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Server Administrator-> This channel is now moderated
(321) DM: (anyone need a recap?)
(304) Donovan: So we're missing one human and short one dwarf at the moment
(321) DM: (yes and we're starting without them)
(303) TheOposite: (just a where are we now, and a bit of direction on how we pick up and where if we PBP during the week?)
(321) DM: (continue from the PBP, roughly no time has elapsed between the PBP and now)
(303) TheOposite: (( so basically, I just got laughed at and we agreed nonetheless))
Fildin: (( so we are just sitting around, chatting. ))
(321) DM: ((yes. we can if you want FF to the next day))
Fildin: (( I'm good to FF ))
(321) DM: ((that would be 8 hours later, in the morning.))
(303) TheOposite: (( I am fine with that, I felt like I had closure in the PBP, so long the others agree ))
(298) Olbernath: ( I'm fine with FF'ing. Should we set up a watch schedule? ))
(321) DM: ((I'll leave that to you. in the meantime, mapping))
Fildin: (( I say since the gnome pointed out he has good eyes - he gets one watch. :P ))
(303) TheOposite: (( 2 watch, or 3...I will take the last watch either way))
(303) TheOposite: (( that is fine, Olbernath and then Garun, the gnome and the scout))
Fildin: (( for 8 hours - 2 should be fine ))
(304) Donovan: ((If anyone else has oil as well they're welcome to use my lantern))
(298) Olbernath: Olbernath needs 8 hrs straight, being a mage
(303) Garun: ((Garun has nothing with him...the night's sky line over the sand would have had to do
(298) Olbernath: (( so he can take first or last, but not middle ))
Rusty: ((We've only got two, but technically if you sit and do nothing it still counts anyway =P))
Fildin: (( so does Olbernath and then Garun work for this first night then? ))
(303) Garun: (( sounds good to me ))
(298) Olbernath: (( s'okay by me, I guess. hasnt even used a spell yet. ))
(303) Garun: (( I hope you have a couple of fireballs for the dragon ))
** Fildin wakes after a restful night ((going ahead with the FF)) and stretches out, expanding his frame to just touch 4' long. "Ahh, that was a restful night." he mutters. He gets himself up and wanders into the forest area around where camp was set up to try to find something that apears edible. **
(321) DM: ((k))
** (298) Olbernath snores nearbye, the map of the isle draped over his chest, as though he fell asleep reading it. **
Fildin: Survival: [1d20+2] -> [1,2] = (3)
(321) DM: The island seems to be lushly vegetated. There's no lack of food to be found here.
Fildin: (whispering): Ok - apparently not finding a damn thing... :) Oh, did DJ get the tabs working?
** (303) Garun sits, his bow lay across his lap as he watches the Fildin wake and move quickly **
** Rusty wakes up in the morning still alive and in one piece. Still as dirty as when he laid his bedroll out to sleep as well. **
whispering to Zane, not sure
whispering to Zane, I have them disabled
** (298) Olbernath slowly snorts and sputters into conciousness, eventually sitting up to look around. **
(293) Zane: (whispering): well - I guess now is a time to find out then.
(293) Zane: (whispering): ahh, that works too.
** (303) Garun looks to Rusty as he wakes and stands starting to stretch as he replaces the bow to his back **
(303) Garun: "Slow night, nothing of interest aside from the waves and the stars
** (298) Olbernath smooths out his goatee, "So, it wasn't a dream." **
(298) Olbernath: "I might have known. My dreams are never this strange."
(303) Garun: A smile betakes Garun, "This place is a dream...just look around:
** Fildin returns from his search with a few items to eat for everyone, mainly consisting of fruits and berries. **
** Rusty stares up at the trees in quietude. A bird calls in the distance. **
** (303) Garun greatly appreciates the fruit as Fildin hands it to him, giving a nod in thanks as he cleans it on his cloak **
** (298) Olbernath stretches out his arm and yawns, "It's only a very long swim from home. Out means of travel may have been extraodinary, but this Isle is not so far from Cormyr." **
(303) Garun: "How far are we talking, I have no idea," he questions
** Fildin makes sure that everyone who wants something to eat gets some and then he sits down and munches on a fruit himself. **
(298) Olbernath: "So, have any of you slept away your spirit of adventure, or do we still plan on exploring this Isle a bit?"
** (298) Olbernath to Garun, "About twenty leagues, if I remember correctly." **
(298) Olbernath: (whispering): (GW): twenty leagues, is that what you said?
** (303) Garun takes a dagger from his wrist guard and begins to cut the fruit into small pieces, eating them from the tip of the blade **
(298) Olbernath: "We're ta the southeast o' Marsember."
Fildin: "Well, let me get some food in ma belly - and then we can see what this island holds." Fildin responds with a genuine smile.
** (298) Olbernath happily takes the fruit, assuming Fildin knows what's good and what isn't. **
** (303) Garun looks to Olbernath and responds in between bites, "Not nearly as far as I thought...as for the adventure, I am with Fildin, let me eat a bit" **
** accepts some fruit but eats it slowly, lost in thought. **
** Rusty accepts some fruit but eats it slowly, lost in thought. **
** (298) Olbernath pulls a small book from his satchel, and between bites he writes in it with pen and ink. **
** (303) Garun finishes the fruit and puts the knife back to his holder, taking a few steps away from the group toward the singing cliffs, his eyes fixed on the horizon **
** Fildin eats his fruit slowly, being sure to enjoy it as much as possible. **
whispering to Olbernath, yes
** (298) Olbernath finishes his journal entry, then blows the ink dry. "So... are ye ready fer a long walk on tha beach?" **
** (303) Garun calls out facing away from the others, "I am ready to go." **
** Fildin tosses the remains of the fruit he was eating over his shoulder and stashes a couple other pieces away in his pack. "Ready." **
** (303) Garun stands tall, waiting for the others to join him **
** (298) Olbernath tucks away his books in his satchel and climbs to his feet. Having slept in his clothes, he needs only to pull on his boots and don his coat, and he's ready to go. **
** Fildin moves on over to Garun, content to let the tall-folk take the lead as he did the previous night. **
** Rusty finally extricates himself from his bedroll, adding crumpled to the list of deplorable adjectives applicable to his clothing, and reties it along with his pack. Settling the weight of his pack on his shoulders once more he stands up to his full height as he stretches before leaning forward into his usual slightly slouched position. **
** (298) Olbernath follows after Fildin, leading a small ferret on a leash. **
** (303) Garun watches as Fildin moves beside him, and looks to see the others coming, "So we walk I guess, and maybe look for a boat," he says loudly enough for all to hear his questioning **
Rusty: "Ready to git goin' then."
(298) Olbernath: In response to Garun's inquiry about boats, Olbernath looks out into the center of the Isle, "I thought I saw some out there last night..."
(298) Olbernath: (whispering): (GW): There were some canoes out in the center, right?
(303) Garun: "Out where? Unmanned in the water?"
whispering to Olbernath, yes
** (303) Garun begins walking as he asks Olbernath **
(298) Olbernath: "Aye, or so it seemed."
Fildin: "Then I guess we need to go that way, unfortunately."
(321) DM: Most of the canoes are gone, but two or three remain.
** Fildin follows Garun all the way to the canoes. **
(298) Olbernath: (whispering): (GW): out in the middle, right?
(298) Olbernath: (whispering): (GW): how far?
whispering to Olbernath, near location 4, on the beach
Rusty: "I reckon the headhunter's had some spare boats afta' last night."
(293) Zane: (whispering): 2 or 3? What, we can't count properly? :P
(303) Garun: "Perhaps we should drag one or two along the sand. I am not sure we want to spend any substantial amount of time in that water."
(298) Olbernath: "Aye, we'd be easy ta spot paddlin' 'round in tha open."
Fildin: "Looks like it Rusty."
(298) Olbernath: "Course, that job'd fall ta you big folks."
** (303) Garun moves to grab the front end of one of the canoes, testing its weight **
(303) Garun: (( weight for drag??))
whispering to Zane, it looks like two, maybe three from afar. :)
Rusty: "Ya know how to use one of them things?"
(321) DM: ((no need. you're able to.))
(303) Garun: "Just a small little boat ((assuming the paddles are within)), we should just drag them, they are light Rusty, toward the cliffs. I can show you how to row when we get there"
(298) Olbernath: "Heh, there ain' much to it."
Rusty: "If ya say so, I s'pose."
** (303) Garun moves at a casual pace along the beach, staying a fair distance from the waterline, dragging the canoe behind him **
** Rusty gathers up a canoe for himself as well. **
(303) Garun: (( assuming they are two man canoes...even though we only need 2 1.5 man canoes..heheh))
** Fildin pulls out his longhorn and strikes up a peppy tune that seems to fit in well with the procession. **
** (298) Olbernath continues to study the map, whistling along with Fildin's tune as the others drag the canoes. **
(298) Olbernath: (argh. afk a couple minutes. )
** (303) Garun listens to the upbeat tune, welcoming its motion **
** Rusty lets the music take his mind off the current march and thinks ahead to the cliffs on the horizon. **
(303) Garun: "So, what are we expecting to do at the cliffs...bear the song from those pasts or use these balls of wax to cover it. Or we could simply assume the headhunter stories are merely false."
(303) Garun: ((pasts = passed))
(321) DM: There are four islands that comprise the western half of the atoll. The Singing Cliffs lie at the second to west one, to the northwest. On closer inspection, you can see that a number of sea caves have been marked on the map.
(303) Garun: ((can you point us out on the map, and the cliffs?))
** Fildin continues his tune, keeping a constant rhythm. he does not try to speed things up, nor does he allow to pace to slow noticeably. **
Fildin: (( well - we got the canoes from 6, and I would guess the cliffs are 8 ))
(303) Garun: (( caves are 9s?? ))
Rusty: (whispering): (GW): ((We've got the map, what's it look like they are?))
(321) DM: ((apparently. :) ))
(298) Olbernath: "Well, let's not go straight to the cliffs. I think we should see if there are any more hints about ta help us solve this puzzle, since puzzle it seems ta be."
(303) Garun: ((say we are at the water crossing from our isle to the next, how wide is the island, can we see the water on both sides??))
(298) Olbernath: "Tha dragon that was seen, or claimed ta be seen at any rate, may not be real... but if it is real... well, I know enough about dragons not to want first hand experience, if ye catch me drift."
(303) Garun: "What do you see on the map, anythings of interest on the way to the cliffs?"
** (303) Garun nods in agreement having heard many unappealling stories from drunken sailors in his day **
(298) Olbernath: (whispering): (GW): I'm not sure I get your 'second to the west to the NW' reference. what o'clock is it on the map?
** (298) Olbernath buries his nose in the map to answer Garun's question. **
(321) DM: ((you can walk from end to end in less than an hour. it's an atoll. yes.))
whispering to Olbernath, 10 or 11 o'clock
** Fildin takes a break from the music as the group begins discussing again. "I'd believe that it would be best to seek these caves as well. Even if there is no real dragon, the cliffs would be the front door, and thus well protected." **
** (298) Olbernath points to a long island to the northwest (8 & 9), "I'm fairly sure that's tha singin' cliffs... but there be some other caves ta the south." **
(303) Garun: "And as we pass, our protection goes to zilch"
(298) Olbernath: "Perhaps we may take a peak in those?"
** (303) Garun leans down as he moves and struggles to look at the map and drag the canoe, "Well, they at least seem on the way" **
(298) Olbernath: (whispering): (GW): or did I misread you?
(298) Olbernath: (whispering): (GW): that there are other caves on the island with two 9's?
Fildin: "Might as well, as we are going to pass by them on our way."
** (298) Olbernath points to the long southwest island, "Let's take a look there." **
Rusty: "Close 'nough to be a little diversion."
whispering to Olbernath, you didn't misread me. there are a number of sea caves marked on the map but the island with the "singing cliffs" is at the 10 or 11 o'clock position.
(303) Garun: "But how big can they really be, this atoll is very small comparitively
** (298) Olbernath rolls up the map and tucks it in his satchel, "Who knows. I wouldn' worry, though. Tha other cave's rumored ta have a dragon in it. What could be worse'n that?" **
(303) Garun: (( are we close to the water gap between island, so we can cross and go to that southwest island))
(298) Olbernath: (( Let's go to the island with two 9's. That's the one Olb was directing us to ))
(298) Olbernath: (( er, yeah. what Garun said. ))
(303) Garun: ((that is where we are walking to...))
(321) DM: ((yes you are.))
** (303) Garun finally sees the water close in on the island around them and spots the island upon the other side of the water, "I think we have reached the end of this island...get the canoes ready," he says to Rusty, as he moves to the end of the land **
** Rusty rights his canoe and slides it onto the water. **
Rusty: "Not far at least."
** (303) Garun slides his canoe in the water and looks to the others, "Who is come with me on this short journey?" **
** (298) Olbernath hops into Rusty's canoe, "I'll help ye out, big fella. Less ya got wings, ya don' grow up in Marsember without learnin' how ta paddle a boat." **
** (303) Garun seats himself on the back of the canoe, grabbing the paddle as he does so and waits for Fildin to hop in so that me might push off with the paddle **
** Fildin looks at Olbernath hop into Rusty's canoe and Fildin hurries over to Garun's canoe and climbs in with him. "Looks like you and me big man." **
** Rusty climbs in behind Olbernath and smiles, "Thanks. A little help is nice." **
(303) Garun: "Sounds like a plan he says, as his arm pushes the paddle into the sanding water below floating them into the water
(298) Olbernath: "Ye want a lesson on rowin', or d'ye want me ta take 'em?"
Rusty: "Always up fer somethin' new, I say. How's this go?"
** Rusty picks up a paddle and inserts the broader end into the water. **
** (298) Olbernath gives Rusty a few brief pointers on proper rowing. **
(303) Garun: As the boat floats out enough, Garun steers the boat around with smooth slight strokes and dragging of the paddle, and positions the front of the boat to the island across
(298) Olbernath: (whispering): (GW): Are these 'savage' canoes
** (303) Garun watches as the other boat houses a teaching lesson and begins to row without waiting **
** Fildin is more than content to let Garun row, since he doubts that his scrawny arms would not be likely to do much anyway. Instead, he watches the others as they all interact and allows a slight smile to come to his face. **
** Rusty follows Olb's instructions carefully and follows Garun to the next shore. **
** (303) Garun can't help but smile as he purposefully lets the broad side of the paddle slap the water near the front of the boat, splashing the halfing as he does so **
(298) Olbernath: "Well done, me lad! Yer a quick learner."
(298) Olbernath: "Like I said, though, it ain' so difficult."
(335) Hazade is AFK (enter): 21:56
Fildin: "Hey! I wasn't smelling that bad yet." he yalps, but with a smile across his face.
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (335) But Amreth is Not...
whispering to Olbernath, yes very
** (298) Olbernath hops nimbly out of the canoe onto 'dryish' land. **
** (303) Garun laughes a bit making their way swiftly to the shore as he forcefully rows the bow of the canoe on the beach making for an easy and dry exit **
(321) DM: (someone pls give Deviant an update)
Fildin: "Still, it is nice to get rinse my hair, even if it is with sea water." he continues as he rings out the braids of the few drops of water they took, turning the whole thing into a large scale incident.
** Fildin hops out as they reach the next beach, turning back to offer a hand to help Garun out. **
** (303) Garun takes the hand graciously, but hops out with ease and grace, leaning down as he does so to continue he dragging of the canoe **
(298) Olbernath: "I tell ya... that tavern could make a lot o' money 'ere if they got rid o' the savages... and possibly the dragon. How much extra would folks pay fer a room with a beach?"
** Rusty follows Garun's example in landing the boat and let's Olbernath get out before he climbs out carefully himself. **
(303) Garun: "Looked on the map that we will run right into the cave," he states frankly as he waits for Rusty to grab his canoe so that they might move together
** Rusty drags the canoe behind him once again. **
(298) Olbernath: "If they weren't just fleshin' out the map, I can bring us ta where the caves were."
(303) Garun: "Pretty good Rusty, not bad at all"
Rusty: (Or lifts or what have you)
Fildin: "With a view like this, and fresh fruits all around? Some would pay a caravan's ransom for such a place."
** Rusty equivocates, "Jus' a quick learner. Nothin' I ever done 'fore." **
** (298) Olbernath to Fildin, "Considerin' the locale, I think a pirate's bounty would be more appropriate." **
** (303) Garun nods to Rusty, and looks ahead for the cavern **
** Fildin smirks, "Same thing." **
(303) Garun: (whispering): can I see or spot it yet
whispering to Garun, yes
whispering to Garun, sec
** (298) Olbernath licks his lips, "Buildin' portals like that take a fair bit o' gold. If he could throw *that* around just buildin' easy transportation, think what might be hidden away 'ere." **
** (298) Olbernath shakes off his dreams of pirate gold, "Well, let's go take a look fer tha caves." **
(303) Garun: "I can see something up ahead, I suppose we will just drop the canoes outside if they are caves."
(321) DM: The entrance to a small sea cave can be seen near you. Discarded shells of giant clams and giant lobsters can be seen near the mouth.
Fildin: "And even if the main treasure is in the singing cliffs, there would probably still be some set aside in other places. More than any of us have seen before I'd wager."
** (303) Garun moves to the entrance and lays the bow of the boat softly to the ground, beginning to examine the remnants of travelers past **
** (298) Olbernath points to the empty shells, "Somethin' in there's got an apetite." **
** Rusty looks over the detritus outside the cave and comments, "Seems like a bit like a residence, don't it?" **
(298) Olbernath: "Whatever it is, it's got good taste. There ain' much better'n a nice boiled lobster."
** Fildin doesn't look to comfortable at the idea of something that large. "Well - what do you see inside Eyes?" he asks Olbernath, trying out a nickname for the gnome. **
** (303) Garun looks about the ground for anything that would be clues **
** (335) Amreth slips up next to Garun, and kneels down near the entrance near him, "Think we should check around a bit. Maybe see if we can't find another-smaller-method of ingress into these caves?" **
(303) Garun: (whispering): looking for footsteps or tracks or anything
** (298) Olbernath twirls his whiskers around his fingers, "Hmm... nothing yet... Shall I go take a peak?" **
(303) Garun: (whispering): Spot [1d20+4] -> [9,4] = (13)
(303) Garun: (whispering): knowledge nature [1d20+1] -> [18,1] = (19)
Fildin: "How about he takes a careful peak in while Amreth looks for another way in?"
(303) Garun: (whispering): Search [1d20+4] -> [11,4] = (15)
** (303) Garun nods to Amreth and then to Fildin, "I will help Amreth look, the more eyes the better" **
** (298) Olbernath tip-toes towards the cave, looking around the sand for signs of tracks. Quietly, "Garl, don' let this gnome get eaten by anythin' fore he finds pirate gold..." **
Fildin: "Sounds good. Let us know if you find anything."
whispering to Garun, something in the sand that suggests sliding
(298) Olbernath: (whispering): (GW): Check : [1d20+4] -> [15,4] = (19) search
whispering to Garun, what you would expect something that drags its bodyweight forward
(298) Olbernath: (whispering): (GW): Check : [1d20+5] -> [1,5] = (6) know nature (just in case)
whispering to Olbernath, tracks that a LARGE octopus would make
** Fildin waits outside the cave entrance for word from Olbernath, standing just a foot outside the entrance so he is hidden, but can hear if Olbernath calls. **
** (303) Garun looks to Amreth and points to the ground, "Look here Amreth, tracks of sliding. Probably something that drags its bodyweight forward" **
Rusty: "An' we'll watch tha boats."
(298) Olbernath: After a prolonged peek at some drag marks outside the cave, Olbernath makes a sudden swivel, and retreats quickly back to the party, his expression somewhat urgent.
** (335) Amreth glances down, then back up, and around the immediate area, "Well, so much for an illusion, ay?" **
** (298) Olbernath whispers, "Looks ta me like a big, big octopus." **
(303) Garun: "Yeah, I just don't know what could have made it, with its size?"
** Fildin sees the expression on Olbernath as he leaves the cave in a rush. "What?" **
Fildin: "Like the one we saw last night?"
whispering to Garun, the cave is empty but it does appear that something was living inside
(335) Amreth: "Bloody hell, not that damned thing again?"
** (303) Garun watches Olbernath and hears his assessment, "Yeah, I guess an octopus would have to drag itself" **
** (298) Olbernath smirks, "No, like some *other* giant octopus." **
Rusty: "Tha Lurker from last night maybe? It'd have ta live nearby I s'pose."
** Fildin gives Olbernath a none to pleasent look, but then relazes, realixing that it was a rather insane question. **
Fildin: (( *relaxes, realizing... ))
** (298) Olbernath sends Fildin a smile, letting him know he didn't mean to offend. **
** (303) Garun moves to examine the cave and returns quickly, "Whatever was there seemed to be living in there" **
(335) Amreth: "Well, dragon or giant octopus, I'd rather we try and find another way in regardless," he says to Garun, "Welp, what are we waiting for?"
** (298) Olbernath tugs on his collar, "Ya know... we don' really *have* ta go in. Why not look fer another cave" **
** Fildin simply sticks his tounge out at Olbernath and after flashing a smile turns to Amreth. "Yeah, another way would be better. **
(303) Garun: (( take back my last action))
(298) Olbernath: "One *without* an octopus in it."
** (335) Amreth heads off in the opposite direction, meaning to skirt around the cliffs. **
(335) Amreth: (whispering): [1d20+5] -> [9,5] = (14) Search check to get started.
** (303) Garun moves to the canoe, beginning to drag it deeping into the island, "Let's move to the next cavern, this one has nothing more in it. We have to be a bit more careful as we approach the next one though" **
whispering to Amreth, very good
whispering to Amreth, you're not able to spot much in this direction....so far
** Rusty takes up his own canoe again as well, "More careful n around a sleepin' octopus?" **
** Fildin nods to Garun and takes up a spot walking with the man, keeping his longhorn put away for now. **
(298) Olbernath: "Shall I lead us ta the next cave, then?"
** (303) Garun looks down to Fildin, "Are you prepared to fight an octopus," he asks, nodding toward Olbernath, moving with his canoe **
(298) Olbernath: "I don' know if I want ta fight one... but I think I ought ta be able ta outrun one."
Fildin: "Well, no more prepared than I am a dragon. I could use a sling I got around here, always seemed to be decent with it. But I have also found ways to actually allow my music to help friends."
(303) Garun: ((can we get the hexmap back for reference Stan))
** (303) Garun smiles and continues moving silently **
(303) Garun: (whispering): thx
(298) Olbernath: "If we get into trouble with an octopus, my advice is ta get ta high ground an' hit it from far away. Rocks, arrows, what'er ya got."
(298) Olbernath: "I ain' no expert on octopus, but I wouldn' think they're so good at climbin'."
** (303) Garun feels his legs start to burn a bit handing to trek with the canoe across the sand **
Fildin: "But they got those long arms to watch out for."
(321) DM: Another sea cave, as expected can be seen near you.
(298) Olbernath: "Aye, that's why ye should nay get close."
** (303) Garun lets the boat off a bit sooner reaching for his bow as he moves to approach the cave, looking to make sure the others are ready **
** Rusty slowly settles the canoe to the ground as well, and follows Garun's example and retrieves his crossbow. **
** (298) Olbernath smiles and points, "Ah, there we go!" He holds up crossed fingers, "May Tymora keep this one free o' slimy legged sea beasts!" **
** Fildin follows Garun's lead and checks that his sling is tucked away and he keeps his longhorn in hand. **
** (303) Garun holds an arrow notched to the string as he creeps along observantly **
(303) Garun: (whispering): Spot [1d20+4] -> [3,4] = (7)
(303) Garun: (whispering): Search [1d20+4] -> [10,4] = (14)
(303) Garun: (whispering): knowledge nature [1d20+1] -> [1,1] = (2)
(321) DM: It appears as if this cave was used for living quarters, and not by an octopus.
(303) Garun: (whispering): listen [1d20+4] -> [3,4] = (7)
(321) DM: It's smaller in size, than the other one.
(303) Garun: (whispering): (( can you please strike me dead with a bolt of lightning))
whispering to Garun, just water
** (303) Garun moves closer backing up around the front to defensively peer into the cave **
** Fildin relaxes as they look into this cave. Fildin continues to enter it, as long as there is still enough light to see his path, checking out the condition of the area. **
** (298) Olbernath keeps towards the rear of the party, his skills lying in areas other than combat, ranged or otherwise. **
(321) DM: A tiny hovel has been built inside this sea cave. An outrigger canoe can be seen near a makeshift dock. A number of objects can be seen on a shallow beach nearby...and a corpse.
** (303) Garun eyes the corpse and moves immediately to holster his arrow and replace his bow to his back **
(298) Olbernath: Olbernath's eyebrows dart up in surprise.
(321) DM: It seems to be Kaylin.
** Rusty roams about the beach looking for clues. **
** (335) Amreth wanders into the cave to examine the little hovel. **
(321) DM: A skirmish seems to have been fought here. Someone or something else was here, and fought the old man.
** (303) Garun moves to the corpse shaking his head at the familiar face **
** Fildin moves in to check the body, but stops when he recogonizes it. "But.. what?" **
(303) Garun: (whispering): how does it look like he died
(303) Garun: (whispering): ?
** (298) Olbernath moves up to examine Kaylin's body. **
** (298) Olbernath nods along with Fildin's shock, "Aye... what indeed." **
(298) Olbernath: "Or who."
** Fildin shakes off recogonizing the man and he searches the rest of the room, looking for clues. **
(321) DM: Scattered about the interior of the cave are an unfinished wooden drum, a rickety little table with some bananas on it, a toppled clay jar, a small chest, scattered palm fronds, a harpoon and a fishing net.
** Rusty keeps his distance from the corpse at first but eventually forces himself to creep towards it to find out how the old man died, and perhaps when. **
(298) Olbernath: (whispering): (GW): Can Olbernath determine what killed the old man? slashing weapon, bitten, ect?
** (303) Garun yells toward the cave to Amreth, "Found anthing Am?" **
(293) Zane: (whispering): how recently picked do the bananas appear to be?
** (335) Amreth snatches up a bananna, and wanders over to the chest, slipping the bent needle from his pouch, "Yeah, somethin' to eat." **
** (298) Olbernath kneels, examining the old man's body. **
whispering to Zane, 3 days
** (303) Garun moves to circle the cave looking for anything more of value **
** (335) Amreth plops down onto his bum next to the chest, "And, well, can't tell ya much else, hold on a sec," he says, checking out the small chest. **
whispering to Donovan, claws, slashing
whispering to Donovan, something attacked him with claws and slashing implement
** Fildin raises his longhorn and plays a soft almost haunting tune quietly on it, and the scent of roses can soon be detected, speading throughout the cave. **
whispering to Olbernath, something with claws and extreme savagery
(293) Zane: (whispering): ok. Casting detect magic.
** (298) Olbernath looks up from Kaylin's body, "Whatever killed him 'ad claws... an' was in a pretty nasty mood. It really went at 'em." **
whispering to Zane, a small vial half-buried in the sand.
(304) Donovan: (whispering): Separately? Or slashing like claws?
whispering to Zane, glass with a slight blue liquid inside
whispering to Donovan, slashing like claws
(298) Olbernath: (whispering): (GW): [1d20+4] -> [14,4] = (18) search
(298) Olbernath: (whispering): (GW): searching his body
** (303) Garun overhears this as he moves around the cave, "I know octopuses don't have claws" he calls back **
whispering to Olbernath, a ring made of teak wood
(303) Garun: (whispering): anything of value as I circle the cave
whispering to Zane, oh yes, also a ring made of teak wood on Kaylin's finger
Rusty: "Dragons do."
whispering to Olbernath, and a longtooth dagger of ivory
(293) Zane: (whispering): I take it that it appears the fluid is magical, and not the vial, correct? also, identify with spellcraft - [1d20+5] -> [16,5] = (21)
whispering to Zane, correct
(293) Zane: (whispering): and another for the ring. [1d20+5] -> [17,5] = (22)
whispering to Zane, potion of healing
** (298) Olbernath rummages through Kaylin's posessions, soon pulling off a ring made of teak wood and a longtooth ivory dagger. **
whispering to Zane, a ring that provides an aura of protection
** Fildin moves off to a sandy area where no one was and starts digging a little. He soon picks out a vial of slightly blue liquid. He smiles and places the vial carefully into his sack. **
** (335) Amreth calls over his shoulder, slipping the makeshift pick into the lock, "But they usually eat what they kill, I think," he says, and begins seeking the lock's tumbler. **
(335) Amreth: (whispering): [1d20+6] -> [6,6] = (12)
** Rusty looks north to the Singing Cliffs, "So the murdrer still out there?" **
** (298) Olbernath quietly mutters, "Mano Ar-Balzirik." He winks one eye shut for a moment, then opens it to peer intently at the two items. **
(321) DM: The lid pops open. The lock is quite flimsy.
(298) Olbernath: (whispering): (GW): detect magic
whispering to Olbernath, the ring, yes. the dagger, no.
** Fildin then makes his way iover to Olbernath. "You got the ring, good. You know what it does/" **
(298) Olbernath: (whispering): (GW): [1d20+8] -> [9,8] = (17) know arcana for reading aura.
(321) DM: Inside can be seen a pile of clothes and a small book covered with sealskin.
** (298) Olbernath to Fildin, "Well, it is magical..." **
** (303) Garun returns to the group, "What is magical?" **
(304) Donovan: (whispering): Any idea how long Kaylin's been dead here?
Fildin: "Yep." Fildin then turns his attention to the open chest and looks in from the side.
** (298) Olbernath wiggles the ring he found in answer. **
** (335) Amreth reaches in and grabs hold of the book, "Heu, uhh, Olbernath, was it? Come take a gander at this." **
(293) Zane: (whispering): Since detect magic runs for a minute, can I use it to see if there is anything magical in the chest?
(304) Donovan: (whispering): Not exactly a forensics expert, I know
** (303) Garun peers at the dagger dangling in his hand, "What do you say about that dagger?" **
** (298) Olbernath comes as called, and his eyes widen as he spots the book, "Ooooooooh." **
whispering to Donovan, hours
whispering to Donovan, quite recently, about five or six hours
** (298) Olbernath answers Garun, somewhat distractedly, "Oh, uh... dagger ain' magic." **
whispering to Zane, no
(303) Garun: "Well, is it sharp at least?"
** (335) Amreth holds the book up to him, "Given its bindings, I'm going to guess it isn't a copy of The Witch's Brew," he says. **
(293) Zane: (whispering): k
** (298) Olbernath moves towards the book, wetting his lips with his tongue, his fingers wiggling in anticipation. **
** (298) Olbernath hands it to Garun, having completely lost interest, "Go sit on it an' find out" (jokingly) **
** (335) Amreth hands it off, and begins digging through the clothing in the chest. **
(298) Olbernath: (whispering): (GW): Yes, unless someone asked for it.
** (303) Garun eyes the dagger, testing its blade against his thumbnail **
(298) Olbernath: (whispering): (GW): oops
** (303) Garun then holds the dagger along its handle on the tip of his finger testing its weighting for throwing purposes **
** (298) Olbernath takes the book from Amreth with a greedy smile. **
(298) Olbernath: (whispering): (GW): any info on the ring?
whispering to Garun, its reliably sharp
(298) Olbernath: (whispering): (GW): and now the book? radiate magic?
whispering to Olbernath, no runes if that's what you mean. no magic on the book
** (335) Amreth continues digging through the pile of clothing. **
(298) Olbernath: (whispering): (GW): spellcraft [1d20+8] -> [1,8] = (9) know-arcana [1d20+8] -> [16,8] = (24) (I meant ID'ing aura with detect magic)
whispering to Amreth, the clothing is unremarkable
whispering to Olbernath, it seems to be a ring that provides an aura of faint protection
(321) DM: ((ivory longtooth dagger, serviceable condition))
** (298) Olbernath carefully examines the book for any possible traps or protections. **
** Rusty pries himself from the corpse and walks over to watch Amreth go through the clothes in the chest. "Died a few hours afta' we left, musta flew here after that ritual." **
(298) Olbernath: (whispering): (GW): [1d20+4] -> [7,4] = (11) search
whispering to Olbernath, not that you can determine
** (298) Olbernath sighs, "Well, if there're traps on it, I don' see any. I wish I had tha patience ta wait, curse me curiosity, but I jus' can't." **
(303) Garun: "Probably just took that canoe outside"
** (298) Olbernath turns to toss the wooden ring to Fildin, "See if ye can make anythin' of it. It seems ta radiate a protective aura." **
Rusty: "Probly uses it when he doesn' need ta impress tha locals"
** (335) Amreth tosses all the clothing aside, and finding nothing else in the chest, he gets back up to his feet, "Whatever the case, he'll not be needing his belongings any longer. Not really concerned that he's dead, more concerned with what killed him. You say he was torn up by claws?" **
** Fildin grabs the ring Olbernath tosses. "Yeah, that's what I got from it too. Not that the protective aura did any good for Kaylin unfortunately. **
whispering to Garun, its not well made but will do in a pinch
(298) Olbernath: After brief prayers to Tymora and Garl Glittergold, Olbernath flips open the book.
whispering to Olbernath, it seems to be a combination diary and travelling spellbook
(303) Garun: (whispering): good
** (298) Olbernath survives the opening, and soon drifts over to nearbye rock, where he takes a seat to read, closed off to the rest of the world. **
** Rusty shrugs, "Thought it might've been tha elf's killer that done him in. Seems not ta be though." **
whispering to Olbernath, it confirms what Kaylin told you earlier about his history with Nbod
(335) Amreth: "Yeah? Well, what did it? I mean, something like a Crag Cat, or somethin' even bigger?"
Rusty: "Like ya said, probly not somethin' wild. Vicious beastie whatever it were."
(303) Garun: ((brb))
** (298) Olbernath occasionally exclaims with an "ooh!", "ah!", or "whew!" as he reads, but nothing draws his nose out of the book. **
** (298) Olbernath mutters to himself, "Ah, lucky elves..." **
** (298) Olbernath finally looks up, "Well, I suppose that sheds a bit o' light on things." **
** (335) Amreth glances at Olbernath, "What does?" **
Fildin: "So, spread the understanding?"
** (298) Olbernath chuckles, "Aye, if ye insist." **
(353) Olbernath (enter): 23:06
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (353) Olbernath...
(353) Olbernath: "Well, first of all, who's got that kris we found in tha room?"
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(298) Olbernath (exit): 23:07
** (335) Amreth holds upa finger, "That'd be me." **
(303) Garun: ((back))
** (353) Olbernath smirks, "Well, ye got a powerful bit o' work there. Apparently, they call it the 'dagger of the leviathan'." **
(335) Amreth: "Yes, Kaylin already told us that. Told us it carries a curse, too."
(353) Olbernath: "A rather moderate enchantment, or so he says. However, it seems ta be a deadly weapon 'gainst sea creatures."
(353) Olbernath: "Even better if yer an elf, or follow Mystra or tha Elven Gods. Then ye can swim at great speeds, breathe an' act without hindrance underwater..."
** (353) Olbernath sighs, "Lucky elves." **
** (335) Amreth shrugs, "I had a great grandparent who was elven, but that hardly makes me an elf." **
Fildin: "Was always told they were a special race."
(335) Amreth: "Probably got enough of the blood in me to drown just a little slower than I should."
** (353) Olbernath nods, "Aye, that they are." **
(353) Olbernath: "Anyway, that ain' all he wrote."
(303) Garun: "I bet the cleric was either looking for it or hid it," Garun says immediately realizing how not observant his comment is
(353) Olbernath: "Apparently, there's a witch who's lookin' ta get her hands on tha dagger."
(353) Olbernath: "Apparently, she lives in a cave on tha singin' cliffs. He suspects that tha green dragon may o' been one o' *her* illusions."
** (303) Garun thinks to himself, I knew we said to much to the old man, no doubt our presence is known to some **
(335) Amreth: "A witch? Well, I don't know if that ammounts ot a curse or not. She a pretty witch, or an old hag of a witch?"
(353) Olbernath: "Er... I didn' see any description, but I made a pretty quick read."
(353) Olbernath: "I gather he's been a bit shy ta investigate 'round there."
** Rusty looks from the beach out into the sea, "Hmm, a sea witch or a sand witch?" **
** (353) Olbernath groans. **
** (335) Amreth shrugs his shoulders at the response, "No matter. Hell, if she wants it, she can have it. Dagger or not, I'll be damned if I'm going to try and prick a giant octopus with it." **
** (335) Amreth smirks at Rusty, "Hey, since when did you fall ill with a sense of humor?" **
(353) Olbernath: "Hold on, Amreth! Ya can't just go givin' magic items ta witches!"
(303) Garun: "But if she was looking for it, it would have been enough to kill a elven Mystra cleric, right?"
** Rusty seems obvlivious to the humor, "Hmm? Just wonderin' what kinda magic she favors." **
** (353) Olbernath nods, "Aye, considerin' tha magic portal out o' here is in the singin' cliffs, it was probably her killed the cleric." **
(335) Amreth: "And why the hell not? If it comes to my life for the dager, hey, it's hers as far as I'm concerned."
Rusty: "Weren't there scratches at the sea chest tha' portal was in too?"
Fildin: "So, we got a witch that wants the dagger, and who may - or may not - have been working with Nbod."
Fildin: "Yes there were Rusty."
(353) Olbernath: "Aye, sounds 'bout right."
(335) Amreth: "So, there wasn't anything written about a curse?"
** (353) Olbernath to himself, "If we could bring that dagger back ta the elves, I bet they'd be mighty grateful. We'd be heroes!" He smiles, imagining the celebration and thanks of the grateful elven women... **
** (353) Olbernath twirls his whiskers around his finger, lost in fantasy... **
(335) Amreth: "Knowin' the elves as I do, at least the one's back in Bristar, I think we'd get an appreciative nod, at the very most."
Fildin: "Oh, great idea Olbernath. Now we just have to find our treasure, avoid the witch, and get back to the inn."
** (353) Olbernath grunts in displeasure at Amreth's low assessment of Elven gratitude, "Well... since ya mention curses, he said tha locals thought tha blade cursed, but didn' know why." **
** (303) Garun looks around the cave and back to the others, "I hate to be a dud, but I think we should keep moving, much to do" **
Fildin: "I've met a couple that seemed friendly enough. Although there have been a few more reserved ones as well I guess."
** (353) Olbernath smirks, and adds, "Since Amreth has tha mighty Dagger o' the Laviathon, perhaps he'd like ta go poke that octopus an' try it out?" **
Rusty: "So now we're off ta see tha' witch. No dragons? Least the cliffs'll still be int'restin'. Maybe one a her magics is tha' cause.""
** (303) Garun moves outside the caves and grabs the front of his canoe, beginning to drag it toward the next island, that he can see clearly in his sights **
(353) Olbernath: (whispering): (GW): have we searched everything here?
whispering to Olbernath, yes
(303) Garun: (( what time are we suppose to play till? ))
** Rusty follows Garun out of the cave and drags his own canoe the rest of the way to the beach. **
** (335) Amreth snaps his fingers, "You know what? There's an elven community in the Moonsea, think I heard. Elvenwood or something like that. They've got a rather sizable Mystran temple there. Only one I know of among the elven communities for about five hundred miles. Wonder if that elf could have been part of that fellowship, come all that way to hunt this thing down? Eh, no matter. Too bloody far to walk anyway." **
** Fildin follows Garun out, chuckling at Olbernath's comment, knowing that Amreth is not that insane. **
(353) Olbernath: "Ya think maybe we ought ta bury Kaylin?"
(335) Amreth: "And no, dagger or not, I'll be damned if I'll go try to poke that damn thing with it."
** (303) Garun looks to Olbernath as he moves with the canoe, stopping for a second, "Death by ocean, just set him adrift" **
(353) Olbernath: "Well, if worst comes ta worst, it'll be yer job, since yer carryin' round the dagger."
Rusty: "Hum, if ya want to. What's the custom fer pirates?"
(335) Amreth: "If worse comes to worse, I'm throwing the damn thing down its gullet and runnin' for the cliffs."
(353) Olbernath: "Well, I ain' a pirate, but I figure he died on land, an' we shouldn' jus' leave 'em here."
(335) Amreth: "Take his clothing, rip the hovel apart, and make a pyre. Hell of a lot easier than burying him in this sand."
(335) Amreth: "When we're done ith whatever we've got to to, we can come back, and set fire to it on our way out."
(353) Olbernath: "That sounds like it's gonna draw a lot of attention..."
(353) Olbernath: "What's tha problem with buryin'?"
(335) Amreth: "Like I said, when we're done."
** (353) Olbernath sighs and shrugs. "As ye wish." **
** (303) Garun appraoches the islands edge and puts the canoe back into the water as before, looking for Fildin **
Fildin: "In this soft sand, burying would not do much good. We probably wouldn't get very deep before hitting water anyway."
(335) Amreth: "By all means, if that's what you want to do, take an hour to dig a deep enough hold for him, or you could take fifteen minutes to make a pile of his things and we can get going."
** Fildin pops out from behind Garun, where he was not seen due to his small size. "On our way again?" **
Rusty: "How 'bout his boat? Faster'n seems fitting."
** (353) Olbernath carefully tucks away the journal and follows after the others. **
(303) Garun: "We aren't going very far," he responds as he begins to push off the boat with Fildin in it toward the little bit of an island before them wondering it is would even be worth getting out from the canoe
(353) Olbernath: ( gah, afk a few )
** Fildin looks over the small lilypad of an island and then turns to look at the bigger island ahead of them. **
(321) DM: ((12:30/1 am))
** Rusty slides his canoe back into the water, preparing to cast off. **
** (303) Garun turns the boat around easily and shoves off holding back a sly smile wondering if the humor in wetting the halfing remained **
** Rusty follows Garun and Fildin's boat with Olbernath aboard as before. **
(303) Garun: (( who took Amreth this time, he wasn't present last
Rusty: ((We told him to bring his own boat =P))
(303) Garun: (( k ))
(335) Amreth: (I'll steal Kaylin's, heh.))
** (303) Garun looks to Fildin, "Want me to let you off on the island here and paddle around and get you on the other side, I am tired of dragging this thing" **
** (335) Amreth goes about gathering up Kaylin's clothing, debris, and breaking apart his accomodations to form a makeshift pyre just outside the small cave, topped with any dry palm leaves and what not that he can find, while the others start casting off. **
Fildin: "Why bother? We got more information - which is one thing we were after. Let's head on to our final destination and see what kind of fun we can have?"
(303) Garun: On that note, Garun steers the canoe around the bank of the island toward the bigger on, making sure to stay close to the shore as he look over the land
** Rusty calls ahead, "Don' see any caves on that little speck of land. Might be more to see under the waves." **
** (353) Olbernath checks the map, "There ain' no harm in lookin' round b'fore we go see this witch. After all, we still don' know much." **
** Fildin looks at Garun and sighs. "Guess we check it out then after all." **
** (353) Olbernath looks annoyed, "That weren't an order, so don' act like it was. I'm just suggestin' we might want ta look 'round 'fore we go meet 'er." **
** (335) Amreth finishes his task in about fifteen to twenty, and commandeers Kaylin's canoe to catch up with the rest of misbegotten band. **
(303) Garun: "There will be time to check it out, we have to come back this way"
Fildin: "Unless that portal in the cliffs is working, then we won't have to."
** (303) Garun contradicts his own words as he steers the boat to the beach on the easternmost side of the island **
(353) Olbernath: (whispering): (GW): any more caves to look into?
** (303) Garun paddles deeply as he approaches the shore, making sure to get the bow dry on the sand **
** Fildin calls back to Olbernath. "It's no problem, there might be something there. I guess we'll find out if this lilypad has any secrets or not." he says with a smile. **
** Rusty deposits Olbernath onto the island as well. **
(321) DM: As you near the Singing Cliffs, it immediately becomes apparent why the cliffs have that name. Wind coming from the east blows through the limestone cliff face, making an eerie sound that can only be imaginatively described as singing.
(353) Olbernath: "Aye."
Fildin: "Might as well keep the canoes where they are, no need to move them the stone's throw to the other side."
(321) DM: The entrance to a rather large sea cave can be seen several feet to your right.
Fildin: (( actually - we decided to check out the small land mass just south of the island with the 8 and 9. ))
Rusty: ((A.K.A. Ha. Ha. Fooled ya.))
Fildin: (( but we can FF - find anything? Nope. On to the big island. Done. :P ))
(321) DM: ((well that was the plan and why I switched maps))
Fildin: (( ahh, just wanted to make sure we were all on the same page. ))
Rusty: ((Well we meant to do that. It's to keep you off guard. =D))
(353) Olbernath: (( I should be fine as long as I don't have to think the rest of tonight. Otherwise, I'm in trouble. ))
** Fildin returns after a mere minute to the canoe. "Nope, nothing here. On to the next island my good man." he teases Garun as he gets in the canoe. **
(321) DM: (each square = 5')
(335) Amreth: ((Guess I catch up to the rets of you then, as you stopped for a few moments to check the wee island.))
Fildin: (( sounds good to me. ))
** Rusty waits in the boat trying to get more used to it while Olbernath completes his short search of the 'lilypad'. That complete, they find Amreth has caught up and head on to the main attraction. **
** (303) Garun shoves off and moves to the southern face of the main island, getting up and grabbing the canoe to continue dragging it **
** Rusty oohs along with the sighing wind as the cliffs round into view. **
** Fildin points out the entrance to the sea cave to Garun, curious to see what lies inside. **
** (303) Garun drops the boat at the notice and pulls the bow from his back, feeling more wary of this cavern than the others **
Rusty: ((Is the cave entrance from sea or land?))
Fildin: (( isn't the only way into the sea cave via the watery entrance? ))
** (335) Amreth halts his paddling a ways off shore, and just sits there for a moment, watching and listening. **
(321) DM: You see before you a gaping fissure in the cliff. At the back, there appears to be a small cave entrance, partially submerged and choked with seaweed. It looks large enough to get through but it is very dark inside.

The seaweed catches your arms and legs as your passage disturbs things living in the water. You see swirls and wakes in the seaweed as myriad tiny creatures flee your approach. After a tight squeeze and a slight turn, the cave opens out into a large vaulted cavern.

(293) Zane: (whispering): so we have to boat into 10, right?
whispering to Zane, yes
whispering to Amreth, you're not able to determine much from this vantage point
(335) Amreth: (whispering): With the outrigger on the canoe, is it going to be able to slip on through? Don't know if the rest have them or not.
** Fildin directs Garun to boat into the sea cave, since there is little more the small guy can do. As soon as they enter, he notices the darkness and realizes there could be a problem. **
whispering to Amreth, barely
(293) Zane: (whispering): and it is still fairly lit in 10, but dark in 11?
(303) Garun: "I think I can navigate through this," Garun states as the finally push through into the large cavern
whispering to Zane, you can't really tell
(293) Zane: (whispering): I was trying to go from your description. We (Fildin and Garun) just entered 10, so can we see?
Fildin: "Great job." he replies softly. "Now we just need some light to see where exactly we are going."
** (335) Amreth watches the two other canoes at a distance, and only when they've passed through, begins to slowly inch his own canoe towards the fissure and beyond, just barely squeezing through. **
** (335) Amreth glares at the others chattering to each other, however quietly. **
** (303) Garun whispers back to Fildin, "I think I have a torch, but no light" **
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(353) Olbernath (exit): 00:02
** Fildin puts his hand out to Garun, as to ask for the torch. **
whispering to Zane, you can only see what's in 10, you can't determine what's in 11
whispering to Zane, because of the passage leading into 11
** Rusty stalls as the cave gets darker to carefully lay the paddles down in the canoe. After some fidgeting with his pack he manages to liberate a lantern, then flask, and finally some flint and steel to light it with, handing each across to Olbernath. "We'll need some mor' light in 'ere," he quietly explains. **
** (303) Garun holds the paddle in the water and pulls a torch from a pouch at his side, the torch is a bit smaller than normal **
** (303) Garun passes the torch to Fildin **
(321) DM: Part of the cave floor is above water, a sandy place where two large boulders sit. Between the boulders, you can see a large iron-bound chest. The lid seems to be open....

Scattered about the cave floor are several human bones....

(293) Zane: (whispering): fair enough. I was trying to determine ifI could see the chest or not, but Rusty took care of it.
** Fildin takes the torch but before he can light it, Rusty has lit the entire room. **
** Fildin points to the chest, but immediately starts looking around, trying to spot if the hidden danger that left the bones comes from somewhere else in the cavern. **
Rusty: (whispering): (GW): ((That's a hooded lantern with a 30 ft. light radius for everyone's quick reference. Further to 60 ft. is shadowy illumination. Course Olbernath can see twice as far.))
(321) DM: Suddenly, the water in the cavern gurgles and boils as a hulking humanoid figure, apparently a hideous woman with greenish skin and seaweed for hair rises out of the water, towering over you. (Fort save, all)
Fildin: Fortitude: [1d20+2] -> [7,2] = (9)
(321) Brinea, of Umberlee: I hear it! It comes! (shrieks)
Rusty: Fortitude: [1d20+2] -> [12,2] = (14)
(335) Amreth: Fortitude: Saving Throw: [1d20+3] -> [9,3] = (12)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d8] -> [8] = (8)
(303) Garun: [1d20] -> [14] = (14)
whispering to Zane, 4 strength damage
(335) Amreth: ((Fort saves not our best it would seem.))
(293) Zane: (whispering): ouch! permenant?
(321) Brinea, of Umberlee: You will give it to me now! (shrieks)
(321) DM: (init)
whispering to Zane, no
(335) Amreth: Initiative: [1d20+4] -> [17,4] = (21)
Rusty: Initiative: [1d20+1] -> [16,1] = (17)
(303) Garun: [1d20+3] -> [12,3] = (15)
** Fildin seems to fall to the bottom of the boat, as if he was unable to support himself. **
Fildin: Initiative: [1d20+2] -> [7,2] = (9)
(293) Zane: (whispering): thank goodness.
(321) DM: Apparently, "this" is the witch that Kaylin spoke of. And as you can see, it is badly injured from a previous fight, as it stoops over with a slight limp and numerous wounds.
(303) Garun: (( can we get a descriptive look at what land is available in the cavern
(321) DM: ((um, I did))
(335) Amreth: ((What's more descriptive than that picture? You got two boulders to hide behind, too. :))
Rusty: ((Only other question is where exactly is everyone?))
(303) Garun: (( that is really the question ))
(335) Amreth: ((Amreth was last in, so he's nearest to the exit.))
(321) DM: ((minis will not be necessary here))
Rusty: ((Especially since we'd neat canoe minis))
Fildin: (( I'm assuming that Fildin and Garun are closest to the hag, then Amreth, followed by Rusty. ))
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+1] -> [17,1] = (18)
(321) DM: (21, Am)
(303) Garun: (( I would certainly assume we are the closest, Fildin and me))
(335) Amreth: ((Amreth came through last.))
(321) DM: (in the future, I will need a marching or movement order)
Rusty: "You mus' be tha' witch. Ya killed tha' elf in the inn."
Fildin: (( my bad - he spoke before Rusty entered, so I thought he was second. All Fildin knows is that this horendous creature is directly in front of him. ))
** (335) Amreth looks upon the grotesque, scarely humanoid looking creature, eyes wide with surprise and no small ammount of fear, he glances over his shoulder at the exit immediately behind him, and begins slashing frantically at the water with the paddle, attempting haplessly to backtrack through the fissure. **
(321) Brinea, of Umberlee: The wretch hid it from me! And you shall die if you do not give the dagger to me!
(321) Brinea, of Umberlee: (18, hag)
(321) DM: The creature moves menacingly to Garun, attempting to gore him with her claws which you can see, have been sharpened.
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+3] -> [14,3] = (17),[1d20+3] -> [9,3] = (12)
Rusty: "While norm'ly it's rude to talk like someone isn't in tha' room, anybody got somethin' they'd like to let me know 'bout this hag?"
(293) Zane: (whispering): knowledge nature of [1d20+4] -> [14,4] = (18) give me any clues as to weaknesses?
(321) DM: Her movements are slow, as if she has been recently injured. She slashes at Garun's shoulder (AC 17) while simultaneously attempting to tear his heart out (AC 10).
Fildin: "Kill it." Fildin's voice calls out from the bottom of the canoe he is in.
(303) Garun: (( first hit ))
whispering to Zane, they're not immune to weapons? :)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d3+2] -> [2,2] = (4)
(293) Zane: (whispering): hey - I had to try... :)
(321) DM: (4 damage)
(321) DM: (17, Rus)
(303) Garun: (( how close am I and her to the dry land, I would assume damn nearly pressed against it ))
(321) DM: (20' from the shore)
(335) Amreth: (whispering): Without minis, what's the distance?
(303) Garun: (( she standing in the water ))
(335) Amreth: (whispering): I'm guessing not in SA range.
(303) Garun: [1d8] -> [8] = (8)
(303) Garun: (( sorry, hit a button ))
** Rusty manuevers the canoe towards the hag and calls out "Very well. Keep your heads down though." He tries to bring the canoe about parellel with Garun's and takes a deep breath. **
whispering to Amreth, SA?
(335) Amreth: (whispering): Sneak attack.
** Rusty leans over the side of the canoe once he's as close as he can get and releases all the breath from his lungs in a sudden and visible chill into the air and water in between Garun and the hag. **
whispering to Amreth, no, you're not. not yet anyway.
(304) Donovan: (whispering): Using a first level spell slot on a breath attack, 2d6 cold damage, reflex dc 15 for half.
whispering to Donovan, ok
(304) Donovan: (whispering): 30 foot cone, but I'm trying to keep everyone out of the way.
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+4] -> [10,4] = (14)
whispering to Donovan, failed
(304) Donovan: (whispering): That's the reason for the warning =P
whispering to TaliesinNYC, I will rule that Garun sidestepped the attack
whispering to Donovan, I will rule that Garun sidestepped the attack
whispering to Donovan, damage please
(304) Donovan: (whispering): Right, shoulda boxed that number, dur.
** Rusty wipes the rime of frost from his face and looks about to see if everyone is still all right. [2d6] -> [1,2] = (3) **
Rusty: (whispering): (GW): Wow, spectacular.
(321) DM: The creature seems less sure of herself than before and seems to move slower as the water around her immediately drops in temperature.
(321) DM: (Gar, 15)
** (303) Garun looks over the other side of the boat to the shore and back to the hag in an instant, reaching for his handaxe as he does so. Placing on hand on the edge of the boat, he leans forward swinging the small axe with all his might toward the hargardly woman **
(303) Garun: Hand Axe: Attack [1d20+1] -> [11,1] = (12)
(321) DM: (hit)
(303) Garun: [1d6+1] -> [5,1] = (6)
(321) DM: She takes the blow, surprised by the ferocity of your attack and stumbles backwards in the water, almost losing her balance on the sandy cavern floor.
(321) DM: (Fil, 9)
** Fildin brings his longhorn to his lips and starts playing a tune, one completely different from any the group has heard him play before. The song seems to seep into the bodies of his comrades, making them feel luckier and more robust. ((Inspire courage: all allies that can hear him receive a +1 morale bonus on saving throws against charm and fear effects and a +1 morale bonus on attack and weapon damage rolls)). **
(321) DM: (Am, 21)
(321) Brinea, of Umberlee: It comes! I hear it, it comes by the goddess!
** (335) Amreth drops his paddle immediately as he sees Garun struck, scrambles to his feet, leaps out of the canoe into the water while simultaniously drawing a dagger from his glove, and with grunt of effort and a rapid flick of his wrist, launches the dagger at the hag past his comrade, taking as much care as possible not to hit him by accident. **
(335) Amreth: (whispering): What's the range?
whispering to Amreth, assume you're about 20' away from her
(335) Amreth: (whispering): So we'll say -4
whispering to Amreth, 15' to 20' from her. I see that you moved, so 15'.
(335) Amreth: [1d20+1] -> [14,1] = (15)
(335) Amreth: ((17 then))
whispering to Amreth, hit
(335) Amreth: [1d4] -> [2] = (2) dagger
(303) Garun: (( + 1))
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+3] -> [8,3] = (11),[1d20+3] -> [5,3] = (8)
(335) Amreth: ((It's +4, +5 with the music, -2 at range, so +3 - I had assumed a little quickly that it was further than 20))
** Brinea, of Umberlee turns, but too late to avoid the dagger as it sinks deep into her shoulder blades. Snarling with ferocity, she gazes at Garun balefully as if seeking to wring his neck with her talons. (Will save) **
(303) Garun: [1d20+1] -> [2,1] = (3)
whispering to Garun, dazed
(303) Garun: (whispering): k
whispering to Garun, Fort save
(321) DM: (Rus, 17)
(303) Garun: (whispering): [1d20] -> [16] = (16)
(321) DM: (oops)
(321) DM: (Rus, 17)
whispering to Garun, you're unaffected, you felt your heart almost stop from seeing her frightful appearance but are unaffected.
** Rusty switches the paddles for his crossbow to take the one loaded shot. **
whispering to Garun, you're dazed from seeing her evil, baleful stare.
Rusty: Attack: Lgiht Crossbow [1d20+2] -> [8,2] = (10). Damage [1d8+1] -> [8,1] = (9)
(321) DM: (miss)
(321) DM: (Fil, 9)
** (303) Garun feels the quick wet and cold blades of the talon touch his neck and immediately his heart immediately slows in fear, nearing a stop. However, he quickly focuses his thoughts on that of his mother's face and the shrill terror fleets **
Rusty: ((As expected, but darn if that bard's treacherous music didn't make me want to try))
** Fildin continues to play his song, keeping the tempo and power up hoping that his companions will be able to use the added help. **
(321) DM: (Am, 21)
** (335) Amreth tugs both of his slender blades free, and sloshes through the water to engage the hag. **
(335) Amreth: (whispering): Even with the seaweed and what not, that shouldn't slow him so much he can't make his attacks, eh?
whispering to Amreth, no
** (335) Amreth slashes down at the hag's left leg with one blade, and stabs up at her gut with the other. ( [1d20+1] -> [9,1] = (10) Right Hand Short Sword, and [1d20+1] -> [1,1] = (2) Left Hand Short Sword. ) **
(321) DM: (miss twice)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+3] -> [12,3] = (15),[1d20+3] -> [2,3] = (5)
(321) DM: In response to the sudden attack by Amreth, the hideous creature neatly steps to the side and spins viciously around, raking her claws against his breastbone (AC 15), while she attempts to slash at him again (miss).
(335) Amreth: ((Ac is 16 with the leathers.))
(321) DM: (k)
(321) DM: (Rus, 17)
(321) DM: (I don't know your ACs, so I just report on what I end up rolling, its up to you to tell me if the blow connects)
(321) DM: (I need an action otherwise I'm skipping you)
(335) Amreth: ((I just added mine with his hp to the idle status for quick refrence, had forgotten to do that.))
** Rusty drops the useless crossbow back into the canoe and takes up one paddle to keep up his momentum towards the hag while with his other hand he makes precise gestures and incants a pair of sharp precise words along with them. "Kal Eth." touching his leather belt as he finishes. **
(304) Donovan: (whispering): Mage armor which I will describe as you can move on, if I though canoes could ram, I sould. For now just getting in her way.
whispering to TaliesinNYC, k
(321) DM: (Fil, 9)
(303) Garun: (( me at 15?? ))
(321) DM: ((you're dazed))
(303) Garun: (( damn, yeah, sorry ))
** Fildin keeps playing his song, but starts to sit up, drawing on all the strength he has so that he can see. The song increases in volume, but only because it is no longer coming from the bottom of the canoe. **
(321) DM: (Am, 21)
** (335) Amreth whips his right hand blade up vindictively to catch the arm of the hand that tore at his leathers, and stabs at the hag's belly again with the left hand weapon. (([1d20+1] -> [18,1] = (19) Right, [1d20+1] -> [20,1] = (21) Left.)) **
(321) DM: (check for crit)
(335) Amreth: ((Omg, hehe))
(335) Amreth: ((Right [1d20+1] -> [15,1] = (16) threat check. Left [1d20+1] -> [2,1] = (3) threat check.))
** Armor of coppery links appears around Rusty shining in the lantern-light. Though the links quickly fade, the points of the lantern's reflection are still visible off of where they should be. It seems to float around him rather than being actually worn. **
(321) DM: (first is crit, second is not. damage)
(335) Amreth: Right: [2d6+4] -> [5,6,4] = (15) Left: [1d6+1] -> [2,1] = (3)
(321) DM: A death gurgle bubbles to her lips, as she shrieks, only to sink underneath the waves, lifeless.
** (335) Amreth wrenches the left-hand blade free of the hag's gut, and slides both home into their scabbards before turning to check on Garun. **
(321) DM: (on this note, we'll stop)

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