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(314) TaliesinNYC: ok, let's go

(314) TaliesinNYC: ok, let's go
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(305) Donovan: That's pretty good too actually, isn't it
(314) DM: (anyone need a recap?)
(305) Donovan: ((Bodaks suck))
Thom: (( sure, just to make sure we are all on the same page. ))
(305) Donovan: ((I think that sums up where we are now))
Thom: (( mentally - yes. ))
(305) Donovan: ((Oh, and I need more weapons, that too))
(307) Morti: ((Just need to know if anyone cleaned me up. Morti.. lost bowel control upon experation.
(309) ticattack: ((Nope. The smell'll be bad enough, who cares if it's a bit worse))
(311) Dj Gilcrease: (( We are st Strathern point heading for Wysos after killing the Bodak right, and trying to put a rush on it so we can stop Morti from bloating too badly? ))
(314) DM: (yup yup)
(315) Nova (enter): 21:46
(314) DM: ((it's about a day after you left the Point. early morning.))
** (307) Morti is stinking nicely **
** Thom rides in the carriage with Morti's body, although he does tend to hang his head out the window and stare off into the woods a lot. **
(314) Teleute: I suppose you never thought you'd be in this situation, Morti.
** (305) Donovan maintains uncheerful vigil from ahead of the carriage. **
whispering to Morti, you can see yourself sitting beside yourself. A beautiful human woman with skin the color of alabaster and hair as black as a raven, in a black dress with a silver ankh around her neck appears next to you.
whispering to Morti, at the base of her left eye is a curled line, as if it was tattooed there. (as in the Eye of Ra)
** Jarvis , in eagle form is keeping a watch from above. **
(314) Teleute: It's up to you though if you want to come with me. Do you?
** (311) Dj Gilcrease sits and chats with Rhian while they ride, trying to extract all the information he can about the Aes Sedi, thier type of magic and how it differs from Arcane and devine. And why she had a funny look on her face when she thought I wanted to use the same power she uses **
(309) Jarvis has sent you a tree node...
(307) Morti: "Eh? Where do you want to go?" :remembering his manners: "By the way, my name's Morti.. which you already know...And you are?"
(314) Teleute: You already know who I am, though I guess it wouldn't hurt if I reintroduced myself. No one ever remembers our first meeting.
(307) Morti: "Heh?" :cocks his head curiouslly:
(314) Teleute: I have many names, but most of you know me as Death.
(307) Morti: "Oh....." 0.0 "I guess I do know you then. Or at least a lot of people I've known do." :hangs his head: "So... where do you want me to go?"
(314) Teleute: You didn't know? Of course you don't. (smiles gently) I meet each person once they're conceived, before they're born into the waking world. And again once they die. I offer them a choice as to if they wish to come with me, or not. If you take my hand Morti (grows serious), you will not be able to awaken.
** (307) Morti suddenly sits on his hands, eyeing hte woman suspiciously **
(314) Teleute: They can't hear you or me.
(307) Morti: "Are you saying, that there's actually a chance of coming back from this?" :nods toward his body:
(314) Teleute: You always have a choice, Mortimar Boyle. Always.
(314) Teleute: In any action you take.
(307) Morti: "Ah...." :hangs his head a moment to think, before looking up to her with a grin: "Thank you verily for your offer, but I would much rather stay."
(307) Morti: "Even if I'll never be able to awaken, there are still things I wish to see done here.
(314) Rhian Aes Sedai: You want to become an asha'man? (to Sevis) (rubs her temples with her hand as if in pain)
(314) Teleute: Very well, then Morti. I'm glad. (smiles gently)
Sevis Goloens: "I know not what an Asha`man is."
(307) Morti: "Oh... but please if you would say hello to the people you've taken before me."
(314) Rhian Aes Sedai: I don't think you quite understand what that means. And even if you could become an asha'man, there are many in the Tower who would rather see you stilled.
(314) Teleute: I'll do that, Morti. (smiles faintly)
(307) Morti: ""Thank you much, Lady Death." :Gives a humble bow:
(314) Rhian Aes Sedai: An asha'man is a male channeler. A man who uses the One Power, except that of the power of sai'dan.
(314) Rhian Aes Sedai: There has not been an asha'man for a very long time. And there are many Sisters who would see you stilled -- your powers tethered -- or slain, rather than see you use the Power. You do not know what you ask.
Sevis Goloens: "So why would people want me stilled if I could use the male part of the One Power?"
(314) Rhian Aes Sedai: Because all male channelers are exposed to the taint of the Dark One, and in using the Power, go mad.
Sevis Goloens: "You are correct I do not know what I ask, that why I am asking, to better userstand this world I have come to"
(314) Rhian Aes Sedai: If a man uses sai'dan long enough, he has the potential to misuse the Power, with deadly results to those around him.
(314) Rhian Aes Sedai: There is also the matter of the situation at the Tower. (mutters)
Sevis Goloens: "Anyone who uses power has the potential to misuse it. Why is is worse if it is this One Power or Arcane Power, or Divine Power? And what situation at the tower?"
(314) Rhian Aes Sedai: There are stories of men using sai'dan that caused destruction on our home world. We call it the Breaking of the World. Entire cities were destroyed, mountains hurled from their foundations, continents buried beneath the sea. All Aes Sedai swear oaths to keep men from using the Power. Though I have not been Accepted yet, I too would swear.
(314) Rhian Aes Sedai: As for the Tower, I have already said too much. There is a vacancy for the Amarilyn Seat, and two sisters are contending for it. A Sister of the Red and a Sister of the Blue.
(314) Rhian Aes Sedai: That is why I have been called to the Tower, to attend the ceremony of Choice.
(314) Rhian Aes Sedai: If you choose to seek the knowledge of the Power, Sevis, I will not stop you, but neither will I help you.
Sevis Goloens: "The Red are the ones who seek out men who channel, but if you have not had any male channelers in a very long time, not since you came to this world anyways, why are they still in operation, and not merged with the other Ajah's?"
(314) Rhian Aes Sedai: They seek out men who dare to use the Power.
Atross: "Nations keep armies even when they see no war for a generation."
(314) Rhian Aes Sedai: Because there are none active does not mean they do not exist. (shrugs)
Atross: "They grow careless in peace and may find themselves unprepared should trouble arrive."
Atross: "And also, because those with power rarely want to give it up."
Sevis Goloens: "True Atross. And as I said before I was more interested in posibly joining the Aes Sedi in the capacity of defender and negotiator, once I learn more about the power structure of this world that is."
(314) Rhian Aes Sedai: You ask a dangerous thing, friend Sevis.
** Thom sticks his head back inside the carriage and closes his eyes for a while, sitting rather still. **
** Atross shrugs, "Sorry for butting in, it just seemed...well it's unimportant, after all." **
Sevis Goloens: "Learning why you fear males who can use the same power you do is one step in understanding the power structure of the world, ad your orginization seems known and respected by the Wizards"
(314) Rhian Aes Sedai: Yes, we are respected because we know how to use the Power without harming those around us. We use our talents for the betterment of society. And to prevent disaster from occurring.
** (314) Drenla coughs slightly and returns to reading his book. **
Sevis Goloens: "And all males who use the power use it to destroy?"
** (314) Rhian Aes Sedai glances over at Drenla, continuing, "They know not what they do when they use the Power, for even without the taint, it is an extremely dangerous tool. Many such channelers lack the skill or training or control. For a man to use sai'dan, you would need to be trained by an accomplished asha'man. And since there are no asha'man that I know of...." **
Sevis Goloens: "So just because they are not trained you take thier power from them, thus preventing any from becoming trained? An interesting policy, but not my place to question that right now."
(314) Rhian Aes Sedai: Most men who are sought out by the Red Ajah lack control and so are more of a danger to others than an asha'man who has received training.
(314) Rhian Aes Sedai: When you have faced a channeler in the throes of madness from the Power, then perhaps you can comment on our practices. Until then, be silent.
** (314) Rhian Aes Sedai takes out a peach and bites into it, looking out the window. **
** Thom moves over to Morti's body and finds Moiraine, gently picking her up and returning to his seat. There, he attempts to see if Moiraine is hungry, offering some of the food (fruits possibly) that others had picked along their trip. **
** (314) Moiraine meows pitifully, rubbing her nose against Morti, and refuses the offered food. **
Sevis Goloens: "I was not questioning, just commenting. So to change subjects since this one is obviously an uncomfertable one for you, What were you doing out here, there are not many towns in this area from what I understand and you said the Grey Ajha are negotiators primarily correct?"
** (314) Rhian Aes Sedai shrugs. "Travelling." **
** Thom leaves a few bites next to her and tries to offer some to Maxamillon, not wanting any more dead bodies in the carraige. **
** (314) Maximillian looks up at you (Thom) suspiciously, then swipes the proferred fruit. **
** Thom shakes his head at the cat in an ammused way and goes back to staring out the window. **
** Atross asks Drenla, "It does seem a bit strange. The citadel monitors mages, providing a place of learning, but also a measure of safety for the populace. They would offer to take in, educate, and Test anyone they found who sought to weild the arcane recklessly and without guidance, Right?" **
(314) Rhian Aes Sedai: We were returning from Tolmara but were waylaid for a few days by some green elves due to a rampaging drake.
** (314) Rhian Aes Sedai nibbles on the peach as she watches the countryside go by. **
** (307) Ghost Morti wishes someone would open a book for him to read, finding them all very boring to watch. **
(314) Drenla: Yes, of course.
** Sevis Goloens nods "Ah yes the black drake that my friends and I slew" **
(314) Drenla: Not many can discern the Aes Sedai and their intentions. The Sisters work to keep their status that way. (murmurs softly)
(314) Rhian Aes Sedai: Thank you. (nibbles the peach)
(314) Rhian Aes Sedai: We will reach Wysos in two days, by the looks of things.
** Sevis Goloens looks to Drenla "So they keep thier actions secret, though profess to work for the good of all? That is what the Inquisition did on my own world, and they were not an orginisation I would wish to aid." turning back to Rhian "I can only hope the Aes Sedi are not like them" **
(314) DM: There is a subtle shift from forest to farmland, as the trees begin to thin out on either side of the road.
(314) Drenla: I think (glancing over to Rhian, then addressing Sevis) that you will find that the Aes Sedai are both open and misleading about their intentions.
(314) Drenla: They use their powers for the good of the world, that much is true. But they are not open to those who would question their intentions. And there are many who think them meddlesome. (pointedly, then returns to his book)
** (307) Ghost Morti reads over Drenla's shoulder to pass the time **
(314) Teleute: Have you ever thought if you'd like to return as how you used to look?
Sevis Goloens: "Interesting. That is offen the case whi those who wish to be the power behind the power. Which is one thing I was trained in when I was young, and have always found interesting. I guess I will have to question other Aes Sedi when we deliver you" **Looks to Rhian** "To the White Tower."
(307) Ghost Morti: "Eh?" :raises his eyes from the book.: "How I used to look?"
** (314) Rhian Aes Sedai says nothing and continues nibbling her peach. **
(314) Teleute: Yes. (smiles mischeouvsly)
(314) Teleute: Before you know...Almeena made you the way you are.
Sevis Goloens: "Are there any Aes Sedi that you would recomend I talk to so I can figure out more about your orginization, and any that I should avoid?"
** (307) Ghost Morti scratches his head for a moment... or atleast tries to out of habit "Hmmm..." **
(307) Ghost Morti: "....nope."
(314) Teleute: Do you want to? Or not?
(307) Ghost Morti: "I look the way I look because of what Almeena did to me. While I hated going through it, it did change my life.
(307) Ghost Morti: "The magik I gained set me on the path to freedom, and power to help those who would become my friends."
(314) Rhian Aes Sedai: Talk to any Sister except a Red, and you'll do fine. (turns to look at Sevis) It shouldn't take long for you to figure out who to avoid. Elayne would be a good start.
(307) Ghost Morti: "Looking a bit ugly ain't that bad of a trade off I figure."
** (314) Teleute nods slowly. **
(307) Ghost Morti: :face faults unsurely: "Why? Is that bad?"
(314) Rhian Aes Sedai: And of course, you might...(pause)...seek out Moiraine. (smirk)
Sevis Goloens: "Will she be at this gathering of choise that you were called to?"
(314) Teleute: No. I thought that perhaps you might want a chance to return in a different manner. I was just curious. (smiles)
(307) Ghost Morti: o.0
(314) Rhian Aes Sedai: She is already there. Moiraine is the First Clerk of the Gray Ajah.
(307) Ghost Morti: :nods: "Welll.. it would be nice if my skin would stop scabbing and peeling. All that dead skin in my clothes gets itchy."
Sevis Goloens: "Then I will speak with her why we get there, Are there any others I should seek out specificly?"
(314) Rhian Aes Sedai: So why are you here? There are, as you say, not many villages in this part of the land.
(314) Rhian Aes Sedai: It depends on what you wish to do. If you wish to become a warder to a Sister, then you might want to talk to as many Sisters as possible. It has been some time since I was at the Tower, but Elayne, Aidara and Moiraine are people I would seek out were I a novice or a seeker.
** Thom looks to Rhian, finally showing some interest. "You know, I find it hard to believe a pure coincidence that Morti's little friend there," he points to Morti's cat, "has the same name as your First Clerk.. Drenla, did Morti ever meet the First Clerk that you know of?" **
Sevis Goloens: "We came to pass away thirty years, and hopefully gather a few items that will help us in the future, thier" **points to Morti's corpse, Atross and Thom** "present"
Atross: "Our destinations have tended to be somewhat away from the villages; but in this case, we are actually traveling towards civilization."
(314) Drenla: He hasn't.
Thom: "Hmm, strange. I guess it could be coincidence..."
(314) Drenla: Moiraine is a common name for women in this part of the world. (coughs slightly)
(307) Ghost Morti: (how old was Asflag?)
(314) Drenla: I would imagine the same for familiars. Perhaps Asflag, the wizard who once owned this cat, did.
(314) DM: ((67))
** Thom merely nods to Drenla and goes back to looking out the window. **
(307) Ghost Morti: (hmmmmm....))
Sevis Goloens: "Currently we are seeking an ancient immortal known as Caer, a mighty wizard and alchemist, after we bring you to the White Tower, and see what we can do about Morti that is."
(314) Rhian Aes Sedai: Caer. (purses her lips) Very interesting.
Sevis Goloens: "Do you know of him?"
(314) Rhian Aes Sedai: I know where he would be found. But no, I do not know of him other than his reputation.
(314) Rhian Aes Sedai: Seek the Luggh River, near the mountain called Dagda's Thumb.
(314) Rhian Aes Sedai: Ascend the mountain, and you will find a tower of alabaster near its summit. There you will find Caer.
Atross: "Do you know why it's called Dagda's Thumb, by chance? That's where we were going to begin looking."
Sevis Goloens: "Thank you, that is more information then we had before, we only had the name of the mountains"
(314) Rhian Aes Sedai: Because Dagda is an ancient god of good, and the mountain was once known as "The Finger of Good".
Atross: "Well, that's a good omen at least."
(314) Rhian Aes Sedai: He is a master riddler. You'll need some luck to find what you seek.
Jarvis: ((AFK a min))
(314) DM: (going to FF in a bit)
Thom: (( sounds good ))
Atross: "But he's not going to try to kill us or something if we can't figure it out."
Jarvis: ((Sure))
(314) Rhian Aes Sedai: No, he won't. He won't bother. (smirks)
(314) DM: (ok, FFing)
(314) DM: ((and btw, I've NEVER read a single WoT book, so if I'm not capturing the flavor correctly, pls let me know but after the game))
(314) DM: Wysos is a small city...well, relatively small compared to Tolmara. As you crest the next hill, you can see that it lies on the banks of the river Arduinna. A grand Citadel (as in a keep) towers over the city, on a low-rising hill, and the entire place is surrounded by a high wall puncuated every so often by a turret.
(314) DM: The approach to the city forks into two paths, the left enters the city through a pair of massive gates; the right path meanders along the riverbank through a shanty town that has been set up against the outer walls.
(314) DM: There is a rather long line of people to get into the city itself and it seems to be progressing slowly.
(314) DM: (btw, this is a day after the game began)
Thom: (( massive FFing) ))
(309) ticattack has sent you a tree node...
Sevis Goloens: (( is the line as long though the shanty town? ))
** Thom smiles slightly upon seeing the city walls and the numbers of people around. However, after only a second of relaxing, he becomes serious, remembering the main goal for this town. **
Thom: "Well, it's good that we made good time, looks like it will take a while to get inside to find help."
** Jarvis flies over the city, getting a look at the layout and taking note of anything interesting. (Spot [1d20+ 11] -> [15,11] = (26)) He then returns to the others and resumes human form. **
** Sevis Goloens looks at the line then to the shanty town "It may be faster to enter though the little shanty town" **
Thom: "Rhian, do you have any ideas where Lord Seybeok would be?"
Thom: "Does it go into the main city Sevis? Or just to the makeshift services there?"
Sevis Goloens: "I dont know, I have never been here, but I am guessing there is an entrance to the city proper over there as well"
(314) Rhian Aes Sedai: You can't enter the city through the shanty town. There's only one entrance and one exit, and you're looking at it.
** Jarvis lands and resumes human form. "Well, the upper class must love this place. Not a beggar in sight. They're all out here" he jerks his head at the shanty town. **
Atross: "This one is probably the proper entrance, for merchants, travelers and the like."
Thom: "That's about what I expected. The small town was probably set up by those wanting to sell wares that either aren't allowed access into the city, or who are waiting to enter the city."
** Thom looks again at the shanty town after Jarvis' report. "Well, that is one way to separate people I guess." he frowns but says nothing else of it. **
Jarvis: "They've got some decent defenses, too. The magical kind, all over the city"
** Atross fidgets with his a pouch causing it to jingle slightly, "I hope I can find a good fletcher; I'll need some more specialized arrows after what we put down back at that trading post." **
Thom: "And apparently very little in mundane defenses." Thom adds to jarvis's statement.
Atross: "They have magic, what do they have to fear from us ordinaries, after all?"
Jarvis: "No need for guards if anything that tries an attack gets turned into a rat"
** Thom points out a number of the turrets along the wall - none of which have guards stationed at them. **
Sevis Goloens: "Interesting, maybe we should ride to the frond and ask for admitance showing them Morti's corpse to get fast aceess. But I will leave that to the rest of you who know this world better"
Jarvis: "I'd also like to point out that if they have that much magic, the fact we can't see the guards doesn't mean much"
(307) Ghost Morti: ((Nothing opens a door like a dead body))
Atross: "In a land so invested in magic, I'd expect whoever has the job of guarding it is prepared to have to deal with magic as well."
Thom: "I hesitate to try to move up in line, I'd hate to upset them and be denied any entrance if they like their order. However, I am not familiar with this town myself. Rhian, and suggestions?"
Thom: (( *any ))
(314) Rhian Aes Sedai: I'm afraid there is very little I can do.
(314) Rhian Aes Sedai: The best thing we can do is to be patient. Oh, yes. And you'll probably want to have your money ready.
(314) Rhian Aes Sedai: The Lord of Wysos is the epitome of greed, and his subjects are no better. (grimaces)
Jarvis: "Well, at least we'll know how to get things done"
Thom: "Of course, that explains the slow line. They probably refer to it as a trading fee, or some such name. A small payment to be allowed access and to use their streets."
Atross: "Do you think they'll want to know what happened at their trading post, Strathern Point?"
Atross: "To be used to maintain the defense of the city from foreign invaders as well as the quality of travel to, from and within, of course."
Jarvis: "Maybe. How about we wait 'til we get inside? I'd just rather not be arrested for being involved. And we don't really have proof that we didn't wreck the place ourselves. That and the fact I pocketed some stuff won't help"
Thom: "Oh, of course. It is a costly business to protect the traders and travellers within a city's protections." (dryly)
Thom: "Yes, that would be something best to tell someone in charge, definately not the lowly guards at the gate."
(314) DM: After spending about an hour on the line, you eventually find yourselves near the front, when a commotion breaks out up ahead.
** Thom spends a few moments of the hour unlocking again one of the chests. **
(314) Cytara: This is outrageous! It's highway robbery! I'm a citizen of Wysos and I can't believe that the fees have been raised!
** Jarvis looks up at the commotion, trying to see what's going on. **
** Thom peaks his head out at the sound of the commotion. **
** Atross mutters, "Fees for the citizens? They are penny pinchers." **
** Jarvis glances at his companions with a faint grin. "Apparently more and more costly" **
(314) DM: It's Cytara, the injured bard you had met from a few days ago. She's arguing with a guard who seems determined from having her enter the city. Morzar is nowhere to be found.
Sevis Goloens: "Hello Cytara"
** Sevis Goloens calls out **
** Jarvis approaches the gate. He looks to the bard. "There a problem here?" **
Thom: "Well, I guess we get to try to help her once again." Thom mutters.
** Thom hops out of the carriage and approaches the front of the carriage, trying to get a better feel of things before approaching more. **
** Atross hangs back a safe distance to watch the exchange, though he does step outside, apparently to stretch. **
(314) Arioch: For you, m'lady, there's the matter of that performance which you caused offense against Lady Faruene not too long ago. Either pay the fees or let the others come through. (smirk)
Jarvis: (To Cytara) "How much're the fees?"
(314) Arioch: Who're you now?
(314) Arioch: (frowns at Jarvis)
(314) Erdain: Now, now, order, order. You'll get yer turn, ye will.
** Jarvis jerks his head at Cytara. "Oh, we're just aquaintances. Y'know, meet someone on the road, share a meal, that type of thing" **
(314) Cytara: It used to be five danaera to enter, now it's ten! And that's per person.
(314) DM: (1 danae is 1 cr, or 1 gp)
(314) Arioch: Well, if'n you want to pay fer her, you can, but I'd watch it. She's a thief, isn't that right, lass? (sneers) She'll gut you as soon as she can, or sing ye out of yer home, she will.
Jarvis: "That is a little steep. Tell you what, I'll shout your fee if you'll continue that tale from the last time we met"
** Jarvis smiles thinly at the guard. "Thanks for the warning. I'll take my chances" **
** (314) Arioch shrugs. "Suit yerself. Pay the piper or face the river." (chuckles at his joke) **
** Jarvis takes a few coins from his pocket and raises his brow at Cytara. "Deal?" **
** (314) Cytara spits at the guard's feet. "I have more pride than you'll ever know." **
(314) Arioch: Such spitfire in ye lass! (smirk) I'm in a charmin' mood today, so I won't arrest ye for yer contribution. (guffaws with his fellow)
** (314) Erdain smirks as he takes Jarvis' payment. "Now, enter and begone!" **
** Thom watches Jarvis deal with talking to the guards and so he returns to the carriage and opens the chest he had just unlocked, and starts pulling silver harpstars out of it, and into a decent sized bag. **
** Jarvis walks in with Cytara, keeping close by her in case she tries to run. **
** (314) Cytara seems to still be injured and makes no movement to walk away. **
Thom: (( jarvis only payed for the two of them, right? or did he get us all? ))
(314) Cytara: I don't know who you are...but I thank you for helping me. (to Jarvis)
Jarvis: ((Nope, just the two of us. Pay your own way))
(314) DM: (I'm assuming for him and Cytara)
Thom: (( no problem ;P ))
Jarvis: "No problem" He uses his gloved hand to help support her, letting the healing energy flow into her.
** Atross turns to Thom as the sound catches his attention, "I never did ask, but just what is in those chests? Sounds valuable." **
** Sevis Goloens whispers "I have no coin, I rarly find the need for them" **
** (314) Cytara tries to hide her injury as best as she can, and walks rapidly through the gates, as the guards turn their attention to the rest of the party. **
Thom: "This one is silver coins, and more than enough to get us into the city."
** Thom makes a decent dent into the stacks of coins in the chest and takes up the bag, leaving the carriage again, to take the bag to the guards. **
Thom: "10 Danaera per person, correct?"
Thom: ::to Arioch::
(314) Arioch: Why, yes. (eyes light up at hearing the bag clink)
(314) Arioch: And if you wish, you can purchase a year's citizenship for double that number.
Thom: "Unfortunately, we are not wealthy enough to have that much of the golden coin, but I do have the equivalent in silver coins, plus an extra bonus in for your troubles in dealing with such lowly coinage."
Thom: "Thank you, but we are just passing though."
** Sevis Goloens whispers to Rhian, "That guard would not have charged us as much" **
** (314) Arioch smirks, as he thinks a moment and then takes the bag, hefting it and then gives it to his fellow. "Well...well....well. Move along, and begone!" **
(314) DM: Turning to Erdain, he remarks, "We'll eat well tonight, har."
** Thom nods to the guard and returns to the carriage and has the party enter the city. **
(314) Erdain: All right, by the gods, move along and order!
** Thom smiles to the guards as they enter the city, but once past he drops the smile and begins looking around for Jarvis. **
** Jarvis waves to Thom to catch his attention. **
** Thom points out Jarvis to the others so they can reunite again. **
** Atross heads over to catch up with Jarvis as well. **
Thom: "Well, that was a bit much, but at least we made it in easily enough.
(314) DM: As you enter the city, you note that the walls fairly hum with power. Also, the sky which was a clear blue outside the city walls changes to a dim twilight inside.
Jarvis: "Well, at least we'll have an easier time getting in next time. Say 'Hey, remember me?' and they'll be falling over themselves to get us in the front of the line"
(314) Rhian Aes Sedai: One of the effects of the shield.
** Jarvis looks at the sky. "Great. Instant twilight. That's gotta wreak havoc with the plant life" **
(326) gm (enter): 00:03
Thom: "Yes, and they didn't stop us to question anything, they just let us in - which was the important thing."
(314) Rhian Aes Sedai: You'll need to pay an exit tax to leave. (dryly)
(326) gm (exit): 00:04
Atross: "Should have asked the benefits of citizenship while you were there. Not that I'm expecting much of course."
** Jarvis smiles. "Typical" (To Cytara) "How're you feeling?" **
Thom: "If we had more time, maybe. But I didn't want to risk them finding Morti or Elamurix and deciding the bodies couldn't enter."
(314) Rhian Aes Sedai: The people of the city rely on farmers and tradesmen outside to provide them with their sustenance, what cannot be conjured or summoned. Those who live outside the city walls are in a sense more free than within. A cage, however gilded, is still a cage.
Thom: "Speaking of which, we need to find someone to help Morti as soon as possible."
(314) Cytara: I'm fine. You...I recognize you. From before.
Sevis Goloens: "Yes we helped you move you dead horse as you were fleeing Strthern Point"
Jarvis: "Yeah. We took care of that little problem you had trouble with. Where's your companion?"
(314) Cytara: He died of his injuries. I buried him. (seems ready to cry but doesn't)
Thom: "We are sorry to hear that."
(314) Cytara: I only wanted to return to get a few mementoes and then I will leave this forsaken place for the rest of my life.
** Jarvis keeps an arm on her, trying to comfort her. "I'm sorry" **
** Sevis Goloens looks back at Morti's corpse to determin how long before the maggots start doing thier work **
(314) DM: Within the city walls, the line of people quickly make their way through the gates and disperse, eager to be on their way.
Thom: "I can't blame you, this is one city I will not regret puting behind me as well. M'lady, since you lived here, could you tell us where Lord Seybeok could be most likely found?"
(314) DM: As you stroll through the streets, yourpath is blocked by a group of men carrying a sedan chair.
Sevis Goloens: "Morti can wait a little, but not more then a day. Lets find lodging and figure out who can help Morti"
** Thom makes sure that the group is off to the side, out of the way of those entering the city. At least, out of the way as much as possible. **
(314) Cytara: In the keep overlooking the city. (points to a massive edifice of rose quartz that stands on a low-rising hill to the northwest)
Thom: "Yeah, I thought so, but thank you for verifying it."
(314) Cytara: Hsst. That's a cleric of Arawn, by the looks of it. (points to the men) You can tell because their tongues have been cut out, and they're chained to the sedan chair.
** Thom tries to keep out of the path of the sedan chair, seeming to move though any crowded areas with tremendous ease. **
(314) Cytara: (murmurs) Although slavery is officially against the law here in Wysos, rumor has it that the temple of Arawn has the ears and hands of the Lord of Wysos.
Jarvis: (Muttering) "Yeah, because nothing says devotion like disfigurement and imprisonment"
(314) DM: The men put down the sedan chair gently, and one of them beckons you over.
** Jarvis glances to the others and approaches slowly, stopping a few feet away. "Yes?" **
** Atross sighs inwardly, wondering what attention they've gotten now. **
** Sevis Goloens stays seated in the carrage listening **
** Thom stops as well, just in front of the carriage and listens closely to what is being said. **
(314) DM: Inside the chair is a middle-aged man wearing midnight-black robes with a silver torc around his neck. He smiles an unattractive smile. The left side of his face is severely pockmarked.
** Jarvis can't hide his reaction to the man's appearance and stares for a moment. He realises he's staring and speaks "Erm... Can we help you?" **
(314) Okinar, of Arawn: I see you are adventurers.
(314) Okinar, of Arawn: I have a mission for you, of urgency and need. I can pay well, if you desire gold.
Jarvis: "Uh-huh" He glances to the others "Do you normally do mercenary work?"
** (314) Okinar, of Arawn sniffs at Jarvis. "And you have the stink of death about you. Most interesting." **
Sevis Goloens: "Yes dead bodies tend to do that"
Jarvis: "You stay on the road for a month without bathing and I can garuntee you won't smell like roses either"
** Sevis Goloens laughs **
(314) Drenla: (mutters) Careful.
Jarvis: (Mutters) So much for the subtle approach on that.
** Thom steps forward now and bows at the waist to the man. "Hello sir, my name is Thom. It greatly depends on what this mission is, for we do have plans in the works that we must finish." **
(314) Okinar, of Arawn: Dead bodies? (eyebrows raise)
Thom: "There have been many dead bodies in our wake. Some of my companions have trouble forgetting the lust of battle at times. i appologize."
Jarvis: "Yeah. We came across a trade house. Everyone dead. The stink must be lingering"
(314) Okinar, of Arawn: Well, it involves finding a man and bringing him by force, if necessary, to the temple of Arawn.
** Sevis Goloens shrugs **
** Atross comments to those still presumedly out of earshot of the man, "I expect a load of gold would pave the way for taking care of Morti, in this town anyway." **
(314) Okinar, of Arawn: I see. (sniffs) And yet, so near, so sweet. Well, no matter, it is all one to me.
(327) TheOposite (enter): 00:21
** Jarvis eyes the guy more than a little disturbed. "First thing's first, who's the man and why do you want him?" **
** Sevis Goloens raises his eyebrow at the mans comment **
** Thom starts to respond to the man, but lets Jarvis finish instead. **
(314) Okinar, of Arawn: He is a man called Nerick, who wanted me to remove the curse of lycanthropy from his veins. To be effective, the spell must be cast on the night of fullness of the copper moon.
(314) Okinar, of Arawn: Or either the night preceding or the night following. That would be in five days from now.
Thom: "I see. We would need to discuss it, and decide on a price if we were to agree. However, we are weary from our travels and in need of rest. Perhaps we can find you tomorrow and let you know our availability?"
(314) Okinar, of Arawn: Also, he must be in wereform.
(314) Okinar, of Arawn: By the luck of an infernal, I had not finished preparations when he escaped his confines and slew those who were guarding him, wounding me and killing several of my men.
(314) Okinar, of Arawn: I would like to hire you to track him down and if possible, capture him so that I can complete the casting. And I am prepared to pay handsomely.
Jarvis: "So you want us to track him down and bring him back so that you can cure him?"
(314) Okinar, of Arawn: Fine. (flatly, though you can see he is not pleased)
Sevis Goloens: Sense Motive Skill Check: [1d20+10] -> [6,10] = (16)
Jarvis: "Yeah, we'll get back to you. Where can we reach you?"
(314) Okinar, of Arawn: At the temple of Arawn. (is surprised) You must be strangers here.
Thom: "We appologize, but we are in the middle of a matter right now, and it would not do for us to not finish it. We shall have an anwser for you tomorrow. Good evening."
(314) Okinar, of Arawn: I am Okinar, of Arawn, the Lord of the Dead. I live to serve his eternal might. (bows, smiling his unattractive smile)
Sevis Goloens: "Can you raise the dead out of curiosity, since you serve the Lord of the Dead?"
(314) Okinar, of Arawn: Very well. (snaps his fingers, as the slaves begin to pick up the sedan chair) I will expect a reply by tomorrow. (withdraws into the chair)
(314) Okinar, of Arawn: Yes, with pleasure.
** (314) Drenla throws Sevis a warning look. **
** Thom glances back to Sevis. **
** Jarvis waits until the cleric is out of sight then mutters to Sevis "No. I'm thinking it's a bad idea to let him stuff around with the little guy" **
Sevis Goloens: "I dont trust him either, but I was just curious"
(314) Teleute: Most interesting. Arawn is the god of the underworld and of the dead.
Thom: "Yes, I doubt that is the type of person we want to seek help from. Although, he seemed truthful - but there was still something about him I just didn't like."
(307) Ghost Morti: "Oh? Sounds important...."
(314) Teleute: He stands in opposition to Diancecht, god of healing, compassion and birth.
(307) Ghost Morti: "Maybe I should talk to Arawn about awakening. Does he take visitors?"
** (314) Teleute doesn't respond, instead watching the scene. **
Sevis Goloens: "Same here, well lets not waste time. Cytara do you know a good place to say, where they will stay out of our carraige?"
Thom: (softly enough to prevent overhearing by passerbys) "Anyway, we need to find some real help. Rhian mentioned Lord Seybeok, and Drenla thought there might be a temple of Solnor here. Which way guys/"
(314) Cytara: Yes. Seek out the Copper Cauldron, to the northeast of here, near the Temple Precinct.
(314) Cytara: It's an inn run by halflings. Quite safe, and no rogues to worry about.
Jarvis: "You said you didn't plan on staying here long. How long and where will you be staying?"
(314) Cytara: I'm only here to pick up a memento or two, and then I will be leaving. If you ever make your way to Verith, in Damrosil, look me up. I would be glad to see you once again.
Atross: "Before you go, I'm now definitely going to need to find a fletcher in this town."
** Sevis Goloens looks to the Northeast "Shall we go, then we can seek out the Lord or a temple to what ever god can help Morti" **
Thom: "Sure, this innn sounds like a good place to start."
Jarvis: "Near the temple precinct too. That's handy"
(314) Cytara: Then seek out Certimfil. He is one of the few elves here in this city, and knows many a bowyer. He can help you, I am certain. And he is a friend of mine. He can be found across the river, in his manse.
Atross: "Otherworldly monsters, and now a lycanthrope. Steel is fine for orcs and snakes but this calls for something more special."
** Atross looks off in the direction of the river, "Outside of the city?" **
Thom: "We can visit it on our way out of here, otherwise you'd have to pay to leave and to come back in again."
(314) Cytara: Yes, he lives outside the city. Let's just say that he had a disagreement with Lord Seybeok many years ago.
Atross: "Precisely, well I can't blame anyone for not wanting to live in this city."
Thom: "It was nice to meet up with you again m'lady. If we find ourselves near Verith, we shall try to stop by."
Jarvis: "Some people would forsake many things for protection. That's why I'd want to be outside as well"
(314) Cytara: My thanks, to you for coming to my aid. Now that my troupe is gone, I have no othe r purpose. So please, do come and be my guests for a time.
Jarvis: (To Cytara) "Yes. Good luck with your travels. Do you have the coins to get outside again?"
** Thom bows to the woman before leading the carriage off to the northeast, in search of the Copper Cauldron. **
(314) Cytara: (peers at Jarvis slyly) There is more than one way to leave this place, fear not.
Atross: "Best to be able to protect yourself, and failing that, to have people you can rely on to be able to do so. This place? Eh..."
Atross: "Best not to talk so out here, I'm afraid."
** (314) Cytara bows gracefully, then turns and melts into the crowd. **
** Jarvis grins. "Understood. Farewell" He gives a half-bow and wanders off after Thom and the carriage. **
(314) Drenla: That could have been handled better.
Jarvis: "What, her or ugly?"
Thom: "Which part?" (dryly)
(314) Drenla: The cleric of Arawn.
(314) Drenla: They delight in commanding the dead.
Jarvis: "Yeah. Not exactly subtle were you? (To Sevis)
Atross: "He doesn't care about life, I think. Mainly about service, I get the feeling. Service and death in that order. The sort to follow through on a deal, but not one you would want to be making bargains with."
(314) Drenla: No matter, it's done. Just please be careful in the future.
Sevis Goloens: "Why should I be. He is a corpse and needs to be brought to a priest soon. I know not the gods of this world"
(314) Drenla: There's something wrong with this shield. (glances above) I can't place it though.
Jarvis: "Which then puts a shadow in his wanting to help some poor guy. I think this Nerick might want to be careful"
Thom: "So that should be enough reason for you to leave it to those that do know, or at least - know a little more."
(307) Ghost Morti: "Hmmm...." :Ghost Morti examines the shield curiously
Thom: "Yes Jarvis, I do not know exactly what, but something tells me there is more than what the cleric told us. I didn't detect any lies, but it still seemed off."
Atross: "If it is as he says, we would be in great danger; trying to capture and restrain a werewolf, even?"
Thom: "Don't forget, we have taken out one before."
Atross: "And I cannot imagine what worse he may have concealed."
Thom: "I'm not sure either. But it can wait for now. Let's find this inn and get some real food to eat."
Sevis Goloens: "Yes, unless he is more powerfull the the High Priest that we killed before I doubt he would pose a threat"
Atross: "As he showed, it'd be easier to kill the man. So why would not he?"
Jarvis: "That's kind of a second priority, isn't it? The little guy needs some attention. I'm surprised people aren't vomiting as they go past the carriage. So, we have a few options: We go to the temple of Solnor, we find this Lord Sabeok or you let me have a go. I just can't promise he won't come back as a gnome"
** Sevis Goloens keeps an eye out for the Inn, or a Temple **
Thom: "Something tells me Morti kinda likes being who he is. So, Temple or Lord Seybeok. And personally, I would trust the temple more. However, it's a matter of finding the right one."
(314) DM: The Copper Cauldron is exactly where Cytara said it would be, though for an inn run by halflings, its entrances and windows are human sized. The aroma of good solid homecooked food can be smelled from a mile away, so it seems.
(314) DM: A tall, alabaster gate leads into what seems to be the Temple Precinct, two blocks over.
** Thom looks around to tries to find a stable or someplace where the carriage could be kept, off the street. **
(314) DM: There is a stable next to the Cauldron.
Sevis Goloens: "What would this temple of Solnar look like, or it's symbols, I can go look for the temple while you get the rooms. I would like to learn a little more about the Panthion worshiped on this world"
Thom: "What if someone went with you? That way, any questions you have could be asked to them - as opposed to random strangers."
(314) Rhian Aes Sedai: Usually it's a small edifice, of alabaster, marble or silver, or all of the above. The holy symbol is of a pair of gauntlets, clasped. Sometimes holding a living flame.
Jarvis: "I'll go. I'm not in the mood for nap yet anyway"
Sevis Goloens: "Thank you Rhian."
Thom: "Sounds good. You two try to find the temple, while we get things arranged here."
** Sevis Goloens hops off the carraige and nods to Jarvis then starts toward the Temple district **
** Jarvis walks beside Sevis, looking around at the city. **
(314) DM: (going to split running between Sevis and company and Thom and company, Sevis first)
Thom: (( it is still only middayish, right? even though it appears twilight in the town? ))
(314) DM: ((yes))
(307) Ghost Morti: ((Ghost Morti will follow Sevis to pay respects to Trayn's god))
** Sevis Goloens looks around the district taking note of the people, the manner of wanlk and any symbols that may represent a god, and particularly on the look out for the Symbol Rhian described **
Thom: (( BRB then, while they do their thing.... ))
(314) DM: Activity bustles in the streets. People of all kinds come and go, on errands of all sorts. The street widens as you pass through the alabaster gate, and you can see on both sides of the street, various temples. Most are neglected or in seeming disrepair, but three stand out at you: an obsidian building at the far end of the street, as if a mausoleum; a cathedral of marble with engraved silver doors, and a small shrine constructed of rose quartz, studded with crystals of various kinds.
(314) DM: These seem to be a temple to Arawn, a temple to Solnor and a temple to some unknown or unidentified god.
** Sevis Goloens asks Jarvis about each symbol, the God and what the simplistic principle of each is **
Jarvis: "The silver one's Solnor, which is... justice, duty, honour, all that side of things"
** Sevis Goloens heads to the Temple of Solnar listening to Jarvis **
Jarvis: "The obsidian's Arawn. Can't say I'm to familiar with him, but the werewolf hunter's a cleric. I'll let you draw your own conclusions there"
Jarvis: "That one" he looks to the roze quartz shrine "I have no idea. Have to check that out when we're done in here"
Sevis Goloens: "Sounds good. I find it strange that you do not know all of the gods in your world. In the world I came from there was only one God, or so every one is taught"
Jarvis: "Actually... Hang on... It's to Cliodhna. She's one of Almaril's aspects, love and beauty"
Jarvis: "Yeah, well I grew up a little way away from the cities. Maybe it's different for those who grow up in the cities"
** Sevis Goloens looks around the temple as they enter **
Sevis Goloens: "So where did you grow up, and where did you learn that skill with taking the form of a bird?"
(314) DM: A service is going on as you enter. Monks proceed into a chapel, as a priest engages the congregation in a celebration capped off by a singing choir.
Jarvis: (Whispering) "I'll tell you later. I do know enough to know it's not a good idea to chat through a service"
** Sevis Goloens watches the sirvice to see how it compaired to those he grew up attending **
(314) DM: The tenets are similar but there seems to be an emphasis on being genuine as opposed to being a mouthpiece for the faith.
(327) TheOposite (exit): 01:19
** Sevis Goloens whispers "This religion is very similar to the one I grew up with, though maybe a truer form" **
** Jarvis shrugs. "A lot of 'em have the same basics. Love, cherish, don't sin" **
** Sevis Goloens enjoys the servise wating for it to end so he may speak with one of the priests of acolytes **
(314) DM: (k)
** Jarvis leans back, slightly bored. **
(314) DM: (it ends, so you approach an elderly cleric)
(314) Cedric: Greetings. (quietly)
** Jarvis follows, letting Sevis do the talking. "Hi" **
(307) Ghost Morti: "HI!" :suddenly remembers he's dead: "D'oh."
** Sevis Goloens bows "Hello, I have what may seem a strange question, can you or any of your other priests fix the dead so they are alive again?" **
(314) Cedric: Why, yes! Do you have need of such aid?
** Jarvis frowns, trying to work out how that would seem a strange question. **
(314) Cedric: The spell requires preparation and a payment, but we can provide.
Sevis Goloens: "Yes actualy, a friend of mine got looked at by a creature, person, and that look killed him. the creature thing is dead again though, so that is good."
** (314) Cedric nods. "You seem like an adventurer." **
** Jarvis gives Sevis a look, and reconsiders his approach of letting him do the talking. **
Sevis Goloens: "I sapose I am. though I did not start out that way."
Jarvis: "He was slain by an undead. Forgive my companion, he's..." He taps the side of his head behind Sevis' head.
Jarvis: *Sevis' back
Jarvis: "How much payment would you require?"
** (314) Cedric nods slowly. "I understand." **
(314) Cedric: It could be an effect of that infernal shield. (sighs)
Sevis Goloens: "Lets just say for now I am a man far from home and new to this part of the world, so I do not understand much. My friends" **Glances at Jarvise** "Did not like it when I asked another priest if he could do the same"
Jarvis: "Infernal? Is that literally or, just used for emphasis.
(314) Cedric: 1,000 danaera.
** Jarvis claps Sevis on the back. "Yeah, let's just leave that topic alone for the moment, shall we?" **
Jarvis: "Right. And you would need a day's preparation, I take it?"
(314) Cedric: No, not for emphasis. Ever since the shield was raised -- by the way, at the behest of Lord Seybeok -- it has been eternal twlight in this city, and the people have suffered a moral setback of sorts. It is no coincidence, I suppose, that the temple to Arawn is flourishing, where once such a temple was on the verge of ruin.
Sevis Goloens: "We paied seven hundred to enter this city, so your price seems like a good deal"
(314) Cedric: Very good then. And I apologize for my outburst. Who is in need of such aid?
Atross: ((70, we paid 700 in silver))
Sevis Goloens: ((ok so Sevis cannot add =P, doesnt know the exchange rate and all))
(314) Cedric: I apologize for my manners. I am Cedric, of Solnor. I bid you welcome to this temple, as the patriarch of this house.
Atross: ((We've gone over that; this conversation I believe.))
Jarvis: "One of our other companions. He's outside. After a few days of travelling, he's not exactly fit for public transportation"
(314) Cedric: I see. Then I will go to prepare the spell, if you could please bring him to these precincts, as the spell must be performed on holy ground.
** Jarvis gives a short half-bow. "Jarvis Babefound, Sevis Goloens. Pleasure". **
Jarvis: "Sure. Tomorrow morning, then?"
** (314) Cedric nods. "May the Silverseal watch over you and protect you." **
(314) Cedric: (ok, Thom's grp)
Jarvis: "Same to you" he gives a nod and turns to leave.
Sevis Goloens: "May I bother one of your acolites for a bit. As I said before I am new to this area and know little to nothing about the Gods you worship, but I did notice similarities in your religion to the one I followed"
** Thom takes the carraige to the stables and slips the stableboy (assuming there is one) a couple silvers, asking that no one disturb the carraige. **
(314) Cedric: Of course, with pleasure.
(314) DM: (k)
** Thom then enters the main inn and approaches the bartender, with a barely perceptable glance around the place to take note of how many others are currently in the main room. **
(314) DM: The common room is filled, but even so, there appears to be available space at a few tables. All eyes turn to you as you enter, stare briefly, and then turn back where they were.
(314) DM: Most of the clientele are humans and halflings, and one or two elves. No dwarves.
** Thom glances back to his companions and softly states, "Well, it's busy enough, looks like Cytara pointed us to a decent place." **
(314) DM: (snatches of conversation follow)
(314) DM: ....lots of orckin in the Fhaard, as if massing for war...
** Atross answers quietly, "It's good to have someone who knows the town to give directions." **
(314) DM: ...was waylaid by bandits on my way through Wylund. Where are the King's rangers when you need them?
(334) Elegard (enter): 01:41
** Thom has the others go find a table while he goes to speak with the bartender, although he makes sure to mentally note the bits of conversation he overhears. **
(314) DM: ....heard rumors of an onyx drake in Damrosil, but that's quieted down now....
(334) Elegard (exit): 01:41
(314) DM: ....the Chancellor of Highkeep could be better, I suppose...
(314) DM: ...they say the Regent is a fine man, though I wish there was a High King again...
** Thom pauses in his path for a split second as mention of his hometown, but he forces himself on. **
(314) DM: ...those damned Aes Sedai have theiir hands in too many pies. First Brynnel, now in Pelham! You'd think they were rulers here.
(314) DM: ...those entrance and exit taxes are murder! thieves, all of them...
(314) Fargoth Faffysnauzer: Welcome to th' Copper Cauldron! What can I get for you today?
** (314) Fargoth Faffysnauzer washes a glass and sets it down in front of Thom, beaming proudly. **
Thom: "Thank you very much, fine establishment you got here. My companions and myself are looking for some decent food and lodging. We were told that this was the best place in town." Thom makes note of the clean glass and intentionally stares at it for a moment and smiles, letting the bartender know he notices the cleanliness.
(314) Fargoth Faffysnauzer: Oh, we do, we do! How many in your lot and how many nights? (thinks a moment)
Thom: "Well, there are six of us. Definately one evening, possibly more."
Server Administrator-> Kicking '(309) ticattack' from server... Removing dead client
(309) ticattack (exit): 01:51
(314) Fargoth Faffysnauzer: 60 daenara. That pays for your room, lodging, meals, drinks and protection from the thieves' guild.
(314) Fargoth Faffysnauzer: By the way, that's for two nights.
(338) ticattack (enter): 01:55
(314) Fargoth Faffysnauzer: We have two rules and two rules only. No thievery. Unless you want to be ejected with your belongings thrown out the window.
Thom: "Very fair price, for all that it includes. Sounds fine, will give us a reason to stay and see a little more of the town." Thom smiles to the man and digs out the requested coinage, in gold coins this time.
Sevis Goloens: (( Sevis is going to spend the rest of the time talking with the priests since I am falling alseep. I will read what happens when the log is posted ))
(314) Fargoth Faffysnauzer: If you want to fight, do it outside, unless you want to be tossed out the window naked.
Thom: "Perfect, a place to rest without problems is exactly what we need."
(314) Fargoth Faffysnauzer: Any questions?
(314) Fargoth Faffysnauzer: Thank you, and a pleasure to serve you! (grins as he pockets the change) Berty will see you to your rooms.
Thom: "Not at this time. A few of my companions are here now, the others will join us later. Thank you for your services."
** (314) Berty Berrybottom tugs on Thom's sleeve. "This way, sir." A diminutive hoarfoot halfling stands next to you. **
Sevis Goloens: Disconnecting from server...
(311) Sevis Goloens (exit): 01:58
** Thom smiles to the small man, "I need to get my companions, give me just a moment if you would. I'll return in a moment." Thom then goes over to grab his companions. "We got rooms, food and drink for two nights. How about we get settled into the rooms some and then we can eat when the others get back?" **
Atross: "Sounds good to me."
** Thom leads the way back to whom he assumes is Berty. **
Thom: "Lead on friend." he says to the halfling.
** (314) Berty Berrybottom leads you to your suite. "If you have need of me, folks, please use the bell in your rooms, and I'll come a-running, I will." **
(314) Berty Berrybottom: Enjoy your stay. Dinner in two hours.
Thom: "Thank you Berty." Thom nods slightly to the small man.
(314) DM: (what now folks?)
Thom: (( well - get belongings put away in the rooms and then I was going to head back downstairs to await the arrival of Jarvis and Sevis (even though Sevis isn't returning apparently...) ))
Jarvis: ((Jarvis won't be chatting religion. He'll head back to the inn as soon as what we did before's done))
Atross: ((Chilling, chatting, eating. Well drinking anyway.))
(314) DM: (ok, we'll stop here then and resume next session)
Thom: (( and while downstairs, I was going to try to mingle to try to find out what people think of Arawan and this shield. Gathering Info in a tavern - Thom feels at home. :) ))
(338) ticattack: H'kay.
(314) DM: (next session, Morti returns, but I want you guys to discuss what to do on the boards)
(314) DM: we can do that on the boards.

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