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(516) DM: ((missed all that))

(516) DM: ((missed all that))
** (462) Vadania stays back with Ruth **
** (509) Amreth slinks along the wall moving through the ruins slowly and carefully, to the north door. **
** (510) Fildin steps inside room 2, but waits just north of the doorway. **
** (491) Ruth continues to follow back a distance, giving the stealthier Amreth and Fildin space to work. **
(516) DM: It seems to be slightly ajar.
(506) Dave (exit): 20:48
** (484) Sushil hangs back, letting the scouts do their job **
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+5] -> [20,5] = (25),[1d20+6] -> [12,6] = (18)
** (509) Amreth presses his butt and back against the wall, crouched next to the door, and pushes the door open with one hand. **
** (509) Amreth glances down, and runs a finger gently along the tripwire, then stands to his feet, and peers beyond. **
(516) DM: It grudgingly opens out, making an incredibly loud noise that threatens to bring the top of the door crashing down.
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+5] -> [19,5] = (24)
** (510) Fildin covers his ears against the noise, hoping that Amreth knows what he is doing. **
(516) DM: This seems to be a small crevice in the cliffside.
(516) DM: As if there was a side cave that the Keep was constructed in front of. Mold, mildew and cave fungus grows within.
(484) Sushil: :comments sarcasticallyat the grotesque noise: "It's a good thing that we a re being stealthy about this, or someone might catch us."
** (509) Amreth glances back at Fildin, and crouches down, gesturing to the tripwire, "Mind this," he says, and moves to the eastern door. **
** (491) Ruth quietly explains, "it does no good to complain about noise." **
** (462) Vadania follows along quietly as posible **
(484) Sushil: "Tell that to the people in the next keep over when they come to complain"
** (484) Sushil follows cautiously, instructing his minion step for step how to circumvent the traps. **
** (510) Fildin nods to Amreth as he indicates the tripwire, but remains on the west side of the room until Amreth clears the next doorway out. **
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+6] -> [7,6] = (13)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+6] -> [17,6] = (23)
** (509) Amreth slips a fold of leather from his vest, and slips a bit of wire and a pick from it, kneels down, and starts working on the door's lock. **
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+5] -> [3,5] = (8)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+8] -> [18,8] = (26)
(509) Amreth: Reflex: Saving Throw: [1d20+7] -> [3,7] = (10)
(516) DM: A needle-sharp spike shoots out of the lock.
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d4+2] -> [1,2] = (3)
** (509) Amreth yanks his hand back from the lock with a very audible curse, and stumbles back from the door, holding his hand. **
** (510) Fildin starts across the door at Amreth's reaction. "What is it?" he asks, quietly. **
** (484) Sushil raises a curious brow to Amreth's pain. **
** (509) Amreth shakes his head at Fil, and balls up his hand as he wanders back over to the door to collect his tools, "A bloody needle, that's what. Stuck me good, too." **
** (510) Fildin glances at the door to see the needle. "Ouch, that would prick good. You gonna be allright though?" **
(484) Sushil: "Oh.. I just figured you clumsily stabbed yourself with your lock pick." :turns to his minion and holds up a coin: "You win that bet."
** (509) Amreth collects his tools, and holds up his bloodied hand, "Hurts like hell, but I don't think it was poisoned." **
(509) Amreth: "Where's Vanadia?"
(516) DM: The door creaks inward, revealing a dimly lit corridor that burrows into the bowels of the Killing Keep.
** (510) Fildin nods back to the door from 1, "Back there last I saw. I'll go check." Fildin heads back to find Vadania. **
** (462) Vadania comes up after hearing the door open **
** (509) Amreth drops his pack, draws out his shirt, and with the use of his dagger, cuts a long, thick strip from it, and ties it tight around his wrist to cut off the blood flow, just in case, "Thank you." **
(516) DM: To your immediate right is a barred steel gate. Ahead is a closed and securely locked wooden door. Flickering torchlight can be seen further down the passage, around the corner.
(462) Vadania: "Did you need something Amerth?"
** (509) Amreth takes a seat next to the door, and examines his hand and the wound in the dim light, "Yes, needle stuck me.. Don't suppose you have any knowledge of posions, and any herbs or what not that could help." **
** (484) Sushil stares to the torchlight with a groan: "Wonder why we haven't had company yet." **
(462) Vadania: "I can take a look."
(462) Vadania: Heal Skill Check: [1d20+6] -> [16,6] = (22)
** (509) Amreth nods his head towards his bloodied hand, "Got it tied off already." **
** (510) Fildin looks back to Sushil. "It might be that Verek actually left to meet 'us' in town." **
** (491) Ruth glances once more out into the sky before proceeding into the unused barracks. **
** (462) Vadania examins Amreths hand, unwraping it slowly **
** (510) Fildin sticks his head through the door to try and look through the gate, while Vadania looks over Amreth's hand. **
(491) Ruth: "That is what we hoped for. With all these traps set, I wonder if there is anyone still here at all."
(484) Sushil: "Let us hope not."
(509) Amreth: "Well with any luck, he didn't leave behind any guards what'll take note of that noise. If there were, I imagine we'd be set upon by now.. Or they're smart and waitin' for us."
** (462) Vadania diggs into her herb pouch and pulls out some rosehips and gently applies them to the wound **
** (509) Amreth winces at the string as Vadania works, and sighs, "I've really got to be more careful." **
(509) Amreth: ((sting*))
(462) Vadania: "Aye"
** (510) Fildin steps back into the room (room 2). "Looks like an armory to the south, past that gate. Anyone need anything?" **
(484) Sushil: "Yes.. an army to go with it."
(509) Amreth: "If you can get into it," he starts, "Use my tools if you need 'em-just bring 'em back, let's see what he's got stashed in that armory. If nothing else, we might find somethin' worth selling."
** (462) Vadania steps back and motions for Amreth to continue "Try and not get stuck again." **
(510) Fildin: "Well, besides that."
** (509) Amreth half shrugs, "I'll try. Thank you for the help." **
** (509) Amreth tightens the strip of cloth around his wrist again just the same, and stands to his feet. **
** (509) Amreth grabs his pack and hefts it back onto his shoulders, and heads out into the hall. **
** (462) Vadania keeps about fifteen feet back of Amreth **
** (510) Fildin follows Amreth, staying near Vadania for now. **
** (509) Amreth stops to check the barred steel gate, looks back at Vadania, "So, what do I owe you?" **
** (491) Ruth follows about twenty feet behind Amreth, just behind Vadania. **
(516) DM: ((steel gate to 3 to your right, closed wooden door to 4, closed wooden doors to 4 and 6 around the corner, flickering torches down the corridor leading to 6))
(462) Vadania: "For what?"
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+5] -> [8,5] = (13),[1d20+6] -> [19,6] = (25)
** (484) Sushil inches to the corner, giving a glance fown the way to the torchlight. **
(509) Amreth: "Well, for checking my wound, for one-and whatever I may owe you for whatever you applied to the wound."
whispering to LtFiend, do you have AIM?
(462) Vadania: "Nothing?" ** seems confused as to why she should be owed anything **
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+6] -> [11,6] = (17)
** (484) Sushil glances to the druidess from behind Amreth's back, raisinng his hand in a rising gesture, insinuating 'ask for more' ... 'fool' **
(517) thalor (enter): 21:30
** (509) Amreth furrows his brow at the small woman, and returns his attention to the door, working the lock to the steel gate a great deal more carefully then he did the previous door. **
(510) Fildin: "How about we keep moving for now, and discuss this later. If Verek did in fact leave, he could return at any time."
(509) Amreth: "Odd."
** (509) Amreth frowns, leaning in close to peer inside the lock, "Yeah, that might be best. Leave this for later. Odd." **
(484) Sushil: "Odd.. how?"
** (509) Amreth replaces his tools and stands to his feet again, turning to stride down the hall a ways to the door to room 4, "Looks like someone stuck a coin in the lock mechanism, which is, as I said.. Odd." **
(517) thalor (exit): 21:34
** (510) Fildin glances at the door to the armory. "Only reason I can think of for that is to keep others from getting in." **
(473) A Lurker (enter): 21:35
** (462) Vadania nods **
(484) Sushil: "Can't you just pry it out?"
(509) Amreth: "I figure I could get it out easy enough-doesn't seem a very good security measure, if you ask me."
(509) Amreth: "And after just getting stuck, I don't want to mess with it at the moment."
(510) Fildin: "But what if there is something in there that could help us?"
(509) Amreth: "Well, do you want to waste the time? It's up to you, Ruth," he says, turning around to look at the woman, "This is, after all, your show."
** (491) Ruth looks around at the ragtag bunch. "We can definitely use any help we can find." **
(510) Fildin: "I'll check it out Amreth, you continue with the other doors. That way you don't waste the time on it, ok?"
** (462) Vadania stays back with Fildin **
(484) Sushil: Knowledge: Arcana Skill Check: [1d20+8] -> [1,8] = (9)
(484) Sushil: Knowledge: History Skill Check: [1d20+6] -> [5,6] = (11)
(484) Sushil: Knowledge: Local Skill Check: [1d20+6] -> [15,6] = (21)
(484) Sushil: Knowledge: Religion Skill Check: [1d20+6] -> [17,6] = (23)
(491) Ruth: "If it is not going to keep someone out, maybe it is to show that someone opened it."
** (509) Amreth shrugs, and chooses two slender tools he believes he'll need to dislodge the coin, "No, I'll take care of it, you go on up ahead-you're smaller anyway, less likely you'll be spotted," he says, and moves back towards the barred steel door to work on removing the coin. **
** (510) Fildin nods to Amreth and makes his way to the corner, looking around the corner and making his way down the hallway, sticking to the south wall, as he moves toward the next door (to 6). **
** (484) Sushil watches Fildin move first, so he knows a safe route **
(509) Amreth: ((brb, bathroom))
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+2] -> [10,2] = (12)
(509) Amreth: ((Back))
** (510) Fildin reaches the door furthest down the hallway and listens at it, then he starts to make his way back to the others, moving even slower than before - doing his best to be quieter than a breath. **
** (484) Sushil passes Fildin a questioning shrug on his return. **
** (510) Fildin waves Sushil to follow back to the others. Once he gets back around the bend, he tells them, quietly, what he found. "There are footprints in the dirt along the hallway ahead, and someone, or something, was mumbling on the otherside of the next door - which appeared to be quite well locked." **
** (509) Amreth crouches to begin his work dislodging the coin. **
** (509) Amreth mutters as he works, "Sounds like fun." **
(484) Sushil: :whispers: "What kind f mumbling? Mad Mumbling? Worried mumbling? Spell chanting mumbling?"
(510) Fildin: "I couldn't tell, it was too low."
(523) John Lydon (enter): 21:48
** (491) Ruth adds to the whispered conversation, "Probably mad. This is the first sign of life here." **
(484) Sushil: "Maybe he just mumbles in his sleep."
(484) Sushil: :idly reflects: "It is too bad I do not know a good nightmare curse."
** (509) Amreth gasps and jerks back, falling flat on his back, rolls away from the door, and scrambles to his feet, stomping at the thing with a heavy boot. **
(484) Sushil: :Glances to Amreth: "Now what?"
** (510) Fildin looks at Amreth, with a concerned look. "Huh?" **
(491) Ruth: "What is it?"
(516) DM: He's stomping on a heavy silver coin that seems to have dislodged from the lock.
** (462) Vadania watches Amreth dance on the coin **
** (510) Fildin steps back from Amreth. **
** (484) Sushil sighs and turns to his minion instructing, "Reach down and let the coin bite into your hand. **
(516) DM: It stoops down and picks the coin up.
** (509) Amreth continues stomping on the coin, "Damned if I know, the bloody thing has teeth!: **
(509) Amreth: ((Okat scratch that))
(510) Fildin: "Won't it just hurt him instead?" he asks Sushil.
(484) Sushil: "Well.. now you know for next time. Isn't learning fun?"
(484) Sushil: :glances to Fildin: "Nah.. he'll be fine."
** (509) Amreth points at the coin-critter, "What the hell is that thing?" **
** (510) Fildin gives Sushil a strange llok for a second, but then shakes his head, letting it go. **
(484) Sushil: (does the coin try to bite the minion, or seems to know better?)
** (462) Vadania looks at the coin **
(484) Sushil: (arcana check on the coin while I'm at it.)
(484) Sushil: Knowledge: Arcana Skill Check: [1d20+8] -> [4,8] = (12)
(484) Sushil: :in answer to Amreth: "My first guess would be.. hungry."
(524) Iscariot (enter): 21:59
(524) Iscariot (exit): 21:59
(491) Ruth: "It is not the sort of thing to get hungry usually."
** (484) Sushil shrugs and instructs his minion,"Place the coin in your buttoned pocket for now." **
(484) Sushil: "Might come in handy later."
** (509) Amreth frowns and returns to the lock, "Aye, we can melt it down to make a real coin," he says, and works the lock. **
(484) Sushil: "Though it may just have been a one time transmutation, expelled the moment the coin was taken from the lock. i'll examine it later."
(480) Veracus (enter): 22:03
(516) DM: It drops the coin into the petit pocket.
** (510) Fildin peeks back around the corner to the long hallway, making sure that no one is coming from the door. **
(484) Sushil: (I don't know why I bought him that french over coat)
** (509) Amreth swings the door slightly ajar, to see if it'll creak. **
(491) Ruth: "Though it does not seem violent right now, maybe it is a lock lurker."
** (509) Amreth continues to open the steel door very, very slowly, "A what?" **
(516) DM: The gate swings open silently.
(484) Sushil: :to ruth: "Yes.. a what?"
(491) Ruth: "It is something I read about. It looks a bit similar to a tiny scorpion, but can retract its legs and stinger to look flat, round, and metallic like a coin."
(491) Ruth: "It seemed rather implausible at the time."
** (509) Amreth opens the gate fully, and steps inside, "Like I said before: Odd." **
(484) Sushil: "Adtounding.. so it's a living creature? Or is it a golem of some type?"
(491) Ruth: "A living creature, but I doubt it was naturally occuring."
** (509) Amreth snaps his fingers as he wanders about the armory, "COuld use some light in here, if you'd be so kind." **
(484) Sushil: "Hmmm.. I wonder what is sustains itself on."
(510) Fildin: "That does sound quite intriguring, I must admit as well." Fildin follows Amreth, bring a light.
(462) Vadania: "The dust in locks?"
(484) Sushil: "More to the point I wonder if if can be trained."
(526) gsman (enter): 22:08
(527) chris (enter): 22:09
(527) chris (exit): 22:09
(491) Ruth: "I think it would hibernate or sleep."
** (462) Vadania twirles a small vine and hair ring wraped around her finger untill it begins to glow a gentle red **
(484) Sushil: :to vadania: "That seems rather unbelievable. Though I can hardly believe it waits around for someone to come pull it out to take a nip and get stomped on either."
(516) DM: The armory appears to be on the whole -- abandoned and unused. Most of the contents are poorly crafted or tarnished and rusted. A skeleton can be seen chained to one wall, its limbs shackled to rusty manacles.
(484) Sushil: :shrugs: "I'll look into it later."
(462) Vadania: "Can I see the creature Sushil?"
** (510) Fildin checks out the armory with Amreth. "Then again..." **
(484) Sushil: :looks into the armory, idly noting Vadania's request: "Huh..? Sure.. it's in his pocket."
(509) Amreth: "Don't be too hasty," he says, and begins scouring the room.
** (462) Vadania goes and takes the thing from Sushil's servent's pocket **
** (510) Fildin helps Amreth search - sticking close by so that they have light. **
** (484) Sushil steps into the armory, looking over the lackluster selection with a mock interest. paying the skeleton little ming... as the others aew closer to it. **
whispering to Dj Gilcrease, Zane, TaliesinNYC, (GW): how long do you spend searching?
whispering to Amreth, Zane, TaliesinNYC, (GW): sorry, inadvertently whispered to DJ. how long do you spend searching?
(516) DM: A translucent appendage suddenly manifests out of nowhere, tipped with a barb sting. The creature whips the stinger with lightning speed at Vadania's hand and tries to barb her. (Reflex)
(530) Donovan (enter): 22:18
(462) Vadania: Reflex save: [1d20+3] -> [7,3] = (10)
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (530) Donovan...
(516) TaliesinNYC: Booting '(491) Donovan' from room...
(491) Donovan (exit): 22:18
** (530) Ruth quietly offers, "Well the alternative is that it is just a coin and Amreth is merely being jumpy. Odd either way." **
** (462) Vadania just stands there as the thing stings her **
(516) DM: She stiffens and drops the creature which then attempts to scuttle away.
(484) Sushil: :adds to Vadania in after though, having not notice her being stung: "Oh, by the way.. you might want him to hold it for you."
** (509) Amreth shakes his head, checking the skeletal remains last, "There's nothing here. It's all worthless." **
whispering to Amreth, Zane, TaliesinNYC, (GW): in one corner of the armory is a very well hidden box that is closed but not locked
whispering to Amreth, Zane, TaliesinNYC, (GW): an inverted black triangle streaked with a crimson "Z" can be seen on the box
(510) Fildin: "What about that?" Fildin asks Amreth - pointing to a closed box in the corner.
** (509) Amreth cocks his head as something catches his eye, "Then again," he says, and stands upright, wandering over to the small box. **
** (510) Fildin follows Amreth, enthralled with the box as well. **
(509) Amreth: "Aye, aye," he says, pointing at the symbol, "What do you make of that?"
(473) A Lurker (exit): 22:24
(526) gsman (exit): 22:24
(484) Sushil: "Ah!" :gives a slight cry of surprise, as he notices Vadania's condition: "Pick that coin up!" :harshly whispers the command to his minion... apparently more concerned with the strange creature."
(462) Vadania: (( AFK for a smoke ))
** (509) Amreth ignores Sushil's muttering, assuming his companion dropped the coin-critter, and not overly concerned, checks the box. **
(510) Fildin: "Unfortunately, I do recogonize that - Zhents."
(523) John Lydon (exit): 22:26
(509) Amreth: "I had a feeling."
(510) Fildin: "Shall we see what is hidden within?"
(509) Amreth: [1d6] -> [4] = (4)
(509) Amreth: "Not so fast," he says, contuing his examination, "I'm going to bet anything this box is trapped somehow."
** (530) Ruth watches the antics with the lurker, certain anything she tried would be at best comical. **
** (510) Fildin takes a step back from the box, but stays close enough so that Amreth has light. "So, why not find it and remove it?" **
** (509) Amreth checks the box, still fixated on it, "Brilliant suggestion. Try that trick of yours, and see if you can detect any hint of magic on it." **
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+1] -> [4,1] = (5)
(516) DM: It tries to catch the lurker, though its antics remind you of someone trying to stomp a fleeing cockroach.
(516) DM: The minion bursts into the armory chasing a rolling coin.
(510) Fildin: "You know that will make noise, right? And whoever is down the hall will likely hear me. Unfortunately, when I am being quiet, my magicks do not work."
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20] -> [18] = (18)
** (509) Amreth glances up at Sushil's companion, ignoring Fildin, and takes a step back to avoid being run into, "The hell.." **
(516) DM: After a few seconds of chasing, it eventually pounces on the lurker, grasping it in its hand.
(532) Lunauc (enter): 22:32
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (532) Lunauc...
(516) TaliesinNYC: Booting '(484) Lunauc' from room...
(484) Lunauc (exit): 22:32
** (510) Fildin gives the minion a look as he rushes into the armory, chasing, and finally catching, the coin creature. **
** (509) Amreth glances from Sushil's 'minion' to Sushil himself, glaring at him, "Mind being more careful?" **
(532) Sushil: "Hey, I'm not the one who dropped it."
** (509) Amreth glances from Sushin to Ruth, "Come here, will you?" **
(530) Ruth: "It made a desperate bid for freedom while Vadania tried to study it."
(510) Fildin: "Do you figure anything out Vadania?"
(516) TaliesinNYC: [1d6] -> [3] = (3)
(532) Sushil: :orders his minion: "Put the coin back in your pocket and button the pocket."
** (530) Ruth enters the armory. She steps up to see what Amreth is looking at. **
(509) Amreth: "So let the bloody thing go," he says, and kneels back down next to the box, "Need your help, your highness. Since Fil here can't risk tooting his horn."
(530) Ruth: "What did you find?"
(532) Sushil: (vadania still a statuette?)
(510) Fildin: "Vadania?" He looks over to Vadania, to see why she is not responding.
(516) DM: She's still as a statue.
(509) Amreth: "Box, marked with a Zhent symbol. Figure it's trapped."
(510) Fildin: "What happened to Vadania?" he asks those outside the armory as he moves over to her.
** (532) Sushil sighs as he moves to check on Vadania's condition. Kneeling he checks her pulse and pupils and skin color for variation, trying to determine how serious the effect is. **
(532) Sushil: Heal Skill Check: [1d20+5] -> [2,5] = (7)
(532) Sushil: (I If keep rolling like this, we won't need enemies)
(509) Amreth: ((Hopefully my luck will continue to hold))
(509) Amreth: ((Such that it is))
(510) Fildin: "Hmm, she appears paralyzed. Did that creature do something to her?" he asks Sushil.
whispering to Lunauc, she's paralyzed
(530) Ruth: "So you want me to look for signs of magic about the box, quietly?"
(532) Sushil: :shrugs: "I wasn't paying much attention."
(509) Amreth: "Aye."
(530) Ruth: "It must have stung her."
** (510) Fildin looks over Vadania, before looking into her eyes and speaking to her. "Sorry girl, but it looks like you are stuck for now. Unless you know a way out." **
** (462) Vadania continues to stand motionless and barly breathing a slight look of shock frozen on her face **
** (532) Sushil stands back, considering Vadania's state for a moment. **
(532) Sushil: :sinally he speaks to Fildin: "You know... she'd make a pretty good garden ornament."
(530) Ruth: "There is nothing I can suggest but to wait for it to wear off."
** (510) Fildin glances at Sushil, and gives him a glare. "As much as she may enjoy gardens and herbs, that's still not funny." **
(532) Sushil: :shrugs: "I'm not saying I was going to."
** (510) Fildin looks back to Vadania. **
** (509) Amreth glances up at Ruth, "Well, so, the little lady's takin' a nap. What of the box, then?" **
(516) Grinkle: "Me try."
(509) Amreth: "Huh?"
** Grinkle seemed to have watched the goings on with the lurker with interest but didn't touch it. **
(532) Sushil: "Try what now?"
(516) Grinkle: "Me try open...open...open it."
** (530) Ruth looks over the box as is before gesturing and incanting a brief spell to see things in a new perspective.(detect magic) **
** (510) Fildin cracks a smile for a moment, but then lets it slip away. **
(509) Amreth: "Grink, that might not be sucha good idea," he says, moving to stop him.
(516) Grinkle: "Um...okay."
** (530) Ruth looks over the box, then the armory, then finally to Vadania. **
(516) Grinkle: "Hoo dat?"
** (509) Amreth pats the hob on the shoulder, "We've got to check it out first, aye? And if it's clean, and you won't get hurt, go ahead and give it a shot." **
(532) Sushil: "Aaaahh.. why not let Grinkle earn his keep. Half some faith in him." :offers with meager sincerity:
(516) DM: The hobgoblin looks around with a puzzled look on his face.
** (509) Amreth cocks a brow at Grinkle, "Who's what?" **
** (532) Sushil raises a brow to Grinkle **
(530) Ruth: "Nothing magical in here. Company coming?"
(516) Grinkle: "Plant lady tak in hed. Oooo."
** Grinkle looks at Vadania. "Me kno lox." **
** (509) Amreth glances from Grinkle to Vanadia, then back, "Her?" he asks, pointing at the small woman, "Aye, she does that.." **
(516) Grinkle: "No mojo. Lox, trix. Stikkin', nub killin'."
(532) Sushil: :looks back and forth from the hob to the hin: "Vadania can project thoughts?"
** (509) Amreth frowns, looking down at Vadania, "Huh." **
(510) Fildin: "Yes she can. Oh, and she did think your joke was a little funny by the way."
(532) Sushil: :blinks: "Fascinating."
** (509) Amreth keeps an eye on her as he kneels down to check the box once more for any trickery, then grabs hold of Grinkle, "Fine, get down 'ere and see to the box." **
(516) Grinkle: "Um, okay. Plant lady say yub help."
(532) Sushil: "Wow.." :to Vadania: "Can you recieve thoughts as well?"
** Grinkle gets down on his knees and takes out a whittled bone and a piece of wire and starts finagling with the lock. **
(516) Grinkle: "Dum, dum, dum."
** (509) Amreth moves back a bit, and watching Grinkle work at the lock with his crude tools. **
(532) Sushil: "That could be helpful at times. How far away can it work?" :attention on the hin statuette as the others work on the box:
(516) Grinkle: "Dum, dum, dum...."
(516) DM: He looks up with a goofy grin.
(516) Grinkle: "Dis open now."
(509) Amreth: "Full of surprises," he says.
** (509) Amreth carefully opens the box. **
(516) DM: Inside is a bulging leather satchel and a scroll tube.
** (509) Amreth grabs up the leather satchel and begins examining its contents. **
(516) DM: It clinks. Heavy with coin.
** (509) Amreth sits down on his butt, and opens up the satchel, "Well, while it's not entirely hepful at the moment, I consider it worth while," he says, sifting through the coins with one hand. **
(510) Fildin: "Aren't you glad we came in here then? Anything besides the coins?"
** (509) Amreth plucks a fistful of coin from the bag, and let's them slwoly trickly back down into it, "I've seen enough coin in the past few weeks to retire comfortably many times over. I swear I don't know why I don't just pocket all I can and head back home." **
(530) Ruth: "The excitement?"
** (509) Amreth grabs the scrolls case, looks over it briefly, and hands it to Fildin, "Whatever this is." **
(510) Fildin: "because, if he leaves this coin this close to the entrance, imagine what he has further in."
(532) Sushil: "that's still quite useful." :responds to the hin woman's silent answer before offering over his shoulder to Amreth: "Dumb greed for more?"
** (510) Fildin accepts the scroll case, he looks over it and then turns to Ruth, to see if she wants to look over it. **
(509) Amreth: "Don't stumble, now."
(509) Amreth: "That's a very fine line you're walkin', mate," he says, drops the satchel of coin, and stands to his feet.
(509) Amreth: "Regardless, we've got what we could find. What of the little lady there?" he asks, gesturing to the prone and paralysed little woman.
(532) Sushil: :shrugs: "Doon't we all? Why else would we be in such a place as this?"
(510) Fildin: "She should be fine, but time is the only thing I know of to help her out."
(532) Sushil: :nods to Vadania: "We can lash her to my servants back to be carried. I don't think her weight will be a problem."
(509) Amreth: "She doesn't have any suggestiosn of her own? No ideas for elixers, nothing?"
(516) Grinkle: "Oooo."
** (510) Fildin looks to Vadania. **
(532) Sushil: :glances to Grinkle: "Perhaps you have an idea."
(516) Grinkle: "Nub. Plant lady tak in hed."
** (509) Amreth glances at Grinkle as he looses and let's fall to the ground the makeshift tourniquet he's made, "What?" **
** (530) Ruth takes the offered scroll case and opens it up. "A message and payment, probably." **
(509) Amreth: "Payment, eh? How very thoughtful."
** (509) Amreth bends down to grab the satchel, "And much appreciated." **
(532) Sushil: :Looks to Ruth: "What now?"
(516) DM: (stopping in 30 minutes -- about 11:50 pm because I want to talk to LT for a minute)
(509) Amreth: ((K))
** (530) Ruth unrolls the scroll and looks it over. **
** (509) Amreth unslings his pack, and hides the satchel of coin away, before arranging the pack on his back again, "What's it say?" **
** (510) Fildin frowns slightly, but remains still. **
(530) Ruth: "It is Jhanaeril's payment for his last job. Verek offers him more work."
(539) swammeyjoe (enter): 23:24
(509) Amreth: "Wait, who?"
(539) swammeyjoe (exit): 23:25
(530) Ruth: "The man we captured who was running messages for Verek."
(509) Amreth: "This is quite a sum for a simple messenger. Must remember to speak to this Verek fellow about employment, should you all fall."
** (509) Amreth glances at the others in their silence, "That was a joke." **
(530) Ruth: "Think of the trouble it would be to collect payment though."
** (510) Fildin seems to be paying no attention to Ruth or Amreth. **
** (509) Amreth adjusts his pack, "Collected this easy enough." **
(540) thalor (enter): 23:29
(532) Sushil: "It's strange though..."
(530) Ruth: "I am glad to hear you think that. I had thought these traps seemed a bit rough from my perspective."
(532) Sushil: "I could have sworn Jhanaeril said that his payment was half of the coin in the sack he was to give to the hobs. I wonder, is this payment for the next job?"
(509) Amreth: "Next time we're in Eveningstar, I suppose we'll have to ask?"
(530) Ruth: "Then Verek may actually be out to deliver the first message right now."
(532) Sushil: "If he was paid so little for organizing a hobgoblin raid against a powerful wizard, I wonder what he would be paid all of this for. He did not seem particularly capable."
(530) Ruth: "Also, with him out of the way, who is Verek going to have do this job instead?"
** (509) Amreth ponders for a moment, "If he has nobody else in mind, I suppose it could be me." **
(516) Grinkle: "Okay, plant lady."
(516) DM: As Grinkle attempts to pick Vadania up, she jerks involuntarily.
(530) Ruth: "If you can convince him to hire you, it would be a great help in derailing his plans."
(516) Grinkle: "Yub hevy."
** (509) Amreth shrugs, "Pecicely what I was thinking. How, exactly, I'll contact him, or attract him to contact me, is the question. And of course there is the matter of payment to be considered for taking such a risk.." **
(540) thalor (exit): 23:38
(509) Amreth: "But I imagine that'll sort itself out once he's dead or otherwise no longer an issue."
(516) Grinkle: "Huh?"
(516) Grinkle: "Yub lotz hevy."
** (510) Fildin looks to the others, to see them all still discussing. He decides to check on whoever is awaiting them, so he moves back down the hallway to the closed and locked door as quietly as he can. Once there, he listens again to try to determine if the occupant is still there. **
** (509) Amreth shrugs, and readjust the pack on his shoulders to better tolerate the added weight, "Just an idea." **
** (509) Amreth follows Fildin out the door. **
(510) Fildin: (( door to 6 ))
** (510) Fildin seems to find a pile of loose stones along the hallway, which he trips across and stumbles some, sending the stones scattering along the hallway. **
** (509) Amreth stops short and backs up against the wall, watching Fil, "Careful," he says in a hushed tone. **
** (510) Fildin looks back at the others, his face slightly redder than normal. **
(516) DM: Elsewhere in the Keep, a gate slams shut.
** (509) Amreth drops a hand to his hip, and grasps the hilt of one blade, and becomes silent, listening. **
(532) Sushil: "uh oh"
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+4] -> [17,4] = (21)
(462) Vadania: "hwodcanye stay Im heby?" ** tries to unlock her jaw, the paralysis finaly begining to fade **
(544) John Lydon (enter): 23:44
** (510) Fildin stops in his tracks as well, trying to listen for anything approaching. **
** (509) Amreth hisses, "Quiet!" **
** (509) Amreth nods to the door to room 6, "Heard footsteps. Moving away." **
** (510) Fildin motions for Amreth to pass him, "Locked door." he whispers. **
** (509) Amreth gestures the others back around the corner, "Have a feeling we're going to have company," he says, and draws both blades free of their scabbards. **
** (462) Vadania yawns, streting her jaw muscles Ahh thats better, you can put me down now if you think I am so heavy Grnkle!" **
** (510) Fildin moves back with the others, but places himself in the corner, where he can watch what happens. **
** (509) Amreth moves forward, towards the door, "I'll take care of it." **
** Grinkle lets go. "Yub, yub lotz hevy." **
** (530) Ruth readies a bolt to her crossbow, though it hasn't done any good so far. Ruth peeks around the corner of the hallway while Amreth works on the door. **
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+6] -> [6,6] = (12)
** (462) Vadania smacks Grinkle's back "I think you just need to use your muscles more" ** looks slightly abashes as she looks around and seems the others arming themselves and here she is joking around with grinkle **
** (532) Sushil waits behind his minion, listening for any sounds of approach **
** (462) Vadania draws her sword **
** (509) Amreth crouches down, and glances back at Ruth, pointing at the lock, mouthing the word, "Trap," and holds a moment. **
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+5] -> [18,5] = (23)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+5] -> [8,5] = (13)
** (509) Amreth takes a few moments to study the lock, and what seems to be some kin gof trap, then turns his head away from it, and starts working on it slowly, carefully, but blindly. **
(516) DM: The rogue stands to one side and inserts a pick into the lock, thrusts briefly then dodges aside as a stream of faint, whitish-gray powder streams out of the hole and disperses into a fine dust cloud that reminds you faintly of sneezing powder.
(516) DM: ((and on this note, we'll stop))
(509) Amreth: Phew.

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