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The Empire of MelCendia: The Imperial Legion
The Imperial Legion is a military organization and is adapted from the Elder Scrolls games (Morrowind and Oblivion). It was inspired by the Roman legions that were the supreme military power of their time.


The Imperial Legion is the supreme military power of the Empire of Mel'Cendia. No other organized army in the world can match it in combat. The Legion is primarily composed of Imperials (mostly, high-ranks), Cyradi and Skyros. Its headquarters is located in Mel Nethra's Prison Fora.

The Legion works for the Empire of Mel'Cendia, with support from the Emperor who is currently in power. In the peacetime, the Legionnaires serve as guards, although in war, they have also been used as an invasion force.

In war, the Imperial Legion is a feared and unstoppable force. Their huge numbers and strict discipline cause even the most battle hardened army to question their tactics. The Imperial Legion attacks as just that: a Legion. With wide ranks of hundreds of disciplined soldiers, the Imperial Legion is a force not to be trifled with.

However powerful in their unstoppable numbers, it is said that lone Imperials are cowardly and weak, therefore opt to attack with large numbers of troops. Using all aspects of battle, archers, cavalry, officers, and most importantly their infantry platoons as well as companies of battlemages, the Imperial Legion is an unstoppable war machine, who crush any opposing army in their tracks.

Celestial Sanctuary is an artifact of special importance to the Imperial Legion. Prior to the theft by a former Legion member, the armor was on display in the Imperial Commission in Mel Nethra. After having been retrieved from the traiterous legionnaire, it is kept at an undisclosed location presumably for security reasons.

Special Duties

There are a number of special duties that Imperial Legion soldiers fulfill. Normally, the Legion is responsible for the projection of Imperial power in the provinces and the security of roads and pathways within the Empire. However, there are special companies of Legion soldiers that have different duties.

Imperial Forresters

The Imperial Forresters are rangers who patrol the dense forests of Por Miren, Tel'Alin and some other provinces. They are quick and nimble, lightly armoured in comparison to their regular counterparts and equipped with bows and swords.

Duke's Guard and Palace Guard

A special Imperial Legion platoon comprises the guard of any duke in the province of Luruen. These soldiers are among the best the Legion has to offer; the most accomplished soldiers of the Duke's Guard have the honour of serving as personal Palace Guard to the Queen of Luruen.

Imperial Watch and Imperial Palace Guard

The Imperial Watch serves as city guard within Mel Nethra. It has guard towers in every fora of the city, as well as an adjunct tower to the Citadel of Bone. The Watch is commanded by four Watch Captains, each with his own city fora (district) to protect. The best soldiers of the Imperial Legion and the Imperial Watch serve as the Imperial Palace Guard. However, it is suspected that most of the Imperial Palace Guard is made up of Blades, the special bodyguards of the Emperor.

Provincial Watch

When the need arises, the Kings and Queens of the Empire may ask for a list of candidates of the Imperial Legion to serve as their city guards. Every monarch has the authority to summon Legion soldiers to serve under their flag after the candidate list has been submitted.


The Legion is a strictly hierarchic organization. Each fort is usually commanded by a Champion (smaller forts) or any higher-ranking Knight (larger ones). The commander of a fort is usually called "Captain" or "General". Only knights may serve as generals. A Knight Imperator is the highest-ranking Legion officer in any fort. The capital city of each province contains a garrison (or fort). Each fort is usually (but not always) named after its associated city. For instance, Carthax is the seat of power in Thendranor, so its associated garrison is Fort Carthax.

The Imperial Legion itself is sub-divided into armies, also called "Legions", with numericals added for identification (for example, the 10th Legion which fought in Por Miren).

From lowest rank to highest, the order is: Spearman, Trooper, Agent, Champion, Knight Errant, Knight Bachelor, Knight Protector, Knight of the Garland, Knight Imperator.
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