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(169) TaliesinNYC: (91) DM: There's a rush of footsteps and a tremendous splash.
(91) DM: A waitress scrambles up the stairs in time to see Adric pushing the door open.
(91) Clarissa: "Is something wrong?"
(73) Adric: (so the doors opened?)
(91) DM: (yes)
** (119) Fildin looks back at Ruth at the sound of the splash. "Into the water? you think they work in reverse as well?" **
** (89) Olorec looks at Sushil "You don't seem suprised, has this happened before? **
** (73) Adric steps in, quickly scanning the room **
(91) DM: The interior of your bedroom is a shambles. Water and seaweed can be seen all over the floor.
(96) Sushil: :shrugs: "You never know. It might have."
** (73) Adric looks back at the waitress and motions to the room "Your visiiters are back it would seem" **
** (96) Sushil rises and calls up the stairs before following up, "What's going on?" **
** (119) Fildin enters the room and moves to the large seachest in the room. **
(91) DM: As for the bathtub, there's less water than before. A deep green glow quickly fades from the interior as you step into the room, Clarissa peeking over your shoulder with a gasp.
(97) Ruth: "Possibly. Someone was in there that is not suposed to have been."
(73) Adric: "Would the portal be the tub of water?"
** (73) Adric makes his way over to the tub **
(97) Ruth: "There are two portals. The one that opens from the other side exits to the tub."
(91) Clarissa: "Oh, garsh! I'll get Mynamere to summon a guard if you like."
(119) Fildin: "Not exactly susre, but I guess so."
** (89) Olorec glances around the inn for the reactions of other patrons **
(97) Ruth: "There may be more in the
(91) DM: ((as I said before, the common room was empty except for you and the odd waitress like Clarissa))
(89) Olorec: ((sorry, missed it))
(97) Ruth: "Aside from the mess, I do not think it is necessary to contact the guards at the moment."
** (96) Sushil sighs and makes his way upstairs after the others. Looking in over their shoulder, he suggests to Adric: "I think you're going to have to pay an excess cleaning bill." **
(73) Adric: "Who ever was in here was looking for something ... if what I over heard was right"
** Clarissa nods mutely as she surveys the destruction. "My land, Mynamere'll have a fit. The ghost struck again..." **
(133) N'Lorlyn (enter):
(97) Ruth: "I wonder who else knows how to open the portals. The hag did, but she was quite dead when we left her."
(119) Fildin: "Apparently so miss, but no one is hurt this time, so everyone will be ok. Why not go back downstairs and let Mynamere know that everything is ok?"
(133) N'Lorlyn (exit):
(119) Fildin: (( to Clarissa ))
** Clarissa nods rapidly, but is somewhat reluctant to leave though she eventually does so. **
** (73) Adric looks to Clarissa "I'll pay the necessary expenses" casting a glance at Sushil **
(119) Fildin: "Yes, but anyone who knew Nbod was likely to know them - at least everyone we've met that knew him knew the words. But what could they have been looking for?"
** (89) Olorec makes his way up the stairs after Clarissa gets down **
** (96) Sushil enters the room, looking about the seaweed strewn floor, seeing if the intruder went through the mens' belongings or just ran about frantically. **
** (73) Adric goes over to check his bag **
(119) Fildin: (( does it look like the cleric's items were rummaged through, or mainly the room itself? ))
(91) Clarissa: ((everything))
(91) DM: ((everything))
** (89) Olorec realizes that his things are in there as well and makes his way through the group to inspect his bag **
(91) DM: ((stopping in 20 minutes))
(96) Sushil: "You said the tub was filled before this big mess, right?"
(119) Fildin: "I know neither of you," he looks at Olorec and Adric, "maywant to admit it if true, but are either of you carrying anything that is so special, someone would go to long lengths to take from you?"
(91) DM: ((I want to stop earlier than normal tonight so we can discuss a few things))
(119) Fildin: (( k ))
(91) DM: You (Vad) reach the camp site.
** (73) Adric looks back over at Sushil "Yes ... it was" **
** (89) Olorec looks through his bag and does a quick inventory to make sure it is all there **
(96) Sushil: :points to Fildin: "And the filled tub is a sign that someone has just returned from the portal?"
(89) Olorec: "I wasn't Fildin"
(91) Grinkle: "Yub cum bak, but nub wid udders?"
** Grinkle looks up from a pot of stew he's tending over a fire. **
** (73) Adric shakes his head at Fildan "No, nothing but some few religious notes ... nothing worth stealing" **
(119) Fildin: "I think so Sushil, I haven't spent any time actually studying it, I just used it."
(119) Fildin: "In that case..." Fildin turns to look at the painting of Nbod. "So big guy, what did they want from you?"
** (73) Adric blinks bemusedly at Fildin **
(96) Sushil: "Hmmm." :thinks a moment before sighing.: "Well then... I guess one seal is out of our hands."
(108) Vadania: "Aye they staied in town chatting with some people in the
Inn. I decided to come keep you company and see if you would join us at the Inn. You know scope out the copetition for your cooking."
** (96) Sushil casually leaves the room, heading back downstairs to resume his meal. **
(91) Grinkle: "Awww, dat be nice."
(91) Grinkle: "Me hob tho." (frowns) "Dem humeez wan kill me. Me Lostafinga hob." (lamely)
** Grinkle stirs the stew a bit and throws in a handful of chopped sage as he whistles a bit. **
(108) Vadania: "They wont kill you if you are with Hile and I. If they try Hile will scare them away."
(91) Grinkle: "Yub shur?" (seems a bit skeptical)
** (119) Fildin frowns. "I guess only Olbernath had the touch." **
(91) DM: It's a large painting of Nbod. A self-portrait, where the pirate stands on a rocky shore holding a rather unusual dagger with a wavy blade. In the background are two ships amidst stormy seas.
(108) Vadania: "Of course I am sure. I wouldnt ask if I wasnt. I figure the worst that will happen is the guards tell us to leave, but Lady Winter may have something to say about that."
(91) DM: You (Fil) recognize the dagger as the leviathan blade.
** (119) Fildin looks to Ruth. "Whatever it was, it couldn't be found. And since the intruder knew the portals, it likely had to do with Nbod. I'm thinking either the dagger, or seal." **
(119) Fildin: (( yeah, I had kinda figured that one out already. :P ))
** (73) Adric listens with a curious look on his face **
(91) Grinkle: "Humph."
(97) Ruth: "It could be the dagger again."
(73) Adric: "Dagger?"
(91) Grinkle: "Me cud cum wid yub. Me need wash tho."
(91) Grinkle: "After fuudin'." (points to the pot) "Rabbit stew."
(119) Fildin: "Yeah, a dagger that we obtained the last time we were here."
** (97) Ruth points at the dagger in the picture. "That dagger." **
(108) Vadania: "Ok, I'll tend your stew while you bathe."
(91) Grinkle: "Yub. Eatz den wash." (grins)
(73) Adric: "Intrigueing ... more than a mere weapon I can guess"
(91) DM: The ratty eared hobgoblin stirs it some more with a thoughtful look on his face.
(97) Ruth: "It is a well-known blade, it seems."
(91) Grinkle: "Me nub cum to vil...vil...humeez place for long tym."
(108) Vadania: "Scarey I bet. I know I would be scared to visit the Lostafinga clan."
(119) Fildin: "Obviously, there is quite a bit unfinished here. Sorry Adric, but there is too much to fully explain right now."
(97) Ruth: "However, some of Nbod's older colleagues have been looking for something else he left behind. It might be one of them that was searching this room."
** (73) Adric looks at Fildin "Very well ... but it seems I have been drawn into this mystery of yours, I'd like to see it resolved myself ... and hopefully learn the full tale as I do" smiles at the pair "If you would have my service" **
(89) Olorec: "It might not be safe to just leave the room unwatched. One of the followers could come back and find the item, who knows how powerful it may be.
(91) Grinkle: "Um, dey nub be so 'fraidy doos. 'Cept me."
(91) Grinkle: "Tho Shar-Kee be mojoka." (shudders)
(119) Fildin: "I think we could use another pair of hands, but you do realize that Sushil is also part of our strange group, yes?"
(108) Vadania: "I bet they would be scared to walk into a Human town all alone."
** (73) Adric lets out a sigh "So he is what I suspect he is?" **
(119) Fildin: "An annoying arrogant wizard? Yes."
(91) Grinkle: "Dey wan cum heer tho. Blak hand man tak sum." (stirs the stew)
(91) Grinkle: "Me herd wuns."
(73) Adric: "thats not what I ment"
(97) Ruth: "I understand wanting to know more. I remember talking Amreth into this weeks ago."
(119) Fildin: "I just saw that you two did not start off well, so I wanted to make sure you remembered." Fildin then looks to Ruth to see if she agrees to some additions to the group.
(91) Grinkle: "Julla sed dey need stuff. Sharpeez. Den he tol me leeb. So me go."
(73) Adric: "Nevermind though ... Lathander will not like my association with him ... but prehaps even an arrogant annoying wizard can change their ways"
** (108) Vadania nods **
** Grinkle looks up at Vadania with a serious look that's mixed with a bit more fear than normal. "Lostafinga been wid blak hand man for long tym." **
(91) Grinkle: "Me nub lik killin', jus' foodin'."
(119) Fildin: "Maybe, although remember that a wheels rim is round, but its spokes are straight, and neither is any good without the other. In order to get things accomplished, it takes many different types of people."
(108) Vadania: "I agree, killin is no fun at all."
** (73) Adric turns to Olorec "What of you friend? I'm sure we could use your company as well" **
(119) Fildin: "As far as more specific about Sushil, I really have only know him for a matter of days. I have slight 'curiosities' about him as well, but I have seen nothing from him that wants him gone."
(89) Olorec: "I'm in if they'll have me. Looks like a good group to be with. I hope we can help some of the suffering souls in this land"
** (73) Adric smirks at Olorec "Bring them the light of the new day" **
** Grinkle stirs the stew some more. "Me go wid yub to humeez place if yub cum wid me. Mebbe me tell sumwun ub de Lostafingas." **
(89) Olorec: "I'm still concerned about leaving the room, Fildin have the rest of you searched this room enough to say there is nothing else that this thing in the portal would want?
(108) Vadania: "I'll stay with you Grinkle."
(91) Grinkle: "Okay." (grins) "Yub eatz. Me wash."
** (108) Vadania nods and pours a bowl of stew **
(119) Fildin: "If whoever it was that entered was looking for the dagger, then yes. If the seal - then I doubt it is in the room. If it's something else, I have no idea. However, we didn't find anything else that would be wanted when we looked earlier."
** Grinkle hands a plate to Vadania and points Hile to a pair of pheasants. "Me cum bak soon." **
(89) Olorec: "Very well then"
(119) Fildin: "Then both of you are welcome to join us. I think we have a lot more explaining to do, as well."
** (89) Olorec grabs his backpack and take's it with him. "No use getting my stuff stolen tonight. I'll keep it closeby for now." **
** (108) Hile doves on the pheasants, gulping the first down in two bites. the looking guiltily at Vadania eats the second slower **
** (119) Fildin gets started explaing the history of the Greenwood Adventurers. ((So, since you wanted to end early - good spot?)) **

(169) TaliesinNYC: (if Amreth comes around, someone fill him in please)
** (168) Sushil sits at the table, casually eating his meal. **
** (170) Adric sits on the edge of the bed up in the haunted room as Fildin tells him the story of the group of adventurers, nodding along with great interest **
(168) Sushil: (who's upstairs and who's down?)
** (164) Donovan sits on the sea chest adding clarifications when needed, but Fildin tells the story well. **
** (164) Ruth sits on the sea chest adding clarifications when needed, but Fildin tells the story well. **
** (165) Fildin tells Adric all about the Greenwood Adventurers, starting with the room they currently sit in, all the way through Stonewatch and the Killing Keep. Although it is not a prefectly told story, Adric gets the main idea of what happened, and some specifics. However, it is clear that storytelling is not Fildin's best talent. **
(165) Fildin: (( Adric, Ruth, Fildin upstairs. Amreth Sushil downstairs, Vadania outside with Grinkle. ))
(168) Sushil: (gotcha)
(165) Fildin: "And now you know our past. We thought we had cleared the 'haunted' rom here, but apparently not."
(165) Fildin: (( *room ))
(170) Adric: "You have indeed accomplished much, but this banite plot .... disturbs me greatly .... if I understand you correctly ... they wish to unleash something from the underdark?"
(164) Ruth: "Yes, ultimately they would."
** (165) Fildin simply nods, giving his voice a break. **
(165) Fildin: (( To clarrify - Fildin would not mention that they possess a seal, or about the secret passage into the keep, or the words to open the portals, or any other such specifics. ))
** (170) Adric normal optimistic demeanor changes to a look of worry "Than indeed, yes I will help .... nothing good can come of standing by" **
(165) Fildin: "And that's why we are going after Whisper."
(5) Fildin: "For, against, or totally indifferent, I'm not sure. Since we don't know who it was, and don't know for sure what they were after, it's hard to say. But we know that Whisper had interest in Nbod, and that portal the intruder used belonged to Nbod, so there is a connection."
(5) Fildin: (( DJ's tech support reset the server ))
** (4) Adric looks up at the painting of Nbod "This man seems to hold more secrets than all of the stories of him combined" he mumbles to himself **
(5) Fildin: "That he does."
(1) Dj Gilcrease: (( Team Speak server and OpenRPG servers do not play well together ))
** (4) Adric found the F8 macro key **
whispering to Dj Gilcrease, doesn't seem to work
** (2) Sushil looks over his wine goblet to the silent Amreth, speaking conspiriatorially, "Quiet.... too quiet." **
(2) Sushil: (ami I still connected?)
(5) Fildin: (( yep ))
(5) Fildin: "So. shall we return downstairs, to the food, to see if Lady Winter has returned our message yet?"
** (5) Fildin stands and prepares to head downstairs as he speaks. **
(4) Adric: "What about those who broke in? Maybe we should attempt to catch them?"
(6) TaliesinNYC: ((ordered food, waiting for the delivery guy to get here and then heading out to switch the clothes to the dryer))
(3) Ruth: "They have too much of a head start to chase after them immediately."
(3) Ruth: "I plan to explore the atoll after speaking with Lady Winter. We may wait to get an early start in the morning."
(5) Fildin: "The last time we went to the Atoll, we were there a couple days. And if Lady Winter replies, it would not do to not be here, availble, as we said we would. They didn't find what they were looking for earlier, and as long as you take all your valuables with you, there should be no concern, even if they do return."
(4) Adric: "Very well ... I'm sure they wont try again for some time ... prehaps we should ask Mynomere to change the lock so they cannot lock it from the inside again?"
(5) Fildin: "Couldn't hurt to ask."
** (4) Adric stands picking up his scattered belongings and folding them back into his bag, just incase "Shell we?" **
** (5) Fildin nods and heads downstairs, returning to his seat at the table. He takes a piece of the bread there and begins munching on it. **
(2) Sushil: :looks up as the others return: "Get all the seaweed cleaned up?"
(5) Fildin: "Nah, this food tastes much better."
(2) Sushil: "Hmm.. I don't know. i hear the stuff is pretty good when used as a wrap for other meats, particularly fish."
** (4) Adric follows after Fildin, giving a slighty worried look as he rejoins the black robed one, but takes a seat anyway **
(5) Fildin: "But there was no meat up there. If you want to try it - go ahead."
(2) Sushil: "No no.. after it's been strewn about someone's floor, it's done for me."
(5) Fildin: "Fair enough. Any word from Lady Winter while we were busy upstairs?"
(5) Fildin: "Very well. Maybe soon." Fildin locks eyes with Mynamere (if around) or Clarissa momentarily, to make sure there are no messages awaiting them.
** Mynamere Merrowbeard looks up as you make your way down the stairs. "There's a message waiting for you." **
(2) Sushil: "So.. we wait to see lady Winter. Let her know what's happening.. and then... what? Recquisition a platoon of Purple Dragons to overtake the Haunted Halls?"
** (5) Fildin heads over to Mynamere. "Thank you. And what is it?" **
(3) Ruth: "That we will leave up to her. We are going to look for the reason they want to find the Osprey."
** (4) Adric looks up at Mynamere, but waits for Fildin to finish before going over to mention the lock **
(1) Dj Gilcrease: (( I am going to sleep, I just woke up when I hit my head on the corner of my chair (I hate the end of the quarter, teachers need to learn how to spread out the work over the whole quarter not pile it on at the end) ))
** Mynamere Merrowbeard hands a sealed envelope to Fildin. "From her ladyship. Looks important." **
(2) Sushil: ((don't hurt yourself on the way to bed.))
(1) Dj Gilcrease: Disconnecting from server...
(1) Dj Gilcrease (exit): 21:24
(2) Sushil: ((Hmmm... hope he takes my advice.))
(7) DM: It's a small envelope, sealed with a dollop of red wax, on which can be seen the image of a tressym.
(5) Fildin: "Thank you Madamme Mynamere. Oh, and the Lathanderite had something to ask of you." Fildin points out Adric after taking the envelope.
(7) Mynamere Merrowbeard: "Ays? What is it?"
** (5) Fildin returns to Ruth with the envelope, showing her the seal before he breaks it open. **
(3) Ruth: "Strange. I wonder what the message is."
(2) Sushil: :guesses: "her seal has been stolen."
(7) DM: It's a note from Lady Winter, responding to your request and asking you to come to her estate later in the day.
** (4) Adric smiles up at Mynamere, standing and approaching her "I'm sure you have heard about my room, I was wondering if I could have the lock on the door changed?" **
** (5) Fildin shows Ruth the letter. "We have our audience." **
(7) Mynamere Merrowbeard: "Of course. Though I can't say that you'll have to worry about people coming in. Whatever's causing the trouble has to do with Nbod's magic."
(7) Mynamere Merrowbeard: "I thought you'd taken care of this little problem." (looks at Fildin)
** (5) Fildin blushes slightly. "So did we, until just earlier. Once we meet with Lady Winter, we will be back to finish our job." **
(4) Adric: "Oh yes ... well, the problem isn't people getting in ... well that we don't want in, it's about intruders ... well who lock it from the inside"
(7) Mynamere Merrowbeard: "I hope you do. This incident isn't good for business."
(2) Sushil: "Technically.. after being here so long, can you really call them intruders?"
(7) Mynamere Merrowbeard: "At least no murders this time around. Or yet."
(5) Fildin: "Very true."
(3) Ruth: "We were not able to remove the portal. However, we did not know anyone else had the passwords for them."
** (4) Adric glances back at Sushil "yes" he says simply **
(7) Mynamere Merrowbeard: "I suppose I'll have to be content with that." (shrugs)
(5) Fildin: "Speaking of which Ruth, I've been thinking about that room. If you recall, there were three things in the room that were strong magic, and we've only used two of them. The third might be the key."
(2) Sushil: "Well, by that status.. you'd be an intruder."
** Mynamere Merrowbeard goes back to cleaning the bar, though she seems slightly interested by Ruth's letter. **
(7) DM: ((need to step out to switch the clothes. brb))
(2) Sushil: :raises a brow to Fildin:
** (4) Adric reaches into a pouch at his side, a slight clinking of coins "How much do the locksmiths charge new locks?" **
(2) Sushil: :to Adric: "I don't believe it's appropriate to change the locks in someone else's building."
(5) Fildin: "I believe that's why he was asking Mynamere about it..."
** (4) Adric blinks at Sushil "What? pardon me, but eaves dropping is rather rude" **
(2) Sushil: "It's eavesdropping when you speak that loudly."
(2) Sushil: (not rather)
** (4) Adric waves a hand dismissively, the man obviously not having heard the whole conversation **
(2) Sushil: "Question though. if you put a new lock on the door, will that really keep them from locking that lock.. or barricading the door?"
(3) Ruth: "It would take more time to barricade the door."
(2) Sushil: "If you're not there, they have plenty of time."
(3) Ruth: "From what we know, the bathtub portal cannot be opened from the room."
(5) Fildin: "But somehow that intruder escaped that way - so maybe it can be. That is something that we will need to try."
(3) Ruth: "Whoever it was moved quickly. They got back through the portal before it closed again rather than opening it from this side."
(2) Sushil: "But before that intruders came out and locked the door, the tub was already full of seawater. Hence, someone had already come out in advanced, no?"
** (4) Adric places twelve gold lions on the counter "For the lock, and any damages to the room" nodding to Mynamere "I hope it will be enough" **
(3) Ruth: "The trick is to keep the lock looking the same on the inside."
(5) Fildin: "Maybe, but it would still be interesting to test it out."
(2) Sushil: "I'd be more interested in who came out first... and what they stole."
** (4) Adric makes his way back over to the others, taking a seat **
(3) Ruth: "What they were looking for and did they find it. The portal we do know opens from inside the room does not land us anywhere near the sea cave though."
(5) Fildin: "Although we never tested it the oposite direction. Of course, that one opened a ways off the ground down in the Atoll."
(2) Sushil: :shrugs: "I can't say. I've never been through th eportal."
** Mynamere Merrowbeard looks up and nods. "More than enough, and my thanks." **
(5) Fildin: (( brb ))
** (4) Adric smiles and waves back at Mynamere "Take it with Lathander's blessing" **
(2) Sushil: "Well... if we have time before meeting Lady Winter, shall we take a trip through the portal now and have a chat with the "intruder"? Surely they can enlighten us some."
(3) Ruth: "We can try to get it to work from in the room until we meet with her."
(2) Sushil: :nods: "Alright then." :drinks down the rest of his wine and stands from the table.:
(2) Sushil: "Is the door locked.. again?"
(3) Ruth: "I hope not."
** (4) Adric stands up slowly, looking towards the stairs **
** (5) Fildin rises as well to head opstairs. "Well, I guess we can try the bathtub first. If it works both ways, then the others should as well." **
** (2) Sushil turns and heads up to the haunted room. **
** (5) Fildin heads upstairs as well, heading for the 'haunted' room, and stopping by the bathtub first. **
** (3) Ruth leaves the food and heads up to the room to see what they can do. **
(7) DM: The room is much the same as you left it, although you see where Clarissa has started cleaning up.
** (4) Adric follows along behind the others, curious to see how they worked these portals **
** (2) Sushil strolls to the bath behind Fildin, asking, "was there a password to exit through here?" **
** (5) Fildin looks into the bathtub and takes a breath before muttering the simple word, "Grindstaff." **
** (5) Fildin waits to see if the green glow of the portal shows. **
** (4) Adric blinks at the password, than back up at the painting, reading the names of the ships again **
(7) DM: A gate opens in the bottom of the tub, permeating its interior with an unearthly green glow.
(2) Sushil: "See? Never know until you try."
(5) Fildin: "Ah, so they do work both ways."
whispering to Ned, the Osprey, the Grindstaff and the Maybelle
** (4) Adric steps up to the tub "So, anyone want to go for a dip?" **
(3) Ruth: "That helps to know."
** (3) Ruth looks over at the closet. **
(2) Sushil: :glances to Adric: "I figured a man of such strong faith would be the first to go."
(2) Sushil: "No?"
** (5) Fildin moves away from the bathtub and heads over to the linen closet (or whatever exactly it was). **
(2) Sushil: :glances after Fildin:
** (5) Fildin opens the doors, exposing the fresh linens within. He glances back at Ruth, "Let's see if I was right about this as well, shall we?" **
(4) Adric: "Very well" *losens the belt around his clerical robes, dressed in a vest and breeches underneath, dropping the robe over the bed, looking back into the tub*
(3) Ruth: "What will this password be, now?"
** (5) Fildin notices Adric out of the corner of his eye. "I thought we were going to wait." **
(7) DM: (sea chest)
(2) Sushil: "Wait for what?"
(7) DM: (remember? it had a rope ladder fastened to the interior.)
(5) Fildin: (( yes, but there were three things that radiated magic, originally. ))
(7) DM: ((wardrobe, sea chest and bathtub))
(5) Fildin: "Until after we met with Lady Winter."
(5) Fildin: (( that's the one - wardrobe. ))
** (5) Fildin looks back into the wardrobe and mutters another word, "Osprey." **
(2) Sushil: "That's not until tonight. And if something inmportant was stolen from the portal, wouldn't you like to know right away? It may be something Lady Winter needs to know."
(4) Adric: "Prehaps just a look? was it very hard to return through the portals?"
(3) Ruth: "We do have some time to look around the cave."
** (5) Fildin nods. "Very well." **
(3) Ruth: "I just want to try to figure out the wardrobe first."
(7) DM: A gate opens in the rear of the wardrobe, permeating its interior with an unearthly green glow. Chanting can be heard from inside.
(5) Fildin: "Done."
** (5) Fildin moves to the side, to not be directly in front of the portal, in case the chanting is a spell. **
(4) Adric: "Chanting .... are we sure we want to walk through that one?"
(3) Ruth: "That is what I thought. Do you hear that? Where does it lead?"
(2) Sushil: :listens intently to the chanting:
(7) Voice: "Give praise to the goddess that she may rise up from the sea and drown the unbelievers in our midst!"
(2) Sushil: Spellcraft Skill Check: [1d20+9] => [3,9] = (12)
(5) Fildin: "That is a question for later - I am fairly sure that we do not have enough time to figure that one out before we need to meet with Lady Winter."
whispering to Lunauc, you're not quite sure
** (5) Fildin looks to Ruth upon hearing the voice more clearly. He mouths the word, "Dagger?" - referencing one of the items he believed the intruder was after. **
(3) Ruth: "Maybe it is another ritual like we saw the first night at the atoll."
(7) DM: (that's a snippet of chant coming through from the gate)
(5) Fildin: "Let's save this one. We can check out the cave if we want, but this will likely take too long."
(4) Adric: Knowledge: Religion Skill Check: [1d20+3] => [10,3] = (13)
(3) Ruth: "Find out who was looking and ask them what they wanted to find."
(2) Sushil: "Agreed. No need to go interrupting a friendly doomsday ritual."
whispering to Ned, sounds like a ritual dedicated to Umberlee
(4) Adric: "Hmmm, odd"
** (5) Fildin closes the wardrobe for now. **
(3) Ruth: "It is just their version of a hymn, I hope."
(4) Adric: "Sounded like a ritual to Umberlee"
(5) Fildin: "Let's get wet then." Fildin returns to the bathtub, to see if the portal is still open there.
** (4) Adric turns back to the tub as well **
(7) DM: (yep)
** (4) Adric braces himself on the edge of the tub, and dips a foot into the watery portal **
(7) DM: The gate permeates the interior of the brass tub with an unearthly green glow.
(5) Fildin: "So, who wants..." Fildin stops his question mid-sentence as Adric slips into the tub. "Ok, Adric is going first."
** (4) Adric slides his other fit in, than lets himself slide into the tub and the portal "Lathander protect me" **
(7) DM: (assuming you all follow suit)
(4) Adric: foot*
** (5) Fildin hops over the edge of the tub, straight into the portal a few seconds after Adric disappears. **
(5) Fildin: (( as far as I know, yep. ))
(7) DM: You surface in a tidal pool deep inside a sea cave.
** (2) Sushil follows in after Fildin **
(5) Fildin: "Welcome to the cave of the sea hag." he says, once everyone arrives.
** (4) Adric coughs and makes his way to the shore, letting out a laugh, rinsing out his vest "My, that was a new experience" **
(2) Sushil: :loks about the cavern, while climbing out of the water.L:
(7) DM: A channel leads outside this very (to some of you anyway) familiar looking place. There seem to be signs of recent occupation as the sliver of beach has tracks that mill about, as well as the telltale trench created by shoving a boat onshore.
(5) Fildin: (( are our botas still here, or are they gone now? ))
(5) Fildin: (( *boats ))
** (4) Adric glances around, heading to the edge of the beach, looking out of the entrance of the cave **
(7) DM: It's early afternoon from the sunlight streaming inside the sea cave. The roar of the ocean can be heard in the distance. Within the tidal pool, the gate closes.
(7) DM: ((they're gone))
(5) Fildin: "Hmm, must be at least a pari, for them to get here, and also take the other two boats away."
** (2) Sushil strolls to the beach, looking out to the horizon for boats **
** (3) Ruth gets her lantern out to help illuminate the cave. **
** (4) Adric begins searching the area for any other evidence of the intruders into his room **
(4) Adric: Search skill check [1d20+1] => [4,1] = (5)
** (5) Fildin points out the beach to Ruth. "The chest is also gone." **
whispering to Ned, it's quite obvious that there were, but you can't get a sense of how many or who they were
(2) Sushil: "Chest?"
whispering to Lunauc, you would need to get out of the cave and look around
(5) Fildin: "Yeah, there was a chest here when we came through last time, most likely belonging to the sea hag that lived here."
(4) Adric: "Did you manage to open it on your last visit?"
(7) DM: This is a rather small cave, with a channel leading to an outer cavern and a passage leading outside.
** (2) Sushil heads outside **
** (4) Adric looks to Fildin and Ruth curiously **
(5) Fildin: (( I can't remember - I'm checking... ))
** (4) Adric rubs his chin "Hmmm .... prehaps it wasn't something from the room they where searching for ... but something missing from this chest you say was here?" **
(5) Fildin: "Yeah, it had some gems and such in it."
(5) Fildin: "Maybe, but I doubt it. I have a feeling they were after the dagger we got while down here on the Atoll."
** (5) Fildin directs the others out of the small cave they are in, and into the larger cave - the one that actually leads to the ocean. **
** (4) Adric nods and follows Fildin into the larger cave, looking around **
** (2) Sushil follows the people who know there way around. **
(7) DM: (I take it you're swimming?)
(5) Fildin: (( yeah - as I recall it was a very short distance. ))
** (5) Fildin swims the small channel to the larger cave, where he moves to the beach there, and spends some time looking over some tracks in the sand. **
** (2) Sushil swims after the halfling **
(7) DM: As expected, there are quite a large number of tracks on the ground in the outer cave.
(3) Ruth: "Well we are already soaked."
** (3) Ruth hugs the near wall as she swims out to the larger entry cavern. **
(5) Fildin: "Looks like 5 or 6 humans, wearing boots of some kind."
** (4) Adric follows suit, wading through the water **
(2) Sushil: "Humans? or humaniods?":asks as he makes his way out to the beach to look for boats out on the water.: (if I can)
(5) Fildin: "They appear to be humans, but most tall-folk leave similar prints."
(3) Ruth: "Boots does not make me think of the natives we saw here."
(5) Fildin: "Exactly, these are likely more visitors."
** (4) Adric looks out at the entrance of the cave **
(5) Fildin: "Well, whoever visited the Inn, is long gone, and we have way to follow them from here. Shall we return to Eveningstar?"
(2) Sushil: "I suppose so."
(4) Adric: "Not to mention they appeared to have boats ... there appears to be none left, we might as well"
(7) DM: (ignore the chest as its gone)
(3) Ruth: "Yes. It will not be enjoyable to haul a boat into that room."
(7) DM: Ocean...miles and miles of ocean.
(5) Fildin: "Looks like we might have to use the seachest, unless the wardrobe also leads down here."
(2) Sushil: "The seachest will be fine"
(4) Adric: "From the sounds of it, it lead to a gathering place of the followers of Umberlee, I doubt we would be welcome"
(2) Sushil: "Why not? Just pop in calling "Praise Umberlee" and it should give them a bit of pause."
(4) Adric: "Yes, I'm sure YOU would fit right in"
(5) Fildin: "But they may not be there later, when we decide to pass through. We shall have to wait and see." Fildin lloks back the way they came, to where the portal had opened. "If we are all going to get cleaned up for Lady Winter, we better head back."
(2) Sushil: "Yes, yes, lead the way."
** (5) Fildin heads back to the channel, swimming it once again to where the portal lies. **
** (4) Adric makes his way back into the water, wading back into the smaller cave **
** (2) Sushil follows back to the portal **
** (5) Fildin speaks "Grindstaff." upon entering the beach of the smaller cave, and then pops back trough the portal once it opens. **
** (3) Ruth follows back through the portal. **
(7) DM: (k)
(7) DM: (have to get the clothes, so brb in 10-15)
** (5) Fildin pulls out his longhorn, once back at Mynamere's, and starts playing a deep resounding tune. As he plays, the scent of sandelwood rises up and covers Fildin, seeping into him. As Fildin ends the song, the scent of sandelwood drifts away, along with all the water and dirt from Fildin's appearance. (( Prestidigitation )) **
(5) Fildin: "Ahh, much better."
** (2) Sushil rises from the sea water, shaking off the excess and reaching for a blanket from the bed to dry himself off. **
(4) Adric: "A useful trick Fildin, alright for some" *stripping off his vest and wringing it out back into the tub
** (3) Ruth incants "Las" using a similar method of cleaning. Running a hand down her clothes leaves them clean once again. **
(5) Fildin: "Very useful, I think." Fildin simply smiles at the others as they clean themselves.
(2) Sushil: "Hmmm.. Makes me wish I'd thought to memorize such a spell this morning."
** (4) Adric empties a boot of it's watery contents into the tub, leaving them off to dry **
(2) Sushil: :Once mostly dry, he gets his boots back on and reaches for his robe and staff.: "That seemed a waste. Though we now know a bit mored of the ones who invaded the portal."
(5) Fildin: "Exactly, more information is always a good thing. So, are we ready for Lady Winter?"
(2) Sushil: "If she's ready for us...."
(5) Fildin: "Only really one way to find out." Fildin then begins out the room and down the stairs, heading for the Winter Estate.
** (2) Sushil grabs his pack and follows to Lady Winters'. **
** (3) Ruth checks the time when they are ready and so they head to see Lady Winter. **
** (4) Adric dones his only remaining dry clothes, the white clerical vestements and follows after them **
** (5) Fildin pauses upon reaching the Estate, letting the guards know that the Greenwood Adventurers had arrived at Lady Winter's request. **
** (2) Sushil shifts a bit uncomfortably, still damp under his robe. **
(16) Spectral Genesis (enter): 23:28
(16) Spectral Genesis:
(16) Spectral Genesis:
(16) Spectral Genesis:
(4) Adric: stop that
(7) TaliesinNYC: forgot to mod the room
Attempting to ENABLE moderation in the current room...
Server Administrator-> This channel is now moderated
(7) Tessaril Winter, of Eveningstar: "Ah, you're here." (as you're escorted inside by the butler)
** (4) Adric follows along, never having entered the manor himself during his time here **
(7) Tessaril Winter, of Eveningstar: "Please, make yourselves at home." (gestures to chairs around her sitting room) "Help yourselves to refreshments if you like."
** (5) Fildin bows to Lady Winter, "Yes, and thank you for seeing us Lady Winter." He then glances to Ruth, to see who is going to address Lady Winter. **
(2) Sushil: :offers a respectful bow: "Thank you, Madam. It's a pleasure to be in your company once more."
(7) Tessaril Winter, of Eveningstar: "Your company seems to have changed, I see. There is one new face I had not seen before."
** (3) Ruth offers a bow before taking a seat. **
** (4) Adric bows before the Lady Winter, taking a seat **
** (5) Fildin takes a seat, but nudges Adric to identify himself. **
** (2) Sushil moves to a seat. **
** (4) Adric stands again, bowing "Adric the Awakened of Lathander, at your service M'lady Winter" **
(7) Tessaril Winter, of Eveningstar: "Well met, Adric. Welcome to Eveningstar." (smiles gently)
** (4) Adric smiles with a nod, taking his seat again **
(7) Tessaril Winter, of Eveningstar: "So. Tell me how your sojourn to the Killing Keep went."
** (5) Fildin looks to Ruth, to let her tell the tale. **
(3) Ruth: "As we hoped, Verek was away from the keep while we searched it."
** (2) Sushil prepares himself a cup of tea, as he listens. **
** (5) Fildin sips on a glass of wine as Ruth talks. **
(3) Ruth: "We learned a bit more about the group we are dealing with there."
(3) Ruth: "Verek reported to a master in the Haunted Halls who goes by the name Whisper."
(3) Ruth: "Returning here we learned some things that are more unusual, and also seem more important."
** Tessaril Winter, of Eveningstar listens carefully. **
(7) Tessaril Winter, of Eveningstar: "Such as?"
(3) Ruth: "Verek, the mage who seemed in charge of finding the seals, is dead."
(3) Ruth: "He was betrayed by Whisper and killed not far from town when he came to retrieve a message."
(7) DM: She raises her eyebrow on hearing that news.
(7) Tessaril Winter, of Eveningstar: "Do go on."
(3) Ruth: "At the least, we do not need to look for Verek any longer. I do not believe they have given up yet, however."
(3) Ruth: "From the message Verek was carrying, he was also supposed to find the Osprey."
(7) Tessaril Winter, of Eveningstar: "Very interesting. A Zhent such as Verek is no small project to set up shop in a place such as this village, you realize."
(3) Ruth: "We know the Osprey is the name of one of the pirate captain Nbod's ships."
(7) Tessaril Winter, of Eveningstar: "Think about it. A sleepy little village in the middle of Cormyr where most know each other by name or by face. If this Whisper was a Zhent or a member of the Black Network, killing his underling would make no sense given the amount of time and effort that would go into infiltrating this village as a member of the community. No, it stands to reason that 'Whisper' or whatever he calls himself, is operating alone."
(7) Tessaril Winter, of Eveningstar: "I knew that Nbod was a pirate but the name is unfamiliar to me."
** (5) Fildin raises an eyebrow slightly. **
(2) Sushil: "Well, he definately has his own agenda here. What that is, we can not yet say."
(3) Ruth: "I agree. He probably never intended to let Verek survive. It is worrying news."
(2) Sushil: "Hmph... it would be lovely if we could ask Verek himself about it."
(3) Ruth: "Nbod has or had some connection to Eveningstar."
(7) Tessaril Winter, of Eveningstar: "He made his fortune raiding towns and cities up and down the Dragon Coast and the Sea of Fallen Stars. This was years before he repented his ways and founded the inn that Mynamere inherited."
(2) Sushil: :turs to Adric: "Question: does your god enable you to speak with the dead?"
(3) Ruth: "Looking for information on one of his ships is probably why Verek was here."
(7) Tessaril Winter, of Eveningstar: "What do you want to do now?"
** (4) Adric raises a brow at Sushil "Some in my order may have that knowledge ... not me personally" **
(3) Ruth: "We know the Zhents are looking for the seals.
(2) Sushil: "What about the Temple of Lathander in town? Would you assume one their could?
(3) Ruth: "If they are also looking for one of Nbod's ships, that is probably the reason."
(5) Fildin: "We have likely slowed Whisper down a little in his search, but he will be back on track soon."
(4) Adric: "Prehaps .... who exactly are you expecting to commune with?"
(2) Sushil: "Verek of course."
(2) Sushil: "We go retrieve his body, call his spirit and have a little chat."
(16) Spectral Genesis (exit): 00:00
(4) Adric: "Hmmm, we of the Morninglord do not go about disturbing the spirits of those passed lightly"
(3) Ruth: "The seal that was lost. It could be they know who had it."
(3) Ruth: "It could be for another reason, though."
(2) Sushil: "I've read his diary. He seemed pretty disturbed already."
(3) Ruth: "The Moon Isle Atoll is where Nbod linked his Inn. That is where I plan to look for the answer."
(2) Sushil: "Besides.. Verek may hold just the knowledge we need to stop Whisper. And if I understand him at all, he'll be aching for revenge."
(3) Ruth: "A group of people have already been through the cave the sea hag had been occupying."
(5) Fildin: "And at least one of them knows how to get to Mynamere's from that cave."
(4) Adric: "hrmm"
(3) Ruth: "Earlier today someone was in the room at the inn searching for something."
** (5) Fildin leans back in his seat, trying to keep himself from butting in as Ruth talks. **
(3) Ruth: "So that is where we will be headed. Did I leave anything out?"
** (3) Ruth turns to the others to see if they have something to add. **
(2) Sushil: :shakes his head: "That about covers it."
** (4) Adric looks over at Ruth "The other portal prehaps?" **
(5) Fildin: "For that aspect of business, yes." Fildin smiles slightly, letting this all sink in for Lady Winter before moving on to other things.
** Tessaril Winter, of Eveningstar nods. "I see. In the meantime, you might try asking Mynamere about her grandfather. That might give you some more information that hasn't come to light." **
(7) Tessaril Winter, of Eveningstar: "You didn't know? Nbod was Mynamere's ancestor. It's not common knowledge but I feel that the circumstances warrant my revealing that secret."
(5) Fildin: "That might help. There are also a couple other things we would like to ask you about, Milady."
(7) Tessaril Winter, of Eveningstar: "Ask, and if I can answer, I shall."
(5) Fildin: "Hmm, I recall that Nbod had passed it on to Mynamere, but I'm not sure if I knew the actual connection."
(3) Ruth: "It makes sense, now that you mention it, but I had not suspected such a connection."
(3) Ruth: "There are somewhat more mundane matters to ask about as well. Regarding Stonewatch, in a way."
(3) Ruth: "We are looking into opening a business in Eveningstar to help provide funding for the keep."
(7) Tessaril Winter, of Eveningstar: "He was a privateer who once worked for His Majesty's father, King Rhigaerd II. When Gondegal carried out his rebellion, Nbod broke his oath and became a pirate of the seas. Apparently something happened that caused him to repent, and the rest is history."
** Tessaril Winter, of Eveningstar nods. "Continue." **
** (5) Fildin starts to speak, but then does not, and simply allows the conversation to continue. **
(3) Ruth: "Vadania has looked around and found a few areas that could be used in town. The plan is for a restaurant and herb business."
(7) Tessaril Winter, of Eveningstar: "If this will help you in running Stonewatch, then I grant you my blessing in this endeavor."
(3) Ruth: "I am glad to hear that. It sounds a worthwhile endeavor, though it is not really in my own field."
(7) Tessaril Winter, of Eveningstar: "Speaking of endeavors, there are a few matters that have also come to light. You do not have to accept any of them, but as the Laird of Stonewatch, you might consider one of them when you have time."
(3) Ruth: "Also, I would like to know what is to be done with Tsharliira's belongings. If I may, I would arrange to have them removed to Stonewatch. It seems a fitting place and Edaeras' library was destroyed by the hobgoblins while they occupied the keep."
(7) Tessaril Winter, of Eveningstar: "One involves procuring a magical item from a giant without harming him in the slightest. The other has to do with a village of halflings and a wishing well."
** (5) Fildin perks up slightly. **
(7) Tessaril Winter, of Eveningstar: "So be it, let it be done."
(3) Ruth: "Those sound like they have interesting tales involved."
(5) Fildin: "So many adventurers, so little time." Fildin smiles.
(2) Sushil: "When we have the time... I sure they would be as nice diversion." :tips his cup to the others, before asking Lady Winter: "I assume we will be paid for these endeavors, of course..?"
(7) Tessaril Winter, of Eveningstar: "Of course, since you will be acting in the interests of the Crown. Lady Numsroth may compense you as well if she wishes."
(2) Sushil: :nods: "Good, good... with the new Keep, the Lady has much to compensate for now after all."
(7) Tessaril Winter, of Eveningstar: "I note that these matters fall within her purview as Squire of the keep, but since you have things in your keeping, I have attended to them as a representative of His Majesty."
(2) Sushil: "How very kind of You, Madam."
(7) DM: (we can stop here and continue next session with the audience)


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