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(384) DM: (does anyone need a recap?)
(360) Amreth: Yupyup.
(354) Dj Gilcrease has sent you a tree node...
Fildin: (( got the name difference. ))
(384) DM: (you've returned from Moon Island Atoll, discovered that the party has received a summons to see Lady Winter at their convenience, gotten a priest to help cure Garun and Fildin and are in the process of wrapping up your first adventure)
** (360) Amreth collapses into his bed in his room, after scrubbing the grit and grime from his leathers, and oiling his weapons, to wait and rest while the scalding water for his bath, and crabs for his meal are boiled. **
** Fildin accepts the priest's healing and sends the man off after paying him. Fildin then seems to have the spring returned to his step one again. **
Fildin: "So," Fildin says to those that remained in the 'haunted room', "shall we pay our respects to the lady of Eveningstar? It would not be polite to make her wait longer than necessary."
Ruth: "Certainly true. Assuming you do not mind leaving Amreth resting potentially."
(386) Olbernath: (sorry, just got back.)
** (386) Olbernath nods, "Aye, seems a good idea ta wrap up this business." **
** Fildin glances at the direction of Armeth's room. "I guess maybe we should wait, although I am still unsure about him. Maybe I just have not gotten to know him well enough in this small time yet." **
Ruth: "He seems capable enough, and has a good sense of caution, if not too much."
(386) Olbernath: "I don' think he'll shed any tears fer missin' a meetin' with tha Lady."
Fildin: "I will go see if he wishes to go, then we will meet the Lady Winter."
** (386) Olbernath smiles, "Aye, as ye wish." **
** Fildin heads out to Amreth's room to check with the man. If he is awake, Fildin asks if he is joining them. If not, Fildin will leave him to rest. **
** (360) Amreth is stretched out along the length of his bed, eyes shut and humming a soft but chipper tune to himself, garbed in little more than a losely tied loin cloth, "Enjoy your evening of being talked at and down to." **
Fildin: "Very well." Fildin replies and returns to collect the others. "Is everyone ready?"
** Ruth stands up as Fildin returns, "Clean, dry, and ready, yes." **
(386) Olbernath: "Aye, a little magic does wonders ta get tha salt an' sand out o' yer clothes."
(386) Olbernath: "I'm 'bout as presentable as I'm likely ta get. Let's shake a leg!"
Fildin: "Then let's go, it would not be wise to make the Lady wait any longer than we need." he responds with a sly smile as he turns to head downstairs on to the arranged meeting.
** Ruth follows Fildin out of the room, trying to seem less important in preparation for the meeting. **
** (386) Olbernath follows Ruth and Fildin, trying to flatten his wild red hair, which has apparently been unaffected by his magic. **
** Fildin leads the way downstairs to Mynomere, looking for the escorts that she previously mentioned. **
(384) DM: You make your way to Lady Winter's estate, situated in the northeast section of the village. (See map above.) Her estate is notable since it is not fenced off from the rest of the village and also for the large amount of winged cats that prowl the grounds.
(384) DM: You are escorted by a pair of Purple Dragons, as the local militia of Cormyr is known.
(384) Ceridyn: So, who amongst you is Ruth, of House Numsroth?
Fildin: "Oh, magnificent animals. Such grace and beauty in their flight." Fildin can't help but take out his longhorn and place a quick tune that seems inspired by the winged cats, a very light but quick tune that seems to match the flights perfectly.
** Ruth sighs almost silently then answers from the rear of the group, "I am she." **
** Fildin steps aside to present Ruth, not that she couldn't be seen above him anyway. **
** (360) Amreth cracks an eye, and gives the door a sidelong glance, frowning. **
(386) Olbernath: "Aye, I agree, Fildin. Spectacular."
** Ceridyn brightens and relaxes a bit. "We are commanded by Lady Winter to bring you and your companions to her estate, to hear the last will of your uncle." **
Fildin: "Oh, that is what it meant. I'm sorry Rus.. Ruth."
(384) Ceridyn: I have relayed news of your bringing the murderer of the priest of Mystra to justice to the good Lady. She will be most pleased with you.
** (360) Amreth jerks himself up into a sitting position, stands up with a grunt, and tugs on his breeches, then his boots, sitting down to buckle them tight, before slipping on his lose white cotton shirt, and making for the door. **
** (386) Olbernath arches a surprised eyebrow in Fildin's direction. **
** Ruth pales at the news, "My uncle? I will have to hear what has happened. As well as his will. I am ready to proceed." **
(384) DM: (these conversations took place on or before leaving the inn)
Vadania: (( FAK for a min ))
Vadania: (( *AFK that is ))
** Fildin remains silent while Ruth and the strange man converse for a few moments. **
** (360) Amreth shuts the door behind him, locks it with his key, and heads quietly down into the common room to check on the preparations for his bath, and to order a bottle of the wine he had before with Garun. **
(384) Ceridyn: When you are ready, m'lady. (waits patiently)
** (386) Olbernath clears his throat, and speaks to Ruth, tilting his head away as if ready to leave her, "Perhaps ye'll want ta handle this on yer own..." **
(384) Ceridyn: You may want to read this. (fishes a scroll out of his pack and hands it to Ruth)
** Ruth answers Ceridyn quickly, "i am prepared to go at once." :turning to Olbernath: "You are invited as well. Lady Winter also wishes to see my companions, after all." **
Vadania: (( back ))
** (386) Olbernath nods and shrugs. **
** Ruth accepts the scroll and unseals it before unrolling it carefully. She reads in silence for a moment. **
** Fildin nods to Ruth in support, and prepares to follow along to the meeting. **
** (386) Olbernath trails behind Ruth, at some point whispering to Fildin, "An' here I thought we was ta be congratulated on our deeds... though I don' know how she nor anyone else could know 'bout 'em so soon... " **
** (386) Olbernath chuckles, "Bah, I don' even really know what deeds we accomplished." **
Fildin: "Well, we were gone overnight, so people might have assumed that we must have been all working together. And when we started to return - it would be a safe assumption that we had completed our task."
** (386) Olbernath smirks, "Aye... well, that's quite an assumption. I ain' never heard o' folks bein' thanked by tha local nobles fer vanishin' overnight." **
** Fildin shrugs, "Must have been my wishful thinking that adventuring success would have been so easy." **
** (386) Olbernath to Fildin, "Depends on how ye describe success.
We made a fair bit o' coin. More than I think ye could o' brought in with yer horn." **

(386) Olbernath: "An' it's quite a tale, whether we're thanked er no."
** Ruth explains the scroll on the trip. **
Fildin: "That is for sure, but this wealth should be but a drop in the bucket I expect to find eventually."
(384) DM: ((stepping out to put the clothes in the dryer. brb))
Ruth: "It is a notice regarding my family estates. Since my uncle Edaeras has passed, the title of the Numsroth estate falls to an heir who claims it providing they meet conditions outlined in his will. If no one comes forward within two weeks the estates will escheat to the Crown and all future claims are null and void. Even should a claim be made, I am also informed, the conditions of Edaeras's will must be met within thirty days."
Fildin: "Oh, family business. I understand how that can be sometimes. If I may ask, what do you want to do?"
** (386) Olbernath snorts, and mutters to himself, "I'd rather inherit the slimy shivers than *my* families business." **
** Ruth seems resolute and grim regarding the issue, "Right now I want to find out how my uncle has died and who, if anyone, is planning to take over as 'Lord Numsroth'. Honestly, I thought I would have more time, but I always knew family matters would come up. If no one else will or can, I know my duty." **
(384) Gareth: Lady Winter will explain the terms of the will to you at her estate.
Ruth: "I understand."
** Fildin actually manages to avoid playing any music on the walk to the estate, due to the reason of the visit. However, the sight of the winged cats is to much for Fildin, and he plays a tune for them. **
** (386) Olbernath occupies himself with skillfully shuffling a deck of Talis cards while he listens. **
 ** Fildin remains back a little, letting Ruth take the lead since they are there due to her and her family. **
(384) Tessaril Winter, of Eveningstar: Welcome to my estate. Please, make yourselves at home.
** Fildin bows low to Tessaril, "Thank you Lady Winter. Magnificent creatures you have outside." **
(384) Tessaril Winter, of Eveningstar: Ah, the tressym. They have been here for far longer than we have.
** (386) Olbernath follows Fildin's lead, having had no previous experience in dealing with Nobles (none ever stayed at the family Inn) **
(384) Tessaril Winter, of Eveningstar: Some say that they are born of the People, of elder Myth Drannor.
(384) Tessaril Winter, of Eveningstar: Nevertheless, they are part of our land and make this village what it is.
** Ruth curtsies courteously, "Thank you. For your hospitality as well as the expediency of the news." **
Fildin: "Most intriguing, I have not studied much of them in particular, although I recall passing references. But I am sending us off topic, for as amazing as they are, they are not why we are here." With that he gives Ruth a slight nudge.
Fildin: (( ok, remove the nudge to Ruth.... ))
(384) Tessaril Winter, of Eveningstar: Yes. (smiles) You're wondering why you're here. Please, be seated.
(384) DM: A butler enters the sitting room carrying a tray of refreshments.
** Ruth seats herself at the Lady's request, "I was told you have been made aware of the events that transpired at Mynamere's Inn recently, as well." **
(384) Tessaril Winter, of Eveningstar: Zzar and wine if you wish, along with tea cakes and scones.
** (386) Olbernath smiles, hungrily eyeing the free food. **
** Fildin takes a seat, and then takes the offered drink and snack. **
(384) Tessaril Winter, of Eveningstar: Yes. (smiles gently) It is not often that excitement occurs here in our sleepy village, and for this I thank you.
** Ruth takes a glass of wine and sips before continuing, "We can answer any questions you may have been left regarding that matter. The matter of Edaeras's will can be given full attention afterwards." **
(384) Tessaril Winter, of Eveningstar: First and foremost, do you have a name for yourselves?
** (386) Olbernath takes several cakes and scones in one arm, and pourds himself some wine with the other. He takes a seat and munches and slurps through the refreshments. **
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (391) ticattack...
** Fildin looks at Lady Winter unexpectedly. "Well, we all only just met. I mean, I do not know if our little group will even remain working together or not, although it would be nice." **
** (386) Olbernath raises an eyebrow, and speaks through a mouthful of cake, "Well, me name's Olbernath Barrelstone..." **
(384) Tessaril Winter, of Eveningstar: I see. I thought you were an established group.
(386) Olbernath: "An' tha others all have their own names."
** (386) Olbernath shakes his head, "Nay, we only jes' met yesterday." **
** Tessaril Winter, of Eveningstar strokes her chin. "It is a law of this land that all adventuring groups shall have a charter, issued to them by the Crown. But I am getting ahead of myself..." **
** (386) Olbernath smiles, and returns to his eating, leaving the others to finish explaining. **
Fildin: "Alas no, it was merly yet another allience created on Shieldmeet." he responds with a smile.
(384) Tessaril Winter, of Eveningstar: So, tell me, who murdered the priest and why?
** Ruth answers as Tessaril muses at length, "We have not begun drawing up a charter as of yet, unfortunately no. I only happened to be investigating rumors I heard about the inn. I imagine others had their own reasons for being there. I suppose we are getting ahead." **
** Fildin looks to Olbernath, since he was put in charge of that investigation, to see if he wants to answer. **
** (386) Olbernath motions to Fildin with his chin when the Lady requests the story behind the murder, his mouth ful.

(384) Tessaril Winter, of Eveningstar: And introduce yourselves if you do not mind.
** Fildin smiles at the gnome and answers. **
Ruth: "Of course. As you may have been informed, I am Ruth of the Numsroth House."
Fildin: "Lady Winter, I am known as Fildin Wildstrider. I was with Olbernath Barrelstone when he was placed in charge of the murder investigation. It turns out that a sea hag was the one that killed the cleric, although she attacked us before we could ask her why."
** (386) Olbernath makes a dagger motion to Fildin. **
Fildin: "Oh yes, the dagger. It is likely that the hag was after a dagger. The Dagger of the Leviathan I believe it was called."
(384) Tessaril Winter, of Eveningstar: Most interesting. Please continue.
(384) Tessaril Winter, of Eveningstar: And where is this dagger now?
** (386) Olbernath nods, stuffing another scone into his mouth. **
Fildin: "Right now? I would guess that Amreth still has it. Amreth is another that travelled with us. He was worn out from the fight, as he was the one that finnaly struck her down and is resting currently."
** Ruth sips her wine quietly letting Fildin tell the tale, knowing she could not resist little alterations herself. **
** Fildin sips some wine after speaking, awaiting any other questions the Lady has. **
Ruth: "Is there aught else which is tugging at your curiosity?"
(384) Tessaril Winter, of Eveningstar: No, not at the moment. (thinks) I may have some work for you along this line at a later date, when you have proved yourselves in other ways. I understand that a pirate named Nbod was involved, according to your tale.
(384) Tessaril Winter, of Eveningstar: I have one thing to check on, to determine its veracity. This is a ways away.
Fildin: "Well, not in person - but as I am sure you are aware, the 'haunted room' where the murder took place is tied to him."
(384) Tessaril Winter, of Eveningstar: Yes, I've heard tales. Hopefully now that the hauntings will cease. Myanamere isn't getting any younger, you know.
(384) Tessaril Winter, of Eveningstar: And now to the heart of why you are here.
Fildin: "I have every reason to believe that they will. Of course, that means one less interesting aspect to this town, but I doubt that a haunted room at the inn was truely worth it."
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(384) Tessaril Winter, of Eveningstar: Your uncle's body was brought into town by a group of merchants who discovered it along the road west of Arabel. He apparently died from an arrow wound. The only possessions on his person were a dagger, a pouch with twenty golden lions, a pen, an empty ink pot and an old bill of sale.
(384) Tessaril Winter, of Eveningstar: The merchants found his body sitting against a large rock, where he apparently wrote out his will on the back of the bill of sale. When he ran out of ink, he finished it with his own blood. That makes it a holographic will, one written entirely in the handwriting of the deceased, and it is legally acceptable even though it is not witnessed.
(414) ticattack (enter): 23:37
(384) Tessaril Winter, of Eveningstar: The will's conditions are somewhat unusual, but they are legally binding on the heirs of the estate. If the conditions are not fulfilled, the keep and all its possessions become forfeit to the Crown of Cormyr. You have only thirty days from this day before I must make my final judgment on the estate. I will now read the will. Please listen carefully to ensure you understand what must be done.
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (414) ticattack...
(384) Tessaril Winter, of Eveningstar: LAST WILL OF EDAERAS NUMSROTH
(384) Tessaril Winter, of Eveningstar: I, Edaeras Numsroth, lie dying from a foul arrow. Invaders came in the night, assaulted my keep by surprise, and killed all my retainers. These monsters were similar to orcs, but fought more fiercely and had in their service a large red-eyed beast that threw my men-at-arms about like toys.
(384) Tessaril Winter, of Eveningstar: I barely got our of my secret door but not before one of the creatures shot me in the back.
(384) Tessaril Winter, of Eveningstar: I leave all my property, both real and personal to any living heir who avenges me by ridding my wonderful home of these foul creatures no later than sixty days after my death. It is my direction that this be done without help from any but his or her closest companions, so that my heir may prove worthy of the treasure I leave behind and which I trust the monsters have not found.
(384) Tessaril Winter, of Eveningstar: Avenge me!
(384) Tessaril Winter, of Eveningstar: The will is dated two weeks ago.
(384) Tessaril Winter, of Eveningstar: I haven't been able to found out much about your uncle. He was a recluse who dabbled in magic. A couple of times a year, he would come here for supplies. HE married a woman from Suzail, but that is all that is known about him. Apparently, he was in good standing with the Crown, because the archives in Suzail hold a recorded deed from the Crown to the deceased, dated some five years ago. The deed granted him a tract of land 10 miles long by 10 miles wide, centered on the easternmost point of the King's Forest. The keep was built by a band of dwarves when this land was ruled by the Elven Court, and is somewhere in that area, but exactly where no one is sure.
(384) Tessaril Winter, of Eveningstar: The dwarves have long since departed. If you have questions for me, I shall endeavor to answer them. Otherwise I wish you good tidings and godspeed in your quest.
Ruth: "That is grim news. Has any other Numsroth been found?"
(384) Tessaril Winter, of Eveningstar: None as of yet.
(384) DM: ((ok, stepping out to get my clothes, brb))
** Fildin remains quiet during the reading, munching on some snacks and sipping the wine, although his eyes do light up a couple of times. He says nothing though, waiting for Ruth's response. **
Ruth: "Well, to have that happen. The entire household killed. And by the letter of the will, there is little that you can do aid me directly. I know what I have to do."
Fildin: "Well, you can have the aid of your closest companions. Do you have any others that are closer to you than us?"
Ruth: "I have no expectation that my brother Senasten will be nearby; he travels where divine will directs, or so he claims. The terms of Edaeras's will quite clear, I shall make ready for my quest. Are there any archives in Eveningstar that would have a map of the whereabouts of the keep? Otherwise, I will take my leave. There is much that will need to be done."
** Ruth answers Fildin, "There is that, fortunately. I will let everyone know back at Mynamere's." **
(384) DM: ((back))
Fildin: "Very well, as you wish." Fildin allows himself to relaz a little in the chair, getting a little more comfortable as he daydreams a little.
Fildin: (( *relax ))
(384) Tessaril Winter, of Eveningstar: Tsharliira might have some more information. As I recall, your uncle was once her mentor...before they fell out.
Ruth: "Where might I find her? Any time saved finding the keep will be valuable."
(384) Tessaril Winter, of Eveningstar: I should say, that if in the event you claim the keep and fulfill the conditions of the will, that you will need to provide for its income and upkeep. But we can discuss that if you are successful.
(384) Tessaril Winter, of Eveningstar: She can be found at her tower, near the east gate.
Ruth: "Of course. I would not think of plundering my own family estate. If you have no further questions, I suppose you will keep his things safe for the Crown until I am able to fulfill my uncle's will, and I will request your leave."
** Tessaril Winter, of Eveningstar nods. "May Tymora grant you her blessing in the days to come." **
** Ruth stands and curtsies once more, "Thank you, and may peace reign in Eveningstar in the times ahead." **
** Fildin stands with Ruth and bows low to Tessaril, "Thank you for your hospitality Lady Winter." **
** Ruth returns the wineglass to the butler as she leaves the estate. **
** Fildin returns his glass as well and follows Ruth out. **
Fildin: "So, back to the Inn first, or do you want to speak with Tsharliira?"
** Joryn rises, gives a bow and follows the others. **
** Joryn shrugs. "Strike while the forge is hot, as they say" **
** Olbernath follows the rest out. **
Ruth: "I should get what information I can before asking Amreth to risk his life. Also, once we have all the information we will be able to make preparations at the Inn before departing."
(377) Zane: "Very well, let us see what we can find out."
** Ruth leads the way to the east gate until she spots Tsharliira's tower. **
Fildin: (( oops ))
Fildin: "Very well, let us see what we can find out."
(384) DM: The war wizard's tower is a non-descript squat building of unmarked white stone.
(384) DM: A single door can be seen on the north face, marked with presumably Tsharliira's sigil, as well as a brass doorknocker.
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Fildin: "Must have been quite a falling out..." he mutters under his breath.
(384) DM: As you approach, a pair of lovely red lips appears on the door.
(384) Mouth: State your names and business, please.
** Fildin stops as soon as the lips appear. **
(417) ticattack (enter): 00:25
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(386) Olbernath (exit): 00:25
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (417) ticattack...
Ruth: "Ruth, and I wanted to ask Tsharliira about the location of a keep in the King's Forest."
(384) DM: (we could stop here since people keep getting kicked)
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Fildin: "Fildin Wildstrider, traveling companion to Ruth."
Fildin: (( sure ))

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