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Server Administrator-> This channel is now moderated
(911) Lunauc: nah, less RP needs more players, for more battles, to fill up the hollow storyline, Higher RP needs less players for battle, and can there by more personalize the story to the less PCs.
(913) TaliesinNYC: true
(913) DM: (so I think you were about to explore 10)
(911) Lunauc: (think so)
(908) Rowan: (( yes ))
(910) Cassima: (( sounds right to me ))
(913) DM: (well start when ready)
(911) Sushil: (can't recall if we entered yet though)
(910) Cassima: (( Rowan was at the door, if I recall. ))
** (908) Rowan listens and checks the door for traps/locked **
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+5] => [11,5] = (16)
whispering to Rowan, there don't seem to be any traps, and it's not locked
whispering to Rowan, there's a slight draft behind it
** (914) Kiwren hangs back listening for more potential wolves **
whispering to Dj Gilcrease, nope
** (908) Rowan says, "It's not locked or trapped, seems to open out,so be ready." **
** (910) Cassima remains just behind Rowan, letting the woman work. **
** (908) Rowan holds her spear in her left hand as she prepares to open the door. **
** (910) Cassima grips mace, preparing. **
** (908) Rowan opens the door and looks inside **
** (911) Sushil waits to the back, resting against the wall, eyes closed as he listens to the high vaulted halls, for echoing approaches. Beside him, Smasher waits silently, as Rowan works. **
(913) DM: The door opens onto a narrow ledge over a drop of about 60'. Near the center of the cavern, a large stalagmite whose top has been levelled off rises to a height of about 25' from the floor. A bridge of solid wooden planks, lashed together with stout ropes, slants down to the pillar from large iron rings set into the walls on each side of the floor.
(913) DM: Stone steps lead from the column to an opening in the rock in the south side wall of the cavern.
(913) DM: Another suspension bridge can be seen leading to a second door in the north (to 11) a short distance away.
(910) Cassima: "Looks clear to me."
(908) Rowan: "Looks like we go over the bridge to the steps?"
(914) Kiwren: "Ooh, lets try another door That does not look safe to cross."
(910) Cassima: "Lead the way, we'll follow."
(908) Rowan: "The other door is the trap."
(910) Cassima: "There were no toher doors Kiwren."
(908) Rowan: "This is it."
** (911) Sushil sidles up behind the women, as they examine the room beyond. Curiously, he eyes the bridges, pondering how sturdy they are. Strong enough for the group? Strong enough for the giant? **
whispering to Lunauc, they seem quite sturdy
(908) Rowan: ((knowolege dungeoneering?))
** (908) Rowan examines the bridge work **
(908) Rowan: Know: Dungeoneering [1d20+4] => [3,4] = (7)
(908) Rowan: ((ouch))
(911) Sushil: :shrugs, noting the way the bridge way wraps back around. "Seems a rather silly detour, but if it gets us where we're going..."
(910) Cassima: "And the giant has to be somewhere in here - we all saw him enter."
(911) Sushil: "That may be his bedchamber up there for all we know."
(908) Rowan: "So do we go to the ledge or the steps?"
(911) Sushil: "You see more than one route?"
(910) Cassima: (( we are at the ledge, right? And the only path from here is the bridge to the pillar, from which the stone steps go - right? ))
(913) DM: ((yes))
(908) Rowan: ((mean the pillar as the ledge... but nevermind, I misread how it's laid out))
(913) DM: ((the only path from this side passage. there's another bridge from the door at 11))
(908) Rowan: "Alright, let's go."
** (908) Rowan hefts her spear in her right hand and heads to the pillar **
** (910) Cassima let's Rowan start across, making sure the bridge seems stable enough. **
** (911) Sushil does much the same, letting the scout test the path before following. **
** (910) Cassima follows once Rowan is about 1/2 to 2/3 the way across. **
(910) Cassima: (( as long as there are no problems... ))
(908) Rowan: ((well if it collapses I'm most likely very dead))
(911) Sushil: (If so, I promise I'll raise you as a skeleton. ;D)
(908) Rowan: (( gee thanks ))
** (914) Kiwren aproches the bridge cautiously and attempts to cross once everyone else is clear of the bridge **
** (911) Sushil eventually follows after Cassima, along with Smasher. **
(913) DM: It seems to be sturdy enough, even if it does creak ominously as you set foot on it.
** (910) Cassima looks to Rowan once they are both safely across. "See? No problem." **
** (908) Rowan heads to the pillar, holding the rope for support as she goes. **
** (911) Sushil watches the fastenings of the bridge as they cross, pondering aloud, "How hard would it be to rig a bridge like this to collapse given a certain amount of weight?" **
(910) Cassima: "It would have to be more than what Bolg Mor weighs, assuming that he is indeed beyond here."
(908) Rowan: "Probably not much different than the trap in the room to the north, but I think the steps would mean the bridge is not a trap."
(911) Sushil: :follows along up the steps: "No, I wasn't suggesting that they are trapped... but they could be made to be so.. yes?"
(908) Rowan: "Of course a wizardress owned this place at one time so who knows what she or the Bolg Mor have done to it."
(910) Cassima: "I'd imagine so. Are you thinking of keeping the Bolg Mor away from caravans for a time?"
(911) Sushil: "This pit is about ten men deep, a gruesome fall for one of us, though I doubt it would be lethal to a giant. Still, it would be troublesome for him to climb back out."
** (911) Sushil eyes the walls, contemplating how tough such a climb would be. **
(908) Rowan: ((do I make it to the pillar?))
(913) DM: There's a carved opening at the cavern's southern side that leads deeper into the earth.
** (908) Rowan waits for the party and then goes down the steps, scouting **
(911) Sushil: (down in the pit?)
** (910) Cassima waits for Rowan to move ahead, then follows her a dozen paces behind. **
(915) Zach (enter): 19:55
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (915) Zach...
(913) DM: (if you scroll up, you'll see where I mentioned the opening in the south side of the cavern, and no, it's not in the pit)
(911) Sushil: (ah, when you said deeper I got confused. nvm)
** (914) Kiwren wipes sweat from her brow when she gets back on solid ground **
** (908) Rowan proceeds deeper, scouting ahead for anything **
** (910) Cassima edges closer to Rowan as they progress, but remains a few steps back to give the woman room to look. **
(913) DM: (also, there seems to be some confusion regarding the whereabouts of the Bolg Mor. the giant left the cave at dawn to toss something out, came back and then left some time later. you entered the cave shortly thereafter.)
(911) Sushil: "Hmmm...." :looks over the opening thoughtfully, then back toward the door to 11: "I think that way leads back toward that shut door. Do you think this cavern may be a back exit?"
(910) Cassima: (( oh - I thought we had seen him reenter the second time as well. If not - there would have been no need to be calling for him or anything? ))
(913) DM: (correct, Cas. :))
(913) DM: (*looks amused*)
(910) Cassima: (( and no need to sneak or anything... oh well. ))
(908) Rowan: ((ah ok))
(915) Ker: Disconnecting from server...
(915) Zach (exit): 20:04
(908) Rowan: "Sushil, these stairs have arcane symbols/runes/pentragrams on them and it looks like these were carved recently compared to the rest of this place"
** (908) Rowan stops and goes no further **
(911) Sushil: "Hmm..? Recently..?"
(908) Rowan: "Compared to the rest of the age of this place."
** (910) Cassima steps to the side to allow Sushil to pass. **
** (911) Sushil moves to examine the symbols. (arcana/spellcraft to ID) **
(911) Sushil: Knowledge: Arcana Skill Check: [1d20+9] => [18,9] = (27)
(911) Sushil: Spellcraft Skill Check: [1d20+9] => [15,9] = (24)
whispering to Lunauc, they're just designs and don't have any inherent meaning
(911) Sushil: "Just decoration it looks like."
** (914) Kiwren keeps scanning around **
(916) Zach (enter): 20:08
** (908) Rowan nods and procees down the steps and past the markings **
(908) Rowan: "Meant to scare off folks like us."
** (911) Sushil begins across the bridge, Smasher before him, while looking over the symbols for anything odd or out of place. **
(910) Cassima: "Then let's keep moving." She follows Rowan a few steps back.
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (916) Zach...
(913) DM: (bring Zach up to speed please)
(913) DM: (unless I mention otherwise, all ceiling heights and proportions are "human" sized)
(913) DM: (ceiling height is 10' high)
(911) Sushil: "These must have been the Master's personal halls."
** (908) Rowan procees to 12 **
** (910) Cassima follows behind **
** (911) Sushil continues down the stairs, looking arouns with some interest. **
(913) DM: The steps come down into a corridor whose walls, floor and ceiling have been skillfully worked to give the appearance of regular blocks. Carved into the walls are strange signs and sigils, apparently related to magical writing. Small pentagrams, circles, triangles and signs of the zodiac are etched into the surface of the smooth rock.
(908) Rowan: (( interesting you copied these maps eh?.. sees the S for the secret doors and chuckles )) ))
** (916) Ker stolls along, his sword over one shoulder humming quietly to himself. **
(908) Rowan: "Looks ike we found the wizard's labs?"
** (908) Rowan looks at Sushil **
(910) Cassima: (( yeah - you just have to act appropriately and not meta-game. :-P ))
(914) Kiwren: "Looks like, maybe the cauldron is down here."
(908) Rowan: (( of course, won't be a problem ))
** (908) Rowan proceeds further to look for any doors/halls **
(911) Sushil: "Lets find out." :glances back to Kiwren: "You're scanning for magicks still, yes?"
** (910) Cassima follows Rowan, also looking around as they go. **
(914) Kiwren: "Yes"
(911) Sushil: :nods: "Good. Stay toward the front with Rowan, to scan the walls ahead. There may be a trap among all this decoration."
(913) DM: The corridor branches out into a number of passages. There seems to be a lingering odor of stewed meat.
(913) DM: To your right, a side passage is filled with rock dust. (to 13)
** (908) Rowan looks for traps at the junction **
(910) Cassima: "Food. I think we're getting close."
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+5] => [8,5] = (13)
** (914) Kiwren follows along scaning everything **
** (910) Cassima looks down the passge of rock dust, curious. **
(908) Rowan: "To the right or left?
(910) Cassima: (( I take it we can see the large rocks down at 13? ))
** (911) Sushil follows after, "Well, the right seems to be unpassable." **
whispering to Zane, a narrow passage leads up to a flight of short stone steps (to 13).
** (908) Rowan nods and goes left **
** (910) Cassima follows, keeping her eyes peeled. **
(913) DM: There's a door set in the left wall at the end of the hall (to 14), and a passage that leads further into the mountain.
** (911) Sushil watches the patterns on the walls as they go, watching for strange shifts or odd symbols. **
(910) Cassima: (( which way does the smell of stew come from? ))
(916) Ker: "Why all the squiggly stuff on the walls? Seems like a big waste of time."
** (908) Rowan looks down hallway at the junction (towards 16) **
whispering to Zane, from the south
(911) Sushil: "It rather is, actually. It serves no visible purpose, beyond the aesthetic pomp of declaring this a wizard's abode." :shrugs: "Looks nice though."
(910) Cassima: "That way." She says, as she indicates south (toward 16).
(908) Rowan: "There are doors to the south, and if the smell of food is that way let's go."
(916) Ker: "Wizard's got too much time on his hands," Ker's stomach growls, "Great, and now I'm hungry."
** (908) Rowan proceeds to 15/16 **
** (910) Cassima continues to follow her nose, using it to lead Rowan on. **
(911) Sushil: :to Ker: "Than work harder to find the pot, and you caneat your fill."
(913) DM: A pair of ornately carved wooden doors are here, one to your left and another to your right. The corridor continues after a slight bend.
(917) Jaymes (enter): 20:22
(916) Ker: :dubiously: "I don't know that I would want to eat giant food..."
** (908) Rowan checks the right door first **
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+5] => [10,5] = (15)
(911) Sushil: "It's not giant."
(908) Rowan: "This one opens in."
** (908) Rowan readies her spear and prepares to open #16 **
(910) Cassima: "The stew smell is still coming from further down Rowan - I'd imagne that is where we will find the cauldron."
(908) Rowan: "Why did you not say something sooner?"
(910) Cassima: "Well, I was making sure. I'm not really trained as a bloodhound."
** (908) Rowan look in #16 **
(913) DM: This romm is bare except for a thin coating of dust on the floor. It doesn't seem to have been inhabited for ages. A large ring of rusty keys hangs from a wooden spike opposite the entrance.
** (908) Rowan heads down towards #17 **
(908) Rowan: ((just down the hall, let Cassima guide me with her sniffer))
** (914) Kiwren peeks into the room and scans it for any magical auras **
** (910) Cassima closes the door to 16 and then follows Rowan. **
(913) DM: The passage continues and turns a corner, which ends in a closed wooden door. The odor gets stronger.
** (908) Rowan checks the door **
(913) DM: (sec)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+5] => [13,5] = (18)
** (911) Sushil continues watching the walls in idle contemplation for a completed pattern or series of symbols, as he follows Rowan and Cassima. **
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+3] => [15,3] = (18)
(908) Rowan: "This one opens in, be ready."
(911) Sushil: "Hm...?" :stops at one section of the wall, leaning in for a closer look:
** (908) Rowan shifts her spear to her left hand to open it **
** (910) Cassima prepares herself behind Rowan. **
** (911) Sushil looks up, nodding to Rowan. He hoists his crossbow, and signals Smasher to ready. **
** (916) Ker unlimbers his sword and yawns. **
** (908) Rowan opens the door and looks in **
** (914) Kiwren pulls up short almost running into Sushil "Whats with the weapons again? More wolves?" **
(910) Cassima: "Not sure, but better to be ready in case there are."
(911) Sushil: "Not realy sure." :admits: "Rowan said to be ready, thought she heard something through the door, perhpas."
(913) DM: The door opens to reveal a rather large cavern that seems to have been smoothed over. To the NE is an alcove in which a huge throne has been installed/ The seat resats on a dais that is a natural rise in the cave floor, smoothed out and connected to the rest of the cavern by a number of wide, shallow steps.
(913) DM: All around the walls of the room are wooden stakes topped with severed and preserved heads.
(911) Sushil: "Anything wrong?" :calls up to Rowan.:
(913) DM: Behind the throne is a pile of heads of people, most of them human although a few are half-elven or elven.
(910) Cassima: "Severed heads." Cassima mutters back, since she is able to see into the room as well from her position behind Rowan.
(913) DM: A giant bed fills an alcove to the SE. Along the W wall are several identical cauldrons. Several chests and boxes are also in the chamber.
(911) Sushil: "That's hardly a threat though... Well.. unless... nah.."
(908) Rowan: "Looks like a throne room with trophies."
(916) Ker: "Ugh, there went my appetite."
** (914) Kiwren peeks into the room and scans it for magical auras **
** (910) Cassima glances back to Sushil. "Unless what?" **
(908) Rowan: "Being a scout I always prepare for the worse."
(908) Rowan: "When you enter someone's lair, best be on your guard."
** (911) Sushil lets his bow lower, and points Kiwren toward what appears to be a keyhole in the wall, hidden among the symbols: "You pick up anything from this wall?" **
(911) Sushil: :shakes his head to Cassima, apparently in dismissal of whatever he had been about to say."
(908) Rowan: "Looks ike we found his lair."
** (910) Cassima shrugs and turns back to the room, entering it to see everything better. Since there seems to be no sign of any attackers, she puts her mace awy. **
** (908) Rowan enters and examines the cauldrons **
** (914) Kiwren looks at the wall Sushil indicated **
** (910) Cassima moves over to the pile of heads, which she looks at with sadness. She mutters a prayer to Selune to allow them to find whatever peace they deserve, regardless of their manner of death. **
(916) Ker: "So.... which cauldron?"
** (914) Kiwren enters the room and picks up (if she can) one of the cauldrons "This one." **
(908) Rowan: "Need Kiwren to tell us which one is maical."
(913) DM: (Kiwren is inside 18, not where Sushil is, which is at the X)
(916) Ker: "You sure? I would hate to have to come back again..."
(910) Cassima: "Well, that was easy. Good thing we have Kiwren with us, huh?"
(910) Cassima: "If Kiwren says it is, it is."
(908) Rowan: "I believe her."
** (914) Kiwren heads back out with the cauldron "It is the only magical one in there." **
(910) Cassima: "Let's go - and let's see if we can't get out of here."
(916) Ker: "Well, OK then."
** (908) Rowan nods and heads out towards Sushil **
(914) Kiwren: "You asked me something just before I went into the skull room Sushil?"
** (911) Sushil looks up to Rowan, mind checking this lock for me? I'm shite with mechanics." **
(913) DM: (btw, the cauldron is a bit heavy and will require 2 people to help carry it.)
** (910) Cassima looks back to Rowan. "Rowan, now that we know our path through here, would you be willing to move along ahead and keep an eye out for any sign of the Bolg Mor returning? It might give us enough warning to hop into a side room and avoid him. Now that we have taken the cauldron, I doubt he will be too willing to just talk." **
(914) Kiwren: "We have the cauldron, why bother with further explorations?"
(910) Cassima: (( Ker and Smasher should be able to handle it - the big strong boys they are. ))
(911) Sushil: "Well.. it would be a shame to leave this mage's research just lying down here to rot away."
(916) Ker: "Hey, since it is our cauldron now, does that mean no one has to worry about not hurting the Bolg Mor?"
(914) Kiwren: "Umm it belongs to the Bolg Mor, so if you want to study it you should come ask him."
(910) Cassima: "I don't know, but I'd rather not risk it if we can help it."
** (908) Rowan examines the door/lock that Sushil found **
(908) Rowan: "Let us be quick about it and be gone."
(911) Sushil: (the pot weigh more than 200 lbs?)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+5] => [3,5] = (8)
(908) Rowan: "Looks to be locked and trappe. I might be able to disarm the trap, but I can't opent he lock."
(908) Rowan: (( try to disable the trap ))
(910) Cassima: "Then why bother with the trap?"
(911) Sushil: :To Kiwren: "None of this belongs to that giant, they belonged to the Master he killed. Technically it's found materials."
(914) Kiwren: "Just leave it, we have no reason to be here now"
(913) DM: ((about 75 lbs.))
(911) Sushil: "Well..." :heads back to 16, and reaches in to grab the keys: "One of these might do."
(914) Kiwren: "No the items belong to him as payment for his 'Master' enslaving him."
(910) Cassima: "Fine, just be quick about it please."
** (916) Ker shifts impatiently. **
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+4] => [11,4] = (15)
(911) Sushil: "I don't think that would hold up in a lawful court." :looks over the pot: "By the way, did you test that that is the right cauldron and not a decoy?"
** (910) Cassima moves back to the stairs heading down here (to 12), trying to listen for any sounds above - figuring the giant will make the bridge creak even more than the party did. **
(914) Kiwren: (( even Kiwren could carry 75 lbs alone, just wouldnt be able to run :) ))
** (908) Rowan says, "I think I got it, only one way to find out." **
(908) Rowan: (( lets sushil open it ))
(914) Kiwren: "It's magic, how do you test it?"
** (910) Cassima rushes back to the party. "Something's coming!" she says, in a hushsed, but forceful tone. **
** (911) Sushil hands Smasher the keys, stands back, and instructs, "Try to unlock that door." **
(911) Sushil: :turns back to Cassima: "Coming this way? Can a giant fit down here?"
** (910) Cassima moves into room 16, closing the door behind any others that follow her. **
(910) Cassima: "You want to wait and find out?"
(908) Rowan: "Who did all the beheading?"
** (908) Rowan points to the 10' high ceiling **
** (908) Rowan steps into the shadows **
(913) DM: Someone or something is treading down the stone steps.
(908) Rowan: Hide [1d20+9] => [20,9] = (29)
** (911) Sushil sighs, and moves to follow into 16 with Smasher. **
(908) Rowan: Move Silently [1d20+9] => [3,9] = (12)
(910) Cassima: (( Ker? You going to remain standing in the hallway? ))
(913) The Bolg Mor: "Who goes there?!?! Show yourselves!"
** (914) Kiwren is standing in the hall ocwardly holding the cauldron waiting for the door to open or people to get out of the way so she can leave **
(914) Kiwren: "Is that you Mr Bold Mor?"
(916) Ker: Disconnecting from server...
(916) Ker (exit): 20:56
(914) Kiwren: (( *Bolg ))
(913) DM: Whatever it is is in no mood to parley as it thumps about in the passageway, muttering all the while.
** (914) Kiwren tries to slide past people while holding the cauldron so she is the first person the Bolg will see **
** (908) Rowan observes from her hdiden spot **
(910) Cassima: (( I think Kiwren is the only one in sight anymore. ))
(914) Kiwren: "Umm hello? I have been wandering this place calling your name, but I guess you wernt home."
(911) Sushil: :whispers as Kiwren stumbles off with the cauldron: "What's she doing?"
(913) The Bolg Mor: "Who are you and why have you come here? And you have my cauldron!"
(908) Rowan: (( off to die? ))
** (910) Cassima shrugs, trying to listen through the closed door for when the Bolg Mor passes by the door (to 16). **
(913) DM: In front of you is a rather disheveled and angry firbolg. He's covered in cuts and scratches.
(918) Ker (enter): 20:59
(913) DM: He squints and peers at you as if trying to look past you in the darkness.
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (918) Ker...
(914) Kiwren: "Yes, I was bringing it upstairs to wait for you. A funny old bhfearas came and said he owns it and wanted it back. He had a nice story about it and everything, except he couldnt tell me how exactly your pervious 'Master' came into posetion of it,"
(918) Ker: (( Having keyboard problems. ))
(913) The Bolg Mor: "And you slew my pets!"
(914) Kiwren: "Ya they tried to ith me."
(911) Sushil: :silently slaps his forehead:
(910) Cassima: (( so - where are the Bolg Mor and Kiwren at? in the hallway outside 16, at the corner near 17? ))
(914) Kiwren: "So anyways after the funny bhfearas asked me to get the cauldron back I wanted to come hear your side of the story. Tales generaly have two sides, if not more."
(913) DM: (figure BM is at the second X, and Kiwren a few feet in front of him)
(910) Cassima: (( k ))
(908) Rowan: (( I'm back hiding by the first X wher the secret door is ))
(913) The Bolg Mor: "And you human just simply think you can come here and steal my cauldron? Tell me why I shouldn't add your head to my trophy collection!"
(914) Kiwren: "Why would I be planing to wait for you upstairs if I wanted to steal it?"
(913) DM: The giant hefts a greatspear by his side.
** (910) Cassima cracks the door to 16 open a little, to hear more clearly since the giant sounds like he is still ahead of them in the hallway? **
(914) Kiwren: "If you want I'll carry it back in the skull room, I just wanted to carry it upstairs and wait for you so you knew whiç cauldron I was talking about."
(913) The Bolg Mor: "What do you have to trade for the cauldron?"
** (914) Kiwren scratches her head. ^t^"Umm, not sure if I want it. But I did hear you enjoyed swaping tales. Maybe I could tall you a few about Valamaradace, The Dragon Queen, who was my master." **
(913) The Bolg Mor: "Well, yes, that would be nice."
(913) The Bolg Mor: "But if you take the cauldron, then I shall need to hunt again."
(913) DM: His stomach rumbles.
(913) The Bolg Mor: "Come inside. Tell me a tale or two, and perhaps if it's good enough, we can discuss things further."
** (914) Kiwren laughs ^t^"Why dont you work something out with the human Lady who claims this land. So you get all the food you need and your job is to collect the offical Tax from all traders who pass though her lands?" **
** (910) Cassima closes the door again before the giant can reach them. **
(913) The Bolg Mor: "The Bolg Mor does not bow to humans! Especially humans who come to his home and steal!"
** (914) Kiwren follows the Bolg "Could you carry this, it is a bit heavy for me." **
** (913) The Bolg Mor glowers at Kiwren as he considers impaling her with his spear. **
(914) Kiwren: "I dont blame you from what I heard of your life. Enslavement at the hand of another if abhorant."
(913) DM: He seems a bit mollified.
(914) Kiwren: "Was just an idea so you could get free food without the need of the cauldron. If you decide my tales are worthy as trade."
** (913) The Bolg Mor bows his head to keep it from being scraped by the ceiling as he shuffles forward. **
(913) The Bolg Mor: "Come into the throne room and we shall talk."
(914) Kiwren: "Oh I was hoping to sit in the kitçen and ith and drink and tell tales, but if the Throne room is more comfortable..."
(913) The Bolg Mor: "You humans are like ants. You are the twentieth person to come to me in the past month or so."
(913) The Bolg Mor: "I have had more visitors than ever, and all not pleasant. They want to kill me for the cauldron."
(914) Kiwren: "All about this?" ** hefts the cauldron a little **
(908) Rowan: (( yea the other 19 are beheaded ))
(919) koopdog (enter): 21:15
(913) The Bolg Mor: "You first, human. And if you try to kill me, my spear will find your heart."
(914) Kiwren: "Dont they know that they get cursed if they kill to aquire the cauldron?"
** (910) Cassima opens the door again and slowly makes her way out once the giant and Kiwren have moved back to the throne room. **
** (913) The Bolg Mor waits for Kiwren to enter the throne room as he regards her warily. **
** (910) Cassima gets Sushil's attention and points to where he had found the door earlier, and then shrugs, asking if he wants to try to open it while the giant is occupied. **
** (914) Kiwren nods and makes her way back toward the Throne room, dropping the cauldron a few time before she gets back to where she left her companions **
** (911) Sushil heads out of 16 after they are down the hall, and moves to peek round the corner to see if they close the door after them.(if not, how long is the hall?) **
** (913) The Bolg Mor slowly shuffles forward and sits himself into his throne as he regards Kiwren. "I could kill you now but first I will hear a tale from you." **
(913) DM: (door is left partially open)
** (918) Ker looks at Cassima and Sushil, wondering if they have lost their minds. **
(913) DM: (hall is 50' long, 10' wide)
** (914) Kiwren sets the cauldron back down where she found it and unclips her Morning star from her belt handing it to the Bolg handle first "This is the oly weapon I have, and I am not very good with it, though I do enjoy smashing mellons on sticks with it." **
(911) Sushil: (can we see the throne from the end of the hall, and vice versa. Looks a bit aside, but not sure)
(919) koopdog (exit): 21:18
(920) koopdog (enter): 21:19
** (911) Sushil grins, whispering to the others, as Kiwren leads the giant astray, "Remind me to never again question how well fools can distract their peers." **
(913) DM: (if you peeked into the room, you could see the throne. Kiwren is in front of the door so there's a chance that the giant won't be able to spot you.)
** (908) Rowan stays int he shadows and tries to move silently alittle closer **
(908) Rowan: Move Silently [1d20+9] => [2,9] = (11)
(911) Sushil: (that distance, any darkvision shouldn't spot us anyway)
** (918) Ker hangs back by the door to 16 -- with his size and armor, he is neither particularly silent nor unobtrusive. **
** (910) Cassima remains back near the door to 16, as she knows she is not stealthy at all. **
(913) The Bolg Mor: "So, little human. Tell me this tale of prowess."
** (914) Kiwren tries to find a spot to sit before begining her tale. "So lets see. Valamaradace, as I said styles herself the Queen of all Dragons, a self apointed Title as dragons are want to do." **
** (911) Sushil carefully stirives toward the obscured lock in the wall (take 10 on MS, and hide if it's an issue). He waits until Kiwren and the giant are engrossed in conversation, before trying keys in the lock. **
(914) Kiwren: "She and her mate are the Guardians of the Silver Marçes, far to the North of here. One day while out patroling some slavers snuck into her lair and took two of her eggs. Now I dont know how muç you know about dragons reproduction, but one cluç of eggs is a BIG deal to them. So ferious was she at this theft she swore she would rase the countryside of all life if they were not returned to her."
(910) Cassima: (( smoke break ))
** (913) The Bolg Mor settles in as he listens to the tale. **
** (911) Sushil grins in the darkness, as he tries to open whatever he just unlocked, and being quiet as possible in doing so. **
(914) Kiwren: "Now my mother, being a Maid for Lady Alustriel, heard the dragons pronouncement and somehow, I never did learn how, found where the slavers were hiding and snuck in there and took the eggs back from them, returning them to Valamaradace. As a reward for returning the Eggs my mother gain my apprenticeship to The Queen of Dragons. My master took me on several adventures during my training, though I dont know how muç prowess there is as I am still rather unskilled and ignorant of the wider world. Lets see I can tell you about our Adventure in abandon Dwarven ruins, or the time she took me to the deep underdark to meet with a Liç Dragon. Or I could retell her epic fight with Graklemer, the great blake dragon. Whiç would you like to hear?"
(913) The Bolg Mor: "The epic fight, please."
(908) Rowan: (( well those wolves died by spear and blade... so you obviosly didnt' come alone ))
(910) Cassima: (( but he didn't find the bodies - just found that they were gone - most likely. ))
** (911) Sushil makes his way into the hidden doorway, looking back for anyone who cares to follow, before closing it behind himself. **
** (910) Cassima follows Sushil, to see what he has found. **
** (914) Kiwren nods ^t^"Is a great tale, and why Valamaradace styles herself the Queen of the Dragons. It begins about four hundred years ago when Valamaradace was still a young wurm, and when Graklemer ruled the northern swamps near what is now Nesme. Valamaradace was in searç of a lair for herself, having just been kicked out of her mothers lair and she ventured to the north and decided on The Moonwood, the whole while not knowing the a Great Black wurm already claimed the teritory." **
** (908) Rowan follows Sushil **
** (911) Sushil moves further in to check what they've found, once the door is closed. **
** (918) Ker stays put **
** (911) Sushil takes the glowing coin out of his pocket to light the new room, holding his breath in hopeful anticipation of the find. **
(913) DM: ((I've decided to have DJ RP the story instead of resorting to a perform oratory check. that's a shortcoming of 3.5 D&D I find particularly lacking but that's another story for another day.))
(913) DM: ((in the meanwhile, back to Sushil))
(911) Sushil: (true, it's heartbreaking to put a world of effort into something just to have it rended by a silly die roll)
(913) DM: The secret door opens into a dust-covered cobwebby octagonal chamber that seems completely undisturbed. Two large work benches stand near the west and northwest walls, each strewn with retorts, glassware, bottles and vials.
(913) DM: In the center of the chamber is a small reading table with a chair pushed in neatly beneath. A brass brazier sits behind the table.
** (910) Cassima remains at the door, her ear pressed against it so that she can hear if things go badly for Kiwren. **
(913) DM: To the south and southeast are two large bookcases lined with several dozen volumes. The shape of a dust-shrouded candelabra can just be made out, hanging from the low ceiling above the desk.
(911) Sushil: :smiles warmly: "Splendid." :keeps his voice low: "Can you still here Kiwren and the giant through the door?" :asks as he mutters a slight encantation, and begins scanning the room for magical auras(detect magic)
(910) Cassima: (( can I hear enough, even if not exactly what is said? ))
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20-3] => [9,-3] = (6)
(910) Cassima: "Barely," she whispers back.
** (908) Rowan assists Sushil **
(911) Sushil: "Hmmm..." :moves to the bookshelves, looking for volumes which stand out, purposely placed or of exceptional binding, as possible journals or spellbooks.:
(908) Rowan: Search [1d20+5] => [2,5] = (7)
(908) Rowan: ((wow))
(913) DM: There are quite a number of books with a broad range of subject matter. Most of it relates to necromancy however.
(911) Sushil: (anything on the writing desk?)
** (911) Sushil begins taking books from the shelves, opening them and skimming contents(looking for spellbooks first, though keeping out an eye for anything interesting.) **
(911) Sushil: "I may be a while. If I take too long, I won't be terribly offended if you choose to flee.
(913) DM: The books relate to the study of magic and theories behind spellcasting, and while there seem to be no spellbooks, it's very likely that you could gain some useful insights depending on the amount of time you spend in deep uninterrupted study with the books.
(910) Cassima: "We got a few days still." (quietly)
** (911) Sushil gives a slight cackle at the thought. "I might take you up on that." After fingering through a few books, he moves to the writing desk, looking through the scrolls upon it. **
(911) Sushil: "Would you mind helping me with some heavy lifting?"
** (910) Cassima keeps listening, making sure that Kiwren is still talking to the giant **
(913) DM: She's talking. (even if the player isn't.)
(913) The Bolg Mor: "All this storytelling is making me have an appetite. I hope you're hungry."
(910) Cassima: (( good enough for me. ))
** (913) The Bolg Mor gets up from the throne and moves over to the cauldron. "Dean mairteoil." **
** (913) The Bolg Mor fishes out a haunch of roast beef from the cauldron and starts eating. "Help yourself." **
(908) Rowan: (( help Sushil ))
** (911) Sushil pockets a few scrolls from the table, then moves to the bookshelf, taking a scroll back out from below his cloak. He reads the contents of the scroll in a darkly hissing, whispering tounge, as the letters ebb and shift uponthe page. Like writhing shadow, a dank blank form begins to coalesce just above the floor, forming a hovering platform of nighted shade.(Floating disk). He thenmoves to the bookshelves, loading the contents onto his magical trolley. "Could I get a hand please?" **
** (911) Sushil carefully stacks the books, instructing Smasher to assist, and making sure the minion piles them correctly. **
(913) DM: (it's going to take a bit of instruction. remember what your minion is. ^^)
(911) Sushil: (yeah, more like he hands me books, I place them properly)
(908) Rowan: (( helps Sushil ))
(911) Sushil: :They aren't all going to fit on the disk, could you pile some separately, and lash them together for easy carry. Smasher can handle two hefty stacks, and I can grab one."
(913) DM: (Probably not going to be able to fit all of the books on the disk and Smasher.)
(913) DM: (also you'll need to take into account that it's a long trek back to Stonewatch)
(910) Cassima: (( continues to listen as best she can to what is happening in the other room. Just let me know if it ever sounds like Kiwren is in trouble. ))
(908) Rowan: ((load up the horses?))
** (911) Sushil tries to work quick to get the books in travelling order, taking a rope to tie the stacks down to the disk when done(nah, gonna carry a few extra stacks. I'm thinking 50 on the disk, 15-20 books per carried stack, maybe three or four stacks in total, about right?) **
** (908) Rowan helps as best she can **
** (910) Cassima continues to listen as best she can to what is happening in the other room. ((Just let me know if it ever sounds like Kiwren is in trouble.)) **
(908) Rowan: "How we getting them over the pit at the entrance?"
(911) Sushil: (I am, figuring I may either have to find a spot to leave them int he woods to come back for the rest, or take a separate slow trek the next day
(913) DM: (DJ is busy typing it up. So his PC is still talking.)
(911) Sushil: "The disk shouldn't have trouble with the ledge. May have to trolley the stacks across on a line though."
** (918) Ker back in the hallway, has gone from tense to fid **
(918) Ker: (fidgety)
(908) Rowan: ((I'm going to have to wrap up myself, getting late, get up at 6 am))
(908) Rowan: "I think you'll not be hauling all this back, you'd need an army to haul it all and time which the Bolg Mol isn't going to let you have.'
(921) Lana (enter): 22:22
(921) Lana (exit): 22:22
(917) Jaymes (exit): 22:22
(911) Sushil: "If we leave quickly I doubt he'll be looking for us just yet. He may not even know this room was here."
** (908) Rowan gets her spear **
(911) Sushil: "It certainly doesn't seem he's been in here recently anyway."
(908) Rowan: "If Kiwren fails to get the cauldron, he'll be chasing after us and weighed down by books we'll be dead."
(908) Rowan: "Either way if he sees or hears us leaving with all this he'll not be happy and could certainly make this a fight."
(911) Sushil: "Well, of course we'll drop the books if being chased. I was just taking advantage of a lovely opportunity."
(908) Rowan: "Take a few books and come back for the others another time."
(910) Cassima: "I'd rather not come back here myself."
(913) The Bolg Mor: "And what happened next?" (starting on another haunch of beef)
(908) Rowan: "Well Sushil can come back if he wants, Im done once we get the cauldron, we completed our task/test."
(911) Sushil: :sighs heavily: "That chances a second meeting here. I'd rather do it all in one trip, if at all possible. Though, if you all protest to my vandalism, I will consent."
(908) Rowan: "I've also proven my skills here a lot."
(913) The Bolg Mor: (brb)
(908) Rowan: "I'm not dying for your greed mage."
(908) Rowan: "You couldn't pay me enough."
** (911) Sushil looks hard to Rowan, staring her down... for all of a moment.. before smiling. "Good answer." **
** (908) Rowan smiles **
(911) Sushil: "I'll leave the heavy stacks for now and just take what my disk can carry for now."
(908) Rowan: "Good idea."
(908) Rowan: "Let's be gone before the giant notices us or gets dislikes a story."
** (911) Sushil nods peacably and instructs Smasher to leave the rest of the books be and prepare to leave. **
** (908) Rowan prepares to scout ahead/lead them out **
(910) Cassima: "I'm not leaving Kiwren down here alone. A couple can take your books out, but I'm remaining until Kiwren makes it out."
(911) Sushil: "Fair enough. Though if you are found here her life may be forfeit, as well as yours. Do be careful."
(910) Cassima: "This room seems like a safe enough place, Bolg Mor seems to have never found it."
(911) Sushil: "Lets keep it that way."
** (908) Rowan nods **
** (911) Sushil restricts his book selection to about fifty choice volumes, lashed to the disk, and follows Rowan to the door, ready to leave. **
** (908) Rowan looks around for any signs of the giant **
(910) Cassima: "Don't forget Ker."
** (908) Rowan points to Ker and then the rear **
** (910) Cassima quietly shuts the door behind the others, placing her ear near the keyhole to listen to what is happening. **
(913) DM: He's still listening to Kiwren's voice droning on and on about the epic tale.
** (911) Sushil moves Smasher and the disk through the doorway and across the hall, before turning back to close and lock the door behind them. Heading back toward 16, he removes the one key from the ring and rehangs the rest. **
(913) DM: (That's a lot of typing. It better be a good story cuz Mr. Bolgy is getting fidgety.)
** (918) Ker looks puzzeled as Rowan and Sushil reappear. **
(918) Ker: :whispering: "Where are the others?"
(911) Sushil: (oh cassima still inside?)
(910) Cassima: (( don't lock the door - Cassima needs to be able to get out ))
(911) Sushil: (in that case, I'll leave her the key and go hang the others)
(910) Cassima: (( k ))
(911) Sushil: :to Ker: "Kiwren is giving story time and Cassima is waiting for her to finish. I'm heading outside for the moment, though I may return in a bit."
(918) Ker: :looks dubious: "Yeah, OK, whatever."
(911) Sushil: "You can come along with us, if you like, since Bolg Mor will likely kill Kiwren and you, if you're spotted."
(918) Ker: "I'm not planning on dying."
(908) Rowan: ((off to deal with dog and sleep, good game, cya next time))
(911) Sushil: "Then I leave you to your own instincts. Good luck."
(913) DM: ((np Lando))
(908) Rowan: Til swords part!
(908) Rowan (exit): 22:39
** (911) Sushil gives a mock salute and heads back toward the stairs, aiming to leave. **
(918) Ker: "Right."
(913) The Bolg Mor: "You're sure you won't have any beef? There's enough in the cauldron to feed an army."
(913) The Bolg Mor: "You didn't come here all by yourself, did you? I mean, all of my pets were slain. You must be a powerful warrior in addition to being a more than competent storyteller."
(913) The Bolg Mor: "Though I AM eager to find out what happened next."
(914) Kiwren: "Well after Valamaradace got all settled in and happy, she noticed that sections of her forest would suddenly be completely rotten, when the week before they were clean healthy and full of life. This puzzled her greatly so she flew back to her mothers lair and asked what could be the cause of suç random rot and destruction of life. Her mother replied 'You are far to old to still be clinging to my apron strings Valamaradace. You are two hundred years old now, most young dragons leave home when they are half your age or younger. Fly back to your home and figure out the cause of your problems on your own!'. Still confused and now upset Valamaradace returned to her lair, and found another patç of forest devoid of life. She repaired it as she had repaired the other patçes and settled into her study to taighd what might be the cause. After several months of study she came to the conclusion that a young Black Dragon must be living in the swamps to the southwest and was taunting her."
** (914) Kiwren takes a breath "Do you have anything to drink?" but continues her story without waiting on a response **
(914) Kiwren: "So thinking herself clever Valamaradace decided she would turn the swamps into a lush and green forest, unfit for a Black Dragon to lair in." ** pauses for a second to think ** "I am not sure how muç you know about Dragons, but Blacks are the antithesis of life, they are disease ridden and fowl creatures that revel in destroying nature. Anyway, so Valamaradace devised a way she could turn the whole swam into a lush forest, thus drive the young Black from his home. Little did she know that Graklemer was one of the Oldest dragons alive on Faerun at the time."
** (914) Kiwren shifts her position trying to get comfortable **
(914) Kiwren: "One bright and sunny afternoon in Tarsakh Valamaradace enacted her plan, or tried to, but she quickly met resistance. The swamp was so permiated with Graklemer's energy that it was activly resisting her attempts to be turned into a forest. Valamaradace pressed on though the day and into th next attempting to use brute force to combat the resistance. Tarsakh turned to Mirtul and Valamaradace still had not turned the swamp into a forest. Having depleted so muç of her energy that she was almost dead and only turning half the swamp into a forest Valamaradace decided to return to her lair and rethink the issue."
** (914) Kiwren rubs the back of her neck **
(914) Kiwren: "The whole time Valamaradace was attempting to turn the swamp into a forest, Graklemer had been far to the south in the Jungles of Çult dealing with his obligatory mating duties, whiç he found to be tedious. Upon his return, in Kythorn, he immediately noticed that half his home had been turned into forest. He could smell the awful goodness of a Gold Dragon, he immediately flew off çasing the smell and tracked it to The Moonwood. Having just flown all the way from the Jungles Graklemer decided to rest a week before destroying the interloper."
** (914) Kiwren rolls her neck and pops her jaw **
** (914) Kiwren smiles "Now is the part you have been waiting for" **
(914) Kiwren: "Having rested for a full month Valamaradace left her lair and immediately smelled the fowl stenç of the Black dragon hovering over her woods. She quickly returned to her lair to devise a stragy for a direct battle."
(914) Kiwren: "When Graklemer returned to the Moonwood to destroy Valamaradace, he surprisingly found her sitting quite calmly in a clearing sunning herself, apparently fast açodladh. He swooped in quickly to rend her gleaming golden body and destroy her. To his amazement he claws found no perçes on the body as it was an illusion meant to draw him in close, where Valamaradace could use the forest to entrap him."
** (914) Kiwren yawns **
** (914) Kiwren pauses to see if the Bolg is enjoying the story thus far **
(914) Kiwren: "As soon as Graklemer's longest claw touçed the illusion, Valamaradace sprang her trap. Calling the trees to entangle Graklemer, she sprang from a near by river and landed on the entangled Graklemer's back and began ripping into his ebony scales. Bitting down hard on his neck and unleashing a fiery blast Valamaradace almost succeeded in decapitating Graklemer, but luck was not fully with her as Graklemer had prepared by protecting his body from fire, knowing full well the capabilities of a Golden Dragon."
(914) Kiwren: "Graklemer enraged bellowed a cloud of noxious çlorine gas, whiç forced Valamaradace from his back and allowed him to escape the entangling trees. Graklemer was a legendary fighter in his prime, but that was well over nine hundred years ago. As soon as he was free he launçed into the air since he was always better fighting in the air then on land. The two Dragons circled eaçother, eaç sizing up the other for weakness, launçing mock attacks to see how the other would react. Eaç waiting for an opening, neither willing to provide it. The circled for a full three days before Valamaradace finally came up with a plan."
** (914) Kiwren scratches her nose **
(914) Kiwren: "She began circling higher and higher as if she were trying to gain height on Graklemer, who compensated be climbing higher as well. Suddenly Valamaradace folded her wings and rolled onto her back and began to fall back toward the woods at breakneck speed. Not expecting this Graklemer quickly dove after the falling and apparently prone Valamaradace, as he neared her he became a little cautious since she had employed an illusion once to draw him near he used his magic to dispel any illusions, but still saw Valamaradace falling and prone so he continued his attack."
** (914) Kiwren folds one leg under the other to try and get more comfortable **
(914) Kiwren: "Just before Graklemer struck Valamaradace unfolded her wings and twisted herself out of the way, being a muç younger and smaller Dragon then she is now this menuver over fractured the bones in her wings. As Graklemer streaked past her, she bit down in the same spot on his neck that she had before, and with his speed going down and Valamaradace's now going up, the bite proved powerfull enough to rip his head from his body, and several of Valamaradace teeth out of her mouth as well."
** (914) Kiwren smiles **
(914) Kiwren: "Bringing the head of Graklemer back to her lair she magically sent an image of it to her mother as way of showing she had learned to solver her own problems. From that day forth Valamaradace began calling herself the Queen of Dragons since she had defeated one of the oldest and most renowned of all Dragons."
(910) Cassima: (( so - does Ker leave with Sushil or stay behind as well? ))
(918) Ker: (( Ker is still in the hall.)
(913) The Bolg Mor: "Well, I have a pot of tea. If you wait here, I could bring it to you and we'll continue where we left off."
(913) The Bolg Mor: "I'll be right back. Don't get any bright ideas trying to escape. There's only one way out of here." (chuckles)
(914) Kiwren: "And no I did not come here alone. One of my friends, Cassima was the mussle." ** accept the tea **
(913) The Bolg Mor: "Oh? Well I'm sure I'll run into them sooner or later. The tea's in the kitchen."
** (913) The Bolg Mor opens the door and strides out. **
(914) Kiwren: "Ya, she got a little scared and hid."
** (918) Ker ducks back into 16 and closes the door when he hears the giant coming. **
** (913) The Bolg Mor mutters to himself and then turns the corner. **
** (914) Kiwren waits a minute to make sure the Bolg is gone "Cassima you can come out now. He shouldnt bite." **
** (910) Cassima exits the secret room once the Bolg Mor leaves and moves to Kiwren. "Are you crazy? Admitting that you weren't alone?" **
(914) Kiwren: "I have a morningstar, the wolves were killed with swords."
(914) Kiwren: "And I had already admited they tried to ith me."
(913) The Bolg Mor: "WHAT!"
** (913) The Bolg Mor strides up the stairs and sees a floating disc and Smasher. **
(910) Cassima: "But they were dumped down the pit, I highly doubt that he actually studied the bodies. Most likely he just found them missing from their pen."
(913) The Bolg Mor: "SO YOU'RE THE OTHER ONE!"
(920) koopdog (exit): 22:47
(914) Kiwren: "Better safe then sorry, I hope the others left while they had the çance?"
** (913) The Bolg Mor bellows on seeing Sushil cross the rope bridge, bearing a floating disc and his minion in tow. **
(910) Cassima: "Damn, sounds like he found Sushil. They were trying to, but I think they just got found."
whispering to Lunauc, didn't catch that
(914) Dj Gilcrease has sent you a tree node...
** (911) Sushil stops... sighing. Turning back, he asks politley, "Pardon, are you the owner of this abode?" **
(913) The Bolg Mor: "Humans, thieves coming here to steal my cauldron, killed my pets and now you're taking books! I knew I should have killed him."
(911) Sushil: "Killed who now?"
** (913) The Bolg Mor sets foot on the bridge. **
(913) DM: (need a marching order to determine who's where)
(910) Cassima: "Come on Kiwren, let's go." Cassima takes off after the Bolg Mor, collecting Ker on her way.
(918) Ker: ( Ker is in 16, did he hear the Bolg Mor's shout? )
(913) DM: (likely)
(913) DM: (will take 1 round to get there)
(911) Sushil: "Forgive me. You have me at a bit of a loss as to the situation." :gestures to the books: "These are your property?"
(913) The Bolg Mor: "They're not yours, so I suppose that makes them mine."
(910) Cassima: (( k ))
(911) Sushil: "Oh, forgive me. I thought they were abandoned."
(914) Kiwren: "Umm no, he said to wait here."
(911) Sushil: "You are a student of the arts then?"
(914) Kiwren: "You should wait with me since I only said I was with one other."
** (913) The Bolg Mor hefts his greatspear. "Tell me one reason why I shouldn't kill you or cut this bridge loose." **
** (918) Ker cracks the door and glances down the hall to see what is going on with Kiwren and Cassima. **
** (910) Cassima hesitates at Kiwren's suggestion. "Very well, we'll wait." **
** (913) The Bolg Mor steps back off the bridge onto solid ground as he waits for Sushil's answer. **
** (910) Cassima sits in the throne room, taking a bite of meat to nibble on nervously as she waits. **
(911) Sushil: "Because it would be harder for you to cross afterwards." :chances affably, then adds: "For what it is worth, I do not come to harm you. I'm an investigator of the crown. I heard of a couple zhents in the area. They were reported near here."
(913) The Bolg Mor: "Zhents?"
** (913) The Bolg Mor seems perplexed. **
(913) The Bolg Mor: "What are Zhents?"
(914) Kiwren: "The others should have left as soon as I started my story so they wouldnt get caught."
(910) Cassima: "Sushil wanted to see what was in that room he found."
(911) Sushil: "They are a group of warmongering radicals, murderers, slavers."
(913) The Bolg Mor: "How is that different from a human like you?"
(911) Sushil: "I found a ring from one of them outside the mouth of your cave. Seemed a fair indicator."
(914) Kiwren: "He wanted to steal the Bolg property."
(911) Sushil: "I rather take offense at that comparison."
** (913) The Bolg Mor scratches his head. **
(910) Cassima: "Well, he is the boss - how can we argue with him?"
** (911) Sushil eases his voice with a sigh. "Anyhow... have you had anyone giving you troubles lately?" **
(913) DM: The giant sighs. "So you want to my cauldron. What do you have to give for it in return?"
(914) Kiwren: "Easy, say No. He may be the boss, but just because he is does not make all he decisions the right ones."
(911) Sushil: "Cauldron..?"
(913) The Bolg Mor: "That IS what you're here for, aren't you?"
** (911) Sushil stares back blankly. **
(911) Sushil: "I don't really have a need for crockery, but thank you for the offer."
(913) The Bolg Mor: "The last group of humans I slew said they had heard of a magical cauldron and that's why they were trespassing on my property. I thought the same of you."
(910) Cassima: "True, but he is the one in charge of testing us. Besides - saying no to him earlier didn't do much good, he just kept trying to get past the door."
(911) Sushil: :raises a brow: "Oh...?" could you tell me about them?" :fishes the ring from his pocket: "Did any of them have a symbol like this on them?"
(913) The Bolg Mor: "I'd need to see it up close."
** (911) Sushil moves closer, holding up the ring. **
(913) DM: (he's at the top of the stairs and you're on the bridge in front of Smasher and the disc)
(913) The Bolg Mor: "Closer please."
(914) Kiwren: "Ya and now he can face the consiquenses of his stealing. If he gets out of it good. If he does not then wel appologize to Lady Ruth, but we will have the cauldron either way."
** (911) Sushil gives a glance about, wonder what he's coming in range of, before coming closer. **
(910) Cassima: "Very well. Of course, I believe that Ker stayed behind as well - we'll have to be careful with that when we leave."
** (913) The Bolg Mor hefts his greatspear. "I really don't want to have to kill you, you know. Between you and your friend, the storyteller, I could take you both, but then more humans will probably come here. So tell me what you have that you'll give for the cauldron and you can leave." **
(913) The Bolg Mor: "Or don't. Your choice."
(911) Sushil: "I really don't won't any cauldron. Though I'll trade you for the books if you like. Unless they are important to you. As well as infrormation on anyone matching my descriptions of zhents."
(910) Cassima: "So, I did I hear right earlier that the Bolg Mor mentioned something about many adventurers coming by recently?"
(911) Sushil: "If you prefer I will take my leave, apologizing deeply for the intrusion, of course. Your choice."
(913) The Bolg Mor: "You don't want the cauldron?"
(913) The Bolg Mor: (seems confused)
(911) Sushil: "Nope."
(913) The Bolg Mor: "Well the books. Hm. Why don't you come down from there and we'll talk."
(911) Sushil: :thinks it over a moment, and nods: "As you wish, Lord... I'm sorry, your name?"
(914) Kiwren: "Yup, said all have tried to kill him for the cauldron. I still think the tale the old bhfearas told was eiscy. That and all the adventures after the cauldron makes me think he is just one more enterprising adventurer deciding to trick the local Leader into helping him recover his "lost" relic"
(913) The Bolg Mor: "Ait is my name."
(913) DM: (pronounced "Oit")
(911) Sushil: :bows: "Well met, Oit. You may call me Sushil."
(913) Ait: "Come down from there and I swear by the rowan staff not to harm your head unless you raise your hand against me."
(911) Sushil: :raises a brow: "You said you have another here?"
(910) Cassima: "May be, but I wonder... The curse of the Cauldron is activated if it is taken by violence. What better curse for violence then more violence?"
(914) Kiwren: "Peace."
** (911) Sushil nods, and heads down the stairs, gesturing Smasher and the disk to follow. **
(910) Cassima: "If so, we might be able to use that to help him decide to part with it, if needed. Your stories were doing well, they may be enough."
** (918) Ker closes the door when he hears the giant coming. **
(913) Ait: "This way please."
** (913) Ait leads you to the throne room. **
(914) Kiwren: "Those with violent hearts generaly cannot stand peace, even if it is what they claim they seak."
** (911) Sushil follows back, to the throne room. **
(911) Sushil: (Cassima there as well now? out in the open?)
** (913) Ait seems surprised. "There's more of you?" **
(913) Ait: "Just how many humans are here?" (sighs heavily)
** (910) Cassima shrugs to Kiwren, but looks to the Blog Mor as he enters. She stands and curtsies to him. "I am Cassima, I appologize for hiding earlier - but I have never met one as large as yourself." **
(914) Kiwren: "More? This is Cassima, the one that came with me."
(910) Cassima: "In all of Faerun, or just in this region?"
(913) Ait: "Let me guess. He's not here for the cauldron but you are?"
** (911) Sushil looks the other two over thoughtfully as he enters. **
(914) Kiwren: "Like I said I came for the cauldron, but I dont know him."
(910) Cassima: "I am with Kiwren here, and yes - we came for the cauldron."
(913) Ait: "That was an entertaining story, bard. So I shall not kill you but now we come to the question of what you will give for the cauldron and the books."
(910) Cassima: "What books?"
(911) Sushil: "Good day" :holds out a hand in greeting to either woman:
(913) Ait: "Those books." (points to Smasher and the disc)
(911) Sushil: "Well.. depends how much you value them really."
** (918) Ker reopens the door to 16, sighs, and leans against the frame. **
(910) Cassima: "Why would I want any books? I came with Kiwren to try to save you from the curse of the cauldron."
(914) Kiwren: "You can keep the books or work out a deal with him. Though I would love the çance to study them, I dont have anything I would trade for them."
(913) Ait: "I traded a book with much strange writing and made my head hurt when I opened it for two boxes of tea."
(913) Ait: "So if you have any tea, you can have the books. The cauldron though is what I use for food. So it would need to be of equal or greater value."
(911) Sushil: "I was asking if you are a student of the arcane. If so, they may have some value. If not, they are worth relatively little. The one you traded was likely full of spells, these are just full of ink."
(914) Kiwren: "Oh I have my journal, whiç has all the Tales ta a fhios Valamaradace in it."
(911) Sushil: "Out of curiousity, do you recall who you traded that book to?"
(910) Cassima: "And handing off the cauldron would free you from all the pesky humans that keep coming after it."
(913) Ait: "A human. They look all the same to me."
(913) DM: (and now you know what Daelan feels like)
(911) Sushil: "Fair enough."
(914) Kiwren: (( I know about = "ta a fhios" one of 8 words/phrases I have being translated into celtic btw ))
(911) Sushil: "Hmmm... I do have these." :moves to Smasher's back, to remove a wrapped parcel from his pack: "They were originally intended as a gift. Though the person meant to have them was lost to me, unfortunately."
** (910) Cassima senses that her arguments are not persuading the Bolg Mor any more, so she quiets down and let's Kiwren do the talking, as strange as that plan sounds. **
(913) Ait: "Well, give me the journal and you can have the books. But the cauldron...." (looks forlornly at the cooking pot)
** (911) Sushil moves toward the giant, unfolding the clothe, to reveal a collection of small ivory carvings in the shapes of animals. "They are quite valuable and lovely in my opinion." **
(913) Ait: "Well they're different."
(913) Ait: "But not the same as an instant meal."
(911) Sushil: "No.. quite true at that."
(913) Ait: "You mentioned something about a human woman that rules this land?"
(911) Sushil: "I did?"
(914) Kiwren: "How about free food, not sure how muç you ith though I am sure it is more then I eat, for life. That way you dont have to hunt, though you will have to cook it yourself" ** scratches her chin ** "Unless? No I doubt you would do that."
(913) Ait: "I could do that."
(913) Ait: "Tell me more."
(914) Kiwren: "Yes Lady Ruth rules this land, at least I think we are still on her property. Anyway She is in need of several good employee, and has one great Hobgoblin cook. So I was thinking she could employ you, but you already said you wouldnt work for a human."
(913) Ait: "Perhaps an agreement of some sort..."
(914) Kiwren: "With employment comes free food and actual money and the freedom of terminating your employment whenever you wish, without resorting to killing your 'Master'
** (914) Kiwren 's voise is full of scorn when she says Master **
(913) Ait: "You know about that?" (seems ashamed)
(913) Ait: "All right, done."
(914) Kiwren: "Yes and it is a bold and brave thing you did. All those who enslave others deserve the same fate."
** (911) Sushil stands aside, listening with great interest. **
(913) DM: (and on that note, we'll stop)
(913) DM: (after tonight's session, everyone is 3rd level)
(911) Sushil: (wow, that was quick)
(910) Zane: Woo hoo! More power. :-P
(913) DM: quick?
(913) DM: you've been 2nd for some time now
(914) Kiwren: HP: [1d4+1] => [4,1] = (5)
(911) Sushil: true.. forgot to factor in the pre-hiatus xp)
(913) TaliesinNYC: I will say that the resolution of the current adventure is a ways off, like maybe 2 sessions more
(910) Zane: remember the origianl group was 2nd ever since before they headed to the Killing Keep
(913) TaliesinNYC: but I'm sort of getting it out of the way
(910) Zane: HP: [1d8+2] => [5,2] = (7)
(918) Zach: HP: [1d10+1] => [9,1] = (10)
(913) TaliesinNYC: I just want to make everyone the same page especially since there's a good chance a new player will be joining next session
(913) TaliesinNYC: people here have XP before the restart
(913) TaliesinNYC: Lando excepted
(913) TaliesinNYC: so it'll be a few months before you gain a new level
(911) Sushil: sushil hp: [1d4+2] => [3,2] = (5)
(911) Sushil: Minion hp: [1d12] => [5] = (5)
(913) TaliesinNYC: Lunauc: the way the books work is there is a cumulative 5% chance for each point of Int above 14 per week of careful uninterrupted study that you'll be able to learn a random 1st level spell from the PH (and other sourcebooks per my discretion and permission)
(910) Zane: Nice, I get +2 to hit. :-)
(913) TaliesinNYC: the emphasis being careful uninterrupted study
(911) Sushil: (in other words, dream on. ;p still want the books though... for aesthetic purposes.
(913) TaliesinNYC: well no
(913) TaliesinNYC: there is room for downtime
(913) TaliesinNYC: just wanted to let you know though
(913) TaliesinNYC: ok, see y'all in a week
(914) Dj Gilcrease: see ya

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