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(2143) Zane: if nothing else, Daelan now knows that he can be beat - that might calm him down a little. Then again - probably not, but I can dream can't I?
(2157) DM: The two horses galloped and skidded in the increasing mire, headed as quickly as possible in any direction away. Unseasonable heat, now broken by squawling rain, winnowed down the formerly lush landscape until it became starkly passable. This far south, wilting trees horribly yellowed spoke of the drought so recently past. The two horses labored in breathing through the cutting wet, prancing over rolling hills and across newly revived streams. Recently solid footing had become treacherous.

Bedevir kept a close eye on their path in addition to his ward. Egraine never proved her mettle as an athlete and frequently made spectacular falls from the back of her horse. The last such ride, she managed to spill herself before a fist of hungry trollocs at full sprint. Not the most auspicious fumble for an Aes Sedai to make. She spent the first hours of this flight trying to properly lodge her skinny feet in the stirrups and she bounced around so violently that she would probably be limping for days. Bedevir had already caught her twice before she bucked free of the saddle when Darkmane leaped across the currents on a swelling river. Bedevir could sense her mortal fear and confusion wrapped up in a ball in the back of his head. He drew the horses back to a walk twice for as long as he thought prudent, resting them before continuing on, hoping beyond hope that his Aes Sedai would calm herself back to full lucidity. The drumming rain prevented clear conversation and he doubted Egraine could manage it even if she heard him. Of all the Aes Sedai he had met and served in his considerable career, none had needed warding as much as this tiny woman.

The girl they saved from the rabble of soldiers and strange channeling women clung white knuckled to his saddle in a muddy lump. She had not spoken a word but for when they first started out, and only then to ask, “Is that an Aes Sedai?”

Bedevir flicked the reins and heeled Farstrider, then answered, “She wears the ring, yes.”

She made no further comment, though Bedevir sometimes thought she might be crying. It was difficult to tell under the deluge of rain.

The blond woman in the blue dress with the silver collar around her neck made even less of herself than the girl with Bedevir on Farstrider. She lay across Darkmane's saddle ahead of Egraine like a sack of flour, not stirring in the slightest. While they rode, he brought Farstrider close beside Darkmane to check, thinking she might be dead, but found her pinched blue eyes open and blinking. He wondered what could possibly have happened to sap her will for struggle. He wished he knew what she said when she fell. After seeing the women in gray, he had his suspicions about the leash, though he could not be certain. So many questions to ask in so little time.

He did not like it at all; the fewer conflicts in which Bedevir ended up embroiled, the better for everyone involved. Romanda Sedai had made his duty perfectly clear. One day, they would need to return to the White Tower, to be sure. If only that choice were his to make and not Egraine’s. They two would continue along her meandering path until that sometime day finally came. As long as he could protect her, he would be there for her.

With the torrential downpour, at least he did not have to worry overly much about leaving tracks. Runnels of water up and down slopes deepened to gulleys in the face of the worsening flood. The horses labored across fresh swales, leaving behind no signs that might telegraph a heading. Bedevir wondered if the creator were not drowning the world in effort to start anew.

When darkness finally began to fall, Bedevir found a shallow recess in the lee of a hill that looked relatively dry and drew rein. He dared not risk Egraine crashing through a thick branch in the dark, or some other painful mistake he knew she might commit. In his experience, a warders greatest enemy was benign carelessness.

He helped the girl to the ground, then began to set up a camp. Soon, he had Egraine settled by a small fire and set about hobbling the horses. The woman in blue lay in a fetal position in the deepest part of the hollow, shivering. The young girl helped him bring saddle bags off the horses, her eyes still downcast. He staked up a large skin from the side of the hill to give them added shelter -a small comfort in the monumental rain. For a time, he considered asking Egraine to set wards or weave a cloak of light, then thought better of it.

Egraine caught him as he dropped down to sit by the fire. Her dark brown eyes could not quite meet his, though her beautiful lips worked as if she wanted to ask a question. She drew his color shifting cloak aside and pressed her palm into a gap in his tunic. He tensed his thick jaw, but counted the wound nothing; he had seen worse getting her through in the War of the Aire. Her touch met fresh blood. No surprise that she had noticed.

”It is not logical...” she muttered, “not logical.” Her quaking fingers probed the wound and she tilted her head to the side and blinked.

Bedevir gasped aloud when an ice cold shock flooded through him, reaching from the balls of his feet in a swelling to the top of his head. “The wound is not...” he breathed out as she released him. He swore to himself not to regret the hunger he knew would come later, “Thank you.”

She vaguely nodded, drawing back in shivers, never once looking him directly in the eye. Her head turned side to side in a darting motion and her lips moved momentarily, though no words came out. She drew her legs in until she sat with her chin resting on her knees. He sensed her fear ease somewhat, though her tongue might remain planted yet for hours.

He patted her on the shoulder and cringed when she twitched, “Please get some sleep, and try not to think about what happened. We will get through this.”

Egraine stared into the fire without moving.

The muddy girl crouched across from Bedevir, watching the Aes Sedai holding her knees to her chin.

”She has the ageless face,” the girl exclaimed softly, “but she does not look like any Aes Sedai I have ever seen.”

Bedevir grunted a short laugh. “Forgive me, but I do not have the pleasure of your acquaintance.”

”Alicia,” the girl supplied. Her bright green eyes were still red from tears, but she spoke solidly. The strength in her appeared plainly on her face, even covered as it was in mud.

”Bedevir,” the Warder responded. “She is Egraine Sedai. You will have to forgive me, Alicia, I am afraid we have little in the way of comfort to offer you.”

”More than usual,” the girl shrugged. She looked as if she were used to the hollow boniness of an empty stomach.

”Well and good,” he nodded, adjusting his bracers. “Now, will you please tell me what my lady and I have stumbled into.

Alicia divided a long gaze between Bedevir and Egraine, hesitant on moving her attention from the Aes Sedai. “You do not know of the Ath'corynn?”

”Should we?” Tavis looked at her sideways. “Egraine Sedai and I don’t often visit towns or villages or larger cities. Any news we receive at all is generally sorely out of date.”

That woman!” Alicia suddenly snapped, thrusting a mud encrusted finger at the blond woman with the collar. “Bloody Ath'corya sul’dam!”

Egraine jumped at Alicia’s outburst and squeezed her eyes closed.

”Oh ho,” the Warder nodded to himself, wondering if bringing this... Ath'corya... along had been such a good idea. He had been hoping for information rather than further complications. Once you landed in a fire, there generally was no way out but through. He immediately decided that Alicia lacked compatibility with their other guest.

”Took my sister away, stupid daughter of a goat!” the dirty young girl shouted shrilly, tears streaming from her bright green eyes and over the smudges on her cheeks. She sprang fiercely to her feet and kicked the prone woman in the side as hard as she possibly could. With a grunt, the Ath'corynn woman doubled herself more completely into a ball. Her back began to shiver. Alicia already wound up for a second kick before Bedevir sprang over the fire and lifted her away from the woman with his thick arms. “Lemme go! She deserves it!” Alicia immediately began to struggle against him.

”Please, hold on,” the warder begged the girl, “I brought her here because I thought she might need help.”

The muddy girl continued to struggle against him by flailing into his shins with her heels. “In the middle of a fight where you killed like five of her friends, you thought she needed help!”

”Something very strange happened when I locked that collar around her throat,” Bedevir explained calmly. “When I picked her up, she would have bit me and kicked me like a feral animal. But, then I locked the collar onto her and I felt her fighting spirit flee. I’ve never felt anyone fall into despair so quickly. That thing is some form of ter’angreal, I would wager, and I have a duty to make certain it finds its way to responsible hands at the White Tower. At the very least, I have to find out what this woman said as I dropped her.”

Egraine watched them in bewilderment. Bedevir felt something from her not unlike a dawning revelation, as if she verged on becoming inspired. She stared unblinking at the blond woman, stared at the length of delicately worked silver attached to the collar on the woman’s neck.

Alicia finally relaxed enough for Bedevir to let her feet back to the ground. “She would put that collar on your Aes Sedai’s neck without a second thought. She deserves to be staked out in the rain.”

”This woman is a soldier,” Bedevir said. “I know soldiers when I see them. You have to forgive soldiers for following orders. No one deserves to be staked anywhere over fighting for what they believe in. Will you give me your oath that you will not strike out at her again?”

”She bloody well deserves it,” the girl insisted.

”I will not release you until you give me an oath.”

Alicia humphed in annoyance, “I swear on the Light not to kill her now.”

”Not hurt,” Bedevir prompted.

”And I also swear not to hurt her,” the girl droned, “happy now?”

Bedevir carefully let her go, “I hold you to your word. If you break it, I will not hesitate to stake you out in the rain.”

The girl glowered at him, but nodded. She wrapped her arms around herself and started to sit, glaring emerald daggers at the back of the woman lying nearby. For the first time, Bedevir really looked at her. Her patchy clothes hung loosely over too skinny limbs; whether she wore the remains of breeches or a dress, he could not tell. Her hair straggled to the lower part of her back in a haystack thatch whose color defied guessing. The grime did not disguise the scars lining her arms and legs. When he watched her running from the soldiers before, he never thought her feet might be bare. She shivered and glowered at him again.

Tavis took off his color shifting cloak, then carefully draped it over her shoulders.

”Wait,” she protested, green eyes wide.

He shook his head. “No, you need it more than I. We have no other clothes to give you.”

Egraine had sat forward on her knees by the fire, hands to the ground. Between her fingers, she held a piece of wood which she used to scratch peculiar symbols into the mushy earth. Every so often, a trail of water would leak down the hill and streamed over her efforts, but she kept on without noticing. She might fill the entire hollow with those scrawlings before she exhausted herself to the point of asleep.

Tavis chuckled. At least her fear had abated enough to permit her return to her single-minded pursuit. He opened a saddle bag and found a packet of dried beef left over from their village stop. He forced a piece into Egraine’s free hand, which went without a look into her mouth. He put another piece into the insensate fingers of the woman with the collar. Finally, he passed the remains to Alicia, “Here, a little bit left.”

The girl accepted uncertainly. “What will you eat?”

”Nothing it seems,” Bedevir sighed, seating himself, “rabbit tomorrow, perhaps.”

Alicia stared across the fire at Bedevir. The warder grinned slightly and gestured her to eat. She took small bites, her eyes straying every so often to the working Aes Sedai. Egraine veritably flew through her ministrations, wood rasping across earth. Bedevir felt from her a growing excitement.

”Tell me about these Ath'corynn,” Bedevir asked, sparing a glance for Egraine’s deft hands soaring over the ground. “About that collar.”

Sul’dam use it to control damane,” Alicia glared at the ground. “It is called an a’dam.”

”The women in gray are damane?” he asked.

Alicia nodded carefully, “Ath'corynn make slaves of every woman they find who can channel. Put the a’dam on them and treat them like animals. Bloody sul’dam make women into weapons. Every woman they find who is able.”

”Erroneous,” Egraine interjected abruptly, not glancing up from her scribing. It could be difficult sometimes to know what she responded to, but she continued in her stilted monotone. “I can feel it in her. This woman here can supply semiphase delay while pseudo-linked. It made an asymmetry when I saw channeling from... from... from the damane.”

Alicia glanced at Bedevir, “Pseudo-linked?”

Bedevir faced Egraine. “I’m afraid that made little sense, Aes Sedai. Could you please explain more carefully?”

With a stray finger, still absorbed in her scribbles, Egraine absently touched the silver leash and the bracelet end of the a’dam. “Metal here contains a weave. It is a link, but it is not -a maybe link, a pseudo-link. It has the same dynamical symmetric properties as sisters joining weaves to channel in a circle, but is forcibly directional. Each sister in the circle reinforces phases to increase channeling intensity in non-linear fashion. A link cannot form unless all participants form a sa’idar phase space. A pseudo-link cannot form unless both participants form phase space. It is here...” she pointed to a particular string of symbols before her, as if anyone would understand what she referred to.

”What is she saying?” Alicia demanded. “That made no better sense.”

The warder slowly nodded, understanding what his Aes Sedai had said. It occurred to him that he had spent too many years looking over her shoulder. “She means that both sul’dam and damane must be able to channel to make this ter’angreal work.”

Alicia stared at him incredulously. “That cannot be. Sul’dam are treated like queens, damane like pets. They turned Turuq Dar upside down and put the collar on every woman they could find who can channel. Just snapped it on and dragged them away.” Her eyes defocused as her voice broke.

Bedevir looked consideringly at the sul’dam lying in the back of the hollow, brushing his chin with the tips of his fingers. “And they were trying to collar you.”

The mud ensconced girl gave a faint shrug. “I am useless. I cannot do anything.”

”Three women channeling,” Bedevir muttered to himself. Egraine had lapsed back into the silence of her work and did not appear ready to offer any further pearls of wisdom. “One wild. Alicia, did these Ath'corynn put their a’dam on your sister?”

Green eyes flashed wide at him, then looked sharply away. “Yes,” she wrapped herself closely in the color shifting cloak and lay with her back to the fire. Her stifled sobbing begged no further discourse.

* * *

They are no longer moving ahead, the sul’dam bowed with the news. “Probably bedded for the night."

Talanthara’s burnished hazel eyes narrowed, “Are you sure this is the truth? You were lied to before.”

”Absolutely, commander,” Eashin adjusted the a’dam locked to her wrist. She leaned over to pet the damane who lay on the ground at her feet. “I would stake my honor on it now.”

How far?” the black-haired Ath'corynn battle commander demanded.

”Maybe as far as ten leagues,” Eashin shrugged, “it is not easy to be specific.”

”If we struggle through this watershod mess all night, they will be ready to leave with the morning sun before we can reach them,” Talanthara turned away grumbling. “If only we had Vaush or Iradas. Can we call support from the Crowns of Blood?”

A warrior standing nearby bowed and slurred, “Unlikely commander. Through this pea-soup? We have no word if they are even flying.”

”Very well,” Talanthara spat in anger. The day just kept getting worse. “We march through the night.”

”As you wish,” her petty officer darted off to his men with a quick salute. She could hear him sloshing through the mud in the dark, headed toward a crowd of smoldering torches.

”If I may, commander,” Eashin bowed her head, “they will know when we are coming.”

One difficulty at a time. We can deal with that once we close their lead.”

(2157) DM: (we'll start off with the interlude from last session.)
(2157) DM: (whisper me when you're done reading if you weren't around last time. You've just left Wysos. Daelan was impatient and decided to scout ahead. When he hasn't returned after a reasonable time, that's when the game begins, after about 30 minutes from the time he left to go scout.)
Thom: (( that's probably about the same time that I would get there with the two little ones after their shopping trip, right? ))
(2157) DM: ((yes))
(2158) Daelan (enter): 21:41
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (2158) Daelan...
Thom: (( and there he is... ))
(2157) DM: ((wonderful timing))
(2158) Daelan: (( why what'd I do now?))
(2149) Yazut: ((You got discombobulated. :D))
(2157) DM: ((so as I was saying, the game begins 30 minutes or thereabouts after Daelan leaves to go scout.))
whispering to Daelan, you're incapacitated as of now but I'll let you know when you come to
** Thom rides up to the others and the coach with Morti and Yazut. "That should be everyone, let's get going and away from this town." **
(2144) Morti: "Hai... off to see the Tower!" :Morti happily proclaims as he hops up into the coach to leave
** Thom looks around to make sure everyone is preparing to leave. "Wait, what happened to Daelan?" **
** (2149) Yazut climbs onto the back of the coach, not getting inside with the others, "Not knows..?" **
** Thom looks at those there were there first (Atross, Drenla, Rhian) for an answer. **
(2144) Morti: "Eh... he probably went ahead. He doesn't seem to like this town too much."
Thom: "Of all the times to leave. Well, he always did want to get on with his vengence. Maybe we should just go on and leave him to his quest before he does something that kills our future."
(2157) Rhian Aes Sedai: I think he went to go scout ahead. (murmurs absently)
(2144) Morti: :nods to Rhian: "We'll probably find him skulking round in some bushes up the road."
Thom: "Yeah, we probably shouldn't use Drenla's spell right outside the city walls anyway. Let's move on a little ways down the road."
** Thom motions for a couple to take the lead then has the coach line up, and Thom takes the rear position as they make their way down the road at a comfortable pace. **
** (2144) Morti gets his books back out as he sits inside the coach, intending to continue his morning studies. **
(2157) Maximillian: Mrrrow. (suddenly scoots out of Drenla's grasp and bolts to the far end of the coach underneath Morti's seat and whimpers)
(2157) DM: You swear you've never seen the tabby run as fast as he did just now.
** (2149) Yazut huddles up with the baggage and other odds and ends, watching the retreating rooftops of the buildings of the city as they depart. **
** (2144) Morti sits with a book in his hands and Moiraine in his lap, as he glances down to the fat cat, "You stay outta my books, snobby." **
** Drenla seems a bit puzzled. "Funny, he's never done that before." **
** Thom rides up alongside the coach from the rear to chat with Morti. **
Thom: "So, how far do we keep going looking for him?"
(2144) Morti: :glances out the window of the Carriage to Thom: "Eh? ... I dunno. If he's going our way, we'll either run into him on the way or in Pelham... right?"
Thom: "Are we going to ride all the way there?" ::looks at Drenla::
(2157) Rhian Aes Sedai: The capitol is a few days away by steed, Morti. And I doubt your friend can ride that fast.
(2157) Drenla: I was of the mind to transport us there, but my spell will not be able to send us and this carriage at the same time. (shrugs)
Thom: "Well, I guess that doeasn't really work as well as I was hoping."
(2144) Morti: :toi Rhian: "No, but he may travel ahead of us the whole way."
whispering to Daelan, A splash of cold water is thrown on your face. (Con check.)
(2157) Vael, of House Dres: Wake him up, I want to get a good look at him.
** Naedara shrugs at hearing this and throws the contents of her skin at Daelan. **
Thom: "And I thought you were a mage Morti, did you already forget the plan to.. uh, what was the word? Teleport? All the way to Pelham."
** Vael, of House Dres draws his breath in suddenly with a sharp hiss as the elf slowly opens his eyes. "This isn't him. You brought back the wrong elf!" (turns to Naedara and slaps her across her cheek with his gauntleted hand) **
** Naedara tries to dodge the blow but doesn't succeed. The blow sends her back a few feet, opening an angry welt on her cheek. **
(2144) Morti: :while he returns his eyes to his book, he offers aside to Thom: "If we teleport now we abandon Daelan."
Thom: "And?"
** (2158) Daelan lifts his head slightly and watches what is going on **
(2144) Morti: :looks up with a frown: "He may be a jerk at times, but that's no reason to ditch him."
** Vael, of House Dres glowers at the wizard and turns to Daelan. "And your men battered him severely enough that he's probably unfit for a replacement. For a wizardling, you're quite useless. There are slaves with better, more capable skills than you." **
Thom: "Maybe. But it's not his attitude, it's more that I am afraid that he will kill the wrong person and destroy the future, as Etienne warned us against."
** (2133) Donovan looks around at the contents of the carriage, "Also, we'll need to unpack everything we want from the carriage. Everything we want to bring with us, anyway. Should probably see what this thing is worth rather than abandoning it too." **
** (2149) Yazut frowns at the conversation rgearding the cantankerous elf, and tugs the cowl of his robe low over his eyes, laying his head against the some luggage to rest, the first rest in a few days time. **
(2157) Naedara: Begging your pardon, Lord, I thought he was Farael. He even looked like him. (glances at Daelan) I see that he's not, but fear not, I shall double my search!
(2133) Donovan: "I don't believe there's anything Daelan can do to destroy the future unless we directly help since he's supposed to be in this time."
Thom: "But if he travels with us, are we not helping him?" Thom shakes his head slightly. "I don't know, but it is something that we should be careful about."
(2144) Morti: "True... besides... he can't do much damage on his own. But if he does try something stupid, isn't it better we have him around to keep an eye on.?"
(2133) Donovan: "Since he's already been traveling with us, we've already helped him. If we let him run off now we'll have no idea what he's doing. At least you should want to keep an eye on him."
** Vael, of House Dres spins around on his heel suddenly and seizes Naedara. "Fool! By now he has most likely reached Acthuras! We've lost him and it’s solely because of your stupidity! I should give you over to the Ath'corynn. They could use one such as you, though you have no skill of the Power." **
Thom: "Very well, let's keep looking for him then." Thom directs his horse to lead the coach for a little and he closes his eyes for a moment, trusting the horse to follow the road.
** Naedara raises her hands to ward off the coming blow. "But Lord, perhaps this one could be useful for our purposes? He is an elf after all. Lithe, skilled of stealth and able to use a sword. And not dead." **
(2157) Naedara: He's awakening.  (points to Daelan)
(2144) Morti: :Shrugs: "It didn't really say anything about looking for him. He may have just taken off. After all, he doesn't seem to like us much either."
** (2158) Daelan speaks softly," Actually I can not use a sword Human." **
** Vael, of House Dres raises his hand as if to slap her again but stops short at the wizardling's words and turns his head. "Why so he is." **
(2157) Vael, of House Dres: Do you have a name, elf? (sneers)
(2158) Daelan: " Yes I have a name,do you Human?"
(2157) Vael, of House Dres: I do, but you are unworthy to call me by it, worm.
(2158) Daelan: " Well then I guess I will address you as ugly Human and you may call me elf."
(2157) DM: Vael cuts an imposing figure, quite tall for a human and garbed in deep purple-hued platemail with a gray trimmed black cloak and onyx drakescale boots. A crimson eagle can be seen emblazoned on his left gauntlet.
(2157) Vael, of House Dres: I doubt you are in any sort of position to make demands. (looks curiously at Daelan)
(2157) Vael, of House Dres: You're a green. What is a green doing here in the middle of Gwythnecht?  I would think that your kind would know better than to be here.
** (2158) Daelan laughs dryly at the comment **
(2157) Vael, of House Dres: You say he was riding alone, Naedara? (not turning to her)
(2158) Daelan: " I was heading to Aethuras to buy some supplies."
(2157) Naedara: Yes. (picks herself up slowly off the ground, clutching her jaw with her left hand and massaging it carefully)  He gave a good fight as well...or tried.
(2157) Vael, of House Dres: Supplies?  For whom? (regards you)
(2158) Daelan: " For myself,did you see anyone else with me Human?"
(2157) DM: Your (Daelan) surroundings seem to be a campsite near what seems to be the beginnings of a vast swamp. Lightly wooded forest gives way to a bleak moor on both sides of the road in the distance. The air is chilly and damp, with a fine mist rolling across the wet grass.
(2157) DM: Men from Naedara's party are in the process of breaking camp, and try not to observe the proceedings.
** Thom rides back to the coach. "I guess we will just keep going and wait for Daelan to show up. He just really gets on my nerves some times." **
(2157) Vael, of House Dres: I don't believe you. Acthuras is at least a day or three travel away. No, you have friends nearby. And possibly useful as well. (mutters)
(2157) Vael, of House Dres: I'll say it again. Who are you travelling with?
** Naedara murmurs softly, the words of a spell forming on her lips. **
(2144) Morti: "I figure he annoys most people, at least until you get use to him." :muses in after thought: "I wonder how long that will take."
(2158) Daelan: " And I will tell you again,myself,geez are all Humans this stupid?"
Thom: "Oh, about 30 years?"
(2144) Morti: "Oh... so maybe when we get back to our time he'll be nicer."
** Vael, of House Dres throws his head back and laughs, then leans forward and kicks you in the ribs. **
Thom: "We can only hope I guess. Anyway, I'll leave you to your studies Morti."
** (2158) Daelan grunts from the kick,then looks up at the Human **
(2144) Morti: "Ok..." :glances up to Thom: "Didn't you plan on studying magicks as well?"
(2157) Vael, of House Dres: He might be useful, yes. Put him to sleep and let us leave this place. And be sure to leave him alive this time.
** Vael, of House Dres turns to look at Daelan with a satisfied smirk. "I've always said the only good elf is a slave....alive or dead, it doesn't much matter." **
Thom: " I don't know if I want to keep studying them. I just have found myself with a few thoughts in my mind ever since shortly after joining with you all."
(2144) Morti: :Nods: "Okay.. well.. if you need any help. Just ask." :returns to his books:
Thom: "But for now at least, I think that little of extra knowledge is more than enough for my brain."
(2158) Daelan: " Keep smiling Human,soon I will be standing over your corpse and I will be the one smiling in the end."
(2157) Vael, of House Dres: The name is Vael, elf. Vael, of House Dres. Remember it, we will meet again. (smirks and turns away, laughing)
(2158) Daelan: " Now I can tell them the name of the Humans head I have mounted on my pike."
** Thom rides up to see how Atross is doing. "Things looking well here?" **
(2133) Donovan: "Well enough. Nothing of interest anyway."
Thom: "Somethimes, that is the best way."
Atross: "If it's really the case, it's for the best. Sometimes it just means whatever is watching is very good at hiding."
(2164) Exodus (enter): 22:39
Thom: "True. Well, keep an eye open. Somehow I doubt this trip will be completely uneventful."
(2164) Exodus (exit): 22:40
(2165) Devor (enter): 22:42
** (2149) Yazut readjusts himself in his seat and cracks an eye, unable to sleep through the jostling of the carriage-he glances out in the distance at the road behind them. **
** Naedara releases her spell, as three winged black serpents regurgitate from her eyes and mouth, coil in mid-air and fly unerringly at Daelan, sinking their fangs deep into his flesh. "Farael might have escaped us, but you will serve our purposes just the same. This spell carries the weight of the Shadecurse, which can only be broken by the Singing Statue, a holy relic of Lady Hurishta. The Statue lies near this swamp, in what is now Orvaeras Keep. Seek the Statue to break the curse. If you fail, well, you die." **
(2165) Devor (exit): 22:42
** Thom nods to Atross and rides back to where Yazut sits. **
Thom: "How is the ride for you back here?"
** (2149) Yazut tilts his head down to glance at Thom, then back up at the countryside behind them, "Bumpy." **
** (2149) Yazut glances back at Thom, "No sign of elf?" **
whispering to Daelan, you pass out from the spell
whispering to Daelan, she brings you to negative hp but not enough to go below -10
Thom: "Yes, I'd imagine so. No, nothing of that one yet. Although I am sure he will show up when he's least wanted." He smirks a little.
(2166) Devor (enter): 22:46
** (2158) Daelan passes out from the spell **
** (2149) Yazut shrugs imperceptibly, and rests his head against the luggage again. **
(2166) Devor (exit): 22:49
** Vael, of House Dres returns to Naedara. "Excellent. We should leave soon. My father will be wondering where in blazes I've gone to." **
** Thom continues his rear guard position for a while, and then moves ahead of the coach for a while and then back to the rear; making a round every approximately 15 minutes. **
(2157) DM: ((FFing a bit))
** Thom makes a few rounds back and forth around the coach before finding something. He quickly rides back to the coach. "Someone is ahead a little ways, I think it's Daelan. And he doesn't seem to be awake." **
(2157) DM: The morning is chilly and damp, with a fine mist rolling along wet grass. Lightly wooded forest gradually gives way to a bleak moor along both sides of the road.
** Thom speeds his horse a little to speed up to check out the body. **
** (2149) Yazut continues to observe the surrounding area they've already past. **
(2144) Morti: Spellcraft Skill Check: [1d20+17] -> [1,17] = (18)
** Thom approaches Daelan's body after a quick glance around the area. he dismounts and carefully heads to Daelan, carefuly to make plenty of noise to let the elf know he is there. "Daelan?" **
(2157) DM: No response is forthcoming.
** (2144) Morti has stayed up through the night, diligent in his studies, he's just trying to get some rest as they come upon the elf. **
** (2149) Yazut glances down at the tracks in the mud, but thinks nothing more of it, untrained in such things and thus unable to discern any pattern to the tracks. **
** Thom reaches down and rolls Daelan over gently, checking that he is still breathing well and not to visibly hurt. **
** Atross dismounts and draws his bow, igniting it's magical flames while he approaches warily surveying the area surrounding the unconscious elf. **
** (2149) Yazut glances over his shoulder from his position, eyeing the others on the road ahead-spotting the body, he slowly and carefully climbs up onto the roof of the carriage, and takes a quick glance around the area to either side their position. **
** (2144) Morti hangs his head out of the coach, looking wearily to find why they stopped, "What's going on?" **
Atross: "Found someone; probably Daelan."
(2144) Morti: "Eh? Daelan? ... Is he alright?" :opens the door to hop out of the Coach.:
** Thom whispers quietly after seeing some of the wounds. **
** (2149) Yazut eyes widen as he grins in delight when he spots a particularly succulent crop of moss growing on the south side of a tree to his right-he climbs down off the carriage and wanders around infront of the carriage and horses to comment on the elf's condition, "..Oh, hims not looks too good." **
Atross: "If by alright you mean alive, probably. Even of that I'm not too sure."
** (2144) Morti heads over to check on the elf's condition. **
** (2149) Yazut uses his little staff for support as he leans over the body of the elf, and gives it a good prodding with the butt end of his tiny staff. **
Thom: "Yeah, he's alive. Looks like some blows, possibly hits of magick, more than likely some internal injuries like broken ribs."
** (2144) Morti examines his wounds, seeking for signs of magical damage to confirm thom's theory. **
Thom: "Easy, the last thing we want is for him to wake up rudely. After this beating, he will more than likely be in an even worse mood than usual."
(2149) Yazut: "Elf!" he says, prodding the body again and again, "What Yazut tells you? Tells you this happens!"
(2144) Morti: Knowledge: Arcana Skill Check: [1d20+17] -> [16,17] = (33)
** (2158) Daelan opens his eyes briefly," Touch me again Glamhath and I will kill you." **
whispering to Morti, there's an aura of magicka around Daelan that seems to be a mixture of regular magicka and the type of magicka that Rhian uses
Thom: "Easy Daelan. I don't care if you like us or not, but for your own sake - take it easy for a moment, ok?"
whispering to Morti, its beyond your comprehension
(2144) Morti: "Weird...." :mutters as he examines Daelan's body:
** (2149) Yazut cocks a brow at the elf as he stands over him, but doesn't continue with his prodding, he insteads holds up a finger, admonishing the elf, "Oh, you not breaks oath to brother..." **
** Thom steps back as Daelan speaks so he's not crowding the elf. **
Atross: "Technically, he wasn't, but you don't really want to hear it right now, I bet. What's new?"
(2158) Daelan: " After what I went through Glamhath,I am sure my brother would forgive me killing you."
Thom: "What did happen? I find it hard to believe that anyone got a drop on you."
** (2158) Daelan looks up at Thom **
** (2149) Yazut snorts at the elf's comment, and turns to walk away, satisfied that he'll live, possibly a regrettable fact, though he's pleased just the same, regardless, and wanders over to the tree with the moss he spotted a moment age. **
(2144) Morti: :suddenly very interested, Morti crowds in to ask eagerly of Dalean: "What happened to you? You have the feel of arcane Magicks, and something that feels like the one POwer?"
(2158) Daelan: " Nine Humans,led by a female wizard Human named Naedara,took me to be beaten by some Human named Vael from the House of Dres."
** (2149) Yazut grabs a bit of cloth from his satchel, and begins plucking small clumps of moss from the south side of the tree with hsi fingers.. **
** Rhian Aes Sedai peers out of the coach with a worried look on her face, and spots Daelan. **
(2144) Morti: "Vael.... Naedara... hmmm..." :tries to think of any mention of them in his studies.: (arcana and history check)
(2158) Daelan: " What one power?"
(2144) Morti: Knowledge: Arcana Skill Check: [1d20+17] -> [11,17] = (28)
(2144) Morti: Knowledge: History Skill Check: [1d20+8] -> [18,8] = (26)
** Thom glances around, but sees no other bodies. "Well, did you not get even one of the nine?" **
(2144) Morti: "That power Miss Rhian uses."
** Rhian Aes Sedai gets out of the coach and approaches you. "I have never seen this type of weave before. It could be a Forbidden weave." (worried) **
Atross: "Honestly, I suspected this was a trap at first, too."
(2158) Daelan: " No I tried to take out the one called Naedara but for some reason my arrows ended up coming back at me,and then a man on a horse hit me with his sword."
** Thom looks up from his teasing of Daelan to Rhian. "That doesn't sound good." **
Atross: (In response to Thom's question, btw)
** Rhian Aes Sedai observes Daelan with what seems like a detached look on her face. "Whomever did this is skilled in sai'dar and in the magicka of this world." (frowns) **
** (2158) Daelan sits up **
** Thom nods to Atross, agreeing with his comment. "I had that thought, but didn't find anyone else in the area so I figured it was safe enough." **
(2158) Daelan: " Yes she said something about a shadecurse."
(2144) Morti: "Shade curse...?" (another arcana check)
(2144) Morti: Knowledge: Arcana Skill Check: [1d20+17] -> [7,17] = (24)
(2157) Rhian Aes Sedai: It is an insidious magic. Whenever he is healed to his full capacity, he is reduced in health. If he is healed enough times, if the magicka is not broken, he will die.
** (2149) Yazut manages to collect enough of the moss to supplement his fuu'grot rations for a number of days, and tucks the gathered moss into his satchel with the rest of his belongings before wandering back over to the group, grinning, "Elf thinks first to kills, instead.. Elf be one who gets hurt. Mmmh, Yazut wonder if elfs thinks twice next time he thinks to kill." **
(2167) Devor (enter): 23:16
(2167) Devor (exit): 23:16
Thom: "So, we shouldn't heal Daelan at all?"
(2168) Devor (enter): 23:17
(2157) DM: ((OOC: in game terms, its a curse that does Con damage but only when healing magic is cast on him, and only if a certain amount of damage is healed))
** (2149) Yazut levels an accusing finger at him, "Yazut warns you before what will happens if you walks that path. This time, elf be lucky. Next time.." **
(2144) Morti: :to Rhian: "Can you or the Sisters at your Tower remove the curse?"
(2158) Daelan: " There is supposed to be a Singing Statue around here somewhere,for some reason they wanted a Quessir named Farael but they said I would do,so I have to find this statue thing to break the curse."
(2157) Rhian Aes Sedai: Only a full circle can remove this weaving from your friend, or one other than myself with the assistance of a ter'angreal. This is the case whenever a Forbidden weave such as this or balefire is used.
** (2158) Daelan stands up brushing the dirt from his clothes,walks over to the goblin,looks down at him and spits on the goblins cloak," Point that finger at me again and I will remove it." **
(2157) Rhian Aes Sedai: Only those who use Forbidden lore are Black Ajah... (voice trails off as her face blanches for a moment)
(2158) Daelan: " Now has anyone heard of this Singing Statue?"
Thom: "Well, this day just gets better and better."
(2144) Morti: Knowledge: Arcana Skill Check: [1d20+17] -> [11,17] = (28)
(2144) Morti: Knowledge: History Skill Check: [1d20+8] -> [12,8] = (20)
** Thom shakes his head in response to Daelan's question. **
whispering to Morti, yes
** (2149) Yazut frowns up at him, then spits at his feet in disgust, "Yazut not cares. Fool elf dies, then, and Yazut not shed tear," he says, and wanders back over to the carriage. **
(2144) Morti: (arcana/history for Singing statue as well))
whispering to Morti, its a statue of a priestess of Hurishta raised in supplication. the statue is made of silver and can be filled with a liquid. if the liquid is holy water or pure water, the magicka of the statue is activated and the liquid therein can heal any wound, cure any poison or disease and even restore lost limbs or break curses
whispering to Morti, the statue was lost for several centuries in what is now Orvaeras Keep, which is coincidentally not far from Acthuras, near your present location
** (2149) Yazut clinbs back up onto the rear of the carriage, and sits down to a quick meal of fuu'grot bundled in fresh moss, not really bothered by the spittle that now decorates his robe. **
** (2144) Morti sits back, looking up at the sky after a short silence, he speaks, as if recanting a tale, "The Singing Statue, a silver representation of the Lady Hurishta. It's supposed to have great healing powers. If filled wilth holy water it can heal and injury, break any curse, even restore lost limbs." **
Thom: "Find a stature and be cured, Visit a chateau and get a sword. Go to the keep in the could and find a missing man. It seems to be all we do is find missing things."
Thom: (( *could = clouds ))
(2144) Morti: :lowering his eyes to his comrades, he continues: "It was said to have been lost in some keep near Acthuras.. is that near here?"
(2158) Daelan: " Well it could be worse Thom,you could be the ones who keep losing things,instead of finding them."
Atross: "So it heals if filled with holy water. Who are they wanting cured then? Since they told you about it, they expect you to try to find it. And then this would do something for them. And if all it really does is heal..."
(2158) Daelan: " It is supposed to be around a place called Orvaeras Keep."
Thom: "True, but it just seems like all we do are these little treasure hunts."
(2157) Rhian Aes Sedai: It's possible. This area is known for being full of ruins when elves ruled this land, before the coming of Men.
(2144) Morti: :to Rhian: "If we go to the see your Sisters, do you think they could help Daelan instead? Something about finding this statue for these people seems very wrong."
Atross: "Furthermore, why an elf?"
(2157) Rhian Aes Sedai: We could, but I'm not certain if Drenla can transport us that far. He's resting in the carriage.
(2158) Daelan: " Quessir Atross."
Thom: "If the ruins are from the times of the elves, that might be why they need Daelan. Of course, I don't expect that they will let him leave with it."
(2158) Daelan: " Well perhaps it takes a Quessir to find this statue,after all we did make some artifacts long before you Humans came."
Thom: "Quessir, sorry Daelan. No disrespect intended, old habits."
(2158) Daelan: " None taken Thom."
(2144) Morti: "Hmm... if we do leave and let them get to it though... hrrmmm... maybe they're suppose to get it. After all, we wouldn't be here to stop them if we hadn't come back in time, but still...."
(2157) DM: Faint music can be heard wafting from the carriage.
(2158) Daelan: " Well if I do not find it,they will go looking for Farael who is perhaps in Aethuras."
** (2144) Morti crosses his arms and legs as he sits in the road, thinking. **
Thom: "Well, Morti says it was supposed to be lost in this area - so no one should have it. If we can find it and heal Daelan, and then rehide it - we should be able to preserve time."
** (2158) Daelan looks down at Morti," Strange place to relax." **
Thom: (( *in our time ))
(2144) Morti: "Eh?" :looks up to Dael: "I can get comfortable in strange places." :getting up off his butt, he inquires, do we have any idea where this lost keep is?"
Thom: "So I guess we need to find this statue, huh?"
** (2158) Daelan takes off his pack and rumages through it,taking out a jar filled with some salve,opens it up and begins to rub some of it on his wounds. ( Healing Salve [2d6] -> [3,3] = (6) ) **
(2144) Morti: :nods: "We can't let strange people get their hands on something so important. Such Magicks must be preserved."
Thom: "Careful with that Daelan. Remember the more you heal, the weaker you get. Uh, if I understood it right."
(2158) Daelan: " Not using it all,just enough to make it so that I can move around."
** Thom nods to Daelan. **
(2158) Daelan: " They seemed interested in whom I was traveling with."
(2169) Lucid Mirage (enter): 23:40
** Thom looks around the area. **
(2158) Daelan: " They broke camp several hours ago Thom."
(2157) DM: Laughter, from the carriage.
Thom: "Seems strange that they would leave you all alone to recover what could cure you."
** Thom glances at the carriage. "Speaking of strange." **
(2144) Morti: "Eh?" :Peers over to the Carriage. Curious he strolls over to see what's so funny:
(2157) Voice: ...are your friends? That's a fat cat you have there.
** Thom moves back to the carriage as well. **
(2157) DM: Elamurix seems to have woken up and is regaling Drenla with a tale while playing a lute. Maximillan is curled up next to the bard, mewoing contentedly.
Atross: "Hmm, music and laughter. Maybe El's awake?"
(2158) Daelan: " Perhaps they wished me out of the way Thom."
(2144) Morti: :scarf grins to the bard: "Hello."
(2157) Elamurix Celendil: Oh, there you are. That tabby of yours likes his clotted cream.
(2169) Lucid Mirage (exit): 23:44
** Thom looks in and smiles. He leaves Morti to chat and steps back to the others. **
Thom: "Maybe. I just wouldn't be surprised to see them return is all."
(2157) Elamurix Celendil: Well. I do have some tales to tell. Not all of them happy and joyous. But we can save those for another time.
** Elamurix Celendil strums his lute and hums a few bars. **
Atross: "Then there's the matter of why they didn't dispose of you instead of setting you towards this task. And then there'd still be the matter of finding the right Quessir."
** (2144) Morti hangs on the door listening to the music contently, "How are you feeling Elamurix?" **
(2157) Elamurix Celendil: Me? I'm fine! Quite! A very very warm welcome to you, Master Morti. I had such a vivid dream, with a beauteous lady with fair skin and raven-black hair in a diaphanous gown of silk charmeuse with scarlet trim and gold ermine.
(2157) Elamurix Celendil: She sat longingly by my side as if she would say a word but did not take my hand. (sighs)
(2144) Morti: :cocks his head aside, musing: "I think I met here too."
(2157) Elamurix Celendil: Where is everyone? And why are we stopped? (looks out of the carriage)
(2158) Daelan: " You are a bard Elamurix,do you know anything about the Singing Statue?"
(2144) Morti: "Our elf friend ran afoul of an evil weaver and some one name Vael. He's been cursed it seems."
(2157) Elamurix Celendil: The Singing Statue. (looks at Daelan) You don't look so well, friend. Have an eclair. (rummages in his haversack and pulls out a pastry covered in a sweet-smelling brown substance)
** Thom looks over everyone getting back up and moving a little. He remounts his horse and prepares to head off. **
(2144) Morti: :eyes go wide at the sight of the pastry: "When'd you get that?"
Thom: "So we have to find something musical to cure a curse on someone. Why does this feel so very familiar? Oh yeah - Helisandra."
Atross: "I wonder how big the statue is, if it could be lost, after all."
(2157) Elamurix Celendil: It's a statue, made of silver, dedicated to the goddess of magic. Lost two or three centuries ago when a human chieftain stole it from an elven shrine, which was the cause of much misery. Not a shining moment. Although there are stories that it was an artifact made by humans that was taken by elves in the first place.
** Elamurix Celendil looks at Morti and pats his haversack. **
** (2144) Morti stares at the sack, looking hungry **
** (2149) Yazut glances over his shoulder again at the folks gathered around the carriage, and with a grunt, he climbs up atop the cariage and peeks over at the others, "We stops long enough, mm? Talks of walking-dead-prickear and statue while we rides, maybe, yes?" **
(2157) Elamurix Celendil: There is something else about the statue but I can't remember it just now.
(2158) Daelan: " Any idea where Orvaeras Keep is Elamurix?"
Thom: "Well Yazut, Daelan needs to find a statue that is missing. We need an idea of where to go before we go there."
** Elamurix Celendil breaks the pastry in half and offers some to Morti. "Well, if he won't have one, you can have some." **
(2157) DM: Sweet beige-white cream oozes out of the flaky, buttery center.
(2144) Morti: "Thank you!" :Morti takes the eclair half with a cloth smile. Turning aside, he shift his mask to get it in his mouth:
** Elamurix Celendil munches on the eclair. "Mmmm, sure you won't have a bite?" (glances out the carriage) "I'd say not too far from here. But then, I don't know where here is." **
Thom: "We are on the road north and east of Wysos. No more than an hour out."
** (2149) Yazut uses his tiny walking stick to point up the road they're traveling on, "So? Talks of this while we rides, mm?" He glances around the surrounding area again, "Not thinks it be safe here.." **
(2157) Elamurix Celendil: Well...
(2157) Elamurix Celendil: We're on the edge of the Bleak Moor, which is really a bog swamp, don't ask me why it's called a moor when it's a swamp. Acthuras is about four days from here by steed. The ruins are perhaps a day or so, but to the north.
(2157) Elamurix Celendil: Near Undolyssil, the Lake of Death.
Thom: "Then I guess we head more north."
Atross: "It's not completely out of the way, but it is probably something to completely waste our time. We'll have to be on guard for if they show up, as well as whatever dangers might take up residence in a lost keep. How did this place get lost again?"
Atross: "And, as long as we're wasting time, we can start moving now that we're know what direction we're going."
Thom: "Maybe Atross, but we can't risk the forces of Dark getting the statue, now can we?"
** (2144) Morti looks back, eclair stains on his scarf as he speaks, "Is there any kind of trail to follow? Or do we need to ditch the Coach?" **
** (2149) Yazut frowns, wondering for a moment how, and why he managed to find himself mixed up with this collection of.. Intresting individuals, then locks his eyes on the elf momentarily, before climbing back into his seat at the back of the carriage. **
Thom: "Yeah, not sure how well the coach will hold up in a swamp."
** Atross extinguishes his bow's flames as he reslings it and remounts, "If all it does is heal, and it uses holy water to do that, what are they going to do with it? Besides, now we need to find it anyway." **
Atross: "Maybe it does something else with unholy water, does that remind you of anything, El?"
** (2149) Yazut nestles himself between the luggage, and plucks a book from his satchel to study whil;e he waits, and waits, for the rest of the group. **
Thom: "Alright, Atross - get the coach moving and I'll keep up a rotating watch."
whispering to Zane, I know he mentioned Morti by name.
Atross: "Right. If it becomes to boggy we'll work something else out then."
(2157) Elamurix Celendil: Mmm. Say, you might want to introduce yourselves. I'm Elamurix, gourmet, cook extraordinaire and mage. Just not when I'm drunk.
** (2158) Daelan heads over to the edge of the road and looks to see if there are any tracks of the ones who captured him. **
** Elamurix Celendil munches on the eclair. "I think, well...it does the reverse of what it would do with unholy water." **
Thom: "Think you can find a solid way into and through the swamp Daelan?"
(2158) Daelan: " If there is a path I can find it Thom."
Thom: "Sounds good. The sooner we get this statue, the sooner we get you cured, and the sooner we get back to business."
Atross: "So it harms, curses, and may even remove limbs? That sounds messy."
** (2144) Morti climbs up into the coach. ready to move out. "Even more reason we should keep them from getting it." **
Atross: "Oh, shoot. That's right. You've never met some of us before after all."
** (2158) Daelan begins to scout the area,looking for a solid path through the swamp **
** (2144) Morti settles into his seat, hoping to get some rest before they ditch the coach **
** Atross calls back into the carriage, "I'm Atross and today I'm driving, tomorrow I'll probably be shooting. Until I run out of arrows again. The quiet guy is Sevis. The one on watch is Thom. Morti can introduce himself and usually does. And Jarvis you'll have to meet later, I can't seem to spot him right now though I'm sure he's up there somewhere." **
** (2158) Daelan heads back to Thom," Well there is a path for about a mile in,after that I am not sure the coach will be able to make it." **
Thom: "Sounds good. Let's take it." Thom heads to the coach and tells those inside what Daelan found.
(2144) Morti: :yawns as he nods: Do we have enough mounts to carry us all the rest of the way?"
Atross: "Oh yeah, if some of the luggage starts walking around again, that's just Yazut. He's friendly but that doesn't mean it's safe to get close if you nose what I mean."
Thom: "Well, we didn't have the coach before the focus. We'll probably have to double up, but we should be able to make it."
(2144) Morti: "Okay... Too bad. I really liked having a coach. Maybe we can get one when we get back to our time."
Thom: "We'll have it when we get back, just not for a little while."
Atross: "The traveling comfort is a nice change of pace, but we'll have to pick up our pace sometime i'm afraid."
(2158) Daelan: " It will be safe in the swamp,we can pick it back up when we leave."
(2158) Daelan: " The ones who captured me,are heading to Aethuras."
Atross: "Rather, if they decide to follow, they can't take it either."
** (2149) Yazut closes his book shut, and tucks it away into his satchel, focusing on the end conversation between the others. **
(2144) Morti: "Okay.. into the swamp we go then." : smiles wide as he muses: "I can't wait to see that statue. Something that amazing.. hehe..."
** (2158) Daelan turns around and heads into the swamp,leading the others on the path. **
(2157) DM: Your trek across dry land slowly comes to an end. The terrain has become wet and spongy, and healthy vegetation is replaced by twisted old trees, dark scraggly weeds, and an unhealthy-looking bloated, damp underbrush. Clouds of mist...or is it swamp gas? ...roll across the soggy terrain. The mist clings to your clothes and enters your mouth and nose, carrying with it the sickly odors of rotting plants, sulfur, decomposing flesh, and several unidentifiable, unsettling odors.
** Thom looks around at the horses. "If we take the ones from the coach as well - we have four horses, which if Morti and Yazut double up - we can get all PCs into the swamp on horse back. **
(2157) DM: Clammy moisture settles on everything, condensing beads of water on the edges of your swords, or trickling down the front of your shields.
Thom: (( *whoops - no mention of PCs. Let me try that again. ))
(2157) DM: The thick air is dead and silent, punctuated only by the occasional shriek, the snapping of twigs, and ominous gurglings in the water.
(2158) Daelan: " Well from here on in,things get worse."
** Thom looks around at the horses. "If we take the ones from the coach as well - we have four horses, which if Morti and Yazut double up - we can get most of us into the swamp on horseback. Drenla - you can stay here with Elamurix and Rhian to make sure everything stays safe." **
(2157) DM: As your eyes adjust to the dim illumination of this place, you sometimes catch a small patch of something glowing, hovering in the distance. It’s either burning balls of the ever-present swamp gas, or will o'wisps. Staying alert, you trudge onward.
(2157) Drenla: All right.
** Thom gets everyone set up on horseback and they all head into the swamp. **
Atross: "Yes, this is obviously a moor now. Not a swamp at all. This is worse than plainsland in heavy rain or a forest at night for certain."
** (2149) Yazut isn't particularly disturbed by the odors, though his surroundings are far from comfortable to him-he leaps down from the coach, draws the cowl of his robe back, and wanders ahead and off a ways to the north west. **
(2144) Morti: (Morti and Yazut are pretty light, that horse might be able to take a third light body)
** (2144) Morti doesn't seem to mind the smells much either, entering the swamp with his usual eager curiousity, eyeing the flashing lights and trying to identify the gases in the air to amuse himself. **
** (2158) Daelan continues onward,using a branch to test the ground first before stepping forward. **
** (2149) Yazut wanders off from the group, picking through the muck and undergrowth, searching through the foliage for edible fungi and the like, keeping the others in view, but just. **
** Thom deals with the smells and continues to trek forward. he keeps to the back of the group, taking his semi-standard rear guard position. **
(2144) Morti: "I've never camped in a swamp before.. how do we find a dry spot?"
** (2149) Yazut grins, and plucks a number of caps from a patch of edible fingi, stuffing one into his mouth as he continues on, storing the rest into his pack. **
(2158) Daelan: " Sleep in the trees Morti."
(2180) Devor (enter): 00:38
(2180) Devor (exit): 00:38
** Atross seems to be in the front of the group more as a result of nobody going ahead of him and less from forging the path ahead. He keeps his gaze sharp and doesn't seem to have more objections though. **
(2144) Morti: "Trees.. what if I fall out?" :leans in as if he's confessing in secret: "I'm kind of clumsy."
** (2149) Yazut wanders back up out of a rather deep pool of muck, near Morti, "No, snake live in tree. Find tree that falls, sleep there. Out of mud, out of tree. Safest there.." **
(2158) Daelan: " Well the soft ground will break your fall."
** (2149) Yazut digs into his satchel and presents Morti with a thick, yellow cap from a mushroom he discovered, "Trys this, mm?" **
(2144) Morti: :looks to Yazut: "Fallen tree. Okay. Say, do you think there are aligators here?"
(2157) DM: Suddenly, the roiling mists part and a large spherical thing floats silently toward you, hovering a yard off the ground. Numerous eyestalks writhe, then focus on your group. The six-foot sphere halts about ten yards away from you and regards you with its middle eye.
(2168) Devor (exit): 00:40
(2157) Beholder: More dry-skins...
** (2144) Morti takes the mushroom, gives it a slight sniff before sticking it up under his mask and into his mouth, no heistation in trusting the smaller mage. **
** (2158) Daelan stops in his tracks **
** (2149) Yazut cocks a brow at the other-than-human Morti, "Uhm, maybe? Not knws what 'aligatoor' be?" **
(2157) Beholder: More dry-skins where they do not belong. A toll you must pay to cross my territory, else I unleash upon you one of my many ways of killing fools.
** Thom slowly leads his horse a few more paces up. "And what toll would that be? As you can see, we have very little on us." **
** (2149) Yazut stops dead in his tracks, glancing from Morti to the spherical beast, "Hwaa..." **
** Atross quickly jumps from his horse, but tries not to make an overt threatening move yet. **
** (2144) Morti chokes a bit at the sight of the beholder. Swallowing, he holds out the rest of his half eaten mushroom, offering to the abberation, "Do you like Mushroom?" **
(2157) DM: At the thing's last word, the mists part two feet to your right and you see the skull of a large drake lying in the mud, its skullcap missing. Bright twinkling objects inside the skull capture your attention. You realize a dagger is glowing in the skull, and numerous coins as well as a few gems catch its soft green light and reflect it.
(2157) DM: The thing growls in its hushed whisper, "Enough gawking. Place something of value in the skull, or die where you stand."
Atross: "What's the usual fee for great and mighty you to not kill us?"
** Atross walks carefully towards the drake skull. **
** (2149) Yazut eyes locked on the many-eyed creature, he slowly, and carefully sticks his hand into his satchel, and removes a large, brightly glowing gem. **
(2144) Morti: "Hmmm.... " :scrathes his head in itch and thought: "Well.. I think I have something I can part with."
(2157) DM: It drifts menancingly towards you (Atross) as if to protect the skull.
** (2149) Yazut keeps the gem tucked into the palm of his hand, his eyes not leaving the creature. **
Thom: "Please, how can we place something in there if we can't approach it? Atross meant no harm, right?"
** Atross slows down and stops, "I don't mean to alarm you, I just wished to place my offering to you." **
(2157) Beholder: Very well then. (grudgingly)
(2144) Morti: :holds up his hand to get the beholder's attention: "Excus me, Master."
(2157) Beholder: A sack of coins would be a start. (snorts)
Atross: "I'm afraid my stack of coins would be unfit for one of your majesty."
whispering to Morti, spot
(2144) Morti: Spot Skill Check: [1d20-1] -> [15,-1] = (14)
whispering to Morti, you think it might be hollow
Thom: "Then we must confer and see what we have that would be worthy of a gift for you."
Atross: "It is but a meager pittance that I possess. Maybe we should pool our funds and see if that would be more fitting."
** (2149) Yazut creeps away from his position near Morti, around and outside of the beholders central gaze. **
** (2144) Morti stares intently at the Beholder, apparently waiting to be given permission to speak. **
(2158) Daelan: " If we pay to enter do we have to pay to leave as well?"
** Thom slowly works his way back to Morti. **
(2144) Morti: Will save: [1d20+9] -> [9,9] = (18)
(2157) DM: It doesn't respond, but simply waits.
** Atross makes to start back toward the others, but stops with a sudden idea. "Actually, I do have something that would be more worthy than some shiny coins." **
(2157) Beholder: What is it? (eagerly)
(2157) DM: Drool drips from its open maw.
Atross: "I have an item of magic that I would part with, if you would but spare us."
(2157) Beholder: Oh just get on with it!
** Atross reaches over shoulder to pull out his bow. **
** (2149) Yazut glances briefly at Atross, then back to the many-eyed beast/ **
(2157) Beholder: Aaaak!!!!!!
Atross: "Though it is a puissant item, it's not worth my life. This I could part with. The Mace is simply too powerful to let go of however."
(2157) DM: It immediately sags to the ground and you distinctly hear two voices and the flap of wings...
Atross: "What'd I say?"
(2157) Voice: I knew this would happen!
** Thom stares blankly. **
(2157) Voice: It's your fault!
(2157) Voice: No, it's your fault!
(2157) Voice: No, it's yours!
(2144) Morti: :calls out to the 'Beholder': "Are you okay in there?"
Thom: "Show yourself, or selves!"
(2158) Daelan: " It was an illusion."
** Thom moves forward, trying to see where the voices are coming from. **
whispering to Zane, one 50' to the left, one 30' ahead
** Atross tries to move quickly through the swampy terrain but he's pretty sure he can't catch something with wings in this mess. **
** (2144) Morti hops down from the horse and moves toward the fallen abberation, "Do you need any help getting out?" **
Atross: "I...I was going to shoot him when he wasn't ready. Jeez."
** Thom points a hand out the the left of the path for a moment before continuing forward a bit still, his other hand on the pommel of Ringrist. **
(2158) Daelan: " Imps or Will'O'Wisps."
Atross: "So where are they now?"
(2158) Daelan: " Hiding I would guess."
Thom: "One is out there. Or at least, it sounds that way." Thom speeds up a little to get up to the voice he heard ahead of him.
(2158) Daelan: " Thom do not chase them,they lead people away and to thier deaths."
** (2144) Morti pokes at the beholder body, thinking something had been inside controlling it **
(2144) Morti: "So.... that's it then?"
Atross: "Thom, they're flying, we're walking. In a swamp. Someone check on the loot anyway."
(2158) Daelan: " Well there is the treasure."
** Thom stops. "Fine, as long as they leave us alone now." He returns to the party and the horses. **
** Thom stoops to see if the treasure is really there or not. **
whispering to Zane, mostly silver and copper
** Thom pulls out some silver coins. "Well, not as nice as it looked." **
whispering to Zane, there is however a pink crystal, a brass ring with elk antlers affixed to it and a butter knife
(2144) Morti: "Eeeeww..." :gives the corpse one last poke before calling out to the swamp pranksters: "We won't hurt you. If you want to talk later, it would be nice to have natives to guide us through to where we're going.We have food if you want to just talk." :makes invitations, not much thinking just what he may be inviting:
Atross: "I don't think they'll show themselves again until they get their courage up. Either to kick us when we're down or with another ploy."
Atross: "Let's just hope they weren't impersonating a real monster in this swamp."
** Thom fills up a sack with the items and returns to the horses, holding a small dull dinner knife in his hand. "Now this was not something I expected to find there." **
(2144) Morti: "Then... we keep going?"
** (2149) Yazut glances at Morti, and with a frown, tucks the gem back into his satchel and grabs a handful of the moshrooms to eat, stuffing another into his mouth as he trudges on ahead, grumbling a series of curses. **
** Thom remounts and answers Morti. "Of course." **
** (2158) Daelan walks over and inspects the head of the dead drake. **
** (2144) Morti nods and gets back up on the horse, ready to continue on their way. **
** (2149) Yazut swallows the morsel, and takes a long, deep breath, exhaling as he begins to poke and prod at a rotting stump. **
** Atross puts his bow away again somewhat disappointed now and mounts up as well. **
(2158) Daelan: " Better to have it ended this way,than the other Atross."
(2158) Daelan: " Well it was an Onyx Drake,killed about a year ago,not sure by whom or what."
Atross: "But think of how many times you could put an arrow through its eye. What a tale."
Thom: "Onyx drake killed in this swamp, does not bode very well. Let's keep moving."
Atross: "But I suppose you mean the thing about dying horribly that was mentioned. That would be bad."
** (2149) Yazut chips away at rotted bark, and snatches up a large grub of some sort crawling through the decaying debris-he holds it up to his nose, sniffs at his, and then bites into its tail, testing the taste and texture of the insect, before stuffing it into his mouth and swallowing it whole. **
** Thom takes the rear guard again as they travel deeper and deeper into the swamp. **
Server Administrator-> Kicking '(2146) BooRassa' from server... Removing dead client
(2146) BooRassa (exit): 01:12
** (2149) Yazut steps around the debris, and balances a walk aross a large, thick tree root and them hops down into a pool of thick muck, and then back into more solid ground-he takes a seat on another large, exposed root, and watches the others. **
** (2158) Daelan continues moving forward,slowly through the swamp,keeping a sharp eye for anything.\ **
(2144) Morti: :speaks to Yazut as he rides: "You seem really comfortable here. Have you lived in a swamp?"
** Atross continues the trudging pace through the swamp. **
** (2149) Yazut watches their movements as they press, on, glancing about the bog once.. **
** (2149) Yazut looks up at Moerti, and silently shakes his head in response to the question. **
(2157) DM: After trudging for longer than you would have liked through the muck and mire, you come into view of a structure that must be the site Elamurix mentioned. Protruding from the swamp are slabs of ancient stone, most of it covered in green and brown plants. You judge that the structure used to be a walled keep of some sort, since remains of a perimeter wall and a front gate are evident.
(2157) DM: However, the architecture is not normal in one major respect. The NW corner of the keep is actually raised out of the muck, while the SE corner and most of the E side is sunk into the mire.
(2157) DM: A single black tower sticks out of the swamp, where you calculate the NE corner lies.
Thom: "Looks like even the buildings here get sucked in."
** (2149) Yazut keeps an eye on their rear as they make their way through the bog, but once they arrive at their destination, focuses entirely on the ruins before them. **
(2157) DM: Heaps of hacked vegetation lay piled all around the keep's perimeter. You guess that this is plant life that was cleared away by whomever discovered this place. The terrain around the keep is flat, and looks deceptively stable. You would be able to see for miles around if it weren't for the fog.
** (2144) Morti climbs down from his horse, looking over the miserable semi-sunken keep with interest. "You think any other towers sunk?" **
(2157) DM: Several trees are in the vicinity, as well as an abundance of vegetation. Despite the presence of many varieties of swamp life -- insects, maggots, spiders, snakes -- the air is very quiet as if the mist is smothering all signs of life. The air is cold, damp and oppresively suffocating. Dark clouds roll overhead, promising rain.
** (2149) Yazut hops down from a massive, half sunken stone, and points ahead at the ruins, glancing up at Thom, "You thinks to goes in this place, mm? Very dangerous, mm? Enjoy this much, yes?" **
(2157) DM: A glint of something catches your eye and diverts your attention to a spot west of the ruined keep. Something just shined there, ever so briefly. As you strain your eyes to see better, you can tell there are several leafless trees at the location in question. Some ominous shapes are hanging from two of the trees' lower branches.
** Atross climbs down from his horse and pulls up his bow. "Looks like it was a keep. And it is in the moor if not on it anymore." **
(2157) DM: Flocks of scavenger birds circle the area, occasionally alighting on the things hanging in the trees.
Thom: "Daelan, can you see what is over there?" he points to the spot west of the keep.
(2158) Daelan: " I would say that those over there are the ones who came before us,I would advise to ready your weapons."
** (2149) Yazut steps around Thom, "Death you finds here," he states matter-of-factly, and wanders just ahead and to the east of the ground, around the eastern end of the ruins. **
** Atross commands his bow to alight aflame. "Already ready." **
Thom: "That wasn't what I wanted to hear." he mumbles as he draws out Ringrist.
Thom: "Maybe Yazut, but we have no choice."
Atross: "So shall we go visit our predeceasors?"
(2157) DM: The sword glows with a faint, cold blue light from deep within its core.
** (2144) Morti pets Moiraine in his pocket as he looks to the hung figures **
(2144) Morti: "Maybe they have a map or a key to the premises."
** (2158) Daelan unslings his bow,his left hand hovering over his quiver **
(2144) Morti: :cocks his head: "Or maybe the pranksters are playing with us again."
Thom: "Yep, evil around us. Let's go."
(2158) Daelan: " No this is not the work of Imps or Will'o'Wisps Morti."
** Thom heads forward to the keep. **
** Atross makes his way towards the hanging shapes, commenting as he goes, "Bodies don't hang themselves. And this place should be abandoned in the condition it's in." **
** (2149) Yazut stops wherte he is, near t the ruins, and watches the others, awaiting their actions before proceeding. **
(2158) Daelan: " Atross do not go alone,stay with the rest of us."
** (2144) Morti pulls a bit of cured leather from his hip pouch, as he begins toward the hanging forms. With a bit of chanting and gesticulation, he touches the leather to his chest. A wash of misty blue aura coats his body for a brief second before disappearing. (mage armor) **
** Thom looks around at the entrance to the ruins, awaiting the others before entering them. **
Atross: "Well we're not going to leave them up there are we?"
(2158) Daelan: " Anyone good at looking for traps?"
(2158) Daelan: " They have been there for years Atross,what is a few more days to them?"
Thom: "We can get them down on the way out. Unless you want to just leave them lying in the swamp."
** (2149) Yazut looks to Atross, "Leaves the dead where they die..." **
(2144) Morti: "We should see who they are and how they were killed. It may clue us to dangers ahead."
Atross: "I believe the phrase is leave them where the lie, which they aren't."
(2158) Daelan: " Very well Morti,I will go and see how they met thier end."
** (2144) Morti nods to Daelan and turns to walk toward the hung figures **
(2158) Daelan: " Atross watch the back trail,Thom watch the tower,the rest of you do what it is that you need to do to ready yourselves."
** (2158) Daelan begins to walk towards the figures hanging in the trees **
** Atross tries to keep everything in view, "Very well." **
** Thom keeps a look out on the tower and the ruins in general. **
** (2149) Yazut glances up at the tower, and begins wandering aimless into the ruins.. **
(2182) Gregorious (enter): 01:33
(2157) DM: You arrive at the small group of trees where you saw the glint of light, but what is there makes you stop in your tracks. Hanging from one tree are two bodies, both human females, quite dead. Slumped one behind the other are two armored warriors, pinned to another tree by what seems to be a sharp, narrow slab of rock about three feet long. Someone or something, used the rock as a spear.
(2182) Gregorious (exit): 01:33
(2157) DM: A small body lies on the ground near the trees, pulverized beyond recognition. However, the hairy feet are intact, and you conclude these are the remains of a halfling.
(2158) Daelan: " Giant did this."
** (2144) Morti gives a discomforted groan at the gruesome sight **
(2158) Daelan: " Should I search the dead Morti?"
(2157) DM: The final body is that of a male human warrior, eyes wide with terror, his mouth permanently open in a silent scream of agony. Parts of his armor -- with his body still inside! -- have been pounded impossibly flat, while others are wrenched from odd angles. You wonder what sort of an opponent could or would do such a thing.
(2144) Morti: "Giants live here? Hmph.. figure they'd sink into the swamp."
(2157) DM: Scavenger birds have already started in on the bodies and each corpse is also host to a sickening variety of swamp bugs. Each body has been dead for several days.
** (2149) Yazut halts where he stands, and glances up at the tower again-he plucks something from his pocket, cleches it tight in his fist, wishpers something under his breath, and slowly opens his hand.. **
(2158) Daelan: " Well something quite large used that rock as a spear."
(2157) DM: As one of the hanged bodies swings a little, a belt buckle on the robed woman shines. This is your glint of light.
** (2158) Daelan moves from body to body,quickly checking them over for anything of use. **
** (2144) Morti nods Dael, and goes about examining the corses himself too. Swatting away the carrion feeders he searchers through their belongings for anything of interest, signs of identification or items which would have led them here **
(2157) DM: The ground is littered with broken staves, shattered swords, crushed rings and other small items, and even shields that have been punched through with a fist of great strength.
(2157) DM: Emblazoned on the clothing of some of the dead, etched on some ruined equipment trod underfoot, is the sign of a crimson eagle on a black field.
(2158) Daelan: " Well whatever killed them did so with great strength,any ideas Morti?"
(2144) Morti: Knowledge: History Skill Check: [1d20+8] -> [9,8] = (17)
** Thom calls Yazut over to where he is waiting. **
** (2149) Yazut seems transfixed by something, and doesn't respond. **
(2158) Daelan: " This emblem is the same one that Vael was wearing."
** (2144) Morti shrugs. There are lots of strong monsters that could have done this. But at least there don't seem to be any signs of magicks or mighty weapons." **
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+13] -> [19,13] = (32)
(2144) Morti: :holds up a swatch of cloth with the symbol, "It's the House of Dres.. I think..."
** Thom makes his way into the ruins to where Yazut is standing. "Yazut?" **
** (2149) Yazut eyes are glazed over, there is no response from him. **
** Thom looks up to where Yazut is staring. **
(2158) Daelan: " Time we should be heading back Morti."
** Atross calls over, "Might be some kind of magicka, want me to get Morti over here?" **
** (2144) Morti nods to Daelan and stands to follow back to the others **
** (2149) Yazut seems to be staring directly at the base of the toiwer rising out of the bog. **
** Thom shakes his head. "He will be here soon anyways." **
(2144) Morti: :he gives one last glance to the scattered remnants of the groups crushed belongings before following
** Thom looks over the tower. **
** (2149) Yazut finally snaps out of the apparent trance, and glances up at the porson speaking to him, "Mmh?" **
** Thom stumbles back a step. **
Thom: "Wow, and I thought Maximillian was insatiable."
Thom: "There is something in that tower - something very hungry. And a little confused."
** (2149) Yazut glances back at the tower, then back up at Thom, "It be -very- big lizard." **
Atross: "Hungry and confused?"
** (2158) Daelan heads back to the others,carrying a piece of the cloth that has the emblem on it. **
** Thom shrugs. "I don't know - just letting you know what I know. **
(2185) Norfirion (enter): 01:48
(2149) Yazut: ((Late, as usual! Hello!))
Thom: "It could be Yazut. We need to be careful." Thom slowly moves to the tower, looking for the entrance.
(2144) Morti: :as he comes back with Daelan: "Lizard?"
** (2149) Yazut frwns at Thom, "No, not *could be*, Yazut says there be big lizard, and there be -very- big lizard. inside there," he says, pointing at the tower. **
(2144) Morti: "What kind of Lizard?"
Thom: "Sorry Yazut, I misunderstood. In that case we know what to avoid, huh?"
** (2149) Yazut looks to Morti, to Thom, then back to Morti, "Big one, mm?" **
** (2144) Morti kneels down: "You saw it?" **
Atross: "I wonder how fast it is. Can it climb, fly?"
(2158) Daelan: " A big lizard? does not sound right,not with what Morti and I saw back there."
** (2149) Yazut pointedly ignored the elf, speaking to Morti, "Yes.." **
(2188) Ghaele (enter): 01:54
** (2144) Morti looks around. "Where?" **
** (2149) Yazut points at the tower yet again, "Beyond walls of tower.." **
(2144) Morti: "Eh?" :looks to the Tower: "You can see through walls?"
** (2149) Yazut cocks a brow at Morti, "Can you not?" **
Atross: "You know, it's not really worth quibbling at this moment. Did you see a silver statue anywhere?"
** (2144) Morti shakes his head. "I don't know much of divination magicka." **
** (2149) Yazut looks at Atross, and shakes his head. **
(2158) Daelan: " I would suffer a guess and say that it is inside guarded by this lizard."
** (2144) Morti takes Moiraine up from his pocket for a breather, as he inquires to Yazut, "Can you describe the lizard?" **
** Thom has moved forward and is checking the area around the tower. **
(2158) Daelan: " I appologize to you Atross and Thom I did not mean to give orders when Morti and I went to check out the dead."
(2144) Morti: "Huh?" :head suddenly spins aside to gawk at Daelan: "D-di-di you just... apol-ogize?"
Atross: "Eh, it happens sometimes. So anyone want to guess what else is in there? Lizards aren't well known for leaving people hanging from trees."
Thom: "Don't worry about it. In the environment of this swamp, you probably have a better idea of what to expect."
(2158) Daelan: " Even I have been known to err Morti."
(2158) Daelan: " Though it is few and far inbetween."
** (2149) Yazut frowns, pondering a moment, "Hard to do so. It be big, scales be dark, dark as midnight on moonless night.." **
(2144) Morti: "Yeah... but I didn't think you ever apologized." :shurgs and turns back to Yazut: "So, can you describe the lizard?"
(2144) Morti: "How about shape? Does it go on four legs or two? Does int look like a dragon or one of the lizard folk?
(2158) Daelan: " Onyx Drake perhaps."
(2144) Morti: (drake, not dragon)
Atross: "You mean like that skull we saw earlier? And it's confused?"
** (2149) Yazut nods silently to Atross. **
Thom: "And hungry."
Atross: "So probably not chatty and more of the causing harm, curses, and removing limbs sort of mood."
** Thom returns from his search as he catches the end of the comments and adds his own. **
(2158) Daelan: " Any way in Thom?"
Thom: "Probably. But we would have to find some way in first. I couldn't find anything at this point. However, part of the tower is under muck, so it could be buried. In fact - the sinking could be what is confusing the creature."
Thom: (( that was to Atross in case it was hard to tell. ))
** (2149) Yazut gestures to himself, "Yazut finds way inside. Big lizard, Yazut thinks, not be happy we pays him visit though.." **
Thom: "Probably not Yazut, but we need that statue."
(2157) DM: ((stopping in 20 minutes))
(2157) DM: ((map isn't prepared, yes I know, bad DM))
Thom: (( shame shame shame... :P ))
Atross: (You didn't think we'd get past the beholder, right?)
** (2149) Yazut shrugs, and gestures to the tower, "So yoiu goes. Go! Yazut show you where," he says, and starts towards the tower, glancing towards the section of the ruins where he saw the other creatures.. **
** Thom follows Yazut. **
** (2144) Morti follows after Yazut. "Is Big Lizard awake?" **
(2158) Daelan: " Did he see anything besides the Drake Morti?"
** (2149) Yazut trudges through the muck, "It watches.." **
(2144) Morti: :shrugs to Dael: "So it knows we're here then?"
Thom: "Watches us? It knows where we are?"
** (2149) Yazut stops for a moment, and holds up a finger, "You tells elf, if he wants to asks question of Yazut, he asks Yazut," he states, and continues. **
Atross: "I'm still willing to play the 'What murdered those people and left them hanging in the trees' game. I hear Giants?"
** (2144) Morti looks back to Daeal and just gestures him toward the goblin to speak **
Thom: "Good point, more than likely there are other things around as well.
Atross: "Trolls'd probably not let them go to waste."
(2157) DM: ((no, I planned on you getting past the beholder since it wasn't a real beholder. well it was, just not alive. lol.))
(2149) Yazut: ((Death Tyrant would have been more fun!))
(2158) Daelan: " Not sure Atross,but something large used a stone pillar as a spear and crushed another to pulp,only way to tell what it was,was by its feet,three dead male warriors,two dead human females and one halfling.some were wearing the same emblem as the one who captured me Atross.''
Atross: "Sounds like big giants."
Thom: "That might explain why he wanted to send someone else in and not more of his own men."
(2157) DM: Large bugs buzz over the surfaces of pools of stagnant water that dot the entry to the keep. A pair of statues stand silent watch a short distance past the gate. Blocks of rubble, half-sunken in the mire, give evidence that the main gate was originally a more elaborate construction than what remains.
(2158) Daelan: " Something big I can tell you that,they have not been dead that long,maybe a week give or take a day or two,hard to tell with the vultures and such."
** (2158) Daelan stops and stares at the statues **
** (2149) Yazut stops short of the tower, and points at the stataues with his staff, "Watch thems.." **
(2158) Daelan: " Well those are big."
** (2144) Morti eyes the statues, head cocked aside curiously **
** Thom looks at the statues. "Watch them for what?" **
(2157) DM: A pair of statues seven feet tall stand near the entrance to the keep's debris-strewn courtyard. Although time and travails have caused the statues to wear down differently, you can tell that they were originally mirror images of each other. And what an image.
** (2149) Yazut doesn't say anything more, he simply moves a bit more cautiously towatds the tower once they're within sight of the statues. **
Atross: "So now we have big giants. Or statues. Or maybe the lizard."
(2157) DM: Each statue shows a male human clawing away the skin from his chest and shows his heart and ribcage. Each face is contorted in wild-eyed terror, each mouth open in a silent scream of horror. A fat gray spider emerges from the mouth of the right-hand statue and skitters down the body, only to be gobbled up by a mottled snake curled at the statue's feet.
Thom: "But we just came from that way..."
(2157) DM: And that is when you notice the feet...or lack of them. Instead of feet, you see that each statue's legs below the knees have been replaced with a stone carving of a writhing mass of tentacles.
(2144) Morti: "Someone has a weird taste in art."
Thom: "Anything about Screaming Statues?"
** (2158) Daelan laughs **
(2158) Daelan: " So is this the way in Glamhath?"
(2157) DM: (probably should stop here since there's A LOT of information about the courtyard that I can't type in 10 minutes)
** Thom keeps an eye on the statues, but also glances back to Yazut. **
(2157) DM: (next session will be next weekend, same time, and Damrosil. once DJ gets back, we'll continue with the Mel Nethra campaign)
(2144) Morti: (hai hai)
Thom: sounds like a plan

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