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(437) DM:
(so who needs a recap?)
(429) A
mreth: ((I'm good))
(432) Fildin:
(( believe I am good as well, once Vadania and Sushil figured themselves out. :P ))
(441) Sushil:
(I think I'm figure out... not sure if Vad's with me or you though... Though I don't know why he'd be with me.)
(437) DM:
((Sush is not with you.))
(432) Fildin:
(( she, not he. ))
(437) DM:
(90) DM: Beyond is a large courtyard. Directly to your right is a porticullis in the down position. A perimeter wall encircles the courtyard, and you can definitely hear someone or a group of someones patrolling above you. The courtyard is otherwise empty. By the look of th sky, it's late afternoon going on to early evening. ((OOC: Keep in mind its early Eleasias (August)))

Strong odors can be detected coming from a few feet away...strong odiferous aromas.
(90) DM: A standard can be seen planted on the ground in the center of the courtyard. The ground is paved stone with grass growing in between the cracks. The standard is a dirty mustard-yellow cloth banner emblazoned with a picture of a hairy hand that is missing a pinky finger.
** (85) Amreth decides that instead of searching the rest of the interior or challenging those outside, he moves towards the center of the large room, and screams at the top of his lungs, "Come! Come and meet your dooms, orc-begotten dogs!" **
** (80) Fildin looks back at Ruth. "Did he go insane?" **
** (81) Ruth follows Amreth out arrogantly. **
** (81) Ruth whispers, "A little warning would be good next time." **
** (85) Amreth glances over his shoulder, "I told you that I hoped you had something sutibly impressive to display to them." **
** (80) Fildin prepares to follow, but decides to wait and help from the shadows. **
(151) Lunauc (enter): 00:08
** (85) Amreth glances at either of the doors infront of of him, then at the stairs, then turns and looks to the larger doors leading outside into the courtyard, impatiently, he repeats the challenge, though with greater, more vulgar verbosity. **
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(125) Lunauc (exit): 00:09
(90) DM: Three hobgoblins peer over from their positions on the wall. One of them begins yelling and runs over to a large gong perched next to what appears to be a gatehouse atop the porticullis.
** Grinkle peers out from the door leading to the well room. "Uh-oh." **
** (85) Amreth hears the gong sound, and smiles at Fil and Ruth, "Think I got their attention?" **
(90) DM: (stopping in 10 minutes)
** (80) Fildin looks at Grinkle. "Now things get interesting." **
(90) DM: A large, fat, almost obese hobgoblin in ill-fitting armor waddles to the gong, raises a mallet and strikes it with all his might.
** (80) Fildin pulls out his longhorn at the sound of the gong. **
(90) DM: Suddenly, a pair of double doors at the far end of the courtyard ((OOC: to room 6)) opens wide and lots of hobgoblins come pouring out, some in various states of undress and others in full alert. They see Amreth and charge.
** (85) Amreth wildly wide eyed, and flashing a toothy grin, he rolls the head of Julla, frozen ina mask of terror and anger, across the floor to bump into hobgoblin feet, raising his bloodied blade to his side, and inclining his head to display the necklace of fingers about his neck. **
** (80) Fildin starts playing his longhorn at the sight of the hobgoblin mass. The song is one with an upbeat sound that makes the listener want to move more and remain alert. ((Inspire Courage)) **
(90) DM: As one, the hobgoblins look at you, then at Julla's head, then back at Amreth. As one, a collective series of groans are heard. As one, they drop to their knees, except for one.
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20] -> [7] = (7) -> [4] -> 4 = (4)
** (85) Amreth inclines his chin further, eyes fixed on the one to yet remains standing, "You will defy me?" **
(90) Shar-Kee: "Yub nub hobgoblin! But yub kill Julla. Yub blak hand." (bows in respect)
** Shar-Kee bows but does not bend his knee. "Me Shar-Kee, little big chief." **
** (85) Amreth swollows hard, and glances to his right at Fil and Ruth, giving them a barely noticable shrug, "Very good. Shar-Kee, the services of your tribe are no longer required. You have served your purpose well. You have the spoils of your raid, and many shinies. You'll be given what you are still owed by the black hand, then you are to leave, before the purple soldiers of the king come to slay you all." **
** Shar-Kee peers at you and pauses as if to think for a moment. "Yub tak nub lik oder blak hand man." (shrugs) "Gib us shinies en we leab. Me nub lik dis place anyway." **
(85) Amreth: "How I speak, Big Chief Shar-Kee, is none of your concern. Come with me," he says, and starts towards the room to head back down stairs, "The rest of your men will remain here."
** Shar-Kee nods, and follows you. One of the other hobgoblins tries to follow but Shar-Kee slaps him aside as he does so. **
(90) Shar-Kee: "Him call me Big Chief Shar-Kee. Him nub tak lik oder blak hand man. Me like." (grins toothily)
** (85) Amreth nods to the others, and tries to usher them back down stairs, muttering to Ruth, "Might need to borrow a small portion of your inheritance. Don't carry much coin on me." **
** (80) Fildin stops playing once things calm down, and he steps to the side of the doorway, back against the wall as Amreth and Shar-Kee pass by. **

(441) Sushil:
(ah... crazy cat lady)
(432) Fildin:
(( I say let Sushil and Vadania meet first, then Vadania can join us with Sushil later - and we all get to be a single group finally. :P ))
(441) Sushil:
(Yeah.. but Vadania was already with the group. And I'm making my entrance.. pretty much now.)
** (433) Vadania heads off with Hile as the others reenter the keep "I'll be back I am going to make sure the Gob's dont start acting up again" **
** (429) Amreth doesn't stop long enough to allow them to get ahead of him, and starts down the stairs, and then back to the room where they left Julla's remains. **
** (432) Fildin remains against the wall as Ruth, Amreth, and Shar-Kee pass by. She gives Grinkle a shrug and motions for the hobgoblin to follow, which he also does. **
(432) Fildin:
(( *He (Sorry, to much Helisandra... :P) ))
** (434) Ruth follows Amreth back down into the keep. **
** (429) Amreth stops, standing over the corpse, and points the tip of his bloodied blade at Julla's remains, "After I freed Julla from from the enchantment of the mirror, he wouldn't deal honestly with me. He thought he could trick me, pull a knife on me, and kill me," he says, looking up at Shar-Kee, "I hope that you are wiser than he." **
** (429) Amreth drops to a knee next to Julla's body, and searches it for the coins he'd heard rattling about. **
(437) Shar-Kee:
"Yub shuuuuur yub nub blak hand men?"
(441) Sushil:
"Get off the horse." :Sushil orders his boney minion as they ride up to the moat. The clothed skeleton follows orders obediently: "How would it look for a servant to ride along witht he master?" :as he comes toward the closed keep, he looks up to the walls of the keep for sentries to meet his call.: "Hail to you!"
(433) Voice:
"Who are you and what is your pourpose here!"
** (429) Amreth lifts the pouch from the corpse, along with the two keys, pocketing the latter and standing up again to face Shar-Kee, "This should be your only concern," he says, tossing the small sack of coins at him. **
(437) DM:
The drawbridge appears to be down.
(437) Shar-Kee:
"Hmph. So whut yub want?"
** (441) Sushil peers up at the wall, trying to find the speaker, as he answers, "I come seeking those who have held this keep as of late, to relieve them of their post and.. give them what they deserve." **
(441) Sushil:
"May I enter?" :asks before crossing the drawnidge into a possible ambush:
** (429) Amreth steps past Shar-Kee, and heads back out into the hall, and back to where they left the treasure, "I have a better question," he says, not looking back, "Do you want the rest of your gold, or do you want me to add your finger to the necklace I now wear?" **
(433) Voice:
"You did not answer my question, answer it first then you may enter"
** (432) Fildin carries his longhorn in his left hand, letting his right hand remain near a pouch on his belt, as he watches Shar-Kee as the group travels though the lower level of the keep. **
(437) Shar-Kee:
(441) Sushil:
:sighs and tries again: "I come on behalf Jhanaeril Ebonfire, to compensate the warriors he has hired. Is that not answer enough?"
** Shar-Kee narrows his eyes into slits. "Whut yub say?" **
(433) Voice:
"Enter, I will lead you to the boss"
** (441) Sushil listems to the voice... obviously not a hobgoblin. A bit suspicious, he rides in. ordering his minion: "Come along" :He rides into the courtyard: **
** (429) Amreth stops, turns on his heel, and levels the blade at Shar-Kee's neck, "The question was very simple," he says almost snarling, "Do you want to be rich and live, or do you want me to open your belly from your groin to your sternum and string your innards over the floor?" **
** Shar-Kee snarls in return. "Yub nub mak threts. Whut yub want?" **
** (433) Hin Woman stand next a very strange looking can that appears as if the skin of it's face is pull back over it's ear revealing the bone and muscle structar of it's face while growling deeply **
(429) A
mreth: "I want you to take the gold I'm offering you, and leave with your kin before the purple soldiers from the hummie city to the south arrive to slay us all. Big rich chief Shar-Kee, or existance as a severed head stuck on a pike outside the gates of this keep."
** Grinkle blurts out "Humie gib yub shinies, stoopid!" **
(433) Hin Woman:
"This way to The boss" ** motions deeper into the courtyard**
** Shar-Kee glances at Grinkle, then back at you, thinking. **
** (441) Sushil is covered in a dark, hooded cloak and mantle as he rides in an a rather unimpressive nag. The only items visible on him are his staff, capped with what appears to be a skeletal hand gripping an dark stone, and some type of medallion hanging around his neck. Beside the horse a scrawny figure follows, dressed in woolen clothing and a heavy hat and muffler obscuring his face. With him, he carries a sword and shield, while a pack hangs on his sloped shoulders. **
** Grinkle covers his mouth and mumbles "Sowwy," with a sheepish look on his face. **
(437) Shar-Kee:
"Me tak da gold an leab wib Lostafinga tribe, bak wher we cum frum. Yub shuuuur nub blak hand man?"
** (441) Sushil raises a brow at the small woman and her cat. Climbing down from his horse, he whispers to his silent companion, "This seems... odd. Mind the beast." :Then offering a bow to the hin, "So I shall follow." :as He does, he discretely tuchs the medallion into his mantle: **
** (429) Amreth turns and continues to the treasure room, shaking his head at the question, "That's all you had to say." **
** (433) Hin Woman leads the man into the courtyard and stops in front of the door leading into the keep "Your weapons." **Holds out her hands **
** (433) Hile sits and watched the silent man on the horse, taking a seat close by making sure the animals do not wander **
** (429) Amreth takes a brief detour to grab one of the planks they'd moved, and continues on. **
(441) Sushil:
"Hmmm?" :quirks his head.: "I wonder.. what is the name of your leader?"
(433) Hin Woman:
"Shar-Kee, the other died"
** Shar-Kee follows you, occasionally looking back at Grinkle. **
(433) Hin Woman:
"You no have weapons in presance of the boss" **continues to hold out her hands**
(441) Sushil:
"Oh? And how long has a hin been in the employ of a hobgoblin band?"
** Grinkle hides behind Ruth, and avoids Shar-Kee's gaze. **
(433) Hin Woman:
"No questions, you come without weapons or you die"
** (429) Amreth drops the board in place over the pit, "Ruth, would you mind terribly retrieving the rest of Shar-Kee's payment?" **
** (434) Ruth nods, "Yes, sir." **
** (434) Ruth walks across the plank bridge and into the next room, stepping past Smut to retrieve an appropriate payment from the hidden hoard. **
** (429) Amreth stops her as she passes, whispering to her, "Twenety five lions-don't fret, you can take it out of my earnings." **
(441) Sushil:
:peers under his hood, acting the part of omnipotent villain to the hin woman: "I come here to dismiss him. Tell him to come out and meet me then."
** (429) Amreth remains waiting with Shar-Kee, grinning at him, unflinching. **
(433) Hin Woman:
"That was not an option, You come without weapons or you die. Decide" **Draws her scimitar**
** (434) Ruth returns with a pouch of coins and presents them to Amreth. "Here it is, sir." **
** (429) Amreth takes the pouch of coin, and offers it to Shar-Kee with the right hand, blade ready in his left for any sign of betrayal, "Take it." **
** (441) Sushil gives a slight chuckle at the hin woman preparing for battle. "Alright, alright, lady, no need to get so flustered." :turning to his minion: "leave the sword." The quiet one does as commanded. Sushil then plants the end of his staff in the dirt and lets it go. Yet it does not fall(prestidigitation for fun) As he leaves it standing in place, he comes over and leans down to eye level with the hin, a smile on his pale face. **
(441) Sushil:
"There.. all better?"
** (433) Hin Woman nods and leads them to the room and motions them in **
** Shar-Kee shrugs. **
(432) Fildin:
(( the room 7 on the map has stairs that lead down to where we are. ))
** Shar-Kee takes it and looks around, frowning at Smut's corpse. "Tanks." **
** (441) Sushil gestures for his servant to go first before he follows along, keeping a weary eye for an ambush. **
** Shar-Kee gestures to Grinkle. "And him? Yub tak him wid yub?" **
** (429) Amreth glances at Grinkle, "It's up to him where he goes." **
** (433) Vadania follows the man and his servent into the room "He said he came from Jhanaeril Ebonfire, to pay the Goblins" **
** Shar-Kee smirks. "So, yub want to go wid dese humies? Yub nub anny gud, fraidydoo." **
** Shar-Kee takes the gold and pours it into a pouch at his side. "Whut yub can do, hmm? Nub kill. Nub fite. Nub hunt. Nubbin." **
(433) Vadania:
(to Ruth) "So I am guessing that Jhanaeril Ebonfire is the Black Hand Wizard who had them kill your Uncle"
(429) A
mreth: "But him be gud foodin'."
** Grinkle backs away from Shar-Kee, cringing. "Me neber nub kill." (collapses on the floor, burying his face in his hands) **
** (441) Sushil looks about at the not so goblinoid group in the room, and cringes a bit. "I think we have a slight misunderstanding." **
** (434) Ruth confers quietly with Vadania, "Another lackey then. Perhaps he can lead us back to his master." **
** Shar-Kee sneers. "Him son ob Julla. Runt nub wirth anyting. Him fool, nub gud. Wirthless. 'Fraidydoo. Skin-en-bones." **
(429) A
mreth: "Enough. You have your gold."
** (432) Fildin studies the man that Vadania brings back, remaining silent for now. **
(441) Sushil:
:shakes head to Ruth: "I rather doubt that I could."
** (433) Vadania nods to Ruth, "His weapons are outside, he has some skill in magic though" **
(437) Shar-Kee:
"Now dat Julla iz ded, wher yub go, hmm? Wid dese humies?" (guffaws)
** Shar-Kee looks at Amreth. "Yub, me hab shinies. Yub hab stoopid." (grins toothily) **
(433) Vadania:
(( AFK for a smoke ))
** Grinkle begins sobbing. **
(441) Sushil:
:to Ruth: "So.. I take it you've reclaimed this keep from the hobs then?"
** (429) Amreth drops a right hand to his hip, to the hilt of his blade's twin, "Everyone's satisfied." **
** Shar-Kee gives you a satisfied grin and turns around as if to leave. **
(437) Shar-Kee:
"Go wid dese humies if yub want. Yub cum bak. Nub gud, 'fraidydoo."
** (432) Fildin concentrates on watching Shar-kee, letting Ruth and Vadania deal with the newcomer. As Shar-kee passes, he keeps an eye on him, wishing that he leaves soon. **
** Shar-Kee walks back down the corridor. **
(433) Vadania:
(( back ))
** (429) Amreth starts to interpose himself between Grinkle and Shar-Kee, giving Shar-Kee a hard stare before stepping away and turning to Grinkle, muttering elven expletives under his breath. **
** (429) Amreth offers a hand to Grinkle, "Ah, don't listen to that stupid, fat bag of wind." **
(429) A
mreth: "Come on, get up."
** (432) Fildin moves after Shar-kke, letting the hobgoblin get far enough ahead that Fildin can stay hidden. **
(434) Ruth:
"Yes, your master's hobgoblins have been dealt with, with less bloodshed than I am sure he would enjoy."
(441) Sushil:
:gives a slight chortle, before commenting: "I'm afraid I have no master."
** Grinkle gets up, reluctantly. "Me neber kill." (sob) **
(433) Vadania:
"Amereth want me to make sure they leave, or did the arangments change?"
(441) Sushil:
"I'm rather confused though... are you with the hobs or against them?" :asks as he looks between Grinkle being helped up and the payed off Shar-kee leaving:
** (434) Ruth is slightly disarmed by Sushil's laugh, "No master? Then what are you doing out here?" **
** (429) Amreth rips the finger necklace from his neck and tosses it into the pit, "Why are you ashamed of that? Not killing, unless you must, is a good thing." **
(451) Sephris (enter): 22:37
** (429) Amreth gives Grinkle a soft slug in the shoulder, "And you ain't worthless. If you were worthless, I wouldn't be bothering to try and cheer you up, hear?" he turns and looks down at Vadania, "Yup, let's go." **
(437) Grinkle:
"Me am hobgoblin. Dem kill, me nub. Me gud at um...st...st...theefin en' fuudin."
(434) Ruth:
"It was necessary to find some way to get rid of them all, and swiftly. Spilling a bit of gold is preferable to a lot of blood."
** (433) Vadania looks at the newcomer "What about him?" **
(441) Sushil:
"Ah... splendid. That saves me a good deal of effort.. and gold. Either way, it's a pleasure to meet you all. I am Sushil." :looks about the adventurerer's, inquires rather forwardly: "Who are you?"
(453) Sephris (enter): 22:41
** (429) Amreth stops, glances at Shusil, then at Ruth, "Not in my job description," he says briefly, and turns to follow after Fildin and Shar-Kee. **
** (441) Sushil eyes Amreth's departure curiously **
(434) Ruth:
"We are, in the near future, the rightful caretakers of this keep. I am Ruth Numsroth, a relation of the late Edaeras."
** (433) Vadania stays with Ruth figuring Hile will help make sure all goes well outside **
(441) Sushil:
:nods, taking a moment, before offering all too lightly: "Aaahh.. you must be the heir that the Black Hand wanted killed."
** Shar-Kee holds up a bag jingling with coins to his hobgoblins. **
(437) Shar-Kee:
"Dese humies, dem blak hand men en' gib us gold en' shinies."
** (433) Vadania whispers to Ruth "We should have a name for ourselves, how about Greenwood Protectors, or something like that?" **
(437) DM:
The hobgoblins cheer and whoop as one.
** Shar-Kee turns around and regards you (Amreth) with a smirk. "Us leab dis place en' gib dis keep to dese humies. For da Blak Hand!" **
(434) Ruth:
"So you do know who hired these hobgoblins."
(441) Sushil:
"Yes. I do. They wished for your head, and some type of seals." :bows: "Sorry I could not make it here sooner. A respectable Lady of fortunate inheritance she not have to go through all this mucking about."
(437) DM:
The hobgoblins cheer again, whooping and grinning at you, saluting you all and begin trooping out of the keep.
** (429) Amreth cocks a brow, slips his thumbs under his belt, and props himself up against wall, "Well, that went better than I'd imagined it would." **
(441) Sushil:
"Would you know what they spoke of? The seals that is..."
(434) Ruth:
"Well, there is still a lot of muck left. So you heard about the trouble and came to help?"
** (432) Fildin steps out of the shadows near Amreth watching the hobgoblins. "Yes, very well done. I admit, I had my doubts though." **
** (429) Amreth glances over at the stairs up, then down at Fildin, "Be honest. I imagine you thought I'd lost my mind." **
** Shar-Kee is last to leave, smirking at Grinkle as he departs from the keep. **
(441) Sushil:
:nods, and begins to explain: "It was a couple of days ago in a town nearby. A man by name of Jhanaeril was apprehended. I had over heard him in a meeting with a servant of Bane, discussing these matters. Afterward, along with a couple of other men, we followed him on his way out of town and took him captive. After hearing of the circumstances here, I took it upon myself to take his medallion and come here to pay off the gobs to leave and perhaps gain further insight into the matter."
(441) Sushil:
"I am glad to see it mostly resolved already."
(434) Ruth:
"There is some kind of seal I was told about; in the Haunting Halls. I did not think that they were removable, though. Rather it was feared they were broken."
** (432) Fildin smiles at the man. "Well, yeah. But nice work, I think we should celebrate ourt victory." he brings his longhorn back up to his mouth and starts to play a peppy tune as he heads back down to check on the others. **
(441) Sushil:
"The haunting Halls you say?" :a bit of interest creeps into his voice.: "Well, I would feel quite silly to come all this way just to turn tail and leave now. If you are going to the Halls, would you mind if I followed?"
(434) Ruth:
"You are a strange one, but you seem earnest. What about your friend, does he plan to follow as well?"
(441) Sushil:
:glances back at the silent minion: "He is my servant. Where I go, he goes. Do not worry though. He is silent but harmless."
** (432) The sound of a longhorn seems to creep up from the walls, growing louder ever so slowly. The tune is a peppy one that makes most listeners want to tap a foot in time with it, as it seems to be joyous and upbeat together, helping put everyone in a good mood. **
** (429) Amreth glances through the door, and back down the stairs, then turns, and crosses the room to check the two doors at the far end (to 5 and 6). **
(457) Merclynn Medusae (enter): 23:02
** (441) Sushil gives a bit of a look about before asking of Ruth, "Anyhow, I do hope these hobs have not done too much damage. It would be a shame if they harmed any of your relative's herilooms.. or his library.. research material..." :glances to Ruth for a response: **
** (432) Fildin emerges from the hallway, walking into where the others (Ruth, Vad, Sush) were still standing. He enters as the song he plays reaches a creshendo, and then with a little flourish, he ends the song. He finally lowers the longhorn, a smile on his face. "Ahh, too long we went without the sound of music. Well, the hobgoblins are now gone, although I believe Amreth remained in the courtyard for now. Shall we retire up there as well, no need to remain down here any longer than we have to." **
** (433) Vadania nods "This place needs a good airing out" **
** (433) Vadania heads up to the court yard and calls to Hile **
(434) Ruth:
"I am afraid that there was more than a little damage to his library; a pair of them tore the place apart searching for a hidden compartment."
** (433) Vadania pokes Sushil's staff as she walks by to see if it will fall over **
(441) Sushil:
:groans: "Hopefully not too much is lost. At least I would like to see if he had any information on this seal on hand."
(458) Merclynn Medusae (enter): 23:07
(432) Fildin:
"Speaking of which, I did offer one spell for that unfortunate one down there." He indicates the pit in the room where they stand, where a dead body of a hobgoblin lies. He raises his longhorn one more time and plays a deep massaging tune while the calming scent ofsandelwood also rises from nowhere and moves toward the pit, where it seems to disappear. ((Prestidigitation to clean))
(441) Sushil:
(just a prestidigtation... I'd say it could only take a couple pounds of force against it. A poke might not do it though.)
** (429) Amreth steps into the newly discovered stables, and starts looking around the place for some stored grains or some hay that hasn't begun to mold to feed to the poor starving beast. **
(458) Merclynn Medusae (exit): 23:08
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(451) Sephris (exit): 23:09
** (433) Vadania goes and sits by Hile waiting for the others to return to the court yard **
(441) Sushil:
"May I see the library?"
(434) Ruth:
"Yes, let me show you the way."
** (432) Fildin ends his newest song, and all hints of snadelwood disipate as well. He remains with Ruth and Sushil for now, seeing what is happening. **
** (434) Ruth makes sure a real solid board is still across the gap and crosses over to close the door in the back of the library before Sushil comes in. **
(441) Sushil:
"I am much obliged" :follows along, mindful of his step, the minion close behind him.:
** (432) Fildin follows behind Sushil. "So, you came out here all by yourself?" **
(434) Ruth:
"As you can see, it is quite a mess in here now."
(441) Sushil:
:to Fildin: "No... with him." :points to the silent servant, before turning to Ruth: "Yes. It is unfortunate." :reaches down to pick up a scroll: "I'll see what I can find though."
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(453) Sephris (exit): 23:13
** (441) Sushil moves into the room, looking among the remains, "Will you not my aid in searching the remainder of your keep? Or may I get to work now?" :asks Ruth politely: **
(441) Sushil:
(not not * need)
** (429) Amreth finding nothing, instead hunts up a bridal and ripe with which he can lead the horse out of the stables-and once found, very carefully approaches the mare, his voice dripping honey as he tries to maintain the animal's calm, "Now you just hold still, darlin'. I'm gonna put this on you, and then we're gonna find you a nice, thick clump of grass you can gorse yourself on. Sounds like a good idea, don't you think?" **
** (434) Ruth uses a minor cantrip (prestidigitation) and goes through the wreckage in the library. **
whispering to Merclynn Medusae, this is an FR campaign and I don't need additional players at this time
** (432) Fildin looks at the silent servant. Since Ruth and Sushil seem to be talking, he asks the servant "Just the two of you, huh? That's better than having to be alone, isn't it? So, how long have you two been travelling together?" **
(437) DM:
It doesn't respond.
(441) Sushil:
:the servant remains silent
** (429) Amreth slowly reaches out to gently touch the beast's neck, "Just stay calm, darlin'. I just want to take you outside, and get you a breath of fresh air and a little something to eat. Calm, calm," he says, just barely above a whisper. **
** (432) Fildin waves his hand in front of the face of the servant. "You are awake, right?" **
(441) Sushil:
:replies for his minion: "I'm afraid you aren't going to get much out of him. He has no tongue. Thus he silently serves me."
(459) Swirln (enter): 23:19
** (429) Amreth gives the horse's neck a few slow, tender strokes, and holds his cupped hand up to the beast's muzzle, the bridal and rope hanging from his wrist, "You don't have anything to fear from me, old girl." **
** (432) Fildin stops his waving and blushes slightly. "Oh, sorry about that, I didn't know." he tells the servant. He then turns back to see how the other two are doing on their search. **
** (441) Sushil begins picking through the library, looking for information on the Haunted Halls, and keeping an eye out for spellbooks or scrolls, or even research papers among the collection. **
(434) Ruth:
"The rest of the keep is uninhabited now; now it is time to start sorting out the mess."
** (429) Amreth very slowly tries then to slip the bridal on, "Now don't you kick me," he says, his voice remaining deep, soothing, and barely above a whisper. **
(441) Sushil:
"I see..." :as he reads: "And what do you plan to do with this place? will you be settling down for a comfortable manor life?"
(432) Fildin:
"Yes, there is still more to explore, isn't there? Wow, I can't believe this is yours now Ruth."
** (433) Vadania goes over and offers to help Amerth iwth the horses **
** (434) Ruth smiles reassuringly, "We have checked every room down here, and Amreth and Vadania are up in the courtyard already. It is hard to imagine what I will do with all this space." **
** (429) Amreth slips the bridal over the horse's muzzle, and finally around her ears, and buckles it on loosely, "She don't look to good, does she?" he asks over his shoulder to Vadania, "Poor girl probably hasn't been fed in a week." **
(433) Vadania:
"Old would be my guess, I dont know alot about horses but she does not seem to be suffering"
(432) Fildin:
"You could sleep in a different room everyday. That would likely take a month at least."
** (432) Fildin strokes his chin, thinking. "Although that cold room might not be too restful." **
(460) Juradin (enter): 23:28
(441) Sushil:
"Cold room...?"
(437) DM:
The library, such as it is, is for the most part ruined. Books..or the remains of them, scatter the floor.
(434) Ruth:
"It will be pleasant in the warmer months."
(429) A
mreth: "Could be, but old or not, she shouldn't be this scrawny," he says, taking hold of the rope and trying to lead nervous beast to the stable doors, "Come on girl, come on."
(432) Fildin:
"Yeah. Cold room, near the kitchen. Has a lot of meat and such in it."
(433) Vadania:
"Amerath could you take the gear off the horses, I'll see if there is any grain in this place"
(441) Sushil:
"Oh... that sounds convenient."
** (433) Vadania heads off to see if there is a stable or store room that would have grain" **
(429) A
mreth: "I just checked, haven't found anyway, that's why I'm trying to get this one to budge."
(429) A
mreth: ((Err, found any*))
(432) Fildin:
"Yeah, but probably wouldn't be much fun to try to sleep in. Maybe in the warmer months, but it still seemed awfully cold."
(460) Juradin (exit): 23:30
(441) Sushil:
:as he continues his research: "Sounds more like a room to keep food from spoiling than to sleep in. Though I suppose you could wear thick clothing and a heavy blanket."
(433) Vadania:
"Ahh, lets take it outside the grounds so it can eat in the feild then"
(462) Tai (enter): 23:32
(432) Fildin:
"Hmm, that might work. That way you could sleep in every room."
(462) Tai (exit): 23:33
Server Administrator->
Kicking '(457) Merclynn Medusae' from server... Removing dead client
(457) Merclynn Medusae (exit): 23:34
(441) Sushil:
** (433) Vadania goes out of the keep, checking to see if Amereth is following with the horse **
** (432) Fildin moves to a part of the room where the others are not presently being searched, trying to help locate anything that is not beyond use. (brb, as well it seems) **
(432) Fildin:
(( *not presently searching ))
** (429) Amreth is following, with a reluctant, and nearly starved mare in tow. **
** (429) Amreth leads the beast outside, and to the thickest patch of gress he can find, and gives the rope some slack as he snatches up a fistful of green, and offers it to the horse to get it started. **
(441) Sushil:
** (429) Amreth feeds it that handful, and lets go the rope, before heading back inside to retreive a bucket, which he fills with clean water from the well, and brings back outside for the horse. **
** (429) Amreth sets the bucket down next to it, and strokes the animal's neck once more, before heading back inside again. **
** (433) Vadania takes the bridle off the horse after Amereth leaves **
** (433) Vadania looks up as he returns with the bucket "Let the animal roam as it will, Hile will make sure it does not wander into the woods" **
(433) Vadania:
(( AFK for a smoke ))
(434) Ruth:
"Clear what you can for now. Tomorrow we should return to Eveningstar to inform Tessaril Winter of the keep's reclamation."
(441) Sushil:
:calls to the others in the room, as he sits with a book in hand: "I may have found something useful. This book describes the Haunted Halls"
** (432) Fildin gives up his search, not finding anything useful and moves over to Sushil. "Yeah? What does it say?" **
(464) Lunauc (enter): 23:54
** (432) Fildin gives up his search, not finding anything useful and moves over to Sushil. "Yeah? What does it say?" ((repeat for Lunuac)) **
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (464) Lunauc...
(437) TaliesinNYC:
Booting '(441) Lunauc' from room...
(441) Lunauc (exit): 23:57
** (434) Ruth gestures some more scraps into a pile before heading over to hear what Sushil has found. **
** (429) Amreth heads back down the stairs to search for and regroup with the others. **
(464) Sushil:
""Well.. the notes in the margin refer to a wizard having dug deep down under the halls, down into Underdark. He was apparently driven off and seals were placed to keep the monsters in the lower levels from coming up. At least, that seems about the gist of it."
(433) Vadania:
(( back ))
(434) Ruth:
"That is all that I know of it as well."
(464) Sushil:
"Hmmm... Makes one wonder if we should disturb the place at all." :cocks his head aside in thought: "Though, we do still have to see if anyone else is trying anything there."
** (429) Amreth steps into the library, hearing the last few lines of the conversation, "And what of the black hand mage who's supposedly on his way here?" **
(434) Ruth:
"There is some concern that the seals may no longer be in place; we are not planning to remove them if they are intact."
(464) Sushil:
:glances up to Amreth: "Oh, don't worry about that." :reaches into his mantle: "The one coming was just a mercanery working for the black hand." :flashes the medallion of Bane: "I took this from him as prrof to the Hobs."
(429) A
mreth: "Oh, that's very comforting."
(432) Fildin:
"So, no one else is coming then? That's good to hear. Although I do worry a little about keeping this place open with no protectors."
** Grinkle enters the room, munching on a haunch of roast lamb and gawks at Sushil. **
(464) Sushil:
:looks to Ruth as he stands.: "If the seals are not in tact, I don't think there is much we can do. It seems they are of high Magic."
** (429) Amreth glances at Ruth, and gives a nod to the man, "You actually believe what he says?" **
(464) Sushil:
"Hmmm?" :on Amreth's questioning, the mage looks to Ruth as well for her answer.
(434) Ruth:
"It is not really fair to ask right in front of him, but if he is not honest, then he quickly grasped the situation and has some very subtle plan in mind."
** (429) Amreth spots Grinkle entering the room out of the corner of his eye, stuffing his face as usual, he turns his head to give Grinkle a grin, "That didn't take long." **
** Grinkle sits down, observing you all and looks up from time to time at Sushil when he's not gnawing on the haunch. **
** (429) Amreth glances back at Ruth, "Sorry. What?" **
(459) Swirln (exit): 00:08
(432) Fildin:
"Besides, if he was really with the black hand, he could have easily turn Shar-kee against us." Fildin adds, looking up at Amreth.
** (434) Ruth shrugs, simplifying, "I believe his story. He does not seem like a wicked man to me." **
** (429) Amreth shrugs, "He could have done so, but he'd have died not long after doing so." **
(429) A
mreth: "Fine, that's your job anyway."
(465) Lunauc (enter): 00:09
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (465) Lunauc...
(437) TaliesinNYC:
Booting '(464) Lunauc' from room...
(464) Lunauc (exit): 00:10
(432) Fildin:
"So, do we get to rest for the night here at least before we head back?"
(429) A
mreth: "If we can dig up a few bottles of wine with which to celebrate a job well done, I vote we stay the night. Then, I probably don't get a vote."
** (465) Sushil takes off the medallion, as he goes back to work, setting it idly on a shelf, while he scours for magical tidbits among the wrechage. **
(429) A
mreth: Character Names: I was hoping
That what I'd pasted
Would appear
On multiple lines.

(429) A
mreth: ((Oh shit))
** (432) Fildin looks to Ruth to see if they can spend the night. **
(434) Ruth:
"Did I not already say that?"
whispering to Lunauc, no magic
(432) Fildin:
"Oh, did you? Sorry, I must have had my mind elsewhere. Great, first time I've spent the night in a friend's own keep." Fildin flashes his typical winning smile at Ruth in thanks.
(429) A
mreth: "Not since I came in."
(434) Ruth:
"Well, that is the plan. We all need the rest."
(432) Fildin:
"Great. I'm going to see how things are going back outside." Fildin tips his head to Ruth and takes off back upstairs to the courtyard.
** (465) Sushil just sort of nods along with the plans as he picks out some books in the library and finds a seat to quietly read. **
** (429) Amreth claps his hands together, and looks around the room, "And ah, I'll leave you two to your talk as well. I'll.. see if I can't scrounge up something to drink the hobgoblins haven't found." **
(465) Sushil:
"Wonderful... do please call me if you find anything for supper. It has been a long travel here."
(429) A
mreth: "Good luck with that." he calls over his shoulder as he's leaving the room.
(466) LanceK (enter): 00:24
(434) Ruth:
"The kitchen and dining room are in just as bad of shape. In fact, it is more of a mess hall right now."
(465) Sushil:
"By the way, Ruth. Forgive me if it is rude to ask, but did you happen to find your relative's spellbooks? It would be a terrible shame if they had been mangled or stolen in all this mess."
(434) Ruth:
"Not as yet, I fear."
(465) Sushil:
"Hmmm... perhaps he kept it in his bedchambers or someplace more secure."
(437) DM:
(and on this note, we'll stop)

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