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** (99) Zane runs away - going. :P **
(96) Lunauc: Go where? I loaned my car.
(91) DM: (86) DM: You pass by Old Meg's farm, on your way back to the village. A cloaked figure lies sprawled on the ground, paces away from the familiar hollow stump.
(85) Fildin: "Yeah, we would likely need her approval for this, as well as Jhanaeril's."
(102) Sushil: "Oh..?" :eyes the figure:
** (85) Fildin glances at Sushil upon sight of the figure. "You don't know spells that effect time, right?" **
(102) Sushil: "No... unfortunately I do not."
** (102) Sushil groans. "I feel all the planning may be for naught. I recognize that cloak." **
(85) Fildin: "From where?"
(102) Sushil: "From Verek's ugly hide."
(95) Ruth: "Resting?"
(102) Sushil: "Somehow I doubt that."
** (102) Sushil stares hard at the body, focusing intently. **
** (85) Fildin looks over at the body wearing Verek's cloak, and then back at Sushil. "One way to find out." He starts to make his way over to the body, arching around to approach the figure from the side. **
(102) Sushil: "Be careful.. it may be a trap."
** (85) Fildin simply nods back at Sushil, taking his time as he slowly approaches. **
(95) Ruth: "It is really suspicious."
** (102) Sushil looks about the field carefully for scorch marks or signs of magicka, especially in the direction Verek seemed to be fleeing from. **
** (85) Fildin finally approaches the body, and looks over it, without touching it. **
** (102) Sushil kneels down, sifting through something on the ground before coming up with a scroll to read. **
(85) Fildin: "This is Verek, isn't it?" he asks Sushil, since he had actually seen the man in person before.
** (102) Sushil glances back to confirm the body **
** (105) Vadania stays back with Hile **
(102) Sushil: "Hmm.. I suppose Whisper already knows Verek failed."
(85) Fildin: "Maybe, maybe not. Those other tracks are hobgoblin href="http://d20srd.org/srd/feats.htm#track">tracks. And Verek here was attacked with darts. Although, there is the burning on areas of his body that support the idea of Whisper being involved."
(85) Fildin: "Unless there is some other mage that also had something against Verek."
(102) Sushil: "Well.. the 'W' is pretty big hint." :points out a stylized W signing the bottom of the scroll:
(85) Fildin: "Oh. That could be. But why is the scroll damaged?"
** (95) Ruth approaches the body slowly. "When did this happen? Did he already know when he contacted us at the Keep?" **
(102) Sushil: "Exploding runes... they were triggered when he read it. I suppose the hobs were here to finish the job."
** (85) Fildin moves to some of the tracks, trying to determine how fresh they are. **
(95) Ruth: "I take it Whisper was not pleased."
(102) Sushil: "Oh.. I'd so not."
(85) Fildin: "These tracks appear to be just hours old. So this would have occurred after our conversation with Whisper."
(102) Sushil: "We have to assume now that Whisper is aware of us. And he seems to have the Lotsafinga's on his side."
** (85) Fildin looks back to Grinkle. "Grinkle, do you know of any of your old tribe that liked darts?" **
(86) Grinkle: "Yub. Lotz."
(102) Sushil: :to Fildin: "If this happened afer our talk with Verek, it seems likely Whisper planned to double cross him anyway."
(102) Sushil: (talk with Whisper rather)
(86) Grinkle: "Shar-Kee, Monkey Love, Backtalk, Smut, Udderdoo, Strong-thrust, Fumblefoo en Slyfun..."
(85) Fildin: "I was hoping it would be a smaller list." Fildin looks over the ground a little, then points off to the east - towards Redhand Pool (a large lake). "Looks like the attacker came from that way, and went back the same direction."
(86) Grinkle: "Welp, yub kilt Smut, Backtalk en Monkey Love."
(85) Fildin: "Yeah, and the hobgolbin was probably supposed to get the seal from Verek - which he of course did not have. So, Whisper is likely to know by now that he does not have the deal he expected."
(102) Sushil: "Hmph.. " :gives a slight chortle: "His subordinates are forfeit. He has no idea where to find the seal or who the heir is. I wonder what his next step will be."
(85) Fildin: "The only question I have, is why would Whisper make plans for Verek to come to the Haunted Halls, and then attack him out here very shortly after?"
(95) Ruth: "Because he knew he would not be talking with Verek again.
(102) Sushil: :to Fildin: "That's why we call it a surprise attack. You weren't expecting it, were you?"
(85) Fildin: "Guess not. But I would think that an attack in the Haunted Halls would be better. Unless Whisper didn't expect Verek to come into the Halls unprepared. And out here, he likely would be."
(85) Fildin: "I think I am starting to see how this works. Wow, it's more confusing than Jaymie trying to talk his way out of being arrested."
(102) Sushil: :shrugs to Fildin: "Well, any alternative would be even more complicated. So best to go with this one."
** (102) Sushil kneels by Verek's body, going through his belongings. **
(95) Ruth: "Whether he knew we were intruders when he contacted us at the Keep or not, he will realize it very soon."
(85) Fildin: "So, Verek is no longer a threat, but Whisper is an even bigger threat, with the addition of the Lotsafingers tribe."
(102) Sushil: "True. though I may be able to influence the Lotsafingas with some applied psycholody."
(85) Fildin: "Maybe Ruth. The hobgoblin will just report that he didn't find the seal. Whisper will most likely return to the Killing Keep to locate it. Since Whisper didn't actually talk to Verek, he won't know that you are still alive, or that Verek never retrieved the seal."
** (102) Sushil tosses the man's dagger and coin purse carelessly on his chest, and takes a second to eye a strange amber potion before carefully lying that down. Coming acrossed a letter, he opens it to read." **
(105) Vadania: "So I am guessing we wont need the mix that replicates death?"
(95) Ruth: "No, we will not."
(105) Vadania: "Actualy that gives me an idea..."
(102) Sushil: "Not unless you want to play a really cruel joke on someone."
(95) Ruth: "Not right now, at least."
** (85) Fildin looks over the body as well, although he takes few moments to look at the potion Sushil brought out. **
(105) Vadania: "A joke on Wisper, Have Ruth, and a few of us take the mix. Having Sushil and Amreth deliver us to him, just a few hours before we should wake. then we can take him by surprise."
(102) Sushil: "I would not try that if I were you. At this point we do no know if we are being scryed upon."
** (95) Ruth looks around the sky a moment. **
(95) Ruth: "Maybe. We are by Verek right now."
** (102) Sushil sighs as he hands out the letter to the others, "And it seems Verek's death is quite the blessing. Apparently the temple is rather poor at keeping their prisoners imprisoned." **
** (105) Vadania looks at Ruth **
(105) Vadania: "Isnt he laying there dead?"
(95) Ruth: "And Whisper may want to confirm that."
(102) Sushil: "But Whisper may be watching his corpse, waiting for us to stumble on it."
** (85) Fildin smiles at the potion. "Wow, this might help us also. It seems to deal with abilities of rogues." **
** (85) Fildin suddenly stops talking. "What? Oh great, that would just ruin everything then, wouldn't it?" **
(102) Sushil: :raises a brow to Fildin: "You can identify that potion so easily?" :sounds impressed:
(85) Fildin: "Well, I can get a general feel for it, yeah. Lots of time studying."
** (85) Fildin also collects a few darts from the body, wiping them off before adding them to his stash. **
(102) Sushil: "Hmmm.. remind me, Tsharaliira had some potions I have not identified. Perhaps you could give it a shot."
(85) Fildin: "Sure, I can give it a shot."
(85) Fildin: "So, we might as well head on out, yes? Maybe anyone only watching will just see a bunch of adventurers pillaging a body and assume only that."
(102) Sushil: "Let us hope not."
(85) Fildin: "Well, let's keep moving - just in case. Everyone ready to head on out?"
** (102) Sushil looks through the man's spell components for anything valuable or helpful, before standing to leave, the other items strewn carelessly on the body for others to take. **
(95) Ruth: "We do need to get moving. We need to get away from here to plan our next move."
** (85) Fildin is sure to grab the coins and dagger before the party leaves. **
(102) Sushil: "Hmm... We may soon find Whisper taking more bold action as he tries to find what has happened to the seal."
(85) Fildin: "Sushil - What were you saying about the temple?"
** (85) Fildin rises with the others, content to let the conversation continue as they walk. **
(102) Sushil: :to Fildin: "The letter Verek was carrying mentioned that he had seen Jhanaeril walking about in the temple. Why the prisoner is allowed to freely roam, or what a servant of bane was doing in a Temple of Lathander though, I'll never know."
(85) Fildin: "But who had seen Jhanaeril? That would be good information to know."
(102) Sushil: "Verek did."
(85) Fildin: "So he wrote himself a letter about it?"
(102) Sushil: "It also mentioned something of an Osprey."
(95) Ruth: "He was coming to leave this message, then."
(105) Vadania: "I doubt that Jhaneril is any more a servernt of Bane then you are... well never mind that line of reasoning"
(102) Sushil: :shakes head: "No, No.. it was a letter from Verek, presumably to be placed in the stump for delivery to Whisper."
(85) Fildin: "Ahh, I see. Although I wonder why Verek would admit that problem. Now, what about an osprey?"
(102) Sushil: "The letter only said he could not find any word of an Osprey."
(141) Torrek (exit):
(85) Fildin: "Hmm, must be another code name. I've never heard of any ospreys that can talk."
(85) Fildin: "So, I guess we should alert Lady Winter as to what we have found - then we can try to start making sense of all of this."
(102) Sushil: "Agreed." :begiins back toward the road, asking Fildin: "Do you know of any folk tales or rumors involving ospreys?"
(85) Fildin: "Hmm." Fildin thinks for a moment.
(85) Fildin: "Now that you ask - I think Olbernath mentioned it once. Let's see - Osprey... Nbod the Mad? That's it! The Osprey was one of Nbod the Mad's ships. And if I remeber correctly, Nbod was believed to be a Zhent. Acording to some stories, something happened - no one can agree on what - and he suddenly went rogue - leaving the Zhents and becoming the pirate we heard about before."
(85) Fildin: "So, that would explain the tie in with Verek and Whisper - the Zhents likely want something from Nbod, something that they think is on his ship."
(102) Sushil: "The third seal perhaps."
(85) Fildin: "Hmm, perhaps. It would make sense. I wonder where it would be, there was no sign of the ship down at the Moon Isle Atoll."
(102) Sushil: :shrugs: "Our next inquiry perhaps."
(85) Fildin: "Very much so. It appears as though we may need an extended audience with lady Winter this time. But enough talk for now." Fildin takes up his longhorn once again, playing a light tune that seems to draw upon the sights of the river, the lake, the ofrests and the rolling hills, floowing out sweetly through the area - yet having enough power to keep the marching pace up as they travel to Eveningstar.

(99) Fildin: gw g=so - what's the next step? Lady Winter?
(99) Fildin: (( whoops... off to a great start... ))
(91) DM: (so last session, you finished up the Killing Keep, travelled a bit, found Verek's corpse and the Lostafingas' handiwork, found Whisper's note and you're heading back to Eveningstar)
(91) DM: (FF if you like)
(96) Lunauc: (sure)
(104) TastyQQQs (exit): 20:05
(96) Lunauc: (Strips Verek's corpse of it's belongings and continues on their way)
(91) DM: The journey back to the village is uneventful and takes up most of the rest of the afternoon. The tranquility of the surrounding countryside makes contrasts mightily with your recent experiences in Verek's lair.
(91) DM: (so what next?)
** (96) Lunauc whistles a jaunty little tune as they walk, seemingly undisturbed by the traumas of the day. **
** (96) Sushil whistles a jaunty little tune as they walk, seemingly undisturbed by the traumas of the day. **
(108) Dj Gilcrease (enter): 20:08
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (108) Dj Gilcrease...
** (97) Ruth quietly broods over the events at the keep, after making sure that Verek's note does not get left behind. **
** (99) Fildin keeps his longhorn away for the remaineder of the trip - simply listening to the natural sounds around them as they travel, trying to piece together all that they need to do. **
(96) Sushil: :before they actually reach the town, Sushil pulls his horse aside, considering: "It may be best if I not lead a horse with a dead hobgoblin slung over it through town. I think I'll head over to Tsharliira's toer to drop it off."
(99) Fildin: "That would be going through town though, as well."
** (108) Vadania rides along on Hile quietly **
(96) Sushil: "That's why I was going to go off the road." :offers pointedly, and turns to lead the horse from the beaten trail. "Do see me if anything arises with Lady Winter."
(99) Fildin: "Very well." he waves to Sushil as the man leaves, since no one else had any reservations.
** (96) Sushil walks off, mount in tow, planning to skirt the town and make for the tower alone. **
(99) Fildin: "So, should we inform Lady Winter about Verek, and this Whisper? Or we could check out the atoll for signs of the Osprey."
(108) Vadania: "I think we should do both."
(99) Fildin: "Yes, but which one first?"
(99) Fildin: "As much as I am sure that Lady Wnter would prefer to be updated, she is also busy enough that I would not want to constantly bother her either."
(97) Ruth: "The faster of the two. I suppose Tessaril will appreciate knowing at least Verek is dead."
(108) Vadania: "But" ** she pauses to think a moment ** "I think we should take a break from running off and investigating things for a little bit, to at least give the buisness idea a shot. If Ruth is willing to use the money from the Keep as the starup money that is."
(99) Fildin: "Yes, that is something else we would need to ask Lady Winter about, an unused building. And of course, transferring Tsharliira's items to Stonewatch."
(96) Sushil: (*drops a pin)
whispering to LtFiend, TaliesinNYC, Ned, (GW): ok, to facilitate entry into the game as quickly as possible, I was thinking that the two of you know each other already. how is up to you
whispering to LtFiend, TaliesinNYC, Ned, (GW): so work it out between yourselves and I'll introduce both of you to the group when they meet you
(99) Fildin: "So, pay Jhanaeril a visit, then Lady Winter?"
(91) Grinkle: "Me go bak to campsite."
** (108) Vadania shrugs "Sounds good to me" **
(97) Ruth: "We can look around Mynamere's while we send word ahead to Lady Winter, as well."
(99) Fildin: "Sounds good."
(91) DM: (so you're heading back to Mynamere's then?)
(99) Fildin: (( seems so ))
(97) Ruth: ((I can confirm that it appears to be the case))
** (99) Fildin finds the first guard that they come across after entering town. "Pardon me sir, could you have a message passed along to Lady Winter that the Greenwood Adventurers seek an audience with her at her convience?" **
** Guard nods. "I'll send word straight away." **
(91) Guard: "And where should I send the reply?"
(97) Ruth: "We shall be generally about the Inn."
** (99) Fildin nods to the guard in thanks and continues with the others to Mynamere's. **
(108) Vadania: "I am going to look around town for the best location for an Herb shop and eattery"
** Guard nods and says, "Very good," then walks off. **
(99) Fildin: "I would think somewhere near the Inn would be great." he offers.
(97) Ruth: "It does not need to be near anything in particular. Eveningstar is small enough; just look around."
(99) Fildin: "Yeah, but it would be great to be near something that already draws visitors in." Fildin smiles, seeming to get into a business mind.
(108) Vadania: "When I find a few potential locations we can look at them together after our meeting with Lady Winter."
(99) Fildin: "Sounds good. I guess we'll be inside, relaxing for a little while."
(108) Vadania: "I shouldnt be too long, the town isnt that large." ** smiles and heads off **
** (99) Fildin returns the smile and opens the door to Mynamere's for Ruth. "We might as well get a bite to eat." **
** (99) Fildin and Ruth enter Mynamere's and order some food. **
** (73) White Robed Cleric sits at a table across from another cleric "But can we not cure all suffering without taking it upon ourselves? Can we not be all live a life of happyness with out the need to take on others pain" he debates to the one across the table **
(89) Olorec: "If we live in a life of happiness then how are we helping all the suffering in the world. if we take on there suffering and understand on a personal level how they are suffering then we can better help them"
(89) Olorec: better"
(91) DM: A waitress directs you to a table, not far from what seems to be a theological debate taking place in the mostly empty common room. It's mid-late afternoon, about an hour or two before the evening meal.
(73) Adric: "One does not need to suffer himself to aid those who do, but through positiveness and optimism we can show them how to better themselves, to show them to cast off misery and know happyness as we of Lathander do"
** (99) Fildin catches a little of the debate, and finds himself drawn in. "Pardon me, I couldn't help but overhear." He looks specifically at Olorec. "Am I to understand that you intentionally want to make yourself miserable?" **
(89) Olorec: "It's not as easy as just casting off years of suffering at the hands of society and others just by being positive. It helps, but you must also confront your suffering tto overcome it."
** (73) Adric looks down at the Hin with a pleasant smile as he joins their discussion **
** (97) Ruth orders something done rare as a treat for her familiar, listening to the conversation when Fildin joins in. **
** (89) Olorec turns to Fildin "I wouldn't put it that way. I have spent many years of my life suffering. Now I try to take on the suffering of others to help them. It's not something that I would say I just want to tdo. It's something I would say we are all aobligated to do to help society" **
(108) Vadania: (( AFK for a smoke ))
(89) Olorec: ((I apologize, I haven't typed up a full description yet. I'll have one for next week))
(73) Adric: "Yes my friend here feels that to suffer is a duty for us .... but really, how could one expect us to take on such a heavy burden"
(119) Zane (enter): 21:05
(89) Olorec: "Unfortunatly it is a burden that is forced upon many, while I appreciate the help Adric here offers to the suffering I don't think he understands the depth of the heavy burden that is forced on so many since he avoids it himself."
(73) Adric: "I only need suffer one night, until the sun rises over the horizon once more my dear fellow"
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (119) Zane...
(73) Adric: (yes)
(89) Olorec: "As long as your god looks favorably on you. Let us get some food and drink after a long journey"
(73) Adric: "Indeed"
** (119) Fildin seems to get lost in the ideas being passed around at the other table and let's the two men talk on their own. **
** (73) Adric looks back down at the halfling "Oh our apologies, we get carried away with our discussions on occasion ... Adric the Awakened, servant of Lathander" **
** (73) Adric offers a short bow, hand over his chest **
(73) Adric: (as in a bow to a king, not the arrow firing kind)
(119) Fildin: "Fildin Wildstrider, pleasure to meet you." Fildin returns a bow in response.
(91) DM: ((do you have at least a basic description to give out?))
(96) Sushil: (Long Live King Flidin!)
(119) Fildin: (( Woo hoo! My dream has come true. ))
(119) Fildin: "I can understand getting carried away, I have seen it happen to the best individuals." Fildin offers a friendly smile.
** (73) Adric smiles back brightly before looking across the table "And my friend here" **
(89) Olorec: (( Real Brief - Height: 5' 9" Weight: 153 lbs. Gender: Male Dominant Hand: Right Eyes: Blue Hair: Brown,Straight Skin: Tanned Well Educated, Reserved ))
(120) Nathan (enter): 21:13
(89) Olorec: "Olorec Orman, pleased to meet your aquantence"
** (89) Olorec reaches out his hand to Fildin **
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (120) Amreth...
(108) Vadania: (( back ))
(89) Olorec: (( acquaintance too))
(91) DM: ((someone bring Seaghn up to speed please))
(120) Amreth: ((I'd feel mighty blessed.))
** (119) Fildin takes Olorec's hand and shakes it. "Pleasure as well, although I must admit that some of what I heard was confusing." **
whispering to LtFiend, that's not what I had in mind but it'll have to do for now
(73) Adric: "We where just going to order a meal, why don't you join us Mr Wildstrider?"
(73) Adric: ((well, two clerics and halfling enter a bar .... :P )
(119) Fildin: "Absolutely, although I believe my companion here already ordered some food. But I don't see why there would be a problem." He glances at Ruth to make sure it's ok.
** (108) Vadania walks into the Inn with Hile in tow and takes a seat next to Fildin "Arnt alot of places that would work, but I found three we can look at." ** looks at the person geeting Fildin ** "Hello, I am Vadania." **
(97) Ruth: Ruth's Description: Ruth is a tall, slim young lady of noble upbringing. She stands straight and regal, quietly drawing attention with her calm demeanor. Her dark brown hair is shoulder length when loose. Her skin lacks the tan and wear common to those who labor in the sun for their living. For traveling her explorer's outfit includes sturdy boots, leather breeches, a cloth skirt, a belt, a shirt, an overtunic, jacket, gloves, and cloak all in muted browns which she wears depending on weather and disguise. Lastly her eyes are a pale color mixing gray with slight hints of blue around the edge.
** (89) Olorec introduces himself to Vadania "Olorec, pleased to meet you" **
** (73) Adric eyes look past Vadiana to the creature beyond "An undead creature within Eveningstar?" an expression of shock on his face as he mistakes the nature of Hile **
(97) Ruth: "That would be fine, Fildin. Salutations, Adric, Olorec. I am called Ruth."
(108) Vadania: "Hile is very much alive thanks you!"
(120) Amreth: "If he ever gets a look at himself in a mirror, that might not continue being the case."
** (119) Fildin looks at Hile for a moment. "Well, it's not the first time our group has been mistaken as something other than we are." **
** (73) Adric looks back at Fildin and Olorec as if to get there opinion on that creature **
(108) Vadania: "Talks to Sushil if you want to know about any of those thing in the city."
** (119) Fildin turns away from Hile and back to the two newcomers. "But yes, Hile is a great companion to have - just from an area not near here." **
(91) TaliesinNYC: Booting '(99) Zane' from room...
(99) Zane (exit): 21:24
** (108) Vadania turns to Amreth "Hile is a very handsome example of his kind." **
(73) Adric: "By the light ... a living creature with such deathly features .... I could of sworn"
** (120) Amreth shrugs his shoulders, "He can't have a whole lot of competition," he says, and tips his cup back. **
(119) Fildin: "A true testement to the idea that first imperssions can be mistaken." Fildin concludes with a smile.
** (97) Ruth notably refrains from adding additional commentary. **
** (73) Adric suddenly smiles and shrugs it off and turns to Vadiana "My mistake than noble hin, I am Adric the Awakened ... you should excuse my vigilance in the name of Lathander" **
** (108) Vadania turns to Adric "Well you have much to learn about the nature of the living and the not then." then to Olrec "Anyways nice to meet you." **
(119) Fildin: "So what brings you two to Eveningstar?" Fildin asks, trying to turn the conversation to a lighter note.
(120) Amreth: "No kiddin'. You'd think a Lathanderite'd be more skilled and schooled at indentifyin' what's livin' and what's not-quite-dead."
** (73) Adric blinks as if remembering and turns to Ruth "Oh yes, greetings Milady Ruth" **
** (97) Ruth nods in acknowledgement. **
** (73) Adric chuckles at Amreth "Each new light bares a new lesson" **
** (73) Adric looks from Fildin to his companion **
** (89) Olorec turns back to Fildin. "My Lord Ilmater has brought me to Eveningstar, even if the reasons are not clear to me yet" **
(73) Adric: "I came here to study at the temple here in Eveningstar"
(97) Ruth: "A quiet town would be a good place to study."
(119) Fildin: "I see. Pardon the curiosity, I tend to ask too many questions now and then. We are considering starting a business here in town, so I am trying to figure what draws people into town."
** (73) Adric looks up at Ruth "Yes you would think so, but there seems to be all sorts of rumours running around the temple since I arrived" **
(119) Fildin: "Oh, like what?"
(73) Adric: "Oh I'm sure nothing it's nothing, something of a murdered wizard ... and an new heir to a nearby keep ... so you say your beginning a business?" *looks from Fildin at his apparent companions "You don't much look like business men and women to me"
(108) Vadania: "Your not a very good judge of looks though" ** said in a joking tone **
(119) Fildin: "Well, it's something that we are still thinking about." Fildin seems to just wave it off. "Strange enough rumors. Of course, don't forget the rumor that a room in this very Inn is haunted - that one's been around for a long time."
(73) Adric: "Uh yes ... infact it's that very rumour that bought me and Olorec to this inn"
(97) Ruth: "For such a small town, Eveningstar seems adrift in rumors."
** (89) Olorec smirks "And of course an empty stomach." **
(119) Fildin: "Ahh, sorry to disappoint you then, but although that rumor had some slight truth to it - a groupd of adventurers took care of it back around Shieldmeet, or so the new rumors go."
(121) Aeyth (enter): 21:43
(121) Aeyth (exit): 21:44
(73) Adric: "Oh really .... well prehaps we have wasted our time here Olorec ...... though something about that painting"
(119) Fildin: "The painting of Nbod?"
** (89) Olorec Looks at the painting adric was refering to. Straining his eyes a bit to inspect it closely **
(91) DM: A large painting of Nbod hangs in the common room, in a teak frame.
** (73) Adric turns towards the painting "Is that who it is? yes, theres one much like it up in the once haunted room" **
** (119) Fildin looks up to the painting, trying to remember the painting in the room upstairs, and conparing them. **
(73) Adric: "Nbod ... yes yes, didn't we hear some stories about him back in Sembia Olorec? .... a pirate wasn't he?"
(119) Fildin: "Yes, Nbod the Mad. A priate of some renown."
(97) Ruth: "The rumor is that he is the one who established this inn."
** (89) Olorec Nods his head, still looking at the painting for a minute" **
(119) Fildin: "Ah yes, yet another 'rumor'." he says to the two men, smiling.
** (73) Adric looks over towards a waitress and waves her over with a smile **
** (89) Olorec excuses himself from the table. "I must go pray for a few minutes. I will return shortly" **
** (73) Adric nods to his friend **
** (89) Olorec walks outside and finds a quiet place wher he won't be disturbed **
(91) DM: (an orchard near the inn would suffice nicely)
** (108) Vadania sips an Ale quietly while pondering the location of their buisness **
(119) Fildin: "So Adric, have you travelled with Olorec for a long time? It seems as though you two have discussed things before, but yet you find more to say to each other."
(73) Adric: "We met back in Sembia almost a year ago now .... a tough place to get by ... it was safer to travel together .... at least Eveningstar appears to be a peaceuful little corner of Cormyr, despite the rumours"
(119) Fildin: "Ahh. I can't say I have been there myself. We almost visited, but the caravan decided to avoid Sembia. Maybe it was a wise idea."
** (73) Adric nods **
(97) Ruth: "It does seem peaceful, as long as you are not involved in those rumors."
** (96) A black cloaked figure wanders slowly into the bar. A heavy leather hood shadows his head and a long trisected cloak hides his form, save for one hand reached out a parting to hold a dark oaken staff, tipped with a macabre image of a skeletal hand gripping a black stone. Unseen, his eyes scan about the inn, searching... **
** (89) Olorec proceeds over to the orchard and kneels on the ground with his head down and wraps a piece of red string around his hands. He stays there for several minutes occasionaly humming out load and rocking" **
** (96) Sushil draws back his hood upon finding his comrades' table and approashes with a grin. "So... how goes the waiting?" **
** (119) Fildin notices the figure that enters, but simply waits to acknowledge him - letting the man approach. **
** (108) Hile starts growling as Sushil enters **
** (73) Adric looks up at Sushil suspiciously **
(119) Fildin: "It is like most, although we did meet a couple of travelers to the area - which has helped."
(97) Ruth: "Some visitors have helped pass the time."
** (108) Vadania calms Hile whispering "I dont like him much either, but Lady Ruth accepted him so must we" **
(96) Sushil: "Ahhh... glances to Adric, noting the man's hard stare, the wizard gives a bemused grin, sarcastically replying: "Yes.. he seems very friendly."
(125) swammeyjoe (enter): 22:10
(119) Fildin: "Sushil, this ia Adric. Adric - Sushil."
(108) Vadania: "Aye, though he has a bit to learn about identifing what is alive and what isnt."
** (73) Adric looks at the staff than back at Sushil himself "The light doesn't smile upon all" getting to his feet and looking back at Fildin "Excuse me" **
(96) Sushil: "Hmmm?" :Raises a disconcered brow to the upset man.:
** (119) Fildin nods to Adric before turning to Sushil. "Well, you just make all kinds of friends, don't you?" Fildin asks Sushil, but with enough of a smile to let him know it is in jest. **
** (120) Amreth glances at Sushil, amused, "He's got a point there. You could do to spend some time in the sun." **
(126) Black Moth (enter): 22:13
(126) Black Moth (exit): 22:13
** (73) Adric makes his way up the stairs, to the haunted room **
(96) Sushil: :nods to Filidn, and shrugs to Amreth: "Well, I'm not called Sushil the Pale for nothing."
** (89) Olorec returns to the bar to see Adric proceeding up the stairs and the dark figure standing near where Olorec was sitting. Apprehensive of the new figure Olorec decides to follow Adric up the stairs **
(96) Sushil: :moving to take Adric's seat: "Well, now that the rude on is gone, what is to eat?"
(96) Sushil: *one
** (89) Olorec Catches up to Adric, "Who's the new guy?" **
(119) Fildin: "We should have some food arriving soon. How's the tower holding up?"
(108) Vadania: "I'll wait to eat untill we are back with Grinkle, his cooking is much better."
(91) DM: Pan-roasted chicken with vinegar and garlic, roasted potatoes, asparagus salad, baked cockatrice, broiled pheasant, three river crabs, raspberry fool, bread, cheese.
(96) Sushil: "It stands, though it could use a hand maid's touch... or fifty"
** (73) Adric looks back at Olorec as he pushes open the door "His name is Sushil ... the way he dresses ... that staff he carries ... I can't be sure, but I'd prefer not associate with such an individual" **
** (119) Fildin looks over the food that is brought out. "Yes, but one can always use an appatizer before the main course." He smirks to Vadania before helping himself to some chicken, potatoes, and cheese. **
** (96) Sushil smiles to the feast and prepares himself a plate **
(119) Fildin: "So still in the shape we left it, huh? Well, that does not surprise me really."
(96) Sushil: :nods: "Yes, it's as if a townguard has never heard of a broom." :shrugs: "What's the word from Lady Winter, are we to see her today?"
** (89) Olorec nods to Adric **
(119) Fildin: "No word yet, we sent word that we seek an audience with her, and that we would be here. Since then, food." Fildin smiles as he takes a couple bites.
** (73) Adric enters the room "I suppose if nothing haunts this place our skills are not needed here ... still such a strange room" **
(96) Sushil: :nods to Adric: "Yes, that was rather disappointing for me as well. I travelled a long way to see this infamous ghost."
(91) DM: A brass bathtub can be seen in one corner of the room (OC: This is for Adaric and Olorec.). It's filled with water...which is strange considering that it WASN'T filled when you left the room an hour before. Something green floats within.
(97) Ruth: "That has been a very popular rumor."
** (73) Adric blinks over at the tub, than at Olorec "You hadn't run a bath have you?" **
** (89) Olorec looks around the room and the turns to leave, suddenly realizing that the room is differnent than it was before **
(96) Sushil: :grins to Ruth: "More to the point, it was the Haunted Halls I was interested in touring. But when you hear there's haunted inn in town..."
(89) Olorec: "No, and I'm scertainly not that dirty!"
** (73) Adric sniffs the air "The haunting stopped indeed ...." moves towards the bathtub **
** (89) Olorec follows Adric, inspecting the rest of the room to make sure they are not snuck up on. **
** (89) Olorec casts detect evil **
(119) Fildin: "It's a shame that the haunted room was so easy to take care of. I'm amazed that no one had before. Of course, I guess you would need to know the passwords."
** (73) Adric reaches into the tub to take what floats within **
(97) Ruth: "That hag was quite a sight as well, though."
(91) DM: It appears to be a piece of seaweed. How it got there, you have no idea.
** (89) Olorec informs Adric that he does not detect any evil in the room **
** (73) Adric nods **
** (73) Adric drops the seaweed back into the tub, looking up at the painting of Nbod **
** (119) Fildin shudders at the mention of the hag. "Terrible beast she was, but the sight of her sinking was worth it." **
(91) DM: It's a self-portrait of Nbod, who stands on a rocky shore. A pair of ships can be seen in the background, amidst stormy seas. He's holding a rather unusual looking dagger, with a blade that reminds you of a wave's crest.
(96) Sushil: "Too bad I missed it. She seemed like quite the ordeal."
** (73) Adric steps up to the painting and begins to whisper a prayer, lights as if reflected from multiple lenses pass over it in swirling patterns (Detect Magic) **
(119) Fildin: "Yeah, she was a bit of a challenge. At least we avoided those headhunters."
** (108) Vadania enjoys hearing about their adventure **
(96) Sushil: :raises a brow: "Headhunters, you say? How daunting..."
(97) Ruth: "We may run into them if we go looking for the Osprey."
(108) Vadania: (( I gota run to the store, be back soon ))
(119) Fildin: "Yeah, the few that survived the sea beast's attack."
** (89) Olorec wonders "is it possible that someone else used the room after we left?" **
(96) Sushil: (ok, bring me back a chocodile)
** (73) Adric finishes the prayer (anything detected?) looking back over his shoulder "That tub is full of seawater Olorec .... this far inland I can't imagine anyone bought it with them ... prehaps we could ask the inkeep?" **
(119) Fildin: "Speaking of which, should we see if it's down at the atoll before seeing Lady Winter?"
** (73) Adric looks back at the tub "The water ... theres some sorcery behind it" moves back towards it **
(97) Ruth: "We could spend a day or two searching there. I think it would be best to see her before we go."
(91) DM: ((see my whispers))
(119) Fildin: "True, we spent a couple days there last time. Very well, we wait."
** (89) Olorec follows Adric over to the tub and looks for anything at the bottom **
** (73) Adric tries to see into the bottom of the tub himself **
(91) DM: The bottom of the tub can be seen clearly, as it's about half full.
(91) DM: Save for the seaweed floating within, and the fact that the water is most definitely not fresh water, it is a rather ordinary brass bathtub.
** (73) Adric stands back and crosses his arms "The mystery of Nbod still seems unresolved .... prehaps the halfling Fildin knows something of this ... he mentioned a group of adventurers who claimed to have solved the haunting" **
(89) Olorec: "agreed we should go ask, and we can get some of those tasty fiddles while we're at it"
** (73) Adric laughs "You'll suffer all but an empty stomach" turns and moves towards the door, looking out for Fildin **
(89) Olorec: ((sorry gw add isn't working for me, re: fiddles, obviously you not familiar with the torture those who follow Ilmater subject themsleves too))
** (89) Olorec Chuckles at Adric's joke and proceeds back to the table **
** (119) Fildin spends time eating some, and just keeping up general conversation with his companions. **
(108) Vadania: (( back ))
(96) Sushil: (where's my chocodile?)
(125) swammeyjoe (exit): 22:54
** (73) Adric walks down towards Fildin "Excuse me Mr Wildstrider ... but could you tell me of those adventurers you mentioned? ... the ones who ... stopped the haunting of this inn?" **
(108) Vadania: (( they were out ))
(119) Fildin: "On one condition - call me Fildin. What do you want to know?"
** (96) Sushil glances up with mild curiosity, to the rude man's return. **
(96) Sushil: (dammit)
** (97) Ruth sets down a crab leg to listen in interestedly. **
(73) Adric: "Very well Fildin ... where might we find them? theres some questions about that haunted room that me and my companion would like to ask"
** (108) Vadania looks up "Well I am going to go Keep Grinkle company for a bit, and see if I can talk him into coming into town with me, If he is gona cook for us he needs to get used to town." **
** (89) Olorec sits down at the table and with a bit of a reserved toned introduces himself to the new person. **
** (108) Vadania taps hile and the head and heads out to the camp site **
(96) Sushil: :glances to Vadania: "Oh.. that reminds me..." :picks a sack up under from the floor, which had been obscured by his cloak until now, and hands it to Vadania before she leaves. "A gift for our cook."
** (119) Fildin nods to Vadania then gives Ruth a half-glance, with a raised eyebrow about the question asked. "Well, rumor has it that they are seeting up in this area, in a new keep in fact. Part of some of those rumors you heard over at the temple." **
** (108) Vadania takes the bag and look in it as she walks **
** (96) Sushil returns to his seat and meal without further explanation **
(89) Olorec: "My names Olorec, I didn't catch your name" Olorec says to Sushil as he sits down
** (97) Ruth smiles a bit as she listens to Fildin's answer. **
** (73) Adric nods "I see .... thank you Fildin .... but it appears these heroes where not as successful as the rumours claim" **
(91) Hile: Mrrow.
** (119) Fildin stops smiling and looks at Adric. "What?" **
(73) Adric: *adventurers rather
** (96) Sushil looks up to Olorec and returns a grin to the more polite man. atanding, and reaching up to shake his hand, the wizard offers, "You may call me Sushil." **
** (73) Adric blinks alittle at Fildin's expression "I wouldn't worry, there appears to be nothing evil about the room, your stay should be safe here" **
** (108) Vadania scratches Hile "I'll get you some food when we get to camp." **
** (89) Olorec Shakes Sushil's hand, "A pleasure to meet you" **
** (97) Ruth interjects, "What is it that seems to have been missed?" **
** (73) Adric glances over at Olorec as he talks to the wizard **
(96) Sushil: "As it is to meet you." :offers puurposely, hinting at Adric: "It is nice to meet those with well manner."
** (119) Fildin shakes his head. "It's not that." Fildin turns back to Ruth. "I guess we didn't start quite as well as we thought." Fildin then looks back to Adric and Olorec. "Show us what you found. We are the ones that thought we took care of it. Sorry about being vague earlier, I was just playing with you. But if we didn't finish the job, we need to." **
** (73) Adric glances at Ruth "Very well ... I hope not to alarm though, seawater has appeared in the bathtub ... magical in nature .... and us being so far from the sea" **
** (89) Olorec grabs a plate of food and begins to eat while listening to the conversation between Adric and Fildin **
** (73) Adric blinks at Fildin "Oh .... ooooh" nods to himself "follow me than" **
(119) Fildin: "Oh, just seawater? Yeah - that was there when we finished as well."
** (119) Fildin rises anyway, "But go ahead and show me." **
(73) Adric: "Yes, but it wasn't there when we rented the room"
** (97) Ruth sets down her food and stands up as well. **
(96) Sushil: :shrugs to Adric: "Then consider it complimentary."
** (73) Adric turns and makes his way up the room to the haunted room **
(119) Fildin: "Really? Ok, that quallifies as strange." Fildin says as he follows the man.
** (73) Adric simply ignores Sushil **
** (97) Ruth follows up to the haunted room. "That would mean that the portal has been opened." **
** (73) Adric looks over his shoulder "Portal?" **
** (96) Sushil shrugs, offering to Olorec: "What? Saltwater is supposed to be good removing tension and muscle ache." **
(119) Fildin: "That's what I was thinking. So someone else figured it out as well. Whisper?"
(119) Fildin: "Yes, there is a portal out of the room. That's what made so many think it was haunted, because there would suddenly be noises in the room, although no one had gone upstairs."
(91) DM: The door is locked, and footsteps inside can be clearly heard from those of you in the corridor.
(89) Olorec: "That may be true. But what else could magic seawater give to you, or take away for that matter"
(91) DM: CRASH!
** (73) Adric attempts to turn the handle "thats odd, we didn't lock it before we left .... by the LIGHT! .... noises like that?" **
** (89) Olorec quickly stands up and takes a step towards the sound **
(96) Sushil: (This place have back door?)
(89) Olorec: "What was that?!"
(91) Voice: "Where is it?!? In the name of the goddess, where is it?!?"
(119) Fildin: "Damn, we need to get in there."
(97) Ruth: "Someone in the room. That is what it was last time."
(97) Ruth: "Oh well. Time to knock the door in again."
** (96) Sushil just cranes his head back, in no rush to go investigate just yet... waiting for familiar screams to call him, perhaps. **
** (73) Adric steps back. and lunges his shoulder towards the door **
** (119) Fildin steps out of Ruth's way. **
(91) DM: There's a rush of footsteps and a tremendous splash.
(91) DM: A waitress scrambles up the stairs in time to see Adric pushing the door open.
(91) Clarissa: "Is something wrong?"
(73) Adric: (so the doors opened?)
(91) DM: (yes)
** (119) Fildin looks back at Ruth at the sound of the splash. "Into the water? you think they work in reverse as well?" **
** (89) Olorec looks at Sushil "You don't seem suprised, has this happened before? **
** (73) Adric steps in, quickly scanning the room **
(91) DM: The interior of your bedroom is a shambles. Water and seaweed can be seen all over the floor.
(96) Sushil: :shrugs: "You never know. It might have."
** (73) Adric looks back at the waitress and motions to the room "Your visiiters are back it would seem" **
** (96) Sushil rises and calls up the stairs before following up, "What's going on?" **
** (119) Fildin enters the room and moves to the large seachest in the room. **
(91) DM: As for the bathtub, there's less water than before. A deep green glow quickly fades from the interior as you step into the room, Clarissa peeking over your shoulder with a gasp.
(97) Ruth: "Possibly. Someone was in there that is not suposed to have been."
(73) Adric: "Would the portal be the tub of water?"
** (73) Adric makes his way over to the tub **
(97) Ruth: "There are two portals. The one that opens from the other side exits to the tub."
(91) Clarissa: "Oh, garsh! I'll get Mynamere to summon a guard if you like."
(119) Fildin: "Not exactly susre, but I guess so."
** (89) Olorec glances around the inn for the reactions of other patrons **
(97) Ruth: "There may be more in the Inn."
(91) DM: ((as I said before, the common room was empty except for you and the odd waitress like Clarissa))
(89) Olorec: ((sorry, missed it))
(97) Ruth: "Aside from the mess, I do not think it is necessary to contact the guards at the moment."
** (96) Sushil sighs and makes his way upstairs after the others. Looking in over their shoulder, he suggests to Adric: "I think you're going to have to pay an excess cleaning bill." **
(73) Adric: "Who ever was in here was looking for something ... if what I over heard was right"
** Clarissa nods mutely as she surveys the destruction. "My land, Mynamere'll have a fit. The ghost struck again..." **
(133) N'Lorlyn (enter): 23:20
(97) Ruth: "I wonder who else knows how to open the portals. The hag did, but she was quite dead when we left her."
(119) Fildin: "Apparently so miss, but no one is hurt this time, so everyone will be ok. Why not go back downstairs and let Mynamere know that everything is ok?"
(133) N'Lorlyn (exit): 23:21
(119) Fildin: (( to Clarissa ))
** Clarissa nods rapidly, but is somewhat reluctant to leave though she eventually does so. **
** (73) Adric looks to Clarissa "I'll pay the necessary expenses" casting a glance at Sushil **
(119) Fildin: "Yes, but anyone who knew Nbod was likely to know them - at least everyone we've met that knew him knew the words. But what could they have been looking for?"
** (89) Olorec makes his way up the stairs after Clarissa gets down **
** (96) Sushil enters the room, looking about the seaweed strewn floor, seeing if the intruder went through the mens' belongings or just ran about frantically. **
** (73) Adric goes over to check his bag **
(119) Fildin: (( does it look like the cleric's items were rummaged through, or mainly the room itself? ))
(91) Clarissa: ((everything))
(91) DM: ((everything))
** (89) Olorec realizes that his things are in there as well and makes his way through the group to inspect his bag **
(91) DM: ((stopping in 20 minutes))
(96) Sushil: "You said the tub was filled before this big mess, right?"
(119) Fildin: "I know neither of you," he looks at Olorec and Adric, "maywant to admit it if true, but are either of you carrying anything that is so special, someone would go to long lengths to take from you?"
(91) DM: ((I want to stop earlier than normal tonight so we can discuss a few things))
(119) Fildin: (( k ))
(91) DM: You (Vad) reach the camp site.
** (73) Adric looks back over at Sushil "Yes ... it was" **
** (89) Olorec looks through his bag and does a quick inventory to make sure it is all there **
(96) Sushil: :points to Fildin: "And the filled tub is a sign that someone has just returned from the portal?"
(89) Olorec: "I wasn't Fildin"
(91) Grinkle: "Yub cum bak, but nub wid udders?"
** Grinkle looks up from a pot of stew he's tending over a fire. **
** (73) Adric shakes his head at Fildan "No, nothing but some few religious notes ... nothing worth stealing" **
(119) Fildin: "I think so Sushil, I haven't spent any time actually studying it, I just used it."
(119) Fildin: "In that case..." Fildin turns to look at the painting of Nbod. "So big guy, what did they want from you?"
** (73) Adric blinks bemusedly at Fildin **
(96) Sushil: "Hmmm." :thinks a moment before sighing.: "Well then... I guess one seal is out of our hands."
(108) Vadania: "Aye they staied in town chatting with some people in the Inn. I decided to come keep you company and see if you would join us at the Inn. You know scope out the copetition for your cooking."
** (96) Sushil casually leaves the room, heading back downstairs to resume his meal. **
(91) Grinkle: "Awww, dat be nice."
(91) Grinkle: "Me hob tho." (frowns) "Dem humeez wan kill me. Me Lostafinga hob." (lamely)
** Grinkle stirs the stew a bit and throws in a handful of chopped sage as he whistles a bit. **
(108) Vadania: "They wont kill you if you are with Hile and I. If they try Hile will scare them away."
(91) Grinkle: "Yub shur?" (seems a bit skeptical)
** (119) Fildin frowns. "I guess only Olbernath had the touch." **
(91) DM: It's a large painting of Nbod. A self-portrait, where the pirate stands on a rocky shore holding a rather unusual dagger with a wavy blade. In the background are two ships amidst stormy seas.
(108) Vadania: "Of course I am sure. I wouldnt ask if I wasnt. I figure the worst that will happen is the guards tell us to leave, but Lady Winter may have something to say about that."
(91) DM: You (Fil) recognize the dagger as the leviathan blade.
** (119) Fildin looks to Ruth. "Whatever it was, it couldn't be found. And since the intruder knew the portals, it likely had to do with Nbod. I'm thinking either the dagger, or seal." **
(119) Fildin: (( yeah, I had kinda figured that one out already. :P ))
** (73) Adric listens with a curious look on his face **
(91) Grinkle: "Humph."
(97) Ruth: "It could be the dagger again."
(73) Adric: "Dagger?"
(91) Grinkle: "Me cud cum wid yub. Me need wash tho."
(91) Grinkle: "After fuudin'." (points to the pot) "Rabbit stew."
(119) Fildin: "Yeah, a dagger that we obtained the last time we were here."
** (97) Ruth points at the dagger in the picture. "That dagger." **
(108) Vadania: "Ok, I'll tend your stew while you bathe."
(91) Grinkle: "Yub. Eatz den wash." (grins)
(73) Adric: "Intrigueing ... more than a mere weapon I can guess"
(91) DM: The ratty eared hobgoblin stirs it some more with a thoughtful look on his face.
(97) Ruth: "It is a well-known blade, it seems."
(91) Grinkle: "Me nub cum to vil...vil...humeez place for long tym."
(108) Vadania: "Scarey I bet. I know I would be scared to visit the Lostafinga clan."
(119) Fildin: "Obviously, there is quite a bit unfinished here. Sorry Adric, but there is too much to fully explain right now."
(97) Ruth: "However, some of Nbod's older colleagues have been looking for something else he left behind. It might be one of them that was searching this room."
** (73) Adric looks at Fildin "Very well ... but it seems I have been drawn into this mystery of yours, I'd like to see it resolved myself ... and hopefully learn the full tale as I do" smiles at the pair "If you would have my service" **
(89) Olorec: "It might not be safe to just leave the room unwatched. One of the followers could come back and find the item, who knows how powerful it may be.
(91) Grinkle: "Um, dey nub be so 'fraidy doos. 'Cept me."
(91) Grinkle: "Tho Shar-Kee be mojoka." (shudders)
(119) Fildin: "I think we could use another pair of hands, but you do realize that Sushil is also part of our strange group, yes?"
(108) Vadania: "I bet they would be scared to walk into a Human town all alone."
** (73) Adric lets out a sigh "So he is what I suspect he is?" **
(119) Fildin: "An annoying arrogant wizard? Yes."
(91) Grinkle: "Dey wan cum heer tho. Blak hand man tak sum." (stirs the stew)
(91) Grinkle: "Me herd wuns."
(73) Adric: "thats not what I ment"
(97) Ruth: "I understand wanting to know more. I remember talking Amreth into this weeks ago."
(119) Fildin: "I just saw that you two did not start off well, so I wanted to make sure you remembered." Fildin then looks to Ruth to see if she agrees to some additions to the group.
(91) Grinkle: "Julla sed dey need stuff. Sharpeez. Den he tol me leeb. So me go."
(73) Adric: "Nevermind though ... Lathander will not like my association with him ... but prehaps even an arrogant annoying wizard can change their ways"
** (108) Vadania nods **
** Grinkle looks up at Vadania with a serious look that's mixed with a bit more fear than normal. "Lostafinga been wid blak hand man for long tym." **
(91) Grinkle: "Me nub lik killin', jus' foodin'."
(119) Fildin: "Maybe, although remember that a wheels rim is round, but its spokes are straight, and neither is any good without the other. In order to get things accomplished, it takes many different types of people."
(108) Vadania: "I agree, killin is no fun at all."
** (73) Adric turns to Olorec "What of you friend? I'm sure we could use your company as well" **
(119) Fildin: "As far as more specific about Sushil, I really have only know him for a matter of days. I have slight 'curiosities' about him as well, but I have seen nothing from him that wants him gone."
(89) Olorec: "I'm in if they'll have me. Looks like a good group to be with. I hope we can help some of the suffering souls in this land"
** (73) Adric smirks at Olorec "Bring them the light of the new day" **
** Grinkle stirs the stew some more. "Me go wid yub to humeez place if yub cum wid me. Mebbe me tell sumwun ub de Lostafingas." **
(89) Olorec: "I'm still concerned about leaving the room, Fildin have the rest of you searched this room enough to say there is nothing else that this thing in the portal would want?
(108) Vadania: "I'll stay with you Grinkle."
(91) Grinkle: "Okay." (grins) "Yub eatz. Me wash."
** (108) Vadania nods and pours a bowl of stew **
(119) Fildin: "If whoever it was that entered was looking for the dagger, then yes. If the seal - then I doubt it is in the room. If it's something else, I have no idea. However, we didn't find anything else that would be wanted when we looked earlier."
** Grinkle hands a plate to Vadania and points Hile to a pair of pheasants. "Me cum bak soon." **
(89) Olorec: "Very well then"
(119) Fildin: "Then both of you are welcome to join us. I think we have a lot more explaining to do, as well."
** (89) Olorec grabs his backpack and take's it with him. "No use getting my stuff stolen tonight. I'll keep it closeby for now." **
** (108) Hile doves on the pheasants, gulping the first down in two bites. the looking guiltily at Vadania eats the second slower **
** (119) Fildin gets started explaing the history of the Greenwood Adventurers. ((So, since you wanted to end early - good spot?)) **
(91) DM: ((yep))
(97) Ruth: ((Agreed.))
(73) Adric: ((alrighty)

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