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Server Administrator-> This channel is now moderated
(144) Bedeo: Alright
(146) DM: It is, like most other days, a perfect summer day in the village of Eveningstar. Here you are in Myanmere's inn, in the common room, enjoying a midmorning meal. The room is sparsely filled, with the odd farmer or merchant at tables located throughout the room.
(146) DM: (describe yourselves, Lunauc and Bedeo.)
whispering to Cyprias, did you decide on a PC?
(138) Lunauc: A slender, regal figure holds an air of mock humbled superiority. His face is thin and sharply featured, with an expressive brow over wide almond shaped brown eyes, and a narrow , pointed nose before a thin-lipped mouth. He keeps his blond hair cut short for efficiency and often greased back for a slick appearance, using resin based gel, when he can get his hands on it. Attire is a matter of necessity more than fashion. While not particularly modest, he holds true to a belief in covering up embarassing or controversial things. (From his earliest days of dark arts practition he has tattoos along his right arm, back and side of tendrillar infernal script and images of daemons, devils and skeletal silhouettes.) A white linen tunic and black leather breeches are the base of his dress, with knee high brown leather boots and a black leather hooded mantle with an sown in trisected cloak complete the ensemble.
(144) Sissfus: Sissfus is a gnome of middling height and build. Shaggy light-brown hair falls messily almost to his shoudlers, and covers his eyes from time to time. He appears weathered and tanned, and his skin has a faint brown-gren tinge to it. He is wearing sturdy leathers, that are well maintained, though somewhat worn. Currently, a massive brown and white dog, with a heavy pelt is curled up at his feet.
(146) DM: (Cyprias, whenever you're ready)
(138) Sushil: Beside him sits a silent stoic figure, garbed from head to toe in a thick fur-lined wool coat, pants and boots, and who head is wrapped in a thick muffler and fur cap. a sword and shield rest beside him as he sits motionless, as if awaiting command.
(146) DM: A tall man wearing a dark brown, almost mud-colored robe with a walking stick that seems to be made of walnut oak enters the tavern and demands a table.
(146) Man in brown robes: "....preferably in the corner, over there." (points to a corner in the rear of the room, by the fireplace)
(146) Man in brown robes: "Stew and bread, and tea."
(146) DM: Having placed his order, he strides to the table and sits. His hawk-like gaze sweeps the room taking in the scene, missing nothing. He leans back in his chair, as if expecting someone.
** (138) Sushil gives little more than a curious glance up to the new entrant, as he continues his meal. **
(146) DM: A shock of unruly reddish-brown hair can be seen from the folds of his cowl, which he pulls back. He might have been handsome at one point, but for a jagged scar that runs down the length of his right cheek, partially obscured by a ratty beard.
(146) DM: (fyi, you're here in the common room, just not together.)
(134) Cyprias: A young, athletic Chondathan, Aurelian displays a calm, confident air. His eyes are hazel set in a square face. He keeps his brown hair cut short and is well shaven. The clothing he wears is clean if somewhat threadbare, a simple brown button shirt and pants. He can be seen in a corner conversing with some of the commoners.
** (144) Sissfus looks up from his meal...which appears to consist of nothing more than a large mug of Ale and a small amount of bread...and frowns slightly. He rests his hand on the head of the dog at his feet, which lifts its head to the touch even before his hand moves **
(146) DM: The newcomer pays you little heed, taking a small pouch from his robe and placing it gingerly on the table to his right. However carefully he does so, it clinks heavily as if filled with coin.
(146) DM: The waitress, a plump halfling comes bearing his meal and almost trips over his walking stick, earning her a sharp-tongued reproach.
(146) Man in brown robes: "Look where you're going the next time." (mutters)
(146) Waitress: Apologies, m'lord.
** (144) Sissfus Looks across the room at the man and attempts to catch his eye, while shaking his head, and stroking his dog to calm it. **
(138) Sushil: "hmm?" :peers over to check out the staff the man so covets. Then eyeing the obvious bag of coins on the table, he looks about the bar for ready thieves, just out of curiousity.:
(146) DM: He glares at the waitress, then proceeds to tear into his stew, tearing off a hunk of black bread but not before he catches your (Sushil's) gaze.
** (138) Sushil just raises a brow to the stranger, before shaking his head and returning to his meal. **
(138) Lunauc has sent you a tree node...
(146) DM: A minute or so later, a sturdy, broad-shouldered human in slightly tarnished, ill-kept chainmail enters the common room. Moderate height, curly blond hair and a bland, almost non-descript face save for that of a black eyepatch over his left eye, a fighter by the looks of him, he makes his way over to the robed man's table and seats himself.
(146) Man in brown robes: "The dawn of a new age is upon us..."
(146) Human fighter: "And only eclipsed by the setting sun."
(146) Man in brown robes: You're late. You were supposed to be here three days ago.
(146) Man in brown robes: What kept you? And order some food.
** Human fighter shrugs. "I stopped by an old acquaintance of ours. And had some difficulties with a few hirelings." **
** (144) Sissfus snorts and mutters to the dog, but loudly enough for anyone near him to hear "Sounds like that Lot got too MUCH sun, eh, Macian?" then snickers loudly to himself. **
(146) DM: The waitress comes over and the fighter places his order.
(144) Sissfus: Initiative: [1d20+3] -> [8,3] = (11)
(144) Sissfus: (ugh, sorry)
(146) Human fighter: "Our friend the lord is no more, but the seals were not to be found."
** Man in brown robes scoops up a chunk of lamb and turnip with his bread, wolfing it and chews thoughtfully. "Then they must be in the Halls. You'll just need to take a look there." **
(146) Human fighter: "Not without payment."
(146) Man in brown robes: "Yes, there is that." (chews and swallows, then pushes the bag across to the fighter) "Half here, the other half once I have the seals."
(138) Sushil: Spot Skill Check: [1d20+3] -> [8,3] = (11)
** (144) Sissfus scratches his head and wonders aloud to the dog again "Halls, Seals, Gold?" he pauses and frowns "Funny business, no doubt!" **
(146) Man in brown robes: "And what of the heir?"
(138) Sushil: :without looking from his meal, he concurs in a whisper aside to the gnome at the near by table, "Aye.. for what seems a clandestine meeting, they're not very... clandestine."
(146) Human fighter: "We....I'm fairly certain he had none. But I haven't been able to check the keep. I was delayed on my way here."
(146) Man in brown robes: "Hmm. If the seals weren't in the keep as you say -- well, you're not sure about that -- then it's likely that his heir had them." (continues eating) "You'll need to look into that as well."
(146) Human fighter: "Shouldn't we be keeping our voices down?"
** Man in brown robes snorts. "Look around you. They're farmers and country bumpkins. We're safer here than in some rathole in the middle of Suzail. You worry too much." **
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+4] -> [11,4] = (15)
** (138) Sushil raises an annoyed brow at the robed man's comment, but says nothing for the moment. **
(146) DM: As the robed man says this, he looks up and catches wind of Sushil's exclamation, then continues eating, lowering his voice.
** Human fighter takes the proferred bag of coins and hefts it, nodding in approval, then tears into his meal. **
** (144) Sissfus growls softly to himself, in time with his companion, and begins to mutter colourful curses about 'Fleas' and 'private parts' in the general direction of the pair. He pitches his voice so certain words will carry, while making others indistinct. This serves to make it sound threatening, yet vauge **
(138) Sushil: :offers in some just to Sissfus: "I could give you a powder that might help with your problem.
(138) Sushil: " :as pertaining to crotch fleas:
(138) Sushil: (some jest even)
** (144) Sissfus hears the comment and scowls, looking towards Sushil. "Aye, it's those that I was talkin about. Country bumpkins indeed" he says to him, then looks around the room "They're not far wrong with the frest of this lot, but I certainly am not". He pauses and then grins wickedly, and looks meaningfully at the warrior and man wearing the cloak "I'm sure that you'd do good trade in these parts with that powder, though" **
(138) Sushil: :shrugs: "Probably, unfortunately I do not manufacture the stuff."
(138) Sushil: "Though if you're looking to buy, I'm willing to part with it." :gives a wink:
whispering to Amreth Verkul, you sent me Yazzie
** (144) Sissfus peers at his mug for a moment, as if realizing what he just said didn't quite make sense, then pushes it away and stands up. He wanders over to Sushil, and sits himself down without being invited, his dog following swiftly, and curling up at his feet again. "Only thing that I'd like to buy at this moment is a switch clout around the ears for those two", he says, nodding his head in the direction of the offending pair "The Name's Sissfus, By the way...Sissfus Turin." **
(146) TaliesinNYC: brb
(144) Sissfus: (Swift clout, even)
(138) Sushil: :the heavily clothed silent figure sitting across from Sushil at the table turns a bit as the gnome takes a seat, but with a wave of Sushil's hand, the quiet one obediently returns to his face front position: "I am called Sushil. And yes, they are rather obvious."
(144) Sissfus: **Snorting, Sissfus nods his head "Rude bastards too" he says, obviously still chaffing from the 'country bumpkin' remark
(138) Sushil: :nods slightly: "Well, they do seem to hold conference over some touchy matter. Some abruptness may be warranted. Though I hardly see a point in carrying it out in a public place."
** (144) Sissfus nods his head and grunts "Macin an I'll show them some abruptness, if they keep it up" **
(138) Sushil: "Hmph... i'd love to see that." :the black cloaked man idly offers as he stirs his stew, amused by the thought of a gnome and a dog threatening two grown men, and not taking it seriously.:
** (144) Sissfus waves Sushil off casually "Violence only when nessecary, way of us who follow Mielikki. Don't be underestimating Macian, though. He's good people" **
(138) Sushil: "Good people...? The dog...?"
(144) Sissfus: "Aye, good people" He looks at Sushil confusedly for a moment "y'know...he'll stand by you...tough as nails...good in a tight situation..." he trails off mutter cliche's
(138) Sushil: :shakes off his misgivings with calling a dog people and simply agrees: "Yes, yes, of course."
** (144) Sissfus Peers at the cloaked figure beside Sushil..."Yer Friend doesn't say much, I must say" **
(146) Human fighter: "Well, for country bumpkins, that was a great lamb stew."
(138) Sushil: "He can't speak, i'm afraid... no tongue."
(144) Sissfus: 'Uhh...right..."
** Man in brown robes sniffs. "I've had better. I'll see you in a tenday then. With the seals or..." (lowers his voice) **
(138) Sushil: Listen Skill Check: [1d20+3] -> [13,3] = (16)
(144) Sissfus: Listen: [1d20+4] -> [11,4] = (15)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+3] -> [3,3] = (6)
(146) DM: ((I roll all checks unless I specify otherwise...))
(138) Sushil: "Hmmm..." :groans and sits back spooning a bit of stew up to his mouth."
** Human fighter nods in agreement at his robed companion. "In a tenday then." **
** Human fighter stands up and makes his way out of the common room. **
(138) Sushil: :whispers to the gnome: "Sissfus, did you catch that last part?"
** (144) Sissfus nods to Sushil "Aye. AND they called me a bumpkin again! the bastards" **
(138) Sushil: "Right. Mention of Bane gives me pause.. perhaps, we should get involved before this leads to an unfortunate event?"
** (144) Sissfus nods his head "Just what I had in mind...Bane...yech!" **
(138) Sushil: :nods: "How about you follow one-eye out and see if you can detain him from leaving town right away, disturb his mount or such. I'll see about getting some local assistance."
** (144) Sissfus scratches his head "Uhmn....I'd planned to just breat the hell out of them for calling me a bumpkin...unless you've a better plan..." he says with an evil grin **
(138) Sushil: "No point in starting a dangerous altercation without reason."
** (144) Sissfus looks a little dejected and slumps a little "Nothing wrong with a dangerous altercation now and then...." **
(144) Sissfus has sent you a tree node...
(138) Sushil: "Well, depending on the skill of these two men it may turn dangerous either way, if that makes you feel better."
** (144) Sissfus perks up a little "It does indeed" **
** (134) Aurelian gets up from his table and waves farewell to the two people sitting there, and heads over towards Sissfus. **
(138) Sushil: "Wonderful, now be on your way, and I will meet you outside soon."
(134) Aurelian: "If you're going to mug people just because they called you a bumpkin, don't you think that'd be proving their point?"
(138) Sushil: ::grins up at the cleric and speaks as if they were old friends, a bit cheekily: "Ah.. Brother Aurelian, I was just about to call you over. May I have your ear a moment?"
** (144) Sissfus opens his mouth for a moment, and then closes it again, considering "Yes, but they'll still be the ones who were mugged, and I'll feel a whole lot better" **
(134) Aurelian: "Certainly, what can I help you with?"
(138) Sushil: "Hmm.. it is a delicate subject, perhaps we should speak outside."
** (144) Sissfus gets up and slowly makes his way to the door, Macian follow close on his heels **
** (138) Sushil stands from the table, drops a few coins. He instructs his silent friend, "Pick up my bag and come along." **
(138) Sushil: :with a crossbow on his back and staff in hand, he escorts Aurelian toward the door, "Hopefully this will take but a moment of your time."
(138) Sushil: :with the heavy clothed figure following behind, Sushil leads the cleric outside to speak with him: "I mean not to alarm you, but it seems the two loud men who were meeting at that table seem to be servants of Bane. I know little of what they plan other than talk of seals and the possible decapitation of an heir of some such. I just thought you'd want to know, so as to detain them."
whispering to Lunauc, Amreth Verkul, Zane, TaliesinNYC, Donovan, (GW): please reply to this whisper. name of the group is player assessment
(134) Aurelian: Scowling at the mention of Bane, Aurelian ponders over the thought for a moment. "I doubt a eavesdropping would do to condemn anyone, but I'll inform people to keep an eye on them."
** (144) Sissfus grabs his pack from the ground as he wanders past his original seat, and shrugs his shoulders into it. As he pushes through the door, he slides a simple spear out from its loops, and uses it as a walking staff. He wanders over to Sushil and the priest, and leans on it comfortably **
** (138) Sushil nods along, though contests, "Mayhaps, but the one meant to do the apparent killing is about to leave town, would it not be better to capture them if only for questioning? **
(134) Aurelian: "If you're certain of such a thing... I suppose it'd be the only thing to do. You swear these men were planning to murder someone?"
(151) Donovan (enter): 22:11
(138) Sushil: "If I could swear it, there would be no reason to question. For now I suggest we follow the gnome. if we corner them one at a time, hopefully they will surrender peacably. If not, we can be sure of some wrong doing."
(144) Sissfus: *Pondering for a moment, Sissfus nods his head "But they were certainly up to no good" he says *
** (144) Sissfus frowns a second "wait...follow the gnome? this was -your- plan" he says **
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (151) Donovan...
(146) TaliesinNYC: Booting '(137) Donovan' from room...
(137) Donovan (exit): 22:14
(138) Sushil: "Yes... but can't your dog follow the fighter?"
(138) Sushil: (or is he still in sight outside the inn?)
** Human fighter seems to be heading out of town, on the east road **
(138) Sushil: "If you could ride after and halt him, that would be helpful."
(144) Sissfus: ponder
** (144) Sissfus Ponders the suggestion for a moment **
(138) Sushil: (is he riding or walking? the fighter that is..)
(146) DM: (walking)
** (138) Sushil begins in walking after the fighter, the silent servant following along, shield and scimitar in hand **
** (144) Sissfus Sissfus nods decisively, then clicks his tongue at Macian, the dog appears to brace himself, and Sissfus climbs into the strange little saddle it is wearing **
(144) Sissfus: "lets go, Mac" he says to the dog, which begins to trot, and then run after the man
(144) Sissfus: (How far away is he?
(146) DM: (70'. I take it you're following him?)
(138) Sushil: (yep. gnome will ride before him and stop him a moment, while we catch up.)
(146) DM: He's walking fast as if he wants to leave town as quickly as possible.
(144) Sissfus: (Attempting to overtake him, to slow him down)
(138) Sushil: :offers aside to Aurelian as they walk: "As you are a goodly cleric of this town, perhaps you should speak the convictions. Sissfus nor myself have any need to be called vigilantes I'm sure."
(134) Aurelian: "I'm still not entirely sure what we're convicting them of, I wasn't privy to their discourse."
(146) Human fighter: Can I help you with something? (to Siss)
(146) DM: He seems irritated, his hand straying to his sword until he looks down at your riding dog.
(138) Sushil: "Hmm.. just say that two men have come forth claiming him to be scheming villainous acts. We'll give our confessions to the watch."
** (144) Sissfus slows down and walks Macian past the man, turning the dog to block his path somewhat "Indeed, friend" He says.."I...uh, was hoping to ask you a question" **
** Human fighter snaps back, "Well, get on with it then." **
** (138) Sushil approaches from behind the man, hooking his staff on the back of his mantle, and readying a crossbow, hopefully only as a threat. **
** Human fighter glances around him. "What's this, eh?" **
** (144) Sissfus frowns at the man "Now now, no need to be like that! This is what you get from living in a city, you see...no patience." **
** (134) Aurelian stands off to the side of the group, holding his hand to his brow and shaking his head at the sight. **
(144) Sissfus: **seeing Aurelian shaking his head Sissfus rolls his eyes and lets out an exhasperated sigh "We simply wanted to ask you about the seals..." He says**
** (138) Sushil comes up behind the man and whispers to his minion, "Stay. Threaten with the sword, but if he tries to run or attack move in to grapple him." Order given, the mage skirts around to the man's left to cut off a side escape. Looking back, he gives the cleric an expectant glance. **
(146) DM: He gives you a hard stare.
(146) Human fighter: "What about the seals?"
(146) Human fighter: "I...I don't know what you're talking about."
** (144) Sissfus coughs softly "Well...you're uh..going to need them to get to the heir, right?" He says, stalling for time and shifting in hhis saddle somewhat uncomfortably **
(138) Sushil: :seeing no action from the cleric, Sushil speaks up, "Do forgive our forwardness, but if you will humor us a while, I'm sure you can be let rightly on your way."
(138) Sushil: "If you will peacefully follow us to the office of the town guard, I am confident we can have this settled in no time."
** (144) Sissfus lets out a long, fluid breath, obviously thankful to have Sushil doing the talking "Indeed, peacefully" he says **
(146) Human fighter: "Yes...er, no. Verek wants them for some reason, he didn't say. Who are you?"
(138) Sushil: :shrugs: "Simply concerned citizens."
(146) Human fighter: "I've done nothing wrong. I demand that you release me at once or you'll regret it." (hand strays to his sword)
(138) Sushil: "Now, now.. let us not rush to violence. Tis a deplurable thing."
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+5] -> [15,5] = (20)
(138) Sushil: "It is just when strange men give praise to bane in a secret meeting speaking of seals and the heads of heirs.. it tends to be bad matters. Though I too know the harshness of prejudgements."
** (144) Sissfus frowns slightly "Aw come now, Sushil, a little violence never hurt anyone...right Macian? Besides...if you're injured or...worse... you can't make it to the halls to get the seals. So if you'd just come and answer our questions..." he trails off... **
(146) DM: His face blanches, at that mention. Suddenly, he tries to run away...
(146) DM: (keep in mind you're still in the village limits)
(138) Sushil: "grab him." :speaks to clothed figure who suddenly charges at the man and tries to grapple him down(aoo)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+3] -> [10,3] = (13)
(138) Sushil: (he hasn't drawn his sword yet, right?)
(146) DM: (fighter fails grapple check)
(146) DM: (correct)
(138) Sushil: grapple: [1d20+3] -> [6,3] = (9)
(144) Sissfus: (which way does he try to run?)
(146) DM: (out of town, to the east.)
(138) Sushil: (so... right past Sissfus then)
(146) DM: (he rolled lower than a 9, fyi)
(146) DM: (he tries to in any event)
(138) Sushil: (no.. that was the grab attempt to start the grapple)
(146) DM: (ah. then no, that's a miss)
(146) DM: (so what now? he's running down the road, determined to distance himself from you and head into the forest.)
(144) Sissfus: (Any reason why I can't bullrush with Macian?)
(144) Sissfus: Argh, not bullrush, charge
(146) DM: (Mynamere's inn btw is on the edge of town, so not necessarily within sight of any Purple Dragons. right now it doesn't seem as if there are any guards about.)
(146) DM: (you should be able to. not switching to a battlemap.)
(144) Sissfus: (ok, overrun then)
** (144) Sissfus Tightens his grip on Macian with his legs "Knock him down, Macian" he yells, and he kicks softly at his flanks **
(146) DM: (init)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+3] -> [5,3] = (8)
(144) Sissfus: Initiative: [1d20+3] -> [19,3] = (22)
(146) DM: (any others?)
(138) Sushil: Init: [1d20+2] -> [13,2] = (15)
(134) Aurelian: Init [1d20+1] -> [16,1] = (17)
(138) Sushil: Minion init: [1d20+5] -> [8,5] = (13)
(146) DM: (22, Siss)
** (144) Sissfus Charges Macian directly towards the fleeing man, obviously attempting to knock him down with the sheer bulk of the dog **
(148) Amreth Verkul has sent you a tree node...
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+4] -> [15,4] = (19)
(146) DM: (what size is the riding dog? I assume Medium?)
(144) Sissfus: (yes)
(146) DM: The fighter looks over his shoulder and sees you (Siss) attempting to knock him down. He swerves to the side, quickly turns around and tries to block you from doing so. (opposed Str check please)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+4] -> [5,4] = (9)
(144) Sissfus: Strength: [1d20+3] -> [12,3] = (15)
(146) DM: He seems incapable of holding off Macian's charge and is thrown flat on his back, the impact of which knocks his breath out from under him. (17, Aur)
(152) Lunauc (enter): 23:06
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (152) Lunauc...
(153) Donovan (enter): 23:06
(146) TaliesinNYC: Booting '(138) Lunauc' from room...
(138) Lunauc (exit): 23:06
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (153) Donovan...
(146) TaliesinNYC: Booting '(151) Donovan' from room...
(151) Donovan (exit): 23:07
** (134) Aurelian gestures and gives voice to words of divine power, he then indicates the fallen man. (Cast Charm Person, DC 15) **
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+1] -> [4,1] = (5)
** Human fighter seems to be somewhat more compliant and makes no move to resist. **
** (144) Sissfus nods in satisfaction "There, that wasn't so bad now, was it?" **
(146) Human fighter: Uh...no, I suppose not.
** (152) Sushil quirks a brow as he sees the previously anxious man go quiet. Grinning aside to the cleric, the mage offers, "I'm glad to see i was right in employing your aid." **
(146) DM: (Sush, 15)
(134) Aurelian: Aurelian walks over towards the man and crouches in front of him. "Why don't you come inside and I'll see if we can't resolve this over a good drink."
** (144) Sissfus turns in his saddle towards Sush "What about me?" he says indignantly **
(152) Sushil: "Stand down." :calls to his servant, he stops in his pursuit of the man, and rests his arms, while Sushil lowers his crossbow
(146) Human fighter: That *does* sound like a good idea. Can you get your pet off of me though?
(152) Sushil: :nods to the gnome: "You did wonderful as well. and your dog does seem to be.. good people." :almost cringes at the poor use of language.:
(146) Human fighter: By the way, my name is Jhanaeril. Jhanaeril Ebonfire, but most of my friends call me either Jhanaeril or simply "Jhan".
(144) Sissfus: Oh, right, sorry about that. Macian, Down. *Macian delicately steps off of the man, and then settles himself on the ground. Sissfus' legs touch the gr\ound at the same time as Macian's belly, and he simply swings one leg over him, before reaching to pat his head*
** (134) Aurelian profers a hand to the man to help him onto his feet. **
** (144) Sissfus Smirks at Sushil "Damn right, good people" **
** Jhanaeril Ebonfire gets up. "My thanks. So, back to Mynamere's?" **
(134) Aurelian: "I appreciate your assistance in this, Jhan, we'll get somewhere were we can clear up this little issue." Aurelian leads the man towards the local Purple Dragon building.
(152) Sushil: :whispers to his minion: "Follow closely with the man, grab him should he try to flee.... and get it right this time."
(146) Jhanaeril Ebonfire: "Uh...that isn't a tavern."
** (144) Sissfus Frowns at Sushil "Your friend seems to take orders well...doesn't think much for himself, though, eh?" **
(146) Jhanaeril Ebonfire: "Please, if you do turn me in, I'm as good as dead. Those Zhents will find out for sure..."
(154) Lunauc (enter): 23:21
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (154) Lunauc...
(146) TaliesinNYC: Booting '(152) Lunauc' from room...
(152) Lunauc (exit): 23:22
(154) Sushil: (zhents?)
(146) Jhanaeril Ebonfire: "Look, I'll do whatever you want me to..." (whines) "I'll even split my take with you..."
(139) Zane: (( evil FR group, mostly ))
(134) Aurelian: "Whats this about the Zhent? You'll have to fill me in I'm afraid. Sushil is the one who was concerned for you."
(146) DM: (that's what he said)
(146) Jhanaeril Ebonfire: It was all a test to see if I could join the Zhentarim. I'm a mercenary and was looking for work. Verek, he's the mage, he wants seals. Magical seals. Something about a betrayal. A local lord by Edae...Edaeras somesuch stole these seals and the Zhents want them back.
(154) Sushil: "Well.. if you are in the detainment of the dragons, you should not fear repurcussion of the zhents, and of course, we will speak on your behalf to the Dragons, to avoid a harsh punishment. If you work it right, they may even guard you as a witness."
(146) Jhanaeril Ebonfire: So, I arranged for some hobgoblins to attack the keep and do him in. But the seals weren't there...! And now Verek wants me to look into the Haunted Halls. *shudders*
** Jhanaeril Ebonfire seems hopeful. "Except that Edaeras died a tenday or two ago. And the hobgoblins are in the keep now. And expecting me." **
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+6] -> [10,6] = (16)
** (144) Sissfus Scratches his head "Just where is this keep then? and who is this fellow Edaeras?" **
whispering to Lunauc, a famous dungeon located near Eveningstar, otherwise known as the Haunted Halls of Eveningstar
whispering to Lunauc, NE of Eveningstar
(155) Donovan (enter): 23:30
(134) Aurelian: "We'll have to have you talk with the Purple Dragons about this. Its the right thing to do." Aurelian puts his hand on the man's shoulder and offers him a drink from his flask he removes from a pocket inside his shirt.
** (154) Sushil gives a sardonic grin, and speaks affably, "It is a dungeon to the North east of here.. rather famous actually." **
** Jhanaeril Ebonfire takes the flask reluctantly. "I suppose you're right. Listen, could you do me a favor then?" **
(146) Jhanaeril Ebonfire: "I don't know...you don't seem like you're experienced, maybe I shouldn't ask you about this."
(144) Sissfus: *comprehension flashes across Sissfus' face and he nods "I see. Never heard of it" He wanders over to Macian, and slips back on to his back, the dog stands again, lifting his weight easily*
(154) Sushil: "Do ask, friend Jhan."
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (155) Donovan...
(146) TaliesinNYC: Booting '(153) Donovan' from room...
(153) Donovan (exit): 23:35
(146) Jhanaeril Ebonfire: "Could you take my place and head to the keep? Just say you're acting on orders from me, in my stead."
(156) Lunauc (enter): 23:36
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (156) Lunauc...
(146) TaliesinNYC: Booting '(154) Lunauc' from room...
(154) Lunauc (exit): 23:37
(134) Aurelian: "The keep you say? We'll look into it, certainly. What would you need us to take your place for there?"
(146) Jhanaeril Ebonfire: Well, the hobs are expecting me so they can get their payment. That's what this is for. Half of it is theirs.
** (156) Sushil smiles kindly at such a request and offers with a sure nod, "I for one would be glad to be of assistance." **
(146) Jhanaeril Ebonfire: "I'd be much obliged if you could deliver it for me. Here, you'll need this." (lifts a medallion from his neck and hands it to Aurelian)
(146) DM: It's an ivory disc with the image of a black hand painted on it, palm outward. You recognize it as the symbol of Bane.
(146) Jhanaeril Ebonfire: In order to approach the keep safely, you'll need to wear this in full display.
** (134) Aurelian nods his head along to what Jhanaeril says. He accepts the medallion, after seeing the symbol, he makes a gesture to ward himself before reluctantly pocketing it. **
(146) Jhanaeril Ebonfire: "You really think I'll be safe here with the guards?" (looks at the village barracks apprehensively)
** (144) Sissfus Shudders slightly as he notes the emblem, and then brings himself under control "But I do not understand" He says, scratching his head "If this Ederas is dead, and you are required to look...elsewhere...why even bother to pay the hobgoblins?" **
(146) DM: A guard opens the door and makes his way out of the building.
(156) Sushil: "As long as you claim to simply be a witness to these acts rather than a conspirator, you will be fine and protected, I'm sure."
(146) Jhanaeril Ebonfire: "Well because I haven't searched the keep for the seals, and maybe they're there. I *really* don't want to look in the Halls. The Halls have a...reputation."
(144) Sissfus: "Indeed...Yes, yes, you'll really be safe here...definetly"
(134) Aurelian: "Tell me, honestly Jhan. If you could get out of this mess, would you?"
(146) Jhanaeril Ebonfire: "I don't know. I just needed money." (hangs his head)
(156) Sushil: "Um.. speaking of the money, you should probably give us the coins to hold onto for now. It's not that I do not trust town guards... but, people do have a tendency to pick at money just laying about."
** Jhanaeril Ebonfire hands over the bag to Sushil. "All right. And thanks for the drink, even if this isn't a tavern." **
(134) Aurelian: "I doubt you're just doing all this simply for money, why do you need it so desperately?"
(156) Sushil: "I'll buy you a drink later, I promise that."
(146) Jhanaeril Ebonfire: "So, will you go to the keep for me?"
(156) Sushil: "I know that I will be going to the keep for sure."
(146) Jhanaeril Ebonfire: "I told you, I'm a mercenary looking for work. And Verek gave me a deal I couldn't refuse."
** (156) Sushil stows the bag of coins in his pack on the minion's back for safe keeping. hearing the man's simple tale, the mage agrees, "Yes, that sounds logical enough. A man must take work where he can after all." **
(134) Aurelian: "I hardly think thats an appropriate thing to encourage Sushil, if a man can't find decent work he can make his own." He begins leading the man away from the barracks, towards the local temple. "If you're truly willing to try and stay away from the Zhentarim, we'll see what we can do."
** Jhanaeril Ebonfire seems relieved. "Well, let's go then." (heads to the barracks) **
** (144) Sissfus begins to look more and more uncomfortable as the conversation progresses, but wisely says nothing. He distracts himself by dismounting and attending to Macian, removing what looks to be a strangely shaped suit of leathers from his pack, and fastening them to the dog **
(146) DM: (strike that last part then, he heads to the temple.)
** (156) Sushil quirks a brow as Aurelian begins leading the man toward the temple. Shaking his head, he calls out, "Aurelian, I leave that man to you. We'll be sure to see to our other friend back in the tavern, won't we Sissfus?" **
** (144) Sissfus mutters softly to Macian "Aye, take the gold, and kill the vermin, those beasties shouldn't be roaming outside of their correct place anyway" **
** (144) Sissfus looks up to Sushil "Tavern? Oh...I thought perhaps we were moving now" he sighs deeply, and begins to remove Macian's armor. "Aye, the tavern, then" **
(156) Sushil: "but first.." :heads for the Purple Dragons office to get some back up before challenging what could be a dangerous spellcaster.:
(146) DM: You enter the barracks. A guard is cleaning his sword whilst another polishes his boots. One of them looks up at you and asks if he can help you.
** (156) Sushil greets the men with a polite wave before asking out of the blue, "Could you gents possibly aid me in detaining a servant of Bane here in town who is plotting a villainous deed involving the Haunted halls?" **
** (144) Sissfus groans and shakes his head, then follows Sushil in, silently instructing Macian to stay at the doorwith hand gestures **
(146) Guard: "A what?" (looks at his fellow) "Next you'll be telling me that there's a dragon on the loose." (chuckles)
(156) Sushil: "No.. no dragon.. just the one man named Verekon over at the inn.."
(156) Sushil: "Your help would be greatly appreciated."
** (144) Sissfus leans back against the wall with a slight smile on his face, watching the show **
(146) Guard: "Uhm...and who are you again?" (continues cleaning his sword) "Have you any proof?"
(156) Sushil: "My name is Sushil, and this is Sissfus... Sissfus, do you have the medallion that man gave us?"
(134) Aurelian: ((That would of been me...))
** (144) Sissfus nods a friendly hello to the guard **
(144) Sissfus: I believe Father Aurelian has the meddalion
(156) Sushil: "Hmmm.. perhaps I have nothing in the way of physical evidence to offer. Though could it really hurt you to check it out. After all, if I tell the truth and you capture this servant of Bane, you could be the heroes of the town. If I lie.. you just have to walk back to the office. Fair odds, no?"
(146) Guard: "No proof? Well, then, I can't do much without your say-so." (chuckles) "And what would a priest of the Morninglord have to do with the Lord of Tyrants?"
(146) Guard: "Pfft, Ceridyn, come along with them and humor them."
** (144) Sissfus stares at the guard as if he is a rather stupid child "Aside from wishing to stop them, you mean?" **
(146) Ceridyn: "Ays, then. Lead the way."
(156) Sushil: "Wonderful..."
** (156) Sushil turns and leaves the office, heading back for the inn. **
(144) Sissfus: "Indeed" He waits for the guard to pass him, and then follows, beckoning to Macian as he walks past**
(146) DM: When you get to the inn, the common room is almost empty, as the cooks are busy preparing dinner. Verek is not there.
(146) Ceridyn: "So, where's your mage now?"
** (156) Sushil looks about with little surprise. Looking for the waitress who had served the mage, He asks the halfling woman, "Pardon me miss, what happened to the scarred man who sat at that table?" **
(146) Mynamere Merrowbeard: "Oh hullo there, Ceridyn. I've missed you."
(146) Ceridyn: "'ello, luv."
** (144) Sissfus sighs and shakes his head "Run off, I am sure. Not to worry, then, it seems" he takes a seat and drops his pack on the ground, sliding his spear back into its loops as he does so. Macian pads over and licks Mynamere's hand, as if expecting a treat **
(146) Mynamere Merrowbeard: "You mean tha' mage? 'E left not soon after you did. Paid a stiff tip too."
** Mynamere Merrowbeard frowns then shrugs. "'E headed out of town on horse, to tha' north." **
(156) Sushil: "Hmm.. sorry to hear of that. I don't suppose he kept up his loud ways after we left, perhaps mentioned where he was going or if he were staying in town...?"
** Mynamere Merrowbeard pats Macian on the head, stroking his fur. "I didn' like tha' look o' him." **
(146) Mynamere Merrowbeard: No, I know most o' tha' folk who live here an' I know I've ne'er seen him a'fore.
** (156) Sushil sighs and turns to the guards, "Pardon me, gents, it seems I've wasted your time after all. It would have been good had we caught him in time. Though I suppose it was just not to be." **
(146) Ceridyn: "Well, it wasn't so bad. But better luck next time. Tell you what, I promise to keep a look out for this 'Verek'."
(144) Sissfus: "Excellent, perhaps Aurelian is done also, aye?"
(146) Ceridyn: Not too many mages here in the village, besides Tsharliira and Lady Winter.
(156) Sushil: "I am sure your community will appreciate it." :gives a slight bow.:
(146) Ceridyn: And of course Lord Edaeras, may Torm bless his soul.
** Ceridyn blesses himself. "He died recently, and a good man too. Slain by hobgoblins." **
(156) Sushil: "A tragedy..."
(156) Sushil: "Well.. anyhow... thank you both for believing us and following out here. Now, my friend and I should take our leave."
(146) Mynamere Merrowbeard: "Coming by a bit later, luv? Peach cobbler with sweet cream tonight for dessert. Your fav'rite." (pinches Ceridyn's cheek)
(146) Ceridyn: "Wouldn't miss it, Myan." (blushes)
(144) Sissfus: "..and perhaps we can take our leave of the city, as well. I -had- only wandered in for a drink. I cannot abide the things for too long, they make me cranky"
(146) DM: (and on that note, we'll stop. and apologies to the others)

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