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(717) TaliesinNYC: I need to go get clothes from the dryer
(717) TaliesinNYC: but in the meantime, you can start
(717) TaliesinNYC: so who needs a recap?
(726) Zane: sure.
(717) DM: ((last session, went back to the keep, recovered Hile, defeated a ghast and made plans to visit Verek's lair))
(717) DM: ((so I'll be back in 15))
(726) Zane: (( are we still at the keep then? ))
(742) Marcus: ((I think so.))
(717) DM: ((we could always FF if you want. I'm assuming so.))
(742) Marcus: ((Lagging pretty bad for some reason.))
(726) Fildin: (( yes please - I guess we can RP some travel stuff while you get laundry. ))
(717) DM: (1179) DM: The ghast collapses to the ground, truly dead.
** (1095) Hile roars loudly **
(1106) Sushil: :casually calls out to the boy on the ground: "You're welcome."
(1222) Marcus: "Ah, someone, please, I can't take it, I'm done for." Marcus is still crying, tears streaming down from his eyes leaveing trails down his cheeks.
** (1095) Vadania checks Marcus over to see if there is anything she can do **
(1095) Vadania: Heal Skill Check: [1d20+6] -> [6,6] = (12) -> [9,6] -> (9, 6) = (15)
(1222) Marcus: ((leaving))
(1222) Marcus: ((leaveing=leaving I mean, not that I'm leaving))
** (1106) Sushil sidles along toward the boy, checking on his condition. "So... will he live?" **
** (1083) Ruth stows her crossbow as she walks forward uncertainly, asking. "Is he going to... be alright?" **
** (1222) Marcus is looking up at all the people surrounding him, crying, trying to hold back his tears, and whimpers, "Please, I can't move, please someone...I can't...." **
** (1105) Fildin lowers his longhorn smiling. He moves forward some with the others and looks at Ruth. "Did you see that? That was amazing! I had heard that it would hurt the undead, but I had never seen it before. It was... just amazing!" **
(1106) Sushil: :waves at the boy: "That's just paralysis. It will wear off in a moment."
(1106) Sushil: "If I were you, I'd worry more about being diseased."
(1222) Marcus: Begins to cry more, "I'm sorry, I'm so sorry, I tried, I really did..." the rest is lost in sobs.
** (1106) Sushil speaks nonchalantly of such things as he goes about checking through the ghast's belongings for some form of identification, or pocket change. **
** (1095) Vadania poke marcus "I think you'll be fine in a while, just enjoy the forced bed rest" **
** (1083) Ruth looks from Sushil's unconcerned wave down to the boy crying on the ground. "It looks really bad. Worse than anything words could say..." **
** (1105) Fildin raises his longhorn and approaches Marcus, be begins playing a soft tune that relazes and calms the boy, as the scent of sandelwood comes out of the longhorn and seems to settle all over his rigid body. **
(1105) Fildin: (( *relaxes ))
** (1222) Marcus has calmed down a bit, his tears are drying up, and he is only slightly whimpering, "I just wanted to prove myself, but I couldn't, ya know, I'm so stupid for doing this." Looks up at Ruth, "Mistress Ruth, am I going to die?" **
(1095) Vadania: "I already told you you wont likly die."
(1083) Ruth: "Not today. And you did your best."
** (1222) Marcus closes his eyes, and his body seems to relax a bit more, "I tried, I'm sorry." **
** (1105) Fildin ends his calming song as the scent of sandelwood fades away. He then steps back to let the others talk to Marcus. Fildin then turns and heads to the entrance of the mausoleum, where he looks inside. **
** (1106) Sushil groans at Marcus' sobs and turns away to the mausoleum, directing his minion in first before he steps in to have a look around. **
** (1083) Ruth reaches down and tries to shift Marcus into a more comfortable position though his paralysis and her attempts at avoiding the blood make this seem a fruitless enterprise. **
(1222) Marcus: "Thanks Lady Ruth, I...I'm okay now."
(1083) Ruth: "You will be up and jumping around again in no time, I expect."
(1222) Marcus: "Ohhh, my arm hurts so bad though." Marcus lifts his uninjured arm and holds the injured one close. His eyes open in shock, then he sits up.
(1222) Marcus: "Hey, hey everyone, I can move again...ahhh..." Marcus passes out.
** (1105) Fildin checks out the mausoleum with Sushil and his servant. **
** (1095) Vadania pokes and prods Marcus again to see if he needs more healing or just a reaction to the first true pain he has felt **
(1095) Vadania: Heal Skill Check: [1d20+6] -> [18,6] = (24) -> [19,6] -> (19, 6) = (25)
(1222) Marcus: "Awww...ohhh." Marcus opens his eyes, "What happened?"
(1106) Sushil: :calls from with in the crypt: "You fainted."
(1095) Vadania: "Fighting isnt as much fun as you thought it would be now is it?"
(1083) Ruth: "That thing seemed more malevolent than the hag, and just as repulsive."
** (1095) Vadania stands and goes to take a look in the mausoleum with Hile **
(1222) Marcus: Using his right arm to cradle his left, Marcus sits up, his face is a bit ashed, "No, it's not." He struggles to his feet, swaying slightly and makes his way into the mausoleum.
** (1106) Sushil strolls out before Marc, a rather bored expression on his face. **
** (1083) Ruth steps over towards the mausoleum, but looks outward. "I wonder if Amreth found that horse." **
** (1105) Fildin raises his longhorn once again and starts playing a questioning tune with deep penetrating undertones. **
(1106) Sushil: "Who knows?"
** (1105) Fildin ends his newest song and exits the mausoleum as well. **
(1106) Sushil: "Shall we be on our way back to the keep?"
(1105) Fildin: "Sounds good to me."
(1083) Ruth: "Yes. We can afford some rest after that."
** (1105) Fildin follow Ruth back to the keep, playing a peppy song of a battle hard fought, and won. **
** (1106) Sushil mounts up and rides for the keep, to see how his other skeleton is doing **
** (1222) Marcus tries to bend over and pick up his dropped weapon without letting go of his injured arm, and fails, he groans, but lets it hang, as he picks up and straps the chain to his belt. He does so slowly allowing the others to go off ahead of him before slowly following after. **

(727) Sushil: (hmmm... should I take the hob skelie with us too? or leave him with the keep?)
(717) DM: ((it's later in the day as this session opens.))
(726) Fildin: (( Yes - Grinkle comes along with us, Stan said so. ))
(751) Donovan: ((He means the guard))
** (718) Vadania sits on Hile riding and listening to the woods as they make their way toward the Killing Keep **
** (726) Fildin travels with the group as they make their way back to Eveningstar, on the way to the Killing Keep. He plays his longhorn most of the time they travel, using it to provide some much needed sound when everyone gets quiet and he keeps it in the background sound when the others find things to say. The songs differ, but they all tend to keep a common tempo - one that has a upbeat tempo, adding pep to everyone's feet as they travel. **
(726) Fildin: (( oh - skeleton, missed that part. Uh, leave him I guess. ))
** (742) Marcus stays at the back of the group, head hung, not saying anything to anyone. **
** (751) Donovan stays with the group, commonly discussing their plans while they travel. **
** (751) Ruth stays with the group, commonly discussing their plans while they travel. **
** (727) Sushil rides along with the group, his minion sitting behind him on the horse. The young wizard looks quite bored in travel, though he gladly hums along to Fildin's tunes for some way to pass the time. **
(742) Marcus: "So I've been thinking about what I did wrong."
(718) Vadania: "And what is it that you feel you did wrong?"
(742) Marcus: Marcus's word's come out louder than he intended.
** (727) Sushil gives a slight groan, as he turns his head with some annoyance to the inexperienced fighter, to inquire with a hint of disbelief, "Are you still on that?" **
(742) Marcus: "I...I hesitated, and not just because I was afraid, but, well, to tell the truth I've never... I never killed nothing before."
(718) Vadania: "Still havnt, and you should kep it that way for a long time"
(742) Marcus: After telling the group of his secret, Marcus deflates back to the slumped figure that was following the group a few seconds before, "And if you guys don't want me to tag along anymore, I'd understand, I wouldn't want me around either."
** (726) Fildin lets his song trail off, deciding that his typical travels songs don't fit the current topic well. **
(742) Marcus: "How can I be a hero if I can't...ya know, kill something?"
(726) Fildin: "Do you think we are heroes?"
(727) Sushil: :raises a brow to the boy: "Well.. if you're going to act like this the whole time, then yes. Please leave."
(742) Marcus: Raising his head, he looks at Fildin, "Well, yeah, aren't you heroes?"
** (727) Sushil gives the boy an odder look at that question **
(718) Vadania: "I am an outcast, dead to my people for crimes I commited."
(726) Fildin: "All of us? I've never killed anyone myself, and I don't plan on it. I can't speak for everyone else of course. But do you truely think that a hero is someone that kills?"
(726) Fildin: (( *that must kill? ))
(754) RenegadePeon (enter): 21:04
(751) Ruth: "Vanquishing evil is hardly the only reason someone is called a hero."
(742) Marcus: "All the stories though, in them the hero is always slaying dragons, or saving towns from ravaging armies of goblins and orcs."
(718) Vadania: "Keyword 'stories'"
(727) Sushil: "Then go find a dragon. And good luck."
(726) Fildin: "Yes, but those are stories, fantasies."
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(742) Marcus: "I knew that they weren't quite real, but this seems, I dunno, a lot different than I imagined, I mean when that creature hit me, I...I thought I was going to die."
(718) Vadania: "Grinkle here is a hero to us, and he has not killed anyone. To his people he is probably a crimonal. Being a Hero very much depends on whos eyes you are looking"
** (727) Sushil mumbles something aside as they keep going. **
(726) Fildin: "Ah yes - that is the true path of an adventurer, to almost die."
** (726) Fildin chuckles and smiles back to Marcus, trying to lighten the boy's mood. **
(754) Amreth: "Repeatedly, until you eventually die from it."
(718) Vadania: "The cold, wet and miserable nites in the wilderness are never mentioned in the books either."
(742) Marcus: "I don't understand then, if you don't consider yourselves heroes, then why go after this wizard at all? Why not let the proper authorities deal with him?"
(751) Ruth: "Being a hero, I would say, is measured by who you help, not by who you slay."
(726) Fildin: "There are many things that differ between stories and reality - especially when talking about heroes. You want to be called a hero - just try to help others, do good, and hope for some luck and wisdom."
(718) Vadania: "He wants to kill a friend and friends protect and support eachother"
(726) Fildin: "Because the 'proper authorities' asked us to do it."
** (718) Vadania says with a touch of bitterness **
** (727) Sushil restrains his answer to why he goes, but gives slight mysterious smirk **
(726) Fildin: "And because it needs to be done. But that is why we are trying to not just face him in straight battle, there are other ways to take him down."
(751) Ruth: "He has earned my ire, I assure you."
(727) Sushil: "Yes.. like breaking into his home and poisoning his food"
(717) Grinkle: "Him blak hand man. Dat be wy."
** (742) Marcus seems to be taking in what everyone is saying, and it cheers him up slightly. **
(727) Sushil: "But the deeds don't really matter. After all..." :gives Marcus a once over: "I don't really see you becoming any kind of hero." :rides along casually:
(718) Vadania: "Dont be rude Sushil"
(751) Ruth: "Looks can be deceiving, Sushil."
(727) Sushil: :shrugs: "Just giving my opinion."
(742) Marcus: "I think I just learned that other peoples opinons don't matter as much those of your friends. So think whatever you want, becaue I'm going to prove you wrong."
(718) Vadania: "Good for you"
(726) Fildin: "And that is the aditude that it will take to become a hero Marcus."
(727) Sushil: :scoffs: "If you say so..."
(726) Fildin: (( *attitude ))
** (727) Sushil turns his head, watching the scenery in contemplation with a smug little grin **
** Grinkle whistles off-key as you walk along. **
** (718) Vadania rides off now and then to do a little scouting **
(726) Fildin: (( so are we all ready to fully FF now? ))
(727) Sushil: (unless anyone had something else to talk about.)
(742) Marcus: ((I am.))
(751) Ruth: ((Ready here now.))
(742) Marcus: ((Ready to move on, I mean.))
(717) DM: Travelling to the Killing Keep takes you most of the following morning and part of the early afternoon. The Keep lies about five miles north of Eveningstar, where Starwater Gorge narrows to a head.
(717) DM: According to descriptions gathered from the locals, the KEep is a partially ruined castle dug into the western side of the gorge. It is an abandoned ruin that few venture into.
** (742) Marcus leans over and speaks to Vadania and Fildin under his breath, "I know what I said, but I'm still a bit excited about exploring ruins that we think belong to an evil wizard." **
** (718) Vadania smiles **
** (727) Sushil rides with a book opened in the crook of his arm. As the keep comes into view though, he closes it to take in the sight. **
(742) Marcus: "Nervous too."
(757) A Lurker (enter): 21:31
** (726) Fildin looks over the ruins as they approach. "Good, because as exciting as it is - it won't be easy." **
(751) Ruth: "So this is the stronghold, or a stronghold, of the evil wizard, Verek."
(717) DM: A perimeter wall surrounds the castle, broken by a porticullis that bars further progress.
(727) Sushil: :hands his back back to his minion to place back in the pack, while advising aside to Marcus: "Just stay focused, stop talking so much, follow orders.. and when the time comes... don't hesitate."
(726) Fildin: "Yep, shall we knock?" Fildin smiles at Ruth.
(751) Ruth: "I wonder who is left home."
** (727) Sushil eyes the parapet of the wall for watchmen of some type **
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** (742) Marcus unhooks the spiked chain from his belt. "Should someone scout the are out before we go further?" **
(726) Fildin: "To bad we don't have another graveyard at our disposal."
(742) Marcus: ((are=area)
(726) Fildin: (( how much cover is there around the keep? any? ))
(718) Vadania: (( and what time of day is it ))
whispering to Nikolas, SobaAddict70 on AIM
(717) DM: ((you can't tell from this distance. slightly past 2 pm))
(717) DM: ((the keep is enclosed by a perimeter wall and built against the side of the gorge))
(727) Sushil: "Yes.. some of our stealthier comrades should sneak ahead through the brush to see if there is anyone manning the wall before we go riding up."
(718) Vadania: "We should scout the area till night fall"
(717) DM: ((so you would need to climb over the wall or somehow peer through the gates))
(751) Ruth: "I agree. We should take a look around before we try knocking. Find out who will be greeting us."
(742) Marcus: "Where should we wait? Some where off the route to the Keep, I should think?" Marcus glance around the area.
(742) Marcus: ((glance=glances))
(727) Sushil: "Waiting for night may be an good choice. Unless the guards he keeps are of the nocturnal pursuasion that is."
(718) Vadania: "Hile and will return before night fall" ** padds off into the woods on Hiles back **
(726) Fildin: "Well, let's see if we can find a place to wait. Yes, off the road might be good."
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+8] -> [4,8] = (12)
** (727) Sushil nods. "Lead the way." **
** (726) Fildin moves back a little ways down the road to find a place to set up a spot for them all to relax and wait. **
(726) Fildin: (( *away from the keep ))
(742) Marcus: "Should we look for a copse of trees to try and screen us from the road, and maybe the Keep?
(757) A Lurker (exit): 21:46
(717) DM: The gorge is a mostly treeless ravine, but some bushes here and there provide (light) cover.
** (751) Ruth follows Fildin back up the road. "Somewhere not as visible to the road would be preferable. Not many choices here though." **
(727) Sushil: "Just ride off a ways from the road, hopefully it will be out of sight of passersby. Though a scout should hang near the road to let us know if anyone, including Vadania comes."
(726) Fildin: "Yeah, it's quite the opposite of your place, where there is much coverage."
(726) Fildin: "Well, if you find something Sushil - go ahead. Your horse is going to be the hardest to keep hidden."
** (754) Amreth sighs, and plants one end of his bowshaft in the ground, bends it, and strings it, then sticks a half dozen arrows into the ground behind a bush, and has a seat, "Did anyone bring a rope?" **
(727) Sushil: :nods to Flidin: "This is true. Perhaps we should think of clearcutting the trees around the keep to give a better range of sight."
(726) Fildin: "There is plenty of clear area immediately around Ruth's place, but it is in the forst, as opposed to a stone gorge."
** (726) Fildin shakes his head to Amreth, "Sorry." **
(751) Ruth: "There are not any trees to hang Verek from in this gorge anyway, Amreth."
(727) Sushil: :shrugs to Fildin: "Well, having your castle built into th side of a gorge isn't much smarter. A whole army could just repel down the cliffside on ropes right into the castle."
** (742) Marcus pushes his pack off his back, "How much rope you need?" holding a hefty length of brand new, silken rope. **
(754) Amreth: "Funny, I was thinking very along the same lines. Best start thinkin' about how we're goin' to scale those walls."
(751) Ruth: "I think you are overestimating the ingenuity of armies. At most you could only get small groups down the cliff at a time. Might be useful for us though."
(763) Zandari (enter): 21:55
(727) Sushil: :gives Ruth a small chuckle: "No.. there is no underestimating the ingenuity of armies. A clever military engineer can make or break a siege. Just look at some of the immense siege towers built through history, or emergency bridges to cross moats, or clever battering rams and tell me different."
(763) Zandari (exit): 21:56
(727) Sushil: "A few hundred lines a rope is child's play"
(751) Ruth: "There is a bit of a difference between siege towers and asking a bunch of recruits to, basically, jump off a cliff."
(742) Marcus: Snorts back a laugh. "Somehow I know for a fact that you *won't* be going down that cliff on a rope, or, at least if you don't want to snap you neck when you fall, you won't."
(727) Sushil: "Of course they don't just jump off. Of course a smart general would begin with missile warfare, dropping rocks and flaming projectiles down onto the masses below to weaken them. After a good deal of that to weaken their defenses, let the plunder hungry troops descend and finish the job."
(742) Marcus: Looking at Sushil, "Am I right? But if someone needs to do it, I've been climbing cliffs like that one ever since I can remember."
(727) Sushil: :looks to Marcus: "That would be why I never suggest we go up the cliffs."
** (726) Fildin finally returns after wandering a little bit. "I found a cave if you are interested. It might be on the small side for you tall-folk, but it's better than the brushes." **
(727) Sushil: "It's better than nothing. Thank you, Fildin."
(717) Grinkle: "Me luk for phuud."
(751) Ruth: "It can also provide some shade. A good find."
** (726) Fildin leads everyone back to the cave before leaving them there - and heading back to the road to wait for Vadania. **
** (754) Amreth rolls his eyes, and starts snatching up his few arrows, "Ah, hell. I'm with Grinkle," he says, and starts after him. **
** (718) Vadania heads back to the others shortly before night fall **
(765) Questing Beast (enter): 22:06
** (726) Fildin meets Vadania and leads her to the cave as well. **
(765) Questing Beast (exit): 22:06
** (718) Vadania follows Fildin to the cave filling him in on the way "The side walls of the keep are in worse conditious, thus will be easyer to climb if we go that route" **
(726) Fildin: "But how bad are they? Are they likely to crumble if we put any weight on them, or are they not quite that bad yet?"
** (727) Sushil looks up from his rest in the cave to node the incoming hins. "Good evening." **
** (726) Fildin nods to Sushil, and allows Vadania to continue her report. **
** Grinkle goes hunting for rabbit or pheasants. **
(718) Vadania: "Not that bad. It appearse as though someone too time to make it look worse then it truly is"
(726) Fildin: "So maybe Verek wanted it to look even more run down so no one would bother him. Clever."
(751) Ruth: "Could you tell if there are any guards outside?"
(718) Vadania: "I did not see any and Hile did not alert me to any he smelled" ** looks to Hile to be sure he didnt smell any **
(766) Hindra (enter): 22:12
** (718) Vadania shakes her head **
(727) Sushil: "Or at the least, there's nothing which bothers to watch the wall, yes?"
(726) Fildin: "Guards, at least visible ones, would likely take away from the look of an abandoned, run down keep."
(751) Ruth: "So we need to be on watch for traps, especially, outside."
(717) DM: Eventually Grinkle returns with a brace of pheasants and a jackrabbit, accompanied by Amreth.
(726) Fildin: "Yes, likely any guards would be further in."
(717) Grinkle: "Phuud." (grins crookedly)
(754) Amreth: "Supper's on."
(726) Fildin: "Oh, yummy."
(751) Ruth: "Good timing. We were just talking about how to go about getting inside."
** (718) Vadania retells what she found out on her scouting **
** Grinkle sets about plucking and skinning the game, prepping for dinner. **
(718) Vadania: "The side walls of the keep are in worse conditious, thus will be easyer to climb if we go that route. There is an Inner and an outer protecting all. It appearse as though someone too time to make it look worse then it truly is."
** (754) Amreth sets his bow down, then his pack, and retrieves hios whetstone, has a seat, and begins working on sharpening his two swords, "Sounds as if we may not even need the rope. At least, some of us won't." **
(754) Amreth: "Anyone who can't make the climb can be dropped a rope."
(727) Sushil: "Much obliged."
** (718) Vadania points out "Hile cannot use a rope" **
(751) Ruth: "Good thing you brought rope, Marcus."
(727) Sushil: :points out to Vadania: "That doesn't mean a rope can't be tied around it."
** (742) Marcus sits up a bit straighter, obviously proud to be handy. **
(754) Amreth: "Ttie your kitty up and hoist him up the wall, or leave 'em on guard."
(726) Fildin: "Sounds good. As nice as it would be to open the door, the stealth is probably our best option - again."
(718) Vadania: "Him" ** she corrects automaticly **
(751) Ruth: "I do not want us to be too obvious, yet. Verek is only probably not inside."
(726) Fildin: "Very well, clmibing and quietly it must be."
(718) Vadania: "Then I will ask Hile to remain out here and give us warning she someone enter the while we are inside"
(754) Amreth: "I'll go ahead and go up first, have a good look around, and make sure it's clear."
(718) Vadania: (( *should ))
** Grinkle mumbles as he roasts some pheasants, "Me klimb well, sumtimes." **
(726) Fildin: "Both sounds good. Hile is a very good friend to have, although I feel bad about always leaving him to keep guard."
(717) Grinkle: "Foodin done." (grins)
(751) Ruth: "If he has to stay outside, Abarma can keep him company this time."
** (718) Vadania rubs her hands egerly **
(718) Vadania: "You do foodin far better then anyone I have met Grinkle"
** (754) Amreth chuckles, "And more than anyone I have ever met." **
(726) Fildin: "Thank you Grinkle." he says, getting a helping of food from their chef.
** Grinkle grins. "Hot." (takes a pheasant off the spit and carves it up) "Um, stuf." **
(742) Marcus: In between bites, "So when do we go in?"
(754) Amreth: "After nightfall would be best."
(751) Ruth: "As good as always, even out in this desolate-seeming gorge."
(717) DM: It's roast pheasant, stuffed with garlic, lemon and herbs, basted with drippings and wine.
(718) Vadania: (( AFK for a smoke before we go running though the hostile keep ))
(726) Fildin: (( and since good ideas should be followed - same. ))
** (727) Sushil nods to the chef as he accepts his share: "Thank you, Grinkle. You are a fine exception to your kind." **
(754) Amreth: Ability Check: (Intelligence) [1d20+3] -> [13,3] = (16)
** (754) Amreth waggles a drumstick at Grinkle, "This is delicious. I've never had the like. Just where'd you learn to cook a bird like that?" **
(717) Grinkle: "Me cook for Julla. En udder humies."
(754) Amreth: "Udder humies, huh?"
(717) Grinkle: "Yub." (munch)
(754) Amreth: "What other humies? You mean da black hand man?"
** (726) Fildin finishes a few bites. "Wow, that is very good Grinkle - best travel food I have had since Calur was with my clan." **
(717) Grinkle: "Me sumtimes cum to Shar...Shar....mojo humie en cook. She teech me."
(754) Amreth: "Mojo humie. You mean a witch, eh? And where she be?"
(717) Grinkle: "Me nub like udder hobs. Sumtimes leeb hob camp, cum to mojo tow...tow...keep. Teech me reedin, foodin, stuf. Da boo...da boo...da smartz place."
(718) Vadania: (( back ))
** (754) Amreth cocks a brow at Grinkle, more than a tad surprised, "You can read?" **
(769) Swirln (enter): 22:43
(727) Sushil: :to Grinkle: "Sounds fascinating. Perhaps you could introduce us someday."
** Grinkle shrugs. "Stuf." **
(756) Parliament (enter): 22:44
(718) Vadania: "Whats so surprising about the fact that he can read?"
(770) Ergo (enter): 22:45
** (754) Amreth shrugs and gnaws another mouthful off the bone, "Huh." **
(770) Ergo (exit): 22:45
(756) Parliament (exit): 22:45
** Grinkle eats thoughtfully, leaning back against one wall contentedly. **
(754) Amreth: "You ever met a hobgoblin pushin' a broom that can read? Or cook a meal as fine as he'd prepared?"
(742) Marcus: "I dunno what you've done all your life, but I ain't never really *met* a hobgoblin before."
(771) Lunauc (enter): 22:47
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (771) Lunauc...
(751) Ruth: "There are people back in Eveningstar that likely cannot read, and I know there must be few who can cook like this anywhere."
(754) Amreth: "Well, I haven't met any before Grinkle, either, but.. Heard stories."
(717) TaliesinNYC: Booting '(727) Lunauc' from room...
(727) Lunauc (exit): 22:47
(726) Fildin: "And what did we say earlier about stories?" Fildin smirks to Marcus.
(717) Grinkle: "Wun time blak hand humie cum to da smartz place, speek to mojo humie. Speek lotz. Wordz lotz. Lowd lotz." (pinches his ear) "Me hide, nub lis...lis...heer."
** (742) Marcus looks at Fildin, then over at Amreth, before laughing rather loudly. **
(771) Sushil: :raises a brow: "Oh.. so you met Verek before his dealings with your clan and Edearas?"
** (754) Amreth rolls his eyes, "Be that as it may, there's no doubt there's a great deal of difference 'tween Grinkle and the rest of his kin, and the state of Ederas' keep should tell you that." **
(718) Vadania: "He is the first I have talked to. So I cannot say I have ever had food prepared by another, but he is a good cook."
(717) Grinkle: "Who Verek?"
(771) Sushil: "Black hand man."
(726) Fildin: "Very true Amreth, that much was obvious when he decided to stick with us, instead of his clan."
(769) Swirln (exit): 22:51
(771) Sushil: "Or was it a different one who met the mojo humie?"
(717) Grinkle: "Yub. Wuns. Me 'fraidydoo den." (shudder)
(771) Sushil: "Though you hid.. did you hear any of what they spoke of?"
(717) Grinkle: "Stuf. Lotz stuf. Nub nember."
(771) Sushil: "Hmm... perhaps mojo humie will remember. I hope you will bring us to see her later."
(754) Amreth: "Hmm. So what 'bout this Shar, and her mojo? Doesn't sound like she was too fond of Verek, givin' all the screamin'. Then again, maybe they were married." he says with a chuckle.
(717) Grinkle: "Um, Sharl...Sharl...mojo humie." (shrugs) "In tow...tow...keep."
(717) Grinkle: "She lib in humie place." (points to Ruth)
(751) Ruth: "Tsharliira..."
** Grinkle nods. "Yub. Dat be her." **
(771) Sushil: :glances to Ruth: "Oh.... nevermind that lead."
(754) Amreth: "The one I never met. Ain't that intereting."
Server Administrator-> Kicking '(766) Hindra' from server... Removing dead client
(766) Hindra (exit): 22:59
** (771) Sushil carelessly goes back to his meal, not bothering to mention to Grinkle the fate of his mentor. **
** (754) Amreth polishes off the last of his drumstick, and leans back against the save wall, and frowns, "Here's to hopin' we run into that son of a bitch tonight," he says, and tosses the bare bone outside. **
** Grinkle begins cleaning up. "Me nub cum dere lotz atter dat." **
(726) Fildin: "I'd rather hope we don't Amreth - I hope that we get some more ideas about what he's planning first, that way maybe we can set the terms on which we meet."
(771) Sushil: "That is assuming he isn't home and waiting for us."
** (718) Vadania finishes her food and prepars to leave, askiing Hile to watch the road for anyone coming toward the kep and for him to try and scare them off while giving us a warning **
(726) Fildin: "That's why we left the note - so that might be the case. He could be there, but we have a better chance of avoiding him in his own home at least."
(742) Marcus: Done with his food, Marcus tosses his bone into the fire, looks around at everyone, "So are we all ready?" He moves his pack to the back of the cave and then turns to face everyone, waiting.
** (726) Fildin finishes his last bite of food as well. "Again, great job Grinkle - thank you. I'm ready, let's see what Verek left us." **
** (754) Amreth grabs up his swords, and sheathes them, and his bow, which he unstrings and straps to his pack, "Let's go." **
** (771) Sushil wipes off his hands and stands. "Alright." **
(718) Vadania: "I am ready"
** (751) Ruth finishes her meal and packs up, "Ready as well." **
** (754) Amreth hefts his pack onto his shoulders, and sets off for the sourth eastern section of the wall (near the well, 11). **
** (726) Fildin tightens his belt and follows Amreth to the keep. **
** (771) Sushil considers something for a moment before stepping behind Grinkle and lifting up one of the dead jackrabbit's he'd caught. Looking it over thoughtfully, he asks Grinkle, "May I use this?" **
** (742) Marcus leaves his pack, but carries his rope and grappling hook around his shoulder. **
** Grinkle finishes cleaning up and then sets off after the others. **
(717) DM: It takes a while negotiating both sets of perimeter walls, but eventually you make it inside an overgrown, weed-filled ruined courtyard.
(717) DM: Moonlight shines overhead, illuminating the grounds of a small, ruined castle. There appear to be two entrances into the structure, on the west and east sides of the building. All is silent. There is a well here, along with a wooden bucket.
(726) Fildin: "Wow, he really keeps this place looking rundown..." Fildin mutters.
** (754) Amreth begins climbing over and around the rock that litters the area, making his way as stealthily as possible towards the closest entrance (area 1) **
(771) Sushil: :retorts to Fildin: "Yes, the neighboring malicious wizards in their run down keeps must be so healous of him."
** (726) Fildin remains behind Amreth, but follows about 10 yards behind him, keeping low as well. **
(771) Sushil: (jealous even)
** (718) Vadania stays near the middle of the group keeping an eye out for movement and an ear out for Hiles warning call **
** (751) Ruth hangs back letting Amreth scout ahead. **
** (771) Sushil holds back, making sure nothing is alarmed by the advance scouts before following. **
** (742) Marcus looks into the well. **
(717) DM: An open archway leads into the interior of the structure. A human skeleton, by the looks of it, the victim of an impromptu hanging, is strung across the entrance, as if to bar your progress inside.
whispering to Marcus, half full with stagnant, algae covered water
** (754) Amreth crouches low and peers inside, before glancing back at Fildin. **
** (726) Fildin pauses when Amreth stops, just being there to make sure he doesn't stumble into anything. So when Amreth looks back, he turns his head as well - thinking that Amreth must be looking behind him. After a second though, he looks back up to Amreth. **
** (754) Amreth motions for him to follow, and remains in a crouched position as he makes his way into the interior, careful to further examine, and not to disturb the hanging skeletal remains. **
** (726) Fildin follows Amreth's direction, moving as silently as he can up to Amreth's old position. **
** (718) Vadania hangs back a bit watching the area **
** (754) Amreth places his back up against the wall near the closed door, and closes his eyes for a brief moment to expedite their adjustment to the greater darkness within. **
(778) Marcus (enter): 23:33
(779) Marcus (enter): 23:35
(780) Niente (enter): 23:36
(718) Vadania: (( lag check, sent at 34 after ))
(771) Sushil: (here)
(751) Ruth: ((You're ahead of me, it's 33 here.))
(754) Amreth: ((I be here, yo))
(726) Fildin: (( yeah yeah yeah ))
(718) Vadania: (( ok good, just checking since I saw Marcus enter twice in a row ))
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (779) Marcus...
(717) TaliesinNYC: Booting '(742) Marcus' from room...
(742) Marcus (exit): 23:39
(780) Niente (exit): 23:39
(717) DM: (um, wait, Amreth entered area 1?)
(717) DM: (sec)
(754) Amreth: ((Yes.))
(726) Fildin: (( BOOM! ))
** (754) Amreth motions for him to follow, and remains in a crouched position as he makes his way into the interior, careful to further examine, and not to disturb the hanging skeletal remains. (repost) **
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+5] -> [11,5] = (16)
(779) Marcus: ((Got to run and get a drink refill.))
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+5] -> [4,5] = (9)
(779) Marcus: ((Back))
(717) TaliesinNYC: Booting '(778) Marcus' from room...
(778) Marcus (exit): 23:50
** (754) Amreth grabs a nearby rock, and tosses it at the hanging skeletal remains. **
(717) DM: The rock strikes part of the skeleton in its trajectory, immediately causing a blade to scythe out from just beyond the archway, almost knocking the rock out of its path.
(781) Niente (enter): 23:54
** (754) Amreth motions for him to follow, and remains in a crouched position as he makes his way into the smithy after springing the trap. **
** (726) Fildin's eyes open wide at the sword, but he follows Amreth carefully. **
** (718) Vadania follows behind carefull to avoid the skeleton **
(717) DM: The chamber beyond appears to be a smithy, ruined and blackened as if from an explosion or sudden impact of flame.
** (754) Amreth places his back up against the wall near the closed door, and closes his eyes for a brief moment to expedite their adjustment to the greater darkness within. (repost) **
(717) DM: A door stands closed in the eastern wall. Dust, mold and cobwebs abound.
** (726) Fildin watches Amreth, staying just inside the first door. **
(717) DM: ((stopping early tonight btw, in 5 min))
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+7] -> [4,7] = (11)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+8] -> [9,8] = (17)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+8] -> [15,8] = (23)
(718) Vadania: (( sounds good I am nodding off as is ))
(717) DM: Starting from a crouched position, he opens the door gingerly, only to recoil with an unexpected suddenness when a pendulum blade slides out from a hidden crevice.
(717) DM: The blade passes by harmlessly overhead, set as it is at neck level.
(717) DM: Within can be seen a ruined barracks, and doors leading north and further east respectively.
(717) DM: (and on that note, we'll stop)

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