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** (77) Garret strips off his burned rags as he stands outside th coach. Little concerned with semi-nudity, he takes the time to examine his new scorch marks and scabbed over gashes while dressing. **
** Helisandra has gone over to Elamurix to check his thoughts on the map she found. **
Helisandra: "So, this map has to do with the swords, not the focus. Very well then, it will wait. Let's get this curse ended as soon as possible."
Helisandra: (( what about the Book of Blood that Calehan has. We were told that the blank page in the middle would no longer be blank once we got here, but Calehan isn't here... ))
** (77) Garret slips into a a pair of blue silk breeches, striped red up the sides, and pulls on a light leather jerkin as he makes his way to the others, carrying his armor and blades **
Tian Keth: (( he said he already read it in one of the logs ))
Helisandra: (( oops, I missed that, never mind then. ))
** Helisandra glances at Garret as he approaches. "Nice colors for you Garret." she says with a grin. **
** Tian Keth looks up to see what time it is, determining if they have time to make it to the focus before the next attack **
** (77) Garret sneers back, "I really have to find a tailor when we get to a town. **
Helisandra: "So, how about we get moving then? The sooner we get this curse lifted, the sooner we can get Garret some more appropriate clothing."
(77) Garret: "Aye. It's imperative."
** Tian Keth nods and starts off **
** Helisandra gathers her horse (as long as it didn't end up running off) and saddles up, following Tian and his long strides. **
(76) DM: (it did but you manage to find it eventually)
** (76) Elamurix Celendil follows soon after, munching on a leg of lamb. **
** (77) Garret dons his armor as he heads to grab his horse to follow along, giving one last glance to the strangely familiar cat **
(76) Elamurix Celendil: You should be able to view the entrance to the Focus over there...assuming that the conditions are ripe.
Tian Keth: "So we have to get to that island out there? I hope there is a boat, I am not in the mood for a long swim, and dont want to get my bow wet"
** (76) Elamurix Celendil points to the islet in the middle of the lake. **
** Helisandra turns to Elamurix, "What conditions?" **
(76) Elamurix Celendil: I believe as long as we are within two days of the full moon of Tintagel, then the door will appear.
(76) Elamurix Celendil: If it helps, Tintagel was waxing last night.
(77) Garret: "Right then. I guess we check if the dwarves left a boat. or if the Duke was preparing one
Helisandra: "Well, let's hope then. I doubt the Duke was Garret, he seemes more interested in the ruins back there, but it's worth a look."
(77) Garret: (are there any ruins down on the lakeside?)
(76) DM: (nope)
Tian Keth: "So how is it you have spent your life studying a focus, but have never set foot in one?"
Tian Keth: (( to Elamurix ))
(76) Calehan: I made some preparations earlier, by the way.
Helisandra: "Preparations? What type?"
** (76) Elamurix Celendil shrugs. "Happy coincidence, I suppose." **
(76) Calehan: Well, in order to leave the Focus, all of us will need to be teleported out. Once we destroy the book, the curse will be transferred over to the Focus, so that all who come after us will suffer it.
(76) Calehan: I cast a spell that will enable us to leave in this fashion.
(77) Garret: "Oh.. that's good."
Helisandra: "Yes, removing the curse just to get stuck there would not be a good thing."
(76) Calehan: Well...if you have anything against teleportation, now is the time to know. (smiles)
(77) Garret: "Not yet I don't. We'll see how I feel after this."
Helisandra: "I definately have less against it than being trapped in this focus thing."
** Tian Keth shrugs at Elamunix "I find it strange, but maybe thats the way of most city dwlers" ** shrugs again ** "I prefer to study something by experiancing it" **
** (76) Elamurix Celendil chuckles. "I'm not a city dweller, but I suppose I could pass for one." **
** Tian Keth looks Elamunix up and down "Could have foold me with that outlandish clothing" **
(76) Elamurix Celendil: Mmm....it's part of my charm.
** Tian Keth rolls his eyes and starts watching the coast line for a boat or something that will float and hold his pack and bow at least **
(76) DM: There is no boat.
(76) DM: However, by the looks of things, the water's depth is only about knee deep.
(76) DM: It appears to be more of a brackish pond than a lake.
Helisandra: "Well, that's not so bad I guess. Looks shallow enough at least."
Tian Keth: "Well I hope the mud on the bottom isnt too deep, since it looks like we are walking across"
** (77) Garret rides down toward the shore. "I just hope there's nothing living in that muck" **
Helisandra: "Let's find out. Wouldn't want to get a horse in there and have it break a leg." She dismounts and after taking the stick from where she fastened it along the horse's side, she walks over to the shore and pokes her quarterstaff into the mud to test how loose it is.
(76) DM: The staff slowly sinks...
(76) DM: ...but not fast enough to cause alarm.
** Helisandra lets it sink som more to see how deep it goes. **
(76) DM: It stops at the 1' mark.
** Helisandra pulls her staff back out, being careful not to touch the muddy end. "Well, it's about that deep it turns out." **
** (77) Garret dismounts and lets his horse to graze along the shore as he removes his boots for the hike across **
** Tian Keth starts across slowly making sure not to step in a suddun drop and get compleatly soaked **
** Helisandra sets her staff down and takes off her boots as well, stashing them in her pack before picking her staff back up, ready for the trip across. **
(77) Garret: "Oh, well, guess these pretty pants are gonna get ruined already."
Helisandra: "Just more of a reason to get new ones later."
** (77) Garret nods as he heads into the water, taking his steps cautiously **
** Helisandra slowly follows the two men, trying to follow where they step. She drags her staff through the water to rinse off the muddy end as she crosses. **
** (77) Garret keeps a close on on the water for any shifitng as they make their crossing **
** (76) Elamurix Celendil whistles a jaunty tune as you cross the swamp. **
** Helisandra wades across through the mud. She walks tenderly the first few steps, but then finding no danger, enjoys the feel of the mud a bit between her toes and just concentrates on getting across. **
(76) Elamurix Celendil: Just wondering.....what do you plan on doing with those children once we resolve this mess?
** (77) Garret shrugs "If they need the help, we'll escort them back to a civilized area. That's about it." **
Helisandra: "If they know where their home is, I intend to try to return them there. Otherwise... I'm not sure. But I will at least get them to the nearest town."
** Tian Keth shrugs not caring either way "If they are with Karl then they probably needed money, so just sending them home will probably end up with them back in some other fools employ doing the same things they were with Karl. Some may get employed by better people, most probably wont" **
Helisandra: "There is also a strong possibility that, espically the young ones, did not willingly join Karl though Tian. So there may be some that are more than willing to return home to their families.
(76) Elamurix Celendil: I...see.
** (76) Elamurix Celendil seems to have ceased whistling and falls silent. **
** Tian Keth looks around **
** Helisandra looks back to Elamurix. "Why? Is something the matter?" **
(77) Garret: :inquisitively: "Why? What would you have us do with them?"
(76) Elamurix Celendil: They're children.
(76) Elamurix Celendil: They deserve better than this.
(77) Garret: "Then open them an orphanage, if you please."
(76) Elamurix Celendil: I would like to believe that some of you are better than that elf friend of yours, the one whose name I cannot seem to remember.
Tian Keth: "Ya they do, but I do not have enough money to keep them employed, Maybe that Regent we met would hire them?"
Helisandra: "Yes they do, which is why we intend to help them to leave this place. But they definately would not want to follow us around for long, I doubt they would survive."
** (76) Elamurix Celendil shrugs. "I suppose it is what it is." **
Helisandra: "Tian, are you refering to Gwydion? I guess we could ask him."
(77) Garret: What would he want with a crew of untrained whelps?"
Tian Keth: "Ya I think that was his name, I got away from those people as soon as posible. The way they talked hurt my head"
whispering to Dj Gilcrease, can you send me a node with Tian's stats on it? for instance I dunno what his class is
Tian Keth: "To train them to be guards maybe? Everyone has to be trained sooner or later"
Helisandra: "Yes, and he did seem nice enough."
(82) Dj Gilcrease has sent you a tree node...
whispering to Dj Gilcrease, doesn't have his class on it
(77) Garret: "Brats like that shouldn't be wasting their lives in battlefields. They should go home to their farms, and forget fleeting fame and fortune."
Helisandra: "Yes, but sometimes circumstances don't allow that Garret. Sometimes... there is no home."
(77) Garret: "Home's a relative term. Even if they've lost theirs, they can always find another."
** Helisandra glances down at her left hand, using her right hand to twist a ring there. **
Helisandra: "Yeah, I guess."
Helisandra: (( twist as in, twist it around on the finger - more like playing with it than doing anything special. ))
Tian Keth: "If they want to go home, we will try and help them go home, if they want to be employed by the Regent we can ask him, if they want to run though the woods and listen to the wolves I can ask the wolves if any of them have that potential. We cannot fix all thier problem, all we can do is offer some help"
(76) Elamurix Celendil: Well...I hope we can work something out. (resumes whistling although less jauntily than before)
Helisandra: "Yes, we will help as many as possible."
** Tian Keth keeps walking, keeping an eye on the water to make sure he does not step in a deep hole **
Tian Keth: "Oh any someone mentioned a sword out in the Moor while I was searching for survivors, is that what Karl was after?"
(76) Elamurix Celendil: Perhaps.
(76) Elamurix Celendil: It seemed he was after magic in general.
Helisandra: "It seems so. He heard of a magical sword in the area. However, Elamurix believes that it's a memory that is in the area."
(76) Elamurix Celendil: According to various histories I've read, there is no known usage of a Sword in this part of the world.
Tian Keth: "Memory, memory why does that ring a bell...Oh like the memory of one of the swords of power?"
(76) Elamurix Celendil: Or at least, there hasn't been for several centuries.
Helisandra: "Yeah. That still sounds wierd, a sword having a memory?"
(76) Elamurix Celendil: The High King of Alalminor traditionally holds the Sword of Justice, but that Sword has been lost for many years now.
(76) Elamurix Celendil: It's not the Sword that has a memory, but an echo of the Sword's presence.
Helisandra: "Oh, I guess that makes a little more sense."
(76) Elamurix Celendil: Very powerful magical items often have a resonance that remains in their wake long after they're used. Sort of an echo that's tangible, that can be seen and felt. It's difficult to explain.
Tian Keth: "Well we were headed to the Moor's after a sword before we decided to see the begining of a prophacy, not my idea, "
Helisandra: "Well, since there is a time frame on the prophesy, it seemed to make more sense to deal with it first."
** (76) Elamurix Celendil listens, head perking up with interest **
(76) Elamurix Celendil: Prophecy?
Helisandra: "Yeah, we kind of got directed to it. What was it called again?"
Tian Keth: "Something to do with the rebirth of a king for this area"
(77) Garret: "Which one? I lose track."
Tian Keth: "The Liniage of Kings, but there was a more specific one that I dont remember the name of"
Helisandra: "Lineage, Brie, something like that I think..."
** Tian Keth looks to Garret "How much should we tell him?" **
Helisandra: "Oh yeah, the Lineage of Kings and Something of Brie..."
** Helisandra looks at Tian, then to Elamurix **
(76) Elamurix Celendil: I see.
(76) Elamurix Celendil: Very often, prophecies that are seemingly unrelated may be in fact intertwined.
(76) Elamurix Celendil: The Words of Brie, I believe.
** Helisandra looks at Tian, then to Elamurix. She then looks to Garret. "Well, he has been quite helpful and forthcoming with us." **
(76) Elamurix Celendil: A very obscure lay about a once and future King of Damrosil.
** (76) Elamurix Celendil continues whistling as you step onto the islet. **
Tian Keth: "We already know both of them are connected, the wizard in the crystal castle thing told us about it, and when it was saposed to happen, which is very very soon"
Helisandra: "Yeah, that was the one. Words of Brie, seems like a simple enough title."
Tian Keth: "Thats another reason we are here at the focus, besides removing the curse"
** (77) Garret shrugs. "I suppose we'll see how intertwined it all is eventually" **
** Tian Keth looks around "You mentioned something about a door Elamunix?" **
** Helisandra stands on the other shore and carefully rinses her legs off in the water before pulling her boots back out and putting them on. **
** Helisandra starts looking around for the door Elamurix mentioned as well - looking between the stone henges. **
(76) Elamurix Celendil: In the center of the henges.
(76) Elamurix Celendil: And none too soon, I'll wager. (glances up at the sky)
** (77) Garret does the same, cleaning off anf rebooting along the way **
** Helisandra glances up as Elamurix does, noting the position of the sun. "Let's go then." she says as she starts walking to the center of the henges. **
** Tian Keth walks over to the henges and sniffs around, but stays outside untill given the go ahead by Cale, since he is the one with the book telling him what to do **
(76) Calehan: Over there. (points to the henge)
(76) DM: On the top of a hill is a circle of 12 great dark stones, each 15' from base to crown. Three of the stones are still standing, but the others have fallen outward from the center as though toppled by a great explosion.
** (77) Garret looks about the henges curiously, waiting for the more magically knowledgable to make their moves **
(76) DM: In the center of the circle is a spot of bare ground, 10' in diameter, where no vegetation grows. Floating 6" above this barren ground is an 8' high door framew whose lower edge tapers into nothingness
(76) Calehan: Look at the door, Garret.
(77) Garret: "Well... that's a door."
Tian Keth: "A floating one at that"
Helisandra: "Yeah, kind of at least..."
(77) Garret: "Wonder if it does any other tricks."
(76) DM: After a moment, the word Ery'hiln forms within the door.
(76) Calehan: Speak the name, Garret.
(77) Garret: "Hmm.." :glances back to Cale, befor turning back to the door: "Ery'hiln."
** Helisandra keeps silent, watching the magic and letting the others deal with things as she keeps her eyes out for any visitors, in case they don't quite make it before their electrical friends arrive. **
(76) DM: A long, blank-walled corridor appears before you. It appears to stretch away from you 100', and at its end is another doorway filled with gray mist.
** Tian Keth looks to Cale "We enter now?" **
(77) Garret: "I suppose that's what doors are for."
** (76) Calehan nods **
** (77) Garret moves to the gate, picking up a stone alone the way, which he tosses into the hall beyond in precaution **
** Helisandra follows Garret, keeping a close eye on things ahead of them as they walk, hoping she will notice any surprises before it's too late. **
Helisandra: (( or, I will, once he enters that is... ))
(76) DM: The stone disappears down the corridor.
(76) DM: As you enter the corridor, you find that you exited through the far corridor simultaneously....and....
(76) DM: (switch to your old PCs)
** Tian Keth shrugs and enters the corrior **
** (76) Elamurix Celendil is dumbfounded by the transformation before his eyes. **
Thom: (( woah... that's unexpected... hmm.... ))
(77) Morti: "Eh? Eh? Eh?"
** (77) Morti looks about in a figdgety manner to regain his bearings **
** Thom steps into the next room. he pauses for a moment, looking around. "What the? But weren't we... How?" **
Tian Keth: (( we transform walking, or reappear where we left them? ))
** Thom closes his eyes for a moment and places a hand on his toy from Etienne. **
Sevis Goloens: "The magic of Andurin is strange. First I am told we have to go back in time, but that we will not be doing it physicly, only our memories will be transfered. Now I am here"
(77) Morti: :nods to the monk, offerig sagely, "Yes. it takes time to get used to."
** Sevis Goloens looks around ((is Elamunix here with us?)) **
(77) Morti: :looking his pockets over to check on Moiraine, he adds under his breath, "I wonder how long."
(76) DM: (he's amazed...and confused)
** Thom stayts silent and keeps his eyes closed, seeming to concentrate. **
Sevis Goloens: "Hello, and who might you be?"
(76) Atross: The book mentioned something about this place stripping false magicka from true.
Sevis Goloens: (( we still have all the memories then, not just dream like versions? ))
(76) DM: ((you transform as soon as you enter the corridor))
(76) DM: ((you retain memory of all that occurred up to this point))
(77) Morti: "So... it took us out of the bodies we boorowed, right? Are we getting them back? I think we still have more to do back then."
(76) DM: (and yes, the Book is with you.)
Sevis Goloens: (( oh ok, I thought when we returned we would only have dream like memories, so scratch what I just said ))
(76) Atross: Don't look at me...I don't really know.
(76) Drenla: You are not yet in your time, Sevis.
** (76) Drenla shimmers into being. **
** (76) Drenla sounds as if he is far away... **
** Thom continues to concentrate. **
(76) Drenla: This place stands outside of time and space, much like the prison plane of the d'Ambervilles.
(77) Morti: "Ah... so.. what're we doing here?"
** Thom opens his eyes and quickly looks around, then relazes. **
Thom: (( *relaxes even ))
Sevis Goloens: "I am not even in my world, so I dont know why I was surprized by the transformation, I guess we should find the Harp, then remove the curse."
Thom: "Wait! I got put in a female's body! That's just not right!"
(76) Elamurix Celendil: I think I need a drink...just about now.
** Sevis Goloens laughs **
** Thom shudders for a moment. "Sorry, I had to get that out. I just can't believe it..." **
(77) Morti: "Eh?" :glances to Thom: "You seem pretty nice as a woman." :offers in consolation:
Thom: "Thanks Morti. It's just.. well - I want to get this finished, so I don't have such vived memories is all. I am looking forward to the dream memories right now."
Thom: "Drink? Would you share one... Elamurix, right?"
Sevis Goloens: "I think I may look into trying to talk with the wolves of your world when we return to the right time"
** Sevis Goloens looks around for the Harp **
** (76) Elamurix Celendil blinks rapidly. "I'm not dreaming it seems." **
(77) Morti: :shrugs: "I don't mind so much. I got a pretty cool past identity. Hehe... kinda know what Rainur feels like for a change."
(76) DM: The corridor seems to be shifting in and out of reality...
(76) Drenla: We are not yet in the Focus, apprentice.
Sevis Goloens: "Dreaming, no Elamurix"
(76) Drenla: You will need to cast hold portal and gate, both from the Book of Blood.
(76) Drenla: And since Calehan is no longer here, it falls to you to do this. (glances at Morti)
(77) Morti: "Uh huh, uh huh."
(77) Morti: "Wait... Gate? Is that kinda... powerful?"
(77) Morti: (isn't that rather*)
Thom: "That girl.. she's.. well, she definately is too trusting. But, she does seem to have some good skills..." He thinks for a moment and then shakes it off. "Our fate is in Morti's hands now? Be careful there Morti."
(76) Elamurix Celendil: One of the most powerful spells there are. (peers at Morti)
(77) Morti: "Hehe..." :scratches his head a bit nervously, and glances to Elamurix: "Say, you wouldn't be willing to...?"
(76) Elamurix Celendil: That would mean I would have to touch the Book. (recoils from Heli)
(76) DM: (er Morti)
(77) Morti: "Right.. right.. sorry."
** (77) Morti takes a deep breath and nods to himself in somew silent decision, before holding out his hand for the book." **
(77) Morti: "I guess I'll give it all I've got."
(77) Morti: (the book work more or less like a scroll?)
Thom: "You can do it Morti. You have to..."
(76) DM: (yes)
(76) DM: (a renewable scroll)
** Sevis Goloens waits paitently for the magic to happen **
** (77) Morti takes the book. For a moment he focuses deeply as a shimmer crosses his eyes(read magic). Then he begisn flipping through in search of the first spell. Hold portal first, right." :feels the need to double check before starting: **
** Thom leans against a wall and closes his eyes for a moment. **
(76) DM: (stopping soon, fyi.)
** (77) Morti begins casting the spell, if there's no objection, reading down the scriptures and weaving the energies, trying not to look dumb during the easy part **
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+5] -> [5,5] = (10)
(76) DM: The reality shifting ceases as soon as Morti releases the spell. The corridor now becomes a corridor without end.
(76) Drenla: Very good, apprentice. Next comes the gate spell.
** (76) Drenla glances at Elamurix. **
(77) Morti: "Right.. the interesting part..." :looks to the Magus: "Where to?"
** (76) Elamurix Celendil sits down on the ground, overwhelmed by the enormity of it all. **
(76) Drenla: Why, here, apprentice.
(77) Morti: "Eh? Aren't we.. already here?"
** Thom opens his eyes and looks to Elamurix. "Seems like a lot doesn't it elf?" **
Sevis Goloens: "Dont we need the Harp before we use the gate to leave, or is the Gate to enter?"
** (76) Drenla shifts his gaze from Elamurix to meet Morti's. "You must name the Focus as a destination, Morti." **
(76) Drenla: We are not leaving yet, Sevis. To enter the Focus, a gate spell must be cast.
** Sevis Goloens nods **
** (77) Morti thinks it over, not entirely understanding, but hoping he understands enough. "O-okay..." **
** (77) Morti takes a seat, settling down with the book as he seeks out the Gate spell. "Here goes." He clears his throat and shakes out his body before proceeding with all focus he can manage, speaking the arcane words and gesturing about in scrawling manners. **
(76) DM: Suddenly, the image of Elamurix fades and becomes...Claude d'Amberville.
(76) Claude d'Amberville: Je ne peux pas le croire !
** (76) Claude d'Amberville glances around him fearfully, standing up quickly in a defensive position. **
(76) DM: As Morti releases the spell, your surroundings change...
** Thom draws out the Sword of Sylaire "I was wondering when we would see you again." **
(76) DM: (and on that note, we'll stop)

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