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(2811) DM: (384) Tessaril Winter, of Eveningstar: Your uncle's body was brought into town by a group of merchants who discovered it along the road west of Arabel. He apparently died from an arrow wound. The only possessions on his person were a dagger, a pouch with twenty golden lions, a pen, an empty ink pot and an old bill of sale.
(384) Tessaril Winter, of Eveningstar: The merchants found his body sitting against a large rock, where he apparently wrote out his will on the back of the bill of sale. When he ran out of ink, he finished it with his own blood. That makes it a holographic will, one written entirely in the handwriting of the deceased, and it is legally acceptable even though it is not witnessed.
(384) Tessaril Winter, of Eveningstar: The will's conditions are somewhat unusual, but they are legally binding on the heirs of the estate. If the conditions are not fulfilled, the keep and all its possessions become forfeit to the Crown of Cormyr. You have only thirty days from this day before I must make my final judgment on the estate. I will now read the will. Please listen carefully to ensure you understand what must be done.
(384) Tessaril Winter, of Eveningstar: LAST WILL OF EDAERAS NUMSROTH
(384) Tessaril Winter, of Eveningstar: I, Edaeras Numsroth, lie dying from a foul arrow. Invaders came in the night, assaulted my keep by surprise, and killed all my retainers. These monsters were similar to orcs, but fought more fiercely and had in their service a large red-eyed beast that threw my men-at-arms about like toys.
(384) Tessaril Winter, of Eveningstar: I barely got our of my secret door but not before one of the creatures shot me in the back.
(384) Tessaril Winter, of Eveningstar: I leave all my property, both real and personal to any living heir who avenges me by ridding my wonderful home of these foul creatures no later than sixty days after my death. It is my direction that this be done without help from any but his or her closest companions, so that my heir may prove worthy of the treasure I leave behind and which I trust the monsters have not found.
(384) Tessaril Winter, of Eveningstar: Avenge me!
(384) Tessaril Winter, of Eveningstar: The will is dated two weeks ago.
(384) Tessaril Winter, of Eveningstar: I haven't been able to found out much about your uncle. He was a recluse who dabbled in magic. A couple of times a year, he would come here for supplies. HE married a woman from Suzail, but that is all that is known about him. Apparently, he was in good standing with the Crown, because the archives in Suzail hold a recorded deed from the Crown to the deceased, dated some five years ago. The deed granted him a tract of land 10 miles long by 10 miles wide, centered on the easternmost point of the King's
Forest. The keep was built by a band of dwarves when this land was ruled by the Elven Court, and is somewhere in that area, but exactly where no one is sure.
(384) Tessaril Winter, of Eveningstar: The dwarves have long since departed. If you have questions for me, I shall endeavor to answer them. Otherwise I wish you good tidings and godspeed in your quest.
Ruth: "That is grim news. Has any other Numsroth been found?"
(384) Tessaril Winter, of Eveningstar: None as of yet.
** Fildin remains quiet during the reading, munching on some snacks and sipping the wine, although his eyes do light up a couple of times. He says nothing though, waiting for Ruth's response. **
Ruth: "Well, to have that happen. The entire household killed. And by the letter of the will, there is little that you can do aid me directly. I know what I have to do."
Fildin: "Well, you can have the aid of your closest companions. Do you have any others that are closer to you than us?"
Ruth: "I have no expectation that my brother Senasten will be nearby; he travels where divine will directs, or so he claims. The terms of Edaeras's will quite clear, I shall make ready for my quest. Are there any archives in Eveningstar that would have a map of the whereabouts of the keep? Otherwise, I will take my leave. There is much that will need to be done."
** Ruth answers Fildin, "There is that, fortunately. I will let everyone know back at Mynamere's." **
Fildin: "Very well, as you wish." Fildin allows himself to relaz a little in the chair, getting a little more comfortable as he daydreams a little.
Fildin: (( *relax ))
(384) Tessaril Winter, of Eveningstar: Tsharliira might have some more information. As I recall, your uncle was once her mentor...before they fell out.
Ruth: "Where might I find her? Any time saved finding the keep will be valuable."
(384) Tessaril Winter, of Eveningstar: I should say, that if in the event you claim the keep and fulfill the conditions of the will, that you will need to provide for its income and upkeep. But we can discuss that if you are successful.
(384) Tessaril Winter, of Eveningstar: She can be found at her tower, near the east gate.
Ruth: "Of course. I would not think of plundering my own family estate. If you have no further questions, I suppose you will keep his things safe for the Crown until I am able to fulfill my uncle's will, and I will request your leave."
** Tessaril Winter, of Eveningstar nods. "May Tymora grant you her blessing in the days to come." **
** Ruth stands and curtsies once more, "Thank you, and may peace reign in Eveningstar in the times ahead." **
** Fildin stands with Ruth and bows low to Tessaril, "Thank you for your hospitality Lady Winter." **
** Ruth returns the wineglass to the butler as she leaves the estate. **
** Fildin returns his glass as well and follows Ruth out. **
Fildin: "So, back to the
Inn first, or do you want to speak with Tsharliira?"
** Joryn rises, gives a bow and follows the others. **
** Joryn shrugs. "Strike while the forge is hot, as they say" **
** Olbernath follows the rest out. **
Ruth: "I should get what information I can before asking Amreth to risk his life. Also, once we have all the information we will be able to make preparations at the
Inn before departing."
(377) Zane: "Very well, let us see what we can find out."
** Ruth leads the way to the east gate until she spots Tsharliira's tower. **
Fildin: (( oops ))
Fildin: "Very well, let us see what we can find out."
(384) DM: The war wizard's tower is a non-descript squat building of unmarked white stone.
(384) DM: A single door can be seen on the north face, marked with presumably Tsharliira's sigil, as well as a brass doorknocker.
Fildin: "Must have been quite a falling out..." he mutters under his breath.
(384) DM: As you approach, a pair of lovely red lips appears on the door.
(384) Mouth: State your names and business, please.
** Fildin stops as soon as the lips appear. **
Ruth: "Ruth, and I wanted to ask Tsharliira about the location of a keep in the King's
(2843) rico (exit): 21:56
(2688) Tarquin (enter): 21:56
(2815) Dj Gilcrease has sent you a tree node...
Fildin: (( see - lovely... same thing ))
(2843) rico (enter): 21:56
Ruth: (A matter of opinion, I assure you.)
(2832) GrimScorpio575: [5d4] -> [1,4,1,1,1] = (8)
Ruth: (Hope that wasn't too important)
(2813) Amreth: ((Cash?))
(2832) GrimScorpio575: (Aye)
(2811) Mouth: Oh? And who might I say is calling?
(2843) rico (exit): 21:58
** Fildin let Ruth take the lead, since this is her family business. **
** Ruth answers calmly, "Ruth." gestures for the others to make their own introductions, if they wish. **
(2846) Khazan (enter): 21:59
(2846) Khazan (exit): 21:59
** Fildin puffs his chest, figuring there is likely a set of magical eyes somewhere. "And I am Fildin Wildstrider." **
(2811) DM: The mouth purses.
(2811) Mouth: "Ruth and Fildin Wildstrider. Very well then. Wait here, please."
(2811) DM: It vanishes in a flash.
(2811) DM: After a few seconds, a door appears where there was none before. Peering inside, you can see a spiral wooden staircase leading up, inside a circular foyer.
(2811) DM: The foyer seems more sizeable on the inside than otherwise.
Fildin: "Oh, that is a very neat trick." Fildin mutters as the door opens up.
** (2842) ticattack looks around the foyer, then enters, slightly warily. **
Ruth: "I take it this is an invitation."
(2811) DM: The mouth reappears on the door.
** Fildin shrugs to Ruth and steps on it, assuming so. **
(2811) Mouth: Yes, my mistress will see you now.
(2688) Tarquin (exit): 22:05
** Ruth leans her head through the doorway and calls curiously, "Greetings, Tsharliira?" **
Fildin: (( *in, not it... ))
(2811) DM: A woman's voice floats down from above. "Up here. Climb the staircase to the second floor and open the red door."
** Ruth takes a look about at the foyer, as she makes her way up the stairs following the invitation. **
** Fildin heads to the stairs and starts to head up, casting a couple quick glances around the foyer. **
** (2842) ticattack follows Ruth, taking in his surroundings carefully. **
** Joryn follows Ruth, taking in his surroundings carefully. **
** Ruth pauses at the landing of the second floor and takes in the decorations once again before heading to the red door. **
(2811) DM: It seems the interior of the tower is larger than the exterior would indicate. The staircase rises about 15' to a landing inside a pale white chamber in which you can see four doors -- blue, black, yellow and red. There seems to be no one about.
** Fildin follows Ruth, alongside Joryn. **
(2811) DM: The blue door suddenly opens and a tall elfwoman in scintillating green robes exits, seemingly irritated when she sees you and stops short.
** Fildin smiles at the elf woman. "Execuse us, we didn't mean to startle you." **
(2811) Tsharliira Tentrees: Beshaba's brats! Who are you and why are you here?
Ruth: "I am Ruth. I thought that the door would have given that away."
** Fildin nods in agreement with Ruth's statement. **
(2811) Tsharliira Tentrees: Oh yes. Well, let's get it on with then. You must be one of Edaeras' relatives. (waves you to the red door)
(2811) Tsharliira Tentrees: I must apologize....I was in the midst of an...um, complex spell when you rang.
Ruth: "Is the relation so apparent, I wonder? Or has someone else been to see you recently?"
Ruth: "I somewhat understand how you feel being interrupted in the middle of something important. I will try to be brief."
** Tsharliira Tentrees walks to the door and opens it, saying as she does so, "That you mentioned 'a keep in the forest' more or less gave it away." **
** Tsharliira Tentrees holds the door open for you. "I can't say you look like him. Not at all." **
** Fildin enters the room behind the red door as the two females talk. **
** Ruth follows the woman into the room. **
(2811) Tsharliira Tentrees: Make yourselves comfortable. There's brandy, coffee and mintwater if you like.
** Joryn waves off the offer of drinks. "I'm fine, thankye" **
(2811) DM: She leads you into an elaborate sitting room, done up in a monochromatic schema. Crimson carpets, deep red leather plush chairs, bright red tablecloth overlaying a mahogany table, scarlet seat cushions.
Ruth: "Thank you, but I will not be long. I presume that you are Tsharliira? I did not suspect that anyone else would be here, but I should be clear. I was told that you knew Edaeras, and might know where exactly the keep he was deeded is at."
(2811) Tsharliira Tentrees: Yes, I know Edaeras. What about him?
(2811) Tsharliira Tentrees: And I know about his keep. (shrugs)
Ruth: "Then, you have not heard the recent news. I suppose it would not be made widely known. He was killed; his keep overrun and retainers slain, he later succumbed to poisoned injuries."
** Ruth finishes her dire explanation grimly. **
(2811) Tsharliira Tentrees: Ah. Well, well. So you want to know where it is because...? (pours herself a glass of brandy)
** Tsharliira Tentrees settles down on a chair and sips, glancing at Ruth speculatively. **
Ruth: "That is what his final will indicates. In which he also demands that any heir of his avenge his murder and reclaim his keep, within 60 days."
(2860) Yume (enter): 22:24
(2811) Tsharliira Tentrees: I see. I think I have a map of it somewhere. I could give it to you I suppose.
(2860) Yume (exit): 22:25
Ruth: "Since he died at least two weeks ago, judging by the date he signed, any time that can be saved looking for it would be appreciated. Is there anything you would like in return?"
(2811) Tsharliira Tentrees: Mm. Well, there IS something. (looks you up and down appraisingly)
** Fildin cocks his head slightly and slightly raises his eyebrow at Tsharliira's comment, expecting another possible adventure. **
(2811) Tsharliira Tentrees: I don't suppose you knew Edaeras well? (sips)
** Ruth sits down and lets Ms. Tentrees explain. **
** Joryn moves his jaw slightly in mild annoyance. "Why'd she have to offer?", he thinks. **
(2811) Tsharliira Tentrees: I thought not.
Ruth: "Not particularly so, no. He was my uncle, and I did not see or hear much of him."
(2811) Tsharliira Tentrees: Your uncle and I were on better terms at one point. He was my mentor.
(2811) Tsharliira Tentrees: We had a falling out. We haven't spoken in years.
** Ruth nods, "I had been told only that much, recently. Do go on." **
** Tsharliira Tentrees shrugs. "It had to do with the Haunted Halls." **
(2811) Tsharliira Tentrees: The Haunted Halls of Eveningstar...a rather famous, or should I say, infamous dungeon near this village. Your uncle was convinced he had discovered the location of a great treasure. I thought he was mad and less interested in the welfare of this village.
** Joryn interrupts. "The Haunted Halls? I'm not familiar with the place..." **
(2868) Tima (enter): 22:33
(2811) Tsharliira Tentrees: He insisted on exploring it and delving within. I wanted nothing to do with his endeavor. My loyalty is to the Crown, as a War Wizard.
(2811) Tsharliira Tentrees: The rest as they say, is history.
Joryn: "Was he right? He obviously came back, but did he come back with the treasure he sought?"
(2811) Tsharliira Tentrees: If I give this map to you, I would like you to see whether the seals that were put into place in the Halls were broken, and if so, report to me. The Halls was once a dvergr stronghold. When this village was founded, many battles were fought to contain the dark dwarves and to close off their caverns.
(2811) Tsharliira Tentrees: I don't know. I only know that we broke off relations after our last discussion.
** Ruth nods knowingly, "Ah, an age old tale. Duty versus greed." **
(2868) Tima (exit): 22:37
(2871) DiXiE (enter): 22:37
Ruth: "Hmm, I presume you know where these halls are located still. It cannot take longer to check on the halls than it would to find a modest keep in 100 square miles of woodlands."
(2811) Tsharliira Tentrees: Yes, quite.
** Joryn opens his mouth to comment on Edaeras' obvious failure in that struggle, but decides against it. **
(2871) DiXiE (exit): 22:39
Fildin: "Where are the seals in the halls? Since if they were on the outside it would be a simple matter to check."
(2811) Tsharliira Tentrees: Well, I'll provide directions to both. Though you should consider that delving into the Halls may be perilous. I shall leave this up to you.
(2811) Tsharliira Tentrees: The Halls were a multi-floored affair. It would be deep within the structure.
(2811) Tsharliira Tentrees: I just need you to investigate the topmost level. Of course, any treasure you find within is yours to keep.
** Fildin's eyes instinctively light up at the mention of treasure. **
Ruth: "It sounds like the halls have quite a story behind them as well."
(2811) Tsharliira Tentrees: Ays, they do.
Ruth: "I am convinced. If there are no objections, I agree to investigate the seals in the Haunted Halls for you, and for the safety and well-being of Eveningstar and abroad."
Fildin: "For an adventure like this? Count me in as well."
** Joryn nods. "Very well. I will go." **
(2811) Tsharliira Tentrees: Long ago, the Halls were built by dvergr for a human bandit lord named Rivior. Rivior died some two hundred winters ago when Enchara, Warrior-Queen of Esparin, knowing Rivior's band to be short of food, tricked them out into the winter snows with a false caravan and slew the bandits to the last man.
(2874) Ratava (enter): 22:46
Ruth: "A shrewd ploy."
(2811) Tsharliira Tentrees: The deserted hold soon became home to monsters and was often visited by adventurers. And then the dvergr returned. We cleared them out but not without cost, and sealed off the deep ways into the interior of the Halls.
(2874) Ratava (exit): 22:47
(2811) Tsharliira Tentrees: If Edaeras was true to his word, he may have broken the seals. He had his own reasons but never disclosed them to me. (sips)
(2811) DM: Now then, let me look for those maps. I shall return.
(2811) DM: (oops lol)
Joryn: ((AFK a few))
** Fildin turns to Ruth and Joryn, "So, it appears like we have gotten a couple jobs lined up now. We just might become a famous adventuring band after all." Fildin gives them both a big smile as he starts to daydream, accompanied with a peppy tune that he hums. **
** Tsharliira Tentrees returns presently. "Here you go." (gives two map cases to Ruth) **
(2876) Enthalpy (enter): 22:56
** Ruth takes the two map cases, "Thank you, we will be staying at Mynamere's Inn tonight, traveling in the morn, if you want to contact us." **
(2876) Enthalpy (exit): 22:58
(2811) Tsharliira Tentrees: Remember this. The Halls lie three miles to the north of Eveningstar, but nearby is Rivior's first home, a place known to us as "The Killing Keep". The Keep is not the Halls, though many think it so.
(2811) Tsharliira Tentrees: The Keep is so named because it remains a place that traps the unwary, attested to by the many corpses of foolish adventurers who delved unknowingly into it without proper precautions.
** Ruth stands up, preparing to leave, "We will be cautious, thank you for the warning. If there is nothing else to add, I should go so you can return to your activity." **
** Ruth uses her best disarming smile, "Thank you for putting up with our interruption." **
** Fildin smiles as well to Tsharliira, expecting that she is finished with them. **
** Tsharliira Tentrees nods absently, sipping the remainder of her brandy. **
(2811) DM: You leave the tower...
** Ruth lets herself out, and returns to the inn, planning as she goes. **
(2811) DM: ...and almost immediately bump into a wandering halfling who doesn't seem to watch where she's going.
** Fildin follows Ruth out. **
Fildin: "Our.. our pardons madam." she says to the halfling.
(2832) GrimScorpio575: Kalla stands just under three feet tall, clad in a rather shabby leather armor suit with a quarterstaff in hand. She mutters quietly to herself as she pushes herself out of the dirt and looks up at those she bumped into.
** Ruth stumbles as she misses noticing the halfling and apologizes in profuse embarassment, "I am so sorry." **
(2832) Kalla: "Um, pardon me!... Can you tell me where Lluirwood is?" She blinks brown eyes at them and shifts slightly on her feet.
Fildin: "Well..." Fildin thinks for a moment.
Fildin: Knowledge (geography): [1d20+1] -> [18,1] = (19)
(2880) Kyo Kusanagi (enter): 23:09
(2880) Kyo Kusanagi (exit): 23:09
(2880) Kyo Kusanagi (enter): 23:09
** Ruth offers a hand to help her up, "Um, Lerwood?" **
(2880) Kyo Kusanagi (exit): 23:09
Joryn: ((Back))
(2832) Kalla: Waves a hand at Ruth's hand and instead pushes herself up on her quarterstaff, "Thank you, thank you. I'm alright." The halfling beams a smile at Ruth, tanned skin wrinkling around her eyes.
(2832) Kalla: "Lluirwood! Lluiren, maybe? I need to get home," she says, sighing in exasperation.
Ruth: "Oh, Lluirwood. Um, not exactly, sorry again."
Fildin: "I'm sure I've heard of it..." Fildin seems to be close to recalling something.
(2832) Kalla: "Well, if you don't know. Can you point me to a temple of Yondalla? I haven't been to services in a while."
Ruth: "Cannot say I have seen one of those around here either. We are on our way to the inn of this little town, maybe another traveler there knows the way."
Fildin: "Lluiren.. of yes. It is quite a distance in that direction," he says, pointing to the west, and somewhat south. "As far as any temples for Yondalla, I have not seen any outside Arabel in this area."
Fildin: (( *oh yes... not of yes. ))
Ruth: "Though, how did you get here if you do not know how to get back home?"
(2832) Kalla: She absently reaches to a symbol dangling around her neck, a round wooden disc with something carved on it. "Well.. wait.." She sighs and shakes her head. "We got ambushed by the Yuan-ti. Normally we'd have kicked their scaley behinds straight back to their hidey-holes, but we were so weak from the tigers. Me and my folks escaped from the Zhents that bought us."
(2832) Kalla: The halfling points her staff at Ruth and says, "We killed three of those slavers. That'll teach 'em not to take a Strongheart out of their home."
** Ruth looks around for any others, "So, where are they now?" **
** Joryn raises a brow and stares at the halfling. "Slavers? Where?" **
Fildin: "Wow, that is quite a tale."
(2832) Kalla: "Well it was me and two others. Poor Marrin got stabbed real bad and died as I carried her off into the forest. Kullic, Green Fields take him, stood and fought those Zhents off for me to escape with Marrin. I waited for him.. but I don't know what happened to him."
(2832) Kalla: She leans heavily on the staff and crosses one leg over the other, shaking her head slightly. "I don't know where the slavers are now. I've been wandering around for close to three weeks out here."
(2832) Kalla: She nods at Fildin and smiles, "It'll make a fine tale when I can finally get home. Though, I think its not quite over yet if I have such a long ways to go to get home."
Fildin: "Well, no more wandering tonight. Even we halfings need to rest from moving too much. Come to the Inn, eat something and rest at least. You deserve it."
** Ruth turns around, eys misting, correcting quietly "No, that is quite a tale." before asking louder, "You really ought to head to Inn for at least tonight. Come along we can talk as we go." **
(2832) Kalla: She rubs her chin for a moment and nods at the halfling. "Sounds good. I'm getting tired of eatting roots and berries. Need some meat! Oh! I'm Kalla StoutBriar. Priestess of Yondalla and midwife by trade."
(2757) Ra'arrne (enter): 23:22
(2757) Ra'arrne (exit): 23:22
(2832) Kalla: Kalla falls into step alongside the rest of them, curiously peering off into the forests at various intervals. "So what are you all doin' out here?"
Fildin: "Fildin Wildstrider, pleased to make your aquaintance Kalla. I haven't many halflings around these parts, much less those of your lineage."
(2832) Kalla: "Oh, thats too bad. I know we don't leave our forests unless.. well some have wanderlust after awhile." She smiles and nods at Fildin, walking beside him. Rummaging through a pouch, she pulls out a few red berries. "Want some berries?"
Ruth: "And I am Ruth Numsroth. If a raven starts talking to you it is probably Abarma."
(2832) Kalla: "A raven? What's a raven?"
** Fildin glances off into the wild when he notices Kalla doing the same, but quickly realizes that she is probably just being wary. **
Ruth: "As for what we are doing out here, just visiting an old acquaintance you could say. All in all it is shaping up to be quite a story itself."
Ruth: "A black bird. A bit smaller than yourself. No need to worry about it, I suppose."
** Fildin accepts a few of the offered berries with a gracious smile and a nod. **
** Joryn glances at Fildin taking food from an utter stranger and frowns slightly, but says nothing. **
(2832) Kalla: "That's good. We have cragger birds. They can snatch up a full-grown halfling if you're not payin' attention. Shame what happened to Luili, last season. Cragger bird picked her clean up off the ground and dashed her on some rocks. Least we got her body before it could start pickin' her apart." She absently pops a few of the berries in her mouth and chews contentedly.
** Fildin tries a couple of the berries as they all walk to the Inn. **
(2832) Kalla: (They'd be sweet berries, gathered for nourishment out in the forest)
(2832) Kalla: (not sure how to find the alias of a user, don't think there'd be a name she'd know. make one up. :) )
Fildin: "Very delicious, thank you."
(2886) Seraphim (enter): 23:32
(2832) Kalla: "Welcome. I've been eattin' these things for about two weeks now. No meat 'cept that little furry critter I clipped with a rock." She uses the quarterstaff as a walking stick.
Ruth: "Ah, here it is. Only inn in town, I believe."
** Ruth leads them into Mynamere's. **
(2811) DM: (everyone's here then)
Ruth: (Aye)
(2832) Kalla: Kalla walks into the inn and looks around. She thumps her quarterstaff on the floor twice and looks over at the innkeeper. "Got any meat? I want it hot. And I want a roast of it. Yuh can go ahead and charge me for these kind folks' dinner too."
(2832) Kalla: (Aye)
** (2813) Amreth sits reclining in a chair tilted back on two legs, feet propped on a table littered with broken crabshell, a pewter goblet of wine in one hand, and a smoking pipe in the other; he offers a bleary-eyed smile as you enter, raising his goblet in toast, "Well, well, done nosing the powdered asses of the nobility for the evening?" **
** Fildin directs Kalla through the door and makes sure some decent food and drink is ordered. **
Fildin: (( never mind, she got it already... stupid lag... ))
(2886) Seraphim (exit): 23:36
Fildin: "Yes Amreth, and if your interested, we have some news. But it is Ruth's tale to tell."
** Ruth smiles at Amreth's greeting and walks over to his table, "I see you are in high spirits. We actually have some news." **
** (2813) Amreth gestures to the nearly empty bottle of wine on the table lear the littering of crab steamed carcasses, "By all means, help yourself to what's left and speak of it then." **
(2832) Kalla: Kalla pulls out a chair and sits down at the table, patiently waiting for her dinner. She rubs the wooden disc on the cord that is around her neck almost absently as she studies those around her.
** Ruth sits down and begins to 'explain' to Amreth. **
(2887) Seraphim (enter): 23:40
(2888) jason (enter): 23:40
Ruth: "First, there is some bad news; my uncle has passed away."
(2888) jason (exit): 23:41
** (2813) Amreth tips the goblet back, draining it of its contents before setting it down on the table as he drops his feet to the floor, "Tragic. Sorry to hear it." **
** (2813) Amreth sits back in the chair again, placing the pipe stem between firmly his teeth, and grabbing the bottle with his free hand to pour himself another half glass. **
Ruth: "However, he has included me in his will. He was in charge of a modest keep near the King's Forest. Overseeing a hundred square miles."
(2811) DM: Waitresses come out bearing a platter of roast boar, a dish of potato and leek gratin and a heaping bowl of salad, placing it on your table.
(2813) Amreth: "Ah, so now you've been entrusted with holdings of your own, well, of the king's, it's not truly yours if one has to pay duties to the crown, and you most certainly will."
(2832) Kalla: Kalla reaches over and grabs the edge of the platter, sliding it in front of her. Ripping a hunk off, she begins shoveling food in her mouth in a less-than-graceful manner.
** Fildin takes a spot up against a wall, starting to feel off with such a long time without music. So, he pulls out his longhorn and starts playing a calm tune that seems to float into the background of the discussions and eating, but if one concentrates - it is easily audible. **
Ruth: "I will not know the specifics until we arrive at his keep, but I would like you to come with us."
** (2813) Amreth cocks a brow at the newest arrival, Kalla, then back to Ruth, "Yes, and?" **
(2832) Kalla: Kalla's Description: Kalla is a rather stalwart looking halfling clad in a semi-ragged leather armor. It appears that the leather is made not from normal cow-hide, but from some other hide. She bears a quarterstaff that doubles from a walking stick to a weapon. A wooden disc that dangles around her neck has a cornucopia carved on it. She has shoulder-length brown hair that is tied back into a pony-tail with her sling and soft, brown eyes.
(2832) Kalla: Kalla's Description: Kalla is a rather stalwart looking halfling clad in a semi-ragged leather armor. It appears that the leather is made not from normal cow-hide, but from some other hide. She bears a quarterstaff that doubles from a walking stick to a weapon. A wooden disc that dangles around her neck has a cornucopia carved on it. She has shoulder-length brown hair that is tied back into a pony-tail with her sling and soft, brown eyes.
(2832) Kalla: (oops)
Ruth: "I have already obtained maps to it, and another site of potential interest."
(2832) Kalla: (Sorry about that)
Ruth: "You were quite impressive during our investigation of the mystery of the sea hag, you know."
(2813) Amreth: "Yes, yes I was, wasn't I?"
Ruth: "you were. I would feel much safer if you were with us."
(2887) Seraphim (exit): 23:48
(2813) Amreth: "Right, so you get your lands, and, whatever else you may find within your uncle's estate. What's in it for me?"
(2832) Kalla: "You're full of yourself, ain'tcha." Kalla grins and tosses a piece of gristle at the reclining elf that she bypassed in favor of something more savory.
** Fildin picks up the tempo slightly, bringing in tunes that make the observent listener feel that there is something unknown just around the next corner; not scary, just unknown. **
(2832) Kalla: (I think he's an elf anyways)
** (2813) Amreth smiles at the hin, "No, not at all." **
** Ruth sighs wistfully, "If you do not want to stay with us in a long-term manner, there is, I am sure, plenty of money to pay you for your service." **
(2832) Kalla: Kalla burps loudly and thumps at her chest. She swallows hard and resumes gorging on the platter of meat in front of her until about half of it is gone.
** Fildin finally brings the song to a close, and he lets the last note fade out ever so gently that one would have to double check to see if the note was still there or not. **
** (2813) Amreth cocks a brow at the hin, and clears his throat, glancing back to Ruth, "I'm quite happy to the idea of term employment, as a matter of fact." **
Ruth: "However, you are quite savvy. You know a keep does not run itself. You would be invaluable in maintaining its prosperity; that too is worth further reward.
** Fildin returns his longhorn to its place and moves to the table to get something to eat himself. **
(2832) Kalla: "Hey, Fildin. Ya hungry? Better get your grub while you can. Everyone! Eat! Eat! I'm payin'."
(2811) DM: People in the inn applaud appreciatively at your performance. (25 xp.)
** Fildin bows slightly to the audience and gets some of the food offered. "Thanks Kalla, this is better than those nuts we had last night." **
** (2813) Amreth sighs, considering her words a moment, curious at her tone, but unable to clean anything meangiful from it, "Uhh, right. Let's just keep this simple for us common folk. Name a figure, and let's be done it." **
(2832) Kalla: "Nuts'r good," Kalla says through a mouthful of meat. "Love me some meat though. You ever have tiger? Its great if you cut it right. If'n you don't then it just is all gamey and stringy. S'no good. They have tigers around here? I could kill one and cook'er up."
Fildin: "Tiger? Can't say I have had it, and haven't seen any either."
Ruth: "Well, companion, since we are all friends here, how about this. Equal shares. It is not the money that I personally go for, after all. It is my responsibility."
(2832) Kalla: "S'too bad," Kalla says, motioning towards him with a leg of boar. "You gotta kill 'em by hand if you want to use their coats after. We use -every- part of the animal so not a bit goes to waste. I used to have a bunch of nice bone-carvings we traded to the marines.. mariners!.. that used to visit the village."
** Ruth scoots a bit closer to the irritatingly dense Amreth. **
Fildin: "Hmm, if I ever have the chance, I will have to try it then. What was your village like?"
** (2813) Amreth nods, "But it is not mine. What, exactly, will there be an equal share of, precicely? The estate itself is meaningless to me, as all land belongs to the sovereign, as do all buildings and the people therein. Such is the way with kings and kingdoms. So, what then?" **
(2832) Kalla: "Well, it was a lot of things. We lived in half-burrows and huts. But we pulled down some trees around it and built a huge stockade fence to keep the critters out. The critters and those snakes. Everyone has a job they do. Everyone pulls their weight. Even the kids go out and tend to the gardens until they are old enough to go on their first hunt. We have a lot of metal weapons that we got from tradin' around with dwarves."
** Ruth sighs, "My uncle was a wizard, an explorer, possibly archeologist, on his own. He had only recently come into his holdings. Actually, this brings me around to something else quite handily." **
** Ruth lays the two map cases on the table, clearing some room for them. **
Fildin: "Oh yes, we all had different jobs in my clans caravan as well, but obviously no huts. I guess I can't imagine what it would be like having the same scene around you everyday." Fildin's voice takes a very interested tone, without a hint of condensending about the different way of life.
Ruth: "One such endeavor was into the whereabouts of a treasure of some kind. It is known that there was a dispute with a studen of his over my uncle seeking it; in the end that student left him."
Fildin: (( brb - smoke break ))
Ruth: "I have every reason to believe Edaeras went ahead with his exploration, in which case he has left quite a bit of tangible wealth aside from the crown's lands."
** Fildin digs into the food, determined to get his fill before they take off yet again. **
(2832) Kalla: "Nice to have a place to kick your feet up after you just got done killin' out a nest'a Yuan-ti, ya realize. About the extent of our journeying is to each others villages for the yearly games." Kalla lets out a satisfied belch and walks over to the innkeeper, rapping her quarterstaff against the base of the counter. "Wha'do I owe ye?"
Ruth: "Even so, I have also a map to the "Haunted Halls" where he believed this treasure to be."
** (2813) Amreth takes a sip of his wine, and glances down at the maps, "A treasure of 'some kind.' That possibly doesn't exist. And the possibility of monetary inheritance, of which you're not certain of either." **
Ruth: "As I said, it was in fact only six years ago that he obtained the deed to the keep. He earned it somehow; bought it most likely."
Fildin: (( back ))
(2813) Amreth: "I must confess, beyond generalities, I have no clue as to how the system works, nor do I care, honestly. Perhaps he did buy it, perhaps he did have some measure of wealth. What of the nature of these "Haunted Halls" do you know? And what of your uncle's keep? From what I understand of this region of Cormyr, it is relatively safe for travel. So why do you need me?"
(2811) TaliesinNYC: (we're stopping in 15 minutes, technically we go till 1 am but I have something I want to discuss OOC)
(2832) Kalla: (NP)
Ruth: "I must confess then."
** Ruth hunches down to look up at Amreth with tearing eyes, "If I am to be the lady of the keep... it will be dreadfully lonely with no one around to help take care of the lordly duties." **
** Fildin looks over at Ruth, curious as to what else she has been hiding. **
** Fildin tries to hide a smirk, and goes back to his conversation with Kalla. **
** (2813) Amreth arches a brow at her, and tips his goblet back once more, emptying it before setting it back down onto the table, "Well, then." **
(2813) Amreth: "When do we leave?"
Ruth: "In the morning, if we can get prepared by tonight."
** Fildin slips a hand into a pocket, to check on something then finishes eating his fill, pleased to have a good meal in him again. **
(2893) Telgore (enter): 00:21
** (2813) Amreth nods in agreement, "Sounds good to me. And now that that's done with. Perhaps we can finalize the arrangement for payment now?" **
** Ruth finally starts eating now that they're planning, "You mean a charter?" **
(2813) Amreth: "I mean my compensation for the risking my neck in this endeavor to secure your lands."
Ruth: "Perhaps we should head upstairs to hammer out the deal then. How much would you like, at least?"
(2832) Kalla: Kalla stretches. "Well! I'm going to sleep. I'll be in the closest tree to the inn. G'nite!" With that, she walks from the inn and climbs the nearest tree, nestling herself in a fork of a branch.
** (2813) Amreth tucks his newly squired pipe into an interior vest pocket, and gestures towards the stairs, "That all depends in the degree of risk I'll be taking. Shall we?" **
(2832) Kalla: (Beware the snoring tree)
(2811) DM: (and on that note, we'll stop. next session will begin the morning after)
(2811) DM: (you can continue this negotiation thing on the boards. and please, use the boards.)
Ruth: (Fearsome words, those)
** Fildin remains downstairs, retrieving his longhorn and playing a few select tunes for those customers that are still there. **
(2814) Donovan: (Sorry, DJ, we'll get to you soon.)
(2811) TaliesinNYC: I'll assign Grim to the Tolmara group on the boards
(2813) Amreth: Happy to.
Fildin: (( doh, too slow. ))
(2832) Kalla: Aight, I'll go register
(2811) TaliesinNYC: heh
(2811) TaliesinNYC: they'll run into DJ eventually
(2811) TaliesinNYC: now, what I want to discuss
(2811) TaliesinNYC: this game will NOT be epic
(2811) TaliesinNYC: BUT
(2811) TaliesinNYC: there's a reason why I start in 1348 and not the current game year which is 1370 I think

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