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(86) TaliesinNYC: we can wait for the prodigal rogue later
** (102) Sushil twirls the ends of the mustache deviously, as a snide grin spreads his lips. "Mweheheheh." **
(86) DM: ((who needs a recap?))
(85) Fildin: (( sure. ))
(102) Sushil: (depends if we're FFing)
(86) DM: ((investigated most of the Killing Keep, discovered Verek's lair, Sush's minion took a beating, found out about Verek's activities, had a conference with "Whisper"))
(95) Ruth: (And stole Verek's best stuff)
(85) Fildin: (( as far as we know... ))
(102) Sushil: (Raided his fridge.. maid along distance call. Borrowed some clothes, left him a new pet.)
(86) DM: (101) DM: In the far corner of the room, half hidden by cobwebs, is a dark iron door. It seems to be closed.
(121) Sushil: "Well, I can't say much for how Verek treats his animals." :eyeing the dead horse:
** (149) Vadania grunts "Should treat your animals better then letting them starve to death in a stables, at least set them free." **
(119) Ruth: "It does not exactly look like there was a fire."
(131) Fildin: "Yet another reason to get rid of Verek."
** (131) Amreth makes his way to the iron door, searching it for traps. **
** (121) Sushil shakes his head as they all take his joke too seriously. **
** (149) Vadania makes her way around the stables looking for anything interesting **
** (119) Ruth tries to determine what happened to the front wall of the stables. **
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+5] -> [9,5] = (14) -> [19,5] -> (19, 5) = (24)
** (121) Sushil moves into the room, following Amreth, and prodding the minion along with his staff. **
(131) Amreth: "So, just how much abuse can your friend there take?" he asks Sushil.
(121) Sushil: "It's not anuse. He needs guidance."
(121) Sushil: (abuse, even)
(131) Amreth: "No, I mean from the traps on this door."
(121) Sushil: :shrugs: "It would depend what the trap is."
(131) Amreth: "Looks like a pair. One on the lock itself, one magical one set off by opening it."
(121) Sushil: "Hmmm..." If it's a blade or a spike, I dount he'd mind much. Though the magical trap worries me."
(149) Vadania: "Why wouldnt he mind getting stabed?"
(131) Amreth: "Yeah, one is blade - but that is also the one that I could trip myself."
(121) Sushil: :shrugs: "He's never complained before. I doubt he would now."
(149) Vadania: "You siad he cannot talk so how could he complain?"
(121) Sushil: "Exactly."
(149) Vadania: "Just because he cannot complain dos not mean he does not mind."
(121) Sushil: :to Amreth: "If you truly feat the magical assault I suppose he can take the brunt. But relieve him of the blade if you would."
(119) Ruth: "There are plenty of means for making a silent protest."
(121) Sushil: (fear even)
(121) Sushil: :to Vad: "Trust me. He does not mind."
** (131) Amreth lies down on the ground and waving everyone else back, he reaches up to try to disable the traped lock. **
** (149) Vadania grunts **
** (149) Vadania stays back **
** (131) Fildin watches Amreth with interest. **
** (121) Sushil moves closer to the door, asking Amreth to show him the evidence of the spell upon it in hopes of determining the effect. (spellcraft based on what Amreth shows..?) **
(121) Sushil: "Before you possibly get cut open, would you mind?""
** (131) Amreth sighs, but stops what he is doing and shows Sushil what he found. **
(121) Sushil: Spellcraft Skill Check: [1d20+8] -> [13,8] = (21) -> [17,8] -> (17, 8) = (25)
whispering to Lunauc, evocation
whispering to Lunauc, certainly enough magic to cause injury to whomever opened the door
whispering to Lunauc, either a magic missile type effect or a minor elemental effect, you're not sure
(121) Sushil: "Well.. that's going to hurt." :backs away: "I assume you will reimburse me, should I lose my minion in this endeavor though."
(119) Ruth: "What is it?"
(131) Amreth: "Talk to her about that." he says, waving to Ruth.
(121) Sushil: "Reimbursment..? Repayment for my loss of course."
** (119) Ruth waits patiently. **
** (121) Sushil has moved away now, so Amreth can return to work. **
** (131) Amreth lies back down and gets to work again on disarming the trapped lock, being very wary of the blade. **
** (119) Ruth waits patiently a bit longer. **
** (119) Ruth waits a bit impatiently now. **
** (121) Sushil turns to grinkle while they work, "Give me a hand with something, will you?" **
** (121) Sushil heads back toward the kitchen, minion in tow, and expecting Grinkle. **
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+5] -> [14,5] = (19) -> [15,5] -> (15, 5) = (20)
** (119) Ruth sighs when Sushil leaves. "I know he knows that was not what I asked about" **
(131) Amreth: "Well, at least I am earning my pay - again." Amreth sits up and works on unlocking the door, now that he disable one trap.
(121) Sushil: :In the kitchen, Sushil instructs Grinkle to help the minion lift the overturned table and carry it out to the stable.:
(101) Grinkle: "It be hevy."
** Grinkle shuffles forward reluctantly. **
(121) Sushil: :replies smartly: "That's why I needed your help."
(121) Sushil: "Set it up infront of the door."
** Grinkle mutters, "Ooo. Hevy hevy hevy," as he lifts the table with effort. By the looks of things, he's not exercised much in a while. **
(121) Sushil: :cheers on the hob idly: "That's it. Good work, chef Grinle."
(121) Sushil: (Grinkle rather)
(101) DM: The hobgoblin shuffles about, righting the table in front of the door. "Lik dis?" he asks.
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+5] -> [16,5] = (21) -> [19,5] -> (19, 5) = (24)
(121) Sushil: "That'll be fine. He just needs enough room to reach round and open the door. Thank you."
(121) Sushil: "Amreth, is the door unlocked yet?"
** Grinkle nods, then retreats a bit, taking out a parsnip from a pouch and chews on it. **
** (131) Amreth steps away from the door, putting his picks away. "It's unlocked now." Amreth then moves across from the closed door, hopefully out of range. **
** (121) Sushil sets his minion and the table into position. Then he backs away with the others and orders from across the room, "Keep your body covered behind the table and reach around to grab the knob and open the door." **
** (131) Fildin moves with Amreth, chatting a little with him quietly enough to not bother anyone else. **
** (149) Vadania moves well back as well **
(101) DM: It does so, and as the door opens inwardly, there is a loud explosion as a bolt of lightning issues forth from the lock and smashes into the minion, sending it flying backwards against the rear wall of the stable, whereupon it drops to the ground, a smoking ruin.
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [3d6] -> [3,2,3] = (8) -> [6,2,3] -> (6, 2, 3) = (11)
(121) Sushil: (aaww... no reflex save?)
(131) Fildin: "Ouch."
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20] -> [1] = (1) -> [9] -> 9 = (9)
(121) Sushil: :turns to Ruth: "He was expensive... so you know."
(101) DM: (I rolled the save.)
** (131) Amreth moves to the opened door, and peers around the door jam to peer into the room before opening the door further. **
** (131) Amreth enters the room after a moment. **
(192) Donovan (enter): 22:18
(131) Fildin: "I guess that means it's clear now?"
** (131) Fildin peeks into the room after Amreth, and then follows him, muttering "Much nicer." **
** (121) Sushil hoists his backpack, now that his personal porter is no longer around to carry it. He grumbles at the weight and seems to pay his minion's demise no mind." **
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (192) Donovan...
** (149) Vadania follows after Fildin **
(192) Ruth: "So it was a lightning bolt."
(121) Sushil: :nods to Ruth: "Apparently." :heads to see what is in the room he lost his minion for:
(101) DM: The interior of this medium-sized windowless chamber is, unlike the rest of the Keep, quite spotless. It's a sleeping area. Against one corner of the room is a pallet, next to it is a closed wooden chest. A footstool rests against one wall. In the far corner of the room is a low table upon which can be seen a wooden bowl filled with water and a small pile of silvery dust next to it, along with a bronze wand.
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+5] -> [6,5] = (11) -> [10,5] -> (10, 5) = (15)
** (131) Fildin near the low table, looking over the water and wand. **
** (131) Amreth is checking out the chest. **
(192) Ruth: "This looks like Verek's chambers."
(131) Fildin: "Yeah. And it appears he has been watching something. I wonder what."
(194) Harper (enter):
(196) Dj Gilcrease (enter):
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (196) Dj Gilcrease...
(101) TaliesinNYC: Booting '(149) Dj Gilcrease' from room...
(149) Dj Gilcrease (exit):
** (131) Amreth pulls out some tool and begins working on unlocking the chest. **
** (121) Sushil looks over the dust, water and wand, wondering the connection. (arcana/spellcraft check) **
(101) DM: The water in the bowl ripples as Fildin finishes speaking. A hazy image forms within.
(121) Sushil: Knowledge: Arcana Skill Check: [1d20+8] -> [6,8] = (14) -> [12,8] -> (12, 8) = (20)
(121) Sushil: Spellcraft Skill Check: [1d20+8] -> [16,8] = (24) -> [3,8] -> (3, 8) = (11)
(101) Voice: "Report."
whispering to Lunauc, scrying device
(121) Sushil: "Hmmm..?" :glimpses into the water, trying to place the voice.:
whispering to Lunauc, both the wand and the silver dust are used in conjuction with the bowl of water to scry on either a person, an object or a location.
** (131) Amreth looks at the bowl for a second, but then tries to sound commanding. "The keep, and the seal, are ours." **
(131) Amreth: (( oops - Fildin does that. ))
** (131) Fildin looks at the bowl for a second, but then tries to sound commanding. "The keep, and the seal, are ours." **
(101) Voice: "You summoned me. Have you something to report? Has the Numsroth heir been slain yet?"
** (192) Ruth carefully makes sure to stand far away from Fildin. **
(121) Sushil: :nods to Fildin:
(101) Voice: "Ah, very very good. Our plans proceed apace."
(131) Fildin: "She is no longer a concern." Fildin glances at Ruth, appologetically.
(121) Sushil: (the voice sound familiar?)
(101) Voice: "Most excellent indeed. You have done well, my fine young apprentice. Receive now your next set of instructions."
(101) DM: (nope)
(101) DM: (a dry, husky, male voice -- perhaps in his late forties or fifties, you're unsure)
(113) M. (exit):
(101) Voice: "Bring your willing servant, that fool of a fighter to the Halls. The god commands it. He will make a perfect tool for our purposes."
(131) Fildin: "Of course."
(101) Voice: "The seal must be delivered to its proper owners where it will be kept safe for the rising that shall come."
(101) DM: The voice chuckles with glee.
(101) Voice: "Oh yes, by the might of Lord Bane, for the rising that is to come..."
** (131) Fildin chuckles with the voice, but less than the other does, so as to not show-up his laugh. **
(131) Fildin: "For the rising." he agrees.
(101) Voice: "In the name of the Black Lord."
(101) DM: The voice and the image fades away.
** (131) Fildin steps away from the dish as soon as the picture fades out. "Woah." **
(121) Sushil: :finally speaks up, once the image is gone: "You know... I'd hate to admit it, nut... he seemed like a rather affable fellow."
(192) Ruth: "You did really well, considering the suddeness."
(121) Sushil: "Good spirited, supportive and encouraging of his underling... a bit twisted and malicious, but what employer is not to some degere?"
(121) Sushil: :To Amreth: "That chest open?"
(131) Fildin: "Maybe Sushil, if you overlook the small fact that he apparently wants to rise something that has to deal with Bane. That's not anywhere close to good in my view."
(192) Ruth: "Now that you mention it, he did seem to be a rather unusual evil overlord."
(121) Sushil: :To Fildin: "Minor details. Everyone you know has some odd interest I assure you."
** (131) Fildin shudders, "Maybe, but some interests are far worse than others." **
(121) Sushil: :thinks it over a second before responding: "Oh, yes... that is true. I once met a man who was romantically involved with his goat." :cringes to shake the memory before moving to check the chest for Verek's loot:
(131) Fildin: "At least we got a little more information - even if we don't know who that tall-folk is exactly."
(121) Sushil: "I'm sure we'll find out when we go to the halls."
** (131) Amreth opens the chest lid, and looks through the items. **
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(119) Donovan (exit): 22:47
(131) Amreth: "Mages" he mutters as he draws out a pair of robes, traveling sandels, spell components, travelling spellbook, writing implements, parchment, a map, a diary, and finally a pouch of coins. He tosses the pouch a couple times, trying to get a feel for the amount of coin inside.
(192) Ruth: "Of course, we know what Verek is supposed to do next and he does not now."
(101) DM: Within are some clothes, a few pouches containing what appear to be spell components, a leather-bound book with metallic plates tinged with a greenish substance, a small diary (also leatherbound), writing implements and parchment, and a small handpouch filled with coins.
(101) DM: (strike my comment)
** (121) Sushil picks up the diary, giving it a brief read though of the latest installments. **
(101) DM: (stopping in 45 minutes because of our two lurkers, Ned and LtFiend so we can talk to them.)
(194) Harper (exit):
(131) Fildin: "Exactly. I just wonder why he didn't realize that I didn't look like Verek. Unless I do..."
(121) Sushil: :to Fildin: "There's a good chance the visual effect of the scrying did no twork two ways."
(192) Ruth: "I cannot say. Could be any number of reasons."
(131) Fildin: "Hmm, that would make more sense." Fildin moves to overlook the items Amreth removed, and noticing the map, he picks it up and studies it.
** (192) Ruth examines Verek's spare robes. **
(121) Sushil: :as he reads through the diary: "I think I've found the man's name at least. Or an alias. He is a high ranked Zhent Mage, named Whisper."
(131) Fildin: "That's something else. Verek works for Whisper, and they are both ties to Bane. This just gets better and better."
(83) Parliament (enter):
** (131) Fildin shows Ruth the map. It is a map of Eveningstar, with the location of Stonewatch prominently displayed. **
** (121) Sushil gives a slight snicker as he reads through the pages. **
(83) Parliament (exit):
(131) Fildin: "Looks like how they tracked down your Uncle."
** (121) Sushil closes the diary offering, "Well... it does not seem Whisper has met Verek more than once, which means he probably know little of him, and I doubt he's met Jhanaeril at all. This could work to our advantage." **
(192) Ruth: "Whisper might be an alias. It is a good nickname considering the contact method."
** (192) Ruth holds up one of Verek's robes. "It definitely gives me some ideas." **
(131) Amreth: "So, since Whisper thinks things are going so well, we could launch a trap for him. Maybe."
** (121) Sushil puts the diary aside and picks up the other book, opening it up to scan though its contents. **
(121) Sushil: "I would not advise that. He seems to be a rather powerful mage. And short on patience. It may be better that we use that against him and Verek."
Server Administrator-> Kicking '(196) Dj Gilcrease' from server... Removing dead client
(196) Dj Gilcrease (exit):
(131) Amreth: "How so?"
(131) Fildin: (( whoops - Fildin, not Amreth... These dual personalities are getting the best of me. :P ))
(192) Ruth: "If that is one of his spellbooks, it may make up the cost you paid to get the door open."
(121) Sushil: :while scanning pages: "His diary mentions a time once when Verek entered the halls unannounced, the one time he met Whisper in person. He was harshly warned to never come unsummoned again. I wonder what the response would be if Verk failed to show when he was summoned."
(121) Sushil: :to Ruth: "This would be but pilfered belongings. That servant cost me actual money."
(131) Fildin: "And even if he does get a word in - the fact that he does no have the seal, his fighter, or the death of the heir - would likely make Whisper even more upset..."
(203) DM Luzic (enter):
(121) Sushil: :nods to Fildin: "Quite true."
(204) Dj Gilcrease (enter):
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (204) Dj Gilcrease...
(203) DM Luzic (exit):
(192) Ruth: "That is not just belongings. It is merchandise. Money waiting in potentia for just the right person to see it."
(204) Vadania: (( sorry my main comp crashed hard ))
(131) Fildin: "Most interesting. I admit, facing Whisper might well be beyond us."
(121) Sushil: (is it a spellbook, btw?)
(121) Sushil: :peers up to Ruth: "You're being rather stingy, yes?"
(131) Fildin: (( brb ))
(101) DM: ((yes))
(192) Ruth: "Quite the opposite."
(101) DM: ((leatherbound, with metallic plates coated with a greenish substance))
(101) DM: ((I mean the edges are tinged with a greenish substance))
** (121) Sushil gives the woman a slightly amused chortle, "I suppose you have a point in that. Though I still expect some aid in acquiring a new servant." **
(192) Ruth: "You will have to tell me where you got that servant, but I believe that book is worth more than you paid for your last one."
(204) Vadania: "Dont you have one waiting at the Keep, Fildin said you left one there."
(121) Sushil: :shakes his head to Vadania: "No no. That thing back at the keep is just a puppet. This one was special. He'll be harder to replace."
** (121) Sushil tucks the spellbook in his pack with the diary. "I think I have a replacement in mind though." **
(121) Sushil: "Well.. shall we be on our way?"
(131) Fildin: "Then everyone is happy. So, shall we return to let Lady Winter know what we found out?"
** (204) Vadania shrugs **
(204) Vadania: "Do you want me to leave any nasty surprises here in the water or food? I have a few Herbs that are quite nasty when consumed."
(121) Sushil: "We should probably check what is down that hall leading into the mountainside before we leave."
** (192) Ruth folds up the better of Verek's robes and stows it into her backpack. "It may be useful if we need to get into the Halls." **
** (131) Fildin grabs up the spare parchment from the chest, and puts whatever is not taken back into the chest. He then gets and idea and goes and picks up the wand from near the scrying area. **
(101) DM: ((you already did. that was 10, the pantry.))
(121) Sushil: (no I meant the door north from 2)
(131) Fildin: (( wasn't that one closed tight, or blocked? ))
(121) Sushil: (oh, was it?)
** (121) Sushil kneels down, removing something from his pack and wrapping it in oneof Verek's robes before stowing it in back in the chest. Turning to Amreth, he asks, "Can you relock that?" **
** (131) Amreth relocks the chest. **
(101) DM: ((closed tight, yes))
(101) DM: ((we'll stop here)

(85) Fildin: (( so, are we FFing to much later, or are we on our way away from the keep? ))
** (102) Sushil packs up his pilfered spell components and books, before hoisiting his bag witha grunt. "Hmmm... Grinkle..?" Calls aside to the Hobgoblin: "Would you ming terrible carrying this bag for me. I need my hands free if I must use my magicks." **
(86) DM: ((up to you.))
(85) Fildin: (( just leaving the keep it is then. ))
** (85) Fildin pipes a cheerful tune as the group travels away from the keep, one that seems to perfectly match his mood of having made it in, and back out, of Verek's stronghold. **
** (105) Vadania calls Hile once out of the keep and hops on **
** (102) Sushil instructs Amreth and grinkle in strapping Smasher's body to the horse's back before they leave. **
whispering to Zane, did you want to know Verek
whispering to Zane, see Verek's spellbook
(100) Dalna_Navee (enter): 20:21
(102) Sushil: :To Ruth: "So, Lady, where are we off to now? Back to the village?"
(110) LtFiend (enter): 20:21
(106) hakootoko (enter): 20:21
(106) hakootoko (exit): 20:21
(86) TaliesinNYC: Booting '(91) LtFiend' from room...
(91) LtFiend (exit): 20:21
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (110) LtFiend...
** (95) Ruth hangs back in the ruined stables until Sushil is gone before approaching the mangled body of his minion apprehensively. **
whispering to LtFiend, it would be best if we could converse via AIM
whispering to LtFiend, SobaAddict70 on AIM
(102) Sushil: "Lady Ruth..?" :looks around for her a moment before offering a shrug:
** (95) Ruth very slowly pulls back the hood to reveal the skull underneath. Seeing it she quickly turns away. **
(105) Vadania: "So Grinkle would you be interested in cooking at a restaurant?"
(95) Ruth: "It is what I suspected, but it still chills me to see it. I expect I will see a lot more of death in the future though."
** (95) Ruth catches up to the rest finally. "Sorry, there was something else I had to take care of." **
(86) Grinkle: "What be dis resto...resto...eatz place?"
(102) Sushil: :offers Vadania: "Try tavern."
** (85) Fildin puts his longhorn away, catching in on Vadania's discussion. **
** (102) Sushil glances back to Ruth curiously for a second. **
(102) Sushil: "Shall we be on our way then?"
(86) DM: The diminutive hobgoblin gets up from his resting place, patting his pouches with satisfaction and burps loudly.
** (85) Fildin nods to Sushil. **
(95) Ruth: "Agreed. We need to be away from here when Verek returns."
(105) Vadania: "Yes, an eatz place that people come and pay to eat the food you cook. I have been thinking about how we can make enough money to help Ruth take care of her Keep and I had an idea to set up a Herb shop and eatz place."
(85) Fildin: "Oh, that does interesting. There is no place like it in Eveningstar, and since Mynomere's In is no longer haunted, Eveningstar is going to need something else to help bring in travellers."
(85) Fildin: (( *does sound ))
(102) Sushil: :to Fildin: "Somehow... I doubt people would come from far and wide to eat something a hobgoblin cooked. No offense Grinkle."
(100) Dalna_Navee (exit): 20:35
(85) Fildin: "Maybe, but he does cook some good food - and once people start talking about it, more are likely to come."
(105) Vadania: "I dont know about bringing in Travellers, but it could work. I was thinking that Grinkle would cook, I would collect and prepare the Herbs and maybe you" ** to Fildin ** "could help run the shop, you seem to know a bit about plants."
** Grinkle listens as he walks, chewing thoughtfully on a stalk of wild celery. "Me like." **
(95) Ruth: "Advertise it right and people will come specifically for the food. Only moreso when it becomes well known."
(85) Fildin: "I'd love to help. I doubt I know as much as you, but I have some knowledge."
(102) Sushil: :shrugs: "As you wish. Though it may be easier and cheaper to start by getting him a job as cook in the local tavern and expanding after people have started to appreciate his culinary skills."
(102) Sushil: "Unless of course you wish to turn Stonewatch into a Bed and Breakfast affair. In which case he could be the head chef there."
(85) Fildin: "But it would be more fun to just go for it."
(105) Vadania: "So Ruth, the brings me to something else I wanted to talk to you about. I did some research before we headed out here and it will cost a bit of money, but I think what you gained from the Keep will cover the cost of starting up the buisness."
(102) Sushil: "Fun is well and good. But at the moment funds seem more important."
(86) Grinkle: "Wud need help tho."
(105) Vadania: "Yes, we would, especialy if you plan to go with us when we head out of town again."
(95) Ruth: "It does sound like a good idea."
** (102) Sushil begins leading his encumbered horse away from the keep as he offers back, "This all sounds very exciting, but may we talk about it away from the keep of the evil wizard who could be home any moment?" **
(85) Fildin: "Oh, that's great. Hmm, I wonder just what kinds of herbs the townsfolk would be interested in though..."
(105) Vadania: (( I thought we were already moving ))
** Grinkle nods in agreement as he scrambles out the opening in the side of the wall. "Yub yub." **
(85) Fildin: (( yeah - but we didn't expressedly say it... ))
(86) DM: ((and yes you are))
(102) Sushil: (nope... just standing around talking)
(105) Vadania: "Medicinal, flavoring for food, and stuff like that."
** (85) Fildin looks to the sides of the paths as they continue down the path. "Hmm, makes sense. Medicinal would also be handy for travellers that happen through. Wouldn't it be great if we could get Lady Winter to be one of the first patrons?" **
(102) Sushil: "Hmmm might be better for business if also offer healing practices as a secondary practice to the herbs."
(105) Vadania: "How do you like the name 'Greenwood Herb Garden' "
(102) Sushil: :nods: "Sounds very tranquil."
(95) Ruth: "Good choice."
(85) Fildin: "Oh, an excellent tie in with the group. I wonder, do you think we could use Talrasha's old tower?"
(105) Vadania: "We could ask Lady Winter, I had not found a place yet before we left."
(102) Sushil: :shakes his head to Fildin: "No.. the crown has already laid claim to it. Which reminds me, we must make arrangements to move her belongings to Stonewatch."
(86) DM: ((bio break))
(85) Fildin: "Hmm, good point. Wow, we have quite a lot to do, don't we?"
(95) Ruth: "It would be a shame for her library to go to waste."
(102) Sushil: "Quite true."
** (105) Vadania nods **
(102) Sushil: "Also.. if we are to continue in this quarrel with the Zhents, we should see about getting payment for services to the crown. If we do the job of Harpers, we should recieve the reward of such."
(95) Ruth: "More definite, and final, results would be needed before getting that kind of reward."
(85) Fildin: "Exactly. But it something to consider for when we get to that point."
(102) Sushil: "Of course. But it is good to have an agreement beforehand."
(86) DM: ((back))
(85) Fildin: "Wow, you are starting to sound like Amreth." Fildin smirks a little.
(102) Sushil: :sighs: "At the moment it is a common worry."
(102) Sushil: "Technically though, how we succeed is the first worry."
(85) Fildin: "How we succeed at what?"
(102) Sushil: "We do not know how strong either of the mages awaiting us are, nor what allies they have with them at the haunted halls."
(102) Sushil: "Defeating these zhents of course."
** (105) Vadania sets off ahead of the group "I'll be back in a bit I am going o collect some Herbs" **
(95) Ruth: "You have one of Verek's books. That should give us an idea of what he is capable of."
(85) Fildin: "Oh yeah - them. Well, what else should we do? We've disrupted their communications, and each of the wizards doesn't know what is currently happening."
(102) Sushil: :To Ruth: "The man seems quite self inflated in person, and in his journal, so he may make himself out to be more powerful than he is. And the spellbook I got from him doesn't not seem like much, though it is beyond me. However, he may carry another with his more potent incantations."
(102) Sushil: :then to Fildin: "But they will straighten it out soon enough. We must make sure to shake their faiths while we have the chance."
(95) Ruth: "If you had a backup spellbook, would you keep a copy of only your simplest spells?"
(85) Fildin: "True, they might. So, what can we do next?"
(95) Ruth: "It would not show the breadth of his capability, but the potency should be about the same."
(102) Sushil: "If I were smart, I may leave one around for enemies to find to decieve them of my true strength. Or I may just be an elitist cretin who doesnot wish to have lowly spells in his prized grimoire."
(102) Sushil: "Either way, I expected him to be stronger, based on the damage to Tsharilla's tower."
(85) Fildin: "On the other hand - the Killing Keep was set to look like a complete ruin, so would he ever think that someone would be able to get into his keep, and his spellbook."
(117) No Name (enter): 21:09
(102) Sushil: :shrugs to Fildin: "Most likely not. So I am hoping his strenght is overrated. Yet, we are still left with the wild card of Whisper."
(85) Fildin: "Very well - so we need to deal with him, and more permenantly deal with Verek most likely."
** (102) Sushil stares off for a long moment in thought. Eventually a cryptic grin crosses his thin pale lips. "Hmph.. it would be ideal if they could deal with eachother instead." **
(85) Fildin: "But, isn't that what you just said we didn't want? To have them clear things up?"
** (102) Sushil shakes his head: "No... not clear things up. I'd rather sever their truce." **
(85) Fildin: "Ok, you have our attention."
(95) Ruth: "Now that we know about Whisper. Maybe he is the one that did the damage to Tsharliira's tower."
(102) Sushil: "If the diary is any indication, Verek despises whisper, and I doubt he feels any closer to his subordinate. They don't seem to have communication beyond interspersed reports."
(102) Sushil: :to Ruth: "It is possible, though Whisper does not seem to have directly involved himself in collecting the seals up until now."
(85) Fildin: "Of course not. If they did, it would be much harder to keep the secret society working."
(102) Sushil: "Anyhow.. Verek should still not know that Jhanaeril is imprisoned. After all, the temple seems to have been keeping it under wraps. And if Verek did respond to our last letter, he will probably be wondering what happened to his underling."
(85) Fildin: "Sushil, did Verek mention attacking the tower in Eveningstar?"
(85) Fildin: "In is diary that is."
(102) Sushil: :shakes his head: "It didn't say."
(85) Fildin: "Then that might have been Whisper's handiwork."
(102) Sushil: "I surely do not doubt that."
(85) Fildin: "So, Whisper could have been involved. But he didn't want to attack Ruth's uncle himself. Hmm, most interesting strategy."
(102) Sushil: "Seems sloppy to me. If we could piece it together so easily, either they take us for fools, or they are themselves."
(85) Fildin: "Unless Whisper was more worried about the Uncle than Talrasha ((I'm sure that is spelled wrong.)). So, he used Verek to go after Stonewatch himself, in case there was a problem. But he could have been confident enough to attack Talrasha herself."
(86) DM: ((Tsharliira))
(85) Fildin: (( yeah - her. :) ))
(102) Sushil: "Edearas was a powerful mage. Much more so than his daughter. Whisper may simply have sensed it safer to send in fodder to do the job. Not to mention it only implicates the Lotsafinga clan, rather than arising suspicions of a zhent scheme."
(102) Sushil: "On the topic of scheming though.. I believe we should take the liberty of leaving another message from Jhanaeril when we return to Eveninstar."
(85) Fildin: "Is this part of the idea about getting Whisper and Verek to go after each other?"
(95) Ruth: "I suspect that he did not want the possibility for a survivor to escape the keep after seeing him. Tsharliira lived alone though."
(102) Sushil: :nods to Fildin: "I don't know if Verek would have the balls to attack his superior, but it should strain their relations nonetheless."
(117) No Name (exit): 21:37
(102) Sushil: "It will speak of a man claiming to be a zhent by the name of Whisper contacting Jhan to question their progress. Either we can make Whisper seem a trade. Or seem that an imposter has taken his place."
(85) Fildin: "So, just how would we strain their relationship? Obviously, Whisper will be annoyed with Verek already, for not showing when he is supposed to. And Verek will not be able to use his little bowl to talk to Whisper anymore. What else?"
(102) Sushil: "The imposter is an easier ploy, and if we play the cards right, we can have Verek questioning the real man."
(85) Fildin: (( oh, too slow typing... forget that last thing. ))
(85) Fildin: "Ahh, so if we get Verek questioning the man - and since he can't use his bowl to contact him, it would likely drive Verek crazy."
(102) Sushil: "The letter will have to specify that the Jhan lied to him, and said they had retrieved the seal and killed the heir, so we will have consistancy when Whisper brings it up later."
(85) Fildin: "Do we try to arrange a meeting with Verek then, or just pass messages back and forth?"
(102) Sushil: :thinks for a second before adding: "Oh.. and let it mention that they set up a following meeting, and Jhan, suspecting the man a fake plans to slay him, and that Verek should meet him to aid if he can. Mention the invisibility spell in his book as a suggestion for cohesion, perhaps."
(102) Sushil: "When Verek arrives for the meeting, all he will find is Jhanaeril..."
(102) Sushil: ".. dead."
(85) Fildin: "Wait a minute, how are we going to fool Verek with an illusion? He is a mage as well."
(102) Sushil: "What illusion?"
** (102) Sushil raises a thin brow to the halfling **
** (85) Fildin stops in his tracks and stares at Sushil, trying to find the sarcasm in his face. "You need to be in jest, otherwise we need a new plan." **
(102) Sushil: :keeps walking: "How so?"
** (105) Vadania rides back after colecting Herbs, catching the last part of the conversation **
(85) Fildin: "We are not killing Jhanaeril."
(102) Sushil: "Why not? He's dead either way."
(95) Ruth: "We cannot actually have Jhanaeril for it. I suppose I might be able to make something to hold his attention a moment."
(85) Fildin: "Maybe, maybe not. But that decision is not our call."
(105) Vadania: "There may be a way to make him appear dead without killing him with Herbs. I'll have to think about it for a bit though."
** (95) Ruth trails off at the end as she ponders what that will entail. **
(102) Sushil: "No.. it is the call of the authorities, which will be judging him as soon as he is turned over."
(102) Sushil: :stops and turns round to explain: "This is a mage we are talking about. a stronger one that either of us Ruth. Any chance he could detect the lie would mean the end of the ploy."
(85) Fildin: "Exactly Sushil. That could work Vadania, we might even be able to help him get an easier sentence if he did help us like that."
(102) Sushil: "Jhanaeril is murderet, who will be tried for treason, assisting the zhents, conspiring with the hobs and aiding in the deaths of two noted wizards who guarded this town, not to mention whatever servants were in the keep. The man's sentence will be life ending."
(102) Sushil: "So all the better the end of that life do some inkling of good, no?"
(105) Vadania: "No."
(105) Vadania: "If he is tried and sentenced to death so be it, but we will not be aiding in killing him sooner."
(85) Fildin: "What she said."
** (102) Sushil glances between the two hins before looking to Ruth for final say. **
(102) Sushil: "And what would you have of your family's killer?"
(95) Ruth: "Jhanaeril is not the one who planned all this; he is just a pawn to Verek and Whisper. I would rather he live on to atone for his mistakes than die in regret."
(105) Vadania: "Well I need to fine only one ingredient for a mix that will cause someone to appear dead without killing them."
** (102) Sushil sighs heavily and turns away. After a relaxed breath, he casually responds, "Very well. I will push the subject no further." **
(85) Fildin: "And no side effects that you know of?"
(105) Vadania: "I have never tried it, but there should be no lasting side effects."
(95) Ruth: "Besides, your plan is not without flaws even if we use the real corpse. We cannot just deposit a long-dead body wherever we want to set this up and have it look authentic, anyway."
(85) Fildin: "What is it that you need? Maybe I can help keep an eye for it."
(102) Sushil: "Of course... he would have to be killed on the spot. preferably by magic."
(105) Vadania: "Sumac, I have the Juniper and Mistletoe."
** (105) Vadania keeps an eye out for Sumac while they travel ((Colect Herb Check [1d20+13] ==> [16,13] = (29))) **
(95) Ruth: "Exactly. We do not have the kind of magic to make Verek believe it was Whisper."
(105) Vadania: (( AFK for a smoke ))
(102) Sushil: "But we do have what we need for an imposter."
** (85) Fildin stops momentarily as they travel, stooping a little to grab a plant. "Vadania, is this what you needed?" **
(102) Sushil: "Just for fun though.. when you go to see Lady Winter, ask her what Jhanaeril's sentence is likely to be."
(86) DM: You pass by Old Meg's farm, on your way back to the village. A cloaked figure lies sprawled on the ground, paces away from the familiar hollow stump.
(85) Fildin: "Yeah, we would likely need her approval for this, as well as Jhanaeril's."
(102) Sushil: "Oh..?" :eyes the figure:
** (85) Fildin glances at Sushil upon sight of the figure. "You don't know spells that effect time, right?" **
(102) Sushil: "No... unfortunately I do not."
** (102) Sushil groans. "I feel all the planning may be for naught. I recognize that cloak." **
(85) Fildin: "From where?"
(102) Sushil: "From Verek's ugly hide."
(95) Ruth: "Resting?"
(102) Sushil: "Somehow I doubt that."
** (102) Sushil stares hard at the body, focusing intently. **
** (85) Fildin looks over at the body wearing Verek's cloak, and then back at Sushil. "One way to find out." He starts to make his way over to the body, arching around to approach the figure from the side. **
(102) Sushil: Will save: [1d20+5] -> [10,5] = (15)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+3] -> [9,3] = (12)
(102) Sushil: "Be careful.. it may be a trap."
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+1] -> [20,1] = (21)
** (85) Fildin simply nods back at Sushil, taking his time as he slowly approaches. **
(95) Ruth: "It is really suspicious."
** (102) Sushil looks about the field carefully for scorch marks or signs of magicka, especially in the direction Verek seemed to be fleeing from. **
** (85) Fildin finally approaches the body, and looks over it, without touching it. **
** (102) Sushil kneels down, sifting through something on the ground before coming up with a scroll to read. **
(105) Vadania: (( back ))
(102) Sushil: (damage evident on the scroll?)
(86) DM: ((flash marks, scorching as if emanating from it))
(85) Fildin: "This is Verek, isn't it?" he asks Sushil, since he had actually seen the man in person before.
** (102) Sushil glances back to confirm the body **
** (105) Vadania stays back with Hile **
(102) Sushil: "Hmm.. I suppose Whisper already knows Verek failed."
(102) Sushil: Spellcraft Skill Check: [1d20+8] -> [4,8] = (12)
(85) Fildin: "Maybe, maybe not. Those other tracks are hobgoblin href="http://d20srd.org/srd/feats.htm#track">tracks. And Verek here was attacked with darts. Although, there is the burning on areas of his body that support the idea of Whisper being involved."
(85) Fildin: "Unless there is some other mage that also had something against Verek."
(102) Sushil: "Well.. the 'W' is pretty big hint." :points out a stylized W signing the bottom of the scroll:
(85) Fildin: "Oh. That could be. But why is the scroll damaged?"
** (95) Ruth approaches the body slowly. "When did this happen? Did he already know when he contacted us at the Keep?" **
(102) Sushil: "Exploding runes... they were triggered when he read it. I suppose the hobs were here to finish the job."
** (85) Fildin moves to some of the tracks, trying to determine how fresh they are. **
(95) Ruth: "I take it Whisper was not pleased."
(102) Sushil: "Oh.. I'd so not."
(85) Fildin: "These tracks appear to be just hours old. So this would have occurred after our conversation with Whisper."
(102) Sushil: "We have to assume now that Whisper is aware of us. And he seems to have the Lotsafinga's on his side."
(102) Sushil: (how long was the trip back from the keep?)
** (85) Fildin looks back to Grinkle. "Grinkle, do you know of any of your old tribe that liked darts?" **
(86) DM: ((6 to 7 hours each way))
(86) Grinkle: "Yub. Lotz."
(102) Sushil: :to Fildin: "If this happened afer our talk with Verek, it seems likely Whisper planned to double cross him anyway."
(102) Sushil: (talk with Whisper rather)
(86) Grinkle: "Shar-Kee, Monkey Love, Backtalk, Smut, Udderdoo, Strong-thrust, Fumblefoo en Slyfun..."
(85) Fildin: "I was hoping it would be a smaller list." Fildin looks over the ground a little, then points off to the east - towards Redhand Pool (a large lake). "Looks like the attacker came from that way, and went back the same direction."
(86) Grinkle: "Welp, yub kilt Smut, Backtalk en Monkey Love."
(85) Fildin: "Yeah, and the hobgolbin was probably supposed to get the seal from Verek - which he of course did not have. So, Whisper is likely to know by now that he does not have the deal he expected."
(102) Sushil: "Hmph.. " :gives a slight chortle: "His subordinates are forfeit. He has no idea where to find the seal or who the heir is. I wonder what his next step will be."
(85) Fildin: "The only question I have, is why would Whisper make plans for Verek to come to the Haunted Halls, and then attack him out here very shortly after?"
(95) Ruth: "Because he knew he would not be talking with Verek again.
(102) Sushil: :to Fildin: "That's why we call it a surprise attack. You weren't expecting it, were you?"
(85) Fildin: "Guess not. But I would think that an attack in the Haunted Halls would be better. Unless Whisper didn't expect Verek to come into the Halls unprepared. And out here, he likely would be."
(85) Fildin: "I think I am starting to see how this works. Wow, it's more confusing than Jaymie trying to talk his way out of being arrested."
(102) Sushil: :shrugs to Fildin: "Well, any alternative would be even more complicated. So best to go with this one."
** (102) Sushil kneels by Verek's body, going through his belongings. **
(95) Ruth: "Whether he knew we were intruders when he contacted us at the Keep or not, he will realize it very soon."
(136) nutritious (enter): 22:38
(85) Fildin: "So, Verek is no longer a threat, but Whisper is an even bigger threat, with the addition of the Lotsafingers tribe."
(136) nutritious (exit): 22:38
(102) Sushil: "True. though I may be able to influence the Lotsafingas with some applied psycholody."
(85) Fildin: "Maybe Ruth. The hobgoblin will just report that he didn't find the seal. Whisper will most likely return to the Killing Keep to locate it. Since Whisper didn't actually talk to Verek, he won't know that you are still alive, or that Verek never retrieved the seal."
** (102) Sushil tosses the man's dagger and coin purse carelessly on his chest, and takes a second to eye a strange amber potion before carefully lying that down. Coming acrossed a letter, he opens it to read." **
(105) Vadania: "So I am guessing we wont need the mix that replicates death?"
(95) Ruth: "No, we will not."
(105) Vadania: "Actualy that gives me an idea..."
(102) Sushil: "Not unless you want to play a really cruel joke on someone."
(95) Ruth: "Not right now, at least."
** (85) Fildin looks over the body as well, although he takes few moments to look at the potion Sushil brought out. **
(105) Vadania: "A joke on Wisper, Have Ruth, and a few of us take the mix. Having Sushil and Amreth deliver us to him, just a few hours before we should wake. then we can take him by surprise."
(102) Sushil: "I would not try that if I were you. At this point we do no know if we are being scryed upon."
** (95) Ruth looks around the sky a moment. **
(95) Ruth: "Maybe. We are by Verek right now."
** (102) Sushil sighs as he hands out the letter to the others, "And it seems Verek's death is quite the blessing. Apparently the temple is rather poor at keeping their prisoners imprisoned." **
** (105) Vadania looks at Ruth **
(105) Vadania: "Isnt he laying there dead?"
(95) Ruth: "And Whisper may want to confirm that."
(102) Sushil: "But Whisper may be watching his corpse, waiting for us to stumble on it."
** (85) Fildin smiles at the potion. "Wow, this might help us also. It seems to deal with abilities of rogues." **
** (85) Fildin suddenly stops talking. "What? Oh great, that would just ruin everything then, wouldn't it?" **
(102) Sushil: :raises a brow to Fildin: "You can identify that potion so easily?" :sounds impressed:
(85) Fildin: "Well, I can get a general feel for it, yeah. Lots of time studying."
** (85) Fildin also collects a few darts from the body, wiping them off before adding them to his stash. **
(102) Sushil: "Hmmm.. remind me, Tsharaliira had some potions I have not identified. Perhaps you could give it a shot."
(85) Fildin: "Sure, I can give it a shot."
(85) Fildin: "So, we might as well head on out, yes? Maybe anyone only watching will just see a bunch of adventurers pillaging a body and assume only that."
(102) Sushil: "Let us hope not."
(85) Fildin: "Well, let's keep moving - just in case. Everyone ready to head on out?"
** (102) Sushil looks through the man's spell components for anything valuable or helpful, before standing to leave, the other items strewn carelessly on the body for others to take. **
(95) Ruth: "We do need to get moving. We need to get away from here to plan our next move."
** (85) Fildin is sure to grab the coins and dagger before the party leaves. **
(102) Sushil: "Hmm... We may soon find Whisper taking more bold action as he tries to find what has happened to the seal."
(85) Fildin: "Sushil - What were you saying about the temple?"
(141) Torrek (enter): 23:01
** (85) Fildin rises with the others, content to let the conversation continue as they walk. **
(102) Sushil: :to Fildin: "The letter Verek was carrying mentioned that he had seen Jhanaeril walking about in the temple. Why the prisoner is allowed to freely roam, or what a servant of bane was doing in a Temple of Lathander though, I'll never know."
(85) Fildin: "But who had seen Jhanaeril? That would be good information to know."
(102) Sushil: "Verek did."
(85) Fildin: "So he wrote himself a letter about it?"
(102) Sushil: "It also mentioned something of an Osprey."
(95) Ruth: "He was coming to leave this message, then."
(105) Vadania: "I doubt that Jhaneril is any more a servernt of Bane then you are... well never mind that line of reasoning"
(102) Sushil: :shakes head: "No, No.. it was a letter from Verek, presumably to be placed in the stump for delivery to Whisper."
(85) Fildin: "Ahh, I see. Although I wonder why Verek would admit that problem. Now, what about an osprey?"
(102) Sushil: "The letter only said he could not find any word of an Osprey."
(141) Torrek (exit): 23:08
(85) Fildin: "Hmm, must be another code name. I've never heard of any ospreys that can talk."
(85) Fildin: "So, I guess we should alert Lady Winter as to what we have found - then we can try to start making sense of all of this."
(102) Sushil: Knowledge: History Skill Check: [1d20+6] -> [7,6] = (13)
(102) Sushil: Knowledge: Religion Skill Check: [1d20+6] -> [4,6] = (10)
(102) Sushil: Knowledge: Arcana Skill Check: [1d20+8] -> [15,8] = (23)
(102) Sushil: "Agreed." :begiins back toward the road, asking Fildin: "Do you know of any folk tales or rumors involving ospreys?"
(85) Fildin: "Hmm." Fildin thinks for a moment.
(85) Fildin: "Now that you ask - I think Olbernath mentioned it once. Let's see - Osprey... Nbod the Mad? That's it! The Osprey was one of Nbod the Mad's ships. And if I remeber correctly, Nbod was believed to be a Zhent. Acording to some stories, something happened - no one can agree on what - and he suddenly went rogue - leaving the Zhents and becoming the pirate we heard about before."
(85) Fildin: "So, that would explain the tie in with Verek and Whisper - the Zhents likely want something from Nbod, something that they think is on his ship."
(102) Sushil: "The third seal perhaps."
(85) Fildin: "Hmm, perhaps. It would make sense. I wonder where it would be, there was no sign of the ship down at the Moon Isle Atoll."
(102) Sushil: :shrugs: "Are next inquiry perhaps."
(105) Vadania: (( AFK for a smoke ))
(139) Moric (enter): 23:24
(139) Moric (exit): 23:24
(102) Sushil: (our even)
(102) Sushil: (FF?)
(85) Fildin: "Very much so. It appears as though we may need an extended audience with lady Winter this time. But enough talk for now." Fildin takes up his longhorn once again, playing a light tune that seems to draw upon the sights of the river, the lake, the ofrests and the rolling hills, floowing out sweetly through the area - yet having enough power to keep the marching pace up as they travel to Eveningstar.
(85) Fildin: (( smoke as well - I'll let someone else talk for a bit. :P ))
(102) Sushil: (afk a sec)
(85) Fildin: (( back ))
(86) Grinkle: ((yep, if you want to))
(86) DM: (lol)
(85) Fildin: (( sounds good - since no one else seems to have anything to say. ))
(102) Sushil: (back)
(86) DM: ((we can stop here if you like. let me know what you want to do from here on in.))
(86) DM: besides I want to have Peter introduce his PC
(102) Sushil: (Ok.. if you like we can set up what we plan in town on the boards I guess.)
(86) TaliesinNYC: you've got a number of directions you can go
(86) TaliesinNYC: there's Whisper
(85) Fildin: (( First thing - let a guard inform Lady Winter that the Greenwood Adventurers request an audience. ))
(86) TaliesinNYC: there's Ruth's keep
(86) TaliesinNYC: there's the hobgoblins
(86) TaliesinNYC: there's this "Osprey"
(86) TaliesinNYC: there's an audience with Lady Winter
(86) TaliesinNYC: there's whatever Lady Winter had in store for you
(105) Vadania: (( back ))
(85) Zane: there's down time... :)
(86) TaliesinNYC: yes, there's downtime
(86) TaliesinNYC: so rate this session please

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