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(960) DM: (anyone need a recap

(960) DM: (anyone need a recap?)
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(964) Morti: (sure, go ahead)
(965) Commius has sent you a tree node...
(961) Thom: (( we just left the focus and have traveled back to the other side of the mountain, right? ))
(960) DM: ((you travelled back to the Wheel of Time))
(960) DM: ((where you first met Ariahrhod))
(961) Thom: (( oh - even that far... cool. ))
(963) Daelan La'neral: ( do we still have the wagon with all those magical things in it?)
** (961) Thom keeps a silent watch on the areas around him. He stays silent, but very alert as they travel through the woods. **
whispering to Commius, you're starting at 8th?
(964) Morti: (was the Duke's cat still in the wagon?)
(960) DM: (I don't think we resolved that.)
(960) DM: (afaik, yes)
(961) Thom: (( nope - we said we were going to leave once we had exited the focus, and then you (Stan) said we get back to whereever (WoT) and ended the game. ))
(960) DM: (ok)
(964) Morti: "Play nice." :instructs to the fat cat and Moiraine as he looks about the wagon in travel, asking the cat: "Do you know where your master kept his arcane books?"
(960) DM: (you have all nonmagical items that your "other selves" have)
(963) Daelan La'neral: " Relax edan Thom,if the Shadow elves wanted you dead,you would be dead before your hand closed on your blade."
(962) Atross: (That would mean I in fact do have several daggers and a dull pair of clothes...)
(960) Maximillian: Mrrow.
(960) DM: (why, yes A)
(964) Morti: "Hehe.. guess you wouldn't tell me anyway.. nevermind." :contents himself with his own books as they ride to the Wheel:
(961) Thom: "It's more than just those other elves Daelan; it's all these trees, and not being able to see what's coming."
(963) Daelan La'neral: " If one can not see Thom,then one must listen."
(964) Morti: :chastises the kitten lightly: "Don't be rude."
(964) Morti: "He just lost his master"
(961) Thom: "Exactly - not one of my strengths." he mutters.
(968) Cern (enter): 21:46
(960) DM: An orange tabby peeks out of Morti's pocket, yawns and then disappears out of sight.
(964) Morti: "Eh?" :cocks his head to Moiraine before staring at the ball of fluff the Duke left behind. Staring at it sternly, he scrutinizes it with his will
(964) Morti: (detect magic)
(963) Daelan La'neral: " The lost master you speak of Morti,did not fall by my hand,he fell to Tian and Helis...sorry Thom,I was busy with the Drake."
(964) Morti: :to Daelan: "I know. I remember.. sort of."
(961) Thom: "As do I. But he just seemed to be nothing from what I remember. After the d'Amberville's - he was a mere flea."
(970) cole (enter): 21:50
** (964) Morti smirlks and whispers something into his coat. **
(970) cole (exit): 21:51
(963) Daelan La'neral: " I do not know of the d'Ambervilles you speak of,but the Duke was nothing more than a pawn used by another Edan,one that is now planning an attack soon I fear."
(961) Thom: "What are you talking about Daelan? Who is attacking?"
** (964) Morti speaks to the cat like a person, "Can you understand me?" **
(962) Atross: "Remember that the attack on the crystal castle was orchestrated from Kern in preparation for an attack at a later time. I don't think they realize the castle isn't coming yet in fact."
(963) Daelan La'neral: " The one who we faced in the crystal castle,she is working with other Edans to attack from the Northwest,they gather,Edan,Orc and Drow as we ride,the attack is not known as to where it will happen or when but trust me it is coming."
(960) DM: The tan-colored long-hair inspects its paws casually, licking them.
(960) Maximillian: Mrrrow.
(962) Atross: "Of course, I'd guess we have several months before it'd be considered a full scale war, at least as far as historians are concerned."
(963) Daelan La'neral: " She knows,why else would there have been Edan here waiting for you,if you gather the items you need to get this sword you seek,then her plans will fail."
(964) Morti: :smile and talks to the cat: "Good, then, do you know who your master worked for?"
(961) Thom: "Oh, yes - that is true. I had completely forgotten about that stuff."
(960) Maximillian: Mrrow.
(964) Morti: :scratches his head: "Well, I could give you some food now, but you look like you could do to miss a couple meals."
** (961) Thom shakes his head. "Daelan - I doubt that Karl there had anything at all to do with the war. He was just a bandit trying to make a name for himself." **
(960) Maximillian: Mrrrow. (plaintive)
(963) Daelan La'neral: " Once we leave here,you as your other persons,where speaking of going to the burial mounds,that would put us close to the Kern border."
(963) Daelan La'neral: " No he was gathering all magical items Thom,there has to be a reason why he would do that."
(964) Morti: :cocks his head: "Sorry to upset you, but it's not healthy for a cat to be too fat, you know?"
whispering to Daelan La'neral, no actually
(962) Atross: "It could be maybe, greed, you know?"
(961) Thom: "Yes - he was greedy. He had a passion for magical items, and weapons were special."
(963) Daelan La'neral: " That is possible,after all I have very little knowledge on how an Edan thinks or acts for that matter."
(964) Morti: "Hehe. right. Sorry to offend you." :apologizing to a cat:
(961) Thom: "If 'Edan' is your term for human, then it's not that simple. Humans all think and act differently. Sometimes there are similarities, but many times there are not."
(962) Atross: "Most humans have little knowledge of how someone else thinks or acts. Unless we find something to the contrary, I'd like to believe that his presence was incidental."
(962) Atross: "Though you are right; it's best not to assume she's completely unaware of our activities."
(963) Daelan La'neral: " Yes Edan is our word for Human,figured it sounded nicer than Human,but I have seen most are greegy."
(963) Daelan La'neral: *greedy*
(968) Cern (exit): 22:02
(961) Thom: "And with that observation - would it make sense that every human we meet that is collecting magic or other items is part of those trying to make war?"
** (964) Morti pulls a bit of dried meat, holding it toward the cat: "I suppose I can give you this..." :pulls it back: "If you tell me where his books are." **
(961) Thom: "Or does it make more sense that each would be looking out for themselves?"
(963) Daelan La'neral: " That or trying to prevent you from getting some artifact you need to aquire this sword of yours."
** (960) Maximillian yawns, meowing plaintively. **
(962) Atross: "What difference does it make if they're in our way?"
(975) Nebosuke (enter): 22:04
** (961) Thom shrugs. "I don't know so much about these swords. I've heard of them, of course - most everyone has. But Atross and Morti here have been looking for them for longer than myself." **
(965) Commius has sent you a tree node...
** (964) Morti looks at the meat and shrugs, "Seems nice enough to me." :Bites off a bit and holds it down to his pocket of Moiraine **
(963) Daelan La'neral: " Just from what I have seen so far,it seems that you and your other persons have made some powerful enemies in the time you have been here."
(962) Atross: "Not all that much longer,really. There's more to it than just a sword. Even one of those Swords."
** (961) Thom nods in understanding, and agreement, to Atross. **
(963) Daelan La'neral: " And since it seems most of your enemies are Edan,then I shall continue to ride with you."
(962) Atross: "Speaking of powerful enemies, wasn't there supposed to be a drow heading to reinforce the castle? I doubt he'll make it there now, but if she finds out about our involvement there he may be sent to find us, sooner or later."
** (960) Moiraine nibbles at it. **
(961) Thom: "What would you do Daelan, if we were to find out that the one that was the main person that was leading many of these others to wage war?"
** (964) Morti hangs his head out the window to ask the others, "You guys have any fresher food? This cat's really picky." **
(963) Daelan La'neral: " Why kill them of course."
(961) Thom: (( whoops - I ended my question early - ignore that one. ))
(963) Daelan La'neral: " I have some elven bread,but I do not think your cat would like the taste Morti."
(961) Thom: "What would you do Daelan, if we were to find out that the one that was the main person that was leading many of these others to wage war, was in fact an elf?"
(964) Morti: "Not my cat, the Dukes cat. He has really high tastes." :pulls his head back in:
(961) Thom: "Atross - hopefully, the most that she would determine would be that Helisandra, Garret, and the others rescued Prism Keep."
(963) Daelan La'neral: " I would kill them,no elf shall intentionally harm another,that is unless they are Drow,then kill them and be done with it."
(961) Thom: "So, if it was a non-drow elf, what would you do?"
(962) Atross: "I think he just said. The punishment for an elf doing such a thing would be death."
(963) Daelan La'neral: " As I said I would kill them."
(963) Daelan La'neral: " But I do not believe an elf is behind this,unless you speak of the Drow as elves."
(961) Thom: "I don't either, but I was curious as to your response."
** (963) Daelan La'neral rides up next to the wagon,handing Morti a small piece of brown bread," If it does not eat it,then give it back." **
(964) Morti: "Hmmm...." :eyes the dried meat ponderously a moment before smirking. Gladly he works over it, gesturing oddly a giggling a bit: "Don't worry, Daelan, I have an idea."
(960) DM: (fyi, Nebo, the PCs are travelling from Yvvivor back to the Wheel of Time)
(960) DM: (a bit of RP as usual)
(960) DM: (you're there, so feel free to jump in)
(975) Xiao: (( alright ))
(963) Daelan La'neral: " If you hunger,I can gather some food from the woods."
** (964) Morti holds out the meat again, grinning mischievously. "How about now?" **
** (964) Morti groans and hangs his head **
(960) DM: The long-haired tabby jumps up on the couch opposite Morti and meows shrilly.
(964) Morti: "Darn picky cat." :grumbles as he repockets the meat bit.:
(963) Daelan La'neral: " Xiao,is that your birth name or is it from the Edan that raised you?"
(961) Thom: "Thank you Daelan, if that becomes an issue, we would appreciate it."
(960) Maximillian: Mrrrow.
(964) Morti: :shrugs: "Magic smells good sometimes"
(975) Xiao: "The Edan."
(962) Atross: "A good meal is always welcome."
(975) Xiao: "It means 'little one'"
** (963) Daelan La'neral falls back behind the wagon,then slides the body of Elamurix into the wagon,then rides off into the woods. **
** (964) Morti hangs his weary head out the wagon as Daelan rides off, "Where's he going?" **
(962) Atross: "Scouting, I presume."
** (961) Thom watches the elf leave. "Could be. I do trust that he will be back though." **
** (963) Daelan La'neral rides back to the others after about half an hour,and begins to pass out apples,berries and some roots. **
(964) Morti: "Hey Thom? Do you remember Helisandra opening these chests in here?"
(961) Thom: "She never did. She left them alone, although I'm not sure why. When we stop to rest, I will look at them."
(963) Daelan La'neral: " Here eat,this is good food."
(964) Morti: :smiles to the elf: "Thanls Dael:" :gladly retreats into the wagon to lower his mask a bit to eat:
** (975) Xiao thanks Daelan with a bow. **
(962) Atross: "I've definitely seen worse passed off as full meals." :Chomps into an apple: "Thanks."
** (961) Thom takes one of the apples and some berries from Daelan. "Thank you Daelan." he sysa, before biting into the food. **
(963) Daelan La'neral: " Besides what you do not eat,you can feed to your animals."
(960) DM: (I'm going to FF a bit)
(961) Thom: (( k ))
(988) No Name (enter): 22:29
** (964) Morti passes the time in a mix of study and fiddle playing **
** (963) Daelan La'neral winces as Morti plays the fiddle. **
(960) DM: You return to the Wheel a few days later. The circle of stones is deserted.
(963) Daelan La'neral: " Are you trying to kill the cat Morti?"
(988) Beau (exit): 22:30
(961) Thom: (( about what time do we get there? morning, afternoon, evening? ))
(964) Morti: :not getting the joke: "Whatcha mean?"
(960) DM: ((early morning, around 7 am, shortly after sunrise))
(963) Daelan La'neral: " That awful screeching,did you not hear it?"
** (975) Xiao stoically endures the aural assault without comment. **
(964) Morti: "Eh?" :llooking out the window to the stones, he opens the door and hops out the wagon even before it reaches a complete stop."
** (961) Thom looks around the clearing where the Wheel of Time is located, not surprised by seeing nothing. **
(961) Thom: "It is morning after all. No one was here when we left in the morning last time either."
** (963) Daelan La'neral stops just before entering the clearing," Where I you,I would ready myself,something is amiss." **
(960) DM: The henge is much as you remember it, peaceful and serene. Arianrhod is nowhere to be found.
(962) Atross: "So we've made it back here. I guess we can find out if that prophecy is really real."
(961) Thom: "Yes, something is definately amiss - we are still in the woods." he says to Daelan, some joking that the elf is surely either getting used to, or very annoyed with, by now.
** (964) Morti strolls to the henge, looking it over with a happy awe not present in Garret's eyes. **
** (963) Daelan La'neral slides off his horse,moving off to the side,closes his eyes and listens intently. **
(962) Atross: "I think you mean that we aren't out of the woods yet."
** (975) Xiao heeds Daelan's words, remaining cautiously observant as he proceeds to the henge. **
** (961) Thom nods to Atross. **
** (961) Thom stays on his horse, but closes his eyes. **
** (962) Atross draws his bow saying, "In which case it's best to expect the worst," then commands its flames to ignite. **
(960) DM: Safe for the moment, you now have the opportunity to examine the stones. The tall ones form a rough circle, and enough of them have lintels bridging the two uprights that it is possible to imagine that all the monoliths were once so capped. The hub of the circle is dominated by a huge stone disc, deeply carved with symbols and runes and mounted horizontally on carved representations of serpents. In the center of the disc is a pinnacle about 10' tall topped by a crystal. Emanating from this crystal are two brilliant beams of light blue light, though the source of the illumination is not visible. The vivid shafts of coruscating light strike the rim of the disc at two distinct and separate points.
** (964) Morti examines the stones thoghtfully, trying to get a feel for them and search for any symbols or writings or other carvings curiously **
** (963) Daelan La'neral slips back into the clearing,looking around at the others," We are alone for now." **
** (962) Atross hops down from his horse and follows the others, bow in hand. **
(961) Thom: "I think we have company..." he mutters softly, but stays put.
(964) Morti: "Eh?" :looks to Thom before looking about the clearing:
** (961) Thom simply holds a single finger up to Morti, asking for time. **
** (962) Atross looks carefully around the clearing himself, looking at it from his new perspective. **
(964) Morti: :nods to Thom, looking aroun apprehensively:
** (961) Thom opens his eyes and steps off his horse, and enters the clearing. "Hello there. You wish to speak, so speak." he says, apparently to the entire clearing. **
(961) Thom: "We cannot talk to you if you remain hidden."
** (963) Daelan La'neral watches Thom," Well not what I would have done." **
(960) The Harp of Loring the Lost: One of you, skilled in either music or magic or of the People, must play me.
(960) DM: A melodious voice speaks from within the clearing, where is uncertain.
** (961) Thom spins back as the voice comes from the carriage (I assume that's where it was left) **
(961) Thom: (( or not.... ))
** (961) Thom spins around, searching for the location of the voice. "Play you?" **
(963) Daelan La'neral: " Well that excludes me,so Morti,I guess you will be playing the music."
(960) The Harp of Loring the Lost: One of you must play me. One of you, who is of the People, or skiled in music or magic.
(961) Thom: "Morti, any ideas?"
(964) Morti: "Uh... " :looks up from inspecting the wheel: "Play the harp maybe"
** (975) Xiao creases his brow, frowning in genuine concern at the suggestion that Morti play the instrument, "The voice said skilled..." **
(961) Thom: "Morti knows magic, he quallifies."
(975) Xiao: "Ah."
** (964) Morti 's scarf frowns in exaggeration at Xiao's criticism **
(964) Morti: Knowledge: Arcana Skill Check: [1d20+16] -> [18,16] = (34)
(964) Morti: "Ok.. so... play the harp then?"
(961) Thom: "Sounds like a plan. It's the only stranger around, except for the hungry cat back there in the coach."
(962) Atross: "And I don't think the cat wants to be played.
** (963) Daelan La'neral feeds his horse an apple. **
(964) Morti: :scratches his head: "Right then... harp it is." :goes to fetch the instrument and returns to the circle, preparing to play.
(963) Daelan La'neral: " Maybe you have to sing the song Morti."
** (961) Thom concentrates his stare on the harp as Morti brings it out. **
(964) Morti: "Hope it's like a fiddle." :plucks at the strings in very basic manner to try for a simplistic tune
(964) Morti: (mary had a little lambe, twinkle little star, chopsticks... take your pick)
(962) Atross: (How about the one about the kings, what was it called again?)
(963) Daelan La'neral: ( We are the Champions?)
(964) Morti: Perform: [1d20+3-4] -> [8,3,-4] = (7)
(964) Morti: Will save: [1d20+8] -> [2,8] = (10)
** (961) Thom relaxes his stare and watches Morti's 'performance'. **
(960) DM: As Morti plays the harp, he speaks with a different, more confident voice. It's as if he has become a different person and no longer the dimunitive sorcerer you've known for a time.
(964) Morti: (that's not too difificult)
(960) Loring the Lost: You have sought me out, O Seekers. Speak then.
** (961) Thom looks to Atross, to see if he's going to take the lead on this transformation. **
** (963) Daelan La'neral watches and listens.

** (962) Atross looks back, "Why don't you give it a go? I'll fill in the details I remember." **
(961) Thom: "Greetings. We did seek you out, at the direction of the one that protects the Wheel of Time."
(960) Loring the Lost: Yes, but she is not here, for she sleeps, exhausted as she is in her battle against the drake which you defeated.
(961) Thom: "I figured that she must sleep or such during the day, since she was here only during the evening the last time we, or the others, were here."
(960) Loring the Lost: She will sleep for a time, or until there are those who have need of the Guardian of the Wheel, again.
(960) Loring the Lost: Or until she chooses to give up this Office.
(961) Thom: "She said that we were to retrieve you and bring you here. Something about checking a prophesy - the Words of brie I believe it was."
(960) Loring the Lost: Yes. The Prophecy of Brie, which foretells a time when a King of Damrosil will return again. A King of Damrosil and perhaps more.
(960) Loring the Lost: Are you asking if this is now the time?
(961) Thom: "Uh" he glances around to see if that is indeed what they are doing.
(962) Atross: "The prophecy begins 'with six hands of Loring the Lost upon the Wheel of Time...' so yes. That's it exactly."
(960) Loring the Lost: Very well then. Yes, this is the time. The question then becomes if you will be successful. The prophecy is unclear on this point.
(960) Loring the Lost: You have many paths to avail of yourself after this point. Listen then, and learn.
(962) Atross: "I thought it was unclear on more than a few points actually..."
(960) Loring the Lost: With six hands of Loring the Lost upon the Wheel of Time, at the moment Bazel mounts his Chariot to do battle with the Seven Daughters, the Dead King shall rise to seize the Triad with hands that cannot grasp and eyes that cannot see. All wards broken and the mystic barriers pierced with mating swords, three sinners and saints will struggle in the dust, both and neither to triumph, and while the sundered earth spews forth the dregs of centuries, a new Order shall come upon the Land.
(960) Loring the Lost: Here then, is the meaning of the Prophecy of Brie:
** (961) Thom hangs his head and shakes it for a moment, before raising it again as 'Morti' continues to speak. **
(960) Loring the Lost: "With six hands of Loring the Lost upon the Wheel of Time...." This refers to a glove that was enchanted with my magicka, that you chanced upon in your early travels. With this glove, you would have been able to verify these words at an earlier time.
(960) Loring the Lost: "...at the moment Bazel mounts his Chariot to do battle with the Seven Daughters...." This refers to an astronomical alignment that occurred a tenday ago, wherein certain events occurred that did not involve you, yet.
(960) Loring the Lost: "...the Dead King shall rise to seize the Triad..." This refers to the regalia of Damrosil's King and the High King of Alalminor. The regalia consists of a baldric, a scepter and a crown.
(1008) Evil Joe (enter): 23:13
(960) Loring the Lost: "...with hands that cannot grasp and eyes that cannot see." This refers to the King's current state. His spirit roams the land, seeking those who would return him to life. You have not met his spirit yet.
(960) Loring the Lost: "All wards broken and the mystic barriers pierced with mating swords..." This refers to this King's burial chamber, the mystic barriers refers to a series of locks which can only be opened by magical keys; the wards refer to an item of power which can be gained at the tower of Ishcabeble. The item is not necessary to your quest, but can make your predicament easier.
(960) Loring the Lost: The item in question varies according to the nature of the seeker. One of you will need to conquer a trial. The outcome of the trial will determine the item.
(961) Thom: "Anything that makes this easier is good..." he mutters.
(960) Loring the Lost: "...three sinners and saints will struggle in the dust, both and neither to triumph..." This refers to a battle wherein each of you will face yourselves with the life of the King in balance.
(962) Atross: "So the prophecy doesn't say who will win that struggle."
(960) Loring the Lost: "...and while the sundered earth spews forth the dregs of centuries, a new Order shall come upon the Land." This refers to change that shall come for good, or for ill, when the King returns. Though the prophecy is certain that a King shall return, whether it is a King for good, or for ill, is up to you.
(960) Loring the Lost: No, it does not.
(960) Loring the Lost: Prophecies are only visions of truth. Not all visions come true.
(961) Thom: "But since this is the time, then a King will come, one way or another. Correct?"
(960) Loring the Lost: Yes, correct.
(962) Atross: "But whoever wins that struggle will determine what king is returned, and therefore what order. Though I guess it might be accurate to say that an old order will come upon the land."
** (960) Loring the Lost says nothing. **
(963) Daelan La'neral: " And the ones in Kern? are they on the same quest as these people are one?"
(961) Thom: "Well, as much as I wouldn't mind forgetting all these questions and prophesies, we can't let an evil King return."
(960) Loring the Lost: The ones in Kern are on a similar quest, one who speaks of the People. Yes and no.
(963) Daelan La'neral: " See I told you."
(961) Thom: "Who are 'the People'?"
(960) Loring the Lost: The People are those who ruled this land long before the advent of Men.
** (960) Loring the Lost bows deeply before Daelan. **
(963) Daelan La'neral: " It speaks of the firstcomers,the elves."
(961) Thom: "Ahh, I see. So one who speaks of the People - it means an elf. Why not just say so?"
(960) Loring the Lost: That would be disrespectful.
(960) Loring the Lost: You have three paths that must be taken. In which order is up to you. Each must be trod upon before you can seek me out again. Listen, and learn.
(961) Thom: "Of course." (dryly)
(1008) Evil Joe (exit): 23:24
(962) Atross: "Oh no, I hope we don't have to..."
(963) Daelan La'neral: " Though each tribe believes they were the first here,the Annoron,the Drow,the ones of the wind,of the Shadow,each say they were the first."
(962) Atross: "We need the body, the regalia, and the spirit."
(975) Xiao: "Assuming that the prophecy refers to two distinct kings of old, and not separate aspects of a single being, the possession of the regalia is most likely to be contested by those whose aims are opposed to yours."
(960) Loring the Lost: You must seek out the mystic keys of Brie. These can be found with Lord Krell, also known as the Robber Baron of the Fhaard. Lord Krell is a robust fighter who honed his craft early in raids against orcs and hobgoblins to the south and east, and who singlehandledly slew an ice drake in the wintry wilds of the Caspan Mountains. The hoard of the drake was vast, and allowed Krell to build both a fortified manor house on a plateau overlooking the only pass through the mountains north of Widdershin, and a gatehouse astride the main road at that point. As he controls the traffic, Krell also exacts a toll for passage. Some think his fees are outrageous, hence his second title. Should you elect this path, you will need all your wits about you, and more.
(960) Loring the Lost: That is the first path.
(962) Atross: "The keys for the tomb."
(960) Loring the Lost: You must also seek out the regalia of Damrosil: the crown, the scepter and the baldric. These items were last seen in the possession of the wizardling who ruled from the Tower of Inverness, deep within the northeastern part of the wood named for me, near the border of Gwythnecht. The Tower, also known as the Ghost Tower of Inverness, is a place filled with creatures of wonder and dangers untold. Legends say that the Tower itself exists on another plane, a plane removed from this world of Andurin, not unlike that which you encountered with your sojourn in Chateau d'Amberville.
(960) Loring the Lost: That is the second path.
(960) Loring the Lost: Because the King you seek has been dead for over three centuries, extremely powerful magicka is required to bring him back from the land of the dead. Only one god has the resources available to make this effort successful -- Diancecht, the god of healing, life and the cycle of rebirth. There is an ancient immortal known as Caer, a mighty wizard and alchemist. Of all the lore known to Men, only Caer can supply the solution to the problem that you face.

There is a ballad that gives a hint as to where to search for Caer. The only geographical clue is a phrase that made note of something called "the Finger of Good". The mountain called Dagda's Thumb fits the tale, so you must seek this fate in the wilds to the north and east of Gwythnecht, near Undolyssil, the
Lake of Death.
(960) Loring the Lost: That is the third path.
(960) Loring the Lost: Once you have the mystic keys, the regalia of Damrosil and the Elixir of Life, then and only then may you seek me out, the singer of the Lineage of Kings.
(961) Thom: "Must we return here to seak you, or can we find you anywhere, as long as we have your harp?"
(963) Daelan La'neral: " I Say we get the keys first,we pay a toll,perhaps kill a few Edan and we are done,simple."
(960) Loring the Lost: Once you have the items, you will be able to seek me out, for the next part of your quest. The harp -- which can be played by at least one of you -- will lead you to me.
(963) Daelan La'neral: " We did kill a Drake,we never did try and find the lair or its horde. I am sure it would pay the toll."
(961) Thom: "Thank you Loring."
(962) Atross: "I'm not sure he'll be amenable to giving up the keys so simply, but that is a good idea."
(961) Thom: (( so, where is everything on the map above? Everything being the three paths we must take... ))
(960) Loring the Lost: I sense that you are on a larger quest, so, each of you may ask two questions -- one for this quest and one for your larger quest, should you wish it.
(961) Thom: "Yes - besides senseless killing, do you know of any way that we might be able to obtain the items we seek currently from Caer or Lord Krell?"
(961) Thom: "As in, something they might trade for?"
(960) DM: (1 = keys, 2 = regalia, 3 = elixir)
(960) Loring the Lost: Lord Krell respects wealth and power. Give him that which he respects and requires, and you may have that which you seek.
(960) Loring the Lost: He is a crafty soul, so you will need to be observant.
(961) Thom: (( ok, for travel, it would make sense to go 2, 3, then 1. But from the descriptions, 2 sounds like the hardest.... ))
(1026) Tarl (enter): 23:45
(960) Loring the Lost: As for Caer, he respects wit, intelligence and a love of lore. Share a story, sing a song or reveal that which is unknown, and you may have what you seek.
(962) Atross: ((Maybe 1 2 then 3))
(1026) Tarl (exit): 23:45
(961) Thom: (( 1, 2, 3 would be the most travel - probably adding on at least a month of travel time.... ))
(961) Thom: (( we are in the woods south of 2 right now, correct? ))
(960) DM: ((yes))
(962) Atross: ((But we still have to go to all of them and 2 is on the way to 3, and 3 is far from 1))
(961) Thom: (( why not 1, 3, 2 then? ))
(962) Atross: ((Why not 3,1 2 for that matter))
(961) Thom: (( That could work fine. ))
(964) Morti: (true, we may as well do it in order of distance, 1,3,2)
(975) Xiao: (( 1 or 2 should be first, as either of those will be sought out by any other group working for the opposite purpose. ))
(975) Xiao: (( the knowledge provided by the wizard can be given out to many, but there's only one key and one set of regalia ))
(963) Daelan La'neral: " I have a question."
(960) DM: ((if only DJ knew what he was missing, lol))
(962) Atross: ((That may be the case, but he may be in danger once they get what they want from him. And it may be more difficult to get the elixir if we're second up.))
(960) Loring the Lost: Speak, O Seeker!
(963) Daelan La'neral: " Who is the speaker of the people?"
(961) Thom: (( that's why I'd want to go the quickest route - get things as soon as possible. ))
(962) Atross: :Aside to Daelan: "That would be you. You are of the People, so when you speak, you are the speaker of the People. Doesn't know our names remember? Oh yeah!" :turns back to Morti: "Loring, I'm Atross."
(960) Loring the Lost: That depends on your point of view. To the Thon'elal, that would be King Melenuil, of Feandoril. To the Sinth'elal, no dawn elf would ever be fit to rule the People. To the Irith'elal, though you may acknowledge Melenuil as the speaker of the People, in truth, that is not agreed upon. For the Quan'athel, they have their own speaker, but acknowledge the authority of Melenuil. So as you can see, it depends on your point of view.
(960) Loring the Lost: The problem that the People face in this Age is that their time is long past, when the ascendancy of Men is rising.
(960) DM: (he meant to say "to the Sinth'elal, no star elf would ever be fit to rule the People." otherwise it makes no sense. sorry.)
** (960) Loring the Lost bows to Atross. "Greetings." **
(963) Daelan La'neral: " Does this speaker have a name?"
(960) DM: ((be more specific))
(1030) Elanen (enter): 00:02
(963) Daelan La'neral: " The one you spoke of the one in Kern that speaks for the people,what name is it called?"
(1030) Elanen (exit): 00:03
(960) DM: ((you're confused))
(960) DM: ((he said "The ones in Kern are on a similar quest, one who speaks of the People -- translation: the ones in Kern are on a similar quest, elf))
(960) DM: ((Loring speaks VERY formally, in the style of speech that was common at least five centuries ago))
(962) Atross: ((So I was right))
(960) DM: ((so when he said "one who speaks of the People", he wa referring to you, Daelan. keep in mind, he doesn't know your names, and also, he would never say something so crude as "elf".))
(963) Daelan La'neral: " I am Daelan La'neral,of the Asta'Rhiim."
(960) DM: ((corrected placement of the 3, my bad))
(963) Daelan La'neral: " The one I seek is an Edan called Almeena,is she one of those that are on a similiar quest as ours?"
(960) Loring the Lost: Yes.
(963) Daelan La'neral: " Well we know we will be facing a wizard atleast."
(960) Loring the Lost: Well met, one who speaks of the People. You may call me "Loring".
(961) Thom: "Then Morti will have an opponent to keep up with."
(975) Xiao: "That is not certain until we obtain either the keys or the regalia."
(961) Thom: "Loring, I have one other question for you, as you have permitted. Do you know where the House of Cards is located within Highkeep?"
(960) Loring the Lost: I do not know what this place is.
(961) Thom: "I was afraid of that. Very well, I had to try."
** (963) Daelan La'neral bows slightly," Well met this day Loring." **
(962) Atross: "Oh well, would happen to know how to close a gate to the celestial realm?"
(960) Loring the Lost: There are many ways of doing so. One may seek the key which closes such a gate, or one may close it on the other side, or one may seek to destroy the gate -- though powerful magicka is required for such an act and much devastation can result.
(960) DM: (30 minute warning)
(963) Daelan La'neral: " Well I am done asking questions,I say we go to the Drakes den,gather what treasure we need and begin our journey."
(961) Thom: "Do you know where it is Daelan?"
(963) Daelan La'neral: " No,but I am sure I can find it,I am a tracker after all."
(961) Thom: "You're going to track a five day old path of a flying creature?"
(962) Atross: "If wealth is what Krell wants it's definitely worth considering. But I don't think tracking is the best way."
(975) Xiao: "Did you observe the direction of its approach?"
(960) Loring the Lost: Then I shall cede control back to your friend, who has kindly granted me a moment of peace through this harp. When next we meet, I shall endeavor to repay this kindness. If you require additional help, she who keeps the Wheel safe from harm will awaken in a short time.
(963) Daelan La'neral: " Sure,first we go to the area where the forest was devistated,then we enter it,and I am sure that some point I will find some tracks,it has not rained nor has the wind been bad either,and being as large as it was it would leave deep tracks."
(961) Thom: "Ok, if you think you can. It seems impossible to me, but this area is not my terrain."
** (961) Thom bows to Loring. "Thank you for your aid." **
(963) Daelan La'neral: " I have tracked harder things in my day."
(962) Atross: "Before you go, maybe you could point out the Drake's lair, since Krell will want wealth."
** (964) Morti falters from confident grace with a sour note on the harp. "Eh? Eh? Eh?" Looks about quizzically. **
(961) Thom: "Morti? You ok?"
(964) Morti: "Uh... yeah..."
(963) Daelan La'neral: " Another thing you must think about,is getting supplies such as food for yourselves,that means finding a town."
(961) Thom: "That's good news. Well, come on, we have a dragon lair to find."
** (963) Daelan La'neral jumps on his horse,heading back to the area that was torched by the Drake. **
(962) Atross: "Food, and arrows."
(964) Morti: "Do we have time for that?"
(961) Thom: "It's a necessity at some point Morti. Without supplies, we won't last long."
(963) Daelan La'neral: " On the plains your animals will fare well,but I do not think you could eat the same thing."
(963) Daelan La'neral: " What do you think we should do with Elamurix?"
(961) Thom: "I am not sure Daelan."
(963) Daelan La'neral: " Well 3 of you will face yourselves,so one of you will face Almeena,I wonder who the others will be."
(964) Morti: "Eh?" :cocks his head: "How's that work out?"
(961) Thom: "I can't believe that I am not getting lumped into this whole prophesy. Oh well."
(962) Atross: "I wonder, will we face ourselves, actually?"
(963) Daelan La'neral: " Or those who are like you?"
(964) Morti: :shrugs:: "We probably won't know until we get there."
(963) Daelan La'neral: " Almeena,well now I know the name of the one that I will lay low in the ground."
** (964) Morti peers unsurely to Daelan at the mention of that name." **
** (961) Thom just shrugs at Daelan, uncertain. **
(960) DM: ((lol, your time will come Zane))
(960) DM: ((be careful of what you wish for lol))
(963) Daelan La'neral: " Do not worry Morti,I can part the hair on the head of a mouse with my bow."
(961) Thom: (( oops- - I didn't notice the typo... It should have said 'I am now getting lumped'... ))
(962) Atross: "Why would you want to do that?"
** (963) Daelan La'neral looks down into the wagon," Or cat for the matter." smiling **
(964) Morti: :speaks cryptically: "She's no mouse." :begins to walk back to the wagon: "And if you disturn her hair, she'll have you quartered by her knights."
(961) Thom: (( are we still standing then, or have we gotten a move on? ))
(963) Daelan La'neral: " Tis an expression Atross,it means that unless I wish it to,my arrows will not hit what they are not aimed at."
** (961) Thom heads back to his horse and mounts, ready to get moving. **
(960) DM: (I dunno. have you? we're stopping in 5 minutes anyway)
(961) Thom: (( I guess Morti and I at least are preparing to go now... ))
** (963) Daelan La'neral jumps on the back of his horse,ready to head back the way we came. **
(962) Atross: "Usually we'd have been trying to hit the mouse."
(960) DM: (and on that note, we'll stop)
** (962) Atross leaves the clearing as well, reclaiming his horse. **
(963) Daelan La'neral: " Ah well see there in lies the problem Atross,first you must become one with your bow,forsaking all other weapons."
(962) Atross: "I think you'll find my oneness with my bow quite formidable actually."
(963) Daelan La'neral: " Before this is over,I am sure both our skills will be tested quite often Atross."
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