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(2271) Dj Gilcrease: ((I read the log))
(2273) Morti: Eh? i think everyone's intent on searching for a drake's cave that may or may not exist
(2276) Zane: (( we decided dragon horde - then call Prism Palace, and travel to get items. ))
(2273) Morti: We plan to use dowsing to follow it. Now where did I leave my metal rods?
(2271) Dj Gilcrease: ((Though there seems to be a missing log cause where #57 leaves off is not where #58 starts.))
(2274) Commius: Just use two sticks. Works for me when I am thrirsty in the desert.
(2276) Zane: (( and then, I believe, we were going 3, 2, 1 - Caer, Inverness, Krell ))
(2287) DM: ((should check the site under the Saturday IC chat))
(2271) Dj Gilcrease: (( Ahh ok ))
(2287) DM: (so Daelan wants to track a creature that flew for several days? never mind that the creature is dead AND it's been at least seven days since you fought it)
(2287) DM: (please clarify)
(2273) Morti: (don't forget the time it will take to get back to the area ^_^ )
(2281) Atross: (The goal would be to find it's lair in the area that it usually roamed, much more than to follow it back from the ruins area)
(2287) DM: (I see. And how do you plan on doing this?)
(2276) Zane: (( but it will take a long time to track the lair down, time we probably don't have. ))
(2273) Morti: ( :presents metal rods: )
(2271) Dj Gilcrease: (( ok whats missing still even from the IC section is why we are back as our origonal Chars in these woods not as the ones we entered the Focus as. The last part of #57 says that Elamurix fades and becomes...Claude d'Amberville, then our suroundings change. Log 58 has us back at the WoT as our origonal chars, so now our Alt chars are in time limbo or did time catch up? ))
(2281) Atross: ((Oh, the stuff from in the focus is missing... How ironic)
(2271) Dj Gilcrease: (( Ya There is nothing from what happened in the focus in the logs ))
(2276) Zane: (( we are our original characters, but still in the past. The focus stripped the magic that had our minds in the year 3000 bodies. So, now we are ourselves again, just lost in time. ))
(2273) Morti: (basically we got time F***ed and now we're in the past in our present selves. It's very confusing)
(2276) Zane: (( so - are you going to try and track the dragon lari, or not? ))
(2276) Zane: (( *lair ))
(2281) Atross: ((We took Claude with us when we left but he got away and Elamurix is comatose.))
Sevis Goloens: (( boo I was starting to like Tian :( ))
(2287) DM: ((I want to clarify something))
(2287) DM: ((the magic in the Focus basically caused you to "wake up"))
(2273) Morti: (welll, on the bright side, maybe him and Garret are in the future in High keep ready to kick the Tempest's bitch ass)
(2281) Atross: ((Yeah, you ever had a dream where you could do things you can't normally? Like that))
(2309) JJ (enter): 23:02
(2309) JJ (exit): 23:02
(2287) DM: (I just want to know how you plan on searching for the onyx drake lair.)
Sevis Goloens: (( ok I got it now. ))
(2273) Morti: (throw a dart at a map and hope for good luck?)
(2281) Atross: ((What I heard was go to the environmentally ruined area and have a look-see))
(2276) Zane: (( the high and mighty elf said that he could track it. :P ))
Sevis Goloens: ((Well the wolves told Tian where it was, so Sevis should know right?
(2281) Atross: ((But I'm an archer not a scout))
Sevis Goloens: ))
(2273) Morti: (tell Tian where it's cave is, or where the drake itself was?)
(2275) Daelan La'neral: (( I figured to go back to the area that was destroyed by the Drake and see if there are any hills or mountains that would make a good lair for it))
Sevis Goloens: (( his lair, I asked them after we killed it ))
(2287) DM: ((the wolves told Tian where it was coming from, NOT where it was living. subtle difference))
(2276) Zane: (( ok - it looks like we do not have a very good plan - let's pass on the lair and go after the items that we need to make sure do not fall into evil hands. ))
(2281) Atross: ((Black drakes prefer swampy areas, preferably a lair with only underwater access since they can breath underwater... Er))
(2287) DM: (well, you see, that's a huge area. you're talking about the northeastern portion of Loring's Wood, near the moor in northern Damrosil)
(2273) Morti: (so, Krell then?)
(2276) Zane: (( Krell is the furthest away. Caer is semi-close, and we would pass through Pelham on the way, to restock supplies. ))
(2273) Morti: (yeah... but it seems the easiest)
(2276) Zane: (( Caer, then Inverness, then Krell (3, 2, 1) was what I thought we had decided on... ))
(2287) DM: (ok)
(2276) Zane: (( all we need for Caer is a story or song. ))
(2281) Atross: (Although of power and wealth we don't have much of either.)
(2275) Daelan La'neral: (( You will have those when you meet with Krell after getting the stuff from the other places))
(2281) Atross: (Precisely)
(2281) Atross: ((That tower is just ripe for liberation))
(2273) Morti: (okey doke. Caer then)
(2273) Morti: (cool, and I can visit the Ruby citadel)
(2275) Daelan La'neral: ( so this guy krell who wants powerful things,and you show up with this potion and the other items you need to bring back the king,what if he wants one of the items for his keys?)
(2276) Zane: (( so - we are going to visit Caer, passing through Pelham then, ok? Any objections? ))
(2281) Atross: (Then we kill him and take the keys? I mean we negotiate)
(2276) Zane: (( we'll cross that bridge when we get to it Daelan. ))
(2273) Morti: (right then. Off for Pelham, and I assume thom will open those chests in the Duke's wagon along the way. ^_^ )
(2276) Zane: (( but of course. ))
(2287) DM: (ok, you head off in the direction of Pelham then)
Thom: (( yep. ))
(2287) DM: You estimate it will take you about a week of travel to cross through the remainder of Loring's Wood, heading east to Gwythnecht and then to the capital of the magocracy.
(2287) DM: None of you have been there before. You have no idea what to expect, only that you'll have seen more magic than ever before you're through. Gwythnecht is ruled by a council of mages, and is one of the richest nations in this part of the world. One of the richest and more powerful, but also, benevolent.
** (2273) Morti can't wait to get there **
** Thom studies the chests that Morti reminded him of the first night they camp, and spends the entire time the ride through the woods looking nervous, his eyes darting everywhere as they travel. **
(2287) DM: It's proximity to Nith'Tar Valon, stronghold of the Aes Sedai as well as the druids of Brynnel have solidified it into a power to be reckoned with. It is also responsible for marshalling defense of the surrounding territory from the dangers in Undolyssil, the Lake of Death.
(2275) Daelan La'neral: " Mages,more of a hinderance than a help." " There is nothing I require in that town of Pelham,I shall wait outside until you are ready to continue onward."
Thom: "As you wish Daelan. However, if you truely are looking to learn more about humans - then it will be an experience you should have."
(2273) Morti: "Mages can be very helpful." :insists: "Come on, you can go see the Ruby Citadel mwith me..." :thinks it over: "If they let me in. I wonder if I have Magus clearance thirty years in the past"
** Sevis Goloens walks along silently contimplating the actions and life of his past self. Still trying to ajust to this new world he will head to the advice of the others for the time being **
(2281) Atross: "If you think that question's bad, I wonder about myself as well. Regardless, I'm gonna need more arrows for this."
(2332) Agatha (enter): 23:22
(2275) Daelan La'neral: " Ever try getting a straight answer from a mage,all they do is hint around and give cryptic clues,nothing but a waste of breath speaking to one."
(2273) Morti: (Wonder if we'll meet Commius there, cowering from prestidigitations)
(2333) (enter): 23:23
(2333) (exit): 23:23
(2273) Morti: :cocks his scarfed head to Dael: "I don't speak in clues... I'm not smart enough for that."
(2275) Daelan La'neral: " You are not a mage Morti,atleast not in the sense of those we have met so far."
(2274) Commius has sent you a tree node...
(2273) Morti: "Sure I am. A full-fledged Magus and all. Just because I'm not that strong yet doesn't change the fact." :states proudly:
(2275) Daelan La'neral: " Yes it does Morti."
Thom: "Daelan, you still have much to learn about labeling people. Not all mages are the same, just as not all fighters are the same, just as not all rulers are the same.
(2273) Morti: :retorts childlishly: "Right... most elves I've met were nice. But looks at you."
(2275) Daelan La'neral: " I never claimed to like you Edan have I Morti."
(2275) Daelan La'neral: " Some of you I have grown to tolerate and slightly respect,but calling yourself a mage is like pronouncing yourself a king without a kingdom."
Thom: "Sometimes I wonder if you even like your own parents..." he mutters, but loud enough that Daelan can easily hear.
** (2273) Morti sticks out his tounge, the gestured played out in his enchanted mask as a flapping extension of cloth **
** (2287) Drenla says nothing and smiles gently. **
(2275) Daelan La'neral: " Sure I liked my parents Thom,they were not Edan's."
(2287) Drenla: I have been to Gwythnecht, but that was a very long time ago. A very long time. (takes on an introspective look)
Sevis Goloens: "Yes labaling people just by the title they carry, or skills they posess is Dangorus. My family was killed due to stupid people assuming something about them based soly on who thier distant relatives were"
(2336) Mazrim (enter): 23:30
(2273) Morti: :grumbles in annoyance as he turns his back to the group: "S'not like I claimed to be the magister."
(2281) Atross: "More than 30 years or less?"
(2281) Atross: "I'd hate for you to bump into yourself here, unless you're supposed to."
Thom: "Of course, I forgot Daelan - elves rule, everyone else drools. So, why do you degrade yourself to travel with so many lower forms?"
(2287) Drenla: Mmmm, a little over eight years ago. I was one of the youngest mages who took and passed the Test, but because of my relative youth and inexperience, chose to remain cloistered at the Citadel instead of being out in the world.
Thom: "If one was supposed to bump into themselves, wouldn't they remember that?"
Sevis Goloens: "Dont bother listening to this sensless Elf. I think I agree with my past selves opinion of him, he is no longer a true Elf, and will not be untill he gives up his quest for revenge"
(2287) Drenla: I'm not certain it was a wise decision, to have taken the Test at such a young age. I would have changed a few things.
(2273) Morti: "Eh?" :turns his fifteen year old head curiously to his mentor's words:
(2287) Drenla: Well, then I suppose it won't matter, will it? I haven't been born yet.
(2275) Daelan La'neral: " I travel with you Edan,due to the fact that there are so many of you in this land,you can go places that I can not,and to kill the one called Almeena,and to teach you Edan some manners and perhaps some other things as well."
(2336) Mazrim (exit): 23:33
(2273) Morti: "Really?" :speaks thoughtlesy: "I figures you were at least fourty"
Thom: "If your supposed superior attidute is what you call manners, then thanks, but no thanks."
(2281) Atross: "I suppose dying would be something that'd be nice to change, but we can't really try to make changes."
** Sevis Goloens ignores Daelan and goes back to his silent contimplation **
** (2287) Drenla chuckles. "No, Morti, I am old beyond my years, but not much older than you are." **
(2339) y-presser (enter): 23:35
(2339) y-presser (exit): 23:35
(2339) y-presser (enter): 23:35
(2273) Morti: :turns his head suddenly from Drenla to Daelan: "You can't kill Almeena!"
(2275) Daelan La'neral: " Yes I can and I shall."
(2281) Atross: "Oh shoot..."
(2339) y-presser (exit): 23:36
(2339) y-presser (enter): 23:36
(2339) y-presser (exit): 23:36
(2339) y-presser (enter): 23:36
(2339) y-presser (exit): 23:36
(2339) y-presser (enter): 23:36
(2339) y-presser (exit): 23:36
(2339) y-presser (enter): 23:36
Thom: "Why not Morti/ Do you know who she is?"
(2273) Morti: "No you can't..." :his clothen countenace grimaces fierce: "I don't know what it would change."
(2339) y-presser (exit): 23:36
(2281) Atross: "Maybe you can and you will, but I suppose it should be said that you hadn't yet."
(2275) Daelan La'neral: " She means to stop you from getting the items you seek,I intend to kill her at first sight."
(2273) Morti: "No... Ettienne specifically said not to do things that will surely change the future. It could cause even more trouble than its worth."
Thom: "Almeena... Almeena... Wait, is that the same as the Duchess Almeena?"
** (2273) Morti lowers his head from Thom, speaking weakly, "Yeah." **
(2281) Atross: "Whatever happens, she'd better not try to stop us herself. There's no telling what would happen if a younger Almeena had a run in with an older Morti...Though from what I can tell she has a great deal at her command already."
Thom: "Damn! That means we can't kill her. Aren't we going to be able to remove any evil from this world while we are stuck back here?"
(2275) Daelan La'neral: " Well just because you can not kill her does not mean I can not."
Thom: "No Tempest, No Almeena...." Thom mutters and shakes his head upset.
** (2273) Morti glances to Atross after the fighter's suggestion, a glimmer of musing crossing his eyes before he shakes it away." **
(2273) Morti: "You kill her, we kill her. All the same, it would effect a change we can't account for."
Thom: "You don't understand Daelan - she must still be alive. None of us can kill her. For you to do so might mean that you would kill some of us. And don't think that we would allow that to happen."
(2275) Daelan La'neral: " So what happens if we meet her? And she kills me that is fine,but if I kill her,I have to fight the rest of you as well?"
** (2273) Morti sighs... "I don't know." **
(2275) Daelan La'neral: " What happens if my death at her hands causes the your future to change?"
Thom: "I don't know. Let's hope Atross is right, and she herself does not face us. Otherwise, we might..." Thom gets very silent, "have to just flee."
(2273) Morti: :staring up to the sky: "She tends to word through subordinates. Hopefully it won't come to that."
(2281) Atross: "We'd best never meet her. I don't think she'd put herself in harm's way so directly. If she did... She'd be desperate or.. something. I don't think it's safe for her to even meet us in person."
Sevis Goloens: "From what I understand if you kill her we, I dont know about me since I have just arived in this world from another, may have never existed"
(2273) Morti: (work rather)
Thom: "That is right Sevis. her death in this time would be a major alteration to what we know of the past, and we have no idea what effects it could have."
(2275) Daelan La'neral: " And if she kills you now,you will never exist either."
Thom: "Yes we will, because what happens in the furute time to us, is in our past. We will just die.. before we are born... I guess."
(2281) Atross: "We can't just give up if it comes to it. I know I won't. But while we can work to thwart her plans, we can't go looking for her in this time."
Sevis Goloens: "If it comes to that we kock her out and leave her, dont kill her."
Thom: "Just as we must avoid the Tempest, as much as it would be nice to see her out of the picture."
(2273) Morti: "True, she is a major factor in the Kernin government. Without her, some changes may not occur that eventually brought my parents to meet. I might have never been born." :chuckles hollowly: "On the other hand.. if she hadn't been around to find me later... " :sighs in strange thought.:
** Thom turns to Morti and Atross, "So, who else should we avoid? I know of very few people that you two met before you came to highkeep." **
(2287) DM: I can think of a few people. (grimly)
(2287) Drenla: (oops)
(2287) Drenla: I can think of a few people. (grimly)
** Thom looks to Drenla. "Who? Might as well tell me know, so we can avoid complications if we meet them." **
Thom: (( yeah - kinda figured it was Drenla, not the mysterious godlike voice from the skies of the DM... :P ))
(2273) Morti: "Heh?" :glances back: "No idea. Even some nameless guy on the street may turn out to be a high fallooting merchant or such in the future that some how effects greater... things.."
(2281) Atross: "No enemies of mine would be alive now, not that I'd recognize."
(2287) Drenla: Melisana Rothovien, a legendary warrior of great renown, from Cyradia. The Magister slew -- or will have slain her some years from now -- but apparently that was in vain, for she reappeared not long ago and almost killed my liege.
Sevis Goloens: "Probaly best to avoid anyone in power, try to remain unnoticed, though what we are seeking may bring notice if too many people know we are seeking it"
(2281) Atross: "We can only account for certainties, maybe they are a merchant later because they meet us. I don't think anyone's going to be killing random people in the street."
(2275) Daelan La'neral: " Well when we are in the plains there is one group I can tell you that you do not wish to face,if we do,let me do all the talking and do not make any moves unless I say so."
(2287) Drenla: There is also the ilythi'iri matron of Erelhei-cinlu, known to me as Eclavdra.
Thom: "After all - take Duke Karl, whom our alternate selves already killed. Who knows what he might have become, but I believe it was indeed safe to rid the world of him. At least, I surely hope so."
(2345) Sin (enter): 23:51
(2287) Drenla: Her name is legendary in the annals of history of Wylund.
Sevis Goloens: "If not us the Drake would have"
(2345) Sin (exit): 23:51
(2273) Morti: "Our former selves did that. They might have done it anyway. Besides, I don't remember ever hearing of the guy."
(2287) Drenla: So there you have it, two people of great sinister renown who we would do best to avoid.
(2273) Morti: :to Drenla: "What are the chances we'd run into either here in Hyboras at this time?"
Thom: "True. And then, was the drake supposed to die as well? Or should it have lived longer to fulfill some goal? How can we know?" Thom raises a hand to his temple, starting to get a headache from all the questions.
(2287) Drenla: Why Hyboras? We are far from there.
(2281) Atross: "Powerful people can have powerful allies. Death isn't always a certainty either right?"
(2273) Morti: (doh... mind slipped from the map. ignore that)
(2287) Drenla: Your journey out from the stone table proves uneventful for the rest of the day. After following a forest road for a while, you come to a clearing, several hundred yards across. The clearing is notable since a circular patch of brown withered grass can be seen in the center. The patch is quite large and is ringed by several stone blocks. A pile of rubble and a well can be seen in the distance. There is a small encampment nearby, a nomad by the looks of it.
(2287) DM: (sigh)
(2287) DM: (I'm full of errors tonight)
(2275) Daelan La'neral: " If I may ask,how far into the future have you been removed?"
** Thom pauses as they reach the clearing, closing his eyes for a moment. **
** (2273) Morti hangs his head out the carriage, watching the clearing come into view. "About thirty years." : turns to add with a grin: "And I'm your future nephew." **
** Sevis Goloens hangs back a bit not wanting to talk to pople since he is unsure how his accent may affect people reactions **
** (2275) Daelan La'neral slowly rides into the clearing **
** (2281) Atross looks around at the clearing, gauging the distances between the well, the camp and the clear ground. **
whispering to Daelan La'neral, A hooded figure appears in the distance, standing next to the pile of rubble. Its back is to you.
** (2273) Morti hops from the wagon as soon as it stops and jogs ahead a bit to call out with a wave to the stranger's encampment, "GOOD DAAY!" **
** Thom opens his eyes, looking straight into the clearing, but not moving from his seat, now saying anything. **
** (2275) Daelan La'neral brings his horse to a stop **
(2274) Commius: Skills: Spot (Wis) [1d20+3] -> [17,3] = (20)
(2274) Commius: Doh
(2274) Commius: ((Sorry about that))
whispering to Atross, 200' between the well and the edge of the brown grass
whispering to Atross, 50' from the edge of the brown grass to the encampment
(2273) Morti: "Care for some company?"
whispering to Atross, the circle of brown grass is 400' in diameter. there's something odd about it
** (2275) Daelan La'neral looks down at Morti. **
** Thom leads his horse forward slightly as Morti speaks to the stranger. He keeps on his horse, watching the stranger's reactions closely. **
(2275) Daelan La'neral: " For one who wishes to avoid Edan's of the future,you sure are attracting alot of attention to yourself."
(2287) DM: A hooded figure appears in the distance, standing next to the well. It's back is to you.
(2273) Morti: "Heh?" :looks up to the elf: "Oh.. right... but, you should always be friendly to your fellow travelers. It's the Pilgrims Law." :turns his head in thought: "Or maybe that was just a book."
(2274) Commius: Standing before you is a well-built man, a little over 6 feet tall and approximately 250 pounds in weight wearing moccasins. His jet-black hair is pulled back and contains a handful of tight braids tied off at the end with animal sinew. The man does not have any significant facial hair, but looks as if he has not shaved in a while. From the looks of the scars on his face, it is apparent that he is not too adept at the practice and the lack of facial hair must be done more to his physical characteristics than any attempt at to beautify himself or look civil for the townsfolk.
(2274) Commius: A necklace made of bear teeth hangs from his neck, but your eyes are drawn to his piercing black eyes and what appears to be tribal war paint made of black resin that is featuredt prominently on his face. The design of the war paint is of a triangle with the base at the bridge of his nose rising between his eyes to an apex at the center of his forehead. The lower corners of the triangle extend downwards along the cheek bones.
(2281) Atross: "I know I haven't heard of that one. Still, lone travelers are more a curiosity than a danger."
(2274) Commius: He is garbed in a thrown together ensemble made of ragged peasant's clothing and animal hides. The glint of a chain shirt can be seen beneath his clothes. A morning star and a dagger bulge from opposite sides of a belt at his waist. A leather backpack is strapped to his back and a quiver of arrows and a composite longbow made of bone or slung over his shoulders.
(2274) Commius: You notice that while you have been appraising his worth, he has been doing the same. Eyes locked intently on his surroundings and its environs...
(2287) DM: (and describe yourselves as well)
Sevis Goloens: Discription:: You see a short human, with bloond hair cut like a bowl was placed on his head before they cut it. Hit eyes are a stunning green, and for some reason it is hard to move your gaze, once you do however you notice he is wearing a dark brown robe, that had seen its share of use, and a worn back pack. He is wearing black gloves with the fingers cut off, and on his left hand he has a dull copper ring, on his right he has a silver ring with a red ruby embeded in it. When he takes a step you notice some smoth leather bracers on his lower legs. Though he is short he seems to have an almost unnatural grace, and power surounding him.
** Thom sits tall atop a horse at the moment, his well crafted studded leather aromor, showing well in the light. He has a short sword, a rapier, and a light crossbow all visibly within reach. He is currently looking back at you (Commius), studying you as well. **
(2275) Daelan La'neral: Discription:: You see standing before you a spry thin framed male,his race is hard to tell since he wears a hooded cowl all the time. He speaks softly when he does speak. He is dressed in woodland clothes. His cloak makes it hard to see him clearly and his footsteps make little or no sound as he walks. You see in his right hand a very well made elven bow,strapped on his left thigh is an empty quiver. You see no armor on him nor any other weapon for that matter. You see a black leather pack strapped to his back.
Thom: (( also sent the node desc to you Commius, but this is a little secene specific one.... ))
** (2273) Morti is a short, strange little figure in an oversized knee-length blue coat and and brown leather breeches, with his round head wrapped completely by a pinstiped white scarf, which seems to be smiling at you. It's hard to discern what may be under his coat, save a kitten poking its head out. In a friendly manner he waves. **
(2281) Atross: Physical Description: Currently riding a horse is a human of average height and medium build. His head and face appear to both be clean shaven. He remains alert; almost to attention, and always surveying his surroundings. He wears a flexible armor of leather with metal studs and a buckler on an arm. His carries an unusually large bow of obvious quality slung at his back and a mace at his belt.
(2274) Commius: ((Morti is human, right. I am making a grid with you characteristics so I don't forget.))
(2273) Morti: (more or less... yeah)
(2274) Commius: ((thx))
** (2274) Commius Stares at cat for a moment and back at Morti:: **
(2274) Commius: ::Thinks what an odd site::
(2287) DM: As the coach comes to a halt, an extremely fat beige long-haired tabby pokes its head out and meows mournfully, then retreats inside.
(2275) Daelan La'neral: " Great another Edan,it is getting so one can not ride a day without meeting one along the way."
(2273) Morti: :after waiting a moment, asks honestly: "Are you mute?"
** (2274) Commius "Smiles wryly:: **
(2274) Commius: :: "No.""
** (2274) Commius "What brings you to these parts" **
(2273) Morti: :shis scarf grins: "Good. May we join you?"
(2273) Morti: :dumble: "A carriage and some horses"
** (2274) Commius "I do not share my fire with strangers" **
** (2281) Atross says aside to Daelan, "I think it'll be that way for a while, now that we're leaving Loring's Woods." **
** (2274) Commius "But..." **
(2273) Morti: (dumbly rather)
** (2274) Commius "I may if the one among you uncovers his face..." **
(2274) Commius: ((Daelan))
** (2274) Commius stares at Daelan **
** (2275) Daelan La'neral looks back at Atross," And you wish me to enter Pelham?" **
(2273) Morti: "Eh?" :cloths brow cocks:
(2275) Daelan La'neral: " They wish to sit by your fire Edan,I do not."
** (2274) Commius "So be it" **
** (2274) Commius "Come" Gestures to campfire **
** (2273) Morti approaches unsurely: **
** (2274) Commius Allows Morti and others to aproach but does not let them out of his eyesight **
** Sevis Goloens shrugs **
(2275) Daelan La'neral: " I shall scout around for a bit.''
** (2274) Commius Relaxes stance to a less agressive pose **
Sevis Goloens: "Name's Sevis Goloens"
** Thom slowly dismounts, keeping his eyes on Commius the entire time as well. Not threatening, just studying. **
(2281) Atross: "Sounds like a good idea."
** (2274) Commius Gestures for strangers to sit **
(2273) Morti: :Once seated by the fire, relaxes a bit: "Thank you for your hospitality, We'll gladly share food and tales with you in exchange." :once more his cloth shifts unnaturally to resemble a grin:
** (2275) Daelan La'neral slips off his horse,tying it to the wagon,then slips off into the woods. **
** (2274) Commius Jumps up from fire. "What witchcraft is this?!" **
(2273) Morti: "Eh?" :cocks his head aside curiously:
** (2274) Commius stares around concerned **
** (2281) Atross urges his mount forward and announces, "Atross here," before climbing down. **
(2273) Morti: :looking around for what spooked the stranger: "What's wrongs?"
(2274) Commius: ((Morti - Is your scarf mimicing your face ior something else))
** Thom approaches the fire with the others as well, after tying his horse to the wagon. As he approaches the faire, he lets the commotion die down a bit, waiting for a calm time to introduce himself. **
(2273) Morti: (got it in one. a spell he made mimics or rather exaggerates his facial movements in his mask)
** (2274) Commius Booms loudyl "Explain yourself child!" **
** (2274) Commius Appears nervous despite his attempt to appear in control **
Thom: "Easy now, there is no harm done here. Espically not you you." he says to Commius, with a very calming voice.
(2273) Morti: "Uh..." :confused by the reaction: "Well.... I was just saying we'll give you food and share some stories."
(2287) DM: (sec)
** (2274) Commius Looks at Thom. Relaxes and sits down staring at Morti **
** (2273) Morti has completlely forgotten about his silly little mask trick **
** Sevis Goloens relaxes by the fire "So why are you here in these woods?" **
Thom: "Thank you good sir. My name is Thom, and my friends here have introduced themselves already. We mean no harm and are simply passing through, and happened upon you here."
** (2274) Commius Turns to Goloens "I am travelling through the Eastern Fhaard" Cont... **
(2274) Commius: "I made this detour to avoid Undolyssil
(2274) Commius: ((sorry was traveling
(2274) Commius: "You are the first travelers I have seen in some time"
Thom: " And where, if I may ask, are you heading?"
(2357) Sin (enter): 00:21
(2357) Sin (exit): 00:21
** (2274) Commius ignores question **
(2274) Commius: "I thought you were bandits..."
(2274) Commius: "And this young one has a strange way about him...is he your errand boy?"
(2273) Morti: "I use to be one." :cloth brow furrows: "I guess I still seem like one. Yeah."
** Thom chuckles. "Definately not bandits. Mere travellers, such as yourself in some ways. Morti? He is no errand boy, althought that's not a bad idea of a role for him." he syas with a smirk. **
(2274) Commius: ::Looks in a wide swoop over travelers and asks "And who may I say is sharing my fire..."
** (2274) Commius Visibly relaxed after hearing Thom chuckle **
(2281) Atross: "If we were bandits, we'd have skirted the clearing, surrounded your little camp and charged from multiple directions. We may even have waited until nightfall and set fire to the dried out grass over there for distraction. At least that sounds like the best idea."
Sevis Goloens: "In these woods regular bandits would not likly make it far. the Elves protect the woods well. That is why I ask why you are here, Why is it the elves let you so far into the woods?"
(2273) Morti: :to Sevis: "Maybe he's just a nice guy."
** (2274) Commius "I require no permission to live my life...be it from an elf or man" **
(2273) Morti: :to Commius: "Magus Mortimar Boyle, at your service."
** (2274) Commius puffs up chest **
(2281) Atross: "Though I'd be more worried about some of the wildlife we've seen in these woods than the bandits."
Thom: "I am Thom, this," indicates Morti, " 'so called errand boy is Morti. Then there is Atroos there," indicates him as well, "and of course Sevis. We are travellers, on an adventure of sorts."
Sevis Goloens: "I like your aditude"
(2274) Commius: ::Nods to Atross and says "Well, then ye at least be professional swordsmen...tactics are beyond badits of this area..."
(2281) Atross: "Bowman actually, though I don't do the professional work any longer."
(2273) Morti: "True. Professionals generally get paid." :sigh: "I'm practically broke."
** (2274) Commius to Atross "Well then what is it you do? Surely not wander in a pack like wolves. And you look far from broke." **
** Thom puts a hand on Morti's shoulder for a moment, "We will survive just fine friend, I am sure of it." **
(2274) Commius: I am Commius Amulos of the Uzyhal Clan
** (2274) Commius "I am...a wanderer." **
(2273) Morti: (question, has the local coinage changed much in the last 30 years?)
(2273) Morti: "So are we... sort of. Or atleast we're venturers."
** (2274) Commius "What brings ye past my camp?" **
(2281) Atross: "Well, funny you should mention wolves, but currently we have a sort of business going on anyway."
(2281) Atross: ::To forestall Morti::"The road, same as you I expect."
** Thom looks at Atross, then gets the connection he saw and chuckles. **
** (2274) Commius Nods in respect **
** (2273) Morti shuts his mouth as quickly as Atross cuts him off **
** (2274) Commius Well, shall we eat? **
(2273) Morti: "Yes Please!"
(2273) Morti: brb
** (2274) Commius Stands and prepares food. Leaving the travelers within eyesight and earshot **
Thom: "You honor us with allowing us to dine with you sir. By the way, what may we call you?"
(2274) Commius: ((Commius Amulos - its back a bit))
(2287) DM: (the brown area is ringed by stone blocks, not shown on the map)
Thom: (( sorry, missed you giving us your name... edit my comment then to: ))
Thom: "You honor us with allowing us to dine with you Commius."
** (2274) Commius Bows **
** (2274) Commius "What of your friend? Will he dine on berries? **
Thom: "If we are lucky, yes."
** (2274) Commius Looks in direction of scout **
(2281) Atross: 'He would if you have any, bread too."
** Sevis Goloens laughs **
(2332) Agatha (exit): 00:33
** (2274) Commius Chuckles and calls out to scout "Join us." **
(2369) Karl (enter): 00:34
(2368) Agatha (enter): 00:34
(2368) Agatha (exit): 00:34
(2368) Agatha (enter): 00:34
** (2274) Commius "Does any of you have any wine?" **
** (2281) Atross checks his waterskin and heads over to the well with it. **
Thom: "Daelan, our host has invited you to join us. It would be rude to not do so." he says loudly, hoping the elf hears him.
** (2281) Atross says as he's leaving, "I know this is just water." **
** (2274) Commius "Well, let us start this introduction over..." **
(2370) strokes (enter): 00:36
Sevis Goloens: "I'll pass on the food. Thank you though"
** (2275) Daelan La'neral slips into the clearing,firing an arrow into the ground at Atross's feet before he nears the well. **
** (2274) Commius "I, Commius, am a simple wanderer. I do not plan to remain her for more than a night. You all are welcome to remain here." **
** (2273) Morti looks about the browned grass as they wait for the food, asking, "The well is not dried out?" **
** (2274) Commius "Sibling rivalry?" Pointing to arrow... **
Thom: (( what time is it now? Evening I assume? ))
(2274) Commius: ((Good question))
(2287) DM: ((early evening, yes.))
Thom: "It is hard to tell twith Daelan sometimes..."
** (2274) Commius Chuckles. "As long as he keeps that thing pointed elsewhere..." **
(2275) Daelan La'neral: " Atross away from the well !"
** (2274) Commius "Again, where are you headed. This road leads to many lands." **
(2273) Morti: "If not, it may be harmful, otherwise the grass wouldn't be dying off like this.. right?"
(2287) DM: (since it's late Lotherin (June), it's about eight in the evening)
** Thom looks around to his comrades, "Thank you for your offer Commius, this does appear to be a very good place to rest. We would not spend more than a night here either, and we would be honored to share it with such a gracious host." **
** (2281) Atross stops as the arrow lands and he takes in the hooded figure by the well **
** (2275) Daelan La'neral notches another arrow as he slowly walks into the clearing. **
Thom: "What now Daelan?" he asks, as he rises to his feet.
** (2275) Daelan La'neral nods towards the hooded figure standing by the well. **
** (2274) Commius Ignores travelers and begins to eat. Hands Morti and Sevis some food **
(2281) Atross: "Excuse me for interrupting if I may, but there looks like there's something wrong with the earth around this well..."
** Thom moves toward the well some as well, reaching to his neck to a medallion there with one hand, as his other moves to be near his shortsword. **
(2287) DM: It appears to be a man, albeit quite tall for a man, garbed in a brown robe. He's reading from a book, although it's a massive leatherbound tome that's chained to his right wrist. (only Daelan and Atross can see this clearly since the clearing is 500' across, the brown area is 400' across and the well is in the exact center of the area))
(2275) Daelan La'neral: " Atross make yourself ready."
** Thom frowns slightly and starts to mumble a little under his breath. **
(2274) Commius: ((Can you mark camp on the map?))
(2273) Morti: "Thank you." :goes to lower his mask to eat, but notices the barbarian looking at him. Discretly he turns around to eat, keeping the corner of his vsion open for peeking
** (2281) Atross draws his bow and asks, "Do you know him or are you just being cautious?" **
(2287) DM: (1 is where the camp is)
** (2274) Commius "And what are you hiding boy?" **
(2274) Commius: ((to Morti))
(2275) Daelan La'neral: " Cautious,but something or someone like him has scorched the earth around the well Atross."
** Thom starts to look confused, but relazes his stance. He moves quicker to Atross's side, but doesn't draw out his weapon at all. **
Sevis Goloens: "I am going to see whats keeping Daelan, since I am not eating"
** (2274) Commius "Don't be rude boy. I have shared my fire and food with you..." **
(2273) Morti: :pulls his mask back up a second to grumble with a full mouth: "Bhad tabble mhammers."
(2287) DM: The figure turns to regard the elf coolly.
Thom: (( *relaxes ))
** Sevis Goloens gets up and heads toward the well **
Sevis Goloens: "Whats keeping you?"
** (2274) Commius Smiles and remembers being that age... **
(2287) DM: (Sevis will then see what I described above, after 100' or so.)
** (2275) Daelan La'neral slowly brings his bow up,taking aim at the hooded figure. **
Thom: "Apparently - there is something about that figure there." he tells Sevis as the man appraoches.
(2281) Atross: "Daelan says this person is the reason for the dead grass, or related to it."
(2273) Morti: :chews and swallows before adding lightly: "I wouldn't want to gross you out having to watch me eat."
** (2274) Commius Looks around, notices all have left but Morti, shrugs, and continues eating. **
(2287) Potmos: You have come here.
Sevis Goloens: "Why you all standing so far away from him?" turns toward the man by the well "Hello there"
** Sevis Goloens heads toward the man **
** (2287) Potmos does not acknowledge you (Sevis). **
(2275) Daelan La'neral: " Yes I have come,why are you here?"
** Thom stands back from the figure, just watching the exchange. **
** (2273) Morti looks to the others then asks over his shoulder to a barbarian "Who's that? a friend of yours?" **
** (2274) Commius Nods in the negative **
(2273) Morti: (a, the, same difference)
** (2274) Commius "Why the cocnern?" **
(2274) Commius: (Concern even))
Sevis Goloens: "You wish to be alone? if so I'll leave you"
** (2274) Commius "Is it so strange for a man to be at a well. You all are here are you not..." **
(2273) Morti: :shrugs: "I dunno. Probably nothing. I hope."
(2287) Potmos: You have come here, here now, to the day when the Company that came before came here and freed he who is to be King, he who shall lead a nation anew, he who shall overthrow a goddess. You have come, and you must choose. He is a human. You must choose. (to Daelan)
** (2274) Commius "So, Morti is it...where are you headed?" **
(2275) Daelan La'neral: " I have to choose an Edan,you must be joking."
(2273) Morti: :sees no reason to lie:"I'm really sure the exact location, but I know we're stopping in Pelham first to resupply."
** Thom whispers to Sevis and Atross, "Any idea what is going on here?" **
(2287) Potmos: It is given to you, who are of the People, to choose.
(2281) Atross: "No clue, sounds confusing to me."
** Sevis Goloens raises an eyebrow "I think he is talking of the prophacy" **
** (2287) Potmos points to the well. "Enter, conquer and choose." **
** (2274) Commius And what unites you all on your journey? Are you mercenaries for you do not appear as traders. A bit edgy to be traders..." **
(2275) Daelan La'neral: " Very well if I must choose an Edan,I choose Atross."
(2287) Potmos: This will be the first of three meetings. (vanishes)
whispering to Morti, roll against an intimidate check (from Commius)
Sevis Goloens: "That was strange" **Heads back to the fire**
** Thom looks all around the clearing as the figure disappears. **
** (2275) Daelan La'neral walks up to the well. **
(2273) Morti: "Nope. We're adventurers." :states proudly, then reconsiders: "Though Daelan may take that as an insult to adventruers, saying we aren't like the ones he's known." :grumbles impotently:
(2281) Atross: "Well I'm honored, but I have no idea what that was about."
** (2274) Commius "And..." **
Thom: "Apparenty, it was for Daelen alone."
(2275) Daelan La'neral: " Well seems I am to enter,conquer and choose."
Thom: "Come on, let's go eat." he says to Atross as he turns back to the fire himself.
(2275) Daelan La'neral: " Mages,never a straight answer."
** (2274) Commius "All adventurers have something that brings them together...a quest..." **
(2281) Atross: "Maybe Morti can shine some light on it."
** (2275) Daelan La'neral looks down the well. **
(2273) Morti: [1d20+8-1] -> [16,8,-1] = (23)
Thom: "Yeah, but we have no idea who that was even. Very strange, I couldn't get a reading on him."
(2275) Daelan La'neral: " Well either join me or go back to the fire."
** (2275) Daelan La'neral climbs down into the well. **
(2281) Atross: "I think that he was probably not human, that much is safe to say. Maybe not even a mortal at all."
Thom: "Maybe, that would explain it at least."
** (2274) Commius Smiles at Morti **
(2281) Atross: "Well I'm not hungry of course. I was curious about this before; no reason to stop now."
Thom: (( No one is around you you Daelan, we already headed back to the fire. ))
(2273) Morti: "Heh?" :swallows and raises his mask back beofre glancing back to the larger man casually: "yeah.. I guess we do."
** (2274) Commius "You are quite a young man Morti..." **
** (2274) Commius "And lets see what that was about." **
** Sevis Goloens ariving back the the firs says "There was a strange man by the well the told Daelan he had to enter the well and pick a human king" **
Thom: "Well, I'm going to eat. Watch all you want. you know where we are if you need us."
(2273) Morti: :scratches his head: "Yeah.. I guess I am quite young."
** (2274) Commius stands abruptly **
** (2274) Commius Stares at Sevis **
(2287) Drenla: What did he look like? (ears perk up)
** (2274) Commius Prepares to leave, for first time turning back on adventurers **
** (2275) Daelan La'neral continues to climb downward **
** Thom starts to jog back to the fire, his stomach growlig for some food. **
(2273) Morti: "And he did it?"
** (2281) Atross calls down the well, "I'm not fond of tight quarters like this, and I don't know if I'm allowed to help with this, but I definitely want to know what's going on." before climbing in as well. **
Sevis Goloens: "Robed in black. I didnt get very close it was obvious he did not want to talk to me"
(2273) Morti: :climbed down the well tha tis:
(2274) Commius: ((Send me Drenla description. Did I miss his?00
(2287) Drenla: That could have been anyone. I wonder...
Sevis Goloens: "Was heading toward it wen I left"
Thom: (( he's an NPC... ))
(2287) Drenla: ...never mind. A remote possibility.
(2274) Commius: ((I know...but want to read the description))
** (2273) Morti puts down his food, hops up and runs off toward the well to satisfy his curiosity **
(2281) Atross: ((Brown wasn't it? Most notable feature was the book chained to his arm))
** Thom passes Morti going the other way. **
Sevis Goloens: "Whats a remote posibility? He also said this was the first of three meeting."
(2273) Morti: (anyone still at the well?)
Sevis Goloens: "He did have a book chained to his arm though, which is unusual"
Thom: "You're probably too late Morti, although Atross might have some questions for you." he says as he passes the young man
(2275) Daelan La'neral: (( I am climbing down the well))
(2281) Atross: ((Already going down. We need some light?))
** Thom enters the campfire area. "Sevis, you do move fast." **
** Sevis Goloens nods **
(2273) Morti: :turns to Thom: "Ok.. I'll asnswer them in a min-ugh.." :trips running backwards. grumbles and gets up to keep running to the well:
** (2274) Commius Walks over to Thom. "Eat what ye wish and maintain the fire if ye want, but I am moving on. Ye are not forthcoming enough...talk of Kingmaking...not safe to be around such types as ye" **
** (2287) Drenla is a human, of moderate build. with a sallow complexion and straw-colored blonde hair, garbed in light blue robes. A slender willow staff capped with an amethyst headpiece and engraved with silver runes is next to him. **
** (2273) Morti stops at the mouth of the well, catching his breath a second before calling down, "Oi! Whatcha doing down there?" **
Thom: "I am sorry to hear that Commius. But you must surely understand. We are indeed on a quest right now, but we also are facing adversaries on this quest. So, you can understand if we don't tell every person we come across about it."
(2287) DM: ((just want to let you know that this is a large area, and the players (and the PCs) have no knowledge of Daelan's actions. so if Daelan is climbing down the well, then they won't know about it, until they think to look.))
** (2274) Commius "So what are your plans for me now." Slowly moves towards his morningstar... **
(2273) Morti: (Morti's just assuming based on what the others said)
Thom: (( understood. ))
** (2274) Commius "It would seem I may know too much..." **
(2281) Atross: ((I'm climbing because that was my first assumption regarding enter, conquer and choose.))
(2287) DM: I'm calling a time out
(2287) TaliesinNYC: time out folks
** Thom raises his hands, showing no weapons, and no hostile intentions. "Absolutely no plans for you. We just can't share with you as much as you may wish. I was merely explaining our situation as best I could." **
(2287) TaliesinNYC: first, the clearing is over 500' in diameter
(2287) TaliesinNYC: and from what I can see above, people were heading back to the campsite, only Daelan is climbing down the well
(2287) TaliesinNYC: so I don't get how Atross is following him
(2287) TaliesinNYC: second
(2287) TaliesinNYC: the well has water and it's 20' deep
Thom: (( actually, I said I was heading back, after Sevis did - but Atross never said he left, he wanted to see what was going on. ))
(2287) TaliesinNYC: ((ok, so I don't get why Morti is jogging out there))
Thom: (( I said we both were at one point, thinking Atross was heading back with me, but then he said that he wasn't. ))
(2273) Morti: (Sevis came back and said a strange man told Daelan go in the well)
(2274) Commius: ((Bath time?))
(2281) Atross: ((Timewise, I'll be back up before he gets to the well, since I'm not going for a swim.))
(2287) TaliesinNYC: ((ok, resume. please try to drop the OOC comments, thanks.))
** Thom remains standing in an obviously non-hostile stance before Commius. **
** (2274) Commius Relaxes **
(2273) Morti: ((ok, scratch my last massager in place off...)
** (2274) Commius But remains at the ready (as in moving hand away from wpn **
** (2273) Morti runs to the well, looking about for anyone standing around it. "Hello?" **
** Thom smiles as Commius does so. "I assume you have had run ins with a few that you wish to never have met as well?" **
** (2274) Commius "As I said, none but bandits. Well, Thom, will ye be forthcoming or not? **
** (2274) Commius "Ye are not the average toop of adventurers.." **
** Sevis Goloens sits down by the fire and lets Thom decide what to tell Commius **
** (2274) Commius Keeps gaze on Thom **
** Thom slowly shakes his head. "It is not my place to tell all. This quest belong mainly to others in our group. I just joined up with them at one point, in search of my father. And now, I am working with them to get back home." **
(2275) Daelan La'neral: " Atross,the hatch has some runes on it. Can you read runes?"
** Thom laughs out loud at Commius' comment. "No, we are definately not an average group." **
** (2274) Commius "That is a start...I too lost my father...a long time ago..." **
(2273) Morti: :strolls to the well looking inside, "Oi... anyone in there?"
(2287) DM: (for people's benefit who are at the well. there is a ladder carved into the side of the well, a steel ladder. the well contains water, about 20' deep, and begins 4' from the entrance. A metal hatch is at the bottom of the well. Atross is on the ladder and Daelan is at the bottom of the well, trying to open the hatch.)
Sevis Goloens: "Nor is it mine to tell, I am not even from this world, so I know even less then Thom here"
Thom: "I am sorry to hear that Commius. I truely am."
** (2275) Daelan La'neral resurfaces,looking at his ferret," Enter he says." **
(2287) DM: (never mind, he resurfaced)
** (2274) Commius "I know not if he lives or has been visited by Tharrnak" **
(2287) DM: Nothing happens.
** (2281) Atross climbs out of the well to give Daelan room up. **
** (2274) Commius Gestures for Thom to sit and positions himself near the fire **
** (2273) Morti watches them exiting: "What were you guys doing down there?" **
(2281) Atross: "I doubt I could read those runes."
** (2275) Daelan La'neral grabs his ferret,and climbs back out of the well,once Atross is gone. **
(2273) Morti: "Runes?" :cocks his head curiously:
** Thom sits by Commius, sharing a litle of his own tale. "I am in the exact same situation...." **
(2287) Drenla: You say he had a book chained to his arm? (to Sevis)
** (2274) Commius "What are your companions up to? They are a skittish bunch..." **
** (2275) Daelan La'neral exits the well,gasping,and wet," Yes runes on the hatch." **
(2287) Drenla: That was no ordinary man!
(2273) Morti: "What hatch? Down there?"
Thom: "My father left one day, on what I tought was some simple trip as he regularly took. However, he never returned home. Then, by a fortunate twist of events, I met with Morti and Atross, and a couple others. They were headed to a place where I thought my father might have gone, so I persuaded them to allow me to travel with them. Since that day, I have not seen my home myelf, for events have kept us away, sometimes far far away."
(2281) Atross: "Apparently there's something at the bottom of the well. Some kind of door?"
(2275) Daelan La'neral: " Yes...down...there...under..the...water."
Sevis Goloens: "Yes he had a book, and I didnt think he was an ordinary man"
** (2273) Morti looks down into the water hole, grimacing unsurely, "In there, huih?" **
(2275) Daelan La'neral: " The hatch has runes on it,I can not read them,nor open the hatch."
Sevis Goloens: "I figured it had something to do with the Liniage of Kings"
(2273) Morti: "I probably can read them. Hatch might be rusted shut though."
** (2274) Commius "What are your companions up to They are a skittish bunch. If they are up to wizardry and the like, they best keep their distance....I have no home to return to...where I lay my head is my home." **
(2275) Daelan La'neral: " I do not think so,why else would he say,enter,conquer and choose."
(2273) Morti: "Conquer what? Who was he?"
(2287) Drenla: No, no you misunderstand. (becomes excited) That was Potmos, who is also known as Destiny. Potmos sometimes walks the waking world, and appears to individuals when events of great import are to occur. Something must be near here or about to happen that caused him to manifest.
(2369) Karl (exit): 01:18
Thom: "As far as my companions up there, I do not know for sure. however, I do not fear for them right now, as they can call for us, and I do not believe the man there meant Daelan harm."
(2275) Daelan La'neral: " I have no idea,he told me to pick the new king,I chose Atross."
(2281) Atross: "We couldn't tell what he looked like because of his robe, but he was reading a large tome that was chained to his arm. He just ignored everyone but Daelan too."
(2287) Drenla: What did he say? Could you hear him?
(2273) Morti: "Eh?" :quirks an eye to Atross:
Thom: "As far as a home, everyone needs a home. I place where they can always return to rest and fell comforatble again. I am very sorry that you lost yours, and I hope you are able to find one again."
(2275) Daelan La'neral: " Well he is the only Edan that I have grown to like so far."
** Thom looks over at Drenla, who has gotten very excited. **
(2273) Morti: "Choose a king, huh?" :leans on the well a moment, looking down pensively
Thom: "I wasn't paying much attention, but there was something about making a choice."
** (2274) Commius "Well then...you are welcome in my home.." Chuckles then removes chain shirt and weapons and prepares to settle down for the evening. leaving his gear in close proximity. **
(2273) Morti: :After a moment he nods to himself: "Alright then."
(2287) DM: (Drenla isn't at the well, Atross. He's back at the campsite...so you didn't say that.)
** Thom nods to Commius thanking him before turning back to Drenla to see what is going on. **
(2281) Atross: (I'm talking to Morti)
(2287) DM: (nm then)
** (2274) Commius "We all have chouces to make...fare thee well. If ye plan to travel south, perchance we should travel together?" **
Sevis Goloens: "I heard him, he told Daelan to enter the well and pick a Human for a King, and that this was the first of three meetings"
(2275) Daelan La'neral: " Though if we are to conquer something,perhaps it would be best if one of you went and brought the others here."
(2281) Atross: "What are you thinking now, Morti? I'd like to know before you cut a finger off."
** (2273) Morti strips off his cloak, handing it to Atross, "Mind Moiraine." Then removing his boots, belt pouch and other belongings, yets still completely covered he hops onto the ladder. **
(2273) Morti: "I'll be back after I find out what those runes say."
Thom: "Of course Commius. However, I believe we are actually heading northeast of here. ((I hope that's right...))"
** (2275) Daelan La'neral looks at Morti," Well this is new,a mage who is going to do something for a change." **
(2287) Drenla: Hm. (strokes his chin and becomes pensive)
(2281) Atross: "Well, keep an eye on Morti, I think you should stay near here I'll go get them."
** (2273) Morti unsheathes the leather from the end of his staff, revealing it's magical flame to light his way down the well "I always try to do something **
(2273) Morti: :heads down:
** (2274) Commius "Well, maybe we shall cross paths again in the future..." Gets ready to "sleep" You know with one eye open and all that. Not entirely trusting.. **
** (2275) Daelan La'neral watchs Morti decend into the well **
** (2281) Atross heads back to the camp, taking Morti's belongings with him and slinging his bow. **
** (2273) Morti hopes it's not to far down as he sucks in a lungful of air and uses the rungs to pull himself down, not much of a swiimmer **
Thom: "Sleep well Commius." he says softly to the man before turning back to Drenla and speaking softly. "So, what was that about then Drenla, do you know?"
(2287) Drenla: If he said something, I need to hear exactly what he said.
Sevis Goloens: "Let me think a moment"
(2287) Drenla: Destiny only appears to mortals, so the legend goes, when events of great import are about to occur.
Thom: "You'd have to talk to Atross or Daelan. They were the only two there the entire time, and they are both at the well.:"
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+13] -> [11,13] = (24)
Sevis Goloens: "You have come here, here now, to the day when the Company that came before came here and freed he who is to be King, he who shall lead a nation anew, he who shall overthrow a goddess. You have come, and you must choose. He is a human. You must choose. It is given to you, who are of the People, to choose. This will be the first of three meetings."
** Thom looks in amazement at Sevis. "Or... that would work..." **
(2287) DM: Drenla's mouth drops open on hearing that.
** (2274) Commius Gets up and starts putting gear back on **
(2287) Drenla: Is that what he said? Are you sure?
** Thom shrugs. "Sounds about right to me. I wasn't paying a lot of attention." **
(2274) Commius: Interrupts with "And all that being discrete and elusive..."
** Thom turns to look at Commius, "what do you mean?" **
Sevis Goloens: "Thats all I heard, May have said something before I got there"
** (2273) Morti breaks the water, holding to the ladder and coughing up a bit of water **
** (2287) Drenla is dumbfounded. "It can't be..." **
** (2275) Daelan La'neral hollers down to Morti," Well anything?" **
(2287) Drenla: We need to go down that well.
** Sevis Goloens turns to Thom "He means why are we talking infront of him if we want to keep this secret" **
** (2281) Atross calls out once he reaches the camp, " I think you should come to the well, there's a door at the bottom of it. With runes. And Morti's going to try to read them." **
(2273) Morti: :cough couch... looks up, drawing breath before answering with a bit of oddity to match the way his wet mask clings to his face: "It says.. welcome..."
** (2274) Commius Waits for others to depart and then follows behind. **
** Thom shrugs to Sevis. "I'm not the one telling it. But, I don't think we have anything to fear from Commius being against us, he is too good of a man." **
** (2287) Drenla begins getting ready, especially after hearing Atross call out. "We need to go down that well and investigate. I'll tell you more....later (glancing at the nomad)." **
Sevis Goloens: "Umm if I understand you properly This 'Man' is a God, that told Daelan to chose the next king. Why should we enter as well?"
** Thom shrugs and grabs a bite to eat before departing with Drenla to the well. **
(2287) Drenla: He didn't say for Daelan to choose the next King, Sevis. He said something else. I need to think things through, but I have a feeling I'm not wrong.
(2281) Atross: "You see no reason to get involved in Daelan choosing the next king?"
(2287) Drenla: That's not what he said, Atross. He said for Daelan to choose, not that he would choose the next King. That's your interpretation. Destiny speaks in riddles. The challenge is to figure out the riddle.
** (2275) Daelan La'neral yells down the well to Morti," Try saying Mellonin." **
(2273) Morti: "Strange thing to be at the bottom of a well... think a nyph lives here or something?"
(2273) Morti: nymph eve*
(2273) Morti: *even even
(2281) Atross: "I take it someone has already told you what's going on? I'm just answering Sevis, I don't know what's going on here."
Thom: "And thus why I have tried to avoid this prophesy and destiney... I don't like riddles."
** Sevis Goloens turn to Commius "As to why I am talking infront of you, cause you are still here. You decided not to leave earlyer so good enough for now. Plus that information I am telling happened after we met you. So come with us and see what Destiny has instore for an Arogant and Rude Elf bent on revenge, if you want" **
(2287) Drenla: I already know what's going on, but I need to look something up in the meantime. If I'm wrong, there's no harm done. But if I'm right....well, let's just say that this is something that HAS to happen, Etienne be damned.
Thom: "But, if Drenla thinks we should be there, let's go, shall we? When has Drenla evr been wrong?"
** Sevis Goloens heads to the well with Drenla **
** (2274) Commius stops Thom **
(2287) Drenla: Oh, I've been wrong plenty of times, young Thom. Plenty of times. (rubs his neck unconsciously)
** Thom stops with Commius and looks at him, as if asking what he wishes. **
(2274) Commius: "What know ye of this Drenla? Ye are the newest addition to this 'merry band' are ye not?"
(2287) Drenla: All right, let's go.
** (2281) Atross stays with Drenla, still carrying Morti's things. **
Thom: "Not the newest, no. Sevis and unfortunately Daelan have joined with us since then. I guess, you could say I am the middle child of the group.
** (2274) Commius begins to follow, trying to walk and talk toward the well at a distance out of earshot from Drenla **
(2274) Commius: "And of Drenla?"
** Thom walks with Commius, keeping his voice low, as he is sure Commius wishes. **
** (2273) Morti climbs up the ladder a bit, to free his hands. gesturing a bit, he holds them forth as if reaching his mind down into the water (detect magic toward the hatch) **
(2287) Drenla: Lux.
(2287) DM: As he speaks, the headpiece atop his staff blazes forth with a sphere of soft purple colored light, illluminating the area around the mage.
Thom: "I know him through Morti. Morti trusts the man, and since I have been traveling with them, he has been there, some way or another. I trust him, if that is what you are asking, without asking."
** Thom smirks a little as he finishes his comment. **
(2281) Atross: "That's handy. Makes us easy to see."
** (2274) Commius stops in his tracks when he sees the staff glowing **
(2274) Commius:
(2274) Commius: Motions for Thom "After you..."
** Thom pauses when Commius does. He looks back and forth between Commius's face and where he seems to be looking. "Ah, I see. You have not been around much magic?" **
** Sevis Goloens follows along silently **
** Thom walks before Commius, leading, but still to the side some so that they can talk. **
(2274) Commius: "Let us say my experiences with gods and men of the wielding ways hsa been..interesting.."
(2287) DM: Eventually they reach the well.
** (2273) Morti nods a n bit to Daelan, wet mask flapping about, before he drops back into the water as the others come to the well's side **
Thom: "Ok, that will do. But know that some magic users have good intentions, even if their ways are strange."
** (2287) Drenla peers down the well, holding his glowing staff. **
(2287) Drenla: Very interesting.
(2274) Commius: "We shall see. Who will guard our rear?"
** (2275) Daelan La'neral looks up as the others approach. **
(2274) Commius: "Surely not this wizard?!"
(2275) Daelan La'neral: " Morti says the hatch runes say welcome."
(2281) Atross: "If it says welcome why is the door shut so tight?"
Thom: "Right now, it appears you and I guard the rear. Does that suit you?"
** (2287) Drenla concentrates for a moment. "Very very interesting, indeed." **
** (2274) Commius chuckles heartily and begins to accept the glowing staff as 'safe' **
(2275) Daelan La'neral: " Perhaps the other word has to be spoken Atross."
(2274) Commius: "I meet life head on. I do not wait for danger to find me..."
** (2273) Morti swims back to the surfaces, choking up some water." :Koff koff.. h-wack... **
(2273) Morti: "Well... hah hah... that didn't work"
(2274) Commius: "Let the forager guard us with his bow..."
** (2275) Daelan La'neral looks back down the well." **
(2287) Drenla: That hatch cannot be opened except through physical means.
** (2274) Commius motions to Daelan **
(2281) Atross: "Spoken underwater?"
Sevis Goloens: (( AFK a few Bio break ))
Thom: "I did not know much of magic when I left home, but let's just say that I have seen more in two months than most people do in their entire lifetime. Sometimes, it is very strange. Sometimes, good. It depends on the user."
(2287) Drenla: No, one of us must enter the well and open it manually.
** (2274) Commius laughs at the preposterous idea of talking underwater **
(2274) Commius: "I will do it..."
** (2274) Commius barges to the front **
** (2274) Commius puffs up chest **
** (2275) Daelan La'neral looks at Thom," Well I was told to enter,conquer and choose,but I can not open the hatch." **
(2273) Morti: "Eh?" :looks up to Drenla, masking clinging to his faces lifelessly,
(2274) Commius: "I will not enter..."
(2274) Commius: "I wiill simply...how do you say...facilitate entrance..."
(2273) Morti: (drop the ing from masking... yeah)
Thom: "Well, that seems like a problem then. Would it be ok if one of us lower forms helped you out Daelan/"
** (2287) Drenla puts his hand up. "I must warn you to be exceedingly careful when you open this hatch. No telling what will happen. Whomever built this -- gestures to the brown scorched earth -- did it in a place not of this world." **
** (2274) Commius takes off chain shirt and items that would way him down, ignoring the conversation around him **
** (2274) Commius ignorant of magic and a little headstrong **
(2287) Drenla: All you need to do is open it by turning the wheel and pulling the hatch open.
** (2274) Commius climbs down well **
Thom: "Commius," he calls to the man, "heed Drenla's warning - take care. Ok?"
(2287) Drenla: Or if the hinges are on the other side, hang on the ladder for dear life.
(2275) Daelan La'neral: " Sure Thom,at times even your betters has to rely on the lower ones to give aide."
(2273) Morti: "Speaks up.. there's some spell on the hatch.. may be a ward of some type. Should I try to dispel it first, you think? Maybe it is what holds the door"
** (2274) Commius stops in tracks **
(2274) Commius: "By all means young one..."
(2287) Drenla: It's not that kind of ward, Morti.
(2273) Morti: "oh? you can tell?"
(2287) Drenla: It prevents magical entry below.
(2274) Commius: "Well do you want the damned thing opened or not? I grow impatient..."
(2287) Drenla: Open it, if you please. (hides his smile)
(2274) Commius: "Well then, a decision...so be it."
** (2274) Commius begins to descend down well **
** Thom moves next to Drenla, watching the descent and speaks very softly to him. **
(2274) Commius: Stops and looks back to Drenla, "And should I become bewitched, I will be looking for you and the young one..."
** (2275) Daelan La'neral looks down the well," Well if anything atleast the water will make the large Edan smell better." **
** (2273) Morti waits wading in the water as the barbarian descends. His shifting mask is stilled by the water, and benathit in the light of the mystical blue flame of the torch a hint of red colors his jaw beneath the cloth. **
Sevis Goloens: (( back ))
** (2287) Drenla shrugs with a bland expression on his face. **
** (2274) Commius Turns wheel and attempts to open hatch **
(2287) Drenla: It seems to me your behavior is reminiscent of a certain master of Windbags.
Thom: "Who?"
(2275) Daelan La'neral: " That is not a nice thing to say about Thom."
(2287) Drenla: Rainur. (chuckles)
** Thom grins a little. "Well, I did have to go through much with the man." **
(2273) Morti: "Rainur's nicer." :muses up the hole as he holds his everlasting torch down into the water for Commius' benefit
(2287) Drenla: Just remember, Thom. His bark is worse than his bite.
** Thom nods. **
(2273) Morti: :half out of the conversation: "Who Rainur.. I guess you're right. But then again, he never really needs to bite... what with his weapons and all."
** (2273) Morti picks at his wet mask, trying to get it to a more comfortable position **
(2287) DM: Several things happen in quick succession....
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [2d12] -> [1,12] = (13)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [2d4] -> [3,3] = (6)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [Bad dice format] - [2d6+^]
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [2d6+6] -> [3,2,6] = (11)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [2d4+1] -> [2,2,1] = (5)
(2287) DM: Ummm....
(2287) DM: Suddenly...
(2287) DM: Storm clouds appear overhead where there was none before and the temperature drops by fifty degrees....
** Sevis Goloens begins shivering **
(2287) DM: The contents of the well drain rapidly, as a crescendo of noise emits from the shaft below and does not cease. The noise makes it impossible for you to hear one another.
** Thom looks up and shivers. **
(2287) DM: That's what you can see.
Sevis Goloens: trough chattering teeth: "What happened?"
(2273) Morti: "WaaAAAHHH!!|" Grips the ladder quickly as he shivers from the sudden cool down
** (2281) Atross looks down the well trying to see Commius, shivering a moment from the sudden chill. **
** (2275) Daelan La'neral tries to yell at the others,realizing that they can not hear him,points down into the well,climbs into the well and down the ladder. **
** Thom looks around at the others, trying to see if any of them have any clue. he looks at Drenla for a moment, to see if the man is surprised at this. **
(2397) quazar (enter): 02:03
(2287) DM: Snow begins to fall. Snow...in early summer.
(2397) quazar (exit): 02:03
** (2287) Drenla nods grimly and begins spellcasting rapidly. **
(2275) Daelan La'neral: continues to climb down the ladder.
(2287) DM: After a moment, a rope appears out of nowhere.
** Thom shakes his head, knowing that this is far from natural. He peers into the well, to see how those inside are doing. **
** (2287) Drenla begins climbing up the rope and disappears into a hole in the air, calling out below, "I advise following me as soon as possible" **
** (2273) Morti shivers in his wet and freezing state as he looks up to the descending elf **
** Sevis Goloens follows Drenla **
** Thom looks at the rope for a moment, then tries to direct everyone out of the well to the rope. **
(2273) Morti: (can we see Commius down below? Or is he still submerged?)
(2287) DM: Inside the well, water is draining down into the ground at a rapid pace, and a tremendous shrieking can be heard from below. Commius is hanging on to the ladder for dear life. The steel hatch opens downwards into a circular shaft.
Thom: "Drenal - this way aeveryone." he calls down.
Thom: "Drenla - this way everyone." he calls down. ((No typos this time))
** (2281) Atross looks at the rope a moment and nods, but keeps waiting by the well for Commius and now Daelan as well. **
Thom: "Atross, go with Drenla. I will get everyone else going that way."
(2274) Commius: "Up you fool! Up!!!"
Thom: "Daelan, Morti, Commius. Come on, this way." he calls down the well again.
(2281) Atross: "Fine, don't freeze out here."
(2274) Commius: "All of you out of my way!!!"
** (2281) Atross begins climbing the rope. **
** (2273) Morti climbs quick as his cold shocked limbs can move him **
(2287) DM: Hail begins to fall.
** Thom nods to Atross and pulls out his old rapier. Within a second, fire springs up around the edge of the blade, proviing Thom some slight warmth. **
** (2274) Commius scampers up rungs and refuses those climbing downward to advance **
Thom: "Daelan, this way. NOW!"
(2274) Commius: " Are you deaf? This is an idefensible position and the gods knows what wicked this way comes..."
Thom: (( is Daelan still connected?? he is on the ladder, right? ))
(2287) DM: ((yes))
Thom: (( ok - just making sure... :) ))
(2275) Daelan La'neral: ( I am still going down the ladder,can't hear anything except for the howling.))
** (2273) Morti pulls himself up from the well and looks at the floating rope thoughtfully before turning to Thom and pointing up questioningly **
** Thom nods enthusiastically at Morti. **
(2287) DM: (and if you're on the ladder, Commius is in your way, and hail is falling from the sky)
Thom: (( so Daelan and Commius are on the ladder - each headed in different directions.... joy... ))
** (2287) Drenla pokes his head out of the hole, shouting, "if you know what's good for you, by the gods, you'll climb up the hole this instant!" **
** (2273) Morti grabs his things quickly, Bundling them in his coat before heading up the riope **
Thom: "We still got two down here!"
(2274) Commius: "I am headed for a more defensible position in the trees to the north." Sceaming this up at the others
** Thom moves to stand under the rope, read to climb as soon as the others exit the well. **
** (2275) Daelan La'neral realizing that the large Edan is preventing him from going down,climbs back up the ladder. **
Thom: (( so, we still can't hear, right? ))
(2287) Drenla: I can't make them climb up so they'll have to freeze! (retreats back into the rope trick)
(2273) Morti: :before disappearing up into thin air, calls to Commius: "No.. you better follow us"
(2370) strokes (exit): 02:13
(2287) DM: ((it's extremely difficult to hear))
(2274) Commius: Mumbles..."Not a chance young one..."
** Thom starts climbing once Daelan's head peaks out and indicates to the elf to follow as he climbs up. **
(2273) Morti: (right... duh
(2281) Atross: "Once we all get up here, this rope is the only way something can get up. And it's not as cold either." ::Calls down::
(2287) DM: If you're outside the rope trick, take 5 damage (no save) from falling hail.
** (2275) Daelan La'neral grabs onto the rope and begins to climb upward. **
(2287) Drenla: Is everyone here? (as Daelan enters the rope trick)
(2275) Daelan La'neral: ( all but the large one is here)
Thom: "All except Commius, yes."
(2287) Drenla: Very well. If he wishes to come, he can. If not, then let him freeze. I have no patience with fools.
(2281) Atross: "One moment. I'd say this qualifies as bewitched, get in here!"
Thom: "And hopefully he will be able to seek shelter."
** (2273) Morti trembles as he enters the pocket dimension. Teeth chattering as he rubs himself for warmth, he quickly opens his coat to check on Moiraine **
Sevis Goloens: "What happened Drenla?"
(2273) Morti: "C-c-c-c-commius.. i-is till out there?"
Thom: "I seriously doubt he will be able to bring himself here to us. He is, not used to such magic."
(2287) Drenla: Listen closely and listen well. It seems that my prediction -- and my fears are correct. What just happened is not natural and a product of chaos magicka.
(2275) Daelan La'neral: " And all this means what?"
(2287) Drenla: Somewhere, below, is a dungeon which holds the petrified remains of one Ayyers Falconedge.
** (2273) Morti groans and hands his head down the hole to look arounf for the Barbarian **
(2287) Drenla: Yes, that Ayyers Falconedge.
(2275) Daelan La'neral: " And who is he?"
(2273) Morti: (hangs rather.. commius still in sight?)
** (2274) Commius looks around to locate the others as he grabs his equipment and hauls tail to the trees to the north **
(2287) Drenla: He is...or will be the next King of Wylund.
(2287) DM: (he's running to the tree line)
(2275) Daelan La'neral: " Not if he is not chosen."
(2287) Drenla: No, not if he is not chosen.
Thom: "Then, this is indeed the time of the prophesy... Well, can't dispute that anymore."
(2287) Drenla: Destiny meant, by "choosing", as to whether we would free him.
(2275) Daelan La'neral: " I was not going to choose him or anyone other than Atross."
** (2273) Morti reaches to his pouch in his coat and pulls a bit of fleece, hanging from the hole, he weaves his hands about in careful gestures before blowing on the fleece, letting it disintigrate in the air. Just then an image of Morti appears before the fleeing barbarian (sielnt image) **
Thom: "Wait, didn't we need some magical keys to open the resting place of the old king?"
(2287) Drenla: If we choose to free him, then this Event, which once occurred, will occur again. It seems we are following events which occurred in our past, now our present.
(2281) Atross: "It's not a choice of a person apparently. You know what you said about riddles and misleading clues?"
(2287) Drenla: This is separate, Thom, from the prophecy of Brie.
Thom: "Oh. Ok... sure."
(2273) Morti: :The illusion of the small mage points back toward the rope, where Morti's upperbody hangs upside down from the hole, waving to Commius
(2287) Drenla: Repeat what Destiny said once again.
** Thom looks to Daelan to repeat what he was told. **
Sevis Goloens: "You have come here, here now, to the day when the Company that came before came here and freed he who is to be King, he who shall lead a nation anew, he who shall overthrow a goddess. You have come, and you must choose. He is a human. You must choose. It is given to you, who are of the People, to choose. This will be the first of three meetings."
(2287) Drenla: There are many prophecies that are coming to fruition now. The Words of Brie are but one.
(2274) Commius: Runs around Morti and yells back come with me to the trees. I will protect you little one.
(2287) Drenla: You have come here...refers to us. ...to the day when the Company that came before came here... refers to the Company which came here, before, which included the Magister before he was the Magister.
(2275) Daelan La'neral: " The person looked at me and said you are here,then he said what Sevis said and then he said enter,conquer,choose."
** Thom looks over at Morti and asks quietly. "Is he ok?" **
(2287) Drenla: ...and freed he who is to be King; this refers to His Majesty freed from his present state
(2399) CondorDM (enter): 02:23
(2287) Drenla: The rest refers to His Majesty's future deeds. The phrase "You must choose" is whether we will choose to free him.
(2399) CondorDM (exit): 02:24
(2273) Morti: :The image grimaces before following the Barb with unbeleivable speed, floating actually and appearing before Commius again, pulling a sign from nowhere that reads "You're going to die! Get up the rope!"
(2287) Drenla: He meant "Enter, as in enter the dungeon, conquer, as in conquer the trials, choose, as in choose whether to do this or not."
(2273) Morti: (illiterate barbarians.. Heheh)
(2275) Daelan La'neral: " So if we do not enter the dungeon,what happens?"
(2281) Atross: "Well, someone else will come along and do that right? Or did?"
** Thom leans over to Morti. "Morti, is Commius ok out there? Did he find shelter?" **
(2273) Morti: :The illusion flips the sign, the other side reading: "NOW!"
(2287) Drenla: If you do not enter, then the events that shall occur some nine months hence will proceed differently, and some of you will not be born. (looks at each and every one of you)
(2273) Morti: (Morti's head is in another dimension. He can't hear you)
Thom: (( Thom doesn't fully understand all this, he's trying... :) ))
(2287) Drenla: That includes you Sevis, for without this party's involvement in the events inside Chateau d'Amberville, then you would not have escaped Averoigne.
** (2274) Commius runs right through the illusion and heads for a tall tree with a thick canopy to climb **
(2281) Atross: "But it wasn't us. It was the magister's group that freed him, wasn't it?"
** Thom looks back at Drenla's words. "Well, then I guess we better enter the well. Why did we have to come here first, why could we not just enter the well when we first opened it?" **
(2287) Drenla: That includes you Daelan, for without this party's involvement in the events inside Prism Keep, he who slew your tribe would still be alive.
(2275) Daelan La'neral: " So we have to enter,defeat whatever we have to defeat,and then choose not to let the dead person be king again or once more,or whatever?"
(2287) Drenla: We are following in the footsteps of the Magister's Company.
Sevis Goloens: "Yes I figured that. So i guess we free him"
(2275) Daelan La'neral: " And this is a good thing or bad thing?"
Thom: "Or maybe we always did it, and his party just took credit for it the first time."
(2281) Atross: "He's actually petrified isn't he? And in 30 years time he's the king of Wylund."
(2287) Drenla: Because, if I remember correctly, the unnatural weather will last for quite some time, as will effects in the room below the well.
Thom: "Well, acording to Rainur and Morti - King Falconedge was a good ruler, so it is good to free him - as he will defeat an ecil leader." he responds to Daelan.
(2287) Drenla: I was one of the Magister's most irresponsible students, and I remember reading an account of this adventure, but not all of the account. Only that the room below the well contained a great number of traps.
(2273) Morti: :the illusionary Morti continues following Commius persistantly, his sighn now reading, "Are you stupid?"
Thom: "I guess that means I get to lead the way down there, huh?"
(2287) Drenla: He is, from what I remember of the account, Atross, a stone statue.
(2275) Daelan La'neral: " So we go down kill what needs killing,and free this stone person so he can rule,sounds simple enough."
(2287) Drenla: Yes, it would seem so.
(2273) Morti: :Sign flips again: "I'm freezing my head off making this illusion to save your life." :Morti is in deed trembling from the cols as he hangs out of the portal.. card flip: "Now get back there and climb up the rope!"
(2275) Daelan La'neral: " Sorry Atross I would have picked you."
(2273) Morti: :flip: "JERK!!!"
Thom: "Well then, how long will this storm last Drenla, any idea?
(2281) Atross: "It's okay, I don't think I can become king yet anyway."
Thom: (( is Morti's body that we can see also shaking with the cold? ))
** (2273) Morti still hangs half down from the hole waving desparately to the barb **
(2273) Morti: (yup)
(2275) Daelan La'neral: " Better you than some dead,stone Edan."
** (2274) Commius scrambles down tree **
** Thom looks at Morti's shivering body and sighs. he reaches down to pull him back up into the dpocket dimension. **
** (2274) Commius cursing as he runs toward the last place he saw the party **
(2274) Commius: "God damn magicicans. What the hell have I gotten myself into..."
(2275) Daelan La'neral: " Well what are we waiting for? I say lets get this over with."
(2274) Commius: "Elantra protect us all from this abomination..."
** (2274) Commius searches for party by well **
Sevis Goloens: "I would say we are waiting for the weather to stop"
Thom: "Except we have to wait for the storm to end Daelan. And judging by how much Morti is shivering, is still going."
(2273) Morti: "Whaa,,," Morti's weak body is pulled up with ease... Shaking terribly and with his wet mask frosted over he demands...."He-heh-he's st-still down there."
(2281) Atross: "We're waiting out the storm. It's unnaturally dangerous hail."
Thom: "Is he alright?" he asks Morti.
(2287) Drenla: The storm will last at least three days, if I recall the account. The traps won't.
** (2273) Morti shrugs... or tries to. His illusion expired with his withdrawal fromt he dimension **
(2274) Commius: "What manner of sorcery is this boy! Explain yourself! What did you and the other witch do?"
(2287) Drenla: This spell will hold for quite some time. When it expires, we should brave the hail and enter the dungeon below.
Thom: "You are frozen. Stay here." With that, Thom pokes his head down out the hole and looks around.
(2274) Commius: ((OK. I only saw the water suck down which is natural. I came upand you all are doing some funky magic and the weather is crazy))
(2287) DM: (none of the PCs are outside, Tony, and you'll need to climb up the rope)
(2274) Commius: ((Did they hear my question?))
(2287) DM: ((no))
Thom: (( no - I poked my head down after you asked. ))
(2287) DM: ((as I said, it's impossible to hear anyone or anything near the well due to the shrieking coming from below))
Thom: "Commius! This way. Trust me, you will be safe here."
** (2274) Commius with dagger in teeth scrambles up rope **
** Thom lifts himself out of the hole as Commius climbs to get out ot the way. **
(2287) DM: ((fyi, your horses have bolted in the storm))
** (2274) Commius follows Thom, hiding his fright with visible rage **
(2281) Atross: ((At least they weren't pummeled to death))
** (2287) Drenla looks over at Commius, coolly. **
(2274) Commius: "What the hell have you down you witches!"
Thom: "Welcome to safety." Thom says cheerfully and relaxed as Commius enters the dimension.
(2274) Commius: ((done))
(2273) Morti: :to Commius in stuttering shivering tone: "A-a-a-are.. y-aya you alr-right?"
(2274) Commius: At seeing the frozen boy, unclenches teeth and sheathes dagger in belt
(2287) Drenla: I didn't do anything. (coolly)
Thom: "Ok, we are all safe now, and that's what matters. And apparently, we have a couple days to kill here, waiting."
(2287) Drenla: However, I saved your miserable ungrateful hide, so have a care with your words. (pulls out a spellbook and begins reading it)
(2274) Commius: "Aye, then who did?"
(2273) Morti: "I-I.. Sa-ss-s-s-s-said it was.. tr-tra-trapped.."
(2274) Commius: "A trap is when water drains...hail in summer is witchcraft."
Sevis Goloens: "You did it Commius by opening the hatch"
Thom: "Yes, it is. And it was left by someone else, not by one of us."
(2274) Commius: To Drenla, "You seem the teacher and boy the apprentice...explain this place in which you hide us and the means by which the sky turned hostile.."
(2281) Atross: "This won't last a couple days. We're going down once the magic down the hatch has expired. We can't stay in this for a whole day even." ::Gestures around the space:: "That's the plan anyway."
** (2287) Drenla continues reading and ignores you (Commius). **
** (2275) Daelan La'neral takes off his pack,opens it and takes out some leaves,bark and flowers and begins to crush them together mixing them into a paste. **
** (2273) Morti takes to a sitting position to focus himself. Raising his hands in focus he starts to run them over his body, his clothes drying unnaturally (prestidigitation) **
Thom: "Commius, does it matter exactly how? it was magic in both cases. One was designed to hurt us, and this one by Drenla designed to save us."
(2274) Commius: "Maybe so. You all have strange ways about you..."
** (2274) Commius eyes the two spellcasters in amazement, temporarily letting his guard down **
Thom: "Yes, we do. Our strange travels have left some of us with such ways. Some of us just have them naturally."
(2273) Morti: :Stilll shivering as he dried himself: "S-s-some k-kind of ma-ma-m-magic tr-trap on the ha-hatch."
** (2274) Commius takes out rations and offers to others, Morti's cat first and then Morti **
(2274) Commius: ((I assume the cat is not an freeze pop))
(2287) Drenla: Not a trap on the hatch, but a trap inside the room below. (mutters)
Thom: "Apparently so Morti. But, we survived it, so we are safe now - and the trap gone."
Sevis Goloens: "The cat in the wagon will freeze if it does not flee the area"
** (2274) Commius ignorant, takes out flint and steel and gets ready to start a fire **
** (2275) Daelan La'neral looks up from what he is doing,looks at the large Human," What name are you called Edan?" **
Thom: "Drenla - do you recall the nature of the other traps in the room below?"
** (2273) Morti glances worfully to Sevis. "Th-the c-cat was in the wagon... wagon.. went with the horses." **
(2287) Drenla: Just a few. (mutters)
(2274) Commius: "I am Commius. Commius Amulos. And you, archer?"
(2275) Daelan La'neral: " Daelan La'neral,of the Asta'Rhiim."
Thom: "Could you tell me of them? It will make it much easier for me to find them when we go down there."
(2287) Drenla: Something about a flame mage. And a treasure room that is filled with deadly treasure.
** (2273) Morti , finally dry again, quickly bundles himself back into his clothing, nestling Moiraine in his coat to keep the Kitten warm **
(2274) Commius: "From the sounds of it I would not be worried about traps, but lost souls."
** (2275) Daelan La'neral goes back to crushing the plants. **
Thom: "From some information we have, there are a number of traps down there as well Commius, some very dangerous."
(2287) Drenla: I can't remember much more than that. I do know that the room below the well contained a patch of soil that was planted with magical beans. Those beans are what caused the effects when the hatch was opened. As the water drained from the hatch and came into contact with the soil, what you saw were the effects in those beans.
(2273) Morti: "Wow... strong beans..."
Thom: "Every little bit of information helps Drenla, as I'm sure you well know."
(2274) Commius: "I would not go down first if I were you, Thom. If you must, I will descend with you...." Hears Drenla's explanation and curses to himself about magic beans
** (2273) Morti fidgets a bit, trying to get warm as he hugs his coat tight around himself **
(2274) Commius: "Why delay in this cramped space?"
(2274) Commius: "Is it snowing underground as well?!"
** (2274) Commius dons armor and rest of gear **
** (2287) Drenla sighs, mollified. "You will forgive me if my memory is faulty. Suffice to say that when the Magister caught me reading his personal diaries...well, I could not sit down for over a week." **
Thom: "Because here we are protected from the storm. And do you want to enter the well with that howling still going?"
(2274) Commius: "And you know it will stop before this wizard den in which we sits vanishes from beneath us?"
(2274) Commius: "Or shall we extinguish the wailing with cold steel?"
(2287) Drenla: If you wish it, you can leave this hidey hole and brave the dangers of the well. (coolly)
(2273) Morti: :raises a brow to Drenla... unseen beneath his unenchanted mask: "Was it something diryt? I think he has a lot of those."
** (2287) Drenla chuckles softly. "It was a spell...um, well one of those." **
(2273) Morti: :cocks his head aside."Eh? Did I miss something?"
(2281) Atross: "I believe we were getting ready to camp for the night anyway, weren't we?"
(2274) Commius: "And will this spell expire or must we expire to caster?"
** Thom looks around at the others as they relax some, content that they are all safe, even if slightly on edge. **
(2273) Morti: (had his head outside the hole thorugh the whole explanation)
** (2287) Drenla blushes a little and goes back to reading. **
** (2275) Daelan La'neral opens up one of his healing kits,and takes an empty vial out,and pours the crushed plant inside. **
Thom: "Yes Atross, we were."
(2287) DM: (and on that note, we'll stop)
Thom: 'We will be fine in here Commius, do not worry."
(2275) Daelan La'neral: " I have made a poltice,enough to use on 3,place it on your wounds and they will heal."
(2287) DM: next session, will begin with you guys negotiating the well and the room below

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