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Attempting to ENABLE moderation in the current room...
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(1772) DM: Anyone need a recap?
(1774) Olbernath: (( A brief one maybe. And very brief summaries of the character descriptions. For instane, Olbernath = red-haired gnomish gentleman ))
(1773) Garun: (( Garun = hooded knife throwing human misfit ))
(1772) DM: (Murder in a locked room. Mysterious magic. A gate to elsewhere.)
Fildin Wildstrider: (( Fildin is a black haired halfling with a vibrantly colored cloak ))
(1774) Olbernath: ( I think when we ended, Olbernath was just preparing to open up the chest and climb in )
(1772) DM: ** (1970) Garun watches as a map drops to the ground as the scroll case is open..."Um, guys, I think I found the map of our Pirate" **
** Fildin looks over to Garun. "Let's see it." **
(2057) Olbernath: "So... what shall I tell the watch? That the cleric was murdered by pirates from another dimension?"
** (1970) Garun kneels before it, cautiously not touching it and looks up to the painting, addressing it directly, "How do we ease this sailor?" **
** (1970) Garun seems to ignore the other as he gazes the map **
** Fildin goes over to Rusty. "Was there anything special in the wardrobe?" **
Rusty: "Clean towels."
Fildin: "Wow, that's not really that special."
** (1970) Garun stands up and moves to the portrait, "What is on the Moon Isle Atoll, who is it meant for?" **
(1970) Garun: "Who is Marsember?" he loudly exclaims
** Rusty shrugs, and dust falls off of his sleeves, "All there was." **
(2057) Olbernath: "So... what're we goin' ta do 'bout this green light business?"
(1970) Garun: "Who is the 'Lurker in the Shadows'?"
** (2057) Olbernath turns, "Who? Where, ya mean. I'm from Marsember." **
(1964) Amreth Verkul: "Marsemember isn't a who, it's a where.."
** (1970) Garun turns to look to him, away from the Portrait...his jaw drops, "Well then....I suppose that map is...well, it's yours," he exclaims taking three backward steps towards the door **
(1964) Amreth Verkul: "And where, is on the coast south of here, just east of Suzail."
(2057) Olbernath: "Moon Isle Atoll is an island about 20 leagues to the southest o' Marsember. In the sea of Fallen Stars."
** (1970) Garun points to the map on the ground, "Enjoy, then he who is from Marsember" **
(2057) Olbernath: "An I heard o' the Gindstaff an' the Conundrum... I think they both belong ta the Notorious pirate Nbod the Mad."
** Fildin looks back to the chest. "Atoll, seawater, waves." **
(2057) Olbernath: "Pillaged several seacoastal towns in Sembia, an' also eastern Cormyr, so I heard."
(1970) Garun: "The singing cliffs?"
Rusty: "An' the shovel an' torches uses be obvious."
Fildin: "That must be where that portal leads then."
** (2057) Olbernath continues to go on about his pirate lore, "Known as the Sourge o' the Sea, he crossed paths with an elder green dragon, an' vanished 'bout 25 ta 30 years ago, ne'er ta be seen again." **
** (1970) Garun continues to back up until he is standing beside Amreth, and to him he whispers, "This was a big...huge mistake to walk up here." **
Fildin: "You know, I've never been to the sea before."
** (2057) Olbernath smirks, "I suggest goin' by foot, instead o' glowin' chest." **
Fildin: "But what fun is that?"
Rusty: "Can' f'rget the murderrer"
** (2057) Olbernath to Fildin, "Well, do as ye please... but I'll bet ye two gold lions ye'll come ta regret it." **
Fildin: "Oh yeah, the murder." He looks to Garun "Well you were talking to the painting, does it have anything to say about the dead elf here?"
** (1970) Garun stands in awe, wishing he had never discovered the hidden cloth in the painting **
** (1970) Garun just shakes his head with an obvious nod of no **
Fildin: "Well one thing at a time I guess huh, that's what Camden tried to teach me."
** Fildin closes the sea chest lid. **
** (1970) Garun looks over to Amreth and whispers again, "Want to make a run for it?" **
** Fildin leans against the chest for a moment, thinking. **
** (2057) Olbernath to Fildin, "I must admit, I'm curious as to what lies on the other side o' that chest." **
** (1964) Amreth Verkul gives Garun a look of mock incredulity, "Run for it? Surely you jest! Wouldn't you much rather jump into light inside that chest, and get sucked right down into the bowels oft he abyss?" **
** Fildin cracks the chest open again to see if the light is still pouring out. **
(1970) Garun: "Surely, we must, but not before we stab one another to near death"
(1963) DM: (ok, stopping)
Rusty: "I'd like ta find who killed tha' elf." :gulps: "How'd he be done in?"
(2057) Olbernath: "Ye know what? Let the courage of gnomes never be doubted. I don't think the password of a famed pirate ship would lead to the Abyss... and I'm willin' ta wager me life on it." Olbernath swings one leg up over the side of the chest. Under his breath, he offers quick prayers to both Tymora and Garl Glittergold.
** Fildin lets the chest close again. **

Fildin Wildstrider: (( so to clarify, we stopped before olbernath tried to jump in, right? ))
** (1774) Olbernath lifts up the lid of the chest, already lifting one foot to place himself inside... **
Fildin Wildstrider: "Hold on. Don't forget the murder."
(1774) Olbernath: "Oh, I remember alright..."
** (1773) Garun watches as Olbernath moves to get in and holds his tongue **
Fildin Wildstrider: "But the killer didn't go this way."
(1774) Olbernath: "Are ye quite sure o' that?"
Fildin Wildstrider: "Yeah. The cloth used to open the gate was still hidden in the painting."
** (1773) Garun can't help but think how crazy it seems to jump so half-heartedly into an unknown portal...especially under these pretenses **
Rusty: "If we be sure he was done in by the ghost, his possessions ha' some link to it. Elsewise, I heard 'im run away."
** (1774) Olbernath shrugs, "I'd imagine whoever used the portal has his own means of opening the portal." **
(1772) DM: ((yes, precisely))
Fildin Wildstrider: "Hmm, could be."
(1774) Olbernath: (( is the portal still open? ))
(1772) DM: ((yes...))
** (1774) Olbernath puts both feet into the chest, "Well, I can't help but take a peek." **
** (1773) Garun continues to stand in the door, wondering why he wouldn't just make the first break for the exit that he could...if only the puzzle before him didn't hold him tight **
** (1774) Olbernath carefully prepares to climb down the rope ladder.. **
** (1773) Garun moves to put his hand out to say stop, but remembers that he doesn't even know the little man **
Rusty: "An' the window was closed when I came in. If there ain't no other way out... He'd ahadta." :indicates the open box:
** Fildin Wildstrider just shrugs. **
(1773) Garun: "And what do you want to do when you find him...how is this your claim, what stack do you have in his capture anyway?"
Fildin Wildstrider: "The guards put him in charge of finding the murderer."
** (1774) Olbernath shrugs, "Well... I really just want to see firsthand where this goes... I don't know about apprehending anyone." **
** Rusty looks down at his feet and thinks a bit before answering, "Jus' seems ta be right, I s'pose." **
** (1774) Olbernath smirks, "I'll give your regards to Nbod." **
** (1773) Garun looks to Fildin and then back to Olbernath, "I didn't know that..." and then whispering under his breathe, "I should have stayed downstairs" With another look he then asks, "And if you find trouble?" **
(1774) Olbernath: "Well... I don' know. I'll try ta avoid it... but Nbod vanished a long time ago, an' was said to have lots o' treasure."
(1774) Olbernath: "Perhaps this is a portal to some secret stash!"
** Fildin Wildstrider thinks for a couple seconds. **
Rusty: "Seems ta me we got trouble already."
(1774) Olbernath: "If ye care to share in the trouble, ye may share in the gold."
Fildin Wildstrider: "So, Olbernath - you believe that the murderer went that way, yes?
(1774) Olbernath: "Quite likely!"
(1773) Garun: "I just don't want to be lost in a strange land, I am not wholely prepared to adventure on this whim"
Fildin Wildstrider: "Then get moving. I can't follow while you sit on the chest like that."
(1791) No Name (enter): 21:06
** (1774) Olbernath grins impishly, "Too true!" Olbernath begins to climb down into the opened chest. **
(1774) Olbernath: (( entering the portal ))
Rusty: "Off on a ghost hunt we're agoing then? I'd best grab me pack."
Fildin Wildstrider: "Where is you sense of adventure? That's the thing about most of you tall-folk. You have many great adventurers, but you don't seem to know how to find the adventure in the moment." Fildin smiles wide. "And this is a great adventure ahead of us."
(1792) Yazut (enter): 21:07
(1772) DM: ((I have a rule that says the PC is not present if the player is not present))
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (1792) Amreth...
** Rusty hurries downstairs and lugs a pack from under his chair. **
(1772) DM: ((I refuse to run PCs as NPCs, breaks believability))
(1793) No Name (enter): 21:08
** Fildin Wildstrider pulls out his longhorn and starts playing a lively tune, full of the sense of moving on and away. **
(1791) No Name (exit): 21:08
Fildin Wildstrider: Perform (longhorn): [1d20+10] -> [11,10] = (21)
** (1773) Garun looks to Armeth, and then to Fildin, "Does it bother you that he smiles toward us as he says 'us'" **
whispering to Olbernath, if no one else follows you, you and I need to conduct our business by whisper. setting up whispers because tabbed whispers is still broken
** Fildin Wildstrider cuts the tune short once he sees Olbernath disappear from view. "And away I go. Come on with us, we shall have a grand time." **
** Fildin Wildstrider steps over the edge of the chest and follows Olbernath on down the ladder. **
** (1773) Garun looks to Amreth and whispers, "Although I am not prepared for an adventure, it would at least hide me from anyone that is out to get me...it would give me comfort, maybe." **
(1772) DM: ((15 min please, mapping))
** (1773) Garun can't help but eye the green glow as Fildin moves down the ladder **
(1762) Jax (enter): 21:12
(1762) Jax (exit): 21:13
** Rusty takes his time climbing back up the stairs. **
** (1792) Amreth stands hands folding over his chest, looking on with a measure of incredulity, "I don't think anyone could ever be properly prepared to do what we're doing here," he says, nodding at the chest, "Frankly, I think you're all quite mad." **
** (1773) Garun looks at Rusty, "What is your name sir," he says to the man? **
(1772) DM: Your newfound companions disappear through the mysterious green gate.
Rusty: "Proply me name's Rustle Ravenhair. Mostly just called Rusty. Whichever ya like."
(1773) Garun: "And what do you think...are you actually going down there?"
** (1773) Garun speaks, and then interrupts himself, "I am Garun..Garun Eyrian of...of nowhere really." **
(1772) DM: (each hex = 100 feet)
Rusty: "Ya sound like ya ain't wantin' ta. Of course I am. Me ma won't be so mad if I come back with this pirate's treasure."
(1773) Garun: "I think this portal is more trouble and will be more than you all lseem to be expecting..."
Rusty: "Part a the fun is not knowing what it'll be. Ya don't want to be left wonderin' yer whole life do ya?"
(1792) Amreth: "Your whole-long-life."
** (1773) Garun looks to Rusty, undecided as to his comment **
** (1773) Garun checks his thigh guards and his hip pocket, assuring that the little he still owes is on him presently **
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (1793) No Name...
Rusty: "Well?"
** (1792) Amreth balks, "Don't look at me." **
** Rusty walks up to the edge of the box and looks down into the depths. **
** (1773) Garun looks to Rusty and then to Amreth, "I am in if you are" **
** Rusty begins to climb into the box and pauses to yell back just before he disappears from view, "Come on and follow me into this box soon or you'll be left behind." He then completes his descent. **
** (1773) Garun watches him fade into nothingness and shakes his head with worry **
(1774) Olbernath: Search: Check : [1d20+4] -> [11,4] = (15)
** (1792) Amreth glances to Rusty, then back down at the portal, "Let him go first. As the faithful of Tymora say, 'Fortune favors the bold' - On the other hand, I say 'Death favors the foolish.' Hopefully, Death has had its fill," he says, gesturing towards the portal, "After you." **
(1772) DM: ((because 3 PCs are now in the gate, I'll be typing out the descriptions in the main window))
** (1773) Garun smiles to the old friend, "Together you said. Ok." As he moves to the portal and grabs the handle of the ladder **
(1772) DM: You find yourself dangling above a beach with warm waves lapping below your feet. Somewhere to the west, beyond the shadow of a palm forest that skirts the beach, a strange drum is pounding, filling the dusk with its sound and speaking of barbaric rituals held under the protective cover of darkness. Some distance to the south, you notice a large mass of dark objects lying just out of reach of the waves. they might be boats, or they might be large animals of some sort, perhaps sea monsters, that have been drawn from the water by the sound of the drum. The sun sinks below the western horizon and darkness falls quickly in this place. A multitude of stars wink to life in the indigo sky. You can see a rectangle of green light floating 12' above you. Fildin and Olbernath are here.
** (1774) Olbernath looks up from where he kneels looking for footprints. He looks up and waves to you! **
(1772) DM: Garun plops into view a minute later.
** (1784) Donovan About a minute after Rusty entered the portal, a large black bird wings down from the rafters of the common room, banks up the stairwell, and dives down into the glowing portal. **
** Fildin Wildstrider smiles when he sees the other three also show up in the new land. "So the call of adventuring was enough after all. Welcome." he says softly. **
** (1792) Amreth slips a dagger from a glove, and places it between his teeth, "Hellvs," he mumbles, slips a leg over into the portal, feeling around for the ladder, and when found, begins his descent. **
(1773) Garun: "I guess I will figure it out when I get on the other side...see you soon," he says as he begins to climb down the ladder
(1772) DM: ...followed by Rusty and Amreth respectively.
(1804) Kraig (enter): 21:42
(1774) Olbernath: "Hello all. Try not to stomp around too much. Fildin and I are looking for tracks."
** (1792) Amreth glances down as he emerges on the other side, dangling above the sand, and lets himself drop down with a humph, "If that's what you'd like to call it," he says, glancing around to get his bearings. **
** (1773) Garun stops on the ladder for a moment as he sees the completely seperate surrounding about he. "I have escaped for now. Perhaps a few more friends wouldn't hurt" he mumbles as he sees Olbernath waving like a happy guy **
** (1773) Garun looks to the guys, "Well, perhaps proper introduction are in order. I am Garun Eyrian" **
** (1773) Garun looks to Fildin and Olbernath still unaware of who they are and waiting for them to respond. **
Fildin Wildstrider: "Well met. I am known as Fildin Wildstrider, musician _and_ naturalist."
** (1774) Olbernath smiles, "Well met again, Garun. Me name's Olbernath Barrelstone, an' I've been asked to find out who murdered that golden haired elf." **
(1774) Olbernath: "I must admit, this is not the direction I foresaw this investigation going!"
** (1773) Garun gives a slight nod to them both and responds to Olbernath, "Well, since I helped start all this portal, I will help as much as I can." **
** (1774) Olbernath taps Fildin on the shoulder, "Lookee here!" He points to a large group of tracks leading away fro the beach to the northeast. **
Fildin Wildstrider: "That's all we can ask - each person does what they can."
** Rusty stands near the rope ladder looking around at the jungle forest and answers for the short ones, "Me name's Rustle Ravenhair, though mustly just called Rusty." **
(1804) Kraig (exit): 21:46
** (1773) Garun moves to see what the commotion is about, tensing up as he eyes the large group of tracks **
Joryn: A dwarf appears from thin air, his jaw slightly open as he climbs down the ladder. He steps onto the ground and looks at the others, and seems to recollect his wits. "Hail" he says in a somewhat distracted tone.
(1774) Olbernath: "Aye, yer tha one who busted tha door an' started this whole business. Well, I hope yer as good at bashing savages as you are at doors, Rusty!"
Rusty: "I gotta admit, this ain't where I saw meself going this mornin' neither."
(1772) DM: (should mention that the ladder doesn't extend through the gate. when you entered the gate, you dropped down to a sandy beach, 12' below)
** Fildin Wildstrider chuckles at Olbernath. "You wanted into that room as much as I did." **
** (1774) Olbernath smiles, "Mmm... perhaps... but there's something to be said for restraint." He smirks. **
Rusty: "Ah, never been much good at bashin' anythin' really. Musta been a old door."
** (1773) Garun turns quickly moving to his side instinctively as the Dwarf stands to his feet **
Joryn: ((Oh... well, and an "oof" in there somewhere))
(1774) Olbernath: "So fellows! What shall we do? Do we risk following these tracks?"
(1774) Olbernath: "We may find more murderers than we know what to do with."
** (1773) Garun looks around for anything else that might catch his eye **
Fildin Wildstrider: "So, Rusty and Garun. And what shall we call you two?"
** Fildin Wildstrider looks to Amreth and the dwarf as he asks. **
** (1792) Amreth slips the dagger back into his glove, and stands upright, walking after the gnome, "You have your choice of doing that, wandering aimlessly, or," he says, pointing up twelve foot above them, "Try and jump for the portal. Doubt you'll have much success at the latter." **
Fildin Wildstrider: "I'd like to check out that drummer, but perhaps we should finish what we started with first."
Rusty: "Be they big, heavy, an' recent theys probably who we're after."
(1774) Olbernath: "Well, let's be careful. I said this once, but you tall folks tend to miss what's said by folks standin' under ye. This island was likely tha hideout o' Nbold the Mad."
(1774) Olbernath: "He went missin' a long time ago, after gettin' tangled up with a green dragon. That's what they say, anyhow."
(1773) Garun: "Can you tell me a bit about Nbold the Mad, before I venture to my own doom"
Joryn: "You think the elf was killed by this Nbold?"
** (1773) Garun waits hoping for more than that **
Fildin Wildstrider: "Oh yes, a story!"
** (1774) Olbernath to Joryn, "He disappeared a long time ago. I don' know why he'd come outta retirement just ta kill an elf." **
(1774) Olbernath: "Anyhow, he was a famed pirate."
(1774) Olbernath: "Pillaged several coastal towns in Sembia, an' in Cormyr too they say."
(1774) Olbernath: "Owned the Grindstaff an' the Conundrum. Them were his two ships."
(1774) Olbernath: "Known as the scourge o' the sea."
** Rusty's face lights up, under the dirt, at the mention of a story and plops down to have a seat on the beach and listen. **
(1774) Olbernath: "This is probably tha Moon Isle Atoll, 'bout twenty leagues ta the southeast o' Marsember, in the Sea o' Fallen Stars."
** (1773) Garun watches his as he speaks, his head constantly moving on its swivel at his environment **
** Fildin Wildstrider pulls out his longhorn and plays a little mood music very softly in the background while Olbernath tells his tale. **
(1774) Olbernath: "It's known for privates and privateers from the Westgate and the Pirate Isles."
(1774) Olbernath: "Anyhow, they say that ol' Nbod the mad finally got his 'bout thirty years ago, when he went up 'gainst an enormous Green Dragon!"
(1792) Amreth: "Well, that's just splendid."
(1774) Olbernath: "Course, nobody ever tol' stories 'bout secret portals."
** Fildin Wildstrider plays the sounds of craching waves against ship hulls, the pirates' battle cries, and throws in touches of inspiration from the land they stand on, underneath the starry sky. **
** (1774) Olbernath grins and nods to Fildin, in appreciation of his accompanyment. **
Joryn: "And what exactly leads you to think that this character is involved? If he disappeared thirty years ago...?"
(1773) Garun: "Well, let's hope it isn't that such dragon we are in search of"
** (1774) Olbernath to Joryn, "Don' ye remember what the password was ta open up that portal?" **
(1774) Olbernath: "An' that picture on the wall... that was probably Nbod himself."
(1773) Garun: "Conundrum," he says aloud wondering if the dwarf would have read that
Rusty: "The room, the puzzle, and tha' portal," :points up above: "opened up ta 'conundrum'"
Joryn: "I see. And what does this have to do with the Nbod?"
Joryn: ((*the = this))
** (1774) Olbernath arches an eyebrow and tugs on his goatee with frustration, "What does- ain' ye been listenin'? How could it mean anythin' else?" **
** (1773) Garun looks to the dwarf, and then to Olbernath **
(1774) Olbernath: "It all comes together too clean ta mean anythin' else!"
** (1773) Garun smiles and laughes, "Enough with story time, the sand is hot, lets get moving" **
** Joryn nods at Garun's suggestion. "Fine". **
** Fildin Wildstrider puts down the longhorn since storytime is over. "A wonderful suggestion Garun." **
Joryn: ((Just to clarify, Joryn came in late. He wasn't around when you were doing all the gear with the painting...))
** (1774) Olbernath to Garun, "D'ye still 'ave that parchment where ye foun' the password?" **
** (1773) Garun begins moving, removing the short bow halfway hidden beneath his cloak and holding it in a dangling right hand **
** Rusty stands up and stretches as well, "Fine idea." **
** Fildin Wildstrider moves with Garun, ready to see what lays around the next corner. **
** (1773) Garun reaches into his pouch and looks back to Olbernath, "I only had room for the compass with its word and the map," he hands both to the gnome **
(1774) Olbernath: Olbernath grins with enthusiasm as he takes the map and compass, "Wonderful!"
(1773) Garun: "And I know I handed someone the beads in the brass box...as for the sextant, unless Joryn took it," he looks to him in wonder, and then back to Olbernath, it is lost for now
(1813) Jack (enter): 22:06
** (1774) Olbernath follows after Fildin and Garun, he eyes glued to the map, scrutinizing it for any clues it might still hold. **
** (1773) Garun looks to Fildin and back towards Amreth, wondering why he doesn't move up. His eyes return to the halfling and he smiles, "A return good tune you carry Fildin" **
Fildin Wildstrider: "Thank you kind sir. I spent a few years working on this particular instrument, but now it is by far my favorite."
(1773) Garun: "What else do you play? For you make it sounds like you didn't do it this as a first thing."
** Rusty reaches behind his back to his backpack under his cloak and eventually pulls out a weapon of his own, a light crossbow, as he follows Garun and Fildin. A moment later he digs around again and produces a quiver which he hangs on his belt. **
(1813) Jack (exit): 22:12
Fildin Wildstrider: "Why the tantan of course - as any halfling would. But during my family's travels we came across an elf playing an instrument such as this one. I immediately fell in love with its sound. That is why I had to live in Arabel for so many years, to learn how to play it."
** (1774) Olbernath tugs on Garun's shirt to get his attention, then to both he and Fildin, "There seems ta be some sort o' village 'ere... leastways, the remains o' one" He points to an area represented on the map above as '6' **
** (1773) Garun notices the man arming himself behind him, and looks back with a smile, tipping his bow toward him **
** (1773) Garun looks down, a bit surprised for a person who is always so observant, and responds, "Well, that is the way we we shall go, does that map show any trouble we might encounter?" he jests **
Fildin Wildstrider: "Oh, seaside village. Let's go."
** (1773) Garun then looks back sharply for Amreth having missed his absence before...his eyes pace the horizon anxiously. **
** (1774) Olbernath smiles, "Aye. Let's take a look at least, fore we go findin' the murderers." **
(1773) Garun: "Hold up, did you all see where Amreth went?"
(1774) Olbernath: "Er... no. I was busy studying the map."
Rusty: "Not me."
** Fildin Wildstrider stops as Garun does. "Who?" ((since he never introduced himself.)) **
** (1774) Olbernath sighs, "We're ta solve a murder an' we can't even keep track o' eachother." **
(1774) Olbernath: "Well, we're headin' back the same way to reach the village. Let's dog our own footsteps, an' maybe we'll see where he left us."
** Fildin Wildstrider nods. **
(1773) Garun: "The one I came down with, and he can handle himself...just a bit confusing that he would have left." the words together ring distinctly through his mind
(1772) DM: He doesn't seem to be anywhere...and all seems quiet but for the drumming in the distance.
** (1774) Olbernath snorts, "No doubt thinks he can find Nbod's gold himself. Well, let's shake a leg" **
** (1773) Garun tightens the grip on his bow and moves as per Olbernath's direction back toward the village **
Fildin Wildstrider: "Ahh yes, I know which one."
** (1773) Garun eyes Fildin once again, asking curiously, "Do you carry a weapon, just by chance?" **
** (1774) Olbernath continues to follow after Garun, his eyes darting between the map and his surroundings. **
** Rusty follows back along their path without protest. **
** Fildin Wildstrider follows the group, admiring the sights of the area. **
(1820) Translucent Wolf (enter): 22:22
(1820) Translucent Wolf (exit): 22:23
** Fildin Wildstrider falls back from Garun and Olbernath slightly to walk with Rusty. **
** (1774) Olbernath arches a curious eyebrow, "Say, Fildin. Know ye anythin' o' percussion? I grew up in a very musical family, an' I heard tales o' folks who sent messages with drum beats. D'ye think these may be that sort?" **
** (1773) Garun looks foward and begins moving a bit faster in front of the group serching ahead as if normal **
** Fildin Wildstrider looks at Olbernath and thinks for a moment. **
** (1774) Olbernath smirks, and taps his belly along with the beat, "We're - out - of ale. Let's - go get - some more. An' - some cheese - too." **
** (1773) Garun keeps a keen eye out for Amreth, wondering where he would have run off to **
(1772) DM: The odor of roast pork wafts through the palm forest...
** Fildin Wildstrider makes a quick slight nod to Rusty before turning his attention to Olbernath. "It does sound like a ritual music, not communication. More like a summons." **
** (1774) Olbernath mock grimaces, not liking the sound of a 'summons' **
Rusty: "An invitation for us mayhap?"
Fildin Wildstrider: "I might have a better idea if we were closer."
** Joryn sniffs the air. "D'ye smell that?" **
** (1773) Garun begins to use the odor as a means of direction still a bit in front the others **
** (1774) Olbernath whispers, "Careful... where there's roast pork, there's folks roastin' pork." **
** (1773) Garun can't help but thinking that Amreth could possibly smell like pork **
Fildin Wildstrider: "Mmm, that does smell good now."
Joryn: "There're less subtle ways to send an invitation than the smell of meat"
** Fildin Wildstrider continues to follow the path he believes that Garun is taking. **
(1774) Olbernath: "Meself, I've always been partial to a freshly baked loaf o' me Ma's sweetbread."
(1826) No Name (enter): 22:35
(1772) DM: Flickering light can be seen in the distance.
Fildin Wildstrider: "Pork, sweetbread, its all good to me."
(1774) Olbernath: "Well.... how d'ye want ta handle this? We all gonna go bargin' in, or is one o' us gonna go sneak a peak?"
Joryn: "Be wary now. We could find ourselves in a spot o' bother here".
(1772) DM: Through the trees. The drumming gets louder and more insistent.
Fildin Wildstrider: "Barging in would be bad most likely."
** Joryn loosens the straps holding the twin hammers to his back. "Do any of ye think ye could sneak in there withou' bein' seen?" **
Joryn: (Whispering, of course)
** Fildin Wildstrider smirks and whispers back. "Of course." **
** (1774) Olbernath smiles, and whispers, "Well done!" **
Joryn: "Then go. Don' go in there, just ge' a look at what's going on and get back here"
** Fildin Wildstrider crouches down, making himself even smaller than usual. He moves off slowly into the shadowy areas, to try and get a better picture of things. **
(1772) DM: Through the trees, you see moonlight rippling on a wide, dark lagoon, but the night has been chased away by a large fire over which roasts a sizeable pig.
** Rusty explains quietly, "I can' think of a good excuse fer us ta be bargin' in, so's best ta be findin' what's what afore we go knockin'." **
(1772) DM: Torches on tall poles are arranged in a semicircle near the water. Within the boundary of the torchlight, you see five men, wearing only hideous smiles, gesticulating wildly to the beat of a large drum.
(1669) ghaele (enter): 22:39
(1774) Olbernath: "Well... we got a world o' excuses... but none o' them'll sound so good when we're on tha spot. I can scarce believe it meself."
(1772) DM: Outside the circle of torches sits a wizened old man clad in only a dirty loincloth, who pounds out a frenzied rhythm on his drum. Surrounding him are six other figures bedecked in feathered finery and seashelled bangles. Some of them wear shrunken heads strung about their necks like pearls.
(1772) DM: Sprawled about on the sand near the fire and gorging themselves on roasted pig, a score or more naked headhunters intently watch the dance of the five warriors.
** Joryn waits tensely for Fildin to return and tell them what's happening. **
(1835) Olbernath (enter): 22:47
** Fildin Wildstrider finally reappears from the shadowy underbrush. **
** (1773) Garun comes moving behind the group at nearly the same time Fildin pops out **
(1774) Olbernath (exit): 22:48
Fildin Wildstrider: "Looks like some large primitive group. 1 1/2 to two score of them, trying to conjure something or someone. Oh, and they appear to be headhunters. I suggest we go elsewhere."
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (1835) Olbernath...
** (1835) Olbernath whispers loudly in surprise, "Two score o' headhunters! Aye, elsewhere sounds 'bout right." **
(1773) Garun: "Damn, stole my advise, though I think I can puncture that drum from here accurately and break up said ritual."
(1772) DM: As you wait and watch, the drum reaches a frenzied crescendo. The five dancers fling their bodies about in the most astounding feats of athleticism you have ever seen. Beyond them, the still water of the lagoon begins to bubble and froth. The other headhunters move closer to the water, perhaps to get a better look at what is rising there.
Joryn: "Far too many ta defea'. But if they are conjurin' somethin', I don't like th' odds of it being good.
** (1835) Olbernath looks at Garun with raised eyebrows, "Give us some distance from ye 'fore ye start doin' that!" **
Fildin Wildstrider: "Do it silently and without being seen. They look like they would be awfly upset if they found us out."
Rusty: "Thirty-five warriors and a ritual? And a feast from tha' smell. Best not to be interupting and angerin' em."
** (1835) Olbernath to Joryn, "Well, here's yer shot ta find out. Take a look..." **
(1773) Garun: "Hold up, something is happening. They are moving to the water," he takes a few steps forward
(1772) DM: Suddenly chaos erupts. Huge black tentacles shoot from the water, wrapping around two of the dancers and dragging them screaming into the shadowy depths. Other tentacles sway high into the air as if looking for targets.
(1772) DM: Most of the savages flee in terror, leaving only a small knot of three warriors who brandish their spears and refuse to give up. The old man ceases drumming and nimbly moves out of the way...
** (1773) Garun looks back to the group with fear in his eyes, "Should I take it to save one of those poor headhunters...this is crazy" **
(1773) Garun: ((how far away are we?))
** (1835) Olbernath quietly, without emotion, "Ye know... let's go back an' try followin' them tracks again." **
(1772) DM: ((50'))
(1835) Olbernath: "This... ain' a good place ta be."
Fildin Wildstrider: "They brought it up, let them deal with it."
** (1835) Olbernath turns and follows his own advice. **
Joryn: "Aye, but if tha' thing can leave th' water..."
** Fildin Wildstrider slowly starts to back away, still somewhat facinated by the large tentacles. **
** Joryn turns to leave regardless of his words. "Le's go". **
Rusty: "Then we don' wanna be around to find out."
** (1773) Garun pulls an arrow out of the quizar hanging on his back and looks to the tenancle as it splashes about the warriors **
** (1835) Olbernath tugs on Garun's shirt, "Don do it!" **
** Joryn catches Garun's arm. "Wha're daft?" **
Joryn: ((*Wha're ye daft?))
** (1773) Garun takes a few steps back and stops immediately around 60ft. "I have a clean shot, a little arch and a shot to the water, what harm could it do?" **
(1835) Olbernath: "I'll stab ye! Get movin'!"
Joryn: "It could let it know we're here!"
** Rusty spins away from the the firelight and retreats, cloak flapping behind him in his haste. **
** Joryn graps the man's hand and drags him along behind him. **
** (1773) Garun squints eyeing the great beast in his keen sights and pulls the arrow from its notched position, returning it quickly to his quiver, and turns to move at Joryn's forceful request **
** Fildin Wildstrider moves with the others, finally turning away from the scene - just getting away. **
(1772) DM: ((so Joryn is fleeing the scene?))
Joryn: ((Yup))
** (1773) Garun moves quickly as he looks back to the monster, making haste to run afront the others **
(1772) DM: The old man moves to the doorway of a small hut in the rear of the clearing. No sooner than he moves away do the other tentacles grab the three remaining warriors, dragging them to their deaths.
(1835) Olbernath: "That was tha biggest octopus I ever seen. Fact, most I seen ain' much bigger 'an a foot er so."
** (1773) Garun digs his feet in the sand turning back to halt the others. "The old man fleed safely," he says trying to spot the site from a far **
Fildin Wildstrider: "And your point is what? I doubt that he will try again after losing his dancers."
(1835) Olbernath: "He didn' seem too upset or scared ta me."
** (1773) Garun looks to Fildin, "Well, we could follow the steps or wait for the splashing to subside to confront the solitude of the old one" **
** (1835) Olbernath holds up his hands, "Listen. Let's just forget 'bout that octopus, an' keep out o' the water." **
** (1773) Garun looks to Filden, "And you keep you drums at bay" **
** Rusty is shaking quietly when you catch up to him. He looks back at the others and says with a mix of awe and terror, "That was the hugest octopus I ever seen." **
(1835) Olbernath: "In the meantime, let's go follow them tracks we found"
Fildin Wildstrider: "Don't forget a number of the headhunters ran immediatelly. I doubt the old man will be alone."
** (1835) Olbernath shakes his head, "What old man? What headhunters? Let's head north an' find the murderers." **
Fildin Wildstrider: "Not a problem Garun."
Fildin Wildstrider: "What about the village?"
(1772) DM: ((not sure if one of you got my comment, but the tracks swerved to the NW and entered the clearing.))
** (1835) Olbernath shakes his head, "What village? I don't remember any village?" **
Joryn: "I doub' it were just an octopus. Who makes a ritual to summon a big animal?"
(1772) DM: ((in other words, the tracks were made by the headhunters...))
** (1773) Garun turns and begins to move, "It isn't going anywhere, might as well walk with the tracks, I saw them swerve in that direction into a clearing before we turned around" **
(1773) Garun: ((ahh, erase that))
(1835) Olbernath: "Well, let's go in the other direction for now."
(1773) Garun: "So are we going away from the tracks, since they are probably the headhunters"
Rusty: "We could look where they came from."
Fildin Wildstrider: "Well, I don't want to mess with those headhunters."
** (1835) Olbernath nods with Fildin. **
(1835) Olbernath: "I don' know if the rest o' ye are seasoned warriors who can take down a score o' headhunters... but I sure ain'."
** Joryn stops. "Aye... Maybe we should head back... Most of 'em're dead now. We'd just need ta avoid the beastie... If tha'll lead ta more information..." **
** (1792) Amreth slinks up near Garun, then springs from behind a tree, wrapping his arms around him, "Gruuuuaaaagh!" **
** (1792) Amreth is teh best sneak. **
(1669) ghaele (exit): 23:10
** Rusty looks about, startled by Amreth's shout. "Who? Where?" **
(1772) DM: ((so where to now?))
** (1773) Garun doesn't hear the man as he jumps around him. Garun drops his bow in anticipation, "Damn it...that was a good one. Like we are still 10 years old. Damn!" he says as he bends down to pick up his bow **
** Fildin raises an eyebrow at the male humans' interaction. "Tall-folk." he mutters as he shakes his head. **
(1773) Garun: "Where have you been?"
** (1792) Amreth lets go just as quickly as he grabbed hold, and gives Garun a shove, not to push him down, but to push himself away, "Damned, but that was a sight! No?" **
** (1835) Olbernath winces, "If we're gonna be shoutin', let's put some footsteps between us an' the village." **
(1773) Garun: "I remember you dad muttering stories about a huge octopus, never thought I would actually see one...insanity"
(1835) Olbernath: "Pirates are one thing. They might be reasoned with. But headhunters who summon and are eaten by giant ocupi?"
** Joryn stares at the pair. "Daft..." he mutters. "Whadd're we doin'? Goin' back before they've had tha chance ta regroup, or keep goin' this way, put some space between us?" **
** (1792) Amreth gives a hoarse chuckle in response, "Heh heh," and wipes his brow, "Yeah, and I saw you nockin' that arrow at it, what in the abyss were you thinkin'?" **
** Fildin keeps on walkng towards the village location on the map. **
** (1835) Olbernath mutters to himself, obviously unsettled by the octopus and headhunters. **
(1773) Garun: "Remember that old hag's parrot back in the day, never got caught back then for clipping its wing, and it was one hell of a shot."
** (1792) Amreth glances down at the dwarf, "Why the hell would we go back there? I reckon' they'll just be after our heads for trophies, and our guts for a feast." **
** Rusty follows Fildin, but winces silently as he hears Garun's recounting. **
** (1773) Garun looks toward Fildin and grabs Amreth's arm as they start to follow, "I know you don't have a better suggestion, you sneak" **
(1792) Amreth: "Garun, don't know if it's registered or not, but that wasn't a parrot, and those weren't toothless old women."
(1792) Amreth: "Oh, I certainly do."
Fildin: (( well maybe that is.. Were the headhunters at the spot where the map indicated a village? ))
** (1773) Garun smiles and continues, "Do tell?" **
(1847) Seruvontes (enter): 23:17
** (1792) Amreth gestures back the way they'd come, "Think we can get you up on my shoulders, and that hin there," he says, gesturing at one of the short ones, "On top of yours, so he can toss up a rope down?" **
(1792) Amreth: ((toss us*))
** (1773) Garun looks to Amreth, "about twelve feet up, I think we would have to leave a few of us here." **
(1847) Seruvontes (exit): 23:18
(1792) Amreth: "Hence the idea of the hin lowering us all a rope."
(1772) DM: ((yes))
Fildin: (( ahh, misunderstood that. Ok, then Fildin is just walking back the way they had come right now. ))
(1773) Garun: "Don't you think it that was the case the ladder would still be hanging...I don't think the portal works that way at all"
** Rusty half turns to shoot down the idea, "We'll not be goin' back so soon. At least give me ma a day to worry," and grins broadly at Amreth. **
** (1792) Amreth shrugs, "Could be, or it could be it just isn't quite long enough to reach. Just an idea regardless. We have to start thinking on how we're going to get fof this damned island before the sun comes up, and those skinners locate our tracks and come huntin'." **
** Fildin starts to play a upbeat song to match the walking, but keeps it soft enough so that it is background noise, even to those not talking. **
(1835) Olbernath: "We could try ta sneak past the village."
(1772) Voice: I could help you with that. (amused)
(1835) Olbernath: "Eh?"
** Fildin stops playing at the sound of the new voice, in mid note. **
** Joryn spins around at the voice. "Who's there?" he demands. **
** (1792) Amreth narrows his eyes, lowers his hands to his hips to slips both blades free of their sheathes, "And who the hell might you be?" **
(1772) DM: The voice chuckles softly.
(1772) Voice: Someone who knows how to leave this place.
** (1835) Olbernath glances at Amreth, as if to suggest more courtesy to unknown voices. **
(1792) Amreth: "I'm not of a mind to play games with you, whoever you are. Speak plainly."
** Joryn takes the hammers from his back. "Show yerself" **
** (1773) Garun looks for the source of the voice **
(1772) DM: A snort.
** (1773) Garun scours the landscape for the sound of the voice, his bow held firmly in his hand **
** Fildin puts his longhorn down. "So soon? We've barely seen 50 feet of this place." **
(1772) Voice: Very well.
** Rusty points his crossbow to the ground and asks, "Know anythin' else? I'm not mindin' ta leave jus' yet." **
(1772) DM: The old man from the beach appears, floating slightly above the ground in front of you.
(1773) Garun: "Looks like he is coming to us, much easier"
** (1792) Amreth ignores the protests of the others, eyeing the old man, "That figures." **
** Joryn takes a few steps from the man. "Good. Greetings, stranger" **
Fildin: "Ahh, the drummer. Looks like you picked up a few more things than just primitive spellcasting."
** (1835) Olbernath gives the old man a nervous wave, "Er... well met. Me name's Olbernath Barrelstone." **
** (1835) Olbernath adds, "Ye know, gnome heads're so small as they are, there really ain' much point in shrinkin' 'em." **
** (1773) Garun stands quietly, waiting to hear the old man explain before introducing himself so casually **
** Fildin seems to makes his comment with no undertones, just as if one was stating a well-known fact. **
** Old man chuckles softly. "I've...seen many things in my time." **
** Rusty looks the man up and down noting his floating and welcomes him to the open space, "Welcome, though, I s'pose we're the guests round 'ere." **
** Joryn glances at Olbernath, then turns his attention back to the old man. "Can I ask what tha' doin's by thebeach were about? **
(1772) Old man: The name's Kaylin. Kaylin of Marsember. And well met.
** Fildin slowly moves around the man, looking at the ground where he is floating. "I gotta learn to do that someday." he mutters to himself. **
(1772) Kaylin: It was a rite of passage.
** (1773) Garun thinks to himself, 'death is some passage' **
Joryn: "Where folks got eaten by some giant beastie?"
** (1792) Amreth chews the incisde of his cheek, considering their situation carefully-he glances over each shoulder behind their position. **
(1772) Kaylin: They wanted me to summon the Lurker. They believe that if the all-knowing sea favored them, that the sea would show her bounty. But if the goddess were displeased, then she would send forth the Lurker.
** Kaylin shrugs. "And you saw what happened." **
Fildin: "So, if I may ask, who are you that they called on you to do this?"
(1835) Olbernath: "Who are they?"
(1772) Kaylin: They're natives of islands in the sea out there. (gestures behind him)
(1772) Kaylin: Someone who's lived on this atoll for a very long time. You ask a lot of questions.
(1772) Kaylin: So you want to leave here. Well...I could tell you how...for a price.
(1792) Amreth: "There are a lot to ask, but you mentioned you knew a way off this island. Care to elaborate on that?"
Fildin: "And here I thought they was my first one." Fildin responds with a warm smile.
(1835) Olbernath: "Heh. Well, when you go through a chest in a tavern onto a pirate island an' see headhunters summon a giant octopus, ye tend ta wonder 'bout a few things."
Fildin: (( *they = that ))
Joryn: "What kind of price?"
** Kaylin thinks a moment. "You don't look like much. Probably not worth it, it might lead you to your deaths." **
(1849) Vermin Lord (enter): 23:35
Fildin: "Sounds like an adventure to me..."
** (1773) Garun can't help but feel at complete unrest around this floating man **
(1849) Vermin Lord (exit): 23:35
Joryn: "Well we don't want an adventure, we want to find what happened to the elf".
(1772) Kaylin: What elf?
(1773) Garun: "Some of us just want a way back" he says looking to Amreth
(1835) Olbernath: "Well, since ye seem ta know how ta get out, ye must know where *out* is. We found a dead cleric o' Mystra. An' elf."
** Joryn looks back at Kaylin. He's said too much. "Aye" **
(1835) Olbernath: "He was in a tavern, an' we stumbled through a magic portal to this island."
Fildin: "Don't want an adventure? Then why in the nine hells did you enter a glowing gate chest?"
(1792) Amreth: "Greed?"
(1772) Kaylin: I was once a friend of a captain named Nbod. In fact, I was his first mate.
(1773) Garun: "I think my answer is mere stupidity"
Fildin: "Hmm, makes sense. But it's hard to get money without adventure."
(1772) Kaylin: But I grew tired of murder and pillage, so when his ship, the Solaris, wrecked on a reef on the west side of this atoll, I decided to stay behind while his mates built canoes and escaped.
(1835) Olbernath: "So he wasn' killed by a green dragon?"
(1772) Kaylin: Nbod made good his escape but would visit the atoll many more times in the years to come.
(1772) Kaylin: Well, that's a ways away.
(1792) Amreth: "To hell with this fool's idea of 'adventure' - If that's what you want, then by all means, go trudge through death and hell for your thrills. I just want a cut of whatever we find at the end."
(1772) Kaylin: One day, several years ago, he showed up and asked to borrow my canoe so he could reach a sea cave beneath the Singing Cliffs on the other side of the atoll.
Joryn: (Muttering) "Nice ta hear we've all go' good motives fer bein' here..."
** (1835) Olbernath tries to shush Amreth with a waive of his hand, keeping his atention on Kaylin. **
(1772) Kaylin: Apparently, he hid a good bit of money in a sea cave, but a gate set at that location failed to work properly. I went along to help him remove the treasure but as we approached the cave, something attacked the canoe. Nbod fell overboard and never resurfaced.
** Fildin simply turns his full attention to Kaylin as the man tells his tale. **
(1773) Garun: "And you, how does only one person fall overboard"
(1772) Kaylin: I fled for my life and as I was looking over my shoulder, what should emerge from the cave but a green dragon.
** (1835) Olbernath listens with wide eyes to the story of treasure... **
** (1773) Garun nods as it is explained **
** Rusty takes a seat to listen to the story. **
** Rusty gestures at the ground beneath Kaylin as if that's all the explanation needed for why only one person fell overboard. **
** (1792) Amreth glances at Garun, then back at floating Kaylin, thinking the answer to his question quite obvious. **
** Kaylin shrugs. "Believe me or not, but as the sea is my witness, that's the truth." **
(1835) Olbernath: "So... ye want us ta slay a huge green dragon?"
(1835) Olbernath: "I'm afraid ye may be overestimatin' us."
(1772) Kaylin: Like I said, you don't look like much.
** (1835) Olbernath shrugs, "Not many folks're *that* much." **
(1772) Kaylin: I could help you leave here, if you swear by the gods to return, and avenge my friend's death.
(1773) Garun: "So how does you getting his treasure help us get home precisely"
(1772) Kaylin: Who said I wanted treasure?
(1772) Kaylin: I want you to avenge his death. I don't need money. I don't want to leave here. This is my home. But...if you ARE men of good heart, then you can help me find peace.
(1773) Garun: "I just don't understand, why not merely summon the octopus to fight this dragon, or use your tribesmen? Why us?"
Fildin: "Hmm, a green dragon. It would be neat to see one eventually."
(1773) Garun: "And secondly, unless you can explain the painting and the portriat, how are we to trust a word from you?"
** (1835) Olbernath quietly to Fildin, "I think he's tellin' tha truth..." **
(1772) Kaylin: The natives view me as a holy man. (shrugs)
Rusty: "Afore I go, I'd like ta find who or mebbe what killed tha' cleric in the inn."
(1772) Kaylin: Well, you don't have to. (shrugs)
** (1835) Olbernath to Kaylin, "Ye think ye could keep 'em from killin' us?" **
** Fildin shrugs to Olbernath. "I guess, sounds about right. Maybe this place is too much for us right now." **
Rusty: "An' we should know where ta find this dragon 'fore we leave, so's we don' have ta bother ya about it when we come back."
(1835) Olbernath: "Say, Kaylin... what'd this dragon do when it flew out? Did it say anythin'?"
(1773) Garun: "Well please do explain then...how the portal, how the compass and map and the beans in the brass box, what does his kris do? Give me something." he says, his tone still steady yet forceful
(1772) Kaylin: You ask a lot of questions. (blandly)
(1835) Olbernath: "That's how ye find things out."
(1772) Kaylin: I don't remember. I was too busy swimming as fast as possible.
** Fildin moves to the back of the group so they can ask their questions and he put his longhorn up to his lips and starts with a simple tune, merly basic scales. After a couple passes, he builds the scales, changing the tempo in different parts and adding in little trills in the brief pauses between the long large scale notes. **
(1772) Kaylin: Though I think it might have looked like Vesicant.
(1835) Olbernath: "An' have ye ever seen it again in yer years here?"
** Kaylin shakes his head. **
(1772) Kaylin: You mentioned a kris.
** (1835) Olbernath winds his chin-whiskers around his finger in thought, "Hmm..." **
Rusty: "Don't s'pose nobody came by afore us?"
(1773) Garun: "I mentioned a portal, and a painting too"
(1773) Garun: "But yes, we found a weapon close to a pirates in a painting"
(1772) Kaylin: Some have come through the portals from time to time.
** (1792) Amreth slips one sword into its sheath, and draws the hidden dagger from inside his leathers, "This." **
(1772) Kaylin: Ah yes, I was wondering what became of that.
** (1773) Garun half wave it off, wishing Amreth wouldn't have taken it out so readily **
(1792) Amreth: "And now you know. What of it?"
(1772) Kaylin: It's called the dagger of the leviathan. It's an object sacred to the Queen of the Deep. Umberlee.
(1772) Kaylin: Whomever holds it is called to suffer a curse that he shall face a doom by water or until the blade tastes the life of another.
(1772) Kaylin: That is, if you believe in tales of midwives and such.
** (1773) Garun is a bit upset and pleased that he hadn't touched it but Amreth had **
** (1792) Amreth glances at the kris, then back at Kaylin, "Well, if that's true, it's good to know what I have to do to get rid of the 'curse.'" **
(1772) Kaylin: Nbod used the dagger to hold power over the natives of this atoll. They view it as a sacred object, albeit a cursed one.
(1835) Olbernath: "After today, I don' think any of us are goin' ta be scoffin' at wild tales fer a while."
** Joryn glances at the blade, somewhat concerned. **
(1792) Amreth: "It doesn't look like much, though. But then, I imagine such a thing wouldn't."
** (1792) Amreth tucks the blade back from where he'd produced it, "And while this is all very fascinating, you did mention you knew a way off this island." **
** (1835) Olbernath approaches Kaylin, holding up his map, "Since ye know this island, so well... d'ye think ye could point out any areas o' interest on this map?" **
(1772) Kaylin: Of course. (points to the green gate above you)
(1835) Olbernath: "Particularly that cave o' yers."
(1772) Kaylin: Another is in the cave I mentioned earlier.
(1792) Amreth: "And where does the other lead?"
(1772) Kaylin: The cave lies to the northwest, underneath the Singing Cliffs.
(1772) Kaylin: Back to the inn, I'll wager.
** (1773) Garun looks to Amreth, "Show him the beads in the box." **
(1772) Kaylin: Nbod used part of his wealth to construct gates from his inn to this atoll. He owned an inn in Eveningstar many years ago.
(1773) Garun: "You've shown him everything else," he says with a stern look
(1772) Kaylin: And bequeathed it to his daughter. A wee lass named Mynamere.
(1835) Olbernath: "Anythin' dangerous ta look out fer? 'Sides dragons, that is."
** (1792) Amreth fixes a hard stare on Garun, "As if it really mattered. You've all already told him just about everything we knew already, that and everyone's yapping and stomping about the island letting anyone with an ear know we're here. Don't council me on caution." **
** Fildin picks up the pace of the song he changes to. Although it is quicker, is is not a dancing tune, but more a storytellin' tune. There are quick paces where one might think it felt like a chase occured, and then a soft mellow area that brings to mind happiness and joy. The tune then alters to a sharp couple notes that seem out of place followed by very slow longing phrases of music, where one feels that something dear has been lost. **
** (1773) Garun smiles a bit as he speaks, "I knew you had some fire still left in you, now I feel more prepared for an adventure. Much more prepared" **
(1772) Kaylin: As far as I know, that's it.
(1835) Olbernath: "Hmm... Ye know, I ain' no expert on dragons... but it seems ta me that if there was a dragon on this island, it'd be seen more'n jus' once while ye was out with yer friend Nbod."
** (1835) Olbernath to Kaylin, "Not that I'm accusin' ye o' nuthin'. I believe what ye said. But it jus' sounds funny ta me." **
(1792) Amreth: "I'm finding it difficult to imagine an ol' green taking up residence on an island. Sandy islands and the open sea are not their prefered domains. I figure we should at the very least follow up on it."
(1772) Kaylin: I know what I saw.
Rusty: "So we're gonna go check it out."
(1792) Amreth: "I'm not saying you don't. I'm saying that it's odd."
(1792) Amreth: ((didn't*))
(1835) Olbernath: "Aye, but I could make ye see things an' make ye sure ye saw 'em. Not everythin' that looks real *is* real."
(1772) DM: ((so where to now?))
** (1792) Amreth unslings his pack, and fishes around for something, eventually producing a little brass box, which he tries to hand Garun, "You show 'em." **
** (1773) Garun takes the box and opens it tilting it down toward the old man, "Found these to, have you seen them" **
(1793) ticattack (exit): 00:16
** (1792) Amreth slings his pack back over his shoulder, and starts slowly trekking northwest, looking around for something to eat, such as a tree bearing fruit. **
(1772) Kaylin: They look like wax to me.
** Rusty stands up slowly, unsure if storytime is over already, "I s'pose we can't be setting here all night, after all." **
(1835) Olbernath: "Well, I suppose we're off ta see the other side o' this Isle. Thanks fer all yer help, Kaylin."
(1773) Garun: "Wax,' he looks back to Amreth, "Hey Amreth, what would wax be for?"
** (1835) Olbernath thinks about that for a moment, then asks, "Why do they call 'em the singin' cliffs?" **
** (1792) Amreth shrugs his shoulders as he walks off, "Guess you could try sticking a couple in your ears when you're taking a swim." **
(1772) DM: (we should stop here.)
** (1773) Garun hears the question of Olbernath and thinks to candles as a kid and then to Amreth's statement, "Or in your ears to block noise...Kaylin, what are the singing cliffs?" **
Rusty: "Thanks fer the story, Kaylin. Best wishes with the holy man thing. Too bad about the Lurker."
(1772) DM: (or at least stop in 5 minutes)
(1864) ticattack (enter): 00:23
(1772) Kaylin: The natives claim that the spirits of the dead live there, singing of their lamentations of not being able to depart for the Undying Lands.
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(1772) Kaylin: Ever since Nbod died, I haven't mustered the courage to return.
(1773) Garun: "What do their voices song like?"
(1835) Olbernath: ( afk a sec )
** Kaylin shrugs. **
(1772) Kaylin: I can't really tell you. Like I said, I've never returned since the cap'n died.
(1773) Garun: "Do you presume his lamentations are audible"
Rusty: "Are we gonna need a boat to visit those cliffs?"
(1772) Kaylin: That's what the natives claim. (shrugs)
(1772) Kaylin: You might. They're to the northwest of here, on the other side of the atoll.
(1835) Olbernath: (( Maybe we can debate our next move on the forums this week? ))
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Rusty: ((That would seem good.))

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