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(379) TaliesinNYC (enter): 18:51
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The Tangled Web
Standing outside the entrance to the cave, you are surprised to hear the sounds of music and merriment coming from deep within.
1) Enter the Cave
2) Run fast and far away

Moving to room 'Faerun'..
(379) TaliesinNYC (enter): 18:51
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 Wednesday Game: 7:30pm - Midnight EST

Read This For Details
This campaign uses the 3.5 D&D ruleset and has been running since April 2006.
If you would like more information, please feel free to send me an e-mail to SobaAddict70 at gmail dot com or by using one of the instant messaging services above. If you send an e-mail, please be sure to put "Andurin" in the subject line, otherwise I might treat it as spam.


(375) J.C. (enter): 18:51
(376) Dj Gilcrease (enter): 18:51
(374) Lando (enter): 18:51
(378) Lunauc (enter): 18:51
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(374) Lando: Pardon me as I deal with my inane dog
(379) TaliesinNYC: so Viperswhip dropped out
(379) TaliesinNYC: which is par for the course for people on Open
(374) Lando: my node isn'tready, been one of those kinda weekends, but I will get it done by next session.
(379) TaliesinNYC: np
(379) TaliesinNYC: we're not starting tonight anyway
(379) TaliesinNYC: I wanted to talk a little bit about the game
(379) TaliesinNYC: also we don't have our full complement here yet
(378) Lunauc: it's still early
(374) Lando: that's cool
(374) Lando: my goofy dog wawnts to play
(379) TaliesinNYC: as with all of my other games, there's one constant house rule
(379) TaliesinNYC: if we have less than 4 people present, the session is tabled
(378) Lunauc: oh.. I was gonna guess shirts and skins
(379) TaliesinNYC: so if people want to play, they need to attend. (and usually they do)
(379) TaliesinNYC: well Lando doesn't know that
(374) Lando: ah good to know
(374) Lando: my lab won't come in so I'm afk some
(378) Lunauc: Oh.. well if there are two teams.. one side wears shirts and the others don't. Unless they have matching team jerseys
(378) Lunauc: that about sum it up
(378) Lunauc: ?
(374) Lando: finally he obeyed
(381) Zane (enter): 18:59
(382) Ker (enter): 18:59
(378) Lunauc: there we go. On with the interviews!
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (382) Zach...
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (381) Zane...
(379) TaliesinNYC: what interviews? =P
(379) TaliesinNYC: anyway
(379) TaliesinNYC: Viperswhip dropped out which shouldn't be a surprise I guess
(379) TaliesinNYC: I'm not going to replace him because I'm kinda sick of recruiting
(374) Lando: I've had lots do that
(378) Sushil: what? not doing this interview style, as in hiring adventurers to the stonewatch forces? I was looking forward to making young hopefuls wrestle a skeleotn to apply, and seeing how many run for their lives?
(379) TaliesinNYC: what I wanted to talk about was a little bit about the direction and intent of this campaign
(379) TaliesinNYC: Lando and I both own the original FR boxed set -- the one in the gray box that came out in the late 1980s
(379) TaliesinNYC: when FR was still a setting for 1st edition rules
(374) Rowan: Yea, I found my books from it
(379) TaliesinNYC: I don't like the direction FR took after 2nd edition came out
(374) Rowan: I got the 2nd and 3.0 stuff too
(379) TaliesinNYC: and I fucking loathe the campaign setting in the present day
** (374) Rowan nods **
(379) TaliesinNYC: so this game will be non-canon and a number of things will not be happening
(374) Rowan: I use some variations myself in some cases
(379) TaliesinNYC: most of that has been set forth in the OpenRPG forum post
(379) TaliesinNYC: so I won't go into that here
(379) TaliesinNYC: the intent of the game is to form a group that will eventually have a role in the way history plays out once the campaign begins
(379) TaliesinNYC: which we started doing in 2007 when I first ran this game
(379) TaliesinNYC: but it got shelved in I think April because of work
(379) TaliesinNYC: now most of the peeps who were in that game are here, but there are some PCs who won't be returning
(379) TaliesinNYC: what I wanted to find out was whether you prefer something local compared to world-spanning
(379) TaliesinNYC: and also what kind of storyline do you want? because the original game was fairly nonlinear but it also took a great deal of work on my part
(376) Dj Gilcrease: Just got back from food
(374) Rowan: I'm fine with local that expands to world encompassing
(381) Zane: Hmm, I like local - at least to start out with.
(376) Dj Gilcrease: Aye, local is good
(381) Zane: Of course, the portals allow a little adventure outside local without travel time, so we can still get a taste of sea air. :-)
(379) TaliesinNYC: heh
(378) Sushil: Same here. it's nice to have a local feel, an HQ so to speak, where we can see the changes we effect and work at developing the keep and local matters. Though long travel missions are also good when the story calls for it. Keeps things from getting stagnant. So, locla reaching into long range.
(379) TaliesinNYC: I meant focused on Cormyr vs. all over the Realms like some Realms campaigns are wont to do
(382) Zach: Local/regional works for me as well.
(379) TaliesinNYC: next is the question of XP
(374) Rowan: I'm fine with Corymr and the areas round it
(379) TaliesinNYC: everyone here is familiar with Andurin-style XP but that probably won't work here
(379) TaliesinNYC: everyone except Lando
(381) Zane: Definately Cormyr. Never got the idea of 0 and 1st lelvel characters (PCs or NPCs) that travelled all across Faerun with no problem...
(381) Zane: woo hoo! Non-glacier XP! :-P
(379) TaliesinNYC: Ed Greenwood's group advanced one level every couple of years but then they were using 1st edition rules and focused a great deal more on RP, and they played somewhat irregularly
(378) Sushil: that seems... likely a really long time..
(379) TaliesinNYC: my default will be faster than Andurin but slower than typical 3.5, but I wanted to get a sense of what Lando does in his games
(374) Rowan: In the living world I play in, we average 500 xp a game.. but whatever works for ya'll
(376) Dj Gilcrease: I dont know, I kinda like the XP formula I wrote up 19xp * char level per session, plus and story and RP rewards to adjust the speed
(374) Rowan: in my games I base xp on roleplaying/combat/treasure
(374) Rowan: typically do a lvl after a large story plot ends
(381) Zane: Yeah, Stash loves those formulas of yours. :-)
(379) TaliesinNYC: not
(381) Zane: lol
(378) Sushil: that could be a good guage, basing levels on major story arch completions.
(379) TaliesinNYC: that's what we already do in an Andurin game but then again it's glacial compared to most people that we come across
(378) Sushil: Gives down time in between where we could even do silly local side adventures for fun and rp
(378) Sushil: if we wanted to that is
(376) Dj Gilcrease: Some can get complex, and my initial write up for an XP formula was complex, but this one is rather simple and lets the PC's track their XP on their own. With Story and RP rewards to be handed out by the DM when he wants. Either way though I dont care how the XP works
(374) Lando: it depends on how xp hungry the players are... I prefer they roleplay and build stoy rather than slay dozens of nooks
(379) TaliesinNYC: hm, ok
(374) Lando: mooks
(379) TaliesinNYC: mooks?
(374) Lando: lots of low level challenges or minions
(374) Lando: building xp by slaying hordes of goblins or something for example
(378) Sushil: eh, that gets boring
(381) Zane: Yeah, that's not a fun style. Story is better.
(379) TaliesinNYC: what are PCs here? Sush(**sss**)l (**sss**)s a necr(**sss**)manssss(**shhhshh**)r
(379) TaliesinNYC: er
(379) TaliesinNYC: Sush(**sss**)l (**sss**)s a necr(**sss**)manssss(**shhhshh**)r
(378) Sushil: eh?
(378) Sushil: something wrong with your i's?
(379) TaliesinNYC: (**sss**) have n(**sss**) (**sss**)dea what happened tere
(379) TaliesinNYC: ?
(378) Sushil: and o's
(381) Zane: Filter?
(379) TaliesinNYC: I have no idea what happened there
(378) Sushil: ah, fixed
(379) TaliesinNYC: anyway Sush is a necromancer
(379) TaliesinNYC: and...?
(378) Sushil: .. a nifty dresser?
(374) Lando: Rowan is a Scout
(381) Zane: so he thinks.
** (376) Kiwren is a Truenamer **
(378) Sushil: what? black is classic
(382) Zach: Ker is a Fighter
(381) Zane: Cassima - Favored Soul of Selune.
(381) Zane has sent you a tree node...
(379) TaliesinNYC: y'all know what prestige classes you want eventually?
(378) Sushil: Taco Master?
** (381) Cassima is considering a couple - but she's got no definative plans. **
(376) Dj Gilcrease: The one I was thinking of I will need to talk to you about in details since it is a little odd. But if it isnt accepted I figured just stay Truenamer the whole way.
(378) Sushil: Well... either I plan to aim for the spectral loremaster and possibly regular loremaster, or I might see about taking some divine and crossing into true necro... if I can find a loophole to taking 3 cleric levels
(379) TaliesinNYC: and what is that?
(374) Lando: I've no idea. first time playing a Scout
(382) Zach: Nothing really planned at this time.
(379) TaliesinNYC: if you've got nodes ready for me, I'll take them now
(378) Sushil: have the complete adventurer Lando? there are a few interesting ones in there, as well as complete scoundrel. No need to rush though. Scout is a strong class on its own
(379) TaliesinNYC: as far as what's going on re the game, has anyone managed to take a look at the logs yet? there's a summary of what's going on on the forum post but the logs contain more details
(378) Lunauc has sent you a tree node...
(378) Lunauc has sent you a tree node...
(376) Dj Gilcrease has sent you a tree node...
(378) Sushil: we decided where we're starting from?
(379) TaliesinNYC: I thought that shortly after Faerun24, after the audience with Lady Winter might be a good place to begin
(379) TaliesinNYC: and there's the question of how to introduce the PCs
(376) Dj Gilcrease: ya, I read them last night. The PC's just had their meeting with Lady Winter and were debating wether or not to investigate the portal at the Inn again
(379) TaliesinNYC: since 4 people are new
(374) Lando: I got adv, but not scoundrel
(374) Lando: I have read the foums and a bit of the logs, but not all of them
(376) Dj Gilcrease: Most of the 3.5 books are up on the website under the tools menu, which you should have access to
(382) Zach: I have only scanned the logs briefly.
(378) Sushil: "Would we have been thinking of going back through the portals, if the lathandrites weren't there to have their room invaded?
(379) TaliesinNYC: the easiest solution is also the least satisfying (which is that the four of you already know each other) and are looking for work when you come to Eveningstar, having learned from gossip that a noble has recently inherited a keep and seeks adventurers to assist her in taking care of a few matters
(379) TaliesinNYC: then that's simply a matter of introducing Sush to the party and we can go from there
(378) Sushil: I rather like the 'Call to Arms' theme for entrances. Given the keep is in the process of being stocked with new workers and guards, it makes sense that adventurers would be called in to aid, especially if they had ties to members of the previous group, who may now have taken positions with Ruth in the keep.
(376) Dj Gilcrease: My BG precludes knowing people as she is from the Silvery Marches, and has lives in seclusion for the past 9 years
(378) Sushil: Though I understand it may be bland if people want personal intros, which is cool too
(376) Dj Gilcrease: But she is in the area looking for Adventure
(384) Tyshalle (enter): 19:32
(378) Sushil: what kind of seclusion?
(379) TaliesinNYC: well if the Lathanderites weren't around, the portals might very well be an alternative
(378) Sushil: Yo ty
(379) TaliesinNYC: the problem is I can't remember what I wanted to do there, except for maybe one module (that I need to look for)
(384) Tyshalle: What's up?
(376) Dj Gilcrease: In a cave with no other humans
(378) Sushil: setting up an FR game, or rather reestablishing
(384) Tyshalle: Cool
(378) Sushil: ah.. yeah.. that's seclusion. Allowed visitors?
(374) Lando: my background should work fine then with Rowan coming to seek adventure
(384) Tyshalle: Disconnecting from server...
(384) Tyshalle (exit): 19:34
** (378) Sushil hums a little tune of Fildin's, while dressing Julla's skeleton in rotting animal hides to greet the interviewees. **
(381) Zane: Ok, Cassima is from Cormyr (likely Arabel, not positive yet) - but has been looking for adventure, looking to spread the work of Selune around.
(378) Sushil: btw.. will any of the dropped pc's be rehashed as npc's?
(379) TaliesinNYC: one or two I think
(379) TaliesinNYC: I haven't made up my mind
(381) Zane: If Cassima and Rowan met up somewhere and travelled here, that would be fine.
(379) TaliesinNYC: I think Fildin will be around
(379) TaliesinNYC: Ruth definitely
(376) Dj Gilcrease: As far as I know Vadania would still be in town deciding to run the store rather then run around the world. Since she was looking for a place to belong in the first place
(381) Zane: Woo Hoo! :-)
(379) TaliesinNYC: the others might have moved on
(378) Sushil: Great! Cameos!
(379) TaliesinNYC: I give permission for Zane/DJ to play them when called upon
(379) TaliesinNYC: Grinkle will still be around of course
(381) Zane: Of course.
(379) Grinkle: "Cept me 'fraidy-doo ob de blak mojoka."
(378) Sushil: Remind me to have julla and smasher chase him around...
(382) Zach: ((HP: 38 / 42))
(382) Zach: ((HP: 38 / 42))
(376) Dj Gilcrease: And no, no visitors except her mother
(374) Lando: I'm fine with meeting someone on my pc's early travels
(379) TaliesinNYC: ok
(374) Lando: she did do some adventuring prior to coming to Corymr...
(379) TaliesinNYC: well I think since Lando doesn't have his PC ready yet (though some of you have)
(378) Sushil: hey wait a minute.. is this an all female cast, save Sushil?
(374) Lando: Wlel my pc is read on the pdf..but I do need to setup the node
(374) Lando: any particular node you using?
(382) Zach: Ker is male
(374) Lando: I got a couple
(379) TaliesinNYC: I think what you should do is talk amongst yourselves over the course of the week so we can get things started
(378) Sushil: Hmm.. can I name the group Sushil's angels?
(378) Sushil: Ker will have to wear a dress
(381) Zane: Umm... No.
(378) Sushil: Aaaawww
(381) Zane: Ker would be Bosley, wouldn't he?
(378) Sushil: ok fine.. he can be Bosley
(381) Zane: Wait, why I am I halping sell this?
(378) Sushil: Cause you're all for it?
(381) Zane: Well, there are worse names out there...
(379) TaliesinNYC: I don't have a favorite node
(374) Lando: ok
(379) TaliesinNYC: as long as it's readable and won't go corrupt
(374) Lando: then I'll work on setting one up
(382) Zach: Need 2nd level hp --->[1d10] => [10] = (10)
(374) Lando: I hope not, but then again I save my stuff often
(378) Sushil: Sushil's Angels it is. Now everyone pose!
** (374) Lando rolls 2nd lvl hp [1d8+2] => [1,2] = (3) **
(374) Lando: ouch
(381) Zane: 2nd level -> [1d8] => [4] = (4)
(378) Sushil: you'll have to do better than that to make it as an Angel. You'll have to be the flighty one
(381) Zane has sent you a tree node...
(376) Dj Gilcrease: [1d4+1] => [2,1] = (3)
(381) Zane: Ok, so what about Ker. Whaere is Ker from and what's his basic story?
(375) J.C.: Disconnecting from server...
(375) J.C. (exit): 19:49
(382) Zach: Ker is also from Cormyr, and has been working as a sellsword.
(381) Zane: Ahh, another of those...
(378) Sushil: heh.. interview option is looking pretty convenient
(379) TaliesinNYC: there's the issue of the company name but we can get to that later
(378) Sushil: We already finished that. Pay attention
(381) Zane: lol
(379) TaliesinNYC: Sushil's Angels? um ok
(379) TaliesinNYC: if you really want to.
(382) Zach: Somehow, I don't think so.
(378) Sushil: And so it shall be... until the sexual harrassment law suits
** (374) Lando glares at Sushil **
(378) Sushil: Eh.. I figure form a group before worrying over a name. After all, the duties of the group are yet to be specificed. Supposeedly we'll be working as footmen of the Stonewatch Keep, yes?
(378) Sushil: the Squire's Hand..?
(379) TaliesinNYC: That's up to you
(379) TaliesinNYC: I haven't decided what to run for the intro adventure, but one way or another, it'll be working for Lady Numsroth
(379) TaliesinNYC: and how well you do, or how she feels about you or any combination of that, or what else might occur, will depend on what happens going forward
(378) Sushil: It seems to be the most fun option; a task force constructed to investigate the threats surrounding Eveningstar, while Ruth and the locals focus on strengthening the infrastructure.
(379) TaliesinNYC: that occurred to me, but I'm really trying for it not to be spoon-fed if you know what I mean
(378) Sushil: Oh of course. We'd need to be allowed to function independantly.
(378) Sushil: More like a sponsored team than loyal lap dogs, no?
(374) Rowan: sponsored sounds good
(376) Dj Gilcrease: I like that idea. We investigate the threats and deal with them. With the occasional request directly from Ruth to deal with something we might not have heard about
(378) Sushil: I know Sushil is rather fond of his ground level entrance into the house of a prospective new noble, and he's already profiting from spoils of "service to the crown"
(378) Sushil: Having mark independance though, is key, to going on our own paths at times and serving our own purposes as well. ;p
(381) Zane: I can work with those descriptions.
(378) Sushil: I'm not sure if we want to aim for full Harper employ, or just loose affiliation, but having your foot in the door to political clout can be helpful
(381) Zane: So, it sounds like we have a general purpose to the group. Once we get the group together...
(378) Sushil: I kind of like the idea of Sushil asking Ruth for permission to assemble a side team, to gain some freedom in his own movements, and get to choose who he serves with. Not as leader, of course.
(381) Zane: So, to me it makes the most sense that Rowan and Cassima met up around Arabel, then headed this way. And Ker and DJ's PC could meet (maybe DJ's needing a sword hand for protection or something), and then we all end up here.
(378) Sushil: Plus, the interview process sounds like fun. ;p
(376) Dj Gilcrease: I think my PC will be introed to you by Lady Winder as a favor for my PC's master
(381) Zane: You are just set on that interview, aren't you?
(381) Zane: Ok, I was just trying to think.
(378) Sushil: Yeah.. just want a chance to mess with people.
(381) Zane: well, I could probably think of a senario for the other three to all arrive in Eveningstar together...
(378) Sushil: Got it. True namer shoved down his throat. Sushil will accept it with bitter noble grace
(378) Sushil: the others.. INTERVIEW!
** (374) Rowan pokes spear at interviewer **
(378) Sushil: :looks down at the spear: "Aggressive.. good.. bad aim though."
** (379) Grinkle opens the door for you. "Da mojoka see yub." **
(374) Rowan has sent you a tree node...
(378) Sushil: hmm.. I wonder if we could cox them to let us use tsharliira's tower as a base..
(374) Rowan: "Thank you."
(378) Sushil: coax even
** (379) Grinkle points to the four of you. "Dis way, yub foll...foll...kum wid me." **
(374) Rowan: ((HP: 13 / 0))
(379) Grinkle: "Lotz humies kum here. Yub need shinies?"
(378) Sushil: (hah.. RP'ing now?)
(374) Rowan: "Shinies?"
(379) DM: The diminutive hobgoblin shuffles over to Sushil's 'apartment' inside Stonewatch, leading the way.
** (374) Rowan looks curiously at the little goblin as she follows it cautiously **
(379) Grinkle: "Yub. Dey tinkle."
(379) Grinkle: "Lik dis." (pulls out a gold coin from his pocket)
(374) Rowan: "Yes, I do."
(379) Grinkle: "Da sord humie gib me dis." (waves vaguely)
** (374) Rowan nods **
(379) Grinkle: "Blak mojoka be dere, en da boo...da boo...da smartz place."
(379) DM: He knocks on a stout oak door.
(381) Zane: (( oh, wasn't even paying attention, I was trying to work on our story. Sorry. ))
** (374) Rowan shakes her head at barely understanding the goblin **
(376) Kiwren: (( assuming all 4 of the new PCs are here? ))
** (379) Grinkle seems a bit worried at the sound of terror coming from within the room **
(379) DM: ((mmhmm, interview commencing))
(374) Rowan: ((lol))
(379) Grinkle: "Um, me nub tink dis well...."
** (381) Cassima follows along. **
(379) DM: He hurriedly steps aside as the door is flung open by a terrified half-elf who bursts out of the room beyond, as a large figure in tattered robes chases him out.
(381) Cassima: "You nub?" Cassima shakes her head as well.
(378) Sushil: "Smasher return!" :comes a call from within:
(379) Arasthalion: "Aaaaaaahhhhh!!!!"
** (374) Rowan watches **
** (381) Cassima raises an eyebrow at the rushing figure, but shrugs it off quickly. **
(374) Rowan: Knowledge (Nature) [1d20+6] => [9,6] = (15)
** (376) Kiwren glances at the half-elf as it flees, mouthing words, then she walks though the now open door **
(374) Rowan: ((trying to identify the figure in robes))
(379) DM: The half-elven warrior flees for his life as a large, pale-skinned hobgoblin plods after him. A few seconds later, as if drawn by an unseen force, it turns around and lumbers back whence it came.
whispering to Rowan, its a hobgoblin zombie
whispering to Rowan, er skeleton
(378) Sushil: "Well... that was disappointing." :murmurs from within the room, and the voice suddenly lifts in recognition: "Ah.. Grinkle. Good to see you. Will lunch be served soon?"
** (374) Rowan blinks at the undead. **
** (374) Rowan holds her spear as she steps into the room **
(379) Grinkle: "Oh dat. Yub. Here be lotz more."
** (379) Grinkle steps aside as the spear-woman enters the library. "Me bak later." **
(378) Sushil: "Oh, more candidates.. Well, lets hope they're better than the rest you've brought me."
(376) Kiwren: Kiwren is a petite hubhfearas, in her late teens or maybe early twenties. Her long flowing hair wraps her face in suç a way that she appears almost elven, though it is clear from the shape of her eyes and ears that she is hubhfearas.

She is wearing the "proper" equipment of an adventurer, a çain shirt and a Morning Star, it appears wrong on her, as if she didn't fully understand the reason for wearing it.

At the moment she is looking around, but you can tell she inst really "looking" more just moving her head as if conversing with herself.

(378) Sushil: "Thank you Grinkle. You're a fine exception to your race." :then to the others: "Well.. come in, won't you?"
(382) Ker: "Aren't there kind of a lot of hobgoblins here?"
(374) Rowan: Description: Rowan is a lightly tanned, athletic and lithe woman dressed in forest clothes (greens/tans) and wearing fine leather armor and other adventuring type gear. Held in her left hand is a very fine spear.
(381) Trel's: Cassima Description: Cassima is a young (18 year old) female human about whom nothing in particular stands out, but it is difficult to take ones eyes away from. She stands just over 5 1/2 feet tall and can't weigh more than 125 lbs. But she has some definition to her arms, all sleek muscle so fitting for her frame. Her long raven black hairtied back in a simple ponytail most of the time, flows down her back. Her sharp green eyes stand out from her sunkissed tanned skin tone, and her smile seems to raise the spirits of those around.

She is almost always wearing breastplate armor, large shield, and a mace. ((Better desc to be done later).

(382) Ker: Ker is a lanky youth with reddish-brown hair, bronze skin, and hazel eyes. His battered set of banded mail may have once carried some sort of insignia, but if so, it has been thoroughly removed. Aside from his armor, his clothing is slightly mismatched, with the boots being obviously more expensive than the rest of his garments. A massive greatsword is slung over his back, as is an inexpensive crossbow. Ker carries a dagger at his waist, and another in his boot.
** (378) Sushil is a young man or regal countenance and tight held pale hair. Dressed in tight dark leathers, he sits at his desk, watching the strangers enter. "Good day, to you all. I am Sushil, the novice mage of the Squire of Stonewatch, Lady Ruth. And you are..?" **
** (374) Rowan nods and says, "I'm Rowan Evenwood formerly of Battledale." **
(378) Sushil: "Well.. not many.. Mostly just grinkle.. Smasher here..." :gestures to the immense robed, club-bearing figure: "And Julla.. who is in another room at present."
(381) Cassima: "Cassima, Favored of Selune. It is so nice to meet you. A most intereting place here."
** (376) Kiwren scrateches her head "My name is ZëÊtqæÈlmeà WysjdpÊskæ ZdètþýÿÆÿdc, oh I guess you mean what you can call me. Kiwren." **
(382) Ker: :waves: "Hiya, I'm Ker."
(382) Ker: "So... isn't three like a lot? For Eveningstar?"
(382) Ker: "Not like a horde or anything, but y'know.... unusual?"
** (378) Sushil raises a brow at Kiwren's anwer, but shakes his head and presses on. "Well.. It is a pleasure to make your acquaintances. And no.. three isn't as many as you thing. Now.. lets start introductions with a bit about yourselves. What brings you here? Pursuit of coin? glory? a desire to aid a threatened township..?" **
(381) Cassima: "Many things can be called unusual. But as long as they work, they work."
(374) Rowan: "I'm here for all three and then some."
(378) Sushil: "Ah.. how ambitious." :grins:
(378) Sushil: :looks to the others:
(374) Rowan: "I served as a scout on the militia for Battledale and its environs. I was born in Essembra."
(376) Kiwren: "My master said I had to go see the world to continue my education. I flipped a coin onto a map and it landed here, so here I am to see this part of the world. Aiding a thrithened township shoulds like a good first start."
(381) Cassima: "Hmm, for myself I would say to see what else lies under Selune's gaze. Coin is good, as it allows one to continue to persue their cause. Glory can aid in giving one presence to reach out to others. And aidding those in need is always noble, especially an entire township. I guess all three work for me as well."
(378) Sushil: :raises a brow to Kiwren once more: "Strange.. almost exactly how I ended up here.. though I didn't have a map."
(382) Ker: "Pretty much just the coin one. I mean, I don't mind helping the town or anything. But, yeah, coin."
(378) Sushil: "Okay.. we seem to be reaching a golden consensus thus far."
(374) Rowan: ((brb bio break))
(378) Sushil: "Now.. about your prior experience. Rowan.. you were kind enough to offer a short bio... anything the rest of you would like to share about your skills and past ventures in similiar fields?"
(376) Kiwren: "Today is the first time in nine years I have be around other hubhfearass. But my master felt I was leighy to survive in the world."
(378) Sushil: "Nine years... yes.. perhaps it is time for you to learn a bit about the outside world."
(381) Cassima: "I can't say that I have had much experience in battle, although the temple tried training me. I just never had the patience to sit and learn from those boring.." Cassima blushes slightly, "Sorry, I got carried away. But what I can offer is something like." Cassima squints a little and Sushil's right hand starts to glow, giving off what appears to be moonlight.
(382) Ker: "Eh, I've never been to Battledale."
(378) Sushil: "And this Master.. what were you learning from them?"
** (374) Rowan blinks at trying to understand Kiwren **
(376) Kiwren: "The True Language."
** (378) Sushil holds up his hand, examming the effect. "Divine magic..?" **
(376) Kiwren: "No. Not Arcane either, but the foundation of both."
(374) Rowan: "I've not been beyond Battledale much myself, until now. Heard there was a call for need here so I came after I was discharged from my duties and did some minor adventuring."
** (381) Cassima drops the spell with a thought. "Yes sir. Selune has given to me to draw on her power." **
(378) Sushil: :looks to Kiwren, beyond his glowing hand. "I was asking that of Cassima actual.. offers the woman a nod: "But.. True Language.. fascinating... are you well versed?"
(378) Sushil: :to the others: "PLease.. one at a time.. or this gets very confusing."
(376) Kiwren: "Well enough that my master thought I could learn more by adventuring rather then dedicated study."
** (374) Rowan nods as she glances around **
** (376) Kiwren starts studying the room mothing words **
(378) Sushil: :grins: "Well.. I admit you offer an intriguing addition." :then turns to Rowan: "You were first, did you have anything else to state?"
(378) Sushil: "Why were you discharged.. if I may ask?"
(374) Rowan: "I left after the Zhentarim were defeated, but they slaughtered my parents, so I had no reason to stay in Essembra anymore."
(379) DM: It's a library. Not a very well-appointed one, but with time, it could be.
(374) Rowan: ((she looks obviously upset when she mentions Zhentarim))
** (378) Sushil nods. "Understood. We have a bit of a zhent problem here. Perhaps you can offer some knowledge in dealing with them" **
(374) Rowan: "I will be honored to help."
(378) Sushil: :nods to Rowan and turns to Cassima: "Sorry. I interrupted your exhibition. It is a lovely light." :as he looks over his hand: "Is this the extent of your power? or are you capable of more?"
(374) Rowan: "I was released from the service to Battledale and decided to do some adventuring like my folks had done."
** (374) Rowan smiles and looks for a chair **
** (376) Kiwren wanders over to the books and starts picking though them at random **
(381) Cassima: "A fair amount more. Uh, others at the temple seemed to be able to call on Selune's grace in a wider variety of ways, but they had to study to do it, it came naturally for me."
(378) Sushil: :grins to Rowan, and gestures to a chair by the wall:
(378) Sushil: "Oh.. a prodigy."
(378) Sushil: "Are you adept in the healing arts?"
** (374) Rowan sets her spear against the chair and examines the books nearby, but listens **
(381) Cassima: "Honored by being chosen by her, it had nothing to do with my parents. At least, so far as I know. As far as healing, yes. I actually spent more lessons on healing than anything else."
(378) Sushil: "good. That may come in handy." :then looks to Ker: "You, my fellow, care to offer any more of your background?"
** (382) Ker obviously hasn't been paying attention "Huh?" **
(378) Sushil: :offhand: "You don't happen to know a guy named Amreth do you?"
** (381) Cassima takes a step back, and leans against the wall. She watches the proceedings for a moment before her attention drifts away. **
(382) Ker: "Who?"
(378) Sushil: :shakes his head: "Nevermind.. I was asking if you had any more to share about your background or talents?"
** (382) Ker points over his shoulder to the greatsword. "Uh, swordsman. Is your vision alright?" **
** (378) Sushil sighs. "It must be blurry." offers in a dry tone: **
(378) Sushil: "So,, you all seem able bodied and compotent.. with a few exceptions. Shall we move on to stage two of the interview?"
(374) Rowan: "Certainly."
(378) Sushil: "Splendid." :closes his book and stands: "Stage two is comprehensive battle simulation."
** (381) Cassima looks back to Sushil. "Oh, sure." **
(378) Sushil: "You'll take turns sparring with smasher her one on one." :gestures to the giant hobgobling figure, toting a hefty spiked club.: "Don't worry. You don't have to win. You just have to survive for a certain amount of time."
(378) Sushil: "Granted.. no one has passed yet.. and yes we have had a few injuries.. a few fatal. But several applicants have walked away unharmed." :smiles:
(378) Sushil: "Well.. actually they were the ones who ran off before the challenge. But I am hopeful for you lot. Shall we head down to the training grounds?"
(382) Ker: "So, why are we doing this again?"
(381) Cassima: "You said you wanted coin, right?"
(378) Sushil: :to Ker: "To see if you can survive in a dangerous situation of course."
(382) Ker: "Right." :nods firmly: "Coin. Got it."
(382) Ker: "And we get paid for this?"
** (374) Rowan grabs her spear after eyeing the books and follows Sushil **
(378) Sushil: "Well.. if you pas the test you get a paying job."
(381) Cassima: "It will be interesting to see what I can do." She follows as the group heads down.
(382) Ker: "I guess that counts."
(378) Sushil: "Right then.. off we go!" :snaps his fingers... and Smasher brings down his club. CRAASSH.. obliterating a wooden desk.: "Smasher! No! wrong signal. that means follow!"
(374) Rowan: "So we're fighting your undead minion? Are you some kind of necromancer?"
** (376) Kiwren puts the book away and follows the others **
(381) Cassima: "Undead? Really?"
(378) Sushil: :shakes his head: "So hard to get proper help." :glances at Rowan in passing. "Please don't make assumptions. It's just rude."
** (374) Rowan raises her eyebrows **
(379) DM: It jerks back in the act of destroying the desk and follows Sushil docilely.
** (378) Sushil leads the hulking club wielder down the hall and and toward the square. **
(378) Sushil: :chastises his minion along the way: "I purposely intended to hold the fights outside to avoid destruction like that."
** (374) Rowan grips her spear firmly and follows, intent on destroying the undead **
** (381) Cassima watches Smasher for a moment, then continues to follow. **
(376) Kiwren: "So how long do we need to survive?"
(378) Sushil: "I'm not sure.. we haven't had any survive past one hit yet.. without submitting or.. well..."
** (378) Sushil leads the group outside to the yard, and looks them over. "Alright.. is everyone prepared?" **
** (376) Kiwren shrugs **
** (382) Ker unlimbers his sword. **
** (374) Rowan holds her spear like a staff **
(381) Cassima: "You said one at a time, right? So what's the order?"
(378) Sushil: "Well.. I guess that's up to you. You are all prepared.. yes?"
** (376) Kiwren nods **
(374) Rowan: "I am."
(382) Ker: "I'll go, sure."
(381) Cassima: "Will be."
(378) Sushil: "Good." :smirks: "In that case..."
(378) Sushil: "Congratulations. You're the first ones to pass the second part."
** (378) Sushil smiles at everyone gladly **
** (381) Cassima looks over at Sushil, and then smiles. "Very interesting." **
** (374) Rowan softly chuckles **
(378) Sushil: "All the others ran in fear. Thogh the desk trick might have been a bit much. Fun though."
(382) Ker: "Eh?"
(374) Rowan: "Interesting method of weeding out the useless."
(378) Sushil: :nods to Rowan: "Yes. There's nothing quite as entertaining as watching young wannabe warriors crap themselves as they flee in terror."
(374) Rowan: "I like you."
(378) Sushil: "Though it does make for a bit of clean up."
(378) Sushil: "Thank you."
(374) Rowan: "Indeed, reminds me of many I saw fleeing in battle no less."
(378) Sushil: :nods: "Yes.. not much point in hiring on those who can't face a fearful situation when the time comes."
(376) Kiwren: "Especialy a controled situation like this."
** (374) Rowan relaxes her grip on her spear **
(381) Cassima: "And with so few people around this place, I'm guessing you have a number of old desks for smashing."
(376) Kiwren: "This is very similar to the last test my master gave me, he made me save a young girl being attacked by a goblin."
(378) Sushil: :to Cassima: "Well.. most of the furniture was half ruined already. We were just helping it on its way to firewood."
** (381) Cassima nods. **
(378) Sushil: :looks to Kiwren. "And..?"
(376) Kiwren: "I woundt be here if I handt killed the Goblin. I would still be there training."
(378) Sushil: "Fair enough. So.. would you young helpfuls like to meet your possible new employement liaison. Lady Ruth of Stonewatch?"
(382) Ker: "So we don't kill the dead hobgoblin? Seems like a lot of fuss."
(374) Rowan: "I would love too."
(381) Cassima: "That would be most wonderful."
** (376) Kiwren nods **
(382) Ker: "She isn't going to have us not-fight some other dead thing, is she?"
(378) Sushil: :to Ker: "He's expensive.. and you're well.. lets not throw your life away. Agreed?"
(376) Kiwren: (( AFK for a smoke ))
** (381) Cassima looks to Sushil. "So your companion there, is he really that powerful?" **
(378) Sushil: "Nowe.. if you'll all just follow me..." :heads through the main doors, toward the throne room: "I believe the Lady was in the main wing somewhere."
** (374) Rowan follows Sushil **
(378) Sushil: :glances back to Cassima: "His size is no idle threat, if that is what you ask."
** (381) Cassima follows as well. **
(379) DM: (seeing as how I don't have a module prepared, I'll have that done for next time. Ruth went on a personal errand to Eveningstar and will return later in the afternoon, so you'll meet with her then (next session)))
(378) Sushil: "Do not worry though.. he is no harm to you unless you attavck him or myself."
(374) Rowan: ((sounds good))
(378) Sushil: (alright)
(379) DM: (edit Sushil's comment to read that she is away and will return to the keep later in the day)
(378) Sushil: (well, he's been cooped up in his library frightening newbies. he might not know. Adjourn to lunch ala Grinkle..?)
(379) DM: (k)
(381) Cassima: "Impressive. A capable fighter at your side, without having to pay. And you have completely control?"
(378) Sushil: :nods: "Though I admit there are those stronger who may be able to temporarily wrest control from me. But an enchanter can do the same to any comrade, no?"
** (379) Grinkle opens the door and peeks in. "Foodin dun." **
** (378) Sushil moves to converse a moment with one of the workers, before returning to the group. " **
(381) Cassima: "Very true, although I would call that quite distasteful. Having one's control of one's own body ripped away - that's depressing."
(378) Sushil: "Spot of bad luck.. seems the Lady is out. Shall you all join us for lunch? Grinkle is a wonderful cook, for a hob."
(374) Rowan: "Food sounds good. He can cook?"
(378) Sushil: "Quite well yes. It is his redeeming factor."
(381) Cassima: "Never had hobgoblin cooking before, should be interesting."
** (379) Grinkle shuffles out and points to the dining room. "Dat way. Stoo en crabs." **
(378) Sushil: "Thank you, grinkle." :heads for the dining room, Smasher following along.:
** (376) Kiwren follows **
** (374) Rowan follows **
** (381) Cassima enters the dining room with the others. **
(379) DM: On the sideboard is a tureen of beef stew, a tray of herb and cheese bread, a bowl of fruit, a dish of fried river crabs, a plate of lettuce leaves, a few dishes filled with hot mustard and pickles, and jugs of ale, mintwater and goat's milk.
** (374) Rowan eyes widen, "wow." **
(381) Cassima: "Lovely display at least."
** (378) Sushil orders Smasher to stand at one wall, and moves to sniff the food. "Aaahh.. fine work, as always, Grinkle." **
** (376) Kiwren takes a plate of bread, fruit and lettuce. Along with a glass of mintwater **
** (374) Rowan takes a plate with a helping of everythin and a mug of ale. **
(379) Grinkle: "Yub eatz." (takes a fried crab, smears a lettuce leaf with mustard, rolls the crab inside, folds it up; then takes some bread and fruit and heads off to the kitchen)
** (378) Sushil helps himself to a bowls of stew and a plate of crab, fruit, pickles and mustars and a jug of goat's milk **
(378) Sushil: "Of course, you are free to eat here as you please, if you are hired."
** (382) Ker loads up a plate, and grabs a mug of ale **
** (381) Cassima takes some of thestew, along with a slice of bread and some fruit, sticking with the goat's milk to wash it down. **
** (374) Rowan enjoys the crab with the bread/cheese **
(391) Melissa (enter): 21:30
(381) Cassima: "And what other tests do you have for us then?"
(376) Kiwren: "So what type of thleighs does this township face? If you can tell us now."
(378) Sushil: "Personally.. none. The last test will be administered by the Lady herself, though I will likely be the proctor to the exam. A minor mission to test your capabilities and your abilities to work as an efficient team. So, it would be beneficial to get to know one another."
** (374) Rowan nods as she mucnhes away washing it down with ale **
(381) Cassima: "If you are proctoring, does that mean you would go with us?"
(378) Sushil: "Of course."
(381) Cassima: "Then, we all spoke a little of ourselfves earlier. But we know so little of you. Perhaps you could start with a little about yourself." Cassima smiles to Sushil, taking a bite of the stew.
** (374) Rowan smiles at Cassima's inquiry to our host **
** (376) Kiwren eats quietly **
(378) Sushil: :grins back: "Ah of course. How rude of me?" :sits up straight in his seat. "Well.. I am but a novice wizard, I must admit, given inflated import by the troubled times in these abouts. My pursuits are purely for knowledge and wisdom, though I train in martial magicks to guard myself and others. is there more you wish to know?"
(381) Cassima: "What are these troubled times? I'm sure each of us have heard rumors, but if you experienced them, it would be good to know just what has been happening."
(391) Melissa: Disconnecting from server...
(391) Melissa (exit): 21:37
(374) Rowan: "You mentioned a problem with the Zhentarim?"
(381) Cassima: (( quick smoke myself ))
(378) Sushil: "Well.. as of late a small Zhent force has been poking around, and riling the Lostafinger Hobgoblin tribe, of which Grinkle was formerly a member. The hobs were actually the ones who raided this keep, slaying the former Lord. At present they, and the Banites and Zhents are still a questionable threat. Some investigation is still underway, of which you would likely participate."
** (374) Rowan nods **
(374) Rowan: "Three potential hotbeds."
(378) Sushil: [1d100] => [32] = (32)
(378) Sushil: :nods: "Yes.. noisy little town, isn't it?"
(378) Sushil: "And the flying cats look so cute.." :offers in consolation, before biting off a piece of crab:
(374) Rowan: "Why would the Zhentarim be interested in this place?"
(378) Sushil: :shrugs: "As I said.. it is under investigation."
** (374) Rowan nods **
** (376) Kiwren takes a second helping of bread and fruit **
(378) Sushil: (you'd all know why from the logs of course, but just keeping things hush hush until Ruth reveals later, when you're "full-fledged")
(374) Rowan: ((understandable))
(378) Sushil: "So.. are you all planning for a long stay in eveningstar, or just passing employment?"
(374) Rowan: "Well if I'm not hired or needed, I'll probably stay a day or so and move on."
(378) Sushil: "And if you are hired..?"
(376) Kiwren: "I plan on staying a while, there is so muç to name here."
(381) Cassima: "And the other hobgoblin you mentioned, Julia was it?"
(374) Rowan: "Then depending on where I'm needed, I'll work out some arrangment for a place to stay. Will this Lady Ruth provide such?"
(381) Cassima: "Also formerly of that tribe?"
(378) Sushil: "Julla... I believe he is helping clean at the moment. And yes, formerly of the same tribe.. as was Smasher.. before their.. reform."
(378) Sushil: :to rowan: "You'll of course be offered boarding here in Stonewatch, if other housing plans are not made."
(378) Sushil: "Granted though.. the keep is under... renovations.. at the moment."
(381) Cassima: "So, in addition to fighting the Zhents, you have been working on reforming hobgoblins? That is honorable."
(374) Rowan: "Well I'm used to living in the wilds, so a tent and supplies/weather appropriate gear would be fine with me."
(378) Sushil: "Well.. better to make friends than enemies. Hopefully we can turn the rest of the Lostafinger away from their service to the Zhents and bring about a more peaceful solution."
(381) Cassima: "Very nice. As far as your question, I had no plans to necessarily stay. However, with the work being done here, I would love to find a way to stay and help however I can."
(374) Rowan: "I'm definitely in to help deal with the Zhents."
(378) Sushil: "Splendid." :looks to the other two. "Ker..? Kiwren..? Any questions?"
(379) DM: (I'm going to end soon, in about 15 minutes, but this should be a foretaste for our first session next weekend. Ruth will arrive shortly after lunch, talk to the PCs and present you with a few things that she'd like you to take care of. you can choose which, and take it from there.)
(382) Ker: "No questions here" :cheerfully waving a crab leg:
(381) Cassima: (( works for me ))
** (376) Kiwren looks up from her food "Hu? Oh no questions from me." **
(378) Sushil: (sounds good. And I think thsi went quite well for a slap together intro. ;p)
(378) Sushil: "Wonderful.. Then we should all be on the same page later when we meet with the Lady. Until then, enjoy your meals and relax."
(379) DM: I think so. 50 xp per PC for tonight.
** (374) Rowan gets some more stew and another crab **
(374) Rowan: ((yep, sounds good))

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