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** Sevis Goloens takes Atross to the clerics as quickly as posible in the hopes of stoping the poison **
** Atross gets to the clerics as quickly as possible in hopes of stopping the poison. **
** (1446) Morti takes a moment before leaving, using his finger and a slight prestidigitation to scribe on the glass of the ruby's case in inky blue letters, "Sorry, but your Ruby is no longer magicked. But it is still rather pretty, and there's no soul of a necromancer attatched to it anymore. Enjoy it in peace." **
(1451) DM: By the time you make it to the temple, the fighter is feverish and pale. A few acolytes take him into their care and promise to see him through.
** (1450) Daelan heads towards the front gates of the city **
(1446) Morti: :With a last gesture he taps the glass, causing an additional symbol to appear in signature; A small comical cloth wrapped head with a strange crease grin and big blue eyes (Arcane Mark)
(1441) Niglob: ((Oddball))
(1446) Morti: ((hehe))
** Sevis Goloens heads back to the Inn to question Nerick with Thom **
** Thom takes the tied and unconsious body of the werewolf and picks it up into a carrying position. He mumbles a few phrases to a spell he only recently came to realize the potential. Hiw body changes form, the wolf and Thom merging into a new body form, a heavyset body at that (alter self). Thom winks at Morti and walks out to the Copper Cauldron. **
** (1446) Morti rather than returning to the inn heads to the Temple both to check on his friend's condition and to finally thank the men who returned him to life. **
** Atross grits his teeth and mentally curses metal snakes. **
** Thom returns to the inn, but instead of going inside - he goes to their coach, where he deposits the body of the werewolf for now. He assumes his normal form again and gets some bread and water from inside before returning to the coach to wait. **
(1441) Niglob: [1d100] -> [16] = (16)
(1441) Niglob: [1d100] -> [30] = (30)
(1441) Niglob: ((Shit, sorry.))
Sevis Goloens: "How's Nerick doing Thom, maybe I should get Jarvis to help him wake up"
** (1450) Daelan stops 60' from the front gates to see who is on guard. **
Thom: "He's alve. If you can find Jarvis, his help would be appreciated."
(1451) DM: ((not the two you've encountered before))
** Jarvis nods and moves over to the man, laying his gloved hand on him (1 hp/round healed, as Cure Minor Wounds) **
Thom: (( he's actually in a wolf form right now... :P ))
** (1450) Daelan walks past the guards,heading towards his brothers house. **
** (1446) Morti hustles to the Temple as fast as his stubby lil legs'll carry him **
** (1450) Daelan enters his brothers house,heads towards the tunnel,takes off the grate,steps inside,raises his bow and fires 3 arrows into the lantern soaked floor,then hurrys down the tunnel to escape the fire. **
** Sevis Goloens sits down and waits for Nerick to wake up so he can start answering questions **
** Thom munchs on the bread while waiting to see if Jarvis's healing helped Nerick. **
** (1451) Nerick wakes up and attempts to sit bolt upright but finds that he can't. **
Thom: "Easy there. We mean you no harm, so calm yourself a moment, and we will explain.
** (1441) Niglob appears out of thin air a little further down the tunnel, not too far from Daelan-he turns to face him, and shakes his finger at him, "That be very inconsiderate of elf!" **
** Sevis Goloens stands when Nerick wakes, but lets Thom handle it for now **
(1450) Daelan: " Apparently you have a death wish glimhath,I do not see Drenla your protector down here with you."
** (1441) Niglob slowly shakes his head, "No, not looks to die-looks to keep word, promise Yazut make, to helps elf finds those who kills brother," he relaxes on his staff for support, watching the elf's body language. **
Jarvis: ((Whoops))
** (1450) Daelan reaches up,pulling his hood back so that his eyes can just be seen as they glare at the goblin,his right hand tightens on his bow,his left hand a mere inch from his quiver as he stares with hatred at the goblin. **
Thom: "Nerick, just listen for a moment. I know things have been strange recently, and soon everything will be made clear. But we have to make sure you won't try to attack us out of confusion. Do you understand?"
(1450) Daelan: " You may not have come looking for death Glamhath,but death you have found."
** Jarvis looks at the elf. "Hey, leave the killing 'til later. We're trying to talk here, and I don't want to have to patch anyone together" **
(1450) Daelan: (( You are with us Jarvis))
** Thom waits to see the werewolf's reaction before he thinks of removing the bindings. **
Sevis Goloens: (( Daelan and Nig are not at the Inn, ther are someware else ))
Jarvis: ((Oh. Sorry. Disregard that last statement then...))
(1441) Niglob: ((Yup, we're all 'lone down in a tunnel.))
** (1451) Nerick merely glares at you. **
** Thom nods. "Understandable. You probably don't have any idea where you are, much less how you got into your wolf form, as I know you don't remember it. Please, just do me one thing. Think of the last thing you remember clearly happening to you, ok?" **
** (1441) Niglob he shakes his head, and in one quick, practiced action, pinches a wad of something tight between his fingers, hisses a quick phrase, and again, disappears from perfectly from Daelan's sight. **
(1450) Daelan: " You can hide Glimhath,but the stench of you still lingers in the air."
** (1450) Daelan heads down the tunnel **
Thom: "Artanal's dungeon, yes? That has been a while. It turns out that there was somekind of trap there, as the lich escaped, in your body while your mind became imprisoned. Just tonight, we were able to return you to your own body again."
(1451) Nerick: So, now what?
Sevis Goloens: "I'll untie you if you wont attack us."
Thom: "Now, it's up to you. You are free of that jewel - forever. Artanal is gone. however, things around Wysos are not as you may remember."
(1451) Nerick: I see. Why am I bound then?
(1451) Nerick: Well, that would be foolhardy, wouldn't it?
Thom: Becaue Artanal was using your body to attack us when we tried to stop him. And I had to be sure that you would not simply attack us in confusion once you awoke."
** Sevis Goloens goes and unties Nerick **
Thom: "So, we will not keep you here. We are currently just outside the Copper Cauldron. You are free to go if you wish - or you may stay here and get caught up on what has happened."
(1451) Nerick: You have my word that I won't. (shrugs)
** Sevis Goloens whispers to Thom "Thom you should tell him of the two deaths, likly caused by him" **
Thom: "That is good to hear. I do appologize for having to restraining you, but hopefully you understand I had to protect myself and my friends." Thom nods to Sevis. "Yes, Artanal was apparently quite busy recently, while looking like you - and as far as anyone else in concerned, it was you."
** (1450) Daelan continues on down the tunnel,moving slowly and cautiously,looking around for anything that may be a lair for storing things. **
Thom: " Now, it has been a couple years, so things are different." Thom takes a breath and then spills the information. "Certimfil and Germad have both been killed and Cytara has left town. Cindal has taken a new man, and Okinar or Arwan is looking for you, apparently wanting to help you to cure your disease."
(1451) Nerick: You do realize that if you let me go, I'll do what any good thief would do.
Sevis Goloens: "Vanish?"
** (1451) Nerick shrugs. "What else?" **
(1451) Nerick: With Certimfil and Germad dead, there's little to tie me here to Wysos.
Thom: "Personally, vanishing would probably be best for you. Based on the damage that Artanal has caused on your behalf, I wish you the best."
(1451) Nerick: Cytara's not here either. So, it's a new life for me.
(1451) Nerick: My thanks, I suppose. Perhaps we'll meet again then.
** Sevis Goloens runs into the Inn and fetches the polearm that Nerick wife lent us. "This is yours. you may or may not wish to take it if you chose to vanish. Your ex-wife let us barrow it so we could find you" **
Thom: "Then do so. And be wary of gems that appear to good to be true in the future."
Thom: "Perhaps we shall. And may next time not be under these circumstances."
** (1451) Nerick nods once and takes the polearm from Sevis. **
Sevis Goloens: "You do have another option, to join with us, atleast untill we reach Pelham on the marrow"
(1451) Nerick: Tempting....but would you want to?
(1451) Nerick: I'm not exactly the best travelling companion.
Sevis Goloens: "We are a ragtag bunch as is, so another addition should cause no problems. Except posibly with Daelan, since his brother is one of those that was slain by Artanal"
Sevis Goloens: "But I think Daelan has problems with each of us"
Thom: "It's up to you. You can leave this evening on your own, we do not leave until tomorrow. Time might be against you, so it's your call."
(1451) Nerick: I will meet you outside the city gates then.
(1451) Nerick: Till tha' morrow.
Thom: "Very well." Thom nods to the man.
Sevis Goloens: "Very well"
** Thom turns to Sevis once Nerick makes his departure. "Now, I am going to finish all this business with Okinar so we can leave this place. I'll be back soon." **
** Sevis Goloens waits for Nerick to leave before talking to Thom "Think we should inform Okinar that Nerick has been delt with?" **
"That's my thoughts axactly. Let me deal with it, as I have talked with him a few times. Wait here for the others to return and make sure we are set up for departure in the morning."
Sevis Goloens:
"Very well"
** (1450) Daelan laughs at that comment," I fight with bow not sword brother." **
** Thom turns and heads to the temple of Arwan, knowing that surely someone there would still be up - even this late. **
** Sevis Goloens heads inside the Inn to get some food and wait for the others **
[1d4] -> [1] = (1)
(( ack, sorry... ))
(1450) Daelan:
" That Glamhoth may be a friend of yours,but he is not mine,he knows what will happen if we are alone,he disappeared instead of dying."
(1450) Daelan:
" Perhaps he has learned something from you about disappearing brother."
(1450) Daelan:
" You chose your friends easily,I chose mine with care brother,not many I can count on one hand and still have fingers left over."
(1464) ticattack (enter): 23:26
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (1464) ticattack...
(1451) TaliesinNYC:
Booting '(1455) ticattack' from room...
(1455) ticattack (exit): 23:26
(1450) Daelan:
" We are very different,you have a Glamhoth as an elendil,what were you thinking? We have fought them for centuries and now one is your friend?"
(1450) Daelan:
" What is keeping you here? Or better yet,who is keeping you here?"
** (1450) Daelan " Great" spitting on the ground," First Humans,then a Glamhoth and now the spirit of my brother along to bother me,I wonder if there is a Drow out there who is lonesome to join us." **
(1450) Daelan:
" Very well brother I will not kill him,but in the heat of battle and I mistake one Glamhoth for another well that is a different story now."
(1450) Daelan:
" I am oathbound not to kill you Glamhoth,so you may as well show yourself."
(1451) DM:
By chance, you (Thom) encounter Okinar as you enter the temple. The priest paces the vestibule with a somber expression on his face.
** (1450) Daelan continues down the tunnel. **
"Evening Okinar of Arwan." Thom states as he enters. He pauses near the entrance to allow Okinar to bid him entrance.
(( *'Good evening' as well. ))
(1451) Okinar, of Arawn:
Eh? Oh, there you are.
(1451) Okinar, of Arawn:
Have you found him? He whom we spoke of?
** Thom nods his head slightly as if asking to approach. "Yes, but that is both good news and bad." **
** (1450) Daelan continues down the tunnel moving slowly,stopping every now and then to scan the floor for any recent tracks **
(1451) Okinar, of Arawn:
What? Speak plainly.
"Well, the one you had was not Nerick, but merely the body of Nerick, with someone else controlling it. So, yes - we found Nerick. in the process, he was returned to control of his own body and has since left town. So, good news that there is no werewolf around town anymore, a fact that you can take credit for with the leaders of the city for all we care. That's the good news. The bad is that you will not actually be able to cure him, as he is gone again - this time for good I'm afraid."
** (1451) Okinar, of Arawn slumps his shoulders. "I suppose that's a blessing in disguise, then. Ah well." **
(1451) Okinar, of Arawn:
Thank you for this news. May the Undying Eye watch over you and yours.
"Yes, you can easily see it that way. Either way, it is over now. To you and yours as well."
** Thom then turns and leaves the temple, simply pleased that he doesn't have to deal with the creep anymore. **
** Thom retuns to the Inn where he gets some warm food and cool ale.
** Sevis Goloens greets Thom
"How did it go?" **
"It's finished. Okinar shouldn't bother us anymore at least."
Sevis Goloens:
"Ok, Daelan still has not returned"
"Not surprising. Any sight of Morti?"
Sevis Goloens:
"No, we should also go check on Atross to ensure we can leave tomarrow as planed"
(1446) Morti:
((hopefully he's reached the Temple by now. Or else he really needs to exercise more))
"Very well. Let's go do that, the others know where their rooms are at."
** Sevis Goloens finishes his ale then pays the Inn keep and heads to the Temple to check on Atross **
** Thom follows Sevis around town for a change. **
(1451) DM:
The acolytes mention that he's doing fine but needs his rest, and that he'll be ready tomorrow.
(1451) DM:
(trying to FF things)
"That is good news indeed." ((good to FF now))
(1446) Morti:
((ready and anxious to FF))
** (1450) Daelan steps out of the tunnel,climbs the river bank,and stands watching his brothers house burn **
(1451) Certimfil:
You have a way of speaking, my lady, that I would like to walk with you.
(1451) Teleute:
(1451) Certimfil:
He is my brother, and he's walked a long and hard road for most of his life.
** (1451) Teleute listens to Certimfil's spirit talk as the two watch Daelan watching his brother's house burn. **
(1451) Certimfil:
Would it be too much to ask to remain for a while longer...?
(1451) Teleute:
You have not taken my hand yet, Certimfil. But your time is not much longer on this realm. Eventually, you will need to leave.
(1451) Certimfil:
He's lonely. And I fear for him.
(1451) Certimfil:
The world is changing, my lady. We, the Quessir are no longer as we once were, the rulers of this world. Each passing year, Men grow more numerous. And our kind ever diminishes.
** (1450) Daelan bends down plucking a blade of grass,tossing it into the air then whispers," Ride the wind brother,let it carry you to glory." **
(1451) Certimfil:
And my brother is among those who long for the days of old to return.
** (1451) Certimfil glances at Death, as she stands silently next to him, watching the tableau unfold. **
(1451) Teleute:
I can leave you be, Certimfil, if you wish it. But soon, you will need to let him go...and leave this plane to meet your destiny.
(1451) Certimfil:
I would like that very much, lady.
** (1451) Teleute nods silently in acquiesence. "For now, then Certimfil. For now." **
(1451) Certimfil:
I thank you, my lady. (watches Teleute vanish as he turns to Daelan)
** (1450) Daelan watches the house burn for a few more minutes,then turns to leave,heading back to the city,turns around looking over his shoulder," Farewell brother,until we meet once more." **
Sevis Goloens:
(( AFK for a smoke ))
(1468) Trebor (enter): 00:21
(1468) Trebor (exit): 00:22
(1451) DM:
In the morning, Drenla (carrying Maximilliian) and Rhian come down to the common room, and meet you.
(1451) Drenla:
Ah, so you're here.
(1451) DM:
The tabby seems to have gained weight, if anything.
(1451) Drenla:
This (uhhhh) cat of yours, Morti, is quite heavy.
"And he seems to have taken a liking to you as well."
(1451) Drenla:
Yes, I see that. (pets the cat)
** (1446) Morti sits at a table, already enveloped uin his studies as he reads through three spellbooks, picking at some sausage eggs and cider. Shrugging to his former mentor he offers plainly, "It's not my cat." **
(1446) Morti:
:Pets Moiraine... who sits on his scarfed head:
"And you are still hungry Maximillian? That is impressive."
(1451) Maximillian:
** Thom reaches in to scratch Max's chin and seems to whisper to the cat. **
(1451) Drenla:
That's funny, he's missed you.
(1451) Drenla:
I caught him last night pawing at your door.
"At Morti's door? Hmm..."
Sevis Goloens:
"I think that cat is a gluton, and would eat himself to death if given the chance"
(1446) Morti:
"Eh?" :quirks a cloth brow to Drenla:
** Thom moves next to Morti and whispers to him indicating the cat. **
(1446) Morti:
:peers at the fat cat, speaking to it as it understands him: "What do you want then?"
(1450) Daelan:
" Well give it a chance,there is something odd about that supposed cat."
(1446) Morti: :whispers
back to Thom:
(1470) Con X (enter): 00:32
** Sevis Goloens finishes his breakfast
"I think I will take a walk and meet you all outside of town" **Finishes gathering his belongings and heads out to see if Nerick is actualy waiting for them** **
** Thom nods to Morti before returning to Drenla and Max. **
** (1446) Morti waits a moment, expecting an anwer from the uppidy feline, before scoffing him and going back to his studies. **
(1451) Maximillian:
Mrrrow. (looks at Morti appraisingly)
** Thom pets Maximillian a little, intrigued by the animal. **
(1451) DM:
You get the sense that the porcine-appearing tabby is looking at Morti as if he were a piece of meat on sale at the market.
(1470) Con X (exit): 00:35
(1450) Daelan:
" Why not just kill it and be done with it?"
(1446) Morti: :looks
up to Daelan: "That's too cruel."
** (1451) Maximillian turns to look at Daelan suddenly, and hisses, arching his back. **
(1450) Daelan:
" I will do it if you wish."
** (1451) Drenla jerks his hand away in surprise. **
** Thom glares at Daelan for a moment before turning back to Maximillion, trying to calm the animal. **
(1446) Morti:
"It may be a snooby gluttenous lil creep. But's it hasn't really done anything."
"Odd little thing" Jarvis stares at the cat for a long moment, then begins to rub at his mouth, muttering as he does so. (Speak With Animals)
"I thought your race loved all creatures Daelan."
** (1451) Maximillian subsides reluctantly, keeping watch over the elf out of the corner of his eyes. **
(1450) Daelan:
" And it will never do anything except eat and sleep,better to kill it now,instead of when you become attached to it."
"Oh that's right - you don't love anything. Sorry, I forgot."
(To Maximillian) "Hey there"
** Sevis Goloens sits meditating just outside the city waiting to for the others and to see if Nerick is around **
whispering to Jarvis, Do you have any bacon and toast?
(1446) Morti: :jests
: "Fine then, why not use magicks to probe it for evils .. just to be sure."
(1450) Daelan:
" Or is the cat under the protection of Drenla like the Glamhoth is?"
whispering to Dj Gilcrease, yes he is
"What is it with you Daelan, do you want to just kill everything that isn't you so you can have the entire world to yourself?"
** Jarvis takes a bit of bacon and hands it to the cat. **
** (1441) Yazut glances sharply at the elf, from his corner of the room, mutters a mild curse under his breath, and returns to his silent contemplations. **
(1450) Daelan:
" I do not want to kill everything,just those things that are useless,like this cat,and Glamhoths and most Humans."
"Yes, the cat sure loves its bacon. And cheese, and blueberry pies, and just about everything else. Don't you?" Thom scratches Max under the chin for a moment.
(1441) Yazut:
((My right testicle for a scroll of Otto's Irresistable Dance for this moment..))
(1446) Morti: :perks
a brow to Daelan: "What purpose do you serve then?
** Sevis Goloens nods in Nericks direction
"The others are finishing breakfast" **
"Then thank the gods that you have the wisdom to know who is useless." (VERY dryly)
"He provides a pessimistic world view to we foolish humans.
(1450) Daelan:
" Why I am the one who rids the world of these useless things Morti."
** Jarvis glances around at the humans in the room. "And a fine job you're doing of it, too" **
(1446) Morti:
:frowns as he returns to his books: "Sounds like a depressing purpose."
"If we are all ready, I think it is time to leave. I personally have had enough conversation for now."
** (1450) Daelan looks at Jarvis," Most of the Humans in here are going to die soon enough as it is." **
** (1446) Morti nods to Thom, "Okay. I can continue my studies in the coach." **
(1450) Daelan:
" Now where is Atross,I have some arrows for him."
** (1446) Morti begins to pack up his books and some extra food into a nadkerchief for later snacking. **
** Atross meets up with the rest as they leave the inn and catches up on what happened yesterday while they head out of town. **
** Thom stands and heads out, ready to get moving. "We will get him on the way out, he should be up for travelling by now." **
(1446) Morti:
"Oh... yeah... I have to purchase some supplies before we leave though... and... um..."
** Jarvis stays in his seat, apparently carrying on a conversation with Maximillian in grunts and purrs. **
(1451) Maximillian:
** Thom fetches the coach and brings it around front, along with the horses that they brought in. **
(1451) DM:
That last meow sounded very self-satisfied.
(1450) Daelan:
" Any word on Elamurix?"
(1446) Morti:
"I'm kind of short on crowns. COuld one of you lend me a few hundred?"
(1451) Drenla:
He awoke last night, and is sleeping soundly.
** (1446) Morti gives a nervous grin, obviously not much for awkward borrowing **
** (1451) Rhian Aes Sedai eats, listening to you talk. **
** Jarvis turns to Morti and hands him a pouch of coins (20 platinum pieces, or whatever the local name is) **
(1450) Daelan:
" Is he continuing on with us or heading his own way Drenla?"
(1451) Rhian Aes Sedai:
He's continuing with us.
** (1446) Morti opens the pouch and goes wide eyed for a second. "Th-thank you." **
"I'll want it repaid when you get the chance" (Smiling a little)
(1450) Daelan:
" So where we off to now?"
(1446) Morti:
"Hehe... I have plenty of money stowed away in the Diamond Citadel...er..." :cringes: ".. thirty years from now."
** Jarvis throws the cat a last piece of bread, then rises and heads outside. "Well, I'm sure that will be of great use to my grandchildren" **
(1446) Morti:
"Hehe.. thank you." :bows humbly and heads outside to load his things in the coach:
((Back in a few))
(1451) Maximillian:
** (1451) Maximillian swipes the bread and scoots, but not before throwing Daelan a look of contempt. **
(1446) Morti:
:stuffing his things into the coach: "Hey Thom."
** (1441) Yazut gets up from his seat away from the others, and hobbles past the table, glaring at Daelan from under the cowl of his robe as he passes, and wanders after Morti. **
"You all about ready to go?"
(1451) Rhian Aes Sedai:
We'll be travelling overland from here to Pelham.
(1450) Daelan:
" What is in Pelham?"
(1446) Morti: :shrug
: "Just about. First I have to find some place to buy some magick quality materials. Jarvis was kind enough to lend me some money to purchase them to write a couple new spells into my book. I'm short I bt of what I wish I had. But still it is good." :smiles wide:
(1451) Rhian Aes Sedai:
The good news is that the road out of Wysos leads directly to Pelham with a stop at the town of Acthurus. The bad news is that it will take us half a week to arrive assuming there are no delays.
"Well, we do have some coins that we liberated from that child enslaveing Duke. How much do you need?"
(1451) Rhian Aes Sedai:
After Pelham, the road splits in two. The left branch continues through Darrowfen and to the border, then to the forest of Lalvensalenil, and then Nith'Tar Valon.
(1450) Daelan:
" And still I wonder what lies in Pelham?"
** (1441) Yazut stops once outside, and leans on his tiny staff for support as he listens to the two converse. **
(1451) Rhian Aes Sedai:
The right branch continues on through eastern Gwythnecht and points east.
(1446) Morti:
"Eh?" :ears perk to Thom's words. Carefully he chances: "A-a couple hundred crowns.. p-please?"
"We don't actually have to go in Pelham anymore. It's just along the way. We could stop for a few more supplies there briefly but hopefully the place is not on the verge of apocalypse when we get there."
(1450) Daelan:
" And why would it be so Atross?"
"Sure, no problem." Thom goes and glances at the three chests, and after a moment, slides one out and opens the lock on it back up. As the lid opens - Morti can see a large number of gold crowns within it. "Couple hundred, right?" Thom scoops out about 1/10 of the coins and with lightening fast speed double checks his count. "Here you go."
** (1451) Rhian Aes Sedai glances sharply at Daelan. "You already know." **
(1446) Morti:
"Th-th-th-th-thank ya-you.." :Smiles at all the shininess in his hands.:
"Sure make sure they are good spells, ok?" Thom comments with a grin as he closes and relocks the chest.
** (1450) Daelan hands Atross 20 steel head tipped arrows **
"And make it quick so we can get going."
(1446) Morti: :Eventually
remembering his purpose for the cash, He pockets it away and sets off to find a merchant to sell him the inks, powders and quills he'll need.: "Will do Thom. Thank you again!"
"Well, there was the dragon lose in the forest, Strathern Point had become the lair of infernal monsters, and Wysos was seemed to be trying to get sucked into hell. I'd say this whole region may be in sorry shape. Big events are in the works."
(( so, are Rhian and Daelan outside? ))
** (1441) Yazut watches Morti depart, and with a frown, he glances up at Thom briefly, before turning and wandering off after Morti, quietly and following at a distance. **
(1450) Daelan:
(( yes))
(( oh, sorry - I missed you guys leaving the inn, that was why I Thom didn't respond to anything there. Oh well. ))
"Atross, how are you feeling? Better I assume, but 100% yet?"
** (1446) Morti grins to the smaller mage walking after him, slowing to let him catch up. "Hello." **
(1446) Morti:
(or .. were you secretly tracking?))
** (1441) Yazut stops in his tracks, and looking up, he simply replies in kind, "'Allo." **
(1441) Yazut:
(1451) DM:
(1446) Morti:
:speaks frankly: "I don't know this town, and you seem to me as a local mage. Could you show me where to buy good materials?"
(1451) DM:
((along with Maximillian))
"For one, I'm alive. For two, I seem to be recovered completely. Solnor's acolytes can't raise the dead, but they certainly have cleansed the poison."
** (1441) Yazut considers the question for a moment, but then shakes his head in response, "Never comes here. Not should be here now." **
((And I believe Jarvis is out there with them, too. Just outside the inn?))
** (1450) Daelan jumps on the back of his horse,knees it into a walk,heads towards the front gates of the city,stopping 60' from the gates and studies the guards there. **
(1446) Morti:
"Oh.. heh... guess that applies to me as well." :shurgs: "I'll just ask around then."
** Thom keeps the coach outside the Copper Cauldron, awaiting Morti and Yazut's return. **
** (1441) Yazut cocks a brow at Morti, but doesn't say anything more. **
(1446) Morti:
:walking along to find a merchant: "By the way, are you a Magus?"
"That is good to hear. Byu the way, Nerick waoke up last night while you were at the temple." Thom then fills him in on what Sevis and himself found out about Nerick and the decision to travel with the group out of the Wysos area.
** (1450) Daelan rides past the guards,stopping just outside town. **
** (1441) Yazut takes up after him again, and merely shakes his head in response to the question. **
(1446) Morti:
"Oh? Why not? Every caster should try to take the Citadel test and join the order." :offers in a mock haughty tone:
** (1450) Daelan slips off the back of his horse,takes out an arrow shaft,draws a small bladed knife and begins to cut runes into the shaft of the arrow. **
** Atross finishes playing catch up.
"I can certainly say I understand him wanting to leave town after all that's happened. And the way things are looking, it actually is a bit safer with us than alone." **
"Very much so, but keep an eye open. I don't think he is looking to harm us in anyway, but if he is anything like I suspect - if given the choice of us or him, he will choose himself without a second thought."
** (1441) Yazut shrugs his shoulders at Morti, "No, not be welcomes there. Not right place for Yazut, anyway." **
(1446) Morti:
"Nonsense. All arcane practitioners are welcome. They even let me in... and honestly, I'm kind of foolish and annoying at times."
** (1441) Yazut holds up a finger, "You be human." **
(1446) Morti:
:cringes a bit: "Mostly..."
** (1441) Yazut gives Morti a puzzled glance, "Mmh? What you means?" **
** (1446) Morti stops in the middle of the street. Pausing a moment he looks seriously to the goblin, searching him with bright blue eyes. After a second hegives a nod, looks around for pedestrians watching then heads into an alley, gesturing Yazut to follow. **
** (1441) Yazut narrows his eyes at Morti, confused, and hesitant, but follows along. **
(1446) Morti:
"Most of the others already know about me, but still.. probably best not to blurt about it much. Anyway..." :taking one last look to the street to make sure no one is watching, the boy takes a breath and reaches up to his mask. Parting it at the eye silit he exposes a bald scalp of coppery scabbing skin and floppy piggish ears. Drawing it down show crimson skin over his jaw and down his neck, also chapped and peeling. "This is human?"
(1451) DM:
Drenla and Rhian join you outside the city, with the carriage.
(1446) Morti:
:He does not leave himself exposed long, quickly replacing the scarf mask and hurrying to straighten it.:
** Thom Thom waits at the Copper Cauldron with a couple horses then, hoping Morti and Yazut return soon. **
** (1450) Daelan looks up as the carriage arrives,then continues on with his carving of the arrow shaft. **
** (1441) Yazut arches a brow at him, "Uhhh, no." **
** (1441) Yazut cocks his head to one side, "Then what you be?" **
(1446) Morti:
"Human.... mostly." :groans and changes the subject: "Anyway... even though I don't look like others, the Citadel allowed me to become one of them. Surely, you, a natural being should face no more trouble."
** (1446) Morti smooths the wrinkles of the scarf over his face, whispering indecipherable words as the material suctions to his face. Once done, he smiles to the goblin, creases in the mask mimicing his face beneath.: "Shall we go shoping now?" **
** (1441) Yazut glances towards the street, then back up at Morti, "What means 'shopping?'" **
** Sevis Goloens is meditating intently just off the road so the others can see him as they leave **
(1446) Morti:
"Going to merchants shops to buy things. Don't worry, I'll show you all about it. A Kernin knows how to shop." :grins:
** (1446) Morti heads off to find his spell materials **
(1446) Morti:
((hehe.. sorry for the hold up. if you were waiting to FF, feel free))
** (1441) Yazut hobbles after Morti, "Uhh, okay," he says, but makes an attempt to continue the conversation regarding Morti's abnormalities, "So, what be not normal with you, not be natural. If that be so, what does this to you? It not be sickness that does this, mm? Magick? Curse? Or, you share blood of.. Something not of this world?" **
(1446) Morti:
"Hmm...." :thinks it over as he walks: "A wizard did this to me. I use to be a small slave boy. Now.. I'm a small boy with magicka." :forces a dry chuckle.:
** (1450) Daelan looks up at the morning sky,then back at the city gates," That is the trouble with Humans,they say we are ready to travel,then they make you wait." shakes his head,puts his small knife away along with the arrow shaft,jumps on the back of his horse,kneeing it into a trot,begins to head towards Pelham. **
(1451) Rhian Aes Sedai:
I wouldn't do that if I were you.
** (1441) Yazut nods his head, though he doesn't exactly understand how this came to be, "Annie tells Yazut, of magicks that change you, or others if you wishes it so. Learns such magicks long time ago. Not knows how to place spark of magicka in person, who has it not though. Must have been very smart wizard." **
(1446) Morti:
:head hangs as he offers somewhat sadly: "Yes... she is very smart."
(1450) Daelan:
" I have been traveling alone for most of my life,I am sure I can ride ahead of the rest of you,besides what is the worse that can happen,I have a run in with Almeena? Or perhaps Nerick?"
** (1451) Rhian Aes Sedai shrugs. "Do what you will then." (enters the carriage) **
"Didn't Drenla prepare some trick to make up for some lost time?"
(1446) Morti:
((we FFing?))
(1451) DM:
((they're actually waiting for Morti and Yazut to come back. I could FF but I'm not going to.))
** Thom continues to wait for Morti and Yazut to return to the Inn so they can all get underway. **
(1446) Morti:
((I was just figuring we'd FF through shopping and the them returning to the others)
(1451) Drenla:
I have, and Rhian is prepared as well. But your friend should find out for himself rather than listen to Rhian as to why elves are not looked on with kindness here in Gwythnecht.
** (1450) Daelan knees his horse into a canter,enjoying the feeling of not having Humans or Glamhoths with him **
** (1446) Morti hurries to ask around, find a merchant buy his wares and get back to mee the others **
** Thom collects Morti and Yazut once they return to the Copper Cauldron and leads the pair and the horses to outside the gates, where the others are waiting. **
** Sevis Goloens finishes his meditation then looks quickly for Nerick and motions down to the road where the others are waiting **
Sevis Goloens:
"Rhian, how are you dealing with the loss of your friend?"
** Thom notes the coach and approaches the rest of the party. "Ok, we should have everyone know." **
(( *now ))
** (1441) Yazut glances at Thom, at the carriage, and then tugs at Morti's sleeve, "You and yours goes now, mm?" **
(1479) Norfirion (enter): 01:54
** Sevis Goloens looks around noting Daelans absence.
"Has Daelan decided to head off on his own? Anyway Nerick this is the rest of the group, as I said a bit ragtag." **introduces Nerick to everyone **
** (1446) Morti hefts his restocked writing desk into the coach, apologising to the others for being late before turning back to Yazut: "Yes. We are in a hurry." **
(1446) Morti:
"Would you come along? We head to Pelham. The Ruby Citadel awaits." :Grins:
** Thom nods to Nerick, acknowledging the man. **
** (1441) Yazut nods quickly, and creeps a few inches behind Morti as Nerick is introduced, not really desiring to make his squaintence, again, after what happened, "Was.. Good to meets you, mm?" **
"So you're the real Nerick now? Hope there's no hard feelings about me having to shoot you the other night."
(1446) Morti: :points
to Nerick: "Aren't you the wolfman?"
"So, shall we be on our way now?"
Sevis Goloens:
"I am ready to go when ever"
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (1481) ticattack...
(1446) Morti:
"Yes. Ready."
(1451) DM:
((begin interlude. please whisper to me once you finish reading.))
(1451) TaliesinNYC:
interlude: The two horses galloped and skidded in the increasing mire, headed as quickly as possible in any direction away. Unseasonable heat, now broken by squawling rain, winnowed down the formerly lush landscape until it became starkly passable. This far south, wilting trees horribly yellowed spoke of the drought so recently past. The two horses labored in breathing through the cutting wet, prancing over rolling hills and across newly revived streams. Recently solid footing had become treacherous.

Bedevir kept a close eye on their path in addition to his ward. Egraine never proved her mettle as an athlete and frequently made spectacular falls from the back of her horse. The last such ride, she managed to spill herself before a fist of hungry trollocs at full sprint. Not the most auspicious fumble for an Aes Sedai to make. She spent the first hours of this flight trying to properly lodge her skinny feet in the stirrups and she bounced around so violently that she would probably be limping for days. Bedevir had already caught her twice before she bucked free of the saddle when Darkmane leaped across the currents on a swelling river. Bedevir could sense her mortal fear and confusion wrapped up in a ball in the back of his head. He drew the horses back to a walk twice for as long as he thought prudent, resting them before continuing on, hoping beyond hope that his Aes Sedai would calm herself back to full lucidity. The drumming rain prevented clear conversation and he doubted Egraine could manage it even if she heard him. Of all the Aes Sedai he had met and served in his considerable career, none had needed warding as much as this tiny woman.

The girl they saved from the rabble of soldiers and strange channeling women clung white knuckled to his saddle in a muddy lump. She had not spoken a word but for when they first started out, and only then to ask, “Is that an Aes Sedai?”

Bedevir flicked the reins and heeled Farstrider, then answered, “She wears the ring, yes.”

She made no further comment, though Bedevir sometimes thought she might be crying. Difficult to tell under the deluge of rain.

The blond woman in the blue dress with the silver collar around her neck made even less of herself than the girl with Bedevir on Farstrider. She lay across Darkmane's saddle ahead of Egraine like a sack of flour, not stirring in the slightest. While they rode, he brought Farstrider close beside Darkmane to check, thinking she might be dead, but found her pinched blue eyes open and blinking. He wondered what could possibly have happened to sap her will for struggle. He wished he knew what she said when she fell. After seeing the women in gray, he had his suspicions about the leash, though he could not be certain. So many questions to ask in so little time.

He did not like it at all; the fewer conflicts in which Bedevir ended up embroiled, the better for everyone involved. Romanda Sedai had made his duty perfectly clear. One day, they would need to return to the White Tower, to be sure. If only that choice were his to make and not Egraine’s. They two would continue along her meandering path until that sometime day finally came. As long as he could protect her, he would be there for her.

With the torrential downpour, at least he did not have to worry overly much about leaving tracks. Runnels of water up and down slopes deepened to gulleys in the face of the worsening flood. The horses labored across fresh swales, leaving behind no signs that might telegraph a heading. Bedevir wondered if the creator were not drowning the world in effort to start anew.

When darkness finally began to fall, Bedevir found a shallow recess in the lee of a hill that looked relatively dry and drew rein. He dared not risk Egraine crashing through a thick branch in the dark, or some other painful mistake he knew she might commit. In his experience, a warders greatest enemy was benign carelessness.

He helped the girl to the ground, then began to set up a camp. Soon, he had Egraine settled by a small fire and set about hobbling the horses. The woman in blue lay in a fetal position in the deepest part of the hollow, shivering. The young girl helped him bring saddle bags off the horses, her eyes still downcast. He staked up a large skin from the side of the hill to give them added shelter -a small comfort in the monumental rain. For a time, he considered asking Egraine to set wards or weave a cloak of light, then thought better of it.

Egraine caught him as he dropped down to sit by the fire. Her dark brown eyes could not quite meet his, though her beautiful lips worked as if she wanted to ask a question. She drew his color shifting cloak aside and pressed her palm into a gap in his tunic. He tensed his thick jaw, but counted the wound nothing; he had seen worse getting her through in the War of the Aire. Her touch met fresh blood. No surprise that she had noticed.

”It is not logical...” she muttered, “not logical.” Her quaking fingers probed the wound and she tilted her head to the side and blinked.

Bedevir gasped aloud when an ice cold shock flooded through him, reaching from the balls of his feet in a swelling to the top of his head. “The wound is not...” he breathed out as she released him. He swore to himself not to regret the hunger he knew would come later, “Thank you.”

She vaguely nodded, drawing back in shivers, never once looking him directly in the eye. Her head turned side to side in a darting motion and her lips moved momentarily, though no words came out. She drew her legs in until she sat with her chin resting on her knees. He sensed her fear ease somewhat, though her tongue might remain planted yet for hours.

He patted her on the shoulder and cringed when she twitched, “Please get some sleep, and try not to think about what happened. We will get through this.”

Egraine stared into the fire without moving.

The muddy girl crouched across from Bedevir, watching the Aes Sedai holding her knees to her chin.

”She has the ageless face,” the girl exclaimed softly, “but she does not look like any Aes Sedai I have ever seen.”

Bedevir grunted a short laugh.  “Forgive me, but I do not have the pleasure of your acquaintance.”

”Alicia,” the girl supplied. Her bright green eyes were still red from tears, but she spoke solidly. The strength in her appeared plainly on her face, even covered as it was in mud.

Bedevir,” the warder responded, she is Egraine Sedai. “You will have to forgive me, Alicia, I am afraid we have little in the way of comfort to offer you.”

”More than usual,” the girl shrugged. She looked as if she were used to the hollow boniness of an empty stomach.

”Well and good,” he nodded, adjusting his bracers. “Now, will you please tell me what my lady and I have stumbled into.

Alicia divided a long gaze between Bedevir and Egraine, hesitant on moving her attention from the Aes Sedai. “You do not know of the Ath'corynn?”

”Should we?”  Tavis looked at her sideways.  Egraine Sedai and I don’t often visit towns or villages or larger cities. Any news we receive at all is generally sorely out of date.”

That woman!” Alicia suddenly snapped, thrusting a mud encrusted finger at the blond woman with the collar. “Bloody Ath'corya sul’dam!”

Egraine jumped at Alicia’s outburst and squeezed her eyes closed.

”Oh ho,” the Warder nodded to himself, wondering if bringing this... Ath'corya... along had been such a good idea. He had been hoping for information rather than further complications. Once you landed in a fire, there generally was no way out but through. He immediately decided that Alicia lacked compatibility with their other guest.

”Took my sister away, stupid daughter of a goat!” the dirty young girl shouted shrilly, tears streaming from her bright green eyes and over the smudges on her cheeks. She sprang fiercely to her feet and kicked the prone woman in the side as hard as she possibly could. With a grunt, the Ath'corynn woman doubled herself more completely into a ball. Her back began to shiver. Alicia already wound up for a second kick before Bedevir sprang over the fire and lifted her away from the woman with his thick arms.  Lemme go! She deserves it!”  Alicia immediately began to struggle against him.

”Please, hold on,” the warder begged the girl, “I brought her here because I thought she might need help.”

The muddy girl continued to struggle against him by flailing into his shins with her heels.  “In the middle of a fight where you killed like five of her friends, you thought she needed help!”

”Something very strange happened when I locked that collar around her throat,” Bedevir explained calmly. “When I picked her up, she would have bit me and kicked me like a feral animal. But, then I locked the collar onto her and I felt her fighting spirit flee. I’ve never felt anyone fall into despair so quickly. That thing is some form of ter’angreal, I would wager, and I have a duty to make certain it finds its way to responsible hands at the White Tower. At the very least, I have to find out what this woman said as I dropped her.”

Egraine watched them in bewilderment. Bedevir felt something from her not unlike a dawning revelation, as if she verged on becoming inspired. She stared unblinking at the blond woman, stared at the length of delicately worked silver attached to the collar on the woman’s neck.

Alicia finally relaxed enough for Bedevir to let her feet back to the ground.  “She would put that collar on your Aes Sedai’s neck without a second thought. She deserves to be staked out in the rain.”

”This woman is a soldier,” Bedevir said.  “I know soldiers when I see them. You have to forgive soldiers for following orders. No one deserves to be staked anywhere over fighting for what they believe in. Will you give me your oath that you will not strike out at her again?”

”She bloody well deserves it,” the girl insisted.

”I will not release you until you give me an oath.”

Alicia humphed in annoyance, “I swear on the Light not to kill her now.”

”Not hurt,” Bedevir prompted.

”And I also swear not to hurt her,” the girl droned, happy now?

Bedevir carefully let her go, “I hold you to your word. If you break it, I will not hesitate to stake you out in the rain.”

The girl glowered at him, but nodded. She wrapped her arms around herself and started to sit, glaring emerald daggers at the back of the woman lying nearby. For the first time, Bedevir really looked at her. Her patchy clothes hung loosely over too skinny limbs; whether she wore the remains of breeches or a dress, he could not tell. Her hair straggled to the lower part of her back in a haystack thatch whose color defied guessing. The grime did not disguise the scars lining her arms and legs. When he watched her running from the soldiers before, he never thought her feet might be bare. She shivered and glowered at him again.

Tavis took off his color shifting cloak, then carefully draped it over her shoulders.

”Wait,” she protested, green eyes wide.

He shook his head.  “No, you need it more than I. We have no other clothes to give you.”

Egraine had sat forward on her knees by the fire, hands to the ground. Between her fingers, she held a piece of wood which she used to scratch peculiar symbols into the mushy earth. Every so often, a trail of water would leak down the hill and streamed over her efforts, but she kept on without noticing. She might fill the entire hollow with those scrawlings before she exhausted herself to the point of asleep.

Tavis chuckled. At least her fear had abated enough to permit her return to her single-minded pursuit. He opened a saddle bag and found a packet of dried beef left over from their village stop. He forced a piece into Egraine’s free hand, which went without a look into her mouth. He put another piece into the insensate fingers of the woman with the collar. Finally, he passed the remains to Alicia, “Here, a little bit left.”

The girl accepted uncertainly.   “What will you eat?”

”Nothing it seems,” Bedevir sighed, seating himself, “rabbit tomorrow, perhaps.”

Alicia stared across the fire at Bedevir. The warder grinned slightly and gestured her to eat. She took small bites, her eyes straying every so often to the working Aes Sedai. Egraine veritably flew through her ministrations, wood rasping across earth. Bedevir felt from her a growing excitement.

”Tell me about these Ath'corynn,” Bedevir asked, sparing a glance for Egraine’s deft hands soaring over the ground. “About that collar.”

Sul’dam use it to control damane,” Alicia glared at the ground. “It is called an a’dam.”

”The women in gray are damane?” he asked.

Alicia nodded carefully, “Ath'corynn make slaves of every woman they find who can channel. Put the a’dam on them and treat them like animals. Bloody sul’dam make women into weapons. Every woman they find who is able.”

”Erroneous,” Egraine interjected abruptly, not glancing up from her scribing. It could be difficult sometimes to know what she responded to, but she continued in her stilted monotone.  “I can feel it in her. This woman here can supply semiphase delay while pseudo-linked. It made an asymmetry when I saw channeling from... from... from the damane.”

Alicia glanced at Bedevir, “Pseudo-linked?”

Bedevir faced Egraine.  “I’m afraid that made little sense, Aes Sedai. Could you please explain more carefully?”

With a stray finger, still absorbed in her scribbles, Egraine absently touched the silver leash and the bracelet end of the a’dam.  “Metal here contains a weave. It is a link, but it is not -a maybe link, a pseudo-link. It has the same dynamical symmetric properties as sisters joining weaves to channel in a circle, but is forcibly directional. Each sister in the circle reinforces phases to increase channeling intensity in non-linear fashion. A link cannot form unless all participants form a sa’idar phase space. A pseudo-link cannot form unless both participants form phase space. It is here...” she pointed to a particular string of symbols before her, as if anyone would understand what she referred to.

”What is she saying?” Alicia demanded.  “That made no better sense.”

The warder slowly nodded, understanding what his Aes Sedai had said. It occurred to him that he had spent too many years looking over her shoulder.  “She means that both sul’dam and damane must be able to channel to make this te’rangreal work.”

Alicia stared at him incredulously.  “That cannot be.  Sul’dam are treated like queens, damane like pets. They turned Turuq Dar upside down and put the collar on every woman they could find who can channel. Just snapped it on and dragged them away.”  Her eyes defocused as her voice broke.

Bedevir looked consideringly at the sul’dam lying in the back of the hollow, brushing his chin with the tips of his fingers.  “And they were trying to collar you.”

The mud ensconced girl gave a faint shrug.  “I am useless. I cannot do anything.”

”Three women channeling,” Bedevir muttered to himself. Egraine had lapsed back into the silence of her work and did not appear ready to offer any further pearls of wisdom.  “One wild. Alicia, did these Ath'corynn put their a’dam on your sister?”

Green eyes flashed wide at him, then looked sharply away.  “Yes,” she wrapped herself closely in the color shifting cloak and lay with her back to the fire. Her stifled sobbing begged no further discourse.

* * *

They are no longer moving ahead, the sul’dam bowed with the news.  “Probably bedded for the night."

Talanthara’s burnished hazel eyes narrowed, “Are you sure this is the truth? You were lied to before.”

”Absolutely, commander,” Eashin adjusted the a’dam locked to her wrist.  She leaned over to pet the damane who lay on the ground at her feet.  “I would stake my honor on it now.”

How far?” the black-haired Ath'corynn battle commander demanded.

”Maybe as far as ten leagues,” Eashin shrugged, “it is not easy to be specific.”

”If we struggle through this watershod mess all night, they will be ready to leave with the morning sun before we can reach them,” Talanthara turned away grumbling.  “If only we had Vaush or Iradas. Can we call support from the Crowns of Blood?”

A warrior standing nearby bowed and slurred, “Unlikely commander. Through this pea-soup? We have no word if they are even flying.”

”Very well,” Talanthara spat in anger. The day just kept getting worse.  “We march through the night.”

”As you wish,” her petty officer darted off to his men with a quick salute. She could hear him sloshing through the mud in the dark, headed toward a crowd of smoldering torches.

”If I may, commander,” Eashin bowed her head, “they will know when we are coming.”

One difficulty at a time. We can deal with that once we close their lead.”

(1451) DM:
((end interlude))
(1451) DM:
As you (Daelan) ride ahead of your friends in the direction of Pelham, you settle into an easy trot as the road meanders along gently rolling plains and farmland on both sides, the river sparkling in the distance.
** (1450) Daelan scans the road every so often for fresh tracks. **
(1451) DM:
As you crest the next hill, you see a mounted party a few hundred yards away, astride a trail that leads off the main road.
** (1450) Daelan brings his horse to a halt,counting heads of the party **
(1451) DM:
((about nine. several warriors and archers, and what appear to be casters))
** (1450) Daelan waits to see which direction they ride off in **
(1451) Sevlin:
HALT, by the Five Names!
(1451) DM:
Although you are some distance from the party, the voice carries as if borne by thunder.
(1451) DM:
(Will save, only Daelan)
(1450) Daelan:
Will save: [1d20+5] -> [1,5] = (6)
(1450) Daelan:
(( guess I am not going anywhere))
(1451) DM:
Your mount stops. One of the robed ones nods as a portion of the party approaches you.
(1451) DM:
Leading them is a stunningly beautiful human woman with blonde-brown tresses, in dark gray robes. Stunningly beautfiul, except that an ugly jagged scar mars the right side of her otherwise statuesque face.
** (1450) Daelan slides off his horse,watching the riders approach,counting the yards off in his head. **
(1451) Naedara:
An elf. (flatly) Very interesting.
** (1450) Daelan calls out when they reach 60 yards from him," Close enough,what business do you have with me?" **
** (1451) Naedara laughs, a harsh grating sound. "You dare to violate the land of Lord Dres, and you give us orders?" (laughs some more) **
(1451) DM:
An archer brings up a bow and aims it at you.
(1451) Naedara:
What business do you have here, slave?
(1450) Daelan:
" I violate no land,and if he wishes to see which of us is better with a bow,I shall mark my arrows for you lady,right eye,dead center,left eye."
** (1451) Naedara waves her hand from left to right in a cutthroat gesture. "Capture him alive." **
(1451) DM:
(init, only Daelan)
(1450) Daelan:
INIT: [1d20+2] -> [14,2] = (16)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+5] -> [10,5] = (15)
(1451) DM:
(16, Dael)
(1450) Daelan:
(( firing at the woman first))
(1450) Daelan:
(( and where I said the arrows would go too.))
(1451) DM:
(1450) Daelan:
( Crit hit 17-20) Longbow, composite+3 (+2 Flaming Burst) Attack Roll: [1d20+18] -> [2,18] = (20) ===> Damage: [1d8+3+1d6+0] -> [3,3,5,0] = (11)
(1450) Daelan:
( Crit hit 17-20) Longbow, composite+3 (+2 Flaming Burst) Attack Roll: [1d20+18] -> [19,18] = (37) ===> Damage: [1d8+3+1d6+0] -> [1,3,2,0] = (6)
(1450) Daelan:
( Crit hit 17-20) Longbow, composite+3 (+2 Flaming Burst) Attack Roll: [1d20+18] -> [8,18] = (26) ===> Damage: [1d8+3+1d6+0] -> [6,3,4,0] = (13)
(1450) Daelan:
Crit Check: [1d20+18] -> [9,18] = (27) ===> Critical Damage: [3d8+9+2d10] -> [3,8,4,9,6,10] = (40)
(1451) DM:
As you fire your arrows at the woman, a screen of silver light appears in front of the rider, absorbing your arrows. Instantly, you can hear a series of popping sounds behind you, as the arrows pierce you from behind.
(1441) Yazut:
((Now that's a spell I gotta learn.))
** (1451) Naedara smiles maliciously. **
(1446) Morti:
(that sounds like a spell I made up. ^_^)
** (1450) Daelan shakes his head," Guess I should have taken out the archer first after all." **
** (1451) Naedara gestures her riders forward. "Fire and a strong aim. He will make a good slave for Lord Dres." **
** (1450) Daelan readies his bow for the riders **
(1451) DM:
Three archers fire at you, as a warrior prepares to charge.
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+10] -> [9,10] = (19).[1d20+10] -> [17,10] = (27).[1d20+10] -> [3,10] = (13)
(1451) DM:
(AC 27, 28 and miss)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+10] -> [2,10] = (12),[1d20+10] -> [4,10] = (14)
(1451) DM:
(those arrows struck you for the listed damage, fyi)
(1451) DM:
(15 damage from the archers' attacks)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+12] -> [2,12] = (14)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+12] -> [19,12] = (31)
(1450) Daelan:
( 1 arrow to 2 of the archers,last arrow into the head of the charging horse,all head shots)
(1450) Daelan:
( Crit hit 17-20) Longbow, composite+3 (+2 Flaming Burst) Attack Roll: [1d20+18] -> [2,18] = (20) ===> Damage: [1d8+3+1d6+0] -> [7,3,3,0] = (13)
(1450) Daelan:
( Crit hit 17-20) Longbow, composite+3 (+2 Flaming Burst) Attack Roll: [1d20+18] -> [4,18] = (22) ===> Damage: [1d8+3+1d6+0] -> [1,3,1,0] = (5)
(1450) Daelan:
( Crit hit 17-20) Longbow, composite+3 (+2 Flaming Burst) Attack Roll: [1d20+18] -> [12,18] = (30) ===> Damage: [1d8+3+1d6+0] -> [2,3,2,0] = (7)
(1451) DM:
(when did you go? the warrior hasn't yet gone)
(1450) Daelan:
oh sorry
(1451) DM:
The mounted warrior charges you and attempts to knock you off your steed with his sword. He slams the flat of his blade against your chest. (AC 31)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+12] -> [19,12] = (31)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d8+4] -> [6,4] = (10)
(1450) Daelan:
(( umm not on my horse)))
(1451) DM:
(scratch that then, he slammed his blade on your head)
(1451) DM:
(16 damage)
(1450) Daelan:
( well unless they can raise dead,I am at -13 now)
(1446) Morti:
(was that lethal dmg or subdual?)
(1451) DM:
The last thing you hear as you crumple forward is the coldly beautiful woman screaming in rage as the warrior cuts you down.
(1451) Naedara:
(1451) DM:
(1451) DM:
(and on that note, we'll stop.)

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