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(201) DM: ((someone whisper to me what you wanted to do

(201) DM: ((someone whisper to me what you wanted to do. I lost everything when I had to reboot))
(196) Dj Gilcrease has sent you a tree node...
(202) Ghaele (enter): 21:54
(201) DM: No, the Bolg Mor doesn't come out at all during the evening.
** (194) Cassima is watching the cave as the others wake up in the morning. **
** (195) Sushil is awake soon after dawn, studying his books and waiting with the others. **
(194) Cassima: "No other sign of him so far." she offers up.
(195) Sushil: "Yeah, we may be waiting a while."
** (193) Rowan awakens and sips some water/eats some rations for breakfast **
(194) Cassima: "So, do we continue to wait for a couple more days?"
(195) Sushil: "I'd hope is not such a shut-in. Though if he doesn't come out by midday, we may want to make other plans."
(196) Kiwren: "We should, Cassima and I, should head down to the hourses so we can be heading up when he comes out."
(194) Cassima: "That sounds good to me as well. Better to be out there when he does emerge."
** (193) Rowan nods and stays here with Sushil **
(201) DM: About an hour after dawn, the giant emerges from the cave, dragging a pail.
(195) Sushil: "As you wish."
(194) Cassima: "We will keep him busy as long as we can. So be quick."
(194) Cassima: (( or - we'll wait now. ))
** (196) Kiwren heads down to the hourses and gets reads for when he comes out **
(196) Kiwren: (( We are heading down before the hour after dawn ))
(201) DM: He trods to the refuse pile and refreshes it with a new load, then goes back to the cavern. Meanwhile, a wisp of smoke rises from cracks in the hill.
** (195) Sushil keeps low and covered, his minion ordered to do the same, as he watches the giant, and eyes his gear curiously. **
(203) James (enter): 22:05
(194) Cassima: (( that's what I thought, but since Stash posted that, wasn't sure. ))
(203) James (exit): 22:05
(201) DM: (well let me know and I can edit accordingly)
(194) Cassima: (( Cassima and Kiwren will head down, collect their horses, and be riding up to near the refuse pile. ))
(195) Sushil: ((refreshes with a new load..? Dumps more bones on the pile, ya mean?)
(201) DM: (if before dawn, he does his pail thing a couple hours before dawn, and after a while, he leaves the cavern but before you head down there)
(201) DM: (correct)
(196) Kiwren: (( Ok, we headed down to the Refuse pile and horses at dawn ))
(194) Cassima: (( ok - then edit Cassima's comment about no sign of him to include that information. ))
** (194) Cassima looks to Sushil and Rowan after the giant returns to his cave. "We will head down to the pile, and see if he returns again. If he has not by midday, I will call out for him. We are going to go the route of being hired to look into reports of Zhents in the area." **
(195) Sushil: "Ok.. but how does that get us into the cave?"
(194) Cassima: 'While we keep him busy - you two can sneak in. Or, if he seems like he is in a good mood - you could wait and see what happens."
(193) Rowan: "Good luck."
(195) Sushil: "Well.. I'm not going to try sneaking around him, but.. good luck to you."
** (193) Rowan looks at Sushi, "Guess we wait some more?" **
** (196) Kiwren nods and heads off to her horse to wait for the Firbolg **
(194) Cassima: (( isn't the refuse pile a little ways from the cave? ))
(201) DM: ((yes, but not far for a firbolg))
(195) Sushil: :to Rowan: "I suppose so." :pauses a moment: "Know any games to pass the time?"
(201) DM: ((the map above is an approximate layout of the interior of the cave if you wanted to load minis))
(201) DM: ((I'd need to redraw as you head deeper inside))
(193) Rowan: "Not really int ogames."
** (194) Cassima goes with Kiwren, hoping the gamble pays off. **
(195) Sushil: "Yeah.. me either."
** (195) Sushil shrugs and returns to his books. **
** (193) Rowan watches the cavern entrance **
(201) DM: Time passes, but the Bolg Mor doesn't make a reappearance after leaving his cavern the 2nd time.
whispering to Dj Gilcrease, and he doesn't hang out at the refuse pile either
** (194) Cassima looks to Kiwren when the sun is high above them. "So, shall we try calling for him?" **
(196) Kiwren: (( wait 2nd time ))
(195) Sushil: (2nd time.. toda..y?)
(194) Cassima: (( 2nd time total - that's how I took it ))
(196) Kiwren: (( I am confused. He left some time before dawn, then we headed down the road to the horses to wait for him to leave again ))
(194) Cassima: (( he also left the previous evening, shortly after we arrived. ))
(201) DM: ((recap: he leaves the cave the 1st time, does his pail thing, goes back, then comes out again the 2nd time, all before Cas and Kiw go to the refuse pile))
(194) Cassima: (( ahh, I see. ))
(196) Kiwren: "May as well, no point in just sitting here all day."
** (194) Cassima calls out loudly, from her seat on her horse, "Bolg Mor, we would seek to speak, if you would." **
** (196) Kiwren starts walking her horse tword the Bolg Mor's cave **
(201) DM: No sign of the giant.
(194) Cassima: "Hold on Kiwren, this would be close enough for now."
(193) Rowan: "There must be another entrance/exit or something isn't right. Or it knows we're here."
** (195) Sushil looks up from his book, upon hearing Cassima's call. With a sigh, he returns his back under his cloak, and looks to Rowen, "Shall we take a position near the cave to sneak around him, if they call him out?" **
(195) Sushil: "He may just be lazy today."
(202) Ghaele (exit): 22:26
(193) Rowan: "Probably wise to try that, else it looks like we'll be here awhile."
(195) Sushil: "Then lets go before he pops out."
(194) Cassima: "Hmm, I thought that would do it. Well, I was hoping it would."
(195) Sushil: "Though... " :looks up to the rising smoke: "The chimney may be a safer entry point."
** (193) Rowan nods, "Might be dangerous tryingto climb down in smoke/fire." **
** (193) Rowan picks up her gear/spear and prepares to move **
** (196) Kiwren stops and calls out "Anyone home?" **
(195) Sushil: "Might be dangeous trying to sidestep a giant too."
(193) Rowan: "Yes."
** (195) Sushil stands to follow after Rowan, his minion in tow. **
** (194) Cassima moves up with Kiwren with her horse. **
** (193) Rowan moves closer staying behind cover, Hide [1d20+7] => [9,7] = (16) **
(193) Rowan: Move Silently [1d20+7] => [16,7] = (23)
(194) Cassima: "Bolg Mor?"
(201) DM: Echoes in the cavern entrance...
(201) DM: but no reaction
(194) Cassima: "Guys, forget stealth. Let's approach this straight up."
(201) DM: The entrance cavern (1) is roughly circular, and the bare limestone has been twisted into many fantastic shapes -- waterfalls, rivers, miniature hills and spirals. Pillars, stalagmites and stalactites abound. Some have been cleared or broken to make a path toward the opening at the south end of the cave.
** (196) Kiwren ties her horse up just outside and enters the cavern **
(193) Rowan: "So much for stealth."
** (195) Sushil groans. "Patience is a virtue that not everyone shares a belief in." **
** (194) Cassima leaves her horse with Kiwren's. **
** (193) Rowan nods **
(194) Cassima: "Do you want him finding you sneaking around his cave?"
(195) Sushil: "Shall we follow and protect them? Or seek our own entrance?"
** (194) Cassima walks with Kiwren into the cave. **
(193) Rowan: "Let's look around first before going in."
(194) Cassima: (( if the other two did not make themselves known to Kiwren adn Cass, then she doesn't make her comment to them. I thought they were making themselves known. ))
(195) Sushil: "Yes. if there is another entrance, we might find it."
** (196) Kiwren enters further and calls out again "Anyone home?" **
(193) Rowan: Spot [1d20+7] => [17,7] = (24)
** (194) Cassima walks with Kiwren, looking over the cave for any signs of life. **
(201) DM: Only echoes greet you.
** (193) Rowan looks at Sushil, "This appears to be it." **
** (196) Kiwren keeps going further in, keeping an eye out for a cauldron **
(201) DM: (need a marching order please)
** (193) Rowan proceedds into the cavern, but stays hidden **
(194) Cassima: (( Kiwren, Cassima, other two ))
(195) Sushil: (sushil is following after rowan)
(196) Kiwren: (( the other two are further back ))
(193) Rowan: I'm moving at a distance behind them, 30-40 feet
(193) Rowan: Hide [1d20+7] => [18,7] = (25)
(193) Rowan: Move Silently [1d20+7] => [6,7] = (13)
** (196) Kiwren continues to call out every few min **
(195) Sushil: (Rowan entered after the other two?)
** (193) Rowan looks down the hallway, keeping her spear readied, but sttaying in the shoadws **
** (194) Cassima continues to move with Kiwren **
(193) Rowan: ((yes, there is no o ther entrances, I looked))
(196) Kiwren: "Whiç way?" ** turns to Cassima **
(201) DM: The entrance cave leads into a dark tunnel heading south. The floor is muddy underfoot and the air is damp. Drops of water fall sporadically from the ceiling, which rises 12' from the floor.
** (193) Rowan looks at Sushhil, "That darkvision would b e good." **
** (194) Cassima looks both ways before deciding, "Left." **
(201) DM: (if people move ahead quicker than I can type, you might want to wait for the description)
(201) DM: (pokes Cas and Kiw)
(194) Cassima: (( sorry - I was basing on Kiwren... ))
(193) Rowan: ((I'm waiting there))
(201) DM: The tunnel emerges briefly into a roughly octagonal cave (3) before taking off eastward. A stream of water pours down the western wall from a slitlike hole in the ceiling. The water disappears into a floor-level crevice near the wall.
(196) Kiwren: (( sorry I waited 3 min before each move. I'll back up if that would be better ))
(201) DM: No response to Kiw's calls, except echoes.
(201) DM: At the fork, there is a sharp odor wafting from the right.
** (194) Cassima holds her hand over her nose, "Definately try left first." **
(193) Rowan: "Fresh water?"
** (193) Rowan looks at the stream of water **
** (195) Sushil mutters a litany of heavy words, before reaching out to place his hands over Rowan's eyes. As he pulls his hands away, a cloudy black mist covers her eyes, allowing her to see normally through the dark. "Better?" **
(193) Rowan: "Yes, thank you."
** (196) Kiwren wrinkles her nose, "lets go left." **
(205) Storyteller (enter): 22:49
** (196) Kiwren heads left **
(205) Storyteller (exit): 22:49
** (194) Cassima follows **
(201) DM: The tunnel wends its way from the fork for a few feet before stopping at a huge iron-bound oak door. The door is as wide as the 10' tunnel and almost reaches the 15' ceiling. The oak is marked with cuts and slashes about 5' from the floor.
(194) Cassima: "Looks like those humans might have tried to get past this door. Shall we go back the other way?"
** (196) Kiwren knocks on the door **
(194) Cassima: "Or that."
(201) DM: There's no response.
** (193) Rowan proceeds to the fork **
(201) DM: (people in the group I assume have a way of seeing in the dark?)
(201) DM: (because it is dark unless I note otherwise)
(194) Cassima: (( torch, if needed ))
(193) Rowan: ((Sushil cast some sort of darkvision on me))
(201) DM: (k)
(193) Rowan: ((see above))
(201) DM: (seeing as it's 5 min before 11, we can stop here and proceed next session from this point)
(193) Rowan: ((I will need to go shortly))
(195) Sushil: (at present Rowan and Smasher are my eyes, got a light spell ready when the need arises))
(194) Cassima: (( sounds good to me. ))
(193) Rowan: ((sounds good))
(196) Kiwren: (( Ok ))
(201) DM: see you in a week
(193) Rowan: definitely
(193) Rowan: goodnight
(193) Rowan: Til swords part!
(193) Rowan (exit): 22:57

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