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(16) DM: (so anyone need a recap

(16) DM: (so anyone need a recap?)
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(13) Kalla: (I'm good.)
(15) Zane: Oh yes please
(15) Zane: Wait, never mind..
(15) Zane: Wrong game.. :P Ok, I got the right mind in now.
(16) DM: (didn't do much last session, just met a snoring tree ^ ^ and preliminary investigation of the keep and its perimeter. some scouting.)
(14) Donovan: What happened last week?
(14) Donovan: Safer than snoring on the ground I suppose.
(16) DM: (I'm joking. Kalla was resting alongside the road and the PCs bumped into her and her pet cat. :) )
(15) Fildin: (( just for clarrification - we met Kalla on the first day of travel, right? ))
(16) DM: ((yes, in the afternoon))
(13) Kalla: (Believe so, i thought that was the week before though..)
(13) Kalla: (I remmeber seeing Donovan before.)
(14) Donovan: I was in the process of moving all last week
(16) DM: (not Kalla, I mean DJ's character. the two halflings are confusing.)
(7) Vadania: lol
(13) Kalla: (Ah)
(14) Donovan: I would think that whether Kalla has a pet "cat" would give away the discrepancy
(15) Fildin: (( see - the male halfling is the unique hin. :) ))
(13) Kalla: (yeah im not the swiftest steed in the stable sometimes)
(13) Kalla: (I wouldve caught up eventually)
(16) DM: (I'm going to include the whispered text on the premise that the two scouts report back to the group.)
(16) DM: (53) DM: There's smoke in the distance, where you would expect the keep to be.
Fildin: (( an abundant amount of smoke? ))
** Vadania dismounts "Theres smoke ahead" **
(53) DM: ((no, just a single column.))
whispering to Dj Gilcrease, and movement. you can barely see figures moving around what seems to be some sort of walkway or battlement.
** Fildin squints, "Oh yes, I see. Well, we should be getting close, so it makes sense." **
(35) Olbernath: "I think we'd do well to move cautiously from here on."
** Joryn nods. "Agreed". **
(52) Kalla: "Probably so," Kalla says, agreeing with the others.
Fildin: "Yes, it might be a good idea to get a better look at the keep, albiet from a distance."
Vadania: "There are several things moving around walkway as well"
Fildin: "Well, you definatly have better eyes than I do then. Can you tell anything about the layout of the keep from here?"
Vadania: "No I cannot"
Fildin: "Ok, how about a couple of us try to get closer and a view. The rest can wait, or go start trying to find out if there is a backdoor in around the graveyard."
(52) Kalla: "Think its a good idea to split up when we don't know what we're dealin' with?"
(35) Olbernath: "Are any o' ye particular good at sneakin' round?"
Fildin: "Well, as long as people don't decide to run off and try to take on the army by themselves, we should be ok."
(52) Kalla: "Alright, then.."
** Joryn shakes his head. "Not me. I don't think we should be splitting up either, but sometimes it's necessary. And I'd rather have an idea of what we're up against before we all charge in." **
(35) Olbernath: "Aye... if they spot one person walkin' about, like as not won't raise their gaurd too much... but our entire band might get 'em movin'."
(35) Olbernath: "But all tha better if that one person don' get spotted. So, as I was askin'... anyone particular sneaky among us?"
Vadania: "I agree, Hile and I can move around quiet like. Had to do it all the time while tracking Gnolls"
Fildin: "I am decent at doing so."
(35) Olbernath: "Well, one's better than two. Ye ain' there ta fight."
(35) Olbernath: "An' ye'll be out in tha open, not in tha woods."
(52) Kalla: "Dun' look at me, I can't creep around too well.."
** Vadania looks at Fildin **
** (35) Olbernath smiles, "All I got goin' is me size, an' that don' set me apart in this company." **
Fildin: (( how much brush and such is there around the keep? Not necessarily diretly around it, but within a range where we can get maybe half decent views? ))
(35) Olbernath: "It's too bad Ruth ain' here with us now. That raven o' hers woulda come in real handy 'bout now."
Fildin: "Maybe we go different directions, to get as much information as possible. Number of guards, any good information on the layout would help as well." he asks Vadania.
** Vadania nods to Fildin and mounts back up on Hile and heads off to the left **
(53) DM: ((It seems to be set within a large clearing per the map. You would need to do some scouting.))
Fildin: "We'll be back shortly." he tells the others as he heads into the woods/brush to the right.
(53) DM: ((stopping in 30 minutes because I'm coming down with a cold (have been since Monday actually and I didn't want to call tonight's session off on short notice)))
Fildin: (( k ))
Joryn: ((Ok))
(52) Kalla: (No problem)
(35) Olbernath: "Well, we'll wait here eagerly for your return."
** (35) Olbernath takes a seat and begins stuffing his pipe. **
** (52) Kalla wanders around the immediate area, keeping an eye on things so they don't get ambushed. **
whispering to Zane, TaliesinNYC, Dj Gilcrease, (GW): test
whispering to Zane, TaliesinNYC, Dj Gilcrease, (GW): the clearing is 250' feet or thereabouts as far as you can see
whispering to Zane, TaliesinNYC, Dj Gilcrease, (GW): the keep is situated atop a low hill which makes it possible for those on the battlements, which appear to be hobgoblins, to see anyone within the clearing
whispering to Zane, TaliesinNYC, Dj Gilcrease, (GW): there is a moat which surrounds the keep. you can't see what's in it. the drawbridge is up and appears to be made of solid wood. off to the side (not clearly seen) is a gatehouse.
whispering to Zane, TaliesinNYC, Dj Gilcrease, (GW): there seems to be about five or six hobgoblins atop the battlements. they don't seem to be particularly alert....though you could be wrong. A few of them might be archers
whispering to Zane, TaliesinNYC, Dj Gilcrease, (GW): the walls are 20' high. set in the N wall is a smokestack that emits smoke into the air. this is the source of the smoke column you saw from the road.

(15) Fildin: (( yeah - they would. Kinda pointless to risk scouting otherwise. ))
(18) ticattack (enter): 20:56
** (7) Vadania gets back to the others and fills them in "I did not see another way in besides the front door, nor did I see an area that would provide enough cover to get close to the Keep without being spoted" **
(15) Fildin: "I didn't see any good way in from the front either, as expected. I say we try the graveyard, and try to find that back door."
(12) Olbernath: "Aye, I din' expect any secret entrances ta have signs posted."
(12) Olbernath: "I suppose we may as well take a peek in the cemetary... but out o' curiosity, did ye happen ta see anyone home at tha keep?"
(15) Fildin: "True, I was just hoping for a good picture of the layout of the keep. No such luck. At least we have a better idea of what we are up against though - hobgoblins."
(15) Fildin: "Not besides the half dozen or so guards along the wall."
(7) Vadania: "Only five or six Hobgoblins"
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (18) ticattack...
** (12) Olbernath frowns, "Bah. Only five er six ye saw." **
(15) Fildin: "Exactly. Safe bet to say there are more inside."
(14) Donovan: "I does no good to guard an empty keep, after all\."
(13) Kalla: "Probably. Don't need every hobgoblin in the place to keep watch."
(15) Fildin: "So, to the cemetary then?"
(12) Olbernath: "I suppose so."
** (12) Olbernath sighs and puts away his pipe. **
(13) Kalla: "Looks to be!"
(14) Ruth: "The secret exit will be our easiest entrance, after we find it."
** (7) Vadania stays mounted and waits to follow **
** (15) Fildin looks to whoever has the map so they can be sure to head the correct direction. **
(12) Olbernath: "Well, if ye come accross any childhood memories o' underground passages, don' hesitate ta speak up. After all, secret passages are hard ta find fer a reason."
(12) Olbernath: "If they're easy ta find, there really ain' no point, is there?"
(15) Fildin: (( I'm assuming that was directed at Ruth? ))
(12) Olbernath: (( yes ))
(15) Fildin: (( just checking :P ))
(14) Ruth: "The best kind are apparent to those who need to find them. I am sure you would not like to have to ask them to just open the door, so let us at least look."
** (12) Olbernath shrugs and follows along, content to let others chose their path for now. **
(18) ticattack (exit): 21:13
** (14) Ruth shifts her pack higher up for some variety as they skulk through the woods and brush. **
** (7) Hile and Vadania follow along quietly **
** (15) Fildin follows the others, just looking around them as they travel, checking out the wooded area, trying to identify, in his mind, everything he sees. **
** (13) Kalla follows the others, prodding large bushes with her staff to see if there is anything behind them. **
** No match found
(16) DM: East of the keep is a narrow path that leads off into the forest. It branches away from the main road.
(7) Vadania: "This on that map?" **Look at whoever has the map**
** (14) Ruth checks on the map:wherever it is:, "It is in the right direction for his retreat." **
(20) ticattack (enter): 21:23
(16) DM: (the path? no. but the clearing is near it)
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (20) ticattack...
(14) Ruth: (Is the path away from the keep or towards?)
(13) Kalla: (Sorry about that, had a phone call)
(7) Vadania: "Should we take a look down the path, or just stick to the map?"
(12) Olbernath: "I thought we were goin' ta the cemetary? Don' we know where that is?"
(13) Kalla: "Do you think they would even hide an exit in a cemetary? I mean, I know our people wouldn't ever deface such a holy ground in such a fashion."
(14) Ruth: "Cemetaries vary in style. If it is in there it could be a false tomb, or a false wall within a crypt chamber, for example."
(16) DM: (towards)
(13) Kalla: "Oh, I see. We bury our people in mounds or burn them on pyres generally. Depends how they die."
(15) Fildin: "It's the only place we have to start looking. I recall hearing a story of someone who did just that."
(16) DM: (er I mean away)
(14) Ruth: "It is the right direction, and since there is no marked path to the cemetary on this map we will have to check. Whatever it is, east is also towards Eveningstar, the nearest town."
** (7) Vadania shrugs and waits for the others to continue on, but takes a few stepts toward the path **
** (14) Ruth addreses her raven perched in a tree, "Abarma, take a look over the treetops and let me know if you see another clearing in that direction." **
whispering to Donovan, yes there is
whispering to Donovan, and a couple of structures within
(7) Vadania: "No tracks down this way"
** (14) Ruth nods after Abarma reports, "Yep, could be the path. Some structures in that direction." **
(14) Ruth: "I would not expect many. It is a good sign if it has not been disturbed recently."
(20) ticattack (exit): 21:48
(15) Fildin: "Then let's go, time is a consideration after all."
(21) ticattack (enter): 21:49
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (21) ticattack...
** (14) Ruth leads confidently down the narrow path. **
** (7) Vadania nods follows after Ruth **
** (15) Fildin follows the others. **
(7) Vadania: (( AFK for a smoke ))
(16) DM: You enter a large clearing east of the keep. It contains a stone mausoleum, a small shrine and a few graves.
** (14) Ruth walks up to the shrine first. **
** (15) Fildin looks around the clearing a few moments. He walks around and looks over the shrine and graves momentarily beofre makling his way to the mausoleum. **
(16) DM: It appears to be a shrine dedicated to the goddess Mystra.
(13) Kalla: [1d6] -> [6] = (6)
(13) Kalla: (oops)
whispering to Donovan, The pedestal is stained a dark red.
(15) Fildin: (( good roll... ))
** (13) Kalla points at the shrine with the bottom end of her staff and says, "Interesting. Funny place for one of those, don'tcha think?" **
(12) Olbernath: "Not neccessarily."
(14) Ruth: "I would expect a shrine. This one in particular looks used."
(16) DM: The door of the mausoleum is made of heavy wood and bound with silver bands and hinges. It is also locked with a large iron lock. There is a sign on the door in crude common. It says, "Keep Owt! Thiz meanz you STOOPID!"
** (14) Ruth points out some dark red stains on the shrine's pedestal. **
(13) Kalla: (Gotta have the Stoopid misspelling otherwise it wouldnt be a dnd game eh :))
(23) Dj Gilcrease (enter): 22:05
(23) Dj Gilcrease: Booting '(7) Dj Gilcrease' from room...
(7) Dj Gilcrease (exit): 22:05
(15) Fildin: "The graves all appear to be family. If they were not, that would indicate the family was in the mausoleum. Since they are, I take that to mean the mausoleum is empty, of dead bodies at least."
(12) Olbernath: "The sign seems to imply that, even if it is a secret passageway, it ain' no secret ta the hobgoblins."
(14) Ruth: "He was has not been keeper here for very long; a few graves is the most I would expect."
(14) Ruth: "It may be that Edaeras never sealed the passage behind him in his hurry."
** (23) Vadania wanders around with Hile while the others decide what they want to do **
(15) Fildin: "Well, we won't find out standing here." ((And where is deviant when we need him?))
(12) Olbernath: "Aye... true enough, be it fer good or ill."
(13) Kalla: "Do you guys want me to find out if anyone is home?" Kalla asks with an almost innocent expression on her face. She looks over at the mausoleum door and rests lightly on her staff.
(15) Fildin: "If you know a way in, I say go for it."
(21) ticattack (exit): 22:23
(27) ticattack (enter): 22:24
(23) Vadania: "So is anyone home Kalla?"
(13) Kalla: Kalla smiles and walks over to the door, promptly rapping at it with the end of her quarterstaff. "Hello! Anyone home?"
** (23) Vadania laughs **
** (12) Olbernath arches an eyebrow, "What good can possibly come o' that?" **
(14) Ruth: "There should be a guard posted, if it is really the hobgoblins who want people to stay out."
** (13) Kalla shrugs slightly, "How else would I find out if someone is home?" **
(16) DM: There seems to be no response.
(12) Olbernath: "Maybe they set somethin' else up ta discourage visitors."
** (15) Fildin smiles and shakes his head a little. "That's one way I guess." **
(13) Kalla: "Can any unlock this door?"
(13) Kalla: (Anyone)
(23) Vadania: "Not I"
(15) Fildin: "I never had a chance to learn that trick, unfortunately."
** (12) Olbernath shakes his head 'no'. **
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (27) ticattack...
(14) Ruth: "Unlock it? Nope. Too bad. I would rather not have to break in."
(27) ticattack (exit): 22:33
** (13) Kalla sighs and inspects the lock closely, then inspects the area around the lock where it would be attached. **
(15) Fildin: "Well, I don't see another option really."
(12) Olbernath: "Ye already got a house full o' hobbers. This ain' so bad compared ta that mess."
(12) Olbernath: "Let's nay waste no more time."
whispering to Kalla, I need you to send me a node of your PC
(16) TaliesinNYC: [1d20] -> [7] = (7)
(29) ticattack (enter): 22:38
(14) Ruth: "It looks a bit sturdier than the door at Mynamere's."
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (29) ticattack...
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+3] -> [12,3] = (15)
whispering to Kalla, a few things
** (14) Ruth puts boot to door with a hearty kick to get the point across. (str [1d20] -> [7] = (7)) **
whispering to Kalla, The door seems like it must have been locked with a different lock at one point. there seems to be tracings of silver where the iron lock now is.
whispering to Kalla,
** (12) Olbernath stands by and observes, kicking in doors not being his forte. **
(16) DM: Well that did nothing...except make your foot hurt.
(15) Fildin: "Yes, I see what you mean."
(13) Kalla: "Maybe we can break the wood around where the lock attaches.
** (15) Fildin waves his hand to the door, "Have at it then." **
** (12) Olbernath paces around the mausoleum while he waits.. **
(13) Kalla: "From lookin' at this. It looks like the locks have been changed. Does someone have a hammer and a dagger or something? Carve out the wood around it."
** (23) Vadania continues wandering around the Graveyard looking over the gravestones **
(15) Fildin: "I got a dagger. I can try to carve."
** (15) Fildin pulls out his dagger and tries to carve around the where the lock is attached to the door. **
(12) Olbernath: "Hold a moment... I think the base o' this shrine may be movable..."
** (15) Fildin stops trying to find a place to start carving, as he wasn't having any luck yet anyway. "Oh? That would work too." **
(12) Olbernath: "Aye. I know a bit about buildin'. I helped plan the additions ta my family's inn... an' if they'd o' listened ta me, it would never o' caved in an' fell in tha swamp."
(30) Olbernath (enter): 22:56
(23) Vadania: "So you find a way in yet?"
(12) Olbernath (exit): 22:58
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (30) Olbernath...
(14) Ruth: "Try moving it then."
** (30) Olbernath attempts to give a shove with his shoulder at a strategic point on the building's side... **
(30) Olbernath: [1d20-1] -> [8,-1] = (7)
(30) Olbernath: "Someone wanna help me push tha thing off it's base?"
** (30) Olbernath manages to push the thing a tiny bit, but when he stops it falls back into place. **
** (15) Fildin looks around at the group and doesn't quite succeed in holding back a chuckle. "Oh yes, we are a regular muscle patrol here." Nonetheless, he goes to help out as much as he can. **
(14) Ruth: "I see now."
** (14) Ruth goes to help Olb with the shrine, suceeding at hiding her amusement. **
(30) Olbernath: "Aye, try there an' there." He points out good places to push from.
** (23) Vadania trots over on Hile and watches as they try to bove the base **
** (15) Fildin moves to where Olb points and prepares to push when he says. **
(30) Olbernath: "Ready... set... push!"
(15) Fildin: Strength: [1d20-1] -> [17,-1] = (16)
** (14) Ruth pushes at the indicated spot.[1d20] -> [18] = (18) **
(30) Olbernath: [1d20-1] -> [7,-1] = (6)
** (13) Kalla tries to look up past the legs and over the heads of the others at the shrine, seeing if she can get herself in anywhere to help out. **
(13) Kalla: (If I can fit to help [1d20] -> [5] = (5) Str)
(16) DM: ...and the pedestal moves off, revealing a shaft that descends deep into the earth below.
(16) DM: A wooden ladder can be seen attached to the side of the shaft.
(16) DM: More reddish stains can be clearly seen on the ladder.
(15) Fildin: "Maybe we are a muscle patrol after all." Fildin mutters as the pedestal moves clear of the now exposed shaft.
** (30) Olbernath claps his hands together, "Well, there we go." **
(14) Ruth: "The blood stains would be from Edaeras. Looks like the place then."
(13) Kalla: Kalla grins and looks down the shaft, gingerly she touches a finger to the red stain and sniffs it."
** (30) Olbernath smiles with satisfaction, "I think I've earned my supper tonight. So, do ye care to go in now?": **
(15) Fildin: "Yes you have. You have good eyesight, do you want the honors?" Fildin indicates the ladder.
** (23) Vadania looks down the hole to see how deep it is **
(30) Olbernath: "It ain' tha eyes, it's tha knowledge." He gives a slight shake of the head, not wanting to be first down.
(30) Olbernath: "Magic portals is one thing... but this is another."
** (15) Fildin nods and moves to the ladder and starts down it, keeping his eyes on whats below as he decends. **
** (13) Kalla turns around and lowers herself to the first rung, "Hm. Just like climbin' down a tree." As quietly as she can, she makes her way down the ladder with Fildin below her. **
** (14) Ruth digs a lantern from her pack, lighting it before following down the ladder. **
** (30) Olbernath to Fildin as he descends, "Careful, there may be traps laid out down there." **
whispering to Dj Gilcrease, 50'
** (15) Fildin nods to Olb's comment, not sure if the gnome could see it or not. **
(16) DM: (have to go map. brb)
whispering to Dj Gilcrease, does fog work in this version of Open?
(15) Fildin: (( smokin then, brb ))
(16) DM: The shaft descends to a passage that seems to have been tunneled in the earth, heading west. Every few feet, the walls and ceiling are shored up with wooden timbers. From all appearances, it's a VERY LONG tunnel. The ground is marked with a trail of dark stains heading in that direction.
(29) Joryn: Disconnecting from server...
(29) Joryn (exit): 23:18
(15) Fildin: (( back ))
** (15) Fildin waits a little bit for the light to come down with Ruth, and then prepares to head down the passageway. **
** (23) Vadania moves down the lader a bit and calls Hile to see if he will beable to climb down the lader **
** (30) Olbernath courteously lets the others go first, waiting his turn to follow towards the rear of the party. **
** (15) Fildin begins down the passageway with Ruth and her needed light. **
(30) Olbernath: Once the others have climbed down, Olbernath takes one final look around to make sure they're not observed, then climbs down. Halfway down, he carefully balanced his dagger on the ladder, so that if someone should come down after them, they'll knock it down, hopefully alerting the party to their presence.
(16) DM: it is a VERY LONG tunnel...
** (15) Fildin keeps walking, as long as the light also moves down the tunnel. **
(30) Olbernath: (( Well, ya never know. ))
** (14) Ruth keeps up, in the middle of the pack. **
(16) DM: it is a VERY LONG tunnel... (at least 200')
(16) DM: The dark red stains continue.
(30) Olbernath: (( Well, I'm not saying we'll hear it no matter where we are. But if someone follows quickly... ))
** (13) Kalla quietly follows Fildin down the tunnel **
** (23) Vadania follows behind the others with Hile in tow **
(16) DM: It continues for yet another 100'...
(13) Kalla: Disconnecting from server...
(13) Kalla (exit): 23:38
** (15) Fildin whistles a couple notes out of habit before remembering that they are trying to sneak up, so he stops. **
(16) DM: (er 2 people dropped?)
(16) DM: Eventually the tunnel comes to a halt...at a stone wall. (after 650')
(15) Fildin: (( can you really count ticattack? he has so much trouble staying connected anyway... ))
(15) Fildin: (( wow, that is long.... ))
(16) DM: ((true. but he is a player.))
** (15) Fildin approaches the stone wall and puts his ear to it, to see if he can hear anything on the other side. **
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+2] -> [3,2] = (5)
** (15) Fildin looks back to the others and puts a finger to his mouth, asking for quiet. **
** (23) Vadania stays as quiet as posible **
** (30) Olbernath obliges, keeping an eye on their rear. **
(37) Kalla (enter): 23:56
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (37) Kalla...
(16) DM: ((I've enabled fog in this game. You should be able to see the map above.))
(16) DM: ((whisper me if you can't))
(37) Kalla: (I can see the hallway marked 12)
** (15) Fildin moves a couple steps away from the door and gathers everyone around so that they can whisper. *very softly* "There is something, or somethings on the other side. It sounded like munching and grunting. Of all the places, I think this passage might come out in the kitchen." **
(15) Fildin: (( *wall, not door. ))
** (23) Vadania nods and signals Hile to get ready for a fight **
** (30) Olbernath sighs, and loosens the straps on his spell-component pouch. **
(15) Fildin: *continues to whisper* "I haven't figured out how to get past the wall yet, as I wanted to see if it was clear first. We can try to rush them, or we can wait until no one is there."
** (37) Kalla nods quietly and shifts a bit to the side to give anyone with better protection a bit easier access. Kalla whispers, "How will we know when no one is there?" **
** (15) Fildin shrugs, "When we don't hear anyone? It's not perfect, but it's an option I wanted to offer." **
** (30) Olbernath seems unenthusiastic about either option. **
** (14) Ruth adds a whispered caution, "We may surprise them at first, but if they see us open presumedly a wall into the kitchen they will know about this passage." **
(30) Olbernath: "Up ta you folks."
(30) Olbernath: (whispering, of course)
** (15) Fildin looks to Ruth, as it is her family's keep. **
** (14) Ruth answers, "For now, we can wait." **
** (15) Fildin nods and moves back to the wall so that he can look over the wall and try to figure out how to get past it. He doesn't actually push anything yet, just look. **
** (23) Vadania leans against Hile while Fildin examins the wall **
** (15) Fildin nods to himself after looking for a while, apparently finding something. He then tries to listen through the wall again. **
(23) Vadania: (( lag check ))
(23) Dj Gilcrease (exit): 00:24
(23) Dj Gilcrease (enter): 00:24
(37) Kalla: (Aye, Vad)
(23) Vadania: (( that was only a 10 min delay there =P ))
** (15) Fildin looks back at the others and shakes his head, signalling that it is not clear yet. He goes back to listening every couple minutes to check for it to be clear. **
(16) DM: (we should stop here.)
(15) Fildin: (( sounds good. ))
(16) TaliesinNYC: and we'll continue from here next time.
(23) Vadania: ok
(15) Fildin: You still got a moment Stan?

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Magic of Andurin
Philosophical Themes
Races of Andurin
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The Southern Kingdoms