg are not as violent as their cousins, so he working should not bring muç political backlash, about as muç as employeing the Hobgoblin I would guess."
(1146) Sushil: "Yes, but the Hobgoblin does not have a trophy room full of heads."
** (1145) Rowan stops and waits for the party to catch up **
(1144) Kiwren: "And how many of those heads are from fools who attacked him? my guess is all of them."
(1140) Cassima: "But did he in life?"
(1146) Sushil: "Relax yourself. As I said, she will most likely choose to fulfill the obligations which you unrightfully agreed her to."
(1145) Rowan: "There are some caves ahead which would make fine shelter to rest for the night and continue on tomorrow. We have about another day's journey ahead."
(1146) Sushil: :nods to Rowan: "That sounds acceptable."
(1143) Ker: :cheerfully: "Either way, we got the cauldron."
(1140) Cassima: "That we did."
** (1145) Rowan leads the party to the caves **
** (1140) Cassima nods to Rowan in gratitude. "Nice find Rowan." **
(1144) Kiwren: "I didnt agree her to anything. I said he may aimsigh work, thus free food. If he does not we cannot hand the Cauldron over to Dertol untill a suitable agreement has been reaçed."
(1143) Ker: 'Eh? Why not?"
(1146) Sushil: "You forget.. according to Dertol the cauldron is his people's property. If we reveal it in our possession, yet refuse to return it to him, what prevents incident with him?"
(1145) Rowan: "I am giving the cauldron to Dertol that was our mission afterall."
(1144) Kiwren: "And Ait claims it is his property. Thus an agreement must be reaçed that satisfies both parties or we are nothing more then the thievs Ait first thought us to be."
(1146) Sushil: "Quite true.. and yet you have already taken the cauldron with you, having never reached such agreement."
(1145) Rowan: "Should've thought that a bit more before you offered this Kiwren."
(1143) Ker: "Ait isn't paying us, Dertol is -- seems pretty simple to me."
** (1146) Sushil grins to Ker. **
(1144) Kiwren: "I did not leave my Masters lair to become a pety theif. So we wait until Ait arives to ensure Lady Ruth will employe him. Then we hand over the Cauldron and get paid."
(1140) Cassima: "Ait did turn it over to us though. We will continue to fulfill the agreement the best we can."
(1140) Cassima: "And if that takes more time than Dertol gave us?"
(1144) Kiwren: "If she cannot employe him due to political reasons we bring Detrol and Ait and Lady Ruth together to all can negotiate a deal that they are all happy with."
(1146) Sushil: "Unfortunately such decisions are not up to you. If you are to be employed to the Lady Ruth, your actions fall under her orders, as her orders fall under the King's."
(1143) Ker: :helpfully to Kiwren: "I don't know that taking a major historical artifact would be considered petty."
** (1145) Rowan shakes her head, "I didn't leave the Dalelands for something like this to stop me from getting employed here." **
(1143) Ker: "I mean, that would have to be at least major, right?"
(1145) Rowan: "We return the cauldron and if necessary will deal with Ait, but hopefully the Lady will not be unduly upset with your agreement Kiwren."
(1146) Sushil: :to Kiwren, with a nod: "Better. Though you still have no authority to enforce such a meeting, as you had no authority to mediate this deal to begin with."
(1144) Kiwren: "All theft if Petty Ker."
(1145) Rowan: "Certainly we've proven we're valuable to her, assuming she doesn't tell us to go once she hears our tale."
(1140) Cassima: "Ignoring the semantics of what kind of theft it should be, focus on the fact that he turned it over to us. So, we will do our best to fulfill what was agreed to, but I can't say for sure that evrything will go exactly as we hope - I don't know Lady Ruth anywhere near well enough."
(1144) Kiwren: "Your right Sushil I dont, but I will do my best to ensure everyone involved is happy even if that means Detrol needs to wait another day or two before getting his Cauldron back."
(1146) Sushil: :grins: "That is a fine sentiment. I hope it all goes well for you."
(1140) Cassima: "Exactly - we will do the best we can. Until we get back to town, there is nothing that we can do."
** (1145) Rowan makes camp in the caves **
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+7] => [4,7] = (11)
(1143) Ker: "So... does the cauldron just do food? I mean, that's neat and all, but... I dunno.... shouldn't cauldrons be more.... witchy? Or something?"
whispering to Rowan, there's a draft in the rear of this particular cave but you're unsure if it was a figment of your imagination
** (1146) Sushil settles into the cave/camp, having Smasher stand guard at the mouth. "I believe this is a specialty Cauldron. Ker." **
(1140) Cassima: "More? Being able to provide food seems witchy enough to me."
whispering to Rowan, sorry, my mouse is acting up. please repeat that.
whispering to Rowan, grrr...
whispering to Rowan, do you have AIM?
** (1144) Kiwren stumbles off her horse, and looks to the sky to see if it might rain tonight **
** (1143) Ker looks a little disappointed. "I guess...." **
(1135) DM: (folks, I need to get a new mouse. for some reason I keep closing the whisper tabs when I click on them)
(1144) Kiwren: "I think your mothers tales of witçes in the woods, designed to scare çildren into remaining close to hom, a little too literaly Ker."
(1146) Sushil: :To Ker, in consolation: "If you like, I can try to use it in a ceremony to summon a hellspawn for you. You don't mind it joining us in the cave do you?"
** (1140) Cassima places a hand on Kiwren's shoulder. "Relax for now. We will do all we can to get everything to work out. But there is no need to worry about it more right now, ok?" **
(1135) DM: (send whispers to SobaAddict70 on AIM please)
(1135) DM: (or lineageofkings on Yahoo)
(1143) Ker: :brightens: "Hey, can you do that?"
(1144) Kiwren: (( you can use ctrl-tab to switch tabs ))
(1146) Sushil: :shrugs: "I can try..." :starts to roll up his sleeves, and heads toward the cauldron:
** (1143) Ker trails along behind Sushil looking intrigued. **
** (1140) Cassima just shakes her head slightly at Ker, before looking to Kiwren. "Men..." **
** (1145) Rowan searches the caves, spear in hand **
** (1146) Sushil stands before the cauldron, drawing an elaborate dagger from under his cloak. Looking up to Ker, he instructs, "Alright... we'll need a blood sacrifice for the ritual.... Do you mind?" **
** (1145) Rowan returns and clears her throat **
(1145) Rowan: "I found a passage in the interior that is wide enough for single passage."
** (1144) Kiwren picks a spot just inside the mouth of the cave that should remain dry from tonights rain, and begins setting up her bedroll **
(1143) Ker: "As long as it isn't too much!"
(1140) Cassima: "So, you want to check it out I take it?"
(1145) Rowan: "I intend too, best not be surprised by something later."
(1140) Cassima: "Ker, Sushil. Enough playing for now."
** (1145) Rowan readies a sunrod **
(1146) Sushil: :shakes: "No.. not too much... your right eye should do fine."
(1143) Ker: "How about we use a rabbit or something?"
** (1145) Rowan goes to search the passage **
(1143) Ker: "There are rabbitty hellspawn, right?"
(1144) Kiwren: "Just post the dead thing to guard the passage from intrusion. And one of us can guard the mouth of the cave."
(1146) Sushil: "Nah.. Rabbit is too small and unintelligent..." :stops on the second word... eyeing Ker thoughtfully: "Maybe I should take both eyes."
(1140) Cassima: "Save it Rowan, I got more than enough magic for now."
(1143) Ker: "What if you used a lot of rabbits?"
(1145) Rowan: "Alright."
(1145) Rowan: ((DM I'll not use the sunrod))
(1146) Sushil: "You find me about a hundred rabbits, and I'll get right on it." :sighs, putting away his dagger, and moving to see what Rowan is talking about.:
** (1140) Cassima sighs at the two men and follows Rowan. She mutters a slight prayer to Selune and causes her right hand to glow like a full moon, sheding light for her and Rowan. **
(1144) Kiwren: "We already invaded someones underground home once today. I would muç prefer we just take shelter here instead of posibly invading another."
** (1143) Ker looks thoughtful. "A hundred rabbits, hmm...." **
** (1145) Rowan ignores Kiwren and goes to scout the passage **
(1140) Cassima: "Rowan feels it is prudent to make sure nothing will come up behind us in the night. I tend to listen to her on matters like these."
(1146) Sushil: "I'm rather with Kiwren at the moment. Spelunking seems a bit pointless at the moment. Is there something your after in this expedition?"
(1135) DM: There's a firepit in one corner of the cave. Small bones are littered throughout, along with a rusty vambrace and an abundance of cobwebs. A passage leads off into the interior of the hillside to the northeast.
(1140) Cassima: "Then the two of us can check it out."
** (1140) Cassima follows Rowan, leaving the others behind. **
(1144) Kiwren: "Just have Sushil post his guard back there with instructions to wake us if it sees or hears anything coming our way."
(1147) SpiderJerusalem (exit): 19:44
(1145) Rowan: "The mage steals from the giant's home and yet, if I want to check out a cave he's gripping?"
** (1145) Rowan shakes her head **
(1146) Sushil: :nods thoghtfully.:" Fair enough.. I could do without being mauled by a bear, myself. Though such creatures are not likely to approach Smasher."
(1146) Sushil: :grins to Rowan: "As you wish, a bit of adventure before bed. Smasher, come along."
** (1144) Kiwren shrugs and goes and lies down on her bedroll "So Sushil, will you start teaçing me infernal while those two çeck things out?" **
whispering to Zane, can you get on AIM please? this way since you're with Lando, we can whisper without having to type it in the main window
(1146) Sushil: :To Kiwren: "Just as soon as I get back with them.... or bored."
** (1144) Kiwren sighs seeing Sushil head off into the cave as well "I'll stay here and guard the cauldron." **
(1145) Rowan: "Who got you through the lair if you remember?"
** (1145) Rowan smiles wider **
** (1146) Sushil follows along, Smasher beside him, "Yes, yes, very proud... now move along." **
** (1143) Ker wanders after the others, curious to see what is in the caves **
(1144) Kiwren: (( AFK for a smoke ))
(1145) Rowan: ((brb bio break))
(1135) DM: The narrow tunnel opens into a larger cave that also appears to have been used as a campsite in the past.
(1135) DM: There are more bones strewn about, as well as a skull.
** (1145) Rowan examines the bones/skull **
(1135) DM: There appears to be a large opening in the southern wall of the cavern.
** (1146) Sushil looks over the bones, particularly the skull, to identify the species **
** (1140) Cassima holds her hand up, shining the light about them. "Apparently, we are far from the first to travel back here." **
** (1143) Ker unlimbers his greatsword -- just in case. **
whispering to Rowan, the bones are animal in origin. chicken bones for the most part. the skull is orcish.
whispering to Lunauc, orc.
whispering to Lunauc, the bones are chicken bones.
(1146) Sushil: ""Orc... it seems they had dinner. Thought.. I wonder if he got put on someone else's menu."
** (1146) Sushil lifts the skull, looking it over for signs of trauma, tooth, claw, or blade marks, trying to guesstimate cause of death, and possible consumption." **
(1143) Ker: "Anyone know anything about Orcs in the area?"
whispering to Lunauc, bite marks at the base of the skull. whatever it was was not gentle.
(1140) Cassima: "So the orc ate the owners of the other bones, and then died as well?"
(1145) Rowan: "Orc ate some chickens."
(1146) Sushil: "Well.. those are just chicken bones. They may have been his dinner.. then he may have layed down for a nap, and gotten gobbled himself. Like I said, a bear or such may live here, deeper in, or frequent this cave, least ways."
(1143) Ker: "Never heard of a bear eating an Orc."
** (1145) Rowan looks for tracks **
(1146) Sushil: "Why not? They taste like chicken."
(1140) Cassima: "Then whatever got the orc might still be here. Seems like a good idea for us to check it out after all."
** (1146) Sushil prods around the cave for the rest of the orc's remains.. or at least the jaw. **
whispering to Rowan, quite a number of them, but hard to tell
** (1140) Cassima sticks near Rowan so she has enough light to see. **
whispering to Lunauc, most of it are chicken bones, but there is a pelvis as well
** (1145) Rowan moves south **
(1145) Rowan: Survival [1d20+6] => [5,6] = (11)
** (1146) Sushil lifts a pelvis... looking it over and the rest of the cave, before dropping both old bones, and continuing after Ruth and Cassima, Drawing Smasher along. **
(1135) DM: The opening appears to lead to a drop off, at about a 60' degree decline and 15' down to an intersecting passage. It's strewn with rocks and small, sharp pebbles. More cobwebs lie about.
(1140) Cassima: (( Ruth is with us? :-) ))
(1146) Sushil: (che.. Rowan)
(1150) Jones (enter): 20:02
(1149) No Name (enter): 20:02
(1150) Jones (exit): 20:03
(1145) Rowan: "Be careful, might be spiders."
** (1145) Rowan points to the cobwebs **
** (1145) Rowan holds her spear and follows the incline carefully **
(1143) Ker: :to Rowan: "You have any ideas about what got the Orc?"
(1145) Rowan: "Nope."
** (1140) Cassima keeps her eyes scanning the walls and ceilings at Rowan's comment - since spiders don't have to be on the grund. **
(1146) Sushil: "Something hungry."
** (1145) Rowan looks for a big spider **
(1143) Ker: "It seems that this entire trip has revolved around food."
(1145) Rowan: "Looks pretty dangerous, might have to climb down."
** (1145) Rowan gets out her rope **
(1143) Ker: "We sure we want to do that? Right now, if there is anything out there, we've got the high ground."
(1145) Rowan: "Well you want to flame the webs and see if anything comes out pissed off?"
** (1145) Rowan smiles **
** (1146) Sushil sighs, looking around for a rock or crag to tie off a rope or wetde in something a rope could be tied to. **
(1143) Ker: "Sure, got a torch?"
(1140) Cassima: "I'd rather not do that actually. And if it is a spider, the higher ground won't matter one bit."
(1146) Sushil: (wedge even)
(1146) Sushil: :points out a stalagmite to Rowan: "You can tie off there if you like."
** (1145) Rowan nods to Sushil **
** (1145) Rowan ties her rope to the stalagmite and secures it around her waist and secures her spear **
(1146) Sushil: (are we talking massive cobwebs, or just regular little ones here and there?)
(1145) Rowan: "Cover me while I climb down."
(1143) Ker: "Give a shout if something tries to eat you."
** (1140) Cassima keeps her eyes peeled and her hand held high for light while Rowan makes her way. **
(1146) Sushil: "Perhaps Smasher should go first. He's quite resilient if something does attach him, and most natural creatures will shy from him anyway."
(1149) Dustyme (exit): 20:13
(1135) DM: (massive cobwebs)
(1146) Sushil: (attack even)
(1145) Rowan: "There is likely one or more spiders here, but nothing here currently, so be ready."
(1145) Rowan: "Might be good, can he climb down the rope?"
(1146) Sushil: "He should manage."
(1145) Rowan: ((can we kill the music?))
(1146) Sushil: (click stop)
(1140) Cassima: (( Just click on Stop. ))
(1145) Rowan: ((where?))
(1140) Cassima: (( go to Tools - Sound bar ))
(1144) Kiwren: (( it is client side so you can turn it off / down in the Sound Toolbar (Under the Tools menu ))
(1145) Rowan: ((ah, didn't know that, thank you))
(1135) DM: (so anyway, I need a marching order and is Smasheroonie going first?)
(1140) Cassima: (( yep. ))
** (1145) Rowan goes second **
(1140) Cassima: (( I'd say Smasher, Rowan, Cassima, Sushil, Ker? ))
(1135) DM: He's none too subtle in his efforts at climbing down. Pebbles scatter everywhere, clattering as they go along.
(1146) Sushil: (sounds about right, though Sushil will probably let Ker go first ;p)
(1143) Ker: (You want the fighter in the back?)
(1140) Cassima: (( Cassima would go in the middle since she is holding the light, so as to illuminate the most people possible. Fine, Ker then Sushil. ))
(1135) DM: Eventually you manage to get down on the ground but it takes some doing.
(1135) DM: The ceiling is roughly 8' high and this passage appears to be a partially naturally occurring tunnel that's seen a bit of use in the past.
** (1146) Sushil heads back to the mouth of the cave, to let Kiwren know we're going deeper, before following after the others. **
** (1145) Rowan holds her spear readied **
(1135) DM: Massive cobwebs are strewn about all over the place. It extends for some distance to the west and east.
(1145) Rowan: "Obviously their lair is down here."
(1145) Rowan: "Now we know what ate the orcs."
(1135) DM: A cool breeze wafts your way to your left.
(1145) Rowan: "Be on guard."
(1143) Ker: "OK, so now what?"
** (1145) Rowan heads left **
** (1140) Cassima reaches her hand down, collecting her mace in it before following Rowan. **
** (1146) Sushil eyes the composition of the cavern, figuring if it is a natural cavern. **
** (1143) Ker shrugs and heads after the cleric and the scout. **
(1135) DM: The tunnel exits into a large spacious cavern that slopes gradually down to a pool of water in the center. The ceiling arches into the darkness and rises higher than 10' above.
(1145) Rowan: "Wow, natural cavern with water supply, they never have to leave except to hunt.... unless prey cmaps in the cave."
(1135) DM: The floor of the main cavern is littered with bones and animal hides on the ground.
(1145) Rowan: "Looks like a main feasting area."
(1135) DM: ...and other debris.
** (1145) Rowan gestures to the bones and hides **
** (1145) Rowan searches **
(1143) Ker: "Or goes poking into their nest. What exactly are we doing down here again?"
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+7] => [14,7] = (21)
** (1146) Sushil follows along, staying close to Smasher as a deturrent. **
(1145) Rowan: "I'm looking for treasure and protecting myself from predators."
(1140) Cassima: "Good question actually. Rowan, I think we know what we were wondering now."
(1143) Ker: :wondering out loud: "Do spiders have treasure?"
(1140) Cassima: "Treasure? Among bones of animals?"
** (1145) Rowan looks at the edge of the water **
(1145) Rowan: "I see possible gold, could be a trap too."
** (1145) Rowan pokes the gold with her spear. **
(1135) DM: A stream of grayish liquid smacks into Smasher from out of the darkness in the far reaches of the cavern. The liquid quickly hardens into sticky webbing.
(1140) Cassima: "Yeah, I think we have out answers - definately appears to be spiders. Let's head back - since Smasher should be a good deterant against them making their way to our camp."
(1135) DM: Chittering noises can be heard.
(1143) Ker: "Uh oh."
** (1146) Sushil searches among the bones for oddities, or spider remains, figuring if they have nested here long, some of their own should be among the dead. **
(1135) DM: (let me load the map, brb)
** (1145) Rowan looks for the spider(s) **
(1146) Sushil: "Apparently they aren't very afraid of him.
(1145) Rowan: "Apparently not."
(1135) DM: (load minis and roll init please)
(1140) Cassima: Initiative: [1d20+2] => [20,2] = (22)
(1135) DM: (not to scale, but the squares are roughly 5')
(1143) Ker: Init: [1d20+1] => [7,1] = (8)
(1135) DM: (anyone else rolling init?)
(1145) Rowan: Initiative [1d20+4] => [18,4] = (22)
(1146) Sushil: init: [1d20+2] => [14,2] = (16)
(1146) Sushil: Initiative: Minion: [1d20+6] => [4,6] = (10)
(1135) DM: (22, Cas)
** (1140) Cassima mutters a quick prayer as the glow on her hand extends out to her mace, which glows with moonlight for a moment before the light seeps into the weapon. However, the light on her hand seems to not diminish at all in the process. (Cast Magic Weapon) **
(1135) DM: (22, Row)
** (1145) Rowan moves and hurls her spear at Spider1 [1d20+6] => [8,6] = (14) **
(1135) DM: Your spear penetrates the soft underbelly of one of the spiders and it recoils, perhaps more in shock than in fear. (damage)
(1143) Ker: (Sorry, didn't have a mini ready, and cannot get into the site; using Berard for now.)
(1135) DM: (np)
(1145) Rowan: [1d8+2+1d6] => [2,2,5] = (9)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+3] => [14,3] = (17)
(1135) DM: (17, the spiders)
(1135) DM: (1 will attack R, provoking an AOO from R, 2 moves to Cas and shoots webbing at her)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+4] => [9,4] = (13)
(1140) Cassima: (( reflex? ))
(1145) Rowan: ((have no weapon, can I draw my blade or grab my spear in it's belly?))
(1135) DM: (am reading sec)
(1135) DM: (R -- yes)
(1135) DM: (yes, reflex)
(1140) Cassima: Reflex: [1d20+5] => [17,5] = (22)
** (1145) Rowan stabs with spear [1d20+4] => [8,4] = (12) **
(1135) DM: It spits a projectile of gray liquid that misses you and quickly hardens into a sheet of webbing.
(1135) DM: 1 lunges at Rowan and tries to pierce her sword harm with its mandibles. (AC 13)
(1135) DM: (16, Sush; let me know if that hit please)
(1135) DM: (probably not)
(1145) Rowan: ((AC is 16))
** (1146) Sushil casually, takes out a bit of cured leather from under his cloak, chanting whispered words, as the bit of leather takes on a dark sheen. Annointing the glowering bit to his forehead, a pale shadow flashes over him, before disappearing into apparent nothingnes(Mage Armor) He then instructs to Smasher, "Do try to get yourself free of that mess." **
(1135) DM: (10, minion)
** (1146) Smasher tries to burst free of the web casing. Str: [1d20+5] => [11,5] = (16) **
(1135) DM: The strength of the webbing holds him for now.
(1135) DM: (8, Ker)
(1143) Ker: "So I guess we are fighting then, right?"
(1152) Menion (enter): 20:44
** (1143) Ker charges across the cavern floor towards spider #1, sword held high. **
(1143) Ker: (Charge + Full Power Attack)
(1143) Ker: [1d20+6] => [1,6] = (7)
(1153) Jade (enter): 20:45
** (1143) Ker barely avoids hitting Rowan. **
(1143) Ker: "Whoops."
(1140) Cassima: (( apparently, Ker is slightly aracnophobic... ))
(1135) DM: (22, Cas)
** (1140) Cassima moves up to the spider that shot at her, swinging her mace at it. **
(1140) Cassima: Full Moon (magic) Attack: [1d20+5] => [20,5] = (25) ==> DAMAGE [1d8+3] => [7,3] = (10)
(1145) Rowan: ((remind me to give Ker lessons on how to kll things))
(1135) DM: (it gets an AOO)
** (1140) Cassima draws Ringrist. **
(1140) Cassima: (( wrong macro... ))
(1135) DM: (wrong campaign Zane. =P)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+4] => [5,4] = (9)
(1135) DM: (and misses)
(1140) Cassima: Crit Check: [1d20+5] => [5,5] = (10)
(1145) Rowan: ((anything like orcrist?))
(1135) DM: (nope)
(1135) DM: (22, Row)
(1135) DM: (both 2 and you missed each other)
** (1145) Rowan takes 5' step back, hurls spear into psider 1 **
(1140) Cassima: (( How did I miss with a natural 20? ))
(1145) Rowan: [1d20+6] => [15,6] = (21)
(1135) DM: (oh right, I saw the 10, not the 20. my bad, lol)
(1145) Rowan: [1d8+3+1d6] => [7,3,4] = (14) dmg ((forgot my +1 dmg last time for pbs))
(1135) DM: The force of your (Row) throw knocks the spider off its balance as one of its multitudinous eyes is smashed to pieces. (damage)
(1135) DM: It goes belly up and dies.
(1135) DM: (17, #2)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+4] => [15,4] = (19)
(1135) DM: It doesn't seem to be aware of what happened to its mate. It lunges against Cassima and pierces her right thigh with a vicious swipe (AC 19).
(1140) Cassima: (( miss. :-) ))
(1135) DM: (or tries to. =P)
(1145) Rowan: ((got good armor ?))
(1135) DM: (16, Sush)
(1140) Cassima: (( yep. ))
** (1146) Smasher sighs as Smasher fails to free, himself. Drawing a dagger, the mage tries chipping at the webbing, with little worry of stabbing the servant beneath, complaining, "Obviously I still need to do some work on you." **
(1146) Smasher: Dagger Attack Roll: [1d20+1] => [13,1] = (14) ===> Damage: [1d4+0] => [3,0] = (3)
(1135) DM: (0.o)
(1154) Jones (enter): 20:54
(1146) Smasher: (:shrug:)
** (1146) Sushil sighs as Smasher fails to free, himself. Drawing a dagger, the mage tries chipping at the webbing, with little worry of stabbing the servant beneath, complaining, "Obviously I still need to do some work on you." **
(1146) Sushil: (always forget that alias ;p)
(1154) Jones (exit): 20:55
(1135) DM: (ok, so I suppose you're working on getting him free then)
(1135) DM: (10, min)
(1146) Sushil: (for what it's worth)
(1146) Smasher: str: [1d20+5] => [10,5] = (15)
(1135) DM: (nope)
(1135) DM: (8, Ker)
** (1143) Ker -- never one to dwell on his mistakes -- launches himself at the other spider.... [1d20+4] => [10,4] = (14) **
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+4] => [17,4] = (21)
(1135) DM: It spies you out of the corner of its eyes, and tries to bite you. (AC 21)
(1143) Ker: (hit)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d8+3] => [7,3] = (10)
whispering to Zach, Fort save please
(1135) DM: It manages to puncture through your armor swiftly, leaving a crimson gash behind. (10 damage)
(1135) DM: (22, Cas)
(1143) Ker: Dmg [2d6+7] => [3,3,7] = (13)
(1135) DM: It goes belly up and dies.
(1140) Cassima: (( how much did that hit do to Ker, relatively speaking? ))
(1143) Ker: (( He is a bit staggered. ))
(1140) Cassima: (( oh, never mind. ))
(1135) DM: Rowan retrieves her spear, then bends down and picks something up from the shoreline.
(1143) Ker: "Are we done here?"
** (1145) Rowan looks around some more **
** (1140) Cassima moves over to Ker quickly, even as the spider falls, touching him with her still glowing hand as she whispers a prayer to Selune. The soft glow of moonlight moves over to wash over ker, relieving some of his pain as the warm light seems in. **
(1140) Cassima: ( CLW - [1d8+2+2] => [2,2,2] = (6) )
(1145) Rowan: "Afraid of spiders?"
(1143) Ker: :looks impressed: "Wow, hey thanks."
(1146) Sushil: "Well.. that was a bit of a chore." :as the spiders die... and he did nothing.:
(1143) Ker: "Eh? No, why?"
(1140) Cassima: "Not a problem, but you need to be more careful, figure out how to aim that sword of yours better if you want to be taken seriously as a mercenary," she adds, with a smile.
** (1146) Sushil continues chipping at the webbing, trying to weaken the encasement, as Smasher tries to break free. **
(1145) Rowan: "I found this gold locket, there might be other rewards here."
(1146) Sushil: Str: [1d20+5] => [20,5] = (25)
(1145) Rowan: ((good roll))
** (1140) Cassima looks over Ker. "Feeling better then?" **
(1135) DM: That's a success.
** (1145) Rowan finds stuff **
(1143) Ker: "Don't worry, I've hardly ever hit someone on my side before. And I've never accidentally killed anyone. Not really, anyway. Well, no one who didn't deserve it."
(1143) Ker: :to Cassima: "Yes, much better."
(1146) Sushil: "Finally." :sheathes his dagger,and helps peel away the web remnants.: "Honestly, dumb as you are, how much sense do you need to get out of the way of oncoming webbing?"
** (1140) Cassima doesn't look overly assured at Ker's words, her smile faltering for a moment. "Good, be careful." **
(1145) Rowan: "I found a dagger, a shortsword."
** (1140) Cassima puts her mace away before turning to Rowan. "Nice work. Since Sushil was wrong about Smasher keeping those things away, we might be better off checking the rest of this place as well. And let's hope there are to many more, or any that are larger." **
(1145) Rowan: "I found 35 cp and a fine locket with an inscription I can't make out, might be an heirloom or something worth something to someone."
** (1145) Rowan brings the locket and items to Sushil, "Can you or Cassima see if they're magical?" **
(1143) Ker: :to himself: "So spiders do have treasure. Huh."
(1145) Rowan: "No doubt from their victims."
** (1145) Rowan grins **
(1140) Cassima: "Or, Kiwren can check when we return to camp. I personally don't have any ability to find magic in other things."
(1146) Sushil: "Hmmm?" :looks over the items for sheer value, rather than bothering with magics just yet.:
(1145) Rowan: "True, forgot about Kiwren's ability."
(1146) Sushil: "Anyone read elven?" :as he eyes the inscription:
(1143) Ker: :helpfully: "I know a bit of dwarven."
(1145) Rowan: ((has Elven as a lang))
(1146) Sushil: :grins to Ker: "I'll keep that in mind." :looking over the locket: "I was just curious if anyone could read this inscription:
** (1145) Rowan tries to read it **
(1145) Rowan: "I grew up in the Dalelands, elven realms."
** (1146) Sushil holds the locket out to Rowan **
** (1145) Rowan tries to read it **
(1145) Rowan: "It's an inscription from Tavish Greenmantle to his love Dalressa. Sad he likely was a victim."
(1145) Rowan: "Anyone know of them?"
(1152) Jade (exit): 21:15
(1146) Sushil: :shrugs: "More likely.. she was the one wearing it."
(1140) Cassima: Knowledge (any): [1d20+1] => [9,1] = (10)
(1145) Rowan: "Hmm, couldbe."
(1153) Jade (exit): 21:15
(1145) Rowan: "A shame."
** (1145) Rowan pockets the locket **
(1143) Ker: "Maybe they died together?"
(1145) Rowan: "That's possible too."
(1140) Cassima: "I've heard of the Greenmantle family, but not the individuals.
(1146) Sushil: "Romantic.. and disturbing as that is... should we worry of more nasties crawling into our beds this night, or shall we assume ourselves safe?"
(1155) Drew (enter): 21:16
(1143) Ker: "They write tragedies like that, right? Well, maybe with less 'getting eaten by spiders'."
(1140) Cassima: "Likely Ruth, or the Lady of Eveningstar, could tell us more - since Greenmantles are Cormyr nobles."
(1145) Rowan: "Let's finish this then."
** (1145) Rowan nods and takes her spear, goes to #3 **
(1140) Cassima: "Yes, the sooner we get done, the sooner we can get rest and move on." She says, following Rowan with her light.
(1135) DM: There seem to be a number of corpses at the far end of the intersecting passage. All are fresh.
** (1145) Rowan looks for spiders **
** (1146) Sushil follows along with Smasher, crossbow ready in hand **
(1145) Rowan: "Appears that the pair we slew were here, these are probably tonights meal."
** (1143) Ker follows, humming quietly to himself, his earlier injuries already forgotten. **
** (1146) Sushil looks over the corpses, noting their species.(humanoid or animals?) **
(1145) Rowan: "Three humans, leather armor, short swords and other stuff
** (1145) Rowan examines the money **
(1135) DM: All are humans.
** (1145) Rowan gathers up the coins **
(1146) Sushil: "Any marks of identification?"
(1135) DM: One is tall and thin, another is short and chubby, the third is bald and is of medium build but has an eyepatch over his left eye. All appear to have been recently slain by the spiders.
(1140) Cassima: "Sushil, when we leave this area, could you have Smasher carry a couple of these bodies back out? I really don't want to leave them here. And Ker, would you be able to get the other one?"
(1145) Rowan: "I found some coins."
** (1146) Sushil looks over the bodies for symbols, notes, or other identification, even taking a glance under the one man's eyepatch, to be thorough **
(1135) DM: A purple dragon is stitched into each of their tunics.
(1143) Ker: "Sure, I can carry one. Might be a little awkward at the rope, but we can get 'em out."
(1146) Sushil: :to Cassima: "Yes, alright." :sighs: "It seems we'll need to report their deaths to the dragons anyhow."
(1140) Cassima: "Really?" She leans in at Sushil's comment, seeing the dragons. "I wonder what they were doing down here."
(1145) Rowan: "Body guards, would that be Tavish maybe?"
** (1145) Rowan points to the chubby one **
** (1146) Sushil doublechecks, to make sure the spiders did the killing. **
(1143) Ker: "There have to be more spiders somewhere then...."
(1145) Rowan: "No the signs here show the mated pair only."
(1145) Rowan: "Although, there might be children."
** (1145) Rowan glances around **
(1140) Cassima: "If they were all together and couldn't avoid the web as I did, I can imagine that the two spiders could have taken all three of them down."
(1143) Ker: "Not much in the way of bodyguards, I guess."
** (1145) Rowan looks for any other passages or caves **
(1146) Sushil: :sighs: "Well, lets hope that was all for the spiders. But we should check the rest of the cave, if there were more dragons, they may have had something with them of importance."
(1145) Rowan: "They certainly had a nice setup here... sneka up on campers and haul them down to their doom."
(1145) Rowan: "There is another passage here."
(1156) Drew (enter): 21:31
** (1145) Rowan goes to look **
** (1140) Cassima moves over to the next passage, providing light for the group. **
** (1143) Ker tags along **
(1135) DM: The passage eventually opens up into what appears to be a crude burial chamber. Spread evenly about this rectangular cavern are a number of sarcophagi, their lids inscribed with orcish writing.
(1135) DM: Several of the sarcophagi have been disturbed. Cobwebs litter the chamber, along with dust.
** (1140) Cassima pauses at the entrance, seeing the sarcophagi. "Well, that would explain the officers." **
(1145) Rowan: "Well Cassima, looks like your sort of room."
(1145) Rowan: "Or Sushil's."
** (1145) Rowan smirks **
** (1146) Sushil and smasher follow along into the burial chamber, his eyes widening at the sight. He takes a moment to mutter some incomprehensive prayer, bowing to the sarcophogi before entering fully into the chamber. **
** (1140) Cassima slowly makes her way into the room, looking over, but not touching. Noting the Orcish writing, she doesn't even bother trying to read it. **
(1157) lurking (enter): 21:35
** (1145) Rowan enters and looks around **
(1145) Rowan: Search [1d20+5] => [19,5] = (24)
(1140) Cassima: "Not what I would expect, I didn't think that orcs did anything but leave their dead on the ground."
(1146) Sushil: "I wonder who these folks were." :moves about the sarcophogi, looking them over for markings.
(1145) Rowan: "Unusual indeed."
(1135) DM: There are about 15 sarcophagi, and almost all of them have been disturbed at one point or another. It doesn't look like you've been the first to visit here.
(1140) Cassima: "I'm not sure, but with orcish writing, I would guess orcs."
(1146) Sushil: "Pity there's no such thing as resting in peace."
(1145) Rowan: "Looks like someone might've ransacked them already."
** (1146) Sushil moves about the chamber, instructing Smasher to replace the lids on the sarcophogi. **
(1146) Sushil: "Grave robbers. It's a common thing."
(1145) Rowan: "Indeed."
** (1140) Cassima raises an eyebrow, but says nothing. **
** (1140) Cassima waits for Smasher to return all the lids to their place. "Are we finished then?" **
** (1146) Sushil looks over the remains in each plot, before it is covered, resetting bones in some appropriate manner, and eyeing for items hidden among the debris **
(1146) Sushil: "Is that all of the cavern?"
(1140) Cassima: "It's all that I've seen." she looks to Rowan for confirmation.
(1145) Rowan: "I think so, unless I missed something."
(1146) Sushil: "Then, how about we get some sleep?"
(1143) Ker: "Sounds good to me."
** (1145) Rowan nods and goes back up the rope **
(1140) Cassima: "Agreed."
** (1146) Sushil and Smasher head back out, once the sarcophogi are back in a semblance of respectability. **
** (1140) Cassima helps make sure the bodies get up the incline and back to camp safely. **
** (1144) Kiwren is sitting on her bedroll talking to herself when you return **
(1135) DM: Kiwren is still there, looking bored.
whispering to Dj Gilcrease, =P
(1145) Rowan: "You missed all the fun."
** (1146) Sushil waves to Kiwren, upon return, offering her a heavy hissing greeting. **
(1145) Rowan: "See if any of this treasure is magical."
** (1145) Rowan sets all the goodies by Kiwren. **
(1144) Kiwren: "Wha? Oh you have returned. Find any bears?"
** (1140) Cassima looks over at Rowan, "if you don't mind doing so Kiwren." **
(1140) Cassima: "No bears, just some spiders."
(1143) Ker: "Nope, no bears. Spiders though."
(1145) Rowan: "Killed some spiders."
** (1144) Kiwren stands up **
** (1145) Rowan smo;es **
(1144) Kiwren: "Yomôolíëfå'Èùðäÿänàðá Zèuäóúnmiòà'Dêæxøîkèî hmfáaæfå Eèúäwmpæ Zëeèùëyppæ'äàÿdô Zdèxepùæ'Zauêc Zèuäóúnmirc'Zanóxpc Vcfðjåúmæ"
(1145) Rowan: ((smacks keyboard))
(1140) Cassima: (( interesting action... ))
** (1146) Sushil moves to find a cozy spot to settle in for the night **
(1135) DM: ((lol))
** (1144) Kiwren shakes her head "No magic about that stuff. Spider, well at least we are safe knowing they wont try and crawl into our bedrolls with us tonight." **
(1145) Rowan: "Well then we'll take the coins and I claim the topaz."
** (1143) Ker sits down next to a wall and starts tending to weapons and gear. **
(1145) Rowan: "The blades and such can either stay or go upto you all."
(1135) DM: Rain begins to fall outside the cave. At first a mild drizzle, it then becomes a downpour.
(1140) Cassima: "Exactly. Oh, and we found a few recent victims of the spiders," she indicates the bodies that were brought up. "I think we can create a carrion for them here, but we still need to inform the Ladys of what we found."
** (1145) Rowan beds down, cleans her spear and eats some food and sleeps **
** (1146) Sushil lies to sleep, with Smasher standing guard, with orders to attack anything which attacks us, or which the person on watch tells him to attack. **
** (1144) Kiwren looks over the bodies "Greenmantle family? If I remember my brife study of the area they are as high as you can go in the nobility, without actualy being in the royal family." **
(1158) Lana (enter): 21:51
** (1140) Cassima works on making a carrion for the dragons, returning to the slope if necessary for rocks. She collects the eyepatch (along with anything else that might specifically identify the individuals) and uses her dagger to cut out the dragon on the outfits. **
(1158) Lana (exit): 21:51
(1140) Cassima: "I recalled they were nobles, but no much more than that. I never focused on nobility in my studies."
(1144) Kiwren: "Nor have I, but I did a little leighing on the History of the area."
** (1144) Kiwren goes and lays down on her bedroll and watches the rain until she falls asleep **
(1135) DM: (ok to FF then if you want)
(1146) Sushil: (sure)
** (1140) Cassima takes a watch once she finishes, waking another after a number of hours. **
(1140) Cassima: (( sure ))
(1143) Ker: (Fine with me.)
(1144) Kiwren: (( sounds good ))
(1135) DM: Smasher is still at attention in the morning and doesn't seem to have moved at all.
(1145) Rowan: ((fine by me))
(1135) DM: It's a beautiful sunny morning.
** (1146) Sushil rises with a stretch and a yawn, and goes about his morning rituals, grooming, eating, studying his spells, etc. **
** (1144) Kiwren wakes in the morning and packs up her bedroll and ties it to her horse and attempts to get on, falling off the other side twice before finaly finding her seat "They need to make these beasts more stable." **to noone inparticular **
** (1145) Rowan awakens and cleans up/eats and dresses **
** (1140) Cassima looks out of the cave, smiling at the sunlight. **
(1143) Ker: (( I am fading; and am going to have to call it a night early today. ))
(1146) Sushil: :To Kiwren: "Perhaps we can build you a guard rail on your saddle. Fo now, no need to rush, sit, eat."
** (1140) Cassima returns to the cave, eating some breakfast as well. **
(1140) Cassima: (( k - see you next week ))
(1146) Sushil: (how far are we from eveningstar?)
(1144) Kiwren: "I dont ith in the morning, only lunç and dinner."
(1146) Sushil: (bye)
(1143) Ker: ((bye))
(1146) Sushil: "Ok.. watch us eat then."
(1143) Ker: Disconnecting from server...
(1143) Zach (exit): 21:59
(1140) Cassima: (( I'd imagine less than a day away. ))
(1135) DM: (another day roughly_
(1155) Drew (exit): 21:59
(1140) Cassima: (( oh right, with the cauldron and books we travel slower. ))
(1135) DM: (remember, Sush wanted the books, lol)
(1140) Cassima: (( and how many days since we talked to Dertol? ))
(1146) Sushil: (nah, Sushil would have left th books, with instructions to have them picked up when the first food shipment goes to visit Ait. mentioned that a couple times in e-mail)
(1135) DM: (about 5 I believe, so if you travel today, you'll get in with 4 days to spare. remember that a week is ten days in FR)
(1146) Sushil: "Shall we take the bodies of the Dragons with us? The comrades may appreciate the gesture."
(1140) Cassima: (( k ))
(1145) Rowan: "Do we have a way to haul them without putting them on our mounts?"
** (1144) Kiwren remains on her horse waiting for the others to finish their food "So when we get back to Eveningstar, since I was the one to make the deal, I would like to explain it to Lady Ruth before everyone starts talking at once." **
(1146) Sushil: "No, but one extra body per mount, the horses should be able to take the weight"
(1145) Rowan: "Perhaps Sushil should talk to her first then you."
(1140) Cassima: "Actually, I already buried them last night. I figured we could tell others where the bodies were."
(1135) DM: The corpses, while fresh, are beginning to stink.
** (1145) Rowan packs and mounts up after finishing her breakfast **
(1135) DM: (strike that then)
** (1146) Sushil peers aside to Cassima, sighing, "I'd expect such a thing from one of them, but a priestess burying men without knowing their final wishes, with their compatriots so nearby..?" **
(1157) lurking (exit): 22:05
(1140) Cassima: "I simply followed basic burial procedures to get them off the floor where they died. We inform those in charge, they can decide if more should be done."
(1146) Sushil: :nods, though apparently disappointed: "Fair enough."
(1140) Cassima: "What would you have done differently?"
** (1146) Sushil heads out of the cave, heading for the horses, explaiing offhand, "Personally, I would have seen them back to eveningstar, to the Purple Dragon post there, where the men could be properly identified, their families informed and their remains handled according to their own beliefs." **
(1146) Sushil: "We're going that way anyhow."
** (1145) Rowan packs and mounts up and prepares to scout ahead **
** (1146) Sushil climbs up into his saddle, instructing Smasher climb on behind him. **
(1140) Cassima: "Meanwhile, we would be bringing dead bodies back with us, that would not only stick, but that someone on the road might recogonize. This way, the familes can be told properly, instead of from someone that saw the body of a loved one, or even worse - seeing the dead body of a loved one themselves."
** (1140) Cassima mounts up as well while discussing the situation with Sushil. **
(1146) Sushil: "Better than hearing from some stranger, "We found your relative's remains in a spider infested cave and buried them in the wilderness.. well... we think it was your relative anyway. Would you mind identifying this mostly decayed corpse... oops... the scavengers dug it up first. Sorry."
(1140) Cassima: "But being dragons, they were likely sent there for a reason - so those in charge should know who they were. Then, those in charge can tell the familes - I did not plan on doing that myself."
(1146) Sushil: :sighs: "It's alright. Hopefully it will all work out for them."
** (1140) Cassima nods and prepares to head out with the others. **
(1146) Sushil: (afk a min)
** (1144) Kiwren kicks her horse as the others head out **
(1135) DM: No encounters (of note) on the rest of the way back to the village, though a few farmers raise their eyes at the cauldron strapped to the back of one horse.
** (1140) Cassima ignores the looks of the farmers. **
(1135) DM: (so do you head back to Stonewatch? or to Mynamere's?)
(1146) Sushil: (figured we'd have it slung between two mounts, for comfort :p)
(1146) Sushil: (which is closer?)
(1140) Cassima: (( Cassima would vote for Mynamere's, since we can't report to be finished to Lady Ruth until we return the cauldron to Detrol. ))
(1140) Cassima: (( since the cave was northeast of Eveninstar, and Stonewatch is East by Southeast - uh, it's a toss up. ))
(1144) Kiwren: (( Kiwren votes Stonewatch since she wants to ensure the deal will be hnored before handing over the cauldron ))
(1140) Cassima: (( if I have my directions right... ))
(1135) DM: (Mynamere's)
(1135) DM: (Stonewatch is across the bridge, Mynamere's is in the village)
(1146) Sushil: (I'll say mynamere's then.. less travel.)
(1145) Rowan: ((Mynamere's then))
(1135) DM: Dertol is in the common room. His face lights up on seeing you.
(1140) Cassima: (( we could ask Dertol to travel with us to Stonewatch. It would ease Kiwren to see the deal finished first, and Stonewatch is on the way back to his grove. ))
(1144) Kiwren: (( ya thats fine ))
** (1140) Cassima smiles at Dertol as well, taking a seat across from him. "Well met again Dertol." **
(1135) Dertol: "You've returned!"
** (1135) Dertol seems genuinely happy to see you. **
(1145) Rowan: "Well met Dertol."
(1156) Drew (exit): 22:26
(1140) Cassima: "Aye, we have. And we have something you will be interested in. However, since there are a few days left in the timeline, I have a small request to make, if you would hear me out."
(1135) Dertol: "And what would that be?"
** (1146) Sushil lets the applicants deal with Dertol, while he heads to the bar, greeting the familiar staff, and gets a drink. Though, he keeps an eye and ear on them of course. **
** (1144) Kiwren remains quiet, and semingly attentive while Cassima talks **
(1135) Mynamere: "That's such a shame, tsk tsk tsk."
(1140) Cassima: "Travel with us to Stonewatch. Kiwren here needs to see that the deal we started with the Bolg Mor is compleated with Lady Ruth before her mind will be at ease. And I believe that your grove is in that direction as well, correct?"
** (1135) Mynamere clucks her tongue at a member of the watch who's apparently stopped for a drink before she turns her attention to Sushil. **
(1135) Mynamere: "Well met, lad. What can I get for you?"
** (1135) Dertol nods. "But I see what this has to do with the return of our cauldron." **
(1146) Sushil: "Hmm?":raises a brow to the watchman, before turning back to Mynamere with a smile: "A pint of ale and rare steak, please."
(1146) Sushil: "And by the way..." :keeps his voice low: ".. something happen with the watch?"
(1140) Cassima: "Part of the reason why it was turned over to us. If possible, it would be best to see that the deal we arranged can be compleated. If we do not, then the cauldron was turned over to us in bad faith - which is not how we would want to be known for doing business."
(1135) Mynamere: "Coming right up."
(1140) Cassima: "This whole matter should take little time to take care of, and then you can be on your way with the cauldron back to your kin. Of course, payment would not be accepted until you are leaving with the cauldron."
(1135) Mynamere: "Oh right. There seems to have been a kidnapping lately. Quite brazen in fact. I don't have all th' details but it has most o' the village talkin'."
(1135) Mynamere: "Be back with yer meal, luv."
(1146) Sushil: "Well, that is disparriaging. Suppose I'll investigate." :gives Mynamere a wave as she goes to get his meal, and he moves to greet the guard.: "Good day, fellow."
** (1135) Dertol scratches his head. "Bad faith? Deal? You'd best explain from the beginning." **
** (1144) Kiwren looks to Cassima before she begins explaining **
(1135) DM: The druid seems agitated and sits down in order to steady himself.
(1135) Jasper: "Well met in these times."
** (1140) Cassima explains the deal that Kiwren made with the Bolg Mor - being able to work with and being fed by Lady Ruth in exchange for the cauldron. She works to try to explain Kiwren **
** (1135) Jasper takes a long pull of ale as he turns to face you. "What can I do for you?" **
** (1145) Rowan gets some food and drink at the bar herself **
(1140) Cassima: s point of view (as best she can).
** (1140) Cassima explains the deal that Kiwren made with the Bolg Mor - being able to work with and being fed by Lady Ruth in exchange for the cauldron. She works to try to explain Kiwrens point of view (as best she can). **
(1140) Cassima: (( there we go... ))
(1146) Sushil: "I am Sushil, assistant to the newly appointed Squire of Stonewatch. I am recently returning to town, and have heard something of this kidnapping. Would you mind filling me in further?"
** (1144) Kiwren waits paitently as Cassima explains but mumbles "should have waited for him to come to stone watç so we dont have to repeate this explination multiple times." **
(1135) Jasper: "Oh, that. It seems that the betrothed of Lord Greenmantle has been kidnapped. Happened right 'afore his wedding day, it did. And the poor fellow's besotted himself with grief."
(1146) Sushil: :draws a breath, Greenmantle, you say? Tavish...?"
(1135) Jasper: "Beshaba's brats! It always happens to th' best o' them."
(1135) Jasper: "Aye. Th' weddin' was s'posed to happen a couple days ago."
(1146) Sushil: "That is troubling. Were her kidnappers identified?"
(1135) Jasper: "She was last seen in th' village on her way to Arabel, but nae word has been since."
** (1135) Jasper shrugs. "Leas' I can tell, mebbe 'twas th' Zhents. I hope not." (shudders) **
(1135) Jasper: "Nae. Nae one knows who 'napped her."
(1146) Sushil: "Were the Purple Dragons sent to find her?"
(1140) Cassima: "So, if you would travel with us to Stonewatch, we could finish the quest there. And since it is on the way towards your grove, it should not be out of the way for you, and you can get out of this town a little sooner."
(1135) Jasper: "Word ha' gone out to fin' her. I think there's a rew'rd but I'm not sure."
** (1145) Rowan looks over at Sushil and Jasper **
(1146) Sushil: "Hmm.." :thinks something over, before asking: "Do you know where to find Lord Greenmantle now?"
** (1135) Jasper swallows his ale and looks thoughtful. **
(1135) Dertol: "Hm. Well if it helps to get the cauldron back, I suppose I can wait one or two more days."
(1135) Jasper: "Which laird? You mean the lord o' the family or his son?"
(1140) Cassima: "Excellent, I am very pleased to hear that Dertol."
(1140) Cassima: (( what time of day is it? ))
(1135) Jasper: "His son be th' one tha's gettin' hitched."
(1146) Sushil: "The one short a bride, of course."
** (1144) Kiwren visibly relaxes **
(1135) DM: ((late afternoon))
** (1135) Mynamere places a platter of steak and a glass of wine before Sushil, then heads to tend to her customers. **
(1135) Jasper: "Last I heard, 'e's sotted w' grief in Arabel."
(1146) Sushil: "Thank you, luv." :to mynamere, as he accepts his food, drawing a sip from his ale:
(1140) Cassima: "We will leave in the morning to head to Stonewatch. I, personally, need a bath after dealing with the Bolg Mor."
(1146) Sushil: "How far is it to Arabel?"
(1140) Cassima: "Will we be able to find you here in the morning?" she asks Dertol.
(1135) Jasper: "A few days ride by horse. Twinscore miles to the east as th' crow files."
(1140) Cassima: "Or would you prefer to just meet us there?"
(1146) Sushil: "A few days... and the bride was taken a couple days agao, from Arabel?"
** (1145) Rowan orders a steak/potatoes/vegs/and a mug of fine beer **
** (1135) Jasper nods. "If you left here in an hour, you'd get to fair Arabel in five or six days." **
** (1144) Kiwren waits for someone to come take her order **
(1135) Jasper: "Less if'n you rode hard."
(1146) Sushil: "That doesn't make much sense then." :rubs his chin.:
(1135) Jasper: "Well, as I said, she was seen ridin' through here a few days ago. To Arabel. But she's nae been seen since."
(1146) Sushil: "Hmm.. must have been nabbed nearby then. Any remnants of her guard found?"
(1140) Cassima: (( so she was taken from this area a few days ago - not from Arabel itself. ))
(1135) Jasper: "Tha's just it. Nae one's been seen who was with her."
(1146) Sushil: "That is strange. Attacking a caravan is one thing. completely removing any trace of it... that's professional. Trackers have been sent out, I asume..?"
(1135) Jasper: "News ha' been tol' to th' laird an' his family. 'E have eno' problems in Eveningstar, but I heard th' laird ha' a rew'rd for her safe return. Or mebbe his son. People ha' talked 'bout it."
(1146) Sushil: "I see.. well.. I'll inquire when I go to see the Dragons later. Thank you, Jasper."
(1135) Jasper: "I'm a Dragon." (lifts his lapel)
(1135) Jasper: "How can I be of service?"
** (1135) Jasper looks over at Rowan. **
(1146) Sushil: "Oh, good." :grins: "Well.. actually it's bad news.. I have to report three deaths of your comrades, the possible loss of your missing Lady."
(1145) Rowan: ((night folks, good game,cya next week))
(1146) Sushil: (nite)
(1145) Rowan: Til swords part!
(1145) Rowan (exit): 23:00
** (1135) Jasper quickly sobers up. "Hm. Well, Lady Winter'll have to hear this. You'll have to come wi' me." **
(1146) Sushil: "Of course."
(1140) Cassima: (( does Dertol agree to meet us in the morning, or join us at Stonewatch tomorrow? I'm asking so that Cassima can be free to intereact with Sushil and Jasper. ))
(1135) DM: ((join you at Swatch tomorrow))
** (1140) Cassima turns away after making plans with Dertol, preparing to inquire about a room and head upstairs. **
(1140) Cassima: (( k ))
** (1140) Cassima sees Sushil speaking with another and moves over, to let him know the plan. "Dertol will meet us at Stonewatch tomorrow." she says quietly, so as to not interrupt him, but to let him know. **
(1146) Sushil: "I'd ask that you hurry to set the meeting, as what we found may be but proof of the kidnappers' stop along their way, and may be evidence of a trail to hint at where they are heading."
** (1144) Kiwren remains seated talking to herself **
(1146) Sushil: :looks up to Cassima: "Understood. I was just informing the watch of our find, would you join us, please?"
** (1135) Jasper nods. "Come to her manor in an hour. Your company name?" **
(1146) Sushil: "Hmph... no company name, I am afraid. Simply tell her we are Lady Ruth's aids from Stonewatch."
(1140) Cassima: (( didn't the original group have a name? ))
(1140) Cassima: "Our find? Oh, of the dragons, sure."
(1146) Sushil: (Yeah.. but that group is gone, and Sushil didn't like the name ;p)
(1135) DM: ((Greenwood Adventurers I think it was))
(1140) Cassima: (( lol ))
(1144) Kiwren: (( ya, greenwood adventurers ))
(1135) DM: ((the group might be gone, but the charter remains))
(1135) DM: ((so if you want to change the charter, you'll need to go to Suzail))
(1135) DM: ((and there's a yearly tax on it payable by the members of the group, of which Sushil is one))
(1146) Sushil: (Dammit! It's like a dmv headache)
(1144) Kiwren: (( lol, so you stuck with the name =P ))
(1135) Jasper: "No company name? Tha' is most unusual." (raises his brow) "Are you chartered?"
** (1146) Sushil sighs.. "Fine.. the Greenwood Adventures... one of them anyhow." **
(1135) Jasper: "I knew I saw you 'afore." (grins) "I'll see you a' th' manor in an hour."
(1146) Sushil: "Promptly."
** (1140) Cassima raises an eyebrow at the name of the group. "That's what we will be called?" **
** (1135) Jasper leaves, his chest puffed up. **
(1146) Sushil: :to Cassima: "If I have to suffer it, so do you."
(1140) Cassima: "As long as you can find some of the stuff that you all were smoking to come up with that name."
(1146) Sushil: "Will have to stop by the herbal shop for that."
(1135) DM: (so we can stop here then)
(1135) DM: (and Sush gets the last word)
(1146) Sushil: (sounds good)
(1140) Cassima: (( that sounds good to me. ))

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