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(112) Lunauc: Is Daelan still cursed? or does the statue take care of that?
(145) DM: (you haven't used the statue on Daelan)
(145) DM: (so I suppose he's still cursed.)
(112) Lunauc: (okey, just wondering if we could do it ourselves or if we had to return to the noble.)
(93) Zane: (( back - since we haven't tried yet, we wouldn't know... ))
(92) Dj Gilcrease: (( back ))
(93) Zane: (( did Sevis pick up the statue after the deamon dropped it? ))
(92) Sevis Goloens: (( ya ))
(92) Sevis Goloens: "Well we have the statue, I sapose we should head out now."
** (93) Thom glances around again to make sure that the demaon was actually gone. "So, can we get out of here now then?" **
(92) Sevis Goloens: "Lets check the stone doors on the way out though"
** (112) Morti stands before the symbol on the floor, staring at the now blank space in thought for a moment. Strangely he clasps his hands, lowers his head in apparent prayer. It's hard to make out what he says though there is some mention of the War Father and luck against enemies. **
(93) Thom: "Sure. Let's get that statue back to Daelan, and be done with this miserable keep."
** (93) Thom makes his way back to the stairs to head to the next level up. **
** (92) Sevis Goloens follows Thom **
** (115) Donovan nods agreement and follows up the stairs. **
** (155) Jarvis walks after Thom. **
(181) Adam500 (enter): 20:49
(182) Neonivek (enter): 20:49
** (112) Morti quickly finishes his prayer and hurries to catch up **
** (115) Atross nods agreement and follows up the stairs. **
(182) Neonivek (exit): 20:49
(181) Adam500 (exit): 20:51
** (92) Sevis Goloens walks up to the stone door and looks it over then steps aside to let Thom work his magic **
(145) DM: (what stone door?)
** (93) Thom moves up to the stone door and begins to look it over. **
(112) Morti: (Ya.. know... the one in the place near that thing.)
(92) Sevis Goloens: (( the one back upstairs that we didnt open ))
(145) DM: (oh.)
(145) DM: (sec)
(145) DM: (which one again?)
(93) Thom: (( it was the doors to 26... ))
(92) Sevis Goloens: (( ya ))
(145) DM: (ok, sec)
(145) DM: There is a strong acrid odor here that reminds you of vomit.
(145) DM: The door seems wedged shut.
(188) Lunauc (enter): 20:58
** (93) Thom takes a half step back from the door. "I don't think we need to worry about this one. Something is in there, but we don't want to play with it, I'm sure." **
** (92) Sevis Goloens frowns "Guess we can go check out the room with the chest in it. It had creatures as well though" **
(93) Thom: "Yes, it had one. We could also just grab the scrolls that are still in decent enough shape on this floor and get out of here."
** (92) Sevis Goloens shrugs "We have what we came for so I guess the scrolls will be enough" **
** (93) Thom nods and heads over to the closest room with scrolls and parchments (room 27) to collect what he can. **
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (188) Lunauc...
(145) TaliesinNYC: Booting '(112) Lunauc' from room...
(112) Lunauc (exit): 21:03
** (188) Morti follows after Thom. "What scrolls?" **
(145) DM: (thought that was 18)
(93) Thom: (( yes - but didn't 27 also have some? it was the room that had the door open when we got to it. ))
(92) Sevis Goloens: (( ya the scrolls are in 18 ))
(93) Thom: (( ok - then to 18, I thought both rooms had some, my bad. ))
(188) Morti: "Oh.. this room." :grins:
(92) Sevis Goloens: "Do you have any empty scroll cases Morti?"
(93) Thom: "Yes Morti, I doubted that you could forget this one."
** (93) Thom grains at Morti and his obvious enthusiam. **
(188) Morti: :shakes head to Sevis: "Fraid not. I'm not a librarian or nothing. But I can put important ones in my writing desk. (which he wears in lue of a regular backpack)
(188) Morti: :raises a cloth brow to Thom: "What?"
** (92) Sevis Goloens nods and starts gathering as many of the scrolls as posible **
(93) Thom: "The room." Thom shrugs. "Never mind, let just get what we can."
(188) Morti: "Uh? are you just randomly grabbing up miscellaneous parchment?"
(145) DM: The air in here smells slightly different from the rest of what you have explored already -- just as offensive, but mingled with the odor of old, rotting scrolls and paper.
** (93) Thom helps gather any scrolls and parchments that are in travelling condition, not bothering to determine what is on them first. **
(145) DM: The room contains sagging wooden shelves, many of them filled with rolled-up scrolls. A single wooden stool, a small table and a lantern are the only other objects here.
** (157) Yazut dips a hand into his satchel as he ascends the stairs from the bottom most level, probing the ovoid shape of his most recent aquisition. **
(92) Sevis Goloens: "No just the ones we already read, then I'll just grab random ones untill your desk runs out of room"
** (188) Morti shakes his head to the paper snatchers and begins perusing the scrolls on the shelf, hoping they are in some kind of order, as he looks for information of the acquisition of the statue or details of it or even the latest scribings in the room. **
(93) Thom: "Well, if we get back outside, we can leave any we don't want there, but I'd rather collect some and get out of here."
(188) Morti: "Uh... no."
(93) Thom: "No?"
** (92) Sevis Goloens stops grabbing scrolls to let Morti pick them out **
(188) Morti: :sternly speaks to thom: "Take nothing you do not need. Here it may be rotting, but at least it's in its place. Such things should not be scattered carelessly about a swamp."
(188) Morti: "These are records.. parts of this place's history. If we get to Pelham and convince someone to take an interest in this place, maybe it's knowledge won't be lost to time."
** (188) Morti actually takes his time, picking through papers, and replacing what he can on the table and shelves in orderly fashion. **
(93) Thom: "Fine." Thom sets the few he has picked up down into a single pile where he stands. "Have fun digging then. I'll be out there." Thom turns and heads out the room, returning to the hallway.
** (157) Yazut stops at the stairs leading to the ruined courtyard to listen to the conversation a moment, still probing at the cotents of his satchel. **
** (93) Thom steps into the hallway, stopping near the doorway to the stairs up and out.
He leans agains tthe wall and rests. **

** (188) Morti eventually relents to the mess, getting things as neat as he can and stowing away a few rolled scrolls in his desk. **
** (92) Sevis Goloens grabs a few scrolls at random and stores them as carefuly as he can in his back then follows Morti back out "How are the drake egs doing?" **
** (188) Morti pats the sack as he follows back into the hall. "Heavy... you care to carry em?" **
** (93) Thom heads up the stairs as soon as he sees Morti and Sevis exitting the room. **
(188) Morti: "Actually... on second thought, Atross, can you carry the eggs? If we get in a fight, Sevis has to move around too much and they might get damaged. But you're strong enough, and all you do is stand around and shoot stuff." :grins in pride of his forethought.:
** (115) Atross waits in the hall with his flaming weapon for others to finish in the moldy records room. **
(92) Sevis Goloens: "Good idea" **nods to Morti**
** (115) Atross reaches out to take the bag from Morti, "Sure thing." **
** (93) Thom pauses in the small building at the top of the stairs once he reaches it before heading out into the open area again. **
** (188) Morti stretches out, happy to be free of the burden and follows Thom up the stairs. **
** (157) Yazut hops up the stairs after Thom, taking two steps at a time. **
** (115) Atross hefts the bag over his shoulder and follows the others up the stairs. **
(145) DM: At long last, you stagger out of the infernal keep, covered in head to toe wet slime, and stinking as if a whole row of privies had exploded under you.
(145) DM: The sky seems overcast. Or perhaps...its because a gigantic shape passed overhead, black as night....
(93) Thom: (( so much for pausing apparently... ))
** (188) Morti doesn't seem to mind the muck all that much, as he strolls out with a proud smile on his scarf. "All things considered, I think that went well." **
(145) DM: ((strike that then. Thom sees something BIG pass overhead.))
(188) Morti: "Eh?" :cranes his neck at the great form in the sky... afraid he already knows what it is.:
** (93) Thom holds everyone up for a moment as the creature passes. **
** (92) Sevis Goloens waits for Thom **
(145) DM: A graceful but terribly huge beast, serpentine in form spirals downward. Its keening cries of rage echo far across the swamp.
** (93) Thom watches the large beast, praying that it hasn't noticed them. **
(188) Morti: :watching the drake descend, calls to Atross: "Get out the eggs."
(92) Sevis Goloens: "Morti I think the eggs Mother came back"
** (115) Atross holds forward the bag. "Is that the same drake?" **
(188) Morti: "Uh-uh.... Mama..."
** (157) Yazut quickly shakes his head, "Uhm, no." **
(188) Morti: (has it spotted us yet?)
** (155) Jarvis watches the drake descend. "Damn... typical..." **
** (92) Sevis Goloens looks to Jarvis "can you talk dragon?" **
(115) Atross: "I was afraid you were going to say that."
** (155) Jarvis shakes his head. "Nope. Not a word..." **
** (93) Thom gets everyone inside the small building where the stairs down are, makeing sure they are hidden from sight of the drake before it does notice them. **
(145) DM: (ordering food, brb)
** (188) Morti hurries back down the steps. **
** (93) Thom closes the door most of the way, leaving just a slight crack open that he uses to watch the drake, and keep an idea of its location. **
(93) Thom: "I guess our little friend got home after our fight." he mutters.
(92) Sevis Goloens: "I say we offer the eggs back before it gets too mad, I figure it already knows we are here"
(155) Jarvis: ((I'm going AFK a tick too))
(188) Morti: :offers in a chastising tone: "Well... we did attack a wandering child for no reason."
(93) Thom: "That, or we leave the eggs in plain sight of it as an offering. If we try to approach it, I doubt it would hesitate to attack."
(188) Morti: :shakes his head to Sevis: "No.. as soon as she gets the eggs back... she'll probably kill us."
(92) Sevis Goloens: "Well I dont know much about drakes"
(93) Thom: "So we keep the eggs, and she still attacks."
** (92) Sevis Goloens sites down and begins meditating while the others decide what to do **
(188) Morti: "Uh-uh... if we carry the eggs, she can't attack without risking them."
(92) Sevis Goloens: (( AFK for a smoke ))
(93) Thom: "It's a no win situation I see it. Unless someone has another idea."
(93) Thom: (( strike my last comment then - missed Morti's. ))
(188) Morti: "Well... we could try talking."
(93) Thom: "So we just try to walk out of here, carrying the eggs? Still a large risk."
(157) Yazut: "Not has to be all, maybe just one, mm? So others gets away sure."
(93) Thom: "And if she happens to see those others, I doubt she would wait to strike, assuming that we are trying to trick her."
(188) Morti: "It's a sort of balance. We may have attacked one child, yet we saved a clutch of her eggs. Still, she won't let us survive after our offense."
** (93) Thom uses the cracked door to spy out and see if he can catch a view of the large drake. **
(145) DM: It's flying in circles around the keep.

** (157) Yazut points at Jarvis, "You gets out easy. You turns into little bat, you flies off. Or little rat, and you sneaks off. Morti takes others, maybe, mm? Leaves eggs, Yazut gives to big lizard, and Yazut disappear?" **
(188) Morti: "All I can say is if we try to sneak past and get caught, we're in a lot of trouble. I'd prefer to be direct about it. If you all like... I'll try to talk with her." :offers courageously, though his voice stutters timidly:
(92) Sevis Goloens: "Atross hand me a single egg please"
** (115) Atross holds the bag open for Sevis to take out an egg. **
** (157) Yazut bites a lip, and shuts up. **
(155) Jarvis: "I can't go too small... a wolf, maybe."
** (92) Sevis Goloens takes and egg and heads out of the small building holding the egg in plain sight **
(93) Thom: "Careful." Thom mutters to Sevis as the man passes by him.
(217) DM: The drake shrieks above and immediately descends into the courtyard. (Will save re onyx drake fear)
** (93) Thom leaves the door open so Sevis can get back inside quickly if needed. He places himself against one of the walls next to the door and pulls out a mirror to use to keep a view of what happens. **
(92) Sevis Goloens: Will save: [1d20+9] -> [15,9] = (24)
** (188) Morti gulps hard as he nervously watches Sevis' exit. "Um... does he know anything about drakes?" **
(93) Thom: Will: [1d20+5] -> [16,5] = (21)
** (157) Yazut backs down the stairs a few steps, just down enough so he can peek over and through the door to the courtyard. **
** (92) Sevis Goloens holds the egg out high to ensure the drake sees it and calls out "We retived these from a deamon, do they belong to you?" **
(157) Yazut: "Crazy."
whispering to Zane, barely make it
(188) Morti: "Brave..." :watches with some awe as the monk fearless goes out to face an onyx drake:
whispering to Dj Gilcrease, Will save re onyx drake fear.
(155) Jarvis: ((Will: [1d20+9] -> [7,9] = (16)))
whispering to Dj Gilcrease, nm, make it.
(217) DM: (Jarvis failed.)
(188) Morti: Will save: [1d20+11] -> [11,11] = (22)
(217) Ebony: Yes. (warily)
(217) Ebony: For a human, you're quite brave...or foolish. Where are the others?
(217) DM: The drake's voice drips with contempt and malevolence, yet seems curiously restrained.
(92) Sevis Goloens: "The others are in a bag inside with my friends, we needed to ensure you would not kill us before we came out. We do not know how to raise the eggs and since they are yours you can have them back we mean you no harm"
(221) frin (enter): 22:02
** (155) Jarvis seems to shrink backwards, gazing at the dragon open-mouthed, apparently frozen in place. **
(92) Sevis Goloens: "My name is Sevis Goloens" **walks toward the drake, but stays a little ways back and lays down the egg then backs off back toward the door to wait**
(217) Ebony: Tell me why I should not kill you where you stand.
(92) Sevis Goloens: "I have no reason, you are free to do as you wish."
** (93) Thom shakes his head slightly. **
(188) Morti: "Eh?" :fabric face falters upon hearing Sevis' suggestion:
(217) Ebony: Interesting.
(217) Ebony: Give me the eggs and I will leave you.
** (92) Sevis Goloens nods and heads back into the door and gets the bag from Atross and heads back out to the Drake motioning his friends to go back down the stairs on his way out. **
** (188) Morti grabs Sevis as he reaches for the bag. **
(188) Morti: "Uh... even I don't think this is a good idea."
** Ebony waits for the monk's return, flicking her tail with impatience. **
(188) Morti: "Can i run a little test first?"
(92) Sevis Goloens: "Thats why you should move back down the stairs to be a little safer"
(92) Sevis Goloens: "What test, I dont feel like playing with the drake in any way shape or form"
(93) Thom: "I don't know that the drake is lying, but I don't trust it all the same."
(188) Morti: "hmmm..." :Morti takes out a bit of fleece and begins stretching and weaving it as he murmurs unintelligable words. Then pressing it to his lips, he seems to whisper to the wad as an image appears within the hall.. that of Sevis holding the sack of eggs.:
** (188) Morti gives Sevis a questioning look, silently asking if it is alright to proceed. **
(92) Sevis Goloens: "No Morti the drake will see though that"
(92) Sevis Goloens: "Just go down the stairs I'll risk it, and if it isnt safe you'll hear me scream" **smiles**
** (92) Sevis Goloens holds the bag high and gently walking toward the drake then gently lays it down. placing the first egg he back in to the bag then backs off in a direction to place him not infront of the door **
(188) Morti: "Maybe it will see through the illusion... if it does try to see through it. hopefully you seem the overly honest type."
** (93) Thom keeps his position against the wall - using the mirror to watch the drake. **
** (155) Jarvis looks around at each person, his eyes wide with fear. Abruptly, he leaps to his feet and heads for the stairs. "You heard him, let's go." **
(115) Atross: "I can agree with getting more distance from that thing, whatever you want to try."
** (115) Atross backs down the stairs slowly, his feet on the same track as his words. **
** (93) Thom holds a hand up to Atross, trying to get him to wait, before he withdraws too far. **
** Ebony peers at Sevis with keen interest but does not appear to react. **
** (157) Yazut scoots aside as the others begin descending the stairs, and giving a good, swift knuckling to the ankle of any foot what steps too close to him. **
(115) Atross: "I'll be just out of sight."
(92) Sevis Goloens: "There you are ..? I did not get your name, but I am sorry for the inconvinence of causing you to fly all the way here to retive them."
(221) frin (exit): 22:19
(217) Ebony: And inquisitive as well. My name is too long for you to pronounce, but your kind call me Ebony.
(217) Ebony: Well. You have done me a great favor this day and I shall not forget this deed. To whom do I have the honor of speaking?
(92) Sevis Goloens: "Very well Ebony, may your brood grow large and strong"
(92) Sevis Goloens: "My name is Sevis Goloens"
(235) Genrazn (enter): 22:23
(235) Genrazn (exit): 22:23
(217) Ebony: Then know this, Sevis Goloens that on this day you have earned the gratitude of this scion of the House of Xerxastronos, and I shall not forget this deed. Should you desire aid you have but to shout my name to the highest heavens, and I shall come.
(217) Ebony: So do I swear on the bones of my ancestors and their ancestors. (inclines her head as she says this)
(92) Sevis Goloens: "Thank you Ebony. I will remember your offer and will only use if if I am dire need."
** Ebony snatches up the bag and alights into the sky, and flies away to the northeast. **
** (188) Morti stands in shock, mouth and eyes gaping wide, mimicked in his mask. **
** (92) Sevis Goloens waits untill the Drake is gone then calls back to the other "Thome, Morti, Atross it's safe" **
(92) Sevis Goloens: (( *Thom ))
** (93) Thom heads out at Sevis's call. "Well done." **
** (115) Atross creeps back up the stairs and looks around to be sure. "Strange times." **
(92) Sevis Goloens: "Now let us be gone from this swamp, I need a bath"
(93) Thom: "Definitely. Let's get out of here."
** (188) Morti stumbles out from the doorway, blinking profusely as he watches the Drake's departing path. "That was.... that was..." **
** (93) Thom looks to Yazut to lead them out. **
** (157) Yazut scratches his head, hops up to his feet witha shrug, and climbs the stairs after the others, "..That was not what Yazut expects to happens." **
(93) Thom: "I don't think any of us expected that, Sevis here did an amazing thing."
(157) Yazut: ((Well, after Atross ^))
** (155) Jarvis , looks around, shaking his head. "Well done Sevis..." **
(188) Morti: "AMAZING!!" :Suddenly he rushese toward Sevis, declaring: "You're the bravest person I've ever seen. To actually talk face to face with an onyx drake after all the trouble we caused! AMAZING!"
(233) Jordan (enter): 22:30
(233) Jordan (exit): 22:31
** (92) Sevis Goloens kinda jumps at Motis outburst "We had something that belonged to her, what else could we do?" **
** (93) Thom glances back at the tower and the rest of the keep. "So, let's get moving, shall we? Anyone remember where we parked?" **
(188) Morti: "WEll.. yeah.. I wanted to return them too, But.. notoriously, onyx drakes are lying malevolent creatures. Yet you had a sincere and honorable discussion. Hehe.. great."
** (157) Yazut dips a hand into his satchel and pulls out his crooked walking stick, "Very odd. What be.. House big lizards speaks of?" **
** (92) Sevis Goloens shrugs "Most everything has Honor, just not always the same diffinition as yours. I learned that durring the Inquisition back in France. Those people thought they were doing the Honorable thing, but to many is was a horor" **
(93) Thom: "Its family I believe."
** (188) Morti nods to Sevis' words in understanding.. or at least he seems to understand. **
(217) DM: (interlude)
(217) DM: Anger nearly blinded Bedevir as he rode. He should have insisted Egraine come. He should have dragged her by that long, lustrous black hair and tied her to the saddle. Facing anything alone, her innate stupidity would reign supreme. Her judgment could not keep her alive. That was his job; his duty and his oath, and not merely to her.

A soaked branch flicked past his face and he saw it in only enough time to strike it aside with a snarl. Darkmane extended dramatically beneath him, vaulting over a freshly revived stream. Low hanging clouds scurried along rolling hills filled with dying grasses and brush. Formerly parched trees clawed at the pair of horses struggling across the now treacherous ground.

Bedevir knew he should have dragged Egraine to Acthas when they were close to it days ago. Maybe he should have forced her to return to the
White Tower. On the other hand, the news of the rift among the Aes Sedai profoundly disturbed him. What might they do to each other if Egraine ended up in the mix? Any conflict involving his ward as anything but a bystander turned instantly more complex -even among her sisters. His central duty was to keep her alive and free to complete her work at all costs. He safeguarded her against friends and foe alike. Three days away from her took his breath from him.

In three days time... If he could wait three full days.

Darkmane jumped over a low outcrop, spraying mud from a pool under his hooves. The Warder nearly lost his balance in the stirrups, surprised Egraine’s indisposition had bitten him so acutely. In another life -it seemed- one of his wards had died on him. The oblivion of that day clung to him and dragged at him, even years later. The prospect of facing it again left him wanting nothing but to race back to Egraine’s side. It was all he could do to keep Darkmane pointed the opposite direction. Three days.

The horses trundled along behind, dun shanks spattered with mud and the two female riders wide-eyed at the grueling pace set by the warder. Alicia clutched Bedevir’s color-shifting cloak around her shoulders as she shivered. The blond sul’dam hung low behind the girl, her cheeks bleached white with fear. She darted quick glances at Bedevir and sometimes behind them. He could see a quizzical intensity in the girl’s bright green eyes.

A deep, thunderous boom resounded past them. The concussion echoed back on Bedevir and the two women from all sides several times in refrain. By the disembodied presence lodged permanently in the corner of his mind, Bedevir knew Egraine had started playing some of her more devious tricks. He wished it had not come to this.

He stiffened.

The cold air leaped out too sharply.

“No!” Bedevir bellowed when he felt the blow that felled his Aes Sedai. Darkmane reared with a squeal when he inadvertently dug in his heels. The primal fear that had been Egraine receded down to a dull, insensate ache. He fought the urge to turn the horse around. He wanted to be instantly with her. He wanted to prevent that next blow that would wipe her from his life.

He wrenched Darkmane to a halt and turned the stallion’s head. He would go back for her. Farstrider skidded in the mud to follow his frantic maneuvering.

She still lived. He knew it.

If he hurried.

(217) DM: (end interlude)
(93) Thom: (( So, does Sevis really want to get inot that life? ;P ))
(93) Thom: (( *into ))
(188) Morti: (sounds like a good fit)
(92) Sevis Goloens: "We can ask Rhian if she has heard of the house when we get out of this swamp and back on the road"
(217) DM: (You have a dim recollection of where you left Drenla and Rhian)
** (93) Thom starts heading off in the general direction he remembers leaving the carriage and the others. **
** (92) Sevis Goloens follows Thom holding the statue in the folds of his outfit **
** (155) Jarvis is in the form of an eagle, soaring above and keeping an aye out for any dangers. **
** (93) Thom heads forward, keeping Ringrist drawn as he walks, prepared for any battle. **
(155) Jarvis: ((AFK a few))
(188) Morti: Knowledge: Arcana Skill Check: [1d20+18] -> [18,18] = (36)
(188) Morti: Knowledge: History Skill Check: [1d20+9] -> [17,9] = (26)
(217) DM: Your journey back to the carriage is uneventful when compared to your previous adventures in the past day or so.
(217) DM: Gales of laughter can be heard from within as you approach.
(92) Sevis Goloens: "Sounds like Drenla and Rhian are having fun"
(93) Thom: "I'm glad someone has been."
(188) Morti: :Caked in dried mud and swamp slime, he happily smiles to those they left behind: "Oi! How about supper for weary travellers!"
** (92) Sevis Goloens tries to get some of the cakes on mud out of his hair and robe before entering the carriage **
** (93) Thom remains outside the carriage, but looks in through the opened door. **
(92) Sevis Goloens: "So had a nice rest Drenla, Rhian?"
** (188) Morti trots on over to the carriage. **
** Elamurix Celendil whips a rabbit out of a large floppy hat in front of Rhian's amazed eyes as you enter the carriage. **
(188) Morti: "Eh? Rabbit for dinner?"
(217) Elamurix Celendil: Oh, I was expecting a broiled rabbit with mustard, not a live one. Oh well. (chuckles)
** Elamurix Celendil gestures with his right hand and stuffs the perplexed bunny back into the floppy hat. "There you go, sweeting." **
(217) Drenla: There you are! And what is that awful stench?
(93) Thom: "Well, it looks like we have had another returned to us. Now, I guesws we have to take care of Daelan, huh?"
** Drenla wrinkles his nose as you come in. **
(188) Morti: "Eh? What stench?" :has been around it too long to notice the smell anymore:
(93) Thom: "Mud of an evil infexted swamp."
(93) Thom: (( *infested ))
(188) Morti: "Hmmm... maybe I should clean up first."
(92) Sevis Goloens: "a bath would be nice, but I guess it is hard to find a bath in the woods, so I guess we should move out" **exits the carraige so as to not force the smell on the others**
(93) Thom: "Exactly. The sooner we get moving, the sooner we can find a place to clean up.:
** (188) Morti steps back a bit. and waves his hands slowly over his body. Unbelievably, the grit and grime seems to fall away from his clothing. (prestidigiation) Once finished, a spotlessly clean Morti grins to the group. "That's better." **
(93) Thom: "Nice, don't suppose you could do that for the rest of us?"
(188) Morti: "Sure." :Is about to do just that, before grinning slyly: "2 crowns for a cleaning."
** Maximillian peers out from behind Elamurix and sniffs in Thom's direction, then scoots away. **
(93) Thom: "Does getting you the coin to buy a couple spells back in town count?"
(155) Jarvis: :A screeching cry pierces the air as an eagle swoops down at Morti, swerving just a few inches from the wizard's head:
(188) Morti: "Aye-aye... I'm hust kidding."
** (93) Thom smirks back. "Good." **
(188) Morti: "WAHH!" :ducks from the eagle's swoop."
** (115) Atross heads up to the front of the carriage so they can get ready to move out. **
(217) Drenla: Well it's been relatively eventless since you left us. Your friend Elamurix is a wonderful cook and has the gift of gab.
(217) Elamurix Celendil: And can play khas like an expert. (smirks)
(217) Drenla: You owe me a game the next chance we get, you young whippersnapper.
(93) Thom: "Yes, as I recall he did. Well, let's get moving." Thom takes the reins of one of the horses and mounts up, ready to head out.
** (157) Yazut rounds the carriage and climbs up onto the back, settling into the perch he'd found for himself there. **
(92) Sevis Goloens: "Khas, never heard of that? is it fun, I could use a little after the past few days"
(254) Reis (enter): 23:09
** (188) Morti grumbles over the bird scare a bit, as he climbs up into the carriage to take a comfy seat for a change, letting Moiraine out of his coat pocket to roam as she pleases. **
(217) Drenla: ((chess on Andurin. played on a 10x10 board, two extra pieces -- a vizier and an archbishop, and two extra pawns per side. Vizier moves like a rook and a knight, archbishop moves like a bishop and a knight. same objective as chess.))
(254) Reis (exit): 23:10
** (92) Sevis Goloens re enters the carraige after Morti gets him clean "Mind teaching me the game while we ride and talk? **
** (93) Thom looks up for the eagle, and once he does recogonize it for whom it is, he waves to it, calling Jarvis over. **
(188) Morti: "Khas... Old Baggus use to play with my big brother and sister.. I never really understood the game back then though."
** (155) Jarvis lands somewhere near Thom, and cocks a head to the side, enquiring what he wants. **
(93) Thom: "I've been meaning to ask you about your conversation with Maxamillion. I have a couple questions about it later if you don't mind."
(217) Drenla: Of course, it would be my pleasure.
** Rhian Aes Sedai smiles gently and closes her eyes for a nap. **
** (92) Sevis Goloens takes a seat and listens to the rules Rhian have you heard of House of Xerxastronos?" **
** (188) Morti quirks a brow at Sevis, and looks to the nodding off aes sedai, before offering to the Monk: "I have." **
(217) Drenla: Hm?
(92) Sevis Goloens: "You have, anything interesting, other then their scion is an Onyx Drake?"
** (155) Jarvis nods his head before taking wing. **
(217) Drenla: That is not a name that is spoken of these days.
(188) Morti: "Not much really... just that they were an old house of Drake nobles.. from back before the devastation I beleive.
** (93) Thom takes a sweeping scout position around the coach as they travel, moving ahead of the coach - then behind it, then back to the front - so on and so on. **
** (92) Sevis Goloens makes a move on the board "Why isnt the name spoken these days?" **
(217) Drenla: Have you ever heard of the Tale of the Nhar'thim?
** (188) Morti tries to find a comfy position to get some rest. **
(217) Drenla: It is known by many names. Its most common name is The Tale of Edam and the Circle.
** (92) Sevis Goloens shrugs "I am not from this world remember, so no I have not" **
(217) Drenla: Ah. Here then is the tale as I remember it:
(217) Drenla: In the Beginning, there was the Circle. They dwelt in the Shining City, and they were alone in the fastness.

And the world hung in the void, dark and still; drakes slept in its cold heart. And the Circle set forth their hands, and spake the Words of Making, and raised up the land from the waters, and they hung the firmament above. And there they set the sun, and light shone for the first time on the world. And the Circle threw open the gates of the City.

And the Circle strove and spake again, and brought forth the trees and the herbs of the world, and they made all the beasts that swam or flew or crept upon the world. They made the races of Andurin, first the gnomes, then the dwarves, then the elves, then the halflings and finally that of Men, and set aside bountiful lands for them to dwell in. And first among these new men was their king, one
Edam. And the Circle went unto him, and said, “All this land and every thing beneath it are yours; you and your subjects are to serve as stewards. You may enter freely through the gates of our City as you will, and you may drink from the Fountain that is found there. Know that the waters of the Fountain are life, and whosoever drinks from that Fountain shall not die. But you must swear fealty to us, and whenever we call you to service, you must heed our call. And you and all men must stay within the lands we have given you.”

Edam swore fealty to THEM, and all of those that were on the world also swore fealty to the Circle, and there was great gladness, for there was no toil or pain in those days. And Edam took as his queen Uren, and she bore him two children, a son Cydren, and a daughter, Larith.

And the Circle charged the drakes with guarding the gates of the City, and with watching the ends of the world, and the secret places in the earth. But the greatest of the drakes had overheard the Circle making the world, and thus they learned the Words of Making, and they grew prideful and covetous. And these drakes were nine in number, and their hearts were poisoned with jealousy of the Circle. And these wyrms were named the Nhar’thim.

And the Nhar’thim sought to corrupt the work that the Circle had done, and so the wyrms went in secret into the world, and they went among many of their drake brethren, and said unto them, “Lo, do we not also know the Words of Making; why should we not be rulers over all the races?” And such was the cunning of the Nhar’thim that the dragons that heard these words agreed, and in their pride swore that they would no longer serve the Circle.

And the Nhar’thim stole into the City, and went before many of the Heavenly Host, and said unto them, “Look how the Circle favor these creatures called Men over you, even though you have dwelt in the City since before the making of the world.” And the serpents said these words, and many guardians in the Host were filled with great pride, and they too declared that they would renounce the Circle.

Now Cydren, son of
Edam, and Larith, daughter of Uren, had grown to adulthood. And they were wild in their hearts, and they enjoyed wandering throughout the lands of Men. And sometimes they strayed beyond the lands of Men, despite the commands of their father and the Circle. And when Edam heard of their straying, he grew wrathful, for well he remembered the Circle’s words. But he doted upon his children, and soon he came to indulge their every wish, allowing them to stray as far from the lands of Men as they willed.

And it came one day that Larith and Cydren had strayed beyond the lands of man, and in that place there came upon them the Nhar’thim. Now in those days, all of the drakes had scales that glittered and shone in the sun, and Larith and Cydren were greatly amazed to see such a wondrous sight. And the Nhar’thim spake to them with great guile, and said unto them, “Would you not lie with each as man and wife? Would you not wear your parent’s crowns, and dwell in their chambers? And would you not rule over all the races?” And Cydren and Larith agreed that they would want these things to come to pass. And the Nhar’thim said unto them, “Return to the lands of Men, and speak to your father, and tell him to heed not the clarion of the Circle. For if he should heed the call, surely he shall be destroyed” And Larith and Cydren did this, and their father was sore afraid.

And there came one day war to the
Shining City, and at the Nhar’thim’s bidding many in the ranks of the Heavenly Host rose up and took fiery arms against the Circle. And many of the drakes rose up as well.

And the Circle sounded the clarion, calling the armies of Men to battle. But the men answered not, but rather hid in their houses, and shook with fear. And
Edam was wracked with terror, but he rose not. And the clarion sounded again, and again no man stirred forth, although the sounds of terrible battle could be heard even in the lands of men. And the clarion sounded a third time, but still no man went forth to heed the call.

And in the great battle, the Nhar’thim were brought low, and their army was trampled beneath the Host of the Circle. And so the Nhar’thim were defeated and thrown into the Eternal Pit. And those among the Heavenly Host that had rebelled were also thrown into the Pit, and stripped of all radiance. And all evil drakes were forced from service to the Circle, and destined to ever after creep upon the earth. They lost their gleaming scales, and were made to lust without satience after precious metals and stones.

And the Circle were wrathful at the disobedience of
Edam and of all Men, and the Circle closed all of the gates into the City save one; the only way for men to enter through this gate was to die. And at this gate stood a great and loyal drake, which was charged with testing the worth of each petitioner. Those unworthy were turned away, and not allowed to drink from the Fountain.

And the Circle turned their heads from Cydren and Larith, and they were made lowly, and forced to walk the lands of Andurin until the end of all time. And their spawn, and the spawn of their spawn, were monsters.

Edam wept with shame and sorrow.
(217) Drenla: The drakes, who were the Nhar'thim were the ancestors of each of the draconic noble houses. They reigned over Andurin for many centuries, indeed most of the First Age before they were brought low by the elves.
(217) Drenla: In fact, it was as a result of one such war between the drakes and the elves that priests of Lalven Tathothaun made a great sacrifice that caused these Nhar'thim to become dormant or failing that, to hide themselves away from the world. And because of their interference in the world of Andurin, the druids of Lalven Tathothaun have not been seen for lo, these many centuries.
(92) Sevis Goloens: "Very interesting, well we met the Scion of the House of Xerxastronos, Ebony was her name, she was rather nice, if not friendly"
** (92) Sevis Goloens makes another move on the board **
(217) Drenla: I do not have my notes but the House of Xerxastronos is the youngest of the Houses. They are noted for being extremely self-serving and arrogant, yet at the same time will show respect to those who follow protocol and formality as due drakes. For drakes and the Nhar'thim are a foundation of the world, as much a part of the world as those of elves, dwarves and Men.
(217) Drenla: A scion of the House. (chuckles) Very interesting. That she let you live could be that you had something she wanted or that you were instrumental to a plan.
(92) Sevis Goloens: "We had her eggs"
(92) Sevis Goloens: "And I was respectfull of her power, so she was nice enough. That was about the most exciting thing that happened on our trip, well that and we freed a demon"
(217) Drenla: Ah. (shows understanding) Very interesting indeed. A scion by the way, is no special thing. Remember that drakes are fond of titles. A scion in their eyes is the same as a member of a noble family.
(217) Drenla: You what? (coughs and knocks over a bishop by accident)
(217) Elamurix Celendil: You what? (flicks a piece of garlic at Maximillian)
(217) TaliesinNYC: [1d20] -> [20] = (20)
(188) Morti: :not even botheringto open his eyes, assures Drenla: "She swore an oath by the first circle that she would return to her home dimension without hurting anyone but the guy who imprisoned her.
** (92) Sevis Goloens nods to Morti **
(217) Drenla: Still...demons are not noted for being particularly honorable. An oath to the First Circle is not one taken lightly...but...
(188) Morti: "I trust her enough... but... I hope she's alright."
(217) Elamurix Celendil: Why? (continues chopping garlic and herbs)
(92) Sevis Goloens: "Though after I made the deal I think there may be a way out of it for her due to her wording, but we will see"
** Drenla seems worried. "A scion of a draconic House and now you freed a daemon." **
(217) Drenla: Can I ask why?
(188) Morti: "But.... we did get the statue."
(92) Sevis Goloens: "The demon had this statue", ** pulls it out of his robe** "We needed it to uncurse Daelen, which reminds me do we know how to use it to do that?"
(217) Elamurix Celendil: Well that's a relief. (sets the garlic and herbs aside and pulls out a pan, setting it atop a glowing ball of light hovering in midair. tosses a knob of a pale yellowish waxy substance into the pan and slowly melts it, stirring contentedly)
(217) DM: The aroma of melting butter permeates the interior of the carriage.
(92) Sevis Goloens: "That smells divine compaired to what we have been eating"
** Drenla peers at the statue. "I would need to study it for a bit of time. It seems to have latent magicka and an aura of power that hints at untold depths." **
(188) Morti: :to Svis: "I dunno. that stuff Yazut has isn't so bad."
(217) Elamurix Celendil: A specialty of my homeland. Sauteed mushrooms with garlic and herbs and noodles.
** (92) Sevis Goloens gags at the mention of Yazut's food **
(188) Morti: "Hmm.. that sounds good too."
(217) Elamurix Celendil: Dinner will be ready in a few minutes.
(217) Drenla: So now that you have the statue, what do you intend to do with it?
(188) Morti: "Cure Drenla, then continue on our way."
** (92) Sevis Goloens agrees with Morti **
(188) Morti: :yawns lazily as he stares out the window:
(93) Thom: (( Cure Drenla?? ))
(92) Sevis Goloens: (( Daelen ))
(188) Morti: (hehe... right... Daelan.)
** (92) Sevis Goloens makes another move after reseting the pice Drenla knocked over **
** Rhian Aes Sedai mutters in her sleep for a few moments before nodding off again. **
(92) Sevis Goloens: (( AFK for a smoke while Sevis procides to lose the game then eat =P ))
(188) Morti: (FF while we ride, eat rest and bask in group swamp stink?)
(155) Jarvis: ((Aye))
(217) DM: ((ok))
(261) Donovan (enter): 23:53
(217) DM: After dinner, Rhian asks about your plans.
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (261) Donovan...
(217) TaliesinNYC: Booting '(115) Donovan' from room...
(115) Donovan (exit): 23:53
** (188) Morti sits with a book, for some after dinner reading. **
** (93) Thom pauses his scouting rounds in order to eat dinner. **
(217) Rhian Aes Sedai: We're about a day's ride out of Acthuras. We can either stop for a few days or continue to Pelham. A word of warning: Acthuras is the seat of power of House Dres, one of the major noble houses of Gwythnecht. The patriarch of House Dres is also the ambassador to the Tower at this time.
(92) Sevis Goloens: "I think we should just continue on personaly"
(93) Thom: "Dres? Isn't that who the deamon was after? It might not be wise to stay there."
(217) Rhian Aes Sedai: Yes. In fact, I bring that up because of your quest for Daelan's cure.
(188) Morti: "Yeah.. why head straight into an enemy's town. Besides.. I really wanna get to the Citadel."
(217) Rhian Aes Sedai: I needed to do some research before I could confirm my suspicions.
(217) Drenla: Then if that is the case, I can send us to Pelham but that will require abandoning the carriage.
(92) Sevis Goloens: "Well the demon did say that Dres had an Aes Sedai with him"
** (93) Thom sits, stretched out a bit, and listens to Rhian's questions. **
(217) Drenla: My spell does not allow me to teleport nonliving objects.
(188) Morti: :frowns at Drenla: "Then what about our clothes?"
(217) Rhian Aes Sedai: Most likely one of the Black.
(93) Thom: "Well, the coach does make it easier to get around..."
(261) Donovan: "We are not wearing the carriage."
(217) Drenla: Your clothes would come with you. (chuckles) The carriage however would not.
(188) Morti: "But... I really like the coach. Makes me feel all noble-like."
(92) Sevis Goloens: "I think we can do without the carriage to speed up our trip a bit"
(93) Thom: "And whatever we could carry would also come with us, correct Drenla?"
(217) Drenla: Yes, correct.
(188) Morti: "But it gives us a place to rest as we travel, shelters us from the weather, gives a nice little area to read and work on my spells." :grimaces:
(93) Thom: "Well, That puts the question more to those of you who have been using the coach recently. We could empty it of our belongings and get spelled away, but we will then have to buy more mounts upon reaching Pelham."
(188) Morti: "Can we buy another coach in Pelham too?"
** (92) Sevis Goloens shrugs "I am fine without a mount, and we can always pick up another carraige" **
(217) Drenla: We could, if you want.
(93) Thom: "I would imagine Morti, but I have never purchased a couach before."
(93) Thom: (( *coach ))
(188) Morti: "Me neither, but i don't see how that stops us... wait.. does that stop us?"
(217) Drenla: The next city after Pelham is Darrowfen, near Undolyssil. After that, the road continues through the elven forest of Lalvensalenil, then to Nith'Tar Valon. It is my understanding that the object of your quest, Caer, lies near Darrowfen.
(217) Drenla: It calls attention to yourselves.
(93) Thom: "Then we are nearing the first goal."
(188) Morti: :nods: "Ya... we're almost to the Citadel... er.. Caer.."
(93) Thom: "To both Morti, yes. Caer, and then a visit to the Citadel."
(266) Aldarin (enter): 00:11
(188) Morti: "Eh? but we're stopping through Pelham first! Can't we stay a few days?"
(93) Thom: (to Drenla) "Do you believe that purchasing a coach call more attention to ourselves than five horses would?"
(92) Sevis Goloens: "So the Luggh River is near Darrowfen?"
(93) Thom: "Well, we are racing the Company of Dark... What do you think Drenla, could we spare a couple days? it would be nice to rest a little."
(217) Drenla: Horses are easy to hide. A coach on the other hand, is not. Remember that wielders of magicka are higher than mere groundlings, in Pelham.
(217) Drenla: Its entirely up to you. I would just like you to be aware of the consequences of some of your choices.
(267) LuzicNailo (enter): 00:15
(267) LuzicNailo (exit): 00:15
(188) Morti: "Hmmmm... so... I guess we have to lose the coach and teleport to Pelham to make up some time then."
(268) warelock (enter): 00:16
(93) Thom: "Yes, I believe that would be best as well. We can get transportation out of Pelham when we are ready to leave."
(217) Drenla: Yes, Sevis. Originally, the river Luggh fed into Undolyssil but that changed with the spells worked in the name of the Council. One result was that the magicka caused a great draining of life energy from the land. Ironic that in the battle against a horde of undead that the wizards of Darrowfen turned towards necromancy.
(268) warelock (exit): 00:17
(217) Drenla: The region around Darrowfen is akin to that of a barren wasteland. It is for this reason that practice of gray and black necromancy is forbidden within the borders of this kingdom.
(92) Sevis Goloens: "Interesting"
(217) Drenla: You will not find mention of the river Luggh on any map by the way. That's because it doesn't exist anymore.
(269) [DG] Rayek (enter): 00:20
(269) [DG] Rayek (exit): 00:20
(269) [DG] Rayek (enter): 00:20
(217) DM: ((stopping in 10 min))
(93) Thom: 'Sounds like a lovely place." Thom stiffles a slight yawn and casts a glance around the edge of the campsite as the others continue to talk.
(92) Sevis Goloens: "Well as long as someone knows where it used to be." **finishes his dinner and makes sure he has all of his belongings for thier trip**
(188) Morti: :as he reads: "so.. when should we leave?"
(93) Thom: "So when would we be able to go Drenla? Morning?"
(217) Drenla: In the morning, as soon as I prepare my spells.
(217) DM: (and on that note, we'll stop.)

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