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(1963) DM: This day, is a special day to many of you. It is a day that belongs to no month, a day of remembrances and endings, and new beginnings. It is a day that comes once but every four winters and is used to celebrate across all the land. Oaths are resworn and plans are remade. It is a day of great solemnity that all observe be they rich or poor, across all classes, all strata, all races. This day is Shieldmeet.
(1963) DM: This day, in this year, the Year of the Spur, has been marked by change afoot in the Realms, especially in the lands to the north, in the dale called Shadowdale. A time of no lords, a time of chaos has come to an end, as a group of adventurers who style themselves the Knights of Myth Drannor have been given title to hold the Dale in defense against those who would hold ill will against its inhabitants. None other than Khelben "Blackstaff" Arunsun gave the Pendant of Ashaba to Doust and named him lord of the Dale.
(1963) DM: Elsewhere in the Realms, intrigue is afoot in the lands of the Moonsea, as wizards and warriors strive for power, in the cities of Phlan and Mulmaster. One Selfaril of Bane, slew his predecessor in cold blood as she slept, and crowned himself High Blade of the City of Swords.
(1963) DM: But for you, it is a day of new beginnings, and perhaps new horizons. New opportunities that might come across your path. Each of you are common adventurers, out to make a name for yourselves in these lands, and you have come to the village of Eveningstar, in search of what might tickle your fancy or bring a gleam to your eye, or burden your purse.
(1978) Thistletoe (exit): 20:56
(1963) DM: So here you are, in Mynamere's Inn, in the center of town. It is midmorn, almost time for highfeast. Though the common room is half-empty, soon enough it will be full.
(1963) DM: ((describe yourselves))
(1981) Translucent Wolf (enter): 20:57
(1981) Translucent Wolf (exit): 20:57
(1964) Deviant: Amreth's description: Amreth is somewhat shorter than most, with a slim but strong build, and excellent physical tone and definition. His high cheekbones, and particularly his slightly slanting eyes denote the possibility of an elven grandparent, or perhaps a generation further removed-a half elven grandpatent. He also has fairly dark skin, though he cannot be accurately described as having swarthy skin, it's more of a relatively dark tan. He is quite handsome regardless, with a warm and inviting smile, and bright blue eyes, held in stark contrast by his tanned skin. He wears his dusty blonde hair short, neatly kept, and sports a neatly trimmed goatee.

His attire suggests he is a man of means beyond that of a simple commoner, though it is doubtful he's a member of Cormyrean nobility-perhaps a son of a wealthy merchant. He wears a black velvet surcote with simple, yet elegant white brocade over a white cotton swash shirt, black cotton breeches, black, elbow length leather gloves, and black, knee-high leather boots. A pair of single-edged, curved blades, approximately 2 and a half feet in length each, rest in their black leather scabbards at each hip, kept there by losely tried peace knots, as is the custom in the kingdom.

In times of conflict, or when combat is a likely occurance, he prefers to wear a full suit of sturdy black leathers crafted in traditional elven style. The leathers are somewhat old and comfortably broken in, but they are of typical elven design, meant to last, and it's obvious they've been kept well taken care of over the years.

(1971) Olbernath: Appearance: Olbernath "Throwbones" Barrelstone is a particularly tall and robust gnome, with thin, sharp features and bright rosy cheeks. His fiery red hair is wild and disheveled, though his short goatee has been carefully groomed to a sharp point. His azure eyes are lively and intelligent, shifting constantly between wide amusement and narrowed appraisal. Above them, his bushy eyebrows are just as active, perpetually arching and furrowing with every twist and turn of his agile mind.

Olbernath is dressed in a bright red coat, brown woolen breeches, and tall leather boots. Two small, painted wooden amulets hang from around his neck; one of golden coin, the other a gold nugget. Several small pouches hang from his belt, and a black leather satchel is slung over his shoulder. On his back is small wooden shalaquin, a long-necked elven instrument. A small ferret with a yellow collar scurries around his feet.

(1970) Garun: Character Description: Garun Eyrian is a very plain looking human. Standing a few inches below six feet tall and of fairly thin build, he is easily lost in a small crowd. The only noticeable feature he possesses is his azure blue eyes that seem as well to sneak behind their lids

He appears unarmed to those not observant but to the keen eye a bow is seen strapped to his back below his long flowing brown and green hooded cloak. His dirty blond hair is usually hidden by the shadow of that same hood and his eyes tend to spend their fair amount of time hiding as well. A small hand axe can be seen through the front flap of his cloak on his right side and a small belt pouch on his left. Beneath his dangling cloak, Garun clearly dons light leather armor, not even attempting to conceal its existence. The armor is certainly nothing of value and on the front of the vest a few marks can be seen that resemble fire burns, but would hopefully be enough to impede the progress of an arrow or sword.

** Fildin Wildstrider sits at a chair near the fireplace, a halfling playing a longhorn and wearing his multicolored tunic. ((Full desc node to be sent directly)) **
(1970) Garun: Garun sits alone at a table in the inn, his hood still hanging over the brim of his eyes as he drinks a strong ale alone, watching everyone within the inn
** Fildin Wildstrider plays a soft relazing tune, a fine song that is very fitting for eating to. It plays softly in the background for those that wish to talk, but is still loud enough to hear the many scales being easily used when one pays attention to it. **
** (1971) Olbernath sits not far away from Fildin, puffing on a small wooden pipe and leaning back in his chair. Several jugs marked 'Dragonbreath Mildew and Filth Remover' sit at his feet. **
** (1964) Amreth Verkul steps lightly down the stairs, and saunters across the room to speak to the proprieter. **
** (1970) Garun long draws from the mug allow deep amounts of cold brew to flow within him at a time. As he drink, he continues to watch, over the bill of his mug allowing the music to sooth his aching ears. **
** "Rusty" sits in a corner of the inn nursing a beverage while he looks about at the other occupants casually. He's a young man, rather skinny, dressed in common worker's clothes, though especially unclean. Dirt covers him as though he just spent all day traveling and stains mar his cloth and leather garments in many spots; maybe a sloppy eater. He sits by himself at his table, obviously preferring to be left alone. Little can be seen of his hair under his cap. Few venture close enough to this fellow to note his pale blue-gray eyes. **
** Fildin Wildstrider continues to play, but keeps his eyes on those in the inn as people make there way in to eat. **
(1973) Sin (enter): 21:03
** Joryn is tall, for dwarf, a couple of inches shy of four and a half feet. His head is shaved, but his beard is a dark brown. He is wearing scale armour, well-polished, and adorned with the hammer and anvil of Moradin. A shortbow is attached to his back, in between two hammers, secured at an angle that lets him sit down, and makes them easier to reach. **
(1963) DM: Besides a center of the community in Eveningstar, Myanmere's Inn is famous by virtue of having a haunted room. There is a longstanding reward that the innkeep would grant to any who frees the Inn from the spirit that dwells within its walls.
** (1971) Olbernath smiles and nods his head in appreciation with Fildin's playing. He lowers his pack with his shalaquin to the opposite side from Fildin, not wanting to be asked to join in. **
** (1964) Amreth Verkul clears his throat to get the proprieter's attention, "Pardon me.." **
** (1970) Garun 's eyes perk and his mug fades back to the table as Amreth moves across the room, a walk and stature that seemed so familar to him...but from where? **
** Fildin Wildstrider smiles and nods to Olbernath as he slides to the side, more than glad for some company. **
(1963) Mynamere Merrowbeard: Ays?
** Mynamere Merrowbeard looks up from a side table as she cleans a glass. **
** (1971) Olbernath returns the smile and nod. **
** (1970) Garun looking toward the musician, his mind still racing to find the answer to the man at the bar **
** (1964) Amreth Verkul flashes a grin to Mynamere once he's gotten his attention, "I think I'll eb staying another night in your fine establishment, and," he says, fishing for a couple of coin from his purse, "Have you any fine wines in stock?" **
(1973) Sin (exit): 21:07
(1963) Mynamere Merrowbeard: We have th' usual. Saerlooni'n glowfire, zzar and Arabellan gembright.
(1970) Garun: In an instant the voice, faintly heard from across the room is recognized. "I know that man," he murmurs to himself. But I will wait until this songs is over, he thinks as he downs the remainder of his mug.
(1964) Amreth Verkul: "Never had the pleasure of sampling the latter, how much for a bottle?"
(1963) Mynamere Merrowbeard: Tha' be 7 falcons fer a bottle, less fer a tallglass.
** Fildin Wildstrider slows a final note down and softly lets it die so that Olbernath can start up. **
** (1970) Garun moves immediately as the musician finishes his tune and moves to him, the mug still in hand, with graceful poise **
** (1971) Olbernath seems to jump to take advantage of the break in Fildin's playing to introduce himself to the halfling, "Ye play a fine horn, friend. Don' hear much o' that 'round 'ere." **
(1963) Mynamere Merrowbeard: An' if'n ye'd like, a nigh special on Tidewater Tabledark, tha' best from Westgate.
(1964) Amreth Verkul: "I'll take the bottle and a glass if you would, and my room for another evening," he says, and speaking a bit more loudly, "And the first round of ales tonight are on me," and with that, he turns back and lowers his voice, "Which will come to.."
** (1970) Garun moves between the two for a short aside, "Pardon me sir," he remarks looking at Olbernath and then turning back to Filden, **
** (1971) Olbernath extends a hand, "Me name's Olbernath. Pleasure ta talk with someone 'ere an' not sprain me neck doin' it." He smiles warmly. **
** Fildin Wildstrider takes a break from his music at the offered conversation. "I thank ye friend. This here instrument is one that I found during some travels, and I couldn't pass it up." **
(1971) Olbernath: "Eh, what was that?"
** "Rusty" waves his thanks to the apparently well off man, as appropriate. **
(1970) Garun: "That was quite a tune...it brought me back to the better days, please take this with my greatfulness," he says handing the man a golden lion before moving back toward the bar
** Mynamere Merrowbeard raises her eyebrows with pleasure. "Fifteen falcons then." **
** (1970) Garun is sure to nod in thanks to Olbernath for the grace in interrupting **
** Fildin Wildstrider smiles at the offering and pockets the coin without missing a beat of his conversation with Olbernath. "yes, that does tend to be a problem at time, but I wouldn't have it any other way." **
** "Rusty" is currently disguised from traveling, taking 10 on the disguise means a DC 16 spot result by anyone suspicious means they realize Russel (more commonly Rusty) is not what he seems. **
** (1964) Amreth Verkul nods, and drops the coin's he'd been collecting from his larger purse, and instead fishes for a coin inside his vest, and produced a single golden lion, "Keep the change, my appreciation for your fine service." **
(1971) Olbernath: Olbernath's eyes dart around hearing so many snippets of conversation. His eye is caught by the transferred coin, and he continues, "Aye, it's a fine bit o' worksmanship. Me cousin Osperdin plays a fair longhorn. Are ye from 'round 'ere."
** (1970) Garun moves to the bar, sneaking up quietly behind the familiar voice, slapping a hand on Amreth's shouldar, "I believe this round is on you" **
(1970) Garun: Spot: [1d20 + 4] -> [10,4] = (14)
** (1964) Amreth Verkul glances up quickly at the man, and offers a brief smile, not immediately recognizing the man underneath the cowl, "It is indeed, enjoy!" **
** Fildin Wildstrider chuckles. "I am from everywhere, and nowhere. My family tends to move around a lot. However if I called anywhere a home, it would have to be the great city of Arabel. Been there for the last couple years." **
(1970) Garun: Garun's face does not exhibit the same smile that Amreth might have once remembered, instead a look of disdain owns the young man, "How long has it been, Amreth" Garun continues without pauses but without true excitement
** (1971) Olbernath nods, "Well, I've been traveling meself as of late. My family's in Marsember." **
** (1964) Amreth Verkul blinkc once, then leans in close to peer into the man's eyes, "Wha.. Garun!? I'll be damned!" he shouts, clapping the man on the shoulder, "How've you been! You don't look to well.." **
(1971) Olbernath: "I've been travelin' from tavern ta tavern fer the last year er so, sellin' my solution."
** (1971) Olbernath taps one of the jugs with his foot. **
(1970) Garun: "Hard times have befallen the Golden Eagle, and my mother...but today is not that day." Garun attempts to change the story hoping Amreth would understand and let it be for now, "Why are you here, old friend?"
Fildin Wildstrider: "This is a great time for travelling, as so many are." Fildin gets a very interested look at the mention of the jug. "Your solution? What is it?"
** (1971) Olbernath smiles and picks it up, "Me own creation. A cleaning solution. It wipes away mildew and moss as easy as ye please!" **
** (1964) Amreth Verkul glances past Garun for a moment, at the proprieter, "Make that two glasses to go witht he bottle, sir," he says, looking back at his old companion, "Hard times, you say? What do you mean hard times? And," he shrugs, "I'm just here on business, for my.. Father." **
(1971) Olbernath: "I'd offer ta give ye a demonstration, but ye don' sound like tha time ta be pickin' up moss."
Fildin Wildstrider: Fildin's eye open a bit wider. "Oooo. Can I see? I'm sure we can find something to clean."
(1971) Olbernath: (( time = type ))
** "Rusty" remains sitting quietly, trying to follow both conversations at once. **
** (1971) Olbernath can't help but smile even broader at Fildin's interest. He looks around for any unsightly patches of mold or mildey **
(1971) Olbernath: ( mildey = mildew )
** (1970) Garun takes the change in subject with little hestation, with a hint of joy to be taking his mind off of his previous comment, "How is your father?" He looks down at the bottle to see what wine is being served tonight. **
Fildin Wildstrider: "As a matter of fact, I know a bit about mosses and plants. Been studying nature I have. That's how I got my name - Fildin Wildstrider."
** Fildin Wildstrider puffs out his chest a little, as if beeming in pride, but the glint in his eye shows that he is obviously playing around a little. **
(1971) Olbernath: "Oh, aye? Well, they be handy skills ta 'ave fer a traveler."
(1971) Olbernath: "Meself, I dabble in many areas."
Fildin Wildstrider: "Of course. However, there are some things that do not come so naturally to me unfortunately. Many dangers out there."
** (1964) Amreth Verkul takes the bottle and the two glasses, and gestures towards a small, nearby table, "Oh, he's just fine. Getting a bit on in years, but he's healthy as an ox, and he'll likely outlive me," he begins, and seats himself, "Still running his little imports shop, but that's not really the reason I'm here." **
(1971) Olbernath: "I don' know so much 'bout plants, but I can tell ye this stuff'll get rid o' mildew fast as ye please. Only problem is, it don' smell so good. I been tryin' ta find a way to make it smell better..."
(1971) Olbernath: "Seems like most innkeeps'd rather put up with a little mildew an' fungus, rather than tha stink." He sighs.
** (1970) Garun sits down and holds the glass before the bottle, allowing Amreth to pour and continue with his reason **
(1962) Zane: "Hmm, there are a few plants that have wonderful scents, and a few that might even work in a solution. I'll try to keep my eye open for some if you like.
Fildin Wildstrider: (( oops.. that obviously should have been Fildin. ))
(1971) Olbernath: Olbernath's eyes momentarily glance at Fildin's coinpurse. "Say, Fildin. Ye like dice? Or cards, mayhaps?"
** (1964) Amreth Verkul pours Garun a glass of Arabellan gembright, then one for himself, "Came into Arabel a few weeks ago, trying to get some business done for me father, and I have to say it didn't go quite as I had hoped. Turns out, the nobility there in Arabel weren't exactly pleased with my antiques. Demanded their money back, they did, but as you know, all sales are final. Well, they didn't take kindly to that, and well.. Here I am." **
Fildin Wildstrider: "Al;ways interested in some fun, but I haven't played much. I always found enough joy playing my music."
** (1964) Amreth Verkul abruptly shifts the conversation back to Garun's mother and their inn, "So, how's your mother doing? And what do you mean the Eagle's fallen on hard times?" **
(1970) Garun: "I thought you would have learned better by now to avoid such nobility after the sales...you know as well as I do that nothing is final for the wealthy. I think we both have seen that a time or two, moving families to the loft so that the rich may have the already paid for meeting rooms. It never ends"
** (1970) Garun listens to Amreth's question, and lets his head drop again for a second. He lifts it back up with the wine glass firmly grasped to his pursed lips. "The Tavern has been burned to the ground." **
** (1964) Amreth Verkul reclines somewhat in his seat grinning between sips of wine, "True, and I did do my best to avoid them, but they found me. Ah, but that's not important," he states, dismissing the conversation regarding his troubles. **
** (1971) Olbernath nods, "Aye, music. Very nice. Still, there's nothin' like tha thrill o' chance. I tell ye, there ain' nothin quite like tha joy o' gettin' jus' the card ye need, or seein' tha dice drop jus' so! Music is lovely, but even if ye fail... well, nothin' lost, aye?" **
** (1970) Garun 's eyes tell the rest of the story, he Garun is undoutedly sure Amreth will continue with his questioning **
** "Rusty" has a sudden coughing fit in the corner as he caught some ale the wrong way. **
** (1970) Garun turns quickly addressing the situation and the current state of the room, before he turns back to his friend **
** (1964) Amreth Verkul cocks a brow at Garun, his smile fading immediately upon hearing the news, "..Damn, that's hard luck. How the hell'd that happen? Some drunken fool turn over an oil lamp?" **
(1970) Garun: "I don't think arson falls under a 'turned over oil lamp.'"
Fildin Wildstrider: "But there is. If a song fails, if a musician fails to raise the spirits of his companions after a hard day, then few things could be worse."
** (1964) Amreth Verkul bites his lip, "Wait, a more important question is, I think, why aren't you helping your mother to re.." he falls silent a moment, "You mean to say you believe it was torched intentionally? Why? Do you have any idea who by?" **
** (1970) Garun takes another long drain of wine, helping himself to another glass from the bottle. The sweet taste of wine seemed never seemed so bitter, especially good wine as this **
** (1971) Olbernath smirks, "Gettin' yer legs broke fer not havin' tha money ta pay back yer debts ain' so good, either." He adds quickly, "I'd imagine." **
Fildin Wildstrider: "Yes, that does sound like it would be bad. So, what festivities are you going to partake in during this great time, or are you here just to sell your solution?"
(1970) Garun: "There is little to be known, but my mother..." he turns to look throughout the room again and moves in a bit closer to his friend, leaning over the table casually and lowering his tone to a whisper, "my mother's body was never found and I was informed by the nobles that she was kidnapped to be killed, and the Tavern was merely a ploy to distract the townsfolk and give weight to her disappearance"
** (1971) Olbernath dismisses the solution, "Ain' nobody here buyin' that. I don' know 'bout festivities. I ain' never been in this town before, certainly never on holiday. Have ye heard o' anything interesting?" **
** (1964) Amreth Verkul narrows his eyes and leans in across the table, "What the hell do you mean, informed by the 'nobles?' Just how would they know that if they hadn't been the one's responsible? Or perhaps the more pertinent question is, why didn't you cut their throats right then and there?" **
(1971) Olbernath: "I suppose ye are here ta play your horn fer coin? I expect ye'll have a good time of it. From what I see, folk seem pretty loose with their purse strings."
Fildin Wildstrider: "Oh well then - this is the best holiday to be in town. Shieldmeet had something for juat about everyone. All styles of competitions, pacts and agreements made, and a merry time to be had by all!" Fildin catches himself as he realizes his voice raises as he finishes on his delcaration of Shieldmeet. he glances around the tavern and gives an appologetic smile to everyone that he bothered.
(1970) Garun: "Well, I had passed out from attempting to fight my way through the guards to get into the house. I awoke in a noble maiden's house, unarmed and washed upon a soft bed. She proceeded to tell me that my mother...my mother...was actually an important agent in obtaining criminal and evil activity to help sustain the governing body in Scardale. Apparently, the factions working against the goernment didn't appreciate that and banded together." Garun leans in closer, "Now, how much of that is true I don't yet know, but believe me, I intend to find out. I will know one day."
(1970) Garun: "I have still not even seen her body, so who knows...she might still be alive in some strange dream I wish I could have."
Fildin Wildstrider: "Aye, for coin if any be passed out. And just to join in the celebration of the times. What can be better than to be remembered years down the road by someone passing by you as you played a tune. To have a song like that which remains with someone - no that is something to aspire to."
Fildin Wildstrider: (( *now ))
** "Rusty" smiles to himself as he considers the statement in regards to his own life. **
** (1971) Olbernath rubs his chin, "Ye know... I may 'ave a way fer us both ta earn some coin. I ain' entirely unskilled with illusions... perhaps with yer playin, an' my illusions, we might earn a bit o' coin? An illusion show with music!" **
** (1964) Amreth Verkul takes up his glass again, and tips it back, draining it of its conents, , and points a finger at him with the same hand, "Hold on to that hope, friend. And when the times comes for you to learn the truth of the matter, should that dream become a nightmare, let that give you strength when you seek to move against your enemies to avenge your mother's death," he states, and sets the glass down, "But let's hope that isn't necessary." **
Fildin Wildstrider: "But I get carried away with myself, forgive me. Shieldmeet is just a big day to me, I can but barely help myself most times. Other than Shieldmeet, there seems to be little going on. Other than the ever-present Mynomere Inn haunted room."
** (1971) Olbernath dismisses Fildin's concerns with a wave of his hand. **
Fildin Wildstrider: "Oh, illusions - how fun! My cousin knew some illusions and they were always a great addition to music."
(1970) Garun: "I appreciate those words, and have clung to that same thoght ever since. It is hard not to be sad, not to be angered. And most of all, I was warned by the noble lady, that my life too, might be of interest to the said culprits. So I have been on the run, trying to be mobile and keep an ever-present eye on everyone I see. I just feel that I can't trust anyone. Something I never had a problem with, ever."
(1971) Olbernath: He smiles, "I'm sure we could come up with something that would be quite the draw."
(1970) Garun: "I don't know who they are, who to look for, or if there was even any truth in her words. I have felt just lost." Garun takes a short sip, and places the cup down, "I am so glad to have seen you."
** (1971) Olbernath glances down at his jugs of 'solution' with disdain, "I don't know why I didn't think of it sooner. Entertainment! Why not?" **
Fildin Wildstrider: "Oh we must then. When there is a crowd here to enjoy, it would be most pleasant I am sure. Are there any themes that you favor? I can usually match my music fairly well."
(1963) DM: There is a sudden commotion upstairs. Heavy footfalls above you rattle the ceiling.
** (1964) Amreth Verkul gives Garun a warm, if a somewhat forced smile, but it fades quickly, "If that's true, and it most likely is, you know you can't run forever. And when that time comes, when you have discovered the truth, I pledge to you now, I'll will stand by your side to ensure that approriate.. Justice, is meeted out to them who took your mother from you." **
** Fildin Wildstrider raises his right eyebrow at Olbernath, wondering what the gnome is planning. **
** (1971) Olbernath leans back in his seat, takes a puff from his pipe, and works his fingers through his goatee in thought, "Hmm... my only limitation is that I've not yet learned to create images with sound yet." **
** "Rusty" looks up to the ceiling briefly, steeling his nerves, then gets unsteadily to his feet. Tapping his mug with a spoon to draw the room's attention he coughs uncomfortably before speaking up. "S-sorry to interrupt, my lords, but d-does anyone else here want to s-see the g-ghost?" He seems to be not so keen on seeing the ghost himself and can be heard to say almost under his breath, "How'd I let him talk me into this again?" He closes his question with an uncomfortable grin, revealing already blackened and stained teeth. **
** (1971) Olbernath jerks up in his seat, his eyes darting up to the ceiling! **
** (1964) Amreth Verkul glances up at the cieling above, but dismisses it at first, and pours himself another glass of wine. **
** (1970) Garun looks up as the commotion befals them, and holds a hand out to Amreth, "Just like old times." As the two shake firmly, Garun finishes, "We will continue this later." **
** "Rusty" falls back into his chair startled as the commotion drowns out his question. **
(1963) DM: Something shatters above you. Broken crockery. Another thud.
** (1971) Olbernath smiles and raises an eyebrow, "Ye wanna take a look?" **
(1970) Garun: "I have had enough of this talk," Garun says forcing a smile, "Now what is going on up there?"
** Mynamere Merrowbeard glances up at the ceiling worriedly. "Not again." (murmurs) **
Fildin Wildstrider: "Ghost? Wow, haven't seen one of them before." Fildin takes off for the stirs, moving as fast as his little legs can move him.
** (1964) Amreth Verkul withdraws his hand, and hefts his cup as he glances back up at the cieling, then over at "Rusty" - "What?" **
(1963) DM: And then...a bloodcurdling scream that makes your hair stand on end.
Fildin Wildstrider: (( *stairs ))
** (1970) Garun finally looks to the man speaking of ghost, not having dismissed his words, just having finished his conversation **
** (1971) Olbernath follows at Fildin's heels, moving a litle more slowly so as not to spill his pipe. **
(1963) DM: It sounds like a fish being gutted alive and goes on for the space of a minute.
"Rusty": "It's said it's h-haunted." :pointing up to the ceiling:
(1963) Mynamere Merrowbeard: I knew this would happen. (collapses on the bar, burying her head in her hands)
(1963) Mynamere Merrowbeard: I should have never rented that room...
** (1970) Garun watches as the two move toward the stairs and back at the man as he mentions the room as being haunted **
** (1964) Amreth Verkul drops his glass at hearing the scream, and stands from his chair quickly enough to send the chair tumbling behind him, eyes locked on the cieling, then looking to Rusty again, and then to Mynamere, "What the hell is going on!? Haunted?" **
** "Rusty" sees the halfling making for the stairs and gets up to follow him. **
** Fildin laughs a little as he hits the stairs and heads up them, heading for the sound. **
(1963) DM: The scream seemed to have been coming from the room directly above the common room. The door to this room is locked.
** (1971) Olbernath smirks, "Ye gotta have a gimmick. I heard tell that they got a lot o' gold on offer fer tha man who rids 'em o' that ghost. More likely they'd flog 'em, if ye ask me. How many inns can brag o' ghosts?" **
** (1970) Garun is a bit surprised by the reaction of Amreth, but stands as well feeling his upper thigh through his cloak to assure himself his weapon is still secure **
** Mynamere Merrowbeard moans. "It's not that. It's never been this bad." **
** Fildin stops at the stairs. "Oh, there it is." He turns on his heels and heads to the door, but is forced to stop after finding it locked. **
Fildin: (( sorry - misread... *pauses at the top of the stairs ))
Joryn: Disconnecting from server...
(1975) Joryn (exit): 21:55
** Mynamere Merrowbeard glances at a halfling waitress. "Get the town watch, quickly!" **
** Fildin frowns "Well that's just mean. They have this ghost but we can't get in to see it." **
(1970) Garun: "Want to take a look, I mean it isn't like we haven't made ghosts before. It is part of an common inn. Especially in such a time as this, with holiday and all"
** (1971) Olbernath snorts, "What a racket!" **
** (1970) Garun tenses up at the sound of the barkeep asking for the town watch, "Hold up Miss, perhaps we might help you. No need to trouble the town watch on this day" **
(1971) Olbernath: "Lock me in a room, an' I'll make a ghost fer ya."
** (1964) Amreth Verkul glances sharply at Garun, "Are you out of you da," he begins a sharp rebuke, but then bites his lip, "...Uhh, you're not serious?" **
** "Rusty" slows as he reaches the top of the stairs finding people in his way. He makes his way around past to knock on the door loudly. "Oy, open up!" **
** (1971) Olbernath shuts his mouth as Rusty passes. **
Fildin: "Good idea friend." Fildin puts his longhorn to his lips and starts playing a strong, but soothing melody at the door and the ghost behind it.
(1963) DM: Heavy footsteps as if something or someone is fleeing....receding.
** (1970) Garun stares at Amreth quickly, "There is no need to city official guards to come here," he repeats forcefully. **
(1970) Garun: (( to = for ))
** Fildin pauses his playing as the sound of the steps reaches him. He glances at Olbernath, "My music wasn't that bad was it?" **
** (1971) Olbernath quietly to Fildin, "Ye know, that ain' a bad racket. I could pretend to summon up 'spirits' while ye play hauntin' tunes on yer horn. Might be spooky by night." **
** (1971) Olbernath reassures Fildin, "Ye ain' heard bad 'til ye heard me play that damned Shalaquin. I'll never get tha hang o' that thing." **
** (1964) Amreth Verkul shakes his head quickly, "Look I don't have intentions, what so ever, of getting involved in whatever the hell is going on here. A bloody ghost!? I think not. I'm a merchant, not a bloody exorcist." **
** Fildin raises an eybrow at first, but then a smirk comes to his face. "Yes, and in this inn - it would be even better." **
** "Rusty" shoulderrams the door unhopefully [1d20] -> [17] = (17), "Darn, so close." **
** Fildin looks up at the man trying to open the door. "You wanted to see the ghost too?" **
** (1970) Garun looks at Amreth and nods, "You are right, I know it. But having this place flood with attention is not really something I want," he says calmly as he pulls the hood down over his eyes. **
"Rusty": "O' course, tha's why I came 'ere."
(1963) DM: The door flies open.
(1964) Amreth Verkul: "Point taken."
(1963) DM: Inside is a lavishly decorated bedroom.
** (1971) Olbernath to Fildin, "Typical human subtlety." **
** "Rusty" clutches his hat as he tumbles through, and spins quickly looking for the source of the sounds. **
** Fildin looks at Rusty for a moment before looking into the room. "Wow." **
(2004) Dave (enter): 22:02
** Fildin just shrugs to Olbernath. "He got it open didn't he?" **
(1963) DM: But that's not what draws your attention. The corpse of a gold elf lies half-stretched out across the floor, a pool of blood rapidly spreading beneath him.
** Fildin follows Rusty into the room and looks around. **
** (1964) Amreth Verkul runs his fingers nervously through his hair as he watches the stairs, and listens as the hin and the man go about searching the room upstairs, "Ever met a sane hin?" he asks. **
(1963) DM: The bedroom is otherwise empty.
(1963) DM: (I'll describe the room in further detail.)
(1970) Garun: "I have met more than most, and the answer to that is obviously no."
(1971) Olbernath: "Garl's Gold!"
(1963) DM: This room is well furnished with solid furniture that seems to have been bolted to the wooden floor.
(1970) Garun: "I wonder what they are finding up there, I can't imagine it was worth it in any way."
** Fildin rushes over to the elf, to see if he can determine if anything can be done for him. **
** "Rusty" turns quickly from the sight of the bleeding elf and covers his mouth with one hand. He tries to focus on the rest of the room. **
(1963) DM: A large bed dominates the room with its massive headboard and ornately carved posts. ITs thick blankets habe been turned back to reveal green silken sheets. Beside the bed, a small table holds a lit taper in a bronze candleholder.
** (1964) Amreth Verkul glances back up at the cieling, "Judging by the bottle nose's shout just then, I suspect it was something reasonably shocking." **
(1963) DM: At the foot of the bed is a massive sea chest of teakwood bound in iron, with an iron lock worked in the likeness of a screaming face. A wardrobe of dark wood, almost black, stands against the north wall.
(1971) Olbernath: "I tell ya... that's the deadest lookin' ghost I ever seen."
(1970) Garun: "Well, we might as well wait from them to come down. We still have wine left"
(1971) Olbernath: "I always said me family ran the worst inn in Cormyr... but whatever ye might say 'bout 'em, they didn' have any dead elves in the rooms."
(1963) DM: Beside the door and against the west wall, a ceramic washbowl filled with cool water sits on small table. Against the south wall, a large desk with many drawers and cabinets awaits exploration. Over the desk hangs a painting of a man with a thick black beard and piercing green eyes. He stands at the bow of a ship in the midst of a storm, brandishing a strange, wavy-bladed dagger. Lurking in the foam of the storm-tossed sea, a gigantic creature rises up, its tentacles curled to strike.
** (1964) Amreth Verkul blinks, and glances back at the table, and then to the floor at his glass and spilled wine, then back up at Garun, "Help yourself, I'd rather have a little inside me as possible, just incase that 'ghost' finds its way down here, if you take my meaning." **
** (1964) Amreth Verkul offers a weak chuckle at himself, and quickly looks back up at the cieling. **
Description: :In the common room, a rustling sound, like feathers, drifts down from the rafters.
** (1971) Olbernath to Fildin, "That don' look like no ghost body ta me. I think we ought ta go get someone." **
(1963) DM: In the southeast corner of the room, a large copper tub filled with steaming water invites a relaxing bath. An assortment of fragrant soaps and oils is displayed on a low table beside the tub. A shaving mirror hangs on the south wall, and beside it a straight razor with an ivory handle dangles by its cord from a nail.
(1970) Garun: "After all of your travels, it still kills me that a few glasses of wine can tip you a bit. I guess I didn't grow up in an inn." Garun smiles to himself and pours himself a sip into his emptied glass
(1963) DM: The water inside the tub appears to be stained a dark red.
Fildin: "Yes, go get the innkeeper. I'm not sure if anything can be done for him or not."
(1963) DM: Broken crockery can be seen littered on the floor.
(1963) DM: The room is partially in disarray, as if the elf was surprised by his assilant.
(1964) Amreth Verkul: "That's not what I meant at all, and I'll have you know I can hold my wine as well as the next man-at least in that regard. What I meant to say is, I don't want to end up needing my breeches cleaned for at least a few more days.."
** (1971) Olbernath leaves the room and runs down the stairs as fast as his short legs will take him. He doesn't slow until he reaches the bar, and grabs on to stop himself. To the inkeeper (or closest thing), "I think ye better come upstairs, an' hurry! Ye got a dead elf!" **
(1971) Olbernath: "An' he don' look like no ghost ta me."
(1963) DM: A pair of members of the town watch barge up the stairs, followed by Mynamere.
** (1970) Garun pats him on the shouldar, "I knew what you meant, I haven't teased anyone in weeks. Let me have my fun," He too looks up at the ceiling **
(1963) Mynamere Merrowbeard: "There, through there." (mumbles)
(2004) Dave (exit): 22:12
** (1964) Amreth Verkul watches the woman and the two guards run up the stairs, and glances around the common room. **
(1963) Gareth: What's here?
** (1971) Olbernath jogs up behind the town watch, peeking around them curiously **
** (1970) Garun 's eyes move from the ceiling to the guards as they move into the tavern, his head tilting back down toward the table and his hood stable in place **
** "Rusty" picks himself up from the floor and forces his feet to move closer to the tub, "Think the chicken's would've made me resistant to this sort of sight. Move darn feet." **
(1963) Mynamere Merrowbeard: I should nae have rented this room out, I knew something like this would happen.
** (1971) Olbernath to Mynamere, "Ye did?" **
(1971) Olbernath: "Is the elf tha ghost? Or did the ghost kill tha elf?"
(1963) Ceridyn: An' who ar' you? (to Rusty)
** Fildin glances over at Rusty, not understanding what he meant by chickens. **
"Rusty": "Jus' a lad. I-i was sposed to see the ghost. Me brother dared me!"
(1963) Mynamere Merrowbeard: It's never been like this. Oh, we'd ha' tha' odd haunting here an' there. Things tempest-toss'd, doors bangin' shut, but never somethin' like death. Gods above and below!
** "Rusty" looks down at his feet. "Said I was too scared. Too chicken. I had to come y'see. I didn't expect..." **
(1964) Amreth Verkul: (Stash, is the common room unattended by employees, and is there anyone in the common room paying much attention?))
(1971) Olbernath: "Well, I tell ya... I don' think a ghost could do somethin' like this. I imagine a ghost could kill ya.. but not bleed ye."
(1963) DM: (there are a couple of waitresses who are huddling in the hall beyond the town guards. there's a cook's assistant and a barkeep, that's about it)
(1964) Amreth Verkul: ((Ah, k.))
"Rusty": "I didn't know it weren't a ghost."
** (1971) Olbernath starts to snoop around, "Methinks there's more here than meets the eye!" **
** Fildin watches Rusty a bit, but then just looks back and forth between him and the guardsmen. **
(1970) Garun: 'They have been up there a while Amreth, what do you think they are doing."
** (1964) Amreth Verkul glances about the room, noting everyone currently in the common room, and quickly dismisses any thoughts of finding his way behind the bar for a five finger discount-he glances back at Garun and shrugs his shoulders, "Can't begin to guess. Uhh, why don't you go on up and have a look?" **
** (1971) Olbernath moves to the tub to examine the bath and oils.... **
(1970) Garun: "Me? Why not you? I am no friend to ghosts."
** (1964) Amreth Verkul gestures to the stairs, looking up at the cieling yet again, "Well, nobody's screaming at the moment. And they're still moving about. Maybe it wasn't a bloody ghost after all?" **
** (1971) Olbernath picks up one of the jars of oil, sniffing at it with his sharp little nose. **
(2008) Ygol (enter): 22:22
(2008) Ygol (exit): 22:22
(1963) Gareth: We'll have tae take tha' elf away from 'ere. Ceridyn, get a dawnguide. You (points to Olbernath) -- I'm makin ye a deputy o' tha' watch. Find out who did this, and report back ta' me.
(1963) Ceridyn: Ays. (turns to leave)
** (1971) Olbernath stands up straight to his full 3'8" and smiles, giving a crisp little salute, "Yes sir!" He then chuckles to himself. **
** Ceridyn descends the stairs, looking a little shaken. He seems rather young for a guardsman, barely nine and ten winters. **
** "Rusty" pleads with the captain before hecan leave, "Please, don't tell me ma I was 'ere. I'd na sit for a week. Is there any else I can do instead?" **
** Fildin moves away from the elf so they the body can be dealt with, although he seemed saddened by looking upon the dead body. he walks away to the opposite side of the room for a moment. **
(1970) Garun: "It has quieted down a pick, I can't imagine anything more is still going on. But my curiousity has piqued"
** (1964) Amreth Verkul gives him a gentle nudge forward, "Well, then. After you." **
** (1971) Olbernath rubs his hands together, "Well, folks. Me name's Olbernath Barrelstone, an' I'll be yer investigatot for this crime." **
(1963) Gareth: With Shieldmeet takin' place in tha' village, we're stretched quite thin an' can nae cover much o' this land. Have tae keep tha' peace an' all. So, if'n ye c'n help, I'll mention it tae Lady Tessaril.
** (1970) Garun stands back up, checking once again that his weapon holds firmly at his side and begins moving towards the stairs **
(1963) Gareth: Ye too c'n help out if'n ye want. (to Rusty) All o' ye c'n.
** (1971) Olbernath turns to continue his search for clues. To Fildin, "D'ye 'ave any idea what killed the elf?" **
** "Rusty" nods gratefully, "Thank you, sir." **
** (1964) Amreth Verkul shakes his head, and looses his brocaded vest a the neck, tugging at his collar for a little cool air, and wanders after him. **
Fildin: "No, but I will help you find out. Whoever did this should pay."
** Fildin looks around the room, and then heads to the window in the NE corner. "We heard footsteps moving away, right? Maybe they went this way." **
** (1970) Garun moves to the room that the other patrons had gathered in and scans the room, clenching his fists as he sees the body sprawled along the floor **
(1971) Olbernath: "Which way?"
** (1971) Olbernath follows Fildin, "Is it locked?" **
** (1971) Olbernath examines the windowsil for dust or fingerprints, or any sign of recent opening. **
** (1964) Amreth Verkul peeks into the room around Garun, and cocks a brow, "That is most definitely not a ghost," he says, looking down on the elf's corpse, at the wounds. **
** Fildin looks out the window to see if there is anywhere a person could have gone to. **
** (1971) Olbernath sighs, "I suppose it woulda been better ta look b'fore everyone came trampin' through 'ere, but maybe we should look fer footprints." **
Fildin: "Don't know, haven't tried it yet." Wih that, Fildin tries to open the window.
(1970) Garun: "It sure doesn't look like the wounds a ghost would have cased either. Something is hidden here. Something secret"
(1970) Garun: ((caused*))
(1964) Amreth Verkul: "No foot prints, unless the assailant tracked mud or something else through here. Possibly scuff marks, but that's not going to tell you much, I wouldn't think.."
(1971) Olbernath: "Hmm... Well, the door was locked. How'd tha elf get in? Did they both climb in tha window?"
** "Rusty" follows the halfling towards the window, walking on the side away from the bloodstains. He addresses the late arrivals, "Someone ran rather hastily jus' before I bro' in." **
** (1964) Amreth Verkul glances over at the hin at the window, then to Olbernath, "The propriter said she'd rented the room, no?" **
(1971) Olbernath: "Aye? Ta the elf?"
** (1970) Garun stands quietly, not too eager to speak **
(1964) Amreth Verkul: "I would imagine so? You'd have to ask her."
"Rusty": "Reckon so."
** (1971) Olbernath nods, "Well... still a funny thing. Let's take a look around tha room, then. Maybe there's somethin in tha elf's posessions that'll give us a clue ta his killer" **
** (1970) Garun moves toward the bed, and begins to pulls the covers and sheets from the frame **
** (1971) Olbernath immediately moves to the desk, and starts rifling through it's many drawers and cabinets. **
** (1964) Amreth Verkul wanders over to the window with Rusty and the hin, "See anythin'?" **
** (1964) Amreth Verkul peers ouside the window, notes the layout of the area down below, then turns, and quietly heads back downstairs. **
** (1970) Garun bends down to look between the posts under the bed frame, having had experience in finding many secrets beneath **
** (1964) Amreth Verkul saunters through the common room, outside inn, heads round back of the building at the north east corner, and kneels down, inching across the ground looking for any freshly made prints int he area underneath the window. **
(1971) Olbernath: "Somebody check that seachest."
** "Rusty" walks around the perimeter of the room then walks out the door and tries to open each of the doors on either side of the room(knocking first) to take a look, taking measure of the space between the rooms. **
** (1970) Garun watches Amreth leave the room and as he stands up his eyes catch the huge portrait on the wall **
(1970) Garun: The picture of the great captain and the beast behind catches his eye quickly. To Olbernath (who I believe is searching the desk still), "Sir, would you mind moving for a second?"
** Fildin continues to check the window for any clues. **
(1971) Olbernath: "Eh? Oh, alright I suppose." The gnome doesn't have to move much to let him in, and he continues his search.
** (1970) Garun moves a step closer and smiles at the little man, "Well, I don't want to hit you on the richocet, so if you could take a moment to step back, please" **
** (1970) Garun understands he is being vague, but has something he needs to do, something that has bothered him since the second his eyes met the picture. **
(1971) Olbernath: "Richo.... damnations! Be careful!" The gnome scurries back, in case his advice isn't followed.
whispering to Zane, ok, let's try this
** (1970) Garun brings his hands together quickly, sliding a small dagger as if from no where, and points it to toward the picture. He then tosses it up, catching it on its point, and just as quickly hurls it, handle leading toward the painting attempting to strike the giant sea creature in the pictures background **
** (1971) Olbernath eyes Garun up and down, assessing his level of crazyness. "Ye got somethin' against art?" **
whispering to Olbernath, books on navigation, sea charts, and so forth
** Fildin moves from the window, having found nothing of interest and moves over to the large seachest. **
whispering to Olbernath, what was the search roll again?
** (1964) Amreth Verkul stops, glancing up at the window as he hears the gnome shout something about art, and being careful, "Ah, to hell with this," he says, and heads back 'round the front of the inn, back inside, and back upstairs. **
(1971) Olbernath: With the dagger thrown, Olbernath moves back to continue his search of the desk. Almost immediately, he seems to make a find, "Eurika!" He tugs at a small compartment, but it seems to be locked...
** (1970) Garun watches as the knife hits and a black cloths falls from the frame. **
** (1970) Garun steps foward reaching for the dagger and the shimmering cloth, "See, it has nothing to do with a distaste for art" **
** Rusty returns from his inspection and explains, "I wa' jus' seein' ta the other rooms, makin' sure were safe. Ya find somethin'?" **
** (1971) Olbernath looks from the cloth to Garun, still tugging at the drawer, "What in blazes gave ye that idea?" **
** (1970) Garun quickly and secretly replaces the knife in its holster and begins to examine the cloth **
(1970) Garun: "That picture didn't sit right with me," he exclaims..."As simple as that"
** (1970) Garun examines the cloth **
** (1971) Olbernath eyes Garun with both curiosity and suspicion... "It didn' sit right... so ye threw a dagger at it, an' some cloth magically pops out? Huh..." **
** (1971) Olbernath shakes his head, "I hope I sit right with ye, 'cause if ye throw a dagger at me, more'n cloth'll come out. **
** (1970) Garun unfolds the cloth into a circular piece of shimmering cloth **
** (1971) Olbernath leans in to examine the secret drawer he found, "Any o' ye good with locks? Or does tha elf got a key on 'em?" **
** (1964) Amreth Verkul wanders back into the room, "Didn't find a bloody thing outside," he says, and wanders over to Garun, looking down at the gnome, "Don't think you'll have to worry about that. He's really quite a nice fellow, once you get to know him," he says, and gives Garun a nudge, "What'd ya find?" **
** (1970) Garun looks to Olbernath, and can't help but smile, "No worries." **
(2025) Lightfaith (enter): 22:58
** (1971) Olbernath smirks, "Well, yer full o' tricks, aint ye." **
(1965) Norf (exit): 22:59
** (1970) Garun holds the cloth up toward the light and sees that it appears to absorb the light, "Look at this, it seems to eat up the light, could it be magical?" **
(2025) Lightfaith (exit): 22:59
(1970) Garun: "Feels like spider silk, very well made."
** Fildin looks up at Garun's words. "Ohh, pretty." **
** (1971) Olbernath leans in to examine it as well... **
** (1964) Amreth Verkul gives his chin a brief scratch, and shrugs, "Could be. Never heard of anything like that before, though, so I can't say for sure. Does look a bit suspicious, though." **
** Rusty adds an ahh to the halflings description. **
** (1964) Amreth Verkul shrugs, and looks down at the gnome again, "What was that about a lock?" **
(1970) Garun: "How do we tell if the cloth is magical? Oh, and I found it hidden beneath the picture, a keen eye."
** (1971) Olbernath steps back and guestures to a small, locked, formerly-hidden drawer. **
** (1970) Garun looks to Amreth with a smirk **
** (1971) Olbernath to Garun, "I could normally help ye with that, but I'm afraid I wasn't plannin' on seein' much magic ta identify today." **
** (1964) Amreth Verkul frowns, "Uhh, don't suppose anyone has a piece of copper write, or even a good sized needle perhaps?" **
(1964) Amreth Verkul: ((wire*))
** Fildin walks up to Garun and the cloth. "I might be able to help. Oh, and something was trying to open the seachest over there. There are scratches all over the lock." **
** (1971) Olbernath to Garun, while Amreth examines the lock, "It's a nice bit o' cloth, magic or no. I'd say twenty crowns, easy." **
(1971) Olbernath: ( er, lions, not crowns )
(1964) Amreth Verkul: "..Anyone? Alright. I'll take that as a no," he stats, and steps over to the elf's body, kneels down, and starts searching through the corpse's clothing.
** (1970) Garun holds the cloth out, for anyone else to take if they might be able to make heads or tails of it, "It is evidence, not a sale just yet" **
(1963) TaliesinNYC: (sec, slight emergency)
** Fildin pulls out his longhorn and starts with a slow soft tune, one that builds up in intensity as he looks at the cloth, studying it. The sweet smell of roses seems to permeate the room, very faint at first, but as the song builds, so does the smell - until the point where the soothing music and the sweet smell of roses fills the entire room. **
** Rusty looks about one last time and sighs quietly before heading downstairs. He returns shortly with a single needle and holds it out for Amreth. **
** (1970) Garun is soothed by the tune that is played, and the fragrance seems to ease his worries as well **
Rusty: "Here. Got it from downstairs."
(1964) Amreth Verkul: "Ah, thank you. This'll do nicely," he says, accepting the needle as he continues to search the elf's remains.
(1970) Garun: ((we should pause for Stash))
(2035) Norf (enter): 23:14
(1963) DM: ((Back))
(1964) Amreth Verkul: ((Ehhhxcellent.))
(1963) DM: He appears to have been a cleric of Mystra.
(1963) DM: ((serviceable chain tunic, serviceable chain gloves, serviceable chain leggins, serviceable chain boots, good silver and iron footman's mace, 10 falcons, 2 lions, 34 thumbs, wineskin, spell components, holy symbol, parchment, writing implements, silverskin scroll case))
(1963) DM: ((leggings))
** (1964) Amreth Verkul holds up the holy symbol, and sets it aside, "Mystran. Uhh, if there's any mystran temples about, this should probably be returned to them, if not the body itself." **
** (1971) Olbernath nods, "Yes... any luck with that lock?" **
** (1964) Amreth Verkul sets the scroll case aside, and looks up, hand still resting on it, "Any of you want to take a look at this?" he asks, patting the scroll case. **
(1964) Amreth Verkul: "..Not yet, no. But I haven't touched it yet, hold on."
** (1971) Olbernath smiles, somewhat impatiently. **
** (1964) Amreth Verkul gets up, and adjusts his gloves as he kneels infront of the drawer, and begind probing the lock. **
** (1970) Garun continues to look at the cloth, lookin to the bard, "Felt anything from it other than the sweet smell of music?" **
(1964) Amreth Verkul: "Eh, bloody thing, this might take a minute," he says, unsheathing a dagger from inside his right glove, using it and a thumb to help bend the end of the needle, just beneath the eye.
(1971) Olbernath: While he waits, Edhelval feeds treats to a small furry creature in his satchel.
** Fildin lets his song end, although the smell of roses remains in the room. He lowers his longhorn and holds out his hand for the cloth. "May I?" **
** (1964) Amreth Verkul reinserts the needle's head, and continues probing about, hoping to catch the tumbler with the needle's eye. **
** (1970) Garun hands the cloth to him with no reservations **
** Fildin looks over the cloth closely. **
** Rusty watches impassively as Amreth mangles the needle he handed over. **
** (1970) Garun turns back to look at the picture as Fildin examines the cloth **
** (1971) Olbernath takes a peek in the sea chest while Amreth works. **
** (1964) Amreth Verkul frowns, withdraws the needle, and adjsuts it one more time to make a second and final attempt at the lock. **
** (1970) Garun looks back to the musician, and then begins to walk back to the picture, wanting to remove it form the wall. As he approach, he removes the dagger again and leans his face up against the wall beside the picture **
(1963) DM: You hear a distinct click, as the sea chest pops open.
** (1964) Amreth Verkul snorts, and tucks the needle between his lips, leaning in close to peer inside the lock, "Well, finess isn't going to work, apparently. If you want this open, you're going to have to pop the lock." **
(1964) Amreth Verkul: ((Nevermind lol))
(1963) DM: A rope ladder is affixed to the underside of the sea chest's lid.
(1963) DM: It is otherwise empty.
** (1970) Garun 's head turns as the chest is open and the ladder is revealed, "I got it," he boslters **
(1971) Olbernath: "A ropeladder? If that don' beat all."
** (1970) Garun moves quickly to snatch the cloth from Filden and moves to the side of the chest **
** Rusty shrugs unknowingly, "Don' reconize this." **
(1970) Garun: "Sorry, for my abruptness, but I need to try something"
** Fildin gasps in surprise when Garun snatches the cloth, but offers no resistance to the much larger man. **
** (1970) Garun places the cloth at the bottom of the seachest, holding the ladder gathered together at the top of the chest **
(1971) Olbernath: (( The click of the sea chest is different from the small hidden drawer Amreth is working on, right? ))
(1963) DM: ((Yes))
(1970) Garun: With the cloth set in place, Graun holds the top of the chest but lets the ropeladder go, wondering if his theory would be true
** (1971) Olbernath looks at Garun with raised eyebrows, "What are ye doin' now?" **
** Fildin ignores Garun for a moment as he looks about the room again. **
** (1964) Amreth Verkul glances over his shoulder at the chest, and rubs his chin thoughtfully, "That's bloody odd, that is.." **
(2049) Tark (enter): 23:34
** (1964) Amreth Verkul frowns, thumps the drawer with the palm of his hand, and it pops loose, "Well, what do you know. I didn't I'd gotten it," he says, and slides the drawer out, "Uhh, how 'bout that. Hey, have a look at this.." **
** (1971) Olbernath seems drawn to the secrest of both the sea chest and the drawer... finally, he opts for the drawer, and looks in beside Amreth. **
** Rusty asks, "How could 'e 'ave gotten in the box and left tha' cloth behind the painting still?" **
(1971) Olbernath: "Ye think this is all some sorta magic portal? Ye think whoever killed the elf climbed inta that box?"
** (1970) Garun watches the ladder fall onto the cloth and then turns to see what Amreth is doing with the hidden drawer **
Rusty: "I dun think tha's wha' happened. Gotta be another way out."
** (1964) Amreth Verkul points into the drawer at at the 'kris,' "Hey, Garun, recognize this?" **
** (1970) Garun moves toward Amreth to see what he is looking at **
Fildin: No, I doubt the murderer had anything to do with the chest and cloth, after all - the cloth was hidden and the chest locked. But they probably have something to do with our Mystran friend there."
(2052) Demesthenos (enter): 23:42
** (1970) Garun looks to Olbernath, "I have a hunch that if you close that lid with the cloth at the bottom, it will act as a portal, though I am a bit tall to test it. I was right before" **
(1971) Olbernath: "Maybe he was pokin' his nose in where someone didn' like. I ain' one ta jump ta wild conclusions... but why 'ave a ladder in a chest that don' go nowhere?"
Fildin: "Well in that case, there is most likely more to it."
** (1971) Olbernath to Garun, "I don' know. If yer thinkin' o' lockin' me in there, ye can think again." **
(2049) Tark (exit): 23:44
Fildin: "The dark wardrobe over there and the copper tub ovr there both have the same type of magic as the cloth did."
(1963) DM: (just a normal piece of light-absorbing cloth ^ ^)
** (1970) Garun nods to Fildin and smiles, "I think the puzzle is exactly that. Our Mystrian friend might have died with a secret...I wouldn't even think the Prioritiry is free from questioning in this **
(2052) Demesthenos (exit): 23:44
** (1970) Garun finally looks at the drawer to see what Amreth was talking about, and then glances back to the painting. "Is that his knife?": **
** Fildin wanders over to the tub. "And this water." He sniffs a couple times. "Is not what I thought. It's too briny, and there is what seems to be seaweed in it." **
** (1970) Garun says following the eyes of Amreth as a major clue **
(1964) Amreth Verkul: "Looks it, doesn't it? Dare you to pick it up."
(1971) Olbernath: "Fits with the room's nautical theme."
(1970) Garun: ((Proprietory = Prioritiry...don't ask me what I was thinking))
Rusty: "Well an' the room's sposed to be haunted too. Maybe he's the ghost." :pointing out the captain:
(1970) Garun: ((Proprietor = Prioritiry...don't ask me what I was thinking))
Fildin: "But why seawater? Why bring it all the way here?"
** (1970) Garun moves back toward the seachest and reaches in to gather the shimmering cloth again **
** (1970) Garun looks up from his bent position as Amreth dares him, "I will pick it up if you take the picture down off the wall" **
** (1971) Olbernath to Fildin, "Aye, sort of an elaborate trick ta play fer attracting gawkers." **
** (1971) Olbernath to Garun, "Why don' ye try puttin' somethin in tha chest an' closin' tha lid. See if it's there when ya open it again." **
** (1964) Amreth Verkul stands to his feet, and frowns up at the painting, "I'm not of a mind to touch a damn thing. This is too bloody odd for me," he says, "Hauntings, a murder, that painting, this dagger, that odd bit of cloth you're holding." **
** Rusty steps carefully over to the wardrobe and tries opening it. **
** (1970) Garun nods at Olbernath's request, and places a thumb in the chest and fully closing the lid **
(1971) Olbernath: ( a thumb? )
(1970) Garun: (( copper thumb = Copper Piece))
(1971) Olbernath: ( ah )
** (1970) Garun counts to 10 in his head and opens the chest expecting to find nothing different. **
(1963) DM: The wardrobe opens up into a collection of cotton towels.
(1963) DM: (same as before re the chest)
** (1970) Garun removes the thumb, places the cloth on the bottom of the chest and sits the copper atop the cloth, closing the top again, unable to figure out anything **
(1970) Garun: Within another 10 seconds, Garun reopens the chest hoping something might have happened.
(1963) DM: Suddenly, the cloth "opens up" and out comes tumbling to the floor a compass, a bronze sextant, a shovel, two unlit torches and a small copper box.
(1970) Garun: "Guys, I did something"
** Fildin looks down at the items on the floor. "What did you do?" **
(1971) Olbernath: "Aye, so ye did."
** (1964) Amreth Verkul cocks a brow at Garun, "That's an understatement if I ever heard one." **
(1970) Garun: "Looks like the satchel of a sailor turned upside down...of a pirate rather"
(1963) DM: (er it comes tumbling to the floor of the chest is what I meant)
(1970) Garun: "I just placed the cloth at the bottom of the chest and out came these items, come see"
** Rusty muses quietly to himself while the others seem distracted, "Probably just cleans the towels and scents the water, handy." **
** (1970) Garun grabs the small copper box looking for a way to open it **
** Fildin moves over and glances at the items. "Well, that is handy." **
** (1970) Garun opens the lid of the copper box and peers inside warily **
** (1964) Amreth Verkul props his hands on his hips and waits. **
** Fildin picks up the cloth and turns it over and around, looking for an opening where everything spilled out of. **
(1970) Garun: "It is full of small balls of dull yet whitish greasy substance
(1971) Olbernath: "This is a very strange room. The Barrelstone Inn may have rats and creeping fungus, but certainly no pirate gateways."
** Rusty closes the wardrobe again and waits to find out what Garun has in the box. **
** (1970) Garun hands the box to Amreth, "Any clue guys what these balls are?" **
(1970) Garun: "Could they be for making the tub full of seaweed, some sort of illusionary or summoning magic?"
** (1970) Garun reaches down and picks up the compass looking for anything unusual, setting it to point north **
** Fildin glances at Garun and the waxy balls. **
** (1964) Amreth Verkul shakes his head, eyeing the contents of the small box, "I haven't the slightest clue what that is.." **
** (1970) Garun holds the compass and begins eyeing the other items...wondering what they all have in common **
Rusty: "Needs a map."
(1970) Garun: "This is weird, the bottom of this map has the word 'conondrum' etched on it"
(1971) Olbernath: "This whole room has conondrum written all over it."
(1970) Garun: "Amreth, check the Elven Cleric's Scroll case, there could be a map?"
(1963) DM: As soon as Olbernath says "conundrum", a distinct gong sounds inside the sea chest, and green light fills the room.
** Fildin frowns at the cloth and looks up at the gong. **
(1964) Amreth Verkul: "Wonder what the significance of the wor.. Bloody hell!" he shouts.
** Fildin moves over to the chest and looks inside it. **
(1963) DM: Green light fills the interior of the sea chest.
(1963) DM: A gate appears to fill the interior of the sea chest, radiating green light....
** (1970) Garun moves closer to the chest to the song of the gong **
** (1971) Olbernath jumps up about two feet, cursing in gnomish. **
** (1964) Amreth Verkul stumbles back towards the door of the room, and shouting "Why the hell are you walking *towards* it!?" **
(1971) Olbernath: "Well, I'll be scrimshawed! How d'ye like that?"
Fildin: "It's light, I want to see where it's coming from."
** Rusty saunters closer to see the green light, "I sti' wanna know how whoever was in here got out. Least we know what he was looking for." **
** (1970) Garun stops his approach as Amreth speaks a bit of sense, but rather looks to the ground for the scroll case of the murdered **
(1963) DM: (ok)
** (1971) Olbernath sighs, and glances at the dead elf at his feet, "Curiosity killed the cleric..." **
(1964) Amreth Verkul: "You're all out of your damned minds! Not one of you know what the hell's going to come out of that cursed thing next."
Rusty: "That's the point."
Fildin: "Exactly."
** (1970) Garun can't help but think to himself, so much is wrong with this picture, how could a Priest not understand this, especially one of Mystra, he ponders as he pops open the scroll case **
(2057) Olbernath (enter): 00:12
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (2057) Olbernath...
(1970) Garun: "Perhaps the cleric took something that didn't belong to him...perhaps the cleric was greedy?"
** Fildin moves right next to the chest and looks down into the light. **
(1963) DM: And out falls a map.
(1971) Olbernath (exit): 00:14
(1970) Garun: ((from the scroll case?))
(1963) DM: ((Yes))
(1963) DM: ((can't see much into the light))
(1963) DM: ((stopping in 30 minutes))
** (1970) Garun watches as a map drops to the ground as the scroll case is open..."Um, guys, I think I found the map of our Pirate" **
** Fildin looks over to Garun. "Let's see it." **
(2057) Olbernath: "So... what shall I tell the watch? That the cleric was murdered by pirates from another dimension?"
** (1970) Garun kneels before it, cautiously not touching it and looks up to the painting, addressing it directly, "How do we ease this sailor?" **
** (1970) Garun seems to ignore the other as he gazes the map **
** Fildin goes over to Rusty. "Was there anything special in the wardrobe?" **
Rusty: "Clean towels."
Fildin: "Wow, that's not really that special."
** (1970) Garun stands up and moves to the portrait, "What is on the Moon Isle Atoll, who is it meant for?" **
(1970) Garun: "Who is Marsember?" he loudly exclaims
** Rusty shrugs, and dust falls off of his sleeves, "All there was." **
(2057) Olbernath: "So... what're we goin' ta do 'bout this green light business?"
(1970) Garun: "Who is the 'Lurker in the Shadows'?"
** (2057) Olbernath turns, "Who? Where, ya mean. I'm from Marsember." **
(1964) Amreth Verkul: "Marsemember isn't a who, it's a where.."
** (1970) Garun turns to look to him, away from the Portrait...his jaw drops, "Well then....I suppose that map is...well, it's yours," he exclaims taking three backward steps towards the door **
(1964) Amreth Verkul: "And where, is on the coast south of here, just east of Suzail."
(2057) Olbernath: "Moon Isle Atoll is an island about 20 leagues to the southest o' Marsember. In the sea of Fallen Stars."
** (1970) Garun points to the map on the ground, "Enjoy, then he who is from Marsember" **
(2057) Olbernath: "An I heard o' the Gindstaff an' the Conundrum... I think they both belong ta the Notorious pirate Nbod the Mad."
** Fildin looks back to the chest. "Atoll, seawater, waves." **
(2057) Olbernath: "Pillaged several seacoastal towns in Sembia, an' also eastern Cormyr, so I heard."
(1970) Garun: "The singing cliffs?"
Rusty: "An' the shovel an' torches uses be obvious."
Fildin: "That must be where that portal leads then."
** (2057) Olbernath continues to go on about his pirate lore, "Known as the Sourge o' the Sea, he crossed paths with an elder green dragon, an' vanished 'bout 25 ta 30 years ago, ne'er ta be seen again." **
** (1970) Garun continues to back up until he is standing beside Amreth, and to him he whispers, "This was a big...huge mistake to walk up here." **
Fildin: "You know, I've never been to the sea before."
** (2057) Olbernath smirks, "I suggest goin' by foot, instead o' glowin' chest." **
Fildin: "But what fun is that?"
Rusty: "Can' f'rget the murderrer"
** (2057) Olbernath to Fildin, "Well, do as ye please... but I'll bet ye two gold lions ye'll come ta regret it." **
Fildin: "Oh yeah, the murder." He looks to Garun "Well you were talking to the painting, does it have anything to say about the dead elf here?"
** (1970) Garun stands in awe, wishing he had never discovered the hidden cloth in the painting **
** (1970) Garun just shakes his head with an obvious nod of no **
Fildin: "Well one thing at a time I guess huh, that's what Camden tried to teach me."
** Fildin closes the sea chest lid. **
** (1970) Garun looks over to Amreth and whispers again, "Want to make a run for it?" **
** Fildin leans against the chest for a moment, thinking. **
** (2057) Olbernath to Fildin, "I must admit, I'm curious as to what lies on the other side o' that chest." **
** (1964) Amreth Verkul gives Garun a look of mock incredulity, "Run for it? Surely you jest! Wouldn't you much rather jump into light inside that chest, and get sucked right down into the bowels oft he abyss?" **
** Fildin cracks the chest open again to see if the light is still pouring out. **
(1970) Garun: "Surely, we must, but not before we stab one another to near death"
(1963) DM: (ok, stopping)
Rusty: "I'd like ta find who killed tha' elf." :gulps: "How'd he be done in?"
(2057) Olbernath: "Ye know what? Let the courage of gnomes never be doubted. I don't think the password of a famed pirate ship would lead to the Abyss... and I'm willin' ta wager me life on it." Olbernath swings one leg up over the side of the chest. Under his breath, he offers quick prayers to both Tymora and Garl Glittergold.
** Fildin lets the chest close again. **

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