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(1469) DM: ((so what do you want to do? FF or continue as before from last week?))
(1500) Lellick: Disconnecting from server...
(1500) Lellick (exit): 00:47
(1419) Dj Gilcrease: (( dont matter to me as long as Sevis figures out the cities and the groups response to his new friend ))
(1483) Morti: (continuing would be nice... though boring for others. But... I don't think Morti is going to leave the citadel with Rhian and Yazut unless it's urgent anyway. He'll try to hanf around, meet other mages and get into the libraries)
(1469) DM: ((and Donovan?))
(1483) Morti: (... has passed out at the keyboard, I believe.)
(1395) Donovan: ((I'm here, I just have no opinion on the matter))
(1395) Donovan: ((That is to say, I have no strong inclinations towards either choice.)
(1483) Morti: (right then... continue...? We may as well find out what Rhian was meeting about)
(1395) Atross: ((I mean, I could talk to Thom about the political climate and wonder how the equal rights activist's trial is going to go, but he's not here.))
(1469) Yazut: "Talks too much, takes too long, and thems gets away."
** Yazut hobbles over to a bookshelf and scans their titles, mumbling to himself. "Mmmmh...." **
** Aurora flutters up to the window, narrowly avoiding a hurled apple pie. "Wotsamatteronyourmind?" **
** (1483) Morti looks that small flying creature over, a smiling creasing his scarf at the sight, before inquiring, "Sorry to bother you, but I was wondering if you saw to people leave this room a moment ago... perhaps through this window." **
(1469) Aurora: "WelpnobutablackbirdflewoutfromherebutIpaiditnomind."
** Aurora flashes you a grin, stretching from ear to ear, her scales winking and glistening in the sunlight. **
(1483) Morti: "Black bird...hmm.. could be one if they changed shape: "Scratches his head in thought: "Ah... nevermind. They're gone anyway. Thank you for your help, friend."
(1469) Aurora: "Anytimeanytime. Wanttojoinourgameofcatchpie?"
** (1483) Morti grins wide an invitation to play, but deflates quickly: "Uh.. I would love to, but.. I have to go to a meeting, and after that I .. have a lot of studying to do." **
(1483) Morti: :claps his hands and bows: "Another time, I hope I can."
(1469) Aurora: "Awwwnofun. OkI'llbehere." (flutters out the window and conjures an apple pie to hurl at a target below) "Bombsaway!" (giggling madly)
** Rhian Aes Sedai scoops up the amber scarf and mutters to herself. "Probably for later." **
** (1483) Morti gives a chortle at the antics of the fairy drakes, Not paying attention to Rhian's meaning, he just agrees, "Yeah, I guess." **
(1483) Morti: :sighs and pushes up from the window, turning back to Rhian: "So... on to the meeting?"
** Rhian Aes Sedai looks up at the position of the sun and gasps. "It's getting late. We should hurry along before Sareitha wonders if I'm coming." **
(1469) Rhian Aes Sedai: "Come along, you two."
(1469) Yazut: "Mmmmh..." (turns away reluctantly)
** (1483) Morti nods and hurries to follow the Aes sedai out **
(1469) Rhian Aes Sedai: "The Hall of Audience is at the head of this staircase. I have a feeling that the meeting is closed to outsiders. If that's the case, then you can have free run of the Citadel."
(1483) Morti: "Free run...?" :rhetorically asks with a grin:
(1469) Rhian Aes Sedai: "Just don't get hurt." (grins)
(1483) Morti: :turns head aside: "I can't promise that... I'm kind of clumsy."
(1469) DM: After a while, you reach the top of the stairs and find yourselves in front of a pair of closed wooden doors.
** Rhian Aes Sedai knocks on the door, after which a second passes before a muffled voice says, "Enter." **
** Rhian Aes Sedai opens the door wide to reveal a gathering of Aes Sedai inside an audience chamber. A tripod of marble arches stands in the center of the hall, with flickering lights within. **
** (1483) Morti sucks in a breath at the sight of the assembly and purses his lick closed, recalling he is not to speak here. The effort is visible in the tightly folded crease in his scarf. **
(1469) DM: A matronly woman with an unruly shock of red hair spilling out from underneath a red hooded cloak rises from a large wooden throne in the rear of the chamber and says, "Welcome."
** Rhian Aes Sedai stares back in shock at the assemblage. "I thought this was a...a...meeting." **
(1483) Morti: :raises a brow at Rhian's reaction:
(1469) Nynaeve Aes Sedai: "And it is, daughter, it is. The time has come for you to be elevated to the Sisterhood."
(1510) Lunauc (enter): 01:17
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (1510) Lunauc...
(1510) Morti: (back)
(1469) Rhian Aes Sedai: "I....I had no idea."
** Rhian Aes Sedai steps inside reluctantly and looks over her shoulder as she does so. **
** Nynaeve Aes Sedai glances over to you and Yazut as Rhian enters the room. "You have brought friends. They too, will participate in your trial, should they wish it." **
(1469) TaliesinNYC: Booting '(1483) Lunauc' from room...
(1483) Lunauc (exit): 01:19
(1510) Morti: (trial? think I missed something important during that disconnect(
(1469) DM: ((nope))
** (1510) Morti gives a bit of a groan and steps in after Rhian, trying to seem a confident as possible, even though he still isn't talking. **
** Nynaeve Aes Sedai addresses Rhian, speaking in a formal tone of voice, "The Wheel waits for no woman. This is your hour, your time of trial." **
(1469) DM: Her voice rose in volume.
(1469) Nynaeve Aes Sedai: "Sisters, we have one who has been Accepted who now seeks to join in our Sisterhood."
** Nynaeve Aes Sedai addresses Rhian, "Accepted, if you are ready, please join us. You have but to walk across this chamber unaided and take up the shawl of your choosing. If you refuse to do so, you will be put outside the Tower with enough gold to support yourself for one year. " **
** Rhian nods slowly. **
(1469) Nynaeve Aes Sedai: "Very well then. Remove your clothing and leave it here. When you have finished, you will perform one last chore. You will wash the garment to prepare it for the next Accepted, and to wash yourself out of the banded dress.
** (1510) Morti watches the proceedings, a bit confuesd. He looks aside to Rhian for some indication of what he should do, if anything. For now, he sticks to her earlier orders, not to act on his own. **
** Nynaeve Aes Sedai turns to Morti and to Yazut. "Are you friends of Rhian?" **
** Yazut cocks his head. "Mmmmh?" **
** (1510) Morti looks up to the elder Aes Sedai, about to respond positively, but remembering he's not to speak, just before the words come, he nervously nods. **
(1469) Nynaeve Aes Sedai: "You may speak." (smiles gently)
(1501) Mikal (exit): 01:28
** Rhian Aes Sedai begins undressing herself and folds her clothing neatly next to a tall, willowy Aes Sedai, listening to Morti even as she does so. **
** (1510) Morti pauses a second, glancing to Rhian to make sure it is alright. Finally he replies, "Y--yes... I am Ma-magus Mortimar Boyle. I consider Miss Rhian a frined." **
(1469) Nynaeve Aes Sedai: "We ask you, Magus Mortimar Boyle, if you would sit in judgment over your friend, if she has faced her fears or if you do not know, if you will help her face her fears."
** (1510) Morti cocks his head aside, considering the words thoughfully, before answering, **
(1510) Morti: Huh?"
(1510) Morti: :realizing that is not an intelligable answer he tries again:
(1510) Morti: "Um... I don't know.. if she has faced her fears at this time. B-but...if she would allow me, I would like to aid her."
** (1510) Morti turns to Rhian as he finishes his words... **
(1510) Morti: .. and finally notices she is undressing... "WAAH!!" Quickly the shy boy turns back around, his blush almost visible through his mask:
** Nynaeve Aes Sedai nods wisely. "And do you have friends, who would sit in judgment over her and help her face her fears?" **
(1469) Nynaeve Aes Sedai: "They will be summoned here, but shall not remember what will happen to them except in dreams."
** Rhian takes off her robe and folds it neatly, then stands ready, meditatively, serene, as if emptying her mind **
** (1510) Morti is a bit jittery at first, but leans on his staff.. back to Rhian, he clears his throat to regain composure and replies, "Y-yes.. I-I'm sure they will help." **
** Nynaeve Aes Sedai nods once again, and addresses Rhian once more. "You only have to walk across the room, as I said before. However, when you pass under those golden arches, your trial will begin. No one has been able to go through the arch twice. Any who have tried simply walking through the arches again simply pass through. If you succeed, you will be Aes Sedai. If you fail, you will not return. Unlike the Accepted test, you must channel during this test. Embrace the Source now, and begin walking." **
** Nynaeve Aes Sedai turns to you. "You may make whatever preparations you need to. Time flows differently within the arch than here. When you are ready, simply say that you are ready, and the magicka of the arch will send you to join her. At the same time, your companions will be with you." **
(1469) DM: ((in game terms, that means that if you need to prep spells and other things, now is the time to do it.))
(1510) Morti: :looks up to Nynaeve: "W-what kind of test is it?"
(1469) Nynaeve Aes Sedai: "The goal of Rhian's trial is for her to face her fears and to find that what she seeks, which is her deepest desire. If she is successful, she will be Aes Sedai. If she fails, then she will not return.

"You on the other hand are not bound to this stricture. You and your friends have agreed to help her. If she fails in her trial, then you will be returned to the waking world."

** (1510) Morti nods seriously as he listens. he makes a few gestures and incantation, apparently some spell before stating to Nynaeve: "I am ready." **
(1510) Morti: (familiar pocket.. gotta keep moiraine safe at least)
(1510) Morti: "B-by the way.. um... is she gonna put any clothes on?" :points over his shoulder to Rhian, not looking himself:
(1469) Nynaeve Aes Sedai: "Perhaps."
(1510) Morti: "Uh... right..." :groans uncomfortably:
(1469) DM: (ok then. there's no way I can run this with only 3 people present, so we'll stop here and I wanted to set this up for next session. its kind of like Morti's Test but with far more serious consequences.)

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