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(2602) Zane: not that I know of

(2602) Zane: not that I know of.
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(2604) TaliesinNYC: Marcus, I need your PC node
(2604) DM: ((who needs a recap?))
** (2602) Zane raises his hand **
(2604) DM: ((last session, you discovered Tsharliira's corpse, met with Lady Winter, discovered Edaeras' seal, made plans to talk to Jhanaeril and that's where we left off))
(2604) DM: ((I would like to NOT run a split group so please let me know what to do to facilitate that.))
(2599) Lunauc: (leash everyone to one playe so they can only all go to one place at time?
(2596) Donovan: ((Physically))
(2599) Lunauc: (general manacles might work)
(2604) DM: ((Lance, discuss your plans with the players OOC and then someone tell me what you want to do. Split groups are annoying and the last few sessions have been exactly that.))
** (2574) Vadania catches up to the others after Talking with the Lady Winter alone for a short time. "I hope Hile does not come racing back into town today, a Krenshar in a hurry can be a terifying sight. Anyways I have been thinking of this oath we must take, and it seemed prudent to me to learn more about those I would be sewaring with." **
** (2602) Fildin looks over at Vadania. "Makes sense to me, anything particular that you would like to know?" **
(2574) Vadania: "Why are you here in this life instead of at home in another? I have told most of my story but have not heard all of yours."
** (2575) Marcus wanders into the inn, seemingly lost, and spots Fildin and Vandania. **
** (2602) Fildin walks with the others that had been visiting Lady Winter as they return to the Inn, in order to get everyone in the group together again. **
** (2599) Lunauc waits up their room, going through Tsharlira's book while waiting for the others **
(2599) Sushil: (erk)
** (2599) Sushil waits up their room, going through Tsharlira's book while waiting for the others **
(2574) Vadania: "Hello Marcus, come and sit. We were just begining to tell eachother stories of our life so we would know eachother better. I found it a little worrysome that I would have to swear and oath binding myself to those I did not know very well"
** (2602) Fildin looks at Vadania strangly for a second before realization comes over his face. "That's right, you are used to a set 'home'. Sorry, most of the other hin I know were either my clan, or in other clans like mine. We each had our caravan homes, but the caravans never remained in one place long. There is simply too much to see." **
** (2596) Ruth shrugs in answer to Vadania's concern, "I have been prepared for such onerous tasks. It is always my intention to do what I have to and make the best of the situation." **
(2575) Marcus: "Thanks, I've was kind of worried, I wandered into town, and then got lost. What kind of oath has to be sworn, and to who?"
(2574) Vadania: "To the ruler, lets see if I remember corectlt it went something like 'We, the members of Greenwood Adventurers, duly chartered and recognized by the grace of King Azoun IV, the First of Tyr and Defender of the Faith, do so pledge our loyalty to the sovereign ruler of Cormyr. By this pledge, we vow to obey Cormyr's laws when within the Kingdom's borders, to neither plot nor aid an action against the Kingdom's well-being, to come to her aid when summoned against a threat to the Kingdom, and to faithfully renew our charter within the prescribed time allowed. This we pledge in the name of each of the gods that we follow.'."
(2574) Vadania: (( *corectly ))
(2602) Fildin: "Our clan had passed though Arabel in fact when I parted from them, my desire for adventure too strong. I studied there for a while, and ended up here on Shieldmeet." Fildin shrugs slightly. "That's about it really."
** (2602) Fildin nods to Marcus as he enters. **
(2596) Ruth: "It is an oath to the defence of and duty to the kingdom of Cormyr and the king, Azoun. In short it is a promise of good behavior."
** (2575) Marcus is wonderstruck as he mutters, "Wow, that's the best thing I've ever heard." **
(2574) Vadania: "My clan never leaves the Chondalwoods, we roam around it but rare is the times we meet any non Hin, It is all very strange to me out here. There I always had the clan and family to depend on, I knew and trusted them. Out here I know you all, and mostly trust you, but it isnt the same. It is quite terifying in fact"
** (2602) Fildin looks over at Marcus with a smile. "Thanks, but it's hardly a great story yet, but it will be once I make my name." He winks at him to show that he is joking. **
** (2575) Marcus startles a bit as Fildin speaks to him. "What, oh sorry, I was thinking about that oath, that means that we're like heroes or something, doesn't it? **
(2596) Ruth: "It does not seem as heroic if everyone has to go through it. But you are right. At least, we could be."
(2602) Fildin: "I can understand Vadania. Why, when I first met Cemden, I didn't trust him either. He seemed like just another tall-folk that drank too much and didn't do anything. But, if I have learned anything - it is that the tall-folk like to surprise you." He smiles at the humans around him before turning back to Vadania. "There are some bad berries out there, but it seems as though my first instincts tend to work well enough. I am sure that yours will be the same."
(2574) Vadania: "Aye and I trus Hiles as well, and he did not try to rip your heads off when we met" **smiles in such a way as you feel she is only partly joking**
** (2602) Fildin chuckles. "Then let him be your first instincts. It is different than being surrounded by only other Hin, but I personally enjoy the differences." **
(2620) Marcus (enter): 20:14
(2574) Vadania: "So anyone else willing to share?"
(2602) Fildin: "As far as Ruth here, judging by the 'Rusty' persona, she was here loooking for an escape from her life. Am I close?"
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (2620) Marcus...
(2604) TaliesinNYC: Booting '(2575) Marcus' from room...
(2575) Marcus (exit): 20:16
(2596) Ruth: "For myself, I was traveling to see excitement and adventure. The sort of amazing stories I found in old books and bard's tales. I hoped it would be a lot longer before duty called. A whole lot longer."
(2622) Lunauc (enter): 20:16
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (2622) Lunauc...
(2604) TaliesinNYC: Booting '(2599) Lunauc' from room...
(2599) Lunauc (exit): 20:16
(2596) Ruth: "I did not really think I could escape duty, someday, but that was someday far away."
(2574) Vadania: "Why does your duty have to put a hald on your desire for excitment and adventure?"
(2602) Fildin: "Of course, just as someday I will return to my clan again. But you are only young at one point, and one does not hear many stories of old and slow adventurers making stories."
** (2574) Vadania breaths deeply to catch a moan before it escaped at the mentioning of returning to ones clan **
(2596) Ruth: "Actually, as it turns out my duty is pressing me into excitement and adventure."
(2625) Melissa (enter): 20:20
(2625) Melissa (exit): 20:20
(2626) Marcus (enter): 20:21
** (2622) Sushil comes down the stairs after a short while, whistling a little ditty along the way. Noticing the table full of comrades, the wizard makes his way over to join them, offering in a friendly tone, "Hello all. Gathered for dinner, are we?" **
** (2602) Fildin glances over at Vadania, and then looks downcast briefly, realizing the comment he made. **
(2627) Jhaeli (enter): 20:23
(2627) Jhaeli (exit): 20:23
(2574) Vadania: "Then why is it you seem to dread your Duty, if it is givving you what you were seeking in the first place. That seems contridictory to me
** (2596) Ruth seems to turn a bit red at that question, "Well. This isn't exactly the duty... It's not what my mother warned me about is all," Ruth finishes in a rush. **
(2602) Fildin: "Look at it this way Vadania - would you rather be on a walk though the woods because you felt like taking one, or because you were told to walk for three days straight ahead?"
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (2626) Marcus...
(2604) TaliesinNYC: Booting '(2620) Marcus' from room...
(2620) Marcus (exit): 20:26
** (2602) Fildin glances at Ruth to make sure the analogy works for her as well. **
(2574) Vadania: "If I was looking to walk in the first place it would not matter if I picked the place or was told where to walk. Unless the telling put me into something I was un prepared for."
(2596) Ruth: "Yes. It is different if it is something I decide for myself."
** (2626) Marcus is looking back and forth between the people having the conversation. "So, we're taking a walk somewhere?" **
(2622) Sushil: :shrugs to Marcus: "You can walk, I'm going to get a bit of food and a beer."
(2639) Jordan (enter): 20:30
** (2596) Ruth quickly siezes the opportunity to change topics. "Yes, we are. Or will be. Soon." **
(2602) Fildin: "But to many other Vadania - the reason for being there is a large part of it all. So, Ruth is indeed on her adventure, but ifwe were choosing our own adventure instead, it would likely be more pleasing to her. It's a different outlook on things."
(2639) Jordan (exit): 20:30
(2643) Marcus (enter): 20:32
(2602) Fildin: "So, what of you Sushil? We have heard little about how it was that you arrived here in Eveningstar."
** (2574) Vadania nods to Fildin in comprehention if not understanding **
(2622) Sushil: :shrugs: "I arrived on a wagon. A farmer was kind enough to give me a ride into town."
** (2622) Sushil looks about for a barwench. **
(2596) Ruth: "Smells accurate enough. Why were you traveling though?"
** (2602) Fildin shakes hs head slightly and gives a slight sigh. "Of course, the expert on direct indirect answers. Very well." Fildin just smiles at Sushil, even if he is not looking, admiring the man's smooth ways, slightly. **
(2643) Marcus has sent you a tree node...
(2622) Sushil: "I am a wizard seeking knowledge. My path of enlightenment just happened to pass through this town. That is all."
(2622) Sushil: :raises a brow at the pause about the table: "Did you wish to know something more?"
(2596) Ruth: "That actually says quite a bit."
(2622) Sushil: :nods to Ruth: "True."
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (2643) Marcus...
(2604) TaliesinNYC: Booting '(2626) Marcus' from room...
(2626) Marcus (exit): 20:40
** (2643) Marcus leans over and whispers to Vanadin, "What's that say?" **
(2622) Sushil: :changing the subject, he suggests to Ruth: "You were saying something about going somewhere...?"
(2604) DM: A wench comes over and takes Sushil's order.
** (2602) Fildin listens to Sushil's and Ruth's exchange, but splits his concentration by watching Vadania, trying to see how she is doing with the information. **
(2596) Ruth: "Yes, I was. Aside from one more trip to the keep to check on the mausoleum."
(2643) Marcus: ((Vandania, not Vanadin.))
(2574) Vadania: "Whats what say?" **whispers bacl**
** (2622) Sushil idly orders some beer, bread and pork while Ruth talks **
(2643) Marcus: "I dunno, Ruth said that something says quite a bit, but I'm not sure what."
** (2596) Ruth ticks off points, "I propose we track down and put a stop to the Banite plot." **
(2596) Ruth: "For myself, the killer has struck members of my family already."
** (2596) Ruth nods to Sushil, "He is known to be a wizard of some ability and means." **
(2622) Sushil: :agrees: "Yes... much stronger than myself, I admit."
(2602) Fildin: "Of course. Such an evil man should not be allowed to continue his plots against the world."
(2596) Ruth: "And we know he plans to disrupt the safety of this town and the kingdom of Cormyr."
(2596) Ruth: "Separately we will not be able to find him or stop him but together we will succeed."
(2622) Sushil: "Hmmm... that maybe wishful thinking at this point. We know not where he is, or how powerful he is, suffice it to say 'very', nor do we know how many allies he may have with him. All we can be sure of is that he may soon come for us."
(2596) Ruth: "My point is that we have many reasons to track down this killer, personal and otherwise."
(2602) Fildin: "Then why wait for him? If we get a group and press after him - we have a chance of surprise."
(2622) Sushil: "Hmph... as you wish, M'lady. Though if you plan to hunt him, I suggest you find a starting point for the search. Shall we be off to the temple shortly to interrogate the captured mercenary of his dealings with the banite wizard?"
(2643) Marcus: "If we don't know where to find him, how do we press after him?"
(2622) Sushil: (AAAHHH MY EYES!!!)
(2574) Vadania: (( uggh no yellow ))
(2643) Marcus: ((Sorry, got it changed already))
(2596) Ruth: "If we cannot find him personally then we can look for clues from people he has left behind, as well as places he has set up plans."
(2602) Fildin: "That's why we need to get some idea. Wasn't there someone working with him that you mentioned Sushil?"
** (2602) Fildin nods in agreement with Ruth's better stated comment. **
(2622) Sushil: :mutters something under his breath about not listening: "Yes. His name is Jhanaeril Ebonfire. He was the mercenary who hired the hobs to kill Edearas."
(2622) Sushil: "Currently he is being held at the Temple of Lathander.... or at least, I think he's there."
(2602) Fildin: "Sounds like a good place to start then. If all else fails, we could go to the Haunted Halls, as he could likely be there. Although I don't know about that place, it is a bit intimidating."
(2596) Ruth: "Then we can see him in the morning, swear the king's oath at noon and still have half a day to travel."
(2596) Ruth: "Unless you are all ready to pay a visit right now?"
(2622) Sushil: "I don't mind going now."
** (2574) Vadania nods "Back to the graveyard first as Hile is still there making sure the non dead dead stays put" **
(2574) Vadania: "Now is fine with me as well."
(2596) Ruth: "Exactly."
** (2643) Marcus stands up, pushing the stool he was seated on back. "Let's *just* do something, all this takl is boring. I wanna adventure." **
(2602) Fildin: "Yes, we should retireve Hile from his guard duty. Relax Marcus, there will be plenty of time for adventure. If you just rush off, it is more likely to be your last adventure as well. And then what of your beloved?"
(2643) Marcus: "Whoa, whoa!" Marcus tries to move around the seated Vadania and trips over the stool he had just kicked back, and falls forward on his face, bloodying his nose.
** (2602) Fildin glances up at the others before just shaking his head slightly. **
** (2574) Vadania moves to help Marcus up **
(2622) Sushil: :glances down at the bloody boy, noting sagaciously: "Haste will only bring misfortune."
(2574) Vadania: "You should not become so excitable, it is lible to get you killed some day"
(2596) Ruth: "I guess the point is made then."
** (2643) Marcus takes Vadania's aid and stands up. He pulls a small piece of cloth out of his belt pouch, and uses it to staunch the flow of blood. **
** (2643) Marcus is red in the face, obviously embarassed, and in a nasally voice, "Uh, sorry, I'll be okay." **
** (2574) Vadania waits for someone to lead the way **
(2622) Sushil: "Good to hear.... though I wonder for how long."
** (2596) Ruth scoots her chair back and gets up with more care to apparently lead the way. **
(2596) Ruth: "Which way is the temple exactly?"
(2602) Fildin: "So, let's go meet Jhanaeril before Marcus breaks an arm." Fildin smiles back at Marcus to show him that he is jesting.
(2643) Marcus: "Temple? I thought we were going to thee, Hile."
** (2622) Sushil rises, downing the rest of his beer, before nodding to Ruth, "I think to the south, but don't quote me on that. I'm not very good with direction." **
(2602) Fildin: "Temple, then Hile, then bad guy. Got it?"
(2574) Vadania: "Going to fetch Hile tomarrow, it is a longer journy then we have time for if we are to swear our Oath at nood"
(2622) Sushil: "What about the oath? and finding workers for Stonewatch?"
(2574) Vadania: (( *noon ))
(2602) Fildin: "Well, have you completely decided to keep Stonewatch Ruth?"
(2596) Ruth: "I have decided that I should wait to officially run Stonewatch until after I hunt down this killer. As long as he is at large, it will be extra hazardous for anyone to try to live there."
(2574) Vadania: "Thats is thoughtfull."
** (2596) Ruth looks around for a taller building, maybe to the south. **
(2602) Fildin: "Good idea. So, Temple, Oath, Hile, Bad guy, then workers?"
** (2622) Sushil leads the way back to the Temple of Lathander.. recalling where he had been, but not where a compass might point. **
(2596) Ruth: "Yeah."
(2622) Sushil: (ff?)
(2602) Fildin: (( we suddenly find the temple... :P ))
(2604) DM: ((ok))
(2604) DM: You encounter an acolyte in the vestibule, lighting candles.
(2622) Sushil: :gives the acolyte a slight wave: "Good day."
** (2574) Vadania waits quietly, not sure what is expected of people entering a Temple **
** (2602) Fildin reamins behind Sushil and Ruth, letting them lead the way in. **
** (2643) Marcus stands next to Fildin, at the back of the group. **
(2604) Adaric: "Can I help you?"
(2604) DM: The acolyte looks up as you enter and greets you.
(2622) Sushil: "I am an acquaintance of Priest Aurelian. A couple of days ago he supposedly brought a man named Jhanaeril to this temple. We would like to speak with him."
** (2596) Ruth lets Sushil handle the introduction since he has his foot in the door, as it were. **
(2643) Marcus: Marcus leans over towards Fildin. "The monastery where I was raised, there we honored Lathander above all other gods. It is a wonderful place. I sure hope Talya is doing okay."
(2602) Fildin: "From what I have heard of Lathander and his followers, I am sure she is." he responds back softly, so as to not interrupt.
(2574) Vadania: (( AFK for a smoke ))
(2604) Adaric: "Ah, yes. This way please. Lady Winter has ordered that he be kept under watch. You're just in time...a contingent from Arabel is due to arrive tomorrow to bring him to trial."
(2622) Sushil: "I see. I had my doubts about the priest's hopes of reforming the man."
** (2622) Sushil follows after the acolyte, his usual follower left back at the inn. Supposedly he is not one for holy temples. **
** (2643) Marcus follows along, trying to pay attention to everything that is going on. **
** (2596) Ruth follows the acolyte. **
** (2602) Fildin follows, glancing about the temple as they enter and pass though. **
** (2574) Vadania follows along quietly **
(2604) DM: The acolyte leads you to a holding cell in the rear of the temple's first floor.
(2604) Adaric: "Through that door."
(2604) DM: An inquisitor of Lathander stands guard outside the cell.
** Adaric nods at the inquisitor. "They wish to speak with the prisoner." **
(2604) DM: The inquisitor gives you a once over and waves you through.
(2604) Guard: "If you require assistance should he do something, I will be here."
(2622) Sushil: "Thank you." :offers a bow of his head before entering.:
** (2596) Ruth nods agreement then steps into the cell. **
** (2643) Marcus follows, looking a bit nervous. **
** (2574) Vadania looks at the inquisitor for a moment then follows the others in **
** (2602) Fildin sneaks in amidst the others, but keeps off to the side, watching and listening for now. **
** Jhanaeril Ebonfire sits on his bed with a morose expression on his face and doesn't see you come in. **
(2604) DM: He glances up after a moment.
(2604) Jhanaeril Ebonfire: "Oh, it's you. So you've come to gloat I suppose."
** (2643) Marcus pulls out his short sword and points it at Jhanaeril. "Don't try anything stupid." **
(2622) Sushil: :shakes head lazily: "No... my acquaintances here just have a few questions for you."
(2643) Marcus: ((In a shaky voice, of course.))
** (2622) Sushil glances to Marcus, citing mildly: "I think that's unnecessary." **
** Jhanaeril Ebonfire shrugs. "You're a saucy one. Why would I do anything stupid?" **
(2643) Marcus: "Uh, uh," Marcus glances back and forth between Sushil and Jhanaeril, then slowly puts his sword away, "I guess not."
(2604) Jhanaeril Ebonfire: "Well, ask away. They're taking me to Arabel tomorrow, to put me on trial." (slumps)
** (2602) Fildin reaches up and places a hand on the hilt of Marcus' sword. "Easy there Marcus, you can put that away, ok?" **
(2602) Fildin: (( ignore that then, I type too slow. ))
(2596) Ruth: "I would like to know about your employer. Where did you meet him?"
(2622) Sushil: "Keep in mind before you answer... depending on how helpful you are here, Lady Ruth,may be able to gain you favor with the court."
(2604) Jhanaeril Ebonfire: "I told you already. I met him here, when I was looking for work."
(2596) Ruth: "So would you never see him anywhere else?"
(2604) Jhanaeril Ebonfire: "He saw me one day in Mynamere's and figured what I was about. Just a simple favor, to run a message to some hobgoblins. And before I knew it, I was drawn in, hook, line and sinker."
(2604) Jhanaeril Ebonfire: "I would either meet him at Mynamere's or on the road to the Killing Keep."
(2596) Ruth: "That is the Haunted Halls, correct?"
(2604) Jhanaeril Ebonfire: "No, 'tis a ruin on the other side of Starwater Gorge, near where the gorge comes to a head."
(2604) Jhanaeril Ebonfire: "Folk mistake it for the Haunted Halls, but 'tis not the same at all."
(2604) Jhanaeril Ebonfire: "He claimed to have a few lairs, one in the Keep and one in the Halls."
(2596) Ruth: "I would expect so. Did he have you deliver any other messages?"
(2604) Jhanaeril Ebonfire: "A few." (slumps) "First to the hobgoblins, then I was running a courier service between him and the tribe."
(2604) Jhanaeril Ebonfire: "Then I was to spy on and report on the goings on of the magess."
(2604) Jhanaeril Ebonfire: "I tried to stop! I really did! But he had me wrapped around his little finger." (whines)
(2643) Marcus: "How so? You couldn't leave his service?"
** (2574) Vadania listens silently **
(2604) Jhanaeril Ebonfire: "No, I couldn't. He claimed that Bane had my service, that I was sworn to him and the Dark Network, that I was now a criminal."
(2602) Fildin: "Which magess exactly were you to spy and report on?"
(2622) Sushil: "Tsharlira, of course."
** (2602) Fildin looks over at Sushil. "I was hoping to hear that confirmation from him." **
(2622) Sushil: :shrug: "Just offering my assumptions."
(2604) Jhanaeril Ebonfire: "Was that her name? I didn't know."
(2604) Jhanaeril Ebonfire: "She and that noble from the keep met a few times before he died. It was easy gold but now I wish I'd never met Verek."
(2596) Ruth: "Anything you do to help us find him will return the favors he has done you."
(2604) Jhanaeril Ebonfire: "I....I don't know. I only want this to be over." (looks down at the floor)
(2604) Jhanaeril Ebonfire: "I don't know where to find him. He always gave me directions to meet him at a certain place."
(2596) Ruth: "Any of his hideouts we learn about brings us closer to bringing his plans to ruin, even before we find him in the flesh."
(2596) Ruth: "I do not know what punishment awaits you for your part in his plotting, but it sounds like you were only a minor pawn to him. Still, you have given us another clue to his whereabouts."
(2604) Jhanaeril Ebonfire: "Well, if you want to find him, I would look in either the Killing Keep or in the Haunted Halls. Or hang around Mynamere's."
(2604) Jhanaeril Ebonfire: "He...he did say something curious in passing though once. I thought to question him about it but I never got another chance."
(2602) Fildin: "I wonder how frequently he will return to town, now that his plans are in motion and people might be looking for him. Anyway, how exactly did Verek get ahold of you to meet him?"
(2604) Jhanaeril Ebonfire: "He would give me a task to complete, and then whe n I was ready to report or when it was done, I was to go to Old Meg's farm and put a note in the hollow stump behind the barn. Then to meet at a pre-arranged spot, either near the Keep or at Mynamere's for further instructions."
(2622) Sushil: "Fascinating."
(2604) Jhanaeril Ebonfire: The locals avoid Meg's farm, thinking it an evil place haunted by spirits. 'Tis mostly a burned out ruin.
(2602) Fildin: "And Sushil got to you before you could return to the hobgoblins at the keep, and therefore before you could complete your task. What exactly were you to do there?"
(2604) Jhanaeril Ebonfire: "I was to deliver payment to the hobgoblins for their part in the plot, which was to kill the lord of the keep."
(2604) Jhanaeril Ebonfire: "And to search for a wax seal that Verek mentioned would be in the keep."
(2622) Sushil: "Thus, the mission is complete. Perhaps we should leave a note to Verek on the man's behalf."
(2602) Fildin: "That's what I was thinking as well Sushil." Fildin smiles.
(2622) Sushil: "If we can get forewarning of the meeting place, perhaps we could even enlist aid from the dragons to set an ambush."
(2643) Marcus: "How long has it been since the keep was cleared?"
(2604) DM: ((be more specific about which keep.))
(2602) Fildin: "Just about as long as it would take him to return to town." ((Assuming he means Stonewatch))
(2701) Kavalunc (enter): 22:32
(2604) DM: ((I'm assuming that question isn't addressed to me.))
(2604) DM: ((or Jhanaeril.))
(2643) Marcus: ((Okay. Sorry, it was meant for the party.))
** (2574) Vadania looks up "A few days before we metup with you" **
(2643) Marcus: "Is that all we needed from Jhanaeril?"
** (2643) Marcus looks at Ruth questionly. **
** (2596) Ruth shrugs, "I cannot think of anything else to ask." **
** (2602) Fildin looks to Ruth. "You know, he has helped us. And he might have more information for us later. Oh yeah." he turns back to Jhanaeril. "You said earlier that Verek mentioned something curious in passing. What was it?" **
(2622) Sushil: (brb)
(2604) Jhanaeril Ebonfire: "He mentioned something about how, with the seals broken, the true King will rise to the throne."
** (2602) Fildin shudders. **
(2604) Jhanaeril Ebonfire: "I thought he was raving at the time."
(2604) Jhanaeril Ebonfire: "Now I am not so sure."
(2602) Fildin: "That does not sound good. I wish he was, but I think he was serious."
(2574) Vadania: "True king?, why would he be sealed?"
(2596) Ruth: "That does sound ominous."
(2604) Jhanaeril Ebonfire: "I don't know. I hope you are successful in finding him." (looks away)
(2602) Fildin: "Likely Verek's idea of a 'true king' is something that none of us would want around."
(2643) Marcus: "A very common theme is for the evil wizard to believe he can control the power of the greater evil."
(2643) Marcus: "You know," Marcus looks around, "in all the stories."
(2602) Fildin: "Lady Ruth, he has been cooporative. And he may hold information that we need in the future for us to stop Verek. Maybe we can talk to Lady Winter about postponing his transport to Arabel?"
(2622) Sushil: :to Marcus: "I take offense at that."
(2643) Marcus: "Why?" looking at Sushil, "Are you an evil wizard?"
(2622) Sushil: "I don't think I am.. " :shakes head: "But I am offended by people who base their idea of knowledge of folk talkes."
** (2574) Vadania pirks up listening to Sushil's respons **
(2596) Ruth: "I am not so sure. He may be best off if he gets away from this town. As for his actual criminal activites he has done little more than act as an informant and messenger."
(2596) Ruth: "I would not advocate any severe punishment. Nothing like what Verek will receive."
** Jhanaeril Ebonfire seems hopeful at hearing Ruth's words. "Truly, m'lady, I would be eternally grateful for anything you could put in for me. I thank you from the bottom of my heart." **
(2596) Ruth: "I will be sure people know how cooperative you have been. Thank you for your part in setting this aright."
** (2622) Sushil gives a brief nod and moves to the exit, offering back over his shoulder, "Right then, I wish you luck in your trial. In the meantime, I suggest you play along with the temple's reformation practices. If they see some hope in you, they may put in a good word as well." **
** Jhanaeril Ebonfire nods solemnly. "My thanks." **
** (2602) Fildin nods in agreement to Sushil's comments. "Verek does not care about you. If you don't care about yourself, no one else will either. Just because Verek had you for a little while does not mean everything. Pick your head up, there are more colors in the sky than in the floor." **
** (2574) Vadania turns to leave as the others do "So we leave after noon on the marrow to fetch Hile then find this abandon farm?" **
** (2643) Marcus follows, listening as the plans are made. **
(2622) Sushil: "Sounds well enough."
** (2602) Fildin heads out from the cell with the others, in contemplation. ((brb - smoke)) **
(2574) Vadania: (( same here AFK ))
** (2596) Ruth nods once to Jhanaeril before leaving, having a brief word with the guard about his helpfulness on her way out. **
(2604) Guard: "I shall pass your recommendation to the Highlord when he returns from his devotions."
** (2602) Fildin has a quick whispered word with Ruth once they leave the temple. **
(2604) DM: ((ok, where to now?))
(2602) Fildin: (( ff to the next day and the oath? but can we do that without Amreth? ))
(2622) Sushil: (Was Amreth going to take the oath anyway?)
(2604) DM: ((we can do it without Amreth, since he will be Ruth's responsibility as her hireling.))
(2602) Fildin: (( we hadn't really had a chance to talk him into it - as we were split too much. ))
(2596) Ruth: ((That's my only concern at this point. It's a shame to miss an opportunity to goad him."
(2604) DM: ((Amreth is not officially part of Greenwood Adventurers))
(2602) Fildin: (( that works. So, ff to the oath. ))
(2574) Vadania: (( back ))
(2713) Lunauc (enter): 23:11
(2574) Vadania: (( and FF is fine by me ))
(2596) Ruth: ((Works then.))
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (2713) Lunauc...
(2604) TaliesinNYC: Booting '(2622) Lunauc' from room...
(2622) Lunauc (exit): 23:14
(2604) DM: You're back at Lady Winter's estate the next day, and shown to her sitting room.
(2604) Tessaril Winter, of Eveningstar: So, you're here to take the oath. (smiles)
** (2574) Vadania nods toward the Lady and smiles **
** Tessaril Winter, of Eveningstar nods to a scribe seated at her right. "And have you chosen your name?" **
** (2602) Fildin wears some very clean and neat looking clothes, his cloak billowing behind him - all in all, looking as nice and regal as he can. He gives Lady Winter a slight bow in response to her question. **
** (2574) Vadania looks to Ruth **
** (2596) Ruth nods, "We have." **
(2604) Tessaril Winter, of Eveningstar: "Very well, then. And if there are any casters amongst you, have you chosen your sigils?"
(2574) Vadania: "Sigils?"
** (2596) Ruth glances first at Sushil, "Probably." **
** (2713) Sushil stands in his regular black mantle cloak. "Yes... I chose my sigil a while back." **
(2604) Tessaril Winter, of Eveningstar: "All wizards who practice within the Kingdom shall have their sigils recorded by a scribe and transferred over to Vangerdahast, who is His Majesty's chief wizard."
(2716) Sunless DM (enter): 23:20
(2574) Vadania: "Oh ok, does not apply to me. I use the magic of the land."
(2596) Ruth: "You mean my personal mark?"
(2716) Sunless DM (exit): 23:20
** Tessaril Winter, of Eveningstar nods. "Then, repeat after me, all of you in unison: ' We, the members of Greenwood Adventurers, duly chartered and recognized by the grace of King Azoun IV, the First of Tyr and Defender of the Faith, do so pledge our loyalty to the sovereign ruler of Cormyr. By this pledge, we vow to obey Cormyr's laws when within the Kingdom's borders, to neither plot nor aid an action against the Kingdom's well-being, to come to her aid when summoned against a threat to the Kingdom, and to faithfully renew our charter within the prescribed time allowed. This we pledge in the name of each of the gods that we follow.' **
** (2713) Sushil stands straight and obediently repeats the Lady's words. **
** (2643) Marcus stands at attention, and repeats the words with great enthusiasm and pride. **
** (2596) Ruth provides the countdown signal for synchronicity and repeats the words solemnly. **
** (2574) Vadania repeats the words as the Lady says them making sure to stay in unison with the others **
** (2602) Fildin taps his chin for a moment before getting an idea. He nods to Lady Winter, signifying that he is ready and he repeats the oath in unison with the others. **
** Tessaril Winter, of Eveningstar nods, pleased, and takes a scroll from her scribe. "Who speaks for you?" **
** (2574) Vadania looks at Ruth **
** (2596) Ruth looks around for confirmation before answering, "I do." **
** Tessaril Winter, of Eveningstar speaks with great formality, saying, "This is your charter which represents your right to adventure within the borders of Cormyr. May the gods that you follow bind you to this oath of obedience, and may you fare well. This charter shall be legal for a term equal to the time from this date forward until the next Shieldmeet, four years hence, whereupon you shall hie yourselves to the royal court at Suzail to reswear the oath and renew your charter. If there should be changes to the composition of your group, you shall make haste to a lord of the land and amend your charter. By my hand in the name of His Majesty, this sixteenth day of Eleasias in the year one thousand three hundred and forty eight Dalereckoning." **
** (2602) Fildin puffs his chest slightly as Lady Winter speaks, feeling important. **
(2725) No Name (enter): 23:36
** (2574) Vadania seems a little bored though is paying atention **
** Tessaril Winter, of Eveningstar hands the scroll to Ruth. "May fortune smile upon you and your friends." (smiles) **
(2596) Ruth: "I accept this charter on behalf of all of the Greenwood Adventurers."
(2574) Vadania: "What happens if the scroll gets destroyed?"
(2725) No Name (exit): 23:40
(2604) Tessaril Winter, of Eveningstar: "A copy of your charter has been made and shall be kept at the Hall of Records in Suzail."
(2713) Sushil: "That's convenient."
(2574) Vadania: "Ok, just wanted to make sure as not everything survives traveling well."
** (2602) Fildin makes his way over and gives his newly determined sigil to the scribe while the others talk for a few moments. **
(2574) Vadania: "So shall we go fetch Hile now?" ** she seems just a touch worried **
(2713) Sushil: :nods to Vadania: "We may as well."
** (2602) Fildin returns to the group. "Yes, that would be a good idea. Poor Hile has been out there for a while." **
(2643) Marcus: "Back to the crypt with the creature in it? I can't wait!"
** (2596) Ruth provides her sigil to the scribe and rejoins the conversation. **
(2602) Fildin: "Then let's be off. I believe we have enough supplies."
(2574) Vadania: "I dont think we plan to go inside at this time, but thats up to Ruth"
(2596) Ruth: "I think we should open it. We already know the proper lock is missing."
** (2713) Sushil is the last to give up his sigil. It resembles a flame held in the palm of a skeletal hand. **
(2604) DM: (so Grinkle is out in the country with Amreth, correct?)
(2604) DM: (and we can stop here since there's no way I can wrap this up by 12:30)

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