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(2670) DM: Pelham is a city that was constructed entirely from magicka

(2670) DM: Pelham is a city that was constructed entirely from magicka. The buildings were lovingly crafted by earthsingers who cast spells and grew the structures out of the earth, creating them from living rock.
(2670) DM: Hydromancers diverted water from nearby Lake Moirdhel and created a hydroshield that encircles the city, masking it in an eternal mist that alternately provides rain and cools the surrounding atmosphere. In times of war, the shield can be used as a line of defense.
(2733) naruto (enter): 21:41
(2720) Nimbus (enter): 21:41
(2733) naruto: so what are we doing
(2720) Nimbus (exit): 21:41
(2670) DM: The Ruby Citadel is a the tallest structure in Pelham and like its counterpart, the Diamond Citadel in Tolmara, appears to have been crafted from a several hundred rubies. The towers and spires glisten, reflecting and refracting sunlight casting a crimson glow over the structures near it.
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** (2703) Sevis Goloens sits breaking his fast with the others "We need a break, I need a break anyways. I have some things I wish to examin and think about"((Assuming we are all at the Inn)) **
(2670) DM: You can tell what social class a person is by where he lives in Pelham. The higher the social class, the more likely it is that he or she lives in a building that's aerial.
** (2727) Yazut quietly sits huddled up in a chair, watching and listening to the others as they decide what to do with themselves. **
(2715) Xeio (enter): 21:44
(2670) DM: Therefore, the rulers of the city live in floating towers, while most of the working classes and tradesmen live on the ground below.
** (2704) Thom looks around at the sight of the city. "Now, this is a city. I guess we can relaz for a day or two, we have been going hard for a while. Just remember that we are racing against time." **
(2704) Thom: *relax
** (2728) Morti is ecstatic about the mystical air about the city. He can barely sit still though breakfast, as he seems to be in full wizardgasm mode, "I HAVE to tour this place! It's amazing. To think magick could build all this..! I have to go to the Citadel. I wonder who's in charge here. Oi, Yazut, you coming? Maybe we can make you a magus." :all that in barely one breath, as his scarf smiles: **
** (2727) Yazut quickly shakes his head in response to thew question. **
** (2703) Sevis Goloens laughs "You say that as if you are not out of place by thirty years. Anyways I am going to go sit outside the city and meditate. And Rhian, I may wish to speak with you latter if you dont mind." **
** (2699) Atross looks around the astounding sights of the city and wonders aloud, "Do they even bother with mundane weaponry in a city like this?" **
(2728) Morti: :shrugs to Atross: "Dunno. but who cares? You could probably find something better than mundane here."
(2670) Rhian Aes Sedai: Of course, Sevis. I have some business to conduct in the Citadel myself if we are to go onwards to Nith'Tar Valon.
(2704) Thom: "Oh I am sure Atross, there is always a need for mundane weapons - even the most powerful wizards can use a 'mundane' defense."
(2728) Morti: "How about arrows that turn into constricting snakes to bind your enemies? Or arrows that multiply in flight becoming a barrage? Or arrows that are also edible? It would shorten up on travel weigh if weaponry and food were interchangable, no?"
** Elamurix Celendil strokes Maximillan absentmindedly. "It's been many a cycle since I've been here. The city doesn't appear to have changed much." **
(2728) Morti: "Hmm... beef jerky arrows..."
(2704) Thom: "Elamurix, do you know much about this city?"
(2703) Sevis Goloens: "Ok, if you are not here when I wish to speak I'll assume you are still ocupied." **Sevis finishes his food then pushes his chair back** "You know where I'll be in case something comes up"
** (2704) Thom nods to Sevis. **
(2670) DM: ((yes, you've gotten to an inn, stowed the carriage in a stable, and gotten yourselves squared away))
(2670) Elamurix Celendil: Some. I haven't returned since my Testing. (shrugs)
(2670) Elamurix Celendil: That was a long time ago. (quietly)
(2728) Morti: :to Elamurix: "Oh? how long ago?"
** (2699) Atross sits having a beverage while the others eat breakfast. He barely touches his meal. **
(2670) DM: ((strike the sentence about the carriage))
** (2704) Thom looks at Elamurix, knowing there is a stiry there, but does not wish to pry. **
(2715) Xeio (exit): 21:54
(2704) Thom: (( *story ))
(2733) naruto (exit): 21:55
(2670) Elamurix Celendil: "Before you were born, I'll wager. I had come of age and taken my Test. I faced the Mor Durae at the Tor of Eternity as a battlemage." (falls silent, remembering)
(2728) Morti: "Well.. right now is before I was born, but... I'd love to here of your battle some day... I mean... if it is something you'd care to speak of."
(2704) Thom: "I see, sorry to bring that back up for you. The reason i asked was because I was wondering if you know if there is a thieves guild in town. I could use some more tools since some have broken since we left Highkeep."
** Elamurix Celendil shudders at a memory, then turns to look at Morti, opening his eyes. "I took my Test and nearly failed." (shrugs again) **
(2728) Morti: "But... you did technically pass... yes?"
(2732) ticattack (enter): 21:58
(2670) Elamurix Celendil: "Is there a thieves' guild?" (breaks into a smile) "Of course there is. If you stay in a tavern long enough, you can more or less determine your way around things. The guild owns all of the inns and most of the taverns in Pelham. Provides them with protection if you get my meaning." (smirks)
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** (2704) Thom returns the smile. "I figured so. Thank you for the information." **
(2670) Elamurix Celendil: "Nothing as fancy as the Silent Network, mind you. They call themselves The Circle of Midnight." (rolls his eyes)
(2704) Thom: "I doubt there are many that rival the Silent Network, especially in a city that is smaller like this one. Circle of Midnight, huh? interesting enough name I guess."
(2670) Elamurix Celendil: "Yes, I passed. Technically."
** Elamurix Celendil rubs his right wrist in response. **
whispering to Mikal, you're back
** (2728) Morti , to happy to notice Elamurx's discomfort goes on, "Great! Cause.. I might need an escort in." :scratches his head: "I'm not sure if I have a magus' access here.. now... heh.." **
(2670) Elamurix Celendil: "It's a small enough guild. Besides being rogues, nearly all of them possess talent with magicka."
** (2704) Thom stands from the table. "I shall meet back with you all later, I have some items to procure. Is everyone planning on spending the night here?" **
(2670) Elamurix Celendil: "In this city, you're no one if you have no talent in the Art."
(2704) Thom: "Only makes sense in a city like this one."
** Drenla eats sparingly as he listens to the conversation and observes your surroundings. **
** (2704) Thom nods to Elamurix, letting him know he heard the last bit of advice he offers, and he leaves the tavern. **
** (2728) Morti waves goodbye to Thom **
(2670) DM: ((someone bring Matt up to speed please))
(2670) Maximillian: Mrrow.
(2670) Elamurix Celendil: Oh, all right. (breaks a piece of waybread and smears it with jam, then feeds it to Maximillan)
(2728) Morti: "Great!" :to Elamurix: "By the way, who's in charge of the Ruby Citadel?"
(2670) Elamurix Celendil: "If I didn't know any better, I'd swear your cat's grown by a pound or two since we arrived here. He's quite fat." (to Morti)
(2728) Morti: "Eh?" :lifts up Moiraine from his lap, weighing her in hand.: "Well.. she is still a growing kitten."
(2670) Elamurix Celendil: "Who's in charge? Why, the Magister of course. The Magister of the Ruby Citadel. Lord Farnham. Though perhaps I could be wrong."
(2670) Elamurix Celendil: "Oh. I thought Max was yours." (strokes his head absentmindedly)
(2670) Maximillian: Mrrow.
(2670) Elamurix Celendil: "It's been quite a long time since I've been here." (mumbles)
(2728) Morti: :shakes head: "Nah... that spoiled freeloader just hangs around trying to peek in spellbooks. Anyway, this Farnham.. what's he like? Hopefully he's friendly to outsiders."
(2670) Elamurix Celendil: "He can be stern at times. Formal. Polite. My friends and I used to call him 'Stoneface' because we never saw him smile."
(2670) Elamurix Celendil: "That is, if he still is the Magister."
(2670) Elamurix Celendil: "If you're a magus, you should be able to enter."
(2728) Morti: "Oh... guess we'll find out when we get there." :gives a giddy chuckle:
(2728) Morti: "When can we leave?" :obviously anxious: (like a kid in a disney hotel ranting about getting to the park at 5 in the morning)
(2670) Elamurix Celendil: "He can be quite busy. You might run into one of the other Masters instead. The libraries are open to any magus in good standing, especially if you chose the Path of the Citadel."
(2728) Morti: "I do, I do, and I'd love to meet Masters here. I have tons of questions."
(2670) Drenla: "Any time you wish, Morti. Unlike the other Citadels though, you will need a ward token to enter and leave of your own accord. This Magister has...a reputation."
(2728) Morti: ".......... ward... token...?"
** Drenla fishes in his pocket. "A moment." **
(2728) Morti: :looks to Drenla:
(2670) Drenla: "Here it is." (pulls out a ruby that seems to glow with an inner fire)
** (2728) Morti leans in to look at the gem. "Ooooo... where can I get one?" **
(2761) DrunkenPaladin (enter): 22:20
(2670) Drenla: "This token is keyed to the Ruby Citadel and allows the bearer and one person of his choosing entrance past the guarding shield." (hands it to Morti)
(2670) Drenla: "Without the token, none may enter the inner spire where the Hall of Audience is located, as well as the libraries and research facilities."
(2728) Morti: :takes the gem and returns a bow: "Thank you, Mast...er... Magus Drenla. I will return it to you soon."
(2761) DrunkenPaladin (exit): 22:22
(2670) Drenla: "If Lady Janaeve is still here (glances at Elamurix), then I might be able to procure one for you."
(2728) Morti: "Who?"
(2670) Elamurix Celendil: "She should be." (to Drenla) "Janaeve was a 'prentice friend of mine and took the Test at the same time as I did. Her specialty is earthsinging."
(2728) Morti: "Ooh.. like the people who made the buildings here? I'd love to ask her how they do that."
(2670) Elamurix Celendil: "Yes. Earthsingers crafted buildings out of the earth, woodshapers craft things out of the trees. Much of the magicka within Pelham dates from before the Invoked Devastation, so they say."
(2670) Drenla: "Yes, so they say." (echoes, a worry line creasing his forehead for a moment)
(2728) Morti: "Wow...I have a lot to learn here... and no time for breaks."
** (2728) Morti suddenly stands from the table, "So... anyone else wanna go with me to the citadel?" **
(2670) Drenla: "Don't lose that token, Morti."
** (2727) Yazut folds his hands in his lap, and shakes his head, "Yazut stays. Not be welcomes." **
** (2699) Atross waves Morti off, "Go. Have a good time. Not my kind of place." **
** (2728) Morti nods to Drenla and tucks the gem away in his spell component pouch for obscure keeping **
(2670) Rhian Aes Sedai: "I would be delighted, Morti. I too have business in the Citadel."
(2728) Morti: "Aaaahh.. come on! It's a giant magical tower! Who wouldn't be interested?"
(2728) Morti: :turns to Rhian and offers with a grin on his mask: "Then I'll be happy to escort you, Lady."
** Rhian Aes Sedai bows slightly to Morti. "Are you sure you don't want to come, Yazut?" **
(2728) Morti: :pokes Yazut: "Come on... as a wizard you have to at least be curious."
** (2727) Yazut shakes his head again, "That not be point." **
(2728) Morti: "Eh? Whatcha mean?"
(2727) Yazut: "Yazut not should be here. Not can go there."
(2728) Morti: "Eh? Is this about the goblin thing again?"
** (2727) Yazut shrugs his shoulders and glances down into his lap. **
(2670) Rhian Aes Sedai: "It might interest you to know Yazut, that one of the Masters is a goblin. Uzibat I believe is his name."
(2732) Jarvis: "I'll stay here, thanks."
** (2728) Morti sets a hand on Yazut's shoulder and speaks inspirationally to him, or as inspirational as one can be with a cracking teen voice, "My friend, we are in a city of wise and educasted mages. Through logic and force of will they have built a city with defies imagination. Surely they can look past you being short and smelly and funny looking. The Diamond Citadel took me after all." **
** (2727) Yazut glances up at Rhian, then at Drenla, "This be true?" **
** Rhian Aes Sedai nods solemnly. **
(2728) Morti: :hearing Rhian's words and only responding after his speech is completely, "Oh really? Wonder if we'll get to meet him."
** Drenla smiles slightly. "Uzibat is a Master, yes. Of the Silver Circle. Not terribly powerful but he does possess keen sight and helps run the Test when suitable candidates apply." **
** (2727) Yazut looks from Drenla to Morti, then back to Rhian, "Uhm, still it be said.. Yazut be told, hims not be allowed to comes into human cities." **
(2728) Morti: "Uh... you're already in one."
(2727) Yazut: "Ayup. That not means it be allowed, mm?"
(2670) Rhian Aes Sedai: "You are my retainers. Including Daelan."
(2728) Morti: :shrug: "If you're already here and no one's made a fuss, what's the harm?"
(2670) Rhian Aes Sedai: "If it weren't, then you would not be here." (smiles slightly) "The word of an Aes Sedai is inviolate." (winks)
** (2727) Yazut shrugs as well, "Not can argues with this. Okay, Yazut goes. Not really wants to stays here anyway." **
whispering to Yazut, you're going to have to teach me how to speak goblin
(2728) Morti: "Hehe... lets go to the citadel!" :Turns to Atross: "I'll ask about the edible arrows for you."
whispering to Yazut, what's that paste called again?
(2699) Atross: "I really don't need edible arrows..."
(2670) DM: ((ok, what else are people doing so I know? Thom, Sevis, Yaz and Morti are accounted for))
(2728) Morti: "Of course you don't need them.... they're more like a luxury."
(2699) Atross: ((Atross is going to be spending most of his time at the tavern, aside from arrows, of course.)
(2732) Jarvis: ((Jarvis is just wandering the place, getting the lay of the land - not much point for him to go the Citadel, really))
(2670) DM: ((fyi, Mikal is interested in the Sat game and there IS an opening actually. so if people are still awake later, I'd like to get the interview squared away assuming he's around.))
** (2727) Yazut climbs down out of his chair, and props himself up with his walking stick, "Mmmh. Yazut just hopes hims not cause trouble. You thinks there be chance Yazut meets Uzibat, maybe, mm?" **
(2727) Yazut: "It be long time since Yazut has chance to talks with one of hims own kin. It maybe be nice."
(2704) Thom: (( k ))
** (2728) Morti grabs up his belongings and heads for the door, Moiraine sticking out his coat pocket. "Lets hope so... and maybe he'll have more of your food. That stuff's strong, but I bet I can get used to it." **
(2728) Morti: (schedule half asleep interview: check)
(2670) Rhian Aes Sedai: "That's better. I think you'll find that unlike where you've been, Yazut, things are not so bad here despite what you've been told."
** (2727) Yazut cocks his head at Morti, curious as to who he's talking to, but shrugs it off, and follows after him, "Okay, just not wants touble," he says, leaving the cowl of his robe over his head until they reach their destination, his disguise intact. **
(2728) Morti: "Eh.. what trouble could we possivly cause?" :offers as he marches for the Citadel:
** Rhian Aes Sedai follows Morti, draping her shawl across her shoulders and takes her walking stick. **
(2727) Yazut: ((brb, need water.))
(2670) DM: The Citadel stands in the center of a circular plaza, the intersection of several avenues leading to it, as if the center of a great wheel. Teasing hints of people flit at the edges of your vision as you enter the plaza but when you look around you, the plaza is empty.
(2670) DM: A shimmering crimson field surrounds the base of the Citadel. It seems to bar further progress.
(2670) Rhian Aes Sedai: "If you have the ward token, now is the time to use it, Morti. Present the token in your left hand and walk through the field. Hold Yazut's hand, otherwise he can't enter."
** Rhian Aes Sedai embraces the Source and prepares to open a gateway. **
** (2728) Morti takes out the gem and looks it over thoughtfully before approaching the barrier, holding onto Yazut as they go **
(2670) Rhian Aes Sedai: "I'll see you on the other side." (vanishes from sight)
** (2727) Yazut offers his right hand up to Morti, to be lead inside. **
** (2728) Morti follows with Yazut after Rhian **
(2670) DM: There is a brief period of disorientation as you step through the barrier, not unlike undergoing a spell of teleportation. It lasts for a few seconds. There is a sensation as if something...someone is prying your mind, searching for ill intent...and then the sensation passes, and you're through.
(2715) Xeio (enter): 23:01
(2670) DM: Rhian is waiting for you on the other side. The courtyard is filled with people of all types, almost all of them wizards of one variety or another.
** (2728) Morti gives a noticable shiver as they appear on the other side. But looking about at the new surroundings he quickly regains his smile. "Wow..." **
** (2727) Yazut releases Morti's hand, and lets his drop to his side as he takes in the wondrous sights before him, "Uhm, that be just what Yazut be thinking, too." **
(2670) DM: A group of invokers stand in one corner summoning fireballs and lightning elementals in a pyrotechnic display. Off to the side is a circle of illusionists casting spells for the entertainment of a crowd. There are apprentices walking to various parts of the citadel and travellers who appear out of nowhere, momentarily dazed from their journey.
(2728) Morti: :nods to Yazut as he looks over the various mages curiously
(2670) DM: Out of the corner of your eye, a trio of giggling fey drakes ((OOC: faerie dragons)) flit across the courtyard, chased by a dwarf, screaming, "Come back here!"
(2670) DM: One of the drakes scoots to a halt, conjures an apple pie and hurls it at the dwarf before flying away cackling madly with laughter. The pie splats all over the dwarf's face, chunks of pastry flying in all directions.
(2728) Morti: "Hehe.."
** Rhian Aes Sedai smiles at the sight. "Aurora and her sisters. They're the resident pranksters of the Citadel." **
(2728) Morti: :To Rhian: "Is it always this lively here?"
** (2727) Yazut continues to glance around the courtyard, watching the displays in awe-he spots the dwarf, and grumbles to himself, taking a step back and behind Morti, "Wish someone tells Yazut there be longbeards here.." **
(2728) Morti: "Heh... what's wrong with beards? I was thinking of growing..."
(2728) Morti: :considers: "Well.. if I had hair.""
(2728) Morti: :mopes a bit:
(2670) Rhian Aes Sedai: "The dwarf is Dorn, a clockwork mage from Derome-denen. Clockwork magi are rare. He's quite nice when he isn't chasing after the triplets because of the latest prank."
(2670) Rhian Aes Sedai: "You won't be in any danger, Yazut. Relax." (gently)
(2728) Morti: "Oh, really?" :Morti begins walking toward the dwarf after Rhian's comment, pulling a handkerchief from his pocket along the way to offer to Dorn: "Here."
** Dorn Blingdenstone turns around, spluttering, "Eh...ehk?" **
** (2727) Yazut steps out from behind Morti, and glances up at Rhian, "Only one ways to finds out." **
** (2727) Yazut steps past Morti, and marches up to the dwarf, still disguised as a gnome, he extends his hand, "'Allo." **
** Dorn Blingdenstone wipes his eyes clear, flicking bits of apple and apple syrup from his hair. "Those drakes almost ruined an automaton that I was creating." (grumbles) **
(2670) Dorn Blingdenstone: "Who be you?" (takes the handkerchief and cleans up) "My thanks as it were."
(2736) Mikal (exit): 23:13
(2728) Morti: :gives a slight bow: "I am Magus Mortimare Boyle, of the Diamond Citadel."
** (2727) Yazut glances up at Morti over his shoulder briefly, then looks back at the dwarf. **
(2728) Morti: :nudges Yazut to speak, while the dwarf wipes himself off:
(2670) Dorn Blingdenstone: "Really?" (is a bit impressed) "Dorn Blingdenstone." (glances at the gnome (Yazut)) "And you?" (takes the gnome's hand, shaking it)
** (2727) Yazut returns the handshake weakly, and reaches up, pulling the hood of his robes back to reveal himself, "Me be Yazut, goods to meets you." **
(2670) Dorn Blingdenstone: "My friends call me Dorn. Pleasure to meet you. Sorry about this mess."
(2728) Morti: "Mess? Are you kidding? This place is Great!"
** Dorn Blingdenstone grins. "Dorn. Dorn Blingdenstone. Hey, you're brave, coming here. Don't be afraid, I don't bite...much." **
** Dorn Blingdenstone winks at Yazut. "Can't mask the smell of goblin but the disguise was nice. Almost had me fooled. I could teach you a smell illusion if you'd like." **
** (2727) Yazut cocks a broiw at the dwarf, "Uhm. That be good thing, Yazut be sure hims not taste too good to dwarf." **
** Dorn Blingdenstone bows at Rhian. "M'lady." **
(2728) Morti: "Smell illusion...?" :thinks something over: "That could be fun."
(2670) Rhian Aes Sedai: "A pleasure to see you, Dorn, as always."
(2670) Dorn Blingdenstone: "What brings you to the Citadel?"
** (2727) Yazut shrugs, glancing up at Morti, then at Rhian, and back at the dwarf, before taking a step back to let them speak. **
(2670) Rhian Aes Sedai: "Business with some of the high-ups. I've been summoned to the Tower and I thought I'd check in with some of my friends. These two are heroes by the way. They saved me from certain death." (smiles as she says this)
(2781) ticattack (enter): 23:22
(2670) Dorn Blingdenstone: "Really?" (eyes grow wide) "That's a story I need to hear!" (to Morti) "Smell illusions are just like regular illusions except they mask your scent or make it appear as if you smell like a different odor."
** (2728) Morti seems to blush through mask at being called a hero, and just shrugs: "We do what we can." **
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (2781) ticattack...
(2670) TaliesinNYC: Booting '(2732) ticattack' from room...
(2732) ticattack (exit): 23:23
(2728) Morti: :nods to the dwarf: "Well... that's not really what I was going to use it for, but.. that would get me out of bathing as often."
(2728) Morti: "By the way... you mentioned an automaton.." :eyes sparkle a bit: "Is that like a golem?"
(2670) Dorn Blingdenstone: "Well, if you're around later, stop by my quarters and I'll see what I can do. A pleasure to see you again, m'lady Aes Sedai. You too." (to Morti and Yazut) "Send my regards to Uzibat if you see him."
(2670) Dorn Blingdenstone: "Yes, a minor golem actually. I construct automatons and empower them with magicka or store spells in them for later use."
whispering to Xeio, hi
(2728) Morti: "Ooo... I'll have to ask you more about it later."
whispering to Xeio, not talking eh?
** (2728) Morti gives Dorn a bow before he departs. **
(2670) Rhian Aes Sedai: "I'm headed into the inner spire. You can come with me if you want or head off on your own. Just remember that if you want to leave the Citadel, you need to use the ward token, otherwise you'll be trapped inside."
(2728) Morti: :to Rhian: "I'd like to come with you and meet more people."
(2728) Morti: "Besides.. I tend to get lost in new places."
** (2727) Yazut looks up at Morti, "Yazut just goes where you goes, if that be no trouble," he glances around, "Hopes Yazut has chance to meets more crazy dwarfs." **
(2670) Rhian Aes Sedai: "And Yazut, don't worry. You're as safe as you could ever be. No mage may harm another while within the Citadel or risk permanent expulsion from ALL Citadels across Andurin."
** (2727) Yazut nods in understanding. **
(2670) Rhian Aes Sedai: "All right. I have a meeting to attend so if you do come with me, you two have to promise me not to talk."
(2670) Rhian Aes Sedai: "And...it might do you a bit of good especially since your friends want to come with me to Nith'Tar Valon."
(2728) Morti: "I prom..." :shuts his mouth and just nods:
(2670) Rhian Aes Sedai: "I could use a bit of perspective." (mysteriously)
(2670) Rhian Aes Sedai: "Don't talk but please do listen. I don't have a Warder anymore...(glances down, looking pained), so another viewpoint might help during this meeting."
(2728) Morti: :nods again:
(2670) Rhian Aes Sedai: "You can talk now," (laughing) "but when the meeting begins, it would help if you didn't say anything."
(2728) Morti: "Okay."
(2670) Rhian Aes Sedai: "Shall we?" (opens a ruby-encrusted door to the outer spire)
(2728) Morti: "Right." :follows along:
(2670) DM: You step inside the door, and enter a long stone corridor that appears to be some sort of entranceway into the Citadel. The walls have crystal panes spaced intermittently so viewers can see what goes on above and below the corridor. There are meeting rooms, studies, eating halls, laboratories and classrooms where all sorts of activity are going on. Voices can be heard up ahead.
** (2728) Morti looks about at the varying windows in passing, wishing he could study in such an amazing place. **
(2728) Morti: :to rhian: "So... who are we meeting?"
(2728) Morti: 0.o
(2670) Rhian Aes Sedai: "The Magister and a few Aes Sedai. Nynaeve, of the Red Ajah."
(2670) Rhian Aes Sedai: (grimly)
(2728) Morti: "Not friends, I take it...?"
(2670) DM: The entry passage emerges into a large circular shaft. A ramp ascends around a central core of ruby crystal, spiraling in an upward circular fashion. Mirroring the plaza outside the Citadel, there are corridors radiating out from the central shaft leading to other parts of the spire.
(2670) Rhian Aes Sedai: "Nynaeve is the Tower's main representative in Pelham. I am not friends with many Reds, to be honest. They are...arrogant beyond the pale."
(2728) Morti: "You mean like Daelan?"
(2727) Yazut: "Yazut not think that be possible.."
(2670) Rhian Aes Sedai: "Beyond Daelan. The difference between a Red and Daelan is that Daelan actually has manners when he chooses to show them."
(2728) Morti: "oh...."
(2670) Rhian Aes Sedai: "A Red would rather kill a man who can use sai'dan than save him. It is the way they are, trained as they are to hunt down male channelers."
(2728) Morti: "That.. does seem rather cruel."
(2670) Voice: "Etes-vous sūr que nous ne serons pas entendu par hasard?"
(2670) DM: Voices can be heard in a niche near the ascending ramp, out of the field of your vision. One of them sounds familiar.
** Rhian Aes Sedai shrugs. "Lore tells of the Breaking of the World on our home world, when men who could channel used the Power indiscriminately and caused much destruction throughout. Much like your Invoked Devastation on Andurin." **
** (2728) Morti , upon hereing the strange voices, invokes a trick he picked up in the Amberville estate to follow along (comprehend language) **
(2670) Voice: "Are you sure we won't be overheard?"
(2670) Voice: "As sure as we can possibly be given where we are. You worry too much."
** (2728) Morti stays quiet and listens. **
(2670) DM: ((for the benefit of Morti since he'll most likely repeat them IC, I'm doing it in the main window))
(2670) Voice: "I suppose. I trust the forkroot was the proper potency?"
(2670) Voice: "Why yes. (evil chuckle) Our Brown spy died even as she lay in her lover's arms. Payment for the death of one of the Great Lord's servants."
(2670) Voice: "I have sent payment to the usual place."
(2796) Lunauc (enter): 00:06
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (2796) Lunauc...
(2670) TaliesinNYC: Booting '(2728) Lunauc' from room...
(2728) Lunauc (exit): 00:07
(2670) Voice: "Good, good. And what of the statue?"
(2799) Potantsuem (enter): 00:09
(2670) Voice: "We lost track of their movements after our quarry left Orvaeras Keep and have not been able to locate them. I am endeavoring to use Vael's men but you must realize that my subterfuge can only go so far."
(2799) Potantsuem (exit): 00:10
** (2796) Morti tries to get a look at who's talking, while whispering to the others what they speak of. **
(2670) Voice: "Vael is a jealous sort, given to fits of rage and tantrums. He wishes to be free of his father. Soon, very soon, I will be able to pitch him over the edge but not until then can we act."
** (2727) Yazut stops and gives a curious glance at Morti, "Something be wrong?" **
(2670) Rhian Aes Sedai: "Morti...be careful. Forkroot is a poison used only by assassins...and those of the Black."
(2670) Rhian Aes Sedai: (whispers)
(2796) Morti: :whispers: "Yeah, well.. I think they're talking about us."
(2670) Voice: "Better a scapegoat than that we reveal ourselves. A good report, my dear, a good report. I should go now lest that buffoon of a bard wonder where else I've gone. Au revoir."
(2796) Morti: "Could they be the ones who cursed Dael, I wonder?"
(2670) Rhian Aes Sedai: "Its possible."
whispering to Lunauc, whomever it is is in a niche 40' away from you up and to the right
(2670) DM: ((one voice was a man speaking with a French accent and another was a woman speaking in a raspy voice))
(2796) Morti: "Hmmm..." :walks casually toward the niche where the speaker are, trying to get a peak at the speakers:
(2715) Xeio (exit): 00:17
whispering to Lunauc, Two figures walking away from you, heading to a door. Their backs are facing you. One is obviously a man of middling height, clad in dark leather breeches and leather armor with dark blue cloak. Another is a woman in a yellow dress, with a yellow shawl around her shoulders and ebony locks of hair cascading from under an amber hood.
whispering to Lunauc, The woman opens a door for them both and both enter, then closes the door behind them.
(2796) Morti: :looks back from around the corner to Yazut: "They went in a room down the hall... should we?"
whispering to Lunauc, There are fleur d'lys embroidered in the dark blue cloak that the man was wearing. You recall seeing them previously....
** (2727) Yazut cocks his head, "Mmm?" **
(2796) Morti: :to yaz: "They seemed to be talking about our group. They mentioned that poison.. and a bard, which may be Elamurix..."
** (2727) Yazut takes a few steps forward, "Yazut hears. Also hears what you says of elf and curse. You maybe wants to thanks them, mm?" chuckle. **
** (2727) Yazut shrugs, "We goes, mm?" **
(2796) Morti: "Well.. if they are mages, they can't attack us here without losing their priveleges. So.. it might be safe. Of course... we could just play dumb."
** (2796) Morti creeps along down the hall to the door, planting an ear to it to listen. **
(2807) ticattack (enter): 00:26
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (2807) ticattack...
(2670) TaliesinNYC: Booting '(2781) ticattack' from room...
(2781) ticattack (exit): 00:28
(2670) DM: ((this server is really unstable))
(2704) Thom: (( only for certain people. Dj and myself haven't done anything for a while, and we are both fine. ))
(2796) Morti: (show offs)
(2807) Jarvis: ((I'm dropping out, but it's my network, not the server))
(2796) Morti: "Eh..." :tries to open the door.:
(2807) Jarvis: (('cause MSN messenger's dropping out as well. Same time))
** (2727) Yazut creeps up along with Morti, and gives him a nudge forward as he opens the door, "Goes!" **
(2670) DM: Well, the door's locked.
(2796) Morti: "You know how to pick a lock?"
(2670) Rhian Aes Sedai: "Morti? Yazut?" (peers after you)
** (2727) Yazut nods, "Uhm, yes, but not has what Yazut needs right now." **
** (2796) Morti groans and turns back to Rhian: "Guess we better get ready for enemies.We might be facing a poisoning soon." **
(2670) Rhian Aes Sedai: "Hm." (frowns)
(2670) Rhian Aes Sedai: "A Yellow..."
(2796) Morti: "Was she Aes Sedai?"
(2670) Rhian Aes Sedai: "I...I think so. But someone posing as a Yellow."
(2796) Morti: "What's yellow mean again?"
(2670) Rhian Aes Sedai: "If what you heard was correct, she is a Black, not a Yellow..."
(2670) Rhian Aes Sedai: Yellow Sisters are Healers.
(2796) Morti: "Well.. you think that's shocking? I think the guy with her is from the Ambervilles. At least he wears the symbol anyway. Care to confront them with us Rhian? Or shall we alert someone here in the Citadel?"
** Rhian Aes Sedai frowns, stroking her chin. "We don't know who they are though, Morti." **
(2796) Morti: "That's why you'd confront them and find out."
(2670) Rhian Aes Sedai: "Yazut, what do you think? Are you good at spying?"
(2727) Yazut: "Uhm, Yazut good at not being seen when he wants to. How Yazut gets in and not be noticed?"
(2796) Morti: "I can teleport us in."
(2670) Rhian Aes Sedai: "Not now. We don't know who they are, much less where they are. But you might need to use your skills for us in the future."
(2670) Rhian Aes Sedai: "I think we should use caution, then."
** (2727) Yazut shrugs, and glances at Morti, "That make noise though when we comes through, mm?" **
(2796) Morti: "Not really.. you just sort of poof in."
(2703) Sevis Goloens: (( AFK ))
(2727) Yazut: "Uhm, if you says so, okay."
(2796) Morti: "Besides, I think I heard footsteps going away from the door. They might not be in there anymore. Rhian, do you know where this door leads?"
(2670) Rhian Aes Sedai: "No, I don't."
(2796) Morti: "I guess there's one way to find out." :Holds out his hands to Yazut and Rhian, should they choose to take them."
** (2727) Yazut grabs a finger, "All this holdings of hands, this not means Yazut wants to take long, candle lit baths with you, okay?" **
(2703) Sevis Goloens: (( back ))
(2670) DM: ((LOL))
** (2796) Morti shoots the goblin back an odd look, "Huh?" **
** Rhian Aes Sedai holds Morti's hand. **
** (2727) Yazut shakes his head, "Just so you knows." **
** (2796) Morti just shrugs and goes into chanting. A quick series of staggering prose escape his mouth like a hurried breath. Suddenly space around the trio warps. (aiming for just beyond the door) **
(2670) DM: You appear in a library. It seems to be empty. An open window overlooks the courtyard. There is an amber cloak here.
** (2727) Yazut lets go of Morti's hand, shakes his head, and blinks a couple of times as he gets his bearings, "Mmmh." **
** (2796) Morti looks around the library as he moves toward the window, looking out and trying to find any familiar faces wandering abotu outside **
** (2727) Yazut staggers slightly as he takes a step forward after Morti, grumbling, "Talks too much, takes too long, and thems gets away." **
(2796) Morti: "Maybe..."
** (2727) Yazut nods, scanning the many sleves of books, "Mmmh." **
** (2796) Morti moves to examine the cloak left behind **
(2727) Yazut: ((Err, shelves))
(2670) DM: Aurora and the other two fey drakes appear to be having a miniature snowball fight amongst themselves.
(2704) Thom: (( brb ))
(2670) DM: None else apart from the crowd of mages below in the courtyard.
(2670) DM: There are treatises on various branches of magicka....conjuration, invocation, alteration, earthsinging, woodshaping, chronomancy, artifice-magicka, diabolism, necromancy, geomancy, thaumaturgy, sorcery and theurgy to name a few.
(2670) DM: ((earthsinging is magicka used to grow buildings and structures from the earth and rock))
(2670) DM: ((woodshaping is magicka used to create buildings and structures from living trees without harming the tree))
(2670) DM: ((artifice-magicka is creating automatons and imbuing them with spells or magical energy. the difference between this and clockwork magicka is that artifice-magicka uses divine energy and not arcane))
(2670) DM: ((diabolism is obviously spells and lore involving infernals and daemons))
(2796) Morti: :picking up the robe, Morti returns to the window quickly to call out to the fey drakes: "Excuse me... um.. Aurora.. was it?"
(2670) DM: ((geomancy is magicka relating to earth, earth elementals and earth para-elementals))
(2670) DM: ((thaumaturgy is a cross-discipline in that it involves elements of various branches of magicka and is its own school))
(2670) DM: ((sorcery is a type of magicka that focuses primarily on fire, heat, lava and ash))
(2670) DM: ((not to be confused with the D&D 3.5 class))
(2670) DM: ((theurgy is magicka that uses silver, brass or gold foci and imbues the foci with spells that can be used repeatedly a certain number of times a day))
** Aurora narrowly avoids getting splatted with a snowball and flits up to the window. "Hi there!" (think a high pitched chipmunk sounding voice) **
(2704) Thom: (( Alvin!! ))
(2727) Yazut: ((Simon!))
(2704) Thom: (( Theodore :P ))
(2670) DM: Its a fey drake....a drake the size of an ale mug with iridescent wings that remind you of a rainbow and a butterfly, with a perpetual mischievous grin. Its scales glitter in the sunlight and seem to be encrusted with coins and jewels.
(2807) Jarvis: ((/me wildshapes into a dire chipmunk. Now that's terror...))
(2670) Aurora: "WhatcanIhelpyouwith?"
** Aurora flits to one side to avoid a snowball. It splatters on the windowsill. **
** Rhian Aes Sedai looks around the room as you converse with the drake. **
Server Administrator-> HUGGBEES!
(2670) DM: ((well?))
(2670) DM: ((lag check))
(2703) Sevis Goloens: (( no lag here ))
(2704) Thom: (( we read you. ))
(2670) DM: ((pokes Lunauc))
(2670) DM: ((ok, he's probably lagging, so I'm moving over to Thom))
(2727) Yazut: ((Guess he got smiteded by the ISP?))
(2704) Thom: (( here ))
(2670) Jharan: "So what can I help you with, neighbor?" (to Thom)
(2670) DM: (you're in a tavern at the edge of the city)
(2704) Thom: "I'll have a mug of your personal favorite ale, if you would good sir." Thom sets a crown on the counter, but does not release it just yet.
(2670) Jharan: "Damros glowfire then."
(2670) Jharan: "Three crowns for a tallglass."
(2704) Thom: "I hope it is good stuff." he comments with a smile to show his slight jest. He places four more crowns on the counter and slides them to the barkeeper. "I also have a question with this, I have been passing through this area and was looking for some information on House Dres. Do you know who would have recent information?"
(2670) Jharan: "Oh, the very best indeed. This is the most expensive wine this side of Undolyssil, and guaranteed to set your insides aflame...with either lust or love."
** Jharan freezes with a smile on his face. "I didn't quite catch that." **
(2704) Thom: "I'll settle for lust, I keep moving around too much for love." He takes a small sip of the wine. "I'm sure you did. If you don't know, fine - I can take my future business to somewhere where I can get answers."
** Jharan relaxes after a few moments, then takes out a bottle from underneath the bar and sets it down on the counter. Turning around, he swipes a tallglass from a nearby shelf and pours some wine into it, the tawny golden liquid fizzing and popping with effervesence as it rises to the top. **
(2704) Thom: (( ok - so I take a sip once I get it. :) ))
(2670) Jharan: "I heard you just fine. Hardly anyone asks about Dres, especially strangers."
(2670) Jharan: "What do you want to know? The House, its head, its scion, their role in the slave trade or....something else?"
(2704) Thom: "Well, I wish I didn't have to." He leans in more, and speaks even quieter, "I'm actually trying to avoid them, and am trying to make sure I did. If so, great. If not - I keep moving. My friends and I were forced into work for them, and well - we decided to avoid them afterwards. I was just wondering if you have heard anything about them, anything that has been happening in the last day or two."
(2670) Jharan: "I see." (strokes his chin)
(2670) Jharan: "Yes, as a matter of fact I have."
** (2704) Thom takes a sip of the wine, waiting for an answer. **
(2670) Jharan: "Stheros, the head of House Dres, has been called by the Magister on charges of treason to the Magus Council. His trial begins tomorrow."
(2670) Jharan: "If he is found guilty, the sentence will either be exile or death. If exile, the House is stripped of all titles and rights; if death, his son Vael shall inherit everything."
(2670) Jharan: "So Stheros must choose for either the good of his House or the good of his fate."
(2704) Thom: "Interesting. He lives, but has nothing. Or he dies, and his son gets everything." Thom takes another sip of the wine.
(2670) Jharan: "Exactly. So goes justice in Gwythnecht. Twisted, eh?"
(2704) Thom: "Seems like another way to test the soul of a man though."
(2670) Jharan: "You see, Stheros was agitating, so the story goes, against the Magus Council. He championed the people, that we have a better right (lowers his voice) and title to our lot in life. May the gods have mercy on his soul."
(2670) Jharan: "Vael on the other hand is an ambitious fellow and has a penchant for dealing with Aes Sedai."
(2704) Thom: "Two-edged those dealings can be, from what I hear."
(2670) Jharan: "There was the incident last fall which almost caused a state of war between Gwythnecht and the Tower."
(2704) Thom: "Oh? Please do tell. As you know, I am not from here - and the more background I know, the more likely I am to make my way through alive."
(2670) Jharan: "The Amyriln was visiting Pelham and Vael....so the story goes, took a liking to a handmaiden. Too much of a liking if you get my meaning."
** (2704) Thom responds simply by smiling. **
(2670) Jharan: "They found her beaten up badly and almost dead two days after."
** (2704) Thom drops his smile. "Well, that's not the way to treat a lady." he mutters. **
(2670) Jharan: "I don't know what strings Stheros pulled, but after all was said and done, things were slightly tense between the Magus Council and the Amyriln. But now....now there have been sightings of Sitters and some Aes Sedai at the Citadel, so what do I know."
(2807) Jarvis: ((I've got to head off. See you next week.))
(2704) Thom: (( later ))
(2807) Jarvis: Disconnecting from server...
(2807) ticattack (exit): 02:01
(2704) Thom: "So if there was trouble, things apparently smoothed out. Hmmm, interesting. Does house Dres have any scions other than Vael?
** (2704) Thom continues to slowly sip on the wine as he and Jharan talk - enjoying the wine, but making sure that he drinks it slow enough that he can keep his senses about him. **
(2670) Jharan: "None alive. And if there ARE any, they're not forthcoming."
(2704) Thom: "Shame. From what you have said, it sounds as though Vael was the one that 'recruited' us. It would be a shame to see all that power and wealth fall directly into his hands."
(2704) Thom: "And just when is Stheros supposed to arrive to answer the charges?"
(2670) Jharan: "Tomorrow morning. I could be wrong though."
(2704) Thom: "Is there any chance that he will be found innocent of the charges, or is his 'guilt' (said dryly) all but decided?"
(2670) Jharan: "If you're involved with Vael, my advice would be for you to leave Gwythnecht as soon as you can."
(2670) Jharan: "It depends on politics within the Magus Council, on whether enough of the Council supports Stheros or not."
(2670) Jharan: "It is known that Stheros has had dealings with the Aes Sedai in the past, so that might come to his favor." (shrugs) "The word of a Sister has meaningful bonds."
(2704) Thom: "Oh, I would rather not be, trust me. And I don't plan on staying very long anyway - probably head out tonight, and try to get to Keenreach as soon as I can. Well, I hope for the best for Stheros, although I'd love to find a way to get Vael back. Maybe in the future sometime."
(2670) Jharan: "Be well, neighbor. Be well."
** (2704) Thom raises his glass to the bartender and leans back. **
(2796) Lunauc (exit): 02:19
** (2704) Thom finishes his wine and takes his leave, with a final nod to Jharan as he heads out, thanking the man. **
(2704) Thom: (( take a round about way - but then head back to the Inn where everyone else is, after making sure that no one was following - just in case. ))
(2703) Dj Gilcrease has sent you a tree node...
(2670) DM: ((ok, since Lunny isn't here, I propose we stop))
(2699) Atross: I suppose so
(2704) Thom: (( Sounds good. ))
(2704) Thom: (( Unless I talked with Atross and Drenla back at the Inn. ))
(2670) TaliesinNYC: ((we could do that))
(2704) Thom: (( should be quick enough... ))
(2670) DM: ((but we're stopping in 30 anyway, so up to you))
(2703) Dj Gilcrease: (( not gona finish with me? ))
(2704) Thom: (( are you in the city yet, or still outside? ))
(2703) Sevis Goloens: (( still outside ))
(2704) Thom: (( if you need to do stuff, go ahead - I can summarize next time. ))
(2703) Sevis Goloens: (( want the OK from Stan before I do my thing ))
(2670) DM: ((keeping track of time))
(2670) DM: ((you can do your thing but just remember that the group is split up and its still about noon or thereabouts))
(2703) Sevis Goloens: (( ok ))
** (2703) Sevis Goloens suddenly stands and stomps on the ground sending an shock wave eminating out from his foot which toppls the sticks he had setup. Leaving a cone chaped path of fallen sticks **
** (2703) Sevis Goloens nods to himself and starts down the path he crated, to head back to the city to find Rhian, when he hears a slow rummbaling behind him **
(2703) Voice: (In Terren) "Hello"
** (2703) Sevis Goloens spins back around and stops, his jaw droping **
(2703) Voice: (in Common) "Hello"
** (2703) Sevis Goloens stammers "Wh. wha what arre you?" **
(2703) Voice: "You do not know master? You called to me so I came, how can you not know what I am?"
(2703) Sevis Goloens: "Master?" ** Shakes his head ** "Lets start over, my name is Sevis, What is yours?"
(2703) Tektite: "My name is what ever you wish to call me, but I am known as Tektite in your language."
(2703) Tektite: "I came out here to connect with a power I have felt. Did I call you when I connected with that power?"
(2703) Sevis Goloens: (( oops ))
(2703) Sevis Goloens: "I came out here to connect with a power I have felt. Did I call you when I connected with that power?"
** (2703) Tektite nods, "You must have, I felt your call, so I came" **
** (2703) Sevis Goloens nods and sits down to talk with Tektite more **
(2703) Sevis Goloens: (( They just sit and talk untill a few hour before sun down then head back to the city. Which will prob have to happen next week ))
(2840) Adam500 (enter): 02:44
(2840) Adam500 (exit): 02:44
(2670) DM: ((ok))
(2670) DM: ((Atross, you want to talk to Thom? Or do we want to call it a night?))
(2704) Thom: (( your call Donovan - since you haven't had a chance to do much. :) ))
(2699) Atross: ((Up to Thom, I got nothing going on back at the inn. Really))
(2704) Thom: (( fine - real quick then... ))
** (2704) Thom enters the Inn the group first arrived at, and seeing Drenla and Atross at a table, he heads over and joins them. As he tries to move a chair to sit in, he stumbles slightly, knocking the chair aside and almost falling. However, he manages to catch himself and he just tries to slide into the chair as smoothly as possible after the rukus. Which is to say - not so smooth. **
(2704) Thom: "How are things with you two? Any word from any of the others yet?"
(2699) Atross: "Nothing yet; you're the first one back."
(2699) Atross: "You get the answers you were looking for?"
(2704) Thom: "Well, I got us a number of horses, and a pony, to aid our travels. The good news is - we don't need a pack mule as much as I thought we would. You have any idea how much horses cost nowdays? Oh, answers - some." Thom seems to jump from topic to topic easily, and his voice is not quite as crisp as you are used to hearing it. He suddenly lowers his voice though. "I got some info about the House Dres. Turns out the head of the house is going to be on trial here soon, and most likely it was his son that 'recruited' Daelan to work for him."
(2841) Fred (enter): 02:53
** (2699) Atross lowers his voice to carefully ask, "What about his cohort who cursed Daelan? Hear anything about her?" **
(2670) Drenla: "Go on."
(2841) Fred (exit): 02:56
** (2704) Thom shakes his head. "Nope, she didn't come up. I tried not to ask specifics, since I wasn't sure how those around here felt about the House, so I could get few specifics. But it seems as though this Stheros, the head of the house, is a decent guy who was trying to fight against the hierchy system, but his son is a cruel and ambitious sort. If Stheros is found guilty - he apparently has the option of death, and letting his son inherit the house and title; or exile, so that he lives put loses his title and wealth." **
(2704) Thom: "Interesting sort of legal system here."
(2704) Thom: (( *lives but loses ))
(2699) Atross: "Sounds like father and son don't really see matters the same way."
(2704) Thom: "As is typical."
(2670) Drenla: "Its always been the case here. Gwythnecht is a magocracy yes, but might makes right."
(2704) Thom: "I am a little worried though about what the son, Vael, would do if he was to get complete control of the house and title and power. I doubt it would be anything good for the region."
(2670) Drenla: "The people who live here in the ruling class were once Imperials who carried their traditions from the First Empire. Nothing much has changed in over three thousand years."
(2670) Drenla: "How so?"
(2699) Atross: "No, but if Stheros opposes the established order, then the established order might prefer someone else be in charge."
(2704) Thom: "Well, from what I gathered - it was Vael that poisoned Daelan to force him and us to get that statue. If so, that means he is also very likely the one that imprisoned the deamon. Just doesn't sound like someone that would be doing good with even more power, and no father to have to answer to. He already got away, as the stories go, with nearly beating to death a handmaiden of the Aes Sedai."
(2704) Thom: "Yes Atross, but I just hope that if that is the case - they don't unleash a worse situation."
(2704) Thom: "Anyway, that's about all I found out. I don't see how we can do anything about it, but I worry about it nonetheless. Oh, and Drenla, I found this ring a little while back, could you look over it and see if it's anything special for me?"
(2699) Atross: "If they seek to setup Vael to take over control of House Dres then I'd hope they know what they're getting into. It is an awkward position to put Stheros into."
** (2704) Thom just nods solemnly to Atross. **
** Drenla peers at it and taps his staff on the ground once. "It's magical if that's what you're asking. I need more time to study it." **
(2704) Thom: "Sure, take your time. Thanks. Now, any idea what is good here? I'm kinda thirsty again."
(2670) Drenla: "Rhian could most likely say something in his stead."
(2670) DM: (ok, we'll stop then)
(2704) Thom: (( perfect - I was running out of things to say. :) ))

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