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Server Administrator-> This channel is now moderated
(182) DM: (ok, anyone need a recap from last session?)
(186) ticattack: ((Aye))
(186) ticattack: ((Just a quick'n, if'n ye don't mind))
(182) DM: (basically the PCs interacted with some citizens of Wysos. Daelan meets his brother and words are exchanged)
(181) Donovan: (just words?)
** Atross gets his game face on. **
(186) ticattack: ((Ah, yes. And dog-Jarvis followed him))
(182) DM: (2165) DM: A tall green elf with a stately bearing enters the tavern and strides up to the bar, taking a seat in front of the bartender. He seems a bit familiar.
Atross: "Well, the rooms are already paid for here. I suppose we wouldn't be missed if we all left."
(2147) Daelan La'neral: " Tell Isolt that Daelan sent you,do not eat the fruit though it has seen better days."
Thom: "Maybe so, although I hate to do it. Drenla, Rhian, and Jarvis should go outside, as they have felt the effects. Then Daelan, Atross and Myself can finish things here and retrieve Morti and meet up outside tomorrow morning."
Jarvis: "Are we sure the shield's not doing... something to Morti's body?"
** (2147) Daelan La'neral stands up quickly,his left hand moving faster than the eye can track and he notches an arrow and aims his bow at the one who just entered the Inn. **
Atross: "I don't think it'd be reasonable for us to move it out and then back inside tomorrow. Hey!"
** (2147) Daelan La'neral shouts out in elven,the only word understandable is the name Certimfil **
** Certimfil swivels around on his stool and takes a sip from a tankard, gazing around the room as if searching for someone in particular. **
Thom: "What can we do about it? I believe his body needs to be here for him to be raised, would it not?"
** Jarvis jumps to his feet, looking from the newcomer to Daelan. "Hey... Let's keep this as bloodless as possible, yeah?" **
** Atross leaps up to stop Daelan, "We shouldn't start a fight here." **
(2165) DM: The elf sighs and shrugs, then turns his back on Daelan.
(2165) Certimfil: Do what you must should you believe in your actions.
** (2147) Daelan La'neral fires an arrow into the bar next to the person,not hitting him just close enough to let him know. **
Thom: "Daelan, please not - not in here."
** Thom sighs but remains seated, staying out of the fight. **
(2165) Certimfil: Ever the child. (wiggles his fingers in a parting motion)
Atross: "Just what's going on here? It seems you know each other."
(2165) DM: Suddenly, multiple copies of the green elf appear next to him, each indistinguishible from the next.
(2147) Daelan La'neral: " Ever the coward."
** Jarvis groans. "Oh, gods" **
(2165) DM: The images turn around to regard you with mock solemnity.
Thom: "If you fight in here Dealan - you will be tossed out. You are on your own here."
(2147) Daelan La'neral: " Whats the matter brother,afraid to face me?"
(2165) Certimfil: Do what you must, Daelan, but know there are consequences to your actions.
Atross: "Before anyone does what they must can someone explain what's going on?"
** Thom looks to Atross. "Well Atross, it might be just you and me in town tonight." **
(2147) Daelan La'neral: " And to yours as well,you have hidden yourself away,afraid to face what you did,and now you are afraid to face me."
Jarvis: ((Readied action, obviously))
(2165) DM: The bartender ducks beneath the bar, and the other patrons stop what they're doing as tension rises in the room.
** Thom remains seated, sipping on his ale. **
(2147) Daelan La'neral: " He is my brother Atross,the name I told you not to speak."
** Atross is standing in between Daelan and some of the images, but isn't ready to do anything. **
(2165) Certimfil La'neral: I do not fear you, Daelan. I fear for you.
Jarvis: "Daelan. Lower the bow. You" he turns to the other elf "Drop the magics. I'm sure no one wants bloodshed"
Thom: "Listen Daelan - take it outside if you must do something. Otherwise you risk innocents being hurt in the battle. Is that something that you want?"
(2147) Daelan La'neral: " He brought shame to our family,he made my life miserable and yet here he is still the coward."
Atross: "If you're brothers, then what's the problem? What happened? What'd he do?"
(2147) Daelan La'neral: " If that were true brother,you would dispense the magic and face me."
(2165) Certimfil La'neral: Bah! I came here looking for a friend. He is not here, and so I shall leave. You know where to find me, brother. (smirk)
** (2147) Daelan La'neral spits on the ground in front of Cerimfil **
** Certimfil La'neral turns to the bartender and seeing he's not there, reaches into his pocket and deposits a small pouch on the bar. "For your troubles, Gawain. If Nerick should come here, please send a message to me." **
(2147) Daelan La'neral: " Tread lightly brother,your days are numbered,if not by my hand,others will follow.
** Jarvis waits for the elf to walk outside. "I'll be back shortly" he says, getting up. He pushes open the door, walks outside, finds an alley or something and shifts into a dog. He looks about for the elf, and follows, trying to pass as a stray. **
(2165) DM: The images waver and disappear, leaving the elven mage alone as he calmly walks out of the tavern. "You sound more like a human every day, Daelan." (smirk)
Thom: "Hey, that's not fair - comparing Daelan to us."
(2147) Daelan La'neral: " That arrow was your only warning brother,the next ones will find thier mark."
** Certimfil La'neral turns to regard Thom with mild amusement. "A necessary evil." **
(2165) Certimfil La'neral: He has his charms, at times.
** Thom shrugs at the elf and takes another drink. **
(2165) Certimfil La'neral: You have much to learn, Daelan, and I have little time to teach you.
(2147) Daelan La'neral: " You are nothing but a Human Certimfil,that and nothing more."
** Certimfil La'neral bows. "Friends." (leaves) **
whispering to ticattack, ok, noted
Thom: "Interesting family you have Daelan." he comments, taking another sip of ale.
(2147) Daelan La'neral: " Of course he would bow to Humans,he is more vile than a Glamhath."
** Atross stands looking at the door a moment, "... that didn't really answer anything." **
(2147) Daelan La'neral: " He is no more my family than you are Thom."
Thom: "Very well. You could explain things, but I doubt that you would want to involve us mere humans in it."
Atross: "Care to tell us how he earned his death? And is there anyone else on that list we don't know about?"
(2147) Daelan La'neral: " You would not understand Atross,in the clan a families name carries with it honor and prestige,he brought shame to our family and he cares not."
Atross: "I can see that he doesn't care, what'd he do?"
** Atross takes a seat again. **
(2147) Daelan La'neral: " He deserted his clan."
(2147) Daelan La'neral: " He left to be with Humans rather than his own kind."
** Thom orders another ale from a wench and listens to whatever Dealan is willing to tell. **
(2147) Daelan La'neral: " Killing him or bringing him back will restore my families name and honor."
Thom: "Have you not done the same?"
Atross: "He's kinda got a mansion outside of town. Wandering the countryside could be viewed a little differently."
(2147) Daelan La'neral: " No I have not,I was on a mission when we were attacked in the woods were we met,I am merely with you to exact revenge on those who ordered the death of my clansmen."
Thom: "I see. The way you said it, it sounded so absolute, I was unsure the difference."
Atross: "However, we've heard that he doesn't exactly get along with the ruler of this city. As a mage, maybe it was about the shield."
(2147) Daelan La'neral: " Yes that is his way,take what he can get then leave."
Thom: "Wait a minute..." Thom suddenly looks up to where the other elf had been standing and then back at the other two. "Didn't Drenla say that only spells of Arwan could be cast? How was he able to create those images?"
Atross: "I'd guess he's in the market of weapons here."
(2147) Daelan La'neral: " Perhaps he is in league with him. He always did seek out power."
Thom: "Hmm. Maybe, but I would expect to find him within the city then."
(2147) Daelan La'neral: " Not if he wanted to keep his power that he has."
Thom: "True, that would make sense."
(2147) Daelan La'neral: " Make no mistake,he is cunning and ruthless,and perhaps even more powerful than when he left the clan,he always did take to magic."
(2165) DM: (your muttiness will happen))
Atross: "I wonder how much he's involved in here. What business does Nerick do with him, and where does he go."
Thom: "Well, if we do not remain here, it will not be a concern. You know where he is, so you can always deal with him when you want."
(2147) Daelan La'neral: " If he is gathering magic weapons and such,I am sure it can not be for a good reason."
(2165) Certimfil La'neral: I'll never begin to understand how a brother of mine could be so like what he detests. (mutters as he walks rapidly out of the city, glancing this way and that at no one in particular) And if you don't stay away from me, I swear I'll do something I'll regret. (out loud to no one in particular)
(2165) DM: A few passersby get out of the elf's way as he strides forward in the street. He seems to be knocking aside imaginary beings with his hands.
Thom: "Well, what now? Daelan, you are still waiting for someone, right?"
(2147) Daelan La'neral: " Yes but I am not sure if he is going to show."
whispering to ticattack, you're following him
Thom: "Understood. Do we know exactly what we need to do for Morti in the morning?"
(2165) Arioch: Hah! Another one o' these elves!
(2165) Erdain: Bah, it's Lord Certimfil. Have a care, Erdain. Not like that other one, tha' rude one.
(2165) Arioch: Mayhap. Still an elf an' good fer nothing.
(2165) Arioch: (sneers at Certimfil who ignores the guard)
(2165) DM: So lost in thought is the mage that he fails to respond to the guardsmen' jeers.
(2165) Arioch: Cor! I'd thought 'e'd turn me into a toad or somethin'.
Atross: "Jarvis knows, we'll take him to the temple of Solnor."
(2165) Erdain: Er, I'd nae think o' tha' until tomorrah'.
(2147) Daelan La'neral: " Well do not forget to take Drenla and Rhain with you when you leave the city."
Thom: "Ok, so we are all staying in town tonight after all then? That works, the rooms are paid for for two nights anyway."
** Jarvis follows the elf, weaving around people and trying not to be obvious about it. **
(2147) Daelan La'neral: " I do not think that would be wise Thom,those like Jarvis should not spend any more time in this city than necessary."
** Jarvis tries to sneak past the guards when the next wagon or group of people tries to pass through. **
** Certimfil La'neral hurries out of the city gates and begins casting a spell, glancing over his shoulder as he does so. **
Thom: "I understand - but unless Jarvis returns soon or Drenla and Rhian come down - I am not going to bother them. Drenla knows what he is doing enough."
(2165) Certimfil La'neral: Silver path, river manse!
** Certimfil La'neral vanishes from sight in a twinkling of lights. **

(182) DM: (from last session's conclusion)
(184) Morti: ((I hate folks that disappear in twinkling lights))
Jarvis: ((Says the incoroporeal spirit...))
** Jarvis stops dead in his tracks as the elf disappears. **
Jarvis: :He sniffs around, trying to commit the scent to memory, then turns and walks back into the town, to report what happened:
(182) DM: (k)
** Jarvis resumes human form, and enters the inn. He walks over to the others and takes his seat. "Lost him. Mage" **
(182) Daelan: So what do you want to do now?
** Atross answers reflectively. "As time goes by, however this counts, I see how hard it can be to decide how to allocate the resources available to combat a situation." **
Atross: "If we do not help here and soon this town may boil over into some kind of village of death."
(182) Daelan: It is not a situation we can correct. It was brought on by human folly, and can only be bettered by yo...their kind. (shrugs)
Atross: "However if we don't return the king first, before the dark company can raise their own, this whole nation will have a dark future ahead of it."
(187) Dj Gilcrease: (( I am still chatting with the acolytes and will probably stay there till they bring Morti in unless someone comes to fetch me for some reason ))
(182) DM: ((they bring Morti in, noting that it might take a while to prepare casting of the spells))
Atross: ((We can talk while we walk))
(182) Teleute: Are you sure you want to do this, Morti? (walks out of the shadows behind the dimunitive sorcerer)
(182) Teleute: You could always be restored to your true self.
** (184) Morti is silent a moment, watching his body being prepared. Stoicly asks, "What do you mean by my true self?" **
Atross: "I don't want to leave this city to its fate; I'm sure it can be changed, somehow. But I don't want to abandon our quest either. We can't do both at the same time though; one would have to wait.'
(182) Teleute: This (gestures to your face) was what *she* did to you, but is not your real self.
** Atross solicits opinions from the rest of the party, "Thom, I know you don't want to help these people when they don't even want to be helped." **
(184) Morti: "Hmm?" :he looks to her quizzically, but understands as his head sags a bit.: "I know. This face... never did feel very right, but..."
** (187) Dj Gilcrease comes out of the back room still chatting with the acolyte "Ahh you are here, I hope I did not miss anything important. I was chatting with several acolytes to determin if this would be a good religion for me to follow since I do not know if the god I followed even exists in this world" **
(188) No Name (enter): 21:52
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (188) Zane...
Atross: "If we go on, I wonder if we would have time to come back here before it's too late for them. And if we stayed to help, could we find Caer before they do."
** (184) Morti silently hangs his incorporial head, muttering simply, "It's who I've become." **
(189) Daelan La'neral (enter): 21:53
(182) Teleute: There is still time, Morti. But...before you are raised, you can do something for me.
(184) Morti: ((There's the angry elf! ; D ))
(182) Teleute: I know what must be done to help this city, but I cannot do it myself. I need someone to help me.
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (189) Daelan La'neral...
** (184) Morti raises his gaze to the godess inquiring sincerely , "What may I do for you Lady Death?" **
(189) Daelan La'neral: (( not angry just misunderstood.))
** Jarvis snorts. "Nice to see your religion's so dear to you. Tell me, will you switch again when you go somewhere else?" **
** Teleute smiles gently. "Those who worship Arawn have twisted the magic granted to them and used it for their own purposes. While the shield stands, all who die within the city cannot move to their proper destinations. I need you to break the shield. To do this, you need but open the doors of the temple." **
(187) Dj Gilcrease: "If the deity I worship does not exist where I am, what is the point in holding to that faith. Add to that the fact that I was fighting against those who rules my religion back where I came from"
(184) Morti: :nods: "That sounds easy enough."
(182) Teleute: But only a soul can do it...a soul not of Wysos, not claimed by Arawn. You do not have to do this Morti, but I would be grateful if you did.
** Jarvis shrugs. "Whatever" **
(184) Morti: "Eh? A soul..?" :shoves his hand through a wall: "Can I open a door like this?"
** (189) Daelan La'neral stays at the inn to see if Nerick shows up at all. **
(182) Teleute: It is not a real door, Morti. You will see. Come with me. I promise to return with you at your moment of raising.
(184) Morti: "Okay then." :raises to follow:
(187) Dj Gilcrease: "So Jarvis if the god you worshiped no longer existed and you could no longer draw on his powers or feel his blessing around you, you would continue to worship him?"
** Thom picks up from Atross' comment - so are we seriously weighing the fate of one city against the fate of the world/ That is of course, assuming that the prophesy is true and we can do anything about it. **
Thom: So are we seriously weighing the fate of one city against the fate of the world/ That is of course, assuming that the prophesy is true and we can do anything about ii.
Jarvis: "I don't know. I don't worship a god"
Atross: "That is assuming that saving the city means we can't save the world."
(184) Morti: :as he follows the goddess: "By the way, this won't mess up the timeline or anything, right? Ettienne made a pretty big deal about that."
Thom: "Saying the city risks saving the world - it is a race after all."
(187) Dj Gilcrease: "I say leave the city, unless it is something we can do on our way out. We are not from here and I dont think it is our place to disturb the political balance of the city by destroying a shield, and thus that parties political dominance, unless the larger majority of the populace is already fighting against it."
(182) Teleute: No, it won't.
Jarvis: "Can they fight against it? How?"
(184) Morti: "Okay. I trust you." :whistles a marching tune as he follows Teleute.:
Thom: "Good point Sevis, and although people are grumbling about it - there doesn't seem to be any coordinated opposition to it."
Atross: "There's no guarantee we can save the world, or this city. There seems to be no one else who will do either. Are we supposed to sacrifice this city on the mere chance that it may endanger the world?"
(187) Dj Gilcrease: "Anyone can raise against those who rule them. In some places it is suicidal to do so, but it can be done if care is taken untill enough people support your cause"
** Atross sighs exasperated, "I begin to feel how those in charge of the army must have thought." **
Jarvis: "Not when your foes have magic and all other spellcasters are weakened by merely being in the city"
Atross: "Can we risk the world on the chance that to save this city?"
Sevis Goloens: (( sorry forgot to select my alias, comments from me will appear correctly now ))
Jarvis: "A single fireball can do more damage than a mob of peasants"
Thom: "Jarvis, there are more ways to oppose a ruler than by confrontation, trust me."
Sevis Goloens: "Eye in a direct confrontation that is true, but why would mere pesants directly confron a group of wizards. there are much more effective ways of rebeling against your rules without causing chaos"
Jarvis: "Well please, enlighten me? Such as?"
Atross: "I want to help, but it's not a decision I can make for everyone else. I'll go on if we can't stay and help."
Atross: "Cook badly. Leave trash out. Be a nuisance."
(182) Teleute: Here we are. (gestures to the temple of Arawn)
** (189) Daelan La'neral walks the streets of the town,looking at all the items for sale **
Sevis Goloens: "Leaving the city enmass for starters. based on the 'entry' tax that alone could criple the city."
** Jarvis looks at Atross. "Yeah, that sounds really effective. Perhaps if they all cook really badly, the entire damned dictatorship will get a really bad bout of diarreah" **
** (184) Morti looks the temple over thoughtfully, asking Teleute: "what door do I open?" **
Thom: "There are ways to build support and work on taking the power out from evil rulers. Even when there is no way to actually change anything, those that need to fight against the evil try. It was that way in Highkeep. Or will be, or.. whatever."
(182) DM: Within the spirit world, it seems as if the temple's edifice exists both in the waking world and the world of souls. A torrent of souls surrounds the building, as if their essence melds into the very mortar that holds the building together.
(182) DM: I need you to open the main doors of the temple, Morti. Once that is done, then the shield will weaken and I can perform my responsibilities.
(182) DM: (oops, she was supposed to have said that. I'll edit the log)
Jarvis: "Fine. You know what, do whatever. But I don't like leaving innocent people to suffer at the hands of the followers of the god of death"
(184) Morti: :nods: "Yes, Lady Death. I'll do my best."
Atross: "I doubt the leaders cook for themselves. Of course, an unfriendly environment is only the start of resistance."
** (184) Morti approaches the temple hesitantly, watching the writhing spirits on its surface, cautious that he not be pulled into another attempt to gangsuck his life force. **
Sevis Goloens: "You would be surpized how effective simple nucenses can be against evil rulers. enough people causing these nucenes can cause the city to come to a hald so rules can get nothing done. when this happens they will either attempt to appease those they rule, leave, or see how well butchering masses deals with the situation."
(184) Morti: Coming to the doors he reaches out warily, taking an unnecessary breath to brace himself before swinging them open.
Thom: "I understand Jarvis, but I don't see the point in trying to save the city if the people are not ready to fight yet. Besides - all we actually know is that the shield makes things wierd. We don't know that there is anything we could do anyway."
** Jarvis shrugs. "Your call. Your the ones with the divine mission or whatever" **
Jarvis: ((*You're))
Atross: "It's made by mortal priests so there must be some means to unmake it."
Sevis Goloens: "Whats wrong with the god of death, from what the acolytes here explained to me thier god is not evil and is incharge of the dead once they cross over."
Atross: "The aura around this city you must have noticed, the reason it's so dim, is preventing the dead from crossing over. Spirits are trapped in the city."
Thom: "Someway - yes. But being divinly created, maybe we would need equal amount of divine power to remove it, and none of us are priests."
Thom: "And are we to try to control the spirits of the dead now as well? Just how uch can we be expected to do?"
Thom: (( *much ))
Atross: "Then maybe this is a problem we can get others to fix. Maybe another temple would investigate if they knew how bad it was."
(182) DM: Somehow, the doors don't want to budge. The souls, terrible as they are, shrink further away from you as Teleute stands near.
Sevis Goloens: "So thier priests are asking all those who die to serve a little longer before crossing over to help protect the city, I see nothing evil about that. Anyways it seems as if we are two for leaving and two for staying. I guess" **shutters slightly** "That it is up to Daelan to decide"
Atross: "We can't ask Morti yet either, actually."
(182) DM: **elsewhere**
Thom: "That would definately be easier, let those that are closer to the story here figure out how to help."
(182) DM: They used up their future, as they used up their past, taking everything in one long day, over and over.
Atross: "I suppose i know what he'd want to do though."
** (184) Morti groans at the failure, and tries furiously to force the doors open. **
Sevis Goloens: Thats why I said Daelan, last I checked the dead cannot speak except in special cases"
(182) DM: The lord, to whom the citadel belonged, had decided that it was his desire to be crushed to death by a bull elephant, between two beautiful virgins, at the moment of orgasm.
(182) DM: It was an immediate joke made by all within Wysos' nobility that the virgins were harder and more expensive to procure than the elephant, although in fact, the reverse was the truth.
(182) DM: Wizards procured the beast, and escorted it to the middle of the lord's veranda.
(182) DM: A few minutes past the third hour of the afternoon, a flock of snow-white doves rose into the air and flew across the city of Wysos.
** (189) Daelan La'neral continues to wander around the streets of town. **
(182) DM: The lord conferred with his friends, his confidantes, his servants, his mistress, and even reluctantly his wife, to establish whether the elephant-borne estactic doom would best be positioned at the beginning or the end of the night's festivities.
(182) Lady Seybeok: "The end, for what could possibly follow it?"
(182) A page: The beginning, my lord, to inspire us all to revel and rejoice and love and live.
(184) Morti: ((cake and coffee))
(182) A page: And once everything was in place...
(182) DM: The elephant crushed Lord Seybeok as planned, and all the people laughed and clapped with delight. And inspired by his example, the citadel's inhabitants and their guests went on to have a most marvelous evening.
(182) DM: Such was the end of a perfect day.
(182) DM: ** **
(182) DM: Finally, the doors of the temple manage to move an inch, albeit grudgingly.
(182) DM: As one, the river of souls surrounding the temple vanish, without so much as an outcry.
** (184) Morti gives a partial grin at the bit of profit, pushing harder, "Come on, keep going." **
(182) Teleute: I thank you, Morti, for this. (steps inside)
(184) Morti: :sighs in diesembodied exhaustion and smiles to Teleute: "I was happy to help, Lady Death."
(184) Morti: :follows her inside:
(182) DM: You (Morti) step inside, and somehow, you're transported to the grounds outside the citadel of Wysos.
(182) Teleute: Of course (murmuring) as long as you do not say anything, the timeline will not be disturbed. This is important, Morti.
(184) Morti: :looks around the grounds curiously: "You mean don't say anything about the door or the shield or anything, right?"
** Teleute gestures to Morti and immediately, he is garbed in splendid robes of ebony, trimmed in silver with glittering runes embroidered in golden thread. **
(184) Morti: "Eh?" :hops at the sudden alteration, and looks over his new fashion appreciatively. "Oooo... I look all noble."
(182) Teleute: A party's in progress. I would think you'd want to blend in. (gestures similarly, as a ballroom gown of black silk taffetta shrouds her form, complete with alabaster lace and azure trimmed ermine)
(182) DM: (where is everyone else?)
whispering to Lurkified, are you confused yet? lol
** (184) Morti reaches up to his face, inquiring in after thought,"could I trouble you for a scarf?" **
Jarvis: ((Jarvis is in the temple with the others))
(182) Teleute: Why? You're yourself. Look in a mirror when you have a chance.
Thom: (( whereever Atross, Jarvis, and Sevis are - there Thom is. ))
Atross: (Well, we rest for the evening and deliver Morti's corpse to the temple first thing in the morning, wasn't it? Or are we delivering him that night, whenever. Time is different for the dead.)
(184) Morti: "Eh?" :feels at his skin probingly, finding no scabs or rough spots, then reaches up to the top of his head. Suddenly happy, he cries out, "I have hair!"
(182) DM: ((ok))
(191) Cruciatus (enter): 22:35
(189) Daelan La'neral: (( still wandering the streets))
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Atross: (Jarvis would know, do the Solnorite priests want Morti in the morning, or do they want him that night to prepare for a morning raising?)
(182) DM: ((ok))
Jarvis: ((Morning, from memory))
(182) DM: (at night for a dawn raising)
** (184) Morti smiles wide as he steps up beside the Lady, offering an arm, "Shall I escort you, M'lady" :gesturing to the door.: **
(182) DM: As you (Morti) turn to leave with Teleute, a nobleman, clearly drunk from too much wine, approaches Teleute unsteadily.
(184) Morti: ((With hair comes the suave))
(182) Cerwyn: You look most lovely, young lady. Will you walk with me?
(184) Morti: :grins to the drunkard, oblivious to his come on to Teleute, as e feels the need to tell someone else, "Hi.. I have hair."
(182) Teleute: Only for a little while, Cerwyn. You died of disease born by rats, three weeks ago, in an attic in Pelham.
(182) DM: The nobleman collapses, dead in his tracks at her words.
(182) DM: She moves swiftly down the hall, beckoning you (Morti) forward.
(182) Teleute: He drowned in a storm. (gesturing to an elderly gentleman lifting a glass of wine)
(184) Morti: "Uh..." :grimaces as the stranger falls. and crouches down to check on him. Though he quickly rises to follow the lady, still glancing back at the man, "Will he be alright?"
(182) Teleute: She died in childbirth. (pointing to a lithe girl dancing around a maypole)
** (189) Daelan La'neral finds a quiet spot in the city,sits down,reaches into his hooded cowl,pulling out his ferret,reaches into his pack and breaks off a piece of elven bread for his ferret. **
(184) Morti: "Huh?" :looks to the partygoers as Teleute points out their mortalities.:
(182) Teleute: As an old man, he choked on a bone in a bowl of fish soup. (whispers in your (Morti's) ear as she walks past a handsome young lad with pale flaxen hair who spies Teleute in passing)
(184) Morti: :chews his lip and turns to the young man, offering in consolation for his embarassing death, "Don't worry, I got killed from a stare down."
(182) DM: At each mention of each individual, he or she drops dead, and his or her dress disappears, revealing his or her fate...as a corpse. You (Morti) and Teleute make your way through the citadel's grounds, leaving a trail of corpses in your wake.
(184) Morti: :hops as the youth falls:
(184) Morti: :frowns woefully: "This is the most depressing party I've ever been to."
(182) DM: Presently, you reach a ballroom, where people are becoming frantic. Where once it was a scene of revelry, there is now chaos. Lord Seybeok is in the chamber, dancing with a woman who on seeing Teleute's entrance, faints in shock.
(184) Morti: :quirks a brow in afterthought: "Then again I've never been to many parties. I hope they aren't all like this."
** (184) Morti looks about the ballroom and simply waves to the onlookers. **
(182) Lord Seybeok, of Wysos: You are Time, foul Time, who steals the gold from a maiden's hair and takes the sapphire from a child's eyes. Dark time, who has stolen from every thing there ever was the things that it held precious and divine....and left nothing but memories and ashes and the grave. (draws his sword and points it at Morti)
(184) Morti: "Uh.... but I have hair."
(184) Morti: (wtf)
(182) Lord Seybeok, of Wysos: How you are here, how you could pass the magic of the god, I do not know, but I shall slay you this instant!
(182) Teleute: It's just a speech he wrote for tonight. You aren't missing anything. (whispers, amusedly)
** (184) Morti points to himself, silently questioning if the man means to kill him. **
(182) Teleute: Now he's saying that he's going to kill you. (whispers)
(184) Morti: :whispers to Teleute: "What'd I do?"
** (189) Daelan La'neral listens to his ferret hiss and chitter,as he watches his ferret bounce around him," Yes I agree Lightning,this place does reek of Edan and of death." **
(184) Morti: "You're the one who went around pointing people to deat."
(184) Morti: ((death even))
(182) Lord Seybeok, of Wysos: ...my wisdom and my magic and my power, as lord of this city. Tomorrow would be another perfect day, and now although my day is ending, still I shall gain my immortality as the man who slew Time himself and freed us all from his profound embrace...!
(182) Teleute: Enough. (softly)
(184) Morti: "Time...? I though you wanted to kill me? Phew"
** Teleute holds up her hand as a twinkle appears in her eye. "Tomorrow, you vanish. Some say the Council of Magi takes you, some say the priesthood of Arawn. It matters not. You are not here. You simply vanish. Hours from now, a corpse with no face and no hands and no feet will be found in your chambers. **
(184) Morti: :cringes at Teleute's viciously vivid prophecy:
(182) Teleute: You have been misled by a priest of Arawn...and he will pay for his crimes. Your legacy will be that of a ruler who led his people astray, and your house will be no more."
(182) Teleute: Corwyn. Take my hand.
** Lord Seybeok, of Wysos drops his sword, and steps toward Teleute, holding out his hand. **
(182) DM: There is a flash of white light....
(184) Morti: "Eh?...Eh? ...Eh?" :looks back and forth between lord and god, confused.:
(182) DM: ((and we FF))
** (189) Daelan La'neral scoops up Lightning,placing him once more back inside his hooded cowl," Come Lightning tis time to find out if the one called Morti has returned from death,and to find out the results of Elamurix as well." **
Jarvis: ((FFing sounds good))
** (189) Daelan La'neral heads towards the temple **
(182) DM: It's morning, and you're at the temple of Solnor, in time for Morti's raising.
(182) DM: One other bit of news...when the sun rose, the shield was gone.
(182) DM: Most of the populace of Wysos is in shock, some in fear, others in amazement. Many, indeed most, do not know what to make of this.
Atross: "You know I'd heard that just talking about a problem wouldn't solve anything. Yet, it seems to have worked."
** Jarvis laughs quietly. "Well, certainly feels better, I can tell you that much" **
(196) [DG][Mod]Jason (enter): 22:57
** Thom looks up as they head to the temple. "Yes, it is strange. Well, however it happened, it's gone now." **
** (189) Daelan La'neral looks up at the morning sky," Well Lightning it seems that the Edan have done something right for once,tis good to feel the sun once more." **
(197) Newbie (enter): 22:59
(182) DM: An elderly patriarch of Solnor is in the main temple chamber in deep concentration as he prays to his god, in quiet, reverent tones, pleading for life to be returned to Morti's broken form. The familiar sight of the disfigured sorcerer lies before you, although his face is at peace.
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(196) [DG][Mod]Jason (exit): 22:59
** (189) Daelan La'neral follows Thom and Jarvis to the temple **
** Thom stops short once he gets close enough to recogonize what is happening. Thom then just stands there, watching the process. **
(197) Newbie (exit): 23:00
(182) DM: Apart from the ceremony, the shield's instantaneous disappearance is the talk inside the temple.
(182) an acolyte: C'n ye believe it? I dinnae think tha' god couild do it! My faith was waning, but this...this is a miracle, 'tis!
** (189) Daelan La'neral looks at Morti,then speaks quietly." If that is what he looked like,perhaps he would have been better off coming back as something else like Jarvis suggested." **
** Atross shifts about uncomfortably in the temple. **
(182) DM: The patriarch closes his eyes and lays his trembling hands on Morti's broken form. A visible surge of power flows through his hands, as flesh mends, living color returns to Morti's cheeks and presently, breath. The priest collapses against Morti's unconscious form, spent.
** Edaric sighs with exhaustion, spent from the effort of casting the spell. "Your friend will need rest, but he is alive. Praise be to the Silverseal, he is alive." **
Thom: "Thank you very much sir, for all your efforts."
(189) Daelan La'neral: " We shall see how he is before any praising to the Silverseal will be done."
(189) Daelan La'neral: " Atross any news on Elamurix?"
** Thom moves forward to check on Morti closer up. "Morti?" **
** Atross approaches the priest to offer his thanks, and continues. **
** Edaric looks up at you. "I do not know who you are, but know this....we have nae been able to perform these spells until tha' shield was taken away. Clearly, the god smiles upon you and your friend." **
Jarvis: "And yet, you told us you could do it...?"
Thom: "Maybe so..."
Atross: "Praise be, indeed. I wonder if anything can be done about the strange malady afflicting another friend."
(189) Daelan La'neral: " The gods do not smile,they never smile,all they are is full of wrath towards the mortals."
Thom: "It is just amazing that you don't have any close friend Daelan, shocking really."
** Jarvis looks at Daelan. "Well aren't you just the little ray of optimism?" **
** Edaric is helped up by a pair of acolytes and is slowly taken away to his chambers, but not before he pats Morti on the head and gives him a blessing. **
** Atross is shocked, "That doesn't sound much like gods I've heard of." **
** Thom checks to see if Morti is waking up at all yet. **
(189) Daelan La'neral: " No Jarvis I am a realist,optimism only gets you an empty belly and the end of the day."
(184) Morti: :as his head is patted, he smiles in his sleep, breathing out tiredly through his chapped lips, ".. hhaaavvve.. hhaaiirrr... snnnnrrrrr.."
(189) Daelan La'neral: ( and = at)
** Atross explains Elamurix's condition to the priests asking if they would be capable of taking care of the catatonic elf, or know someone who can. "I don't think adventuring is really the life for him, honestly." **
Thom: "Alright, I think we can move him back to the inn, he'd be more comfortable there, I am sure."
** (189) Daelan La'neral stops 10 feet from Morti," Perhaps you can bathe him,he smells worse than most of the Edan around here." **
(182) an acolyte: Unfortunately, I do not think we can help your friend. The casting of the spell has exhausted our patriarch, as it is a very powerful enchantment.
Atross: "I fear what holds him is greater than simple death, as well."
(182) an acolyte: But I can ask his Eminence later today.
Thom: "I wonder what a couple days of death would do to you Daelan."
(189) Daelan La'neral: " I would probably smell better than him."
Thom: "I doubt it."
Jarvis: "A couple of days of death with or without the sun and the carriage travel?"
Thom: "In fact, I think that Daelan here would smell much worse than little Morti does."
Atross: "I don't think there's any need to ponder that question right now."
(189) Daelan La'neral: " I do not think that is possible,he may be alive,but he still reeks of death and of unwashed Human."
Sevis Goloens: "He already does" ** speaking for the first time since they arived back at the temple**
** Jarvis shakes his head. "Such interesting conversations" **
Thom: "Very well - there are more important matters than Daelan's odor. Let's get Morti back to the Copper Cauldron, so he can rest easier."
** (184) Morti seems to be a bit troubled as he fidgets a bit in his sleep, breathing eradically and snorting unnaturally. **
(189) Daelan La'neral: " So are we ready to leave this accursed place?"
** Sevis Goloens nods and moves to lift him Gently **
(184) Morti: :After a moment, he gives a big snort and turns over to his side, before commencing to snore like buzzsaw
Thom: "Not for another day. We have the rooms paid for and Morti needs to rest before we travel. And I think Rhian and Drenla would like a good rest, with that shield gone now."
Atross: "I'll visit that fletcher, and I wonder what Okinar has to say now, actually."
** (184) Morti lifts easily, stinky, but scrawny **
** Thom returns with Sevis and Morti to the Copper Cauldron. **
** Atross heads to market and looks for Alyssa's stall. **
Thom: "Very well Atross, you know where we will be."
** Alyssa looks up at your (Atross) approach **
** (189) Daelan La'neral follows along with Atross. **
Atross: (You really don't have to you know.)
(182) Alyssa: What can I do for you today, kind sir? Nice day isn't it? What with tha' sun out an' about. (smiles)
(184) Morti: ((anyone cover morti's head before carrying him out into public?))
Sevis Goloens: (( AFK for a smoke ))
Thom: (( Depends how Sevis picked him up, but more than likely Thom would have yes. ))
Atross: "I'm looking for some fletching, shafts and feathers suitable for making arrows. The elf you met yesterday sent me, figuring it would be better if I did the talking."
(184) Morti: ((good. avoids questions like," is that a diseased goblin on your back?"))
(184) Morti: (( ... "Or are you just happy to see me?" ))
** Alyssa frowns as Daelan approaches. "He came with you, I see." **
** Thom returns to the Copper cauldron and after seeing Moti put into a proper bed to rest, he checks on Drenla and Rhian, to see how they are feeling. **
(182) DM: Her manner changes in an instant, from friendly to blandness.
(182) Alyssa: His order is ready. (gestures to the pile of shafts and feathers, arranged in a neat bundle) You can leave your payment on the counter.
(189) Daelan La'neral: " I had no intentions on following him,but I had to make sure that the arrows and fletching I purchased were in fact good enough for one such as myself and Atross."
** Atross replies calmly, "So he did." Picks up his coin pouch and reaches inside to count out the payment. **
(182) Alyssa: Fine. (turns away to attend to another customer)
** (189) Daelan La'neral picks up the arrow shafts and looks around for a barrel of water. **
(189) Daelan La'neral: " Grab the feathers Atross,I need to inspect the arrows."
(182) DM: There's one in a corner of the market.
** Atross lays the coins down on the counter and asks as he does so, "I don't know if it's rude to say, but you look a lot like a bard I met not long ago." **
** (189) Daelan La'neral walks over to the water barrel and dumps the arrow shafts in the barrel,letting the shafts get nice and wet. **
Atross: "Do you know Cytara?"
Sorry dont know what /ne is!
** Brion hands you (Thom) a note as you enter the inn. **
** Atross picks up the package of feathers, wondering if it's best he only sees the finished product after all. **
(182) Brion: This came for you, friend, from the temple of Arawn. (shudders)
(182) Alyssa: Why, yes. (looks up, warily)
** Thom pockets the note and nods with an unhappy look. After checking on everyone, he returns to his room (which can be where we put Morti btw, since Morti doesn't actually have a room) and pulls out the note, looking it over before opening it up and reading, even though he suspects what it says. **
** Atross continues warily, "How strange that she didn't mention your name. I asked her where I should be able to find arrows in town. Have you not seen her in a while?" **
** Alyssa looks away. "She and I have had our differences. Why do you ask?" **
** (189) Daelan La'neral comes back to Atross after about 15 minutes,carrying the wet arrow shafts,walks over and places 50 gp on the counter in front of Alyssa," You may not like me,nor I you,but you do a fine job for an Edan." **
(182) DM: The note is actually inside an envelope, sealed with a wax impression.
(182) Alyssa: Keep your coin.
** Thom looks over the envelope for a moment, studying it. (Search for traps, just to be sure) **
(189) Daelan La'neral: " Ash arrows Atross,very good quality as well."
(182) Alyssa: (continues speaking to Atross)
Atross: "Just curious, honestly. And I wanted to let you know, if you ever wonder, that she planned on heading to Verith in Damrosil. She won't be around here, apparently."
(191) Cruciatus (exit): 23:39
** Alyssa touches her neck, in shock. "I...I..." **
(189) Daelan La'neral: " Come along Atross,we need to purchase some rawhide now,then we get the arrowheads and we are in business of making arrows."
** Alyssa seems flustered. "I thank you for this news, sir." **
Sevis Goloens: (( I gota go pick someone up. I will be back in about 45 min or so ))
(182) DM: (k)
(189) Daelan La'neral has sent you a tree node...
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+15] -> [13,15] = (28)
** Thom takes a deep breath and sighs, then cracks open the envelope left for him. **
** Atross responds awkwardly, "You're welcome. Have a pleasant afternoon, lady," and turns to follow Daelan, giving Alyssa some space to think. **
(189) Daelan La'neral: " I am glad to be able to teach one of you Edan the fine art of arrow making."
** Alyssa nods at Daelan wordlessly, not hearing him, mulling over Atross' words. **
(200) No Name (enter): 23:43
Atross: "And I'll be glad to be able to repair and maintain a supply of arrows in the wild, someday."
(200) No Name (exit): 23:43
(200) No Name (enter): 23:43
(189) Daelan La'neral: " I also hope that you can forgive me elendil Atross,about my outburst in the Inn,I was not prepared to see my brother in there."
(182) DM: The note reads:
(182) DM: I must have news as to your decision in the matter of Nerick, as we discussed. Send your reply with this note, or come to the temple of Arawn.
(182) DM: It is signed, Okinar of Arawn.
(189) Daelan La'neral: " If you know of a mage,I can inscribe elven runes on some of your arrows,once they are enchanted they will be better than those found anywhere else."
Atross: "I'm sure he has his reasons for the path he's chosen, and I hope it's not merely profit."
(189) Daelan La'neral: " Profit,we Quessir do not care for money,no he is here for another purpose,and since I have not seen a tracker here,it must be something that Tyrande sent him on."
** Thom folds the note back into the envelope and heads out. On his way Out, he asks Sevis to watch over the three sleeping companions and then Thom heads downstairs, stopping for a moment to speak with Brion. **
(182) Brion: Ays, m'lord?
Thom: "Sir, a couple of my companions are quite tired still from our journey here, so could help keep an eye that no one goes to bother them?"
(189) Daelan La'neral: " I am sure you have not had many dealings with the Calen Quessir have you Atross."
(182) Brion: Of course, m'lord.
Thom: "Thank you, if any of my other companions return and inquire about me, simply let them know I will return shortly." Thom slides his hand over the bar and a silver coin appears on the far side, nearest Brion.
Atross: "Most interesting. So many plots barely told and there must be untold thousands more just beneath notice... What? No, I have not. Most humans have very few dealings with elves, Quessir, of any kind nowadays."
(189) Daelan La'neral: " That is because most of us are getting ready for the great crossing."
** Thom then turns and heads out. **
(182) Brion: Why, thank you, m'lord. (pockets the coin)
(189) Daelan La'neral: " Most of the other Quessir have already crossed,very few of us remain anymore,just the shadow,drow and us."
** Thom heads out from the Copper Cauldron and heads straight for the Temple of Arwan (assumig from the original description of the temple district that I would have seen it earlier and can therefore easily find it.) **
(200) No Name (exit): 23:53
(182) DM: (yes)
Atross: "That would help explain the abandoned ruins in the Forest of Miir."
** Thom pauses for a moment before the doors to the temple and then enters. **
(182) DM: You find Okinar in the main temple chamber, talking to a group of initiates. He breaks off and smiles an unpleasant smile as you enter the room, dismissing the initiates.
(182) Okinar, of Arawn: So, you have returned, without your companions. What have you decided?
(189) Daelan La'neral: " The shadow fight for good or evil,depending on who pays them the most,the drow,well everyone knows which side they fight on,and we Calen seem to be fighting everyone on our own,so we have decided that it is time for us to make the crossing as well.''
Thom: Yes I have, as I said I would. However, as I mentioned yesterday we are currently in the middle of something and do not have much time right now. On the other hand, we would be willing to keep an eye out for this Nerick. We just simply do not have the time to devote to your needs right now.
Atross: "Seems a shame, but it is something people have to decide on their own."
(182) Okinar, of Arawn: No time? A werewolf is out on the loose in this city and you have no time?!?
(182) Okinar, of Arawn: Pah! I knew I should have spoken to other adventurers. (mutters) Very well, then. Good day.
Thom: "Surely you understand that we cannot break an agreement to a prior job. Very well, if we come across him - we will be sure to let you know."
** Okinar, of Arawn relents slightly. "What would it take to buy a little of your time?" **
** Thom bows slightly and leaves the temple. **
** Thom stops in the middle of leaving. **
(182) Okinar, of Arawn: Wait! Please. Please!
** Okinar, of Arawn seems desparate. "Please. What would it take? How much? I will pay, I swear it! By the first circle!" (gulps) **
** Thom turns back at Okinar's request. "It is not merely a matter of money. Surely you can understand the honor of compleating what one has been tasked for." **
Thom: "Unless you knew of a way to make up for the travel time we would lose, I do not see much of an option."
(182) Okinar, of Arawn: Yes, I understand. But I beg of you, this is extremely important. Please. If you must, I will triple whatever you have been promised. Please.
(189) Daelan La'neral: " It is not something we decided upon Atross,it is a matter of survival,no offense meant but you Edan are like the locusts,you swarm in and destroy everything and everyone in your path,and you are too numerous to us to contend with."
** Thom nods to Okinar, but makes no other response to his pledge. "If it is indeed that important to you, perhaps my companions and I need to discuss it a little more. But if we are to do that, I need to know exactly what you need from us so we can anticipate an amount of time it would take. After all, time is very important to us." **
(182) Okinar, of Arawn: If this menace to the city is not found, the lord of the city will see to it that our temple will pay dearly. And with the loss of the shield, that would not be in any one's best interest.
Thom: (( his pledge = Okinar's pledge of massive money.... ))
(182) Okinar, of Arawn: Please. I need you to find this man. I can describe him for you if you wish. But it must be done soon, before the fullness of the sapphire moon.
Thom: "A description could very well help. Please continue."
(182) Okinar, of Arawn: Nerick was a powerfully built man of your height, about five and ten stones, three times ten years, with short, graying black hair and a noticeable scar over his left eye.
(182) Okinar, of Arawn: He was quite fit, and may (or must have) been an athelete, a warrior or a guardsman.
Atross: "The typical Edan way of life is not something Quessir are comfortable with, I understand. Time goes by and things change. For those who would prefer to leave than change with it, that is fine. I just think that it would be a shame for elves to leave history altogether."
Thom: And this man needs to be found prior to the saphire moon so that you can cure him of his affliction, correct?
(182) Okinar, of Arawn: Correct. He was well known in this city, having been a member of a band of adventurers known as the Wizard's Bane.
Atross: "Those with such long life can work much good in the world, and the elven empires have a long history of knowledges still unshared, untold, I am sure."
(189) Daelan La'neral: " In three generations of Humans,we Quessir will be nothing more than a bed time story you tell you kids,3 more after that and we will not even be mentioned."
Thom: Sounds noble enough of a quest. I shall inform the companions of your newest offer and we will see if we can spare the time. I will return to give you an answer later.
Thom: (( *the companions, aka - my companions ))
(182) TaliesinNYC: In fact, I have heard that the mage Certimfil, was a member of Nerick's company. If anyone would know of Nerick's likely hiding places, he might. He lives in a manse on the south bank of the river outside the city.
(182) DM: (sigh, I'll correct the log later)
(189) Daelan La'neral: " We once shared our history with you Humans,and with the other races as well,in the begining,but then things went wrong,Humans started distrusting the Quessir due to our long lives,and the dwarves started distrusting Humans since Humans wanted what the dwarves found in the mountains,and so began the long wars in the end look at where we are."
Atross: "Thay's what I'm afraid of. And no one will bother to look further."
Thom: That is indeed useful information. Anything else you care to share? After all - the more we know, the quicker it can be accomplished.
(189) Daelan La'neral: " I can see why I picked you as Elendil Atross,you do not think like the Humans."
Atross: "I don't know. I'd think that legacy would be important to us short lived humans."
(189) Daelan La'neral: " Yes but unless you scribe it,it becomes nothing more than a story you tell you kids,and they tell theirs and after awhile it is nothing but just that a story."
(182) Okinar, of Arawn: Hm. I know that he left town to abandon a nagging wife named Cindal, who has since taken up with a no-account, would-be trader named Hurot. They share a shack behind the Tower of the Tax Collector, an ironic location since Hurot never paid a penny of tax in his lifetime.
(182) Okinar, of Arawn: If Nerick was in some kind of trouble, he might seek out Cindal.
Atross: "With deeds as great as we seem headed for, I'd expect it etched in stone."
Thom: Very well, that should be enough to get us started, if we determine that we have the time. I shall let you know. Good day.
(182) Okinar, of Arawn: I'm afraid that's about all I know. Others in the city might know more. As I mentioned, Nerick is (or was) quite famous, from his exploits in the Wizard's Bane.
** Okinar, of Arawn nods, watching Thom leave. **
(189) Daelan La'neral: " Stone is harder to carry than tomes Atross,although something in this world have been etched in stone,mostly by our brothers the dwarves."
** Thom leaves the temple and goes down to the market area to look around for a bit before heading back to the Copper Cauldron. **
Atross: "It's a metaphor. Stone tends to last longer than paper."
(189) Daelan La'neral: " Unless the stone is allowed to weather,like most stones do."
Atross: "But how long does paper last in those conditions? It's a moot point anyway. I'll demand both tomes of our epic and an entire cliffside quarry worth of stone tablets of the tale to be stored in meticulous condition so that the tale can always be found."
** Atross laughs. **
(182) DM: ((fair warning. I tend not to RP shopping as a rule....so you get your rawhide))
(182) DM: ((in fact, we can FF if you like))
** Thom returns to the Copper cauldron and awaits the return of the others. **
(189) Daelan La'neral: " If that is the case I hope you have alot of stonemasons and scribes at your beck and call Atross."
Atross: (We have gotten a little off track.)
Thom: (( sure ))
Atross: "Someday, when I save the world, I'm sure I will."
Jarvis: ((Sounds good))
(182) DM: ((if it were a tabletop game, then possibly, but online, shopping for arrows is like shopping for tomatoes...not very interactive))
Atross: (You did very well anyway, thank you.)
(182) DM: (so it's later in the day, about late afternoon. you're back at the inn, and having your evening meal. Morti's still sleeping, but Rhian and Drenla have joined you at the table.)
(182) Drenla: I checked in on him. He's doing fine, and should be up tomorrow morning.
(182) Rhian Aes Sedai: I heard that the shield was destroyed. Any news?
(189) Daelan La'neral: " Do you have a small sharp knife Atross,you are going to need it once we soak the rawhide,it has to be cut into very thin strips,then wrapped around the arrowtip as well as around the feathers,then they must be dried to allow the rawhide to shrink and hold."
Thom: "That is good news Drenla, but it brings up something else. I had to speak with Okinar of Arwan today, as he sent a letter here. He seems quite desperate for help in finding Nerick."
(182) Drenla: Mmm hmm. (chews) And?
(189) Daelan La'neral: " Nerick,my brother is looking for him as well."
Thom: "No idea Madam Rhian. We had been discussing it a little, and when we woke this morning - it was gone."
Atross: "There's that silver one you picked up; it'll do, I guess."
Jarvis: "You'd think the church would have a group of warriors at their services"
(189) Daelan La'neral: " What does Okinar of Arwan want with Nerick?"
Atross: "He already escaped from the group of warriors in their service."
Thom: "Well, if we need to stay another day, I will probably have to talk to him again. I was hoping we would be able to sneak out without it, but it doesn't look possible now."
Thom: "He claims to want to help the man. Something about a process that would cure his affliction."
(189) Daelan La'neral: " Is Nerick the werewolf?"
Thom: "Yes, he is."
(189) Daelan La'neral: " Odd that my brother and Okinar would want the same person."
Thom: "Well, according to Okinar, your brother and Nerick used to travel together."
Atross: "We could ask him about it."
(189) Daelan La'neral: " That may be,I have no idea what my brother has been up to lately."
(189) Daelan La'neral: " Ask who Atross? My brother? He will not be very forthcoming in any questions you pose him.''
Atross: "If he was looking for him yesterday, maybe he found Nerick already. It can't hurt to look for Nerick while we wait for Morti to recover, at least."
(189) Daelan La'neral: " He is about as cryptic in his answers as everyone else you have met."
(203) Rayman (enter): 00:36
Thom: "Then he would be exactly the type of person we are used to, no problem there."
Sevis Goloens: "Maybe he just wont be very forthcoming with you around Daelan?"
Atross: "On the surface it appears to be a good deed, so I suppose we can ask Nerick what he thinks of it if we can catch him."
(203) Rayman (exit): 00:36
Jarvis: "Agreed. I'd like to get this Nerick's side of the story"
Thom: "Yes, I suppose we could look for Nerick a little while we wait."
Thom: "Okinar did give me another possible lead, nerick's ex-wife."
Atross: "Though maybe if we talk about it all night the problem will take care of itself. Any takers?"
Thom: "I find it hard to believe that it happened once, no way I would go for it a second time."
** Atross pauses only briefly before continuing, "...well I'm ready to hit the streets then." **
Sevis Goloens: "As long as it does not take too long I wish to be out of here as soon as Morti is well enough to travel. The shield fell already so thats one less thing we need to worry about, and I would just assume leave this Nerrik guy alone if it is going to talk long to talk with him"
(189) Daelan La'neral: " For once Sevis and I agree on something."
Jarvis: "Still, can't hurt to take a look while we're waiting for the kid to recuperate"
Sevis Goloens: "But as long as Morti is resting we can try to find him. Rhian would you like to join us, I know polotics is your thing, but could be interesting to speak with a wearwolf"
(205) Xeriar (enter): 00:41
Thom: "Sounds like a plan. We can use the time until Morti is well enough to travel to search for Nerick. Now, there is Certimfil, who may or may know know something. And there is Cindal, whom Nerick may have sought help from. Of course, he could also be anywhere else since he was at one point a fairly well known adventurer around here."
(205) Xeriar (exit): 00:41
Thom: (( *may or may not know ))
(189) Daelan La'neral: " It would be easier to find him when he is werewolf form,not easy to find a human in a city of humans."
Atross: "That won't be until tonight though, right? And that's assuming he really is a werewolf."
(182) Rhian Aes Sedai: No, I'll pass. Besides, someone has to stay here to see over Morti.
Thom: "I do have a description, and we may find that more people know who he is, as opposed to just some random person from the street."
(189) Daelan La'neral: " He may be a famous person too,which means that many will not tell a bunch of strangers where he is."
Jarvis: Disconnecting from server...
(186) ticattack (exit): 00:45
Sevis Goloens: "I figured his Mentor would do that, but as you wish. As for finding him, I personaly would ask around at the type of establishment that Daelans brother would be found, then expand my search to the area outside the city. Easyer to hide from those looking for you if you are not in the city"
Atross: "Depends on what kind of famous he is and who we ask and how."
Thom: "Very true. That's why the leads we have may be our best, if not only, options."
(189) Daelan La'neral: " Well I can go to Certimfil
Atross: "if you don't mind me saying, someone else should do the asking, Daelan. Seems Thom's pretty good at getting people to open up."
Thom: "You sure? When he came here - he seemed more willing to do anything but talk to you."
(189) Daelan La'neral: " I am sure he would more likely speak to me,I do not think anyone in this town is going to answer any question I ask,since most here do not speak to slaves."
Thom: "If you believe that you can get some info from him, then I guess that works. But remember, we aren't actually working for Okinar. We want to find out what is actually happening and go from there. Who else will go with Daelan?"
Atross: "I'd go."
** Thom nods. **
(189) Daelan La'neral: " Perhaps that is because I sent him a warning Thom,since I have not seen any trackers around,I am sure he will speak to me."
Thom: "Very well. Then Sevis and I will try to track down Cindal. Drenla, are you up to travelling with us, or do you still need to rest?"
Sevis Goloens: "Where in this city would your brother most likly hang out Daelan?"
(189) Daelan La'neral: " Not in the city Sevis,outside the city."
Atross: "He's got a mansion across the river I heard."
Sevis Goloens: "No if he was in the city where would he go.? I dont want to speak with him but the people he or Nerrik may have spoken too"
(189) Daelan La'neral: " He may frequent the mages citadel,but I can not say for certainty."
** Thom chuckles slightly. **
Sevis Goloens: "Ok thank you, Ok Thom lean on."
Atross: "I doubt there's any place in the city he frequents, but he did stop by this inn for example."
(189) Daelan La'neral: " He is a High Mage after all."
Thom: "Oh, something else that may come in handy - Nerick adventured with a group called "Wizard's Bane". Use that info if you need. Any questions?
Atross: "We meet back at the Inn? When?"
(189) Daelan La'neral: " Wizards Bane,strange name for a group that my brother once frequented."
Thom: "Once you get your questions answered. Don't go off searching for Nerick as just a pair, in case he is not welcoming to visitors. We'll meet back here and decide where to go from there, ok?"
Sevis Goloens: (( AFK Smoke break ))
(182) Drenla: I need to rest as well. The shield drained much of my magicka.
** Thom nods to Drenla. "I understand. Rest well, I do want to be on our way as soon as possible." **
(189) Daelan La'neral: " Why would I go looking for a Human? There are too many here as it is."
Atross: "Anyway, I doubt he knows where Nerick is yet. But he's looking for him and may fill us in on the real story."
(182) Drenla: Besides, it will give me time to prepare a spell of transport for us all.
Thom: "Good. We'll all return here shortly then." Thom pauses as he stands up. "Transport? A way to make up for time we spent here? That will help greatly."
Sevis Goloens: (( back ))
** (189) Daelan La'neral stands up,walks out of the Inn,heading to the front gates of the city. **
Atross: "See you again shortly and good luck."
** Atross exits the building. **
** Thom heads up to Brion before heading out. **
** Sevis Goloens waits to follow Thom **
(182) Brion: Yes, m'lord?
Thom: "I was wondering if you could tell me where the Tower of the Tax collector is located. I was told that someone there was looking to hire some help."
** Brion gives Thom directions. **
** Thom nods to Brion in thanks and heads out with Sevis. **
(182) DM: (Daelan's group first)
Thom: (( then I am going to go smoke. :P ))
** Atross goes to find Certimfil's manse across the river. (Gates no trouble I hope) **
(189) Daelan La'neral: " I hope there are 2 different idiots at the gate than when I first arrived here Atross."
Atross: "I'd hope that it's not idiots at the gate this day; no good to just meet new idiots."
(182) DM: It's easy to find Certimfil's house, as it's the only dwelling constructed on the south bank of the river. The house is made up of three connected buildings, each with its own exit. Apparently, the mage uses each section for a different purpose, as one emits a decidedly chemical odor, another is surrounded by heaps of ash and slag, and the third is barred and shuttered from within. A large chimney rises from the rear of the house.
(182) DM: As you approach the manse, you can see that the front door lies partially open and light streams from within.
(207) swo0p (enter): 01:08
Atross: "You know, I don't think he has that door open for the weather."
** (189) Daelan La'neral stands and looks at the buildings,not sure what to make of what he is seeing,then noticing the door partially open,reaches down and notches an arrow. **
(207) swo0p (exit): 01:09
** (189) Daelan La'neral gives a familiar call out to the house **
(182) DM: (Arioch and Erdain aren't manning the gates apparently. The guards are...friendlier)
(182) DM: No response is forthcoming.
Atross: (Well with the shield gone, even Arioch and Erdain would be a bit friendlier)
(208) [DiceWhore][BU] Extrimis (enter): 01:11
** (189) Daelan La'neral slowly approaches the house,scanning the ground around him. **
Atross: "I suppose that confirms that nobody is home. Barge in then?"
(208) [DiceWhore][BU] Extrimis (exit): 01:11
(189) Daelan La'neral: " And startle a High Mage,no thanks,better to err on the side of caution,besides I do not know if there are any trackers around either."
Atross: "The door is open and nobody is answering. Something is up."
** Atross draws his bow and nocks an arrow to command it's fire on, "Igneshun." **
** (189) Daelan La'neral stops at the threshold,reaches down and touches the blood to see if it is fresh. **
(189) Daelan La'neral: " Yes something or someone has bled here."
(189) Daelan La'neral: " Can you move quietly Atross?"
** Atross follows behind the tracker expertly aiming over and around the elf. **
(189) Daelan La'neral: " Noon or thereabouts,the blood is fresh."
** Atross whispers, "I can move quieter, but I shoot things not sneak around." **
** (189) Daelan La'neral slowly,and silently steps up onto the threshold,stopping just at the door,listening intently,smelling the air from inside. **
** (189) Daelan La'neral slowly opens the door wider,then slips inside,moving to the right of the door,keeping his back to the wall,giving the room a quick look around. **
** Atross covers through the doorway awaiting a signal before moving in as well. **
(182) DM: Six large bookcases, a desk and a chair are the only furnishings in this moderate-sized room., A pair of doors lies ajar to your left, one near and one farther away. The room is ransacked and in total disarray. Muddy prints can be seen on the floor, streaked with blood.
** (189) Daelan La'neral motions for Atross to enter **
** Atross carefully steps in and slides to the left of the doorway as he surveys the wreckage of the room. **
** (189) Daelan La'neral begins to breath through his mouth as the sweet sickly smell of blood begins to cloud his mind,glances down at the tracks,committing them to memory then begins to study them **
** (189) Daelan La'neral points out the blood stained tracks on the floor to Atross. **
** Atross nods, whispering, "Wolf?" **
** (189) Daelan La'neral whispers to Atross," Well no werewolf did this,they are the tracks of a man,feet are to big to be Quessir." **
(182) DM: The contents of the shelves are in disarray, as if items have been taken from the shelves and books thrown haphazardly about. Broken pieces of furniture suggest that a battle took place here.
Atross: "Don't know if that's less to worry about or more."
(189) Daelan La'neral: " Breath through your mouth Atross,keeps your head clear."
Atross: "I'm no stranger to a blooddrenched battlefield, it's the next afternoon when it gets worst."
** (189) Daelan La'neral follows the tracks,stopping before entering any other rooms,listening,then slipping in looking around,motioning for Atross to follow him **
** (189) Daelan La'neral slips into the room giving it a quick look around. **
(182) DM: (which door, near left or far left?)
** Atross follows quietly, scanning for movement. **
(189) Daelan La'neral: (( wherever the track go))
(182) DM: This (near left) appears to be a laboratory. Inside, the odor of chemicals and strange, noxious substances is overpowering. Furnishings include three heavy workbenches along the wall to the SE, a hand pump near the exit, a long table near the NW wall, a large drainage sump for waste materials in the NW corner and a rack of fine crystal flasks, beakers and oddly shaped containers against the SW wall. Also here is a corpse, face down. The room is an absolute mess.
** (189) Daelan La'neral moves to the corpse,slowly turning the body over to look at who it is **
(182) DM: There appears to be no movement within. All is eerily quiet.
(182) DM: It's Certimfil.
** (189) Daelan La'neral studies the way he was killed( ie. stab wounds,slashes,bites that sort of thing)) **
(189) Daelan La'neral: " Well I guess we will not be speaking with Certimfil."
Atross: "I suppose not. The plot is now thick as blood, huh."
Atross: "If the culprit's gone, I wonder if we can find his journal at least."
(189) Daelan La'neral: " Huh? Umm....yea I guess so.."
** (189) Daelan La'neral continues to stare down at his brother,checking his body for anything useful **
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+9] -> [13,9] = (22)
Atross: "He's a mage; gotta have a journal."
(189) Daelan La'neral: " If he kept a journal,it would either be in his den or his sleeping room Atross."
(189) Daelan La'neral: " He did not even fight."
Atross: "Looks like whoever did this was looking for something, though."
(189) Daelan La'neral: " It had to be someone he knew and trusted."
** (189) Daelan La'neral stands up and begins gathering all the unbroken crystal vials he can,placing them in his pack. **
** (189) Daelan La'neral once done,moves to the next room **
Atross: "Yep; they certainly didn't sneak in. I wonder if it was Nerick. Don't know enough about him to say who else it could be."
** (189) Daelan La'neral stops near the sump,looking down,then reaches down and lifts the grate,looking down inside **
** Atross looks through the mess of the first room dealing with the arduous task of looking for what's missing in a house he's never been to. **
(189) Daelan La'neral: " If you find anything useful Atross,take it,better it be used than destroyed.''
(182) DM: This other room is a forge of some kind. A large bellows is connected to the furnace in the eastern corner. Opposite this in the S corner of the room is a crate of charcoal. An anvil with typical tools rests near the connecting door to the study. This room appears to have been disturbed as well, but less so.
(210) spectator (enter): 01:40
(189) Daelan La'neral: " Well I found out how they got in and out,once we are done here,I guess we will be heading down there Atross."
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+1] -> [3,1] = (4)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+1] -> [16,1] = (17)
Atross: "Great, why'd they open the door then?"
** (189) Daelan La'neral tips over the crate of charcoal to see if there is anything there. **
(189) Daelan La'neral: " Perhaps they did not,perhaps it was my brother trying to run away and was drug back inside."
Atross: "Could be."
** (189) Daelan La'neral looks around the bottom of the anvil **
Atross: "I'm not finding any spellbooks in all this mess. Either they're well hidden or they're gone. Unless he didn't have any?"
(189) Daelan La'neral: " Well if you find anything that interests you in the books take them."
** (189) Daelan La'neral heads to the next room **
(182) DM: (no other rooms)
(182) DM: In the wreckage of the main room is a large bed.
** (189) Daelan La'neral heads back the main room,starting from one end and working my way around,carefully searching the entire room. **
Atross: "I don't think there's much else I can find, and it's hard to tell what may have been taken."
** (189) Daelan La'neral tapping on the walls and floorboards,checking behind the bookcases **
(189) Daelan La'neral: " There are four or five books that are missing Atross."
Atross: "Unless it's like volume 4 of 5 you're gonna have to explain that to me sometime."
(189) Daelan La'neral: " He would have one from each of the elements not to mention the combination of the four as well."
(182) DM: (Thom's group next)
Atross: "Oh well, guess this is a dead end."
(182) DM: (I can handle both groups at the same time but wanted to give Daelan's group a head start)
Thom: (( they need it. :P ))
Atross: "Into the sump?"
** Thom follows Brion's directions to get to the Tower of Tax Collectors and instead of entering it, walks past it, and goes around to the back of the tower, looking for Hurot's shack. While walking, he explains to Sevis that Nerick left his wife Cindal, whom now lives with a man named Hurot. **
(182) DM: (k)
(189) Daelan La'neral: " No I believe we are going to need the others as well Atross,if this thing could kill my brother so easily I do not think we two are going to be able to handle it on our own."
** Sevis Goloens nods **
Sevis Goloens: "Thats a good place to start then"
(182) DM: The house you're directed to behind the squat Tower of the Tax Collector is a small, one-room dwelling that appears to have once been quite comfortable in comparison to the other houses down the street. Now, though the paint is flaked and odd shingles are missing from the sagging roof. Rough steps lead up to an iron-studded door.
Thom: "Well, here goes nothing." Thom mutters as he walks up the stairs and knocks once on the door.
(182) DM: The door opens a crack and a thin, reedy voice hisses from within. "Yes? Whoisit?"
Atross: "Back to the cauldron then, see if they had better luck."
Thom: "My name is Thom, and I was directed to this humble abode in search of information of someone that is needing help."
(189) Daelan La'neral: " Did you find anything of interest Atross?"
(182) DM: The door is opened wide by a tired looking human woman, with graying blond hair tied in a bun.
** Sevis Goloens sits quiet and listens **
** Thom smiles at the woman. "Madam Cindal I presume?" **
(182) Cindal: If'n yer lookin fer Nerick, I dun' know where 'e is.
(182) DM: A voice calls from within. "Whooisit?"
Thom: "Why do you think we are looking for this Nerick?"
(182) Cindal: Some men, Hurot. (calls over her shoulder) Wot did ye say yer name was? (suspiciously)
(182) Cindal: Germad was lookin fer him. (sullenly)
Thom: "The name is Thom madam. And this is my friend Sevis."
Thom: "Ahh, so people only come to you looking for Nerick, is that so?"
** Cindal shrugs. "I dun know. It seems as if'n I have all tha' answers but I have nae clue as to whar 'e is. Come in, if'n ye like." **
(182) Cindal: Pleased tae meet ye.
Thom: "We would like that very much, thank you."
** Sevis Goloens nods to the lady an takes a step toward the door before looking to Thom **
(182) Cindal: Inside, the house is damp, but some effort has been made to keep it clean. Furnishings consist of a table with twin bench seats and a large surprisingly luxurious bed. Weapons and oddments of martial gear are displayed on the walls.
** Thom nods to Sevis to indicate everything is ok and he enters the house. **
(182) DM: (oops)
Thom: (( she's giving us a rundown of her own house. ;) ))
Thom: "Come Sevis, let us relax with these two for a couple moments."
(182) DM: As you step inside and adjust your vision to the gloom within, you spot a small man hunched over a table in the rear, looking up from a meal of stew and bread. He glances up and talking with his mouth nearly full, "Pleashed tae meetcha."
(212) Demian (enter): 02:07
Thom: "Pleased to meet you as well sir, sorry for bothering you during mealtime."
(212) Demian (exit): 02:08
(182) Cindal: This is Hurot. Hurot, this is Thom and Service.
** Thom smiles slightly at Cindal's mispeaking, but let's it go. **
(182) Cindal: So, wot do ye wan' tae know 'bout Nerick?
Sevis Goloens: "Not Service, Sevis, no R in the name. But thats a new variation I have not heard yet." **Smiles**
** Cindal nods, a bit embarassed. "'Tis an unusual name. Never 'eard of it." **
Thom: "You are correct, we have come here looking for information about Nerick. Originally, we were approached and offered a job looking for him, but right now we just are trying to understand what is happening better. One side of the story always leaves things out."
Sevis Goloens: "I would not expect you have since I am from a very very distant land. Do you have any water by chance?"
(182) Cindal: Well, I ha'en't 'eard o' 'im in two months, I have. 'e was a fighter who failed tae return in tha' time. As far as I know, 'e's dead. But lately, a few ha' called fer 'im. Germad (counts on her fingers), tha' nae guid mage, fer starters. An' Cytara.
** Cindal nods and shuffles over to a pitcher on a table, pouring a tankard for Sevis. "'ere." **
Thom: "Really? He does seem to have gotten some people interested in him then. Do you know where in town he might be? You knew him as well as almost anyone else, is there anyplace you can think of that he might go to hide out? Or someplace where he always felt safe?"
Sevis Goloens: "Thank you M'Lady"
** Sevis Goloens takes a large drink of the water **
** Cindal shrugs. "Ye could ast Germad. 'e's tha' Cap'n o' tha' Watch, 'e is. If anyting, 'e would know whar Nerick is. They wer like brothers. **
(182) DM: ((stopping in 20 minutes so Lurkified can talk))
Thom: "Ahh, was Germad with nerick in Wizard's Bane then?
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20] -> [10] = (10)
** Thom continues to make small talk about seemingly nothing in particular for a few moments, although most seem to touch on Marick's past. **
Thom: "One more question Madam, and I thank you for being so forthcoming thus far. Did any one else happen to say why they were looking for Nerick?"
(182) Cindal: Ays. An irony, 'tis. Fer a thief tae be Cap'n o' tha' Watch. By tha' Green Mother, 'tch.
Thom: (( and I don't know why I said Marick earlier... ))
Sevis Goloens: "Mam sorry to pry but did you and Narrik have a special place you went to be together?"
(182) Hurot: Tha' singer wanted tae know 'bout 'er 'arp. Tha' mage said somethin' 'bout a gem. (chews loudly and belches)
(182) Cindal: Nae.
Thom: "Hmm. Well, that is strange. We were told he was in trouble, but nothing about a harp or gem."
(182) Cindal: 'E liked tae collect things. Things o' magik.
Sevis Goloens: "Thank you for the water and the information" **Sets the glass back down**
(182) Cindal: An' weapons. (gestures to the wall decorations)
Thom: "So many of these items are his?"
(182) TaliesinNYC: All o' 'em.
(182) Cindal: All o' 'em.
Thom: "Would you be willing to part with one of them? I'd be willing to pay you for it, and it just might help us find him. Something that was very personal to him would be best probably."
** Cindal sighs heavily. "Welp, ye can take one then." **
(182) DM: They include an arquebus, a long blowgun tipped with a rusted needle, a heavily carved club of some foreign tribal design, a light crossbow with several quarrels, a harpoon made of ebony, a large battle axe, and a barbed ebony staff with a sling at its other end.
** Thom looks over the items. "Did he use any of these, or just colect them?" **
(182) Cindal: Both.
** Sevis Goloens moves over to the Barbed Ebony Staff and picks it up gently looking it over **
(213) Jack (enter): 02:35
Thom: "If I may ask, what about the spaces here and here, did there used to be more items kept on this wall?
(182) DM: It's quite heavy, and in the wrong, inexperienced hands, has the potential for injury.
** Cindal looks sheepishly at Hurot. **
(182) Hurot: Might as well tell 'em.
(182) Cindal: I sold 'em fer money.
** Thom smiles slightly. "That is understandable, times can get hard." **
Thom: "The need to eat can be vry powerful, cannot it not? Well, I believe that this staff my friend picked out might work well for us. Since I do not know that we will be able to return it to you, please take this." Thom holds his hand out, palm down, with his thumb under his hand.
** Cindal holds her hands out, gratefully. **
** Sevis Goloens hefts the strange staff again **
(182) Cindal: Thank you. (meets his eyes squarely) An' I hope ye find Nerick safe an' sound, if'n 'e is alive.
whispering to Morti, no levels lost btw
Sevis Goloens: "Interesting weapon, though rather heavy for my tastes"
** Thom places his hand over hers and then slowly moves it away, having her close her hand as he does. "Thank you again for your help. If you do think of anything, we are at the Copper Cauldron, ok?" **
Thom: "As do we madam, as do we."
(182) DM: (and on that note, we'll stop. next session will be the high level game)
(182) DM: (when this game resumes, we'll begin with Thom's group before reconvening)
Thom: (( k ))
Sevis Goloens: (( sounds good ))
Atross: (okeydoke)
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