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(1734) DM: ((so who needs a recap

(1734) DM: ((so who needs a recap?))
(1725) Amreth: Me, as I missed half.
(1725) Amreth: But for a very good cause, mind you..
(1734) DM: ((was just RP last session, PCs wrapped up cleaning up, exited the keep and travelled back to Eveningstar))
(1725) Amreth: What was decided when they entered? What of ol' stinky Grinky?
(1681) Dj Gilcrease: (( Grinkel is staying outside the city with Vadania ))
(1734) Grinkle: Yub.
(1725) Amreth: ((<-- Is too, then.))>
(1725) Amreth: ((Amreth is too, then.))
(1749) Marcus (enter): 21:02
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (1749) Marcus...
(1734) TaliesinNYC: Booting '(1741) Marcus' from room...
(1741) Marcus (exit): 21:04
(1734) DM: ((ok, so you're in Eveningstar. its an hour after highsun (ooc: noon).))
(1699) Zane: (( yeah - I think Fildin and Ruth were going to meet with Lady Winter - letting the others do what they want and/or need to do. ))
** (1718) Sushil follows along with Ruth and Fildin, quite interest in learning what this group is up to. **
** (1749) Marcus is at the back of the group, oddly quite. **
** (1699) Fildin plays a happy tune on his longhorn as they enter town, one that keeps the mood happy and light. **
** (1740) Ruth leads the group to first see Lady Winter. **
** (1749) Marcus follows along, wide eyed. **
(1734) DM: ((so besides Grinkle, who else is staying out of the village?))
(1681) Dj Gilcrease: (( me ))
(1681) Vadania: (( me ))
(1749) Marcus: ((Marcus will stay with Vandania.))
(1740) Ruth: "First I need to tell Tessaril that the keep is cleared of the occupying invaders. Then we will arrange to meet with a mage in this town. She will be interested in what you have heard, Sushil."
(1699) Fildin: (( so does Marcus stay outside the city - or enter it? ))
(1718) Sushil: (afk a min)
(1749) Marcus: Seeing the others not following Ruth and Fildin, Marcus runs back to the group staying behind.
(1699) Fildin: "Sounds good. I will let you tell the tale to Lady Winter, unless you ask me to add to it - that way you can take credit for it."
(1681) Vadania: "I am going to collect some herbs, Grinkle, Marcus, if you want to join me you can"
(1757) cricket (enter): 21:12
(1757) cricket (exit): 21:13
(1749) Marcus: Nah, I'm going to sit here and wait for them to come back.
** (1749) Marcus sits down cross legged and leans back against a tree. **
** (1740) Ruth looks back to see how many are actually following her to Tessaril's. **
** (1699) Fildin follows Ruth. **
** (1740) Ruth addresses the first guard she can find, "Would you inform Lady Tessaril Winter that Ruth Numsroth has returned and would speak with her when she is ready?" **
** (1718) Sushil is almost as quiet as his servant as he follows along, noting where the others lead him and listening in on the conversation. **
(1734) Guard: "Very well, m'lady." (glances at you and back at Ruth)
(1734) Guard: "An' where shall I say ye shall be?"
(1718) Sushil: (are we at her home or did we just walk up to a random guard in the street?)
(1740) Ruth: (repaste)"I shall be at Mynamere's until she is ready."
(1718) Sushil: (repaste more!)"Hmmm.. full circle.." :lightly muses at the mention of the inn this whole thing started in for him:
** Guard nods, "Very well. An' there will be an answer shortly." **
** (1740) Ruth leads them to get rooms at Mynamere's. "This is a quiet town; we will not be waiting long." **
(1718) Sushil: :whispers aside to Fildin: "This Lady winter... she makes house calls... or tavern calls as the case may be?"
(1699) Fildin: "Oh no - she is too high for that. But she will send a message that she will meet with us. And knowing the importance of our return, it will not take long."
** (1699) Fildin settles into a seat at the inn, determined to get off his feet for as long as Lady Winter permits them. **
(1718) Sushil: "Ah... " :follows along: "How... superior of her."
(1740) Ruth: "Do not get an overblown sense of my importance, Sushil. We are waiting on her leisure."
whispering to Marcus, ok, go
** (1699) Fildin shrugs. "It just the way those in power tend to be. It is the same everywhere, at least everywhere I have been so far." **
(1718) Sushil: "I assure you, I feel no particualr importance waiting in a tavern on someone else's decree." :says with a polished grin as he takes a seat at Fildin's table, the servant doing the same only after his master gestures him to do so.:
(1718) Sushil: "About how far away does she reside?"
(1772) Marcus (enter): 21:33
** (1699) Fildin watches the servant's actions. "So, he does absolitely nothing without you telling him to do so, and he can't speak. So how do know when he needs something?" **
(1740) Ruth: "It will be a brief wait. Her manor is on outskirts of the town."
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (1772) Marcus...
(1764) TaliesinNYC: Booting '(1749) Marcus' from room...
(1749) Marcus (exit): 21:33
whispering to Marcus, go
** (1718) Sushil nods to Ruth's assurance before turning to Fildin to answer, "I don't know. As far as i can tell, he's never needed anything." **
** (1718) Sushil turns from further questioning as he looks about for a waitress. **
** (1772) Marcus looked up and realized he was alone, everyone had wandered off, getting a bit nervous, he bounces up and walks into town by himself. **
** (1772) Marcus approaches a guard, and nervously asks, "Ummm, excuse me, my friends, these adventurers I just met were supposed to be meeting Lady Winter, and I seem to have been left alone, would you mind taking me to her manor?" **
** (1725) Amreth bumps into Marcus on the way back to the camp, bearing a very heavy burden in the form of a burlap sack nearly bursting its seams, "Goin' into town?" **
(1764) DM: A waitress approaches your table.
(1764) Clarissa: What'll it be today? (hands you a scrap of paper which functions as a menu)
** Ceridyn regards you with an amused smile. "An' who might I say to Lady Winter tha' you are?" **
** (1725) Amreth cocks a brow, "Not talkin', eh? Suits me. Wasn't goin' to share with you anyway," he says, stepping past the boy on his way back to the camp outside of town. **
(1772) Marcus: Oh, my name is Marcus, sir.
(1740) Ruth: "What takes the least time to prepare? A light meal would sit well after our trip."
(1764) Clarissa: Well, there be mash an' ham, or roast chicken wit' garlic, or cheese an' bread. An' ale.
(1718) Sushil: :to the waitress with, a smile: "Hmm... a bowl of beef, some bread and cheese and I'll definitely taken an ale, luv."
(1718) Sushil: (beef stew.. that is)
** Clarissa takes the rest of your orders. "An' ye as well?" (addresses Sushi's servant) **
(1699) Fildin: "Chicken and an ale for me would be great."
(1718) Sushil: :glances to his servant before casually replying to the girl: "Nothing for him. He hasn't been feeling well."
(1740) Ruth: "Cheese and bread for me."
** (1699) Fildin glances at Sushil's response, but says nothing for now. **
** Clarissa nods and flounces off. **
** (1725) Amreth sets the stuffed sack down on the ground near the rest of his belongings, takes a moment to look around for Grinkle and Vadania, gives up, and unpacks the massive ammounts of food and wine he'd purchased before sitting down and quietly beginning the feast by himself. **
(1764) Ceridyn: "Well, Marcus, tha' Lady Winter is a very busy person. Ye go on home now, yer ma must be lookin' fer ye."
(1718) Sushil: :speaks to Ruth as they wait: "Now... I understand your part in all of this, since you are the heir apparent to Edearas. Though I wonder, what is this Lady Winter's involvement?"
(1764) DM: Splashing can be heard near the camp. (you're near the river on the outskirts of town)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+6] -> [2,6] = (8)
(1740) Ruth: "She is the local authority. As such she is in charge of disbursing the terms of the will."
(1718) Sushil: "I see. So she is the one making sure you carry out the conditions of the will. How far are you from completing that task, by the by?"
(1740) Ruth: "As far as the will is concerned, the task was simple and straightforward."
** (1725) Amreth glances up in the direction of the river, tugging apart two ribs from a roasted rack of lamb, "Guess he took that idea to heart," he says, gnawing the meat from one, then the other, before tossing both bare bones away. **
(1740) Ruth: "The heir shall be the one related by blood to Edaeras who reclaims the keep from those who slew him. Basically."
** Ceridyn turns to regard the boy. "Yer not serious, are ye?" **
(1718) Sushil: :muses: "That's a trifle specific... I mean, how did he know he was going to be killed, or more to the point that his killers would linger about his castle?"
(1740) Ruth: "The will is quite specific as he wrote it while dying of his injuries."
** Grinkle waddles over to the camp, clad in his armor albeit much cleaner. **
(1764) Grinkle: Greetz.
(1764) Grinkle: Oooo, fuud. Yum.
(1718) Sushil: "Ah.. then i suppose he had some idea of the situation." :offers sarcastically before adding: "Is there any further stipulations or are you considered the legitimate beneficiary as of now?"
(1740) Ruth: "There are some minor details included to insure the personal competency of the heir, but yes. It will need to be confirmed."
** (1725) Amreth gestures to the spread, "Just like I promised-well, not exactly, better in fact. Eat as much as you want, and don't neglect the wine," he says, picking a bottle and dislodging the cork before tipping it back. **
Attempting to assign the role of GM to (1785) TaliesinNYC...
(1785) TaliesinNYC: Booting '(1764) TaliesinNYC' from room...
(1764) TaliesinNYC (exit): 22:02
(1740) Ruth: "With the state of the keep, it is not much of a boon. It is also a responsibility I was uneager to assume."
(1785) DM: ((what's up with Open 4?))
(1681) Vadania: (( I am behind a Firewall so noone could connect ))
(1725) Amreth: ((Try Tangled?))
** Grinkle sets down and starts. "Me thanks yub." **
(1785) DM: ((if I get disconnected again, might as well))
(1718) Sushil: :shrugs: "You could always sell the keep for a nice profit. Though Keeping it and renting it out to rich folk who want to get away for recreation or research could just as well."
** (1725) Amreth shrugs and reaches across to set the bottle down next to Grinkle, before opening another for himself, "Got somethin' else for you." **
(1785) DM: ((so as I said before I got yanked, a guard arrives at Myanmere with a message for you))
(1699) Fildin: "Maybe, but there is good news as well - we were able to move some hobgoblins out of the area - back to where they came from, and you have a place you can always rest. After all, with your uncle's treasure, the upkeep should not be too large a responsibility."
** (1699) Fildin looks up as the guard enters before turning to Sushil. "Told you it would not be long." he says with a smile. **
** (1718) Sushil glances to the messenger. Raising hand to his forehead, he offers a mock salute to the man, while answering Filding, "I'm glad you were correct." **
(1740) Ruth: "I do not think I can actually sell it; I plan to find a steward so that I can track down the one who is really responsible."
** (1725) Amreth reaches inside his pack, where he'd packed the weapon away, and draws out the extra-long dagger, and tosses it next to where Grinkle sits, "You take that one, damn thing's almost a sword, and I figure with the larger handle, it'll feel more comfortable in your big hands than that smaller one of mine." **
(1785) Guard: "Lady Winter bids ye come to her manor as ye are ready. An' tae peace bind yer weapons."
** (1699) Fildin holds out his longhorn and looks at the guard, "Weapons?" **
** Grinkle looks up from a roast haunch of boar and seeing the dagger, swallows rapidly and just stares. **
(1718) Sushil: :to Fildin: "I don't think you'll have a problem."
(1785) Grinkle: "Me um...um...thank yub. Yub." (sniffs)
(1740) Ruth: "If you are all finished with your meals, we have little by means of weaponry."
** (1740) Ruth binds her crossbow and dagger as requested. **
(1785) Guard: "If'n ye have any on ye sheathed. 'Tis a formality."
** (1699) Fildin finishes off his chicken, adding the bread to his pack to travel with. He finishes his ale before looking to Ruth. "Let's go then." **
** (1725) Amreth shrugs it off, "Don't worry about it, just give me back that one I lent you," he says, and picks up a rather large muffin, with which he quickly stuffs his mouth. **
** (1718) Sushil stands and hands takes a dagger from under his cloak. Tucking it into his servant's belt he appoints, this one will wait outside." **
(1740) Ruth: "Then we are ready."
(1718) Sushil: "Shall we retrieve the others for the meeting?"
** (1740) Ruth stands and leads/follows the guard to Lady Winter's estate. **
(1699) Fildin: "No need, we three can give the news just as easily, if not easier," he responds, thinking of Amreth.
** (1699) Fildin follows the guard as well. **
** (1718) Sushil nods and follows. **
(1740) Ruth: "Fildin has the truth of it."
** (1699) Fildin smiles proudly, "Thank you." **
(1789) Lunauc (enter): 22:13
(1772) Marcus (exit): 22:14
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (1789) Lunauc...
(1785) TaliesinNYC: Booting '(1718) Lunauc' from room...
(1718) Lunauc (exit): 22:14
(1785) DM: You make your way to Lady Winter's estate. As before, the grounds are graced by the presence of several tressym. (winged cats)
** (1699) Fildin watches the tressym with awe. "Even the second time, they are amazing creatures." **
** (1740) Ruth witholds her opinion on the tressym. **
(1789) Sushil: "Pets..? Or do they just like the area?"
(1699) Fildin: "From what we were told last time, they just grace the area."
(1740) Ruth: "I believe that, much like cats, it is impossible to be sure."
** (1789) Sushil follows along to the keep, idly eyeing the surrounding plant life for something which interests the cats. **
(1785) DM: Most are shorthaired gray cats or tabbies with two batlike feathery wings of various hues, ranging from midnight blue to amber to peach, at their well-muscled shoulders
(1785) DM: A few engage puppies in a playful game of tag.
** (1740) Ruth passes by the tressym and on into the manor **
** (1699) Fildin follow Ruth's path. **
(1789) Sushil: :notes idly: "Cute.Though I've never been much of a cat person myself. There a bit too cruel for my taste."
(1699) Fildin: "How so? I always just thought of them as quite independant, but not cruel."
** Guard shows you inside her manor house to a sitting room. "Lady Winter will be along shortly." **
(1785) DM: There is a butler here, setting about a tea service with trays of refreshments.
(1789) Sushil: :speaks scholarly about the subject: "Well, with the exception of humanoids and monsterous beasts, they are the only known species that kills purely for entertainment."
(1785) Adaric: "Her Grace wanted you to be refreshed. Please serve yourselves."
(1785) Adaric: "Zzar, mintwater, fire spirits and peachwine. Black tea from the eastern lands. Cucumber and salmon sandwiches, pastries and scones, clabbered cream, cheese and fruit."
(1789) Sushil: :continues explaining as they enter: "Most of them get their daily food from there owners, but this leaves them with a gap in there predatory instincts. Thus to fill it, they hunt anythng from birds to rodents to amphibians... and they never kill it right away."
(1789) Sushil: "They mame... letting their prey struggle and try futiley to escape is a game to them. Watch a cat play with a wounded mouse and then tell me they are not cruel."
(1699) Fildin: "Hmm, I guess I never thought of it like that. But is fair to classify them as cruel for following their nature?"
** (1699) Fildin helps himself to some cheese and fuit, along with a glass of peachwine while he and Sushil talk. **
** (1740) Ruth picks a small selection to try while she waits. **
(1699) Fildin: "Or as you called it - their predatory nature."
(1699) Fildin: (( *instincts... I really should double check what you said before I try to quote you, huh? ))
** (1789) Sushil gives a slight bow of his head to butler. "Thank you." :helping himself he rebuts to Fildin, "That simply means they are of a cruel nature. Even wild cats who hunt only to survive will 'play' witht heir meal. It's a strange affair. Though compared to many humans, they are no comparison." **
(1699) Fildin: "Espically if you consider that most of the said humans know what they are doing. Whereas the cats may not truely understand what they are doing is cruel. Of course, I've never conversed with a cat, so I might be wrong."
** Tessaril Winter, of Eveningstar enters the room a few moments later, smiling. **
(1789) Sushil: "And that is the vexing part. Cats do cruel things because they do not understand what cruelty is, just stimulation. Humans... well.. we often become much more.. refined.. in our cruelties. It's the only way to justify them to our higher minds. Otherwise, we can only be considered careless beasts ourselves."
(1681) Vadania: (( AFK for a smoke, not that you would notice I was gone anyways =P ))
(1785) Tessaril Winter, of Eveningstar: "Please, be seated."
** (1740) Ruth sits down. **
** (1789) Sushil had already stood to bow before she spoke, and quickly follows the command. **
(1785) Tessaril Winter, of Eveningstar: "Your company seems to have grown since last we met. And some are not here."
(1740) Ruth: "There are those who prefer to avoid settled areas."
(1785) Tessaril Winter, of Eveningstar: "I see." (strokes her chin)
** (1699) Fildin ceases the discussion of cruelty at Lady Winter's entrance. He bows slightly to her and takes a seat. **
(1789) Sushil: (BTW... the servant would have been ordered to wait outside, as he's holding the weapons, witht he exception of Sushil's staff)
(1740) Ruth: "As well as those more interested in celebration, as always."
(1785) Tessaril Winter, of Eveningstar: "I take it you have triumphed in your quest to clear the keep?"
(1785) DM: (ok. and guards are watching him)
(1740) Ruth: "Yes. I have."
(1789) Sushil: (don't worry, he won't do anything suspicious... just stand around not moving or breathing.)
(1785) DM: (its not me that has to be worried, lol. ok.)
(1699) Fildin: (( beacuse that's what everyone they watch does - stands and acts perfectly like a statue... ))
(1785) Tessaril Winter, of Eveningstar: "Well then. Please tell me about it."
(1740) Ruth: "First, I obtained a map from the resident mage and acquaintance of Edaeras, Tsharliira, as you are likely aware."
** Tessaril Winter, of Eveningstar nods. **
** Tessaril Winter, of Eveningstar listens attentively as you continue. **
(1699) Fildin: (( brb - going for a smoke while Ruth talks. ))
(1740) Ruth: "My band traveled west (wasn't it?) to the keep. Ascertaining that it was being guarded by hobgoblins, we gained entry by means of the secret passage Edaeras used before his demise."
(1740) Ruth: "Though it was no unguarded, we were able to enter the keep without alerting the invaders."
(1785) DM: ((east))
(1740) Ruth: "Due in small part to a mistreated and dissatisfied one of their number, the talented Amreth was able to quietly dispatch many of the hobgoblins stationed in the undergound interior of the keep."
(1740) Ruth: "Once the deepest portion of the keep was secure we confronted the leader of the Hobgoblins in his chambers and slew him, despite his attempts at subterfuge."
(1785) Tessaril Winter, of Eveningstar: "Interesting."
(1785) Tessaril Winter, of Eveningstar: "Well, then, I commend you for your efforts." (regards you thoughtfully)
(1740) Ruth: "I will spare the grisly details and summarize by saying that with the head of the hobgoblin forces removed the rest of his tribe was easily convinced to retreat to their home."
(1785) Tessaril Winter, of Eveningstar: "I take it you have substantial proof of your claims?"
(1740) Ruth: "Quite substantial."
(1785) Tessaril Winter, of Eveningstar: "May I see it?"
(1740) Ruth: "There is a pile of their dead outside the keep. There is one of them who turned against his tormentors. Most especially is the head of their leader."
** (1740) Ruth looks to Sushil to see if he brought along the severed head. **
** (1789) Sushil looks back at Ruth, curious what she wants. **
(1740) Ruth: "I am afraid that the head is not with me at the moment but rather at camp. It is a grim trophy to bear. I shall go fetch it straightaway if you wish it."
(1785) Tessaril Winter, of Eveningstar: "No, that is quite unnecessary."
(1789) Sushil: :offers in after thought: "Hmmm... I do have a book I 'borrowed' from Edeara's ruined library. It is obviously a personally researched tome with his handwriting in the margins. I'm not sure if that proves much though."
** Tessaril Winter, of Eveningstar takes a moment to think, looking long into Ruth's eyes. She nods to herself once and asks quietly, "Have you thought of a name for yourselves?" **
(1789) Sushil: "Hm...?" :glances to Ruth on mention of choosing a name:
(1740) Ruth: "We have. It should suffice to call us the Greenwood Adventurers."
** Tessaril Winter, of Eveningstar speaking in a formal manner says, "By the authority vested in me as a representative of the Crown of Cormyr, I grant you the right to adventure within the Kingdom as an adventuring company provided that you have a name for yourselves and provided that you swear an oath to the Crown." **
(1725) Amreth: ((Never.))
(1725) Amreth: ((Ever.))
(1785) Tessaril Winter, of Eveningstar: Very well then. Each of you must swear the following:

"We, the members of Greenwood Adventurers, duly chartered and recognized by the grace of King Azoun IV, the First of Tyr and Defender of the Faith, do so pledge our loyalty to the sovereign ruler of Cormyr. By this pledge, we vow to obey Cormyr's laws when within the Kingdom's borders, to neither plot nor aid an action against the Kingdom's well-being, to come to her aid when summoned against a threat to the Kingdom, and to faithfully renew our charter within the prescribed time allowed. This we pledge in the name of each of the gods that we follow."

(1740) Ruth: "I am ready to so swear. Do you wish to have us all assembled?"
(1785) Tessaril Winter, of Eveningstar: That would be wise.
(1785) Tessaril Winter, of Eveningstar: The oath is not considered binding unless ALL members of your band so swear.
(1785) Tessaril Winter, of Eveningstar: There are two other items of business, and then I shall release you.
(1740) Ruth: "Very well. When would you like us to meet with you to seal the oath? Then on to other business."
(1785) Tessaril Winter, of Eveningstar: "Tomorrow at highsun would be preferable."
(1785) Tessaril Winter, of Eveningstar: "Besides the oath, the holder of Stonewatch, as Lord Numsroth's keep is formally known, is entitled to the title of "Squire of Stonewatch" and shall be created a peer of the realm in the rank of landed knight. This entitles you to a place at Court provided that you are able to maintain a regular presence at the keep and to have a source of income, which shall be taxable by the Crown on an annual basis. There are other rights and duties to which you will be bound if you should accept. If you cannot, the Keep shall be held in trust by the Crown until you are able to claim it forthwith."
(1785) DM: ((this is an extremely important decision because it will determine the direction of the campaign))
(1785) DM: ((you don't need to declare now, just debate it but I will require a decision soon))
** (1789) Sushil arches his brow at the mention of Ruth's rising status. "Does Stonewatch have any subjects on it's land? Or is it just the keep?" **
(1785) Tessaril Winter, of Eveningstar: The Squire of Stonewatch is responsible for the defense of Eveningstar should I or my successor require it.
(1785) Tessaril Winter, of Eveningstar: Lady Numsroth will not have any subjects beneath her as her rank is not high enough.
(1789) Sushil: "Hmmm.. that's rather far away for a defensive post, though I suppose relay stations for guards along the way would speed things up. I wonder, what did Edearas do for income?"
(1785) Tessaril Winter, of Eveningstar: "I suppose you are entitled to a truthful answer. He was a retired adventurer, yes, but also an agent of the Crown, and a Harper."
** (1699) Fildin raises an eyebrow in intrest, possibly for the first time, at this news. **
(1740) Ruth: "I did wonder what he spent all his time doing, and how he supported the keep."
(1785) Tessaril Winter, of Eveningstar: "We may be a sleepy little village but there are things that lurk just beneath our veneer if you stay here long enough. Edaeras was a dear friend and he will be missed. And he was instrumental to the defense of the Kingdom. The position of Squire of Stonewatch is separate from being a Harper. I would like to be clear about that. The two however do go hand in hand."
(1789) Sushil: "Hmmm... say Ruth here was to take up her uncle's mantle entirely and follow offer her services to scour evil as her Harper Uncle had, could she gain an income from the crown for it?"
(1785) Tessaril Winter, of Eveningstar: "Officially, no. However, the Crown's generosity works in mysterious ways."
(1681) Vadania: (( arnt the Harpers totaly Nurtal, interested in keeping a balance not destroying evil? ))
(1789) Sushil: :gives a slight grin: "I'm sure it does. Though I wonder whoever would she go to to tell of her findings and deeds?" :adds suggestively:
(1699) Fildin: (( yes, but since there tends to be more evil up and coming - there is still battle to keep it in check. At least - that's how I understand it. ))
(1785) DM: ((if you go by the official campaign, yes. this isn't the official campaign.))
(1740) Ruth: "I have many things to consider, but there will be preparations I need to make before I can accept that responsibility."
(1785) Tessaril Winter, of Eveningstar: "Of course. The second item of business depends on your acceptance of the first. Though you may swear the oath tomorrow, you will be formally summoned to Court in Suzail to be invested by His Majesty at a future point."
(1785) DM: ((she meant to say 'The third item of business depends on your acceptance of the first. Carry on.))
(1785) Tessaril Winter, of Eveningstar: "I shall expect you here at my estate tomorrow at highsun for the oathtaking. I may have additional work for you at a future point, in my capacity as lord of Eveningstar, when you have made more of a name for yourselves."
(1740) Ruth: "I shall be here. Before I leave, there is a matter of importance of which to make you aware."
(1740) Ruth: "I will also be discussing this with Tsharliira, but I wanted to warn you that it was no random act of aggression that sent the hobgoblins to stonewatch keep."
(1819) Drifter (enter): 23:33
(1819) Drifter: Disconnecting from server...
(1819) Drifter (exit): 23:33
(1740) Ruth: "They were paid to attack the keep for the intention of finding the seals from the Haunting Halls."
(1740) Ruth: "I believe that whoever hired them will continue to seek those seals, which I am told would bode ill for Eveningstar."
(1785) Tessaril Winter, of Eveningstar: "The seals?" (becomes alarmed)
(1789) Sushil: :notes the lady's distress: "Aye.. it seems agents of Bane are involved and are actively seeking to remove them. So you know of them?"
(1785) Tessaril Winter, of Eveningstar: "I need to hear this. What about the seals?"
(1740) Ruth: "I did not find them at the keep. They should still be in place, but I doubt whoever seeks them will leave them that way."
(1785) Tessaril Winter, of Eveningstar: "The Halls was once a bandit stronghold when the Kingdom was young, but then became a base used by darker powers, such as drow. The deeper levels of the Halls were sealed so as to prevent incursion by those who lived in the Lands Below. The strength of the seals in the Halls depended on the number of intact seals kept by people who hold guardianship over Eveningstar."
(1740) Ruth: "Perhaps. What do the seals look like?"
(1785) Tessaril Winter, of Eveningstar: "There were three seals distributed to various individuals in this region. One held by the lord of Eveningstar, one by the Crown of Cormyr and one by the Squire of Stormwatch. During the rebellion of Gondegal, the seal held by Azoun's father, King Rhieghard, was stolen and has not been recovered."
(1785) Tessaril Winter, of Eveningstar: "The seals in the Halls are duplicative of the seals held by individuals representing the Crown. The seals in the Halls are crafted from adamantium, the seals held by myself and by Edaeras were made from wax and embedded with the holy symbol of Mystra on one side and the regalia of Cormyr on the other."
(1822) Lunauc (enter): 23:48
(1699) Fildin: "What would happen if one of those wax ones was broken?"
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (1822) Lunauc...
(1785) TaliesinNYC: Booting '(1789) Lunauc' from room...
(1789) Lunauc (exit): 23:48
(1740) Ruth: "Sushil, you said that the person you overheard did not find the seal?"
(1822) Sushil: "Yes, they didn't even know whether it was at the keep. And I don't believe the hobs had any such thing with them."
(1785) Tessaril Winter, of Eveningstar: "The magic causing the corresponding seal to hold in the Halls would become unstable and more likely to fail."
** (1822) Sushil tries to remember all the rooms he searched for Edearas' lost reasearch materials, trying to recall such a wax seal. **
(1699) Fildin: "But would there be any noticeable effect in the area where the seal was kept?"
(1785) Tessaril Winter, of Eveningstar: "If one is attuned to the use of magic in the Weave, then one may be able to detect the presence of a seal, so the theory goes."
(1740) Ruth: "This means that the seal Edaeras kept is also missing. If it is at Stonewatch then it is still well hidden."
(1699) Fildin: "There was the locked room with the dead thing that wasn't dead. That might be the location of the seal. I don't recall anything like that in the keep proper."
(1822) Sushil: "I suppose we must go back soon to check on that then."
(1699) Fildin: "Yes, that is likely the only way to determine whether the seal is actually still there or not."
(1699) Fildin: "One more question about these seals Milady, if you would. You mentioned that destroying a wax seal would likely weaken or even break the physical seal in the Halls. Would all three seals need to be destroyed in order to open the Halls, or would the loss of two be enough? If all three would be needed, it is likely that this agent has a plan to come after yours as well."
(1785) Tessaril Winter, of Eveningstar: "The loss of all is necessary to break open the barrier, as I understand it."
(1740) Ruth: "Aside from the potential Fildin has voiced, if they are looking for the seals out here, then they may also have allies working on removing the seals in the Haunting Halls. Even if a single seal would hold to time, a determined assault might break it anyway."
(1822) Sushil: :to Ruth: "Yes.. according to your Uncle's book, these seals are very high magic. I doubt they will fall easily."
(1699) Fildin: "Then either way, we need to know if the seal at Stormwatch is indeed destroyed, or if it is still safe and hidden."
(1699) Fildin: (( *Stonewatch ))
(1785) DM: ((Stonewatch, not Stormwatch, lol))
(1785) DM: ((and if I said it, my bad then))
(1822) Sushil: "Right" :agrees with Fildin and turns to Lady Winter: "Lady, you say someone in tune with the weave can sense the seals. Do they require a certain level of power, or just anyone capable of detected magical auras?"
(1740) Ruth: "As I said, some of the finer details we may need to discuss with Tsharliira."
(1826) Joe (enter): 00:08
(1785) DM: "Someone in tune with the Art at a high level of skill."
(1785) Tessaril Winter, of Eveningstar: "Someone in tune with the Art at a high level of skill."
(1822) Sushil: "Alas... I may still be too much a novice to find it then. Though I fear other servants of Bane may seek to investigate the keep, and one among them will have the necessary skill."
(1826) Joe (exit): 00:12
(1681) Vadania: (( AFK for a smoke ))
(1699) Fildin: "We may not be skilled enough to find it through magic, but that does not mean we can not locate it through more mundane methods."
(1822) Sushil: "Oh well, the gritty method it is then."
** (1699) Fildin smiles at Sushil, "We do what we must, eh?" **
** (1822) Sushil just shrugs before taking a sip of peachwine **
(1699) Fildin: "I do believe we have taken up enough of your time this day Milady, even though it was time well spent for us all. Shall we just return here at highsun tomorrow?"
(1822) Sushil: (afk)
(1681) Vadania: (( back ))
(1822) Sushil: (did we lose stan again?)
(1681) Vadania: (( assuming the group gets back and tells those of us that were not at the meeting the oath we must swear Vadania will want to speak with the Lady in the morning before they swear the oath to figure out why she should swear loyalty to a crown she has never met ))
(1740) Ruth: (( I will try to find a way to convince Amreth that it is ok to swear the oath anyway. ))
(1725) Amreth: ((rofl))
(1785) DM: (and on that note, we'll stop)

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