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Server Administrator-> This channel is now moderated
(28) Daelan La'neral: ( nope)
(25) Helisandra: (( ready to go ))
Tian Keth: (( nope ))
(27) Calehan: ((We're cursed, nuff said))
(26) DM: (ok, so starting from last time, Heli had just gotten back from scouting and went to bed.)
** (28) Daelan La'neral watches the sun rise,and looks for any lights moving around down in the valley. **
** Tian Keth sits awake watching the direction of the tourches nearing dawn waiting for the others to raise **
(28) Daelan La'neral: " This does not bode well for us Tian,if we have to fight all the way to the pass,we could end up facing an ambush and 2 of those things that attacked Helisandra yesterday."
(25) Helisandra: .ooc so, I'm guessing that it's been a number of hours now since my return, since it's almost dawn. Right?
(25) Helisandra: (( so, I'm guessing that it's been a number of hours now since my return, since it's almost dawn. Right? ))
** (27) Calehan sleeps determinedly through the night **
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(23) RanVan (exit): 21:46
(31) Git (enter): 21:46
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (31) Garret...
(31) Garret: (oi, sorry I'm late. I had unforseen technichal difficulties)
** Tian Keth shrugs "Not much we can do about it, we cannot get down any other way then the game trail. So just be prepared for the worst, which the way I see it right now would be that Onyx Drake, and a large group of fighters all attacking us at once." **
(26) DM: (2 hours so far to be precise. it's Aluvinal (October), so dawn arrives late now)
(32) RanVan (enter): 21:48
(28) Daelan La'neral: " Since they are Human am I allowed to kill them Tian?"
(25) Helisandra: (( k ))
Tian Keth: "If they attack us yes. I have no problems with killing in self defence."
(28) Daelan La'neral: " Trust me,they will attack us."
(31) Garret: "Well, that's really their own fault."
** Tian Keth scans the trail trying to get the lay of the land and understand where the attacks may come from **
Tian Keth: Knowledge: Nature Skill Check: [1d20+6] -> [10,6] = (16)
(26) TaliesinNYC: 15 min pls
Tian Keth: (( ok ))
** (28) Daelan La'neral turns and slips off into the predawn darkness. **
** (31) Garret prepares to head down the trail. "We'll stay alert. Best we can really do in this situation. No one really comes around this place, so I doubt anyone is sitting in constant wait to ambush. It's not as if we advertised this little trip of ours." **
** (27) Calehan spends his usual 15 minutes refreshing his mind after he finally wakes up, then once again casts mage armor. **
Tian Keth: (( AFK Bio break ))
** (31) Garret pokes heli to wake her up. "Come on, time to go." **
** (25) Helisandra awakes easily at Garret's poking. She stretches herself out and looks around to see that everyone else is up and about. "Sounds good." **
(25) Helisandra: "Oh, I did find a couple minor things last night. First, the game trail is by far the best path for us to take. There are possible ambush sites, but nothing to bad. The valley floor is covered by forest that presents little obstruction to the river. There is plenty of cover along the game trail, however, and only a relatively short distance between the slope and the river. There is an apparent watering hole where the trail meets the river down there, and there is also an obelisk there, covered in ruins. I'd wager that it'd take us a couple hours to get down there, and about four or six to climb the other side."
(26) DM: (see the map above. behold frantic mapping skillz. :))
(27) Calehan: "Did you see anything that made you think 'ruins' like was mentioned in the directions?"
Tian Keth: (( we are at #1 or #2 ? ))
(31) Garret: "Alright, then Madam Tour Guide, we'll be going that way anyhow."
(26) DM: (1 is the road you followed from Arianrhod, 2 is the game trail, 3 is the river north, 4 is a trail opposite the river, 5 is Mount Yvvivor, 6 is where you saw the lights.)
(25) Helisandra: "Nope. I'd guess that they are past the other ridge, or at least out of site from the river."
(26) DM: (you're along 2)
Tian Keth: (( ok ))
** Tian Keth draws his bow and starts down the game trail a little ahead of the rest to keep an eye out, but staying fairly close with this talk of an ambush **
** (31) Garret follows a short ways behind Tian, keeping his eyes, ears and bow ready. **
** (25) Helisandra leads her horse down the game trail, traveling with the group. She keeps her eyes watching the surroundings, but more worried about watching her footing than an ambush. **
** (27) Calehan leads a horse down the trail, the cursed book in his other hand. **
(26) DM: Eventually you get to the bottom of the trail.
** (25) Helisandra approaches once they reach the river Elunthal and talks with her quietly for a moment. **
(26) DM: The valley floor is covered by a moderate forest that presents little obstruction between you and the river. There is plenty of cover along the game trail, however, and only a relatively short distance between the slope and the river.
(26) DM: Where the game trail meets the river,there appears to be a watering hole where boulders give both cover and observation percehs. Tracks in the mud of the riverbank show that many animals have used this watering place. The water is fresh and cold, but along this flank of Mount Yvvivor, the river has a wide channel and is neither deep nor swift.

There is an obelisk here.

(26) DM: (perches)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [3d8+3] -> [8,5,8,3] = (24)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [2d8+2] -> [7,7,2] = (16)
** Tian Keth takes a long drink of the water enjoying the coolness of it. After he goes and takes a look at the animal tracks to see if and where they are crossing the river **
Tian Keth: Wilderness Lore Skill Check: [1d20+13] -> [12,13] = (25)
** (31) Garret looks about the forest pensively before settling his observation on the obelisk **
(26) DM: It seems to be covered in writing. Three of the faces are covered in elegant script, the fourth is scarred by crude engraving.
** (25) Helisandra breaks from Elunthal and approaches the obelisk, not taking the time to really look at it last night. **
** (27) Calehan strolls up to examine the obelisk, asking generally as he does so, "Can anyone say whether it's safe to drink that?" **
(31) Garret: "Ask Tian. He's alrready guilping it down."
Tian Keth: "It's safe"
** (31) Garret looks over the writing trying to figure out the language of the runs as well as the natuer of the engraving **
** (28) Daelan La'neral slips out of the forest stopping near Helisandra. **
(31) Garret: nature even*
** (27) Calehan walks around the obelisk looking for anything that makes sense before dismissing it as somebody else's problem and kneeling by the river to refill his waterskin. **
(26) DM: It seems to be covered in dwarven runic script. The fourth face is covered in Common writing.
** Tian Keth goes and looks at the obolisk after determining where the animals are crossing the river **
** (25) Helisandra glances at Daelan, but then looks back to the obelisk for a moment before shrugging and turning to the river. **
(26) DM: It says "We sinned and paid the price for our sins. Clan Yvvivor is ended. Take warning and beware the Vale of Yvvivor. By the hand of Deghnaror, son of Raphgadarn."
whispering to Garret, can you read dwarven?
** (28) Daelan La'neral glances at the Obolisk,then moves towards the river,kneeling down to fill his waterskins. **
(25) Helisandra: "Well, we ready to move on? Personally, I'd rather get this over with as soon as possible. Those things can sting."
** (25) Helisandra looks around quickly, getting an idea. **
(28) Daelan La'neral: " We should make the pass in a few hours,it is there the Humans wait."
Tian Keth: "I am ready, lets cross the river where the animals do, they tend to know where it is safest to cross"
** (31) Garret spends some time reading the runes of the obelisk **
(27) Calehan: "i'm ready to move on as well. We're just going to make the Vale more unsafe after all."
** (28) Daelan La'neral crosses the river before the others do,searching the ground for any fresh signs of tracks. **
** Tian Keth waits on this side of the river for the others to cross first **
** (28) Daelan La'neral whistles for Tian. **
(31) Garret: "There's a map here showing the way around the mountain, and the position of the castle." :points out the north side of the obelisk:P
** (31) Garret examines the image of the castle for alternate paths of approach **
** (25) Helisandra moves to the trees on the near side of the river for a moment before picking up a long piece of sturdy looking wood. She looks it over and smiles, and starts using it as a staff. **
(27) Calehan: "Sounds simple enough."
** (28) Daelan La'neral motions for the others to come across the river. **
** (27) Calehan watches where Daelan crosses and tries to follow the same path, holding his pouches out of the water especially since soggy spell components smell worse than normal **
** (31) Garret lookes over the river to the elf, and nods to him before grabbing his horse and wading across. "Find anything?" **
** Tian Keth crosses after everone else, holding his pack, blow and sword up to keep them dry **
** (25) Helisandra follows Calehan across, pleased with her discovery. Nonetheless, once she crosses, she spends a moment fitting a bolt into her crossbow. **
(28) Daelan La'neral: " Tracks,Human,half mounted half walking,heading North,3 days ago,they are traveling light.
Tian Keth: "Was the map usefull Garret?"
(28) Daelan La'neral: " Atleast 20 of them."
(31) Garret: :to tian: "Not much. Doesn't seem to be more than one approach. Big castle, temple behind it. Trail leads around the north side of the mountain up to it."
Tian Keth: "OK"
** Tian Keth moves to take point again, taking note of the teack and keeping his bow nocked and ready **
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d6] -> [2] = (2)
(28) Daelan La'neral: " Mount up,I do not think we will face any Humans until we near the path,ride easy just in case though."
(28) Daelan La'neral: *pass
** Tian Keth uses a low growl to warn of approch **
** (27) Calehan takes the book once mounted once more, whispering, "Agrackan," before opening it, just in case, to get a better idea where each spell is in case the tainted thing has to be used. **
** (25) Helisandra takes rear position once again after mounting up. She holds her loaded crossbow in her right hand, and the reins in her left, with the quarterstaff across her lap, lightly held with her right forearm. **
** Tian Keth tries to find cover and motions for the othrs to do the same **
** (28) Daelan La'neral stops and listens **
** (31) Garret looks ahead to Tian and readies, lookign for what's upsetting him **
(25) Helisandra: (( what kind of cover is there? ))
(26) DM: (trees and bushes)
(27) Calehan: "Crap, and me with a book in my lap."
(31) Garret: :to Tian: "How many?"
(26) DM: Ahead, is a mounted party, slowly approaching in your direction. They don't seem to have noticed you yet.
** (27) Calehan scrambles back down from his horse hauling it towards the nearest tall cover. **
** (25) Helisandra leads her horse into some trees. There, she dismounts and melds into the shadows to watch. **
Tian Keth: "Six, find cover for the moment, Garret, you want to stay out and see what they want?"
** (28) Daelan La'neral smiles at the sound of the approaching horses,stops and stands in the open,his hand near his quiver. **
(26) DM: Presently, the men come into view. They're talking and joking amongst themselves.
** (28) Daelan La'neral stands out in the open **
(31) Garret: :to Daelan: "Get aside, find a good sniping position.
(26) Warrior: That old man escaped last night, I believe.
(31) Garret: :eyes the elf: "Wait for my signal."
(26) Officer: Has he been found yet? His Grace would not look kindly on that.
** (28) Daelan La'neral continues to smile and stand in the open **
** Tian Keth hides and remains silent ahead of the rest but off the trail **
(26) Warrior: Nay. but he shan't last long. (chuckles)
** (26) Officer nods and looks up. "You there! Halt!" **
(26) Officer: (points to Daelan)
(31) Garret: "Shit." :to Dealaj: "Don't do anything stupid"
(28) Daelan La'neral: " Does it look like I am moving?"
** (27) Calehan takes the time to quietly turn the pages of the book. **
** (31) Garret stands back, casualling tending to his mount, as he looks up past Daelan to the men **
(26) DM: He sneers. "It's an elf. Take him alive. His Grace wants all elves alive."
(26) DM: The other warriors charge.
(28) Daelan La'neral: " Hmm,6 of you and 1 of me,going to be fewer of you in a moment."
** Tian Keth calls "Halt" from behind the men **
(31) Garret: :sighs and questions the elf: "Would a little strategy and stealth kill you?"
** (31) Garret pulls his bow up to aim **
(26) DM: The self-important warror whirls around and curses. "It's an ambush! Defend yourselves!"
(31) Garret: (that escalated quickly. init?)
(26) DM: (yes, if you wish)
(25) Helisandra: Initiative: [1d20+5] -> [2,5] = (7)
Tian Keth: INIT: [1d20+12] -> [12,12] = (24)
(27) Calehan: Initiative: [1d20+3] -> [7,3] = (10)
(28) Daelan La'neral: INIT: [1d20+2] -> [19,2] = (21)
(31) Garret: [1d20+3] -> [1,3] = (4)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+1] -> [2,1] = (3)
(26) DM: (not using a battlemap for this one)
** Tian Keth calls to the mounted men "Put your weapons away, dismount and talk." **
(26) DM: (between Tian (north) and Daelan (south) are 6 mounted warriors, one self-important one (obviously a superior) and five underlings. 60' separates Dael from Tian. I'll assume the rest of you are within 40' of Dael. the warriors are garbed in ring mail and armed with lances, short swords, shields and daggers. The five underlings are forward, two charging Daelan with lances pointed.)
(26) DM: He ignores you. (21, Dael)
** (28) Daelan La'neral fires his first 2 arrows into 2 of the charging mens horses.( 1 arrow into each horse) **
(28) Daelan La'neral: Longbow, composite+3 (+2 Flaming Burst) Attack Roll: [1d20+20] -> [1,20] = (21) ===> Damage: [1d8+3+1d6+0] -> [7,3,3,0] = (13)
(28) Daelan La'neral: Longbow, composite+3 (+2 Flaming Burst) Attack Roll: [1d20+15] -> [2,15] = (17) ===> Damage: [1d8+3+1d6+0] -> [8,3,5,0] = (16)
(26) DM: (both hits)
** (27) Calehan calls out from his likely poor hiding place, "We have you surrounded and hopelessly outnumbered. If you talk, and if we like what we hear you have a chance to survive. Otherwise you're all corpses right now." **
(26) DM: Each arrow lands in a mount's flank, throwing off their riders as the animal bolts.
(26) DM: (10, Cale)
(27) Calehan: "Sorry about actually using this, but it's for a good cause I assure you" :Speaking to the book:
** (27) Calehan turns to the page with chain lightning and starts reading, waiting to finish the spell until just before warrior's attack, to give them time to reconsider. (Readying chain lightning at the leader if they try to attack) **
(26) DM: Both of the riders fly off their mounts, landing on their backs with a sickening crunch.
(26) DM: (7, Heli)
** (25) Helisandra fires a crossbow bolt from the darkness of the trees at one of the warriors that had been attacking Daelan. ([1d20+11] -> [16,11] = (27) for [1d8] -> [2] = (2) damage) She then reloads her crossbow, keeping an eye on the group of warriors. **
(26) DM: A bolt flies unerringly from the trees, striking a warrior in between his shoulder blades, causing him to slow his advance.
(26) DM: (4, Gar)
** (31) Garret steadies his arrow at the leader, and states firmly, this assault is a really bad idea. You're surrounded and two men are already in a prone position (intimidate) **
(31) Garret: Intimidate Skill Check: [1d20+10] -> [8,10] = (18)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+6] -> [17,6] = (23)
(31) Garret: (ready to fire if they keep attacking)
(26) DM: He turns around and flees at full speed instead, shouting "Retreat! Retreat! Call the others! Sound the alarm!"
(31) Garret: (fire)
(31) Garret: Seeking Longbow, composite Attack Roll: [1d20+13] -> [12,13] = (25) ===> Damage: [1d8+1+0] -> [3,1,0] = (4)
(31) Garret: Seeking Longbow, composite Attack Roll: [1d20+8] -> [13,8] = (21) ===> Damage: [1d8+1+0] -> [8,1,0] = (9)
(31) Garret: (first shot only)
(26) DM: The other men (the remaining 3) try to flee.
(26) DM: (on?)
(26) DM: (25 hits btw.)
(31) Garret: (the leader)
(26) DM: The fact that the arrow lands on his left flank doesn't slow his retreat.
(31) Garret: "Shit!"
(26) DM: (24, Tian)
(31) Garret: "Take them down! Quickly!"
** (27) Calehan finishes that spell **
** Tian Keth ducks low and tries to cut the legs out from under the leaders horse as they run by in retreate **
Tian Keth: Frenzy Fang Attack Roll: [1d20+17] -> [12,17] = (29) ===> Damage: [1d6+1+2] -> [3,1,2] = (6)
Tian Keth: Frenzy Fang Attack Roll: [1d20+12] -> [14,12] = (26) ===> Damage: [1d6+1+2] -> [6,1,2] = (9)
(26) DM: The steed throws the officer and bolts across the river, in pain.
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d6] -> [2] = (2)
** (27) Calehan points from the bushes and lightning arcs from the pages of the book to strike the fleeing warriors, linking them all to their leader in one painful bright blue moment before fading from sight as they fall. [11d6] -> [6,3,3,2,5,6,2,4,1,5,3] = (40) (half to secondary targets) **
(26) DM: He lands on his side with a grunt.
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+2] -> [8,2] = (10)
(26) DM: A sudden barrage of lightning from Calehan causes the men to quickly fall...and die.
(25) Helisandra: (( were the two on the ground before Daelen targeted? ))
(31) Garret: (all of them? or just the ones who fleed? Does that include the two who fell from their horses when they charged Daelan?)
(27) Calehan: ((Anyone enemy farther than 30 ft from the leader would be out of range, otherwise...)
(26) DM: (those two are dead to begin with.)
** (28) Daelan La'neral looks at the 6 dead men laying on the ground." Well so much for talking to them." **
** Tian Keth watches the men die as lighting crackls around him **
(27) Calehan: "I'm sorry. I warned them." :To the book once again, then repeated to Daelan:
** (31) Garret draws a slow breath as he looks about the scene. Only vaguely he informs the elf, "This did not have to happen." **
Tian Keth: "Well we should see if they have anything that might let us know who his Gace is, and why they were looking for an old man"
** (25) Helisandra walks out from the trees, leading her horse. She shakes her head for a moment as she views the scene before her, then she turns to Calehan. "Well, at least now I understand why that book had to be cursed. It is very powerful, isn't it?" **
(27) Calehan: "I'm not so sure, I think they wanted anyone not an elf dead."
(28) Daelan La'neral: " Sure it did,now we are facing 14 Humans."
** (31) Garret glares back to Daelan. "Just because we can kill them doesn't mean we need to." **
(27) Calehan: "Rather powerful, yes. But if he's gonna try to kill us while we try to put his curse where it belongs, he can at least be helpful. Maybe not this helpful though, I admit." :glares around at the corpses:
** Tian Keth begins looking over the Officers corpse **
(31) Garret: "We don't know who these people are, or why there here."
(27) Calehan: "But they were clearly up to no good, or thought that they were."
(28) Daelan La'neral: " They are Humans and they are trying to stop you from ending the curse."
(31) Garret: "Aye." :strolls about the bodies: "And we're going to get little answer now of what."
(25) Helisandra: "Maybe Daelan. Maybe they were just trying to defend their home against invaders. Unfortunately, there is no way to know for sure now."
(27) Calehan: "We'd have gotten no answer had they run either."
(28) Daelan La'neral: " Humans living in Loring Wood?"
Tian Keth: "They are dead, it does not matter now if we should have killed them or not. Just see if you can find anything that might identify who they were and who 'His Grace' might be"
(27) Calehan: "Or what they're doing out here in force."
(28) Daelan La'neral: " I keep telling you why they are here."
** (25) Helisandra starts looking over the bodies as Tian asks, starting with the two that had attacked Daelen. **
(28) Daelan La'neral: " You have the book,they want the book to get what you guys will get when the curse is lifted,nothing more nothing less."
(31) Garret: :to Cale: "We could have drawn them in to an ambush. Capture at least on alive if proud elf didn't need to stand out in a field waiting for a fight." :states in annoyance as he goes about searching the bodies:
(28) Daelan La'neral: " I did not start the fight.
(25) Helisandra: "But you are guessing Daelen. We don't know that they have any idea that we had that book. Maybe they do, maybe they don't."
** (27) Calehan moves among the bodies looking for information and checking for coins. **
(31) Garret: "No, but you knew we are in enemy territory and stood, bow ready to meet a group of strangers."
(28) Daelan La'neral: " Why else would there be Humans in Loring Wood?"
(27) Calehan: "We do know they have something against elves; an odd attitude to have in Loring's Wood."
(28) Daelan La'neral: " Well I was not going to stand in the open empty handed,what with us being in enemy territory."
(25) Helisandra: "I don't know Daelen. And that's the point - we don't know for sure."
(28) Daelan La'neral: " How many dead Humans will it take until you are sure?"
(31) Garret: "I told you to take a position in the woods so we could ambush them. You're pride put us all in danger." :staring him down: "Please. don't do that again."
(28) Daelan La'neral: " It was not pride Garret,it was and is hatred."
(27) Calehan: "I don't know, but if we could get one live human, we might ask."
(25) Helisandra: "No number of dead beings. Human, elves, or even other races would. It would take something more than just dead bodies."
(31) Garret: "That shows even less intellect. Hardly a worthwhile explanation."
(28) Daelan La'neral: " I will not hide from Humans,if they wish to fight so be it,I was able to handle the situation,if they wish to talk that is fine with me as well,they chose foolishly Garret."
(31) Garret: :Sighs: "Fine if that's your decision." :speaks casually: "Just keep in mind, then next time you act out of hatred, pride or sheer stupidity, you don't have to worry about enemies." :looks him in the eye: "I'll kill you my self."
** Tian Keth takes the shield and sets it asside **
** (25) Helisandra stands from her searching and calls Garret over to her. **
** (31) Garret glances off to the scout girl and turns from the elf without a second look. "What is it?" **
** (27) Calehan isn't actually any good at searching for clues. **
(25) Helisandra: "These weapons and armor indicate to me that these men were in the service of Duke Karl, a once aspiring great man, now just a common bandit."
Tian Keth: "The is an identifying mark here, Lord Karl or something, I dont know much about this area's lords though"
** (28) Daelan La'neral slips off into the woods,following the trail of the 2 horses that I fired at. **
(26) Voice: I could tell you about him...for a price.
(31) Garret: Knowledge: Nobility and Royalty Skill Check: [1d20+7] -> [2,7] = (9)
(25) Helisandra: "Karl was a noble of House Charthor."
(26) DM: You hear a musical, almost lilting male voice, wafting from the trees.
** (25) Helisandra stops speaking and looks around, trying to find the source of the voice. **
(31) Garret: (can't get a break tonight)
(26) Voice: You're getting wamer. (chuckles)
** (31) Garret looks to the treeline, "Whoever you are, come out slowly." **
** Tian Keth sniffs the air to locat the man and calls out to him "Are you the old man the were after?" **
** (27) Calehan speaks calmly to thin air, preferably in the direction away from the speaker. **
(26) Voice: Not quite so old. (sniffs)
(26) Voice: And not quite a man either. (sniffs)
(27) Calehan: "I can think of some more pressing questions than that. Like who are you, what do you want, and why should we care?"
(27) Calehan: "About Karl that is."
(31) Garret: "A eunuch then?"
(26) Voice: Well, I know for instance, that your elven friend is going to get himself killed. He's wandered off, you see.
(26) Voice: And I know that you have a certain book.
(25) Helisandra: "Elven friend? But Elunthal is not a 'he'"
** Tian Keth stifles a laugh **
Tian Keth: "If Daelan wandered off he can die seeking his revenge"
** (27) Calehan chuckles, "I expect this book has spent some time in this area actually, since it's where anyone must go if they don't want to be killed, but what about Karl, and what would you want?" **
(26) Voice: And the reason I know is because I met your predecessor by chance and saw his death by four fourfold wraths.
** (25) Helisandra keeps a fairly straight face, looking in the direction of the voice as it speaks, acting as if it just doesn't make sense. **
(31) Garret: :correcting Tian: "Or he can get caught and rise an alarm on us. Tian, mind going to fetch him quick?"
(27) Calehan: "Daelan though, is capable of taking care of himself, he's quite sure."
(27) Calehan: "Honestly, if he gets caught, do you think he's gonna tell them that his human friends are gonna come and make them sorry? And they don't know we're here."
(31) Garret: :to Cale: "If dark magics are involved, he may not a have a choice in speaking. no?"
(26) Voice: Above you, dear. (slightly amused)
(27) Calehan: "But don't let that stop you. Go ahead, fetch." :mimes throwing something after Daelan: "Just joking."
** (25) Helisandra looks straight up. **
(27) Calehan: "If they ask the right questions, that's true."
(26) Voice: I could tell you about Karl...for a price. I just want one little thing.
** Tian Keth waits untill the elf names his price for the information **
(31) Garret: :looks up: "What? three crowns and a night with a blonde?"
(31) Garret: "I doubt Heli will agree, but we can probably get Cale in a wig."
(26) DM: With the blink of an eye, a dawn elf appears a few feet above Helisandra. He takes out an ivory flask and drinks deeply from it. He's dressed as a dandy would be dressed, with an ermine lined fur cloak around emerald green leather breeches and a shining white silk shirt, black leather boots and a plumed feathered hat.
(26) DM: He sits, almost lounges on a tree branch, waving to you from above, and belches.
(27) Calehan: "I believe we're out of wigs, I'm afraid."
** Tian Keth tries not to laugh but fails **
** (25) Helisandra just watches the elf, wondering what it could possibly want. **
(26) Elamurix Celendil: Ah, that hit the spot. Nothing like Cathurian red. Can't find a good vintage anymore. (sigh)
** Tian Keth wipes the horse blood off his sword and puts it away **
(27) Calehan: "So?"
(26) Elamurix Celendil: So. If you'll let me accompany you, I could tell you about nasty nasty Duke Karl, and his band of merry men.
(26) Elamurix Celendil: My name is Elamurix Celendil. My friends call me Elamurix. And you are?
Tian Keth: "I am Tian Keth, and why is it you would wish to accompany us?"
(27) Calehan: "I'm Calehan, and you *want* to go with us? Did you know we're expecting to meet an onyx drake for lunch?"
(26) Elamurix Celendil: Well, you need to get to a Focus. And I want something in there.
** (25) Helisandra drops her clueless look from her face and in a serious voice responds, "I am Helisandra. Just how did you know why we are here?" **
Tian Keth: "And what is it you want?"
(27) Calehan: "I don't see how it could hurt to have you come along."
(26) Elamurix Celendil: That's funny. I've never met an onyx drake before. For lunch. Could be my first. (sips from the wineskin)
(26) Elamurix Celendil: Oh, just a small thing really. A ring.
Tian Keth: Sense Motive Skill Check: [1d20+7] -> [17,7] = (24)
(26) Elamurix Celendil: I've been following you. (to Heli)
(31) Garret: "Ring? What kind of ring?"
(27) Calehan: "And you could continue to do so if we said no, I'm sure."
(26) Elamurix Celendil: It's a silver ring. I've never seen it, but I've heard about it.
** (25) Helisandra smiles at the elf's response. "And yet something as small as a ring can be a marvelous item. What is this ring?" **
(26) Elamurix Celendil: Well...I'd rather not, you see. But you're right.
(26) Elamurix Celendil: (to Heli)
(27) Calehan: "A ring is certainly small, a good way to answer, but you understand if we're at least curious I'm sure."
(26) Elamurix Celendil: Oh, it allows one to live in good health, you could say.
** (25) Helisandra rolls her eyes at yet another cryptic response. **
Tian Keth: "You better stop trying to talk in circles, or I'll not have you going with us"
(26) Elamurix Celendil: I am telling you the truth, whomever you are. And I can cook too.
(26) Elamurix Celendil: Have you ever met an elf with a mastery of all things culinary as I? I'm certain you've never had that experience. You could do worse.
Tian Keth: "Truth yes, but not all of it. Spill it or stay in the tree"
(31) Garret: "Answer one thing first. Why does the Duke want live elves?"
** (26) Elamurix Celendil sniffs. **
(27) Calehan: "Let's be honest, you can come along, and say what you wish, but I can't promise you something I don't have and don't know the value of for some information I don't even know if I need."
(27) Calehan: "Is a bauble worth satisfying curiosity? Is a powerful magic ring worth lifesaving knowledge? I don't know what we're dealing with."
(26) Elamurix Celendil: Simple. He wants magical weapons. And he's heard items of great power lie in the Vale. How little he knows that these items are inaccessible to him. He's heard that a Sword lies near here. How little he knows that there is no Sword, at least to my knowledge. He's heard that our kin know much in the ways of magicka. How little he knows that our secrets are not for sale.
(26) Elamurix Celendil: And he knows that a live elf is a better thing than a dead one, for though he knows little, he knows at least this much -- that live ones talk, but dead things do not matter.
(31) Garret: "Hmph.... so we deal with a greedy fool then. That sets me at ease a bit."
(27) Calehan: "Which means he really doesn't know magic. There are ways to make the dead talk, for those with the knowledge."
(26) Elamurix Celendil: If you let me come with you, I will help you as much as I can (which is to say, within what I can do), and for this, all I ask is a ring.
(27) Calehan: "Well, if there's nothing you urgently must tell us, we should get moving. I don't plan on meeting four fold wraths."
** (26) Elamurix Celendil lounges on the branch, sipping from a wineskin **
Tian Keth: "You still have not explained what is special about this ring. be strait forward about it. I have no desire to have another guarded elf traveling with us"
(31) Garret: "A ring from the cursed items in that castel. Somehow, I don't feel a great need for your aid. No offense."
(26) Elamurix Celendil: Perhaps you do, perhaps you don't. But, you don't know about a Focus, whereas I do. I've made a lifetime of studying them. And you don't know what good or what ill can come of them. I do.

And... (hesitates)

(26) Elamurix Celendil: ...I suppose it can't hurt. (looks at Helisandra)
(27) Calehan: "Garret's point is well made, anything made at the vale is likely powerful and potentially dangerous because of that."
** (25) Helisandra looks at the elf with a confused look again. **
(26) Elamurix Celendil: I know you're looking for the singer of the Lineage of Kings. I know where he is.
** (25) Helisandra breaks eye contact with the elf momentarily to glance at Garret. **
(31) Garret: :shrugs to her and asks the elf: "Tell me.. why do you know so much about us, but needed to ask our names?"
** (25) Helisandra raises an eyebrow at the elf's last statement. **
Tian Keth: "You know much but still avoid the question"
(26) Elamurix Celendil: Well...my mirror doesn't allow me to know everything. They don't make mirrors liek they used to. (sniffs)
(31) Garret: "Scrying on us then?"
** (26) Elamurix Celendil nods. **
(25) Helisandra: "For how long? Since we met up with the body of the last possessor of the book?"
(26) Elamurix Celendil: Yes.
Tian Keth: "I say leave him in the tree, if he wants to join us he can explain about the ring and why he realy wants it"
(26) Elamurix Celendil: It's a ring of longevity.
** Tian Keth looks at Cale "You know what he is talking about?" **
(31) Garret: :to Tian: "Leave him hear and he'll still follow in some form, right Elamurix?"
(26) Elamurix Celendil: There, I've said it.
(27) Calehan: "And you're an elf, so what's it to you?"
(27) Calehan: Knowledge (Arcana): [1d20+13] -> [20,13] = (33)
(27) Calehan: (Do I?)
(26) Elamurix Celendil: Not just any ring of longevity. It slows aging dramatically. It effectively makes its wearer immortal. (shrugs)
(26) Elamurix Celendil: It might not be there. And in which case, then, it does not matter. (shrugs)
(25) Helisandra: "Guys, he was willing to tell us that much, with no promise of anything in return. I say we allow him to travel with us. Besides, I think his information will be more than trivial."
(27) Calehan: "That's it? Who wants to live forever? And I mean For Ever"
Tian Keth: "As long as he follows orders better then Daelan he can come with us, now lets go see where Daelan went off too"
(27) Calehan: "Come on then, I don't know why you were worried. You think an adventurer looks forward and sees old age in his future?"
** (26) Elamurix Celendil grins widely. "You won't regret it. I promise. And did I mention I can make quiche?" **
Tian Keth: "Sounds unapatizing"
(25) Helisandra: "What's keesh?"
** (26) Elamurix Celendil jumps down from the tree branch, bowing to Helisandra. **
** Tian Keth picks up his bow and sets off to find Dalans tracks **
Tian Keth: Wilderness Lore Skill Check: [1d20+13] -> [14,13] = (27)
(26) Elamurix Celendil: It's a cheese and mushroom pie. A paladin taught it to me once.
** (25) Helisandra makes a slight curtsy to the elf in response. **
** (31) Garret turns away silently and goes about moving the bodies off the trail and into the brush **
(26) Elamurix Celendil: Claude something. (shrugs)
** (27) Calehan finds his horse and continues his catalog of the book for the time being. **
(25) Helisandra: "Interesting."
Tian Keth: "I hope you know as much about mushrooms as you do about us, or you might kill us all"
** (25) Helisandra retrives her horse as her and Elamurix talk about this strange food. **
** (26) Elamurix Celendil whistles happily as he puts his wineskin away and retrieves an oak walking stick. **
(26) Elamurix Celendil: Well, I know that mushrooms and shallots and butter are a heavenly combination. With a little white wine and herbs and light cream.
(26) Elamurix Celendil: And maybe a pork pie with turnips.
(26) Elamurix Celendil: And some applejack. And maybe some plum wine.
** (26) Elamurix Celendil natters on, as you set off. **
** Tian Keth raises his eye brows **
(31) Garret: (does it taste like apple?)
Tian Keth: "Why would you put all that wine on your food, it would ruin the taste of the meat"
(26) DM: (apple brandy)
(26) Elamurix Celendil: You've never had me cook for you. (grins)
Tian Keth: "Give me a good chunck of rare meat, plain and simple"
** Tian Keth starts following Daelan's tracks, which seem to follow the horses as well **
** (27) Calehan follows Tian **
** (31) Garret hides the bodies loosely in the brush for now, and readies to depart. "Come on, lets not let the mad elf get too far ahead." **
Tian Keth: "Let me cook for you tonight, you may enjoy my cooking, noone else seems too though"
(26) Elamurix Celendil: All right.
(27) Calehan: "Angry, not mad."
(27) Calehan: "Careful, he tends to prefer his meat underdone."
(26) DM: (you're on foot or on horseback? Daelan went off on foot)
** (31) Garret mounts up and follows after the Tian **
** (25) Helisandra lets Elamurix prattle on for a while before gently saying, "Now, you said you know Duke Karl. Anything about him that we need to know right now?" **
Tian Keth: (( the others I am guessing are on thier horses I am on food as usual ))
(25) Helisandra: (( yeah - I retrieved my horse and mounted up. Does Elamurix need a ride? ))
(26) DM: ((yes))
** (25) Helisandra offers her hand to the elf, to help him to a seat behind her on her horse. **
(26) Elamurix Celendil: Why thank you. (grins)
** Tian Keth keeps his bow ready and his senses alert while tracking down Daelan **
(25) Helisandra: (( and about what time of day is it? ))
(26) DM: (almost noon)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+1] -> [2,1] = (3)
** (25) Helisandra glances at the sky, making note of the sun's position. She frowns and then spus her horse slightly faster for a moment to catch up to Calehan. "Our visitors will probably be by soon. Within the next hour or so I'd imagine." **
(26) Elamurix Celendil: Mmm. (drinking from his wineskin.) Want some? (offers to Helisandra)
(25) Helisandra: "Thank you, but no thanks. Maybe later."
(26) Elamurix Celendil: Actually, the curse is fairly specific. It affects not only the person who touched the book last, but all those near him or her at a specific range, at the moment the book was touched.
(26) Elamurix Celendil: (sips)
(26) Elamurix Celendil: So, not only are you affected, but your companions as well. I imagine that your friend is being attacked at this moment.
(26) Elamurix Celendil: The wraths prefer to attack those farthest away.
** (27) Calehan indicates the book, "I'm hoping to find things in here to help drive them away." **
(31) Garret: "Which includes Daelan, who is far off ahead of us."
(27) Calehan: "We should hurry and catch up to him then, if they should be arriving soon."
** (31) Garret spurs his horse on, faster up the trail after the horses **
(25) Helisandra: "Then, I guess we need to get to him, and quickly."
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+6] -> [10,6] = (16),[1d20+6] -> [1,6] = (7)
** (25) Helisandra matches her horse's pace with that of Garret's. **
** Tian Keth picks up the pace to keep a little ahead of the others **
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [2d6] -> [5,1] = (6)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d6] -> [1] = (1)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d6] -> [1] = (1)
(27) Calehan: "Since you've seen them so much, have you seen anything not effective against them? Electricity seems unlikely, but they are a bit unstable."
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [2d6] -> [3,2] = (5)
** (27) Calehan spurs his horse on to keep up. **
(25) Helisandra: "Metal is a very bad idea." she comments, and she shivers, recalling the recoil of her own attacks.
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d6] -> [3] = (3)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d4] -> [3] = (3)
** Tian Keth checks the arrow on his bow will jogging ahead to make sure it is ready to fire if he sees one of those electrical things **
** (28) Daelan La'neral sits on a fallen log,watching Tain approach. **
** (25) Helisandra glances back quickly to Elamurix, to see how he is doing. **
(28) Daelan La'neral: (*Tian I mean)
** (31) Garret comes to a stop to look to the elf. "Need a ride?" **
** Tian Keth nods at Daelan "Seen any of those wraith things?" **
(28) Daelan La'neral: " Just the 2."
** (26) Elamurix Celendil is quite sober. **
(28) Daelan La'neral: " Guess Helisandra and Calehan are not the only ones cursed are they?"
** Tian Keth shrugs "Ok guess you dealt with them, you dont look too bad for the experiance" **
** (25) Helisandra turns to face Daelen as they approach the elf. "Afraid not Daelan. We all are." **
(27) Calehan: "Evidently not."
(26) Elamurix Celendil: Not really.
(31) Garret: "What about the horses?" :looking about: "Did you catch them?"
(26) Elamurix Celendil: The only way to escape them is to remove the curse. Either your death or the curse's removal is an inevitability.
** (28) Daelan La'neral looks at the person behind Helisandra **
(28) Daelan La'neral: " No I did not catch them,I was moving slowly not sure where the Human camp is."
(28) Daelan La'neral: " But the tracks are fresher."
** (26) Elamurix Celendil waves to Daelan **
(25) Helisandra: ::to Elamurix:: "Yes, but we have another day before dealing with them."
(31) Garret: "Most likely, they're at the castle. And don't worry. there being alerted may not turn out too badly for us."
(28) Daelan La'neral: " And whom is this person?" ( pointing to the person sitting behind Helisandra)
** (26) Elamurix Celendil whistles a jaunty halfling ballad. **
(31) Garret: "Some eunuch we found."
(27) Calehan: "They'd figure something's up when that patrol didn't return eventually."
(28) Daelan La'neral: " I am afraid not Garret,the mountain is another half days ride at best."
** (31) Garret spurs his horse to continue north **
(25) Helisandra: "Dealen, meet Elamurix. Elamurix, this is Daelen."
** (28) Daelan La'neral continues to follow along,in hopes of retrieving one of the 3 horses. **
(27) Calehan: "He's been watching us since we came across the book, since he wants a ring from the Vale so he can live a long life."
(27) Calehan: "A ring that may be at this focus, anyway."
(28) Daelan La'neral: " Ahh finally another elf,atleast now there will be some other voice of reason within this Human company."
(28) Daelan La'neral: " Focus?"
(27) Calehan: "He can cook too, and knows about the 'Duke' these men worked for."
** (25) Helisandra leads her horse on, following the others, taking the rear point once again, scanning the areas around them as the group travels on. **
(28) Daelan La'neral: " Duke?"
(27) Calehan: "Remember, the Vale of yvvivor is a Focus, hence the placing of the curse to keep it from being misused."
** Tian Keth just focuses on scouting the path ignoring the conversation, **
(27) Calehan: "Well, his grace."
(27) Calehan: "Duke Karl, apparently. A greedy, foolish, ignorant, power hungry ex-noble."
(28) Daelan La'neral: " Ahh a typical Human then."
(26) Elamurix Celendil: The Focus of Ery'hiln, more precisely.
(25) Helisandra: "Speaking of Duke Karl. What do you know about him Elamurix?"
(27) Calehan: "No, I think that most of us aren't quite so monumentally stupid."
(26) Elamurix Celendil: I know that he took the Test and failed. I was one of his Test-mates.
(28) Daelan La'neral: " And what are we to do once we meet this Human Karl?"
(26) Elamurix Celendil: And because he failed, he was barred from practicing magicka. He has since made it his life's quest to collect as many items of power, and to kill as many mages as he can.
(26) Elamurix Celendil: Needless to say, he's made many enemies. (grimly)
(25) Helisandra: "We avoid him if possible Daelan. Although, I admit I don't think that it is all that realistic a hope right now."
(28) Daelan La'neral: " So that means I can kill him?"
(26) Elamurix Celendil: If you want to. (glances at Daelan)
(25) Helisandra: "Remember Garret's words though Daelan. Heed them well."
(28) Daelan La'neral: " It is not a matter or wanting to or not,with these Humans here it is try and hurt him so we can talk to him."
(27) Calehan: "Yes, I think it would be a favor to do so. Just be careful about it. No need to take unnecessary risks."
(28) Daelan La'neral: " Yea yea I know,do not start a fight,so I am supposed to let them ride me down and kill me so that Garret feels better."
(25) Helisandra: /me simply shakes her head in frustration.
** (25) Helisandra simply shakes her head in frustration. **
(31) Garret: "No. Most likely we'll kill him. It's doing it in a way that doesn't get us killed which is important to me."
(27) Calehan: "No, you're supposed to wait in the bushes as they ride down Garret; that was his plan."
Tian Keth: (( sorry I am not able to pay full atention tonight, I am tired and cannot seem to keep focused on whats going on. I'll stay around as long as I can ))
(28) Daelan La'neral: " His plan my plan,it all worked out in the end right."
(27) Calehan: ((Sorry to cut out, bio break))
(31) Garret: (np, I've been there before)
(28) Daelan La'neral: " So this Duke person,how many Humans serve him?"
(25) Helisandra: (( that's fine DJ ))
** (26) Elamurix Celendil glances at Daelan with an odd look on his face **
(26) Elamurix Celendil: He has a private army of somewhere around thirty or so warriors.
(28) Daelan La'neral: " Well 6 less than before."
(26) Elamurix Celendil: Mmm, perhaps more than double that number. Most are merely young children, cobbled together into a bandit force.
(26) Elamurix Celendil: He has been wanted now by several authorities for crimes committed against the people of Gwythnecht and parts of Damrosil.
(25) Helisandra: "Children? He has taken children to do his work?"
(28) Daelan La'neral: " So there is a bounty on his head?"
** (26) Elamurix Celendil nods sadly. **
(26) Elamurix Celendil: Yes, a sizeable one.
** (25) Helisandra sets her eyes and grits her teeth a little, her hand on the reins tightening. **
(26) Elamurix Celendil: Those men that you slew...if you looked closely, you would have seen that they were barely above the age of wandering. (OOC: 18)
(26) DM: Ahead are a pair of horses, by a watering hole.
** (28) Daelan La'neral stops in his tracks,looking ahead. **
** (26) DM whistles a jaunty tune to lighten the mood. **
(26) Elamurix Celendil: (sings)
** (28) Daelan La'neral moves slowly towards the horses,speaking softly to them. **
(26) Elamurix Celendil: There was a knight who longed to wield a more impressive lance, to carry into battle, and to aid him with romance.
** (25) Helisandra relaxes a bit, as Elamurix's tune breaks her thoughts. **
(26) Elamurix Celendil: A wizard overhead the knight and granted his request. The knight at first was overjoyed to see how he was blessed.
(26) Elamurix Celendil: (whistles)
** (28) Daelan La'neral continues to approach the horses. **
(26) Elamurix Celendil: Hey there, ho there, a lesson's coming through: Be careful what you ask for, for your wishes may come true.
(26) Elamurix Celendil: (whistles, grinning)
** (31) Garret halts a ways from the horses letting the elf approach them, looking about for anyone else around, and trying to ignore the song **
(26) Elamurix Celendil: The knight went to a revel, with his weapon thus enhanced. The lance made dining difficult, and tripped him while he danced.
** (25) Helisandra pulls to a halt behind Garret. **
(26) Elamurix Celendil: The next day at the tournaments, he won the jousting meets, for all who faced his fearsome lance fell laughing from their seats.
** (26) Elamurix Celendil whistles merrily. **
(27) Calehan: ((I'm back now))
(26) Elamurix Celendil: Hey there, ho there, a lesson's coming through: Be careful what you ask for, for your wishes may come true.
** (28) Daelan La'neral gently places his hand upon the horses neck,running his hand down to its bit. **
(26) Elamurix Celendil: The knight romanced a lady who admired his staff of oak. They'd scarce begun their gentle joust before the staff had broke.
(26) Elamurix Celendil: The knight sought out the wizartd, who replied when brought to task, "Your wish bespoke how long it was, and not how long 'twould last!"
** (26) Elamurix Celendil sings, grinning **
(26) Elamurix Celendil: Hey there, ho there, a lesson's coming through: Be careful what you ask for, for your wishes may come true.
** (28) Daelan La'neral holding onto the horses bit,begins to inspect the horse of its injuries,applying the last of his salve to its wounds. [2d6] -> [6,1] = (7) **
(28) Daelan La'neral: " Do you wish me to gather the other horse as well?"
** (25) Helisandra chuckles at the song. **
(27) Calehan: "Indeed, wishes must be carefully considered."
(31) Garret: :to Dael: "No. But do you think we can cox this ones to head toward home?"
(31) Garret: coax even*
(26) DM: (it's a few feet away from you)
(28) Daelan La'neral: " Well it is wounded,and I can not allow a wounded animal to wander around,expecially one that I wounded. If I heal it,I doubt it will wish to head back home,and with the other horses here it may fall into following us."
(26) Elamurix Celendil: So, about the Focus. (as you ride along)
** (28) Daelan La'neral moves over to the other horse and begins to apply bandages to its wounds. **
** (27) Calehan reads between the lines, "So that's a no; let's take it along then." **
(26) Elamurix Celendil: Long ago, when the world was young, even before the Devastation, during certain nights of the year when the moons of Andurin aligned, places of power known as Foci would come into being. Here in the Vale, is one such Focus.
** (28) Daelan La'neral speaks as he bandages the horse," Well with 2 more horses,Helisandra will not have to ride double." **
(26) Elamurix Celendil: The gods, in their infinite wisdom, hid the Foci so as to prevent mortals from using them, for what have mortals need of the gods if magical items could be made with ease?
(27) Calehan: "Wisdom, jealousy, whatever."
(25) Helisandra: "As nice as this is, that is a good point Daelan."
(26) Elamurix Celendil: The Focus of Ery'hiln was discovered by ancient humans (glancing at Daelan) who built a monument to their discovery. A clan of dwarves discovered this, and slew them to gain their secrets.
(26) Elamurix Celendil: Thus was born the clan of Yvvivor, from which the mountain bears its name.
** (28) Daelan La'neral strips the saddle off the horse he has chosen,jumps on its back,leading the other over towards Helisandra. **
(27) Calehan: "As we know a bit about, the clan of Yvvivor came to ruin later on."
(26) Elamurix Celendil: Ays, they did.
** (25) Helisandra brings her horse along side the other, so that Elamurix may more easily move to the new horse. **
** (28) Daelan La'neral holds the riens out to Elamurix," Ride him easy,his wounds are conciderable,but under my guidance they will heal well." **
(26) Elamurix Celendil: The dwarves of Yvvivor became greedy, when they discovered the ease with which they could create items, using the Focus. The power of the Focus was so great, that it flooded unbound and destroyed the dwarves, their holding and their citadel in a violent explosion some three centuries ago.
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Tian Keth: Disconnecting from server...
(30) Dj Gilcrease (exit): 01:15
(25) Helisandra: (( np DJ - rest up. ))
(26) Elamurix Celendil: Beware the use of magicka unbound by mortals. And it was because of this that now, no new magicka can be used at the Focus and the Vale. By new magicka, I mean no new spells may be learned or prayed from, only that which you hold can be used.
(27) Calehan: "Really? How long ago was this book made, then?"
(26) Elamurix Celendil: Not long. A century or two at most.
(28) Daelan La'neral: " Well not long for us that is."
(27) Calehan: "So, even when the book was made, the focus blocked the acquiring of new magic, merely strengthening what you bring in somehow?"
(26) Elamurix Celendil: Ays.
(25) Helisandra: "Then if this Focus has been unactive for so long, what makes you think your ring would be there?"
(26) Elamurix Celendil: It is just a hope.
(28) Daelan La'neral: " It was the old dwarven stronghold,imagine what other items may be found there."
** (25) Helisandra nods in understanding. **
(25) Helisandra: (( brb - bio ))
** (27) Calehan ponders how it can be so powerful now, yet been even more powerful before. **
** (28) Daelan La'neral slowly rides along,listening to the other elf speak,gathering information on what lies ahead. **
(28) Daelan La'neral: " So once we get rid of this book,by doing whatever it is that needs doing to do so,we are free to leave?"
(27) Calehan: "There should be on of Loring's artifacts too, I believe. Otherwise, yes."
(26) Elamurix Celendil: Well...I believe that druid mentioned that you seek a harp, correct?
(28) Daelan La'neral: " Yes."
(28) Daelan La'neral: " Well the Humans seek the harp."
(26) Elamurix Celendil: Ays, once you have destroyed the book and retrieved the harp, then you may leave.
(26) Elamurix Celendil: Nys, the humans seek something, but I do not think it is the harp.
(26) Elamurix Celendil: Your hatred of humans is ill-advised, Daelan.
(25) Helisandra: (( back ))
(28) Daelan La'neral: " I do not hate all Humans."
(26) Elamurix Celendil: Nys?
(27) Calehan: "The harp, this prophecy, seems just a curiosity. The Sword that Karl wishes were in this wood, however, seems important."
(28) Daelan La'neral: " Nys,I have not killed the 3 that I am traveling with have I ?"
(26) Elamurix Celendil: There is no Sword, to my knowledge. There is a Sword on Dolmen Moor, so say the legends.
(26) Elamurix Celendil: Nys, you have not.
(26) Elamurix Celendil: Not yet in any event.
(28) Daelan La'neral: " So I do not hate all Humans."
(26) Elamurix Celendil: You do know the legends concerning the Swords, correct? (to Calehan)
** (26) Elamurix Celendil nods. **
(27) Calehan: "Certainly. As many as I know."
(26) Elamurix Celendil: Then you do know that to gain a Sword, you need to find its memory or failing that, find it unclaimed.
(26) Elamurix Celendil: Seek the memory which will show you where it lies, or, failing that, seek clues to its current location and find it unclaimed. Or failing that, receive it as a gift, freely given.
(26) Elamurix Celendil: Thus are the rules laid down by the gods, to prevent such items from falling into unworthy hands.
(27) Calehan: "I know where a memory is actually. The location generally."
** (26) Elamurix Celendil nods slowly. **
(27) Calehan: "I'm sure you're just dying to hear it, but perhaps it should wait until after we deal with this."
(28) Daelan La'neral: " Who is to say whose hand is worthy or not?"
(27) Calehan: "There's probably some arbitrary trial involved in getting a memory that proves ones worth supposedly."
(27) Calehan: "So that one cannot simply wrest it from its wielder, or steal away while they sleep. These are veritable whirlpools around which fates spin, after all."
(26) Elamurix Celendil: Several of the Swords are extremely dangerous, and in the wrong hands, have the potential to change the world for ill.
(26) Elamurix Celendil: One wonders why they were made in the first place.
(28) Daelan La'neral: " Swords,daggers,armor and shields,those things matter not to me,give me a elven made yew wood bow and I can cut rope at 60 paces."
(26) Elamurix Celendil: If you have seen...well, I shan't bore you. (whistles some more)
(27) Calehan: "The swords possess powers not comparable to skill at arms.
(28) Daelan La'neral: " Perhaps the swords were made to keep balance in the world."
(31) Garret: "No.. such things only upset balance."
(26) Elamurix Celendil: If so, then it is a balance precariously teetering.
(28) Daelan La'neral: " True balance is always teetering."
(27) Calehan: "It seems an unreliable way to maintain balance."
(27) Calehan: "I think it's more likely whoever did it wanted to make things interesting."
(26) DM: You're nearing the tip of the mountain.
(28) Daelan La'neral: " Or complicated."
(26) DM: By then, it's close to late afternoon.
(26) DM: A shadow passes overhead. Your horses rear in fear. (Reflex checks)
(27) Calehan: Reflex: [1d20+12] -> [11,12] = (23)
(31) Garret: Reflex save: [1d20+6] -> [11,6] = (17)
(25) Helisandra: Reflex: [1d20+14] -> [10,14] = (24)
(26) DM: It's a shadow so vast as to block out the sun. It's the onyx drake.
(26) DM: The drake does not appear to have noticed you, and flies to the NE.
(28) Daelan La'neral: Reflex save: [1d20+11] -> [16,11] = (27)
(27) Calehan: "Well, it did miss its lunch date."
(26) DM: Garret is thrown off balance as his steed flees.
(31) Garret: (don't suppose I could make a ride check instead.. oh well. plop*)
(26) DM: The rest of you have difficulties calming your steeds.
(26) DM: (ride check then)
(31) Garret: "ooof...." :grumbles as he looks up from the ground
** (28) Daelan La'neral leans forward,patting his horses neck,speaking softly to it. **
** (25) Helisandra eyes the drake as it passes by. "THAT is a younger drake?" **
(27) Calehan: "I think we'll have to maintain a distant relationship with this one; I don't want to be introduced to its parents."
(26) DM: Its scales are the color of black diamonds, or perhaps onyxes.
** (25) Helisandra does her best to keep her horse calmed, allowing it to back off as much as it likes. She doesn't fight it, but works with it, letting it walk off the moment of fear. **
(26) DM: It's about the size of two warhorses, with wings.
** (28) Daelan La'neral rides over to Garrets horse,talking to it in soothing tones,gathers the reins,then leads the horse back to Garret. **
** (27) Calehan steadies himself on his horse while waiting for everyone to be ready to continue. **
** (28) Daelan La'neral holds the reins out to Garret," I believe this is yours." **
** (31) Garret gets up, dusting off as he looks up Daelan, "Thanks." **
(28) Daelan La'neral: " Think nothing of it."
(28) Daelan La'neral: " Well one good thing,I do not believe the Drake is serving the Human Karl."
** (31) Garret mounts back up and settles into the saddle. "We can hope so anyhow." **
** (28) Daelan La'neral begins to ride into the mountain pass,keeping a sharp look out for any Humans. **
** (25) Helisandra keeps her eyes and ears trained on what's ahead of them as they start around the tip of the mountain after everyone gets their mounts back under control. **
(28) Daelan La'neral: " Word to the wise,next time any of us face those wrath things,use arrows on them,I did fast work on the 2 I faced earlier today."
(28) Daelan La'neral: " And if possible,fight them in the sunlight."
(28) Daelan La'neral: " For tomorrow we will face 4 of them."
(25) Helisandra: "Well, hopefully we won't need that information, but thanks Daelan."
(28) Daelan La'neral: " Better to be forewarned than caught off guard Helisandra."
(25) Helisandra: "True."
** (28) Daelan La'neral looks over at Helisandra," See I speak words of wisdom to those who wish to listen." **
(25) Helisandra: "Yes - you can speak wisly, sometimes."
(28) Daelan La'neral: " Once we have this harp,what then?"
** (31) Garret continues riding the trail, Keeping alert, but replies, "I have no idea." **
(28) Daelan La'neral: " Maybe we have to give it to this singer you are looking for."
(25) Helisandra: /ping
** (27) Calehan looks up from the book. **
(25) Helisandra: (( stupid spaces... ))
(28) Daelan La'neral: " Or maybe one of you has to play it to open the tomb in the Moors."
(27) Calehan: "I just got the message from the blank page."
(25) Helisandra: "What message?"
(28) Daelan La'neral: " A message from a blank page?"
(27) Calehan: "The book has all the instructions of how to use the Focus, and it explains some things."
(27) Calehan: "Now that we're coming in sight of the dwarven ruins, it has writing on it."
(28) Daelan La'neral: " Then it is not blank is it."
(25) Helisandra: "Well, what does it say?"
(27) Calehan: "It was blank, though. Simply put, the focus can complete magic items once they've been prepared. We have to go to the ruins first."
(28) Daelan La'neral: " Well first we have to get past the Human Karl and his bandits,then we go to the ruins."
(25) Helisandra: "Yes, most likely we will have to do that Daelan."
(28) Daelan La'neral: " Well our best bet is to take out as many of the first rank of bandits as we can,that may make the others hesitate."
(25) Helisandra: "Daelan, if you can, if we come across any of the young children that Karl took into his army, do your best to stop them without killing them. Karl himself - feel free to unload on. His evil needs to be stopped."
(26) DM: (it's about 7 pm now. do you continue or make camp for the evening?)
(25) Helisandra: (( how far did we make it? Did we get around the tip of the mountain, or not quite? ))
(27) Calehan: "Well I do know one thing in this book that could terrify them."
(31) Garret: (basic idea how long a trip it may be, based on the map from the obelisk?)
(28) Daelan La'neral: " I shall do my best Helisandra,but I can not give you any promises,but I shall try since you asked."
(26) DM: (you're within sight of the other side of the mountain and the ruins in the distance. from what you can see, the Duke has made a complete mess of things, as the entire side of the mountain contains the set up of an expeditionary camp spread out over a good portion of it)
(25) Helisandra: "If it could stop his army without killing them, then please use it Calehan."
(26) DM: (it's also teeming with activity)
(27) Calehan: "Well, I'm not completely sure how they'd react to an Onyx Drake charging into their camp."
(25) Helisandra: "Thank you Daelan, that is all I can ask. Of course, protect yourself above everything else."
(31) Garret: (so... way more than 30, huh?)
(26) DM: (it would take you about six hours from here to the temple, assuming you run into no difficulties)
(25) Helisandra: "You could control the onyx drake?
(26) DM: (from the temple to the island in the lake is about four hours.)
(26) DM: (more like 50)
(28) Daelan La'neral: " Perhaps it would be best for us to set camp,we can head out just before dawn,catching most of the Humans asleep,except for those on watch."
(27) Calehan: "I could become one, I think. Or anything else I know of."
** (25) Helisandra sees the sights of the haphazard campsites around the area. "Maybe we should rest here for the night. As much as I would like to make it to the Focus as soon as possible." **
** (25) Helisandra nods in agreement with Daelan. "That too." **
(31) Garret: "Aye, charging in their now would be beyond foolish."
(28) Daelan La'neral: " I figure,Tian,myself and Helisandra could head down and take out what guards are on watch before the rest of you ride into the camp."
(28) Daelan La'neral: " The front gate to the camp will be the most heavily guarded,I figure 6 to 8 guards."
(31) Garret: "No.. if they're settled in like this, they probably aren't depending on a few scattered guards. They may well be acting in shits. So a third of the camp may be up and ready to act."
(31) Garret: shifts rather*
(25) Helisandra: "Well, once it gets dark, I will find out just how they are set. It has gotten almost too easy for me recently." she says with a mishevious smile.
(28) Daelan La'neral: " When one becomes to over confindent Helisandra,that is when ones luck runs out."
(31) Garret: "Too many wandering about. No definitive planning or sesnibility to the camp. Ugh..." shakes his head. "Who runs this mess?"
(28) Daelan La'neral: " The Human Karl."
(25) Helisandra: "Don't confuse confidence with being careless. I am not stupid enough to think that I am perfect, but I should be able to get what information we need."
(47) TheDarkProphet (enter): 02:19
(25) Helisandra: "You mean the bandit Karl."
(28) Daelan La'neral: " Same thing Helisandra."
(25) Helisandra: "No Daelan. NOT the same thing."
(47) TheDarkProphet (exit): 02:20
** (26) Elamurix Celendil sets up camp as you talk amongst yourselves. **
(28) Daelan La'neral: " Lets not squabble of words Helisandra,you see an evil bandit,I see an evil Human."
(28) Daelan La'neral: (of=*over)
(26) DM: The gaudily dressed elf starts a fire, setting a small silken bag on the ground next to him. The bag clinks satisfyingly as he bends over the flames.
(25) Helisandra: "But there is a difference, and that is what you need to learn."
** (25) Helisandra leaves Daelan with those words and moves to the fire. **
(28) Daelan La'neral: " I am begining to see the difference,you are not evil Humans,they are."
** (26) Elamurix Celendil whistles a few words and makes a passing motion over the bag, then opens it, and takes out in succession several plates, cutlery, a few crystal glasses, a bottle or two of wine, some cheese, a hunk of bread, a packet of spices and a partridge that's been dressed and plucked clean. **
** (25) Helisandra glances back at Daelan and gives him a slight smile before turning back to the fire and Elamurix, "So, what do you have for us this evening?" **
** (31) Garret leads his horse off to the camp area and takes a seat **
** (26) Elamurix Celendil rummages around a bit in the bag some more and hauls out a bunch of grapes and a handful of apples, handing them to Helisandra. **
(27) Calehan: "I thought that Tian was going to do some cooking tonight."
** (25) Helisandra takes the items from Elamurix and holds them in her hands. "Uh, what do I do with thses?" **
** (26) Elamurix Celendil winks at Heli, and says nothing, whistling as he works. **
(26) Elamurix Celendil: Eat them, of course.
(25) Helisandra: "Oh, they are not part of your dinner?"
(26) Elamurix Celendil: Well he seems to have gone off to sleep. (shrugs)
(26) Elamurix Celendil: They're part of our dinner.
** (28) Daelan La'neral finds a nice spot to rest,begins to take care of his horse,then takes out some of his bread,eats a small portion and sips some of his water. **
(26) Elamurix Celendil: Some of this is for you too, Daelan
(27) Calehan: "Just a catnap, I'm sure he'll be up for it some other time."
(26) Elamurix Celendil: A nice sheep's milk cheese, all ripe and ready. What's better than food with friends, underneath the stars in the light of the moons, before a grand adventure? (grins)
** (25) Helisandra takes one of the apples and bites into it, trying to hold everything else in her other hand, turning and offering the fruit to the others. **
(28) Daelan La'neral: " Thank you,but I do not eat the flesh of animals,I will eat some fruit if there is any."
(26) Elamurix Celendil: I see. Oh well, more for us I suppose. (burp)
** (25) Helisandra tries to offer an apple and grapes to Daelan. **
** (28) Daelan La'neral takes the apples,eating one himself,feeding the rest to the horses. **
** (26) Elamurix Celendil prepares dinner, saying as he works, "I don't suppose you know what's going to happen when you see all those children?" **
(27) Calehan: "Send one of those apples this way, if you wouldn't mind."
(26) Elamurix Celendil: Whatever they're doing now, they don't deserve their fate and they don't deserve to die. (glances at you as he roasts the partridge)
(25) Helisandra: "No, I don't. A large part of me is hoping that we can avoid them, and set them free. However, part of me doubts that will be the case."
(31) Garret: "Then hopefully not many of them will"
(28) Daelan La'neral: " I will not kill any unless they try to kill me first,I already gave my word to Helisandra."
** (25) Helisandra offers some grapes to Garret, as everyone took all the apples. **
** (27) Calehan takes out a knife to slice it into pieces and core it. **
(27) Calehan: "what got them in with Karl anyway?"
(26) Elamurix Celendil: Nys? What will you do if several of them run towards you, Daelan? If ordered to attack you by their superiors?
(31) Garret: "Scarying them off would be best, if we could manage it." :takes some grapes with a thankful nod:
(28) Daelan La'neral: " Kill the ones giving orders of course."
(25) Helisandra: "Knowing Karl's type - it is not that they joined him, but that he took them."
(26) Elamurix Celendil: He has a glib tongue, Karl does. We called him the Serpent Mage, because of his gift of speech. He could make a rose thornless if he had the power to do so.
(28) Daelan La'neral: " Tis hard to be glib,when one is dodging arrows."
(26) Elamurix Celendil: There's a tale around these parts. I'm not a storyteller, but it's about a piper who, asked to pipe away some rats from a village, does so. Not being paid, the piper pipes away the villagers' children. Karl is that piper, and he's stolen away those children, off for some adventure. More likely a fool's errand.
(31) Garret: "Elamurix, I'm curious, do you have any talent with illusions?"
(26) Elamurix Celendil: No, but I have talents aplenty with food and things that explode. (grins)
(31) Garret: "Explosives?"
(25) Helisandra: "I just hope you don't get the two mixed up."
(26) Elamurix Celendil: In a manner of speaking. You have to see it to believe it.
(28) Daelan La'neral: " Well Helisandra already said that I am not to hold back my arrows when facing this Human Karl."
(26) Elamurix Celendil: If Karl has a ring of children around him, Daelan, what will you do? Kill them? (bites into a partridge leg)
(26) Elamurix Celendil: These are hard questions, my friend. Nys easy.
(31) Garret: "well, what kind of emploding can you supply?"
(26) Elamurix Celendil: My spells, Garret.
** (28) Daelan La'neral smiles," No,with my bow I can part the hair on a mouse." **
(26) Elamurix Celendil: I am a mage, of passing talent. (grins widely)
(25) Helisandra: "Why does that strike me as an understatement?"
** (26) Elamurix Celendil simply grins from ear to ear. **
** (25) Helisandra just giggles in response. **
(31) Garret: Tell me, could you place a few blasts about the camp if need be, to scare and scatter those kids. Confusion is the key. If we can just slip through them and get to our objective that's all that matters."
** (28) Daelan La'neral walks over and tends to the bandages on the horse Elamurix was riding,then tends to the slight wounds on his horse. **
** (27) Calehan seriously contemplates using some of the most powerful magics he's seen to scare children. **
(26) Elamurix Celendil: Mmmm (biting into a grape), I think I know the perfect spell. (chuckles)
(26) Elamurix Celendil: I'll take first watch, by the way. It'll give me time to catch up on my spells.
** (25) Helisandra looks towards the area of encampments of Duke Karl's, just thinking for a moment. **
** (28) Daelan La'neral sits down with his back to a tree,places his bow across his lap,still gripped in his right hand,lowers his head and begins to meditate. **
(31) Garret: "I'll stay up too. No offense, but we haven't known you very long."
(25) Helisandra: (( I take it is past nightfall. ))
(26) Elamurix Celendil: Of course.
(26) DM: ((10 pm))
(25) Helisandra: "I will return soon, time to see what I can see."
** (25) Helisandra stands and turns to Elamurix. "Thank you for the food." She then steps out of the firelight and into the darkness. **
(31) Garret: :to heli: "Be careful, don't take any unnecessary risks yet."
** (27) Calehan sets out a place to sleep for the night, stuffs the book into his backpack and casts mage armor before laying down to sleep. **
(27) Calehan: "A fine meal one would not expect out in the wilderness."
** (26) Elamurix Celendil whistles as he stuffs the plates and cutlery back into the bag. "I learned a long time ago to always be prepared for such things." **
(26) Elamurix Celendil: Why should we suffer out here in the wilderness? Better to die a fed man than a starving one.
(32) RanVan (exit): 02:53
(26) DM: (and on this note, we'll stop)
(26) DM: (what happens in the morning is pure chaos, lol, but I'll leave that for next time)
(31) Garret: (hai hai. lets hope some strategy can be worked out)
(27) Calehan: (So what are the chances of me successfully using Shapechange from the book to become a scary dragon?)
(26) TaliesinNYC: you can talk on the OOC board on the new site
(26) TaliesinNYC: well
(26) TaliesinNYC: do you really want me to say what happens for next time?
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(27) Calehan: That's not necessary

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