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(19) TaliesinNYC: ok, well now's a good time as any then

(19) TaliesinNYC: ok, well now's a good time as any then
(19) TaliesinNYC: who wants a recap?
(8) Olbernath: (( gah, gotta run to the bathroom for a min. I'll want a recap, though ))
** (3) Amreth raises tentacle. **
(6) Zane: actually - are we ever going to get the story of the aging thief?
(19) DM: ((ok, PCs finished scouting, investigated the cemetery, tried to break into a mausoleum but Deviant's PC was in limbo (lol), discovered a secret entrance to the Keep and now you're on the other end of a 600+ foot long corridor listening to some grunting and munching sounds))
(19) DM: (the story of the aging thief is on the site. :) ))
(19) DM: ("Keeping Better Count")
(6) Zane: (( ahh... whenever it gets back up I'll have to take a look then. :P ))
(6) Zane: (( oh - that's it, ok. ))
(21) ticattack (enter): 20:59
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (21) ticattack...
** (6) Fildin remains at his post against the wall, listening every few minutes - hoping that the bugbears, or whatever, finish eating soon. **
(19) DM: It doesn't seem to abate any time soon...
** (6) Fildin continues his riutual, until the group decides that it is too bored or the sound ends - whichever comes first. **
** (1) Vadania sits down and leans against Hile, relaxing while they wait **
** (8) Olbernath whispers, "They been in there a while... seems we'll have ta deal with 'em sooner or later... maybe best ta do so while we 'ave surprise on our side... an' maybe they 'ave their hands full o' food." **
** (3) Amreth rounds a corner and slinks up to the others, smiling to Ruth, "Well, I'm glad I made that stupilation in our agreement. There's almost enough danger to my person to allow me to retire with what you'll be paying me." **
** (20) Ruth whispers, "How long can they eat? Maybe those noises are something else." **
** (21) Joryn frowns and whispers "An illusion? It has certainly halted us..." **
** (8) Olbernath mutters softly, "Ye showed me anythin' but trail rations at this point, an' I'd eat twice that long." **
(3) Amreth: "Hard tack is good for you, shorty."
** (6) Fildin sees the others muttering so he rejoins them and whispers, "So, what now? As far as I can tell they are still going at it." **
** (8) Olbernath snorts derisively, "Tis no such thing." **
** (8) Olbernath shrugs, "I was just sayin' we may as well confront them while they're eating... we *do* 'ave an escape route, after all." **
(8) Olbernath: "All tha same ta me. Ye say wait, I'll wait. But who knows if things'll get better fer us over time."
** (3) Amreth sighs, "Oh, well, this is boring. Someone get ready to put an arrow over my head," he says, and waddles into the corridor in a crouch, "And do make sure you put it -over- my head." **
(6) Fildin: "True, but we were aiming to make sure none of them knew of this passage, thus why we were waiting til they left before we entered."
(19) TaliesinNYC: ((there's a problem
(19) TaliesinNYC: ((we have to do a reboot of the Andurin site later))
(8) Olbernath: "Well, dead hobgoblins don' talk."
(8) Olbernath: "But aye, it's a risk."
(6) Fildin: "Exactly, which is why I was willing to leave it up to Ruth, as it is her family's keep. So Ruth, continue to wait?"
(20) Ruth: "Since they sound like they are still here even after so long I do not think they will leave any time soon. We will have to make sure none escape in order to hide this passage."
(8) Olbernath: "Well, I may be able to create an illusion that'd cut off their path."
(8) Olbernath: "If they fall fer it."
(20) Ruth: "This still beats battering down the front gates."
** (21) Joryn slowly hefts his hammers into his hands, and mutters a brief prayer to Moradin. "They're hobgoblins" he whispers. "They're not the sharpest axes on the rack." **
(8) Olbernath has sent you a tree node...
(6) Fildin: "I... I might be able to help as well. I have heard of others being able to stop creatures in their tracks with their music. I could try that if it is absolutely needed."
(21) Joryn: "If yeh're no' sure yeh can do it, I wouldn' be riskin' me life on it."
(8) Olbernath: "Well, loud music may attract more'n it stops, but ye can decide that as it comes."
(1) Vadania: (( AFK dealing with stupid internet hosting company to get the site rebuilt ))
(6) Fildin: "True. So Olbernath can try his illusion, which will likely work. And everyone just rushes them? The door there opens toward us, so we'll have to open it fully before we rush in."
** (8) Olbernath holds up a finger, "Well, I figure if ye rush out ta fight, I'll have time enough to figure out a suitable illusion before they come ta their senses." **
(8) Olbernath: "I don' wanna rush out there with me fingers wagglin', only ta get shot by twenty hobber bolts."
(21) Joryn: "Maybe we should have an idea o' wha' yeh're doin' b'fore we go runnin' out there?"
(20) Ruth: "It is hard to know what deception to use with so little knowledge of the situation."
** (8) Olbernath shrugs, and whispers, "I don' know. I can create an image of a wall, or maybe a nasty elf with a long chain... figure I'll likely play it by ear." **
(21) Joryn: "Some big beastie migh' work. Make us look more threatenin' than we are"
(6) Fildin: "I'll open the door, and Amreth and Joryn can rush them, with Ruth, myself, and Olbernath bring in the rear. What about you Vadania?"
(21) Joryn: "How smany bugbears d'you know that'd stand up against a chargin' minotaur, or a dragon?"
(3) Amreth: ((Amreath kinda already heading down that there corridor.))
(21) Joryn: ((*hobgoblins, rather))
(1) Vadania: "I might have a trick up my sleave, just dont rush into the room right away"
(20) Ruth: "We want them to not get away, however."
(6) Fildin: (( then Amreth is heading back the way we came... we are at the end of the corridor right now. ))
** (8) Olbernath to Joryn, "I dunno, but any goblin grunt can bear the attack of an *illusionary* dragon. At least, the illusions I can cast." **
(8) Olbernath: "I just wanna keep them from runnin' past it."
(3) Amreth: ((Erm, right I knew that. Seriously, I did, lol.))
(20) Ruth: "Keeping that in mind, it may work if it comes through the door they would escape from."
(21) Joryn: "Well, it don't attack them, then. Just has ta look threatenin' to do the job."
(20) Ruth: "How about reinforcements? With apparently overwhelming odds they are less likely to flee."
(8) Olbernath: "Aye, aye, I know what I'm doin'. Illusions are my specialty."
(6) Fildin: "What do you mean Vadania, open the door, and hold there?"
** (8) Olbernath nods, finding that a particularly good idea, but not wanting to admit that he hadn't thought of it. **
(1) Vadania: "Just for a second while I try to entangle all of them"
(21) Joryn: "Aye. That might be an idea too. A squad of a dozen dwarf warriors might work..."
(1) Vadania: "Thatway you can shoot them or whatever without getting close and they cannot run away"
(6) Fildin: "Hmm, that sounds good. And we should also be able to get in and reclose the door that way before anyone else arrives."
(21) Joryn: "I can stand in front, in case any get out of it, if you lot all stand back and take them out with bows. We'll need to do it quick, though."
** (1) Vadania stands up and motions to Hile, who quickly jumps into an attack stance **
(6) Fildin: "Ok, that sound like a plan, or at least a starting plan, to everyone?"
(20) Ruth: "Sounds like a fine strategy to me."
** (21) Joryn nods. "Moradin's blessings be on us". **
** (1) Vadania pulls out a few herbs from a pouch at her waist and moves to an area that will grant visibility into the room as soon as the door begins to open and starts quietly chanting **
** (8) Olbernath loosens the strings of his spell component pouch and stretches out his fingers, wiggling them dextrously at his side. **
** (6) Fildin nods to everyone then and directs Vadania and Joryn down to near the door. He points out where the door is, and pantomimes how it will open, so they know. He makes sure to give them a moment to get ready and he moves to the door latch. **
** (20) Ruth retrieves her crossbow, setting down the lamp to load it. "Ready as soon as you open it." **
** (8) Olbernath gives Filden a nod to tell him he's ready to go... **
** (6) Fildin pulls out his sling, holding it in his right hand, while his left hand moves to the latch, and he takes a deep breath... **
** (6) Fildin pulls on the latch to release the door. **
(3) Amreth: "Mind any exists, I'll make for one, try and prevent any from getting out. So don't have a bunch of vines spring up between here and there, ay?"
** (8) Olbernath mutters a quick prayer to Garl Glittergold, and another to Tymora... **
(19) DM: (sec)
(19) DM: Suddenly, the door swings open and bright light floods the passage where you are...
** (1) Vadania Gently cauls out to the plants to raise up and entangle the living **
(19) DM: This is a 30' square room separated into two halves by a 10' wide pit that runs the length of the room. Two boards lie across the pit like a bridge joining the two sides. On the west side of the pit, a hobgoblin is petting the head of a large ape that was contentedly munching on a piece of raw meat. Suddenly, the ape notices you and screams...
(19) DM: (surprise round)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20] -> [6] = (6)
(19) DM: Both the hobgoblin and the ape appear to be entangled by several seedlings that appear out of the ground.
** (6) Fildin takes a moment to take i the room, peering from around the open door, to get a picture of what awaits. **
** (3) Amreth slips a dagger out of his left hand glove, and hurls it across the way at the ape, aimingly generally for the beast's upper torso/neck. [1d20+4] -> [6,4] = (10) **
(6) Fildin: (( is the west side the near side? ))
(19) DM: ((far side))
(6) Fildin: (( k, since we have the fog, we don't have our trusty compass. :P ))
(19) DM: (miss)
(20) Ruth: ((How wide is the board bridge?))
(19) DM: (anyone else?)
(8) Olbernath: With the two enemies entangled, Olbernath sees no immediate need to cut off their retreat. Not one to waste magic, he moves into the room towards the pit, and observes the situation.
(19) DM: (4' per board)
(19) DM: The pit seems to be 20' deep.
** (20) Ruth fires her loaded crossbow at the surprised hobgoblin. [1d20+1] -> [15,1] = (16) **
(1) Vadania: "Dont hurt the ape unless it attacks"
(19) DM: (hit)
(6) Fildin: "And the scream to alert others doesn't count?"
(3) Amreth: "That damn thing's making all the racket, kill it."
(20) Ruth: [1d8] -> [3] = (3)
(19) DM: The ape is knocked back a bit by the force of the bolt as it sinks deep into its side.
(20) Ruth: (The knobgoblin)
(19) DM: (oops. nm)
(19) DM: It thrashes in response, knocked a bit back by the crossbow bolt lodged in its shoulder.
(19) DM: (anyone else?)
(8) Olbernath: ( used partial action)
(6) Fildin: (( that's everyone - except ticattack... ))
** (21) Joryn glances at Vadania and rolls his eyes at her command. He drops his hammers to the ground and draws his bow, aiming for the ape. (([1d20+3] -> [4,3] = (7), [1d6] -> [5] = (5))) **
** (1) Vadania points quickly at Joryn and whistile signaling Hile to pin him **
(19) DM: An arrow quickly imbeds itself in the ape's lower pectoral, driving it into a frenzy. (init)
(8) Olbernath: Initiative: Initiative : [1d20+2] -> [7,2] = (9)
(1) Vadania: INIT: [1d20+3] -> [13,3] = (16)
(1) Vadania: Hile Init: [1d20+2] -> [9,2] = (11)
(6) Fildin: Initiative: [1d20+2] -> [12,2] = (14)
(20) Ruth: Initiative: [1d20+1] -> [8,1] = (9) Abarma's [1d20+2] -> [18,2] = (20)
(21) Joryn: Init: [1d20+2] -> [10,2] = (12)
(3) Amreth: Initiative: [1d20+4] -> [7,4] = (11)
(6) Fildin: (( actually, that should be +3, not 2... so a 15 for Fildin. Not that it matters that much... ))
(19) DM: (20, Abar)
** (20) Abarma flaps farther back down the corridor to get away from the terrible racket the ape is making. **
(19) DM: (Vad, 16)
(1) Vadania: "I said dont shoot the ape!" **Turning back to the ape, Vadania starts dancing around like and ape, making calming chittering noises toward the ape.**
(1) Vadania: Handle Animal Skill Check: [1d20+11] -> [12,11] = (23)
(19) DM: (I don't think you can use Handle Animal for that...)
(21) Joryn: ((No. It's a druid class feature, wild empathy))
(1) Vadania: (( to Calm an animal? ))
(1) Vadania: (( Oh ya, its a druid thing ))
(21) Joryn: ((Basically a diplomacy check, but you use druid level + Cha instead of a skill))
(21) Joryn: ((The DC from hostile to unfriendly is 20...))
(19) DM: It has difficulty calming down...but eventually you succeed...
(19) DM: ((noted))
(19) DM: (Fil, 15)
** (6) Fildin steps through the doorway. "Just like growing up..." he mutters to himself as he twirls his sling and fires a shot at the hobgoblin. **
(6) Fildin: Sling Attack: [1d20+5] -> [5,5] = (10) ==> DAMAGE [1d3-1] -> [3,-1] = (2) (minimum 1 damage)
(6) Fildin: (( Stan? ))
(19) DM: (10 misses)
(19) DM: (Jor, 12)
(6) Fildin: (( k - figured so... ))
** (21) Joryn turns to see Vadania siccing her krenshar on him, and ducks down to grab his hammers, to ready for the assault. **
(21) Joryn: ((Grabbing them both, readied action if possible. Not sure how much grabbing them both would take))
(6) Fildin: (( probably two move-equivalent actions... well, technically - even though you should be able to do both as once. ))
(19) DM: (ok)
(19) DM: (Am, 11)
(19) DM: (there's a door on the other side of the room btw. its just hidden by fog)
** (3) Amreth pulls both of his swords free of their scabards, and makes his way to the door on the opposite side of the room, across the pit along one of the planks in two steps (Balace: [1d20+6] -> [5,6] = (11)). **
(19) DM: (hm)
(19) DM: (fail. you find yourself unstable and unable to move with precison on the board)
(19) DM: (Hile, 11)
** (1) Hile looks at Joryn and sits down and licks his paw **
(1) Hile: (( Done ))
(19) DM: (Ruth, 9)
(20) Ruth: (Actually Olb goes before me because he has the higher dexterity in the event of a tie.)
(19) DM: (ok, so Olb)
** (8) Olbernath drops his jaw at the antics going on behind him. (delay until after Ruth) **
** (20) Ruth blows out her lantern since there's enough light in this room. Ruth carefully packs it away, as long as the hoboblin and ape are restrained, so she'll not have to worry about someone stepping on it while she reloads her crossbow. (Done) **
** (8) Olbernath groans at the craziness going on behind him, and decides to use a spell he hadn't wanted to waste so soon. He plunges his hand into his spell pouch, and pulls it out instantly with a pinch of pink sand between his fingers. Olbernath lifts his hand to his mouth, blowing into his palm, then shaking his fist as if preparing to roll a pair of dice. Thrusting out his hand, he speaks, "Zare pharik Ar-Inzil!" and releases a wave of shimmering lights that spreads accross the pit, engulfing both the hobgoblin and ape. (( will dc 16 )) **
(19) DM: (color spray?)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20] -> [10] = (10),[1d20] -> [5] = (5)
(19) DM: (both are zonked)
(19) DM: (Abar, 20)
** (20) Abarma lands and cautiously hops back towards the light when the ape quiets down. "Safe?" **
(8) Olbernath: "Not fer long. I'd suggest ya finish that hobber quick. An yer gonna need ta do somethin' bout that ape."
** (1) Vadania sees Amereth crossing the boards and decides it best to not attempt to cross at the same time so moves moves to the start of the 'bridge' and waits for Amereth to finish crossing **
(3) Amreth: ((There are two planks I think))
(19) DM: (yes)
(19) DM: (Vad, 16. also I need a duration on the color spray. whisper to me pls)
(1) Vadania: (( thought they were sideby side, if they are not I'll try and cross the one he isnt on, if they are side by side I'll still wait ))
(1) Vadania: (( Ok the site is all back up except a few log files while I will need to get from Stan ))
** (1) Vadania attempts to cross the plank that Amerth is not on **
(1) Vadania: Balance Skill Check: [1d20+3] -> [18,3] = (21)
(19) DM: (Fil, 15)
(6) Fildin: (( beautiful - great job ))
(19) DM: (success)
** (6) Fildin frowns that his last shot missed, so he steps up further, getting near the pit, as he loads another shot into his sling, which he quickly spins and releases, again at the hobgoblin. **
(6) Fildin: Sling Attack: [1d20+5] -> [16,5] = (21) ==> DAMAGE [1d3-1] -> [1,-1] = (0) (minimum 1 damage)
(19) DM: (eww. ok)
(19) DM: He dies.
(19) DM: (Jor, 12)
(29) ticattack (enter): 22:53
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (29) ticattack...
(19) TaliesinNYC: Booting '(21) ticattack' from room...
(21) ticattack (exit): 22:55
** (29) Joryn readjusts his grip on his hammers, glancing at the druid and her krenshar, but doesn't move. ((Delaying until any new threat presents itself, or they all move back into the other room)) **
(19) DM: (duration on entangle?)
(19) DM: (Am, 11)
(19) DM: (this is round 3 I believe)
(3) Amreth: ((1 min/level))
(6) Fildin: (( so, another 7 rounds... ))
** (3) Amreth comes to an abrupt halt after only the first step onto the quivering board, stretching out his arms to maintain his balance, and waiting a moment for the wood to cease its attempts to buck him before taking his next step more carefully. Balance [1d20+6] -> [9,6] = (15) **
(19) DM: (success)
** (3) Amreth hops the final few feet of bridge, and makes for the door, pressing his back against it to wait and listen. **
(8) Olbernath: (( yikes, afk- bathroom run))
(3) Amreth has sent you a tree node...
(3) Amreth has sent you a tree node...
(19) DM: (Hile, 11)
** (1) Hile watches Vadania, but sensing no imidiate Threat sits happily licking himself **
** (3) Amreth keeps his back and ear pressed to the door, "Don't hear anything. Safe for the moment, but mind that beast." **
(20) Ruth: "One down, can you keep the ape quiet when it wakes up?"
** (8) Olbernath to Vadania, eyes narrowed with distrust, "Ye want that thing alive, then get it outta here. Take it back tha way we came. Elsewise we kick it down the pit. We can't 'ave no mad monkeys runnin' round here. We've got enough ta worry 'bout." **
(19) DM: (ok, so combat is effectively over...or until the ape wakes up.)
(19) DM: :)
** (6) Fildin beams for a moment as he realizes the fight is basically over. However, he quickly remembers where they are and what they have to face still, so he wipes the smile off and ties his sling back to his belt for now. **
(29) Joryn: ((Or more hobbies show up... :())
(1) Vadania: "If ye woulda listened to me in the first place the ape wouldnt have been so mad"
** (8) Olbernath scowls, "It's an attack ape. It's tha only reason the hobbers would have it around." **
(8) Olbernath: "If ye can get it out, do it *now*."
** (6) Fildin then moves to the planks, and since others have passed over them, he does the same - but keeping a slower pace, taking his time to cross. **
** (1) Vadania moves to the ape and gently removes the arrow and tends the wound **
(8) Olbernath: "But I ain' gonna get bit because o' ye. Maybe it likes ye, but I don' trust it."
(1) Vadania: Heal Skill Check: [1d20+6] -> [4,6] = (10)
(8) Olbernath: (( have we all crossed? ))
(29) Joryn: (Not yelling, but talking aggressively as he crosses the pit) "The damned thing was screamin'! If yeh'd said yeh could calm it down, I wouldn't o' shot the thing! Just hurry up already, before more o' the goblin bastards show up."
** (8) Olbernath nods along with Joryn, "Aye, an' if yer gonna threaten anyone who don' do as ye say, maybe YOU oughta leave *with* that ape." **
** (20) Ruth reloads her crossbow while Abarma returns to rest on her shoulder. "All in all it was not much of a threat." **
(6) Fildin: "Now now, let's not all get crazy over this. We had a clash of beliefs, maybe some miscommunication - but we are past that now. Remember, we need everyone we can have to get rid of all these hobgoblins."
(1) Vadania: "I am sorry about that, I just cannot stand to hear animals in pain so I was not thinking right. Good thing Hile is smart enough to know better then to harm a companion."
(20) Ruth: "I am still keeping my distance from that ape when it wakes up."
** (8) Olbernath grunts, still clearly in a sour mood, "Be that as it may... if we need ta beat a hasty retreat, I don' wanna have ta deal with an angry ape as we flee." **
** (3) Amreth rolls his eyes, side steps, and presses his shoulder into the wall before cracking the door open to take a peek. **
** (6) Fildin turns to Vadania, "Can you help the animal to know the way out? So that it can be free of the hobgoblins?" **
(1) Vadania: "Well lets put this ape someware safe, I do not have time to train it right now, obviously, so lets just put it on the other side of the hidden door and let it find it's own way out"
(29) Joryn: "How's th' wound? Migh' be more merciful to kill it now, rather'n let it starve or bleed to death."
** (3) Amreth slips through the open door as quietly as possible, and creeps to the archway to take a peek into the area beyond, keeping his back to the wall. **
** (6) Fildin nods to Vadania. **
(1) Vadania: "I stoped the bleading, he will live Joryn, and again I appologize for getting so upset"
(1) Vadania: "Anyone want to help me carry this thing, I dont think it will react too well if I have Hile carry it out"
** (3) Amreth glances up, then moves to each door to listen, before returning to the beast's pen to inform the others. **
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+4] -> [2,4] = (6)
** (29) Joryn glances around for any threat, then leans down to help carrying the ape. "Let's make this quick, eh?" **
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+4] -> [12,4] = (16)
** (6) Fildin looks at Vadania with a mocking look, "Carry an ape? It took three of us just to move a stone earlier." **
(29) Joryn: ((How much does it weigh? Joryn can drag 875 lb. by himself, let alone with help...))
(6) Fildin: (( hmm... not mocking, but can't think of the right word. ))
** (3) Amreth slips back in, and quietly shuts thew door behind him, "Stairs up to the left, can't hear anything through the door straight ahead, but there's some of the scum having a chit chat in the room beyond the door to the right." **
** (1) Vadania shrugs. "I guess I can wait till it wakes up and bring the meat to the other side to coax him out, would probably be best if the rest of you were out of sight though" **
(3) Amreth: "Don't you have a trick up your sleeve to keep the damn thing quiet for an hour or so?"
(6) Fildin: "Could you tell how many, or what they were saying?"
(3) Amreth: "If not, gut the damn hobgoblin and leave its entrails in a pile for the beast. Or get it out of here."
** (20) Ruth slowly crosses the bridge then kneels down to examine the dying hobgoblin reluctantly. "Still not used to how much a person bleeds." Ruth finishes and stands up, explaining, "Nothing to do to help it, but knowing what this one looks like may come in handy later." **
(1) Vadania: "Gutting the Hobgoblin should work"
** (3) Amreth craks the door again, "Or kill it, I reaslly don't care. Just make sure it stays quiet," and with that, disappears out the door. **
(19) DM: (((200 lbs.))
(6) Fildin: "Well, if the next area is clear, let's get out of Vadania's way so she can take care of the ape - without our constant interruptions." With that he nods to Vadania and disappears out the door as well.
** (1) Vadania calls Hile across the bridge and points to the door while making bird sounds **
** (8) Olbernath still seems sour and dissatisfied, but remains quiet, ready for now to follow along with the others plans... **
** (1) Hile heads across padding slowly across the planks and goes though the door and sits down **
(19) DM: ((the hobgoblin: necklace of nine fingers (three orc, six human); belt of 50 fingers (33 human, 12 orc, 1 elf, 1 dwarf, 3 half-elf); morning star (serviceable condition); studded leather (serviceable condition))
** (1) Vadania takes her sword and cuts a deep gash in the belly of the Hobgoblin after removing the armor and morning star **
** (3) Amreth steps across the intersection, and graps the handle of the north door, cracking it open to get a look inside. **
** (29) Joryn glances at the bird calls. "Those aren't exactly common around here, I'd wager. Keep 'em down." **
** (20) Ruth carefully creeps through the door into the next room to avoid the soon-to-be-waking ape. She waits next to the wall near the door and lets those stealthier handle recon. **
** (3) Amreth frowns down at Fildin, whispering, "Got one down the hall there, sweeping the floor. I'll see what I can do, his back's to me," he says, opening the door just enough to slip through. **
** (1) Vadania finishes up and drags the armor though the door and closes it almost all the way, leaving a small crack for her to look through **
** (8) Olbernath quietly speaks, "If we come accross a live hobgoblin, I may be able to charm him. It might get us some useful information, assuming he can speak the common tongue." **
** (6) Fildin nods to Amreth as he takes off again, and keeps everyone else quiet as they come through the door. **
** (3) Amreth slips through, and, back to the wall, he creeps along behind the hobgoblin, trying to get close enough without alerting him. **
(6) Fildin: *whispers* "Well, I think it's too late for that ne Amreth just saw, but there is at least one in this room," he says as he points to the double doors.
(6) Fildin: (( *one ))
** Grinkle mutters to himself. **
(19) Grinkle: Me hab to sweep dis flor. Hmph. Grrr.
** (3) Amreth swallows hard as the bastards turns around, and holds for a moment, cursing himself for not acting instead of telling the hin first. **
** Grinkle looks up and sneezes, then continues sweeping. "Dis no fun." **
(19) Grinkle: Me neber hab time to play hob gamez. Grumble grumble.
** Grinkle looks up and sneezes again, and then drops the broom, saying "HAY! I GIB UP!" **
(19) Grinkle: Dun hurtz me! (throws up his hands and quivers as he looks at Amreth)
** Grinkle covers his face with his hands, raising a finger to peek out, cringing. **
** (8) Olbernath mutters to himself, "Hmph... this would be a waste of an enchantment..." **
** Grinkle sees Amreth charging and drops to the floor, fainting. **
(8) Olbernath: (( oh... are we not near this... ))
** (3) Amreth blinks once, then motions the hobgoblin close, flashing one of his blade, whispering, "Don't want to kill you, mate. But I will have if you don't come here," he says, sticking a pair of fingers into a pouch and producing a single gold coin, "No tricks, I'll give you this if you give me a word or.. Nevermind." **
(1) Vadania: (( AFK for a smoke ))
** (3) Amreth shrugs to himself, and walks over to the fainted hobgoblin, and thinks a moment, "Now why'd you have to do and do that?" **
** (3) Amreth slips his sword away, and draws his last dager, cutting free a strip of leather from his armor to gag him, before trying to drag his sorry ass back the way he came, to the others, and the pit where he's of a mind to dump him. **
** Grinkle wakes up after being dragged roughly through the door and gags. "Mmmph!" **
** (29) Joryn holds a hammer threateningly. "Quiet!" he hisses at the bound hobgoblin. **
(19) DM: Amreth comes back the way he came, dragging a hobgoblin that's been gagged with a strip of leather. The hobgoblin is vainly trying to talk.
(19) Grinkle: Mmmph! Grak! Mppmph!
** (3) Amreth drags him into the beast's pen and gently props him against the wall, pointing a finger at his nose, "Now you be quiet, I don't want to hurt you." **
** (6) Fildin looks from Amreth to Olbernath. "Then again...." **
** Grinkle sighs. **
** (8) Olbernath arches an eyebrow. **
** (3) Amreth picks out the coin again, and places it in the hobgoblin's hand, before drawing a dagger and leveling it at his adam's apple, "Gonna take that out of your mouth, and if you yell, this here goes through your throat, understand?" **
(19) Grinkle: Plsssmph dmpph hmmmph mpmmmph!
** (6) Fildin follows Amreth back into the pit room to see what the prisoner has to say. **
(3) Amreth: "Well, I'll take that as an agreement," and with that, he pulls the gag, "Now you be quiet, except to tell us how many of your kin are here. How many?"
(19) TaliesinNYC: Lotz. Nub hurtz me!
(19) Grinkle: Lotz. Nub hurtz me!
(29) Joryn: "Speak quietly, too!" He glares at the prisoner, glancing around he room for any threats.
(3) Amreth: "Not gonna hurt you, I'm gonna let you go. We're going to let you go. Show me how many are here, on your fingers."
** Grinkle whines, "Okay." **
** (8) Olbernath smirks, "You really grabbed the cream o' the crop." **
** Grinkle holds up both hands. **
** (1) Hile walks up with Vadania on his back **
** (3) Amreth waits a moment, wondering if that's the whole count he's going to give. **
** Grinkle holds up nine more fingers. **
(3) Amreth: "Nineteen, huh."
(19) Grinkle: "Lotz." (nodding)
(6) Fildin: "That will keep us busy..." Fildin mutters.
** (8) Olbernath looks dubious of Grinkle's counting ability. **
(3) Amreth: "Hope that's accurate, for your sake. So, what's your name?"
(19) Grinkle: Big cheez in da bed place.
(19) Grinkle: "Him Julla."
(19) Grinkle: Me Grinkle.
(1) Vadania: "You complain about me trying to save an animal and you are going to let one of them go free?"
(3) Amreth: "Julla, that's good. Alright, Grinkle, you see this?" he asks, picking another lion out of his pouch, "This is yours, too. No more rat piss ale for Grinkle."
** (20) Ruth keeps watch outside the interrogation, listening quietly by the door. **
(3) Amreth: "He's of no threat to us, the beast was."
(19) Grinkle: "Okay."
** Grinkle stares at the lion like a small child. **
** (3) Amreth places that coin, too, in Grinkle's hand, "Anyone got some rope?" **
** (1) Vadania snorts but says nothing **
** (6) Fildin shakes his head no. **
(19) Grinkle: You tak me wid you?
(3) Amreth: "Well, cut that leather armor up, will you, and tie this sucker up?" he tries to plug Grinkle's mouth with the gag again, "Don't worry, big fella."
(19) Grinkle: Smut an' Cheff in da boo...da boo...da smartz place.
** (3) Amreth withdraws the gag, "Oh, one more thing, where's this bed place?" **
** Grinkle points back where you found him. **
(1) Vadania: "You willin to help us kill the others?"
(19) Grinkle: "Me nub gud killin. Me bedder at foodin."
** (29) Joryn narrows his eyes at the hobgoblin. "Books?" **
** (3) Amreth cocks a brow at the hobgoblin, "Down the hall where you came from?" **
(19) Grinkle: "Yub. Da boo...da boo...da smartz place."
(19) Grinkle: "Um, near dere. Down dere."
(3) Amreth: "Well, we know what we need to, generally. Numbers and locations of important kin of his," he says, stuffinf the gag back in his mouth while he's speaking, "You stay quiet, and stay put, and I'll personally treat you to roast boar once we're done here and we come back to set you off on your own."
(6) Fildin: "Yep, a layout would definately have helped us..."
** (29) Joryn raises a brow at the others. "D'yeh think these idiots would be able t' learn wizardry?" **
** (3) Amreth tries to help the hobber up first, "I doubt it, but anything's possible I guess. Stupidity isn't universal among any of the intelligent critters. Might be whoever this Smut is, isn't one of his kin." **
** (8) Olbernath grunts, "Be surprised if this one could tie his own bootlaces." **
(6) Fildin: "Well, are we ready to go then? It appears we have a lot more to remove."
** (29) Joryn growls. "Might be... we should be careful anyway" **
** (3) Amreth lookds to Vadania, "And do you think he can be trusted to comply? He's more likely to be emboldened in proximity to his more capable kin, and set them on us." **
** (1) Vadania nods "Would be a fun game for him to play" **
(1) Vadania: "Grinkle do you like games?"
** (3) Amreth removes the gag for the moment. **
** (20) Ruth peeks in from the door to add, "If one of them is smart enough to use wizardry, yet is not big cheez, Julla must be pretty capable as well." **
** Grinkle nods. **
(19) Grinkle: Yub.
(3) Amreth: "How 'bout games that earn you a whole heap of shinies?"
(19) Grinkle: Me nub inter...inter....lik shinies.
(19) Grinkle: Me lik fud.
(3) Amreth: "Yeah, and how's your kin feed ya? I bet they give you scraps, don't they?"
(19) Grinkle: Yub. (frown)
(19) Grinkle: Oooo who dere?
** Grinkle looks this way and that. **
(19) Grinkle: Sumwun tak in hed.
** (3) Amreth waits for Vanadia to relay her idea to him. **
** (3) Amreth points to the hin druid, for his edification. **
** (1) Vadania smiles "Sorry Grinkle that was me. So would you be willing to help us get rid of the others?" **
(19) Grinkle: Me wan fud. Me lik fud. Me hungry.
(19) Grinkle: Um okay.
(19) Grinkle: Me bedder foodin, nub killin.
(1) Vadania: "Do you think you could get the others to come down here one at a time?"
** (3) Amreth chews his inner cheek a moment, then hides his dagger away, and drops his pack to the floor, picking his way through its contents, and dropping a bundle of salted pork and hardtack buscuits in his lap, "This'll have to do for the moment." **
** (3) Amreth stands to his feet, and wanders over to where the guttered hobgoblin lay to collect his other dager he'd forgotten about. **
** (1) Vadania waits quietly for Grinkle's response **
(19) Grinkle: Hm. Some onyuns, an leebs an....hm. (thinks)
(19) Grinkle: "Okay."
** (1) Vadania digs into her Herb pouch and pulls out some Oregano, Asparagus Root, and Chives. "These may be good to cook with" **
(19) Grinkle: "Yub." (takes the herbs)
(19) DM: (stopping in 30.)
(1) Vadania: "Ok now before you can do any cooking, We need you to get one of the others down here without telling him we are down here"
(19) Grinkle: "Um, okay. But...but...you wan big cheez too?"
(1) Vadania: "Not right away, just one of his cornies for now"
(19) Grinkle: "Okay."
** Grinkle gets up shakily, then looks out the doorway. "Me go gets Lucky now." **
** (3) Amreth retrieves his dagger, and walks back over to crouch next to Grinkle, "Look, mate. I don't really care if you're goblin kin, or if you're a dwarf. I don't want to kill you unless I have to. I'd personally rather you go on livin' and eatin', since you're nub good at the killin'. You've not harmed me, so I won't harm you. But if you cross us in this, that changes the rules. You can die with your kin, or you can go on living and stuffing your belly. Your choice." **
(19) Grinkle: "Huh?"
** Grinkle looks dumbly at Amreth. "Lotz...lotz...lotza words." **
(1) Vadania: "Ok Grinkle, after you gets Lucky you can cook all of some food"
(3) Amreth: "Never mind, Grinkle. Just get to it, and don't cross us, will you?"
(19) Grinkle: "Um, okay." (sets out the door shakily then walks up the wooden stairs)
(3) Amreth: "This'll never work."
** (1) Vadania looks around the room for a place that Hile can hide **
(19) DM: ((LOL!!!)))
(3) Amreth: "Even if he's meaning to do what we ask, he's about to piss his pants."
(19) DM: ((oh god I'm dying here...))
(6) Fildin: "Then why send him off?" Fildin just shakes his head slightly.
** (3) Amreth shrugs, "Don't really feel like arguing, and it wasn't my idea anyway. **
(1) Vadania: "Lets just setup the ambush"
(6) Fildin: "Spokes, rim, axles... spokes, rims axles..." he mutters a few times.
** (1) Vadania mews to hile points to a dark corner **
** (3) Amreth shrugs, and positions himself near the door, back against the wall, swords drawn, and whispers a quiet prayer to Tymora for heaping helping of sheer, dumb luck. **
** (6) Fildin moves back across the pit to the relative safety of the far side. **
** (1) Vadania quickly finds some place to hide and wait **
** (20) Ruth comes back to the room suppressing laughter, "I can hardly wait to find out what he will bring back." **
** (6) Fildin tries to find something to hide behind over there, where he can still watch what happens. **
(20) Ruth: "Julla probably would not believe him if he told the truth anyway."
** (3) Amreth frowns at her, "Hopefully not a whole host of his kin. I'd hate to kill 'em. Far as hobgoblins go, he's a right nice fellow. An you know, he was cleanin'. You could have yourself your first indentured servant, if he survives." **
** (20) Ruth crouches down in the southwest corner of the room to wait. **
(19) DM: You smell Grinkle way before he comes back.
(3) Amreth: ((hehe))
(20) Ruth: "My first indentured servant, hmm."
** (3) Amreth holds a finger to his lips. **
** Grinkle leads someone in tow. "Julla wan see you, okay? You stink." **
** (3) Amreth nods to the doorway. **
(19) Lucky: Me stink becuz me bring gud luck. Me nub wash. You knows dat, stoopid!
** (1) Vadania motions to Hile after Lucky is all the way in the room **
(19) Grinkle: Um, okay. Thru dere.
** Grinkle pushes a hobgoblin into the room. **
(19) DM: He's shorter than Grinkle and fouler smelling. And wearing a belt filled with fingers.
** (3) Amreth lunges at Lucky as he passes through the door, and tries to wrap his right hand over the goblin's mouth, and plunge his sword into his left rid cage. [1d20+2] -> [15,2] = (17) **
(19) Lucky: HAY! You nub hobgoblins!!!
(19) DM: (hit)
(19) DM: (damage)
(3) Amreth: Damage: [2d6+2] -> [4,3,2] = (9)
(19) DM: The hobgoblin coughs up blood, and drops dead.
** (3) Amreth arches a brow at the others, and then turns to Grinkle. **
** (1) Hile leaps out of his hiding spot just as the goblin drops dead **
** Grinkle throws his hands up to his face and peeks out of a raised finger. **
** (6) Fildin nods to himself where he is hidden. **
** (1) Vadania steps out of hiding "Gotta be faster next time Hile, it isnt just you and I any more" **
** (3) Amreth curls a finger at Grinkle to \get him to come in, "Good work." **
** Grinkle sighs with relief. "Okay, boss." **
(3) Amreth: "Damn good work. I'll cook you a whole half a cow on a spit myself when we're done."
(1) Vadania: "Well I am hungry, could you cook us some food Grinkle, while we remove this stench?"
** (3) Amreth wipes the blade on lucky's clothing, sheathes it, then drags the corpse over to the pit. **
(19) Grinkle: Erm...da kit...da kit...da fud place is thru dere. (points out the N door in area 14)
(3) Amreth: "Anyone in there?
(6) Fildin: (( where the voices had come from, yes? ))
(19) Grinkle: Backtalk be dere. Him nub here in da hed. (points to his head)
(3) Amreth: ((Those were through the doro just below the 18))
(19) DM: (yes. through the door in 14, not 18.)
** (3) Amreth smirks at Grinkle, "Well, go fetch him, will you? Then you can have the kitchen to yourself." **
(19) Grinkle: Er, me sc...me sc...fraid Backtalk.
(3) Amreth: "He the only one in there?"
(19) Grinkle: Yub.
(3) Amreth: "Then we'll go to him, eh?"
(19) Grinkle: "Okay."
(3) Amreth: "You just get in there and make sure he's got his back turned?"
(1) Vadania: "Tell him the monkey that was here is going crazy and you need his help, maybe?"
(19) Grinkle: "Um, okay." (looks less sure of himself now)
(19) DM: (and on that note, we'll stop, because there's no way we can resolve this in 7 minutes)
** (20) Ruth gives a calculating look at the pit in the middle of the room, then nods to herself, "Good and wide, should all fit." **
(3) Amreth: Alrighty.

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