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(3465) Donovan: (6

(3465) Donovan: (6.4 didn't crash me, but took a bit to go again.)
** (3469) Thom nods to Morti and heads off to the NW corner to check out the surviving buildings there. **
** (3468) Morti follows along after Thom. **
** (3465) Donovan agrees with Morti's suggestion, "I'd not like to leave anything down here to trap us in the tower, or harrass us while trying to scale it" **
** (3467) Yazut lays both hands over the crook of his walking stick, and props his chin on it, watching the others but remaining where he is. **
** (3465) Donovan nudges loose flagstones with his boot suspiciously, still trailing after Thom. **
(3468) Morti: (Ummm... is Stan with us?)
** (3464) Sevis Goloens follows along rather unconcered with the suroundings **
(3464) Sevis Goloens: (( no clue ))
(3468) Morti: *groan*
** (3469) Thom makes his way to the nearest building, watching where he walks with one eye - and keeping his other eye on Ringrist. **
(3468) Morti: *phew*
(3463) DM: (well that's cool. eventually I'll want to send large sound files so make it so, number 1. as in dialogue.)
(3463) DM: ((ok, to the right of the second blue line atop, that indicates that that part of the keep is submerged))
(3463) DM: ((so areas 15, 12 and 16 and part of room 5 is submerged))
(3464) Sevis Goloens: (( you can send any size sound file, it just forces the client to download it and play it. So it will have to be a wav file, which gets realy large realy fast for Dialog. That 6.4 meg sound file was only 38k as an MP3 ))
(3468) Morti: (Probably better if you keep dialogue written. Over a table you can just repeat it if someone doesn't hear what you say. Repeading a wav over and over though...))
(3469) Thom: (( the eastern part, yes. ))
(3468) Morti: (brb)
(3469) Thom: (( which includes the base of the tower where the dragon was seen to be. ))
(3465) Atross: (And the western side marks a fissure, how wide how high?)
(3463) DM: (about 2' higher than ground level. it seems quite unstable.)
(3469) Thom: (( oh, that much of a difference huh? ))
** (3469) Thom approaches the fissue and reaches to the other side and pushes some, testing it. **
(3469) Thom: "Yeah, that seems a bit unstable. We can try, but I would suggest that if we go - we do no all go."
(3469) Thom: (( *not ))
(3465) Atross: "I'll watch from down here, since I can easily shoot over such a slight incline."
(3464) Sevis Goloens: "You think there is anything up there worth investigating?"
(3469) Thom: "I am not sure. We didn't find anything in those other rooms, so I doubt it. But there is always a possibility, however remote."
(3463) DM: Though the ground seems to have settled a bit, even now when Thom investigates, some pieces crumble and crack.
(3465) Atross: "Best to be sure, if we can avoid an ambush while scaling that tower, for example. Can't be anything real big at least."
(3464) Sevis Goloens: "Why is it we are scaling the tower again, I thought Morti and Yazut could get us up there magicly"
(3468) Morti: "Um... thom.. are you sure you aren't too heavy to be walking over there?"
(3465) Atross: "Well, we aren't. But I might, for fun."
(3469) Thom: "Yes, but anything that could move on this without the entire floor crumbling would either be no true threat, or it could fly. And if it can fly - we won't be any better off facing it on such a crumbling surface."
(3469) Thom: (( actually, I just had my hands up there, and pushed down. I am still standing on the lower, more stable part ))
(3468) Morti: :shrugs to Sevis: "Why waste magicka if you can do it yourself? A man of virtue shouldn't be so lazy, no?"
(3476) DM Baatorian (enter): 14:44
(3469) Thom: "I think it would be safe enough to forget about it for now, and concentrate on getting in the tower and getting out of here."
(3464) Sevis Goloens: "Not lazy, I just dont fancy climbing the outside of a tower where a drake may reside"
(3468) Morti: "Oak."
(3468) Morti: (okay.. rather)
** (3469) Thom head sback to the eastern end, where Yazut has been waiting. **
(3468) Morti: :to Seivs: "Aaaahh.. so you're scared?" :walks off toward the tower:
(3464) Sevis Goloens: "Plus I doubt I could climb the whole tower anyways." **Follows after Thom while talking**
(3464) Sevis Goloens: "Fear is a usefull trait Morti, it keeps you alive"
(3475) Vicissitude (enter): 14:48
(3468) Morti: :nods in agreement: "Uh huh, uh huh. I'm scared all the time."
(3463) DM: (a bit of minor description about the rest of the courtyard)
(3469) Thom: "So," Thom asks Yazut once he gets back, "how were you thinking of getting us inside the tower?"
(3463) DM: A small building (area 4) can be seen off to the far southwest corner of the courtyard, near the pair of weird stone statues near the entrance.
** (3467) Yazut shrugs at thom, picking up his chin, and cocking his head around to look up at the window Jarvis sent himself through, "Yazut takes you where bird goes. Or," he says, pointing with his staff to the base of the tower, "Takes you to rooms below." **
(3463) DM: Three interior structures (areas 7, 8 and 9) can be seen wedged in the northwestern section of the courtyard. They seem to have been freestanding at one point but the strength of whatever explosion might have occurred in the distant past that caused the devastation within the courtyard has caused them to be bunched up in that corner.
(3469) Thom: "Where did you see the drake at? The bottom?"
** (3467) Yazut nods, "Ayup, you goes where bird goes, it be safest, Yazut thinks." **
(3463) DM: To the east, a large area of the keep's eastern and southeastern floor (area 12) has collapsed and sunken into the swamp's ooze. No portions of walls and no chambers are visible. The only evidence of anything worth exploring is the tower rising out of the muck in what would be the northeast corner of the keep, if it was still intact. Windows can be seen at midtower level, and the top is ruined. The whole structure seems somewhat stable, relatively speaking.
(3469) Thom: "I agree. Don't want to start off in the drake's mouth. I just wish Jarvis had returned by now with some information."
(3463) DM: On cue, a sparhawk flies towards the group and transforms into the druid.
(3463) Jarvis: Those windows are large enough for a human in bulky armor to squeeze into and out of. Oh, and there's a strong acrid odor coming from within. I wasn't able to see too much into the room. Just a carpet of vermin. *shudders*
(3469) Thom: "Uh, I wish 5 thousand platinum coins would appear behind me." Thom waits for a few seconds then peeks behind him.
(3463) DM: (heh)
** (3467) Yazut glances back at Thom, and points past him to Sevis, "If wishes be goblins, Yazut not be here, hims be with tribe. Yazut takes you, and hims," he glances to Morti, "You takes hims," he says, nodding to Atross, "Mmm?" **
(3468) Morti: :looks to Atross: "I thought he wanted to climb
(3469) Thom: "Carpet of vermin? Sounds like Morti's speciality."
** (3464) Sevis Goloens shrugs "Ready when you are" **
** (3469) Thom keeps looking around for a few moments before shrugging and then looks back to the tower. **
** (3465) Atross walks up to the murky water's edge, testing it's viscitude with his boot while he slings his bow and buckler. **
** (3467) Yazut shrugs, and looks down at the muck between themselves and the tower, then back up, "Easier for us, mm? Hims climbs then, we each takes one." **
(3469) Thom: "Well, let's get going, shall we?"
(3465) Atross: "I would like to give it a try."
(3467) Yazut: "So, you makes up mind. You tries, or you don't. Only has magic to makes one trip."
(3468) Morti: "hmm.. how about you teleport those three? Jarvis can fly, Atross can climb and I'll levitate up to make sure he doesn't fall?"
(3467) Yazut: "Not comes back down for you if you falls down, mm?"
(3468) Morti: "That way I have one dimension door left if we need a quick escape... for a couple of people anyway?"
(3465) Atross: "That's fine. That's why I'd like to be sure I can climb it, anyway, in case."
** (3467) Yazut bites his lower lip, pondering the feasibility of making such an attempt, taking himself and three others. **
** (3464) Sevis Goloens shakes his head "Much faster and safer to all get there at once" **
(3469) Thom: (( actually it's just Yazut, Thom, and Sevis that he would be getting. ))
(3468) Morti: (Oh.. good point. I was counting donovan, who is Atross... heh)
(3467) Yazut: ((Right, right. Birdman.))
(3463) DM: Atross: (its as you expect...sludge and muck.)
(3469) Thom: "Whenever you are ready Yazut, let us know what to do. I trust Morti can take care of Atross well enough."
** (3467) Yazut shrugs, and gestures with each hand, for both Thom and Sevis to take one, "Okay, takes hands." **
** (3465) Atross wades out into the muck and gets a good handhold where the tower rises out of the swamp. **
** (3469) Thom reaches out and takes one hand. **
(3465) Atross: "If you'd like to wait there and laugh at my attemps, you can know whether I'll make it before you go."
** (3464) Sevis Goloens takes Yazuts hand **
(3469) Thom: "I'd rather be up there with you, instead of you by yourself up top."
** (3468) Morti follows along into the muck with Atross, though a good bit back, in case he starts sinking. "I'll stay and laugh for you." :Smiles: **
** (3467) Yazut grasps thom's hand, and then Sevis', and closes his eyes, muttering quietly to himself as he recalls the proper incantation-it's been a while-then, with a confident, and clear voice, speaks those words, and takes a step forward, pulling the others along into nothingness in a flash of light, only to appear just inside the window on the middle floor of the tower. **
** (3469) Thom blinks with some minor disorientation. "Wow, very nice trick." **
(3463) DM: (for Yazut primarily but also for the others on the premise that he'll relay the info at some point in one form or another)
** (3464) Sevis Goloens shakes his head and looks around **
(3463) DM: A strong acid smell drifts down from above, while the sound and smells of sloshing muck come from downstairs. The stairway leading up and down within seems to be intact.
** (3467) Yazut lets go of their hands, and takes a good look around the interior, "Ayup, it be good trick. Uhm.." **
(3463) DM: The most prominent feature within this chamber -- a 30' circular chamber by the way -- is a huge collapsed canopy bed in the center of the room. It is crawling with a carpet of vermin that looks like a big blanket squirming and undulating of its own accord.
(3463) DM: The remains of tapestries on the walls show magical symbols and charts, offering a clue as to the nature of its former occupant.
** (3464) Sevis Goloens shutter "Dont sapose you have one of those balls of fire that Morti let lose earlyer do you Yazut?" **
** (3469) Thom takes a moment to look around as well, taking a couple steps away so that Morti and Atross can enter the room easily. He steps to the side, remaining a decent distance from the carpet of vermin. 'That's what he meant, wonderful." **
** (3465) Atross proceeds to scale the tower taking the time to find his handholds along the aged structure's walls. **
** (3467) Yazut shakes his head, "Uhm, no. Yazut afraid he does not.." **
** (3469) Thom holds Ringrist in a defensive stance, hoping that the vermin will stay put, for a while longer at least. **
** (3468) Morti watches Atross climb. Activating his boots of levitation, the small mage floats up along side the ascending man, near enough to grab hold of him should he fall. Looking up the height of the tower, he inquires, "Wow... can you really climb up this?" **
(3475) Vicissitude: Disconnecting from server...
(3475) Vicissitude (exit): 15:15
** (3464) Sevis Goloens looks around for a lose chunk of something near by **
(3465) Atross: "It's a pretty old place. Lots of wear at the stone from the weather and the quake. The height's just a matter of persistence."
(3463) DM: The glow from Ringrist seems to have intensified. You can practically use it in place of torchlight now.
** (3469) Thom moves to the stairway and looks up and down, listening for himself. **
(3468) Morti: :nods at Atross. looking up with some awe.: "Okay then... persistance." :grabbing hold of th wall, just below Atross, so he can still grab the man if he falls, Morti tries deactivating his boots. seeing if he can also make the climb.
** (3464) Sevis Goloens picks up a small peice of rubble and tosses it into the vermin trying to shoo them away from the bed **
(3468) Morti: Climb Skill Check: [1d20-2] -> [18,-2] = (16)
(3463) DM: (its like watching roaches scatter.)
** (3465) One hand and then another reaches up to the window sill and presently Atross pulls himself into view. **
** (3469) Thom moves back, along the wall, to where Yazut is at. "Can you use that spell you used earlier to look through walls?" **
** (3467) Yazut shakes his head, "No, but Yazut has other tricks, mm? Why? Yazut already tells you big lizard be down below." **
(3469) Thom: "Yes, but there is something above us as well - something large based on the scuffling it is doing. And I am curious as to what it is."
(3465) : "Of course I got my practice on something a bit easier than swampy ruins, Morti."
** (3469) Thom sidesteps to make sure Atross has enough room to enter. **
** (3465) Atross reaches down to pull Morti through the window when he comes in reach, levitating or otherwise. **
** (3464) Sevis Goloens walks over toward the bed to see what all the bugs were eating, continualy kicking to drive them further away **
** (3467) Yazut glances up, and sniffs, "Uhm, okay," he says, and takes out a fistfull of small, clear glass marbles, the one's that he'd used before, "Yazut sees what he can sees." **
(3469) Thom: "Thanks."
** (3467) Yazut holds the marbles in the open palm of his hand, passing the other hand over them, and whispering to them-they rise slowly from his hand, and he closes his eyes, and directing them off with a gesture, a few fly out the window and up, and the rest up the stairs. **
(3463) DM: (other bugs)
** (3468) Morti drags himself up into the window, with Atross' help. Breathing hard, he crawls into the room, his staff clanking behind him as hit hangs from his backpack. Looking up to Atross, he give s a cloth smiles **
(3468) Morti: "Swamp ruins.. hah.. are... good practice."
(3468) Morti: :he takes a moment to catch his breath before getting up, untying the leather sleeve at the end of his staff to unleash his everlasting torch: "Wow..... great room."
** (3465) Atross steps down from from the window, muck covered and triumphant over the tower. Even so he wrinkles nose at the sheet of vermin taking up the bed in the middle of the chamber. "Ick." **
** (3467) Yazut chuckles softly, and opens his eyes, "Big lizard be there," he says to Thom, pointing directly above himself, "Not so big as Yazut first thought. **
** (3468) Morti of course is focusing on the arcane trappings rather than the mold and decay. Eyeing the various charts and symbols he tries to piece together some theme of what the last inhabitant was studying. **
(3468) Morti: Knowledge: Arcana Skill Check: [1d20+17] -> [4,17] = (21)
(3469) Thom: "Not as big as you thought, and up instead of down. I don't like the sound of that."
(3468) Morti: Spellcraft Skill Check: [1d20+17] -> [19,17] = (36)
** (3467) Yazut holds out his hand, and the small glass crystal spheres return to his hand, and then to an interior pocket of his robe, "We go says hello, mm?" **
(3468) Morti: "Maybe the baby's upstairs and mama's downstairs"
(3464) Sevis Goloens: "Maybe there are two, one above and one below"
(3467) Yazut: ((Nope, nothing but muck and sludge below. I was mistaken before.))
(3469) Thom: "Yes, we walk right up to a hungry evil drake and say, 'Hi, we're hear to take a chalice, hope you don't mind.' I'm sure it will just let us continue on our way."
(3469) Thom: "That's what I was thinking might be the case as well, but let's hope that it's not. One drake is enough, I don't feel like being caught between two."
(3465) Atross: "With the meal it's had recently I doubt it's that hungry, actually."
(3469) Thom: "It is. Trust me."
** (3464) Sevis Goloens kicks the bead to scatter the rest of the bugs so he can get a look at what is below the canopy **
(3469) Thom: "So, as long as there is only the one - how about we search for this chalice we're here to get first?"
(3468) Morti: "Hey.. this guy seemed to be pretty big into abjuration." :calls out as he peruses the charts: "Be careful of magickal wards and traps."
** (3469) Thom groans slightly. **
** (3468) Morti looks about the room, for books or scrolls that may have survived the decay of the swamp. **
(3468) Morti: (any furniture other than the bed? Wardrobe? Desk? etc?)
(3464) Sevis Goloens: "Well there is a corpse here" **Looks around the room for any books
(3489) f4ll3ns0ldi3r (enter): 15:38
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(3489) f4ll3ns0ldi3r (exit): 15:38
(3467) Yazut:
"Uhm, what if Yazut tricks big lizard, makes it leaves, chase Yazut, mm?"
** (3465) Atross readies his bow, waiting by the window for a better view. **
(3469) Thom:
"Can you, without getting caught
(3469) Thom:
** (3467) Yazut shrugs, "Not knows, but Yazut can try, mm?" **
** (3465) Atross checks his ears. **
(3468) Morti:
"Uh... think an illusion might be safer than making yourself into a draco snack?"
(3465) Atross:
"Maybe it's the swamp muck, but did I just hear someone volunteer to be drake bait?"
(3463) DM:
(no other furniture except the bed.)
(3469) Thom:
"Yes, but unless you have a trick to get out of danger if something goes wrong, I'd rather not have you risk yourself like that."
(3463) DM:
(getting food, brb)
(3464) Sevis Goloens: (( AFK as well ))
** (3467) Yazut chuckles, "Yazut can be quite quick, if Yazut wants to be. Hard to hides from big lizard though, Yazut knows. It be hard to disappear from its sight.." **
(3469) Thom:
(( sounds like a plan. brb ))
** (3468) Morti approaches the bed, to check on the corps Sevis mentioned. "Poor fellow. I wonder if he died in his sleep or if someone laid him here." **
(3463) DM:
(3491) Dayson (enter): 15:43
** (3468) Morti pokes around the body with his magically flaming staff, searching for anything left with him in death **
(3491) Dayson:
mind if I lurk?
(3467) Yazut:
((brb myself, then we can have some fun.))
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(3476) DM Baatorian (exit): 15:47
(3469) Thom:
(( back as well. ))
(3463) DM:
(had forgotten that the room was unmodded)
(3491) Dayson (exit): 15:47
** (3469) Thom moves back to the stairwell and checks the area for any traps. **
(3464) Sevis Goloens: (( back ))
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+13] -> [7,13] = (20)
** (3467) Yazut tugs at Atross's belt, "Uhm, you wants to helps?" **
** (3469) Thom steps into the stairwell and tries to get a feel for how high up the stairs go. **
** (3464) Sevis Goloens pokes around the bed a bit more removing the canopy compleatly to see if there is anything hidden under it or under the matress **
(3465) Atross:
"Sure, with the drake, or something else?"
** (3467) Yazut grins, and points to the window, "You stands there, you and Morti. Uhm," he thinks a minute, "Yazut wakes big lizard ups, if Yazut has it chase hims past window, you shoots it maybe, mm?" **
(3468) Morti:
:raises a brow at the goblin's plan: "Um.... what if it eats you before you can get that far?"
** (3467) Yazut shrugs, "Then Yazut guess hims gets eaten?" **
(3465) Atross:
"So I heard right, then. I'd definitely help with it."
(3469) Thom:
"Yeah, Daelan might like that, but I would hate to give him the pleasure, and I'd hate to lose you as well."
(3469) Thom:
"The main problem is that takes Sevis and myself out of the fight. I do have a crossbow that I might be able to help with, but I doubt it would do much against a drake."
** (3467) Yazut plucks a odd little stick from his robes, what looks like a cat's tail, and grins, "Yazut has these, maybe helps some, makes it hard for big lizard to see Yazut. Not can make himself not seen, but, maybe makes it harder for big lizard to see." **
(3463) DM:
(ok, what now?)
** (3467) Yazut tucks two of tyhe sticks into his belt, for easy access, and starts digging through his satchel and producing a number of things. **
(3469) Thom:
"You would be the one out there in the most trouble, it's your decision Yazut."
(3464) Sevis Goloens: "I think a better plan is to all just go upstairs. I do not have a cross bow so I couldnt do much in a ranged fight, as Thom pointed out
(3469) Thom:
"I still think that leaving it up stairs, where Sevis and I can help would be best. Atross and Morti could still fire from the stairwell, and you could fly around, bugging it."
** (3467) Yazut shrugs his shoulders again, "Think it be better if we nots just walks in to says hello, but tries and catch it off guard, mm?" **
(3469) Thom:
"What if you do your thing Yazut, but istead of trying to lead it to the window, you just hit it up there, and we bust out from the stairwell to help?"
** (3464) Sevis Goloens looks up at the ceiling "Wonder if we could make the floor vanish, that would catch him off guard" **
(3467) Yazut:
"Not matters to Yazut, just not wants us all in one place, to makes it so easy on lizard, mm?"
** (3467) Yazut grins at Sevis, "Yazut could do that." **
(3468) Morti:
"You can make a floor vanish?"
(3469) Thom:
"Ok, then everyone spread out in the room, so we are not so easy to hit, and pray for the best."
(3467) Yazut:
"No, but makes it fall maybe. Makes big lizard fall, too."
(3467) Yazut:
"Uhm, if it works."
(3468) Morti:
"Uh... isn't this place kind of decimated enough? is it safe to be blasting holes in cielings?"
(3467) Yazut:
"Maybe makes whole upper floor falls, though, then we all dies. Maybe we tries something else?"
(3464) Sevis Goloens: "Get it to chaise you down the stairs if it will fit, thatway Thom and I can do our thing while the rest of you are further in the room and slightly more protected"
** (3469) Thom looks at the stairway, trying to imagine a drake fitting in it. **
** (3464) Sevis Goloens shrugs and moves to the stair well "Since you are the bait it's your call how you get his attention I guess" **
(3465) Atross:
"Go for it, Yazut. Do you think the drake can fit down the stairs? I'm ready when everyone else is."
** (3465) Atross waits by the window bow aburning. **
(3467) Yazut:
((Can it fit? I'd doubt it, even young dragon's are rather sizable.))
(3469) Thom:
(( same here. ))
(3465) Atross:
((You're the one that saw it.))
(3469) Thom:
(( the stairwell was likely for the mage that lived here, not the drake. ))
(3467) Yazut:
((I'm asking Stash. I didn't get physical domensions. Just "quite young" in age. Which could mean anything))
(3463) DM:
((room is not to scale. have to type up description. you might want to load minis in advance but do not place them yet.))
(3505) Donovan (enter): 16:13
(3467) Yazut:
(Hmm, can't find my mini either.))
(3505) Donovan (exit): 16:14
(3467) Yazut:
((Okay, new one.))
(3463) DM:
um that's a huge mini Yazzie. :)
(3467) Yazut:
((It's smaller now! Sorry.))
(3464) Sevis Goloens: (( mine is huge too before I shrink it ))
(3463) DM:
(room description following, from Yazut's vision)
(3463) DM:
This ruined level of the tower has the barest remnant of a ceiling, most of it having collapsed to the floor, making walking a hazard. A set of stairs lead down to the next level of the old tower, getting you that much closer to the surface of the slimy swamp. The room's walls are still intact, and these plus a small remaining overhang of the ceiling offer the room's occupant a modicum of shelter.

The resident of this chamber is a drake with glossy black scales and tiny horns. The whole drake is but twenty feet long from snout to tip of tail. Why it's barely grown out of its hatchling stage! The onyx drake cocks its head at one of the eyes and lets out a "yarp" and a "growf".

Then it lets loose with a breath.

** (3467) Yazut takes his handful of components and begins casting a series of protective spells, first with his visible skin seeming to harden and solodify, changing in color from yellowish-green to slate grey, and second, his body from head to toe shrouded in a pale blue light, fading after only a few moments, and finally, seven additional Yazut's seem to emerge from his person. (Stoneskin, Mage Armor, Mirror Image, and what a roll on the last one!) **
 (3463) TaliesinNYC:
(system locked up)
(3463) TaliesinNYC:

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** (3464) Sevis Goloens nods to Yazut and waits by the stairs ready to rush up at a moments notice **
** (3467) The eight Yazuts speak a final spell in perfect unison, all drawing a feather from pockets within their robes, and all simultaniously levitating from the floor infront of them, chuckling, "You be ready," he says to Atross and Morti, "Just one arrow, one spell. Then others heads up and waits, Yazut leads big lizard backs to you, if thems not kills it. When it comes, you surprises it while others comes to help, then it be done." **
** (3469) Thom nods to Yazut and prepares to head upstairs. **
** (3465) Atross nocks a pair of arrows and watches through the window for Yazut to complete step one of his brave plan, ready to fire both when the drake comes in range. **
** (3467) The eight Yazuts slowly hover up the stairwell into the upper chamber after finalizing the plan. **
** (3468) Morti nods to yazut... eight times **
** (3468) Morti heads to the window, praying along the way to the several deities he knows of for the goblin's safety. **
** (3467) The eight Yazuts slips a slender glass rod from his belt, and narrows his eyes as he emerges from the stairwell into the top floor. **
** (3469) Thom slowly follows the flying Yazuts, being sure to keep out of sight of the drake, but making sure he is close enough that he will be able to help. He keeps Ringrist lowered, trying to keep the glowing sword from betraying his position. **
(3513) DM: ((all right, those of you in the chamber, position your minis. Yazut, mark with xs where the images appear))
(3513) DM: ((assume the chamber is 30' in diameter))
(3469) Thom: (( which end of the stairs is the top level? ))
(3464) Sevis Goloens: (( think Only Yazut is in the chamber at the moment, Thom and I are on the stairs waiting for Yazut to do his thing ))
(3513) Nyxostranos: Growf?!?
(3469) Thom: (( exactly ))
** Nyxostranos raises his head in confusion upon seeing Yazut and his multiple selves. **
** (3467) The eight Yazuts come to a rest, spreading out and hovering but a few inches from the floor of the chamber at the head of the stairs, and draw slender glass rods from their belt, leveling them at the young drake, "Uhm, 'allo!" he says. (Init or, may I cast?) **
(3513) DM: (init)
(3467) The eight Yazuts: Initiative: [1d20+2] -> [8,2] = (10)
(3467) The eight Yazuts: ((Must ponder improved init))
(3465) Atross: Initiative: [1d20+5] -> [2,5] = (7)
(3468) Morti: init: [1d20+2] -> [5,2] = (7)
(3469) Thom: Initiative: [1d20+9] -> [19,9] = (28)
(3464) Sevis Goloens: (( we all doing Init? ))
(3464) Sevis Goloens: INIT: [1d20+9] -> [4,9] = (13)
(3469) Thom: (( everyone else was... even though I won't do anything for a while, that way it's done. ))
(3468) Morti: 0.o
(3513) DM: ((only Yaz))
(3469) Thom: (( awww... and I rolled so well to. Can't I keep it and just delay a couple rounds? :P ))
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20] -> [6] = (6)
(3513) DM: (10, Yaz)
** (3467) The eight Yazuts fearing letting the drake make use of whatever spells it may have, or its breath, against which he has no defense, the images instead raise the rod to point at the dragon's head, and he shouts the words of his spell, causing a searing hot bolt of electricity to arc from the rod towards the dragon's head (Damage: [10d6] -> [5,1,5,4,5,1,2,2,3,5] = (33)) **
** (3467) The eight Yazuts immediately begin to shift once the spell has been cast, and all move towards the nearest breach in the upper floor's walls/cieling. **
(3428) Beau (enter): 16:51
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+6] -> [14,6] = (20)
(3513) DM: The drake nimbly leaps back, its size giving the lie to its agility. It cranes its head towards the diminutive wizard, and enraged, breathes on Yazut. ((OOC: rolling randomly to determine direction))
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d10] -> [5] = (5)
(3513) DM: (strike out those images)
(3513) DM: (10, Yaz)
** (3467) The eight Yazuts merge together, then split apart once more as he makes his flying, zig zaging exit from the top of the tower, flying along the surface of the outer wall of the tower, heading for the window where Atross and Morti wait. **
(3513) DM: A jet of sickly greenish yellow acid spits out of the drake's mouth, splattering all over two of the goblin's images. The jet leaves a smoking ruin where those images once stood. A section of floor dissolves and falls through the room below.
(3513) DM: The drake follows suit...
(3513) DM: (rest roll init)
(3464) Sevis Goloens: INIT: [1d20+9] -> [2,9] = (11)
(3469) Thom: Initiative: [1d20+9] -> [14,9] = (23)
(3468) Morti: init: [1d20+2] -> [10,2] = (12)
(3465) Atross: Initiative: [1d20+5] -> [10,5] = (15)
(3513) DM: (Thm, 23)
** (3467) The eight Yazuts checks over his shoulder, and checks the angle between the drake and the window, then makes a quick dive towards the mid level window, then flies out from the tower about one hundred feet before coming to a stop in mid air, readying yet another spell. **
(3513) DM: (others, position your minis. assume that this is the room below. will position the drake so that its in place)
** (3469) Thom peaks his head to the next floor after hearing the drake depart, and upon seeing the shadowy semi-sheltered area, he bounds up the stairs and heads for it, finding a place to hide and wait the drake's return. ((Staying on the upper floor, so removing mini for now.)) **
(3468) Morti: (sure.. which side's the window we came in through on?)
(3469) Thom: (( one sec... does the drake fly after Yazut, or not? ))
(3467) The eight Yazuts: ((I'd be surprised if it doesn't. Black's aren't the brightest bulbs on the dragon christmas tree.))
(3525) Dj Gilcrease (enter): 17:05
(3464) Dj Gilcrease (exit): 17:05
(3469) Thom: (( Stan? ))
(3467) The eight Yazuts: ((?))
(3522) Selerik (enter): 17:10
(3522) Selerik (exit): 17:11
(3513) DM: (sorry, it flies out of the tower and follows Yaz)
(3469) Thom: (( then Thom does as mentioned above, staying on the rooftop. ))
(3513) DM: (right now it's hovering in the air, looking for Yaz as it swoops past the midlevel tower window)
(3468) Morti: (wonder if we can surprise attack and penalty its reflex ^_^)
** (3467) The eight Yazuts readies himself, and shouts out, "Lizard! You afraid of Yazut!? Afraid of little goblin Yazut!? Big coward!" **
(3467) Yazut: ((Damn alias))
** (3525) Sevis Goloens moves upstairs following Thom **
** Nyxostranos swoops past the tower window, looking for the impudent wizard who dared attack him. The drake does a doublebank turn upon spying a flash of color within the window out of the corner of its eye and returns for a closer look. **
(3513) DM: (Atr, 15)
** (3465) Atross fires when the as the drake nears. **
(3465) Atross: Greatbow Attack Roll 1: [1d20+9+5+2+1+1] -> [8,9,5,2,1,1] = (26)
(3465) Atross: Greatbow Attack Roll 1: [1d20+9+5+2+1+1] -> [11,9,5,2,1,1] = (29)
(3465) Atross: Greatbow Attack Roll 2: [1d20+4+5+2+1+1] -> [8,4,5,2,1,1] = (21)
(3513) DM: (hit on both)
(3465) Atross: Flaming Greatbow Damage: [1d10+3+2+1+1] -> [7,3,2,1,1] = (14) Fire Damage: [1d6] -> [4] = (4)
(3465) Atross: Flaming Greatbow Damage: [1d10+3+2+1+1] -> [10,3,2,1,1] = (17) Fire Damage: [1d6] -> [6] = (6)
(3513) DM: (total?)
(3465) Atross: (41)
(3374) Spellaxe (enter): 17:19
(3374) Spellaxe (exit): 17:19
(3513) DM: (k. all, Will save due to its presence)
(3468) Morti: Will save: [1d20+9] -> [7,9] = (16)
(3469) Thom: (( all all, or all near it? ))
(3467) Yazut: Will: Saving Throw: [1d20+7] -> [7,7] = (14)
(3465) Atross: Will: [1d20+9] -> [18,9] = (27)
(3525) Sevis Goloens: Will save: [1d20+9] -> [7,9] = (16)
(3469) Thom: Will: [1d20+5] -> [9,5] = (14)
(3513) DM: (all near window, since it flew above you)
(3469) Thom: (( whew, Thom and Sevis are safe, for now... ))
(3513) DM: (All except Atross fail and are shaken)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [4d4] -> [1,4,3,4] = (12)
(3467) Yazut: (Ah, I flew out to 100ft, what's the range?)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [4d6] -> [6,1,2,4] = (13)
(3467) Yazut: ((Or was on my way out to 100ft, rather))
(3513) DM: (150', Yaz)
(3513) DM: (Mort, 12)
(3468) Morti: (I forget, concentration check to cast a spell while shaken?)
(3467) Yazut: ((Don't think so.))
(3513) DM: (no)
** (3468) Morti holds a piece of amber in one hand and some loose ur in the other. Swirling his hands about the items, causing the fur to dance irratically across the amber, raising sparks of static electricity. It quickly grows to a fevered charge, before he unleashes the energy forth in a stream of lightning. (DC 16) [7d6] -> [3,1,6,2,6,6,6] = (30) **
(3469) Thom: (( "A shaken character takes a -2 penalty on attack rolls, saving throws, skill checks, and ability checks." ))
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+11] -> [15,11] = (26)
(3538) Morti (enter): 17:35
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (3538) Morti...
(3468) Morti (exit): 17:35
(3538) Morti: (Did my action go through before I was booted?)
(3469) Thom: (( the spell? yes ))
(3467) Yazut: ((It went through))
(3538) Morti: (ok)
(3513) DM: The bolt strikes the drake dead on in its foreplate, slamming it backwards with the force of its impact.
(3513) DM: (Sev, 11)
(3538) Morti: :After he fires his bolt, he turns quick and heads for the stairs, shaking in his magical boots.
** (3525) Sevis Goloens waits on the upper floor unable to shoot anything **
(3525) Sevis Goloens: (( done ))
(3539) Robert (enter): 17:39
(3539) Robert (exit): 17:40
(3467) Yazut: ((my go, yeah?))
whispering to Morti, roll SR please. 10 + caster level
(3513) DM: (Yaz, 10)
(3538) Morti: [1d20+7] -> [18,7] = (25)
(3513) DM: ((ok Mort))
(3467) Yazut: streaks forward at an up angle above the dragon, towards the breach he led the dragon through making for safety behind Thom's blade, and as he passes by overhead, drops a shroud of inky darkness over the window after Morti and Atross have made their attacks.
** (3467) Yazut streaks forward at an up angle above the dragon, towards the breach he led the dragon through making for safety behind Thom's blade, and as he passes by overhead, drops a shroud of inky darkness over the window after Morti and Atross have made their attacks. **
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d4] -> [4] = (4)
(3546) Morti (enter): 17:50
(3538) Morti (exit): 17:50
(3513) DM: You can hear the sound of flapping wings but it seems to recede. Something tells you that the drake isn't directly outside.
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (3546) Morti...
(3513) DM: Ringrist's intensity seems to have dimmed somewhat.
(3525) Sevis Goloens: "Looks like it ran away before we got to have out fun."
** (3465) Atross rushes up the stairs to join the fray at the top floor. **
** (3525) Sevis Goloens shrugs then begins looking around the room the drake had been in **
(3546) Morti: "Phew.."
** (3467) Yazut touches down near the acid-made hold int he floor, and turns around to peer outside of the breech in the wall, and shrugs as he turns around, "Nobody gets hurt, mm?" **
** (3546) Morti plops to a seat on the stairs hearing the news. **
(3469) Thom: "That's just not fair." Thom leaves his spot in the overhang and joins Sevis on the search of the upper floor.
(3546) Morti: "That's good. Nothing had to die and we're free to explore the tower."
(3465) Atross: "Sorry, didn't mean to scare it but I guess I got carried away."
** (3469) Thom shrugs it off, "It could have ended in much worse ways." **
** (3467) Yazut produces his walking stick from his satchel, and steps over to Sevis and Thom, "Yazut sorry. Next time we fights big lizard, we makes sure you gets to have fun too." **
** (3525) Sevis Goloens shrugs "As Thom said it could have ended worse" **
** (3525) Sevis Goloens continues looking though the rubble for anything interesting or out of place **
(3469) Thom: "Sounds good. Now, what exactly did this chalice, or whatever it was that we came here for, look like? Does anyone know?"
** (3546) Morti waits to calm down after the shock of the great beast, before he stands to search about the ruined upper floor **
** (3467) Yazut shakes his head, and wanders off from the others, poking around in any dark places, and underneath refuse and wrechage, "Yazut hope big lizard not be too poor.." **
(3513) DM: (its 6 pm btw)
(3469) Thom: (( we just 'defeated' a drake, sounds like a good stopping point. ))
(3467) Yazut: ((Yup.))
(3546) Morti: (i suppose it will have to do.)
(3513) DM: ((I can go for a bit longer. I'm just reminding Zane that its time for him to morph into a pumpkin. :) ))
(3467) Yazut: ((Until he gets back with his mommy to liquify us.))
** (3465) Atross looks around the top floor giving it a cursory inspection. "If there's no obvious treasure here, at least we can exlpore the rest of the keep without the drake brooding over our heads." **
(3469) Thom: yeah, I can go a little bit, but not much. I'm keeping an eye on time, I promise.
(3469) Thom: (( yeah, I can go a little bit, but not much. I'm keeping an eye on time, I promise. ))
(3513) DM: The chamber above seems to be empty (apart from being ruined for the most part). It is quite literally a bare cupboard.
(3467) Yazut: ((From what I could tell, there's not much to search on the floor below the one below us. All sunk in the muck.))
(3469) Thom: (( let's double check, shall we? ))
** (3525) Sevis Goloens stops rummaging "GUess we head down the stairs now?" **
** (3469) Thom finds nothing and heads back down the stairs, passing the floor they entered on, and seeing what lies below. **
** (3467) Yazut turns over one last bit of wreckage, and nods, "Nothing be here."

** (3467) Yazut heads after Thom. **
** (3525) Sevis Goloens follows Thom as well **
** (3465) Atross jumps down to the mid level through the hole in the floor, landing easily. **
** (3546) Morti stays upstairs, watching the skies for a moment while the others descend **
** (3467) Yazut prods Thom onwards with the crook of his stick. **
** (3469) Thom heads down to the level below where they entered, using the glow of Ringrist to light the way. **
(3525) Sevis Goloens: (( AFK for some food ))
** (3467) Yazut assumes he's the only one actually able to see in this darkness, as Ringrist continues to dim, and to taps the crook of his walking stick with a finger, and with the whisper of a single word, it begins to shine with a vivid blue light. **
(3513) DM: The chamber below you is mostly filled with slimy water. The water begins at 5' below the ceiling and drowns the entire chamber in rank, odiferous liquid. Algae and mold cover the walls.
(3469) Thom: "Well, so much for that. We have either swampy water, or a crumbling floor left to search."
** (3467) Yazut watches the surface of the water intently for any sign of disturbance, imagining a snake or two at the very least to be lurking below. **
** (3469) Thom starts to move back upstairs, directing everyone back out of the swamp filled area. **
** (3467) Yazut steps down to the edge of the water where the stairs descend below the surface, and holds his staff above his head to get a better view of the room. **
** (3467) Yazut shrugs, curiosity satisfied, and heads back up the stairs after Thom. **
(3467) Yazut: "Uhm, what nows? Nothing be here."
** (3465) Atross waits in the mid level room still. **
** (3469) Thom stops after taking just a single step back up the stairs. He turns back to the water with a disgusted look and steps back down, getting to the very edge of where the water meets the stairs and peers down. **
** (3467) Yazut frowns, and holds his staff up over his head again to illuminate the room for him. **
(3469) Thom: "There are things down there, a long way down. My guess is they are below what was ground level before this place started sinking."
(3467) Yazut: "Oh? You has fun, if you be thinking you goes take better look, mm? Yazut not swims."
(3469) Thom: "Wow, a lot of them... and, so strange. No, I doubt I could swim down that far either, especially in this water. Just, something strange about it."
(3525) Sevis Goloens: "I dont know if you would want to swim in that, but maybe we can find a way to punch a hole in the wall to drain the water out?"
(3467) Yazut: "You tells Yazut how you sees what you sees?"
(3469) Thom: "It's not so much seeing. I can get a feeling of the minds of things. And there are a lot of them down there, feeling hungry, vengeful, and yet obedient."
(3469) Thom: "That might work Sevis, but this whole area is sunk, where would the water drain to since the area around it is also underwater?"
** (3467) Yazut cocks a brow, "Uhm, Yazut thinsk you not talks about snakes. What be hungry, vengeful?" **
(3525) Sevis Goloens: "Hungry vengful things that are obaying something more powerfull and you want to swim down there?"
(3469) Thom: "No, I don't really want to. But it is strange that they are there, they do not seem to be just naturally there. Maybe we should rest, and then see if Jarvis can think of a way to check it out."
(3469) Thom: (( ok, time to go for me. ))
(3525) Sevis Goloens: (( Ok see ya Saterday ))
(3469) Thom: (( see you then. ))
(3469) Thom: Outta here.
(3469) Zane (exit): 18:31
(3546) Morti: (adios)
** (3525) Sevis Goloens nods and sits down a few feet above water level and leans against the wall **
(3513) TaliesinNYC: well without a healer and a rogue I think we should stop then


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