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Server Administrator-> This channel is now moderated
(93) TaliesinNYC: oh yes, forgot those two
(84) Yazut: Well, not as such.
(89) Daelan La'neral: ( and Elamurix as well don't forget the other Quessir)
(93) TaliesinNYC: the cats always count
(94) Donovan: Well, we have a nobleman's cart, so we kinda do count as something of a parade.
(95) Zane: (( yes - I have to keep track of the NPCs so I know how many thinkging minds are normal... :) ))
(92) Morti: (True.. you need something to feed the dragon in appeasement)
(95) Zane: (( you know - I think Maximillian could take the drake... ))
(94) Atross: I could feed it more arrows.)
(93) DM: (when last we left off, the party had investigated the keep and had a short battle with an onyx drake. the drake was a hatchling and was injured enough that it fled the field of battle.)
(93) DM: (for reference, Daelan, locations 10, 11, 15, 12 and 5 have already been explored)
(95) Thom: (( and 7,8,9 are hazerdous to approach. ))
(88) Sevis Goloens: "So Thom you got any more ideas of how to figure out what is at the bottom of the water?"
(93) DM: ** (3525) Sevis Goloens stops rummaging "GUess we head down the stairs now?" **
** (3469) Thom finds nothing and heads back down the stairs, passing the floor they entered on, and seeing what lies below. **
** (3467) Yazut turns over one last bit of wreckage, and nods, "Nothing be here."
** (3467) Yazut heads after Thom. **
** (3525) Sevis Goloens follows Thom as well **
** (3465) Atross jumps down to the mid level through the hole in the floor, landing easily. **
** (3546) Morti stays upstairs, watching the skies for a moment while the others descend **
** (3467) Yazut prods Thom onwards with the crook of his stick. **
** (3469) Thom heads down to the level below where they entered, using the glow of Ringrist to light the way. **
** (3467) Yazut assumes he's the only one actually able to see in this darkness, as Ringrist continues to dim, and to taps the crook of his walking stick with a finger, and with the whisper of a single word, it begins to shine with a vivid blue light. **
(3513) DM: The chamber below you is mostly filled with slimy water. The water begins at 5' below the ceiling and drowns the entire chamber in rank, odiferous liquid. Algae and mold cover the walls.
(3469) Thom: "Well, so much for that. We have either swampy water, or a crumbling floor left to search."
** (3467) Yazut watches the surface of the water intently for any sign of disturbance, imagining a snake or two at the very least to be lurking below. **
** (3469) Thom starts to move back upstairs, directing everyone back out of the swamp filled area. **
** (3467) Yazut steps down to the edge of the water where the stairs descend below the surface, and holds his staff above his head to get a better view of the room. **
** (3467) Yazut shrugs, curiosity satisfied, and heads back up the stairs after Thom. **
(3467) Yazut: "Uhm, what nows? Nothing be here."
** (3465) Atross waits in the mid level room still. **
** (3469) Thom stops after taking just a single step back up the stairs. He turns back to the water with a disgusted look and steps back down, getting to the very edge of where the water meets the stairs and peers down. **
** (3467) Yazut frowns, and holds his staff up over his head again to illuminate the room for him. **
(3469) Thom: "There are things down there, a long way down. My guess is they are below what was ground level before this place started sinking."
(3467) Yazut: "Oh? You has fun, if you be thinking you goes take better look, mm? Yazut not swims."
(3469) Thom: "Wow, a lot of them... and, so strange. No, I doubt I could swim down that far either, especially in this water. Just, something strange about it."
(3525) Sevis Goloens: "I dont know if you would want to swim in that, but maybe we can find a way to punch a hole in the wall to drain the water out?"
(3467) Yazut: "You tells Yazut how you sees what you sees?"
(3469) Thom: "It's not so much seeing. I can get a feeling of the minds of things. And there are a lot of them down there, feeling hungry, vengeful, and yet obedient."
(3469) Thom: "That might work Sevis, but this whole area is sunk, where would the water drain to since the area around it is also underwater?"
** (3467) Yazut cocks a brow, "Uhm, Yazut thinsk you not talks about snakes. What be hungry, vengeful?" **
(3525) Sevis Goloens: "Hungry vengful things that are obaying something more powerfull and you want to swim down there?"
(3469) Thom: "No, I don't really want to. But it is strange that they are there, they do not seem to be just naturally there. Maybe we should rest, and then see if Jarvis can think of a way to check it out."
** (3525) Sevis Goloens nods and sits down a few feet above water level and leans against the wall **

** (95) Thom shakes his head. "I wish I did. I'm afraid that what we need might be down there." **
(92) Morti: "Well.. if I could rest up and prepare a spell, I could turn someone into a marine creature to go for a swim.. for what that would be worth."
(95) Thom: "Are you ok to check out the rest of the keep first? I'd rather use all options before having someone go down there."
(88) Sevis Goloens: "Isnt this the rest of the Keep, the top floor that had the drake, the floor we landed on and this? Or did I not notice a door someware?"
** (92) Morti looks around and picks out a picece of crumbled rock. After a quick incantation, the rock glows with the brightness of a torch(light. he tosses it into the murky water to see if it will illuminate the depths some. **
(95) Thom: "If I recall, there was a small building near those statues where we entered. We just headed to this tower first."
(95) Thom: (( keep vs tower ))
** (94) Atross leans against the wall at the top of the stairs, "This is just a damaged tower. It stood out, and thanks to Yazut we knew there was a drake in here. There's one or two places we haven't checked still on solid ground." **
** (95) Thom looks down into the water as Morti drops his stone, seeing what the little guy is up to. **
(94) Atross: "I agree that we can make sure we haven't overlooked anything before we go for a dive."
** (88) Sevis Goloens nods "Fair enough" **
(92) Morti: "Just one problem with that... Drake's can breathe in water." :as he stares into the depths, trying to make out anything with the light of the sinking rock:
(95) Thom: "Ok, let's go check out that other small building. And then maybe we can find a way to check out those other three raised buildings as well (7-9)."
** (95) Thom holds out Ringrist over the water in the tower, comparing its glow to what they have seen before. **
** (89) Daelan La'neral weakly follows the others **
** (84) Yazut turns from the murky waters of the sunken lower floor, and makes his way back up the stairs as quickly as his little legs can manage, up to the top floor of the tower where the drake had laired. **
(92) Morti: :looks back up from the water to the others: "How are you all getting back down?"
(94) Atross: "I don't think that drake is the reason the statue went missing though. If the statue is in that muck, it might've been moved there later or been in this tower before the keep fell."
(95) Thom: "I agree Atross, I think the statue has been down there before it started sinking."
(93) DM: ((you're still in the tower, correct?))
** (84) Yazut drops his satchel on the floor, and then drops down onto his bottom, taking out a bundle and unwrapping it before sorting through the contents. **
** (95) Thom twists Ringrist, showing that it is not glowing at the moment. "Well, as good of an indicator as we have to the drake. Seems to be gone, for now." **
(95) Thom: (( *not glowing more than a dim. ))
** (94) Atross walks over to the window he came in by, slinging his bow across his back so he can climb back down. **
** (89) Daelan La'neral leans against the wall,his face covered in sweat," Well brother,we may end up being together sooner than you thought." **
** (92) Morti just sits on the steps down into the water, watching the surface pensivly until the others call him to leave. **
** (95) Thom stands near Morti, seeming to stare down into the water as well for a few moments. **
** (84) Yazut picks a freshly picked mushroom from the assortmewnt of goodies, and pops it into his mouth, munching it as he unwraps another cloth bundle of buscuits. **
** (89) Daelan La'neral sings a verse of an elven song,then stops and listens **
(94) Atross: "Well, if it's nothing, I can investigate the shed myself, if some of you want to wait here."
** (84) Yazut sets a small wooden box next to the buscuits, opens it, and digs a finger into the paste, which he then smears onto oen of the buscuits, and happily consumes. **
(88) Sevis Goloens: "We may as well all go, in case that drake comes back"
(95) Thom: (( ok - where is everyone quickly. Yaxut is on the top floor, isn't Atross heading down the outside of the tower, Morti and I are at the lower level, staring at water evaporate. Daelan and Sevis? ))
(94) Atross: ((Correction, I'm at the window.))
(88) Sevis Goloens: (( I am down by the water ))
** (95) Thom shakes his head a little after a minute and nudges Morti. "Let's go Morti." he says as he heads back up to the main level, with the window. **
** (92) Morti stands after a moment, apparently having made some decision. drawing out a bit of wood hung from a string, he begins a jaunty little chant and dances around a bit as he tugs the wood about like a little marrionette. The only indication that he may have done anything when he stops, is when he talks to the thin air. (unseen servant) "Go down these steps as far as you can (range: 40ft) and retrieve and look for a statue down below. If you see one come back and place a stone at my feet. If you do not, come back and place two stones." **
(89) Daelan La'neral: ( top floor)
(95) Thom: (( k ))
(93) DM: (k)
** (95) Thom pauses as he sees Morti casting a spell. He glances over at Sevis and tilts his head to Morti, asking the man to watch over Morti. **
** (88) Sevis Goloens nods **
** (84) Yazut smears another buscuit with fuu'grot, and holds it uo in offering to the elf, "You eats? Elf needs to eats, needs strength. You not looks to good." **
** (95) Thom heads back upstairs to see how the others are doing. Seeing Atross at the window, he heads over. "Where did the other two go?" **
(88) Sevis Goloens: "Should ask whatever it was you were talking to to bring up one of the things Thom felt down there if it can"
(92) Morti: "What did he feel?"
** (89) Daelan La'neral looks down at the glamhath," I would rather die than eat anything your hands have touched." **
(94) Atross: "Daelan's up there. Yazut too, I guess. I can hear them thanks to the new ventilation."
(88) Sevis Goloens: "I dont know, he just said there was some things down there that were waiting."
** (84) Yazut flashes his crooked, yellow-toothed grin at the elf, "More for Yazut," he says, and takes a bite of the buscuit. **
(92) Morti: "Oh.. well forget, this guy can't bring back anything living. It's really only good for menial tasks"
(95) Thom: "Ahh. Stange pair to be up there together." Thom shrugs "I guess stranger things have happened. You want to go on and check out that small building?"  
(95) Thom: "Here goes nothing." Thom mutters as he sheathes Ringrist and prepares to climb down the tower, following Atross.
** (92) Morti resumes his seat on the steps, besides Sevis' meditating form, silently watching the water.... for a little while. **
(92) Morti: "I wish I had a fishing pole."
(92) Morti: "I haven't been fishing since i was a little kid."
(92) Morti: "Oi, Sevi, you ever go fishing?"
(88) Sevis Goloens: "Used to all the time before I met the lot of you. But I'm not thinking you want to catch whats in these waters"
(92) Morti: "Why not? Seems like snakes, right? I've had river snake before."
(88) Sevis Goloens: "Snake is one thing, but the way Thom described them they had some brains, not just animals"
** (84) Yazut glances over at the new hold in the floor the dragon left behind, "Time to goes," he says, strugling to his feet, and shouldering his satchel, before stepping to the edge of the breach in the upper floor's wall, whispering something quietly, then leaping out of the brench into midair and slowly descending to the muck below. **
** (94) Atross gets about a third of the way down the tower and explains, "Getting down is easy because there's a shortcut to the bottom that you can't miss." **
(92) Morti: :nods: "uh huh.. I've had brain too. Cow brain, mostly.... it's not that good."
** (88) Sevis Goloens holds back a laugh **
** (95) Thom starts climbing down, finding the handholds rather easily, as he follows Atross' lead. **
(95) Thom: "And what is that?"
(88) Sevis Goloens: "So how long you think it will take your unseen friend to come back?"
(92) Morti: :as two stones come up from the water and get laid at his feet.: "I'd say about that long."
(94) Atross: "This, if you think you can."
** (95) Thom pauses in his climb to watch Atross. **
** (94) Atross looks down to plan his landing before pushing away off the tower. Righting himself about halfway down he submerges in the water with a splash and quickly surfaces, dirty, but unharmed. (Jumping off and Tumbling at the bottom again.) **
(88) Sevis Goloens: "Well, I guess it couldnt find the statue then. We should get going, You have a way to get down so I dont have to climb, I am not very goof at it"
(92) Morti: :nods to the air: "Thank you for your effort. Now one more dive, looking for anything alive an moving. If you see anythin, place one stone, if not place two.
(92) Morti: "or place three if you see several living things."
(88) Sevis Goloens: "Other then plants"
** (94) Atross swims/wades to dry ground to watch Thom's attempt. **
** (88) Sevis Goloens sits back down to wait again **
(92) Morti: :to Sevis: "I lend you my boots to float down, and I'll ride on your back. You're a bit heavy for me. Or if you're the lazy type, I can teleport us down."
(95) Thom: "Not bad at all. But I'm not one for theatrics." Thom continues to climb the rest of the way down, just dropping the last couple feet.
(88) Sevis Goloens: "Floating down is good"
(94) Atross: "It's faster than climbing the whole way, when time matters. More fun too, after all I already climbed up it once."
(94) Atross: "It's not any more exciting the second time."
(95) Thom: "Yes, but that was the first time down." Thom adds as he moves to where Atross was waiting. "Let's get going, might as well make sure there is nothing waiting for us." he adds with a smile.
** (94) Atross wipes off the worst of the muck then draws his bow, ready for whatever they're not going to find. **
** (84) Yazut walks up to the two, filthy and soaked nearly to his shoulders from his descent into the murky water, "Waits! Yazut comes with yous. Dumb elf not be good company." **
** (89) Daelan La'neral slings his bow and slowly begins to climb down the tower as well. **
(95) Thom: "Of course Yazut, we are just going to make sure there is nothing hiding and waiting for us over there." He draws out Ringrist against as the trio moves over to the unexplored small room (#4).
** (84) Yazut stands there dripping for a moment. **
(99) DM: (check on where everyone is at the moment)
(92) Morti: :as two more stones are dropped at his feet: "Guess anything down there is to deep for him."
(88) Sevis Goloens: (( In the tower with Morti ))
(84) Yazut: ((Thom, Atross, and Yazut down and outside the tower, Daelan coming too apparently.))
(92) Morti: (5, steps into the water)
(95) Thom: (( as the faster typers said.. ))
(94) Atross: ((I painted a picture, instead.)
(92) Morti: :to Sevis as he takes off his boots and hands them over: "Here's your ride. hope you're ready for a passenger."
(84) Yazut: ((And the quicker typer is.. Deviant!))
** (88) Sevis Goloens slips off his boots and slips Morties on "How do these work?" **
(92) Morti: "Well... first you put them on..."
(99) DM: (ok. so you're going to area 4? all of you are just Thom and Yazzie?)
(95) Thom: (( Thom, Yaxut, and Atross ))
(95) Thom: (( *Yazut even. ))
(95) Thom: (( Daelan might be as well - once he gets down off the tower. ))
(94) Atross: (It is looking like everyone, actually, once the Sevis elevator service gets down to the bottom.)
(99) DM: (ok, I'll resume when everyone regroups)
** (88) Sevis Goloens heads back up to the window after puting the boots on "Ok I have them on, now how to I get them to make me float when I jump out the window with you on my back?" **
** (92) Morti instructs Sevis in commanding the boots and climbs on his back to ride down to meet the others, not bothering to mention his unseen servant will also hitch a ride." **
** (89) Daelan La'neral finishes his climb down,leans against the tower once more,wiping the sweat from his face **
(92) Morti: (quickening regrouping effort ^_^)
** (84) Jarvis crouches near the breach on the upper floor, and shifts into bird form-then takes to wing, and lands a few feet behind Atross, before reverting to his human form. **
** (88) Sevis Goloens hops out the window and follows Morti's instuctions, and gently floats down to solid ground **
(99) DM: This small building looks relatively intact. The wooden door is hanging open, barely on its hinges. The interior is all one room, smelling of rotted wood. A set of stone stairs descends into the darkness.
** (88) Sevis Goloens takes the floating boots off and hands them back to Morti before puting his own back on "So we are going to the little building by the statues now?" **
** (84) Yazut speaks a simple cantrip to assist in delousing himself and purging the smelly water from his usually pristine robes. **
(99) DM: (wait for the others)
** (95) Thom nods to the stone stairs. "Of course, the last place we try to look." Thom glances back and sees the others approaching, so he waits for them before decending the stairs. **
** (89) Daelan La'neral gathers his strength,turns and follows the others to the small building. **
(92) Morti: "Seems so.." :as he tries to gets his boots back on, balancing on one foot at a time. he almost has the second one on before he slips and falls back into the muck:
** (88) Sevis Goloens rushes to catch up with the others **
(94) Atross: "Somehow or another, everyone came down after all."
(95) Thom: "Since this seems to be a route ahead, that is a good thing."
** (89) Daelan La'neral stops and helps Morti out of the muck,handing him his boot. **
(92) Morti: "Thank you." :puts the boot on before standing to follow the others:
** (84) Yazut duck walks after the others for a few feet, struggling to pluck his still moist loin cloth from the crack in his backside. **
(89) Daelan La'neral: " Is nothing."
** (89) Daelan La'neral follows Morti **
(88) Sevis Goloens: (( AFK to make some food ))
(92) Morti: "I'm really gonna need a bath after this."
(89) Daelan La'neral: " You needed a bath before getting here Morti."
** (92) Morti shoots a glare back at Dael, which seems to quickly soften in thought, and he returns an agreeing nod. **
** (89) Daelan La'neral stopping to pull a leach off the back of Morti's arm **
** (95) Thom waits for the others to arrive at the building, but as soon as they do he tells them, "There is a stone staircase here. Looks like it might lead to something." **
(89) Daelan La'neral: " Perhaps the statue,I will be glad to get this curse off,so that I may tend to those that placed it on me."
** (95) Thom looks at Ringrist, but as it is still providing only a dim light (Yes?), he thinks for a moment. **
** (89) Daelan La'neral sings the first verse of an elven song,then stops and listens once more. **
(92) Morti: :holds out his staff with it's ever burning torch to Thom: "Wanna borrow a light?"
(95) Thom: "Sure, it could help. Thanks Morti." Thom takes the torch in his left hand and proceeds to start down the stairs. However, within the first step, Ringrist's glow brightens a little again. Thom looks at the others, "Evil." he mutters as he decends the stairs.
(92) Morti: (afk a sec)
** (84) Yazut follows aloong after Thom, not terribly impressed with his declaration after so easily besting that big lizard. **
(89) Daelan La'neral: " In this place you were expecting anything less?"
(95) Thom: "Not really, but thought I'd warn you all."
** (92) Morti follows to the back of the group. **
(94) Atross: "Basically it means something is indeed down here."
** (89) Daelan La'neral notches an arrow **
(99) DM: (ok, have to map. brb)
(88) Sevis Goloens: (( back :) ))
** (95) Thom pauses at one moment in his decent before continuing, albiet a little slower. **
** (88) Sevis Goloens follows Thom slowly **
** (89) Daelan La'neral follows along behind the party,listening intently as he descends the stairs **
** (94) Atross follows the rest down the staircase. **
(99) DM: (each square = 10 feet)
(99) DM: As you descend the staircase, the air feels quite moist and damp.
(99) DM: In fact, almost humid.
** (95) Thom pauses to hold everyone up for a moment. "There are hungry things down here. A fair number of them, so be careful." he whispers back to the others. He continues down the stairs at a slow, but steady pace. **
** (88) Sevis Goloens asjusts his walking to a more balanced stance **
(97) Mysterious Stranger (exit): 23:27
(84) Yazut: ((Oh dear.))
** (84) Yazut nods twice in response, "Mmmh, ayup. Yazut be one of them." **
** (95) Thom doesn't glance back at Yazut, but he smiles a little into the darkness ahead of them. **
** (84) Yazut hops down off the stairs onto the floor, and sniffs, before making for the doorway. **
** (89) Daelan La'neral stops at the bottom of the stairs,listening once more **
(106) No Name (enter): 23:31
(95) Thom: (( heads to the door after finally decending all the stairs, and places a hand on Yazut to hold him for a moment. "Wait, let me check it first, to be sure." ))
** (95) Thom heads to the door after finally decending all the stairs, and places a hand on Yazut to hold him for a moment. "Wait, let me check it first, to be sure." **
** (95) Thom starts looking over the door, checking it out for any surprises. **
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+3
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+3] -> [9,3] = (12)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+13] -> [12,13] = (25)
(106) No Name (exit): 23:34
** (88) Sevis Goloens waits for Thom to check the door **
** (95) Thom looks back to make sure everyone made it down the stairs and then opens the door, exposing the hallway beyond it. **
(99) DM: The door opens...and a blast of fetid air rushes through. Air that hasn't seen the light of day for a VERY VERY long time. Your torches sputter and threaten to go out.
(95) Thom: (( including the everburning torch? ))
** (84) Yazut 's nose wrinkles at the strench as he pokes his head out into the hall, and peeks both ways. **
(88) Sevis Goloens: "Oh that smells wonderful"
** (95) Thom steps into the hallway to get a view of what is ahead. Seeing the dead end to the right, he taps Yazut and points to the dark hallway to the left. "You want to scout around, how about making sure there is nothing waiting for us that way?" **
(99) DM: The stairway you have descended was about 20' long by 50' deep. You are standing in a perfectly square room with a single wide-open door that opens out. The northern wall of the room is wet with condensation.
(99) DM: ((yes including the everburning torch))
(84) Yazut: "Reminds Yazut of home."
(95) Thom: "Fortunately, it doesn't do the same for me."
** (84) Yazut shrugs, and starts heading down to the hall to the corner, "Uhm, okay." **
** (89) Daelan La'neral moves to follow the Glamhath **
** (88) Sevis Goloens looks at Thoms sword **
(99) DM: Ringrist flares with a bright azure radiance.
** (94) Atross looks around the room as he descends the stairs, keeping his bow ready. **
** (95) Thom then heads to the right, to check out the area that way. He also hands the torch back to Morti, as Ringrist provides light again. **
(88) Sevis Goloens: "Well looks like something unfriendly is down here
** (84) Yazut takes slow, soundless steps in his soft leather shoes as he creeps along the wall to the corner, and peeks. **
(95) Thom: "Very." he mutters as he moves to check the two doors he comes across (to 19 and 18)
(99) DM: This is a narrow underground corridor. Doors line it every few feet. The walls are damp and covered with mold.
** (89) Daelan La'neral follows behind Yazut,moving as quietly. **
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+3] -> [18,3] = (21)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+3] -> [3,3] = (6)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+13] -> [13,13] = (26)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+13] -> [15,13] = (28)
(92) Morti: :offers to yazut as he follows along: "I'm getting kind of used to places like this my self."
(95) Thom: (( to clariffy - Yazut, Daelan, and apparently Morti went left. Thom went right. ))
** (84) Yazut glances back and places a finger over his lips, then peers around the corner again. **
** (94) Atross waits in the hall by the open door for some sign of where trouble will come from. **
** (95) Thom stops at one door for a moment and kneels before the door, pulling out some tools. But he quickly rises again and moves on. **
(84) Yazut: "Nothings to see, more doors, to more rooms," he says as he rounds the corner slowly, and crosses the hall to put his shoulder to the opposite wall near the first door to his left.
** (95) Thom checks the last door and then returns to where Atross (and Sevis??) waits. "Both those doors are unlocked and clean." **
(94) Atross: "Alright, then let's find out what Yazut's found then pick one."
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+3] -> [10,3] = (13)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+13] -> [13,13] = (26)
(88) Sevis Goloens: "Well lets go somewhere" **Follows Thom**
** (84) Yazut puts his ear to the door to listen a moment. **
** (95) Thom nods and turns to follow Yazut's path, staying a bit behind, knowing that his sword's glow will anounce his arrival.

(99) DM: There is the sound of a door opening...
** (89) Daelan La'neral moves to the opposite side of the door,keeping Yazut covered in case anything comes out. **
(99) DM: (check on where everyone is)
(84) Yazut: ((Door to 21))
(89) Daelan La'neral: ( next to Yazut)
(88) Sevis Goloens: (( Near thom ))
(94) Atross: ((Door to 17))
(95) Thom: (( red dot-ish ))
(92) Morti: (near yaz)
(99) DM: (ok)
(99) DM: As the door opens, you can hear what sounds like a piercing shriek of pure malevolent joy.
(99) DM: Which door? Thom sees them, as does Atross...
** (95) Thom is about to stop and check the next door he passes (20), but hears the others opening a door and he shakes his head and takes off in that direction. **
** (88) Sevis Goloens follows Thom **
(99) DM: A HORDE of undead spills out of room 19. You have seen ghouls with hunger on their faces, but never to such a degree as those that are tripping over each other to get to you. They wear tattered clothing and they all look like they have not feasted on the likes of you for a long time.
(99) DM: (init Atross, Thom and Sevis)
(88) Sevis Goloens: INIT: [1d20+9] -> [14,9] = (23)
(94) Atross: Initiative: [1d20+5] -> [20,5] = (25)
(95) Thom: Initiative: [1d20+9] -> [13,9] = (22)
(92) Morti: "What was that?"
(95) Thom: (( my bad, whit Daelan's posting, I assumed that was what happened. Ok, alter prior comment slightly since the door opening is behind me, not ahead. ))
(99) DM: ((load minis. there are at least 20 ghouls here.))
** (84) Yazut hearing the shrieking of the undead back the way they'd come, he leaps across the width of the hall to press himself against the wall near the corner and peers around at the others, and the host now walking over one another to get to them. **
** (95) Thom is about to stop and check the next door he passes (20), but hears the door open and the shriek, so he draws up Ringrist into a defensive stance. **
** (94) Atross shouts a warning when he sees the door open from the inside. "Looks like a lot of hungry ones here." **
(89) Daelan La'neral: ( has no minis)
(95) Thom: (( Atross is our corrent front line fighter... :) ))
** (89) Daelan La'neral moves to the corner in the hallway,trying to get a clean shot at the attacks creatures. **
(94) Atross: ((In any event, ready?))
(84) Yazut: ((Quite))
(89) Daelan La'neral: ( ready)
(95) Thom: (( yep ))
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+2] -> [14,2] = (16)
** (94) Atross falls back a short way to make room in the cramped hallway, firing a pair of flaming arrows into the nearest ghoul to slow them down. **
(99) DM: (ok, Atr, 25)
(94) Atross: Greatbow /w Manyshot Attack Roll: [1d20+9+5+2+1-4+1] -> [1,9,5,2,1,-4,1] = (15)
** (84) Yazut watches around the corner, blindly diging through his satchel for what he'll need-a small glass cone. **
(99) DM: (hit)
(99) DM: (hm. well that's interesting. a 1 is a miss. didn't look closely..)
** (94) Atross curses the fouling humid environment for his misfortune. **
(99) DM: (Sev, 23)
(99) DM: The rest of you can hear that combat's broken out...
** (88) Sevis Goloens move infront of Atross to keep the undead off him so he is free to shoot **
(88) Sevis Goloens: UnArmed Attack Roll: [1d20+18] -> [6,18] = (24) ===> Damage: [2d6+3] -> [3,5,3] = (11)
** (88) Sevis Goloens slams the undead in the face with his foot as he gets close **
(99) DM: The ghoul dies.
(99) DM: (Thm, 22)
** (95) Thom moves up to be beside Sevis, "Let's help end the hunger of these undead, by removing their existances." he says to Sevis as he takes a defensive posture as he slashes at the first ghoul. **
(95) Thom: Ringrist defensive fighting attack: [1d20+14-4] -> [9,14,-4] = (19) ==> DAMAGE [1d6+5] -> [5,5] = (10)
(99) DM: The ghoul dies.
(99) DM: (the ghouls, 16)
(99) DM: It seems like a neverending tide. For each ghoul that you slay, more take their places.
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+2] -> [19,2] = (21),[1d20+2] -> [2,2] = (4),[1d20+2] -> [10,2] = (12),[1d20+2] -> [18,2] = (20),[1d20+2] -> [5,2] = (7),[1d20+2] -> [15,2] = (17)
(99) DM: (1 on Thom, 1 on Sevis): AC 21, miss, miss; Sevis: AC 20, miss, miss
(88) Sevis Goloens: (( AC is 25 ))
** (95) A gleam comes to Thom's eye as the undead rise up, missing him with each attack. **
(99) DM: (k, just saying as I see it)
(99) DM: (all others init)
(84) Yazut: Initiative: [1d20+2] -> [5,2] = (7)
(89) Daelan La'neral: INIT: [1d20+2] -> [12,2] = (14)
(99) DM: (you can see what the party is facing. a horde of ghouls)
(99) DM: (Morti?)
(92) Morti: init: [1d20+2] -> [20,2] = (22)
(92) Morti: (my turn?)
(99) DM: (Atr, 25)
(99) DM: (no, just wanted to know init)
(92) Morti: (phew.... thought you were waiting on me.)
** (94) Atross picks up his pace and the ghouls drop to the flaming arrows rapidly. **
(94) Atross: Greatbow Attack Roll 1: [1d20+9+5+2+1+1] -> [19,9,5,2,1,1] = (37)
(94) Atross: Greatbow Attack Roll 1: [1d20+9+5+2+1+1] -> [1,9,5,2,1,1] = (19)
(94) Atross: Greatbow Attack Roll 2: [1d20+4+5+2+1+1] -> [6,4,5,2,1,1] = (19)
(94) Atross: Flaming Greatbow Damage: [1d10+3+2+1+1] -> [7,3,2,1,1] = (14) Fire Damage: [1d6] -> [1] = (1)
(94) Atross: Flaming Greatbow Damage: [1d10+3+2+1+1] -> [1,3,2,1,1] = (8) Fire Damage: [1d6] -> [3] = (3)
(99) DM: 2 more die, and 2 more take their place.
(99) DM: (Sev, 23)
** (88) Sevis Goloens unleashes a devistating kick to the face of the undead right infront of him ((ATK: [1d20+18] -> [11,18] = (29) ==> DMG: [2d6+3] -> [4,4,3] = (11))) **
** (88) Sevis Goloens rotates the kick into a downward cresent kick to the undead infront of Thom (ATK: [1d20+13] -> [9,13] = (22) ==> DMG: [2d6+6] -> [2,1,6] = (9))) **
(88) Sevis Goloens: (( if they both die will take a 5ft step forward to attack the next, if not the next attack if on the living one ))
** (88) Sevis Goloens thrust out with a firce jab ((ATK: [1d20+8] -> [13,8] = (21) ==> DMG: [2d6+3] -> [2,1,3] = (6))) **
(99) DM: ((yes they both die))
(99) DM: (that one lives)
(99) DM: (Thm, 22. getting food, brb)
(95) Thom: "My turn" he says as he takes a small step forward and with an obvious defensive posture lashes out first at the ghoul ahead of him, and if it drops, he tries to finish the one Sevis hit in the face. ((Otherwise, both on the one ahead of me))
(95) Thom: Ringrist defensive finghting full attack:
1st attack: [1d20+14-4] -> [2,14,-4] = (12) ==> DAMAGE [1d6+5] -> [1,5] = (6)
2nd attack: [1d20+9-4] -> [17,9,-4] = (22) ==> DAMAGE [1d6+5] -> [3,5] = (8)

(99) DM: (one ghoul dies)
(99) DM: (Mort, 22)
** (92) Morti steps back round the corner and flinches at the sight of the undead army. Hurrying to grab a bit of something from his hip pouch, he weaves his hands and speaks quick incantations. An etheral spider forms before him then and leaps forth beyond his allies. near the back wall its body explodes cocooning the hall just to the point before thom and Sevis in sticky webs (Web, dc 16) **
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20] -> [4] = (4)
(99) DM: (I'm going to roll 1 save for all of them, doing 20+ rolls is a waste of time)
(99) DM: (and they all failed)
(95) Thom: (( come on Stan, hit the button many times. :P ))
** (92) Morti grins proudly. **
(99) DM: (the ghouls, 16)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+2] -> [14,2] = (16),[1d20] -> [18] = (18),[1d20] -> [3] = (3),[1d20+2] -> [10,2] = (12),[1d20] -> [16] = (16),[1d20] -> [17] = (17)
(99) DM: They're REALLY hungry and really incompetent. (all miss)
(99) DM: (Dael, 14)
(92) Morti: "I feel.. kinda sorry for em."
** (89) Daelan La'neral seeing the mass of undead in front of Sevis,who is fighting unarmed,fires into the mass standing before him **
(89) Daelan La'neral: ( Crit hit 17-20) Longbow, composite+3 (+2 Flaming Burst) Attack Roll: [1d20+18] -> [6,18] = (24) ===> Damage: [1d8+3+1d6+0] -> [1,3,6,0] = (10)
(89) Daelan La'neral: ( Crit hit 17-20) Longbow, composite+3 (+2 Flaming Burst) Attack Roll: [1d20+18] -> [17,18] = (35) ===> Damage: [1d8+3+1d6+0] -> [6,3,6,0] = (15)
(89) Daelan La'neral: ( Crit hit 17-20) Longbow, composite+3 (+2 Flaming Burst) Attack Roll: [1d20+18] -> [15,18] = (33) ===> Damage: [1d8+3+1d6+0] -> [7,3,3,0] = (13)
(95) Thom: (( so hungry, their stomachs all growl at the same time, causing them to luch ackwardly and miss. :P ))
(99) DM: (3 die. just remember, you're firing into melee. :) )
(89) Daelan La'neral: ( what about the webbing is it on fire?)
(94) Atross: "I had a thought about that actually, Morti. Could this be the unholy effects of the singing statue?"
(99) DM: (yes, its on fire.)
(99) DM: (is it 2d6 for flaming webbing? refresh my memory pls)
(92) Morti: (2d4 more dmg to the enemy burning in that square)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [2d4] -> [2,4] = (6)
(92) Morti: (d'oh. should've just said yes)
(99) DM: (ok, in that case none of the other ghouls die. but they are damaged.)
(99) DM: (Yaz, 7)
** (84) Yazut sees the situation is well in hand, and returns the cone to his satchel, instead putting his back to the wall and watching the other end of the cooridor they're in. **
(88) Sevis Goloens: (( Lag check ))
(99) DM: (ok...)
(99) DM: (Atr, 25)
** (94) Atross continues firing. **
(94) Atross: Greatbow Attack Roll 1: [1d20+9+5+2+1+1] -> [13,9,5,2,1,1] = (31)
(94) Atross: Greatbow Attack Roll 1: [1d20+9+5+2+1+1] -> [16,9,5,2,1,1] = (34)
(94) Atross: Greatbow Attack Roll 2: [1d20+4+5+2+1+1] -> [15,4,5,2,1,1] = (28)
(94) Atross: Flaming Greatbow Damage: [1d10+3+2+1+1] -> [3,3,2,1,1] = (10) Fire Damage: [1d6] -> [5] = (5)
(94) Atross: Flaming Greatbow Damage: [1d10+3+2+1+1] -> [7,3,2,1,1] = (14) Fire Damage: [1d6] -> [3] = (3)
(94) Atross: Flaming Greatbow Damage: [1d10+3+2+1+1] -> [9,3,2,1,1] = (16) Fire Damage: [1d6] -> [4] = (4)
(99) DM: (3 more die. is that an additional 2d4 to the webs? this is the 2nd round, how many more rounds do they burn?)
(94) Atross: "Three more down."
(92) Morti: (fire instantly destroys the square of webbing the fire is in and does 2d4 dmg to anyreature in that square)
(84) Yazut: ((Webs, according to the rules, burn away 5ft a round.))
(99) DM: (yes but with Atross' attack, does that an additional 2d4? or no?)
(92) Morti: (yes, the webs ignite and deal 2d4 more dmg)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [2d4] -> [2,1] = (3)
(99) DM: (even more damaged...)
(99) DM: (Sev, 23)
** (88) Sevis Goloens unleashes a devistating kick to the face of the undead right infront of him ((ATK: [1d20+18] -> [14,18] = (32) ==> DMG: [2d6+3] -> [4,4,3] = (11))) **
** (88) Sevis Goloens rotates the kick into a downward cresent kick to the undead infront of Thom (ATK: [1d20+13] -> [7,13] = (20) ==> DMG: [2d6+3] -> [5,4,3] = (12))) **
(88) Sevis Goloens: (( if they both die will take a 5ft step forward to attack the next, if not the next attack if on the living one ))
** (88) Sevis Goloens thrust out with a firce jab ((ATK: [1d20+8] -> [18,8] = (26) ==> DMG: [2d6+3] -> [2,2,3] = (7))) **
(99) DM: (the third one dies as well)
(99) DM: (Thm, 22)
** (95) Thom steps up in the space that Sevis made, slashing at two more of the abominations. **
(95) Thom: Ringrist defensive finghting full attack:
1st attack: [1d20+14-4] -> [10,14,-4] = (20) ==> DAMAGE [1d6+5] -> [3,5] = (8)
2nd attack: [1d20+9-4] -> [6,9,-4] = (11) ==> DAMAGE [1d6+5] -> [6,5] = (11)

(99) DM: (one dies, one miss)
(99) DM: (Mort, 22)
(92) Morti: (delay)
(99) DM: The ghouls retreat. (AOO if you want. :))
(95) Thom: Ringrist defensive fighting attack: [1d20+14-4] -> [6,14,-4] = (16) ==> DAMAGE [1d6+5] -> [6,5] = (11)
(95) Thom: (( better believe I'll take one. ))
** (88) Sevis Goloens unleashes a devistating kick to the face of the undead right infront of him ((ATK: [1d20+18] -> [1,18] = (19) ==> DMG: [2d6+3] -> [1,4,3] = (8))) **
** (89) Daelan La'neral watches the retreating undead **
(99) DM: (another one dies. Dael, 14)
** (89) Daelan La'neral fires into the retreating undead. **
(89) Daelan La'neral: ( Crit hit 17-20) Longbow, composite+3 (+2 Flaming Burst) Attack Roll: [1d20+18] -> [17,18] = (35) ===> Damage: [1d8+3+1d6+0] -> [5,3,6,0] = (14)
(89) Daelan La'neral: ( Crit hit 17-20) Longbow, composite+3 (+2 Flaming Burst) Attack Roll: [1d20+18] -> [16,18] = (34) ===> Damage: [1d8+3+1d6+0] -> [3,3,2,0] = (8)
(89) Daelan La'neral: ( Crit hit 17-20) Longbow, composite+3 (+2 Flaming Burst) Attack Roll: [1d20+18] -> [12,18] = (30) ===> Damage: [1d8+3+1d6+0] -> [3,3,2,0] = (8)
(99) DM: (3 more die)
(99) DM: (Yaz, 7)
(84) Yazut: (Nothing)
(99) DM: (Atr, 25)
(94) Atross: "Hm, they're running away. Hope that's actually a good sign."
** (94) Atross fires down a few more ghouls. **
(94) Atross: Greatbow Attack Roll 1: [1d20+9+5+2+1+1] -> [13,9,5,2,1,1] = (31)
(94) Atross: Greatbow Attack Roll 1: [1d20+9+5+2+1+1] -> [16,9,5,2,1,1] = (34)
(94) Atross: Greatbow Attack Roll 2: [1d20+4+5+2+1+1] -> [15,4,5,2,1,1] = (28)
(94) Atross: Flaming Greatbow Damage: [1d10+3+2+1+1] -> [6,3,2,1,1] = (13) Fire Damage: [1d6] -> [4] = (4)
(94) Atross: Flaming Greatbow Damage: [1d10+3+2+1+1] -> [5,3,2,1,1] = (12) Fire Damage: [1d6] -> [2] = (2)
(94) Atross: Flaming Greatbow Damage: [1d10+3+2+1+1] -> [2,3,2,1,1] = (9) Fire Damage: [1d6] -> [5] = (5)
(92) Morti: (afk for a bit, If my turn comes around I'll delay)
(99) DM: (3 more die)
(99) DM: (23, Sev)
** (88) Sevis Goloens moves to finish off the fleeing undead **
** (88) Sevis Goloens unleashes a devistating kick to the face of the undead right infront of him ((ATK: [1d20+18] -> [19,18] = (37) ==> DMG: [2d6+3] -> [4,1,3] = (8))) **
(99) DM: (it falls down)
(99) DM: (Thm, 22)
** (95) Thom follows the retreating horde as well, coming up behind one and slicing it through the middle. **
(95) Thom: Ringrist defensive fighting attack: [1d20+14-4] -> [20,14,-4] = (30) ==> DAMAGE [1d6+5] -> [3,5] = (8)
(99) DM: (Mort, 22)
(89) Daelan La'neral: ( morti said he was going afk and he would delay)
** (92) Morti appraoches up behind the others, but stays back from the action **
(92) Morti: (done)
(89) Daelan La'neral: ( nm)
(99) DM: The ghouls retreat...
(99) DM: (AOO if you want...)
(95) Thom: Ringrist defensive fighting attack: [1d20+14-4] -> [8,14,-4] = (18) ==> DAMAGE [1d6+5] -> [4,5] = (9)
(84) Yazut: ((Gotta learn fireball.))
(88) Sevis Goloens: "Is it normal for the undead to show thought and flee?"
(95) Thom: "I've never heard of it, not so such weak ones. But maybe they are controlled by someone, or something else."
(92) Morti: :shrugs: "Guess even they know how much they're willing to risk for a meal."
(95) Thom: (( *for, not so ))
(99) DM: (Do you pursue them? The three remaining flee into their lair...)
(95) Thom: (( a little more caefully, I would. ))
(88) Sevis Goloens: (( ya ))
** (89) Daelan La'neral watches down the other hallway to make sure that the yelling of the undead did not attract other creatures. **
(95) Thom: (( ie. not rush in, but peek in to see what is waiting for us. ))
(92) Morti: "I wonder why they were all just waiting around in that room."
(95) Thom: "Let's find out." Thom says as he peeks his head around the doorway to get a look at the room.
(95) Thom: (( *in ))
** (88) Sevis Goloens moves up next to Thom and looks though the door **
(95) Thom: (( and we see.... ))
(99) DM: The three remaining ghouls scatter inside the room and disappear into warrens carved in the walls.
(95) Thom: "Interesting," he mutters as he steps into the room and examines it better.
** (88) Sevis Goloens pursues one into the nearest warren **
** (95) Thom remains in the main room for a few moments, looking around. **
(99) DM: Despite the wide-open space of this room, the air is still stilfling and gloomy. In addition ot the omnipresent putrescence, the room stinks of the dead. The skeletons and body parts of many odd creatures are strewn all over the floor.

The chamber is otherwise empty.

((I'm not going to run combat vs. 3 ghouls. I'll assume you take care of them.))

(88) Sevis Goloens: (( ok ))
(95) Thom: (( well - if you insist... ))
** (88) Sevis Goloens searches the warrens after finishing off the last of the ghouls **
** (92) Morti follows along into the room, looking about the rotten decay of the former meals laying about the floor. **
** (95) Thom remains standing in the middle of the room, seeming to stare off into the dimensional space around the room. **
** (89) Daelan La'neral moves down the hallway next to Yazut,scanning the floor to see if there are any tracks. **
(99) DM: (there don't seem to be any tracks...apart from yours)
(92) Morti: "This place is kind of digusting."
(99) DM: The chamber (with the ghouls) contains nothing of note -- well apart from half-eaten corpses.
(89) Daelan La'neral: " We should move carefully Glamhath,no telling what that yelling will bring down on us."
** (92) Morti turns back out of the room, offering, "Now i'm a bit nervoud about opening other doors" **
** (84) Yazut checks the door to the room beyond again, listening with his ear to the door, before trying to open it. **
** (95) Thom blinks a couple times and looks over to see Morti leaving. "Good, you should be, it's hard to know what exactly awaits us down here." **
** (88) Sevis Goloens shrugs and heads back out "That was strange to say the least" **
** (95) Thom exits this room, and heads across the hall to the door that was already unlocked, standing before it for a few moments. **
(84) Yazut: ((Again, that's room 21.))
(95) Thom: (( I think I am at 18, if I remember correctly. ))
(99) DM: ((yes, 18))
** (88) Sevis Goloens stays wit Thom incase any more undead come spilling out of rooms **
(89) Daelan La'neral: ( is next to yazut)
** (95) Thom opens the door to 18 and peeks inside. **
** (94) Atross waits at the door pseudo-guarding the way back ot the stairs. (Since I'm too tired to keep up right now.) **
** (89) Daelan La'neral moves slowly down the hallway,stopping at the corner to (24) looking around the corner to see if there is anything there. **
(99) DM: The air in here smells slightlly different from the rest of what you have explored recently -- just as offensive, but mingled with the odor of old, rotting scrolls and paper.
(84) Yazut: ((in where?))
(95) Thom: (( can you define 'here', since we have people in three places? ))
(99) DM: The room contains sagging wooden shelves, many of them filled with rolled-up scrolls. A single wooden stool, a small table and a lantern are the only other objects here.
(99) DM: ((well in 18))
(99) DM: ((if you'd wait for me to type, I could answer))
(89) Daelan La'neral: ( orange spot is where I am at stan)
** (95) Thom enters the room (18) and heads over to the shelves, checking the condition of the paper scrolls. **
(84) Yazut: ((He's where I should be, heh! Green X is gobbo))
** (88) Sevis Goloens enters with Thom and looks for any books or scrolls in good enough condition to examin without destroying them **
(99) DM: (an open area -- 24 -- that seems to contain more doors leading to other areas within this cavern)
(92) Morti: 0.o
(99) DM: Most of the scrolls and papers seem to be written in an old form of Common not seen since the Fourth Age.
(84) Yazut: ((What about room 21?))
(92) Morti: (everyone freeze?)
(88) Sevis Goloens: (( no ))
** (95) Thom starts collecting whatever papers and scrolls appear to be in travelling shape. **
** (88) Sevis Goloens does the same **
(92) Morti: (wow....guess i froze..)
** (89) Daelan La'neral moves across the hallway and listens at the door to room 23 **
** (92) Morti enters into room 18, looking among the scrolls for some indication of what informations was documented here **
(84) Yazut: ((Mmh.))
(95) Thom: "I was figuring they would be easier to read in the light outside, instead of down here."
(92) Morti: "That lantern still work?"
(99) DM: (sec. The scrolls are quite fragile.)
(95) Thom: (( figured so. ))
(95) Thom: "Not sure, give it a shot."
(88) Sevis Goloens: "You have any extra scroll cases Morti?'
** (89) Daelan La'neral moves to the door of room 22 and listens. **
(99) DM: The scrolls seem to mention that this place was known as Orvaeras Keep, in what was once the nation of Orva, a country that predated the founding of Gwythnecht by several centuries. The keep had a force of 400 soldiers, several archmages and priests, a few alchemists and scholars.
(92) Morti: "Why would i want a bunch of musty old scrolls, when I don't even know what's on them yet?"
(99) DM: There is discussion about the creation of a gate, an experiment being done at the request of the King of Orva.
(99) DM: It seems that one of the archmages was a diabolist.
(95) Thom: "Hey Morti." he calls Morti over to the scroll with the discussion of the gate.
** (92) Morti skims the scrolls with growing interest. **
** (95) Thom leaves Morti with the scrolls, after asking Sevis to watch over the little guy. Thom heads out the room and back down the hall - intending to see how the others are doing, but instead pauses at the door to 20, checking it over. **
(84) Yazut: ((So.. What of room 21?))
** (88) Sevis Goloens stays with Morti reading the scrolls and trying to figure out a way to transport them all These would be almost invaluable to those who study such things" **
(99) DM: ((what about it?))
(92) Morti: :He fingers through the scrolls on the shelves for any in better states of preservation, looking for further information on the gate or remants of the studies of the former alchemists and mages of the keep.
(84) Yazut: ((Well, is the door locked, if not, what's inside? Last action was him trying to check that room..))
(92) Morti: :nods to Sevis: "I wish we had more time here."
** (88) Sevis Goloens nods "Well we should be on our way" **
(99) DM: ((it's slightly ajar and there seems to be movement inside.))
** (92) Morti groans as he looks among the scrolls. Begrudgingly he nods and follows Sevis out of the room **
** (84) Yazut nevertheless cracks the door further ajar to see what's inside. **
(99) DM: (hm)
** (89) Daelan La'neral hearing nothing from the room,heads back to the room Yazut was checking out,stopping next to the little goblin **
(99) DM: (well...I'll type the description but there's no way we're going to resolve this in 10 min)
(89) Daelan La'neral: " Last two doors seem quiet,after that is a large open area,with atleast two more doors that I could see Yazut."
** (88) Sevis Goloens heads down the hall untill he finds one of the others ((Either Thom in 20 or Yazut in 21)) **
(89) Daelan La'neral: " Have you seen any of the others since the fight Yazut?"
(99) DM: Pulling the door open releases a small avalanche of rancid mud that goes as high as your knees. As you get your bearings, you realize that this room was right in the path of the northwest fault line. The swamp no doubt rushed in and ruined it. Still, there does seem to be a chest thown up against the room's northeastern corner.

Several hulking forms lurk inside the room, barely discernible from the light of the entrance corridor.

(99) DM: ((this is 21))
(84) Yazut: ((Well, darkvision. =)))
(99) DM: ((next session will begin with combat.))
(99) DM: ((ugh, sec))
(99) DM: ((ok, we're stopping here. next session opens with combat. Yazut, you'll be attacking Daelan...))
(95) Thom: (( about time. I mean... ))
(89) Daelan La'neral: ( poor Yazut,I well they knew him well)
(84) Yazut: (Sweet! I get to cone of cold the elf!))
(99) TaliesinNYC: lol
(99) TaliesinNYC: all will be made clear next session
(95) Thom: you mean it's not already? ;P
(99) TaliesinNYC: =P
(84) Yazut: That or I'll bash viciously at his knee caps with my wee, 1 1/2 foot 1d4 walking stick.
(92) Morti: ok then. I'm off to bed. G'nite
(99) TaliesinNYC: see y'all later
(92) Morti: Disconnecting from server...

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