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(154) TaliesinNYC: it'll probably be every other week

(154) TaliesinNYC: it'll probably be every other week
(155) Atross: I'm posting my own availability and preference right now in fact.
(154) TaliesinNYC: which is?
(155) Atross: I'm posting it right now, no need to rush me
(154) TaliesinNYC: I'm not rushing you
(154) TaliesinNYC: I haven't checked the board, I'm just asking you
(157) ticattack (enter): 20:54
(155) Atross: I haven't posted it on the board either, so it wouldn't do any good to have read it
(154) TaliesinNYC: ...
(155) Atross: And you know that I know that you have't read it, and that's why you...
(154) TaliesinNYC: it was just a question, I don't get the attitude
(157) ticattack (exit): 20:55
(155) Atross: Everythign I say is a fact or joke, no attitude. Honest.
(152) Morti (enter): 20:56
(157) ticattack (enter): 20:56
(154) TaliesinNYC: I don't know why the Sat group doesn't use the board
(152) Morti: illiteracy?
(157) ticattack: So, was the 7 pm thing a stuff-up, or just noone read it?
(154) TaliesinNYC: I changed the time
(155) Atross: We read between the lines
(154) TaliesinNYC: I WANT people to use the board
(154) TaliesinNYC: that's the whole reason why the Yahoo group is being phased out
(152) Morti: I think they read the boards, but just glance over the homepage
(154) TaliesinNYC: in the future, board usage will be an expectation for people who join the game
(154) TaliesinNYC: if they do, then it doesn't show it
(154) TaliesinNYC: the Fri group has more board interaction
(152) Morti: hai hai
(158) Dj Gilcrease (enter): 21:01
(155) Atross: I read the homepage and glance over the boards, I admit.
(159) Daelan La'neral (enter): 21:01
(154) TaliesinNYC: I asked people in a session or two ago to please continue stuff from the Sat game
(154) TaliesinNYC: on the board
(154) TaliesinNYC: and guess what?
(154) TaliesinNYC: I was ignored
(154) TaliesinNYC: typical
(154) TaliesinNYC: so I'm putting it out for alll of you
(154) TaliesinNYC: please please please please please use the Andurin board
(155) Atross: I have boardposting-itis. I'm working on a cure but it's a slow process
(154) TaliesinNYC: I'm getting tired of talking to myself
Sevis Goloens: (( AFK for a smoke before we start ))
(154) TaliesinNYC: Daelan
(154) TaliesinNYC: or whatever your name is
(154) TaliesinNYC: I know for certain you don't use the Andurin board
(160) Zane (enter): 21:03
(159) Daelan La'neral: I do not know what to put in there.
(154) TaliesinNYC: I don't know what to say, except that play by post is a component of this campaign
(155) Atross: We do a lot of talking; talking works well on a forum board.
(154) TaliesinNYC: I don't understand what the difficulty is, quite frankly
(157) Jarvis: I probably shouldn't get into this, seeing as I don't know the whole story, but if you're talking about an IC continuation of the session, you put in much the same as you would in a session, just in more detail, 'cause you have more time.
(154) TaliesinNYC: 80% of the posts on the board are mine
(155) Atross: It's okay to use a lot of posts, just like as we use a lot of lines on here.
(154) TaliesinNYC: I don't want this to continue
(154) TaliesinNYC: what is the point of having a board if the players don't use it?
(155) Atross: (Alright folks, ready your spam. Today we're working on post counts. I want everyone at 100 by next friday, and 1000 the week after that. Go!)
Thom: gw all=So, what are we talking about? Just using the boards more?
(154) TaliesinNYC: I'm quite serious
(155) Atross: Subtle.
(154) TaliesinNYC: I had this problem with Alfred, I had this problem with Steve (Baltak2), I had this problem with Mike and I've had it
(154) TaliesinNYC: so, pretty much, it is now a requirement for people to utilize the board via play-by-post
(155) Atross: (<---is not serious.) Seriously, we have a lot to talk about. Philosophically speaking as well as getting to the end of temporal paradox plans.>
(160) Zane: Well, I am kinda assuming that I am in track with the conversation here, but I want to say that I try to use the boards (although not as much as I could, I know); however - I know that when I have posted, there are not very many responses, so there is usually little I can reply to.
(155) Atross: (/me is not serious.) Seriously, we have a lot to talk about. Philosophically speaking as well as getting to the end of temporal paradox plans.
(154) TaliesinNYC: I can't make people post, but I can make it a requirement for players to play in the game
(154) TaliesinNYC: anyway, I'm making dinner so brb
(155) Atross: Be back at 6:30 then? I'll check in during commercial breaks...
Sevis Goloens: The boards are not that hard to use, if you have any issues with the board let me know and I will figure out what is wrong
** (155) Atross just finished dinner **
(152) Morti: True, the boards are a great tool, both for lengthy or miscellaneous IC stuff or kust sorting through OOC info. Rather than spending half an hour in ame chatting through a scene, we can do it in posts during the week and have more time tfor the 'action' in game.
(154) TaliesinNYC: right now I'm looking at every other Saturday or Sunday either in the afternoon or from 6 pm to 12 midnight
(152) Morti: It's just a matter of patience waiting for other people to post that hangs things up
(154) TaliesinNYC: Sat from 9 pm to 3 am every week isn't going to happen anymore
(154) TaliesinNYC: if every other Sat, it will be the same schedule as always
(154) TaliesinNYC: if on Sunday, it will be a 3 week on, one week off kind of deal, probably from 6 pm to midnight
Sevis Goloens: I would prefer every other saterday personaly
(159) Daelan La'neral: I agree with Sevis
(160) Zane: I can go for either alternating Sat or Sundays, it doesn't matter to much to me.
(154) TaliesinNYC: so since Anthony hasn't bothered to check the board -- and I know this since he hasn't sent me one e-mail this week, then I'll take a vote now and discount his vote
(159) Daelan La'neral: I vote every other Saturday
(157) Jarvis: Whatever, but I wouldn't be able to do afternoons. If the game was at 4 pm EST, it'd mean getting up at 5 am here. I try to avoid getting up at that time.
(157) Jarvis: Other than that, I'm fine with whatever.
(155) Atross: If it's 6 EST that would be 7 am for you, no problem?
(157) Jarvis: Nope, that's fine. I have about an hour to get ready, and getting up at 6 I can handle, before that you're pushing it.
(160) Zane: Well, I will abstain from the vote, because I can go either way. I'd like to play more often (3 out of 4 Sundays instead of ~2 out of 4 Saturdays), but keeping Sat means I would be able to keep my Sun game still.
Sevis Goloens: I vote every other saterday, but can do Sunday if required. Everyother Saterday gives me more time to keep up with my homework
(157) Jarvis: Heh. I could use that as well. Put that down as a preference for me, but as said above, not an absolute requirement.
(160) Zane: So, two votes (Daelen and DJ) for Sat, 1 (me) abstaining, 1(Jarvis) for Sat or Sun evening. That sound right?
(152) Morti: I'm in the 'everyother saturday' boat. though I do have sundays free if others can make it.
(154) TaliesinNYC: ok, so every other Sat it is then
(160) Zane: Sounds like a plan.
(152) Morti: But I also like my Saturday to Friday, Friday to Sunday swap around. Though that would depend on everyone's schedules matching up
(160) Zane: Well Lunuac - you just want too much... ;)
(157) Jarvis: Aye, Saturday's good.
(154) TaliesinNYC: now then
(154) TaliesinNYC: you guys are going to kill me
(152) Morti: I have high hopes
(154) TaliesinNYC: I took a look at last session and didn't like the way it was going
(154) TaliesinNYC: storyline wise
(154) TaliesinNYC: for which I have only myself to blame
(160) Zane: what do you mean?
(154) TaliesinNYC: so....last session didn't happen.
(152) Morti: ... right
** Thom runs around in reverse, canceling out last week;s preformance. **
(157) Jarvis: Heh. The DM used his god-like powers to alter reality. Always mildly amusing.
(154) TaliesinNYC: so, basically tonight resumes from the Wheel of Time, you're leaving the stone table, you haven't met Commius yet, etc.
(154) TaliesinNYC: well for one, I didn't like the corner I painted myself into, and secondly, from an item count perspective, it wouldn't make sense
(154) TaliesinNYC: that doesn't mean I won't run it in the future, it just means that the events of last session were a fluke
(155) Atross: Temporal storm blows you back to the wheel of time. Those were some beans
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(154) TaliesinNYC: I won't say any more other than it would blow the item count in this group sky high
(154) TaliesinNYC: and I'm not prepared for that just yet
Sevis Goloens: lol
(154) DM: You waken to find Arianrhod preparing breakfast. The smell of fatback and eggs tantalizes your senses.
(160) Zane: (( So - we are still going 3, 2, 1 (Caer, Inverness, Krell) on the items then? So, we are still going towards Caer - visiting Pelham on the way to re-stock, yes? ))
(154) DM: ((two things I would like to request of the group, which you can talk about in gw chat))
(154) DM: ((first, nominate someone to be the IC group's spokesperson, even though Morti will ignore that person :) ))
(154) DM: ((send me a log of the gw chat after the game))
Sevis Goloens: (( I still think we should go 2, 3, 1. cause finding Caer isnt just going to the first stop, that only has info on his posible whereabouts, and the Invertness thing is at the north end of the woods we are already in ))
(154) DM: ((second, someone and I don't care who it is should keep track of all the treasure that the group accumulates, and by treasure, I don't mean only magical items))
(154) DM: ((there will be an IC reason for this later on in the campaign))
(157) Jarvis: ((Oh, gawds we have to pay taxes, don't we?))
(154) DM: ((no comment. :) ))
** Thom ok - so Sevis keeps track of treasure and Thom speaks? That cool with you Daelan? **
Thom: (( sorry... to many commands to remember... ))
(152) Morti: brb
(154) Ariahrhod Cebha Sahb: Good morning. (smiles as she cooks)
** Thom smiles back. "Good morning to you as well." **
** (159) Daelan La'neral eats an apple. **
(154) Ariahrhod Cebha Sahb: I trust you had a restful sleep?
** (152) Morti yawns wide, his masking stretching out as an open mouth. "*Yaaaahhww* Yeah.... it was okay." **
Sevis Goloens: "Yes thank you"
(154) Ariahrhod Cebha Sahb: Please, serve yourselves. There is a wild mushroom omelet, a platter of spiced potatoes and some fried fatback. Eat, and then we must talk.
Thom: "Very much so. It is quite calm and relaxing in this clearing."
** (154) Elamurix Celendil sleeps soundly, his breathing less labored than before. **
** Thom nods to Arianhrod and helps himself to a little bit of food. **
(152) Morti: "Thank you, thank you." : Morti happily collects some food onto a plate, glance back at the kind elven woman a moment to inquire, "Don't suppose you havve any cider?"
** Sevis Goloens helps himself to a small helping of spiced potatos **
(154) Ariahrhod Cebha Sahb: This is a way stop for travellers in these woods. (indicates a human perched against one of the standing stones, a silverfire hawk nests on top of the plinth peering below)
(154) DM: ((Jarvis, describe yourself))
** Thom looks over at the new human, studying him. **
(157) Jarvis: The man stands a little under 6 feet, with a slight tan and black hair.
(152) Morti: (The Wheel of Time is a traveller way stop?)
(157) Jarvis: ((Forgive me, I havn't written up a lengthy description yet. If you want to wait for twenty minutes or so...))
(155) Atross: "It is a very tranquil place."
(154) DM: ((basically, people who know about it know they can seek shelter there))
(157) Jarvis: He is dressed in simple clothing, leather pants, as shirt made of cotton, and a simple pair of boots.
(154) DM: ((or protection, as circumstances require))
(157) Jarvis: ((Just testing to see if my text colour changes))
** (152) Morti looks off to the stranger, giving a friendly wave: "Oi!" **
Sevis Goloens: "Hello there, name is Sevis. How are you this fine day?"
(157) Jarvis: The man looks up. "Greetings, Sevis. I am well. Yourself?"
(154) DM: ((OOC: a silverfire hawk is a slightly larger than normal hawk, same functionality as in the MM, has silvery-white feathers which darken to a dark blue as the hawk grows older))
** Thom studies the humans movements for a few moments as the others begin talking to him. **
(157) Jarvis: ((Heh, lucky I didn't put down "Has golden feathers" in the description then, innit?))
(154) DM: ((heheh))
** (159) Daelan La'neral bites off a piece of his apple,placing it on his shoulder.which soon disappears into the darkness of his hooded cowl. **
(154) DM: ((usually, not always. there are exceptions to the rule))
(154) Ariahrhod Cebha Sahb: Some of you had nightmares last night, or vivid dreams. Care to talk about them?
** Thom finishes off his light breakfast as a couple of his freinds talk to the newcomer. **
** (154) Ariahrhod Cebha Sahb serves herself a wedge of omelet and a roll or two, and settles against another plinth, and eats. **
Thom: ::to Ariahnrod:: "Do you know this other one then?"
Sevis Goloens: "I only had dreams of talking with wolves, an interesting abilty that."
(157) Jarvis: "Yes, but quite useful". He smiles faintly.
** Sevis Goloens looks at Jarvis" "You can speak with them?" **
** (155) Atross serves himself some food after everyone else has some. Sitting down to eat he alternately studies the stranger and listens about the talk of dreams and nightmares. **
Thom: "Dreams? You mean thoughts of the others that we were? Nothing useful from that female."
(152) Morti: :completely off topic: "Well, I did have this one about a badger in a tiara that stole my scarf and ran off through the court of Tolmara. Except everyone in the court were ducks. Except the King. He was a monkey, and the Magister was a goat." :leans in: "What didi it mean?"
(157) Jarvis: "Aye, given the right spell"
(159) Daelan La'neral: " I had a vision of meeting another Edan who would join us,and here he is."
** (157) Jarvis looks at Morti. "I think you'll find it means you shouldn't eat right before bed" **
Sevis Goloens: "Well anyone can speak with them via magic, I had dream of Talking with them any time, as you and I are talking now."
(152) Morti: "Oh...." :nods to Jarvis:
(154) Ariahrhod Cebha Sahb: Perhaps you don't remember them, then. 'Twas something to do with an unnatural storm.
Sevis Goloens: "Anyways, so we are heading north right?"
(159) Daelan La'neral: " Yes that and a well."
(155) Atross: "I dreamed I walked for days and then there was this terrible storm. I think there were things about kings and beans and a savage. Except not savage, just out of place. And you and you and you were there, but you weren't."
Sevis Goloens: "I try not to remember unplesant dreams"
** Thom seems to think on what Daelan and Atross say, but dismisses it. **
(152) Morti: "Come to think of it, there was a dream., And I remember something about a guy that got me really annoyed somehow."
(155) Atross: (This final comment directed at Ariahrhod herself)
(157) Jarvis: ((Checking colour once more))
(152) Morti: "Hm,,," :to Ari: "Was that important?"
(155) Atross: "It seems dire and portentuous at the time, but now I'm not so sure it's nto what Jarvis said."
(155) Atross: (Rather, he said, pointing to Jarvis)
(159) Daelan La'neral: " There was a Edan with a book,who bid me to enter,conquer and choose."
** Sevis Goloens looks up, "Him I remember" **
Sevis Goloens: "He had a book chained to his arm, and did not seem realy human"
Thom: "So, we had some dream, there was an unnatural storm, and it never happened?" Thom shakes his head slightly. "Feels like back with the d'Ambervilles."
Sevis Goloens: "But other then that odity of the dream I dont remember much, was not all that interesting"
(155) Atross: "It's really not odd for most of us. Dreams don't usually happen. They're usually just dreams."
Thom: "But we all did share the dream - which is odd."
(159) Daelan La'neral: " And there was this loud howling once the large Edan opened to portal at the bottom of the well,then the storm came."
** (157) Jarvis smiles a little. "Aye. I'd be more worried if my dreams did come true. Although, there is this one with a young lady..." **
(154) Ariahrhod Cebha Sahb: I only mention it because you cried out in your sleep a few times. Dreams can be unimportant, true, or herald portentous events.
(159) Daelan La'neral: *to=the
Thom: "I guess that means to be wary if we ever come across a man with a book at a well then."
Sevis Goloens: "Let me know when the rest of you are ready to go. I still want to find Darkmoon
Thom: "I'm ready. The sooner we finish, the sooner we get back home."
(157) Jarvis: "Where are you travelling to?"
Thom: "Right now, north I believe."
(155) Atross: "I think there's no worry of us making it home on time. More of in time."
Sevis Goloens: "North at the moment"
(152) Morti: "Eh?" I thought we were going east." :frowns: "I really wanted to visit the Ruby Citadel"
(159) Daelan La'neral: " They travel to the city of Pelham."
(155) Atross: "It's north and east."
** (157) Jarvis cocks an eyebrow at Daelan. "They? Not you? I'd assumed you were a group" **
(159) Daelan La'neral: " They are Edan,I am Quessir,we travel the same path but for different reasons for now."
** (157) Jarvis shrugs. "Fair enough" **
(159) Daelan La'neral: " They are going to Pelham to restock for the journey ahead."
(155) Atross: "While he's quite satisified with stocking from the land himself."
Thom: "And what about you sir? Which way are you headed?"
(159) Daelan La'neral: " The land gives what one needs Atross."
** (157) Jarvis shrugs again. "why not take what the land provides? As long as you don't abuse its hospitality" **
Thom: (( to Jarvis ))
Thom: "Because all the land seems to give Daelan is fuit and nuts. They are excellent for a time, but sometimes we need real food."
(155) Atross: "That it does, I just leave it to others to determine what the land is serving for the day."
(157) Jarvis: "Ah, of course, Forgive me, I sometimes forget that others cannot hunt as I do"
(152) Morti: :to jarvis: "Do you live out in these woods?" :forks some food up under his mask to eat:
(155) Atross: :pulling out one of his remaining arrows:"If it offers you any of these, let me know. They go quite fast when I use them."
Thom: "No appologies necessary. I just prefer city food myself."
(157) Jarvis: (To Morti) "I tend to wander, I don't have a permanant home" (To Atross) "If the land starts spitting arrows at me, i'll be sure to let you know"
Thom: "Well Airahnrod, thank you for your hospitality. And we will watch for that shared dream experience. However, we must take our leave now."
(159) Daelan La'neral: " Are we to take Elamurix with us?"
(152) Morti: :to Jarvis: "How far have you wnadered? Have you ever been to Kern?"
Thom: "Good question. Airahnrod, would you be able to help him if we left him with you? If not, he will go with us."
(157) Jarvis: "I have been to many places" He answers, in a tone that doesn't exactly invite following up.
(152) Morti: :ignorant of tones: "Like where?"
(155) Atross: "Either here or the city. Wherever he can recover safely. Where we're headed is no place to take someone so ill. We don't even understand what's happened to him."
** Sevis Goloens gathers his few belongings and puts them in a easy to pickup stack so he can leave quickly when the others are ready **
** (157) Jarvis simply shrugs. "If you'd like, I could accompany you for a time. Perhaps I could find you some... 'Real Food'?" **
Sevis Goloens: "I am happy with the Fruit and Nut's. I dont eat meat."
(152) Morti: :grins: "That would be..." :hesitates on an errant thought: "Oh... you probably shouldn't follow us. We're not going to very good places."
(159) Daelan La'neral: " I do not hunt what I do not eat Edan."
Sevis Goloens: "What Morti scared of the Tower of Ghosts?"
** Thom picks his head up at Jarvis's comment. "That does sound like a good plan to me sir, but first, I would know your name. I am Thom," **
** (157) Jarvis holds out his hand to Thom. "Jarvis, Jarvis Babefound" **
(152) Morti: :to Sevis: "I've been around ghosts before." :gets a goofy grin: "A ghost girl kissed me once." :scratches his head nervously with his blurting:
Thom: "Well met Jarvis. As my companions noted, we are headed into more than likely troubling places. However, you are welcome to accompany us for a while, we would not expect yuou to travel willing into danger with us."
(154) Ariahrhod Cebha Sahb: Yes, Elamurix.
(154) Ariahrhod Cebha Sahb: Only powerful magic can save him. Or one who is devoted to his god and is of pure and true heart.
(157) Jarvis: "I don't mind a bit of danger. What is a life without danger? Boring"
Sevis Goloens: "Too bad there could be no long term relationship there eh Morti. Well actualy I supose there could, just no children"
(154) Ariahrhod Cebha Sahb: His or her god, excuse me. You can save him, if you wish it. I am sure he would be grateful to you.
(159) Daelan La'neral: " What of the ring he asked for Ariahrhod?"
** Thom smiles at Jarvis before turning back to Ariahrhod. "Then if you cannot help him, we will take him with us for now." **
(154) Ariahrhod Cebha Sahb: He asked for the ring, and it is up to you to give him what he asked for. He knows not what he asks for, but that is his choice to make and his alone.
** (152) Morti tilts his head curiously to Sevis before looking to Ari "Do we have this ring?" **
(154) Ariahrhod Cebha Sahb: There is one person who might be able to assist you, but he will ask you to pay a terrible price.
** Sevis Goloens steps away from the others and begins going though mock combat moves to keep himself trained **
Thom: "Isn't that the way it usually is? Very well, who is this one?"
(152) Morti: "Worse than losing a pinky?" :holds up his four fingered left hand:
(159) Daelan La'neral: " I do not know about the gods of the Annoran,but with him being a Quessir I do believe it is my duty to try and save him."
** Thom packs his things up as he continues talking to Ariahrhod. **
(154) DM: (sec)
(155) Atross: "Whatever happened to him seems to be because of his involvement with us. Maybe they can look after him at the Ruby Citadel until we can find a way."
** (155) Atross gathers up his bedroll and things as everyone is readying for departure. **
Thom: "Yes, we should do what we can to help him out."
(159) Daelan La'neral: " Perhaps the one you let get away from you when you got back from the magical portal,he did this to Elamurix."
Thom: "If so Daelan, then we will have even more of a reason to take him out when we meet him again."
** (154) Ariahrhod Cebha Sahb concentrates, holding her hand up to her head, momentarily, as if to ward off a blow. **
(159) Daelan La'neral: " You should have killed him when you had the chance."
(152) Morti: "Is something wrong Ariahrhod?"
Thom: "Maybe. But it does no good to concentrate on what chould have been differently."
(154) Ariahrhod Cebha Sahb: There is a necromancer of great and terrible power named Kartak who resides in a castle that looms over Undolyssil, the Lake of Death. It was he who was responsible for the Lake's creation.
(155) Atross: "I don't know what would have happened if we fought in the Focus, and didn't want to risk it."
** (157) Jarvis looks up at the word "necromancer". **
(154) Ariahrhod Cebha Sahb: He has the power necessary to restore your friend to his former state.
(152) Morti: "Hmmm? Do we really want to take him to a necromancer? These guy seems kind of dangerous."
Thom: "Hmm, doesn't sound like the most pleasent man. If the Ruby Citadel cannot help, we may try him then, but only as a last resort."
(154) Ariahrhod Cebha Sahb: If you choose not to seek out Kartak, then perhaps the Tower of Inverness might contain an answer that you seek.
(155) Atross: "If he made the lake 'Of Death' he certainly meets the powerful requirement. Of course he probably fails the 'willing to help' test. There may be other reasons to pay him a visit though."
(159) Daelan La'neral: " True Atross,perhaps we will find that this Edan is in need of killing,whats one less evil Edan after all."
Thom: "Yes Atross, there may be. Very well, as we all ready to head out then?"
(157) Jarvis: "I've heard necromancers do make a mean black pudding. Of course, whether or not you'd want to eat it is another matter"
(154) Ariahrhod Cebha Sahb: This part of Andurin was the site of many battles of great power long long ago, battles that threatened to overthrow the natural order of creation and of the gods. There are many lost items of magicka that, if they were unearthed once again, could be used for great good or great ill. Beware.
(152) Morti: ;:to Daelan: "But maybe we aren't supposed to kill him. Have to be mindful of the past and all"
(159) Daelan La'neral: " No you have to be mindful of the past,this is my present."
** (157) Jarvis looks at Morti for a moment, then to Daelan, and shakes his head. **
(154) Ariahrhod Cebha Sahb: He made a pact with the elves who once lived within Lalvensalenil, Atross. A pact that bound him to them in exchange for peace. A pact that proved to be their undoing. (is saddened)
(152) Morti: "But if we gave you the idea, then it's our fault. See?"
(155) Atross: "I think it'd be safe to kill him. We have to be careful of Our past, not The past."
Thom: "Yes Daelan, but remember your own comment well then."
(154) DM: (so it's to be Caer, then Inverness, then Krell? just confirming)
(152) Morti: (hai)
Thom: (( yep ))
** (159) Daelan La'neral laughs softly at Morti's comment." No one has to give me the idea of killing an Edan,I do it because they are well Edan." **
** (152) Morti frowns at Daelan's grim proposal, turning back to Ari **
** Thom shakes his head slightly. "Thank you again Ariahahod for your hospitality and information. I wish you well in your future, however, we need to be on our way." **
(159) Daelan La'neral: " Jarvis Babefound,I am Daelan La'neral of the Asta'Rhimm. You may call me Daelan."
** (157) Jarvis extends his hand onc again. "Good to meet you". **
** (159) Daelan La'neral looks at the outstretched hand,turns and walks away to his horse. **
** Sevis Goloens laughs **
** (157) Jarvis looks from the elf, to his outstretched hand, back to elf, then shrugs, and turns back to the others. **
(157) Jarvis: "So, he's a personable fellow, I see?"
** Thom turns back to Jarvis. "Do you wish to travel with us for now then Jarvis?" **
(152) Morti: :to Jarvis: "Not really. He's kind of mean."
** Thom chuckles slightly. "Yes, don't worry about him." **
(157) Jarvis: "Sure. Why not?"
Sevis Goloens: "Jarvis you can ignore him, he is broken in the head. Bent on revenge"
(157) Jarvis: (To Thom)
Thom: "Very well, then let's head out."
(155) Atross: "Jarvis, I'm Atross, not one to make extended greetings." :Does offer a handshake though:
** Sevis Goloens picks up his belonging and waits for the others to lead the way **
(154) Ariahrhod Cebha Sahb: Be you well, Freeswords Eternal.
(157) Jarvis: "Aye" He speaks a word which none of you understand, and the hawk lands on his outstretched arm.
** (154) Ariahrhod Cebha Sahb bids you goodbye. **
** (157) Jarvis shakes Atross' hand, "Good to meet you" **
(152) Morti: "Hai... I hope we'll meet again Miss Ariahrhod." :bows before they depat:
** (159) Daelan La'neral jumps on the back of his horse and rides to the North. **
** (157) Jarvis gives a quick wave to the woman, and follows the others. **
(155) Atross: "And don't let the lack of swords confuse you. That's just what we're called."
** Thom bows to Ariahrhod. **
** (159) Daelan La'neral mutters to himself as he rides past the others," Almeena,Kartak,the one they let get away,the list is getting longer." **
** Thom mounts up and heads off with the others. **
Sevis Goloens: "How about Free Adventures Eterns, I dont use a sword" **smiles, indicating he is kidding**
Thom: "Daelen, will you take point again? After all - you knows the woods well."
Sevis Goloens: (( err Eternal ))
(159) Daelan La'neral: " As you ask Thom."
** (159) Daelan La'neral rides out in front of the others. **
** (157) Jarvis watches the others mount their horses, but doesn't follow suit. **
(152) Morti: "No... I still like Freeswords."
(155) Atross: "It just doesn't roll off as well."
Thom: "Do you have a ride Jarvis? Or do you not desire one?"
** (152) Morti climbs into the back of the carriage to ride (did Thom ever get those chests open?) **
(157) Jarvis: "I am my own steed" He says with a faint smile. In rapid succession, he sprouts long feathery wings, shrinks to the size of a medium dog, and bursts out in feather. Mere seconds later, you are looking at an eagle, who takes wing and rises to twenty feet or so off the ground.
Thom: (( I did, but that was in a dream - so I'll have to do it again.... ))
(155) Atross: ((Deja'vu number one))
** (152) Morti watches amazed by the sight of the stranger's shift. "Wooowww... I wanna learn to do that." **
** (155) Atross remembers his own experience with flight and manages an envious grin instead of his usual expression. **
** Thom looks at 'Jarvis' strangly for a moment, but then just shakes his head and follows the others, travelling alongside the coach. **
** (159) Daelan La'neral rides in a zig zag pattern in front of the others,gathering fruit,berries,nuts and other leaves,bark and mosses. **
Sevis Goloens: "Now that could be handy as well"
** Thom talks quietly with Morti while they travel. **
Thom: (( to be continued in the IC thread this week. :) ))
(155) Atross: ((Actually little to be said))
(154) DM: A fat, almost obese long-haired beige cat pokes its head out of the carriage door as you make ready to depart and mrrows pitifully.
(152) Morti: (that should be a interesting expereinces.)
Sevis Goloens: "Have you been feeding that cat Morti?"
(152) Morti: :with Moiraine in his pocket, stares at the cat: "What do you want now?"
(154) Maximillian: Mrrrow.
(152) Morti: :to Sevis: "I offered. He's spoiled and picky."
Sevis Goloens: "Good it could use a few weeks with no food"
** Thom looks at the cat and stares for a moment. **
** (154) Maximillian disappears into the carriage with a huff. **
(155) Atross: "What that cat needs is exercise."
(152) Morti: "Che... what a dumb cat."
Sevis Goloens: "It seems rather intelegant actualy, for a cat anyways"
Thom: "We'll try to find something that it will actually eat as we go. Maybe as it gets hungrier, it will become less picky."
(155) Atross: "Does that change it being spoiled, picky, and in need of exercise?"
** (152) Morti pulls Moiraine from his pocket, complaiing, "Then he's just a jerk. moiraine's way nicer." :Gives the kitten a pet as he climbs into the carriage: **
(152) Morti: :asks the fat cat as he takes a seat: "Did you want something?"
Thom: "He's mainly just hungry, as best as I can tell." he tells Morti.
** (154) Maximillian raises a fat paw and yawns. **
(154) Maximillian: Mrrrow.
(152) Morti: :groans at the cat: "What? Speak."
(154) DM: The road east seems fairly quiet, especially after the excitement of the past few days. Your defeat of the onyx drake seems to have made the surrounding woods more tranquil. It's almost as if the wildlife senses it's time to return to its former existence.
(154) DM: As ever, Elamurix sleeps soundly, not stirring once from his slumber. His breathing seems less labored than before, yet no amount of coaxing or jostling wakens him.
** Thom checks Elamurix occassionally, but always finds him as he expects to. **
(154) DM: The tranquility of your surroundings has an almost lulling effect on your senses.
** (152) Morti pases the time chatting and studying **
** (159) Daelan La'neral rides back to Sevis,handing him 6 large apples,7 pears,a handful of wild mushrooms,2 bundles of leeks(sweet wild onions) 4 wild potatos,2 handfuls of blackberries,raspberries,and some cherries." Eat only what you need to stave off hunger,do not eat until you are full." turns and rides back into the woods once more. **
** Thom chats some, but remains quiet most of the time. **
** Sevis Goloens looks at the stuff. "Umm, ok I have traveld before Daelan, and I do not need too eat at all, but thanks" **
(154) DM: Suddenly, Maximillian leaps from his napping perch in one corner of the carriage and bolts into the opposite corner, in fright.
(154) DM: Moments later, a scream pierces the stillness of the forest, in the distance, followed by keening cries.
** Sevis Goloens looks at the cat then at the scream **
Thom: "Daelan?"
** (159) Daelan La'neral stops his horse,and listens,trying to get a direction on the screams. **
** (157) Jarvis flies up higher, to see if he can spot what has caused it. **
Sevis Goloens: "The cat has good ears"
** (154) Maximillian makes soft meowling noises and squints his eyes shut. **
(152) Morti: "Eh?" :hops up from his seat to look out the window of the carriage for the source of the screams:
(155) Atross: :Looking towards the sound:"That doesn't seem natural at all."
Thom: "Let's keeping going, but everyone - keep alert."
Sevis Goloens: "Lets go take a look"
(159) Daelan La'neral: " It is the scream of a Edan female Thom."
** (157) Jarvis flies past the carriage window, and Daelan on horseback, emitting a screeching cry. He then flies foward, at a rapid speed. **
** Sevis Goloens heads toward the scream **
** (152) Morti nods firmly to Sevis and climbs out of the carriage. "Lets go" **
** Thom looks into the woods, all around. "Anyone know where it came from?" **
** Sevis Goloens follows the Bird **
** (159) Daelan La'neral knees his horse to follow Sevis **
** (152) Morti runs afte them, fast as his shorter legs can carry **
** Thom heads off after Sevis, pausing only to offer Morti a ride on his horse. **
** (155) Atross follows the others into the woods. **
(152) Morti: "Thanks: "Climbs up onto the horse.. with a bit of clumsy effort"
** Thom helps Morti up and then quickly follows the path of the others. **
** (159) Daelan La'neral stops and rides back to the carriage,dismounts from his horse and gets into the carriage,following the others with the wagon and his horse in tow. **
(154) DM: As you crest the next ridge, the source of the scream becomes clear. A white robed figure and a mail-clad warrior are engaged against what seems to be a human fighter, clad only in blackened leather armor. The fighter does not appear to be especially dangerous...save that he is armed with a sword that appears to be a piece of the night sky. The fighter jerks his blade back from the warrior's abdomen, causing him to fall lifelessly to the ground.
(154) DM: He was about to slay the robed figure, who appears to be a woman, when you make your appearance....
(154) DM: There's something eerily familiar about the woman in the distance...
** (157) Jarvis lands about fifty feet away from them, and reverts to his human form. **
(154) Woman: Help me! Please, in the name of whatever god you worship, please, help me!!!
** Sevis Goloens hops off his horse and charges down to help the woman **
** (152) Morti cries out from horse back, "Hey! Back off!" **
(154) DM: (init and load minis pls)
(154) DM: (each square is 5')
(157) Jarvis: ((Do you have a mini that I can use? The link the OpenRPG site's not working))
(155) Atross: ((Lines are the path?))
(152) Morti: Init: [1d20+2] -> [9,2] = (11)
(154) DM: (yes)
(155) Atross: Initiative: [1d20+5] -> [4,5] = (9)
Thom: Initiative: [1d20+9] -> [18,9] = (27)
(157) Jarvis: ((Jarvis Init: [1d20+1] -> [9,1] = (10) Windchaser (Assuming she needs one if she's going to fight: [1d20+4] -> [18,4] = (22)
(159) Daelan La'neral: INIT: [1d20+2] -> [16,2] = (18)
Sevis Goloens: INIT: [1d20+9] -> [1,9] = (10)
(154) DM: (that's up to you if you want your hawk to enter combat)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+9)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+9] -> [13,9] = (22)
(154) DM: (27, Thm)
(157) Jarvis: ((Yep, she will. Does someone have link for a mini (For Jarvis, I have an eagle)? I do apologise for being so unorganised))
(159) Daelan La'neral: ( not sure what all is in there Jarvis)
** Thom rides up until he is about 20 feet from the duo and comes to a stop, where he comes off his horse and stands there for a moment, looking at the somewhat familiar woman for a moment. **
(152) Morti: ((http://dmsilverglass.tripod.com/dmsminis/index.html)
(152) Morti: (Morti instantly follows, being on the same horse)
(157) Jarvis: ((I'll be changing, so I'll just start with that))
Thom: "If you are smart, you will back down from your attack, now!"
(154) DM: The warrior ignores you and presses its attack, striking for a death blow.
(154) DM: He appears to be a simply clad human fighter, in leather armor. The only difference that clues you in that this might not be an ordinary fighter is the fact that his sword appears to be a sliver of the night sky.
(154) DM: His victim raises her arms as if such can shield her from his attacks....
(154) DM: (I need an action, Zane)
(154) DM: (22, hawk)
(157) Jarvis: ((Can't take an action until I push her, with handle Animal, I think... Or am I mistaken?))
(157) Jarvis: ((Erm... So, nothing, until I can tell her what to do))
(157) Jarvis: ((Ready action, I guess))
(154) DM: ((no, I don't think so))
(157) Jarvis: ((Ok, well in that case, she'll charge at the warrior and go for the face))
(157) Jarvis: ((Or move at him, in any case. She can't charge, 'cause it's not a staright line))
(154) DM: (k)
(157) Jarvis: Talons: [1d20+10] -> [5,10] = (15)
(154) DM: (miss)
(154) DM: (22, the warrior)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+15] -> [17,15] = (32),[1d20+10] -> [12,10] = (22)
(157) Jarvis: hit
(154) DM: (no, that was a miss)
(157) Jarvis: ((Oh, I thought you meant the warrior hit with an AoO for 22))
(154) DM: (the warrior doesn't get an AoO)
(157) Jarvis: ((Oh... Then I'll just shutup))
(154) DM: The warrior ignores Windchaser's attacks as if nothing occurred, and turns to strike at the white-robed figure. It opens a gash in the figure's right thigh, causing blood to spurt out (AC 32, 13 damage), and completes his maneuver by jerking his arm back erratically (AC 22, 10 damage), causing her to fall to the ground in severe pain.
(154) DM: It appears to be Rhian.
(154) Drenla: Noooo!
(154) Drenla: (18, Daelan)
(154) DM: (woops)
** (152) Morti looks at her dumbstruck a second **
** (159) Daelan La'neral brings the wagon to a halt next to Atross,looks over the situation,hops out of the wagon,his bow coming up as he fires 2 arrows at the blackbladed Edan,his arrows pass just inches from Thoms head causes his hair to move forward on both sides as an arrow passes on his right and one on his left side. **
(159) Daelan La'neral: Longbow, composite+3 (+2 Flaming Burst) Attack Roll: [1d20+18] -> [18,18] = (36) ===> Damage: [1d8+3+1d6+0] -> [4,3,1,0] = (8)
(159) Daelan La'neral: Longbow, composite+3 (+2 Flaming Burst) Attack Roll: [1d20+18] -> [1,18] = (19) ===> Damage: [1d8+3+1d6+0] -> [1,3,6,0] = (10)
(159) Daelan La'neral: Longbow, composite+3 (+2 Flaming Burst) Attack Roll: [1d20+18] -> [16,18] = (34) ===> Damage: [1d8+3+1d6+0] -> [5,3,2,0] = (10)
(154) DM: Two arrows strike...
(159) Daelan La'neral: ( crit check on first arrow)
(159) Daelan La'neral: Crit Check: [1d20+18] -> [4,18] = (22) ===> Critical Damage: [2d8+6+2d10] -> [2,8,6,7,2] = (25)
(154) DM: ...but appear to not damage him as much as you thought it might.
(154) DM: He chuckles, and acts as if nothing occurred.
(154) DM: (11, Mort)
** (152) Morti hastily weavese his hands, muttering a quick incantation while atop the horse, Thrusting forth the index finger of his right hand, he gives four hard grunts, as four bolts of blue energy rush forth at the menacing warrior. Magic Missile: [4d4+4] -> [3,3,2,2,4] = (14) **
(152) Morti: "Get away from her!"
** (159) Daelan La'neral looks over at Atross," Well this is going to be interesting." **
(155) Atross: "I don't know what this is going to be."
(154) DM: The bolts cause him to recoil in a fluid, almost liquid motion. He sneers at the sorcerer, grinning evilly but says nothing.
(154) DM: (10, Sev)
(155) Atross: "But that doesn't seem to be human, at least doesn't fight like one should."
** Sevis Goloens rushes in to attack **
Sevis Goloens: ((Can I move the hawk since it is in the air?))
Sevis Goloens: UnArmed Attack Roll: [1d20+16] -> [11,16] = (27) ===> Damage: [2d6+3] -> [4,1,3] = (8)
Sevis Goloens: UnArmed Attack Roll: [1d20+13] -> [8,13] = (21) ===> Damage: [2d6+3] -> [3,5,3] = (11)
Sevis Goloens: UnArmed Attack Roll: [1d20+10] -> [3,10] = (13) ===> Damage: [2d6+3] -> [5,6,3] = (14)
Sevis Goloens: UnArmed Attack Roll: [1d20+7] -> [3,7] = (10) ===> Damage: [2d6+3] -> [6,4,3] = (13)
(154) DM: (one hit)
(154) DM: (9, Atr)
** (155) Atross hurries forward nocking a pair of arrows to loose them at the offender once he's abreast of Thom's position. **
(155) Atross: Greatbow /w Manyshot Chance to Hit: [1d20+9+5+2+1-4+1] -> [1,9,5,2,1,-4,1] = (15)
(154) DM: (27, Thm)
(157) Jarvis: ((Erm... I got a 10...))
(154) DM: (10, then Jarv)
** (157) Jarvis holds his hands fowards, and utters incomprehensible words. Blue-white electricity crackles down the length of his arms, as he continues to speak. (Call Lightening, 1 round casting time) **
(154) DM: (so it goes off on 10 next round)
(154) DM: (27, Thm)
(157) Jarvis: ((Yup))
** Thom rushes forward, drawing out the Sword of Sylarie as he does. He brings it to bear as he nears the guy, taking a swipe at the warrior, hoping to draw its attention away from the woman. **
Thom: Sword of Sylaire attack: [1d20+14] -> [4,14] = (18) ==> DAMAGE [1d6+5] -> [2,5] = (7)
(154) DM: (and that's a miss)
(154) DM: (22, Wind)
(157) Jarvis: Windchaser swoops down again, going for the warriior's face with her talons: [1d20+10] -> [4,10] = (14)
(154) DM: (miss)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+15] -> [14,15] = (29),[1d20+10] -> [14,10] = (24)
(154) DM: Sensing that it might have less of a time with Thom, it turns its attentions to Sevis and slashes at the monk twice (AC 29 and 24)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d8+5] -> [7,5] = (12).[1d8+5] -> [4,5] = (9)
(154) DM: (21 damage)
Sevis Goloens: ((hit and miss)
(154) DM: (12 then)
(154) DM: (18, Dael)
** (159) Daelan La'neral seeing Sevis in trouble fires 3 arrows in the blink of an eye into the thing,the arrows whistling past Sevis as they strike. **
(159) Daelan La'neral: Longbow, composite+3 (+2 Flaming Burst) Attack Roll: [1d20+18] -> [5,18] = (23) ===> Damage: [1d8+3+1d6+0] -> [2,3,6,0] = (11)
(159) Daelan La'neral: Longbow, composite+3 (+2 Flaming Burst) Attack Roll: [1d20+18] -> [5,18] = (23) ===> Damage: [1d8+3+1d6+0] -> [8,3,4,0] = (15)
(159) Daelan La'neral: Longbow, composite+3 (+2 Flaming Burst) Attack Roll: [1d20+18] -> [1,18] = (19) ===> Damage: [1d8+3+1d6+0] -> [5,3,3,0] = (11)
Sevis Goloens: Fortitude save: [1d20+9] -> [16,9] = (25)
(154) DM: (2 hits)
(154) DM: It shrugs off the missile attacks as if they were nothing more than drops of rain from the sky.
(154) DM: (11, Morti)
** (152) Morti hops down from the horse, and weaves his hands once more, "I said back off." Biting out the incantation he fires forth four more bolts. Magic Missile: [4d4+4] -> [4,2,3,4,4] = (17) **
(154) DM: (forgot to mention that Drenla cast bull's strength on Atross last round, on 5)
(155) Atross: (Did Drenla say,"Beat the snot of it" too?)
(154) DM: The force of the missiles causes him to recoil even more, as if he were made not of flesh but of liquid. Clearly you have never seen or engaged such a being before.
(154) DM: They injure him but not as much as you might have hoped.
(157) Jarvis: ((Mine))
(157) Jarvis: ((?))
(154) DM: (no, since Sev has a higher Dex than you)
(154) DM: (10, Sev)
** Sevis Goloens does a backflip kicking out with both feet twice before landing again **
Sevis Goloens: Flurry of Blows Attack Roll: [1d20+16-2] -> [19,16,-2] = (33) ===> Damage: [2d6+3] -> [5,4,3] = (12)
Sevis Goloens: Flurry of Blows Attack Roll: [1d20+16-2] -> [14,16,-2] = (28) ===> Damage: [2d6+3] -> [3,6,3] = (12)
Sevis Goloens: Flurry of Blows Attack Roll: [1d20+13-2] -> [19,13,-2] = (30) ===> Damage: [2d6+3] -> [5,1,3] = (9)
Sevis Goloens: Flurry of Blows Attack Roll: [1d20+10-2] -> [9,10,-2] = (17) ===> Damage: [2d6+3] -> [4,5,3] = (12)
Sevis Goloens: Flurry of Blows Attack Roll: [1d20+7-2] -> [13,7,-2] = (18) ===> Damage: [2d6+3] -> [1,6,3] = (10)
Sevis Goloens: (( 35dmg for the 3 hits ))
(154) DM: It seems to have taken less than what you expected. In all of your attacks, it clearly has suffered injuries but does not shed any blood. Indeed, when a sword has pierced it or when Sevis has struck at it, it recoils and gives way, much like you would expect butter to give from a heated knife.
(154) DM: (10, Jarv)
** (157) Jarvis finishes his spell, and a last crackle courses down his body. He raises a hand, and points a finger at the being. A bolt of lightning appears about thirty feet above the fighter, and slams into him. Jarvis keeps his finger pointed at the warrior, the current still shuddering through his body. **
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+10] -> [4,10] = (14)
(157) Jarvis: Damage: [3d6] -> [4,5,3] = (12)
(154) DM: (DC for save?)
(157) Jarvis: ((Reflex DC 16 for half))
(154) DM: It emits a soundless scream and flees.
(154) DM: (or attempts to flee next round)
Thom: (( AoOs? ))
(154) DM: (not its turn yet)
(154) DM: (9, Atr)
Thom: (( even better... :P ))
** (155) Atross continues his barrage with practiced ease, and somewhat more success than his opening volley. **
(155) Atross: Greatbow Attack Roll 1: [1d20+9+5+2+1+1] -> [16,9,5,2,1,1] = (34)
(155) Atross: Greatbow Attack Roll 1: [1d20+9+5+2+1+1] -> [14,9,5,2,1,1] = (32)
(155) Atross: Greatbow Attack Roll 2: [1d20+4+5+2+1+1] -> [13,4,5,2,1,1] = (26)
(154) DM: (3 hits)
(155) Atross: Flaming Greatbow Damage: [1d10+3+2+1+1] -> [5,3,2,1,1] = (12) Fire Damage: [1d6] -> [2] = (2)
(155) Atross: Flaming Greatbow Damage: [1d10+3+2+1+1] -> [10,3,2,1,1] = (17) Fire Damage: [1d6] -> [1] = (1)
(155) Atross: Flaming Greatbow Damage: [1d10+3+2+1+1] -> [1,3,2,1,1] = (8) Fire Damage: [1d6] -> [1] = (1)
(154) DM: (27, Thm)
** Thom makes a quick small step adjustment to get behind the warrior and then strikes twice quickly at the warrior's back, trying to find some weak spots where he can really harm this thing. (( Attacks at [1d20+16] -> [18,16] = (34) and [1d20+11] -> [20,11] = (31).)) **
(154) DM: It springs away with each attack, not shedding blood, but it's reactions seem less sure with each successive blow.
(154) DM: (2 hits)
Thom: Crit Check: [1d20+11] -> [10,11] = (21)
Thom: [1d6+5] -> [2,5] = (7) and [1d6+5] -> [3,5] = (8) damage
(154) DM: It recoils with each blow.
(154) DM: (22, hawk)
(157) Jarvis: Windchaser recoils from the lightening that came so close to her, emits a loud screech, turns, and heads back towards Jarvis.
(154) DM: (you don't need to move her each square, just move her the necessary amount of squares automatically)
(154) DM: It attempts to flee into the forest. (AoO by Sev and Thm)
** Thom swings his sword back into position after his two attacks, just enough to try and strike the warrior as it attempts to flee. [1d20+16] -> [18,16] = (34) **
Thom: [1d6+5] -> [6,5] = (11) damage
Sevis Goloens: UnArmed Attack Roll: [1d20+16] -> [4,16] = (20) ===> Damage: [2d6+3] -> [1,4,3] = (8)
(154) DM: (8 was a miss)
(154) DM: It recoils, giving way as the sword pierces it's skin. Where you would expect blood to seep out, nothing but shadowstuff escapes into the air, turning the area foul and corrupting the land beneath. Grass immediately withers and dies, and the land turns barren for a few feet in all directions. It bolts out of your immediate area and flees.
(154) DM: (20 was a miss, sorry.)
** (159) Daelan La'neral lowers his bow,looking at the others," Well better go check on the female Edan." **
** Thom makes his way over to the woman, to check on her. **
** Sevis Goloens gives chase **
** Thom raises the woman's back off the ground while checking her wounds, mumbling some. **
** (159) Daelan La'neral unties his horse,then rides over to Morti," Brought the wagon,anyone going to check the dead Edan?" **
(152) Morti: (the thing's heading into the woods, right? Are the trees close enough together to supposrt a web spell?)
** (155) Atross lowers the bow as the thing retreats. "What is that thing?" he asks as he approaches the "strangers". **
(154) DM: (it has a one round head start on you, at least. and no.)
(154) DM: (and you'll catch Sevis as well)
(152) Morti: (I don't mind webbing sevis a bit)
(154) TaliesinNYC: heh
Thom: "She needs some help, she's still hurt badly. Daelan, you have any more of your healing salves?"
(154) DM: (you can try)
(159) Daelan La'neral: " Take her to the wagon Thom,I have some salves still."
(159) Daelan La'neral: " I can make more too."
** Thom picks up the injured woman and carries her to his horse first, then uses his horse to get Rhian to the wagon. **
** (159) Daelan La'neral rides behind Thom,stopping at the wagon,hops off his horse and waits. **
(157) Jarvis: ((Erm, is the thing still there?))
(152) Morti: (can try.. as in the web 'might' work? Or weere you refering to somethingelse?)
(159) Daelan La'neral: (( no it ran off into the woods))
** Thom gets Rhian into the wagon, where Daelan can try to heal her. **
(157) Jarvis: ((It was running into the woods... It hasn't made it yet, has it? Where are we in Init?))
** (155) Atross examines the fallen, since he's not any use to the wounded. **
Thom: "Whatever you can do Daelan. She's not bleeding as bad now, but she still needs help."
(159) Daelan La'neral: " I will do what I can Thom."
** (159) Daelan La'neral closes his eyes,placing his hand upon her wounds,his hand glows slightly as he casts ( CLW) on her [1d8+5] -> [3,5] = (8) **
** (157) Jarvis walks over to the wounded woman. **
(154) DM: (I said you can try)
** (159) Daelan La'neral opens up his healing kit and takes out some salve and begins to apply it to her wounds. **
** (152) Morti grumbles at the disappearance of the fiend, and turns to more important matters. He hurried to Rhian's side, kneeling down beside her to ask Daelan: "Will she be alright?" **
(154) DM: (Jarvis, it fled on 22, which is when it normally went)
Thom: "She will Morti, she is already looking better than when I first got to her."
(159) Daelan La'neral: " Her wounds though bad,they will heal with the proper items."
(157) Jarvis: ((Yep, I was trying to work out if I could hit it with anothe bolt. I have 7 left))
Thom: "Morti, why does she look familiar? You seem to know who she is."
** Sevis Goloens calls back to the others, "Should I follow it?" **
(152) Morti: :nods: "It's Rhian! At least... it looks like her. You met her. Remember? Back in Highkeep."
(159) Daelan La'neral: Salve: [2d6] -> [3,2] = (5)
(154) DM: (possible, but it does have a one round head start on you, at least)
(157) Jarvis: ((I have a range of 180 feet))
(154) DM: (true, but after a while, as Sevis will tell you later, it vanishes)
Thom: "Ahh, yes... I remember now. I only saw her for a short time there. But, how is it that she could have been killed here, when we know her in our future?"
(157) Jarvis: ((So, in other words, I can't kill it. I'll let it go then))
(154) DM: (well, you can try.)
(152) Morti: "She's not killed!" :inisists: "And I dunno. I mean,.. I figured she was older then she looked... but...."
(157) Jarvis: ((I'll keep throwing bolts at it until I no longer can. One a round, and I can move 30 feet a round. How many would I get off? The init orders gone, so...))
** Sevis Goloens comes back after a while "It vanished into thin air" **
(154) DM: (very well then. I wish you had stated this earlier)
Thom: "No Morti, she's not. But if we had not been here, she more than likely would have been."
** (159) Daelan La'neral applies the last of his salve to her other wound [2d6] -> [6,5] = (11) **
(157) Jarvis: ((I was waiting for my turn to come up. And... it didn't, and then the mini dissapeared.))
(154) DM: (the mini disappeared because as I stated earler, each square is 5' and it runs into the forest.)
(154) DM: (so if it disappeared, that means its off the screen)
(154) DM: (it moves at a rate of at least 30')
(159) Daelan La'neral: " All I have left now are my healing potions,I need to make some more salves,but her bleeding has stopped and her wounds are healing for now."
(157) Jarvis: ((Ok. Well, that's fine. Summary, it got away. How 'bout we leave it at that, save confusion, and get to what's happening now?))
(152) Morti: "I dunno. Maybe something else was going to save her."
Thom: "Thank you Daelan. Save your potions for when they are required. If you can make more slave to help it later, it would be greatly appreciated."
** (152) Morti looks around for something else that would have saved Rhian." **
** (157) Jarvis walks over to the wounded woman, kneels down beside her, and lays his right hand over any injuries. Slowly, they heal. **
(159) Daelan La'neral: " I shall Thom,it will take me several hours to make some more salves. In the mean time she needs to rest as does some of the others here who are wounded."
** Thom looks down at Rhian and speaks softly to her. "Rhian, can you hear me?" **
(154) DM: (it fled, Sevis gave chase. now you want to give chase. what's the confusion?)
** (159) Daelan La'neral looks at Jarvis," Seems he is a healer as well." **
(157) Jarvis: ((No, no confusion. Just, to save a lot of stuffing around, and time, it got away. I'll be quiker to respond in the future. Mark this up to a lesson learned))
Thom: "Thank you Jarvis. If you have any more healing abilities, would you check on Sevis, he got hit a bit back there as well."
(154) DM: (if you want to give chase, let me know, I still have the init order. my beef is, I wish you had said this immediately after and not waited)
** (154) Rhian Aes Sedai seems to be slowly waking up. **
(157) Jarvis: ((Yep, I apologise. I thought that it was still someone else's turn. I'll let it go. I've gone and started healing Rhian))
** (152) Morti fidgets a bit nervously over Rhian as the others tend to her. **
Thom: "Welcome back Rhian."
** Thom sits back from Rhain as she starts to move around. **
(154) Rhian Aes Sedai: (well...it was someone else's turn. usually when something flees, I tend to cut off combat unless someone states they immediately give chase.)
(154) DM: (woops)
(157) Jarvis: ((Yep, okay. I'll remember that in future))
** Sevis Goloens goes and takes a look at the woman, then sits down to tend his wounds **
(154) DM: (you haven't had the benefit of me running combat in the Fri game, so naturally you don't know how I run things)
Thom: (( Rhian - don't talk so much, you are still weak... :P ))
** (157) Jarvis stands up. "Anyone else have any injuries?" **
Thom: "Would you check on Sevis, he got hit a bit back there as well."
** (159) Daelan La'neral walks away from the others,sits down and begins to take out some leaves,bark and moss,a bowl and a mortar and begins to crush them together,adding a little water as he does. **
(155) Atross: "Seomeone over here, don't know him but he looks dead."
Sevis Goloens: "I have a little nic on my sholder, but not that painfull"
** (159) Daelan La'neral looks up at Atross," Take his things and add them to the growing pile in the wagon." **
** (157) Jarvis walks over to Sevis. He puts his right hand on his shoulder, and it dissapears. **
** Thom looks at Morti as Daelan leaves. "Sometimes, that elf can be so aggravating. And then, the next moment he's helping heal someone he doesn't know. He is a strange one, no?" **
(157) Jarvis: ((The cut that is, not the shoulder))
(152) Morti: :shrugs to Thom: "Maybe he just saves his niceness for certain occassions."
** (152) Morti watches Rhian, not sure if she would recognize him. **
** (154) Rhian Aes Sedai slowly wakes up.... **
(154) Rhian Aes Sedai: Ferrin? Fer--
(154) Rhian Aes Sedai: Who are you? (warily) Where is Ferrin?
** Thom sits nearby as well, watching over Rhian. As she starts to wake up, he gently holds her shoulders down. "Easy there, you took a couple nasty hits there." **
(152) Morti: :gulp "Miss Rh... please relax, you've been injured."
Sevis Goloens: "What was tha liquid human thing?"
** Thom glances at Morti, warning him slightly. **
** (155) Atross walks over to the wagon after he's through examining the fallen warrior. **
Thom: "Yes maam, you need to relax. Ferrin, is he the one that was fighting with you?"
(152) Morti: :glances to the fallen man, woeflly:
(157) Jarvis: (To Sevis) "I don't know. I've never seen anything like it". He lets out a small snort of laughter. "Whatever it was, it certainly didn't like lightning, did it?"
Sevis Goloens: "Didnt seem to like me much either, but that did not stop it from vanishing
** (154) Rhian Aes Sedai is a human woman, of medium height with light auburn hair flowing down her back. She has very pale skin, yet her eyes are a warm brown and very expressive. Her face seems as if it is an open book, as if by glancing at it you can sense her emotions. **
(154) Rhian Aes Sedai: Ferrin...yes, he is....(glances over and gives a cry)...he was.
(154) Rhian Aes Sedai: He was my Warder. (falls silent)
(152) Morti: :hangs his head: "I'm sorry for your loss."
Sevis Goloens: "Warder? It that like a bodyguard?"
** Thom gently tries to calm the woman. "I am truely sorry maam. We did not arrive in time to save him, and barely in time for you." **
(154) Rhian Aes Sedai: A bodyguard....yes, in a manner of speaking. We were bound, and now he is dead. (is in shock)
Thom: "Where were you two headed, to be passing through here?"
(154) Rhian Aes Sedai: I was on my way east, to the Tower. (is suddenly wary)
Sevis Goloens: "So do you know who the liquid man was?"
(155) Atross: "Or what?"
** Thom seems to note the change in feelings from her and backs up just slightly. "I only ask because I was going to offer that we aid you in reaching that goal, if we could." **
** (159) Daelan La'neral walks over to Sevis handing him a small package,then hands one to Thom." Healing salves,three uses each." **
** Thom nods in thanks to Dealan. **
** (159) Daelan La'neral looks down at the woman," So Edan what name are you called?" **
Sevis Goloens: "Thanks"
(154) Rhian Aes Sedai: That was a gholam.
(154) Rhian Aes Sedai: What?
(159) Daelan La'neral: " Name do you have a name,or am I to call you Edan?"
Thom: "Actually.. is a gholam. It escaped before we could end it..."
(152) Morti: "Eh? What kind of golem?" :mistaking the two:
** (157) Jarvis removes his hand from Sevis, apparently satisfied that he is patched up enough, and turns to listen to the woman. **
** (155) Atross looks around for the arrows that misfired while he listens. **
(154) Rhian Aes Sedai: What...is an Edan?
Sevis Goloens: "It's his word for Human"
(154) Rhian Aes Sedai: Oh.
** (159) Daelan La'neral laughs softly," It means Human." **
** (154) Rhian Aes Sedai seems taken aback. **
(154) Rhian Aes Sedai: My name is Rhian.
Thom: "We still don't understand why he uses Edan instead of Human, which he apparently can say, but that's they way of an elf apparently."
(159) Daelan La'neral: " I am Daelan La'neral of the Asta'Rhimm,you may call me Daelan."
(159) Daelan La'neral: " I am a Quessir,elf is a curse to me Thom. As is me calling you Human instead of Edan."
** (154) Rhian Aes Sedai nods slowly. "Greetings, Daelan, and well met, of sorts." **
(152) Morti: : ingquires to Dael: "Does Edan apply to Aes Sedai?"
(154) Rhian Aes Sedai: I thank you for coming to my aid, for if you had not, I would now be dead.
(159) Daelan La'neral: " Is she a Edan,she looks like one,and talks like one."
(155) Atross: "Reacts like one too, unlike that gholam."
Sevis Goloens: "And your an Elf"
Thom: "Well, Rhian. It is good to meet you. I am Mikal. This is Garret (indicating Morti), Calehan (indicating Atross), Tian (indicating Sevis), and Jarvis."
(154) Drenla: My lady. (bows)
(159) Daelan La'neral: " Very well Human Sevis."
(154) Rhian Aes Sedai: And who are you? (is slightly amused at being called "my lady")
(152) Morti: "Eh?" :glances to Thom with some confusiion:
** (157) Jarvis makes a gesture halfway between a wave and a mock-salute, and says "Well met". **
(154) Drenla: I....well, my name is Drenla. (seems as if he would say something else but thinks better of it)
** Thom glances at Morti for a second, almost pleading with his eyes momentarily. **
** Tian nods at Rhian **
(159) Daelan La'neral: " Thom you are no longer Mikal,nor is Morti called Garret,did you take a blow to the head and forget your names?"
(154) Rhian Aes Sedai: Well met to all of you. (smiles sadly)
(152) Morti: :It takes a moment, but eventually Morti gives Thom a wink of one blue eye... apparently understanding:
** Thom glares at Daelan with a harsh look, trying to hide it from Rhian. **
** (155) Atross sighs. **
(152) Morti: :turns to Dael: "Even I', not that dumb."
** (154) Rhian Aes Sedai seems to not have heard Daelan, turning sorrowfully to Ferrin. "We will need to bury him, to ensure that he does not rise as a Shadowspawn." **
(157) Jarvis: (Speaking quietly, but not whispering) "They can't even remeber their own names. What manner of fools have I landed myself with this time?"
(152) Morti: "Shadowspaen? What's that?"
Thom: "As I said maam Rhian, if you need some aid in getting to your destination, we would be happy to provide it. Since we were not able to stop that gholam thing."
(154) Rhian Aes Sedai: Will you help me in this? And after, I shall be on my way. I thank you, again.
(154) Rhian Aes Sedai: You would come with me? To the Tower?
(159) Daelan La'neral: " I have no idea Jarvis,maybe its one of those future past things again."
(152) Morti: "Which tower?"
** (154) Rhian Aes Sedai is taken aback again. **
** (157) Jarvis gestures towards the body of the fallen warrior. "How long will it take for him to rise as a... Shadowspawn, was it? **
(154) Rhian Aes Sedai: You have never heard of the White Tower? At Nith'Tar Valon?
** Thom starts to ask which tower, but catches the owrds in his breath as Morti beats him to it. **
(154) Rhian Aes Sedai: If he is not properly buried, he will rise within three days.
Thom: "Well, there are just many towers maam. We needed to know which one." he says with a gentle smile.
(155) Atross: "We seem to have an abundance of general towers in the vicinity, that's all."
** (157) Jarvis looks at Daelan "Future Past things? Erm..." He shakes his head in a mixture of amusement and concern. **
(152) Morti: 0.0 :completely forgot about his mask expressions as a gaping expression comes to light: "I was just on my way to the Ruby Citadel. But I definately want to see the White Tower!"
** Tian shrugs "It's not that far out of our way" **
(154) Rhian Aes Sedai: There is only one Tower, but you must be travellers from a distant land, to have never heard of it.
** Thom looks up to Morti. "Garret, is that far from our planned destination? I do not know this area well at all." **
(157) Jarvis: "Could you not get him the aid of a cleric in three days?"
(159) Daelan La'neral: " Long story,hard to even tell it really,does not make sense to me either,they have to be wary of who they meet and who they kill because it will affect them in the future."
Thom: "Then it is settled, we will travel to the White Tower."
** (154) Rhian Aes Sedai peers at Jarvis. "He was slain by a gholam, my friend. Anyone slain by a creature of the Dark One becomes a pawn of the Dark One unless prevented. A cleric will be useless." **
** (157) Jarvis just stares at the elf. "Right. I'll take your word for it". **
(152) Morti: :to Thom: "I'm not to good at directions, but, I think it's just a couple days out of the way." (completely guessing) "Besides, maybe someone there can help Elamurix."
Thom: "Then how do we properly bury him? Is there some sort of ritual?"
(159) Daelan La'neral: " They get mad at me when I say I am going to kill Almeena."
(154) Rhian Aes Sedai: I will perform the ritual as long as he is buried.
** (155) Atross says aside to Jarvis, "I can try to explain it better when we have time, since this is a very confusing situation." **
(154) Rhian Aes Sedai: I may have been Accepted only recently, but I do know of one or two rituals that might be of use.
** (157) Jarvis just shakes his head. (Daelan) "Okay... That's.... erm... that's great" He mutters something that sounds like "Madmen" **
** Thom looks to those milling about. "Can you guys bury this poor Warder, so that he will be able to rest in peace?" **
(159) Daelan La'neral: " Sure Th...er Mikal."
(157) Jarvis: ((What's the ground around here like? Hard, soft, clay...?))
(154) DM: (soil, like a forest in the eastern U.S.)
** (159) Daelan La'neral walks to the wagon looking for a shovel. **
** Thom turns back to Rhian. "You rest here a bit more, we will have him buried properly soon." **
(157) Jarvis: ((Ok... Let me rephrase that, having never been outside of Australia, it's not a lot of help. Is it going to be especially difficult to dig through?))
(152) Morti: (it's dirt)
(159) Daelan La'neral: (( loose soil,moist,good for planting things))
** Thom helps Daelan locate a shovel or two and then helps the others working on burying the body. **
(157) Jarvis: ((Ok, gotcha))
(152) Morti: [1d8] -> [7] = (7)
(152) Morti: (oops, ignore that)
(159) Daelan La'neral: (( just don't bury him in the area that the creature killed all the grass and such))
** (159) Daelan La'neral digs the hole with Thom," So whats with the name change?" **
** Thom very quietly explains why he used the names he did when he is away from Rhian and helping to bury Ferrin. **
** Sevis Goloens sits quietly seemingly off in his own world **
** (152) Morti stays with Rhian, asking curiously, "So, why were you surprised we would follow you to the Tower?" **
** (157) Jarvis heads over to Rhian and Morti, and sits down beside them. Windchaser flies over, and lands on his outstretched arm. **
(159) Daelan La'neral: " So you know her from the future and yet you save her now,so when the future comes she is going to be looking for the ones whose names you gave and not you,how do you know that you did not just change your own future by lying now?"
Sevis Goloens: (( AFK for a smoke ))
Thom: ::quietly, to avoid Rhian overhearing:: "I do not know. I am unsure how Rhian even came to be with Morti and Atross. I just wasn't sure that we should tell her right away. We can always explain things later, when she feels much more comfortable that we won't hurt her."
(159) Daelan La'neral: " And you think she is going to trust you more once she finds out you lied to her?"
** (155) Atross joins Daelan and Thom in the hole, shovel or not and at least pretends to help dig so he can butt in. **
** Thom looks to Atross, wanting his input since he had travelled with Rhian in the future past. **
(154) Rhian Aes Sedai: Because of who we are, Garret, is it?
(152) Morti: "Eh? You mean Aes Sedai? What's wrong with them?"
** Thom quickly fills Atross in on what he did. **
(154) Rhian Aes Sedai: You know of us? But you did not know about the Tower. (is confused)
Thom: "From what I know of her, she might understand. I do not know, I just did not feel right in giving true names of people she would meet in her future as younger people."
(155) Atross: "There's no way she wouldn't recognize 'Garret' in the future. I'm not exactly forgettable either. I don't think there's any point in hiding it since when we meet her there's no way that we know that she knows, which she must have known if she ever met us."
(152) Morti: "Well I'm not really from around here. I forgot that the White Tower was in the area. I've only ever heard of the place from yo-auh... a friend."
(154) Rhian Aes Sedai: Well....perhaps you have travelled far, it is possible. (considers)
Thom: "Very well Atross. I will try to explain it to her. Do you think I should explain about the future as well, to help her understand better? I just did not want to overwhelm her quite yet."
(155) Atross: "Though I don't know how well she'll take the whole truth, there's nothing unusual about us now, and she must have gotten over whatever it was in the future."
(159) Daelan La'neral: " Atross what you just said makes even less sense than if it came from an Orc. You are so worried about the future you are going to mess up the present."
(152) Morti: "So... are you going on important business?"
Thom: "Very well, I guess I'll explain myself to her. After all, Morti is over there with her, if left alone, he'll probably slip up and end up telling her anyway."
(155) Atross: "The opposite really."
Thom: "But let's get her ex-Warder taken care of first, then explain everything."
(154) Rhian Aes Sedai: I belong to an order called the Gray Ajah, which is an order dedicated to the art of diplomacy. There are other orders within the Aes Sedai, who hold power within the Tower and elsewhere. We work to bring peace in the world and to hold back the Dark One, that Tarmon'Gaidon should come after our lifetime.
(159) Daelan La'neral: " I have nothing to explain,I am not from the future living in the past,I am here and now,not worrying about the future,since I can not see into the future."
(159) Daelan La'neral: " If it is evil kill it,if it is good save it,it is that simple."
(157) Jarvis: "Tarmon'Gaidon?"
(154) Rhian Aes Sedai: Important business? (to Garret) Um, no.
(155) Atross: "A guiding principle to live by."
Thom: "No you do not Daelan, I will be the one to explain it. You just keep a close eye out for that thing, in case it tries for her again."
(154) Rhian Aes Sedai: Yes, the Old Tongue for "the end of the world". Otherwise known as "the Last Battle" against the Dark One.
Sevis Goloens: (( back ))
Sevis Goloens: "Sounds like Armagedon"
** (157) Jarvis nods. He looks up at the others, checking how much progess they've made in digging the grave. **
Thom: (( how much progress are we making on the grave/ ))
(152) Morti: "Sounds terrible.
(154) DM: (stopping in 10 minutes)
(154) DM: (a bit. I'll ff)
(152) Morti: "Have you been getting attacked often as of late?"
** (154) Rhian Aes Sedai spreads her arms wide as Ferrin's corpse is lowered into the grave. **
Thom: (( Thom suddenly starts digging like he is moving 10x normal speed, and thin white lines can be seen across the entire scene... ))
Sevis Goloens: (( lol ))
(157) Jarvis: ((Heh))
(154) Rhian Aes Sedai: May the powers above and the powers within the world preserve the soul of Ferrin who was my Warder, that he should sleep the endless sleep of the Beyond, that he should remain out of the reach of this world and out of the reach of He Whose Name Is To Remain Unspoken. May this be now and forever.
** Thom stands back reverantly as Rhian goes through her ritual. **
** (157) Jarvis watches with mild interest **
** (152) Morti humbly bows his head and pays his repsects **
(154) DM: As Rhian speaks, the pile of dirt that was Ferrin's grave smooths itself, and grass begins to grow at an accelerated rate.
** Sevis Goloens bows his head and recites the death rites he was taught **
** (155) Atross watches solemnly **
(154) DM: In a manner of minutes, where there was once a hole in the ground is now forest floor.
** Thom watches in amazement at Rhian's ritual, never having seen her spells before. **
** (154) Rhian Aes Sedai ceases concentrating, exhausted and spent. **
** Sevis Goloens looks up after he is done "I wonder if my God is in this world as well. Thats something I will have to look into when we arive at a large enough city" **
** Thom supports Rhian and leads her back to the coach. **
(159) Daelan La'neral: " This Dark One you speak of does it have a name? There is one called Shai'Tan that we call the Dark One,are they the same?"
(152) Morti: :to Sevis: " I dunno. Who's your God?"
** (154) Rhian Aes Sedai looks up sharply at Daelan, as if to ward off a mortal blow. **
(159) Daelan La'neral: " It would seem that they are the same."
(154) Rhian Aes Sedai: Never speak his name! Never! To do so is to make the One hear you! To do so is to court death!
Thom: "And now we know, so Daelan will do do so again, right Daelan?"
Thom: (( *will not do ))
(157) Jarvis: "On the plus side, an anniversary gift from death would likely be interesting"
** (154) Rhian Aes Sedai shakes her head slowly and is led back to the carriage. **
(159) Daelan La'neral: " He is the one along with Almeena that are gathering forces around Kern."
Thom: "Garret - take my horse will you? I'd like to ride in the coach for a while."
(154) DM: (and on that note, we'll stop. next session next week, we'll begin two days after this encounter, near the border of Gwythnecht)
** (155) Atross chuckles as he quietly tells himself, "What he lacks in tact he lacks in discretion as well as caution. Still, it's good to have a variety of opinions." **
(152) Morti: "Eh? I don't ride very well. Can't the horse just follow?"
(154) DM: (after next session will be our every other week thing. next session will be from 9 pm to 3 am)
Thom: (( sounds good. ))
Sevis Goloens: "God, was th only name we called him. Though I have learned that in this world you have more then one God. Yahweh is one name I remember"

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