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(572) TaliesinNYC: tonight's interlude introduces a bunch of new NPCs for an upcoming set of story-arcs and at least one of th

(572) TaliesinNYC: tonight's interlude introduces a bunch of new NPCs for an upcoming set of story-arcs and at least one of them will play a part in the main game plot
(572) TaliesinNYC: I'm not letting any of you in on what is to come by revealing this BUT its an additional layer of complexity
(572) TaliesinNYC: so without further ado
(572) TaliesinNYC: (begin interlude)
(572) TaliesinNYC: interlude: Droplets of falling water pattered onto one symbolic furrow, filling it with water. Egraine stopped her scribbling and watched. It was as if the logic itself had been dampened out. The dry ground hungrily devoured the wetness. More spots of wet appeared on the parched earth, circles that rapidly sunk in and vanished. She finally noticed the rain drumming down all around her, muddying her work. Egraine blinked as she absorbed it. She had not realize that a spot of land twenty paces wide stood entirely cluttered with her scratchings. She had not noticed the tree of her inspiration grow quite so distant as she backed away on her knees. Falling water would soon obliterate all she wrought.

“So the drought has finally broken,” Bedevir said, baritone voice a reverent whisper.

Egraine looked upward.

As always, Bedevir had been there for her. Even as the rain began to fall, he had retrieved an oiled skin from a saddlebag and now held it over her, keeping the water away from where she crouched. How long he had been like that, she did not know. She blinked several times.

“How long has it been since rainfall?” she sat back on the ground, pulling in her tan riding skirts. She stared into the cloudy sky wondering where the rain had come from. Her question had not been asked quite properly, but she did not know how to retract it.

“It would be winter now,” he answered, “it would be snow on the plains, but the heat has been unseasonable. Maybe it has finally broken.” He had both horses patiently by rein in addition to keeping Egraine dry. “If you are finished here, we should find some better shelter, it looks as if this will be a downpour soon.”

Egraine leaned forward, poking her face from under the edge of his protection. Droplets of wet came down from so high, out of the stretching infinite swirls of gray, to plop onto her cheeks and nose. She squinted her dark eyes.

“Come on Aes Sedai,” Bedevir chuckled. He pulled the hood of her fringed cloak up to cover her head and gently lifted her to her feet with one burly arm.  “A woman can drown staring upward into the rain with her mouth hanging open like that. Light knows I would be shirking my duty if I allowed such a thing.”  He draped the skin over her shoulders as added protection against the wet, then pushed Darkmane’s reins back into her hands.

Fingers of lightning stroked to the ground not too distantly with great crashes as they began to walk again. Egraine followed the squishing sound of her feet, from one puddle to the next. Dirt had already begun to form mud while the steady downpour deepened. Darkmane clopped ploddingly along behind her. Bedevir did not protest their meandering course and only once complained about how soaked they were rapidly becoming. Otherwise, they continued in quiet but for the rain.

“That channeling,” she said, stopping abruptly. She took down her hood so that falling water again washed over her head and face and down her neck.

“What?” Bedevir had been looking at her. He mopped off his square chin with a thick hand and pushed trailing gray hair out of his eyes. “Do you mean the channeling to the south you felt a week ago?”

“No,” she pointed into the rain. “Over there.”

The expression on Bedevir face darkened.  “It might be wise if we head another direction, then.”  He caught hold of her arm, slack against her side, and drew her off.

She looked over her shoulder as her feet blindly followed the burly Warder, gazing off toward the distant patterns. The weaves had an abbreviated, succinct style that lacked some of the polish of others she had seen. And she had seen so many. She once saw Veiled Ones in the Wastes channeling when they did not know that she watched. She happened upon some Aire who came to consider her no threat and stood in amazement at the massive bundles of air they called down.  Those in the Houses of Healing in Pelham wove some of the most exquisite pieces in a blink, and become petrified to find an ageless face in their midst.  Egraine had seen so many types of channeling that any of her sisters would have been amazed.  All her years away from Nith’Tar Valon had never been entirely aimless.

“It is different,” Egraine pulled her hand from Bedevir and stopped in her tracks. She squinted through the rain.

“Oh, Light, I guess we go again, huh?”  Bedevir took the reins of both horses and doffed them into the saddles for easy access, though he did not tie the beasts up to prevent them from moving. Big black Farstrider and dun colored Darkmane looked on in that long suffering way, catching the Warder’s mood and knowing they might soon have to run like the wind. Darkmane whickered a tiny protest.

The Aes Sedai and her Warder stood staring out into the sheets of rain, both soaked practically to the bone. The forest around them stood sparsely, filled with suffering trees and bushes on low, rolling terrain. Water beating down collected already into streams and washed dead earth into mud.  Egraine watched the weaves flung out, coming gradually closer. She could taste the women channeling to her bones.  She blinked wetness from her eyes.  Popping sounds and dull thuds reached them with an occasional flash of light.

“I hope you’re certain about this,” Bedevir mumbled where he stood beside her. “I would hate to have to protect you from another trio of Myrdraal. Or another pack of Veiled Ones, for that matter. That your skin is in one piece continuously amazes me.”

“It is different,” Egraine repeated. “Three channeling,” she counted. “Or is it five? Two have bent phase in their weaving in a way as if they are linked. Sophisticated, but... anisotropic? It feels stilted, but it is new. I have not seen it before. One is wild, maybe unused to the source. Potentially very strong. All three are having difficulty with Saidar.”

“Aes Sedai, you told me two days ago Saidar was behaving differently. That it made you a little sick. This is foolhardy business if you cant make your one defense work properly. Please tell me you’ve seen enough.” Bedevir flexed an elbow to loosen it and rolled his shoulder. He tensed his forearms beneath his steel bracers, the only armor he wore.

“Saidar behaves perfectly if you listen to its flow,” Egraine muttered consideringly.  “It became destabilized in this area maybe a week ago.”

“Whatever you say,” Bedevir responded.  “I’m just a bit more worried about right now. We should at least try to hide ourselves, if not the horses.”

Egraine continued to stare out into the rain. She could hear the noisy scrunching of weary feet churning through mud. One of the pursuers looped out a weave of Earth and exploded the wet ground, eliciting a frightened squeal and panicked splashes. Bedevir readied himself at that. Egraine only knew what had happened because she could sense the weaves. She tasted saidar with such intensity that she need not always see a weave in order to tell what exactly it did; she smelled it and tasted it, heard it and touched it with every aspect of her senses to such a degree that it permeated the world around her even when she did not embrace the source.

A slender girl no older than early teens staggered out of the sheeting rain from behind the rise of a shallow hill. Egraine could see that she wore only rags and was caked in such a layer of muck that she might have been mistaken for infant trolloc. She struggled into a limping, exhausted run, headed desperately toward a row of trees with huge gnarled roots. A carefully placed lightning bolt struck down from the sky and clapped through the first tree in the stand, forcing the girl to turn aside. The girl flung up her hands to protect her head against the shower of seared bark and ruined leaves.

Egraine cringed at the thundering sound of the lightning stroke.

The exhausted youngster skidded to a stunned halt when she noticed Egraine and Bedevir. Then she ran toward them as if her life were about to end.  “Help me please! Help me!”

“Now you’ve done it,” Bedevir exclaimed under his breath.  “We’re in it for sure.”

Egraine blinked several times, uncertain what to do. She hadn’t quite expected this.  Her only interest was in the weaves and the weavers.

“As long as were here,” suggested Bedevir, “we should help the poor kid.”

I see,” the White Aes Sedai nodded nervously, “yes. I see.”

Huge men in lacquered armor burst over the shallow hill. Adjusting his insect shaped helmet, one dove for the fleeing child and landed on his breast plate in the mud. The girl changed her tact with a shower of spraying filth at the last second to avoid being tackled. Another leaped past his companion and got one hand on the girl’s disheveled clothing as he skidded nearly onto his bottom. The girl tripped and fell, but barely scrambled free. A woman in a blue dress with red panels worked in forked silver lightning bolts came from behind the hill brandishing a length of silver that had a circlet on the end. She was followed by another two men in the strange armor.

“If we plan to help her,” Bedevir said, starting toward the men and girl in an unconcerned walk, “now is the time.” He did not swagger or run, just walked at an appraising pace.

The man who dove onto his belly lifted himself and lunged from his knees to grab the girl by the ankle. She screamed piercingly as he brought her down. Egraine grimaced and held her ears. The woman in the blue dress vaulted over the warrior holding the girl and straddled the poor child who squirmed and struggled. She brought the silver manacle to the child’s neck.

“No! NO! NO!” the girl shrieked as if the metal would burn her on touch.

“Be calm child, this will be over soon,” the woman drawled, then spat, cursing, “I might as well collar a snake.”

“I think she has other things in mind.”  Bedevir grabbed the woman one handed by the neck from behind and dragged her bodily off the girl in the mud. With his free hand, he snapped the manacle she held smartly around her own neck and dropped her.  “Let us see you wear it instead.”

When the warder let her go, she collapsed to her knees with a surprised look on her ghostly pale face. To Egraine's amazement, she keeled forward and began to vomit violently into the mud. Bedevir completely ignored her.

As if he had all the time in the world, Bedevir stomped down hard on the wrist of the man who held the girl and pulled her out of his grasp. The man refused to yelp, though he grimaced in pain and stared up angrily at the warder.  “How dare you interfere!”

Maybe I failed to step on you hard enough,” Bedevir quipped, flipping his color shifting cloak. “Go wait over there.”  He pushed the girl toward Egraine.

“He is one of these warders we keep hearing of!”  The other warrior in green armor made it back afoot.  “Bring the damane! We found another marath’damane, Talanthara!”

Egraine!” Bedevir hunkered down slightly and opened his arms wide, as if awaiting an embrace from one of the four warriors he faced.  “Now might be a terrific opportunity for you to dump the bricks out of your shoes.”

Wide-eyed, Egraine quaked where she stood like a tree in high wind. The girl, scrabbling and falling to her knees, dove to hide behind her. Egraine did not quite know what to make of the childs tears.

“Egraine?!”  Bedevir turned slightly.

The fighting men in the strange armor unsheathed wickedly curved swords. One drove at the warder in the space of a breath, blade probing cleverly. Bedevir never seemed a very quick man. He never cared to move much faster than Egraine’s eternally lazy pace and rarely exuded any urgency.  Instead of leaping aside as any other fighter might, he stepped right in on the blade to meet it, catching it with the worn steel of his bracers.  He slid the bracer down the blade until he could snatch the hand clenched at the hilt.  He barely seeming to move as he flowed in under the arm and wrenched every joint his hands crossed along the way. A split second since he began the attack, he stepped through the mans crumpled knee, then bent him over backward by the throat. Bedevir let the dead man fall without a sideways glance.  No wild kicks like a Veiled One, no darting steel like a Plainsman, just smooth, well timed, and lethally effective.

The three remaining soldiers thought to overpower the warder even as their comrade fell. Bedevir turned a step and spun right through their midst, hardly maneuvering more than a hair to avoid a glittering edge there or an elbow here. His bracers sparked as they glanced aside swords which never quite seemed to reach him. He could fight all day without ever breaking a sweat, never hurrying or extending past the slightest movement, never out of balance or beyond range. The art was old and desperately uncommon, he once told Egraine, though no less frightening to witness.

One man fell, neck opened by a sword stolen from his companion and already discarded. The next flipped onto his back and doubled around the Warder’s boot on his throat. The last made a feint with his sword and kicked to the burly warders head with a blindingly quick foot. Bedevir glanced the blade aside with a bracer and stepped inside the radius of the kick. He brushed the leg past his body, flipped the man clean around with a sweeping arm, pinned one leg to the ground with foot, and forced the former kick straight up into the air with a strategically placed palm. The green armored fighter ended up sprawled unmoving with his head under the Warder’s boot. Bedevir did not linger over his handiwork. “Not quite the Veiled One,” he grumbled disappointedly to himself and flipped rain water from his colorshifting cloak.

“Archers, damane!”  More insect helmeted soldiers had emerged into the clearing.

Another woman with a blue dress that had red panels marked with lightning bolts stood at the lip of the low hill looking down at them.  “Is that a Shara fist? We did not expect to find such in this part of the world,” she drawled in difficult speech. “No matter, it has its weakness. You might have walked away had you simply left us the girl. Still, with the marath’damane cowering behind you, it is unlikely. Kitti.”

A woman in a gray dress cowered at her side. The two were linked by a silver leash that ran from the throat of the woman in gray to the wrist of the woman in blue.

“Not good. Egraine,” he hoarsely barked, “were you planning to let me die out here?!”

Egraine gave herself a shake.  “Interesting asymmetry,” she murmured as the woman in gray embraced the Source. The woman in blue seemed almost to be guiding it. The ground erupted in a thunderous boom with Bedevir diving aside by a hair. She almost didn’t notice the other woman still behind the hill who also opened to saidar. She nearly dropped to her knees in fear.

“Egraine!” Bedevir shouted at her as a woven blast of air slammed him flat to the ground.

A shield weave flew toward her. Egraine’s eyes widened at the structure, though almost too late. The sweetness of saidar came to her in the gust of a breath. She channeled a single spirit thread which she darted out and tied into a pattern on the thing reaching to ensnare her. She tied it off, Maybe next time a little to the left, she mumbled around a swollen tongue.

“Mistress!” the woman in gray cried as if bitten. The shield weave crumpled on itself but refused to come undone, draped out like a paralyzed limb from its creator.

“Shield her!” the woman in blue pried into the gray, forcing out another shield, then another. Their synergy was more dazzling than two linked sisters.

With eyes the size of saucer plates, Egraine addressed each weave in turn. She nipped with tiny spirit flows that she tied into every shield coming her way. “Right there? No. There? Um...”

In moments, both women channeling at her were struggling under the effort of simultaneously maintaining multiple weaves. They could not release the weaves they had already made! The woman behind the hill wailed in exhausted misery.

“It is an interesting asymmetry,” Egraine said as she stared at the extended weaves, her voice quivering, “may I see it again?” The style of channeling was not quite like any she had seen before.

“Now is probably not the time,” Bedevir lifted her and dumped her unceremoniously on her horse. “Would you do something to keep the soldiers off? Please?”

She fixated so strongly on the weaves, she failed to notice Bedevir flooring two more of the warriors with insect helmets.

“Maybe if I...,” Egraine pondered.

“Now would be best.”

“Um...,” with all her strength, Egraine wove earth to air to water into a tied off construct weave and dropped it into the ground. As an afterthought, she channeled threads of spirit and fire to link the weaves still extended from the two gray dressed women into her construct. It would last longer that way, she thought.

Bedevir tossed the girl onto Farstrider’s saddle and the blue dressed woman with the circlet around her neck ahead of Egraine on Darkmane. He swung up behind the girl. “Go! Before they flank us!” he shouted and heeled Farstrider forward. A smack to Darkmane’s rump brought the dun along with him.

Egraine’s weave unmeshed itself as they galloped away and changed the mud into something approaching stone, the soldiers feet stuck within it.  “Too much,” she whimpered to herself as the effect spread steadily outward behind them and changed falling rain into snow.

She blinked several times sharply.


“One of these marath’damane who calls herself Aes Sedai and her warder?”
Talanthara tapped a finger nail with the tip of her dagger blade. She had close cut black hair and wore armor not too different from that of her men, “And they took down or disabled ten regulars, three sul’dam and two damane?”

“One of those sul’dam remains unaccounted for, commander,” the guardsman lowered his insect helmeted head to avoid her gaze. His failure made him more than respectful. If he had been Skullwatch Guard, he would have met her levelly even then. But, if she had one Skullwatch Guard, maybe this catastrophe could have been averted.

“All over a single marath’damane child we were tasked to bring back by a member of the Blood? Another victory for the Ever Victorious Army. At this rate, we may all end up sold.”

The guardsman bowed lower.

“Talanthara,” the blond sul’dam, Eashin, dipped her head, “this new marath’damane could be valuable. If we find and collar her, we will be rewarded. The channeling she used when we tried to shield her was unique--the first of its kind I have ever seen. Kitti and Ura are both suffering from exhaustion, we could not make them channel another wink if we stripe them to within an inch of their lives. It will take them days to fully recover. Nobody has ever used that defense before. Such knowledge would be a powerful asset to the Ath’corynn.”

“It could prove a helpful consolation,” Talanthara agreed, “but that does not alter which marath’damane the Blood sent us to retrieve.”

(572) DM: ((somehow the punctuation got lost in the translation, so before I post this log, I need to edit it.))
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(572) DM: ((in case it's not clear, a marath'damane is someone who can channel.))
(572) DM: ((women who have the ability to channel the One Power inborn become damane. Not all women who can channel have the spark born in them -- these have the ability to learn. It is these women who have the ability to learn to channel that become a sul'dam, or a leashholder."))
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Sevis Goloens: (( very good read ))
(575) Morti: ((Yes, very well written. I have no idea what it was yet. But good nonetheless.))
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(572) DM: ((so before we begin, does anyone need a recap?))
(574) Zane: (( yeah - just a little ;P ))
(576) Daelan: (( not me,brother dead,morti and the others are healed,the shield thingy has been disabled,and atross is heading back to the city,I am going to the slums for some shopping,the rest are out looking for Nerick))
(572) DM: ((ok. last we left off, Cindal and her lover were being questioned by Thom and his group))
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(572) DM: 182) DM: The house you're directed to behind the squat Tower of the Tax Collector is a small, one-room dwelling that appears to have once been quite comfortable in comparison to the other houses down the street. Now, though the paint is flaked and odd shingles are missing from the sagging roof. Rough steps lead up to an iron-studded door.
Thom: "Well, here goes nothing." Thom mutters as he walks up the stairs and knocks once on the door.
(182) DM: The door opens a crack and a thin, reedy voice hisses from within. "Yes? Whoisit?"
Atross: "Back to the cauldron then, see if they had better luck."
Thom: "My name is Thom, and I was directed to this humble abode in search of information of someone that is needing help."
(189) Daelan La'neral: " Did you find anything of interest Atross?"
(182) DM: The door is opened wide by a tired looking human woman, with graying blond hair tied in a bun.
** Sevis Goloens sits quiet and listens **
** Thom smiles at the woman. "Madam Cindal I presume?" **
(182) Cindal: If'n yer lookin fer Nerick, I dun' know where 'e is.
(182) DM: A voice calls from within. "Whooisit?"
Thom: "Why do you think we are looking for this Nerick?"
(182) Cindal: Some men, Hurot. (calls over her shoulder) Wot did ye say yer name was? (suspiciously)
(182) Cindal: Germad was lookin fer him. (sullenly)
Thom: "The name is Thom madam. And this is my friend Sevis."
Thom: "Ahh, so people only come to you looking for Nerick, is that so?"
** Cindal shrugs. "I dun know. It seems as if'n I have all tha' answers but I have nae clue as to whar 'e is. Come in, if'n ye like." **
(182) Cindal: Pleased tae meet ye.
Thom: "We would like that very much, thank you."
** Sevis Goloens nods to the lady an takes a step toward the door before looking to Thom **
(182) DM: Inside, the house is damp, but some effort has been made to keep it clean. Furnishings consist of a table with twin bench seats and a large surprisingly luxurious bed. Weapons and oddments of martial gear are displayed on the walls.
** Thom nods to Sevis to indicate everything is ok and he enters the house. **
Thom: "Come Sevis, let us relax with these two for a couple moments."
(182) DM: As you step inside and adjust your vision to the gloom within, you spot a small man hunched over a table in the rear, looking up from a meal of stew and bread. He glances up and talking with his mouth nearly full, "Pleashed tae meetcha."
Thom: "Pleased to meet you as well sir, sorry for bothering you during mealtime."
(182) Cindal: This is Hurot. Hurot, this is Thom and Service.
** Thom smiles slightly at Cindal's mispeaking, but let's it go. **
(182) Cindal: So, wot do ye wan' tae know 'bout Nerick?
Sevis Goloens: "Not Service, Sevis, no R in the name. But thats a new variation I have not heard yet." **Smiles**
** Cindal nods, a bit embarassed. "'Tis an unusual name. Never 'eard of it." **
Thom: "You are correct, we have come here looking for information about Nerick. Originally, we were approached and offered a job looking for him, but right now we just are trying to understand what is happening better. One side of the story always leaves things out."
Sevis Goloens: "I would not expect you have since I am from a very very distant land. Do you have any water by chance?"
(182) Cindal: Well, I ha'en't 'eard o' 'im in two months, I have. 'e was a fighter who failed tae return in tha' time. As far as I know, 'e's dead. But lately, a few ha' called fer 'im. Germad (counts on her fingers), tha' nae guid mage, fer starters. An' Cytara.
** Cindal nods and shuffles over to a pitcher on a table, pouring a tankard for Sevis. "'ere." **
Thom: "Really? He does seem to have gotten some people interested in him then. Do you know where in town he might be? You knew him as well as almost anyone else, is there anyplace you can think of that he might go to hide out? Or someplace where he always felt safe?"
Sevis Goloens: "Thank you M'Lady"
** Sevis Goloens takes a large drink of the water **
** Cindal shrugs. "Ye could ast Germad. 'e's tha' Cap'n o' tha' Watch, 'e is. If anyting, 'e would know whar Nerick is. They wer like brothers. **
Thom: "Ahh, was Germad with nerick in Wizard's Bane then?
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20] -> [10] = (10) -> [10] -> 10 = (10)
** Thom continues to make small talk about seemingly nothing in particular for a few moments, although most seem to touch on Marick's past. **
Thom: "One more question Madam, and I thank you for being so forthcoming thus far. Did any one else happen to say why they were looking for Nerick?"
(182) Cindal: Ays. An irony, 'tis. Fer a thief tae be Cap'n o' tha' Watch. By tha' Green Mother, 'tch.
Sevis Goloens: "Mam sorry to pry but did you and Narrik have a special place you went to be together?"
(182) Hurot: Tha' singer wanted tae know 'bout 'er 'arp. Tha' mage said somethin' 'bout a gem. (chews loudly and belches)
(182) Cindal: Nae.
Thom: "Hmm. Well, that is strange. We were told he was in trouble, but nothing about a harp or gem."
(182) Cindal: 'E liked tae collect things. Things o' magik.
Sevis Goloens: "Thank you for the water and the information" **Sets the glass back down**
(182) Cindal: An' weapons. (gestures to the wall decorations)
Thom: "So many of these items are his?"
(182) TaliesinNYC: All o' 'em.
(182) Cindal: All o' 'em.
Thom: "Would you be willing to part with one of them? I'd be willing to pay you for it, and it just might help us find him. Something that was very personal to him would be best probably."
** Cindal sighs heavily. "Welp, ye can take one then." **
(182) DM: They include an arquebus, a long blowgun tipped with a rusted needle, a heavily carved club of some foreign tribal design, a light crossbow with several quarrels, a harpoon made of ebony, a large battle axe, and a barbed ebony staff with a sling at its other end.
** Thom looks over the items. "Did he use any of these, or just colect them?" **
(182) Cindal: Both.
** Sevis Goloens moves over to the Barbed Ebony Staff and picks it up gently looking it over *
Thom: "If I may ask, what about the spaces here and here, did there used to be more items kept on this wall?
(182) DM: It's quite heavy, and in the wrong, inexperienced hands, has the potential for injury.
** Cindal looks sheepishly at Hurot. **
(182) Hurot: Might as well tell 'em.
(182) Cindal: I sold 'em fer money.
** Thom smiles slightly. "That is understandable, times can get hard." **
Thom: "The need to eat can be vry powerful, cannot it not? Well, I believe that this staff my friend picked out might work well for us. Since I do not know that we will be able to return it to you, please take this." Thom holds his hand out, palm down, with his thumb under his hand.
** Cindal holds her hands out, gratefully. **
** Sevis Goloens hefts the strange staff again **
(182) Cindal: Thank you. (meets his eyes squarely) An' I hope ye find Nerick safe an' sound, if'n 'e is alive.
whispering to Morti, no levels lost btw
Sevis Goloens: "Interesting weapon, though rather heavy for my tastes"
** Thom places his hand over hers and then slowly moves it away, having her close her hand as he does. "Thank you again for your help. If you do think of anything, we are at the Copper Cauldron, ok?" **
Thom: "As do we madam, as do we."

(574) Zane: (( were we still there, or hadn't we just left? ))
(572) DM: ((see above))
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (582) ticattack...
** Sevis Goloens nods to Cindal and hefts the staff in apreciation before making his way to the door **
(574) Zane: "Come Sevis, let us leave these two fine folks to their meal and see if anyone else had information to help Nerick." Thom then turns pack to the pair and bows slightly to them. "Again, our appologies for interrupting. And thank you for your help."
** (574) Zane turns and follows Sevis out of the house. **
** (574) Zane speaks softly to Sevis once they have walked a little ways down the road. "She seemed to wish Nerick no harm, and as far as I could tell, she wasn't holding anything back - she doesn't know where he is. However, she did give us a couple more leads we can check into." **
Sevis Goloens: "We should bring this back to the Inn before going anyware else. It's a rather unique weapon, and people may take note of it if they knew it belonged to, or that Nerick collected weapons"
(574) Zane: "Exactly. We can see if the other two have returned yet as well and how they fared. Although I doubt they are back already, they might be."
(576) Daelan: " Atross go back to the Inn and bring the others back to my brothers house. There are a few things I need to pick up,they have until sunset this eve."
** Sevis Goloens nods and starts back toward the Inn **
** (574) Zane travels with Sevis, keeping an eye on those they pass, checking to see if anyone appears to recogonize the staff Sevis carries. **
(572) DM: ((nope))
** Sevis Goloens puts the staff in thier rooms and motions for Thorm to lead the way to thier next location **
** (574) Zane looks around the tavern room to check for Atross or Daelan when they return. **
(583) Xeriar (enter): 22:05
(583) Xeriar (exit): 22:05
** (575) Morti sits at a table in the taven, eating ferociously **
** Sevis Goloens notices Morti on his way back through **
Sevis Goloens: "You look much better then you did a few days ago friend"
** (574) Zane smiles and moves over to Morti. "Well well well, look who is back up and moving around. It's good to see you enjoying your food so much." **
Sevis Goloens: "Probably smell better too"
** (574) Zane smiles wide at Morti and takes a seat for a moment with the man. **
(575) Morti: :a curious grunt from the boy and he turns to see his friends, "Gyo! Gyooda shee gya." :he speaks with a full mouth, accidentally spitting particles on his comrades
** (574) Zane rolls his eyes slightly and brushes off the flying matter. "Yep, definately Morti." **
** Sevis Goloens brushes the food off Swollow then speak **
** (575) Morti chews what's in his mouth, swallow a bit too quickly ans almost choking. A sip of cider helps it down, and he speaks once more, "Sorry about that. How long have I been.... out." **
(575) Morti: :avoiding the 'D' word:
(572) DM: ((Donovan appears to not be here tonight so assume he's not present))
(574) Zane: "Too long. But you are feeling better now, and that's what matters."
Jarvis: "Long enough to start to smell pretty bad"
(575) Morti: :nods: "Yeah, yeah. So.... where are we?"
** Jarvis gives the boy a small smile. "Those priests must work powerful magic..." **
(572) DM: On leaving Certimifil's house, you (Daelan) see someone approaching your brother's former abode...
** (564) Niglob Hobbespot stands in Daelan's way, appearing to be a small, poorly attired gnome at first glance. **
(574) Zane: "Wysos. A city that had some trouble, but appears to be having a little less now at least."
Sevis Goloens: "In Wysos"
(575) Morti: :nods to Jarvis: "I should go thank them."
(564) Niglob Hobbespot: Appearance: ((The squat, podgy figure, fat and standing in ragged, filthy sackcloth robes before you would seem to be a gnome. He is no taller than three foot at the most. A thin, wisp of a mustache, a stubbly cleft chin, and a large, bulbous nose protrude from the folds of the robe's cowl covering his head.

He walks with a pronounced limp, leaning heavily upon a short, and crooked oak staff, no more than an inch longer than he is tall. A poorly stitched, patchwork leather shoulder bag hangs to his left side.

It would appear that he varies little from the rest of his kin in most respects, though he isn't very clean, and is possessed of a pungent odor, oddly familiar, though it may simply be that he hasn't bathed in a very, very long time.))

** Jarvis snorts. "They've been thanked. With lots and lots of gold" **
(575) Morti: "Wysos...? Oh yeah.. now I remember."
(574) Zane: "Remember?"
(575) Morti: "Eh?" :looks dumbly to Thom:
(574) Zane: "What do you mean you remember?"
** (576) Daelan looks at the little man standing before him. **
Sevis Goloens: "So how was, umm beeing out, as you put it?"
(575) Morti: :scarf brow furrows nervously for a second. The boy just shakes his head and shrugs: "We were heading this way, right?"
(576) Daelan: " What business do you have with my brother little one?"
** (574) Zane gives Morti a look, but lets it pass. 'Yeah, we were. Now we are waiting for everyone to rest up some before continuing. Oh, and kid of working on hunting a werewolf while we wait." **
** (575) Morti looks to Sevis. Stopping to think it over a second, he offers simply, "Hungering." **
Thom: (( *kind of ))
(575) Morti: "Werewolf?" :squints curiously: "Is that something we should be doing now?"
Sevis Goloens: "That much is obvious. I guess I was hoping for some insight to my search for a deity of this world, but I guess I will just have to rely on the word of the priests I speak to."
** (564) Niglob Hobbespot frowns up att he elf, resting easy upon his short, crooked walking stick, "Nig's business with him be Nig's concern, but, Nig be friend of his, if you must knows," he says, eyeing the elf appraisingly, "You not looks much like him. You, be of different brood, mm?" **
Thom: "It was something that someone wants to hire us to do, but we are just killing time right now."
Sevis Goloens: "We decided to search as long as you were unable to travel"
(575) Morti: "Okay. How long til we head for Pelham?"
(576) Daelan: " Well whatever business you had with my brother,is no longer a concern of his this or any other day from now on,so you either deal with me or be off little one."
Thom: "Well, we were mainly wanting to make sure you were strong enough. And Drenla and Rhain are resting right now. So, tomorrow at the latest."
** (575) Morti bites at a hamsteak **
(575) Morti: :of Drenla and Rhian: "YAre dey yallgright?" :speaking with a fullmouth again:
** (564) Niglob Hobbespot cants his head to the side, pondering-he sighs after a few uncomfortable moments have passed, and takes a few steps closer, seemingly sniffing at Daelan, "Nig knows this, that be why Nig be here. To talks to you." **
Thom: "They will be. There was something here that was interfereing with magic users, and they had a poor nights sleep. But they seem to be resting better now."
Thom: (( BRB ))
Jarvis: "You can say that again. Not pleasant"
(585) tiejaz (enter): 22:20
** (564) Niglob Hobbespot 's nise wrinkles visibly, and he stops, "Wants to knows, what you knows, mm?" **
(575) Morti: :nods to Thom, agreeing: "True, the shield was pretty nasty." :forgetting his pact of silence again:
(585) tiejaz (exit): 22:20
(576) Daelan: " Well then speak."
** Jarvis looks at Morti for a long minutes. "Obviously, to affect the dead" **
** Sevis Goloens looks at Morti, "You could feel the shield even while dead?" **
** (575) Morti suddenly chokes in surprise. Food caught in his throat for a second, he he beats his chest to get it loose and swallows down the last of his cider. "Haaaahhh.. um... yeah.." **
** Thom silently studies Morti for a few moments, saying nothing. **
Jarvis: Disconnecting from server...
(582) ticattack (exit): 22:23
Sevis Goloens: "Interesting, anyways do you think you will be well enough to travel on the marrow?"
** (575) Morti shrinks back from the rogue's scrutinizing eye. With a nervous titter, he hops up from his seat. "Oop.. out of cider. Be right back." He shuffles off to the bar to refill his mug, passing Daelan and the small stranger on the way. **
** (564) Niglob Hobbespot glances up at Morti briefly as he passes, then returns his attentions to the elf. **
** Sevis Goloens whispers while Morti is gone "He is hiding something, but I supose experiances while dead should be kept to onesself" **
** Thom shakes his head at Morti as he leaves. He then turns to Sevis. "Well, we can go see if Germand knows anything while we wait to hear from Daelan. After all, it's not even midday yet." **
** (575) Morti calls back to Sevis, I'm really stiff, you know, since I haven't been moving. You wouldn't believe the pins and needles I felt when I woke up." **
** Thom nods in agreement to Sevis. "If he wants to tell us later, he will." **
(572) DM: ((want to clear a misconception...Daelan and Niglob are not in the inn, but at Certimfil's house.))
(575) Morti: ((oops, my bad)
(576) Daelan: " Well I am waiting what is it you want to say to me little one?"
** Sevis Goloens calls back "Ok sounds like you need to rest, which is expected. So perhaps Thom and I should continue looking for our lost wolf?" **
(575) Morti: "I'll come with you. I may be a bit creeky. But I am mobile."
** (564) Niglob Hobbespot arches a brow at the elf, "Already asks you question, maybe you.. Answers that one first? Then, maybe Nig has more to say, mm?" **
(575) Morti: "Besides....." :cringes: "I've had enough rest."
Thom: "Very well. Finish off your cider and we'll head out."
Sevis Goloens: "Ok, the walk may do your muscles some good"
(575) Morti: "Hai hai!
Thom: "In the meantime, I'll try to get some directions." Thom then stands from the table and heads up to the bar.
** (575) Morti finishes his meal quick and gets a refill of cider in his waterskin for the go. **
Sevis Goloens: (( AFK Bio break ))
(575) Morti: :while thom gets directions: "So... who's this werewolf?"
** (576) Daelan turns and walks away heading towards the slums of the city,calling over his shoulder to the gnome," If you want to know what I know,you are barking up the wrong tree little one,so either tell me whats on your mind or begone,but know this if I find you in my brothers house,I will track you to the ends of the world and exact my revenge upon you do you understand?" **
** Thom looks for Brion, or whoever is working at the moment behind the bar. **
** (564) Niglob Hobbespot frowns at this, and with another sigh, takes after the elf as quickly as his short little legs can carry him, "Nig guess you not knows more than Nig does, mm? Or you just being usual hard headed self, like he always says of you, mm?" **
** (576) Daelan spins on his heel,his bow coming up,with an arrow notched,aiming at the gnome in an instant," What I know is my business,how I act is the same,my business,I do not know you so either tell me what you know or the last thing you will see in this world will be me." **
** (564) Niglob Hobbespot comes to a quick halt, rather startled, though not surprised at his actions-he hangs his head slightly, taking a deep breath, and quickly exhaling, "That not be necessary.. Nig only wants to know, what happened to Nig's friend, your brood brother. Nig finds no answers when he finds him, but learns that you be here, so Nig comes to asks you what you maybe knows of what happens to him.." **
** Thom returns to Morti and Sevis a moment later. "ready?" **
Sevis Goloens: "Yes"
(576) Daelan: " He was killed by an Edan he trusted,that makes him a fool,but no one deserves to die the way he did,they also took some things that do not belong to them,I will recover them,I know they used a tunnel built into his house,that is how they came and went."
(575) Morti: "Just let me grab m things. I'll meet you outside."
** Thom nods his head in the direction of the door. "We'll be outside." **
** (575) Morti heads upstairs to grab his gear before heading down to meet Thom and Sevis **
** Sevis Goloens heads out whith Thom "So where to next? **
** Thom heads outside and waits for Morti. Once all three are out there, he starts to lead them to the house he was given directions to. **
Thom: "Germad is the only other real lead we have in town, now that Cytara has left town."
** (564) Niglob Hobbespot winces at his old friend being called a fool, his dead friend, a fool, by his own brother no less, but he dismisses it as Daelan's way of handling his grief, though it makes little sense to him-he nods at the elf's reply, "Then you not knows much more than Nig knows." **
** (564) Niglob Hobbespot looks up at the elf again, curious, "You going to kill Nig now, mm?" **
(576) Daelan: " Now tell me why you are nosing around here?"
** (576) Daelan lowers his bow," No you are not an Edan." **
** (564) Niglob Hobbespot cocks his head at the elf, confused, "Did Nig not just tells you why he be here...?" **
(576) Daelan: " You are here for more than just questions little one."
** Sevis Goloens nods and waits to follow Thom's lead **
** (576) Daelan brings his bow up once more," Perhaps you are working for the ones who killed my brother,wanting to know if anyone has figured out who they are." **
** Thom continues following the directions given to him, keeping an eye on those around him out of habit. **
** (575) Morti follows along, favoring his staff a bit as he walks **
** (564) Niglob Hobbespot frowns at the elf yet again, his attitude beginnign to wear on his nerves, "If that be what you believe, that be what you believe. But you be wrong," he says taking a breath before continuing, "Like Nig says, Nig comes to you to learns what happens to friend. What Nig does after he learns, Nig not knows. So, Nig not can say." **
** (576) Daelan lowers his bow once more **
(576) Daelan: " Well I intend to find the ones who killed my brother and exact revenge,and to recover what they took as well. Nothing more,nothing less,come or stay up to you little one."
** (576) Daelan turns and begins to walk towards the slums once more **
** (564) Niglob Hobbespot ponders the offer a moment, watching the elf walk away from him-he sighs, and quietly follows after him, eyes watching the elf's every move, uncertain of what he knows. **
** (564) Niglob Hobbespot found the F12 macro key **
** Sevis Goloens continues to follow after Thom quietly looking around and keeping an eye on Morti to ensure that he is well enough to continue **
** (564) Niglob Hobbespot limps up along side the elf, and cranes his neck to look up at him, "You be careful. Blood that spills from wounds you inflict, some day maybe the river you create drowns you." **
** (576) Daelan walks from shop to shop,buying flasks of lantern fuel in each store,though no more than 2 from each place. **
** (576) Daelan looks down at the little man **
(576) Daelan: " I can swim."
** (564) Niglob Hobbespot shakes his head in disgust, and turns away, falling behind. **
(572) DM: You find Germand's quarters near the gates of the Governor's Palace. The stone structure is seemingly a converted military billet house, judging by the other buildings nearby. You notice the heavy door is slightly ajar, and the interior of the house looks dark and quiet.
** Thom walks quietly the whole way to the house. As they near it, he glances back at Morti and Sevis. "We'll check with Germad, and decide what to do then. Oh, and he is the captain of the guard, so watch what you say." He then notices the door and stops in mid-stride. "Wait here a moment." **
** (576) Daelan once having bought what he needs,heads back to his brothers house,stopping at the tree outside his house,cutting off 3 small branches then steps inside. **
** Thom stands and seems to just look at the door for a couple moments. **
** (575) Morti stops as Thom instructs, leaning on his staff **
** Sevis Goloens stops and looks around the house **
** (564) Niglob Hobbespot remains outside of the home, remembering Daelan's threat, uncertain whether or not it still stands. **
** (564) Niglob Hobbespot wanders off a ways, and finds himself a seat, digging through his shoulder bag for something, and producing a wad of some kind of pasty substance wrapped in cloth. **
** (576) Daelan takes out the flasks of lantern fuel and begins pouring it all over the floors in the house,picks up the body of his brother,placing him on his bed,then places a small branch in each of his hands then places the last branch on his chest,then folds his arms over his chest,then turns and leaves the house for now. **
(572) DM: It's dark and quiet inside, precisely the opposite of what you would expect for a captain of the guard.
** (564) Niglob Hobbespot undoes the cloth, and dips his fingers into it, and stuffing a wad of the foul smelling, but apparently quite tasty paste into his mouth. **
Thom: "Ok, it seems clear, but be careful." Thom tells the other two as he walks up to the door and peers in, opening it slightly more as he looks around the interior.
** (576) Daelan stops outside,glances around,sees the gnome,motions for him,then begins to walk towards the city. **
** (564) Niglob Hobbespot licks his fingers clean, and continues eating while he waits patiently for the elf, casting a glance back at the house every few moments-when signaled, he hops to his feet, rewrapping the substance and tucking it away back inside the bag. **
** (564) Niglob Hobbespot hurries off after him. **
** Sevis Goloens moves up, but stays behind Morti, protecting his back **
** (575) Morti sidles up behind Thom, peeking into the room over his shoulder. "Hello...?" **
** Thom opens the door all the way and calls out into the house, "Hello?" **
(572) DM: You smell it before you see it. The coppery scent of spilled blood....
(576) Daelan: " So did my brother concider you an elendil little one?"
** Thom enters the house and looks around, letting the light from outside light the room. **
(572) DM: Germad, formerly the captain of the guard of Wysos, lies sprawled face down inside his house. His corpse is covered with knife wounds, most of which are in his back.
** Sevis Goloens slides into a quick fighting stance **
(572) DM: He appears to have been dead for quite a few hours.
** Thom bends down to examine the body. **
Thom: "No one is here anymore Sevis."
(572) DM: The room appears to have been ransacked. Germad's corpse lies in a pool of now congealed blood. Bloody footprints track about the floor all around him.
(592) Elanor (enter): 23:08
** (564) Niglob Hobbespot glances back at the burning house as they depart, and quietly says a prayer for the departed spirit of yet another of his friends-which seem to be rapidly dwindling in supply. **
** (575) Morti moves into the home, cringing at the sight of another body. Partly to avert his gaze he looks about the room, seeing if anything has been ransacked or blatantly disturbed **
(575) Morti: ((guess so))
(575) Morti: :to thom: "How long has he been dead?"
Thom: "For a while. I would guess this happened early this morning."
Sevis Goloens: "Lets go wate for Daelan and Atross. I dont want to be caught rumaging around a dead mans house in a city like this"
** (575) Morti looks around for distinguishable hand or foot prints, trying to compare any do his own appendages to guess the size of the killer **
Thom: "Especially this man's house. Let's get out of here."
(575) Morti: "Shouldn't we tell the watchmen?"
Thom: "Yes, we strangers from a very distance place are going to inform that we just happened upon the dead body of their Chief of the Watch in his own house."
(593) Norfirion (enter): 23:13
Thom: (( *Captain, not chief ))
Sevis Goloens: "This was the captain of the guard, even knowing of his death may be cause to detain us. You were not awake when we entered this city, but it seems rather corupt"
(575) Morti: "Better we tell about it then be witnessed fleeing the scene and telling no one, right?"
** Thom stops in the middle of leaving, taking a very close look around the room. **
Thom: "Hold on, something is off here. We're not done here yet I don't think. Sevis, close the door, would you?"
** Sevis Goloens moves and closes the door **
(576) Daelan: " Well did he little one,whats the matter,first I can not get you shut up,now you will not speak when spoken too."
** Thom pulls out his father's sword, which he rarely uses anymore and with a whisper, it ignites with flames burning around the edge of it, providing some light to the room. **
(572) DM: (room descriptions, please don't interrupt)
(572) DM: The house is divided into two areas, a living room/bedroom and a kitchen/dining area. Each is ransacked and bloody footprints can be seen all about the floor.
(572) DM: The door to the kitchen cupboard (which sits across from the sofa in the exact center of the house) are thrown wide, and the shelves bare of foodstuffs and utensils alike.
(572) DM: The bedroom : there is an iron-bound chest in the northwest corner with its lid thrown open. The contents of a large bookshelf on the east wall have been carelessly swept to the floor. One of the two ceramic bookends have been smashed. Scattered volumes lie all over the room.
(572) DM: (end)
** (575) Morti looks about the scattered books, looking for interesting titles, and straightening things back to the shelfs out of habit **
Thom: "This is false - the ransacking was fabricated. It's far to rushed and careless for someone who was actually looking for valuables."
** Thom thinks for a moment, studying the footprints and destruction. **
(592) Elanor (exit): 23:24
** Sevis Goloens stays near the door while Thom does his thing **
** Thom wanders around the two rooms, trying to piece things together. **
(575) Morti: "Eh?" :glancing back to THom, while tidying up, Morti looks around for (semi)valuables not stolen
** Thom wanders from the bedroom into the kitchen. "I guess that isn't going to tell me what they wanted..." he mutters to himself. **
** (575) Morti looks inside the chest, pulling out a pearl-studded mithril helm and trying it on. Turning to the others he comments: "Yeah, you'd think the killer would have taken some of this nifty stuff" **
** Thom wanders back into the main room after a moment. **
Thom: "Ok, what kind of person comes in, murders a man, ransacks the place to make it appear to be a robbery attempt, and apparently takes only food and utensils?"
(575) Morti: "Hungry people?"
** (575) Morti sits on the chest, flipping through one of the books he picked up, skimming it with some thought. **
Thom: "From what I was told of Germad, it would have taken a powerful person, not some random hungry begger, to overpower him like they did."
(575) Morti: "Well, he was attacked from behind, right?"
Thom: "For the most part, yes. But Germad wasn't always on the side of law if you know what I mean. He could have been lax and surpsised, but that would mean..."
Sevis Goloens: "He knew his attaker?"
** Thom frowns and nods. **
Sevis Goloens: "This isnt our buisness, unless it is attached to Nerick, and even that isnt our buisness realy"
Thom: "Whatever the attacker was actually after, I am sure they got. Although there are more questions, I doubt we will find any answers here.""
Thom: "True, but I must admit that I am starting to get intrigued by this whole thing."
** (575) Morti speaks up, reading from the journal in his hands, " ... recieved some disturbing news today. It seems likely that Nerick has returned to Wysos, as people representing Okinar or Arawn have been asking about him in the city. His Lycanthropy must be taking control." **
** Thom looks back to Morti. "So Okinar has been even more obvious than I thought. Does it say anything else Morti?" **
** (576) Daelan enters the city,heads towards the Copper Cauldron. **
(575) Morti: :nods: "Yeah lots. That's an older insert."
Thom: "Let's take it then. It could help us figure out where, if anywhere, to go next."
(575) Morti: "It mentions someone named Certimifil working with them."
(575) Morti: :holds the book out to the other men to read as well
Sevis Goloens: "Maybe we sould take the book back to the Inn and read it to find more clues in a safer location?"
** (564) Niglob Hobbespot takes a few tentative steps inside the gate, glancing up and around at his surroudnings, then darts after Daelan.. **
Thom: "Certimfil working for Okinar? Interesting."
** Thom stands at the door for a moment before opening it. **
(575) Morti: "Okinar? I don't know about that. I meant Nerick and Germad
(576) Daelan: " So little one,what are you good for,other than drawing flies?"
** (564) Niglob Hobbespot cocks his head up at the elf again, "What you means, what Nig be good for?" **
Thom: "Let's go now, while it's clear."
** Sevis Goloens follows Thom out slowly trying to look casual **
(575) Morti: "Do you know where the Municipal Museum is?"
** Thom opens the door and heads out, walking about a block away before stopping and waiting for the others. **
** (575) Morti takes the journal with him, still wearing the helmet thoughtlessly as they head out the door **
(576) Daelan: " Well I see no weapons on you,other than that small stick you carry,and you wear no armor either,so either you are a mage or something else,I am guessing something else."
** Thom pauses as the others catch up. When he sees Morti, he reaches over and plucks the helm off him. "Think Morti, think." **
(575) Morti: :reading as he walks: "This says that the Germad bought a gem with his share of their spoils, but he gave it to the museum in guilt. Eh?" :flinching as the helmet is taken from his head: "Hehe... sorry."
** (564) Niglob Hobbespot chuckles at that, and shrugs his shoulders, "Uhm," he says, looking down at his feet, then baqck up at the elf, "Nig can maybe cooks some?" **
** (564) Niglob Hobbespot dips a hand into his shoulder bag, and produces the cloth-wrapped paste, and offers it up to him, "This be fuu'grot. You tries it, mm?" **
** Thom stashes the helm hidden from sight quickly. "To risky to take it back. Guess it's ours now, but not in plain sight. A gem you say? That's what Hurot said Germad came asking about." **
(575) Morti: ((typed that wrong... didn't buy the gem.. KEPT the gem from their spoils))
(576) Daelan: " Well the Edan that I travel with may like that,there is little you can cook that I would be willing to eat,first thing you have to do is get some better cloths,and take a bath."
Thom: "So, the Municipal Museaum huh?"
(575) Morti: :nods: "We should go see it, yees?"
** (576) Daelan looks at the paste,then looks down at the little man," I do not think so,that smells almost as bad as you do." **
** (564) Niglob Hobbespot ponders for a moment, stuffing the fuu'grot back into his shoulder bag, "Uhm, Nig think about that." **
** Thom thinks for a moment. **
** Sevis Goloens follows silently **
(576) Daelan: " Think about what,the bath or the clean cloths,if you are to travel anywhere near me,then do so down wind until you change your mind."
Thom: "Well, I don't recall seeing anything about a museum anywhere I have travelled. Let's head back to the inn. We can get directions there, and read more of that book."
(575) Morti: "Hai hai." :follows back to the inn, reading on the way.:
** (564) Niglob Hobbespot cants his head up at the elf, then sniffs at himself before falling back a few paces. **
** Thom leads the way back to the inn, following the reverse of the directions. **
** (576) Daelan enters the Inn,looks for Brion. **
(572) DM: Not Brion, but another bartender, named Gawaine is there.
** (564) Niglob Hobbespot comes to a halt, looking after the elf as he enters the building-he tugs the cowl of his robes a little tighter, and waits just outside the door. **
(572) Gawaine: Oh thar you be. Yer friends were just askin' fer you.
(564) Niglob Hobbespot: ((brb, drink.))
** (576) Daelan places 5 gp on the bar,I want a hot bath and some clean cloths for someone please. **
(572) Gawaine: (jerks his thumb towards Thom and the others)
(572) Gawaine: Suit yerself. Who izzit?
** (576) Daelan steps outside,grabs the gnome and drags him inside **
(576) Daelan: " Clean him,and get him some cloths that fit,if he fights drown him."
** Thom has apparently returned to the inn in record time, and sits with Morti and Sevis, looking over the journal. **
** Gawaine wrinkles his nose at seeing Niglob. "I wonder if'n all tha' gold in tha' world can clean 'm, but I'll do my best, I will." **
** Sevis Goloens looks up at Daelan "Whos that with you? **
** (564) Niglob Hobbespot glances up frantically at the elf, then at the bartkeep, then back at the elf, "What you doing! Nig not needs bath!" **
(572) Gawaine: Come you. Upstairs, an' Branwen be wid you short as silk.
(576) Daelan: " A gnome,who now smells worse than Morti ever did."
Sevis Goloens: "That would be hard. You friend have a name?"
** (575) Morti sees the gnome arguing over bathing, which reminds the boy to take a sniff of himself. "I could probably use a bath too." :shrugs and goes back to his reading a cider." **
** (564) Niglob Hobbespot glares up at the elf, "So you pinch your nose or something! Then you not has to smell Nig!" **
Thom: "You go to talk to your brother, and come back with a gnome? I have got to hear this story?"
(575) Morti: "Eh? Brother?" :mentions of family interests Morti has he looks to Dalean: "You have a brother here?"
** (564) Niglob Hobbespot looks to Thom, then, suddenly aware of all the others around him, tugs his cowl a little tighter. **
** (576) Daelan looks down at the gnome,speaking to him very quietly,but hissing out each word to the man," Either you go and get cleaned up or so help me I will do it,and you will not like it,do you understand me little man? " **
** Thom doesn't give Niglob a second look, waiting to hear from Daelan. **
** (575) Morti looks too the gnome, giving a friendly wave and "Hello." **
(576) Daelan: " Yes Morti."
(576) Daelan: " The gnomes name is Nig something or other,he knows my brother as well."
** (564) Niglob Hobbespot peeks up at the elf from his hood, then at the barkeep, then back to the elf again, "Fine! Nig does this himself!" **
(575) Morti: :grins to Dael: "Oooh.. What's he like? Is he friendlier to humans?"
(576) Daelan: " I am glad to hear it Nig,your new cloths will be waiting when you are done."
** (576) Daelan looks to the barkeep," Make sure he is nice and clean." **
** (576) Daelan turns and walks over to the table with the others,pulls out a chair and sits down. **
(576) Daelan: " Well he was friendlier Morti."
Thom: "So Daelan, what happened out there?"
** (564) Niglob Hobbespot tugs himself away from Daelan, and slinks away after the berkeep, to have his 'bath.' **
(575) Morti: "Great. What's he like? are we going to meet him? Does he have a big house we can stay in?"
Sevis Goloens: "Hello Nig, I am Sevis, and feel free to ignore Daelan he is just perpetualy grumpy, though he is good with a bow"
(576) Daelan: " He is dead,killed this morning,by someone he knew,they ransacked the house and took several things,bloody Edan tracks all over the place,and there is a tunnel leading into the ground in his house,he knew this Nerick that we have been looking for,I believe he is the one who killed my brother and is now under the city."
** Thom drops his jaw slightly, his eyes large. He glances at Sevis and Morti. **
** (575) Morti 's scarf smile quickly droops upon hearing of Daelan's lost brother. "D----dead?" **
Sevis Goloens: "Stange there was another murder in the city this morning"
Thom: "Then either Nerick has been busy, or someone else looking for Nerick has been."
(576) Daelan: " Yea who?"
Thom: Another of the Wizard's Bane group, Germad."
(576) Daelan: " The Captain of the Guard?"
Thom: "The one and only. Stabbed to death in his home this morning. Stabbed in the back numerous times. his places was also ransacked, but I could tell that it wasn't actually a robbery. The ransacking was done to make it look like a random robbery."
Sevis Goloens: "Yes"
** (575) Morti stares to Daelan, eyes big and tearing, as his cloth lips twitch in sad sniffles. Morosely he hangs his head **
(576) Daelan: " So Germad,and my brother,both of whom were in this Wizards bane group,killed by someone they knew,my brother was a High Mage,he did not even get a spell off."
(576) Daelan: " They took his spell books and other items of personal interest,nothing more."
** (576) Daelan looks at Morti," Whats his problem?" **
Thom: "Both of them were likely surprised by the attacks. Swift and deadly attacks. It had to be someone they knew. I doubt either of them would have let any stranger close enough to kill them with their guard down."
** (564) Niglob Hobbespot comes back into the common room alone, wearing flowing tan-grey robes of exceptional quality, likely made of silk, and obviously made by a highly talented tailor, he scratches himself vigorously in various places, muttering curses under his breath as he approaches Daelan and his friends. **
** (576) Daelan smiles at Nig **
Thom: "I couldn't tell for sure what was taken at Germad's - except for all the food and utensils."
** (575) Morti looks up to the elf suddenly, sobs, then lunges forward taking the Daelan into a hurried embrace. Crying on his shoulder, he blurts out, "I'm sorry for your loss." **
(576) Daelan: " This is Nig something or other,a gnome who knew my brother."
** (564) Niglob Hobbespot scratches at himself underneath his arm and through his robe, glaring at the elf, "Niglob." **
** (576) Daelan pushes Morti off him,standing quickly,his hand moving to his quiver **
Sevis Goloens: "Hello Nig, I am Sevis, and feel free to ignore Daelan in the future, he is just perpetualy grumpy, though he is good with a bow"
Thom: "Well met Nig, I am Thom. From the brief minute that I met Daelan's brother, he seemed like a decent type."
Thom: "Niglob. My appologies. That's what I get for meeting others though Daelan."
** (575) Morti falls face first to the floor. *Ptak* "OWW!" Now crying for another reason as he sits up on the floor. **
Sevis Goloens: "Sorry, Niglob then. So you knew Daelans brother, was he friendlyer then Daelan here?"
** (564) Niglob Hobbespot glances at each as they speak, then back at the elf, stepping in closer and raising his arm, waving it around, "There, you happy now!?" **
** Thom glances at Morti and then glares at Daelan. **
** Sevis Goloens looks at Morti "Are you all right? **
** (564) Niglob Hobbespot grumbles at the elf and looks to Sevis, "Uhm, Nig not wants to talk about that." **
(576) Daelan: " Tears are for women and children,I mourn for my loss when I have my revenge."
** (575) Morti rubs his hurt nose, standing to reach a hand out to Daelan's shoulder, "It's alright, I forgive you. I know you're upset about your brother." **
** Thom moves to help Morti up. "What were you expecting Morti? You know how distant Daelan keeps himself." **
(576) Daelan: " He was a fool,nothing more,nothing less."
(576) Daelan: " And yes little one,not only do you look better,but you smell better too,I bet you feel better too."
** Sevis Goloens nods to Niglob then looks strangly at Morti then glares at Daelan **
** (564) Niglob Hobbespot sniffs at himself, his nose wrinkling as he continues to scratch numerous itches, muttering curses under his breath still, "That be four guesses you gets wrong today." **
** (575) Morti 's eyes tear at Daelan's declaration of revenge. This time, proudly, he tries to embrace the elf again, still stinking of death and his usual questionable cleanliness. "I'll help you tehn, Daelan!" **
** (576) Daelan steps away from Morti," Has death altered your brain Morti,if you wish to help fine,but DO NOT TOUCH ME!" **
** Drenla comes down to the common room, along with Rhian, and heads over to your table. **
** (564) Niglob Hobbespot cringes slightly at the outburst from the elf, forgetting his itches. **
(572) Drenla: Ah, Daelan.
** Thom places a hand on Morti's shoulder, to try to gently lead the little one back to his seat. "Easy Morti." **
(572) DM: A few look up at Daelan's outburst.
(575) Morti: "What?" :sniffles: "When I lost my family and thought they all might be dead. I really wanted someone to hug me, and say it was going ot be alright." :in after thought: "Then again... I was just a kid."
(572) DM: ...then settle back to their leisurely breakfast, while watching you out of the corner of their eyes.
** (576) Daelan glances at Drenla,gives her a brief nod. **
Thom: "And you were not an emotionally dead vengence hunter." he continues for Morti.
** Drenla smiles tightly as he seats himself, followed by Rhian. "Breakfast for us all, on my tab." (to a waitress) **
(572) DM: (Drenla is a he, lol)
** Thom looks at Drenla and Rhian, seeing that they look rested. **
** (564) Niglob Hobbespot glances around the room, at all the eyes upon them, he sighs, and wanders behind their table-the feverous scratching resumes. **
** (576) Daelan glances at Drenla,gives him a brief nod. **
(572) Drenla: And you are...? (to Niglob) Well met, in any event.
Thom: "I take it you slept well these past few hours?"
Sevis Goloens: "Hello Rhian"
** (575) Morti stops sniffling at the mention of food. Wiping his eyes he takes a seat by his former mentor, "I can eat more." **
(572) DM: (please describe your appearances to Niglob)
(572) Rhian Aes Sedai: Yes, very much, thank you Thom.
** (564) Niglob Hobbespot keeps his eyes averted from the new arrival, "You calls me Nig." **
Thom: Thom Description: You see a 19 year-old human male that stands 5'10" tall. He does not appear to be very strong, but by the way he moves, it can be easily seen that he is very dexterous. He sticks to the main path, not trying to hide, but moving where he can be seen. A shortsword hangs on his left hip, a single rapier on his right hip. He wears a pair of tight gloves that lead into his dark cloak that flows over his entire body.
Thom: "That is very good to hear. Once people are feeling ready, it would be nice to continue on our way. I fear if we stay here much longer we will get sucked into a series of events that will detain us for much longer than we wish."
Sevis Goloens: Discription:: You see a short human, with bloond hair cut like a bowl was placed on his head before they cut it. Hit eyes are a stunning green, and for some reason it is hard to move your gaze, once you do however you notice he is wearing a dark brown robe, that had seen its share of use, and a worn back pack. He is wearing black gloves with the fingers cut off, and on his left hand he has a dull copper ring, on his right he has a silver ring with a red ruby embeded in it. When he takes a step you notice some smoth leather bracers on his lower legs. Though he is short he seems to have an almost unnatural grace, and power surounding him.
(564) Niglob Hobbespot: Appearance: ((The squat, podgy figure, fat ugly, but garbed in pristine, tan-grey robes, not a stitch out of place, standing before you would seem to be a gnome. He is no taller than three foot at the most. A thin, wisp of a mustache, a stubbly cleft chin, and a large, bulbous nose protrude from the folds of the robe's cowl covering his head.

He walks with a pronounced limp, leaning heavily upon a short, and crooked oak staff, no more than an inch longer than he is tall. A poorly stitched, patchwork leather shoulder bag hangs to his left side.

It would appear that he varies little from the rest of his kin in most respects, though he isn't very clean, and is possessed of a uniquely pungent odor, oddly familiar to you-all despite the fact that he has taken bath))

** (575) Morti is a short, scrawny youth, in a pin striped white scarf, which wraps his whole head as a mask, and seems to move unnaturally with his expressions. From under his baggy blue over coat he pulls a tabby kitten up onto the table. "Breakfast again Moiraine." **
** Drenla stands about 6'1", is of slender build and wears light blue robes of a spare cut. He has short blonde-gray hair, icy blue eyes and aquiline features. He walks with a slight limp favoring his right leg and has an amethyst tipped silver staff. **
(576) Daelan: Daelan Description: You see a rather small framed male figure standing before you,his arms show strength in them,yet you notice he moves quick and delibrate,you see he is wearing mostly outdoor type of cloths,over which he is wearing a non descript greenish grayish hooded cloak,you see he carries an exquisite elven long bow in his right hand,it never seems to leave his hand,you see a quiver strapped to his left thigh,you do not see any other weapons or armor on him,you notice he has a black leather pack on his back,every once in awhile you see him place a piece of food on his shoulder and then suddenly it dissapears.
** (575) Morti turns to the gnome, holding out a hand, while his scarf smiles, "Hello, Nig, sir, I am Morti." **
Thom: ((in case it got missed in the middle of the descs)) "That is very good to hear Rhian. Once people are feeling ready, it would be nice to continue on our way. I fear if we stay here much longer we will get sucked into a series of events that will detain us for much longer than we wish."
** (564) Niglob Hobbespot looks at the hand, and uncertain of what the human expects, he merely looks back up at Morti to respond, "Uh, 'allo." **
** (575) Morti eventually lets the hand lower, a bit of an awkward silence, and he offers, "Well... your new clothes look nice." **
** Thom borrows the journal from Morti while he talks with Nig. **
** (564) Niglob Hobbespot watches the hand drop, then looks back up again, "Uhm, if you thinks so." **
** Sevis Goloens sits back quietly listening and watching **
** Thom quietly flips though the back part of the book. **
** (576) Daelan sits back down,watching Morti **
(575) Morti: :more awkward silence: "So, how did you know Daelan's brother? Were you friends?"
(576) Daelan: " So what are you reading Thom?"
Thom: "A journal that may have some clues about Nerick. That, or might have information others may need."
** Sevis Goloens cocs his head to the side looking at the gnome then to Morti **
** (564) Niglob Hobbespot thinks Morti's question over for a moment, then finally nods in the affirmative, "You maybe says that. Him teaches, Nig learns." **
Sevis Goloens: "Niglob would you mind joining me over here while they talk for a bit?"
** Sevis Goloens stands and head to a table a bit away from the group **
(575) Morti: "Oh? Learn what?"
(576) Daelan: " My brother was a High Mage Morti."
(575) Morti: :holds out his water skin to Nig: "Cider?"
** (564) Niglob Hobbespot looks from Morti to Sevis, head cocked to one side, "... Why?" **
(575) Morti: :eyes widen to Dael: "Really? Aaww.. now I'm really sorry I didn't get to meet him."
Sevis Goloens: "Just to ask you a few questions to get to know you before we start telling you our buisness"
(576) Daelan: " He would have liked you more that I do Morti."
** (564) Niglob Hobbespot dismisses Morti's offer with a wave of his hand, and wanders cautiously over to Sevis, "..Guess that be okay." **
(576) Daelan: (( that=than))
** (575) Morti grins to Daelan's words... until he thinks it over and notices it as meaning Dael doesn't like him. "Hey!" **
** (576) Daelan smiles **
(576) Daelan: " You were good when you were dead."
(575) Morti: :grimaces: "That's just mean."
(576) Daelan: " And you need to bathe."
Thom: "As I'm sure you would be as well Daelan." Thom comments while scanning the journal.
** Sevis Goloens quietly whispers to Niglob once they are seated "You arnt realy a gnome are you. I dont care what you are, I just dont like people hiding stuff when I first meet them and then start talking about our buisness." **
** (575) Morti just gives himself a sniff... and nods **
(576) Daelan: " So do we go back to my brothers place and go down the tunnel to find this Nerick? Or do we just leave and say forget it?"
Thom: "Why don't you go clean up Morti while we are all here. We'll wait and it might help losen up those muscles as well."
** (575) Morti nods to thom, and goes to ask Gawaine about a bath. **
** (564) Niglob Hobbespot stares quietly across the table at Sevis for a few long moments, curious as to whether he truly knows or not, "...Mmm? What make you think, Nig not be who Nig says he be?" **
(576) Daelan: " Why should I wash him? He seems willing enough to bathe himself."
Thom: "We'll see Daelan. I want to see if there are any other notes in here first. Try to get a better picture or things."
Thom: (( my comment about Morti cleaning was directed at Morti himself. Sorry for the confusion in reading. ))
(576) Daelan: " So food and utensils were the only things missing? Are you sure something else is not missing from the other house?"
** Sevis Goloens whispers "You hisitated to shake Morti's hand, trying to keep yourself hidden." **
** (564) Niglob Hobbespot tilts his head at Sevis, "And what makes you think Nig cares what be your business? Nig not asks. Nig be here with elf, and only be here with elf, to learns what happens to Nig's friend. That be all." **
** (575) Morti calls over from the bar. "I want to go to the Municipal Museum to see that gem first." :grin: "I've never been to a Museum before." **
** (564) Niglob Hobbespot frowns, apparently confused, "..Shake?" **
(576) Daelan: " What gem?"
** Rhian Aes Sedai has auburn hair that lightens easily when she spends a lot of time in the sun. Her hair is unruly and wavy, but she rarely does anything to it. Her eyes are blue-gray, and she has a few freckles across her nose. She stands taller than many southlanders, save those of the Plainsmen of 'Athaq -- she's 5'8". She has an athletic frame. Rhian tends to walk in long, muscular strides and her patience is tried easily. **
Thom: "That was the only obvious thing taken. I don't know what the man owned, so I can't say for sure. however, I believe they were looking for something in particular, and ransacked the rest of the place to try and hide that."
(564) Niglob Hobbespot: ((Ah, Nig's future mate. :))
Thom: "Clean first Morti. Better chance of getting in."
(575) Morti: "Right" :Arranges for a quick bath before they go.:
(576) Daelan: " I wonder how many others that were in that group are still alive."
Thom: "Some gem that was part of a lot from a job the Wizard's bane did. Germad had kept it originally, but then gave it to a museum instead. What a waste of a gem - to sit around like that."
** Sevis Goloens whispers "Well you looking for your friend has cossed paths with our buissness" **Shrugs** "I guess you can keep your secrets for now, not realy my buissness anyways." **
(576) Daelan: " I have this strange feeling that this gem you speak of,will have mysteriously vanished,or someone broke in and stole it."
** Thom stops in his reading. "Daelan, you said you noticed your brother's spellbooks were missing, right?" **
(576) Daelan: " Yes all five of them,one for each element."
** (564) Niglob Hobbespot shakes his head, "Nig not be looking no more. Nig found friend, found him dead. That be why Nig be here with that one," he says, pointing across the way at Daelan, then turning back to Sevis, "Where him goes, Nig goes. Where him goes, Nig finds answers he seeks." **
Thom: "Yea, I am starting to get that feeling as well, according to parts of this, there were a couple people looking for that gem..."
Thom: "Sorry to say then, but I doubt that Nerick is responsible after all. According to his best friend, Nerick never had any magical aptitude. If we wanted expensive things, I am sure there would have been other things, easier to transport, for him to take."
(572) Drenla: Very interesting. (glances at Rhian who nods slightly at the mage)
** Thom looks up at Drenla's comment just in time to catch the nod and glances. "Ok, what is it?" **
(576) Daelan: " Maybe he is taking them to give to someone else,in hopes of reversing the werewolf curse."
(572) Drenla: I have an idea about this jewel but I need more information first. And with the shield gone, my spells should function better.
Thom: "Well this may help - it may be from the lair of someone, or something, named Artinal."
Thom: (( *Artanal ))
(576) Daelan: " Never heard of him,or it."
Sevis Goloens: "Stange choise of company Niglob, I hope you find your answers. Gnome or not you deserve answers to a friends death"
** Sevis Goloens stands and starts back to the table his friends are at **
Thom: "Maybe Daelan, maybe. I just can't be sure enough yet."
(572) Rhian Aes Sedai: Really. Curiouser and curiouser. Artanal was a necromancer, once an apprentice to Kartak but with delusions of grandeur. He was slain a few years ago when he tried to set himself up as lord of Wysos.
** (564) Niglob Hobbespot grabs Sevis' hand before he can fully get up, staring up at him, "You say Nig can keeps secrets, but will you keeps them?" **
** Thom groans. "Kartak again, eh?" **
(576) Daelan: " Kartak?"
** Sevis Goloens sits back down **
(572) Rhian Aes Sedai: Yes. You will find that Kartak's history intertwines a great deal with that of Gwythnecht. Small wonder, since he is -- or was -- once part of the royal family.
Sevis Goloens: (whispering) "I will keep them as long as keeping them will not cause proplems"
(576) Daelan: " So he is dead?"
** (564) Niglob Hobbespot lets go of the man's hand, and nods, "Nig causes no problems for you, or yours," he says, gesturing with a nod to the others, "Just wants answers, then no more need of secrets." **
Thom: "Big necromancer, lives northwest of here. Some believed the shield was made to protect the city from him."
(600) Hevnen (enter): 00:55
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** Sevis Goloens nods to Niglob **
(576) Daelan: " Thats all well and good,but is he dead?"
(572) Rhian Aes Sedai: Dead? (grimly chuckles) In a manner of speaking. No, Kartak locked himself up in his tower a very long time ago, to delve into only what Hurishta knows about.
Thom: "So Artanal was likely slain by the Wizard's Bane group, and that was how Gerand gained access to get that gem."
(572) Rhian Aes Sedai: Now his name is invoked as much as a bogeyman by those unlearned in magic or by the fearful.
Thom: (( or Germad, whatever the name is... I can't keep my names right tonight. ))
** (564) Niglob Hobbespot nods, then shrugs, "Nig not can stop you, if you must tells them, but hopes you do not," he says, taking up his walking stick and hobbling back over to the other table. **
** Thom glances at Sevis and Nig as they return, but then returns his attention to Drenla. **
** Sevis Goloens stands again and returns to the others and sits down and listens and watches again **
Sevis Goloens: (( AFK for a smoke ))
(576) Daelan: " So he is not dead?"
(601) Wraith (enter): 01:00
"I think she is saying no one knows for sure."
(572) Rhian Aes Sedai:
Oh no. He is a lich, or at least is rumored to be one.
** Drenla eats sparingly as he listens to the banter at the table. **
"Perfect. The werewolf is tied directly to a group that killed and stole from an lich's apprentice."
** (564) Niglob Hobbespot looks up at the woman, no longer disinterested in the comversation, "..Lich?" **
(572) Drenla:
No, he was not responsible for the shield. I have determined that much.
(576) Daelan:
" Then why not say so in the first place,this is why I hated talking to my brother,you ask a simple question and never get a straight answer,always cryptic in everything."
** Rhian Aes Sedai shrugs. "What you don't ask, you don't get." **
"I know Drenla, but some locals believed so. And that was how I learned about him, so I still semi-associate the two."
(572) Drenla:
If anything, Kartak would be interested in larger issues than raising a shield over a pissant city such as Wysos. No, he was not the one responsible for the shield.
** (564) Niglob Hobbespot glances at Daelan, then back at the woman, wishing he'd been following the conversation more closely, and again asking, "...Lich?" **
(572) Rhian Aes Sedai:
Yes. (regards Niglob intently, then looks up at the group) A being of great magical power but undead and intent on remaining as such.
(576) Daelan:
" A living dead thing,that needs to be put to rest for good Nig."
** (564) Niglob Hobbespot seems to shrink within his robes at the sound of that, and goes quiet. **
"So, not someone we want to have an ale with. Fine, maybe it will be much easier if we just get on our way as soon as we can."
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"Drenla, when can you have the spell to aid our journey ready?"
(576) Daelan:
" Well come night fall I intend on going back to my brothers house,enter the tunnel and find the one who killed him and to recover what was taken."
"You sure that they left by the tunnel?"
(576) Daelan:
" The bloody tracks led to the grate,that was how I found the tunnel."
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (602) ticattack...
"And you do realize, that by waiting to nightfall - if it is indeed Nerick, he would possibly be in wolf form?"
(572) Drenla:
(576) Daelan:
" Does it matter? It is bound to be dark down there anyways."
** Thom shrugs to Daelan. **
'Very well Drenla, looks like we will be spending the rest of today here then anyway."
(576) Daelan:
" Or at the mueseum."
** (564) Niglob Hobbespot looks to Daelan, "Nig goes where you goes." **
"Yes, by 'here' I meant this town."
** Sevis Goloens just listens quietly, not realy caring where they go **
(572) Drenla:
Where did you want to go?
"I guess we might as well make Morti happy and visit the museum to make sure that gem is indeed gone. Once he gets back down here, we'll pay it a visit. That will give Drenla plenty of time to look into the gem with his spells, if he still wishes to do so. This gem seems to be so important to many people involved, it must be something special."
** (576) Daelan reaches into his hooded cowl,pulls something out,holding it in his hand,then holds it in front of Nig,opening his hand to reveal a ferret,who stands and sniffs the man,while chittering and hissing. **
"With your spell Drenla? As close to Palham as you can get us I guess. Although, if we restock here, we don't have to stop there. Then, we could go on all the way to the White Tower."
** (564) Niglob Hobbespot bends over to peer down at the odd creature, curious, "What this be?" **
** (576) Daelan the ferret spins in his hand,raising his tail at Nig and sprays him in the face. **
** (564) Niglob Hobbespot gives a start, and stumbles back into the wall wiping at his face. **
(576) Daelan:
(( it now smells like a skunk just sprayed the table guys))
(576) Daelan:
" That is for being a Goblin."
** (575) Morti eventually comes back down the stares,his clothes looking much cleaner, and most likely dried through prestidigitation. Humming a little tune, while Moiriane rides on his head, he returns to the table, taking a seat. "I smell better? **
"Perfect timing Morti. Let's go, now." Thom heads out as the smell of the ferret starts to get to him.
(572) Drenla:
Hm, that might be a problem. There is a field which prevents teleporting into the city, so the best I can do is to have us appear near the city's borders.
** (575) Morti sniffs at the air, having missed the musking."Maybe I didn't scrub hard enough. **
** (564) Niglob Hobbespot continues to paw at his eyes and nose-he stops, and stares up at Daelan.. **
(576) Daelan:
" He does not like your kind,and niether do I,so either you talk now or I shall end your life now."
(572) Drenla:
"That's fine Drenla, the closer the better." he calls back.
(575) Morti: :looks
between Dael and NIg: "Eh? What's wrong?"
** Drenla stands up violently and seizes his staff, gripping it tightly. **
** (564) Niglob Hobbespot wipes slobber from his chin onto his sleeve, and narrows his eyes at the damnable elf, "What you be talking about!?" **
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** Thom steps outside and gets some fresh air. He spits a few times into the alleyway. "Damn nature." he mutters. **
(572) Drenla:
This one (to Nig) is under my protection. You WILL neither harm him or touch him while you are with us! Is that clear?!?
(576) Daelan:
" This is between him and I Drenla,nothing like having a Quessir and a Glamhath in the same room."
(572) Drenla:
He has done nothing wrong except be who he is.
** (564) Niglob Hobbespot looks to the man standing up for him in utter disbelief, then back to the elf, then does a double take at Drenla.. **
(576) Daelan:
" He is a sworn foe of my people."
** Sevis Goloens gags and stands up "Daelan let him be Your overgrown rat stinks worse then he did" **
(572) Drenla:
To you, everyone is a sworn enemy of your people.
Sevis Goloens:
"I think anything that isnt you is your sworn foe, so that means nothing"
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(576) Daelan:
" You want to protect him? Fine,keep him away from me! If he breathes deep,moves a finger or does anything in my direction,he will die before you can blink."
** Drenla gesticulates with his left hand in a wiping motion. Twinkling white lights appear around Niglob, sparkle briefly and in an instant, the musky odor is gone. **
(572) Drenla:
I doubt that sincerely. (dryly)
(606) Nataniel (enter): 01:26
Sevis Goloens:
"You dont move that fast Daelan"
** (576) Daelan spits on the floor at Nig,his emerald green eyes blazing at the man from under his cowl,then hisses at him," Stay away from me." **
(606) Nataniel (exit):
(572) Drenla:
You will need to learn to be civil, Daelan, for we are going to a place that will make this city (gestures around him) seem worse than a pack of glambath and Edan. And if you think that Niglob has done you harm by being who he is, then it will be that much worse for you in Pelham.
** (576) Daelan pushes the table away from him,walking out of the Inn,muttering to himself," Perfect,why not have a Drow with us as well." **
** (564) Niglob Hobbespot cringes away from the elf, and takes a poinch of something he's been holding between his fingers, and hisses back at him, "Nig does better than that," he says sharply, speaking to the wad of material between his fingers, and he disappears from sight. **
(572) Drenla:
Why not indeed? (sternly)
Sevis Goloens:
(572) DM:
Other patrons are looking at you curiously but make no move towards you. You realize that all eyes in the common room are on you.
** Thom finally reenters the inn and approaches the table. He catches the last tidbits of conversation and the looks being past around. Suddenly, he is sorry that he had to leave and missed what looked like a good show. **
(575) Morti:
"Eh?" :Looks back and forth between all the arguing. Watching Nig disappear, he's not sure what to do."
"Daelan, every moment with you, I wonder more and more why we keep you along."
** Rhian Aes Sedai smiles tightly as she continues eating and watching. **
(607) Derek (enter): 01:31
(576) Daelan:
" Yes Sevis,Drow,it is a Quessir curse for those dark ones that dwell underground,and have fought us on many an occasion."
(572) Gawaine:
You. (to Daelan) Elf. Come here.
** Gawaine steps from behind the bar with a stern look on his face and strides up to the elf. **
** (576) Daelan looks at Gawaine," What do you want?" **
** (564) Niglob Hobbespot taps Morti on the shoulder, and whispers to him, "You do something for Nig, mm? You gives prickear BIG hug for Nig, okay?" **
** Sevis Goloens sits back down "You can show yourself Niglob if you want. As I said before feel free to ignore Daelan." **
(572) Gawaine:
I'm giving you two, nae three bits tae leave my inn. So pack up yer things an' leave, fer stinkin' up this place.
** (575) Morti whispers back, "Oh.. where do you go then?" **
(572) Gawaine:
I don't care where you go, but you're leavin' now.
** Thom looks at Daelan at the bartender's request, not sure how he will respond. **
(564) Niglob Hobbespot:
"Follows yours, but elf not wants to see Nig, then Nig not be seen.."
** Gawaine folds his burly arms across his chest. "One..." **
** (576) Daelan smiles at the man," I do not stay here anyways,and as for the smell,well tis better now." **
(575) Morti:
"Ah... ok."
** (576) Daelan turns and leaves the Inn. **
(572) Gawaine:
"Daelan, we really don't need any trouble. We will meet you later on, either the museum or your brother's."
** Gawaine turns around and looks at everyone else. "All gone now. An' better for us all." (turns to look at you) "My apologies. Have yer 'fast on me." **
** Thom relaxes as Dealan avoids a fight. "You know where we will be Daelan." **
** Thom goes and sits down. "It's not your fault good sire. Some just aren't cut out to partake in fine establishments it seems." **
(572) Drenla:
When we get to Pelham, things will be difficult for your friend, the elf.
(572) Drenla:
And perhaps for you, Niglob. But a smooth tongue and a gentle hand can help things along.
"Who? Elamurix? He's about the only one I can think of that fits that description."
Sevis Goloens:
** (576) Daelan begins to wander around the town,asking for directions on occasion to the museum **
(572) DM:
A few give them to you (Daelan).
(575) Morti:
"So....." :takes a second for tensions to pass: "Are we going to the Museum?" ^_^
** Sevis Goloens shrugs **
"We might as well. Although I fear Daelan might be right, and we'll find it gone. But might as well make sure."
Sevis Goloens:
"Niglob you coming with us?, since it seems we are investigating your friends death"
"Drenla, do you wish to come and see the gem for yourself? Or are you just going to prepare your spells?"
"And Madame Rhian, are you up for a trip through the city?"
Sevis Goloens:
"I he left, probably following Daelan." **Stands to leave**
(572) Rhian Aes Sedai:
No, I have preparations to make of my own. As an envoy of the Tower, you'll need every kind of assistance given the nature of this group.
** (575) Morti gets up, ready to head to his first Museum **
"Very well, we appreciate any assistance in making things smooth, if that will be possible even."
(572) Drenla:
I will come with you, ays.
"Excellent. Let's go then." Thom heads to the bar, stopping quickly to ask for directions, thanking Gawaine before leading the way to the museum.
(608) Battery Operated Buddy (enter):
** Sevis Goloens follows Thom, keeping an eye out for Niglob **
** (576) Daelan enters the museum,slowly walking around looking at all the stuff in there. **
(608) Battery Operated Buddy (exit): 01:47
(572) DM:
The museum is a large building near the temple precinct.
(572) DM:
Within it are many sections which contain exhibits relating to ancient and modern artifacts of history and geography throughout the continent of Telluria.
** Thom enters the museum once they reach it, looking around with only a slight interest. **
** (576) Daelan stares at the gem **
** Thom begins looking for where the gem might be, or might have been. **
(572) DM:
Daelan is here.
** Thom heads over to Daelan. "Thought you might show here." **
** (575) Morti acts a little less than his age, moving about the museum with zeal, from exhibit to exhibit, examining and asking questions of any curators around. **
(572) DM:
He's staring at a ruby inside a glassteel case. The jewel, which is shaped like a human fist, is well-cut and has a slight flaw in the center. It has a glowing sphere of light in its heart which seems vaguely like a human man.
(576) Daelan:
" Well I am welcome here for now atleast."
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Kicking '(605) ticattack' from server... Removing dead client
(605) ticattack (exit): 01:51
** (564) Niglob Hobbespot waggles his eyebrows at Morti as he moves to the display the gnome's currently hiding behind. **
(572) Gerfeld Blim:
Yes, what can I do for you? (to Morti)
** Thom nods to Daelan, to taken by the sight of the gem to speak. **
(572) Gerfeld Blim:
I am Gerfeld Blim, curator prime of the Municipal Museum.
(576) Daelan:
" Something odd about that gem."
"Yeah. It's amazing."
(575) Morti: :salutes
the curator: "I am Magus mortimar Boyle. I'd like to ask some question sabout your exhibits."
"Daelan, can I ask you something, without you getting angry?"
(576) Daelan:
" No its not that,it has some kind of magical properties to it,I have never seen nor heard of a gem like this,the little man inside,could that be what is called a Lich jar? I mean what better place to keep the thing that keeps you alive right?"
(576) Daelan:
" Sure ask away Thom."
(575) Morti:
"Oh.. and I think my friends want to know about this gem first, heading over to the ruby."
"I have no idea, I don't know much about magic really. I didn't start experiencing true magic until I met this group.
(572) Gerfeld Blim:
Certes. Please ask. I'm always eager to talk to a fellow lover of lore.
"What did you gain by confronting Niglob?"
** (575) Morti raises his hands, almost in prayer, as he reaches out his senses toward the gem (detect magic) **
(576) Daelan:
" There was something odd about him,whether or not he knew my brother I can not say,but better to get his falsehoods out in the open for all to see,so that all could see what he is and judge for themselves Thom."
(575) Morti:
"Woooaahh..." :shrinks back from the gem:
*whispers back* "I guess. Just think on this - if you suspected him and held onto that knowledge - you had even more power over him, as you were prepared with knowledge he did not know. Now, he knows your suspicions and you have lost that edge. You may not have believed that you needed that edge, but I don't see why anyone would ever willingly give up an edge for little to nothing."
(575) Morti: :turns
to Gerfeld: "Do you know much of this item?"
** Thom leaves Daelan to think on his words, or not to. Thom moves to pay attention to Morti and what is happening. **
(576) Daelan:
" It was not for my behalf that I did what I did Thom,but for the rest of you,now each of you can either trust him or not,what surprises me is that Drenla knew about him and kept it a secret from you all,he is your friend correct."
(572) Gerfeld Blim:
Yes, Germad, the Captain of the Guard donated it to us and it has by itself, proven to be an attraction.
(572) Gerfeld Blim:
Attendance at the Museum has skyrocketed over the past month as a result of his donation, bless be Diancecht.
** Thom just shrugs to Daelan. "I don't try to understand him." **
(575) Morti:
"Do you know anything of its origin? Who made it? Why?"
(576) Daelan:
" When did he donate it?"
(572) Gerfeld Blim:
It is a ruby, with a cut not seen for well over two centuries. It seems to have been of Imperial origin. (warms up to his subject now that he has an appreciative audience)
(572) Gerfeld Blim:
Its glow is of a curious and unusual nature but we have not yet performed any spells or divinations on it.
(572) Gerfeld Blim:
He donated it about a month ago I believe.
Sevis Goloens:
"Daelan some of us already knew and just decided not to care. You should not attempt to reviel what people do not want reviled in the manor you did. All it did was cause even more people to distrust you."
"Imperial origin, does that mean to do with the royal family?"
(572) Gerfeld Blim:
No, no. I mean of Mel'Cendian origin. From the Empire.
"Ahh, I see."
(572) Gerfeld Blim:
You know, although it was quite a long time ago, the Empire reached even here this far south in what is now present day Gwythnecht.
(575) Morti: :stares
intently at the gem: "What kind of divination magicks have been attempted?"
(572) Gerfeld Blim:
Those who live here in the lands of the White Alliance are of primarily Imperial ancestry, being descended from settlers from the Empire. And although the Empire is now a shadow of its former self, it is quite formidable both in terms of history and its present nature.
** (576) Daelan whispers quietly to Sevis," Like me or not,matters little to me,but there is one thing I know,this night that gem is going to be stolen,tomorrow is the night when Nerick turns correct." **
(572) Gerfeld Blim:
We have not as of yet. Museum policy is that once something is on exhibit, we tend to not investigate it unless it causes a disturbance or is unsafe to the public.
(575) Morti:
"Hmmm? It radiates powerful necromancy though. It may very well be dangerous."
(572) Gerfeld Blim:
Er,....what did you say?
(576) Daelan:
" What did I tell you Thom?"
** Sevis Goloens shrugs to Daelan "I dont know when he turns, and if the Gem is going to be stolen we should just have Morti or Drenla create an illusionary one to take it's place for the night" **
** Thom is not paying attention, just staring at the gem again. **
(575) Morti:
"It holds powerful magick... dark magick..." :speaks cryptically.:
(607) Derek (exit): 02:10
(575) Morti:
"I would like to examine it if I could."
(572) Gerfeld Blim:
(572) Gerfeld Blim:
I would need to clear this request with the director of the museum. You are not the first to ask of this.
** (564) Niglob Hobbespot watches the group from his hiding place, watching Thom most intently, seeing as he's gone quiet, merely staring into the gem. **
(576) Daelan:
" Who else has asked to see it?"
** Thom gets a surprised and confused look on his face after a moment. He shakes his head to clear it and looks back to see what others are doing. **
** (564) Niglob Hobbespot narrows his eyes, and looks from Thom to the gem, then back at Thom. **
(572) Gerfeld Blim:
A man, oh about your friend's (indicates Thom) height and build, dressed in dark blue and black robes. I don't know but I thought I detected a dagger strapped to his wrist. Anyway, he said something about "...tonight..." and "...getting smells...". And asked to look at the gem more closely.
** Sevis Goloens turns to Drenla
"You and Morti are Citadel Wizard's correct?" **
(572) Gerfeld Blim:
In fact, he was just here, not long before you arrived.
** (576) Daelan nudges Sevis **
"Did he have black hair and a scar over one eye?"
(572) Gerfeld Blim:
Yes! That was him.
(572) Drenla:
Hm? Oh yes, we are.
** Thom looks to Daelan and nods. **
(576) Daelan:
" Well its nice to see someone is listening to me."
** Thom turns to Daelan and speaks in quiet tones with him. "What were you saying earlier about a lich jar?" **
Sevis Goloens:
(to Drenla) "And the Citadel would be the ones to investigate this Gem, with or without the Museum Directors permision?"
(575) Morti:
Knowledge: Arcana Skill Check: [1d20+17] -> [5,17] = (22)
(572) Drenla:
No. We act only in cases where magic that threatens our existence as wizards is practiced. Things such as chaos magicka or artifice magicka.
(576) Daelan:
" The glowing inside,its a persons soul I believe,which means that it was not taken,but given,so that it could be well protected like it is now,and now someone the one you described is going to steal that gem tonight."
"Ok, but how would the soul capture work? Would the person whose soul is trapped know it, or would they be imprissoned there?"
** Sevis Goloens shrugs "I was hoping we could get it without too many problems" **
(576) Daelan:
" Ask a mage,not me,I have no idea about magic,but it makes me wonder why they took my brothers spell books,now I am begining to understand."
"Ok, I just asked since you brought it up."
(572) Drenla:
I'm afraid not. Not in this case. Necromancy is accepted within our order.
** Thom goes over to Drenla and speaks softly with him for a moment. "Drenla, Daelan mentioned that the gem looks like what he would expect a lich jar to look like. How would such a thing work?" **
(576) Daelan:
" Do you think it may be a Lich jar?"
** Sevis Goloens moves back and just watches and listens again, having no further ideas **
(572) Drenla:
No, not a lich jar. But a magic jar is more likely.
"How does that one work then?"
** (575) Morti shrugs. "Hmmmm...." **
(572) Drenla:
Usually a victim life force touches an object and a transference takes place. A life force which is inside the jewel exchanges places with the original soul... (trails off as his eyes grow wide)
(572) Drenla:
It's imperative that we be here tonight.
(572) Drenla:
"So the person put inside wouldn't know what had happened, right? And the released soul would have the other's body!"
(572) Drenla:
Correct. (quietly)
*hushed somewhat, but still forceful.
(575) Morti:
"But... whose soul is in there?"
** (576) Daelan listens to Thom and Drenla," See I do know some things." **
(572) Drenla:
I don't know, and that's at the heart of this mystery. But I can speculate.
"No idea Morti, but whoever it is is scared and confused." (quietly)
(576) Daelan:
" Well the last one who touched it would be in there right?"
"Never said you didn't Daelan."
** Gerfeld Blim looks at you and seems pleased that the Shining Jewel seems to have caught your attention. "If that will be all, I have some things to attend to." **
(576) Daelan:
" Germad perhaps."
"Thank you, curator prime."
(575) Morti:
"Germad's dead though."
(575) Morti:
"Maybe Nerick."
(576) Daelan:
" His body is,whoever took him over made him corrupt right."
"Could a soul that escaped into someone elses body then leave that body for another without using the jar?"
(575) Morti: :shakes
his head: "No. to transfer they have to be in range of the jar."
** (576) Daelan moves further away from the gem **
(576) Daelan:
" How close?"
(575) Morti:
"I'm tempted to try dispelling the magic of the gym. It will end the spell and kill the caster if they are out of range." :hangs head: "BNut it will also kill the victim."
"You know, if it is Nerick in there, that would explain a number of things, except how he got in there when Germad had the gem."
(575) Morti: :shrugs
: "A coupl hundred feet perhaps."
** Sevis Goloens nods at Gerfel as he leaves
"Thanks for the information" **
"No Morti. Maybe later tonight it they return, as a last resort only. The person in there, they are just afraid and confused."
Sevis Goloens:
(( *Gerfeld ))
** Sevis Goloens looks around the area **
(572) DM:
((stopping in 10 minutes so that Norf can talk))
(572) DM:
((Norf will be joining the Sat game))
(564) Niglob Hobbespot:
(576) Daelan:
" I say we let the goblin steal it,that way if he is sucked into the gem,no one gets hurt right."
Sevis Goloens:
"He would get hurt"
** (575) Morti glares at Dael. **
"I think not Daelan."
** (575) Morti peruses the museum exhibits a bit, curious of any other items that may hold magick. **
(576) Daelan:
" Well if he does get sucked into it,and the other one takes his body over,it can only be for the better."
** Thom looks around the museum display area, particularly at the area when the gem is at. **
** Sevis Goloens moves over and taps Thom on the sholder and then points to the rooms to the side and whispers "We could hide there untill the place closes" **
(572) DM:
There are more than a few areas where you could hide. The place is rife with niches and alcoves.
(572) DM:
(I'll have a layout next session)
(575) Morti:
:While he happily looks over the various artifacts, not particuarly interested in leaving: "Are we going to Dael's brother's house next?"
** (564) Niglob Hobbespot steps up and around Thom, "Yazut be sorry sorry to disappoint you, prickear. But Yazut not has death wish." **
** Thom discreetly points out some doors and windows to Sevis. "We would need to have all those points of entry being watched." **
(576) Daelan:
" And what do we do if he does show up?"
(572) DM:
((I'll post a map of the museum on the site so you can make your plans on an IC thread))
"Good question. Is there anyway to force the switch back without the thief touching the gem?"
(575) Morti:
"Uh.... don't we need permission to stay here tonight?"
"Only if they know about it." he says softly, with a wink to Morti.
(575) Morti: :cocks
head aside: "We're going to sneak in then?"
Sevis Goloens:
"We are in"
"Or we just stay."
(576) Daelan:
" So this guy with the scar over his eye,do you know him Thom?"
"That's the decription I was given of Nerick. About my size, short black hair and scar over left eye."
** (564) Niglob Hobbespot glances up at the ceiling, back at the door, and at the other doors leading into the room, noting all points of entry for mundane methods ingress. **
(572) DM:
((and on that note, we'll stop))

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