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(2705) TaliesinNYC: in the meantime, we now return you to Grinkle and Amreth and company

(2705) TaliesinNYC: in the meantime, we now return you to Grinkle and Amreth and company
(2710) Zane: wow - from four to eight next week. cool.
(2775) Dakkas (exit): 21:44
(2704) Amreth: Grinkle is going to end up Amreth's bestest bud.
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(2705) DM: ** (8) Olbernath smirks, "You really grabbed the cream o' the crop." **
** Grinkle holds up both hands. **
** (1) Hile walks up with Vadania on his back **
** (3) Amreth waits a moment, wondering if that's the whole count he's going to give. **
** Grinkle holds up nine more fingers. **
(3) Amreth: "Nineteen, huh."
(19) Grinkle: "Lotz." (nodding)
(6) Fildin: "That will keep us busy..." Fildin mutters.
** (8) Olbernath looks dubious of Grinkle's counting ability. **
(3) Amreth: "Hope that's accurate, for your sake. So, what's your name?"
(19) Grinkle: Big cheez in da bed place.
(19) Grinkle: "Him Julla."
(19) Grinkle: Me Grinkle.
(1) Vadania: "You complain about me trying to save an animal and you are going to let one of them go free?"
(3) Amreth: "Julla, that's good. Alright, Grinkle, you see this?" he asks, picking another lion out of his pouch, "This is yours, too. No more rat piss ale for Grinkle."
** (20) Ruth keeps watch outside the interrogation, listening quietly by the door. **
(3) Amreth: "He's of no threat to us, the beast was."
(19) Grinkle: "Okay."
** Grinkle stares at the lion like a small child. **
** (3) Amreth places that coin, too, in Grinkle's hand, "Anyone got some rope?"
** (1) Vadania snorts but says nothing **
** (6) Fildin shakes his head no. **
(19) Grinkle: You tak me wid you?
(3) Amreth: "Well, cut that leather armor up, will you, and tie this sucker up?" he tries to plug Grinkle's mouth with the gag again, "Don't worry, big fella."
(19) Grinkle: Smut an' Cheff in da boo...da boo...da smartz place.
** (3) Amreth withdraws the gag, "Oh, one more thing, where's this bed place?" **
** Grinkle points back where you found him. **
(1) Vadania: "You willin to help us kill the others?"
(19) Grinkle: "Me nub gud killin. Me bedder at foodin."
** (29) Joryn narrows his eyes at the hobgoblin. "Books?" **
** (3) Amreth cocks a brow at the hobgoblin, "Down the hall where you came from?" **
(19) Grinkle: "Yub. Da boo...da boo...da smartz place."
(19) Grinkle: "Um, near dere. Down dere."
(3) Amreth: "Well, we know what we need to, generally. Numbers and locations of important kin of his," he says, stuffinf the gag back in his mouth while he's speaking, "You stay quiet, and stay put, and I'll personally treat you to roast boar once we're done here and we come back to set you off on your own."
(6) Fildin: "Yep, a layout would definately have helped us..."
** (29) Joryn raises a brow at the others. "D'yeh think these idiots would be able t' learn wizardry?" **
** (3) Amreth tries to help the hobber up first, "I doubt it, but anything's possible I guess. Stupidity isn't universal among any of the intelligent critters. Might be whoever this Smut is, isn't one of his kin." **
** (8) Olbernath grunts, "Be surprised if this one could tie his own bootlaces."
(6) Fildin: "Well, are we ready to go then? It appears we have a lot more to remove."
** (29) Joryn growls. "Might be... we should be careful anyway" **
** (3) Amreth lookds to Vadania, "And do you think he can be trusted to comply? He's more likely to be emboldened in proximity to his more capable kin, and set them on us." **
** (1) Vadania nods "Would be a fun game for him to play" **
(1) Vadania: "Grinkle do you like games?"
** (3) Amreth removes the gag for the moment. **
** (20) Ruth peeks in from the door to add, "If one of them is smart enough to use wizardry, yet is not big cheez, Julla must be pretty capable as well." **
** Grinkle nods. **
(19) Grinkle: Yub.
(3) Amreth: "How 'bout games that earn you a whole heap of shinies?"
(19) Grinkle: Me nub inter...inter....lik shinies.
(19) Grinkle: Me lik fud.
(3) Amreth: "Yeah, and how's your kin feed ya? I bet they give you scraps, don't they?"
(19) Grinkle: Yub. (frown)
(19) Grinkle: Oooo who dere?
** Grinkle looks this way and that. **
(19) Grinkle: Sumwun tak in hed.
** (3) Amreth waits for Vanadia to relay her idea to him. **
** (3) Amreth points to the hin druid, for his edification.
** (1) Vadania smiles "Sorry Grinkle that was me. So would you be willing to help us get rid of the others?" **
(19) Grinkle: Me wan fud. Me lik fud. Me hungry.
(19) Grinkle: Um okay.
(19) Grinkle: Me bedder foodin, nub killin.
(1) Vadania: "Do you think you could get the others to come down here one at a time?"
** (3) Amreth chews his inner cheek a moment, then hides his dagger away, and drops his pack to the floor, picking his way through its contents, and dropping a bundle of salted pork and hardtack buscuits in his lap, "This'll have to do for the moment." **
** (3) Amreth stands to his feet, and wanders over to where the guttered hobgoblin lay to collect his other dager he'd forgotten about. **
** (1) Vadania waits quietly for Grinkle's response **
(19) Grinkle: Hm. Some onyuns, an leebs an....hm. (thinks)
(19) Grinkle: "Okay."
** (1) Vadania digs into her Herb pouch and pulls out some Oregano, Asparagus Root, and Chives. "These may be good to cook with" **
(19) Grinkle: "Yub." (takes the herbs)
(1) Vadania: "Ok now before you can do any cooking, We need you to get one of the others down here without telling him we are down here"
(19) Grinkle: "Um, okay. But...but...you wan big cheez too?"
(1) Vadania: "Not right away, just one of his cornies for now"
(19) Grinkle: "Okay."
** Grinkle gets up shakily, then looks out the doorway. "Me go gets Lucky now." **
** (3) Amreth retrieves his dagger, and walks back over to crouch next to Grinkle, "Look, mate. I don't really care if you're goblin kin, or if you're a dwarf. I don't want to kill you unless I have to. I'd personally rather you go on livin' and eatin', since you're nub good at the killin'. You've not harmed me, so I won't harm you. But if you cross us in this, that changes the rules. You can die with your kin, or you can go on living and stuffing your belly. Your choice." **
(19) Grinkle: "Huh?"
** Grinkle looks dumbly at Amreth. "Lotz...lotz...lotza words." **
(1) Vadania: "Ok Grinkle, after you gets Lucky you can cook all of some food"
(3) Amreth: "Never mind, Grinkle. Just get to it, and don't cross us, will you?"
(19) Grinkle: "Um, okay." (sets out the door shakily then walks up the wooden stairs)
(3) Amreth: "This'll never work."
** (1) Vadania looks around the room for a place that Hile can hide **
(19) DM: ((LOL!!!)))
(3) Amreth: "Even if he's meaning to do what we ask, he's about to piss his pants."
(19) DM: ((oh god I'm dying here...))
(6) Fildin: "Then why send him off?" Fildin just shakes his head slightly.
** (3) Amreth shrugs, "Don't really feel like arguing, and it wasn't my idea anyway. **
(1) Vadania: "Lets just setup the ambush"
(6) Fildin: "Spokes, rim, axles... spokes, rims axles..." he mutters a few times.
** (1) Vadania mews to hile points to a dark corner **
** (3) Amreth shrugs, and positions himself near the door, back against the wall, swords drawn, and whispers a quiet prayer to Tymora for heaping helping of sheer, dumb luck. **
** (6) Fildin moves back across the pit to the relative safety of the far side. **
** (1) Vadania quickly finds some place to hide and wait **
** (20) Ruth comes back to the room suppressing laughter, "I can hardly wait to find out what he will bring back." **
** (6) Fildin tries to find something to hide behind over there, where he can still watch what happens. **
(20) Ruth: "Julla probably would not believe him if he told the truth anyway."
** (3) Amreth frowns at her, "Hopefully not a whole host of his kin. I'd hate to kill 'em. Far as hobgoblins go, he's a right nice fellow. An you know, he was cleanin'. You could have yourself your first indentured servant, if he survives." **
** (20) Ruth crouches down in the southwest corner of the room to wait. **
(19) DM: You smell Grinkle way before he comes back.
(3) Amreth: ((hehe))
(20) Ruth: "My first indentured servant, hmm."
** (3) Amreth holds a finger to his lips. **
** Grinkle leads someone in tow. "Julla wan see you, okay? You stink." **
** (3) Amreth nods to the doorway. **
(19) Lucky: Me stink becuz me bring gud luck. Me nub wash. You knows dat, stoopid!
** (1) Vadania motions to Hile after Lucky is all the way in the room **
(19) Grinkle: Um, okay. Thru dere.
** Grinkle pushes a hobgoblin into the room. **
(19) DM: He's shorter than Grinkle and fouler smelling. And wearing a belt filled with fingers.
** (3) Amreth lunges at Lucky as he passes through the door, and tries to wrap his right hand over the goblin's mouth, and plunge his sword into his left rid cage. [1d20+2] -> [8,2] = (10) -> [15,2] -> (15, 2) = (17) **
(19) Lucky: HAY! You nub hobgoblins!!!
(19) DM: (hit)
(19) DM: (damage)
(3) Amreth: Damage: [2d6+2] -> [3,1,2] = (6) -> [4,3,2] -> (4, 3, 2) = (9)
(19) DM: The hobgoblin coughs up blood, and drops dead.
** (3) Amreth arches a brow at the others, and then turns to Grinkle. **
** (1) Hile leaps out of his hiding spot just as the goblin drops dead **
** Grinkle throws his hands up to his face and peeks out of a raised finger. **
** (6) Fildin nods to himself where he is hidden. **
** (1) Vadania steps out of hiding "Gotta be faster next time Hile, it isnt just you and I any more" **
** (3) Amreth curls a finger at Grinkle to \get him to come in, "Good work." **
** Grinkle sighs with relief. "Okay, boss." **
(3) Amreth: "Damn good work. I'll cook you a whole half a cow on a spit myself when we're done."
(1) Vadania: "Well I am hungry, could you cook us some food Grinkle, while we remove this stench?"
** (3) Amreth wipes the blade on lucky's clothing, sheathes it, then drags the corpse over to the pit. **
(19) Grinkle: Erm...da kit...da kit...da fud place is thru dere. (points out the N door in area 14)
(3) Amreth: "Anyone in there?
(6) Fildin: (( where the voices had come from, yes? ))
(19) Grinkle: Backtalk be dere. Him nub here in da hed. (points to his head)
(3) Amreth: ((Those were through the doro just below the 18))
(19) DM: (yes. through the door in 14, not 18.)
** (3) Amreth smirks at Grinkle, "Well, go fetch him, will you? Then you can have the kitchen to yourself." **
(19) Grinkle: Er, me sc...me sc...fraid Backtalk.
(3) Amreth: "He the only one in there?"
(19) Grinkle: Yub.
(3) Amreth: "Then we'll go to him, eh?"
(19) Grinkle: "Okay."
(3) Amreth: "You just get in there and make sure he's got his back turned?"
(1) Vadania: "Tell him the monkey that was here is going crazy and you need his help, maybe?"
(19) Grinkle: "Um, okay." (looks less sure of himself now)
** (20) Ruth gives a calculating look at the pit in the middle of the room, then nods to herself, "Good and wide, should all fit." **
(3) Amreth: Alrighty.

(2718) Jess: ((Oops sorry was AFK. Give me a minute.))
(2757) Spellaxe (enter): 21:46
(2757) Spellaxe (exit): 21:46
(2757) Spellaxe (enter): 21:49
(2757) Spellaxe (exit): 21:49
(2704) Amreth: Wish he'd decide whether he's comin' or goin'.
(2705) Grinkle: Er....me sc...me sc...fraid Backtalk.
(2705) DM: ((you're in area 14 I think.))
(2705) DM: ((let me describe the room again))
(2710) Fildin: (( actually we were waiting out in room 13, with the pit. ))
(2710) Fildin: (( that's where Amreth was having Gringle lead the others. ))
(2705) DM: This is a moderate-sized corridor, about 30' x 20' and has an open archway in the south wall. (ignore the compass rose on the map) Beyond the archway can be seen a flight of wooden stairs leading up. Wooden doors in the west and north wall are unlocked. There are sconces in the walls for holding torches but these are empty. A dead hobgoblin is here on the floor (slain by you).
(2705) DM: ((ok))
(2704) Amreth: ((Well, poor UnLucky is in the pit now.))
(2716) Bedeo: ((Bye all, ooc emergency so I have to run))
(2716) Bedeo: Disconnecting from server...
(2716) Bedeo (exit): 21:53
(2705) Grinkle: Um, yub want me get oth...oth...hobs? Me hungry.
** (2710) Fildin makes himself more comfortable in his hiding spot ((in room 13)), finding a spot where he can peek out and watch. But he lets himself relax for now, letting Amreth take care of things. **
** (2704) Amreth scratches at the stubble of his neck while he thinks a moment, "Our plan is working thus far, don't see any reral need to change what we're doing.
Besides, what's there to be 'fraid of? Nothin' Backtalk can do to you if he's dead, eh?" **

(2705) Grinkle: Um...he big. An he has big knife. Lik chop ear. (holds his ear)
(2704) Amreth: ((Kitchen is 16, right?))
(2704) Amreth: ((Or 17?))
(2705) Grinkle: Smut tol him to do dishes.
(2705) DM: ((you don't know. :) ))
(2704) Amreth: ((Lemme scroll up, I thought I'd asked him..))
(2705) DM: ((I don't think you scouted that far ahead and I'm not using fog on this server))
(2704) Amreth: ((Ah. Guess I remember *planning to ask, not actually asking.))
** (2704) Amreth chews the inside of his cheek a moment, "Fine, if you're that scared of him, we'll just have to go to him. You head out to the kitche, I'll follow you as you signal there ain't none of your mates around, and the rest will follow me. Once we get to the kitchen, though, you get in there and keep his back turned to the door, so he don't see me sneakin' up on him." **
(2705) Grinkle: Um, okay. (is slightly more confident now)
** (2704) Amreth grins at Grinkle, and gives a nod towards the door, "Don't fret none. We won't let that sack of orc piss Backtalk hurt you." **
** Grinkle heads out of the pit room and heads to the northern door.

** Grinkle opens it and slips inside. Loud cursing can be heard from behind the now open door. **
** (2704) Amreth cocks a brow, and backs up against the wall near the door, grumbling at the verbosity of the cursing. **
(2745) Sir. Viktor (exit): 22:05
** (2710) Fildin looks around to see if anyone else is following Amreth or not. Seeing no movement, he decides he beeter go, just in case. So he makes his way out and back over to the door to 14, peeking around the door edge to the north, where Amreth went. **
** (2725) Ruth follows a short way behind Amreth, keeping her distance to avoid giving them away.(about 20 ft behind him.) **
(2705) Grinkle: The room beyond is a large feasting and dining room. Piled high on a long wooden table and stacked on the floor are heaps of dirty dishes, cups, spoons and leftovers from what seems to have been a frenzied food fight. The room is littered with debris. A half-eaten haunch of roast beef sitting in a pool of congealed grease greets you as you peer inside.

A lone cursing hobgoblin is collecting dishes into a pile. A gruesome necklace of fingers can be seen around his neck. He doesn't seem to see you (or Grinkle, who gingerly steps over the haunch of meat).

(2705) DM: (whoops lol)
(2710) Fildin: (( so still in 13, just being nearby in case Amreth needs help ))
(2705) DM: There is a loud crash inside...
** Grinkle can be heard whimpering. A whoosh, followed by something smashing against a wall. **
(2700) Klaus (exit): 22:08
(2705) Grinkle: HAY! Nub hurt me! Me hungry!
** (2704) Amreth cocks his head to peer around the door frame into the kitchen, and bites his lip, whispering to himself, "..Don't go gettin' yourself hurt, damnit." **
(2705) Voice: Get owt, stoopid! Me busy! (smash)
(2705) DM: A ceramic dish flies against one wall and shatters into bits.
** (2710) Fildin looks over at Amreth from his spot in the doorway, waiting for any sign from him to act. **
** Grinkle is heading to the door at top speed, carrying a leg of greasy lamb as he tries to avoid tripping on the haunch of beef and avoid the angry hobgoblin behind him. **
(2705) DM: ((his back was turned for a second, then he swiped a leg of lamb from the table, then Backtalk came after him and started throwing dishes at Grinkle, so Grinkle is trying to flee the room))
** (2704) Amreth presses his back against the wall again as Grinkle sprints past him, and rolls his eyes, grumbling again, "..Wonderful," he mutters to himself, waiting for his pursuer. **
(2705) TaliesinNYC: [1d20] -> [15] = (15)
** Grinkle hops over the haunch of beef and flees out of the room whimpering. **
(2705) Backtalk: An stay owt! (throws a dish out of the room at Grinkle)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20] -> [2] = (2)
(2705) DM: The platter flies to the right, wide of Grinkle and shatters on the floor.
** (2704) Amreth counts to five, and peers into the room again, hoping to find Backtalk's back to facing him. **
(2705) DM: ((yes, gathering dishes into a pile and cursing.))
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+4] -> [16,4] = (20)
** Grinkle exits the entrance corridor and enters the pit room (13). **
** (2704) Amreth sets his jaw and slips through the door slowly, eyeing the weapon and the hobgoblin's movements carefully as he attempts to silently move himself into position to cut the big bastard's throat from behind. **
(2705) TaliesinNYC: [1d20] -> [18] = (18)
(2705) Backtalk: Whazzat? Yub beddernub be back! (turns around)
(2705) Backtalk: Yub nub hobgoblin! (pulls out a morningstar)
(2705) DM: (init)
(2725) Ruth: Initiative: [1d20+1] -> [10,1] = (11)
** (2704) Amreth doesn't give Backltalk a chance to react, and hurls himself into a sprint, both blades poised to piece his over large gut. **
(2710) Fildin: Initiative: [1d20+3] -> [15,3] = (18)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20] -> [11] = (11)
(2704) Amreth: [1d20+4] -> [9,4] = (13)
(2705) DM: (18, Amreth)
(2704) Amreth: ((Damn, brb))
(2710) Fildin: (( you mean Fildin, right? :P ))
(2705) DM: ((yes, sorry))
(2705) DM: ((13 is a miss))
(2705) DM: (13, Am)
(2704) Amreth: ((? That was init))
(2705) DM: (oh forget it, lol. 18, Fil)
** (2710) Fildin hears the hobgoblin talking and figures that Amreth's plan was ruined, so he moves into the next room (room 14) to get a better view as he removes his sling from his belt and loads it, preparing to fire it off. (done) **
(2705) DM: (13, Am)
(2705) DM: (to Fil, all you can see is an open door to 15, although you can hear the sound of combat from within. you also hear "HAY! Yub nub hobgoblin!")
** (2704) Amreth lunges at the hobgoblin, and stabs with both blades at the big bastard's gut. **
(2704) Amreth: [1d20+2] -> [5,2] = (7) Right, and [1d20+2] -> [18,2] = (20) Left.
(2705) DM: (20 is a hit)
(2705) DM: (damage)
(2704) Amreth: [1d6+1] -> [4,1] = (5) Left-hand blade damage.
** Backtalk lets go of his morningstar and falls over, dead. **
** (2704) Amreth wrenches the blade free of the hobgoblin's gut, "Don't wanna hear no more backtalk from ya, hear?" **
** (2725) Ruth follows Amreth into the room, but sees the fight is already over. **
(2705) Backtalk: Silence reigns over the room...
(2705) DM: (geesh)
** (2710) Fildin enters the room shortly after Ruth, and sees the same sight. He just smiles at Amreth's work and puts his sling away. "Guess you didn't need any help then after all." **
** (2704) Amreth wipes the blade clean on Backtalk's armor, and sheathes it, "This is going to end up earning me a nice little profit," he says, turning to wink at Ruth, "Where'd that coward get off to?" **
(2710) Fildin: "Hmm, good question, I was concentrating on you when he ran out."
** (2725) Ruth smiles back, "Handled with the expected expert efficiency, I see." **
** (2704) Amreth glances back down at the corpse, and then up again and around the room, "Don't much want to carry this hefty fellow to the pit.." **
(2710) Fildin: "Then leave him here. If he do this right, no one else will come down here anyway."
(2725) Ruth: "If we leave him, he will give this place an even worse smell."
(2705) DM: As noted before, the room is a mess. A wooden door to the north in the far right corner of the room is open.
(2704) Amreth: "We'll just have to clean him up afterwards. Hopefully this won't take too long," he says, turning to leave the room, "See what's in the other room, I'm gonna backtrack and see if I can't find out 'friend.'"
(2710) Fildin: "It's your place Ruth. Just offering an idea."
(2725) Ruth: "I will just have to remember to haul it out before the evening."
** (2704) Amreth strides out of the room, and back the way they'd come. **
** (2704) Amreth glances through the door to the hallway, then through the door to the room with the pit. **
** (2710) Fildin nods to Ruth and moves to the back room (room 16) to check it out.
He moves to the open door and peers in, expecting anyone there to have heard things, but being slightly cautious still. **

** (2725) Ruth follows Fildin to the indicated door, stepping carefully over the mess in the kitchen. **
(2704) Amreth: "Grinkle," he hisses through clenched teeth, barely at a whisper, "The hell'd you get off to?"
** Grinkle is gnawing on a greasy leg of lamb. **
(2705) DM: (in a corner of the room)
** (2704) Amreth slides the other blade home and steps into the pit room, "Thought you'd gone and made a run for it. Guess you're keen on holdin' me to that promise, eh?" **
(2710) Fildin: (( anything about room 16? ))
** (2704) Amreth gestures for Grinkle to follow him, "Backtalk's dead. Come. Let's go back and finds the others." **
(2705) DM: This appears to be a well-stocked (if incredibly messy) kitchen.
(2705) DM: In the fireplace is a considerable amount of ash. An iron door in the west wall stands closed.
(2705) DM: It seems to be somewhat damp.
** Grinkle looks up from his meal and mumbles, "Oshay." **
** (2710) Fildin enters the kitchen and locates some dry food that works for rationesque food. Once finding some, he holds it up to Ruth, "May I?" **
(2725) Ruth: "Certainly."
** (2704) Amreth leads him back to the kitchen, "As promised, kitchen's yours to do with what you will. Help yourself," he says, gesturing broadly at the great mess in the room. **
(2710) Fildin: "Thanks." He takes a bite and muches on it, while putting a little more into a pocket - to save for later. He then makes his way to the iron door, which he listens against.
whispering to Zane, its quite cold to the touch
whispering to Zane, you hear nothing, or so it seems
(2710) Fildin: "Awfully cold." he comments, almost shivering as he steps away from the door.
** Grinkle helps himself to a piece of elderberry pie and a slice of jack cheese. **
(2718) Jess: Disconnecting from server...
(2718) Jess (exit): 22:48
** (2704) Amreth shuts the door (to 17) behind Grinkle, and heads after the others in the room next door. **
(2705) DM: (door to 17 was closed to begin with.)
(2704) Amreth: ((err, to 15 then))
(2705) DM: (ok)
(2710) Fildin: (( huh? Fildin is at 17, I thought you found him in 13, with the pit. ))
(2704) Amreth: ((Lead him back to the kitchen))
(2710) Fildin: (( lol - ok, makes more sense. ))
** (2710) Fildin tries to open the iron door (to 17) **
(2705) DM: (yes, or so I thought. I take it you're dragging Backtalk's body here as well?)
(2705) DM: It opens begrudgingly. The interior is an iron-cast chamber within which you can see various animal carcasses hanging from the ceiling on iron hooks. The temperature is below freezing.
(2704) Amreth: ((No, just leaving his body where it is for the moment.))
(2705) DM: ((ok. stopping in 8 minutes simply because we have less than 4 active PCs.))
** (2710) Fildin shivers from the chamber. "Wow, that's interesting." **
** (2725) Abarma picks at scraps around the mess hall. The raven still keeps some distance away from the hobgoblin Grinkle. **
(2704) Amreth: "Huh."
(2706) Cyprias (exit): 22:53
(2725) Ruth: "That is a bit chilly."
(2710) Fildin: "I'd imagine that the extreme cold keeps the meet from going bad. Although I would like to see how they keep it so cold."
** (2710) Fildin shuts the door, having had enough of the cold air for a while. **
(2704) Amreth: "An enchantment of some sort'd be my guess. Can't be that difficult."
(2710) Fildin: "Maybe not, but it would have to be replenished after so long I'd imagine. But, that is not why we are here."
(2704) Amreth: "Not my area of expertise, mate."
(2725) Ruth: "There will not be a hobgoblin hiding in that chill. Where to next?"
(2710) Fildin: "Either the stairs up, or that other door." (to hallway 18)
** (2704) Amreth jerks a thumb over his shoulder, "Back the way we came. Few others rooms down the hall back there across the that room with a pit, and there's the second floor. Your choice." **
(2704) Amreth: ((across from*))
(2710) Fildin: "I can't imagine it being good to leave this floor unchecked, and possibly allow some hobgoblins to come up from behind us."
(2725) Ruth: "I agree; though I wonder if this is the ground floor or actually the basement."
(2710) Fildin: "If we find stairs down, it's the ground floor." Fildin says with a biog smile.
(2710) Fildin: (( *big ))
(2705) Grinkle: Dis be de um bas...bas...floor b'low grownd.
(2704) Amreth: "Question answered. So what, we going to finish down here, or head on up? You got more your kin down here, Grink?"
(2710) Fildin: "Let's finish down here."
** (2725) Ruth heads for the door, "I suppose I shall lead the way." **
** (2725) Ruth mumbles something afterwards that sounds a lot like, "Costs me less, anyway." **
** (2710) Fildin looks to Amreth, to see if he is going to drag Grink around or not. **
** (2704) Amreth snorts, "This isn't exactly the time to be frugal. Not when you've got at least a dozen or more of this one's kin ready to dent that pretty face of yours." **
(2725) Ruth: "I am just trying to keep up the pace."
(2704) Amreth: "Right, 'sides, I'm not exactly chargin' you an arm and a leg, anyway, considering the nature of the job I took."
** (2704) Amreth glances back at Grinkle, "Come on with us. You can eat while you walk." **
** Grinkle munches some more. "Welp, da boo...da boo...da smartz place iz near here." **
** Grinkle follows you out to where you found him (18). **
(2725) Ruth: "Good enough place to check next. Which way?"
** (2704) Amreth bends a knee and snatches up Backtalk's weapon, "Show us then, eh? But you'd best take this. Your kin see you walkin' around with us, I doubt they'll think twice about bustin' your teeth in, and I can't promise I'll be takin' a blow to the head to save yoyr hide, so your best bet's to look after yourself as best you can. Hear?" **
** (2710) Fildin follows the others as they go, his mind wandering to song since he is not able to play out loud. **
** Grinkle is somewhat ashamed. "Um, me nub kno dis. Me bedder foodin den killin." **
** (2725) Ruth makes sure to have her crossbow loaded and ready before getting too far. **
** Grinkle takes the morningstar anyway and gives it a halfhearted swing." **
(2704) Amreth: "Now's as good a time as any to learn. And 'sides, you're not just gonna let someone hack you down without a fight, are you? Just take it, and hope you don't have to use it."
(2705) Grinkle: "Um, me bedder wid a knife or pick. You kno, to open door wid."
** (2704) Amreth shrugs, and slips a dagger from his glove, offering it to him, "Fine. Take this then, but I'll be wanting it back after we get you one of your own." **
(2705) Grinkle: Dat door dere (points to the door down the west end of 18), dat be de bed place. Da boo...da boo...da smartz place be down dere. (to 20)
** Grinkle drops the morningstar happily and takes the dagger, sticking it in a boot. **
(2710) Fildin: (( isn't 20 to the north of 18? :p ))
(2705) DM: ((I said to ignore the compass rose earlier))
(2705) DM: ((eep. ok, caught me. south end of 18. lol.))
** (2704) Amreth shakes his head at the hob, and moves to check the door to 'de bed place.' **
(2705) DM: (ok. stopping here.)
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