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(27) DM: (recap following shortly)
(27) DM: (2705) DM: This appears to be a well-stocked (if incredibly messy) kitchen.
(2705) DM: In the fireplace is a considerable amount of ash. An iron door in the west wall stands closed.
(2705) DM: It seems to be somewhat damp.
** Grinkle looks up from his meal and mumbles, "Oshay." **
** (2710) Fildin enters the kitchen and locates some dry food that works for rationesque food. Once finding some, he holds it up to Ruth, "May I?" **
(2725) Ruth: "Certainly."
** (2704) Amreth leads him back to the kitchen, "As promised, kitchen's yours to do with what you will. Help yourself," he says, gesturing broadly at the great mess in the room. **
(2710) Fildin: "Thanks." He takes a bite and muches on it, while putting a little more into a pocket - to save for later. He then makes his way to the iron door, which he listens against.
whispering to Zane, its quite cold to the touch
whispering to Zane, you hear nothing, or so it seems
(2710) Fildin: "Awfully cold." he comments, almost shivering as he steps away from the door.
** Grinkle helps himself to a piece of elderberry pie and a slice of jack cheese. **
** (2704) Amreth shuts the door (to 17) behind Grinkle, and heads after the others in the room next door. **
(2705) DM: (door to 17 was closed to begin with.)
(2704) Amreth: ((err, to 15 then))
(2705) DM: (ok)
(2710) Fildin: (( huh? Fildin is at 17, I thought you found him in 13, with the pit. ))
(2704) Amreth: ((Lead him back to the kitchen))
(2710) Fildin: (( lol - ok, makes more sense. ))
** (2710) Fildin tries to open the iron door (to 17) **
(2705) DM: (yes, or so I thought. I take it you're dragging Backtalk's body here as well?)
(2705) DM: It opens begrudgingly. The interior is an iron-cast chamber within which you can see various animal carcasses hanging from the ceiling on iron hooks. The temperature is below freezing.
(2704) Amreth: ((No, just leaving his body where it is for the moment.))
(2705) DM: ((ok. stopping in 8 minutes simply because we have less than 4 active PCs.))
** (2710) Fildin shivers from the chamber. "Wow, that's interesting." **
** (2725) Abarma picks at scraps around the mess hall. The raven still keeps some distance away from the hobgoblin Grinkle. **
(2704) Amreth: "Huh."
(2706) Cyprias (exit):
(2725) Ruth: "That is a bit chilly."
(2710) Fildin: "I'd imagine that the extreme cold keeps the meet from going bad. Although I would like to see how they keep it so cold."
** (2710) Fildin shuts the door, having had enough of the cold air for a while. **
(2704) Amreth: "An enchantment of some sort'd be my guess. Can't be that difficult."
(2710) Fildin: "Maybe not, but it would have to be replenished after so long I'd imagine. But, that is not why we are here."
(2704) Amreth: "Not my area of expertise, mate."
(2725) Ruth: "There will not be a hobgoblin hiding in that chill. Where to next?"
(2710) Fildin: "Either the stairs up, or that other door." (to hallway 18)
** (2704) Amreth jerks a thumb over his shoulder, "Back the way we came. Few others rooms down the hall back there across the that room with a pit, and there's the second floor. Your choice." **
(2704) Amreth: ((across from*))
(2710) Fildin: "I can't imagine it being good to leave this floor unchecked, and possibly allow some hobgoblins to come up from behind us."
(2725) Ruth: "I agree; though I wonder if this is the ground floor or actually the basement."
(2710) Fildin: "If we find stairs down, it's the ground floor." Fildin says with a biog smile.
(2710) Fildin: (( *big ))
(2705) Grinkle: Dis be de um bas...bas...floor b'low grownd.
(2704) Amreth: "Question answered. So what, we going to finish down here, or head on up? You got more your kin down here, Grink?"
(2710) Fildin: "Let's finish down here."
** (2725) Ruth heads for the door, "I suppose I shall lead the way." **
** (2725) Ruth mumbles something afterwards that sounds a lot like, "Costs me less, anyway." **
** (2710) Fildin looks to Amreth, to see if he is going to drag Grink around or not. **
** (2704) Amreth snorts, "This isn't exactly the time to be frugal. Not when you've got at least a dozen or more of this one's kin ready to dent that pretty face of yours." **
(2725) Ruth: "I am just trying to keep up the pace."
(2704) Amreth: "Right, 'sides, I'm not exactly chargin' you an arm and a leg, anyway, considering the nature of the job I took."
** (2704) Amreth glances back at Grinkle, "Come on with us. You can eat while you walk." **
** Grinkle munches some more. "Welp, da boo...da boo...da smartz place iz near here." **
** Grinkle follows you out to where you found him (18). **
(2725) Ruth: "Good enough place to check next. Which way?"
** (2704) Amreth bends a knee and snatches up Backtalk's weapon, "Show us then, eh? But you'd best take this. Your kin see you walkin' around with us, I doubt they'll think twice about bustin' your teeth in, and I can't promise I'll be takin' a blow to the head to save yoyr hide, so your best bet's to look after yourself as best you can. Hear?" **
** (2710) Fildin follows the others as they go, his mind wandering to song since he is not able to play out loud. **
** Grinkle is somewhat ashamed. "Um, me nub kno dis. Me bedder foodin den killin." **
** (2725) Ruth makes sure to have her crossbow loaded and ready before getting too far. **
** Grinkle takes the morningstar anyway and gives it a halfhearted swing." **
(2704) Amreth: "Now's as good a time as any to learn. And 'sides, you're not just gonna let someone hack you down without a fight, are you? Just take it, and hope you don't have to use it."
(2705) Grinkle: "Um, me bedder wid a knife or pick. You kno, to open door wid."
** (2704) Amreth shrugs, and slips a dagger from his glove, offering it to him, "Fine. Take this then, but I'll be wanting it back after we get you one of your own." **
(2705) Grinkle: Dat door dere (points to the door down the west end of 18), dat be de bed place. Da boo...da boo...da smartz place be down dere. (to 20)
** Grinkle drops the morningstar happily and takes the dagger, sticking it in a boot. **
(2710) Fildin: (( isn't 20 to the north of 18? :p ))
(2705) DM: ((I said to ignore the compass rose earlier))
(2705) DM: ((eep. ok, caught me. south end of 18. lol.))
** (2704) Amreth shakes his head at the hob, and moves to check the door to 'de bed place.' **
(2705) DM: (ok. stopping here.)

whispering to Amreth, TaliesinNYC, Sissfus, Lunauc, Zane, Donovan, (GW): ok, I've removed Cyprias from the group effective this session
** (28) Amreth glances back at Fildin, cocks his brow at him, then glances at Grinkle, mouthing the words, "Keep close to him," before moving to check with an ear to the door. **
whispering to Amreth, TaliesinNYC, Sissfus, Lunauc, Zane, Donovan, (GW): if someone could please reply to this GW that would be great
** (16) Ruth looks up and down the hallway while Amreth listens at the door. **
** (20) Fildin waves at Amreth as he looks back. **
(27) DM: (which door again?)
(28) Amreth: ((19))
** (20) Fildin keeps his position, well out of the way, while Amreth works. **
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+4] -> [7,4] = (11)
** (28) Amreth looks back at the others, and holds a finger to his lips, and checks very slowly, and carefully to see if the door's open. **
** (28) Amreth slowly eases the door open just enoiugh to be able to peek inside through the crack. **
(27) DM: It smells of rotten food here.
(17) Cyprias (exit): 21:06
(23) Sushil: ;_{
** (20) Fildin waits for a response from Amreth before doing anything, but he begins to bob his head and upper body side to side, seemingly in tempo - as if he heard music. **
** (28) Amreth gives a moment to consider his options, before easing the door open further, slowly, hopefully too slowly to be noticed. **
(27) DM: There doesn't seem to be any reaction from the occupant of the room...
** (28) Amreth eases through the crack in the door, quietly as possible, and slowly closes it behind him. **
(27) DM: Peering inside, you can see that this is a large bedroom. Its furnished with a comfortable bed, a chest of drawers, a chest and an easy chair with a hassock. The bed linens are dirty and stained, and dirty cups and dishes are scattered about. Standing before a mirror on the north wall is a large, obese hobgoblin holding a piece of cloth. The hobgoblin is staring at his reflection in admiration and mumbling contentedly. There is a strong odor of roses here.
** (16) Ruth shrugs as Amreth slips into the room, then slinks up to the door herself. **
** (28) Amreth positions himself so that the hobogoblin is directly between himself, and the mirror-hopefully he's skinny enough that he won't be noticed. **
** (20) Fildin hopes that Amreth will be ok by himself, but he remains outside the door, waiting and listening. **
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+2] -> [5,2] = (7)
whispering to Zane, you can't hear anything behind the door
** (28) Amreth with his sword in one hand, slips his second and last dagger free of the glove concealing it, and lunges quickly to reach around the creature and place the dagger's tip at it's throat, sword's tip at it's back, "I don't want to kill you, so I'd be very quiet if I were you." **
(27) DM: Though the point of a dagger rests against his neck, the hobgoblin doesn't appear to notice this...instead, admiring his grossly overweight and badly complected self in the mirror.
** (28) Amreth gives the creature a confused look through the mirror, and calls over his shoulder to the others, just loud enough to be heard, "Ruth, Fil, get in here." **
** (16) Ruth reaches over Fildin to open the door. **
** (20) Fildin moves into the room, ushering Grinkle in before him. **
(27) DM: Within can be seen a dirty bedroom. Amreth is here, resting a dagger tip against a hobgoblin's neck -- and the hobgoblin ignores Amreth, instead admiring himself in front of a mirror set within the stone wall. There is a strong odor of roses here.
** (28) Amreth drops the dagger from the hobgoblin's throat, and takes a step back, looking away quickly from the mirror, "Don.. Don't look at the mirror." **
** (20) Fildin shields his eyes from the mirror. "Magic trap?" **
(27) Grinkle: "Ooo....da bed place."
** (28) Amreth slips the dagger away, as well as his sword, and grabs hold of the hobgoblin's fithly clothing, and tries to drag it away from the mirror as well. **
** Grinkle shuffles forward into the room, wrinkling his nose at the odor. **
(16) Ruth: "How long has he been like this?"
(27) DM: (the clothing? you mean the piece of cloth he's holding?)
(28) Amreth: ((No, by whatever he's wearing.))
(27) Grinkle: "Uh...um, wun, er....two...er...um lotz."
(28) Amreth: ((It refering to the hobgoblin))
(27) DM: The hob doesn't notice, instead looking at his reflection admiringly.
** (28) Amreth stops and rounds the hobgoiblin to stand infront of him, putting himself between the hobgoblin and the mirror, "Poor son of a bitch." **
(20) Fildin: "Well, I guess we don't have to worry about this one at least..."
(28) Amreth: "I uhh, suppose we could leave him like this. At least until we're done with Smut and Cheff."
(20) Fildin: "Yeah, he doesn't seem likely to go anywhere, or tell anyone we're here either."
(27) DM: He doesn't see you, he sees the mirror.
** (28) Amreth looks from the hobgoblin to Grinkle, "Grinkle, who's this anyway?" **
(16) Ruth: "I guess so. I will have to do something with that mirror before opening up this room again though. Not to mention the smell."
(20) Fildin: "Yeah, once we clean out this keep - we can get it really cleaned out.
(28) Amreth: "Right, well, let's get to da boo.. Da smart place."
** (20) Fildin nods in agreement, **
(27) Grinkle: "Dis be Julla. De small chief."
** (28) Amreth shakes his head and steps back out into the hall, "I figure after this, he's gonna be da big chief if he doesn't get himself killed." **
** (16) Ruth retreats gratefully from the confines of the chamber, heading down the hall after Amreth. **
** (20) Fildin motions Grinkle into the hallway and follows him out, closing the door behind them. **
(27) DM: Julla doesn't seem to have noticed your presence AT ALL.
** Grinkle follows you out but not before making a funny face at Julla. **
** (28) Amreth glances back into the room they'd originally come through, and quickly towards the stairs, stopping a moment to see if anything's to be heard from the upper level, before turning and heading down the hall. **
** (20) Fildin chuckles softly, but then covers his mouth to avoid noise seeping out. **
** (28) Amreth stays close to the wall as he gets close to the doorway, and gives the room a quick scan before entering. **
(27) DM: (hm....a second)
(27) DM: (typing this in the main window so I don't have to retype it)
(27) DM: The room beyond (20) is a bit oddly configured. There is a "T" shaped pit which divides the room into three parts (as per the room on the map above). The SW and SE corners are 10' square, the northern section is 10' x 20'. These three floor sections are connected by stout-looking boards bolted onto the floor. On the far wall is a closed wooden door. Resting against the N wall are two additional boards. There is a strong coppery odor in this room.
(28) Amreth: "Your family certainly makes odd homes for themselves."
(16) Ruth: "He was a wizard, after all."
(20) Fildin: "The real question is - did your uncle use these boards, or did the hobgoblins put them there?
** (28) Amreth shrugs, and steps into the room, to test the board crossing over to the 10x20 floor. **
** (20) Fildin closes the door to the hallway after the all enter the room, just in case one of the hobgoblins decides to pay a visit to the smart place. **
** (28) Amreth motions them over to where he;'s standing, and points down into the pit, "Have a look see at this." **
** (28) Amreth taps the board with his foot, "Boards seem sturdy enough though." **
** (16) Ruth walks up to look down into the pit. **
(27) Grinkle: Julla sez dis room off....off...no wun go.
** (20) Fildin moves to Amreth's side to see what he can see. **
(27) DM: The pit seems to be 20' deep. On the floor of the pit is a corpse of a hobgoblin.
(27) DM: A large reddish-brown stain covers most of the floor of the pit.
(20) Fildin: "Wow - nasty fall."
(28) Amreth: "Grinkle, which one of your kin is that down there?"
** (20) Fildin looks up at Grinkle, then down at the corpse. He then looks up, up the the ceiling and around the room. **
** (16) Ruth looks around the room as well, adding, "Going to have to clean this one up as well." **
(20) Fildin: "The blood will be easy enough. I can clean it with a song once we finish."
** (28) Amreth tests the board again, before fully stepping on and making to cross-slowly and carefully. **
** (28) Amreth dips his foot through the non-existant boards infront of him, "Well, I'll be damned." **
whispering to Sissfus, are you on AIM?
** (20) Fildin looks confused, then nods in understanding. "That answers my question. It was Ruth's uncle." **
** (20) Fildin pulls out his longhorn and looks to Amreth. "Shall I check to see what else may be illusion?" **
(28) Amreth: "There's about a three foot gap between the board ends here, where this glammer is. Fil, you wanna check the other boards over there, see if they're solid?"
** (20) Fildin nods and raises his longhorn. He intentionally plays very sofrtly, so that the music doesn't extend much beyond the room. Although soft, the notes seems intense and powerful, and a scent of roses seems to rise up as well, as if being led by the notes, soon permeating the entire room. ((Detect Magic)) **
(16) Ruth: "So that is the reason they are bolted down."
** (28) Amreth slips his unstrung bowshaft free, and probes the illusion to make certain of where he thinks the illusion ends and the other side of the broad bridge begins. **
whispering to Zane, yes
whispering to Zane, the boards are covered with illusionary magic, verifying Amreth's suspicion
whispering to Zane, nope
** (28) Amreth nods, "Yup, just about three foot," he says, "Well, we could go and get the boards from the other pit to cross, if you don't think you can make the leap." **
(16) Ruth: "If you want to save the trip, and trouble, there are boards just on the other side."
** (20) Fildin ends his song, although the scent remains for a while. Then suddenly - the roses are gone. "They are all the same - illusion magic over them. Good catch Amreth, it was convincing." **
(28) Amreth: "Figured as much. I can make the jump easy enough myself, but, what of the rest of you?"
(20) Fildin: "That jump is about three times as far as I am tall. Sorry, I don't think I can make it."
(28) Amreth: "It's not that far from board to board. From side to side, but no matter, let's just get the boards from the other room."
** (28) Amreth lays the last board in place, and gives a nod to the others before stepping slowly across. **
(27) DM: (won't need to RP this out, I'll assume you just do.)
(27) Grinkle: Um...how do yub do dat?
** (28) Amreth turns to Grinkle, "How do we do what?" **
** (20) Fildin finally makes it over, after sending Grinkle ahead of him. Fildin nods to the next door. "Shall we keep going Amreth?" **
(27) Grinkle: Do dat. Wak ober dat. Smoosh ded.
(27) Grinkle: "Oooo."
(16) Ruth: "It was another trap. They have been effective so far."
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+4] -> [18,4] = (22)
** (28) Amreth stops by the door, puts an ear to it as he also checks the handle, whispering, "..Smut and Cheff here, right?" **
(27) Grinkle: "Yub." (nods)
** (28) Amreth holds a finger to his lips again, and continues to listen, then holds up a pair of fingers to the others. **
(20) Fildin: "They must have figured out the trap as well, after Smoosh didn't..." he whispers.
** (28) Amreth takes his ear from the door and looks to the others, "Well, those two are arguing over something-damned if I can comprehend what they're arguing about, though. What do you want to do?" **
(20) Fildin: "If there was only the one, I could probably keep him fascinated with my music, but I fear that I would not be able to handle two."
(20) Fildin: (( *whispering still ))
** (28) Amreth frowns, "It's your call, woman," he says to Ruth, "Guess we could use Grinkle to get them to come out so we could surprise 'em." **
(28) Amreth: "That, or we can just barge in and say hello," he says, still whispering.
** (16) Ruth mulls it over and finally answers, "I guess we should just pay them a surprise visit." **
** (28) Amreth shrugs and gives a nod, "Sounds good to me," he says, taking hold of the door handle, "Fil, you really think you can muddle one of them enough with that music of yours to keep him docile long enough for Ruth and me to take the other one out?" **
** (20) Fildin puts his longhorn back safely away and pulls out his sling, loading it. **
(20) Fildin: "Once the fighting starts - the magic would end."
(27) DM: Snippets of the argument leak out from behind the door...
(27) Voice: "Dere be sumting here!"
(27) Voice: "An dere be nuddin dere, Cheff!"
(28) Amreth: "Ah, right, well then just try and to put a round into an eye or somethin'/
(20) Fildin: "Will do."
** (28) Amreth cracks the door open to get a look inside, drawing a dagger from his glove as he does so. **
** (16) Ruth holds up her own crossbow, reaching one hand into her belt pouch in preparation. **
** (28) Amreth pulls the dager fully free, and opens the door further, enough for him to slip in and to one side, giving Ruth an opening to fire and readying himself-once through he gestures to the largest one of the two for her to shoot at. **
(20) Fildin: (( do you just gesture? cause Fildin might think you mean him... ))
(27) DM: ((sec))
(27) DM: This ransacked room is lit by torches held by two arguing hobgoblins in the NE corner. The room's once-luxurious sofa, chair and hassock have had their stuffing torn out. Pictures and tapestries have been ripped from the walls and thrown about.
(20) Fildin: (( so - we good for surprise attacks? ))
(27) DM: (surprise round, init for order please)
(20) Fildin: Initiative: [1d20+3] -> [6,3] = (9)
(28) Amreth: Initiative: [1d20+4] -> [12,4] = (16)
(16) Ruth: Initiative: [1d20+1] -> [19,1] = (20)
(27) DM: Grinkle just watches.
(27) DM: (Ruth, 20)
** (16) Ruth fires a shot at the indicated larger one when Amreth opens the door. **
(16) Ruth: Attack: Lgiht Crossbow [1d20+1] -> [4,1] = (5). Damage [1d8] -> [1] = (1)
** (28) Amreth having been waiting for the clack of her crossbow, takes a running step forward, and hurls his dagger end over end towards the two hobgoblins. [1d20+4] -> [5,4] = (9) **
(27) DM: (miss both. Filden, your turn)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+1] -> [20,1] = (21)
** (20) Fildin focuses on the figures in the light at the end of the room, and upon seeing Amreth's motion, he quickly twirls his sling and fires a shot at the largest of the two. **
(20) Fildin: Sling Attack: [1d20+5] -> [18,5] = (23) ==> DAMAGE [1d3-1] -> [2,-1] = (1) (minimum 1 damage)
(27) DM: At your attack, the hobgoblins are surprised...but as Fildin's slingshot strikes one of them in the chest, they spring to life, unsheathing their swords and meeting you in combat.
(27) DM: (21, the hobs)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20] -> [12] = (12),[1d20] -> [14] = (14)
(27) DM: Both hobgoblins charge, one swings wildly at Ruth and falls short of the mark whilst the other lunges to the side and attempts to slash her thigh (AC 14).
(27) DM: (not Ruth, I meant Amreth, sorry)
(28) Amreth: ((AC is 17))
** (28) Amreth whips both blades free of their scabbards as he nimbly sidesteps and dodges the attacks. **
(27) DM: (a note about the ACs, just let me know if I hit or miss. I don't keep track of your ACs)
(27) DM: (Ruth, 20)
** (16) Ruth pulls out a small bit of butter as she casts a spell to hinder the hobgoblins. **
** (16) Ruth incants "Zo Eth" and finally a coppery sheen extends under the hobgoblins in front of Amreth, threatening to loosen their footing. **
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20] -> [6] = (6),[1d20] -> [18] = (18)
(41) Noelle (enter): 23:20
(27) DM: One of them looses his footing, landing hard on his back. His mate manages to keep on although just barely. (Am, 16)
** (28) Amreth whips both blades free of their scabbards as he nimbly sidesteps and dodges the attacks (move action), and brings the right-handed blade up and across the standing hobgoblin's face, then stabbing towards his gut with the lefthanded blade. ([1d20+0] -> [19,0] = (19) and [1d20+0] -> [6,0] = (6) respectively) **
(27) DM: The hobgoblin collapses to the floor, dead. (Fil, 6)
(27) DM: (I mean 9)
** (20) Fildin drops his sling and pulls out his longhorn, preparing to play a song to help Amreth out. (have to wait til next round though) **
(27) DM: (21, the sole remaining hob)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20] -> [13] = (13)
(27) DM: It tries to get up from the greasy patch on the floor and instead loses its footing again, muttering.
(27) DM: (20, Ruth)
** (16) Ruth gingerly attempts to end the hobgoblins suffering with a dagger she draws, obviously not used to hitting things. **
(16) Ruth: Attack: Dagger [1d20] -> [9] = (9). Damage [1d4] -> [3] = (3)
(27) DM: (miss; Am, 16)
** (28) Amreth gives Ruth a light shove away as he moves to place a heavy boot on the hobgoblin's chest, tries to pin him to the floor, at the same time leveling the end of his blade at it's neck, "Stop struggling!" **
(27) DM: (Fil, 9)
** (20) Fildin keeps his longhorn out, but seeing Amreth's attempt to keep the hobgoblin still, he does nothing, other than pick up his dropped sling, which he stows away. **
(27) DM: (21, the sole hob)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20] -> [15] = (15)
(27) DM: It jerks away and tries to grab Amreth's boot and yank him off balance but is unsuccessful.
(27) DM: (Ruth, 20)
** (16) Ruth delays, considering what to do with the lone hobgoblin. **
(27) DM: (Am, 16)
(16) Ruth: "If you will not surrender, you will meet a very messy end."
** (28) Amreth jerks his foot away, the blade as well, and drops a knee, heavily, onto the hobogoblin's chest, readjusting his sword to bring the blade across its throat, snarling at it, "I will not tell you again. Stop stuggling." **
(28) Amreth: [1d20+6] -> [5,6] = (11) Knee drop.
(27) DM: (Well, you drop your knee but not on its chest)
(27) DM: (Fil, 9)
** (20) Fildin raises his longhorn and starts playing, but with a different tune then the group has ever heard before. It seems to draw one's attention to it, and into the depths of the music, which seem endless. Ruth and Amreth are not affected much, but the hobgoblin is drawn into the music, as Fildin tries to fascinate him. (Bardic music ability) **
(20) Fildin: Perform (longhorn): [1d20+10] -> [6,10] = (16)
(20) Fildin: (( will save vs DC 16 ))
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20] -> [20] = (20)
(27) DM: It doesn't seem to be affected...in fact it becomes even more enraged. (21, the hob)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20] -> [1] = (1)
(27) DM: It attempts to seize Amreth's arm and grab at his sword in a desparate move to wrestle his blade away from him and misses. (Ruth, 20)
** (16) Ruth swipes at the hobgoblin with her dagger while it struggles with Amreth. It's not clear whether she intended to hit it or not. **
(16) Ruth: Attack: Dagger [1d20] -> [12] = (12). Damage [1d4] -> [1] = (1)
(27) DM: (Am, 16)
** (28) Amreth jerks his sword arm away as the hobgoblin makes for his weapon, and lashes out with a left hook at it's jaw [1d20+6] -> [12,6] = (18) **
(27) DM: (damage?)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20] -> [7] = (7)
(28) Amreth: [1d3+2] -> [1,2] = (3)
(28) Amreth: "Last chance to live, dog!"
(27) DM: It doesn't seem to have heard you. (Fil, 9)
** (20) Fildin continues to play his deep, drawing in song on his longhorn. **
(41) Noelle (exit): 23:51
(20) Fildin: (( done ))
(20) Fildin: (( Stash? ))
(27) DM: (so does it get to save again?)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20] -> [8] = (8)
(20) Fildin: (( whispered to you. ))
(27) DM: It glares at you with utter hatred and tries to make one last ditch effort to grab its sword...
(27) DM: (20, Ruth)
** (16) Ruth seems to be getting into the rhythm of it, but maybe it was just luck. **
(16) Ruth: Attack: Dagger [1d20] -> [8] = (8). Damage [1d4] -> [2] = (2)
(16) Ruth: "He does not get your point, Amreth."
(27) DM: (16, Am)
** (28) Amreth spits a curse and drops his weapon regardless, and again lashes out with a blow of the fist to the hobgoblin's head [1d20+6] -> [16,6] = (22) **
(28) Amreth: [1d3+2] -> [1,2] = (3) Damage
(27) DM: The impact of your blow causes it to fall back to the ground, unconscious.
** Grinkle sighs with relief and enters the room. "Neber liked Cheff." **
** (28) Amreth breathes a sigh of relief at the quiet, unconcious hobgoblin,a nd slups against its gut to catch his breath, "I think he got that one." **
(28) Amreth: "Which one's Cheff? Dead one, or this one?"
** Grinkle nods. "Dis be Smut." (indicates the unconscious one) **
(27) Grinkle: Dey be sear...sear...um, below Julla.
** (20) Fildin lowers his longhorn, and puts it away. "Hmm, the ungrateful fool didn't even like my music. Although I admit that was a different type then I usually play. Oh well." **
** (28) Amreth nods, and draws his dagger, cutting free pieces of the hobgoblin's clothing and armor, stuffing a wad into its mouth, and a large enough strip complete the gag, as well as binding his hands infront of him. **
** (16) Ruth puts away the dagger, "It is more for show, honestly." **
(20) Fildin: "So, how many more of your kin are there?"
(20) Fildin: (( to Grinkle ))
** (28) Amreth gets to his feet after he's finished, and gives the hobgoblin a swift kick in the side, "Grinkle said, uhh.. Nineteen? Before we started our work." **
(20) Fildin: "Wow, this is going to take a while."
(27) Grinkle: Lotz.
(28) Amreth: "Maybe, maybe not. We need to pay our respects to the chief."
(27) Grinkle: Dat be Julla.
** (28) Amreth turns on Grinkle, "You seem surprisingly accepting of all that's happening." **
** Grinkle shrugs. "Me nub lik killin, jus foodin." **
(28) Amreth: "You didn't even try to escape-and you had the chance when we lost sight of you."
(27) Grinkle: "Me nub lik de oder hobs."
** (28) Amreth keeps his eyes locked on Grinkle for a long moment, as he unstoppers his flask of water, "Right," he says, and turns to pour a small ammount of the water of the bound and gagged hobgoblin's face before taking a drink for himself. **
** Grinkle takes a seat by the door and looks at the proceedings. **
** (16) Ruth looks around the ransacked room, now that the hobgoblins are subdued. **
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+2] -> [5,2] = (7)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+2] -> [1,2] = (3)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+3] -> [18,3] = (21)
** (20) Fildin steps around the bound hobgoblin as well. "Now this mess will take more than magic to fix most likely." **
whispering to Donovan, there's seems to be a hidden door in the far NE corner of the room
** (28) Amreth restoppers the flask, drops his pack from his shoulders, and tucks it away as he kneels down beside Smut, "Wake up you worthless pile of orc droppings." **
(27) DM: (stopping at 12:45 am -- Zane if you need to go, let me know)
(20) Fildin: (( not a problem. Storms are letting up now. ))
(27) DM: The hobgoblin awakens reluctantly, glaring at you.
** (16) Ruth stands over where the two hobgoblins were arguing, "It looks like there is actually something 'dere'," pointing out something odd on the east wall to Fildin. **
** (28) Amreth grabs hold of what's left of Smut's clothing, and tries to pull him up into a sitting position, then glances at Ruth, "Now that's a pity. Seems answered the only question I'd wanted you alive to answer, Smut," he says, looking back at the hob. **
(28) Amreth: ((seems she*))
** (20) Fildin moves to some of the furnature, trying to figure out if he could help with it, but he just looks at the amount of stuffing removed and sighs. "What a waste." Then Ruth's comment reaches him and he looks to her. "What did you find?" **
(16) Ruth: "Probably what they were arguing about, a hidden chamber."
** (16) Ruth glances over to smut for his reaction. **
** (20) Fildin makes his way over to the wall to see if he can spot the actual doorway. **
** (28) Amreth lets them go about checking out what's dere but not, and removes the gag from Smut's mouth, "But I think I'm still not gonna kill you." **
** Smut stares at the corner and shrugs, but returns to stare at you and settles on Ruth and spits. **
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+1] -> [9,1] = (10)
whispering to Zane, there is a secret door there
** (16) Ruth reaches out to open up what she's found, probably further annoying Smut. "Time to see what the fuss was about." **
** (20) Fildin moves to the wall, and starts feeling around the doorway, seeing if he can figure out _how_ to open it. He does not try to relaese the door yet - just determine how to open it. **
** (28) Amreth cocks a brow at the hobgoblin, and stands to his feet, turning to look to Ruth, "Careful." **
whispering to Zane, there's a hidden panel that will cause the door -- a recess really -- to slide back
** (28) Amreth steps over to his discarded sword, kneels, and picks it up. **
(16) Ruth: "They have managed to find every trap so far, the hard way, but did not find this. Do you want to look it over first?"
** (28) Amreth slides the sword home, and shrugs, "Don't have any real experience with traps, but I guess I could," he says, moving to stand next to her, "Keep an eye on Smut, then." **
(20) Fildin: "I plan to be Amreth. After all, we already had the illusion to get to this room." Fildin searches for a moment, but then smiles and steps back. He pulls back out the longhorn and starts playing how now familiar tune - a probing, resonating tune that seems to seep into everything it touches. Along with the music, comes the smell of roses, which also seeps into everything. ((Detect magic))
whispering to Zane, no magic...
** (20) Fildin directs his music, and the rose scent at the wall, but quickly ends the song, letting the music and the roses fall off into the ether. **
(20) Fildin: "Nothing magical at least. You still want to try to check it Amreth? I'd rather be extra careful than not."
** (20) Fildin points out where the door is, and the location of the panel that opens it. "Whatever they were discussing is likely behind there." **
** (28) Amreth bites his lip, and steps up to take a look at the panel, and gives a brief shrug, "Pretty damn hard to notice, isn't it?" **
(20) Fildin: "Yeah, pretty well hidden."
** (28) Amreth shrugs, "Well, there's not much room to poke around," he says, probing at the panel. **
(16) Ruth: "It may be my uncle's treasure; whatever he searched the Halls for."
(27) DM: The panel slides back and reveals a hidden recess.
(20) Fildin: "Good, no other traps."
(27) DM: Within are three pieces of parchment and a brass wand.
** (20) Fildin steps to the side to allow Ruth to enter and claim her uncle's property. **
** (28) Amreth glaces back at Ruth, "I believe this belongs to you." **
(27) DM: (and on this note, we'll stop)

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